Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) Movie Script

We'll start in, what, 30 seconds?
We good for 30? Thanks. Um...
- So, uh...
- Move your lav up
just a little bit for me,
if you could, please?
Move it up?
Where is it?
Oh, I got it.
- Is that better?
- Thank you.
Is... Is the sound for both of us good?
- It's good. Thank you.
- Okay.
Right, well, um, when you're ready,
shall we start?
Jane, good morning.
Good morning.
Since your early days
as a political strategist,
you've been known by a certain name,
Calamity Jane.
Yeah, I've, I've been called
a lot of names.
Did you ever work for
a politician you did not believe in?
Oh, sure. I could, I could convince
myself of anything if the price was right.
There is no coming
back from a shot like that.
She is on fire. I'll tell you,
her opponents are scrambling
to keep up with her momentum.
How important is honesty?
Well, truth is relative in politics.
The truth is what I tell
the electorate the truth is.
In politics, money does talk,
and it's about to do a lot more talking.
The U.S. Supreme Court now
has lifted limits
on campaign contributions,
ushering in a new era of
unfettered political spending.
When you began your career,
you must've had heroes, role models?
Who are my heroes?
Well, when I first started
in this business,
my heroes were politicians and leaders,
and then I met them.
Look, the bottom line
is they have created
an inherently corrupt system here.
We're talking about a woman
who is combative at heart.
She's, uh...
She's belligerent, she's entitled,
and when she doesn't get her way,
she makes noise.
She's a strategist
who can't be trusted.
I say give her a glass of wine,
and she might spill the truth for once.
You had some personal
missteps that became very public.
I mean, it's almost like car races.
No one watches a car race to see who wins.
They watch the car race to see who wrecks,
who goes up in flames.
...in the wake
of serious political scandals.
She resigned on Monday
after they, uh, filed a criminal complaint
accusing her of, get this,
violating election laws.
She's obviously
at the center of a firestorm
and huge controversy.
No longer idealistic?
You know, you need to be idealistic
to get into this thing,
to keep going, but...
You know, once that is gone,
there's... There's no getting that back.
You know?
No matter how hard you try. You can't.
You stepped away from
your professional and political success
for a fight that might not be
winnable in this lifetime.
How did you get here?
What happened?
Where the hell are we, Nell?
Ready for a deer to jump out.
This makes no sense.
Who lives out here?
How long has she been out here?
I don't know. Six years, I guess.
Six years?
She hasn't run a campaign in six years?
You know she's lost
her last four elections.
And there's the haphephobia.
The what?
- Don't touch her.
- Oh.
She doesn't like to be touched.
Well, you said you wanted different.
- No, I said "unconventional," but...
- Oh.
I mean, this is a presidential campaign.
Ever heard of a disposable?
No, what's a disposable?
It's what the CIA call an agent
who's expendable and deniable.
She has no kids, no family, no life.
I've seen her take a dead horse
and bring in a landslide.
- Hmm.
- So, if she turns this thing around,
well, we did it together.
And if she messes it up,
that'll be Calamity Jane.
It's a presidential campaign
in South America, Jane.
Bolivia. Very interesting.
Uh, economy in real trouble,
fragile democracy.
It's challenging.
Our main opposition is Victor Rivera.
He's a deputy in
the lower house of Congress,
representing Potosi.
He's an opportunist. He's a populist,
and, well, he's... He's leading the field.
I like that hair.
Now, our candidate is Pedro Castillo.
Born in Bolivia, raised in America.
He was actually elected
president 15 years ago.
Privatized some industries,
and wasn't a popular move for him.
Mmm. So it was a gringo
stickin' it to the Indians.
- Right?
- Right.
- Moving on.
- How far are you behind?
Twenty-eight points.
Where you gonna find someone
to take on that shit basket?
- Hey, Jane.
- Yeah?
Did you make this?
- This, uh, arts and crafts kind of thing?
- Yeah.
Yep. It's a medicine bowl.
It's based on a Mohawk design.
This whole... This whole area
was, uh... Was Native territory.
Take one.
They have protective powers.
It's supposed to
ward off the evil spirits.
Most people use 'em for fruit.
That's, um...
Let me have the bowl.
Well, this is quite a setup.
I quit smoking, Nell. Can you believe it?
Ooh. Wow.
Haven't had a drink in three...
Three years.
- Oh.
- I sleep nights.
Some days, I can almost
look myself in the eye.
You're happy?
Oh, I'm better than happy. I am calm.
You're a fighter, Jane.
Can you look me in the eye
and tell me you don't miss it?
Don't miss what?
Candidates who can't think
unless we think for them?
No, ma'am. No.
You know what it did to me,
Nell, that whole world.
- Oh, blah, blah, blah.
- It's not good for me. Okay.
Yeah, well, they're paying very well.
I'm sure they are.
I know you're struggling.
I mean, we're talking
a couple of months in La Paz.
Oh, well, I get altitude sickness.
- Oh, yeah? Well, you live on a mountain.
- Yeah.
No, ma'am. I live between mountains.
I know. I saw it.
Remember, I said he had good hair?
Mmm-hmm. Look behind the hair.
There's one detail that Ben
neglected to mention.
The opposition has hired
their own American.
Pat Candy.
God, you guys are amazing.
Amazing. Unbelievable.
What? Oh, come on.
He didn't beat you. You beat yourself.
And I'm giving you
another shot at the title.
Light the fire, honey.
You wanna go out? Go out.
But go out a winner.
Damn it, Nell.
Castillo is a self-made millionaire.
He's known as a conservative senator
and a voice for globalization.
Sure, there were some problems
the last time he was president,
but he is back with a new,
positive attitude.
Just keep that fucking
hippopotamus away from me.
- No problem.
- Okay.
It's all about extremes in Bolivia.
It's the highest,
most isolated country in South America.
You know, you got a wealthy urban elite
who have been dominating
political and economic life for centuries,
but the vast majority of
the population are dirt poor.
Now, they've had decades
of militaryjuntas,
bloody coups, tanks on the street.
I mean, it's no joke down there.
During your presidency,
there was a lot of social unrest.
So if you could go back in time,
what would you change?
Is there something
wrong with her?
- You okay, Jane?
- Okay, so what is it?
What did... What did he do?
Try and think. Perhaps all the people
who died during the protests?
Yes, I... I don't know.
...close together.
I'm just trying to get off the damn plane.
Hi, thank you. Nice to see you.
Looking sharp, Buckley.
- Oh!
- You okay?
Honey, honey, honey. Easy, easy.
Probably the altitude sickness.
We're so high up here,
you get low partial pressure of oxygen.
Very common with the visitors.
- She can't breathe.
- She'll be all right.
Tell us more about our candidate.
Well, Castillo's carrying
a lot of history,
a lot of bad associations.
So the job here, basically,
is to take a candidate that
the electorate doesn't like,
rebrand him, and then
sell him, sell him, sell him.
Shouldn't be too difficult.
Look at those camels.
They're not camels.
They're, um, llamas.
Looks a lot like a camel to me.
They are in the camel family.
Llamas, alpacas, camels,
they're in the same family.
those are baby hairy camels.
Can I put my bag here? It's okay?
Can we just go, please?
Yeah, but do you
want, uh... Can you open your window?
- I want you to not speak for a second.
- All right. Okay.
Sir? Uh, a little heat, please?
Ben, how do you pronounce these, uh,
indigenous, uh, people?
- The... Yes.
- The Quechua?
- Aymara. Guarani.
- Guarani.
Constantly protesting.
They're pretty much the majority here.
I mean, imagine... Imagine there was
200 million Apache back home.
Gives you some kind of idea.
Excuse me?
- Please call him "Senator."
- "Senator"?
That's what's most respectful.
And are we
trying the buenos das thing?
Um, you know, I wouldn't.
Just keep it very American.
Pardon me, Jane.
The aide always introduces you,
so let's just smile and shake hands.
Yeah. Don't salute or anything like that.
I'm not gonna salute anyone.
- Buenos... Buenos das.
- Buenos das.
Hugo. Ben Sawyer.
- Ben Sawyer. Nice to finally meet you.
- This is my team.
- Hugo Barco.
- Richard Buckley.
- Nice to meet you.
- Ben.
- Nice meeting you.
