Otis (2008) Movie Script

Morning, sleepyhead.
Hey, baby.
I can't stop thinking about tonight.
You excited, Kim?
You have your dress all picked out?
Yeah. I guess so.
Can't wait to see you in it.
Didn't I tell you, "Don't bite your nails"?
Yeah, I know I did.
I'm sorry.
My mom helped me pick out my suit.
I think it's super groovy.
It's gonna make you hot.
Is it making you hot, Kim,
thinking about me?
Is it? Is it making you wet?
Yes. Yes, it is.
It is what?
It's making me wet.
Say my name.
Oh, say my name, Kim.
Say my name.
It's making me wet...
It's prom night.
It's gonna be magical.
How we gonna get?
How we gonna get? Say the words.
Wild, wild, wild.
No. No more.
No prom, no fucking prom.
Fuck you and your fucking disco ball.
Kim, pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone, Kim.
Kim? Play... Play along, Kim.
What are you doing?
Please... Kim...
Play... Play along, Kim.
Kim, what are you doing?
No, no, no. No, Kim, no.
Fuck you.
No, Kim, no, no, stop.
You stop it right now, understand me?
You understand? Stop it, Kim. Stop it.
- I told you not to...
- No, no, no...
No. No, Kim. No. No.
No, no, no.
We were gonna make it tonight.
You... You didn't love me.
Six weeks!
Huh? Six weeks down the fucking drain!
Day 41, and still no break...
...in the case of missing Mayfield teenager
Ashland Warner.
Weeks of uncertainty have torn
this family to shreds...
...as you'll see in our live,
exclusive interview.
I swear to god, Kate, I just wanted to,
I don't know, punch the guy.
Maybe you should have.
Two hundred square feet of porch
shut down...
...because the homeowner's name
is misspelled on the permit.
All I'm saying is maybe you should
let your anger out once in a while.
You know, stand up for yourself, Will.
Anger is something you manage, Kate.
Yeah, so is cancer, and I'm telling you...
...you sublimate your anger for long enough
and you're gonna need an oncologist.
So I should have assaulted
the city building inspector today?
And, what, called it preventive medicine?
- Hey, you hear that?
- What?
It's my stomach. That is my stomach, Kate.
When did you call this in?
On my way home from the hospital,
half an hour ago.
I tried a new place, 24-Hour Pizza.
Slice of Heaven was shut down
by the health department.
Rat poison in the pizza.
We actually had a victim
admitted to the hospital last week.
Is that the one that...?
Yeah, he puked right on
my fucking clogs.
Bless his heart.
You see this kind of thing on television...
...and it's always happening
to someone else...
...and you don't think it could
ever happen to you.
That you would be searching
for your missing child.
And it's not knowing.
It's torture.
Whoever you are,
you need to come forward.
- We just want our little girl.
- Or what's left of her.
What did she just say?
Four missing girls, dead, mutilated.
One grieving family,
hoping against hope...
...that their little girl
isn't number five.
And the desperate manhunt continues...
...for a killer known only
by a voice on the phone.
A voice who insists
that his victim's name is Kim.
Hey, hey, hey. I'm watching that.
They're grief parasites, Will.
Bottom-feeding grief parasites.
Would you please
turn the music down?
The food's gonna be here
any minute.
Mom said no hitting.
Oh, did she say hide in the bushes
with a camera like a couple of perverts?
- It was your brother's idea.
- Shut up.
What were you gonna do, post this
on YouTube so I look like a total loser?
Loser? No, that's for
the online viewers to decide.
Okay, take your skateboard
and roll home.
You are so dead.
What is wrong with you?
I wasn't the one dancing nude
in front of an open window.
I wasn't nude, you dirtwad.
No, I really wanna know, Reed.
It's not a rhetorical question.
What is wrong with you?
Whatever Riley was doing,
she was doing it in her own room, Reed.
She has a right to privacy.
She has the right to privacy, but you
can go through my stuff all the time?
Yeah, because there's
something wrong with you.
You're selling pills at school...
...you're making Chinese throwing stars
in shop class...
...and now you're videotaping
your sister in her underwear?
- You can make anything look ugly.
- Reed, please sit down.
Food is here.
Reed, please do not walk away
while we're talking.
Hey, if you think you're misunderstood,
mister, you're absolutely right.
Hi. How much?
Nine... Nineteen eighty-four.
Okay. Hey, Dad?
There's not enough for a tip here.
Hold on.
I'm sorry. I wish I had more to give you.
Okay. Thank you. They're still hot.
Okay, thank you.
Want a piece of this?
I'm in your base, killing your dudes.
Die, fucker. That's right.
- Reed.
- Go to Sector 5.
You're gonna get wasted.
Dude, Scott.
Dude, look out. Douche bag.
- Don't you have finals today?
- I don't know.
You don't know. This ends now.
- Oh, for fuck...
- What? What did you just say?
"For fuh"? "Fuh"?
For fun, from now on,
Reed is going to turn his name into a verb.
You lose that?
Fall out of your backpack?
- I already read it.
