Osthi (2011) Movie Script

Cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol
are injurious to health
No animal was hurt
or wounded in this movie
Hey, look there
I am going to run faster than you
and pick up the movie pass
Wow!! Superstar's movie
please give me a pass
- Here, take it
- Please give me one as well
I can give only 1 per poster,
isn't he your brother?
He may be my brother,
but this is my Father's house
The Movie pass belongs to me,
give it to me
Why are you complaining about him
for just a movie pass?
He is a silly guy
Your father treats
both sons the same way
Is that why he's made me sweep
while he is reading his son's horoscope?
Why are you talking like this?
He is your Father
He is not my Father
He is that silly guy's Father
Hey Velu, mind what you are saying
Do you even understand his greatness?
Your father died
when you were just a baby
We were on the streets,
when he gave us a lease of Life?
Your son is going to become
a great Businessman than you are
- Really?
- Will be loaded with money
I am not saying this,
his charts are saying it
I had the same thought
He's not good at studies,
can you check on what to do
Let me check
He doesn't know a thing
He's innocent
Very impressionable
He's my son, just like you are
Whatever it is, he's your brother
He's not my brother,
he's that Man's son
Can you check for any 'Vasthu' remedies?
Please check my horoscope as well
You don't need the horoscope
to predict your future
Can tell by your Face,
you will be useless
Can't you see
he is going to be useless?
If you can read his horoscope,
can't you read mine as well?
You have the cheek
to talk back to me?
Father, I am ready,
let's go watch the Movie
There's another half hour to go
Okay wait, I'll come
I am going to watch the movie
Did you get slapped
for talking ill of me?
- Serves you right
- Father!!
Are you and your Father going to
watch a Movie after making me cry?
Go ahead now
Let me grow up and teach
the both of you a lesson
'Nellai District
15 years later'
To preserve the Environment,
the Kerala Government
has strict orders against sand quarrying
Kerala's progress in the field of
Construction is thanks to Tamil Nadu
This has 15 millions
I am a CB CID Officer,
I am here to get you red-handed
I am proud to see
an honest Officer like you, but...
You shouldn't be around where I am...
Put him down here
You will be gone,
if Boxer Daniel hits you
I have been a Thug
and a Hit Man so far...
And now, I am also stepping in to Politics
This is no ordinary money
This money is going to make me
win the upcoming By-elections
I will finish anyone
who dares to stop this
Distribute 7.5 millions across
to the 14 villages by today
- Go on
- Yes Sir
A Vehicle has just hit and run 2 Constables
at the Kattupakkam Check Post
Were you sleeping till this happened?
Yes, sir
Go find out what happened
- What happened?
- Look over there
- Hey, look, there's a Bullet
- What? A Bullet?
Show me
- My God!!! He's going to finish us
- What is he blabbering?
Don't know
Send 10-15 people
to the old factory at Kattupakkam
Don't know if we are
going to return alive
Why are you asking for more people?
Do you know where we are?
In Kattupakkam
- What now?
- There's a guy here
He may seem as small as this Bullet
But a big risk
If we get caught,
he'll beat us Black and Blue
Who's that?
Haven't you heard of 'Sivaji, the Boss?'
Similarly, this guy is Osthe,
Osthe the Mass
(Man of the Masses)
His bullet has hit the Jeep now,
we could be next
His punch is fearsome
We'll be history if he gets us
Can't even imagine
Oh my God!! He is here
He's immortal
- Shut up! Go see, where he is coming from
- Yes, please check
You have the guts
to point a gun at me?!
If you shoot me,
you'll be behind bars for 21 years
With the treatment you get there,
there will be nothing left of you
Think before you act
But I will act before you think
Are you scared?
I can kill you if I want to
Cause, I am like a Mirror
Smile and I'll smile back
Snarl and I'll snarl right back
And if you even THINK of shooting me
I'll shoot you before you think
You were singing his praises
He has fled after we got his gun
Hey Osthe, where are you?
Come out
- Don't shout, he might come back
- He has gone
Let's take the money back in his Jeep
Bring the money, you Dunces
Oh My God!
Where are these guys?
How did you get them
without the slightest sound?
Do you have a sound proof mechanism?
There was one more Man left...
Where is he?
These guys are violent,
your tricks won't work anymore
You've only seen a sample of me so far
Wait for the Real Fight to unfold
The phone is ringing
Your ringtone's nice
forward it to me
after our fight
Why are you interrupting our dance?
Go home
- Why are you going up? Throw it to me
- No, come up
- Throw it to me
- We'll be caught
- Throw it, I'll take care
- Take it
Gosh! We're caught
Where's so much of money coming from?
We've worked hard for it...
The Sand Business
- Who did you cheat?
- Didn't cheat
Illegal Sand Quarrying
I can see
Fool, can't you hear the phone ring?
Answer the phone
- I thought you would dance
- Answer the phone, you useless fellow
- Ok Sir
- Who's it?
My Mother
- Your Mother?
- Yes, sir
Don't make her wait
- Give my regards to her
- Okay, sir
- That reminds me
- Sir
I want to ask your Mother...
Why has she brought you up as a Thief?
- That's not possible
- Why?
She's not alive
Thought as much...
You would have been a good Man,
if she were alive
I do good even now,
this money is for distributing to people
This cash is to bribe people
for elections, right?
Can say that
Wrong to give or take cash for votes
Even worse, to take that money
and not vote at all
I'll show you how to cast a Vote
This is my 'Osthe' Vote...
This is why I warned you earlier
Now, this is the Fearsome punch
You're late in the first place,
and now the 'slow motion'
Hurry up!
I welcome 'Osthe' Velan's Police Force
We are called the Rapid Action Force,
why are you late?
We had a leakage on the way
We got delayed in setting it right
The Vehicle ran out of diesel, Sir
We pooled in all we had and filled
half a liter of diesel and rushed here
These many reasons for
the Police to reach late all the time?
Don't discuss our secrets in Public
They will lose fear
They have a terrible impression as it is
Talking about being terrible,
what is your Father-in-law up to?
That's a good question,
He does terrible things of course
Don't make me angry with your comedy
Where's the Thief?
Where's the Thief?
They've run away
I struggled to give you that Lead,
and you've let the 'Accused' escape
We don't need them,
we've got their Money
Would have got a promotion
if we'd handed them over
- You just want a Promotion, don't you?
- Yes, sir
Good Morning,
Today's Headlines
Following a clash between the
Kattupakkam Police and Rowdies...
Constable Masanamurthy
was shot at by the Rowdies...
This is a Big Lie
I am hale and healthy,
standing right in front of you
- Does anyone else need a promotion?
- I don't need, Inspector
Give it to these two guys
They are not likely to run
after thieves to get one
Getting shot is their only chance
No Commissioner, IG, DIG
has given me a promotion...
Despite me begging for it
I am proud to get a promotion from you
Why over act?
You're getting an award anyway
Take care of your Hand
You might kick the bucket
Let me say just one thing
There's no controlling this guy,
shoot him on the other hand as well
You're no ordinary Police,
you're the Best Police
We're going to buy
4 new Jeeps with this money
Everything's going to be
brand new from now
"Tamil Nadu Cops are
the 'Top' in the World...The Best"
"The way I load bullets...
Am the Best"
"Even in Bollywood
Or here in Kollywood"
"No one's seen a Robin Hood
Like me before"
"I steal from a Robber
Give it to the Poor"
"I am the Brave heart
who is ready for any Dare..."
"The Best Buddy 'Osthe'
the Best Buddy, Osthe"
"Tamil Nadu Cops are
the 'Top' in the World...The Best"
"The way I load bullets...
Am the Best"
"Have you seen
Jackie Chan's 'Police Story'"
"If you have,
you'll get to know about me"
"The Rogue's bringing
in Loot money"
"But he's gonna get it
across to the poor and needy"
"He's not gonna accept
anyone's wrong doing"
"He'll make mince meat
out of them"
"And break their bones
if they do"
"I am the Inspector"
"I know to handle Encounters"
"I am an All Rounder Always"
"I'll take out the Revolver"
"Get hold of the Defrauder and
Wring his neck"
"I am your
Action Hero Arnold"
"The Best Buddy 'Osthe'
The Best Buddy, Osthe"
"Tamil Nadu Cops are
the 'Top' in the World...The Best"
"Hey, our Hero's gonna
shake a leg, make way"
"He's going to paint
the town red"
"Hey, our Hero's gonna
shake a leg, check him out..."
"He's a 'Terror' to a 'Terror'
A 'Friend' to a Friend"
"He Mirrors
who you really are"
"There's No one
like me here"
"No stone is going
to crack this Mirror"
"I'll never ever
know a Fear"
"My Luck is at
an all time High"
"Everyone will warn
you about me"
"They'll sing
my Praise"
"Just saying my Name
Will evoke Fear"
"There are Rowdies in Town
There are Police in Town"
"Do you have Rowdies
and Police in One?"
