Oshin (2013) Movie Script

Winter, 1907
Good for you! That's a big piece.
Is it yummy?
Here, Ko.
Good boy.
Oshin, what did you do today?
Kiyo and I made a maze in the snow
and played hide and seek.
I didn't get caught once, Mama.
Lucky you!
Sounds fun, doesn't it?
I'm done!
Are you full?
I've decided to send you out to work too.
You'll be a live-in servant
for a lumber trader.
They do big business so they're rich.
You'll be well fed.
No... l don't want to go.
Oshin is still seven.
The family doesn't mind.
It's just for a year, Oshin.
I'm not going! I'm starting school in April...
Half our rice crop goes to the landlord...
...so there's not enough to eat!
We don't have rice to feed you.
Your sisters went to work without a word.
You should too!
No, I'm going nowhere!
I want to be with Mama and you.
You brat!
Don't, Dear!
Please don't!
My rheumatism...
...stops me helping outwith chores.
What's she doing?
What's going on?
Watch out!
Don't worry!
I'll get out soon.
Stay there and keep your mouth shut.
Somebody help Mama!
She's going to die in the river!
- Fuji?
- What are you doing?
What's going on?
Get up!
Is she okay?
You foolish woman!
Why were you in that freezing water?
You could miscarry!
This is embarrassing!
It is not!
Us women...
We're the ones who take on the burdens.
It's tough for all of us.
I'm okay, Oshin. Go to sleep.
I'm going to work.
No! I'm not sending you to work.
You don't know what it's like!
I've decided.
All that matters is that you're alive, Mama.
Don't do that again, Mama.
Will it be a little brother or sister?
You want to sleep here?
Hushaby baby, A silk tree flowers
And grows red berries
A bird flew from Somewhere down south
The bird picked a berry
One eye...
And another one.
What's that?
Can't you see it's an owl?
An owl?
Yes. Granny showed me how to make them.
Can you show me?
Yes, later.
Is this rice?
It's your pay for a year.
You're paid in advance
so you better work hard.
Mr. Nakagawa sent me for the babysitter.
I wore this when I came
to this house as a bride.
I altered it to fit you.
Try it on.
I wish I could make you a nice, new kimono...
You look so pretty.
Can you do the sash yourself?
That's good.
This is a lucky charm.
You'll have to take care of yourself
from now on.
No one can help you.
You're on your own.
...if it's too tough to bear, come home.
Mama will always be here for you.
I'm waiting!
Don't tell anyone.
Keep it.
That's all I can do for you. I'm sorry, Dear.
Granny, thank you so much.
She's ready.
Off we go.
Take care of her, please.
Hang on tight.
Don't stand up, it's dangerous.
Mama, don't cry.
I'll be fine!
Don't stand up!
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry.
Get up! Are you going to sleep all day?
Make a fire!
Yes, ma'am.
It's breakfast time!
You must be hungry.
Here's your rice.
Thank you.
We'll go into the hills after we eat.
Yes, Boss!
It looks delicious!
Eat up, fellas!
Some more?
I'm so hungry!
Isn't this radish gruel?
Hands off!
You're cleaning with me. Come on.
She thought she'd eat with us!
Sweep the floor.
Who wants more?
Haven't you seen a tatami mat before?
Sweep with the direction of the weave,
you useless fool!
Now sweep!
That rag's too wet!
You're supposed to wipe it, not wet it!
Got it?
Yes, ma'am.
This is yours.
Thank you.
There's no rice!
Don't be ridiculous.
There is some!
Stop fussing!
Eat fast, shit fast.
That's the servant's credo.
Eat fast, shit fast. The servant's credo.
Eat fast, shit fast. The servant's credo.
Are you new?
Wanna see?
Yokichi said happily, "Father sent a telegram."
He brought it to his mother.
His mother was excited
as she tore the envelope open...
Oshin, where are you going?
Stop playing.
Yes, ma'am.
Here's your lunch.
