Otilia Rauda (2001) Movie Script

Don't move, keep still.
Now get dressed
and let us work.
You'd better take her
to the tailor.
Her body is no longer
that of a child.
Melquiades, you bring her!
Her name is Monina.
Still growing, Melquiades?
It must be fertilizer, you devil!
You, Otilia, don't stamp on him!
What can you do, Melquiades?
What are you doing?
You're waiting for
some lady, right?
They say your dick
is the size of a donkey's.
The woman who gets what you have
between your legs will be lucky.
That's why you and Otilia
are a perfect couple.
Beware! Don't mess
with his girlfriend!
Now let's measure it!
Come on, get his trousers down!
For God's sake, what's this?
- You, come on!
- I will not put my hands on it.
You're a moron, like him.
I'm gonna do that.
Four, four and a half...
Oh man, it's growing!
Melquiades, look where you're
gonna put this, it could be deadly.
Let's go!
Maybe a headband looks better.
No, a flower is better.
- This one?
- The other one.
This one.
It's more delicate.
Let me see.
Cover her.
Quit staring at that spotted girl!
Mr. Isaac, you're always
so elegant and distinguished!
- Madam?
- So you came here, father.
I thought you had risen up
against the government.
Not me...
I don't think violence...
I believe that God, Our Lord...
With all due respect, Mr. Isaac.
Let me explain it.
Father Juvencio not only respects
the law, but he works with it, too.
I don't have any doubts.
Mr. Isaac!
I'm gonna take the opportunity
to talk about a good enterprise.
- Vargas is selling his butcher store.
- And so what?
We can begin a modern
business together.
I have the experience
and family tradition.
- You have the money.
- Excuse me.
You, come with me!
lll-bred bastards!
Your cousin wants
to dance with you.
Excuse me.
What did you say
to my daughter?
- Nothing, it was a joke.
- What did you say?
I didn't do it first,
it was Rosario Jimnez.
She said that Otilia fills her body
to hide her ugliness.
And you don't let her be
touched, so nobody can see...
...the lie.
- What did you say to her?
I said, "No, that isn't it.
Otilia has big breasts because
her lust swells them".
Listen, you jerk.
Anyone who insults
my daughter...
making jokes about her,
or lays his hands on her...
I'll kill the bastard,
you understand?
- Yes, Mr. Isaac.
- Now, go away.
And tell this to all people.
Dad, let's go home.
Touch me.
No, that's impossible.
Go on.
You think the same thing
as everyone else, don't you?
If only she were pretty...
you're very beautiful.
The most beautiful.
Then touch me.
I will hurt you, Otilia.
I thought it was firm.
- Did she have any displeasure?
- No.
- Any argument?
- No.
- Has she got a boyfriend?
- No.
None that you know about.
What are you doing there?
Is everything all right, son?
I'm talking to you.
I'm bewitched.
Cut that crap, and go to sleep.
Put everything in its place
and let's go to bed.
What did she tell you?
Has she met someone?
- Who put that in her head?
- It's nothing...
Could you tell
if someone touched her?
Some bastard must have been there.
I didn't meet anyone.
Nobody put ideas in my head.
And nobody touched me.
But search me if you want.
Dominus vobiscum.
Et cum spirito tuo.
In nomine Pater et Filiis...
Look, she is marrying in white.
Let's see for how long it lasts.
Look, mommy,
what a gorgeous bride!
I can lower your fever.
But I can't cure you.
You must go to the doctor.
What have I got?
A disease of men.
But I don't know any man
except my husband!
So, you've been infected by him.
It's a whore's disease.
- Maybe I deserve this.
- What are you saying, child?
God is punishing me because
I don't love my husband.
- God doesn't lay with prostitutes.
- But I don't like him.
He doesn't deserve you.
That pig.
What a surprise!
It's good to see you here!
How do you do?
What else may I serve you,
apart from coffee? Some tequila?
- No, thanks, Miss Chenda.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, yes.
- I'm gonna drink some tequila.
I want to ask you
something, miss.
Stop calling me miss.
Of course I'm older than you,
but you are exaggerating.
Is that so private?
Bed things?
I need to see a women's doctor.
