Ouija House (2018) Movie Script

- It's fantastic.
- Yeah, I don't know if
it's such a good idea.
Maybe we shouldn't be here.
- It's gonna be fine.
Come on.
You want a drink?
- Uh, yeah.
- Relax.
If we get in trouble it's
because we're both here.
It'll be our little secret.
Let's make it memorable.
Ready to play?
- Why do you like
these things so much?
- I don't know.
I just want to see
what's out there.
Don't you?
- I guess so.
- Here you guys are!
- Claire, you made it.
- Wouldn't miss
this for the world.
So you're really
gonna do this, huh?
- Yep.
- Oh, my God.
This is crazy.
What type of sexual
favor did she offer you
to get in here, hmm?
- Shut up.
Don't listen to her.
- Always listen to me.
So, what do we do?
- All right, first we have
to ask the spirit world
to come in here.
But, let me give you a little
background about this house.
Rumors have it that
a long time ago
people were murdered, tortured,
they went missing here.
They say the spirits
still haunt this house
so we're gonna try to
call them in right now.
Put your hands on here.
Then you're gonna focus.
Now we need to ask permission
for the spirits to talk.
Will you please speak
with us, spirits?
Is there a spirit in this room?
- Maybe we should
just call it a night.
I don't think it's working.
- This is crazy.
- Wait, just give it a second,
come on.
- Yeah, focus.
- If you're here,
please show us a sign.
- Jesus!
I can't, let's just,
get, get rid of this thing.
Let's take your cute
little boyfriend
and we'll go to the
bar like normal people
and just have drinks.
- Tomas!
Claire, where are you?
Where are you guys?
- I'm sorry but you got
three weeks to vacate.
That's what happens when
you don't pay your mortgage.
- I'm so sorry, ma'am.
We wish you all the best
and hope you can get
back on your feet.
- Hi, Mom.
I brought boxes.
- Should've brought
one I can fit inside.
- Mom.
Mom, really, I don't want you
to worry about this
any more, okay?
As soon as I finish my
thesis we'll publish the book
and then I'll buy
you this house back
or we can get you another one.
- This house has been in my
family for over a hundred years.
Why would I want another one?
- I'm sure you'd like
it once you got there.
- What I'd like is for you
to pay off your student loans
and get out of debt so
that nothing like this
ever happens to you.
That's what I would like.
Not you studying demons.
- I don't study demons.
We've been through this, Mom.
I study paranormal phenomenon
as they relate to science.
I know things happen but
it's not because of demons.
It's just what
I'm interested in.
- Well, it doesn't
matter whether it's science.
There are some things
that people just
shouldn't mess with.
- Well, I'm sure you'll be
singing a different tune
when you see how
well my book sells.
My publisher has
really high hopes.
- Your publisher, huh?
- Yeah.
- Do kids your age even
read books anymore?
- Sure.
If it's on a Kindle.
- Oh, my--
- Mom!
Hey, hey, hey!
I got it.
- It's heavy.
- I know, I got it.
You know what would
be really great though
is if I could go spend the
weekend at the old cabin.
- I told you never
to go up there.
- It's just for research.
It's not like you honestly
believe those stories.
- It doesn't matter
what I believe.
That house belongs to your aunt.
You have no business
going there.
- Well, will you at least
tell me the real story?
- Nothing to tell.
- That's not what Samantha said.
- There's a reason we
don't talk to your cousin.
I don't want you
trying to go there
or speaking to anybody on that
side of the family about it.
Do you understand?
- Knock, knock.
Here to help.
Ms. Fields.
So, what does your mom think
about us using the house?
- I'd say she's not a fan.
- Great.
- Well, what she doesn't
know won't hurt her
and besides she
doesn't need to know
that we're going there to
do witchcraft experiments
with our friends.
- Wait, um, friends?
- Yeah.
I invited Spence and Tina.
- You did what?
- I thought it might be nice
to have some extra observers.
- But, what about
Tina and the whole...
- Maybe I thought
it would be nice
to scare her a little bit.
- You, you.
So, Spence, this is
the new beast, huh?
- This is my baby.
Sorry, honey.