- Nell Talby. Such a pleasure.
- You okay there?
- This is our, uh, specialist,
- Jane Bodine.
- Are you okay?
Jane Bodine. Hugo Barco. Nice to meet you.
Senator Castillo, Jane Bodine.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Have a seat.
We read the report. It was depressing.
So, what's the biopsy?
Is it... Is it terminal?
Well, if we thought that, we wouldn't have
come all the way here, right?
We think you could win
this thing, Senator.
What we'd like to do is
start with some focus groups,
get an idea of what people
are thinking about you, get...
Keep going. Keep going.
Really, really, really get people in here.
You know, go out to the streets,
listen to what the people have
to say, and tell you. Okay?
We are the conduit.
We're the syringe that injects
the people's voice into your campaign.
Meanwhile, I'll be headin' up, uh, media.
Online awareness, outreach,
TV ads, and so forth.
What we can say now for sure
is that the opposition is going
to play you as the oligarch. The elitist.
So, what we're going to do is invert that.
We're gonna show the people that,
in fact, you are not
the stooge of the corporation,
but one of them.
We want to show the people
the warm, likable Castillo.
And that's why we've brought
our strategist in,
the great Jane Bodine,
to give us some insight
on how we'd do that.
Uh, Jane, you wanna share
some of your, uh, ideas on how we would...
- I mean, there are many ways. We can...
- Uh... Yeah. Um...
- You can see here...
- Hold on, hold on, just...
Just a second.
When we were on the plane,
she said to me, uh, you know,
"Shakespeare once said,
'If you take a great man...
"'If you take a great man
and cut off one of his hands..."'
She is okay? Would you like some water?
Okay. I need to, um...
I need... I'll be right...
She's not...
It's... It's the altitude sickness.
- Soroche.
- Soroche, yes.
- Let's go on.
- So let's continue. Um...
- How 'bout some water?
- Mmm-mmm.
I think you should hold off
on those chips a little bit, honey.
- He's not a winner.
- What?
Castillo. He is not a winner.
You can smell a winner,
same as me, and he's not one.
Oh. Well, not yet.
But that's why we're here.
It's gotta feel like
you've lost everything,
that you have nothing more to live for.
And we find you,
right in the guts of the favelas,
among the disenfranchised
and hopeless. Okay?
- Does she speak English? No?
- Uh, no.
Tell the little girl that she stands
in front of the slum thing there.
And the effect is all fake.
She falls backwards through the sky.
Castillo catches her.
Okay? Okay.
What? What'd she say?
She say that she doesn't think
that he will catching her.
He's gonna... He'll catch you.
Why would... Why would he not catch you?
Why would he not catch you?
Oh, my God. Let's go again!
Your secret weapon.
So secret I forgot she was there.
- Suck a duck, Hugo.
- You suck a duck.
Why'd you make the little girl cry?
I can't work under these conditions.
You know? And what is she doing?
I mean, I've hardly even seen her.
She shows up and she's sunbathing? Really?
Rich is right. This what Castillo
paid for? This is strategy?
- This looks unprofessional.
- She hasn't lit the fire, Ben.
- Well, somebody light the fire, then.
- Would you just give her a beat?
Light a fire.
- What?
- She don't go do it, mister.
What do you mean?
No, he's going to catch her.
I promise you.
And then she can have some candy.
- Tranquilo, is that...
- Yeah, that's it.
We're going to shoot
the commercial, por favor.
That was good.
I see you!
I've got you!
Our proposal will give Bolivia
a brighter future.
Oh, my God.
I know that it will be hard,
but together we will triumph.
Uh-huh. They have two people
that are talking against him.
They're saying that he's not trustworthy,
he's not reliable.
His commercial is horrible.
It's technically embarrassing.
Basically, he doesn't relate
to the Bolivian people.
In my opinion,
it's totally wrong.
- It is unanimous, yes.
- So, are we hearing this?
Unanimous, finding it a joke, the...
The floating down.
Well, I had
to make it look Bolivian,
and like I said,
we had a low budget on the effects.
You have to do something to make this
guy seem more likable to human beings.
It's his smile.
- His smile is weird. It's off.
- Where is my strategist?
- Come on, man.
- It's not happenin', you know?
It's like the Bush smile. The smirk.
He won. Twice.
- Karl Rove had to beat that out of him.
- And my strategist?
Where is my strategist?
- She's not...
- The commercial doesn't work, obviously.
Falling out of the sky doesn't work.
- My smile is obviously not good.
- Mmm-hmm.
So where is she?
I'm looking forward to hearing her plan,
perhaps before the election is over.
What are you doin' out here?
Oh, it's the nausea.
I don't wanna keep vomiting
every time I see him.
Can't be good for his morale.
- Um, we're strugglin'.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Nothing's working.
- Nope.
- That's it?
- Hmm.
Because if you've got some
kind of trick up your sleeve,
now is the time to pull it out.
This actually kinda matters, Jane.
I mean, this country could go under.
We're talkin' about
people's lives, you know?
You don't think there's
something kinda odd about him?
Sort of checked out?
I think he's a client who's paying you
to be his strategist.
Oh, okay.
Do we have a problem?
Because if we do, you need to tell me.
If there's a problem, Ben,
I will tell you.
It is unacceptable
that our natural resources
continue to be looted
and exploited illegally.
This is something
I am determined to stop.
They cannot keep
stealing from us.
My priority is jobs,
which I believe is
the priority of all Bolivians.
Jobs, jobs, jobs.
Jobs building roads
and building schools,
which the Bolivian people
desperately need.
I'm sure that
my esteemed opponents
could argue all night long...
There she is.
Jane Bodine.
How are ya, honey?
- Pat.
- So, what are you doin' here?
I thought you retired
or gave up or somethin'.
No, not retired. Working.
Yeah. Okay.
- Here lending a hand.
- Mmm.
Same thing, yeah.
I'm just doin' a favor, you know?
Yeah, but I'll probably be
going home tomorrow,
so I won't stay around too long.
- No? Yeah, me either.
- Mmm-mmm.
- Probably gonna get outta here. Yeah.
- Mmm.
But you good otherwise?
- Couldn't be better. Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Enjoying this dog and pony show?
- I'm not one for crowds.
- People suck, don't they?
- Yeah, sometimes.
You look tired.
- You okay?
- I think so. I think I'm good. Why?
I don't know. You just look a little beat.
What do you think of Rivera?
- I don't speak Spanish.
- Yeah, me either.
- He looks good, though.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Presidential timber.
How about your horse?
Seems like a stuck-up
little asshole to me.
Hmm? Hmm.
Anyway, enjoy yourself
as much as you possibly can.
- I will try.
- And, uh... Yeah.
- So maybe later, huh?
- Maybe.
- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
You know what I mean, right?
I can only assume.
- Yeah, honey. Okay. Bye.
- Yeah.
Fuck. Fuck!
Oh, my God!
Well, you're kinda late.
I don't know if you've heard,
- but we've pretty much gone belly up.
- Don't touch me.
Are you guys drafting an apology?
- Yeah.
- Uh, yeah. I... I don't know.
Have any of you ever fought
against Mr. Candy?
No, I know his reputation.
He's one of the best.
Oh, yeah, well, it was him. It was him.
The guy that threw the egg,
it was just a put-up job.
- Whoa, whoa, what?
- It was a put-up job.
I know Candy. This is Sun Tzu.
"If your opponent is
of choleric temperament, provoke him."
Do not send out an apology.
Jane, I don't know if you missed it,
- but Castillo hit someone in the face.
- Okay, it was self-defense.
- He was attacked.
- It was an egg.
"Attack your enemy where he is unprepared.
Appear where you are unexpected."
- It's Sun Tzu again.
- I know.
I'm just not a big fan
of Art of War quotes.
- Oh, yeah? Why... Why not?
- Because you can use them anywhere.
And I don't think that modern democracy
has anything to do with
ancient Chinese warfare.
Yeah, well, no disrespect, Ben,
but that's why you're 30 points behind.
Okay? And right now the enemy's
expecting you to apologize.
Well, I don't think of the opposition
as the enemy, Calamity.
Well, no disrespect, Ben,
but that's another reason
you're 30 points behind.