- Oh, yeah. Prove it.
- No, really, I did.
- No more Internet, okay?
No more gaming,
not until you get your grades up.
- No way.
- Way.
- Dad, I have 157 kills. I'm not...
- The frog.
Huh? Yeah, oh...
Your mother told me that the principal...
...suspects you of nailing a dissected frog
onto his office door.
- He'll never prove it.
- The locker?
Did you stuff some kid
into his locker last week?
I thought so.
- Dad...
- You are a sick boy, Reed.
- He is an adolescent.
- Yeah, I'm an adolescent.
It's puberty.
- No, it's delinquency. It's Satanic.
- That's a whole other thing.
How am I supposed to get good grades
if I can't get online?
- I need to get online for research.
- Research.
Oh, yeah,
like how to make methamphetamines?
Okay, I gotta go. Wish me luck.
I have my big physics test today.
- Oh, you go get them, kiddo.
- You're gonna do great.
Why don't you ever get on her case?
Because your sister's a good student.
She gets perfect grades.
So does that mean she gets to
leave the house without wearing a bra?
- Huh?
- Riley.
See you. Wouldn't wanna be you.
- Riley.
- What?
Dad, it bothers me, okay?
The underwire is very uncomfortable.
You try it, okay?
You wouldn't last an hour.
Besides, it's not that big of a deal
to go braless.
I work with construction guys all day.
It's a damn big deal.
- Now go, you know, put the bra on.
- Mom.
Riley, look.
Wear it today, and after school
we'll go shopping...
...and I'll get you something
more comfortable.
Not too comfortable.
I'm thinking Kevlar, you know?
One of those flak vests.
Okay, you go get them, Papa Bear.
- Help! Help!
- Stop it.
Okay, any thoughts about dinner?
Uh, anything but pizza.
Oh, my god.
What is this? No, no, no.
Hello? I need help.
I'm in trouble. Please.
- Hi, Kim.
- No, my name is Riley Lawson.
I don't know where I am,
but I'm chained.
- Please help me.
- Relax, Kim.
We're gonna have a good time
together, babe.
Hi, Kim.
What do you want, you sick fuck?
Stop... Stop talking to me like that, Kim.
Pick up the phone, Kim.
- Kim, pick it up.
- Stop calling me that.
Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim.
Stop it. You fat loser. Fucking pervert.
I'm not fat, Kim.
And you need to play...
Play along right now.
Go to hell.
Ow! You're burning me.
What's your name?
You're all the same. There's no way out.
Look, look here. Look, look there.
There's no escape. Just me.
Just us.
Help! Can anyone hear me?
I can hear you, Kim.
I wouldn't do that.
Reed, get in here right now, young man.
- Where the hell have you been?
- Hanging out with Scott.
Wasn't doing anything.
What, did you guys narc on me?
I found it on the side of the road.
I thought it was oregano.
- Oregano?
- Yeah, the spice.
- When was the last time you saw Riley?
- What? I don't know.
- Did you see her at school?
- I don't... No.
Oh, man. So, what, having pictures
of my sister, is that a crime?
I can't believe
you'd do something like that.
- It's artistic.
Any idea what kind of people...
...prowl websites like this one?
- People like me.
- Reed.
- Predators, Reed.
Oregano, huh?
- You got a drug problem?
- Yeah.
It's really hard to get the good ones.
That's enough.
- Hello.
- Hello. Hi.
- Good evening, sir.
- Who is this?
A boy from school.
I know your daughter.
- You know... Where is she?
- Be cool, man. She's with me.
- Well, who...? Where are you?
- We're on a date.
A date. You're on a date with Riley?
No, man. Kim, your daughter. Kim.
No, there must be some mistake.
I don't have a daughter named Kim.
My daughter's name is Riley.
Her name is Kim.
I'm gonna hang up if you
call her that other name again.
Now, I'm calling, sir,
because I wanna find out...
...if I can get your permission
to take Kim to the prom.
Let me talk to her.
Will you fucking play...? Play along?
All I need is your permission,
and for you to know...
...that I'm gonna treat
your daughter right, okay?
What does that mean?
Treat her with respect,
even when I fuck her.
Oh, my god.
Nineteen eighty-four.
No fucking way.
Okay, what do you want me to do?
Hey, Kim.
You wanna hang out
after practice today?
Practice? What practice?
Football practice.
We're gearing up to play the Panthers.
You wanna hang out a little bit?
Yeah. Sure, but then...
Then I gotta go home,
because I gotta study, you know?
No, I talked to your dad.
- What?
- Isn't it cool? I talked to him.
- What did he say?
- Oh, he's cool.
He knows we're dating, and...
I was gonna wait to tell
you this, but I can't.
He gave me permission
to take you to the prom.
That's a fucking lie.
Is it so hard, huh?
- Can't you just play...? Play along?
- Ow! Ow!
Can't you do it, huh?
Listen, I don't wanna smash your face,
because you're pretty...
...but if you keep pissing me off,
you're gonna eat your teeth.
Yes. I'm sorry.
Can you play...? Play along?
Yes. I'll play, play along.