You're my close runner up.
So, Laurie, what exactly
happened at your aunt's house?
- Some pretty weird
shit apparently.
I mean, I don't really
know much, honestly.
It's just really hush, hush.
- That's so much better.
I love undisturbed places.
- Oh, this place is
plenty disturbed.
Or at least disturbing.
- What do you know about it?
- Well, my cousin's
the one that told me
about all the witchcraft stuff.
She's the one that's
getting us in the place.
- Wait, witchcraft?
- Don't worry, man.
Laurie's ancestors
were good witches.
Nature witches.
- Witches, huh?
- Thanks.
- No problem.
- Spence says this
trip is for research?
- Yeah, it's actually
for my thesis.
I have a book deal lined
up as soon as I finish
the final chapter.
- That's so impressive.
- Thank you.
My publisher is pretty excited.
- Oh, this isn't self-published?
- No.
- How did you find a publisher?
- Well, actually he found me.
I think it was through
the school or something.
- Did you tell Spence and Tina
what we're actually
gonna be doing there?
- No.
I didn't wanna spoil it.
- Oh, that is mean.
- What?
What is it?
- Oh, we're just wanted to
do a couple tests up there
and I wanted to do it in a place
that has a real
history of dark magic.
- You're being so mean.
She's totally underselling
this right now.
- Nick.
- All right.
There's stories about a
cult sacrificing babies
at this place and shit.
- Oh, my God.
That's messed up.
- No, it's, it's not
a cult, it's a coven.
- Whatever.
Somebody killed
a bunch of babies
and we're gonna go
sleep at this place.
- Wait, I
thought you all said
these were good witches.
- If you keep doing this
nobody's gonna wanna
go on the trip.
- Well, it's too late now.
We're three quarters of the
way to Dead Babies 'R' Us.
- You're such a dumbass.
It's gonna be fine.
- That is so crazy.
Honey, you're being
awfully quiet.
- I mean, come on.
Doesn't the thought of going
to this place bother you?
- It'll be fine.
- Don't say I didn't warn you.
- So this is it.
- Hey, it doesn't look that bad.
- Well, yeah, they
fixed it up over the years.
They lived here
from time to time.
- And we have cell service.
- You guys wait here.
I'm gonna check around back.
- Oh, great, we're already
wandering off by ourselves.
- You made it!
- You are here!
- Just arrived.
My love, how are you?
- I'm good.
You guys, this is
my cousin, Samantha.
It's Spence, Tina and
my boyfriend, Nick.
- Okay, Spence, Tina, Nick.
It's nice to meet
all of you guys.
You guys are gonna freak
out when you see this place.
- Oh.
Ah, a work call.
I gotta take this one.
- Okay.
- Yep.
Yeah, it's Spencer.
- Holy smokes.
- Nothing too scary
right off the bat
but if you look around
you'll start to notice
stuff like this.
- That's interesting.
- Look, pet rocks.
- The coven used these
in their rituals.
Look what I found.
- Hey, do you mind if I film?
Laurie might use this
for her research.
- Oh, no, knock yourself out.
- Excellent.
- Okay.
Our great aunt was a witch.
- They know.
- Oh, good.
It's usually best to get
that out of the way first.
Why don't I show
you to your room?
- This is some crazy stuff.
- This is really cool.
- It's pretty,
pretty creepy, huh?
- Hmm.
- I think you guys will
be happiest in this room.
It's the least haunted, anyway.
- Oh, good.
We don't want our
heads spinning around.
- No, that's terrible
for your neck and spine.
Let me know if
you need anything.
- Thank you.
- Are these the witches?
Or just scary-looking women?
- That's just how
women look naturally.
- Well, I'm not
disagreeing with that.
- Well, I hope you
don't get eaten by one.
- Hey.
Where's Tina?
- Oh, I think she went upstairs.
- Okay.
Nice of you.
- Yeah.
- Honey.
- Huh?
Oh, sorry.
- Don't tell me you're gonna
let a little doll spook you?
Even though it is
creepy as hell.
- It's not just the doll.
It smells like something died.
- It's an old house.
A lot of things died.
