Ottam (2019) Movie Script

"The beautiful city welcomes"
"The beautiful city welcomes"
"In one eye welcome"
"In the other farewell"
"In one eye welcome"
"In the other - farewell"
"This soil is where Lord Padmanabha lives"
"This soil is where the sounds
of the new procession echo"
"This soil is where Lord Padmanabha lives"
"This soil is where the sounds
of the new procession echo"
This land belonged to a king, who believed that the
kingship must be used for the welfare of the country
They declared themselfs as the
servants of the 'Pathmanaban'
Is it okay?
"The heights of victory"
"The depths of failure"
"In between them - wounded hearts run"
"The heights of victory"
"The depths of failure"
"In between them - wounded hearts run"
"The sorrows of the Story"
"Stories of pain"
"counting the grains in the chaff"
"Desires get confused"
"the embracing beauty"
"the deceiving demoness"
"the embracing beauty"
"the deceiving demoness"
"O beautiful city, beautiful city"
"O beautiful city, beautiful city"
"This soil is where Lord Padmanabha lives"
"This soil is where the sounds
of the new procession echo"
"This soil is where Lord Padmanabha lives"
"This soil is where the sounds
of the new procession echo"
This is Thampanoor railway station.
People come here with different goals.
When some people come here with new hopes,
Others come here with all hopes lost.
Is that Ok?
Ok Ramya.
Sorry Sorry
Here is the phone.
Thank you.
Catch him!
Come here Man!
Come here!
Who are you guys?
Ramachandra, pull him inside!
Why are you pulling me?
Leave me!
Sit there quietly.
Who are you all?
Keep quiet!
Sit there!
Dude, sit there!
I am telling you to sit there.
I am telling you to sit there.
Dont say a word!
I will smash your head off.
Who are you?
Who are you all?
Do you want to know?
Keep quiet!
"In the path of time"
"The sun, wind and clouds"
"Continue their race"
"The whole world imitates them"
"In the race of life"
"We'll come first, swiftly"
Its the wrong person.
Its not him, its this guy.
"While running, who will win "
"The one in front or the one at the back"
"Full of greed, forgetting the path"
"Racing, unable to leave the fever of desire"
The project will earn a million dollars.
We will divide it into four.
"With each one wanting to win"
"The city writhes with gigantic speed"
Dude, where are you going?
To die.
I told you that we wont kill you, then what?
Drop me near the Railway station.
Where do you want to go?
Not to go anywhere,
Just to jump under a train.
What Man? What for?
Dont talk rubbish.
Maybe you came to die,
Its another guy whom I have to kill.
You may leave this place
only after he is dead.
You will be alive till then.
You sit there.
My wish should come true at least when I die.
Abhi, Vinay, two guys who are strangers.
Vinay was always there ahead of Abhi.
There is a person ahead of each us.
Or we have someone behind us.
from the lives of these four runners
who didnt know each other,
Dude, theres a long queue up there.
Lets see if theres someone we know.
Lets start from a night four years back,
You wait here.
Will we get it?
Brother one 'MC' full.
Brother, could you please buy me a pint?
Hey, dont push.
Brother, you take it.
Time is almost over.
They will close now.
Please ask.
Time's up.
Brother, a full please.
Even a half is enough.
Time's up.
Hey man, I told you already,
Dude, stand in the queue.
Time's up
What is this?
No use in standing here now,
you may leave.
You should have stood in the queue.
What shall we do now?
Pour it
Here brother drink.
This is the last bottle of the day.
Which means the most valuable one.
For the bottles
which were not born after this,
And for all the disappointed drunkards out there,
Dude, I thought we would be disappointed.
Soon after his turn, the door was closed.
The doors never get closed before Vinay,
They always open for me.
"Did you know, out there in the sky"
"A thousand toddy shops
are going to be opened"
"Did you know, out there in the sky"
"A thousand toddy shops
are going to be opened"
Rejoice in the name of God,
Thy shall fulfil all your wishes.
Surrender your life to the God,
Believe in The God,
Thy shall take care of you.
Thy shall execute justice for you,
And your rights too.
Did you get it?
Come, come.
Its a disappointing day,
The person in front of me got.
When I put my hand through the counter,
The door was closed.
I am heart-broken.
What shall we do now?
From where can we get it now?
My hands are shivering.
You do one thing,
Call the Vicar.
Does he have the stuff?
He will have the stuff stocked.
All priests will have it.
Just call and see.
It would be nice, if we could get some
Which is his number?
Yes, the Vicar.
Here it is.
Its ringing.
Father, Praise the Lord.
Who's Chachappan?
Yes Father, you tell me.
Ah..Diamond engineering.
Yes, from Diamond engineering,
Father, are you already asleep?
Is there something ?
No, I just called to,
Ask you whether I should come to the
church tomorrow, for the confession,
In the Morning or evening?
Come whenever you are comfortable.
Okay then
Father, dont cut the call.
I had one more thing to ask.
Don't disturn man,
say it fast.
Do you have a bottle?
I wont tell anyone.
Rum or brandy or Whisky,
anything will do.
I shall return you tomorrow,
The shops are closed today, thats why.
Is that the duty of a priest
to arrange alchol for you?!
I will make you do confession!
hang up the phone!
Are they teaching to abuse
in the seminaries, these days?
It was a waste to read the bible.
Why did you read the bible,
for a bottle?
It was for you guys to come back early.
And here you are, empty handed.
Who else could I call at this time?
Didnt you hear the priest
say in his speech the other day,
That we could approach him for any help.
But he didnt mention about the bottle.
Oh, didnt he?
No. No.
How unlucky we are.
Reached right up to the door,
But didnt get the stuff.
Unlucky fellow.
Dude Chaachappan, only the guy
who missed it knows the pain.
And the guy who didnt get it,
know his pain too.
Arrest the guys who attacked Sony Thopil!
our leader brother Sony,
Lead us!
We need justice from the police.
Arrest the guys who attacked Sony Thopil!
Arrest the guys who attacked Sony Thopil!
We need justice from the police.
Brother Sony, our leader,
Go ahead!
We need justice from the police.
Brother Stop.
Brother, I need to go to
Royal Engineering College.
Get in.
Stop,stop. I said to Stop the vehicle!
Stop it here
What, whats the matter?
Ok, get inside.
Brother, I have an interview at 11 am.
I shall drop you after
dropping them off in the hospital.
take her to the near by hostiptal
please sit by adjusting a little.