Thank you.
I'm back, ma'am.
Thank you, Dear.
Hey, Takeshi.
You want to be changed?
You're not done. Go wash the diaper.
Yes, ma'am.
You moron!
What fool washes diapers by the well!
You useless fool!
Oh! It's freezing!
How dare you sleep!
Up! Go and clean the house.
Yes, ma'am.
Clean the kitchen.
I cleaned the kitchen, ma'am.
You have?
Yes, ma'am.
You adore Oshin, don't you Takeshi?
When the snow melts your contract will be up.
Yes, ma'am.
The bath is ready.
You thief!
I know you stole 50 sen from my purse.
What do you want 50 sen for?
Are you saying I stole your money?
Am I treating you so badly
that you had to steal?
I feed you three times a day.
You thankless brat...
I didn't steal!
Take off your kimono, Oshin.
Move it!
Tsune, that's too much...
If she's innocent, she'd do it.
Come on, take it off.
Come on!
Give me the charm.
But that's the...
Now what is this?
Granny gave it to me when I left home.
You can't trick me!
I'm not lying!
No one would send a 7-year-old off to work...
...if they had this much money!
That's mine! Give it back!
Get off me!
I thought you were good...
I didn't know you were so wicked!
I've done nothing! Give it back!
Oh, shut up. I'll call the police!
Wash the diapers!
Come on, move it!
Who are you?
Don't worry. You'll be fine.
How did I end up here...?
Oh, she looks OK now.
It's raccoon stew. It's hot so be careful.
It stinks, doesn't it? But it's tasty.
It'll make you strong.
I can do it myself.
Where do you live, little girl?
What were you doing out there?
He found you in the snow
and piggybacked you here.
You were frozen like ice.
I didn't think you'd make it.
But he took care of you.
He stayed up all night,
keeping you warm like this.
That 50 sen...?
I took it.
I needed to pay someone to run an errand.
What have we done...!
The snow's stopped.
We'll take you down the mountain.
Can you find your home once we're in town?
I have no place to go!
I was a live-in servant and I ran away.
So I can't go back home.
But you can't stay here with us.
It's OK. You can stay.
Shunsaku, wait!
You don't understand!
You're on the run.
You can't afford to help others.
She's on the run too. I can't abandon her.
Old Matsu, I'm a fugitive
and you're helping me.
Let me help! Tell me what to do.
I'll do anything. I can cook rice!
Was the work hard?
So tough you had to run?
I didn't run because it was tough.
I didn't steal!
But they said that I was a wicked thief.
I see.
Do you believe me?
What's your name?
Oshin. Nice name.
Your name means to trust.
It also means truth.
And endurance. Or it could be god.
You were given a great name.
You'd better live up to it.
Did you shoot it?
You're a good shot!
That's amazing!
Please don't die...
Poor boy, he's all sweaty!
How he suffers!
He still has a bullet lodged in his body...
...so he gets sick when he pushes himself.
A bullet! Why?
He fought in the war.
Thousands of people died.
It left him traumatized.
Oh, I fell asleep!
His fever's gone.
Hey, there. You're going to make it.
Oshin has been up all night keeping you cool.
You're okay!
That's good.
What are you sewing?
You're wasting your time again!
For all we know Oshin could be dead.
Oshin, do you like books?
Oh, you do...
Come here.
I'll read this for you.
"I Am a Cat" by Soseki Natsume.
"I am a cat. As yet I have no name."
"I have no idea where I was born."
Oshin, let's learn some "N" words now.
"N" for "Napa spinach."
"N" for "Name."
"N" for "No-good wimp!"
"O... My... Brother, You Must Not..."
Welcome back.
"O my young brother"
"For thee I weep"
"O Brother... you must..."
"...not... die"
Maybe you're too young to understand that.
What's it about?
We call it poetry.
A poet called Akiko Yosano lamented...
...about her soldier brother being in Port Arthur.
What's wrong with being at war?