Now, you call... Call me Otis. Okay?
Now, what's your name?
My name is Kim, Otis.
Okay, okay.
Okay. Let's go.
Come on.
We're gonna be settled here in a minute,
Mr. And Mrs. Logan.
- Lawson.
- Yeah.
You should feel good now, confident.
This is all state-of-the-art, Mr. Lawton.
I want the trap-and-trace over here...
What's a trap-and-trace?
It captures the incoming electronic impulses
that identify the originating number...
...of an instrument or a device from which
an electronic communication...
...or wire was transmitted.
- Nogi, ETA on the cappuccino machine?
- Working on it.
What do I gotta do,
light a fire under your ass?
Baker, grande cap, semi-dry, stat.
I want a coffee now. Fuck.
So the caller, he referred to your daughter
as Kim, right?
"I wanna date Kim,"
"I wanna bone Kim. "
- Whoa.
- What does it mean?
It means he's crazy as a shithouse rat.
It means we are knee-deep in dookie.
He's a nut job. He's completely unzipped.
It means he is the looney tune
who offed five teens in the last six months.
Five? I thought it was four.
Mm-mm. There was another one,
the one with the missing tits.
- Missing ti...? What?
- Tits.
- Ashland Warner.
- Yeah.
Ashley Walker, lovely girl. A mathlete.
Turned up in four different Dumpsters
at four different locations.
- My God.
- You're tracking this man.
- You have a lead on him, right?
- No.
- No?
- Mom? Mom, they're tearing apart my room.
They ripped out my hard drive.
Reed, let them do
what they need to do.
How the fuck is destroying my computer
gonna help find Riley?
Oh! You are gonna need
to put a sock in that, son.
That drive might be the missing piece
to a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle...
...which you aren't trained to understand,
and it is that training...
...that has helped me to achieve
an 80 percent recovery rate.
- Eighty percent, really?
- Really.
Well, we only recovered 60 percent
of Debbie Pilter.
Right. Beautiful legs. Track star.
Hey, Kim.
You see that catch I made?
Yeah. It was awesome.
No-look, over-the-shoulder.
QB was supposed to hit me at the 45,
but I felt the wind gust...
...so I ran an extra 10 yards.
Coach says I got lightning moves,
like Jerry Rice.
Can I ask you something?
Will you be my girlfriend?
I knew you liked me. You know how?
That cheer you did for me.
I could hear you cheering my name...
...and when I looked to the sidelines...
...I could see, when you jumped...
...you're not wearing panties.
I saw your cooch.
Will you do it for me again?
That cheer?
Nobody's watching.
Do it.
Otis, Otis, he's our man.
If he can't do it, no one can.
Good. Now with the jump.
Otis, Otis, he's our man.
If he can't do it, no one can.
Otis, Otis, he's our man.
If he can't do it, no one can.
Otis, Otis, he's our man.
If he can't do it...
:::no one can:
- Oh, shit. He's early.
- Who? Who's here?
Come on. Come on.
- Otis, what's happening? Who is it?
- Shut it. Shut the fuck up.
Don't make a fucking sound.
You are here.
- Aren't you supposed to be at work?
- Not yet, later. Later.
Later. You sure about that?
Because I'm getting lots of fucking calls
from Tony saying you've been late.
Customers complaining you're giving them
cold pizza. You can't keep doing this.
I'm calling friends asking for favors
just so you can fuck up?
Is it so goddamn hard
for you to just play along?
Oh, fuck me. What died in there?
Goddamn it, if Mom and Dad
were still alive...
...and they could see
what you've done with this place...
I can't keep doing this.
I got a life. I got a family!
- You need a girl.
- How is Kim?
No! Otis, no.
What the fuck did I tell you?
Don't... Don't say her name.
Don't say Kim.
She had to change
the brand of her underwear.
She can't even look at Victoria's Secret.
I said... Said I was sorry.
Sorry's not gonna fucking cut it
when you lick the crotches...
...of all the panties in your sister-in-law's
hamper like a fucking dog does, Otis.
You're lucky she lets me come here at all.
Look at this fucking pigsty.
What the fuck is this? My footballs?
Fucking coach.
Played me once. I suited up every
goddamn game and he played me once.
Did you get this shit
down from the attic?
- I like to look at it.
- Yeah, well, I don't. Get rid of it.
And I've had it with the fucking Froot Loops
and the pizza.
Next time I come here...
...I wanna see real fucking food
in the refrigerator, and clean up.
You're a fucking idiot, Otis, but you're not
an animal, so stop living like one.
What do I do?
What do I say if it's him?
Just like in the movies.
Just keep him on the line
as long as you can.
Do you mind?
Keep him on the line.
We'll try and get a lock on him.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Hello.
- Let me speak to Riley.
- Oh, man. Oh, man.
She's so smart and you're so stupid.
He gets disturbed if you
don't use the name "Kim. "
My bad.
I'm sorry, what did you
say her name was again?
- Kim.
- She's stalling.
- She's trying to keep him on the line.
Are you serious?
I'm upset. I can't remember.