Sit inside.
Yeah,go carefully.
Are you ok?
Ok, thats enough.
Hello, Yes, its chance No. 1.
If nobodys admitted in merit,
Then I will have the first chance.
No, all have joined.
Only one more person is left to join now.
- Sania?
- Yes.
Brother, my college admission is at 11 am.
Dear, its a lifelong shame if
she delivers the baby inside a rikshaw.
You please drop us in the hospital.
Abhin Gee Varghese!
Abhin Gee Varghese?
Vinay Sankar.
Please wait.
Ok Sir.
How much is it?
I dont want 1000 or 500 bucks,
Just give me 100 bucks.
Dear, hold me please.
Brother, its already late.
Please go fast.
Hey, whats your blood group?
Whats your blood group?
Its A+.
You come here.
Brother, why should I come with you?
Just come with me.
Brother, I have an interview in the college.
You can go soon.
Its not possible to find another person now.
Brother, I have an interview.
You may leave soon.
I have to get admission to college.
You may leave soon.
Brother, leave him.
Of course, I will.
Sister, please tell him.
- Vinay Sankar?
- Sir.
Wish you all the best.
Thank you, Sir.
Hey, Abhin?
No, Vinay, Vinay Sankar.
- Sorry, the name I saw on the list was Abhin.
- Ok.
- Are you going to the town?
- Yes.
I shall drop you.
Daddy, this is my batchmate, Vinay.
- Hello Uncle!
- Hello.
Sir, Abhin Gee Varghese.
You are late.
Another guy joined already.
Sir, I couldnt find a bus due
to the strike, thats why.
Why are you here, standing
in front of the bathroom?
Mummy, its been a long time
since Abhi went inside to take shower.
Why are you standing here?
Let him shower.
Not that Mummy, I think he is crying there.
Thats why
Why is he wasting water for that?
He can just cry.
Because he doesnt want us to know.
The water comes in the tap here
once in a while.
Get lost Cat
Not the cat, its me, Kunjechi.
Abhis admission was today, right?
Did he join the college?
He didnt join.
It was late when he reached the college.
Someone else joined there.
Thats unlucky.
He had decided to be unlucky
since the time he was born.
It will be like that only.
Sara, dont be so loud.
Wont he hear that?
He is already 17.
Wont he feel sad?
Let him be sad.
What will you do now?
What else to do?
Let him go to Chaachappan brothers workshop.
Thats also engineering.
May be thats his fate.
The electricity went off.
Is the dinner ready, Kunjechi?
Did she leave?
"In these chasms of death created by life"
"The rail-tracks wear away
rubbing against the wheels"
"If young lives fall down"
"We run away without a glance"
"To reach the lasting goal"
"This race of darkness continues"
"Spreading its wings"
"You too flow in that chariot of time"
"Whom to tell this fate?"
"In the path of time"
"The sun, wind and clouds"
"Continue their race"
"The whole world imitates them"
"In the race of life"
"Well come first, swiftly"
"While running, who will win "
"The one in front or the one at the back"
"Full of greed, forgetting the path"
"Racing, unable to leave the fever of desire"
"With each one wanting to win"
"The city writhes with gigantic speed"
Come dear.
I am coming, Dad.
Mummy, I am leaving.
Are you leaving without taking lunch?
- May I leave?
- Come fast.
Oh, my curry.
Our dearest, caring,
god-like great grandfather,
Has left us.
Who got the chance today?
The father of Sebatty
who is in germany.
But he dosen't had the habit of
drinking alcohol and smoking.
yeah,that's why he died fast.
Our dear Marotikaparambil Ittichan
has left us.
Our caring father, dear son, has left us.
I would like to request you all to pray that
his soul may rest in peace.
Dear people, our beloved
Marotikaparambil Ittichan has left us.
May his soul rest in peace
Will see you in the evening.
Which is this coat?
My uncle sent this from
Germany through online for me.
- For you?
- No, for my uncle.
You can wear it for your wedding.
I would like to request
you all to attend his burial.
He used to eat only organic food,
not to get any cholesterol and sugar.
There he goes
I feel very bad.
You go and buy a pint for me.
Sit quietly.
Its because I am feeling sad.
- Just sit quietly.
- I am sad.
Lets finish all the work.
Start it.
Cut it.
Whats this Chaachapan brother?
This is the design we had sent to
Toyota company some time back.
Dont grin.
This is the design to change the car steering
into pedal steering as in an aeroplane.
- Then?
- Then what?
They might have torn it away.
People value you only if
you wear jeans and speak English.
Dude Mony, whatever we do is no use.
(Singing poem)
Where are you dear?
Where are you Wind?
I went to Kumbamela,
- but reached at Jellikettu.
- Really?
So, I decided to watch bull fight.
You are the real Wind,
who keeps on roaming around all the time.
I am feeling jealous.
I want to fly around like wind.
Who gave you this name?
That person should be killed,
what a name?
Sing dude,
(Singing the poem)
Do you know why he is singing this song now?
Its not a song, its a poem.
Its a poem written by Kurippuzha Sreekumar.
Not Kurippuzhas, Jessy is mine, K V Jessy.
Do you have the disease
of singing song?
Not the poem, Jessy is his lover.
They studied together in the 9th grade.
A lover for Chaachapan brother?
Mischievous fellow.
Whats the problem if I have a lover?
I am very handsome, you monkey.
Sing once again.
(Singing the poem)
God,very high temperature
People are having fever everywhere.
Sister, they are all drinking Brandy
saying it will cure the fever.
Some are drinking it with hot water,
And some drinking with ginger and pepper.
When all their money is finished,
They have come to the government hospital.
Mom, if Dr Biji is not here,
- We shall go to EMC hospital.
- Ok.
Which doctor you want to see?
Dr Biji, physician.
- Name?
- Sarah.
- Age?
- 52.
Its 100 bucks.
Your number is 34.
- 34, right?
- Fine.
Give it to me
Come here.
Welcome Vinay.
Now you are part of our company.
Project in charge.
Thank you, sir.
Sania has told me a lot about
your talents and work experience.
Me and Daddy are not father and daughter,
We are partners.
I approve what my partner suggests.
That means there is no
other relationship in business.
Hope you can understand.
Definitely, Sir.
Pour dude.
Ohh, its stinking here.
Spray some perfume, dude.
Its not because I dont like
to drink that which not stinks.