And the third reason
you're 30 points behind
is 'cause you guys have Castillo
pretending to be somebody he's not.
He's not a great actor.
Being warm isn't him, smiling isn't him,
and apologizing isn't him.
But punching someone
in the face, that... That's him?
Yes, that's him.
- Oh, come on, Jane.
- Yes. She has a point.
Fine. For the sake of argument,
Castillo is considered
arrogant, unapproachable,
- and out of touch with people's lives.
- Mmm-hmm.
So, what would you
have done differently, Jane?
"A man's strengths flow from
the same well as his weaknesses."
You don't change the man
to fit the narrative.
You change the narrative to fit the man.
- That's excellent.
- Thank you, Nell.
How can a narrative fit a man?
Just take it in a minute, will you?
"People forget what you say,
"but they remember
how you make them feel."
Warren Beatty.
And right now you make people feel
like you're gonna shoot them.
People don't like you. But that's okay.
"Since love and fear can
hardly exist together,
"if we must choose between them,
"it is far safer to be feared than loved."
That's Warren Beatty as well.
No, it's not. It's Machiavelli.
Sorry. I was just totally kidding.
Fear. Let's talk about fear.
The most effective
political spot ever made,
Pretty much won the election for Johnson,
and it was shown once.
Basically, this ad suggested
that if Goldwater got in
instead of Johnson,
the crazy bastard would unleash
a nuclear holocaust that would
just blow up the world.
So now this became a choice between
saving the world and dying.
You see, when voters are looking for hope,
they always go for the new guy.
But when they're scared,
they look for a wartime leader.
They look for a guy who,
when you come at him with an egg,
he doesn't have time for fun and games.
No, he's gonna put you down,
and he's gonna punch you in the face!
So let me tell you what our little movie
is gonna be about.
Our story is Bolivia is facing
the worst period in its turbulent history.
We are at a crossroads,
and Bolivians face a choice.
They have Rivera, a man of no substance,
a man of no experience,
an everyman opportunist,
who will stand by and watch
as this nation falls apart,
or they can choose Castillo.
You might not like him.
You might think
he's an arrogant son of a bitch.
But he is a fighter.
He has grit, he has experience,
and he's got balls,
and he is the only choice.
The only choice to save the day.
These are the stakes.
We are trying to save
people's lives, okay?
But this is no longer an election.
This is a crisis.
And our brand,
what we are selling,
If this phone rings, do not answer.
Everything changes tonight,
and this is the tipping point.
We have every single
major outlet in La Paz...
- Right outside the door.
- All eyes on you.
Do not apologize.
But you do regret the incident.
And you regret that it's drawn
the focus away from the issues
that we should be speaking about.
The struggle to save our country
from the social and economic crisis.
- Crisis.
- Crisis.
Man, can I bum one of these?
Can I... Can I take...
Gracias. Just... Thank you.
Oh, my God. Is this a cigarette?
So bad for you.
Hey. Excuse me. Hola.
- Do you speak English?
- Yes.
Are you the guy that jumped in front
of, uh, Castillo after the debate?
- Uh, yes.
- No, no, no. You're quick. You're quick.
- What's your name again?
- Eduardo Camacho.
Eduardo... That's a lot of name.
Yes, whatever. Eddie, how about we just...
We'll call you Eddie. There you go.
You're employee of the month.
That's steak sauce. It's really good.
I bring it everywhere I go.
That one says steaks,
but you can use it on all the meats.
This guy is George Bush?
No, that's, um, Paul Newman, the actor.
You know. Fast Eddie.
Fast Eddie, like you.
Keep it up, okay?
And that alone is another fight.
"Another fight"? Really?
Just cut "another." "This is a fight."
That's a fight that you will embrace.
Gotta go. Take the jacket off
and roll up your...
Uh, Ingrid,
you'll take that jacket, please.
Senator, roll up your sleeves.
Once again, indigenous
protestors paralyze the capital,
demanding constitutional reforms
that would give them
adequate representation.
Candy moved
into the room opposite me.
Tryin' to get in my head.
Which is a mistake.
My head being one place
you don't wanna get into.
Jane, how many times have
you gone against Candy?
Uh, three or four times.
How many times has he beat you?
Uh, three or four times.
Don't make this personal, okay?
It's just a job, Ben. It's just a job.
Shirt sleeves rolled up, Senator.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, yeah. You're welcome.
- I don't think we've met before.
- Almost up, Senator.
Eduardo Camacho, sir.
Actually, we met before, sir.
A long time ago,
when, uh, they made you president.
Plaza Murillo. I was there.
- Ah.
- I came to see you.
- You remember that?
- Yes, sir. I remember.
I was very little,
and I couldn't see anything.
And you came and you picked me up.
That was a happy day.
It will be again soon.
No. Keep those for me, will you?
And that's why I'm here today:
to say that we have a plan
to combat this crisis,
to overcome this crisis.
That's why I'm asking
all of you to join me
in this fight.
For Bolivia,
with Castillo!
And let me tell you, Bodine is right.
The crisis message works.
I can feel it with an audience.
Maybe with the people here today,
but not with the working class.
You say "crisis" to them,
they hear "tax raise" and we lose them.
It absolutely kills me to say it,
but that's not a bad point.
All right, we can't get comfortable.
Don't forget agriculture and...
And key industry angles
the other candidates are hitting hard.
How do we attract votes from people
who aren't gonna show up
to your urban support rallies?
- Exactly.
- Look at me.
We need to appeal to them
through advertising.
So I have some storyboards
that I've sketched up
that I wanna run through with you
- as soon as we get back to the office.
- Senator.
There you are. My cuff links.
You know, I think you gave me luck today.
What did you say your name is again?
Eduardo Camacho.
Eduardo Camacho. It's a pleasure.
Sir, your car's downstairs.
I raise him from he was a baby.
Here we go again.
I name him Marco after my father.
He doesn't look anything like
he did in the photograph.
He's a far more
beautiful creature in person.
I mean, his posture's striking.
He seems very affectionate, too.
Excuse me. Can we get on
with the filmings?
I have more important things to do.
- Dude. Excuse me.
- Thank you.
More important than harnessing
the sentiment of the working class?
I don't think so.
Sir, I'm sorry.
- Rich's process is to get...
- Wow.
more intimate with the animals.
- But it's getting late.
- No, but once you see the animals...
Just warming up
the llama for you, Senator.
...you'll be more of
the collective creative process.
Once we start shooting,
you'll see it'll move faster, so...
Walk with me.
Rich, why don't you show him
some of your shots?
So, what I'm thinking
is that we open on his face.
Is that for the headache?
The Senator might...
And then we do a slow dissolve
to you feeding the llama,
and then you say, "Llamas supply..."
"Llamas. They supply us with
meat, with wool, with milk.
"With new scientific farming methods,
"they can provide the key to
Bolivia's economic recovery.
"Key to jobs.
"For centuries, the llamas
led us through the mountains.
"Now this animal
would lead us to prosperity."
- No, that's good. I like it.
- That's good. Yeah, I like it, too.
Uh, but you'll be saying that
walking towards camera,
arms slightly away from
your hips for empowerment.
- Yeah.
- And right down the barrel
of the lens as you walk.
Llamas. They will provide us
with meat, with wool, with milk.
- Huh? Is that good?
- More wrist twits, like a gorilla.
- You must be kidding.
- No, serious.
- This is how we win elections.
- No.
That's how you appeal
to the working class.
It's fantasy. As if, you know,
you're giving them a future.
- What the hell was that?
- Was that Marco?
Holy shit. Marco!
Marco, no! No, no, no, Marco!
Marco! Oh, my God! Shit!
It's like he killed himself
rather than be in one of our commercials.
Poor thing.
We are rich in petroleum.
We have lithium.
Uh-huh. Yes. Yes.
We have compressed natural gas.
What I'm saying is,
Bolivia is an immensely rich country.
Trying out the crisis
message in the polls, sir,
there are a lot of people who are saying
that you are the only one
who understands how bad things are.
The message is working.
Or, at least, it's stopping the free fall.
So I say, now we bet the house on it.
We say it on the stump,
we say it in our spots,
we say it to the press.
We own crisis.
Now, what do you think, Ms. Bodine?
Uh, I think you won't win.
I think you're lookin' at
mid-20s. Not enough to win.