"Well, that's Me
The Best Buddy, Osthe"
"The Best Buddy, Osthe"
Mother, why am
I not getting water upstairs?
There's been no
electricity since yesterday
The Line man says
it will be back only tomorrow
I'll get the water,
you have a shower and leave
Why are you doing all this,
where's your son?
Big dreams of 'Nayanthara' all right
Hey! What?
Mom's toiling away, go help her
Why are you bothering him?
He's been working hard at the Mill
till 2 in the morning
Let him get a few more hours of sleep
Give that to me
Have you shifted the Mill
to 'Ram' Theatre?
- You went to watch a movie, didn't you?
- I didn't go there to watch a movie
Went to watch the news reel on Ambani
Went to learn ways of
making it big in Life
- Have to work hard he says...
- I'll whack you
You went to watch the Movie
'Boss (A) Baskaran'
If you worked hard,
we wouldn't run the Mill on debt
Good for nothing
Yes, we are good for nothing,
the Mill is on debt
I can't provide for the house
What to do?
You think only you're responsible
You're on duty all the time
You earn money through many ways
Why don't you take care of things
around the house?
You could buy a generator,
if you wanted to
It's not enough if you merely talk
about your mother toiling
Show it in action
I know what I need to do for my mother
Cause, I know her from before
both of you did
Hey...Mind what you say
I know what I am saying
There's no concern here
It's just sarcasm
His son has become useless
Gosh! He has begun his lecture...Scoot
He's jealous that I have turned out to be
a young and vibrant Police Officer
You're all grown up,
but show no respect to elders
I can respect you
But you don't know something
If you add loads of oil to his food,
Just because he has an oil mill...
His cholesterol will shoot up
Reduce the oil to begin with
Debts will come down
So will the cholesterol
If he kicks the chair, I'll kick him
Get up
I will buy a generator for sure
Not for the comfort of your father or you
But for my mother's comfort
My spare keys are with mom, take money
from her and go buy a generator
Don't sleep while I am talking to you
Didn't want to have a bath today...
But it's my fate that
I have to at your hands
- I am ill fated too
- Why?
I have to bathe a Buffalo like you
'Government Medical College
and General Hospital'
The tyres might wear out even before
we get past 400 Kms...
What's your problem, did you pay for it?
Let him do whatever he wants
This was bought with robbed money
- We can replace it as it wears out
- Only the tyres I hope
What's are you saying?
You're the first Policeman
to have robbed from a Robber...
and use that money to buy a Jeep
for the department
You're the Best...
The Best Police
Now we don't have to arrive late
We can get there one reel before
the Climax and nab thieves
Talking about thieves, where is
your brother these days
- Last week, the Ambasamudram bank...
- He robbed that Bank?
No, they gave him a job as a Guard
A Thief gets to Guard the place...
Just the way we got police jobs
- Hey Masanamurthy, are the nurses good?
- Excellent, sir
Were you enquiring about me
or asking about the Nurses?
- Weren't you looking at them...?
- My woes are mine to deal with
I am struggling to do
everything with one hand...
Don't do anything for a change
We were asking you about the nurse
This man talks too much...
You should have shot him a little lower
Lowered the gun and
shot you on your legs
- Greetings, sir
- Greetings, who are you?
- She's my wife
- Sir, take this
Give it to the other policemen
Has the government sanctioned
the money already?
This is not Government money
I am giving you this from what
I grabbed from the robbers
The government will give you Rs 50,000
if you get hurt and Rs 1 lakh if you die
But our Osthe sir, will give you Rs 1 lakh
if you're hurt and Rs 5 lakhs if you die
The government will hand over Rs 1 lakh
to your wife only after you die
But I am giving you this
while you are alive
Do you want 5 lakhs or will this do?
- Rs 1 lakh is fine for us
- You hold your life dear I can see
Fine, get back to work in a week
Give the money to your wife,
not to the nurse
How can you get back
to work in a week?
He'll say things like that,
but he is a very good man
A little different, but the Best!!
My God!!! So much money
We can buy generators
for the whole Town
Why did you come here?
This is his Department money
Here, take this
This is for the generator,
what me?
What...? Do you want a commission
from your own home?
So what? There's a lot of work
involved in buying this
Your brother has asked me to
give you only this, ask him for more
Is he the only son you have?
Am I not one too?
He hurts me with talk like this,
why are you up to the same thing?
You're very partial to him
You like him more than you like me...
That's enough
Take this
Hey, watch out
There are people around
Hurry up, quick
Get down!!
- Why are you restless?
- It's my Father
Whoever it is...
I'll kill them
You'll kill me?
How many have you killed before this?
You watch movies and stupidly
think you can do all this...?
Who's Stupid?
Don't get me angry,
The earth will tremble
- There'll be a downpour
- Uh oh!
Nothing seems to be happening
So what? I got misled by
the weather forecast on TV...
Don't pursue my daughter
in the name of love
You can't marry my daughter
Your father wants
to get you married someone
who will give a dowry of Rs 1.5 millions
I don't have so much money
- Don't bother us, get going
- Are you threatening me?
He's acting too smart...
Shall I finish him?
Kill me, come on
Get going, go talk to your dad
with the same fervor
We'll see what happens
Foolish Girl!
I've told you this is not going to work out
You never listen
You embarrass me...
Let's go
The sweets
'Party Office'
Money hasn't reached
the People of Kattupakkam
Haven't heard from the guys
who have taken it there
Can win only
if the money reaches
Find out what happened
to those idiots
Why the hell are they
not answering the phone?
What are they doing
when the money's with them
Don't understand
Money has to be distributed
amongst those people by today
I'll rip all of you apart
if that doesn't happen
That's why we are scared to
answer the phone
We can't leave without
handing over the money
Go...Find out where
the Inspector lives
Looks like I'll be dead
Where is Inspector
'Osthe' Velan's house?
- Hey Selvam
- Tell me, old man
He's enquiring about Velan Sir's house
Velan Sir's house is
not up for Sale
There's some land available
near the Cremation Ground
Is he interested?
- He wants to know the address
- Oh, that
Why do you need it?
Do you need to deliver anything?
He had come to see my sister
to seek her hand in marriage...
Your Sister!?
Didn't your dad give up
on life after having you?
I look like this,
but my sister is pretty...
Like a parrot...
Cage her then
- Why do you want to get her married?
- Why are you getting angry?
- Please tell me the address
- Sure
I'll tell you
Do one thing
Take a right from here,
you'll get the Sivan temple,
take a left and a right from there,
you'll find a Construction there
Again, take a left and then a right,
you'll find a shop
It's opposite to that
That's right
Get lost
- Take a right, you Dunce
- Do you know it or not?
I know the address, shut up
Just go
Listen to what I am saying
Don't take my life
Here we are!!!
The Shop on the right...
On the left...
Welcome buddies, come look
around the Groom's house
You can see an old
black telephone, a Globe
Half a dozen Rifles
that don't shoot
A jail with an attached shower...
- Come look around
- Who did you enquire with?
With the policeman
who is giving us a warm welcome
- With him?
- Yes, of course
Your in laws have come to see you,
Please come here and meet them
You pushed us from
the frying pan to the fire, let's run
The thin ones move to the right
The heavier ones to the left
The ones who are fit,
come with me
No one to come with me?
There was so much excitement here,
where are they?
- Have they all left?
- What do we do then?
- Let's rush back with the same excitement
- Yes, let's rush
Move aside
- Go fast
- Follow me
He is chasing us
Hey stop!!
He doesn't seem scared of a Gun
Why has Osthe Frozen...?
He's probably facing some
potent Weapons on the other side
- Hey Ins...Inspector...
- Yes...are they caught?
Not that easy
to get your hands on them
They're flying around like
the Ghosts in 'Van Helsing'
Shoot below the feet...
Below the feet...Where?
On the Ground?
Fine, I'll go this way
and you go the other...
Let's see if we can get someone
The whole street is abuzz with
a clash between the Police and Rowdies...
There's a shootout too
Won't you bolt the door
before you button up...?
If public like you get hurt in this Crossfire,
this Cop won't be able to handle it...
- Well...are you married?
- No
- Are you by yourself?
- No
- Then?
- My Father's with me...
Let it be
- What's your father doing?
- He's sleeping
Let him sleep
And when he's awake...
Is he on the looking
for a Match for you?
A great father!
God is Great!
I am in awe of
your courage
This Cop is heading
to do his duty
You are chasing Me!?
- Why?
- Who's on the phone?
My Girlfriend
Your Girlfriend
will be around...but
He has embarrassed me...
This Youthful, Beautiful,
Flourishing, Proud
Country of ours...
I am going to defend it
I am not going to forgive those
who corrupt us with cash for votes...
That is such a powerful dialogue,
and you deliver it so meekly
I will uphold
the welfare of this Country...
- He's dead...
- No, he has fled
Yes, he has...