We dont have to stay here like this.
Its a contract worth 3 lakhs.
If we get it, we will be saved.
Why do you need money to be safe?
Has anyone, who has money, been saved?
They all have been in big trouble.
Its annoying.
I dont like to wait like
a dog in front of someones door.
Did you get it?
Yes, the order is ready.
They are saying that a
new guy is going to take charge.
I heard that he is very strict.
We are also strict, isnt it Abhi?
Dear Chaachapan brother, please dont spoil it.
Set a drink, dude.
Once you get a hold of it,
you should not let it go.
What else to get?
Dont you remember
the Vergers daughter, Brijita?
That fat lady,
She was as thin as a worm,
When she was married
and sent to that Ezhupunna Tharakans house,
She became fat.
She loved Tharakans son.
If you have someone in your mind,
Also consider the financial status
Thats the only way to escape now.
When you love someone, choose a rich guy.
Then why didnt you find one?
He said he was employed in Gulf,
during marriage.
The truth was revealed later.
I am saying all this,
So that she wont be in the
same condition as me.
Now, everything is up to her.
Only one more serving left.
Then you serve it.
Come on. Serve it.
You call Abhi and
ask him to bring some water.
I already told him.
Oh, you are great. You are improving.
Give me some water.
No water here, no water.
Give me some water.
If you want some water, look somewhere else.
- Let me take of the coat,
- Dont take, dont.
Shouldnt I take off the coat?
This place is not for drinking.
What a man you are?
Its here.
Should I buy water from another shop?
If you want, have a drink and sit quietly.
Tell the Govt. to give you water also.
There he comes to take water.
If we dont cooperate with each other,
how can we live?
I read somewhere that
next world war will be for water.
When we do something,
we should do it in the proper way.
Do you want pickles?
Oh, you wanted water for this?
You could drink it just like that.
Just to take care of my liver.
Dears, come here.
We dont enough drinks to give them.
We have only water.
You have a great mind.
Dont run, I will hit you.
Dont run.
I will smash you
Dont speak.
What you did is very cheap.
Is it a good thing to encroach
in others property and drink?
We didnt object when you came here.
- Come here.
- Sir, I didnt drink.
I only ate the pickles.
His pickles, I will hit you.
- Sir, please leave. The button will come off.
- Its a new shirt.
If I leave you, wont you run away?
No Sir, we wont run.
I am from a prestigious family.
- What?
- Prestigious family.
Chaachapan always keeps his word.
Ok, then come with me.
Sir, they are running.
Hey, dont run. Come here.
Sir, dont pull my dhoti,
Im not wearing my underpants.
Come here, walk.
Sir, please dont hit.
Hey, stop there.
I dont even feel I am drunk.
Hey, come fast.
I am speaking to this guy.
The children came late from the school.
Thats why I am late.
Hey Sulochana, stop.
Whos that?
I didnt get in.
Dont jump, dont!
He jumped.
I will serve then.
Sister, do you want some beef?
Do you want some beef?
Hey, whats it?
I am sitting here to poop.
Do you poop with your underwear on?
Dear, SI Lonappan and colleagues
have arrested the people
who were drinking in public
at Valappil Vaniyaparanmbil.
You can view this live through Facebook.
He caught them from the shores of Appangad.
Just see his face.
He is the most popular drunkard in this place.
Take them inside.
-You get lost
- Come here drunkard.
Ok, you may leave.
I will see you.
That drunkard is threatening me now.
Get in.
He has threatened to kill me.
He will be responsible
if something happens to me.
Please note his face.
Sir, please show his face.
I will see you later.
Get lost.
Dear viewers, see, this is
whats happening here.
Sir, I am the ward member, Sony Thoppil.
I am the one who informed you.
I will inform you if there are more.
Come here.
Where are you going?
I went to the Ration shop.
Do you go to shop with your
underwear on your shoulders?
Wear it.
Go now.
Stop there.
Whats it?
This is water and soda.
What is it for?
To take a medicine.
I know what medicine you take with soda.
Whats your fathers name?
Gee Varghese.
Gee Varghese, ok, come.
To where?
To the station.
Sir, why do I have to come?
- Get in. I will tell you.
- Sir.
Start the vehicle, get in.
Do I have to come, sir?
Start the vehicle.
Ok, lets go.
Ok, get off.
Sir, it was a mistake.
It should not happen.
I will not repeat it. Let me go.
Come, come.
Sir, this guy wants to go.
Call your friends who ran away.
Who is it, sir?
The guys who were with you, have run away.
Let them come.
Then we will decide.
They are all youngsters, poor fellows.
Not strong-minded as us.
I will not let you go unless they come here.
I will charge you with gathering,
drinking and sexual harassment.
Sir, I am not involved in any sexual harassment.
Call them.
- Some beef?
- I dont want.
- Why?
- I am vegetarian.
But I am non-vegetarian.
Dude, serve some veg curry here.
You eat beef, dont you?
Yes, I do.
(Phone ringing)
Chaachapan, where have you reached?
Dont force me to say anything.
You guys ran away leaving me.
Chaachapan, where are you?
I am in the station.
Chaachapa, I am at work.
Try to get rid of it somehow.
For that you have to come.
Please come dear, we shall go together.
How can I come?
I need to finish the work committed.
You have to be responsible.
What work?
Chaachapa, please, dont force me.
- I got a job to serve.
- Serve?
Dear, its me whos calling you.
Brother, do you want some beef?
Dear Monys, please come here.
Dear Chaachapa, I cant come now.
Im disconnecting the phone.
Where is Subi?
Give me some beef.
I will give you. Dont eat me.
Give me some water.
Soda is fine.
Sir, shall I leave?
I didnt do anything.
Come out, come.
See this.
I cant keep this at home.
My wife will be angry.
Hows it?
Im showing this to you
because you are an artists son.
Its the script of Karlosmans story.
Do you understand?
Its George Kutty Masters.
Its very precious to me.
Is this something to be kept in the lock up?
How many stages we had performed it?
That was a great time.
Did you understand what I said?
You have to help me generously.
I shall tell him.
Thats not enough,
Whats the use in living like this?
We need to have a satisfaction in our life.
Your Dad was a real king on stage.
And Mom was a queen.
Their performance was always excellent.
We need to bring it on the stage once again.
Thats my greatest wish.
Sure Sir.
Your wish will come true.
What? Stand over there.
Sir, shall I leave then?
