Other Men's Women (1931) Movie Script

Don't let Haley see you.
Ah, Haley can kiss my hand
if he don't like it.
How are you, Davenport?
You stop calling me that. Honest to
goodness, you getting something fierce.
Hog-wild, baby, no fooling.
Scramble three and a cup of jamocha.
Scramble three in a hurry. It's Bill White.
Bread or toast? Or maybe you'd like a bun.
No, had one last night.
I bet you did, you devil.
Say, who was your bun with?
You got me jealous and everything.
Seventeen, 18, 19
Step on them eggs, gal
When I go, I gotta go fast
Shoot three and take up the brakes
Coming right up.
Say, listen, you didn't tell me
who you was out with, smarty.
She wouldn't have been no nice girl,
drinking and all that.
Says which? You're ahead of me, babe.
A way ahead.
Oh, you know what I mean.
MAN: Pick it up.
Thirty-one, 32, 33...
You got more nerve, honestly.
How do you get away with it?
You know it's against the rules
to leave the cab when the train's going.
Somebody's been stringing you.
Haley thinks it's good exercise for us guys.
Baloney. You do it every time you pass.
Oh, well, darling, I'd break every rule
in the world for you, Tootsie.
Give us a little butter,
and leave it off the check.
I bet you say that
to every dame you meet, don't you?
Forty-five, 46, 47...
I know darn well you do.
Lookit, you're a nice kid.
why don't you cut out the fly-by-night stuff
and settle down?
Because I can't seem to get
all my women together in one place.
Hey, you're a dime short.
Have a little chew on me, baby.
BILL: What's up?
MAN 1: Darned if I know.
What's up?
MAN 2: Hot box on 912.
Oh, yeah?
Hey. How'd you like to go
for a chicken dinner tonight?
Boy, now you're talking pretty. where?
Out to my shack.
It's our second anniversary,
and Lily's fixed up a swell feed.
It's too far out just for dinner.
If it included a couple of bottles of booze,
everything would be okay, huh?
Boy, that ain't a bad idea.
It wouldn't be a bad idea
if you'd spend Sunday there...
...and get yourself a good night's sleep
and some fresh air.
Too quiet out of town.
Yeah, I guess it is.
You'd rather hang
around Fishback's Dance Hall...
...with that dizzy dame, Marie,
and the rest of them popeyed hash slingers.
Hey, listen,
don't be panning my lady friend.
well, keep it up
and you'll wind up behind the eight ball.
And what'll I be doing? working hard,
getting promoted to superintendent.
I'll end up in the front office as GM
as sure as you're born.
You're also gonna break your arm if you
don't quit patting yourself on the back.
Here, pal, have a little chew on me.
And let's go.
Hi, gang.
well, if it ain't the old kid himself.
Hi, Ed.
Come on down.
I can't.
Don't wanna get the glad rags all dirty.
Come up here and get a breath of fresh air.
Okay, boy, coming up.
How are you, Ed? when did you get back?
Now, on 912.
Did you get much rest?
Did I?
Never slept a wink
all the while I was gone.
Going to the fight tonight? Nelson's gonna
kick the pants off that ape from Memphis.
what a fighter that guy is.
He's got a left like nobody in the world.
He shoots that left first straight, okay?
And he jabs with his right.
Left again, right again.
And keep that right hand high.
Yeah, right cross.
what an infighter. what an infighter.
Starts slow.
And one, two, three, four, five, see?
Keeps aiming right for the chest, you know?
Then he brings it up, shoots it left,
brings it right down. Finished.
Oh, boy, I'm going
if I can get rid of Marie.
where you going with that cluck?
Did you say cluck?
I said cluck.
I don't know.
I promised to take her someplace. Forgot.
Can't you give her a standup?
Can I give her a standup?
That's my specialty.
Here, Eddie, have a little chew on me.
Okay. where you gonna be later?
I'll be around.
Right-o. See you tomorrow.
Anything else you guys want?
Yeah, give me a big slice of you on toast
and some french-fried potatoes on the side.
Listen, baby, I'm A.P.O.
what does she mean, A.P.O?
Ain't putting out.
Besides, I'm Bill White's girl,
and I'm a one-man woman.
That's a hot one.
what do you mean, that's a hot one?
Didn't I see you down at Fishback's
Dance Hall last night with Elmer Brown?
Oh, yeah.
Elmer's a kind of a cousin of mine.
Some cousins are sure affectionate.
Nevertheless, he's my distant cousin.