You're staring at her as though
you have never seen a girl before
You've wasted bullets
You missed your target
I might have missed it this time
I won't next time
I will definitely
safeguard this country...
However you want to do it,
you figure it out yourself
- Let's go now
- I will...most certainly...
Come on, let's go
'Vote for me'
Looks fabulous!!
You helped me sort out problems
with my wife's property at Thenkasi
I will support
you in all ways
You are sure to win
Why are you talking like
a stranger, Collector?
- Say you will make me win
- Daniel, they've come
How did you lose the money?
Didn't answer the phone,
What about the money?
- There's a guy there...
- Who's it?
Daniel, stop it
They've lost the money
kept for Elections
- They should be killed
- Be patient
Don't lose your calm
till the elections are over
You're not a Boxer now,
you're an MLA Candidate
Do you want me to plead with them,
the way I plead for votes?
I need that Rs 7.5 millions now
What do we do?
- Where's this guy from?
- He's the Inspector from Kattupakkam
He's 'Osthe the Mass',
just like 'Sivaji the Boss'
People vote for those they like
- But this guy votes for those he doesn't
- Shut up
Why are you worried
when I am the Collector?
Such money has to be handed
over to my Office within 2 days
He's only an Inspector after all
- Let me give him a run for his money
- Wait till the money reaches me
When planetary positions
are looking good...
Yes, looking good...
Why is she wearing anklets on her waist?
Angels normally appear in the sky, but
This one is walking down the road
You have the cheek to belt out poetry?
Sorry Sir, I called her
an Angel by mistake
- She's all set to get drunk
- Congratulations Inspector
You've found
a perfect partner for yourself
If not anything else, she can be your
drinking buddy after your Marriage
Am sure you want to stand up against
such cultural disintegration
Isn't your heart springing
to protect this youthful
Country Lass, I mean Country...
Aren't you dying to uphold
the welfare of this Country?
- How right you are!!!
- Keep quiet
Who's pouring water on me?
- Get up!
- Oh, it's you
Get up, why do you do
this all the time?
Neduvaali, Hey Neduvaali,
why did you pour water on me?
I am no longer on a High
Give me my drink
- He mixed too much water in it
- Just leave it! Come with me
Who's covering my face?
Neduvaali, leave me
- Neduvaali
- Just come with me
- Buy me a drink
- Who is this Alien?
Hey! Come here
Oh my God!!
There's a Police raid
- You go away
- He doesn't know the difference between
A government liquor shop and
an illegal arrack store
Give a complaint
What's the trouble?
Whatever it is,
this Cop will punish whoever is guilty
- Who is he?
- My Father
This horrible looking man has
such a beautiful daughter?!
He probably adopted her
Your investigation is on the right track
Go away
He kept saying 'Neduvaali'...
what does that mean?
- Don't know...
- So, 'Don't know' is what it means
- I said I don't know the meaning
- Let it be
A Drunk man has such
a Desirable daughter!
- Hey!
- Yes
Such a Beautiful daughter and
a pitiable father like this
You have to believe it Inspector
This is the pathetic situation
with most beautiful girls
Talking about pathetic, I thought
he'd ask about your mother-in-law...
Don't make me angry
with your comedy
Hey Send 40 tins to Murugesan's shop
37 to Gani Bhai's...
- Dad
- What is it?
I need to talk about something important,
and you're only talking about the Mill
What's more important than the mill?
Think about my marriage
What's there to think about?
Speak to Nirmala's dad and
get me married to her
What's your problem now?
I am working hard only
to give you a good future
You have been lazy,
but now you ask me about your future?
Hey, this Mill doesn't run on electricity
It runs on debt
I have to offset the debts
with the dowry I get for you
And you want to pursue that
penniless girl in the name of love!
Can I not marry the girl I like?
I'll beat you black and blue
I decide your Life and Marriage
Do you even know anything about Life?
I have to set this place right and
then hand it over to you...
Only then can you
start living your Life
Shut up until then
Listen to me or else...
Go deliver these items
and then call me
Nirmala sweetie
Now you give me one...
Let that be,
we still have last week's due
"Am here to sing a song...
Am here to buy a pot..."
You've left the store unmanned
If there's a theft,
this Cop will have to be answerable
- What do you want?
- A pot
- How much is it?
- Rs 250
She seems a bigger Robber than I am
I don't have change
It's fine
Give it to when
I come shopping the next time
The Pot looks nice...
I asked for just one,
what's this?
I don't like being indebted
Let this be with you
I'll take it back
when I return the money
I am in awe of your sincerity
Will see you
Spent Rs 500 just to
say a few words...
Well, let me spend another 500 Rupees
Not my money anyway
Sorry, it slipped
Look at that
Take this
I don't take money
for accidents likes this
I am amazed by your Principles
But the loss is yours
Don't be stubborn, else
I might have to slap you
A Slap doesn't scare me Sir,
only Love does...
"Hey...It's because of You
That the World spins around"
"Hey...It's through your Eyes
That the Rainbow touches me"
"Back then, I yearned to see an Angel"
"And now on seeing You,
that yearning is fulfilled"
"The Clouds rained Petals then"
"And now, it's just your thoughts
that drizzle on me"
"Hey...It's because of You
That the World spins around"
"She's got a generous heart
She's giving you a place in it"
"There's thoughts of you, dreams too
She's melting away thinking of you"
"Oh my! I can't put on
an act in a dream"
"Where is this going to lead to
Love is overflowing here"
"If you don't set your
glance on me"
"There's no reason to live
If I don't get to talk about you"
"I need no company,
I don't even need myself"
"Back then, I sauntered
around town all day long"
"But now, your smile
makes me saunter around You"
"I'd strike any guy back then,
But now, I am struck by Love"
"Hey...It's because of You"
"Oh No...My Heart"
"Wants to get lost,
just to find You everyday"
"Here, Now
Everything seems Divine"
"Hey, what do I say
I see you in Everything"
"There's no Dagger, no Wound"
"Yet you kill without uttering a Word"
"Back then, I yearned to see an Angel"
"And now on seeing You,
that yearning is fulfilled"
"The Clouds rained Petals then"
"And now, it's just your thoughts
that drizzle on me"
"Back then, I sauntered
around town all day long"
"But now, your smile makes me
saunter around You"
"I'd strike any guy back then,
But now, I am struck by Love"
"Hey...It's because of You
That the World spins around"
"Hey...It's through your Eyes
That the Rainbow touches me"
Let 'Osthe' Velan come
Will call once I get the money
He's here
I'll take care
I thought we'd have
a good looking Collector,
like Arvind Swamy in 'Thalapathi'
But he looks like a hawker
on the street
Don't dig into it
- The Biriyani will get spoilt
- Biriyani!?
Yes, we've bought just 10 packets
There was a complaint
about it the last time
- Where's the money?
- It's safe
This is for us
- And this for you...Rs 10,060
- Is that all there is?
I can give it to the beggar
and get them all as change
Why are you fooling around,
they said it is 7.5 millions
- Whoever told you that?
- The informer did...
The same informer told us as well
We were happy at
the thought of nabbing them
And getting an award
for our bravery as well
- But he backstabbed us
- This is exactly how we reacted
We were thoroughly disappointed
We had an egg on our face,
just like you did now
Even if it's just 10 Rupees
We're duty bound to hand it
over to the Collector
Oh yes, keeping Government money
with you is like skating on thin Ice
It might slip away
Now we are at peace,
can we take leave?
- Sir...don't touch that
- Why?
We forgot an important detail
2300 for damage to the Check post
1500 for Diesel, 3500 for the Hospital
2759 for Allowances and Biriyani,
that's 10,059
That's the 1 Rupee balance
You could return this 1 Rupee
to the Government...
Or use it to for a Toss...
It's your choice
- We'll get going
- The Biriyani seems spoilt
Vote for Daniel
- Daniel, phone
- Who is it?
- The collector
- What's it?
He's no ordinary guy
He's citing rules and
is playing games with me
Bring the RC Book
Who's that?
He is 'Osthe' Velan
Greetings, sir
- He is a candidate from our area
- So?
Check the Vehicle
I haven't come in to your limits
for you to check me
But you have come
in to my territory
What? Have I come
in to your territory?
Osthe doesn't have any limits!!!
It's unlimited access
Wherever in the world it could be
Where's the money
you took from my Men?
I have given the Accounts
to the Collector
Didn't the collector tell you?
I am not talking about
what you gave him
I am asking about what you
took...Rs 7.5 millions
That's not just cash, they are Votes
I didn't cheat you
I cast my vote on your Man
Each vote of mine
is equal to a 10,000 votes
- Didn't you show him my vote?
- I did even then
Isn't it enough?
Do you want me
to cast a vote on your face?
- Hey!
- I am ready
You will cast a Vote on my Face?
I never bother talking
to a policeman
I am talking to you cause
I am in the role of a Politician
I have concealed
the arrogance I am capable of
I have many sides to me
You won't be able to handle
all of them...