- Look, your friends hate me.
- They do not hate you.
You're my chick.
They don't get to hate you.
- I shouldn't have come.
- Look, we just need
one weekend to get past
all the weirdness and
everything'll be fine.
You'll see.
- Well, could we have
picked a weirder place
to get past the weirdness?
- Uh, maybe we just need
to take a little time
to settle in,
make everything a
little bit less weird.
You know?
- Not with demon
baby watching us.
- Uh, it'll be fine.
- Hey, Spence.
- Perfect timing.
- Yo, Spence!
- Come on.
- Spence!
- All right.
All right.
Let's do it.
- Uh.
Hey, man, you sure Laurie's cool
with Tina being here?
She feels pretty awkward.
- Oh, yeah, it's all
water under the bridge.
- Good.
I heard there was just way
too much alcohol involved.
- Yeah, everyone
was blackout drunk.
I don't give a shit.
Laurie will be fine.
- Can I help?
- I'm fine, Tina.
- Between you and me,
I'm just more worried
about the way Laurie's talking
about this whole book deal.
- Why's that?
- I don't know.
I just, something stinks
about it, you know?
I just don't really
believe this publisher guy.
Apparently he talks a good talk.
She's got all these high hopes
for saving her mom's
house and everything.
- Oh, so they are
taking the house?
- Yeah.
Looks like it.
- Shit, man.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm so sorry.
- You scared me.
- I totally did not
mean to sneak up on you.
- It's fine.
- No, it's not fine.
Look, Laurie, I just
really want us to be fine.
- You stuck your tongue
down my boyfriend's throat
when he was drunk.
- Yeah, about that.
I know how terrible it was.
- Good.
You apologized
and I accept your apology.
Let's just leave it at that.
- Thank you.
What'd you find here?
Is that a secret room?
- Ladies.
You wanna eat or you
wanna have girl time?
- Eat.
- Come on, it's ready.
- I'll be right there.
- Here.
- Oh, thank you.
- So, uh,
we're cool, right?
- You mean about me sticking
my tongue down your throat?
- Uh, yeah, yeah.
- We're fine, Nick.
It's not like I went
down on you or anything.
I would never do anything
to get in the way
of you and Laurie.
- So, as you guys
know, this place
has a very special history
that few people are aware of.
- Oh crap, we're doing
this right now, huh?
- You know why we came here.
- All right.
Fair enough.
Just need you to get a little
bit closer to me, honey.
I'm gonna need somebody
like right up against me
so nobody can sneak
up as spirits can get.
- So our aunt told us stories
and then her daughters
actually inherited the place.
Luckily for us Samantha kept
in contact with one of them.
- So we're not
supposed to be here?
- No one's allowed
up here anymore.
It was just that Laurie
said she wanted help
with her book so
I wanted to help.
- And you know the full story
about what happened here?
- The way this house was built
had something to do
with the spirit world.
- Keeping spirits out?
- More like keeping one in.
- Which is why it's the
perfect place for my research.
- That sounds great and all,
but what about all
the weird baby stuff?
- Our ancestors
were good witches.
They lived in harmony with
each other and with nature.
They held ceremonies
on sacred lands
not far from where we are now.
They believed that
certain stones
held a type of power, an energy.
They would use them
for healing people.
The witches bonded
in a sisterhood.
Close-knit, like a family.
In each coven there
was a male witch.
A warlock.
It was when he joined
that the trouble started.
He became obsessed
with black magic
and the control it gave
him over people's minds.
With his spells the warlock
was able to hypnotize people
and he started his
own coven of witches,
evil witches who
would serve him.
They worshiped a pagan god,
a being of true evil.
He slaughtered a
ram and fashioned
a ceremonial headpiece
from the blood and horns.
With the still warm ram's
blood he drew letters
on the writhing
bodies of his coven.
The arcane use of symbology
was an important key
to opening doors
to their pagan god.
And the warlock became
obsessed with freeing it.
He became obsessed with
word and number games.
He thought that
they were the key
to opening gates to
other dimensions.
And then came the babies.
The witches would
kidnap families from
the nearby village,
families with newborns.