Hey Abhi,
Sir, he is my acquaintance.
He is a big pest.
Sir, could you please let him .
Take him, but you have to do
what I told you.
Sure Sir, it will happen.
What will happen?
Whatever you want to happen, that will.
His mother has to act in a drama.
Will that happen?
Only that much? Of course, it will.
Or this Chaachapan will make it happen.
Is it true?
I will get it done, sir.
Then, Ok sir. See you.
Let's move
Monys, come.
God, save me.
Heres the beef roast.
Why did you come?
To see if Im dead?
The situation was
You all escaped pushing me into the hell.
Dont say like that.
I had sent this guy.
Dont tell me that story.
Forgive him Chaachapa, he is our friend.
How to forgive?
How much liquor have I bought for you?
- You should be grateful.
- Not for me
I thought you will stand by me.
But we need to take care of ourselves too.
Leave it Chaachapa, anyways
you came out without any injury.
You dont speak a word.
What did you tell the police about me?
That Im an acquaintance, right?
Is it a shame to say
that I am your master?
Oh, is it a shame to you?
Is Chaachapan that bad?
What you said is not good.
Dude Abhi, you said like that?
We are just your acquaintance.
I didnt expect that from you.
So, you all are blaming me now.
Chaachapa, you take this.
Will we ever neglect you?
Who else will be there for us then?
You make me sentimental.
You defeated me with this beef,
Here, have it.
Annie, arent you invited for
Aunts daughters holy communion?
We are not going to attend it.
Isnt Saarah home, dear?
Mummy, some people are here to see you.
Ask them the matter.
If it is for money, ask them to come later.
We are not here for money,
We are your old friends.
What fish is this?
Its mackerel, cant you see?
Wheres your son?
He is in the workshop.
Have a look at this photo.
This is Gee Varu, its me,
This is Saarah, your mummy.
Your Mom and Dad fell in love
on the stage, do you know that?
Karlosmans story,
Saarah should be having some of the photos,
dont you?
I tore away everything long back.
We are trying to revive our
Youth Chavittu Naadaka Art Association,
We need to perform Karlosman once again.
We want Saarah to
play the role of Queen in that.
I am not ready,
Move away.
We will convince her for that.
After Dads death, she is like this.
Is it?
Me and brother tried a lot to change her.
You arrange all the other things,
- Mummy will come.
- Fine dear.
I had contacted that boy once.
He will be with us.
That girl is also smart.
Of course, she has art in her blood.
Yes, yes.
On the occasion of Kannamaly St joseph Church festival
On 20 October 1997 evening 8 o clock,
The Youth Chavittu Naataka Art Association
presents Karlosman story, a musical drama.
On the stage, Gee Varghese,
Hey, its our dad.
Seban, Eesy, Kunjeesho, Lonappan, Saarah.
Hey, Mummy is also there.
I should have burned everything that day itself.
She doesnt look convinced.
She will be fine.
If it doesnt work, that policeman will trouble us.
Dear, you stay calm.
Mummy will act in the play, wait and see.
"In this beautiful Palace garden"
"Let us dance happily"
Its nice.
(Drama Rehearsal)
- How much is it?
- 50 bucks.
- Come inside.
- As children insisted
- Of course, they are talented children, isnt it?
- Yes.
You know the Master, dont you?
Thambi Master.
- Hello.
- Hello.
This is Shajan, this is Johnson.
Master, lets start.
Lets first start with this.
Come, lets start.
(Drama Rehearsal)
Look Sania, I have a lot of dreams.
I will try to fulfil all of them in my life.
The thing that I hate most
in this world is death.
The saddest thing in my life is
when you leave me happily.
You guys celebrate my birthday.
Birthdays celebrations are too boring,
With cake, candles and happy birthday songs.
I didnt buy the cake just
because you told me not to.
I told you so many times to buy.
What cake, I will chop your head off.
What I want is something else.
You are our darling,
Tell us what you want.
Should we buy another bottle?
For that also, I will have to pay, right?
Of course.
Not that dear,
tell us whats your last wish.
We will make it happen, isnt it, dude?
You serve one more drink.
Is that your last wish?
Why just one, you have three.
Do you want to drink and die?
Get lost.
- Shall I pour some water?
- No, no need of water.
Let me tell you.
- Yes, tell us dear.
- Come on
Stop laughing and tell us.
I want to meet Jessy.
Thats my wish.
She is in my heart. I want to meet her.
Is it possible, you beggars!
Can you arrange that?
You are a bad person.
How can you meet
someone you loved years back?
She is someone elses wife now.
Not sure how may children
she has got now.
She is my Jessy.
Jessy whom I loved.
It was me who met her first,
before her husband and children.
For a girl lover comes first.
Husband is only after that.
So, lover has right on her till she dies.
You are in a very good mood now.
Abhi, let him have one more drink.
Happy birthday to you! Chaachappa!
Hey, I have a wish.
You have to make it happen.
Dont say a word.
Let him talk man.
You tell us.
There is no wish in this world
which cant be fulfilled.
Tell us.
You are just not a wind, you are a storm.
A storm of love!!
She flew away...
...forgetting me.
When I was looking..
she flew away...
...forgetting me
When I was looking,
she stole my eyes and went away..
She flew away...
...forgetting me
"We shouldnt only love ourselves"
"We shouldnt only love ourselves"
"We shouldnt only love ourselves"
"On the front yard of the palace of money"
"No flower will bloom"
"On the front yard of the palace of money"
"No flower will bloom"
"In front of a hundred rupee note"
"No song will come up"
"In front of a hundred rupee note"
"No song will come up"
"On the front yard of the palace of money"
"No flower will bloom"
Hey Mony, its here.
Yeah this grean one
Grean yes,did we reach?
This green house.
Yes, right here.
Bro, you dont have to look in the mirror.
Look here.
You look great.
Chachappan looks really great.
So, what is our plan now?
We will go there and say
that we were just passing by.
That will invite trouble.
He will say something stupid
and people will get annoyed.
Look there.
Come and eat.
I'am Coming.
Is she Jessy?
Old is gold.
Is she in this shape now?
Jessy, what do you feel?
Get in.
Keep wuiet.
What is there to feel now?
We didnt have to come here to see this.
Start the car!
Excuse me,
- What do you want?
- A small ring.
How about this one?
He had come home yesterday.
- Who?
- Didnt I tell you about a guy?
I couldnt talk to him.