You can show me any side to you...
I am like a mirror
What you show is what you get
I will show you...
That reminds me
You said your brother in law has
gone mad, did the Doctor see him?
Oh yes...
Look at how energetic he is...
That's 'Osthe' for you...
I've handled Guns easily
But handling a Kitchen is quite difficult
Why don't you eat in peace
at least today?
How long will you cater
to the needs of everyone?
I have an idea for
this situation to change
The Government has
allotted a house for me
You can lead the life
of a Queen there
What about your
Father and Brother?
There you go
You worry about them
all the time
But they don't seem one bit
worried about you
Stop it
As a son, you can say
anything you please
As a mother, I can't differentiate
between the two of you
The family cannot be split in to two
Fine! If I come with you,
who will take care of the other two...
Where is it...?
Can't you keep this
small thing by your side?
Here, take it
Go slow...watch it
You fall sick whenever
we talk about the family...
Hey, come here
Should I give you a suggestion
to improve things in the family?
Why don't you get him married?
This is the Best idea
he has given so far
- Fix the wedding date...
- Hurry
Date for the Wedding!!!!
Whack him
He says mindless things,
do you want to add to it?
How can we get the younger one
married, when the older one is around?
- So, you were only joking about me
- Get out
There's just one way out, why don't you
get the elder one married?
Your husband, Subbaiah Pillai,
get him married
- I am going to kill you
- Come on...
Mr. Chandramouli...
Mr. Chandramouli...
- Hey, who's Chandramouli?
- Your father
His name is Thanga Perumal
- This is how Karthik would call out
- Karthik?
- In the film 'Mouna Ragam'
- Gosh!
Forget that, let's leave...
My father has just gone to the
fields, you'll be dead if he's back
He's not going to come now,
he's at the Village Council...
Just saw him there
Why are you creating trouble
when there's no one home?
This is the best time to take you away
What are you saying?
I heard your father is looking
out for another match for you
Let's elope!!
- I can't
- Why?
Where will you take me?
To your house, right?
Your dad's not going to accept
me without the money
Do you think we can't
live in peace there?
Let me give you an idea
Why don't you talk to your
brother about this?
To my brother?
He'll shut my dad up
He'll be happy
if I am in trouble
I'll never ever ask him for a favor...
Don't even think about it
Will you come with me or not?
I want our wedding to be accepted
by both sides of the family
Figure out a way for that
- Is this your decision?
- Yes
Is there a chance you'll
change your mind?
No, No, No
Why are we wasting time here,
might as well go plead for votes
'Osthe' Velan has
hijacked our plans
We have come here
to plot his End
Why is he here?
He's your sworn enemy
Either you should survive or I should
Don't throw your weight around in
front of 'Annachi', show some respect
If you want to pay heed to my word,
hang in here, else go away
- I asked him to come here
- I don't understand
I sent word through
'Harbor' Arunachala Annachi
I have reached
Annachi told me...what should I do?
Need to kill an Inspector
What are you thinking about?
You've done this yourself,
why do you need me?
I can't do this,
I am a Politician now
Everyone knows we are enemies
No one will get you,
if I kill him...right?
Nor will you get caught...
I trust your work
You've assessed
your enemy quite well
You have around 17/18 Cases
filed on you
Including the 2 of
trying to kill me
I'll annul them once
I get to power...
- What do you say?
- Done
You've become a True Politician
- Hit him
- Here you go
Stop it,
Why are you hitting him?
You want to know why?
Constable No : 113
Your drunk father
went to the pawn broker
And pestered him to lend
money against his footwear
The Pawn broker fled the place
Constable No: 710
Your father put his head
in front of the Road Roller
Protesting for Liquor shops
to be kept open all night
That's not all
Your father robbed biscuits
from school going children
Do I have the looks of a Robber?
You don't look like the Owner of
Blackberry phones either
We can file any case against you
Your looks will suit it all
You are charging me falsely
And bringing me disrepute among people
You aren't some well known man
like Anna Hazare for me to do this
You bring a bad name to yourself
- My father would have done no wrong
- You're right
Please leave him
Whether girls know to make
or coffee or not
They can sure cry in an instant
Stop it girl
- Why are you crying?
- Oh, watch it
You want us to leave your father,
is that all?
This Cop takes something
before he gives away anything
You are asking for something...
What can I take from you?
Smile and I'll let him go
I only asked you to smile,
not sing a Duet with me
Hey constables
Whoever gets her to smile gets
a reward of Rs 1000
Wow, Rs 1000
You anyway scrounge
for small amounts outside
You're getting Rs 1000,
go for it
That everlasting smile
You have got a horrible smile
Why are you scaring her with it?
She is frowning as it is
Why didn't the parrot fly away?
Don't you know?
Let me explain
Because, the parrot is
in a photograph
You better come back
He must be the guy who provides
bad jokes to Magazines
If you permit me...
There're different ways
a drunken man walks...
A man who's had one drink
Was that correct?
A man who has had a full bottle...
Put a full stop to this
Don't get us angry with your comedy
This is what he does everyday,
this is no comedy
Hey, Neduvaali means 'Iguana',
She's a tough girl
My daughter will smile
if I sing
My dear flower, Shenbagam,
My dear 'Santhanam'
He's trying to make fun of my name!!
He's braying like a donkey
Come on girl, smile, let go
Don't hold on like an Iguana
You stay here
Neduvaali, Listen to your Father,
we'll get
Rs 1000, can buy
myself 16 drinks with that
Come on, Smile
Hey Inspector,
you imitate me quite well
- She has smiled at last
- Time for a song
"Neduvaali, Hey Neduvaali"
"You hold my heart
in a tight clasp like an Iguana"
"Never letting go of me"
"Neduvaali, Hey Neduvaali"
"You're slowly taking away
a part of me"
"It's gonna be a Blast
His Charm is gonna blow you away"
"It's gonna be a Blast"
"The girl's gonna blow you
away with her glance"
"She's got gorgeous hair
We're awe struck by her Beauty"
"Two beautiful Pearl like eyes
You'll be way laid by her Charm"
"I want to talk to you, but when I see you,
I go berserk, I melt in my passion for you"
"Awe struck by his Charm,
you would want to worship him"
"It's gonna be a Blast
His Charm is gonna blow you away"
"It's gonna be a Blast
The girl's gonna blow you away with her glance"
"It's gonna be a Blast
His Charm is gonna blow you away"
"It's gonna be a Blast
The girl's gonna blow you away with her glance"
"Neduvaali, Hey Neduvaali"
"It's gonna be a Blast"
"You had the neighborhood
under your control"
"But now, You've lost
Control of yourself"
"My eyes would never miss a Target before
But I am blinded by your love now"
"He's Brave, He's Intelligent
Hard to beat this combination"
"The Cop is Lost...
Lost in Love"
"Let's file a complaint"
"Find a soul who can bring
back this Lost Cop right away"
"It's gonna be a Blast
His Charm is gonna blow you away"
"It's gonna be a Blast
The girl's gonna blow you away with her glance"
"It's gonna be a Blast
His Charm is gonna blow you away"
"It's gonna be a Blast
The girl's gonna blow you away with her glance"
"Neduvaali, Hey Neduvaali"
"He has lost his sleep
because of her"
"He has no appetite but for her"
"There's no more room
for Midnight Patrols"
"You're frozen in your room
with only thoughts of her"
"He kept bad company
All these years"
"But now he has turned
in to a new leaf"
"There's no thrill
In taking calculated risks"
"You have to scale a mountain
if you want to touch the Peak"
"As long as you are brave,
nothing can go wrong"
"It's gonna be a Blast
His Charm is gonna blow you away"
"It's gonna be a Blast
The girl's gonna blow you away with her glance"
"It's gonna be a Blast
His Charm is gonna blow you away"
"It's gonna be a Blast
The girl's gonna blow you away with her glance"
"Neduvaali, Hey Neduvaali"
'Kattupakkam Police Station'
What are you doing?
What is the need to steal
from your own house?
I see no other way out
to marry Nirmala
Don't utter a word
Don't think of this as a theft,
I'll give this money to Nirmala's father
He will give it back to dad as dowry
- The money will come back to us
- Take your hands off
Your brother has
trusted me all this money
- What will I say to him?
- This is no problem
Will steal it from Father and keep it back
as soon as the wedding is over
What a wonderful idea!
I am not smart enough
to think like this
You want to steal again
to cover this theft?
Tell me!! Do you have
any other plans to steal?
Forgive me this time
I see no other way to marry her
Please let me take this money
Take it!!
But I will regret having
given birth to a Thief
This will haunt me
till my last breath
I don't agree with this,
but I will for my daughter's sake
Her brightness will blind a Mirror
What a Terror she is...
May I sit?
I like the respect you show
This Cop has decided
to marry you
What do you say?
- I don't intend marrying anyone
- Why?
