Our Body (2018) Movie Script

Well focus relatively more on theory.
Questions from past tests
are also important.
Compared to microeconomics,
the pool of macro questions is small.
So, questions are likely to be repeated.
You get on top.
Come on.
The second round is next week?
I think so.
Why sound so uninterested?
Ill take the exam.
Ja-young, you are almost there.
You just have to keep
the pace this year.
Nothing sticks in
my head any more.
You want to keep this?
You said you liked
these big pockets.
Ill leave this here.
You gotta have a life even if
you dont become a civil servant.
Have a good life.
Didnt you go to school?
What? Schools over already.
The exam is over.
Why is your phone still turned off?
Why? Did Mom say something?
Shes been all over
the place since dawn.
She says shes too old to cook
so shes retiring from the kitchen.
She always says shes old.
Your skirt is way too short.
They call me Chopsticks you know.
Kids with fat legs get mad at me.
Mom wants you to come home.
She says take what you want to keep.
Shes throwing out everything else.
Volunteer work award: Yoon Ja-young
Essay writing Gold Award
Essay writing Gold Award
Hwa-young, I told to come and eat.
Hwa-young, I told to come and eat.
Merit: Chinese, Korean, Math
Merit: Chinese, Korean, Math
Oh, enough.
Merit: Chinese, Korean, Math
On the phone again!
Ja-young, dont pick at your food.
You havent been eating properly.
Saying you never have time to eat.
You know I dont like fish.
If you pass, they send you
to the rural areas first, right?
We should look for a house.
A lease would be better even
if we need a loan, right?
There is no need.
You get housing too? Good.
I didnt take the exam.
Speak up.
My hearing is going in old age.
I didnt take the exam.
You know the English teachers girl,
the one who studied French in college?
She got a job with a PR agency.
Should I ask her about job hunting?
Im too old to get a job.
Nothing wrong with your age.
Im 31.
They say a lot of late bloomers
pass the exam these days.
I said I wont take the exam.
So, youre going to do nothing?
You will be the death of me.
Hey sis.
Rent $450, 23rd each month
Electricity, 1st each month
Gas, 10th each month
Health Insurance, $30 on the 10th
Dont fall behind on your bills.
Excuse us! Thank you.
This program has guided many
couch potatoes into running.
This program has guided many
couch potatoes into running.
Running for beginners
A guide to help beginners
to keep running without quitting.
Its a scientifically designed program.
Do not skip any steps.
Tips on midfoot running
Tips on midfoot running
Step lightly on the ball of the foot
and land with the arch of the foot.
Step lightly on the ball of the foot
and land with the arch of the foot.
Learn the technique for
happy, injury free running.
Accentuate the nose and the forehead
by gently brushing with a highlighter.
When did you get in?
What are you wearing?
Are you a tramp?
I work out these days.
Doing what?
We have to run laps for tardies.
Did you eat?
Whats this?
You dont have any money.
Its from Mom, isnt it?
No. Im lending it to you.
You dont have any money.
Well, Mom takes care of me.
Take it. I have to go.
By the way,
why didnt you take the exam?
You studied so hard.
I didnt study.
Now that I look at you,
did you lose weight?
Look! I told you to at least
take the exam!
How about Level 7 exam?
- Is it very different?
- Im never taking another exam.
Studying is all youve ever done.
If you need money, how about
doing odd jobs for my company?
Part-timer wanted, dessert caf
Part-timer wanted, dessert caf
Never mind. It doesnt pay well.
Never mind. It doesnt pay well.
Age limit 29
Age limit 29
Send this to this address.
Hand me my laptop.
Ill submit this document
for approval right now.
I emailed you a sample
a newbie made.
You just need to fill it in.
Hey, anyone can do this.
Dont let your elite college butt panic.
Hello, Miss Oh.
Good luck.
Shall we get a bite to eat?
- What should we eat?
- It is lunch time.
What should we eat?
Noodles? How about noodles?
How is it going?
Its team lunch day.
Come along.
Its okay, Ill go on my own.
Its a free meal.
When else will you get good food?
Come on.
Lets go.
Before we get started, lets congratulate
Eun-ji our new team member.
Thank you. I will do my best.
How old are you, Eun-ji?
Im 24.
Wow, 24.
So you know Miss Oh?
I heard Miss Oh recommended you.
Were you her junior in college?
Were friends from middle school.
You did well today.
Heres your pay.
Dont you wire it to my account?
Youve never done odd jobs.
The quicker the better.