That's her story,
and she's gonna stick to it.
It's the story Bill's gonna hear unless you
guys do some broadcasting of your own.
well, don't worry, not me.
I ain't gonna get in no trouble.
Then stop shooting off your big mouth.
Hey, Marie.
Give me a flock of doughnuts
with small holes.
If there are any small holes around here,
I'll eat them myself.
Yoo-hoo! How are you, baby?
Hey, nix.
Don't pull any of that stuff around here.
why not?
Too much of a gallery looking on.
well, what of it? You love me, don't you?
Love you, baby. I'm crazy about you.
Crazy about you.
I can't breathe without you.
You know what day this is?
Saturday's one day I never forget.
It's something else too.
It's the day we get married.
well, don't tell me you don't remember.
well, you asked me, and I said I would.
Oh, I'm a son of a gun.
well, you want to, don't you?
Oh, sure, sure.
well, let's go ahead and make it today.
I'm tired of working.
well, I'm afraid I can't do that. Not today.
why not?
well, you see, it's Jack's anniversary.
He and Lily are having a big blowout
tonight, and I gotta be there.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, you know how it is.
Lily's gone ahead
and cooked up a lot of stuff.
why, if I didn't show up, she'd burn up.
How about taking me with you?
Oh, no, no, I couldn't do that.
why not?
well, you see, it's this way.
Lily ain't like you and...
Yeah, I see.
I ain't good enough for Lily Kulper.
Go there yourself, and stay there.
wait a minute. You got me all wrong.
MARIE: If I ain't good enough
to meet your friends...
...I wouldn't marry you
if you were the last man on Earth.
Wait a minute. You're killing me.
MARIE: Wait a minute, my eye.
You can't take a run-off powder on me
and get away with it.
You ain't gonna bust us up that way.
Listen, I'd do something desperate.
You know what a jealous guy I am.
If I catch you out with any other bird, I'll...
MARIE: Well, drop in to Fishback's
Dance Hall tonight and get an eyeful.
And if you offer me a chew of gum now,
I'll knock your block off.
Oh, baby, dearest, sweetheart.
Got anything for a headache?
How much?
Eight bucks.
Have a little chew on me.
Okay, pal.
Oh, hello, Jack.
Hello, Haley.
Looks like you're gonna garden
this summer.
Yeah, sweet peas and radishes.
That's about all I've got room for out there.
Yeah? Say, how's Bill White
getting along up front?
All right. why?
Keeping sober?
Not drinking a thing, huh?
Not as far as I know.
well, I'm glad to hear it.
Going to sleep in the bathtub
with the water running and all.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Listen, I wa...
Don't you make fun of me, you scamp.
Three months back in your rent...
...and trying to pull the house down
over my ears:
Oh, darling, precious, dearest.
well, well, what kind of a party is this?
This is a little coming-out party.
I came right out on my rump.
Say, if he's a friend of yourn...
...you better get him out of here
before I have him pinched.
Anything you say, lady.
You just keep his trunks here.
we'll send for them later.
Come on, egg.
we got business elsewhere.
I had a swell time at your p...
Aw, nuts.
Have a little chew on me.
And good riddance.
Filthy old bum.
Some fun, eh, kid? Yippee.
Hey, did you ever see Charlie Murray?
Not bad, huh?
Boy, that's great.
Hey, have a little chew on me.
Don't mention it.
well, here's the mansion.
Say, is this cute, or ain't it?
we like it. Come on in.
Oh, no. I hadn't better.
why not?
Oh, because your wife will throw me out
sure as blazes.
You know they always do
when you bring a guy home with a bun on.
You're all right now.
The walk did you good.
Yeah, I know, but how about the breath?
wouldn't know you ever had a drink.
Here, have a little chew on me.
Hey, wait a minute. wait a minute.
Let me take the paper off.
Silly, isn't it?
You're just a big goat.
Come on, now.
Hey, where you going?
Come on. Come on in here.
Not bad, huh?
That's perfect.
Hello, darling.
Hello yourself.
JACK: How are you, Peg-Leg?
Just doing a bit of chopping for the missus.
Oh, you brought a trowel.
Sure, and some sweet peas and cornmeal
and something else.
LILY: What?
JACK: I parked it in the other room.
Oh, let me see.
why, Bill.
Bill White.
Hello, you little devil, when'd you blow in?
why, I'm Lily.
Don't you remember me?
Do I? Say, I wouldn't forget you
in a thousand years.
I ask about her every day, don't I, fella?