You're gonna have to make
everyone else lose.
That is, keeping them under 24%.
You gotta go negative.
No. No, no. In the last campaign,
we used attack ads, and it hurt us badly.
And that is why I brought my oppo out.
Sarah LeBlanc.
Nobody asked you to do that.
We already have our own team.
Oh, not like LeBlanc. She's the best.
No offense, Jane, but if she's the best,
how come I've never heard of her?
Uh, maybe because she's the best.
And who is this people's person?
That person is someone who can do as much,
or as little, as needed.
Listen, Ms. Bodine,
I know what it's like in America.
I know what you guys do.
But here in Bolivia,
the people do not like
negative campaigns. If we...
Sir, negative ads move the numbers.
But it's like settin' off a bomb.
You'll take votes from Rivera,
but you have no idea
where those votes'll go.
Let your friend see what she can find.
Okay. Will do.
Oh, and I'd also like for her to do
a vulnerability study on you, sir.
I've already been through that.
Not with LeBlanc you haven't, sir.
You've been doing so badly,
no one's been looking too hard.
But if you start doing better,
the press will start digging.
And last-minute surprises will kill.
I'm not going to pay someone
to investigate me.
I already know about me.
There's nothing to find out.
Oh, there's always something
to find out, sir.
And that's final.
Okay. You are the boss.
Do him first.
If I can finish this,
if you look at this last graph,
it shows the three polls...
Listen up, everybody.
Can I have your attention, please?
- What'd you just say?
- Listen to you.
Everyone, we're... Oh.
We are gonna do something to Rivera
that no politician wants
to have done to them.
We are going to define him.
The attack line is that he's a crook,
he's corrupt, he's inexperienced,
and he lies.
Every day, we are
going to ring the big feet,
El Diario, La Razn, La Prensa,
and we are going to spoon-feed
them their Rivera story.
We're gonna go through
every quote he's ever given,
every person he's ever met,
every vote he's ever made,
and we are gonna look for
ways of using it against him.
Eddie! Where's Eddie? Eddie!
Where are you? There you are.
You're my tracker. Okay?
Every event that Rivera attends,
every speech, you tape it.
If security beats you up,
you are doing your job right.
And get that beating on tape.
And if anyone has any qualms about this,
thinks it's wrong in some way,
you come and talk to me, okay?
I will rent you a nice set of balls.
Because there's only one wrong in this.
Only one, and that is losing.
There's only one wrong, losing.
Maybe check
and see if anyone understood that.
Raise your hand if you speak English.
Now tell them to tell the people
that didn't understand what I just said.
Explain it to the others, please.
Gracias. Gracias.
My God, his hair. It is amazing.
Look, it doesn't move.
- Close-up.
- Yeah.
No, no, no, no, that's great.
Keep diggin'.
It's in there. All these guys
have something to hide.
I'm sure he's had an affair.
I don't know about him,
but Castillo did.
Well, then let's use that, okay?
But don't make it from us.
It can't be connected to us.
Make it a grassroots something or other.
Castillo affair?
Rivera! Rivera!
Two years ago, Rivera's office
purchased 27 Ford Explorers
for official use by the district.
Sales price was 35K each.
These are photocopies of
the actual receipts.
They claimed 40,000 each.
That is $135,000 of taxpayers' money
going into someone's pocket.
Bad, bad boy. You actually are a crook.
- Mmm-hmm.
It'd be great if we got shots
of his people driving these things,
picking up their groceries
or pickin' up hookers or something.
Wait. Where did you get these receipts?
It's a black box op, Buckley.
Scooch. Scooch, scooch.
Page after page after page.
All the documentation is there.
Did you see it? Here, look at these.
So about now,
I imagine you've decided
that your horse can't win.
You brought in that little waif
of a high school valedictorian
to do all your work for ya.
And now you're getting ready
to smear shit all over us.
Switch your TV on, sweetheart.
Hey! Someone turn on the TV.
What's wrong
with you? What happened?
Oh, God.
Twin boys.
I've seen 'em. Just adorable.
I mean, if you're into
little pink bags of shit.
But you know what I always say,
children are a blessing from God,
and Rivera has been doubly blessed.
Children are a blessing from God,
and I have been doubly blessed.
So full of shit.
A father wants his children
to be proud of him.
That's why I promise the Bolivian people
that I will run a positive campaign.
Of course.
What's the urgency?
It's the oldest trick
in the book, sir.
It's Candy's work again. They know
we have a shot if we go negative.
They're just trying to block us.
You are not the one out here, Ms. Bodine.
If we go negative now,
we're going to get the Senator lynched.
"He who is not courageous enough
"to take risks will accomplish
nothing in life."
Oh, look. Come on,
we don't wanna hear any more Sun Tzu.
It is not Sun Tzu. It's Muhammad Ali.
Sir, if you wanna win,
we're gonna have to take risks.
We're gonna have to slash and burn.
If you do not go negative, you do not win.
Hugo is right.
We don't go negative.
I've made my decision.
- Hey, Jane, one more thing.
- What?
I think I might have something.
Rivera was in the army when he was young.
There's a newspaper article that
references a photograph of him in uniform.
I could try and track it down if you think
there might be something there.
Never mind Rivera.
Give me everything you have
on Castillo, okay?
Give me something else that's weird.
Hey, hey, hey,
I think he found it.
- Jane.
- Act normal.
We got a problem. Kind of a major problem.
Leaflet says Castillo had an affair
with this woman for three years.
- What?
- Yeah.
Louisa in accounting said
they were distributing these
all over her neighborhood in Miraflores.
Then, at the bottom, it says,
"Is this the behavior
- "of a honorable man?"
- "Honorable."
"Is this the behavior
- "of an honorable man?"
- There ya go.
"Is this the behavior of a president?"
What does that say?
"It's time for a change."
What does that even mean?
It's Rivera's campaign slogan.
It must be Rivera.
How're we gonna fix this?
Gotta go talk to Castillo.
What're you gonna say?
I don't know yet.
- Do we have a plan?
- I said I don't know yet.
This is the last thing I need.
Unbelievable. Really?
I'm sorry to bother your breakfast, sir,
but I have to ask you.
Is this real?
Does your wife know about this affair?
My wife lives in America, and she knows.
- Well, that's not good enough, sir.
- This is all part of the past.
- That's not good enough, sir.
- This does not make sense.
Why would they go negative now?
They're 20 points ahead.
Pat Candy can't help himself.
He doesn't care about winning.
He cares about destroying the enemy.
He is not his enemy. You can't...
Yes, it is, Ben! Wake up! This is war!
- Enough!
- Okay?
Sir, I need you to understand this.
This flyer makes it real.
Okay? With this stamp and these people,
you have to understand
that the perception of this
is that you are an adulterer.
It's all about the perception, sir.
Your call, Jane.
Sir, I think if you...
Are you sure it's from them?
"La Paz Grassroots Organization"?
I seriously doubt that exists.
And if you look at the...
If you look at the bottom, it says,
"Es hora de un cambio."
"It's time for change."
It's their slogan, sir.
They are denying it.
But as far as the public is concerned,
sir, they threw the first punch.
All right.
Do it.
As deputy of Potos,
Victor Rivera used taxpayers' money
to buy twenty-seven SUVs.
But he took enough of your money
to buy thirty and a half.
Where did the rest of your money go?
Is Victor Rivera helping you?
Or is he helping himself?
So I'm lookin' for a club
with the girls that put on
a good ping-pong show, you know?
You know, somethin' fun to do.
I don't know if it's 'cause
of the altitude here or what,
but I guess it affects the, uh...
I don't know what...
I guess the twat muscles.
Pelvic floor?
Right. I guess it puts
your pussy in a pickle.
So, uh, in my travels,
I found this great little club.
They got a Bolivian Elvis.
What do you say you come dancing with me?
I mean, come on, honey.
We can hate each other tomorrow.
It seems your candidate has lost $135,000
of taxpayers' money.
Any idea where that might've gone?
It's hard to say, sweetheart.
- Are you taking a leak?
- Yeah.
Ever since I've been here,
I go like 10 times a day.
I gotta say, I'm really impressed
that you're hangin' on in there, Bodine.