Didnt he come to see you.
Why didnt you talk?
What dear?
See, hes the guy I told you about.
Hey, hes smart.
Get hold of him.
- Did he come by car yesterday?
- Yes.
Thats nice.
"O beautiful dear sparrow"
"Sitting on the branch of Vaaka tree"
"O sparrow, who has come to my door"
"With a smile no one has seen"
"The moment I see your lovely eyes"
"The sweetness of silence
rains in my heart"
"O beautiful dear sparrow"
"Sitting on the branch of Vaaka tree"
"The moment I see your lovely eyes"
"The sweetness of silence
rains in my heart"
"Why does my heart throb?"
"It is a bouncing ball"
"Why does my heart throb?"
"It is a bouncing ball"
"Without saying anything"
"I stood looking at you"
"When the breeze came"
"You flew away somewhere slowly"
"In the cosy nest of my heart"
"You scattered pollen dust"
"You came everyday"
"Near my window-bars"
"A rain of some desire"
"Drizzled in my heart"
"To see you tomorrow"
"The whole night I spent with longing"
"Why does my heart throb?"
"It is a bouncing ball"
"Why does my heart throb?"
"It is a bouncing ball"
"Each day is swaying
on the swing of damp sunlight"
"Each dream is fluttering away"
"Like a summer butterfly"
"Which is the face that blooms"
"Like a flower everywhere in them"
"Which is the language that lingers"
"On your lips like fresh honey"
"Dear, whatever I see, it changes as you"
"Each silence rain like fresh dew"
"O beautiful dear sparrow,"
"Sitting on the branch of Vaaka tree"
"The moment I see your lovely eyes"
"The sweetness of silence rains in my heart"
"Why does my heart throb?"
"It is a bouncing ball"
"Why does my heart throb?"
"It is a bouncing ball"
She and I studied together,
Studied to count numbers,
Studied that one plus one is two,
Studied that theres nothing left
when one is subtracted from one.
See this.
- Hows that?
- Super lines.
Is that super?
For getting the lines set,
this Kodikoora is the best.
Kodikoora is the name
of a chicken curry in Andhra.
Its very spicy, like love.
Lalitha sister from Vijayawada
taught me this.
Which sister?
Lalitha sister.
Finally, saw him smiling.
See how happy he is.
Get lost.
Love is meaningless.
After some time, its very boring
with big belly, bulky body and grey hair,
It will be really boring.
Didnt you see my case?
That was really funny,
You should have seen
him running that day.
You have been teasing me for some time.
Do you know how old I am?
Who are you, my father?
Dude, Isnt he as old as
your great great grandfather?
- That might be true.
-Thats for your father.
Thank you.
So, my father had been dyeing
his hair all this time, very good.
Take out the Stuff, boy
Dont take any more peanuts.
He is eating peanuts like rice.
Shall we go to meet her?
- Where, at her house?
- Give it to me.
You come, come dude.
Studied that one plus one is two,
Studied that theres nothing left
when one is subtracted from one.
What is the brand you had, dude?
Isnt it, K V Jessy, Mr. God of Love?
Please leave some for me, dont finish everything.
Im also coming you.
Shall we go?
Dear, wait a minute.
Come on.
Who are you looking for?
And it is!
Excuse me, which is Baby Pauls house?
Is it Maliackal Baby Sirs house?
Chartered Accountant,
Yes, we are also going the same way.
- We will show you the house.
- Ok.
Come, get in.
Lets walk.
Why are you shy? Come.
She is very shy.
Get inside dear.
Where is she?
Where did she say she would come?
I dont see her,
she said she will come here.
The church is here.
She told me she would come to the church.
I cant find her.
Then turn it.
Where has she gone?
Do you recognise me?
I had taken you to Paul Sirs house that night,
during church festival.
Oh Yes.
Sir, could you please help me?
- Help?
- Not monetary help.
Just to give a person a job.
To whom? What is the qualification?
Has learned computer.
- Its my cousin.
- I will see. Come to my office.
I shall give you my card.
Heres the water for you.
Get lost man.
His tricks.
Which is this car?
Its Benz E class,
will cost around 60 lakhs.
Oh, 60 lakhs.
That has got four wheels,
and this one too has four wheels.
Whats the difference man?
For 60 lakh bucks?
Everything looks similar.
He is jealous.
Yes dude, I am jealous.
Thats the only thing
this Chaachapan doesnt have.
Wheres he gone?
Hes not back yet.
Its gone.
Dear Maria, hows your
new job and office?
Is it great?
Its good, brother.
Now you should hold on to it.
Thats why I took you to Kallarackal.
Regina, dont talk rubbish
and spoil her future.
I am saying all this for her future.
You got that job right away
because he liked you.
Do you know how many people have
been saved by marrying rich guys?
That depends on our smartness.
Being over smart is also a problem.
Stupid man.
- Sister,
- Yes,
I love another guy.
Oh my god, you are amazing.
Who is that guy?
If he is richer, we will hold on to him.
He works in a workshop.
His name is Abhi.
He is a gentleman.
He comes to the shop
and Boat Jetty to see me.
Then, why did you go there?
That job has more salary,
thats why I went there.
You should only try to get
what is appropriate for you.
Dont you have any work?
Give me that knife.
I am doing all this to save her
And if you are spoiling everything,
You may do what you like.
Vinay Sir likes you very much.
If you go after that Abhi,
you will be in trouble.
I have told you everything,
Now you may do what you like.
- Dear,
- Yes,
After you clean it, please chop these onions.
Only this much curd left?
How can I make curry with this?
- Sister,
- Whats it?
I want to meet Maria.
Regina sister, theres a visitor for Maria.
- Who are you?
- I am Abhi, Marias friend.
Dear, Marias marriage has been fixed.
Leave her alone.
How many days have been since we met?
Its Mummy. Please leave.
I have kept water on the stove,
Turn it off when its ready.
What man?
Did you come to see your lover?
Get lost man.
See, shes coming out.
Shes coming.
- Get lost.
- Dear!
Dear? There he is.
Go and live with him.
You take her man.
Your dad is not handsome.
There is the handsome guy.
What are you saying?
Dear, please dont insult me.
Then take her with you.
Oh Jesus.
Come here.
I will smash you.
Dont hit me...Dont hit.
Did you say not to hit?
Then you hit.
- Please listen to me.
- Do you know her?
Do you know these guys?
- Come here, dad...
