Ouijageist (2018) Movie Script

Good morning, Im Peter Sommers
Top story today is 32 year old Swiss banker, Tobias Bachman
Is still missing after allegedly killing 6 people
Yep, all in, I just feel like my entire life is either in cardboard boxes or bin bags
No, no, you have got to see this house, it is gorgeous
Just hope my mums right about the rent because this place is way nicer then the last
Mr Bachman from the Chateau D'Oex, in Switzerland, has been missing since Thursday
Oh talk of the devil, shes just pulled up with Emily
Yeah Im going to have to catch you later Becca, yeah you too, all right, see you later
Police have no clue to his whereabouts, our man Matt is on the scene
So is it okay then sweetheart? The house?
Oh its lovely
I knew youd like it
Like it, I love it
Oh Im so pleased
Thanks mum
Did you manage to break anything while you were unpacking
No, there's still time
Wheres Mungo?
I had to pop him outside he was getting underfoot
Pop her down for me mum, Ill go see what hes up to and then Ill pop the kettle on
I love this house
What have you got now?
I cant find any mugs
Whats that?
A box, the dog found it
It cant have been there very long, I wonder whats in it
Looks like a game, but, whod bury a game
Probably kids mucking around, they do strange things like that
Ugly looking thing isnt it?
Do you remember when you went through that phase of wanting to do everything
With your eyes closed
Oh yeah, I used to get dressed with my eyes closed
And put my clothes on and tie my shoelaces with my eyes closed
But I drew the line when it came to mealtimes, do you remember that oxtail soup
Can you get that for me mum?
Look whos here
Oh, hi Laurie. Was just about to make a cuppa do you want one?
Not for me, thanks. Im not stopping just popped in to see how the move went
Great. No problems look I just wanted to thank you, you helped me out of a real hole
And it was a hole, too! That flat was disgusting all that damp
Well, thats in the past now. I just hope youll be happy here
Im sure we will be. At least I know youre not a slum landlord
Well, if you have any problems you just let me know
Thanks Laurie, Ill bear than in mind
What are the local kids like, Laurie?
What the kids? Theyre fine. Not much trouble
I wish they wouldnt play football in the street though. Theyll break a window one of these days
Why do you ask?
No reason But we just found something buried in the garden
What did you find?
Its a game of some sort
Yeah, I think its called a spirit board
Whats a spirit board?
Its just Tommy-rot. Theyre used to contact the spirits of the dead. Its just a load of rubbish
Sounds harmless enough. You dont believe in that, do you?
No, I told you. Its a load of tripe
But how did it end up being buried in the garden?
Like you said, probably kids mucking about. Ill tan their arses if I see them
Only got UHT milk Im afraid. Are you sure you dont wanna stay for a cuppa, Laurie?
No thanks, love. Ill be off now
Ill be seeing you, India. And you remember where I am if you need me
Alright Ill see you later Laurie
Such a lovely man
Yes I wonder why it bothered him so much though
Dunno, mum Here
How did the family first meet Laurie in the first place?
Weve known him for years like he says, hes always here for us
So was he an old friend of grandads then?
I expect so
Do you know, now youve asked me I honestly cant remember the first time I met Laurie
Must be my age, Im cracking up
Okay, lets see if we cant get organised? Where do you want to start?
Hi Becca
Yeah, I was
I should have been up by now anyway
I'm sure we can make that
Sids Cafe
Uh-huh, well be there
Ok... bye
I must be losing it
Why would I have brought this to bed with me
Yes, I suppose so
Look at what auntie Beccas got
Just look at the mess shell make of that
Hi girls, what can I get for you?
Can I get a cuppa tea please? Do you want a brew
Two teas please, thanks
So are you all settled in then?
No, not yet Im not even unpacked
Oh. I am sorry I couldnt help with the move. There's no way I could have got the time off work
I was on a fag break when you called me
Oh, I phoned your friend Terry. He wants to see me about the job
Hes my dads friend. I think hes a bit of a letch
Oh, great! So Im going to be working for a pervy old man
Calm down... hes okay
I just think hes a bit seedy. I mean hes got to be nearly fifty
Oh yeah I remember. You think anyone over the age of thirty is over the hill
Well, youre more or less past it by then
Does Nathan know your views because hes twenty-five
And youre getting married next year so you could get a good
4 or 5 years out of him before you put him out to pasture
Ill scare him into staying young
Anyway, whenre you going to see Terry?