Aren't soldiers great men?
Isn't your injury honorable?
That is not what it is.
Wars are won by killing people.
That's not great.
Did you kill people...?
That's why I left the army.
Let me read it.
"O My Brother,
You Must Not Die by Akiko Yosano"
"O my young brother, for thee I weep"
"O Brother, you must not die"
"Would parents give a child a sword"
"And teach him to kill With it?"
"Tell him to kill and then die"
"After nurturing him for 24 years."
You can memorize that.
What is that?
It's a harmonica. I had it when I was at war.
You're good at that, Oshin.
What a happy laugh-
You too, old man.
I guess your family is preparing for New Year.
Married Less than ten months.
Have you considered your young wife?
Who have you left behind For her to rely on?
O Brother, you must not die.
I found bog rhubarb shoots,
Shunsaku! Spring's come!
That's right. You can leave the hills now.
Oshin. Leave this hut tomorrow at daybreak.
No, I want to stay!
Shunsaku, please let me stay. I'll do anything!
I wish we could...
You taught me so many things.
I want to learn more!
I love it here. I love you, Shunsaku.
I love you, Old Matsu.
I've been so happy here. Why should I leave?
I hate spring! I wish it never came!
Go home.
You have your whole life before you.
You can't stay in the hills like this.
I want you to keep this.
But that's important to you.
That's why I want you to have it.
Go ahead, play it.
Good. Play it louder!
I don't want to play it anymore.
I have to go now, Shunsaku.
Where do you two live?
I'm a hunter from the hills.
And the kid?
She's from the village.
Take them in.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
I've done nothing.
We're looking for anyone suspicious.
You're a deserter, aren't you?
You'll be court-martialed.
Stop it, you brat!
Leave her alone! She's innocent!
How dare you!
Live a full life.
Get away.
Dad, I'll put this away.
I saw Oshin's ghost!
...really Oshin!
Don't hit her!
You know how hard you made it for us?
They took the rice and humiliated me!
Don't! Leave her alone!
We gave up all hope
and thought she was dead.
We should be thankful!
Come on, Oshin. Get inside.
Granny's waiting for you.
No, she can't go inside my house!
You couldn't even complete your contract!
You're no longer my child! Get out of here!
Don't worry, Oshin.
Oh, I'm so glad you came back.
I have to go.
Oshin, you're so good with your sister.
I'm impressed.
She's cute.
Let me hold her.
Come to me.
Sumi, you're so heavy!
Take care of her, please.
Where are you taking Sumi?
You aren't taking her anywhere.
She's my sister!
Oshin, listen.
A childless family is adopting her.
It's better for her.
Sumi! Sumi!
Winter, 1908
I'm Oshin, your new live-in servant.
You have the wrong house.
We're not expecting anyone.
Is this the Kagaya shop?
I was told to come here.
Welcome back, Madam.
Welcome back.
The manager at Sawadaya Shop
will send a boat in 2 days.
Take care of it, Son.
Do I have to fix up your errors every time?
Who is she?
Was there talk of hiring a babysitter, Madam?
A babysitter?
It's news to me.
It must be a mistake.
You have the wrong house. Go home now.
The deal was 5 sacks of rice
for 2 years of labor.
It's true, I wouldn't lie!
Believe me, I would never lie!
Please! I'm not lying!
Mother, where are my red socks?
I'll be with you.
Oh, you poor girl.
It seems like the middleman
at your village got it wrong.
We're not hiring a babysitter.
It's late so stay at an inn
and get a boat in the morning.
This is for the inn and the boat.
I'm not going home.
I won't give up no matter how tough it is.
Have a safe trip home.
Don't make me go, please. I'll work hard!
Our rice yields are small
so we can't afford radish gruel.
I don't want my family to go hungry.
Please, ma'am, let me stay.
I beg you.
Let the child stay with us.
But, Mother...
Child, I'll pay for your earnest character.
Thank you, Madam, thank you!