I thought that you, miss...
could help me.
You thought well.
- Pregnant by the wrong one?
- No, that's not it.
Then someone infected you
with something?
May I ask you who it was?
Sorry, I don't have to make
that kind of question.
But I like gossip.
And also to beware, you know?
Don't worry.
I know who can help you.
Besides, you will drink
a little bit of tequila.
Child, what are you
doing here so late?
- I want to talk to you, dad.
- What's up? Something happened?
Your family ends with me.
What are you talking about?
Isidro infected me
with some disease.
It got me sterile.
You got me married with
that man knowing he was shit.
You'll never see me again.
Where have you been?
I went to the doctor.
For what?
Go there and ask.
I will.
Sure I'll go.
But only tomorrow.
Now I want to do other things.
Come on, stop that.
What did you say?
I'm not gonna sleep
with you anymore.
Neither today, nor ever again.
If you touch me again...
one of these days,
you'll die while you sleep.
You lost the best thing.
But I don't care.
She doesn't want them.
No matter how many they are...
she really doesn't like
any of them.
You're here, so early!
The whores must have
gone on strike!
- I need to talk to you.
- What do you want?
I thought about something
for your future.
You're not talking about
our kids, are you?
It wasn't on purpose, Otilia.
And you know that.
And how can you
guarantee our future?
I'd like to buy another butcher
store. You'll be the owner.
- If you want, you can manage it.
- So, buy it.
You know I don't have
enough money.
So, don't buy it.
Ask your father for a loan.
Ask him yourself, my love.
He will not give me
anything, Otilia.
Why would he give it?
You spent all his money.
You took everything from him only
to marry his daughter, didn't you?
Now suffer.
And the farm? Your inheritance,
he can give it to us in advance.
No. The farm is for the nuns.
For the orphans.
- That's not true.
- You can ask the notary public.
- You're the daughter, how could he?
- He did it. He did it.
Damn him!
He did it on purpose.
And you must have
agreed with him.
It was my idea.
- Did you like it?
- All of them.
Try the red one.
Imagine that! No, string colors
don't look good on me.
It will be only with the clothes,
as far as I know.
- And what do you know?
- Do you want to know everything?
Or only the details?
Better not.
You know, everything is possible...
as long as you don't
touch my men.
I'd never do that.
Don't even try.
Go on, try the dress.
No one will see you here.
I give it to you as a present.
After seeing how it fits you,
I'll never dare to use it.
I'm jealous of you!
I'm so jealous!
You can use that
brand new dress on my party.
No, Chenda, thanks.
You will be the most beautiful.
Yes. The most beautiful
woman of the city.
As long as they can't see
your face.
Get out.
You're still the best female.
Yes, but not for you.
My request, honey
While I stay in this world
You should not love another man
Nor give him your heart
Get up
Because this sad song
That your boyfriend sings to you
That your owner sings to you
Is for your love
Otilia! Otilia!
She didn't wake up.
Start again!
Come on, get up
My sweet love
What I feel, my love
I want to wake you up
Happy birthday,
love of my loves!
Today is not my birthday.
Is it not?
Nevermind, I have a gift for you.
...that your boyfriend sings to you
That your owner sings to you
Is for your love
What's that?
A gift, I told you.
Open it.
- What the hell do you want, Isidro?
- Nothing.
I thought it was your birthday.
I picked this especially for you.
- What's this?
- A mask, don't you see?
That makes you laugh?
No, you are the one
who makes me laugh.
Chenda may be a whore,
but she always tells the truth.
You cover your face
with that mask...
you could be the prettiest
woman in the world.
It's not fair that you stay
with all my guests...
...the party is mine.
- How old are you now, Chenda?
I don't get old, my friend.
I only celebrate.
Gentlemen, silence, please.
I'd like to ask our
dear friend Elvita Ribera...
to honor us with a song, with that
lovely voice God gave her.
- Sing!
- Yes, sing!
- Could be "When the moon's out".
- Yes, she sings that one very well.
Juanita, prepare the music.
I'd love it,
but I have no voice.
We all want to hear you.
The moon comes up
And the sun goes down
And there...
- Who's gonna come up today?