He wants to see me tomorrow afternoon
Does he know youre a single parent?
Do you think thatll matter?
So whos gonna look after Emily when your at work?
Mums volunteered. Its only a part-time job so it wont be every day
What about Paul?
Well, hes not helped so far, so I dont expect any help now
Doesnt he pay anything towards her upkeep?
He hasnt got anything. Hes either pissed or stoned or most of the time both
So we still on for tonight then? Bottle of wine and a chick flick?
If I can find the bottle opener
And this time I choose the film
Dont worry about the bottle opener. Ill bring a spare just in case
Can I help you?
Erm... is Terry around?
I'm Terry
India Harper we spoke on the phone about a job
And who's this?
Oh, this is my daughter, Emily
Hello Emily
So whod look after Emily if you came to work here, India?
My mum can fit around any hours you might want me to work
Have you worked in a retail environment before? What are you like handling money?
I used to work at Tesco
Tesco... right
Have you ever worked with animals before?
Well, sort of
Sort of?
Well I used to work at the fishmonger counter at Tesco
Well, youll find the stock a little more livelier here, but still slippery customers though
So what are you like handling rodents?
Fine No problem
What about reptiles?
Again, no problem
Well, what would you be like feeding rodents to reptiles?
Well they have to be fed you know
I don't know
Well its a good job I dont keep exotic pets here were strictly a traditional pet pantry
Well, you come recommended by Rebecca
She's got a bit of an imagination on her mind
But she is a good girl
Her dad speaks highly of you
So do you want the job?
Yeah of course
Is that it?
Well the animals seem to like you, Ill see you on Monday
Yeah, cool
So then he was like, well the animals seem to like you and that was it
Well, things are looking up, arent they? New house, new job
We just need to sort you out with a new fella
Mungos the only man for me thank you
Well heres to a bright future
Whats the matter with Mungo? Hes usually my best mate when I visit
I don't know
Hes been off since we moved in
When I came in this afternoon from seeing Terry, he was just frantic
Hes probably just pleased to see you. You know, alone in a new house
Just when we moved in he was fine and then
Well, he found that box and he was desperate to get it out of the ground
Once I got it out, it was like he was
Terrified of it
What box?
Oh, some sort of board game. Laurie said its a spirit board
But I think its just some of the local kids messing around
Whats it for?
Apparently its for contacting the spirits of the dead
Actually I left it upstairs, Ill go and fetch it for you
Ok that's weird
I swear Id left it upstairs
Are you sure this is supposed to be safe? I mean you hear about stuff like this
Youre worse than Laurie. Of course its safe. Its a board game like
Snakes n ladders or ludo
Yeah but what are you supposed to do?
I think we use this thing
And we each put a finger on it and ask it a question
Go on then, ask a question
How many children will Rebecca and Nathan have?
You pushed it
Moi? I think its more wishful thinking on your part
Lets try again and I promise I wont cheat this time
How many children will Rebecca and Nathan have?
I must not of closed the front door properly
Do you want another drink, settle your nerves?
No thanks
Fancy another go?
No thank you, I think Ill take the hint
Are you ok?
Yeah, Im just a bit cold
Do you want to borrow a jumper?
Could I?
Ill get you one
No no no, Ill get it
I need the loo anyway
Whats the matter, boy? You just havent been yourself, have you?
Theyve operated. Shes still unconscious
Did they say...
... Is she going to be alright?
They said its too soon to tell
Its a really bad fracture
And who's with her now?
Her mum and dad and Nathan, he just dropped me off
I feel dreadful. Something like this happening in one of my houses
Its my fault. I put the stupid baby gate up
It was an accident, sweetheart. She couldnt see where she was going
A million-to-one accident... the policeman said that
Put the kettle on, shall I?
If you need anymore help just give me a shout okay?
Thank you
Are you going to see Rebecca tonight?
Yeah visiting time is 5pm until 7pm
Any change?
Not really
Shes still in the coma three weeks now and no change
Ive hardly spoken to Michael since the accident. I dont like to bother him really
Would you tell him that Im thinking about them all?
Of course I will how do you know him anyway?
Weve known each other over thirty years. We went into apprenticeships together
Would you believe I went into engineering at first
I didnt like it, Michael stuck with, I wasnt that interested myself
He went on and carried on doing it, but my passion has always been with animals
Anyway, we ended-up being made redundant and I opened this place up
Michael went into business for himself
Then he met Elaine
And they had Rebecca
Happy families
Didnt you ever fancy having a family yourself?