Thank you so much!
Good morning!
Why are you up so early?
I thought I'd make a fire.
You're too little to cook rice.
But I can cook rice!
You're a funny one.
Oshin cooked rice by herself?
Yes. That itsy bitsy thing will outdo me!
She's something.
I'll go and do the laundry.
Way to go!
Ume will do that.
Should I clean up?
Not until Madam Kuni
and Master Seitaro have left.
Isn't there anything to do before I babysit?
Good morning.
Hello. Did you sleep well?
Yes, ma'am. The futon was warm and soft.
Take care of Sayo, please.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, she's adorable!
Isn't she?
Good morning!
Good morning.
Good morning.
Where are you going?
You too, Ume?
I'm walking her to school.
Does someone have to walk with her?
Can't you go by yourself, Miss?
Let's go, Ume.
Oshin, come here.
Serve your own rice and soup.
There's so much left!
Try and eat quickly.
I didn't know rice with wheat was so good!
All we eat at home is radish gruel.
Oh. yes!
"Your mother's hair grows..."
Your mother's hair grows grayer each day.
You're sweating!
We're done with the rooms.
Oshin, go and wash Sayo's diapers!
My book is missing. It was here this morning.
That's odd. Maybe you misplaced it?
It's gone!
Forgive me. I didn't mean to take it.
Oshin, how could you...?
You took it without permission. You thief!
Oshin. Did you really take it?
You see...
I'll take Sayo from you.
Kayo, go to your room.
What do you expect of a peasant?
She craves what she doesn't have.
Mother, we can't have a thief in the house.
It's me, Oshin.
Come in.
Oshin, you stole Kayo's book.
But you took it without asking.
Answer me!
You took it!
Be quiet.
It's my fault!
I didn't set out to take it.
I just wanted to read it.
But you can't read, can you?
Kayo, hand the book to Oshin.
Read it.
As the dusk tide rolls in a plover squawks
Though I'm not a plover
I'd flap the wings of my heart And fly
To a place that's cold and miserable
A young heart ls like a straight arrow
I weep For there's no consolation
That's enough.
You're telling us the truth.
But Grandma!
If you can read that well...
...you'd want to pick up a book and read a little.
Oshin. People view servants with prejudice.
You'd better be more careful.
Yes, ma'am.
Kayo, lend her a book.
They never leave your shelf anyway.
If you accused Oshin
because I favor her, the shop won't be yours.
But Mother...
Oshin, you don't go to school.
How did you learn to read?
You must have some sad memories.
My legs aren't like radishes!
No! Radishes are skinnier!
Look, they're like Oshin's legs.
Be careful Oshin.
In no time you'll have legs like this!
It sounds nice.
Doesn't it?
Did you buy it?
It was given to me.
By Whom?
Let me play it.
Let me have it.
Mother will pay you for it.
That harmonica is everything to me!
Give it back.
I'll pay you for it!
No! Not for all the money in the world!
Well then!
What have you done!
Please, don't!
You brat!
"'8 junk!
Junk, junk!
Stop it!
Miss Kayo?
Miss Kayo?
Oh, Miss Kayo!
Oh, what have you done?
No excuse is going to get you off this time.
Come on!
I brought Oshin.
Come in.
You wicked child!
Seitaro, don't!
She's just a kid.
You can hit me all you want.
Oshin. Did you push Kayo?
What made you do that?
It was my fault.
I'm asking you why.
You wouldn't do it for no reason.
Did you hurt your hand?
My suspicions weren't unfounded.
There's a rumor that she was in hiding
with a deserter.
She's not innocent.
Now I know that the rumor is true.
You kept it secret so you could keep this job.
I'm sorry that I hurt Miss Kayo.
But don't put down Shunsaku.
He was a kind, gentle man.
He taught me to read and write.
He wasn't a coward or a traitor.
In war, friends and foes are killed.
That's why he quit.
War is bad, isn't it?
How dare you say that, you wicked child!