I mean, Ben and Nell
must've gone to pretty much
every consultant inside the Beltway
trying to find somebody
to help 'em with this turd.
Nobody wanted to touch it.
It's like he's got leprosy.
You know how come they
eventually came to your door?
I suggested you.
Through friends of friends, of course.
Anonymous recommendation.
You know why?
I'm training you up.
So come dancing.
It isn't me, is it, Bodine?
You don't wanna go
to a crowded bar, do you?
You're scared if you spend too much time
with our flea-infested electorate here,
you'll, uh, have to admit to yourself
that you have nothing
but contempt for the people
that you're supposed to be serving.
You'll be on your way home
before the last vote's even counted.
Me, I don't... I don't see
the conflict, really.
It's shepherds and sheep, honey.
So have it your way.
We'll stay in tonight.
It's a beautiful night.
Stop. Stop. Stop! Stop, pull over.
Hey. What are you doing?
Are you headin' home? Yeah?
Well, come on. We'll give you...
We'll give you a ride.
This is not good idea.
Why is that not a good idea? What?
You don't know where he lives.
Well, he's getting ready to tell us.
- Snuggle up.
- Watch the purse, Eddie.
Bye-bye. Have a good night.
- See you Monday.
- Yes, very good.
What a shithole.
Be well. Okay, let's go.
- Thank you.
- All right. Take care.
Death to the Yankees!
Thank you, thank you.
What's up, buddy?
Those are the Americans
that work for Castillo.
I've seen them before.
They're the enemy and you bring them here?
She's the one who gave me the steak sauce.
Next time, tell her to give us
the fucking steak.
Who's winning?
- Jane? Wait.
- Oh, Jane!
Honey, where are you going?
Jane, get back in the car.
This is... This is your neighborhood?
It's where you... Where you live?
Is this your father?
He died, uh...
He and my mother,
they died two years ago.
In a car crash.
- Is that Castillo? And that's...
- It's me.
- That's you?
- Mmm-hmm.
So you guys are on your own?
Good for you. Uh...
I'm sure your father was proud of you.
- Huh? Yeah?
- Yes.
He was very proud
that out of all the children,
the President pick me up.
He was a big supporter of Don Castillo.
He said he was the only man
who would, uh, run the country.
You're a fucking suck-up.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know anything about politics.
You're fucking lame.
Castillo, he wants to bring in the IMF.
You know, the International Monetary Fund.
They lend him money.
They bail him out. That's what they do.
He would never do that.
You don't know Castillo.
It's like inviting in the embargadores
into your house.
You know? The lenders.
They tell him exactly what to do.
They privatize what's... What's ours.
They tax the people
and we don't have any say on that.
Only an idiot would trust Castillo.
What did you say?
- You heard me.
- Fuck, you're talking about your father.
Shut your mouth, have more respect.
- You heard me.
- Shut up.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.
You know, different...
Different approaches.
What're you guys doin' tonight?
That's how "Calamity Jane" happened,
and it has stuck ever since.
And "Calamity" is...
It means that, you know,
I'm like a disaster.
Like I bring a degree of chaos.
- A tornado going through.
- Yes.
This is my underage,
judgmental friend LeBlanc.
She's not real.
And, apparently, she doesn't have a first
or a last name either. It's just LeBlanc.
How old are you, LeBlanc?
Come on, tell me how old you are.
I'll tell you how old I am.
I know how old you are.
I know everything about you.
That's creepy. Why would she say that?
Sometimes a leader has to do
what's good for the country,
whether the people want it or not.
Now, whether you want it or not, okay,
globalization is good.
Market economics is good.
It's the only thing that'll
take you outta poverty. Right?
The invisible hand.
The invisible hand.
- No, I know, but...
- The invisible hand.
Adam Smith, laissez-faire economics.
- Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- That's right.
See, exactly. The invisible hand.
You know what the invisible hand gives us?
That's good. You win. You win.
I rest my case. I rest my case.
You win. All right, okay.
- No, thank you. No, thank you.
- It's coca.
No, no, I know what it is.
No, thank you.
We have to work,
so we probably should be
- leaving soon anyway.
- I think that's a good idea.
What's this?
It's chicha. It's corn.
Let's do one round. Then we'll leave.
I don't know about that.
- A Pachamama!
- A Pachamama!
Hey, punch your mama. Punch your mama.
Hola. I want to...
I want to order dinner for four...
Four people, please.
Bola pe...
Yes, hairy balls, delicious.
It's gonna be funny.
No, just... Just rip the elastic out.
- The what?
- Elastic.
No, no, no. That's all we need.
- Are you a good man?
- I am a good man.
- Are you a good man?
- He's a great man.
- Eddie. Eddie.
- You're a good man.
Are you a good man?
You're a good man. Right?
Psst! Reload.
Okay, reload, reload.
All right.
Okay. Four klicks to the left.
- East. That way.
- Which? Okay.
- Get further back.
- Okay.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
He's at the window. Don't.
Abort it. Abort it. Don't do it. Don't.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit, shit, shit, shit!
Stop it.
Okay, he's gone.
Say hello to my little friend, Rivera.
Oh, shit!
Uh, could you please call
the police for me?
I'd like to report an assault.
Wait, this is my fault!
Listen to me. It's my fault.
Jane Bodine.
"We understand that Seorita Bodine
"has received treatment
for psychosis in the past.
"Could this explain
her behavior of last night?
"A source close to Rivera's
campaign has said..."
I drank so much more alcohol
than you guys.
"Jane has received..."
No, "was," I think this says,
"connected up to jump cables before"?
- That's Pat Candy.
- He's such a pig.
Oh, Jane. Honey, I am so sorry. Listen.
If they want you
to go over this, I go, too.
Oh, that's such sweet bullshit, Nell.
Thank you so much.
The Senator would like to see you.
I'm sure he would.
Jeez. This thing with Candy.
It's like they got some
Sicilian blood feud goin' on.
I mean, did they use to work
together or something?
I mean, how does somethin'
like this get started?
He fucked her.
Do you mean that
literally or figuratively?
There was a mayoral campaign years ago.
One of Jane's first.
Pat Candy ran the opposition.
A story started circulating
that Pat's candidate's daughter
was a coke addict.
The poor girl couldn't take it
and committed suicide.
Everyone assumed Jane started the rumor.
Press turned against her
and her candidate,
and it was over. Finished.
Oh... That's awful.
At one point in my life,
I spent time, six months,
in a psychiatric hospital.
Uh, they gave me ECT.
And I have an ongoing battle
with depression.
Hypomanic episodes.
Thought it was obvious.
Only a lunatic would take this job, right?
- You are a liability.
- Yeah.
If you want me to go, I'll go.
But I think it would be a mistake.
I have what you need now.
It's personal.
And I am pissed.
Thank you, my beloved Bolivian family.
Thank you for receiving me here today.
A president must be sensitive.
A president must travel the whole country,
listening to his people.
That's why I'm starting this journey
today: to listen to those in need,
to those who hope for a better future.
I spoke to a boy the other day,
seven years old...
I see you're still here.
Just come to see you off.
Hey, I liked that, uh,
leaflet thing you pulled.
La Paz Grassroots Organization.
So simple, so bad.
- Pretty good.
- I meant to ask.
How'd you manage to run over our llama?
I promise you
that when I am president of Bolivia,
this will not happen.
I want this boy to go to school
and have a future.
Did you ever tap for maple syrup, Jane?
You gotta pick the right tree,
pick the right time.
And then, if you get that
spile in real good
and real deep,
that syrup comes running out so sweet.
I'm gonna strip the bark off you, Bodine.
I'll see ya out there.
I want to dedicate this song
to my beloved Bolivian people.
Some say love,
It is a river
Hey! Hey!
We're done.
Let's go, thank you.
Some say love,
It is a hunger
What the fuck?
Pablo! Give me that!
Stop the train.
Where are you? I said, where are you?
You were supposed to
wait till after the song.
What's going on?
What the fuck are you doing there?
I was just about to cry!
Well, I told you to
stay with the fucking driver.
Good afternoon, ladies.
I came to tell you that
we have a crisis in Bolivia.
A big crisis: social,
economic, and political.
This is a socioeconomic crisis.
We need action
and not empty words!
What do you think?