Come on. Get your coffee.
I'll draw some water.
Make the first one cold.
Hey, she's wise. I gotta beat it.
You don't know Lily.
Yeah, that's it.
See, I'm liable to pull another boner.
Swear or something.
You know I don't go over so good
with her kind.
Aw, shut up.
PEG-LEG: Come on, boys. Line up.
The party's ready.
why, you old son of a gun.
I haven't seen you since I was knee-high.
I suppose you're raising the devil
the same as you used to.
who, me? No, I've calmed way down.
All right, maybe I'm wrong.
Yes, ma'am.
The tub's almost ready. Come on.
I think you'll find everything you want.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, we better ask Jack about the razor.
You like Bill well enough
to let him use your razor?
I should say not.
Hey, fella, that razor's
about to get its first break.
PEG-LEG: What the devil kind of a shovel
do you call this, anyhow?
It isn't the shovel. It's you.
Is that so?
well, I'll show you.
Now, you watch me.
Oh, that slipped.
I never saw such a dull shovel
as this in me life.
Let me do it, then. Come on.
Listen, take your lily-white hands off it.
Come on, let me have that.
Give me that shovel.
I never start anything that I can't finish.
Ah! who pushed me?
BILL: Hey, wait a minute.
Stand aside, ladies and gents,
and let a man what knows how to dig, dig.
There you are.
But you ought to be in bed
getting your sleep.
Leave him work.
It'll take some of that fat off him.
Hey, you.
Behave, now.
If you're gonna dig,
stay close to the fence.
I'm gonna put sweet peas
all along there, see?
Sweet peas? Gee, that'll be swell.
I'll follow along behind you
and put in the seeds.
Dang it,
I gotta be of some use here somehow.
I'll punch the holes, huh?
JACK: Quiet out there.
I can't sleep.
Fat chance you have to sleep.
BILL: Oh, that tickles.
Hold still. I'm almost finished.
what's the matter?
Say, is this an operation or a haircut?
Oh, don't be a baby.
That was a hair I pulled.
These scissors aren't very sharp.
Try the lawn mower.
Now what?
wait a minute.
what are you looking for?
A piece of ear.
Cut out this nonsense, now,
and let me finish, would you?
Cut it out, will you?
Nobody's gonna look like a tramp
in my family.
Hey, you Indian.
How's a fella gonna study
with all that racket going on?
Come here, darling.
See if you can handle him.
I've stood enough.
Pick on somebody your size,
you big gorilla.
Take that, and that, and that.
Stop, will you? Stop it.
Lay off.
Jack, Jack, make him stop. Jack.
Lay off me.
Running away from me?
You big sissy.
Call for help, huh?
Call for help, call for help? You coward.
Listen, I won't make biscuits for supper
or cream gravy:
BILL: Where you going?
JACK: None of your business.
LILY: I bet I know.
Ice cream, ice cream for supper.
Did you ever see such a kid?
I'm gonna be pushing her around
in a baby buggy.
For that, I'm gonna leave you flat
and go and start supper.
Here's my half for the ice cream.
And say, get the kid
a bag of chocolates, will you?
we're spoiling her.
who cares?
Say, do we need anything
from the drugstore?
Yeah, she said something yesterday
about wanting some toilet water.
Aw, for crying out loud.
Hey, listen, don't forget
and get me a half dozen packages of gum.
JACK: Okay.
Anything I can do, Lily?
well, let's see, you might put on
some water while I sift flour for the gravy.
Gee, these flowers are slick.
They smell up the whole room.
LILY: Yes, aren't they sweet?
Bring the yellow pitcher, Bill.
Cut that out.
I can't.
what shirt did you put on this morning?
Just a shirt.
well, you got the wrong one.
That one's got a button off.
who cares?
I do.
Now, go and change it like a good boy.
Lily, I haven't got time, honest.
where you going?
You'll see.
Turn around, Bill. Let me sew this on.
Not bad, huh?
Stand still, now.
I want you to look nice.
Yes, ma'am.
Gee, you're a sweet kid,
you know that?
I'm glad you think so.
I like people to like me.
People I'm fond of.
You fond of me?
Oh, yes, terribly.
You're such a help around the house.
You know, Bill, you ought to be married.
You'd make a wonderful husband.
Aw, quit your kidding.
Besides, I ain't found the girl I want yet.
what kind of a girl do you want?
A girl just like you, or there's no dice.
Now you're kidding me.
No, I ain't kidding.