Go. If I dont go home tonight,
Jin-wook says hell cheat on me.
Right. Youre still newlyweds.
- Good night.
- Bye.
Didnt you say its $50 a day?
Did I say it was $50?
Is this your money?
Hey, dont be like that.
I need to go.
How do you know her?
I just ran into her a few times.
I see.
Is she any good?
How long has she run?
Complete beginner.
This is Tae-sik and Min-ho.
Hello. Im Choi Min-ho.
Welcome. You improve faster
when you run together with others.
I couldnt even run 3 km before.
You'll improve in no time.
He lost a lot of weight too.
Yeah, thats right.
Im the youngest guy here.
You can loosen up around me.
Lets start stretching!
Put your hands under the chin,
pull up your shoulders a little.
Push the head back and count to 10.
9, 10.
Now, put your hand
on the head.
Pull to the side and count to 10.
Lets go!
Theres an online test project today.
They want to know
who can work overtime.
There is overtime pay.
I will do it.
Me too.
Ill hand them the list.
- Okay.
- Good.
Swing your arms further back.
- Tired?
- Yes.
How much further are we running?
Todays run.
The pace wasnt bad.
Its amazing.
You did great for running
only for a few days.
When I started,
I only ran on the treadmill.
I just didnt want someone
looking at me run.
Its good to retie them
before a run.
The shoelaces go
from outside to inside.
Like this.
To support the ankles.
This way it doesnt come undone.
How long have you been running?
About 7 or 8 years?
I must be slowing you down.
Im happy that now I have
a friend in the neighborhood.
You mustve done a lot of
part-time gigs at an office.
You seem quite at ease.
I always got in the way at first.
I didnt even know how to code.
Gifts for your parents.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
I want some of that too.
There are gifts for us too!
- Wow! What is it?
- Let me see!
What is this?
- You dont want it then?
- No, Im taking it.
What do you want to eat?
Hyun-joo? Is something wrong?
What time is it now?
- You got work, right?
- We have work too. Come on out.
Hush, I cant hear.
I can come.
Where are you?
Not sleepy?
Im fine.
If you get tired from running,
stick close to me.
As if youre sucking my energy.
Its much easier that way.
Isnt it about time
you paid for once?
Considering you get paid the most.
You are a manager.
Im just a newbie.
You probably make more than our VP.
Cant find my locker key.
Maybe you dropped it.
Damn, I lose a half day off
my vacation if I am late.
Doesnt your girlfriend live nearby?
Dont you have clothes there?
Its been ages since we broke up.
Why? She looked hot on Instagram.
Yes, but she didnt like me
exercising the entire weekend.
Can I ask what you do?
I work for a publishing house.
Hyun-joo writes.
She might really become a writer.
You havent even read it.
I can just tell that you are good.
Stop it.
Oh, my mind just went blank.
Tae-sik, remember that Japanese writer?
Why didnt you eat first?
You must be paying your rent on time.
Your landlord hasnt said anything.
Can we have some water please?
You look different.
Lost some weight.
I was always sitting down
when I was studying.
I dont know about weight
but you look human now.
Mom, you should work out too.
Thats for you young people.
What exercise at my age?
Im still young at heart, but
my body has aged so much.
Youre not that old, Mom.
You still have a kid in middle school.
Life is full of surprises.
I never knew Id have
another kid in my 40s.
So you should work out.
Ive even joined a running club.
I would do something else
if I had that much energy.
Yoon Ja-young.
Move back home.
But Im making all the payments.
You think paying your rent on time
means youre fulfilling all your duties?
I got this.
Forget it.
I make money too.
Not very much.
Here you go.
Just a minute!
Its okay.
Take your time.
- Ja-young.
- Yes.
Are you done with work?
Its usually busy before a new book.
Lets go.
Did you move in recently?
No. Last spring? Summer?
Moving again?
The place seems a little empty.
I didnt want clutter and got
rid of everything when I moved.
Ja-young, do you like to drink?
Brewed a batch last week.
Want some?
You must really love alcohol.
Even brewing your own.
I exercise so I can drink.
I want to have sex.
Me too.
Is there something
youd like to do?
Me? I dont know.
I didnt have a childhood dream.
No, I mean during sex.
Something you havent tried?
I dont know. You?
What do you think itd be like
to do it with a man 30 years older?
Young men just want to show off.
Asking to be touched here and there.
Its not fair. Ive worked
very hard to come this far too.
My sex fantasy is doing it in
a really expensive hotel.