Kim. Kim, Kim, Kim.
Kim, right.
Is she...?
Is Kim?
- Is she all right?
- She's better than all right.
She's my steady girl now.
And that means nobody gets
to put their fingers inside her but me.
Can you believe I just said that?
- Give me the phone.
- Stop him. He's gonna blow this.
Don't fuck this up.
Let them do their job.
Their job? Dad, I've watched the news.
I know how this ends.
Keep going. We're close.
What do we need to do
to make sure that Kim stays alive?
Just let me take her to the prom.
Hello? Hello?
This guy's good. Can't get a lock.
Must be using analog.
Signal's roaming...
...and keeps getting bounced back
to our position. Could be anywhere.
Twenty-one hundred kids
are reported missing every day.
Gone, vanished...
...never to be heard from again.
In the case of Riley Lawson,
hope continues...
...but is this just another futile attempt...
...to find something
that might be forever lost?
And what of the man
who has seen Riley Lawson...
...who might be looking at her right now,
raping her with his eyes?
Raping her, or doing much, much worse?
We're very fortunate to have with us...
...the special agent in charge
of the Riley Lawson case...
...Special Agent Ralph Hotchkiss.
So, what's it gonna take
to catch this maniac?
Twenty-seven fifty, please.
I'm a profiler.
I live with the burden of empathy.
FBI, huh?
I see the world through
the eyes of the bad men.
When I see a woman's ankle,
I see it with a shackle on it.
The delicate bone of a woman's wrist...
...seems incomplete without
the flourish of a restraint.
- Mm-hm.
- The hollow of her neck...
Sometimes it seems a blank canvas...
...without a studded choke chain.
So is sociopathy, pedophilia,
sexual deviancy...?
Are these all on the rise in America?
Deviancy has been around for millennia.
The center for pleasure
and the center for pain...
...are located right next
to each other.
You stimulate one,
you often stimulate the other.
What exactly is it that separates you
from the people you hunt down?
I like to use a condom.
- Hello?
- Hello, ma'am.
- Who's calling?
- Oh, jeez, Mom.
You know who this is. It's me.
And I'm just calling because
I wanna find out...
...how late Kim can stay out tonight.
How late? Is she coming home?
It's prom night.
And, you know, king and queen
of the prom and everything.
You know, everything?
Prom night.
We're gonna groove on the dance floor...
...and she's gonna tell me
she loves me.
No, she's not.
And then you know what I'm gonna do?
She's my little girl.
She sure is, and I'm gonna fuck her.
You son of a bitch.
You low-life fucking scum.
- What did you say?
You heard me.
Nothing we do, nothing we say
is gonna stop you from hurting Riley.
- Riley?
- You're gonna get her killed.
- You're gonna get her fucking killed.
- Shut up.
You heard me. You telling me I'm wrong?
You telling me I'm wrong, you fucking pig?
I must have dialed the wrong number.
I mean, who's Riley?
Riley is my little girl.
Riley has her whole life in front of her.
She's my baby girl.
But it's Kim I'm going to fuck...
...right in the back seat of my car.
I will skin you. I will debone you.
I will feed your entrails
to our neighbor's Shih Tzu.
I'm sorry, but it's late. Gotta go.
I gotta put on my...
My... My... My... My boogie shoes.
Oh, my God.
What did I do? What did I do?
- Hello.
Hey, baby.
Tonight's the night.
You excited, Kim?
- Yeah.
- Me too.
You have your dress picked out?
I sure do.
Oh... Heh-heh.
Can't wait to see you in it.
My mom helped me pick out my suit.
I think it's super bitchen.
It's gonna make you hot.
I'll bet.
If it's anything like the dress,
it'll probably make me wet.
That's right, that's right.
Well, I'm gonna be there in just a sec.
I'm gonna pick you up
in the old Trans Am.
Try not to get
my seat too wet, baby, okay?
And, Kim, it's gonna be magical.
You know what this is?
Um, like, BOC?
Come on, Kim.
"Don't Fear the Reaper. "
Kim, don't tease me.
- Our song?
- Yes. Yes.
You know what that means?
That you love me...
...and I love you.
You like that?
It's nice. Right?
- Oh, it's good. Now, let's get...
- Please, don't.
Don't you ruin this.
Don't you fucking ruin this.
- Baby, wait.
- Wait, what?
I, um...
I want to get you out.
Won't you let me take you out, Otis?
I could, um...
I could touch you
with my hand, and then...
Can I, Otis?
Well, hello, ahem, big boy.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
Otis, this is gonna feel so good.
It's okay. It's okay, baby.
It's okay. Don't worry.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
- Wait. Just wait. Just stay there.
- No, stop.
Fuck. What are you doing here?
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Wait. Help, I'm...
- No.
Please stop.
No, please don't.
Don't. Please.
Please don't.
Oh, fuck. Oh, okay.
You are fucking back here.
- What the fuck you doing in there?
- I was play... Playing.
Play, playing what?
I was singing with your old toy,
the Mr. Microphone.
What the fuck are you doing that for?