It was never in my blood really. I was an orphan
I never knew my dad and my mum died when I was four
And I was raised by my Auntie Elsie
Thats so sad
But hey, look, we're a bit quiet today, why dont you get yourself off a little bit earlier
Go get yourself something to eat and you can spend more time with Rebecca
Thanks Terry
Emily.... Emily... Emily
Earth to Earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Amen
Stupid question really but howre you doing?
Coping... just about
Well, Ill go and say cheerio to Michael and be on my way
Thanks for coming
Will I see you at the wake later
No since the accident I cant bare to be away from Emily
How is she holding up?
Shes fine it was more the shock than anything frightened me to death
Glad shes on the mend
Well, Id better... you know
Poor, poor lad
He was always so confident shed make it and now
Come on, sweetheart. Lets get you home
Ill just go and say goodbye to Michael Ill meet you back at the car
Thanks for driving us Laurie
Everything okay?
Yes, just letting my imagination run away with me a little bit
What do you mean by that, imagination
It's nothing just an old mans fancies. Jumping at shadows
No go on
I know its all nonsense really but...
... There are one or two things I didn't tell you about that house when India moved in
Like what?
Do you know Shakespeare?
Hamlet There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy
What? Whats that supposed to mean?
Sometimes theres more than meets the eye
I dont know what youre trying to suggest, Laurie, but you just keep it to yourself
My daughters just had to say goodbye to her best friend. Shes heartbroken
India has enough to deal with right now
Without you frightening her and your scaremongering
Im sorry... I wont say a word, I promise
Oh, Im sorry... its just the strain of these last two weeks, is just bubbling to the surface
Youve been marvellous. With India and Emily and helping them out
We just need to think more positively. We need to put this dreadful time behind us
Please can I have my ball back?
Ill put a bloody carving knife through it
Up here
Is everything okay?
Something awfuls happened
Its okay, Emilys fine, shes fine, its your dog
What about him? Where is he?
Thats just it I dont know. The front door bell rang, I answered the door
He ran through my legs and he was gone
But before then hes was under the television, he wouldnt come forward, then suddenly
Who was at the door?
Thats the peculiar thing there was no-one at the door. No sign of anyone
Well, I suppose he wouldnt have gotten far
I feel awful, Im so sorry
Dont worry about it Neesha, Its not your fault
Honestly hes been acting up the last couple of weeks
Im sure hes just gone to the park
And well go down there and well find him
Hiya mum No, no sign of him yet
Nothing. Just listening to some music
I suppose hell turn up when hes hungry
Yeah, you too... Bye
Bloody kids
And you say youve never had trouble from this cheeky boy before
Who hangs around the back
Hes a nuisance with the football. Cheeky with it though
He nearly hit me with it yesterday, he was very rude too
But hes never caused any damage to the property or anything like that?
Not deliberately, no
And youve never witnessed him doing any acts of cruelty to animals?
Well there's not a lot to go on
But just because hes made a nuisance of himself with the football
Doesnt mean to say that hes going to do anything worse
But this is a serious matter and itll need to be looked into
If somebody is hurting animals they need to be stopped. Ill make some enquiries
Ill see you out
Why are all these things happening mum?
Oh Shhh
Ill make some tea, shall I?
Do you want tea?
I want to know whats going on
Going on?
Dont mess about, Laurie. You know. What you told me at the funeral
I shouldnt have brought that up
But you did bring it up. Why?
Its nothing
Laurie, if you think theres anything at all wrong with this place
And India and Emily are in danger, you need to tell me and tell me now
Im not sure theres anything I can tell you
What do you mean by that?
At the funeral you said
More than meets the eye
What did you mean?
Laurie. Do you think theres something wrong with this house?
Yes or no?
Then whats it all about?
If I thought there was anything wrong with this house I would tell you
But what I said before still stands. Not a word to India
Ill finish making the tea
Oh, and Laurie... theres a packet of chocolate digestives in the end cupboard
Oh... Hey
I have this...
... Board in a box. I wanted to sell it
I was wondering if I can get anything for it
Don't worry, it does that all the time Now what have you got here?
I found it buried in my garden
An interesting place to find anything
Well I must say it's in nice condition considering
Do you think I could get much for it then?