The warlock would force
the parents to play
one of his word games but the
villagers would never win.
They would watch as their babies
were handed over to the warlock,
never to be seen again.
He believed that newborns
were able to create
a portal because they were
the first to experience
a new plain of existence.
- Jesus.
Did your great aunt
just want you all
to have nightmares forever?
- Yeah.
That's messed up.
- I think it was to scare
us out of coming up here.
- Well, I guess
that didn't work.
- No, it didn't.
And, guess what?
I found a Ouija board here.
We're gonna play it tonight.
- No!
No we're not.
- Oh, yes we are.
I found it in the
hidden compartment.
We were just gonna do a seance
but this is so much better.
Just gimme a minute.
- All right, which
one of you assholes took it?
- Took what?
- You guys were the only
ones that saw me with it.
- We're not playing any tricks.
- Uh, honey?
- Nobody knows
we're here, right?
Oh, it's some guy.
- Shit.
The caretaker.
- What?
- I'm not here.
- Samantha?
- You're inside the house.
- Right.
- Where's Samantha?
- She's indisposed.
- Samantha!
- Dude, chill, man.
- She said there
would just be her
and now there are all these
people inside the house.
- Listen, man, I'm sorry
if there's been a
- Shh, one moment.
One moment please.
It's this thing I have.
It helps me focus.
I can only talk to
one person at a time.
And right now I am
listening to this girl.
When I'm finished
listening to her,
I have time to hear
what you have to say.
- Seriously?
- It's okay.
- Samantha and I had
an understanding.
No other people would
be inside this house.
I, I told her it wasn't safe.
There was, mold.
And, you don't wanna
breathe in mold.
I mean, if you get
mold inside your lungs
you can seriously
poison yourself.
- It's just for a few nights.
Can't you just overlook it.
- Yeah, man.
- It's...
Well, it's you!
- Hold it.
- All right.
You, look.
I got about $500 cash.
What do you say
we just crash here
for the night so we can
sober up before we go?
- No, no, that's
not why I'm here.
You don't understand.
Uh, I can't take your money.
we're good.
Uh, let's just say
I didn't see you,
you didn't see me
and we didn't have
this conversation.
Just leave the house
the way you found it.
- That was really weird.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- What the hell did
he want with you?
- I have no idea.
- Is he gone?
- Yeah.
He looked really familiar.
What was that all about?
- Don't worry, Tomas
is a little off.
Let's get back to the game.
- No.
No, no, no, no.
Please, please, please.
Come on.
Come on.
- Before we start can you just
admit to moving the board?
- I didn't touch the board.
- I just don't want it to
affect any of the tests, okay?
So it's totally
fine if you did--
- It wasn't us.
- It had to be the
only other person
who knew where the board was.
- I wasn't anywhere
near the table.
We all saw what happened.
- All right, fine.
Let's play.
Has anybody not played before?
- Not me.
- Really?
So the rules are simple.
Never play alone.
Never play where someone's
been murdered before
and always say goodbye
before you leave.
We're gonna be breaking
rule number two tonight
but it's to see how much
activity we can get.
Everybody put your
hand on the planchette.
Is there a spirit
with us tonight?
- Well, I'm gonna
grab another drink--
- No.
You have to keep your
hands on the planchette.
- Oh, oh, oh.
- Oh, shit.
- Yes.
There is a spirit here.
- Spirit?
May we know your name?
- P
- Play game.
- We are playing, dude.
- Shh.
Spirit, what game?
Uh, don't be shy.
- That's it?
- Well you probably made it mad.
Spirit, are you there?
- You know, maybe the spirit
just wasn't feeling talkative.
- Yeah, you're right.
I mean, maybe
there's another one
that's in a mood
to be more social.
Come on, let's play again.
Is there a spirit here
present with us tonight?
Hello, spirit.
May we know your name?
- P
- Play game?
- Again?
- What game?
- G
- Guess word.
- L
- Legna?
What is legna?
- I don't know.
It said guess word.
- What does that mean?
- It's an anagram.
- Angel.
Yeah, why don't we guess angel?
- Yes.
Spirit, is the word angel?