What are you, American Idol?
- No.
- No. Fucking how about American Idiot?
I should give them a call.
I'm sure they need contestants.
I'm not an idiot.
Why did you hit me?
Because you're my fucking brother.
Because you're a total fuck-up.
Because you're a fucking piece of shit.
Forty fucking years old.
What are you doing?
You're supposed to be at work.
Oh, God, please work.
Said I wanted this place cleaned up.
Bet there's no fucking food.
No, there's no fucking food in there.
Froot Loops and pizza.
It's gotta be damn near 7:00.
What time does your shift start?
- Now.
- Now?
Get in the fucking car, Otis.
- But I gotta...
- I gotta? I gotta? Now, Otis.
Cut it out.
Mr. Latham...
I'm a criminologist, trained to hunt down
today's modern-day monsters...
...who do things to the human mind
and body...
...that Hollywood can only
hope to imitate...
...and now your wife may just as well
have put a Sawzall, a blowtorch...
...and a pair of vise grips
into this killer's hands.
Do you really expect me
to work under these conditions?
I have a good mind to go out there
right now and tell them all to just go home.
- Who?
- Who?
The candle people, that's who.
Standing out there in the dark,
alone, shivering, holding candles...
...and singing songs like "Where Have
all the Flowers Gone?" and "Eleanor Rigby. "
I don't even think the candle people
can help you now.
What a dick.
Hey. I'm gonna make you pay for that,
you little shit.
Hey, hotshot, if you ever talk to my son
like that again...
...I'll grab you by your scrotum
and pull it up over your head.
Mama Lion's got herself a mad on.
You'd better go after her...
...and tell her what an asshole I am.
It'll make her feel better.
Shut the fuck up.
- Oh, gosh, I'm sorry.
What I did to Riley. Sorry.
Mom, don't worry about that asshole.
You did what you had to do.
Dad. Dad, tell her. Tell her she was right.
Kate, Hotchkiss is an idiot, all right?
There's no rules for dealing
with something like this.
- Hello?
- Mom? Mom, it's me.
- Oh, my God. It's Riley.
- What? Riley!
- Baby. Hold on.
Mom, I got away from him.
I got away.
Oh, my God.
Riley, we're here. We're all here.
Daddy's here, and Reed is here.
- We're all here, baby. We're all here.
- Honey, honey, where are you?
The Trip-D Market in Fairview.
Honey, are you hurt?
My... My head, but...
- I'm bleeding, but...
- Bleeding? What the fuck did he do to you?
Who is he?
Where is he?
His name is Otis Broth.
- 739 Brighton.
- Honey, listen to me.
Is there a bathroom in this market?
Okay, I want you to get in that bathroom
and I want you to lock the door.
We'll be there soon.
We're gonna send you an ambulance...
...but, Riley, do not tell anyone
what you just told us.
Don't tell anyone where you were.
Do you understand me?
- No. Why?
- Riley, listen to your mother.
Don't repeat the address to anyone.
- Kate, what are you doing?
- You've gotta promise me, Riley.
Please, promise me you won't
repeat the address to anyone.
Okay. I won't. I promise.
Good girl. We love you, baby.
We'll be with you soon.
- What the fuck was that?
- Anything I need to know?
- Good timing, douche bag.
- We found her.
She found us. Nice going, G-man.
- Come again?
- It's Riley.
She's alive.
Hi, honey.
Hi. Hi, honey.
I love you, baby.
We're here, honey. We're all here.
I wanna go home. Please take me home.
We're gonna take you home, sweetheart,
as soon as we can:
I knew you'd make it, Ri.
Mr. And Mrs. Lawson,
may I see you for a moment?
Okay, okay.
We'll be back as soon as we can, okay?
Remember what I told you.
Your daughter has sustained
a head injury.
- Well, how serious is it?
- Well, we're not sure yet.
There's been some hemorrhaging.
What...? What is his name?
What's the bad man's name?
I don't know.
Where is he? Where's the bad man?
- Where is he?
- House.
Where? Where's the house?
I can't tell.
What did he do to you, Riley?
- Tried to...
- Danced?
Rape me:
The possibility of partial paralysis.
Oh, my God.
As soon as we get the results
of the MRI and the CAT scan...
...we'll have a better idea
of the damage, and...
- Yep, he raped her.
- What?
I fucking knew it.
She's, um, passed out.
Something you can give her
to bring her back? I haven't finished.
- I'm afraid that'll have to wait.
- Doc. Tell me she's gonna be all right.
- I can't question a vegetable.
Excuse me.
- There's been damage, but we don't know...
- Fuck.
We're talking colostomy bags
and wee-wee pads, am I right?
Did she say anything to you
about who it was...
...or where she was being held,
anything at all?
No, Agent Hotchkiss,
she didn't say a thing.
Go have another cappuccino,
Agent Ass-kiss.
It's the trauma.
Fuck Hotchkiss and fuck the FBI.
- Let's just go to the cops.
- Dad, get real.
Right. You really think that this pig
deserves due process, Will?
- Kate.
- What? Do you wanna take the chance...