You look beautiful,
all ready for a man to marry you
Do you plan to stay
single all your life?
A young, dashing, handsome Man
wants to marry you...
Why don't you agree?
Hey Neduvaali,
where have you hidden the bottle?
My father only has me
Can't leave him behind
So, you wouldn't get married
until your father dies?
No, I won't get married
until my father is alive
- Did you buy this at the Store?
- No...I made this
So you are the artist
behind this piece of art
- I am awed by your creativity
- Neduvaali...what are you doing?
But I hate this useless man
Take care of your father,
try and change him
I'll wait till he dies
Just for you
Mother, you're getting
a superb daughter-in-law
You keep chiding me saying
I don't have any affection for Dad
But she's not like that
Her dad's a drunkard
But she still loves him a great deal
She's a lovely person,
just like you are
But you women are full of
emotions and sentiments
I am telling you so much about her
Don't you want to know who she is?
'Any father would be a little more
worried about the weaker son'
'Shows a little more interest in him'
'Doesn't mean he has
no affection for you'
'He was born to me,
just like you are'
'- He is your brother nevertheless
- He is not my brother'
'He is this man's son'
'If you stay angry with them
I am afraid that grief will kill me'
'Do you want to see me dead?
Don't you have any affection for your mother?'
'I do mother'
'Then, listen to what I am saying'
'Please understand your father'
I want to speak to you...
Let's stop the tug of war between us
Let us stay together
What do you mean by 'us'?
It's just you
The only bond between us is
now turning into ashes
Don't ever come into our lives
You and me are
no longer one family
Don't interrupt us...
You'll see my wrath if you dare to
- Come
- Don't push me into the ditch
Don't drink that rubbish
Don't you call it rubbish,
you'll upset people
- Come dad...
- Leave me
I can't walk...
Oh my God, a Train!!!
I am going to put my head under a Train
Father, don't trouble me
Neduvaali, if you don't give me money
I will protest here
Are you going to give me money?
I am tired of this drama
Get up before the Train comes
I am leaving to Chennai
to see the Minister
Let's have a chat till
we reach the station
Daniel, where are you?
I am going to the Railway station,
where are you?
I am at the Railway station,
your Enemy's Life is a trigger away
See his dead body on your way
Good to hear that,
do it well
When are you ever going to change?
Hey Inspector!!!
Am not worried now
Someone's shooting
Come dad
He's running to buy a drink
Hey buy me a snack as well
Think someone
shot me on my head
- Long live our Brother!!
- Greetings
The Minister is coming here for an
Election Rally next week
Sir...look at how violent he is in Public
Don't Velu, what are you doing?
Stop it
Who's this?
What are you doing?
- Who is it?
- Don't
Velu, you aren't answering
my repeated questions
I am a Commissioner and you show
no respect for my words
If I had listened to you...
We might have had to bid adieu
to our Candidate 'Boxer Daniel'
- What are you saying?
- His name is Vadakarayan
Belongs to Palayankottai
They have a 6 year long hostility between them
Everyone knows this
Am I right Mr. Shankaralingam?
He has in all 18 cases of Murder,
Cheating, Attempting to Murder
Out of which 2 were to try and kill Sir
Am I right Mr. Shankaralingam?
He knew Sir was coming
to the Railway Station
And was hiding around to Kill him
I got ahead of him
- Do tell me now, was I wrong?
- No, Velu
You've acted diligently and upheld
the Department's reputation
One more thing
No one knows who is
at war with whom
And who is being used
as a bait to get the other
Not just him, his people
could be anywhere
They could even be here,
in this group
It's better to frisk
them thoroughly
They might have a weapon
- He's quite a handful
- Check all of them
Help me God,
hope this doesn't blow up
Poor you,
you hoped to see me dead
You didn't want to raise a suspicion
You made a friend out of your foe
But I finished him
I will have a reaction
to every action of yours
I have told you this before
I am like a mirror
If you hit me I will hit you back
If you kick me I will kick you
And if you even 'think' of killing me
I will kill you before that
I am no ordinary Velan
I am Osthe Velan 'The Best'
If you utter a word beyond this
I will kill you
I will shoot you down
before that
'The Best will be back
after a break'
- Shankaralingam, will your plan work out?
- Why doubt it?
Osthe Velan killed
the guy we sent to kill him and...
...earned a good name with the Commissioner
by saving a Candidate's Life
Let's use his story to our advantage
Let's say there's no better person to
safe guard the Candidate's life but him
Let's take 'Osthe' Velan to RK Puram in
the name of election campaigns
While we are distributing
money at Kattupakkam
His attention will be on us
We can pay attention to giving away money
What do you say?
The 'Violent' Man is here
Keep quiet
Please come Sir,
we were just talking about you
We are here to request the Commissioner
To make you Daniel Sir's personal security
in charge till the elections are over
With someone like you around,
not even a mosquito will dare to bite him
What do you say?
There was a mosquito near the cheek
Thought I'll get him in advance,
before he bites you
My God!! This man is fast indeed!!
There is a statistic that this area has
1, 43, 33, 219 mosquitoes in all
I have saved you from just 1 of them
Don't you worry
I will swat each
and everyone of them
Whether they are on your Leader's cheek
or anywhere else
I will squash them...
Will squash the mosquito
Not your Leader
Hurry up and get the order
from the Commissioner
I am all set to be your Hit Man
What do you say?
I have nothing to say
- Greetings Sir!
- What's this on your Cheek?
Is that a mosquito?
No, it's not, it's a mole
I'll take it out myself
That's better! I'll get wild if I even
hear the buzz of a mosquito
What do you say Shankaralingam?
Do we go ahead with the permission?
No way! My ears are still ringing
with that slap of his...
We'll have to think of some other idea
Hurry up, don't walk in like a shy bride
Get going
Have the tube, but don't have the Holder
Move the Bulb, it looks like
it is fixed to the Holder
Have you guys brought everything
I wanted from home?
Have got everything you wanted,
but there's no money there
Did you search for it?
We searched the way an eagle
would search for its prey
There's not a single paisa there
Unbelievable!! Did you guys help
yourself with the money?
You're very generous with us,
we would never dream of it
Don't make us laugh with emotional dialogues
Go and clear up the dishes
Hey Mother
Where did you hide such a big amount
from that father and son?
- This chariot costs Rs 10,000
- How much is this?
This costs Rs 15,000
15,000 is quite a lot
Give me a better rate
It's a fixed rate, Rs 15,000
Greetings Sir!!
- What are you doing here?
- I am getting married
Did the horse agree to marry you?
Nirmala and I are getting married
It seems to be a grand wedding, with
chariots and all of that
How come?
- Mother wanted it that way...
- Did Mother want it that way...or?
- I want it too
- Will I get an invite...?
I'm not sure you will come
Why not? Will surely come,
with my wife!
Are you married...
When a useless man like you
can find a girl to marry...
Won't an eligible man
like me find a girl?
Hey Horse!! Am I right?
I'll come...with your
Cause Mother wanted the older one to get
married before the younger one does
This Chariot looks good
- This costs more
- That's fine give him that
I'll bare the cost of the chariot
It's a wedding in our family after all!
Why are you drinking
away irresponsibly?
You have a young daughter at home
Poor girl
She has to fetch you from the Liquor Store
or from the Streets each day
I can't beat around the bush
I intend to marry your daughter
Why are you looking like that?
What more can you want?
I am able bodied, I have a government job,
I earn a handful and more
Why are you laughing?
My daughter is an obstinate girl
Neduvaali! How will she agree?
She won't marry as long as I am around
She must have told you
Aren't you ashamed to say this?
Are you even talking like
the Father of a young girl?
Most fathers are willing to beg or borrow
to get their daughters married
And you are saying this!!
Go and try and change your daughter's mind
She couldn't change yours
At least you change her...
You can't claim to be a father
if you can't do even this
- Will you take good care of her?
- No! I will beat her everyday!!!
I will send her to your house and force
her to bring back things for me
I am asking out of so much
of love for her!!!
Fine then!! Make arrangements
for the wedding
My daughter will agree,
I will get her to agree
We'll have respectable people at
the wedding, don't be drunk there
Will lose face
Give up your drink at least for that day
Do you understand?
Go ahead! I'll give up drinking
from this very minute...
For my daughter sake
You're very different Man
Cannot understand you
You said you would give up drinking...
But you gave up your Life
Get going all of you
None of you bothered when he was alive
Now you come in large numbers and
mourn for him!!
Get going once you've offered
your condolences
Don't overdo it
Get going now
This Cop has taken a decision
Elders say we should have something
joyous in a house that's in mourning
Let's get married right away
I might have left something behind
Go, Get everything you need
Thank you father-in-law!!!
I told you all to leave
Get going
Have you got everything,
do you need anything else?
We can start the rituals
if the flowers arrive
Welcome! Hope you are doing good?