Itd be soundproof so I could
probably be really loud, right?
The bed would be huge too.
Hey, thats not a fantasy.
Id order really expensive
in-room dining menus too.
Eat nice food, then do it some more.
I wont have to think about anything.
Thatd be quite nice.
Its hot.
Are you going to go out like that?
What if someone sees you?
Its just to the end of the corridor.
Ja-young, hurry!
What is it?
Its from a client and
I didnt tell the manager.
Tastes great.
This is the best.
Have you finished the applications?
I think 1,000 words is too much.
Just have to make stuff up.
I should retake TOEIC, right?
You went to the best university
in the country. Youre fine.
Which team did you apply for?
Whats this?
You get hired full time after
a two-month internship.
The newbies are 24.
How can I?
Thats okay.
Im 26 myself.
Im 31.
Oh, sorry.
I really wanted this.
Are you sure you know
how to use it?
I do have a concern.
Feels like Im skinning
a flea for its hide.
Try this too.
You said you wanted it.
Whats up?
Someone you know?
Huh? No.
Should I try calling again?
Did she say anything to you?
Are you guys stalkers?
Im off.
Lets just run without her today.
Hold up!
Tae-sik, shall we slow down a bit?
The key to my place.
Have you been drinking?
Youre staying the night, right?
I have to go to work tomorrow.
Stay the night.
Hyun-joo, are you okay?
Lets go for a run.
Its past midnight.
I often go running really late.
Its great with nobody around.
But youve been drinking.
Im sober now.
Tomorrow, lets do it tomorrow.
No, I didnt exercise again today.
Hyun-joo, do you still have
the brew we drank last time?
I wonder how much you need
to spend to win the lottery.
You want to win it?
And you dont?
I think itd be scary.
Like using up all your luck at once.
Isnt it good to be lucky
at least once?
Do you want to read my novel?
Is Hyun-joo not coming today either?
Its weird. Shed skip work but
never miss a running session.
Arent you worried?
Well, people burn out
from time to time.
There she is.
Look who it is!
Long time no see.
You put on weight.
Dont exaggerate.
Can I run behind you today?
Ill sap your energy if I get tired.
See you later.
Hyun-joo, how far are we going?
Kang Hyun-joo!
Ill sap all your energy.
Kang Hyun-joo!
Life can be defined as before
and after taking on running.
Wear bright colors for night runs!
Kang Hyun-joo funeral notice
Kang Hyun-joo
Tae-sik, can a funeral be so quiet?
I thought it suited Hyun-joo.
How could everything be so calm
after dropping a nuke on us?
Feels like Hyun-joo would walk in.
Shed come and
just run in front of us.
You saw with your own eyes
and you still cant believe it?
It seemed Hyun-joo would never die.
How could she have known
shed end up like this?
Did she say anything to you?
Well, she never talked
about herself much.
Which is why she writes.
Where are you going?
I understand how you feel.
I too feel like shes still alive.
Its weird. It just feels like
shes too busy to come.
Ive had too much to drink.
Are you okay?
You know, everything.
Can you feel that?
Getting these nearly killed me.
If its so hard,
why do you do it?
I was always curious.
I could feel something
underneath, but
your body is honest.
You get exactly what you put in.
I like that.
Why arent you picking up my calls?
Are you sick?
You should tell me
if somethings up.
Even if its a part-time job,
you cant just miss work.
I told them youre sick.
But if you miss more days,
Ill be in a tight spot.
Im going to quit.
Did you get a job?
The intern application is due this week.
Do I get the job if I just apply?
Then, are you going to be a trainer?
Im not working out to be a trainer.
Do you have something lined up?
You dont.
Is applying for an internship there
that big a deal?
Oh, Im sorry for making such
a big deal out of nothing.
I envy you.
Because you live with
no grasp on reality.
Aspiring writers competition
2014 Pearl Buck memorial competition
Kang Hyun-joo
A photographer friend
made me to do it.
Its great.
You want to try?
Me? No.
Why not?
Itd be something to remember you by.
Its great because its you.
Sorry you missed study group.
Didnt know you applied
because you missed work.
Should we buy Miss Oh coffee?
For opening the meeting room?
Lets get it together.
I see you went to
a pretty good uni.
Good luck with the interview.
You too.
Thank you.
Theres some tension.
Theres some tension there, and
they dont read the cover letter.
Please ask your questions
for Ms. Yoon.
Miss Yoon Ja-young?
How was the interview?
Once this is done,
should I send it to the tech team?