- Yeah.
Are you an angel?
- G
- No way.
- Glean?
The correct word's glean?
- That's really strange.
I have never had a spirit try
and play a game with me before.
- Well, spirits are
said to be playful.
You never know who
you're talking to.
- Or who's cheating.
- Well, you actually
don't even need
a board for this to work.
- That's true.
I mean it all started in Morocco
when snake charmers
would play flutes
and the snakes would bob their
heads to different letters.
- Oh, I am so out if
you're bringing out snakes.
You're not bringing
out snakes are you?
No, seriously, I haven't
watch Raiders of the Lost Ark
because of the snakes.
I'm not doing the snakes.
I'm not doing that.
- Potty break.
- There's no snakes.
- If there are snakes
coming out here,
let me know 'cause I'm out.
- Hello?
- She's here, Katherine.
- Tomas?
- She's inside the house.
- What?
- I told you I only pretended
to be her publisher.
Her cousin, Samantha,
wanted to see the house.
I, I tried to get close
and ruin their plans.
I told her not to
go inside the house.
But, the little brat
wouldn't listen.
She, she just couldn't listen.
- Tomas, you have to
get 'em out of there.
You hear me?
- I, I can't go back.
- Tomas, you have to
get 'em out of there.
You understand?
- I'm sorry, Katherine.
- Please!
You've gotta get
Laurie out of there!
- Tomas.
- No, no!
- What is it?
- A snake.
There was a snake in here.
- A snake?
Oh, hell no.
- Wait, are you
sure it was a snake?
- I saw a tail go
in that corner.
I swear to God it
looked like a snake.
- I'm sure it's harmless.
Or maybe it was maybe
just like a rat's tail.
- Eww.
- A rat?
Yeah, because that's way better.
- Where is it?
- Look, this is an old house.
A lot of things
get in these walls.
Let's just continue.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Let's move on to phase two.
- Hey, did you guys hear that?
- Babe, if you see
that snake you--
- Oh, don't worry.
I know just what
to do with snakes.
- Yeah, I bet you do.
Babe, you mind
getting me a drink?
- Sure.
For my favorite anaconda.
- Mmm, h oh.
Thank you.
- Hey, Samantha?
Hey, did you see
where Samantha went?
- Maybe she went for a walk.
- It's kind of a weird time
to go for a walk,
don't you think?
Did you do this?
- What?
- Just let me do it, babe.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
- Katherine.
- Tomas?
Tomas is that you?
- Katherine!
- All right, are we ready?
- I think so.
- How did that get there?
- I think I have an
idea for phase two.
- Oh, damn.
- Seriously?
- How did you get that on there?
- It's called Hot Passion.
You said it didn't
have to be a board.
Come on.
It'll be interesting.
- You forgot goodbye.
- Let's play.
- All right, fine.
Are you gonna film this or what?
- Yeah.
- Where the hell is Samantha?
- She's missing out.
- Fine, let's do this
before I feel sober
and I change my mind.
- You got it?
- Yep.
- Okay.
- All right, let's do this.
Is there a spirit
here with us tonight?
- Not bad.
- Hey, not at all.
- Okay.
If it's the same spirit that
was here with us earlier,
we wanna know your name.
- Oh, oh.
- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Jesus Christ!
She's choking.
Tina, she's choking.
- Okay, we'll get her up.
- We better--
- Come on, come on.
Oh, my God.
We gotta call an ambulance, P!
- Hang in there, baby.
Come on, Tina.
Come on, baby.
- Got her?
- Stay with me.
- What the fuck?
There's no signal.
- What do I do?
- We've
gotta do something.
- Come on, come on.
- Back up, back up.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
- Come on, Tina.
Come on, baby.
- Tina, come on, baby.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
- Oh my god, baby.
- One,
two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
- Come on.
- One,
two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
- Come on, Tina.
- Come on.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me, baby.
Look at my eyes.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Oh, my God.
- Is she okay?
- Oh, thank God.
We're getting out of here.
We need to get to a
hospital right now.
- Let's go.
- Come on!
- Samantha!
- We'll come back for her.
- I can't just leave my cousin!