I'm on the level.
Do I really mean that much to you?
Say, I think you're the swellest girl
in the world.
Oh, you're a dear.
And just for that,
I'm gonna give you a little kiss.
Don't. we mustn't.
Kiss each other.
Do you love me, Lily?
Say it.
I love you.
Oh, I can't. I must...
No, sweetheart. No, no.
Yes, honey.
what are you thinking about?
About Jack.
I wish I knew
what we could do about him.
Do you know?
I don't know what we could say
except that...
...we didn't mean to fall in love
with each other.
I thought...
I thought all the time I loved him.
And I do.
But it's not the same.
we've got to tell him the truth, Lily.
Oh, no.
we've got to play fair.
It'd almost kill him if he knew. I couldn't...
But he's got to know some time.
Oh, I know, but...
Now, get this straight.
when a guy's a pal of mine,
I don't play around with his wife.
I'm sorry, Lily.
I don't know what made me say that.
That's all right.
I deserved it.
No, you don't.
You haven't done anything wrong.
I kissed you.
Oh, but look.
The first time it happened,
we didn't mean to start anything.
Only a minute ago,
all three of us were playing together.
Happy as a bunch of kids.
Now only one of us is happy.
And that's because he doesn't know
about the other two.
we're not happy.
There's no way we can be.
So let's at least keep him happy.
That's kindergarten bluff, Lily.
You've got to tell a good guy the truth
no matter how much it burns him up.
But do you think the three of us
could go on living under the same roof?
why not?
Because I love you, Lily.
And I want you.
If you're here near me, I'll take you.
Do you understand? I'll take you.
Oh, Bill.
You love me. You said so.
we belong to each other,
and that's the way it's gonna be.
I'll wait for you.
But Jack's got to know about it,
and he's got to know right now.
I got two Sunday papers.
Might as well have enough to go around.
Here's your gum.
Okay, Jack.
Here's your ice cream, hon.
Strawberry and chocolate.
Fine, put it on ice, will you?
Gee, it's hot. I heard they had
a big rainstorm over east of us last night.
Did they?
Yeah, we'll probably run into it tomorrow
on our way out.
Hear that, fella?
what's he doing?
why, I don't know.
I'll go and see.
Oh, dear, carry in the roast for me,
will you?
what's the matter, hon?
You're as white as a ghost.
Oh, I'm all right, really.
Here, now, hold the platter
while I dish up this meat and potatoes.
Let's get them on the table right away.
what's the rush?
why, everything's ready, dear.
There, now, carry that in now
like a dear and start carving.
It won't take me but a minute
to get the rest in.
Hey, make that lunkhead
do some of that.
what's he think he is around here,
Boy, front.
Stir them doggies,
or you're gonna get cold hash.
Hey, Bill.
Hey, Bill.
For the love of Mike...
He's gone.
Gee, that's funny.
I wonder what got into him.
I'm sure I don't know.
what are you crying for?
I'm not crying.
Sure you are.
Come on, now. Tell me.
Tell you what, dear?
I don't know what you mean.
Is the meat too rare?
why did he go, Lily?
why, I don't know.
Did you send him away?
Did you quarrel about something?
You have no idea what it's all about?
No, I haven't.
Oh, I forgot your coffee, dear.
I'm so sorry.
Please eat your dinner, dear.
...you wouldn't lie to me, would you?
why, of course not.
About what?
There's nothing to lie about.
I give you my word there isn't.
You do believe me, don't you?
You must.
why must I?
Because I'm telling you the truth.
You're not through your dinner, are you?
I think so.
where are you going?
Down to the yards.
Aren't you awfully early?
I've got some business to attend to
before we go out.
I see.
Well, good night.
JACK: Good night.
Corned beef hash.
A plate of mystery for one.
Is that all, please?
Hello, Marie.
Hello, stranger.
where you been keeping yourself?
Not around here, I'd say.
Nor Fishback's either.
They got a new orchestra.
That so?
I've been dancing my head off these days.
Four, five times a week, I'm there.
Is that all you're gonna eat?
Yeah, I ain't hungry.
I know where I can get you
a little slug of gin.
I don't think so.
You don't want a drink?
No, I quit a long time ago.
Oh, some dame made you swear off, huh?
You can leave the poached egg
off that hash.
Ooh! Pardon me.
what you eating?
How much time have we got?
Seventeen minutes.
Just coffee, Marie.
You walked out on us today.
How come?
I didn't want any dinner.
Something affect your appetite?