- Come here.
You get lost.
People are watching.
What are you doing?
Look at his face.
- Get lost, Go with him.
- People are watching.
You go with him.
See, he is waiting for you.
What happened to this guy?
I have been watching them
for many days.
You are always like this.
- Get lost from my house.
- People are watching you.
I had enough of this man.
See his attitude, hes a fraud.
I didn't see it.
I'm sorry that I couldn't come
for your daughter's mariiage.
That's okay.
Come.Aren't you fine?
What is your name?
Where do you stay?
I was never insulted like this
in my life before.
Sorry Chaacha.
I am humiliated, not you.
Cant you just go somewhere and die?
The story is nice.
Not a story, its my life.
When you say, its life.
And when I hear, its a story.
Thats it.
Race continues
Actually Vinay this project is your baby
It is your brain..
Into that Why get Louis, Sania...?
What you mean?
Aren't just the two of us enough?
Hope you get me
Then we are doing this project together
Just you and me
Lets keep it discreet, okay
Yeah sure
This is the real Him
So now I will tell you what to do next
Dad, now it is your call
Are you sure?
Yes, I hate him
Brother, may I get down here?
Ask him?
Brother, May I get down here?
Shut up and sit
Anyway you came to die
Why look at time and period to die?
I will release you. Now sit quietly
Let this job get done
"Hey Girl, muttering mischievously"
"While grinding rice"
"How will you manage"
"When you go to live in another house?"
"You shut the door when wind comes"
"For you why this fear?"
"How will you manage"
"When you go to live in another house?"
"You close your ears when a small drum beats"
"For you, why this fear?"
"How will you manage"
"When you go to live in another house?"
(Music beats)
"You close your eyes when lightning strikes"
"For you why this fear?"
"How will you manage"
"When you go to live in another house?"
"You take blanket when it rains"
"For you why this fear?"
"How will you manage"
"When you go to live in another house?"
"You take a lamp, trembling"
"Even in moonlight"
"How will you manage"
"When you go to live in another house?"
(Music beats)
Hey Mannnn...
Dude, why you here?
Hey, You know him?
Anyway you know
the entire rascals of this World, isn't it?
What is it
Pour a small one for me
What happened with you, dude?
You look so dull
What happened Bro?
I got to go
Where to? Kochi, is it?
I shall also come, friend
Not there
Then where?
Why do you speak without any head or tail!
Speak dude
I stepped out to die
Come on, buddy
Trust me, buddy! To die for sure
What nonsense are you talking?
To die?
What is the matter?
When did you come out?
This morning
Came out from where?
Speak up buddy
From the Jail
Which Jail?
Come on say
Damn! I didn't know
I took a trip to Gomukh
While returning I got held up in Gangotri
Our last meeting was
Yes, we parted after listening
to the abuse of Marias dad
Then what happened buddy?
Speak out, buddy
What all is happening, dude?
"In the beautiful Palace garden"
"Let us dance happily"
"Compassionate King.."
Hey Abhi
Where did you leave Uncle?
Can you hear me?
Hello Abhi..Dude!
I will take leave
Come son
Tomorrow we will do full rehearsal
only then we will get a total idea
Ask everyone to come early tomorrow
Ask everyone to come early tomorrow
Only because you and your sister insisted,
I agreed.
Now it looks like a wasted drama!
Stop the bike
Stop it I say
Are you drunk?
Have you?
Drink and die
Dad's influence can't be stepped over!
Hey Abhi
Come on Move
-What is it, dude?
- Move
Where will I go when thrown out of my home?
If he has come to take me along,
then so be it I decided
Sis, Uncle is not here for you..
He gave me company
Why did you come?
To meet Maria
I did love you..Love you..Love you
But not now
So then let me take leave, Jhony
Come boy
So, if I say, you would walk out?
Won't you?
And you will kick me out
on someones gossip?
Lucky guy!
Like Mom, the Daughter too will be good!
Fate did not favour me
Maria, take
I thought everything was lost
Is your mom angry with me?
Not surePossible!
Sort it out
Your parents love each other
very much, dont they?
Would you hit me back if I do?
Do it and see, then you will know
Shall I?
If you don't hit back, I will get upset
No! I wont hurt you, Abhi
"In this flourishing Kingdom of France"
"ruled by our Majesty"
Excuse meOne minute
I have some good news to
share with all of you
We got an offer to present our show
A Play in Baby Paulose Sirs home at Kalamukku
- At home?
- Yes
In connection with the
80th birthday celebration of Baby Paulose mom
I have agreed to play Carolsman Charitham
(Charlemagne the Great)
If all of us cooperate,
we can make it a grand success
How could you say that!
I was told that the
Play will be staged at the Church.
True, but the offer is good,
what is the harm in staging?
Yes! Isn't it a good stage?
I can't agree!
Because you said it was to be at the Church,
I agreed
Look for someone else!
-Annie, Your mom has hit a jackpot
- What?
For a Drama, she will be on the stage
It is a grand set up is what I heard
About 3000 people are expected!
Im not playing
Why? What happened?
What is the problem?
They took me along saying
it was to play at the Church
Now they want to stage it at someones house,
how does that work?
Mom, dont create hurdles
I can't go and do the play
in someones house.
O my Sara! Please dont ditch...
No Sara means No Play
Consider it as a Dress rehearsal
before the final play at the Church
Come on, mom
Shut up
Didnt I sayI cannot
Leave me
A team member creating hurdles
is the greatest fraud Geever always said!
Now when Geevers wife herself does such a fraud,
would Geevers soul rest?
Will everything fall apart?
In the event no point in living..
Managing these artistes is a waste job!
Just can't say when they would turn tables!
Dear, try a reconciliation with mom
Do you want, Sir?
I have seen you somewhere
I have also seen you somewhere , Sir
Add it in my account
Let the play be staged
Thank you Sarathis word is enough for me
Ok let us move and
make the necessary arrangements
Take care not to scrape of your hand
while you scrape
- Would it finish this year?
- Yes
That would be good
What brings you here?
Just like that
Please come
Sit down dear
No thanks, I just dropped in
as I was passing by
Just beside that church
is my colleague Cecilys house
- Hi
- What?
Just like that
Mind your job
No..Spanner was lying around somewhere here.
What shall I serve you?
Shall I make tea?
No thanks
Get a 7 up..
Won't allow to work ...
Then lets have tea
All of us can drink
True.. So all of us can have
Mind your work
Shall I make?