I gotta find her.
- Sweetheart, Spence is right.
We gotta take Tina
to the hospital.
We'll come right back.
I promise.
- Shit.
- Get in the car.
- Are we good?
- Yeah.
- Tina.
- Put your shirt on.
- Here.
Something is wrong.
We should've seen
the exit by now.
- I didn't
see any turns.
- Wait.
Look, there's a light up there.
Go that way.
- What in the hell?
- What did you do?
You went in a circle?
- Everyone pay attention.
- No.
- What is happening?
- We opened up a portal
and forgot to close it.
We have to destroy it.
- Destroy what, Laurie?
- The Ouija board.
- This is insane.
- You saw what happened.
Come on.
- Samantha?
- Who's in there?
What the hell are you
doing in here, man?
Where is our friend?
Don't try it.
Just take it easy.
- You don't get it.
None of you do.
It won't let you leave.
It'll keep you playing the
game until everyone dies.
The only way to win is to get
out but you can't get out.
That's the trick.
- What are you talking about?
- I knew your mother
when I was young.
Just like you
she thought it would be fun
to see what it was like.
Then she tried to stop it.
And just like you,
she brought it back.
- What back, Tomas?
- It's too late.
You already started
playing the game.
I'm sorry I couldn't
help your mother.
- No!
- No, no, no, no.
- Don't!
Come on.
- Where?
Where will we go?
- We burned the board,
we closed the portal.
Let's get out of here now!
Oh, my tires!
That crazy asshole!
He did something to your cousin.
he's been screwing
with us all night.
Either that or it's her.
- It's not Samantha, okay?
Something bigger is happening.
- Look, guys, we have to
get the fuck out
of here, all right?
- Then we're gonna
have to go on foot.
- Fine.
Let's go.
- Tina!
Baby, what's wrong,
what's wrong?
- My stomach.
- What?
Oh, my God.
Hey, we gotta do something!
- Talk to me.
Come on, baby.
What's wrong?
- We gotta get her
inside the house.
Come on.
- All right, come on.
Hang on, hang on, baby.
Oh, my God.
- Go, go, go.
What can we do?
- Oh my God, you guys,
she's burning up.
Can you please get her some ice?
- Hey, look at me, honey.
Can you hear me?
Do you hear me?
- I'm okay, baby.
Just a little tired.
- What do we do?
Is she in shock?
- Look, we just have
to keep her comfortable
till we can figure
something out.
- We can't stay
in here with him.
- Don't
look at his face.
Grab his legs.
Let's check his phone too,
see if he's got a signal.
Okay, you.
- Laurie, I'm thirsty.
- Okay, sweetheart.
I'll get you some water.
- Tina, I just want to apologize
for the way that I was...
- I can hear them.
All of them.
- Who?
- The babies.
- Oh, my God, no.
Tina, no!
Nick, Spence!
Get out here.
- What happened?
- I could hear them all.
I could hear them crying.
- No one leaves this room
for the rest of the night.
We all clear?
- It says here that the
warlock would force parents
to solve an anagram and
the ones that failed
were slaughtered and their
babies were sacrificed
to the tree gods.
- Nick!
Oh, Nick!
I'm up here.
Come on.
I'm waiting.
- Tina?
- Tina!
- Upstairs!
Look at her.
Oh shit.
What, what happened?
- I don't know.
She just kept
head-butting the wall.
- Tina.
Wake up.
Tina, Tina, come on.
Come on, come on Tina.
Wake up, baby.
Tina come on, come on.
- Tina, come on.
Wake up, Tina.
Come on, Tina.
Wake up, baby.
- Let her move.
Put your hands on her.
Would you put your hands on her?
- What the hell is happening?
- Just trust me.
- Wait, stop, stop!
- Stop her.
- Stop, Tina.
- Come on Tina.
- Pull her back,
pull her back some.
Tina, what the
hell are you doing?
Come on.
- You guys, get her back!
- Tina, stay here.
Sit down.
- It's gonna be an A.
- You got her?
- Yeah.
- Play game.
- Laurie, What the
hell is going on?
- You gotta help me get
the rest of the paint down.