- Don Juan.
When he arrives,
let him in, and call me.
I'd better go with you.
For what?
Monina got nervous at sunrise.
Don't worry, maybe it was
some thief. It's all right.
Juan Gutierrez is here,
he is waiting for you.
Tell him that I will not go...
that I'm sick, anything.
Hurry up.
This is Rubn Lazcano.
Ask your mother to come now.
The police is hunting him.
Move, Melquiades,
don't you see he is bleeding?
They say he is a murderer.
Now what, Otilia?
- What of what?
- You want him for what?
A revenge against Isidro.
Are you angry?
You're bloodstained.
You see?
My wife is not all you say.
Look at her.
Look how she looks at us.
Miss Otilia, I swear that...
You don't need to do that,
- I swear to the Holy Virgin.
- Don't be a heretic.
- You also swore you killed Lazcano.
- That's true.
What about the reward, moron?
So, why don't we get the reward?
I swear, miss,
I didn't say anything about you.
So, you killed Rubn Lazcano?
Everyone believes what they want.
Tell her how manly you are.
Tell her!
I don't pretend to
be brave, miss.
If I knew it was Rubn Lazcano...
...I wouldn't dare to get close.
- You didn't shoot him?
I woke with noise on the stockyard.
When I got out, I stomped on him.
I shot by instinct.
I didn't even aim at him,
I got his heart for coincidence.
- You got his heart?
- I swear.
- I saw him falling.
- This is my hero.
It's a pity the body disappeared.
I got him.
In order to get the reward,
you must have a body.
You had bad luck, Isidro.
What a pity...
that money would do you good.
You like money so much.
You're a bitch.
Cheers for your good shot,
Don Juan Garcia came again.
And Efren Garay, too.
What did you tell them?
That you had your period.
But if you don't want to see them...
think of another excuse, because
you can't use that one forever.
What do we do if he dies?
He will not die.
What do we do
if he lives, then?
What's your problem,
you want the reward?
And you?
Why do you stay for so long
in the farm?
Who are you meeting
down there, bitch?
Prostitutes fuck
for money, Isidro.
Well, sometimes,
to get some butcher store.
I made you a question.
Who are you meeting?
Rubn Lazcano.
So that's what you meant by
Orphans House.
Don Isaac must be turning around
in the coffin, getting mad...
seeing his damn farm
transformed in a brothel.
No, Isidro, I do that
only for pleasure.
You should see how I like it.
Until when you're gonna
make me pay, Otilia?
Every single day,
until you die.
Are you spreading gossip again?
Did you see Rubn Lazcano here?
I don't know who is that person.
Everyone knows that criminal.
I didn't see anyone.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I told you.
And are you sure that your idiot son
didn't see him?
- He would have told me.
- Bring him here.
He is with miss Otilia.
I can ask for him...
but you know that she doesn't like
people who invade her lands.
Shut up, damn it!
I'm tired of that stuff
about miss Otilia.
You'll pay for it,
if I discover you lied to me.
He will not enter here.
He wouldn't dare.
And what if he dares?
I'll kill him.
If you kill him, his friends
will execute all of us.
No more games, Otilia.
This one is dangerous. He's not like
the other morons of the city.
They're trying to kill him.
I know it's different with him.
I'm in love with him.
Don't get so close again.
Get out!
I hear barking all night.
Nobody knows that you're here...
and they'll never know.
They offer a lot of money for me.
I will not sell you.
I don't trust in anybody
and I'm not grateful.
I don't know how you are,
but I don't care.
- Otilia!
- Now?
You can go.
When I finish, I'll call you.
With me, you're safe.
Otilia is so cheeky, isn't she?
Not even the sick ones
she leaves in peace.
Monina, I'll tell Isidro,
I don't care if Otilia gets upset.
Isidro is the police
around here, isn't he?
Come, Monina, let's tell him.
Come, Monina! Come!
It's the priest! It's the priest!
Jaime, the priest!
The priest!
Take this here!
Don't let him get out.
Open the door!
What about this miracle, father?
I was around and
I thought I could visit you.
We didn't see each other
for how long?
The priests had terrible times,
dear child.
That was a long time ago.