Why are you playing with a child,
it's getting late, come on
Hey, get that necklace
Wear these bangles
Hey Nirmala, look at that saree
That necklace looks good too
Sad, he makes me wear
a uniform even to a wedding
Would you gift the couple
Rs 10,000 if you wore a Suit?
Eat a free meal as usual and get going
Please come I am really happy
that all of you have come
- The arrangements are very grand
- Thanks to you!
- But you've committed a sin
- What have I done?
Would you get the younger
son married before the older one?
Would you eat the desert
before the Main Course?
Not enough if you are old,
Need to uphold some traditions
Give me the orders Inspector,
I'll shoot them
You heard that, didn't you?
I am the older one
Let me get married first,
then my brother can
Why are you trembling...?
Chant them well
Who asked for Police
to guard the place?
- Why are you asking us? Look there
- What's happening here?
Why is the place so quiet?
Ask the Band to play, only then will
it feel like a wedding
That's right, is this a Marriage Hall or
an Examination Hall?
Why do they look like they've
been struck by a Ghost?
That reminds me, what is your
mother-in-law up to?
Is that even important?
Who is this? He looks like
Actor Premji in the movie 'Goa'
Who is this creature?
The Inspector is in a bad mood,
play some music, quick!
You paid me to play at 1 wedding
Now you want me to play for 2
How is that possible?
Play music, we'll take care
of the payment later
Can't do that
My payment comes first
AR Rahman belts out different tunes
all the time
And even he takes his payment
only after composing
You play the same tunes at all weddings,
You want your payment in advance?
Let's not get in to that debate
Cannot play music
You don't know about him
Like you have 'Sivaji the Boss',
he's 'Osthe The Mass'
- What does 'Mass' mean?
- Master of 'Jacking'
- What does SS Mean then...?
- Super Subbarayan
If you don't start now
We'll take you to the Station
And show you how we play music...
You'll never be able to play again
We haven't settled this yet,
why did you start?
I am not playing the music,
it's playing on its own
Sir, it's only been a month
since I got married
Then, why don't you play on
Do you want me to give you the rhythm?
Play on
Why are you repeating the same Chants?
Give me the Sacred Thread,
let me tie it
Play the drums
- Can I go around now?
- Go ahead!!
Parents of the couple, come forward
Let them take your blessings!
Hey priest!!
There are no elders in her family...
and neither do...
Am sure there are elders in your family...
I am the elder one at home
I'll bless myself
I am seething when I see you
You have insulted me
in front of everyone
If your mother were here
She would have spit on your face
She would have spit only on your face
For trying to get him
married before me
This marriage was performed
to fulfill Mother's wish
You attempted to quell her wish...
It's me who fulfilled it
Get out of here
Who are you to ask me to leave?
I didn't come here because
you asked me to
I came on my own
I know how to go out
It's over
It's all over
I am humiliated
This wedding won't happen now
Get on
Start the Chariot
The girl I've selected is the Best
Was it right that you behaved
that way at the Wedding Hall?
What's wrong with that?
- I did it to fulfill my Mother's wish
- But your dad was upset...
Let him be
It's nothing new
It's been a 20 year long tug of
war between him and me
Neither of us know when this will end...
I don't understand
Live with me
And you'll understand
You'll know why 'Osthe' Velan
does all of this...
- Who's 'Osthe' Velan?
- Hey! That's me
- Isn't 'Cop' your name?
- Who ever told you that?
You were the one who keeps
saying things like
The Cop's getting angry
The Cop's gonna safeguard you...
I thought your name was 'Cop'
Phew!! What a Life!!
That is not what 'Cop' means...
A Cop is a Policeman...
I am in awe of your sharp brain!
Don't pull my leg
What else to do?
You don't even understand this...
- You didn't explain it to me
- I'll explain everything...
I'll get you to understand
every inch of it
Come here, my dear wife
"Hey, come here my dear
'Cute' Wife"
"I am sleepless and restless without
You near me"
"Hey, come here my dear 'Hot' Wife"
"I am sleepless and restless without
You near me"
"My Wife, that's You"
"My Sweets, I love You forever"
"I'll never seek a Mistress"
"My Wife, that's You
My Sweets, I love You forever"
"I'll never seek a Mistress"
"I'll be a good husband
I'll be a man of character"
"I'll handle all your tantrums
I'll take away your problems"
"I won't let you shed any tears"
"Hey, come here my dear 'Cute' Wife"
"I am sleepless and restless without
You near me"
"Hey, come here my dear 'Hot' Wife"
"I am sleepless and restless without
You near me"
"My Wife..."
"I'll wake you up
With Coffee in the morning"
"And if you don't know how to cook
I'll cook for you and feed you too"
"I'll never ever doubt you"
"Nor will I ever
give you reason to doubt me"
"I'll be your Life and Soul
You're more precious than my Life"
"I'll hold you very dear in my Heart"
"I'll admire you each and everyday"
"I'll be your Shadow"
"Hey, come here my dear 'Cute' Wife"
"I am sleepless and restless without
You near me"
"Hey, come here my dear 'Hot' Wife"
"I am sleepless and restless without
You near me"
"I need no Mistress..."
"Hey, I promise, my Life isn't going
away before yours"
"Cause I'd never want anyone to
see you sad without me"
"No Man's going to take care
of you the way I do"
"He can only falsely claim to
I'll be a Father to you"
"I'll be a Mother too
I'll be a Friend to you"
"I'll protect you the way God would"
"I'll be born as your sweet Child"
"Hey, come here my dear 'Cute' Wife"
"I am sleepless and restless without
You near me"
"Hey, come here my dear 'Hot' Wife"
"I am sleepless and restless without
You near me"
"My Wife...
I'll love you till you are a Granny"
I need no Mistress..."
"I love you my Wife"
- Sir, Daniel has come to see you
- Come!
- Greetings Sir!
- You stay here
Why don't you get going?
We have 148 villages in all
in our constituency
Money hasn't reached
14 of these villages
The votes we get there are
important for us to win
The Inspector grabs the money
wherever we take it
I can't give these
excuses to Higher ups
I am not merely a Minister
I am the District Head of the Party
That's why I am fondly
called 'Nellaiyar'
Why don't you finish the Inspector?
That got messed up last week
Why don't you keep him next to you,
as your Security?
That got messed up too
What do you want to do with him?
Would be great if you
can suspend him
How is that possible?
That would be easy on a normal day
But it's election time
Everything is under the control
of the Election Commission
Get me one good reason to and then see
How I deal with him
- What is it, dad?
- Are you still thinking about that girl?
Forget about everything and
get going with work
Else we'll be on the streets, begging
I am heading to the Bank,
take care of things
Who's wealth are you wasting away?
What are you thinking?
Do you think this is some game?
Look at how he has
beaten up my son!!!
He has slogged for them for 10 years
Look at the reward he has got for it!!
Your brother has beaten him up
He maybe a Policeman's brother,
but he can't do this!!
- We need to get justice
- Stop it
He'll get beaten till,
you ask for it to stop
- Autocracy of the Police
- Down!! Down!!
Arrest Autocrat 'Osthe' Velan!!
We need justice!!
- Autocracy of the Police
- Down!! Down!!
Arrest Autocrat 'Osthe' Velan!!
- Autocracy of the Police
- Down!! Down!!
Hey 'Osthe', your jeep is going
to be in a bonfire!!
Poor guy, he's coming in an Auto
His Jeep has been burnt
I am the Victorious Candidate
of this place
He has beaten up an Innocent Man
right in front of my eyes
Should you beat someone up
if they lodge a complaint?
Need justice
- Is this the way to use his authority?
- If we were to use authority the right way,
You won't be spared
Haven't you read News articles
on Rowdies killed in Encounters?
Haven't you read about
Policemen being attacked?
Why talk about needless things,
please wait
He will beat up someone each day
I am no lay person to
put up with all of this
I am the Election Candidate of this area
Suspend him
If you don't, there will be an
Outrage among the Public
They'll burn buses, Kill Policemen
Don't get emotional
Why are you making a big deal of this?
This is their family problem
Don't make Politics out of this
What do we do Sir?
You tell us
Sir, a policeman has hit my son
We've been deeply affected and hurt
Daniel is here, you are here
Ask that Policeman to apologize to my son,
in front of all of you
Let's end the matter with this
Is this what we came for?
What are you saying?
Stay calm...
What are you saying Sir...
He has saved your life
Velu, seek an apology
Mr. Balan, it was wrong of me to
beat you up, forgive me
He has sought an apology
The problem is over now
We're staying away from each other
cause we can't get along
Why don't you let us live in peace?
Why do you make things worse?
I pray that this be
the last time I see you
Too much of this mosquito menace
- Why are you starting this again?
- This is our family problem
I'll seek an apology again
Forgive me Balan
Hey!! Victorious Candidate
- Rs 100 for you
- Why?
- For you to go in an Auto
- Why should I go in an Auto?