...that Hotchkiss won't fuck up
the investigation and the arrest...
...so thoroughly that this Otis
won't walk on a technicality?
I've got two words for you, Will: O.J.
- Those were initials.
- Don't you nitpick.
No. No, Dad's right.
Let's play by the book.
Then we wait for a year,
then we go to court...
...we get on Nancy Grace
and Larry King, a Dateline special...
...48 Hours investigates. Then what?
Dad, let's go visit the fucker in prison.
Prison? That's exactly
what I'm talking about.
No, not just prison, supermax.
A prison within a prison.
Solitary confinement for life.
Eating our meals
through a hole in the door.
I'm talking about a place that's so bad
it's unconstitutional.
A place where terrorists go
and they don't come back.
And it's not gonna be Otis in there,
it's gonna be us.
At least if you're alone,
you can't get cornholed.
- Cornholed?
- I'm sorry, ass-fucked.
He beat up your little girl, okay?
He deflowered your little Ri-Ri.
Now tell me the truth, Will.
Down deep inside of you,
don't you just wanna...
...fuck up this guy
six ways from Sunday?
Yes. Yes, I do, but...
Will, I love you.
Now, please, go get some power tools.
How we gonna get in?
Bust a window and bust a move.
- Goddamn it, no.
- It'll be like squashing a bug, Will.
He's a human being.
Not the kind we're used to, but...
- What is wrong with you?
- He's got a heartbeat. Eyes. Looking at us.
It wasn't a rhetorical question.
I really wanna know.
It's not a person we're talking about, Will.
It's a worthless piece of scum.
He's a pig, and I did read
Lord of the Flies.
- I know what happens to pigs.
- So you're a savage now.
- We're all savages.
- You're a nurse, Kate.
Exactly, which is
why I'm best qualified...
...to understand what some thing
can endure.
Somebody. You almost said it.
- He stuck his penis in my sister.
- That's enough.
He's her brother, Will.
It's a perfectly natural reaction.
- Natural.
- Primal.
And you're her father.
That's primal too.
It's the brutal,
primal order of things, Will.
- In the wild, nobody manages their anger.
- We're in the wild now?
Yes, Will. Deep in the wild.
- The horror. The horror.
- This is what you want?
- You really wanna do this?
- More than anything, and so do you.
Here he comes.
- What the fuck...?
Hello, Otis.
How did you get in here?
- Broth. What kind of a name is Broth?
- My kind of fucking name. Who are you?
- I think you know who we are.
- We? Get the fuck out of my house, bitch.
Get him, Reed.
Come on, motherfucker.
Okay, do it.
- Kate...
Do it.
Wait, wait. No.
- I just gotta scoot you back...
For fucking out loud.
Just get back here, okay?
Just do the goddamn thing.
Hey! Wait, wait, wait.
Whoa. Dude.
- Dude.
- Okay, there we go.
You know, I'm a little worried because you
might like wires up your ass, Otis.
- I'm not...
- Shut up.
- I'm not Otis.
- You ever hear of Albert Fish?
You know, the Brooklyn Vampire?
He was a pedophile such as yourself.
He used to like to stick needles
in his own perineum.
He thought electrocution
was the ultimate thrill.
- Kate.
- What?
These serial-killing perverts,
they're all alike.
You know, they can't get a woody...
...unless they're doing something
that no sane person would do.
You getting a little blood
to the lower extremities, there, Otis?
Like a little red needle
on your freak meter?
- Honey.
- Are you gonna deny it?
You're gonna deny that you raped
my daughter, that you tortured her...
...that you killed and cut up five other girls
in your little playpen down there?
Yeah, that's right. We found it.
We found it, your little girl's bedroom,
your little sweet 16 party.
A Cinderella story.
This guy, this unknown...
...comes out of nowhere
to lead the pack at Augusta.
He's got about 350 yards left.
He's gonna hit about a 5-iron,
don't you think?
He's got a beautiful backswing.
He got all of that one.
My God. Somebody's gonna hear us, Kate.
- I know. Do something about it.
- Like what?
I've already smashed him in the face
with a shovel. I've hotwired his rectum.
Rectum. Damn near killed him.
- He's in pain.
- You think?
You think it's anything like the pain
that he inflicted on your only daughter?
- He's crying out.
- I know he's crying out. Shut him up.
I'll do it. I'll burn out his vocal cords.
No, let your father handle this.
Come here, Will.
What if she's pregnant, Will?
What if right now
this genetic mutant's seed...
...is joining with Riley's beautiful,
young egg:::
...and his spawn is growing
inside our daughter's belly?
I am the decider, Will, and I am telling you,
shut this serial-killing son of a bitch up.
I will.
- I will.
No. No!
I'm gonna shut this son of a bitch up.
It's okay, dear.
I'm Agent Ralph Hotchkiss.
I'm in charge of your investigation,
and I helped find you.
Now, we wanna catch this sicko
for everything that he's done.
So can you tell me anything
about where you were?
I can't remember.
You don't remember? Nothing?
You don't remember anything?
You were just there being raped
by a madman over and over...