Restoring is worse than building.
The church has been too persecuted.
I know my husband didn't
persecute you that much.
Thank God, don Isidro
didn't allow abuses.
- So, he didn't uphold the law.
- He upheld the law of God...
which is a higher law.
However, sooner or later,
all favors are paid.
Why did you come here, father?
Well, like you said...
I haven't visited this sweet home
for a long time.
You have never visited this house,
not even when my parents died.
- Isidro sent you to spy on me.
- No, of course not, child.
- Then swear to God.
- One can't swear for stupid things.
- For me, it is important.
- To say God's name in vain is a sin.
Then you came of your own mind?
Of course. I came to put myself
at your service. Before God...
...all the sheep are the same.
- So, you didn't came to spy on me?
You came for me?
Miss Otilia, you're nuts!
What are you doing?
I know those eyes, father.
I know you since I was a child.
Getting dry all over your feet.
And on the other hand...
Look, father, I'm full of life!
I'm life itself.
Get closer. Try.
Miss, for God's sake.
Don't be scared, we're alone.
Have mercy!
Get closer, Juvencio.
What happened?
He knew something?
No, nothing.
He will not come back.
By God, he will not come back.
So, why do you have that face?
I didn't choose my face.
They say he kills
with his bare hands.
And then he eats the heart
of the dead ones.
I think Otilia
doesn't know about that.
What if we tell her?
Maybe she'll stop that.
You're believing everything
they're saying about me.
I never killed anyone
who didn't deserve to die.
Monina, come!
Now you will learn!
It will be like this!
You're behaving like her!
Do you know what I think,
What I'm thinking right know?
If I had had kids...
you wouldn't be here.
And I would have lived
without ever knowing you.
Let's go see him!
Let's go see him.
Who else do you want to see?
You stayed inside,
locked with him all the time.
We can go and see him,
he will not notice. Go!
He is handsome, isn't he?
Men are all the same.
No, not all of them.
He is all right now.
Who asked you anyway?
Hold on me!
Don't take me for granted, Otilia.
I don't. I love you.
I don't need company.
You don't know that...
you have been alone
for too long.
- That's the reason I'm alive.
- No.
You are still alive because
I found you and I saved you.
- Otilia?
- I was looking for you...
you don't know for how long
I've looked for you.
Even before knowing
you existed.
And it had to be like this.
You're more than
what life owes me.
I need a horse, Otilia.
We don't have to live hiding.
We'll go far,
wherever you want.
A horse.
You don't understand.
Otilia... just bring me a horse.
- Did you put the saddle?
- Yes.
Tie him on the entrance.
You've been crying.
Cut the crap, Melquiades.
You didn't eat anything.
You're getting crazy, child.
Who's it now?
You think what you want.
Give me the bottle.
I'm gonna kill him.
Luis Prez.
Luis Prez?
Stop laughing.
I'm gonna kill him.
Poor Isidro.
Do you think I could fall in love
for an idiot like Luis Prez?
I've told you a thousand times.
But you never even
tried to imagine.
I'm too drunk.
Who is he?
Rubn Lazcano.
That story again?
I know him.
Oh my God, I know him very well.
And how I miss him.
You can't upset me
with your crap anymore.
Celedonio fired and got him, yes...
but he didn't kill him.
I kept him hidden, Isidro.
I took care of him for a month.
And I loved him...
and I still love him.
And if he comes back right now,
I will be his slave.
Why am I telling you this?
You could never kill him.
But you should.
Because, while he remains alive...
I'll be waiting for him.
Don Isidro is in the butcher store.
I'm only here because
of the rain, Celedonio.
- I forgot my umbrella.
- Want some coffee?
No, thanks.
I'll wait until the rain stops.
You are the boss, miss.
- Too busy?
- Business as usual...
some drunkards, thieves too.
Nothing uncommon,
no crime, no big robbery?
Thank God,
we're quiet down here.
And finally, Celedonio...
Rubn Lazcano...
is he dead or alive?
Please, Mrs. Otilia, for years...
everyone laughs at my face,
it's not fair.
I'm not laughing,
I'm only asking...
but, if you don't to tell me,
it's okay.