Eastern European
Early 19th Century
They transported the wood from the Black Forest in Germany
So it is worth something then?
No, not really
There's no demand for them any more... witchboards
Mumbo jumbo stuff Best not play with it though
Just in case
What have you got here?
What the hell are you doing here, Paul? How did you find me?
Look, I know its not cool to just turn up, but I couldnt call you. I dont have your number
Yeah, theres a reason for that now piss off
Dont say that. I just want to talk Honest
Just leave me alone
Ive got money
Money for you and Emily
Fine let's go for a coffee
Where did you get it?
You mean dealing?
No, its all pukka
You havent told me how you found me
It was accidental I saw you coming out of that pet shop on Pemberton Road
And followed you
It was last week
So why didnt you just speak to me?
I know its a bit weird but I knew youd just shine me off if I came up to you in the street
So you decided to wait a week, and then tell me youve been stalking me
I was waiting until payday... I couldnt just turn up empty-handed you know
So whats this job then?
Its nothing much, but Ive got a job at the car plant. Do a lot of nights
So why havent you been in touch before? Where were you when Emily needed new things
I know Ive been a bit of a slacker
A bit?
You havent had a job in the five years Ive known you
And youre always pissed or stoned and you dont give a fuck about your own daughter
I know
I know. Look Inds, I know Ive not been much of a dad to Emily but I want to make up for it
Where is Emily?
Shes with my mum. Shes giving me a day off
So where are you living now?
Back at mum and dads, as soon as Ive got enough money Ill get a flat
So why this sudden change of heart? You havent cared much up til now
I heard about Rebecca
I didnt like her much but it was a fucking horrible thing to happen
And it got me thinking a bit
Lifes too short, aint it?
So I...
... Got out her baby picture and it made me feel all funny. Like I should be doing more
Anyway, I asked mum and dad if I could move back in
I applied for a load of jobs, got the one at the car plant. Ive been there three months
Thats got to be a record. You doing anything other than a week
Can I get you a drink?
Coffee would be good. Four sugars please
I see some things dont change eh? I'll have a cup of tea please
Watch my things Paul, I need the loo
So what do you want to do?
What the fuck Paul
That was boiling
Hed been dead for about twelve hours when they found him
In the river?
But thats miles away from the cafe. How could he have run all that way?
I think, knowing what we know of Mr. Simms, he might have taken drugs
Well know more for definite when we get the results of the post-mortem
If he was under the influence of LSD
Hed have run that three miles without even taking a breath
What are you doing up, sweetheart?
Couldnt sleep Kept seeing
Its ok
Well see ourselves out
Try not to worry about this, India
If we have anymore questions well be in touch,
but I dont think theres much more to add
Thank you
Do you feel like a little something to eat?
No. Im not hungry. I feel a bit sick
Hardly surprising. What the hell was he playing at?
I mean... I dont know why you even went for coffee with him
You knew what he was like. People like him never change
I told you. It wasnt like that
He was fine when I went to the toilet
Well he must have taken something while you were in there
Mum youre not listening, something happened to him
Well drugs do funny things to people
I know what drugs can do. I was there, remember. It wasnt the drugs
Thatll be Laurie
How is she?
Still shocked. Can you blame her?
Is Emily still with Neesha?
Yes, and I should think about collecting her. Neeshas had her all day
Oh, Laurie. I dont know what to say. Im so sorry about this
Dont worry about it. If anything, I should be apologising to you and India
Why? None of this is your fault
No, but I still feel so responsible
And remember, not a word about any silly theories
Oh no love, the important thing is that you're okay
I dont want to go back... Not yet mum
Its okay. Its okay. You dont have to do anything until youre ready
You can stay here for as long as you like
You dont mind do you Laurie?
None of my business, love. You do whatever you thinks best. You just take your time
Right, Ill be off. I just called round to see youre alright
Penny for them, sweetheart
Do you believe in curses, mum?
What do you mean... Whyre you asking me that?
With everything thats happened, Rebeccas accident
Emily falling in the bath, Mungo and now Paul
Of course I dont believe in curses and neither should you. Bloody rubbish. Its just bad luck
But everythings gone wrong since I moved into that house. Nothings gone right
Well, what about your job? That was good luck, wasnt it?
Youve not mentioned this to anyone else, have you?
No. Like who?