- Laurie?
- This house is a
giant Ouija board.
Tell us who you are.
Who are you?
- Tina!
- You got her?
- Yeah.
- You got her?
- What?
- Roka.
- Laurie, Laurie.
- Tina.
- Oh my God!
- Come on.
- Samantha!
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Look at me.
We need to get out of here.
Laurie, come on.
- You got her?
- What happened?
- How the hell did
we end up in here?
- Come on.
- Laurie, what's going on?
- He's toying with us.
Roka, we wish to play your game.
We wish to play with you, Roka.
Come on.
- There you go.
Ah, baby.
- What now?
- We learn his rules.
- Okay, so the house is
forcing us to play its game.
What exactly is going
on here, Laurie?
- The story Samantha
told about the warlock.
I think this is him.
He did terrible
things in this forest.
Horrific things.
And his evil, violent energy,
it seeped into the trees.
And after he had a house
built with that wood.
- This is the house, right?
- More and more
joined Roka's circle
and over time his
powers grew stronger.
But his original coven
had expanded too.
They infiltrated his group
and set a trap for him.
They knew they needed
to rid the world of Roka
and his evil.
Cut the snake off at its head.
They took his sacred stone.
It had become as
corrupted with evil energy
as he was so they forced
him to swallow it.
Stripped of the power
of his stone, his horns,
and his own coven, Roka's
reign of evil was finally over.
These witches, they,
they chopped him up
into a dozen pieces.
- Wait, these were
the good witches?
- Yeah.
He was buried under the
basement of this house.
The good witches knew that
he could be unleashed again,
because of the black
magic that he had used.
So they painted numbers and
letters all over the walls
of the house so he wouldn't
have a grasp of language
right at his fingertips.
His spirit was trapped
inside of this house.
One night when we were little,
my mom told Samantha
and I a story
about a little girl
who toyed with evil.
She was interested in
witchcraft and she found out
about this old house
that had supernatural
writings on the wall.
So, of course, she
had to go and try
and find these
mysterious writings.
- It's fantastic.
- She brought a Ouija
board to try and communicate
but she broke a cardinal rule.
She played it in a house
with a violent past.
And I believe she played it
with her sister, Samantha's mom,
and their childhood
friend, Tomas.
And the spirit she
contacted was Roka.
He nearly killed her.
Samantha's mom
was never seen again.
And the other woman?
She was hurt and she
barely made it out alive.
I didn't even
realize until tonight
that the other woman in
the story was my mom.
She talked about it once
and then she never
spoke of it again.
- Okay, so somewhere
along the way your,
your ancestors gained custody
of this great property.
Why didn't they
burn the house down?
Destroy the vessel?
- The curse got too strong.
And there were
several other houses
built from the same wood.
- Oh.
More of these fucking places.
- Roka wants to be
free from this house.
If he wins, he's going to
cross back over into our world.
- I'm gonna stop you.
We're talking about
an evil spirit now.
I thought you didn't believe
in that kind of thing.
It's not very scientific, is it?
Are we rethinking that
little theory of yours?
- Nick, please.
- Look, open your eyes for
once in your life, Laurie!
Jesus fucking...
- What are you talking about?
- Look.
I let things happen with Tina.
I was drunk but I knew
what she was doing.
And I knew what I was doing.
And you have every right
to still be mad at me
but I need you to listen to
what I'm saying right now.
Sheldon Chartoff, that is the
name of your publisher, right?
I found that in the
caretaker's pocket.
He manipulated you, Laurie.
Somehow he found
out about your plans
to put this place in your book
and he couldn't let that happen.
He wasn't gonna
publish your book.
He was gonna bury it.
He knew about the thing
that was in this house.
I checked his phone.
He had been talking to your mom.
I think the two of them were
working together to stop you.
- Nick, I had to do
something big, okay?
My mom is losing her house.
So yeah, I put all my eggs
in one fucking basket.
I didn't know what
else to do, okay?
So I guess publishing my book
is completely unrealistic
and everything that's
happening here,
it's all my fault, okay?
Is that what you wanna hear?
- No, I don't need you
to admit that to me.