It's too hot to eat.
I thought maybe you and Lily had a row.
Not exactly. Nothing to worry about.
what was it?
Oh, just an argument.
An argument, huh? what about?
Nothing. I told you a minute ago.
People don't argue about nothing
and walk out of the picture sore.
Sore? who's sore? I ain't.
what have I got to be sore about?
That's what I'm trying to find out.
well, I'm glad it wasn't anything serious.
Course not.
Coming to the house with me
when we come in from this run?
No. No, I don't think so.
why not?
It's too quiet out there.
It gives me the willies.
I like to have a little fun once in a while.
JACK: What do you mean, fun?
You and Lily
used to tear the roof off, nearly.
what seems to be eating the boyfriend?
He's spoiled. we were too good to him.
You and Lily?
I always say there's nothing
like the influence of a good woman.
Give me a check.
Thirty-five, please.
And pay the cashier on the way out.
I'll see you later.
what's your hurry?
I'm going over to the Y
to do some stuff before I check out.
Didn't he act funny?
That must have been a terrible fight
they had.
He and Lily.
Yeah, yeah, we always fight like that.
Just like kids.
Any sign of Bill?
Not yet.
what do you mean, not yet?
we're due out of here in 30 seconds.
Yeah, I know.
where do you think he is?
He said he had to go over to the Y.
Oh, he did?
well, you just made it, eh?
Yeah, just.
All right, let's go.
So you're not coming back
to the house with me?
No, Jack, I've told you that twice now.
I thought maybe
you might change your mind.
were you comfortable out there?
Food suits you all right?
what is this, a game?
You been harping on it for over an hour.
well, I just wanna know what to tell Lily.
She'll be expecting you, won't she?
Oh, lay off, will you?
Am I supposed to be on trial
or something?
You haven't answered my question.
I don't feel like answering questions.
Something on your mind?
There's something on your conscience.
Oh, come on.
why don't you lay the cards on the table
and say what you're thinking?
I've known you for 20 years, Bill...
...and it's taken me all this time
to find out you're yellow.
You heard me, didn't you?
I ain't got tin ears.
You're yellow,
and you're a rotten double-crosser.
I don't believe you mean it.
Yes, you know what you've done.
I ain't done anything. Neither has Lily.
You're a liar.
I'm no fool. The way you both act
has been enough to convince me.
Of what? Put the brakes
on your tongue before you answer.
what is there between you and Lily
I'm not supposed to know?
I kissed her. And that's all.
I suppose you expect me to believe that.
I don't expect you to, but it's the truth.
You lying...
wait a minute.
You might as well calm down
and quit trying to get a rise out of me.
Sit down. Listen to what I'm gonna say
because I'm gonna say it.
You're pretty late about it.
That's the one thing I'm sorry for.
You had it coming to know everything.
what do you mean, everything?
That Lily and I found out, all of a sudden,
we loved each other.
Happened all of a sudden,
out of a clear sky.
I couldn't help that part of it.
we sat down and talked it over and tried
to figure out what to do about you.
So you finally thought about me, did you?
I was for telling you the minute you
came in, then Lily didn't wanna hurt you.
Hurt me?
That's funny.
So you decided to pull the wool
over my eyes and let it go at that?
You're wrong, Jack.
we've been on the level, both of us.
That's another lie. You and Lily...
Now, wait a minute.
Say anything you want to about me,
but leave Lily out of it.
She's okay.
She was till I brought you
out to the house.
Then what happened?
what did you do to her?
You made her a dirty, rotten...
what the sam hill's the matter?
Didn't nobody see that stop board?
Taking a nap, you two, huh?
well, we sure knocked that rattler
into a pile of junk. Is he out?
MAN 1: What's the matter?
MAN 2: Take his feet, Mike.
Don't Jack know a stop board?
MAN 3: He's hurt.
Let's have a look.
Yeah, it's a bad cut.
Get him over to the station.
Tell that dispatcher to dig up a doctor.
Lucky nobody else was hurt.
You boys carry him back.
I'll wire the hospital.
MAN: Okay, Jim.
You stay here, Bill.
I'll be doggoned
if I see how it could've happened.
Jack is a darn good hogger.
That ain't the way
my report's gonna read.
Right now, they're cutting off
plenty of heads at HQ.
well, his won't come off.
It wasn't his fault he passed the board.
Is that so?
It's his job to see that board.
He's responsible.
And where was he?
Out getting a manicure?
Firing for me.
Doing what?
Firing for me.