Daniel, both Vehicles are on Fire,
hurry up!!
Put it out!!
The riot fires won't know
the difference between
the Policeman's Vehicle
and the Politician's
You're at the Commissioner's Office
Why don't you write out a complaint?
Whoever it is, I'll produce them
in front of you
I've told you before...
I am like a Mirror
I'll snarl if you snarl
If you start a fire,
I'll burn you down!!
Hey Lucky!!
- Welcome, Mr. Sincere Policeman!!
- Greetings Sir
I believe you cite a lot of rules
What are you thinking?
Do you even know what
the Government can do to you?
It's your Government that has
asked to follow rules
Are you talking back to me?
Is it talking back if I give you
an appropriate answer?
- Do you know what this is?
- Yes, an Order to suspend me for 3 months
- Do you know why I have got you here?
- I do Sir
While I am here getting this order
The money is going to go past my area
and get distributed to people
Don't make a noise,
start the vehicle
You've lost
You've lost to a Politician!
Go! You're suspended for 3 months
By then the Elections will be over
and the results declared
You can then come pay your
respects to this Minister
- And get back on Duty
- That won't happen
- Why?
- You will by then be an Ex-Minister
What are you saying?
You're going to have money distributed
in the area under my control
Elections are scheduled on the 18th
Your protege Daniel is going
to win by 25,000 votes
And then
Having won with the maximum
number of Votes...
He will gain your Ministry
as well as your title
And you, having won with just 512 votes
Will walk along side him as a mere MLA
Mull over it...My Math will be right
Will be back in 3 months
Hey! Stop!
Give me that Order
You gave me a valid point
What should I do now?
Throw that away
I'll take care of Boxer Daniel
Let this be between us
Sit down Sir
The Elections must happen
But he shouldn't win
That will happen
What is this? Why have you worn
your glasses at the back?
There are many people who
backstab you...
This is my 3rd eye to have
a watch over those guys
Look at that!
The Inspector has asked us
to mix this in everything
What is it?
This must be some soft drink
Mix it! Hurry up
- That's enough
- Have you poured it in all the Bottles?
People vanish like Gods
if you ask them to buy you a drink
But you've bought us so many drinks
even without us asking for it
Have mixed the soft drinks as well
Would you like a peg or more?
- This is not for us
- So near, yet unreachable
Can you tell me what the idea is?
Just do what I ask you to
You'll see why soon
Did I wait so far
for this one ground nut?
Hey folks, come in with the drinks
My dear brothers, my fellow citizens
who come together for a drink
Be it Rain or Shine, my dear friends who
always find a reason to down a drink
Responsible citizens, who don't waste
too much water in a drink...
There's good news for you
Today being Masanamurthy 's birthday,
the drinks are on the House
Selvam, It's not my Birthday!!
This is the Inspector's order
If you disobey, you'll be shot at
Yes, It's my Birthday!!
Have a drink everyone!!
- Oh my God!!
- My stomach's hurting!
What happened?
What did you ask me to mix in it?
A man's fallen unconscious
Let him fall
- People are throwing up there Sir...
- Let them
They are suffering from a stomach ache
Hey! Just because you didn't get a drink,
how happy you are at someone else's suffering
- Inspector, these guys are in pain
- Call the Ambulance
- Put them in once it comes
- What did you ask to be mixed?
- Poison
- Oh my God, Poison!!!
- Why this Acid Test?
- For us to pass it...
'12 people who had liquor at
a particular liquor store...'
'...have been admitted to a hospital on
complaints of severe stomach ache'
'The Doctor, treating these patients,
says there is no danger to their lives'
'The Police have taken possession of
the bottles they were drinking from'
'And are investigating the causes
We believe the guilty will be punished'
'Sudha reporting for Sigaram TV'
Because we might get caught
distributing money
Our Leader is giving it away as cash
gifts for a Family function
Boxer Daniel has arranged
for a bomb shell of a girl!
"Ask the 'Northies' about me
They'll tell you who I am"
"Chanting my name
is as sweet as Halwa"
"Ask the 'Northies' about me
They'll tell you who I am"
"Chanting my name
is as sweet as Halwa"
"Don't you dare think
Anyone can take her for a Ride"
"She's the Cobra Queen
She'll strike you down with her 'hiss'"
"A bite of Mallika
Is as hot as Paprika"
"If you lay out a soft bed for her
She'll break in to a Song"
"The more you Cajole her
The more she'll ooze Honey"
"Take her if you like Her
Seal her to your Heart"
"She is as cool as a Cucumber
Is there anyone who wouldn't want her?"
"My Dear Darling,
Mallika's calling out to You"
"Hey girl"
"Hug me, Embrace me
Touch me, Hold me Tight"
"Let Two become One"
"The Mood is soaring
The Temperature's blazing"
"Let's play naughty on purpose
Come on"
"Hey you! Bite me
Peck on me"
"My cheeks are overflowing with Nectar"
"Hey I may Look like a Villain
But my Heart's made of Wool"
"Am a Generous giver
Come, let me show you"
"My Dear Darling,
Mallika's calling out to You"
"Where's the Zandu Balm?
Am the Best and I am here"
"The Best Buddy"
"Hey, Come closer
Hey, Come here"
"Hey sing, Darling
Hey sing, dear Malli"
"Hey sing, Darling
Hey sing, dear Malli"
"This is a jolly Party
Mallika's a Beauty"
"She sets the floor on fire
with her stride"
"You're killing me softly each day"
"There's a right Match for you
A Budding Youthful Man's here"
"Hold him tight
Stick by Him"
"You're the Soaring Lion, the Best"
"Pure Unadulterated Gold
Who can ever win a fight with you"
"Let's cool it off at Courtrallam
Let's set the drums on a roll"
"We're going to paint
the town red every night"
"My Dear Darling,
Mallika's calling out to You"
"Hey, Come here"
"Mallika my Darling,
Come let's play the fool"
"Let's have fun with tricks in Bed"
"My mind has changed,
Turned pure as white"
"It's getting Hotter
when I set my eyes on you"
"You're a beautiful String of Flowers
Can't get to the wrong hands"
"Let me Adorn you
My dear Silver Moon"
You've taken your money
You'd better leave
Else you will be caught in the Raid
A Raid! What are you talking about?
The Doctor's report says
that 20 people's lives are in danger
After having liquor
made by your Company
You are playing a game
That's right We're playing
a Game, 'Mankatha'
I was the one who mixed poison
in the Liquor from your Company
You don't have proof for that
But I have proof that your liquor was poisoned
This is 'Mankatha'
- If this information reaches the Press...
- Are you threatening me?
That reminds me...
There's this Deity called 'Ayyanar'
at the Village Border...
with a menacing, threatening Moustache...
And in his hands there's this huge...
- What's that called...?
- A Sickle
Yes...S I C K L E...!!! That's me!
And at the time of the Village Festival...
They have this little thing,
they drag across the place
The one that wags its tail faintly
The one that bleats...
- What's it called?
- A Goat
No...The Sacrificial Goat!!!
That's You!!
And when the Sickle moves up,
to fall on the Goat's neck...
The Goat would be happy thinking
the Sickle is moving away from his neck
But further it moves,
more the force!!
Now, if the Goat has to escape,
what should it do?
- If it's a clever Goat, it will step aside
- Hey! What do you want?
I don't want Anaconda Eggs,
I want Money of course!!
Which money?
The one that you dodged us
for at the Check post
And are distributing in the name of
cash gifts for a family function
How much we have to
toil to earn money!
Aren't the pictures you see in this Mirror
a sight to Behold? It will be!
Hey!! Are you trying to stop me from winning
And earn a good name amongst people?
How much longer can
I put on the Bad Man's Act? Let's go
The Minister who promised to
control him, has given up
He has also taken away
the money we had in hand
What do we say to those who're
waiting to for Election expenses?
I've lost hopes of winning
I have Hope...Hopes of Winning
He turned the Minister on our side
to a Traitor
- I will turn one of his men in to a Traitor!
- I don't understand...
There's two kinds of attacks in Boxing
One - A direct attack
The other, a Hidden one
We took the legal way first,
then the Illegal one
But we are taking a new way now
Have you shut the doors?
- Yes I have!!
- Why are you sulking?
Nirmala's father gave the money
only for his daughter's Wedding
The Wedding didn't happen...
Why don't we return...
I never stopped the wedding...He did
Let him ask for it...We'll see
Pour it!!
Go on, quick!!
Hey! Why are you loitering around
like an orphaned child?
Father's not well
Have admitted him in the Hospital
The Mill has burnt down
Am on the roads,
don't know what to do for money
Please help me
No way, I was humiliated at
the Commissioner's office the last time
- Start the Vehicle
- Sir, please trust me this time, help me
Have to save my father somehow
Get in
Hurry up, come
The Man who is batting
is the Minister's Man
This is my Man
If I tell him to hit that guy,
He will finish him off with
no further questions
Now, you've asked me for a job
If I tell you the same thing,
what will you do?