This is a crisis of corruption,
corruption that's becoming
I'm here
to fight against the corruption.
Pedro Ignacio Castillo,
he's been our president before,
and today he's a new man.
We need action
and not empty words.
But fighting together side by side,
we can save Bolivia from this crisis.
No, no, no.
You don't understand.
In this part of Bolivia,
people are uneducated.
They are not political.
You have to hammer the same thing
- over and over and over again!
- Yes and no.
- It's how the message...
- I can't take this anymore.
What, you gonna walk away
like a 6-year-old?
- Yes, I am going to walk away.
- That's fine. Fine with me.
What is with her hat?
She got it from
a feisty cholita in the clink.
- I don't believe this.
- What?
I don't believe it! That's Candy's bus.
You see that bus? You see la busa?
Overtake that bus. Overtake that bus.
- Wait, Jane.
- No.
How do you say "overtake"?
How do you say "overtake"?
P selo
a la izquierda!
Yes. P selo a la izquierda!
Jane, this isn't safe, all right?
No, come on now.
Jane, what're you gonna do
when you catch him?
Come on. Come on, come on.
No, no, no, don't be safe.
You can do this. You'll be fine.
Yes, yes, yes!
Come on!
- Yes! Yes!
- Jane!
Jane, this is not a game.
Hey! Hey!
Hey, fuckface! How you doin'?
Six points. Six points, you went down.
I'm so sorry!
But good job, everyone.
Keep up the good work!
No, no, no! Go, go, go!
Please slow the bus down, or let me out!
Yes! Very dangerous. Yes.
Watch the bridge! Watch the bridge!
Watch the bridge!
Everybody, hold on!
- Yes!
- What're you doing?
Oh, God.
Let me out of this bus!
Don't let him do that. You see him?
You cannot let him get ahead!
Hey, how much would it cost
for you to pass that bus?
Fuck them. Now overtake that bus!
- P selo.
- Here. Here! Go, go, go!
- V monos!
- Go! Go! Go!
No, no! He's saying "a cliff."
No cliff! No, no, no! No cliff!
Go, go, go! Yes. Go, go, go!
Take it. Yes!
Holy shit!
You want something?
Put your foot down! Come on!
Candy Can!
Jesus Christ.
- All right!
- I give you Calamity Jane!
I'm gonna vomit.
Jane's got a great ass!
What's with the, uh, Chinese breakfast?
- Japanese.
- Oh.
I lived in Japan for a little while,
and I got used to it.
And what were you doing in Japan?
- You'll laugh.
- No, I won't.
I lived in a Buddhist monastery.
See? Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.
I was doing some work with Free Tibet.
I got interested in Buddhism,
so I was thinkin' about becoming a monk.
Oh. What happened?
After carryin' shit for three months
and sittin' on my knees five hours a day,
I was persuaded to come back
to the world and, uh, do some good.
Let me know how that goes. Okay?
Right. I will.
What about you?
How'd you get wrapped up in all this?
I was helping my father.
That's right.
Nell told me you ran a mayoral
against Candy, right?
Mmm-hmm. Joe Shore. Decent guy.
He, uh... He looked like Robert Redford.
We were gonna save America.
Until Pat Candy arrived
for the opposition.
First thing he did was have
this shady local developer
make a $2,000 donation to us.
Dirty money.
Dirty money. Dirty money. Yep.
Then Candy leaked the story
about his own candidate's daughter
being a coke addict, right?
It was the last time
it was about politics for me.
What's it about now?
Stayin' away from the crowds,
and tryin' not to get my hands dirty.
Know what I mean?
It's understandable.
We gotta go.
Hey, Nell. How's it goin'?
Uh, we have a matter of some concern here
- regarding Castillo.
- Okay.
Apparently some flyers
are being circulated
from the Church of the Cosmic Sun.
- Wind.
- Cosmic Wind.
They believe that the leader,
Bruce Loomis,
can cure them or protect them from...
What is it?
Basically the fliers implying
that Castillo is a member of a cult.
- Really?
- And it says that the leader of the cult
can teach his followers how to fly,
that he can predict the future,
that he can read minds, and it says,
"This is what Castillo believes in.
How can we believe in him?"
But the best part is that they're
in white robes and he's standing there...
- There's a picture.
- What?
...next to this,
you know, hippie guru,
kinda Willie Nelson lookin' guy.
And there's pyramids all over
and hieroglyphic... Hieroglyphics.
- How do you say that?
- Hieroglyphic.
He says there's a flyer
going around of Castillo
with some cult, wearing white robes.
- What? Who's it from?
- Who's it from?
It's the La Paz Grassroots Organization.
The La Paz Grassroots Organization?
- What?
- The same as the last one,
the La Paz Grassroots Organization.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
He's so good. He's so good.
- And also, Ben, the Wi-Fi is down.
- What?
Well, we need it.
What're you talking about?
Ben's not gonna fix the Wi-Fi.
Let me call you back.
- What are you thinking?
- It's Candy.
- No, it's not. How can you say that?
- It is. I know.
I know you don't
want to talk about this,
but just to make it clear
to the audience,
are you a member of
the Cult of the Cosmic Wind?
I was visiting my son.
I heard he'd joined
this group in California.
I was worried. I went to visit him.
That's all.
"That's all"? Senator, you were standing
under a pyramid
and you were wearing robes.
Everyone visiting
had to wear them.
I know you don't wanna talk about it,
but we have to make it clear
that you are not a member of
the Church of the Cosmic Wind
and that you do not think you can fly.
I am not doing a talk show.
- Sir...
- This is ridiculous.
We have important issues to debate...
Sir, I realize that, but you have to have
a sense of humor about this, okay?
You have to show them that.
No, I am not a member.
And you don't think you can fly?
If you look at the polls,
you'll see I can't fly.
Is your son a member of this church?
And the truth is,
it was your son who was a member.
I already said that is something
I don't want to talk about.
Shut up! But that is why we are here, sir.
To face the truth, to face the people.
I know you don't want
to go into this topic,
but let's start with this:
Why don't you want
to talk about your son?
The truth is when you're a politician,
you are a legitimate target.
People around you
aren't necessarily involved.
They don't want to be involved.
And you do not...
I believe that when you're in politics,
you're an easy target.
He's saying, as a politician,
there's a target on his back.
But not all of the people
who are close to you
want to be participants.
But there shouldn't be
for the people around him.
And that's why I think that
they shouldn't be involved
in campaigns.
Where is Eduardo? I told him
I wanted a choice of ties.
I don't know, sir. But your son,
your son has had his own life.
He's had his difficulties.
But you love him very much.
I will not talk about this.
My son has his private life
with highs and lows.
Difficulties with drugs?
He's a very private person, and...
I don't want to...
I don't want to talk about this.
How do I say this?
Uh, if you should feel something
during the interview, like an emotion...
If you have some tears,
could you just turn towards
the camera?
Are you close to your son?
Not as much as I'd like to be, no.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Look at him.
- This is it.
Oh, my God. Turn, turn, turn.
- Yes! Yes.
- Oh, my...
That was touching.
I need some hands, people.
I need some hands. Yes.
Five points up!
Five points up!
That's how we do! Five points up!
Ben! Buckley! Nell! Five points up!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the next president of Bolivia!
We have come a long way
in a short time,
but we still have
so much further to go.
With you, the people
of Bolivia, behind me,
I know that no one can stop us!
Castillo! Castillo! Castillo!
It's Nell, yes.
What if I were to tell you
that there's a photograph of Victor Rivera
standing next to that man?
Oh, my God.
- Who is that?
- It's Klaus Barbie.
- Klaus Barbie.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Butcher of Lyon. Nazi war criminal.
Murderer of thousands.
You have a picture of Victor Rivera
standing next to Klaus Barbie?
- Well...
- I'm confused. So, what's the link?
That they both live
in the same fucking city?
We're not saying there is a link.
We're not saying anything.
There's no fingerprints on this. This is
just rumors floating out in the world.
Just some unsettling images.
We have Rivera in uniform,
and in the darkness,
somewhere in the background,
there's a Nazi war criminal.
- Is there a link? I don't know.
- We can't call Rivera a Nazi.
- Nobody is gonna buy that.
- God, okay, you know what?
Lyndon Johnson was running for Congress...
- Lyndon Johnson was...