And where were you?
Drunk again, eh?
Jack's kept you off of that suspension list
time and again.
This time, it's gonna cost you
about six weeks' pay.
And maybe your job.
You stand by till I get Evans on the key.
Okay, Haley.
Do you love me?
Darling, you... Say, I'm nuts about you.
Hey, give us a couple of kisses.
Ain't this just like old times?
You and me necking...
...and you getting plastered.
Say, I ain't plastered.
I didn't say you was. I said "getting".
I accept your apology.
Remember when we was
gonna get married?
Sure, I remember.
Say, you broke my heart.
Oh, I felt so bad.
I couldn't look at another guy for weeks.
Say, listen, don't you get sentimental.
Don't you get sentimental.
Don't you get sad.
You know what?
I thought of something.
Here we are mooning around
because we split up...
...when we can get married tonight
if we want.
Say, you're a great girl.
You got some great ideas.
Are you game?
we can catch the midnight train
over in Newcomb and get the license.
Marriage license, silly.
we'll get a couple of them.
Come on, let's...
Let's dance over.
we'll hotfoot it over.
Come on, baby. Some fun, eh, kid?
Hi, honey.
why didn't you phone
you was gonna be late?
Now, baby, use your nut. How could I?
You know I was on that mule.
wished to all I could.
I had to stop at the roundhouse
and talk to that foreman for 15 minutes.
Some fixing had to be done
on the engine.
And then I had to get cleaned up,
and that took plenty of time, believe me.
Some dirt.
And I had to get into these glad rags.
That took a few minutes, you know.
Not bad, huh?
Besides, we ain't only missed a dance
or two.
Baby, you look like $ 700 tonight.
I'm telling you.
Come on, let's go.
what do you think?
we're gonna got married.
Boyfriend, silly.
Right away.
Give me your flowers, will you, Pearl?
Sure, hon. Take them.
Married, huh? Gee, ain't that swell?
Listen, fella.
MARIE: Listen nothing.
See you later.
well, what's the matter with you?
Take those off.
I will not.
A bride's gotta have some kind of bouquet.
And sweet peas are as good as anything.
Take them off.
Say, who do you think you're talking to?
wait here, hon.
Hey. All alone?
where you going?
Going over to the YMCA.
Yeah? Smart move.
Grab yourself some sleep, will you?
You've been going at it pretty hard
for about a month now.
Seen Kulper?
Jack Kulper.
Somebody just told me
he's just out of the hospital.
Going over to see him?
Yeah. I'm going over there
in a couple of days.
See, I don't want him to see me like this.
what do you say?
Suppose I walk down to the Y with you?
No. I can get over there myself.
Thanks, Ed.
Hello, Lily.
Hello, Bill.
what's the matter? You been sick?
No, I've been quite well.
well, I heard that Jack was back home...
...and I thought maybe
I'd run over and say hello.
I don't think you can see him, Bill.
why not?
He doesn't wanna see you.
Did he say so?
Gee, Lily. I gotta see him.
we can't go back working together
being enemies.
Just one talk will do it.
Gee, all the three of us can sit down
and have it out, clean the slate.
Come in.
Who is it, hon?
LILY: Somebody was asking about you, dear.
JACK: One of the boys?
LILY: Yes.
why didn't you lead him in?
It's kind of monotonous sitting here
with nothing to listen to but that rain.
I'm sorry.
I'll be right back, dear.
I thought you knew.
He's blind.
PEG-LEG: Well, well, well.
How are you, Bill, you old scamp?
Peg-Leg to you.
why's he acting like that? was he drunk?
I don't think so.
Rushing out of here like a wild man.
LILY: He didn't know about Jack.
I think it upset him.
PEG-LEG: Well, well, old-timer,
what are you doing there?
Let me help you back.
There now, take it easy.
There you are.
well, well.
Yes, sir.
we have more of these cloudbursts,
we'll all be wearing life preservers.
Lily scared?
I bet a plugged nickel she ain't.
She wouldn't say so if she was.
She's a game one, she is. Ain't she?
Yes, dear?
Anything I can get you?
How long will it take you to pack?
I'm sending you away for a few weeks.
Back home to your folks.
why do you want me to go away?
The river's rising, for one thing.
It isn't safe here.
Oh, but I'm not afraid of the river.
It isn't a question of fear.
It's common sense.
I'd feel better if you went.
But I'd rather not go, if you don't mind.
I do mind.
Do we have to argue about it?
No, of course not.
