Otets Sergiy (1918) Movie Script

History of Soviet cinema
1st Cycle - Silent Film
Father Sergius
The film, made in 1918,
was based on the story by Tolstoy
Adapted by A.
Protazanov, the director.
Main role: Ivan Mozzhukhin
Several years have passed. Cinematography
has made great strides. And still,
Father Sergius remains a
landmark in the history of
Russian film and has lost
none of its artistic merit.
Realization: Ia. Protazanov
Operator: F. Burgasov, N. Rudakov
Art: V. Balliuzek, A. Loshakov
In the role of Prince Stepan
Kossotski: I. Mozzhukhin
Meri Koroshkova: V. Dzheneeva
Widow Makovkina: N. Lysenko
Daughter of the merchant: V. Orlova
Nicholas I: V. Gaydarov
Production 1917-1918
Prince Kossotski's father, retired
colonel of the Regimental Guard,
on his deathbed advised
his son to enlist in the Army.
The children...
Six years went by. Kossotski distinguished
himself at the Academy with his brilliance.
He would have been an outstanding
cadet, if not for his violent temperament.
These chops are inedible!
For you, Solitary! March!
Tsar Nikolay Pavlovich
often visited the Academy.
At age 18, Kossotski was promoted
to officer in the Regimental Guard.
And as always...
Ten years passed. Kossotski seemed like
a completely ordinary officer.
Yet he secretly desired to enter
the highest level of society.
Countess Korotbova, one
of the Empress' favorite
maids of honor, was
initially cold towards him.
Soon the dancing begins.
First, the mazurka.
Will you promise me the mazurka, Countess?
You promised me the mazurka, Countess.
I am tired.
Blind with love for Countess Meri,
Kossotski does not realize
what everyone knew: That Meri was
the mistress of Tsar Nicholas.
People are beginning to talk about us.
It would be better if you found a husband.
But... maybe... Perhaps it is possible.
I understand, your Highness.
The next day.
My daughter and I would
be happy to see you.
Two months later, Kossotski proposed.
Look how beautiful it is over there.
I'd like to get an answer.
As Mother desires...
I'm very happy, Prince.
Mother, what if he ever finds out?
If sincerely he loves you, he will
forgive you... if he ever finds out.
On the eve of the wedding.
You know... from the beginning
I wanted us to be closer ...
yet you seemed cooly disinterested.
Are you angry with me?
I must confess something...
I love him.
We all love him.
You were... Were you his lover?
This marriage is only a sham,
a cover-up?
That day...
My immediate resignation.
Arriving in his village, Kossotski
decided to enter the monastery.
My decision is firm.
Perhaps you will understand me.
By entering the monastery,
Kossotski showed disdain
for everything that seemed
important to others.
I need to consult the Father Superior.
And soon...
But he could have...
Sin dominates me.
After three years, Prince Stepan Kossotski
took Holy orders with the name of Sergius.
Four years later, Sergius was transferred
to a large monastery in the capital.
You shall deliver Mass tomorrow.
The Superior was a clever
man who had risen in the
ecclesiastic ranks with help
from powerful relatives.
Do I see my colleague, Father Sergius?
It's you!
Prince Kossotski.
I'm glad to see you with the angels.
Your Reverence... you
expose me to temptation.
To avoid temptation, Sergius became a
hermit in the far away Tambino desert.
In the neighboring town.
Everything is the same. I can't stand it.
I'm so bored.
Makovkina, an extravagant divorcee,
disturbed the whole town with her wild behaviour.
Careful, it's loaded!
'This is the road to Tambino.
I'll spend the night with Kossotski.
Dear Lord, why won't you
give me faith
Come for me at 3 o'clock in the morning.
Please let me come inside.
I'm freezing.
I'm not the Devil, I'm just a lost sinner.
Seeking refuge.
I wandered from the path.
If I had not seen your cell...
Sit here... I'll go over there.
Don't come in.
I'm soaked... my feet are frozen.
Don't come in.
I have undressed to dry myself.
Listen, help me! I don't know
what's happening to me.
Father Sergius... Prince Kossotski!
I will return soon.
What is wrong?
Let me bandage your wound.
Go away!
At three o'clock.
You really won the bet.
The incident with Makovkina began to spread
The reputation of Father Sergius increased.
Cure him, Father.
Nine years passed.
More and more visitors arrived.
Next to Sergius' cell,
monks set up a large church.
Holy Father, do not abandon us!
Only until tomorrow, then I cannot...
Holy Father! Bless my daughter
and cure her of her disease.
You do not look like a monk, handsome.
It's been a year since
she lost her reason.
She never goes out during the
day, she is afraid of light.
At dusk the merchant asked
his daughter to prepare.
I've seen you in my dreams.
I saw you place your
hamd on my chest. Here.
What possesses you?
Pull yourself together.
At dawn.
We need to cut firewood.
Give me the ax, please.
By evening he was far from the monastery.
I'm going to Tambino
to see Father Sergius.
Sergius is no longer there.
Not any more.
I wanted to pray, but there
was no God who heard.
He roamed from village to
village, seeking handouts.
One day.
Who are you?
Where areyour papers?
They considered him a vagabond
and exiled him to Siberia.