- Nell, zip it.
Lyndon Johnson was running for Congress
and he tells his campaign manager
to start a rumor that
his opponent fucks pigs.
And the manager said,
"Nobody's gonna believe that."
And he says, "I know.
I just wanna hear him deny it."
I never knew Klaus Barbie.
They are desperate because
we're climbing in the polls,
and we won't stop
until we pass fifty percent.
One more thing, polls show
you've dropped
another three points.
I love 'em.
They feel good on the skin.
- Do they make them out of tortoise shells?
- No, I don't know what they do.
- They are unisex, though, right?
- I have no idea.
I need to get me a pair of those.
- What?
- Did you order them on Amazon?
I don't remember where I got them.
I honestly don't.
Those pants, too.
What is this? What is it?
What are you doing? Don't stop.
Drive through them.
- Don't stop the bus!
- I told you.
I said we cancel these stops.
This is dangerous country.
We're not gonna convince these people.
"These people" make up
60% of the population,
so you may have a bit of an issue there.
- Turn around.
- Don't think that an American
can lecture me on racial equality.
Where is he going? No. Stop him from...
Stop him. Where's he going?
Where are the police?
Why aren't the police here?
- Open the door, please.
- Senator!
Please calm down.
Stop throwing rocks
because you've already
broken my windshield.
I'm not going out! I'm not going out.
Why are you protesting?
We're asking
for constitutional reform
so that our people have...
We have the same jacket.
...adequate representation.
Senator, you must come with me.
They're just saying they want
constitutional reform. Blah, blah, blah.
That he's a professor of economics.
Then talk to me, please.
I want to listen.
Are you thinking about
bringing in the International
Monetary Fund
like President Lozada did?
Well, that's a question of...
- We're dead. We're all dead.
- Hold on. Hold on.
If you truly believe in democracy,
then practice it here with
my people, ask questions.
But I do want to listen!
I want to listen!
He's saying that they want
a referendum on the IMF,
that they don't want him
to call on the IMF
without talking to the people first.
Because the poorest people are the people
who are going to suffer the most.
I've learned from Lozada.
I won't bring in the IMF
without a referendum first.
He's saying he's not
going to bring in the IMF,
that he's gonna have an IMF referendum.
No. Jane, he can't make
these promises.
What's he doing? What was that?
It's the other side of him.
Because if you defend democracy,
you are the voice of the people.
If I win the election, I promise...
The people will be watching.
We'd like to pass
through with our bus now.
Go ahead, continue.
This is a free country.
Thank you very much.
For freedom and democracy,
long live Bolivia!
- We're going to be watching.
- Thank you very much.
And that jacket, I tell you,
is very nice.
- That's a huge mistake.
- Well done, Senator.
Is there any coffee left?
Are you okay?
You know what, Eddie?
A leader must be a father to his people.
I've always believed that.
Sometimes a father has to be
strict with his children
for their own good.
The people back there,
they don't understand that.
Whatever happens, sir, whatever happens,
I'm very proud to be working for you.
I've spent my life listening to voters
from different backgrounds,
different countries,
and I've learned that they show
tremendous wisdom
about the choices facing them.
You give them the information,
and they'll make the rational choice.
I think that the people already know
what they have to pay attention to.
You ever hear such a load of shit?
You know, when Adlai Stevenson
was running for president,
a woman came up to him after
a rally one night and said,
"Every thinking person
will be voting for you."
And Stevenson said,
"Madam, that's not enough.
"I need a majority."
Reason doesn't come into it, does it?
Am I right?
You know, I'm forever hearing stories
concerning myself
and my Mephistophelian ways.
I heard this one a while ago.
It was about a mayoral election I ran,
way back when.
According to the story,
I started a poison whisper
about the daughter of my own candidate
being a drug addict,
just so I could blame it
on the opposition.
Can you imagine?
'Course I never set the record straight.
You like to pretend you're not one of us.
But we both know
who really started that story
and ended that
young girl's life, don't we?
"If you fight with monsters for too long,
"you become a monster.
"And if you stare into
the abyss too long..."
Whatever the fuckin' rest of it is.
I don't know.
Rivera's down to his core.
Those voters'll never vote for us.
Then we gotta disperse the votes.
Get them to vote for somebody else.
What about Velasco?
No, Velasco's stuck. He's topped off.
Only way you're gonna get him more votes
is to go out
and start campaigning for him yourself.
Well, what would
that look like, exactly?
We'd have to wear masks.
If I lose to Candy now,
I'm gonna kill myself.
I swear to God. I'm not kidding.
You're connected, Nell.
And now is the time for us
to call upon those contacts,
those creatures
of the political underbelly
that make things happen.
So, what do you want?
You want to take a hit out on Rivera?
Oh, God damn it,
you people drive me crazy.
You pretend like
you're this normal person,
this lovable mother,
this working wife and shit,
and that's what makes you so dangerous.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Of course you do. Of course you do.
Blackmail, manipulation, sex,
embezzlement, extortion, racketeering,
all that white-collar crap
that you cut with a smile
while you make cupcakes for the PTA.
- Hey, Jane.
- What?
Fuck you.
What do you want?
I just wanna utilize your skill set, Nell.
You've used me for what you need.
And now I'm being very straightforward
with you about what I need.
And what I need from you
is for you to use your connections.
Your other friends.
What friends?
State Department.
You see, Nell,
if your enemies' forces are united,
you need to separate them.
The U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia
spoke today about Salvador Velasco.
In a speech he gave yesterday,
Salvador Velasco repeated his promise
that he would stop
the U.S. anti-coca program
if he was elected.
I want to remind Bolivians
that we will take
every step necessary to eliminate
the importation of cocaine.
- What is he doing?
- ...and if Seor Velasco is elected,
the United States will be
forced to act accordingly.
I mean, is this idiot trying
to get Velasco elected?
He's appealing to
the anti-American sentiment.
Velasco's going sky-high.
I was going to vote for Rivera,
but they're trying to tell me
what to do,
and now I'm voting for Velasco.
Maybe I should hire him to be
my campaign manager.
If he keeps talking like that,
I'll be more than happy.
Jesus, Jane. What if he
gets too many votes?
Did you ever think about that?
But I have learned
so much from my experiences.
- Too slow. Too slow. Pace it up.
- And that includes my mistakes...
You're on a roll, but you don't
wanna lose your foothold. Come on.
And that includes my mistakes.
And experience is important
because the problem...
Because the problem
is that you're slouching.
Stand up. On the level.
Come on. Youth. Vigor.
Because the problems we face
are social and economic,
and they are extremely complicated.
Okay. Instead of being "too complicated,"
let's try "too urgent."
That turns the question back to our frame.
All right. There's a crisis.
There's no time.
That's what we've been saying, okay?
Who gives a shit
about what they're askin'?
The point is, is how quickly
can you turn it around
to what you want to talk about?
Okay? What do you wanna talk about?
Rich, new question.
Senator, how do you respond to people
who are calling for constitutional reform
and greater representation
for the indigenous peoples of Bolivia?
Well, you do not use
a blunt knife for surgery.
These people are not educated...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. "These people"?
- "These people"? Are you kidding me?
- Enough! I've had enough of you.
- What the fuck? Have we slid backwards?
- Let's take five. Everybody out.
- Did you hire me?
- I'm sorry?
- Did you hire me? I hired you.
- No.
Nobody hired me. I cannot be hired.
Unless you mean in the...
You know, the technical sense.
Then, yes, I probably was hired.
- Let me make this clear to you.
- Please do.
I am the one running for president.
- Okay.
- I am the one in charge.
- Do you understand?
- No, no. See, you're not in charge.
You're not in charge. I'm not in charge.
Okay? Why can't you understand that?
- What did you just say?
- Maybe nobody's in charge!
Maybe we're all just rollin'
down a fucking hill,
and there's no one at the wheel.
I don't know!
Sir, why can you not say
what you're supposed to say?
- Where is there a problem?
- Because I'm not just a puppet
- for you to play with!
- Of course you are!
Of course you're a puppet!
As am I!
We're just... We're just pawns.
My God. To think I took a chance with you.
- To think that I believed...
- No! I took the chance on you.
- You are nasty. You are a terrible person.
- No. I am a good person.