But I'd rather stay.
why? Because you feel sorry for me?
Oh, honey, no.
Oh, I'm tired of this pity, sick of it.
It's driving me nuts.
Every time you speak to me or touch me,
it's the same thing over and over again...
...and I can't stand it any longer.
That's why I want you to go,
if you must know.
You're getting on my nerves.
I'll pack right away.
You were kind of rough on her
for a minute.
I thought you meant it.
She thought you did.
I guess she did.
All right, laddies, step on it.
That's all of them, boys.
All aboard. She's all done.
How many trips does this make?
I didn't count them.
I kind of lost track myself
after the first 14 hours.
You hungry?
No, I don't think so.
Come on. Buck up, fella.
I know it's pretty tough
to lose your sidekick...
...but you're taking it too hard.
Ain't anything you can help.
The company will look after him.
Besides, he's got a swell little wife
that'll wait on him hand and foot.
You know her?
Oh, yeah, that's right.
You were out to the house for a while.
They got a sweet little place out there,
haven't they?
Jack will be all right as soon as he
gets used to the idea of being blind.
That's the hard part, I guess.
Nothing to do but think.
Soon as we finish up, I'm gonna curl up
in that switch shanty and grab a nap.
How about you?
I got something else to do.
Something I've been thinking about.
You ought to better be thinking
about that bridge.
Yeah, I am.
How to save it, you mean?
It's just a screwy notion.
well, if you've got any kind of an idea,
bring it over to that yardmaster.
They tell me
he's going crazier by the minute.
I thought I would.
Hey, Bixby, how is she holding?
Not so good.
Hello, fellers.
Come in.
Always room for one more.
Looks like a lodge meeting.
what do you got under your hip?
Oh, just some coffee.
I heard the news, so I thought
I'd bring you down some refreshments.
How are you, Jack?
who is it? Bixby?
Yeah, sure thing, you know.
Old Roundhouse Bixby.
Couldn't fool you, could I, boy?
Say, you ought to hold this meeting
up in the auditorium.
News got around among the boys,
they'll be coming by the dozens.
By the what? There's only seven of us left.
Seven and a half with Peg-Leg.
Sit down, fellow, have some coffee.
why don't you taste it? Maybe it's hot.
You got too much brains for one man.
Holy jumping jiggers.
well, carry on, you loafers.
So long, Bix.
See you later, Jack.
Sure. Thanks for the coffee.
Oh, rats.
Hello, Bix.
How are you, boy?
Hello, Peg.
Say, you know, I pretty near crabbed
the whole works in there just now.
Oh, him so young and everything.
Oh, there's the devil to pay.
You know, I thought it's better for him
to be down here among the boys.
where's his wife?
Shipped back to the folks in the East.
And you listen. The poor thing got so thin
you could blow through her.
Yes, sir.
Isn't that a good one?
well, I gotta get moving. See you later.
well, so long. So long, Bix. So long.
So long.
Criminy, this place sounds like a circus.
Turn the noise down.
Turn the noise down, would you?
Oh, Bixby. wait a sec.
Someone, go and get Bixby.
Roundhouse wants him.
well, well, well, if it isn't the old-timer.
How are you getting along?
Slick. I feel great.
You can't keep a good hogger down.
How about some more java?
Sure, I could go for a spot.
Let me rinse that cup.
It's all right.
Now you shut up.
No. why, the young fool, he's crazy.
You know that, Kennedy.
MAN 1: I wonder what the yardmaster wants.
Something's popping up.
I know we talked it over.
But that's a job
I wouldn't ask any man to take.
I wouldn't let him take it. what...?
Now, wait a minute. Here's Bailey.
Maybe he knows something about it.
what's the matter with Bill White?
Is he off his nut?
He wants to do it.
He's there trying to talk Kennedy into it.
Into what?
Into taking an engine and a string of flats
out onto the bridge.
He figured that the weight of a trainload
of cement would hold the bridge steady.
That is, if anything would.
It's an awful risk. But there's just a chance
he might get by with it.
A thousand-to-1 chance.
That's just it, a thousand-to-1.
Say, if I wanted to bump myself off
as bad as that, I'd take an easier way.
BIXBY: Well, I'll be right over.
You wait till I get there.
I thought maybe Kulper could do
something with him. How about it, Jack?
what gave him the idea?
I don't know. we was talking about you
and Lily and the swell little place you had.
I said,
"I think you better turn in for a nap".
He said, "I got something to do,
something I been thinking about".