They're still making fun of me.
Days ago they said
he was captured.
- Afterwards they said it wasn't him.
- And it wasn't?
Of course not.
They can't catch him...
or kill him,
because I already did it.
This suitcase will be ready here.
Ready for what?
You know for what.
Take care of it,
don't leave it dusty.
He will never come back, Otilia.
Stop lying to yourself.
Shut your mouth.
Anything you want.
You know you're not allowed
to enter this house.
- I didn't mean to come inside.
- What do you want?
He didn't come for you, did he?
The love of your life.
Why don't you come in
and see by yourself?
It's not necessary.
Rubn Lazcano will not come.
You tell me the same thing
all the time.
But now I'm sure.
I'm only warning you.
He was all right...
but not with you.
He preferred another brothel:
How do you know that?
Prostitutes are not discreet.
- That's not true!
- Ask them.
Now you were fucked, Otilia Rauda.
Between whores, your dearly
beloved chose another one.
Now you have to be
satisfied with me.
You can kill me, Otilia...
but Rubn Lazcano
will never come back to you.
You asked who?
My mother always asks.
Nobody hears me.
Nobody hears you?
Did you search well?
There must be some message,
a note, something, Melquiades.
- I checked well.
- You did?
I asked you to do one thing,
only one, the most important.
You're useless, you've always
been and always will be useless.
A moron.
Paloma, they are
waiting for you!
It's true that you fell in love
with that bandit?
I can't believe it!
- You want a witness?
- How lovely!
But him...
he isn't very much
in love for you.
He was here
with one of my girls.
I don't care about that.
I don't want him anymore.
So, why are you looking for him?
Which girl was it?
It's love you feel.
I'll leave you two alone
to talk about all you want.
Don't take too long,
it's Friday, husbands' day.
You said that you were with
Rubn Lazcano, didn't you?
That's right.
- Are you sure it was him?
- Of course.
I recognized him
by his scarred face.
He's not the only man
with a scar on his face.
- It was him.
- Why? He said his name?
- No, but...
- So you can't be sure.
What's your problem?
Anyone who fucks a man
with a scar on his face...
afterwards says
it was Rubn Lazcano.
If I'm telling you
it was him, it was.
- Did he have another scar?
- Yes.
Come here, woman,
let's have a toast together!
Finally, Otilia...
Finally, I'm gonna get Lazcano.
We know where he is.
This time,
I'll leave him more dead...
than all the deceased fools
in the graveyard.
I will take my money.
It's been mine for years.
That money could have really
changed our life, Otilia.
Cheers! Cheers!
So that nobody steals
your corpse! Cheers!
Let's go!
Go on!
For the reinforcements
coming tomorrow to the city!
Listen, Isidro.
I want to see Rubn Lazcano alive.
You think I'm stupider
than I am, but no.
- I don't think it will be possible.
- Why not?
It makes no difference to you if
I see him. You'll kill him anyway.
Since when do you want to see
Rubn Lazcano dead?
Since he betrayed me.
- And the reward?
- You can take it.
What's up?
Are you afraid to face him?
I will make you an offer.
If you agree...
you'll get to sleep with me...
only once.
Where is he?
Isidro told me where he is.
Save him, Melquiades...
tell him to go away.
Tell him not to get close
to the city and to stay in hiding.
I don't care
if he doesn't come back.
Rubn will not do anything bad.
He is a good man, you know that.
And then?
You will not stay with
another man except Rubn?
Afterwards everything
is gonna be the same as before.
And you?
I will remain here, as always.
I told you not to come.
Stay inside the house...
or go with Otilia! I'm gonna leave
for a while, I'll be back soon.
Go away!
Go away! Go!
Collect it.
What are you waiting for?
Are you gonna kill me?
What are you doing here,
Miss Otilia sent me to save you.
Some whore of the city
talked about you.
And Otilia said that
don Isidro wants to kill you.
We're screwed, if you are the one
who is going to save me.
Look. You're useless here,
you'd better go back.
Tell Otilia that I will die here...
alone, a fugitive, up in the hills.
She no longer wants anybody...
not even me.
She only wants you.
Otilia's not for any man,
Now that's true.