Throw the Ball
- Daniel's vehicle is coming
- Stop!!
Looks like you have
joined Politics as well
Why? Shouldn't I?
Does your brother know
you've joined this Party?
Why should he know?
Was he there at my side always?
You were around when
he stopped my wedding
- Why are you getting angry for this?
- I will get angry
Does he have to feel happy
seeing me struggle as a Driver?
- Ask him to come
- Don't speak this way
Hey, Open the Gate
Please go
- Why is he going with Daniel?
- He has joined him as a Driver
Why with him?
Didn't he find anyone else to work for?
- What happened?
- He's cutting my call
My brother has no brain
He will never think about
what he is asked to do
Impressionable guy
Am ashamed to call him my Brother
This is the first time I am hearing
you call him your Brother
He would be really happy
to hear you say this
He should answer the phone
to hear this
I am leaving for my Duty at
the Minister's Guest House
Get going
Hey Stop!
Show me your ID
Greetings Sir
Who are you?
Your ID please
This has Mangoes, the Minister's favorite...
Go and give it to him
Why should I go when
all of you are there...?
You are asking questions...?
What did you say
when you asked for a job?
You go and give it
You can leave
Don't stay in front of me
I took pity on you because
your father was in the Hospital
Let him die, what do I care
You take it
I questioned you by mistake
I'll deliver it myself
Hey! Stop
If anyone asks you about who this...
say it's from your brother 'Osthe' Velan...
Start the Vehicle
Hey! Show me your ID
Fine! Go
- Who are you?
- I am 'Osthe' Velan's brother...
No one can go inside
- One second, who are you?
- I am 'Osthe' Velan's brother
- Are you doing good?
- Yes, thanks to you
Inspector 'Osthe' Velan
has sent fruits for you
- This is his brother
- Hasn't your brother come?
- He has gone on duty
- Fine then!
Take it
Why didn't you answer
your brother's call?
He takes your name
dime a dozen times
He may seem tough,
but has a soft heart
He felt really bad about
you joining Daniel
I must tell you,
the path you've chosen is not good
Mind your Business
Will see you Sir
'Government General Hospital'
I want to see my husband, allow me
Look at this
How much ever money you
want to give me, I don't want it
I don't want your Crores of Rupees
I want my Husband alive!!
He would proudly say
you're the best!!
My children need their Father
I am really scared
You have to save my Husband
I am very scared
You have to save my Husband somehow
I am very scared
The Police is investigating
it very earnestly
We have got some clues
We will be ruthless in our search
And make sure we hand over
the Guilty in the hands of Law
This will happen soon
Our condolences on the death of our
Honorable Minister Mr. Kalai Pandian
'The Minister's funeral procession
is nearing the Cremation Ground'
'Funeral arrangements are in progress'
I will come, campaign for you
and make you win
These were his last words to me
My dear Leader!!
This soil bears your flesh and blood...
How can we cleanse ourselves of this sin
Victory! Only a Victory can
wash these sins away
This is a Promise
Not just mine
This is the Promise of the
people of this Soil
Daniel, don't cry please...
We are moved to see the state of mind
of this Candidate
Let's now go over and speak to
the people of this Constituency
I swear on my late Leader,
we will make Boxer Daniel win!!
Boxer Daniel will become an MLA
He will be our next 'Nellaiyar'
There he goes!!
There has to be a meaning to the death of
our Minister Our vote is for Boxer Daniel
We get a 24 hour water supply in our area,
only because of the Minister
Hence our vote is only for Boxer Daniel
How is that?
Am I not good as a Politician?
There's no doubting it,
you're the next 'Nellaiyar'
- There he comes
- Hey! Come on!!
Why did you give me a bomb without
even telling me about it?
If you had known,
you wouldn't have done it...would you?
You should know Politics
You should be public
about your Generosity
Discreet about your Deceit
We should give Interviews
claiming we're One
But we should backstab each other
Even if he is your Enemy,
you have to smile and ask for his Vote
And even if he is your Friend, you will
have to kill him if you have to
And if you have to escape...
Kill your Brother
Your Brother is no ordinary guy
He will sieve through all the details
and surely find out that
You are the Culprit
And if you're caught, you'll be gone
You might as well get
ahead of him and finish him
Why are you thinking so much,
as though he is your own brother?
He is anyway torturing
you all your Life
- Why don't you end this in one go?
- That's right
Who will take care of your Father,
if something happens to you?
Go finish him off, I'll have a very
special gift for you
What's this?
Daniel gave this to me
to kill you brother...
- Kill me then
- Please forgive me
I came to seek forgiveness from
Sister in Law and you
I made a big mistake unknowingly
I did this to save Father
I saw no other way out
Please save our Father
Please save him somehow
- I will die
- Listen to me
Nothing will happen to you
I've paid the money
The surgery will happen
It will go on well
Can I sit?
The anger and hatred
you've seen in my eyes...
Was not on purpose
It happened because of a lot of accidents that
happened to me since childhood
It was an accident that my father died
when I was a baby
You coming in to my Life
was another accident
Now, Mother dying is an accident
What is the problem between us?
It's been a tug of war
I've never changed...
Nor did you
We never met each other's expectations
That's the biggest mistake
all of us make
We want the other person
to live up to our expectations
I guess we expected too much
But there was one person
who understood us right
My mother!
I won't say she has become God...
Why, no one should call a Mother 'God'
After she passes away...
She is God even as she lives
She has gone
But I want you
Every man needs at least one person with
whom he has a right to fight with
Life would be wasted without it
If you're gone, who can I go
fight with so rightfully?
All this while, I've never uttered this word,
cause it will pain me
But now, not saying it
is even more painful...
Long live our Candidate!!!
Long live our Brother Daniel!!!
What's it?
- He has finished him
- Is that so?
- He killed him brilliantly
- Come my Dear!!
Did you see the crowds?
Fame and Money are already pouring in
It's all because of you
I am proud of you
What do I give you in return for this?
Money, Authority...
I should give you something beyond that
I'd told you
I have a special gift for you
Take this
This is my Mother's
How did this...
Hold him back
He might get worked up
I was the one who killed your Mother
Where is he?
- Who are all of you?
- This is Velan's mother
Bless me
I am the Area Candidate
When a man like me wants to do good
Your son is stopping it
Where's the money?
Only that money can make me win
Where's the money?
Search for it
Where's the money?
Where have you kept it?
I won't leave without the money
Where is it?
Get up
Where's the money?
Where have you hidden it?
Tell me where it is
I won't leave without the money
Where is it?
Where's the money
Tell me where it is
Don't act
Do you want this?
Give me the money
and I'll give you this
Tell me where my money is
Tell me
Where is the money?
Where have you hidden the money?
Aren't you finding it difficult?
Should I end this misery?
Should I?
I will
Look, it's Election time
There should be no trace
of me coming here
Put everything back the way it was
I am taking this in your Memory
I brought this in Memory of her
Not only did I kill your Mother
I was the one who burnt your Mill
And if I kill you as well
I will have the joy
of wiping out my Enemy's family entirely
What will you do by being
the only one alive?
Shankaralingam is on line
Tell me my dear Father In Law
Father in Law?
That doesn't stand a chance now
What are you blabbering?
Your man Sadha has turned Approver,
he has blurted out everything
Rather, 'Osthe' Velan has
made him blurt it all out
- Osthe Velan?
- Who else?
He is dead!!
Put on the Television
See him standing triumphantly
My name is Sadha
Have been with Daniel for 10 years
Daniel killed the Minister in order
to gain sympathy votes
I know where he bought the Bomb and
the mangoes to hide them in...
Not just here,
I will say this in any Court
Not only has 'Osthe' Velan arrested
all your Political dreams
He's heading to meet you
with an Arrest Warrant
Osthe has come
Put him in the Vehicle
- Hurry up
- Leave me
Start the vehicle quick
Cover him as well
Let him die by his brother
Finish him
Your time is up, die
Are you all right?
What's the fuss
about being a mirror?
I trapped you with one
You're shattered to pieces
Not shattered
I've risen in hundreds
He has tortured our mom to death
Don't spare him
'Where's the money?'
'Where is it?'
It's got to be 3 knots when
you tie the sacred thread
Don't forget
Can't you wear your Dhoti right?
Why are you chiding him? Even you
wore trousers to your wedding
- Nevertheless...
- That's enough, be patient
- Please go ahead
- He doesn't even know to wear a Dhoti
How do I call him my Brother...?
Come here Premji
He has worn his Dhoti well
Should we claim he is your Brother?
He is your Grand Father not Brother
You can fight later...
I need to know some thing
- Do you want to know who Premji is?
- What a torture!!
I can play on only if I know
whether there's 1 Wedding or 2
There's just 1 Wedding,
but the collection is double!
Play the nuptial drums
The Wedding is Over!!!
Osthe has Won