But the means justifying the ends,
and the nasty, terrible things
that I've done,
I have done for people like you.
So now you owe me.
I am this close to winning this thing,
and I'm not gonna stand here
and watch you ruin it.
I'm not!
You need help. You need professional help.
- Jane.
- Pat.
- What are you reading?
- Goethe.
Oh, the German theme.
- How is the Fhrer?
- He's good.
Yeah? Thought he'd be at home
injecting the twins
with smallpox or something,
ready for the next media blitz.
No, he's just getting ready
to beat your guy tonight in the debate
and assume the presidency.
But I have to say, you've really done
something amazing here, Jane.
I mean, you took a people
who were looking for hope,
desperate for change, something new...
The strongest brand there is.
And you've got 'em
turning back to some old guy
who had 'em shot the last time
he was in office.
Something good?
"It may be possible to hold
power based on guns.
"It is far better to win
the heart of a nation."
That's nice.
So listen.
When this is all over, I mean,
no matter which way it goes,
when we get back home,
I'm gonna spend hours pleasuring myself,
thinking about you.
That would be an honor, Pat.
Thank you very much.
Let me tell you one thing:
With age comes wisdom.
To run a country like this,
with all its problems,
with all its complexities,
to put this country in the
hands of the inexperienced,
it's a fatal error.
What you see here
this evening is, indeed,
what you always see
in the course of this campaign:
candidates who are more interested
in fighting with each other
instead of fighting the crisis
that is destroying our country.
What do you think?
I think Rivera went to a charm school
that we've never heard of,
because he's got the whole package.
He's relaxed, he stays
in control, he connects.
Castillo? Just not his thing.
A great man once said,
"It may be possible to hold
power based on guns,
but it is far better to win
the heart of a nation."
Great quote. All right,
I need a Vicodin. That was awful.
Let's go start spinning some cotton candy.
Even the tenor of his voice, do you know?
- Let's go.
- This is like a...
- What do you think, Jane?
- I'm gonna catch the end.
But, listen, when you go to press,
will you do me a favor and
put them right on something?
I made a mistake.
I told Candy that that last
quote was from Goethe.
Who was it from?
Uh... Joseph Goebbels.
- Who's Gribbles?
- Goebbels.
Hitler's closest associate,
the Minister of Nazi Propaganda.
Well played.
Election day has arrived,
and record voter turnout
is expected.
Can you just translate?
Make sure you're giving us a kind of...
Yeah. They said they're expecting
a record turnout.
Saying there are three
significant contenders,
which we know. Castillo,
Rivera, and Velasco.
The Bolivian people are continuing to vote
with enthusiasm.
Looks like it might go to Rivera.
He's waiting with prayer
and contemplation.
We've gotta look at the big picture.
Rivera and Velasco supporters,
they're talking about how
they've formed a strategic alliance
in order to battle colonialism.
She says they might divide
the voters who seek actual change.
...reporting live from
the Presidential Palace here in La Paz.
Until weeks ago, the election in Bolivia
appeared to be a landslide
in the hands of Victor Rivera.
But recent polls show
a massive surge of popularity
of former president
Pedro Ignacio Castillo,
who brings an aggressive
global economic...
It closes in two hours.
Pando hasn't come in yet, either.
What about Sucre? Do you have it?
I'm voting for Castillo,
no matter what my family says.
I like him.
Muchas gracias, seor.
The Rivera camp is getting
really nervous right now.
The polls are coming in,
and Castillo is in the lead.
Bad news for Rivera and Velasco.
- 27%.
- Yes!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wait, wait. Yep.
- Good, good.
That's us. That's us. That's us!
- That's us! That is us!
- It's 0.2%, 0.2%.
- Wait. What does that second one say?
- That's it, right?
That's us! That's us!
Castillo! Castillo! Castillo!
What makes you his best friend?
Why are you a good best friend?
Because he believes
the same things I believe.
Which are?
We have to take care of ourselves,
take care of the poor...
- Yes!
- Hey.
- ...make some change.
- Hey.
What's up?
Just wanted to say congratulations.
Nell said you were the best,
and I should have believed her.
I think she said I was
a disposable, didn't she?
Doesn't matter. It's all good.
It's all good.
Just as long as
Castillo doesn't backslide.
- Well, I thought you'd heard.
- Heard what?
Good afternoon, sir!
Excuse me.
Is the Senator in?
The President-elect is in a meeting.
I have this little gift.
You can leave it with me.
I'd like to wait.
I can just wait there quietly.
Our visitors
will be staying another day.
Can you check flights for tomorrow night?
I'll be flying to New York.
New York City.
Hey, Jane, the car's comin'.
Yeah, they say there's some
kinda protest downtown,
snarlin' up traffic pretty bad.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I saw Castillo.
- Hmm. Yeah.
- He was talking to the IMF.
I heard.
He said a referendum.
- Mmm-hmm.
- He promised.
Yeah. Yeah, he did. He lied.
That's the world. That's politics.
That's how it works.
It starts out with big promises
and ends up with jack shit happening.
But like the man said,
"If voting changed anything,
they'd make it illegal."
Do you want me to stay here with you
and pretend like I can take care
of every tiny little problem?
Is that what you want me to do?
I don't decide the man's policies.
I cannot monitor his behavior
after the election.
That is not my job.
Can't make him a good man.
People will get hurt.
Well, you know what?
Getting hurt is unavoidable
if you wanna play this game.
It's just what happens.
You say all these things
that people say, Jane.
But what do you do?
What are you gonna do?
"Third item.
Uh, "Interest rates, um,
to be raised to 18%.
"This to be one of the conditions
"before a loan request
can be put to the executive board."
wait a minute. Wait a minute.
It starts
with their currency as well,
but also diversification.
I mean, it's really
just a show of confidence...
Well, how long is it gonna take?
- Hey, Rich!
- Yeah.
Said he's stuck in traffic.
They can't get across San Antonio.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Castillo didn't waste
a second pissing people off.
It's a shit show.
Yeah, looks pretty hairy down there.
What, are they doin'
a demonstration or something?
- Whole city's grindin' to a halt.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fuck off.
If you guys are lookin' for a lift
to the airport, hop in with me.
That's all right. Thank you.
Seriously, I got room.
Otherwise, you're gonna get mixed up
in a bad situation, dude. Come on.
- We've got five. Can you fit us?
- Yeah, I'm good. Come on.
No, we are not riding with Candy.
- Rich! Over here.
- What?
Oh, my God.
Get me outta this godforsaken town.
So, what's next for you, Ben?
Israel, right?
Yeah, Israel's next.
Jesus Christ. Not me, I'm too sensitive.
Where are you headed next?
I got the Brits.
At least the Brits
don't block the goddamn road.
My condo has got
all new clickers for the front gate,
and now I'm gonna be gettin'
home at midnight,
and I'm not gonna be able
to get in the damn house.
This is perfect.
- What do we want?
- Change!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
When we get home,
we should talk about maybe partnering up.
You know, you and me working together.
Could end up with a one-party state.
What the fuck is going on?
Why are we stopping?
I'm thinking this is a mistake.
I guess you can't blame 'em.
I mean, you know,
they have nothing to lose.
Is there any other way
we can go here?
- My hands are so dry.
- I don't think so.
So this is the only way out of town?
Do you have any lotion?
It's the best way.
Believe it or not.
This is obviously not gonna work.
- Jane!
- What's going on?
Wait, Jane! Jane!
Ben, go out and get her.
Hey, Jane, get in the car!
What are you doin'?
Let me know how that goes.
Thank you.
Is it soul-stealing?
Yeah, it's soul-stealing.
It's advertising.
You convince people
of something they don't need,
and then you give it to 'em,
and then you profit from it.
I mean,
this streamlines the process.
Yeah, we're talking about
a lot of risk here.
Is he okay?
Everything, we are good.
We worked it out, just 18%?
You know, we want the money and the power
and we wanna grab that brass ring.
You know where that comes from, don't you?
The brass ring,
that's from carousel rides.
That was the prize that you could grab,
so you could keep goin' around.
And that's exactly what I was doin'.
I just kept going round
and round and round.
So I got out.
I got off the carousel.
It's like someone said.
If you don't like the road you're on,
start paving another one.
English - SDH