Like Laurie for instance
No, why would I mention it to Laurie
Shall I go and collect Emily... Neesha will think weve abandoned her
Hello, Mark. I was going to report you as missing
Yeah, sorry business is booming, booming
Ive been taking a new round since they built those new houses over on Baker Way
No time for your regulars now then?
I've always got time for the old favourites
Not so much of the old. Glad someones having some luck
Did you hear about what happened here?
Girl who lives here. Her friend fell down the stairs
That was here? I heard about that
Yeah. Anyway, can you do this as well as mine? Just knock on the door when youre done
Can I get in round the back?
Yes, it should be open
Oh and Mark...
... Just mind out. Be careful
Ive done this before a few times before I think Ill be alright
Yeah, I dont want any more accidents
Are you sure about this?
Yes mum We cant stay here indefinitely, can we?
Actually, you can and I wish you would
Mum, Im too old for that. You know I like my independence
But after everything thats happened?
Yeah but you were right
Its just a case bad luck. The only way to do it is to get in front go it, it cant last forever
Can it?
Well you will call if anythings worrying you
Dont I always
Oh hello Laurie
Hi Karen I wasnt expecting you today
Yeah well India insisted on coming back... I can't think why, but...
Oh hi
She's down
Look will someone please tell me whats happening? Please
Lauries got a theory about... about whats been happening
Come on, Laurie. If my daughters in any kind of danger I need to know about it
Its like I told your mum. Its as if this house has got bad luck associated with it
Well, you could say that
No, I mean looking back, its as if its always had bad luck associated with it
Please just tell me everything
Well, its sound ridiculous to say it but I think the place is haunted
Haunted You mean ghosts?
Well... Yes
Laurie said there seems to have been a lot of misfortune here over the years
And you let Emily and me carry on living here when you knew that?
I didnt believe it Would you?
I dont know what to believe
After everything that have happened I really dont know what to believe anymore
See today clinched it for me
There was no way that, that hose wouldve got wrapped around the door handle
No way
And you really believe a ghost did that... do you know how mad that sounds?
But look whats happened, look what happened since you moved in here
If just one of those things would have happened you couldve maybe called it bad luck
Two, coincidence
What about the rest?
Your friend tripping
The toilet door sticking
I had that lock to pieces myself and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all
Your boyfriend
So what do we do?
I dont know
I dont believe in ghosts... but I do believe that this place... has bad luck
You can stop with me for as long as you like, you know that
I think we need to keep our heads
Well perhaps we need to seek some professional help for this
Ill phone Father West and ask him to pop round
Father West? Why?
Is that really necessary?
Itll put everyones mind at rest... Right now these two are coming with me
Go and get Emily... Can you help me with the bags, put them in the car?
Im not going to be forced out, mum
Well come with you tonight... But Im going to get to the bottom of all this
Hello Misses Harper?
Misses Harper?
Sorry if Im a bit early. I was due to call on Mrs. Frobisher
But she cancelled on me at the last minute
Anyway, thats about the size of it. He was very shaken-up
Ive sent him on retreat for a couple of weeks. Recharge his batteries. Hell be okay after a rest
And you believe all that? Everything he told you?
Mrs. Harper, I think youd probably be surprised at what were called on to believe at times
But in this day and age
Well extraordinary to think, but it does happen
And the age we live in is immaterial. You say there was a spirit board?
Yes, but its just a toy, isnt it?
Believe me, dabbling with such things is no game
And the consequences can be too terrible to contemplate
So it was my fault for messing with it?
Oh no, I doubt it. If what Mr. Fairbairns tells me is true
This goes back some time. The spirit board was more likely the trigger than the cause
Sometimes incidents of this nature can be attributed to a form of psychosis
So you think Ive made this up... That I'm mad?
Oh, no, no, no. Thats not what it means
The human brain is a very powerful organ. Its capable of much more than we might imagine
I never really thought there was so much in it
Have you ever heard the expression
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist?
The Usual Suspects, 1995... But Hollywood stole it from higher sources, as they wont to do
You dont believe its the Devil, do you?
My faith in the Almighty is unshakable, Mrs. Harper, but for every Yin there is a Yang
I dont follow you
You know its funny how so many believers have an unshakable Faith in our Lord
But have trouble admitting to belief in the powers of darkness
However... In order to believe in one, you must believe in the other
And you believe this is the work of the Devil?