Where is the kitchen?
Nothing of that kind..
You come..I will show you
Buddy! You have a jackpot!
Did she visit on your behest?
Come on
She visited on your behest only
Hold that tight
Abhi, Sis..Tea is awesome
Yes excellent!
Shall I move?
Leave quickly
otherwise he will have Maria make lunch
She is my child
If stay longer, I will miss my bus
I will drop Maria at the bus stop
and be back
No, hold this, I will drop her
Come child
Give me the key
Hold this..
No roaming around before marriage, okay
Come child
Do your job
Get the key
Convey my regards to mom, child
Shall I move?
See you then
Take her carefully
Shall I sit?
See you..
Shall we move?
Look! His luck!
Get in
We are
Mony's Suby..Come on..hit..
Come on, quick
Mony, to watch Mom's play,
Maria has promised to come
Ah.. Full quorum is present
We got to get chachappan also
Will he come?
Kick fast
True, Or he will become a sage
Now itself he wishes to go
to the Himalayas
Is it the people who fail in love
become sages?
No..It it who have not lost love
become sages
For staying in love eternally
Come dude
I shall
Would definitely come
I will ensure
Yeah! Isn't it enough
she be there on time?
They are afraid that you would turn tables!
You be here, let me go to the Ration shop
- What do you need?
- 2 Cigerrates
What is the time now?
Shop is open
Go and buy a drink
Impossible! The night stuff is enough
Why impossible?
To drink on my money,
do I need your consent?
If I say No, it stands..
Lets move
I know you will not give me even a drop
of water on my death bed
I will get it, Move
Move I say
Give I will buy
Hand it over
Half a litre will do
Would that suffice?
I will not give you a drop of it, Watch
Why is this queue not moving?
What the hell is this?
Too crowded, isn't it?
Who did that?
Is it Nirmal?
No its win win
shall I give you one?
When will he get it?
Hye Listen..Sam is there..
Ask Sam to buy..He will do
Sam..Its me. Please buy for me
Come and stand in the queue.
- Buy one..
- No needI have no luck, bro
Has the price risen?
I didnt buy this for me
Its for Uncle
Here he is!
When did I ask you to?
Didn't I ask you not to drink during day?
Oh no!
What are you saying, Uncle?
Stop this drama of yours
-This is just a crazy kind of behaviour
- What?
Everyone drinks..What is the problem?
Are there any men who don't!
- Hold this
This was a deliberate game of yours,
I know very well
You are really jealous
- Yes
What do you say now?
Boy..Now she knows that you drink
So now dont you realise
it is ok to a couple of pegs!
- That is Chachappan..
- Come on..
I will hold that
Get on
Keep this bill in your pocket
Lets move
-Goat 3 nos
-Goat - 3
-Duck 60 nos
-Duck - 60
-Hen 100 nos
-Hen - 100
Wait..50 nos will do
- 50 nos are enough?
- Yes
And Heifer..The Country breed will do
Its been a long time,
since I cut, minced and cooked local heifer
Where would we find one?
For us to slaughter,
a Heifer is present in Peerumedu
That will be the 1st Heifer
reaching here from Peerumedu
Okay then do it that way
Babyachan, Stage decoration contractors
has called me now
They will be reaching around 6 0 clock
Will the Heifer be...
However we hit jack pot this week
It is him who hit the jack pot
Look at him sitting silently
Let me drive, Uncle
Where is that Wind? If he were there,
could have made him to sing
Jessy, what did you feel?
Pethedine stitched..
No need.
You guys don't need to fell anything.
I will have the feeling.
Just because you asked to sing
Well, if not interested
Tomorrow is the drama,
Uncle must come, okay
- Do I need to come?
- Definitely.
Maria, Dad, MOM all are coming
That is exactly why I asked, should I?
My unborn son-in-law!
Come on sing
My Unborn Son-in-law
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
Isn't the drama today?
- Yes Father
- Good
Your mom definitely needs a change
I learnt about Maria
Mom, arent you getting ready?
Dont hurry, dear
Had met Josey at the Church
Josey's son has a liking for Maria,
is what I am told
It seems to be a good proposal
I just suggested
Arent you coming to watch the drama?
I will be coming
Okay, we shall meet then
Please come
Hurry up, James
Hi babychayan.
Come inside.
Take two onions
-What! Not done yet?
-Done. Done..
Hurry up. Time is running out
Pour one drink for me
I just poured
To deny a drink, it is not your aunts marriage
Pour one drink for my uncle
Give me man.
First finish that
Who are you to say
I shouldn't drink?!
Give me it.
Boy, Pour a pint for me
Chachappan you have it.
I will only leave after drinking it.
Some people...
Wasnt it you who slandered us on Facebook?
- What?
- Who do you think are you?
You will live stream on facebook?
You don't need to drink
So you will put it live?
- Would you?
- I will do again
I am the ward member
Who? Ward Member?!
Ward Member! Then drink our left overs!
I want to see you drinking it!
Don't mess with me.
I will drink it,I will!
Ward member!
get lost man.
His bloody...
You must drink some more, Uncle
Must have given him one, Uncle!
I have been waiting for long,
pour one for me.
A nice setting!
Do you recognize him?
He is Johnny
Is it Kaidhamala Pranji..
That is not me..Her younger uncle!
She is a good artist
Pranchi is on the Stage
You go there
How about a drink?
- Definitely!
- Come then
This one, should I have or you would?
You drink Uncle
Boy, Pour one drink in this
Only one drink. This will be enough for me
I wouldve finished 4 rounds by now
Last evening's drinking has still not worn off
Look and walk
We shall meet later
Jhonny, see you, see you
Come. Come
What is available?
Rum,brandy,whiskey and vodka too.
Take Brandy
Shall I pour soda in it?
Pour it
Then Cheers
Pour water
Small,one small.
-you have been drinking for a while now.
Say cheers
Hope you are not angry with me
Why should I?
But Uncle is still little angry with you
Shut up
For what?
Was it that I married Jessy?