You're terrible.
Excuse me.
The doctor has arrived.
Is Miss Kayo OK?
Don't worry. She'll be fine.
I really wish you could stay but...
I can't undermine my son
and his wife's decision.
Kayo is a stubborn girl.
You two don't get along.
It won't go well for you.
Excuse me.
I've brought you some gruel.
Miss Kayo, how do you feel?
This is from Oshin.
She made it out of grass she picked.
Her granny showed her how.
Oshin has been let go.
If you'll accept it she can go
with no ill feelings.
Welcome back, Madam.
We started eating.
It's decided.
The owner of the courier boat company
will take Oshin.
The rumors don't bother him.
Some people can judge for themselves.
Grandma, where are you sending Oshin?
She's going to work for someone else.
She can't! You can't kick her out!
She's done nothing bad.
I tried to force her to sell me her harmonica.
It was my fault.
Nobody has ever stood up to me!
Oshin wasn't afraid of me.
I fought back!
It was more like play fighting, so please!
Don't kick her out.
Father, Mother, please!
Grandma, don't make Oshin go away!
Happy new year!
How about Oshin?
Thank you, ma'am!
Oh, there you are!
Happy new year!
Kayo! How you've grown!
She's still a kid inside.
Now we'll be lucky!
Oh, you're so drunk!
You're cheeky! The things you say, girl.
What are those women?
Fuji, make me feel better.
Hands off!
Hey, how about me?
Do you know that woman?
The love I feel for you makes me realize
I've never loved before...
I got n!
You got it again, Miss Kayo.
You're so quick.
I'm back.
Welcome back, Master.
Visiting people at New Year can be tiring!
Yes, I'm not a big drinker
but every house serves sake!
A strange woman is loitering outside.
I guess some people are sad at New Year.
You're playing a game?
I didn't expect to see you, Oshin.
I just wanted to see where you worked.
I wanted to see the Kagayas for myself.
Why are you in Sakata?
I work at an inn at Silver Mine hot springs.
A guest brought us to town for fun.
Were you with the Kagaya's daughter?
They must be taking care of you.
I have nothing to worry about.
I'll go home in the spring once the snow melts.
No matter how tough it gets
I wouldn't bring shame to you and your dad.
I promise I won't.
They might be worried about you.
Go back.
That's the thing about women.
None of us work for our own benefit.
They work for their parents,
husbands and children.
They can't think of themselves.
That's women for you.
It's the same with your Mama.
She might have to do things for her family...
...that you can't blame her for.
Love her with all your heart.
She must have had it tough...
Oshin? ls Oshin here?
Yes, ma'am.
A messenger brought some bad news
from your village.
Your grandmother is ill.
You'd better go home. Madam Kuni agrees.
Good morning!
The morning work's done! We're hungry!
Move it, girls!
I can't go until I've done my chores.
Don't worry about that. Hurry up and go home.
Cover for her please.
Yes, ma'am.
Where are the pickles?
Leave this to us and go.
You don't want your granny
to die before you get there!
Where is the rice?
Your medicine.
Open your mouth.
Don't spill it.
Here's my kimono.
Wear this and go home.
Oshin, your grandmother is waiting for you.
Granny, I'll get you some gruel.
Leave her alone. It will do no good.
Don't be foolish!
This is the rice Oshin earned
from the Kagayas.
It's delicious...
I'm so sorry!
Are you awake? You slept well.
Your dad and the boys are making charcoal.
I'll get your breakfast.
This is Granny's memento for you.
Don't lose it.
Remember when she gave it to you?
It was returned by that family you worked for.
That's the thing about women.
None of us work for our own benefit.
They work for their parents,
husbands and children.
They can't think of themselves.
You're always working. You never stop.
That's what mothers do.
I'm so happy that I'm your child.
Oshin, you can stay here.
We'll work out something.
You've been working so hard for our family...
It's not hard at all.
I can take care of it, even if I'm on my own.