...and you remember nothing?
I mean, was it a?
Was it a blue house, was it a pink house?
Nothing. Right.
What about what he looked like, Riley?
Can you help me in that area?
A description of?
I know, what about a name?
Can you give me a name?
So you don't want to know where he is,
just his name?
- I thought you didn't know where he is.
- Right.
Right, I can't tell...
What is his name?
His name is Otis.
That's a nice name.
What's the blender for?
Well, I thought your dad
could cut his fingers and toes off...
...and we could blend them
into a smoothie and make him drink it.
Thinking outside the box. Mom, I like it.
- Will, wait.
- Yeah?
I don't know if you're gonna get
through the bone with those.
Here, why don't you try this?
Thank you, dear.
- Yeah.
- Christ. Hotchkiss.
- What?
- All right, quiet.
Put it on speaker.
- What?
- So we can all listen.
- Hello?
Mr. Lawson, where are you?
Where...? Where are we?
Where are we?
- We're out getting a cake for Riley.
- Mrs. Lawson, is that you?
Yep, it is, Agent Hotchkiss.
Yes, we're out getting Riley
her favorite cake.
- Red velvet.
- Cake.
Great, well, you might wanna get back here,
because she's awake and she's talking.
What's she talking about?
She gave us a description of the perp.
Guy is 6'4", 300 pounds...
...early 40s, fucking huge.
Probably hasn't seen his johnson
since third grade.
His name is Otis. Otis. And get this:
She remembers him. He's the pizza guy
that delivered to your house.
- What?
- That's right. That's what I said.
If we figure out
which parlor he delivered for...
...we get his address,
we have the fucker in jail by midnight.
There's 37 pizza parlors
in the greater metropolitan area.
Do you remember which one
he delivered from?
This isn't the pizza guy.
Of course it is. It has to be.
No, it's not. I've seen that guy.
He's a freaking ape. This is not him.
Six-foot-four, 300 pounds.
This guy's a fucking munchkin.
Yeah, a really mean munchkin.
Elmo. Elmo Broth.
This isn't his address.
- We got the wrong guy.
What? Oh, God.
Oh, my fucking God,
what have we done?
This is not the pizza guy.
Kate. Fix him.
- What?
- Help him.
- You're a nurse, for chrissakes.
- Fix him?
Oh, I know, maybe I'll just get
some super-glue.
Maybe some duct tape. Fix him?
He was just about to drink
his own toes, Will.
- Just about to drink his own toes.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- He's not. He's not, is he?
- Oh, yeah.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. What did you do?
What did we do?
Yeah, we just gotta book it,
just get out of here.
Book it?
Book it? To where? To Pelican Bay?
To Sing Sing? Look at what we've done.
We've mutilated and killed
the wrong man...
...and there is evidence
- All right, get a grip, Will.
- Get a grip. On what?
The turgid phallus
of my 300-pound cellmate?
Cellmate? You said we'd get solitary.
Oh, you think this is funny,
Mr. Smart-Ass, Mr. Lord-of-the-Flies.
Well, Hotchkiss is gonna
figure out this address.
Fuck Hotchkiss. He can't even
find his asshole.
- I don't give a fuck about Hotchkiss.
- Then what?
- Otis.
Fucking A.
The freakazoid's out there,
and we're standing in his garage.
And we just killed his fucking brother.
- Mama fucking Lion.
- What?
- Well, I didn't wanna do this, Kate.
- That is so not helpful, Will.
- I can't believe you're gonna go there.
- Fucking bloodlust.
What is wrong with you guys?
You didn't maybe think to check his wallet
before we fucking filleted him?
Oh, this is my fault.
Now you're gonna blame me for this.
Get a mop.
Will, will you turn the goddamn lights off?
Someone's gonna see us.
Jesus. Take the key
out of the fucking ignition.
All right.
What are you doing?
I didn't say turn the engine off.
You have to turn the engine off
to get the keys out.
Just start getting the goddamn bags
out of the back.
Will you two fucking help me?
Get it out, Reed. Come on.
Get it in the Dumpster.
Can't you do anything? That's not helping.
Get the bag.
Just get in the truck. Get in the truck.
Let's go.
- Reed.
Get in the goddamn car.
- Come on.
- In the truck now.
Fuck this.
More to give.
More to give.
More to give.
The pizza was still hot.
And you said... You said
you wished you had more to give.
We're gonna take you home, honey.
In the morning.
They said as soon as they sign your papers
for the release...
...we're gonna get to take you home.
Everything is gonna be fine.
Doctor said we could take you home.
Yeah. Mom just said.
Did they find him?
I didn't...
Didn't recognize...
...his uniform. It wasn't Slice of Heaven.
They did not find him...
You... You didn't. You didn't go there.
You went there.
To the address.
That's why you didn't want me to...
No, no, no, Riley. No, no.
You saw it.
All of it, and you saw him.
Don't be silly.
Okay, do it.
I'll burn out his vocal cords.
- No, no, no.
No, no, no.
I've already smashed him
in the face with a shovel.