Yes. Let me help.
Ill quickly drop by home.
Jin-wook is off to Beijing for work.
I just need to help him pack.
Its okay.
You dont have to come back.
No, let me help.
Ill be back soon.
Hey. The carry-on is on the balcony.
Why are you still here?
I still have work left.
Youre just a temp.
Im going to rest a bit in there.
Youve been with us
for a while, right?
Your name?
Yoon Ja-young.
Right, Ja-young.
I shouldve treated you to dinner.
Sorry that Ive been so busy.
I thought your interview was great.
Its easier for us to work
with someone we know.
Its not all up to me
but you wait and see.
Whats wrong?
Dont you drink?
So you can drink.
I work out so I can drink.
I like that.
Its a shame that you cant hang out
with your boyfriend on a Friday.
I dont have a boyfriend.
You know what?
Do you want me to set you up?
What do you like in a man?
Come on.
You must have a preference.
Oops, was that too personal?
I like that you look healthy.
How would you say it,
that you give off good energy?
I envy that.
I like older men.
- Mr. Ko Won-pyo.
- Yes.
- Ms. Hee-jung.
- Yes.
And Ms. Yoon Ja-young.
And Ms. Yoon Ja-young.
Information for new interns
Intern Yoon Ja-young
Intern Yoon Ja-young
This card is very important
if you want to claim overtime.
This card is very important
if you want to claim overtime.
Theres an important announcement.
The recruiting process this year
has changed.
Youll be reviewed after a month
to be hired full-time.
Prepare the final presentation
while you work on your duties.
Youll be matched with a senior
to ask for guidance on the presentation.
What do your friends say about you?
How do they see you?
Knowing the trend is quite important
in this industry.
You have no interest in that, do you?
The final presentation.
Be ready.
Why are you so late?
Why are you here at this hour?
Let me stay over one night.
Mom told you off?
Mom is so weird lately.
You know I go to three more
cram schools now?
How can a vice principal force so
much private education on her kid?
Even my homeroom teacher
doesnt tell me to study.
You can tell Mom, but
also tell her why I came here.
Ive got my own problems.
Are you a pervert?
- Going on a run?
- Yes.
This late?
I dont have time during the day.
I wont be long.
Go to bed.
- Not finished?
- Im leaving.
Are you preparing
your presentation?
Yes. Going home?
See you tomorrow.
Hello sir.
Whats wrong?
My presentation is gone.
Gone? Deleted?
The company PCs are dodgy.
You should have backed it up.
No, just that file is gone.
Why would anyone delete it
on purpose?
Lets run together.
Hwa-young, if you swing your
arms like that, it gets harder.
Hold on.
Sis, Im so tired. Lets go home.
Why? We havent run much.
I cant.
Then go on home.
Im scared.
Come with me.
Go home.
Ja-young, I put last seasons data here.
Please organize it like I told you earlier.
And when can I see your presentation?
You got a lot on your plate already.
Youre friends with Min-ji, right?
For things like presentations,
get some help.
Its okay to get a little help.
Im off.
Another all-nighter?
Did you hear it too?
I saw.
I may be the source of the rumor.
But I dont know how it got around.
Its not like I went around blabbing.
I only told my friend in Finance, but
- shes not the type to spread rumors.
- Min-ji.
You know, I still cant believe it.
How could you do such a thing?
I know what youre thinking,
but its not what you think.
Youd have made it even
if you didnt sleep with him.
Manager Chung cant make
that decision alone, stupid.
Why do you all think that way?
That I slept with him for the job.
To you, internship means nothing.
So, you two are dating now?
What do you think about
when youre running?
What about you?
What do you think about
when youre running?
Enjoy, Mom.
Why pay so much
when you can eat at home?
I wanted to treat you to something nice
once I got a real job.
Sure you can take a day off?
You are full-time now, right?
Your internship.
You were hired full-time, right?
Why dont you take the exam
while working at the company?
What exam?
The civil service exam?
Civil servant is much better than
being an office workers these days.
Itd be a shame to let all that
studying go to waste.
Whats the longest youve ever run?
How much did you run?
At first it was so painful,
I thought, if I can survive this,
I can do anything.
If you pushed yourself a little more,
youd spread your wings and soar.
I feel bad for you. Thats all.
Why dont you come with us?
Its okay.
Going on a run again?
Yes, why?
Is that weird?
I think Ill try running again tonight.
See you.
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Categorized into social conflict,
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KNS Research Final Interview
Yoon Ja-young