I just need you to
own up to who you are.
And I need you to figure
out what we're gonna do now.
- We have to play the game.
It's our only shot.
- Please.
She's had enough.
All right, it'll kill her.
- Tomas said there's
no way to win the game.
There's no way to
get out of here.
- My mom survived this, okay?
She had to have
figured out something.
She contained him.
- Roka stop!
We'll play!
Grab on.
- What is this?
What is it?
- I-S-T-L-E-N.
- That's, uh, that's listen.
- Listen.
- Or silent.
I can't think of any others.
- How do we decide?
- Silent, mother fucker.
Our answer is silent.
It was silent.
It was silent.
We actually got it right.
We actually got it.
- Nick, wait!
- Nick!
- Nick!
- Nick!
Nick, open the door.
- Open the door!
- Nick!
- Push!
- My God!
- Nick!
- Come on, Nick.
- Open up the door!
Oh, my God.
Oh my God, baby!
Oh oh Nick!
Oh my baby!
Oh Nick!
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
- Oh Nick!
- Laurie.
- My mom beat him.
We can too.
We can end this
once and for all.
- How are we gonna
do that, Laurie?
- He wants to cross
over into our world.
That's why he needs us.
I've seen it before.
It was in Latin.
- What did it say?
- It was how to contain him.
Come on, we have to hurry.
Try and find some tape.
- Tape?
- Did you find any?
I got it.
Come on.
- What the fuck!
- Roka.
Stop, we'll play.
One last round!
- Baby.
- Tina!
- L-V-I-E.
- Evil.
Uh, vile.
- Veil.
Jesus Christ.
- We gotta pick one.
- Tina, listen to me.
It's gonna be okay.
All right?
You're gonna live through this.
You hear me?
You piece of shit.
That's my answer.
It's live.
I love you, baby.
You, you hear me, honey?
- Shit, we got it wrong.
- Now!
- No.
Get the A!
- His name was Roka.
By this name shall
he be released.
And so shall he find them.
Spence, we did it.
- Laurie, oh.
I thought I wasn't
gonna see you any more.
Went out to the shed for a
while and then, broke him--
- Bravo.
- No.
No, you're not, you're not real.
You're not real.
- That's what I keep
trying to tell you, Laurie.
None of it's real.
Your whole world's been
one big goddamn illusion.
But yet you keep falling
for the same tricks
over and over again.
Oh, poor little Laurie.
Always trying to
do the right thing
but yet too afraid to do
the hard work it takes.
- How are you even
here right now?
- You brought me here.
All of this is you.
- This isn't real.
- Laurie, please stop.
- I know you're not you.
I know you're not in control.
I knew it then
and I know it now.
It's okay.
I hope you can forgive me.
- No!
You have no control here!
I'm so sorry.
I hope you can forgive me?
- Is that the best
you've got, lover?
- How?
Please don't do this, Tina.
- What do you think
of our anniversary?
- Our anniversary.
- Where's my...
There it is.
Now, why is your hair that way?
your hair that way.
- Oh.
- Oh, sorry, Laurie.
- Oh, Spence.
- Oh.
How you been?
- Um, good.
I, I've been good.
I've been writing every day.
Except for I'm not
actually writing
to pay my bills of
How are you?
- One day at a time, you know?
- Yeah.
They're still asking questions.
- You and I have been cleared.
We survived a killing spree.
That's all they need to know.
- It just doesn't seem fair
that they're blaming Tomas.
- Let the police
think what they want.
You got a second chance, Laurie.
Take it.
It's what they
would've wanted for us.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
- Of course I'm right.
How's your mom?
- She's doing better.
Better and better, actually.
The doctors say that it
was just a mild seizure.
Now I'm just excited
to see her find out
that we actually get
to keep the house.
- All thanks to you.
- Spence, I really wanna thank
you about offering the loan.
It was really thoughtful.
It was.
It's just, you know,
working two jobs for me,
it's not gonna be, it's
not gonna be that bad.
It builds character,
calluses, and fatigue.
- That it will do.
For sure.
- All right?
All right?
- Thank you.
You done good, honey.
You done real good.
- Mom?