They are just pulling legs
"You...You shouldn't love just yourselves"
"We... We shouldn't love just ourselves"
Its Jessy singing
"We... We shouldn't love just ourselves"
"In the garden of a palace of money"
"No flower does bloom"
"In the garden of a palace of money"
"No flower does bloom"
"In front of a hundred rupee note"
"No song gets born"
"In front of a hundred rupee note"
"No song gets born"
"In the garden of a palace of money"
"No flower does bloom"
"In front of a hundred rupee note"
"No flower does bloom"
"You...You shouldn't love just yourselves"
"You...You shouldn't love just yourselves"
"We... We shouldn't love just ourselves"
"You...You shouldn't love just yourselves"
"We... We shouldn't love just ourselves"
I never knew that she could sing so well
I knew. She sings
She had sung this while in School
years ago
Come here..
- What is it, Uncle?
- Yes Uncle
This boy works with me
Got it! Tell him
I will tell him
Keep quiet, Uncle
- Shut up
- What is it?
He loves a girl
You must help him
Uncle..Keep quiet
Who ?
Why did you tell him now?
Why did you tell him?
Atleast now tell Maria
that her dad consented
- Should I?
- Yes
Go you ass!
(title of a drama)
Here all Artists assemble
and offer their Salutations to God
(Invocation Song of the drama)
Pour one more
What do you like to drink? Brandy?
I got something to tell you
Invocation Song of the drama
Invocation Song of the drama
First Scene
The great Valiant King Charlemagnes Durbar
A Message sent through a messenger of Proclaiming war
Against Stout-hearted Emperor Al brath of Turkey
"In this flourishing Kingdom of France"
"ruled by our Majesty"
"Our Valiant King fights and drives away the Soldiers"
"In this flourishing Kingdom of France"
"ruled by our Majesty"
Only daughter of Al brath Emperor and
Perbras sister Franifus basking
I will be back now.
along with friends in the Garden.
(Drama Song)
Leave me..
Don't make noise.
Leave me...
Leave me...
Are you alright?
hey who was that?
Some one hurted this girl.
it was not me.
(Drama Son)
My brother should never go to France
A land of Fools she Pleads
Determined Perabras , consoling his Sister
and embarks to France for the War
"My dear loving brother..."
"News of your war rushed me here"
Not me, sir..It is Not me
Im innocent
(Drama Song)
Please leave me.
I saw that person
Please leave me.
Sir I didn't do anything.
Uncle, Uncle
Move aside people.
Oh my god.
What happend?
- Mom..
- Son
Im wouldn't do such things, Mom
What did my son do?
Tell them not to take me
Move I say
Don't take him
Tell them not to take me
Tell them not to take me
Im innocent, Uncle
Walk to the Station
Leave me Sir, it is not me
Please Sir
I m innocent. Dont take me Sir
Its not me, Sir, Please beleive me
A kind of a scene it has become, dude?
Wherever I touch, it burns, Man
Is it a reason enough to die, dude?
In that case I shouldve died long back
Death is the better option
What a cooped up life is this!
Neither did I make it to College
Nor did I get a good Job
Lost the girl I loved
Now Jail for something I did not do!
I have always failed
Atleast now on, I got to succeed
I am someone who obeys others orders
I dont know to restrain anyone
How do I make you
there is no change in my decision.
Allow me to win once, buddy
Everyone calls me the Wind
No one knows where I am going
Neither do I
No one does ask me either
I go along with whoever calls me
I want to come along with you
But I am scared to die, buddy
Hey Abhi
To whose funeral are you heading for?
Bro, Brother leave him. He is a poor fellow
Let him leave once the game is over
Leaving during the interval, doesn't work!
After leaving. what is the assurance
that he wont turn on us?
Only after we draw the sketch
does he leave the game.
Brother, he wouldn't anything of that sort..
Stop bragging
What is it?
Who told that?
I am coming over
I want to know who said that
Hey you..
Take the Car..
All of you come.
Bring all of them
Leave me.
Why are we being taken along?
I know what to do
- Bro..
- Get in
Either at this end or at the other
Hey Ramachandran, Call that guy
- For what?
- Call him
That Shaved head
Shaved head?
Call him..Go over there.
That Man with Whistle around the neck
- Please come there
- Why?
One Person is waiting for you
For what?
He would tell you, You come
Move children..
Sir has come.
This is the Person
Did you recognise me?
Im the dad of Aryan studying in 6 B
Wont you let my son to run?
That was..
Shut up
I will finish you
If he doesnt run today,
then he will never run at all
Life is a running race
Win or lose doesn't matter here
Running is what matters
Do you know,
You, Me, all of them you see here..
Arrived in this World having run and won
From amongst thousands and lakhs and maybe more
Running, winning, reached the mothers womb
and arrived here winning
If a win is possible there,
how can anyone fail here?
So you dont decide not to let him run
In case if he hurt himself..
Nothing..Nothing will
See a River, Jump in
See a Fire, hold it
When the wind blows, Stand firm
Thats the Win
Go and have him stand on the track
Let me watch his winning from here
On your mark
Get set
Come on run.
get in front of them
Come on run,run.
Run,you can do it.
Come on run.
Clap your hand kids.
Yes run,run.
yes finish the race,come on.
(Crowd cheering)
Yes,my son.
Super ,you did great.
Hey ,look our dear son finsihed the race.
Lyeah,i'm leaving.
Then come, I will drop you
Come, its okay
Im also travelling that way
Catch him
Go quickly
Stand aside
Come out..
hold him.
leave me.
drag him to the vehicle.
hey,come here you..
Leave me.
come with us.
get him inside the vehicle.
Stand there properly.
Get inside.
hey,leave him.
take him inside the vehicle.
get isnide you..
hey abi,what are you doing?
hey go and beat him.
hey leave him.
hey you go there.
hey brat.
hey go and catch him.
hey I told you to stop.
Catch him
Catch him
Leave him
Catch him
The days that passed by
were one of learning in Abhis life
He had mastered the courage
to seek Maria's hands at the altar
To be bold in dealing with crisis,
Fate had planned a Race for him!
Into the future, to run from the front,
The discovery of Courage being within
has Abhi move forward
Clasping those hands of Courage,
Maria too..
Life is like all this
For running well and winning
"O beautiful dear sparrow"
"Sitting on the branch of Vaaka tree"
"O sparrow, who has come to my door"
"With a smile no one has seen"
"The moment I see your lovely eyes"
"The sweetness of silence
rains in my heart"
"O beautiful dear sparrow"
"Sitting on the branch of Vaaka tree"
"The moment I see your lovely eyes"
"The sweetness of silence
rains in my heart"
"Why does my heart throb?"
"It is a bouncing ball"
"Why does my heart throb?"
"It is a bouncing ball"