Not necessarily but I do believe that unquiet spirits might be at work in the house
Thats unbelievable
Its not as uncommon as you might think... Have you seen the film Poltergeist?
The one with the clown and the tree?
Thats it 1982. But did you ever see Poltergeist 2?
Oooh you must. 1986. Fascinating stuff
Shows how the potent combination of madness and religion can in theory, of course
Prove sufficient to enable passage from the netherworld to our own
Much has been made of the scientific study of poltergeists
But in my opinion this second movie delves into uncharted realms
Insanity as a bridge from the other Side
Not in any conventional sense, my dear
Lunatics on the loose, induced latent psychosis, all that hogwash. No no no
What we may be facing is a genuine spirit of evil
Somehow, whatever this is has found a portal to the earthly realm
The movie depicts a seemingly physical menace
But what were dealing with may well be incapable of materialisation
So instead it has to plant hallucinatory visions in the consciousness
Of those it wishes to do harm
Merely my theory, of course
Though one backed up by research by some of the leading experts in the field
That's incredible... So what can we do?
Id like to take a look for myself if I may?
Would you like me to come with you?
Thank you. Ill go over tomorrow. This needs looking into as soon as possible
Dont look so worried
These may be powerful forces were dealing with but we have good on our side
We will prevail
Ah Mrs Harper
Bishop Chapman
Now dont expect any of those Father Merrin power of Christ antics
The reality of these matters is usually somewhat less dramatic
Than cinema would have us believe
Father Merrin? Thats The Exorcist isnt it?
Two points, my dear. Some in the Church admired it greatly
But I saw the real thing once and have to say the film got it all wildly wrong
The lounge?
Straight through
Oh dear Lord
Oh dear dear me, Im really, terribly sorry, Bishop
Its just like that film you mentioned isnt it
But I came in and hovered while India was out at work
Im awfully sorry, I cant imagine what you must have thought
No harm done, let me help you put everything back
So, Bishop do you think its all clear?
Well Ive seen nothing to indicate otherwise, this house may well be untainted at present
At present?
Do you mean there could be other
Manifestations? Well, given the extraordinary events youve described
Plus poor Father Wests troubles
I hesitate to give the all-clear. There seems to be little more I can do here today, however
Other than demolish another of these delicious iced confections
Hodges youre among friends, were just here to help
What the hells happening?
I honestly dont know, Charlie. He just started foaming at the mouth, about ten minutes ago
Thanks for answering to the call so quickly
Ill try to close in
Charlie... Charlie
Officer down
Are you sure you want to do this... You said you didnt believe in it
I dont really... What about you?
Im just here to help... If I can
I suppose Im trying to prove a negative
If nothing happens we can call it bullshit and move forward
The Bishops clearly a believer in evil as well as the forces for good
And he seemed to doubt that there was anything to fear here. I just want to be sure
Well if youre sure?
Sure Im sure... Lets finish this
Lets start with the old favourite shall we?
Is there anybody there?
Let me try
How did the board get here?
Were getting nowhere
Its probably a good job too... You might just be right
Let's try again please
What really killed Rebecca?
Come on girl, thats a bit much
I just I miss her
I know, whatever may or may not happen here, dont tie that terrible accident into it all
Its like the Bishop said, in a funny way its not ghosts or ghouls that influencing us
Its us
You know people come up with some funny shit sometimes
Odd connections, stuff buzzing through your brain
Its trying to make sense even where there isnt any
Just one more time and well call it a night?
Okay then girl, make it a good one
Can you tell... What really happened to Father West?
You know, this boards not giving anything up tonight. Perhaps theres nothing to give
Perhaps the Bishop was right... Coincidence... Psycho-suggestion, all in the head
What happened to Rebecca
Could have happened to me or anyone who went past that baby gate
And losing a good friend so young like that
Youre bound to want answers... But sometimes thats not possible
Thanks for coming tonight
I dont know who else Id have asked... Even if we both look a bit silly now
Well like you said, at least you might have proved a point
Well, sounds as though the winds picking up. Id better wander back
Are you going to be okay?
Fine Fine... Ill see you soon
Goodnight India, love
Fuck you
Get out of my life
Leave me alone
Good morning
I'm Peter Sommers
Top story today is, twenty three year old single mother, India Harper
is still missing after allegedly killing three people.
Miss Harper, from Dudley in the West Midlands has been missing since Tuesday
If you have any information as to her whereabouts
please contact your local police station