Motherfuckers. Motherfuckers.
Your dad could cut his fingers and
toes off we could blend them in a smoothie...
...and make him drink it.
No. No. Don't.
How was the cake?
- The red velvet cake.
The red velvet cake.
Riley's favorite?
I bet it was really good.
Yeah. Um...
It was good.
- Sorry we didn't save any for you.
- It's okay.
Has there been any progress,
Agent Hotchkiss...
...finding the man
who did this to my daughter?
Um, yes, there has, Mrs. Lawson.
There's been some progress.
Did you know that this hospital
has a chapel?
What do you say we go
have a little chat...
...in the presence of God.
So we tracked down the residence.
Otis Broth. Found his whole setup.
Underground dungeon.
Chains, torture videos,
some pretty sick shit.
The only problem is...
...I don't think I'm ever gonna find him.
Well, it turns out that this Otis,
he videotaped everything.
Had these digital cameras, three of them,
activated with motion sensors.
Some pretty interesting shit.
Now, you would expect
your basic gore porn, right?
Snuff films.
Succulent young babes getting laid,
flayed, and death-delayed...
...till some whack-a-do busts his nut,
shoots them in the head...
...and gets to work with a hacksaw.
What's on the camera, Agent Hotchkiss?
What do you think, Mr. Lawson?
What's on it?
Well, unfortunately, all the cameras
were pointed in the wrong direction...
...to catch the entire spectacle...
...but we got audio.
Dolby, surround sound.
We captured everything
you guys did to Otis.
As far as I'm concerned,
he got everything he deserved.
The smoothie
had me worried for a little while...
...but the tape ran out before
it got too out of hand.
Out of hand.
You three are
some badass motherfuckers.
I gotta tell you, I wish I could've
had a crack at him too.
You heard us kill Otis?
It's all on here.
And you're not gonna tell anyone?
What, the other cops, the other parents?
Oh, they'd love this, but no.
I'm not gonna rat you out.
Oh, God.
Oh, God, thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you, God.
- Thank you, Agent Hotchkiss.
It's a 3-D jigsaw puzzle that very few
are trained to understand.
Let us pray.
You're lying to me.
You guys did something. I can tell.
- Tell her.
- There's nothing to tell.
Honey, you're home and you're safe.
What would you like for dinner?
- Am I? I mean, am I safe?
- Fuck, no.
What is going on?
- Mom.
- Reed?
Riley, we went over there
and killed Otis' brother.
We thought it was Otis, but it wasn't.
It was his fucking brother...
You killed...
Otis is still out there coming for us.
- Reed.
- What, Dad? We're sitting ducks.
- You killed Otis' brother?
- It was your mother's idea.
- God, you're gonna start that again.
- It's the truth.
- Mom.
- Look.
Now would be a good time
to manage your anger, Will.
Oh, I'll manage it, okay? I'll manage.
I'm gonna call the cops...
...we're gonna turn ourselves in...
...they're gonna take us into custody,
and we'll be safe.
- Fuck this.
- Yeah. We'll be surrounded by police.
- Oh, great. That's just great.
Look, you're either in the marriage
or you're not.
I'm not so sure anymore.
What the fuck are you doing?
They're gonna be at each other
for the next 30 minutes.
I'm not waiting around.
Mom and Dad went apeshit, Riley.
They really fucked him up.
They thought it was Otis, he raped you...
...and he beat you and he's...
- Raped me?
- Yeah.
He didn't.
24-Hour Pizza.
- What?
- 24-Hour Pizza.
No, wait a minute.
- He didn't?
- No.
He wanted to, but he didn't.
He couldn't. He just...
He danced with me.
- Fuck.
- Excuse me, hello?
Yeah, I'd like to order a pizza.
- Thick crust or thin?
- Thick, with everything.
- Super extravaganza?
- Sure, large, whatever.
Extra tomato sauce.
206 Twin Oaks Avenue.
That'll be 19.84,
30 minutes with a smile.
Whatever you do, don't tell them
he didn't rape you.
What kind of man wimps out
when his women are being abused?
Wimps out? I hit the man
with a shovel, Kate.
- I electrocuted his asshole.
- But you didn't want to.
- Of course I didn't want to.
- We're talking about justice.
Justice, yeah. An eye for an eye.
Your whole world
is about to go blind, Kate...
...because that son of a bitch
is still out there and he is pissed off.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe we call Hotchkiss.
Hotchkiss, the FBI, right?
Yeah, maybe he can zap him
with his laser pointer.
- It was your idea.
- No. I wanted to call the police, not the FBI.
Hey, here's a good idea.
Here's a great idea.
We wait for Otis to come, right?
We wait for the psychopath.
We wait for the pedophile to show up,
the serial killer...
...and then when he gets here, we burn
the whole fucking house down, huh?
That'd be great, right?
We'll all burn together.
I'll get it.
- No.
- Reed, wait.
Reed, what are you doing
with a shotgun?
- Who is it?
- 24-Hour Pizza.
- Done and done.
- Oh, my God.
- Pizza?
- Pizza?
Is it him?