I said, "well, you better be thinking
about that bridge".
He said, "I am".
I didn't pay any more attention to him.
You know how crazy he is.
MAN 1: Crazy is no name for it.
I heard him try to bull Kennedy
out of an engine.
MAN 2: Maybe he won't give it to him.
Kennedy's willing to try anything.
He's got an engine and a string of flats
headed for the bridge.
MAN 3: Who made them up?
Bill did, over in the East Y.
Just waiting
for Kennedy to say the word.
Excuse me a minute, I have to...
Let me help you.
JACK: No, no, thanks, Peg-Leg.
I can make it myself.
PEG-LEG: Maybe he's sick.
we'd better give him a hand.
what? well, where is he?
I can't do it on my own responsibility.
You know that, White.
why? You've got the say-so
when it comes to trains.
Not trains, train schedules.
well, what's this but an extra?
That's all it is.
Chalk me up as going out
on a little extra run.
You don't have to ask the sup
about that.
Do you realize what you're asking me?
Yeah, nothing.
Nothing? Just a little matter
of life and death to you...
...and a risk of losing a work engine
and several flatcars.
There ain't no risk to it.
I've told you that over and over.
Look, all I'm gonna do is to take...
Yeah? Oh, hello, Mr. Wayne.
White's here. He wants me to let him
have an engine and some flatcars...
...to take out on the bridge.
It was a crazy idea,
but it took guts to think it.
I gotta hand it to you, son.
Oh, you guys make me sick.
Oh, don't be that way.
Hello, Bill.
MAN 1: What's happening?
MAN 2: There's something happening.
Jack. Jack!
where do you think you're going?
I'm taking this engine
out on the bridge. Alone.
You're off your nut.
Not quite.
I still know what I'm doing. You don't.
what makes you think I don't?
You got everything to live for. You're trying
to toss it away and yourself with it.
I ain't trying anything.
I'm gonna take this engine out.
You don't belong on here.
You're gonna take this on the bridge.
It'll buckle the minute you pass the bank.
Nothing of the sort. Listen...
Don't try to put anything over on me.
I've known you too long.
I've beat you to it this time. Get off.
I wanna get this over with.
Shut up, and listen to me.
what can I say?
I put you out of the business.
You think I took your wife away.
It's the only square thing I can do.
Croak yourself?
why not? I've gone through worse
the past week.
I started this. I'm going through with it.
Oh, shut up. Listen.
If you don't get off of this train, I'm gonna
knock you cold and throw you off.
I'm sorry, Bill.
You're sorry? what do you mean?
Aw, that we had to end up like this.
we've had scraps, plenty of them,
ever since we was kids.
I didn't give you a fair deal on the last one.
Doubting you the way I did.
I could never get the straight of it,
between you and Lily, I mean.
I guess it was because
I was seeing too much red.
well, I got what was coming to me.
I stopped seeing what there was to see.
Shut up! It's no time for talk.
I'm the guy that did it.
I don't know how it happened.
But I didn't mean to hurt you, God knows.
But there's one thing I didn't do, fella.
Lily's yours, and she's still yours,
and, well, she'll always be yours.
I know that, Bill.
You won't let me take the engine out?
No. No!
well, it's the only...
Goodbye, Bill.
Goodbye, Jack.
I guess I won't be seeing you again.
Do you wanna shake?
Have a little chew on me.
Getting a little bit closer.
what's the matter, Bill?
Jack! Jack! Let go of me.
Let me go. Let me go.
That's my buddy...
Let me go, I tell you. Let me go.
All right, let me go.
Don't let Haley see you.
Haley can kiss my hand if he don't like it.
Good morning, Mr. White.
Scrambled eggs.
WAITRESS: They're almost ready for you.
I ordered them the moment I saw the engine.
WAITRESS: Can I get you something?
Just a cup of coffee, please.
Hello, Bill.
Gee, you're looking well.
Yeah, I'm all right.
That's good.
It turned quite warm yesterday, didn't it?
At least, it did where I was.
Back home, I mean.
I guess maybe spring's here, all right.
Yes, that's one reason I came back.
The house has to be painted.
And there's some gardening to do and...
well, there's a lot of things
to be done, you know.
You gonna sell it?
Sell it? Oh, no, no.
No, I've come back here to live.
It won't be so lonesome
with Peg-Leg next door.
Maybe you'll come over
and see us sometime.
If you've got an hour or so...
...you might come over
and spade the backyard.
I'm gonna put in sweet peas again.