Our Christmas Mural (2023) Movie Script

I've been working harder
and more efficient
Stepping up,
searching for inspiration
Channeling your inner Pollock?
Hey, Hayden!
No, this is just
good old fashioned rage.
I got tired of the blank canvas
staring back at me.
Do you need me out front? I'm
just finishing my lunch break.
No, no, we got you covered.
Just wanted to chat with you
when you have a sec.
Come up to my office
when you're done.
Take your time.
Good progress.
What I'll do is
send it over to you...
Let me call you right back.
Olivia, hi. Come in.
Just close the door
behind you there.
Have a seat.
Look, I know I have been
saying this every week,
but you've been
absolutely killing it.
I'm serious, you are
one of the best curators
the NYGYA has ever had.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Which is why
this is so difficult.
I found out that our grant
hasn't been renewed
and unfortunately, we're
not going to be
able to keep all of our staff.
-I don't have a job?
-No, no, no, I didn't say that.
I live in Williamsburg
and it's Christmas
and I don't have a job?
Olivia, you still have a job.
You have a job for now,
but I don't know what next year
is going to look like.
And I'm sorry 'cause I know that
this isn't the news you wanted
to hear before you went back
home for your Christmas break.
It's just that I wanted to give
you plenty of heads up
as a friend in case... you
wanted to start looking.
Come on, Parker,
let's get going.
What are we gonna
do about this?
Can I keep it?
You really like it?
I think it looks like
one of those...
What's her name? Jackie Pollock?
Jackson Pollock.
He's a dude.
Are you sure Santa
won't get confused
that we'll be in New Hampshire
this year instead of New York?
Well, the guy does deliver
presents to the entire world.
I doubt this is the first time
that's come up.
How about I ask
grandpa to text Santa
and tell him that we'll be
at their place this year?
-Does that sound good?
-Can you have grandma do it?
Grandpa really doesn't know
how to use his phone.
Good call.
Watch your head, kiddo.
It's Christmas time
Can you see
all the snow falling?
We got to have a good time
Do you see the lights, buddy?
Yeah, so nice.
Pretty beautiful, huh?
Here they are.
My early Christmas presents.
-Grandma! Grandpa!
Ah, come here sport.
Oh, there's a fresh batch
of cookies
someone needs to
taste test for me.
- I'll do it for you, grandma.
- Okay, have at it.
Have you guys been waiting out
here the whole drive over?
A couple hours, give or take.
And still getting
used to this retirement thing.
That sounds like
a lovely problem.
Go give your mama a
hug. You know how she gets.
-Oh, good to see you.
We're so excited you came up
for Christmas this year.
Us, too. Sorry, I...
-I know it's overdue.
-And how's Parker?
I saw that he had
Tom's plate with him.
Is he still having
trouble in school?
Well, his grades are better,
but he's still having a hard
time making friends.
I think it's gonna be really
good for him to be back here.
I know I'm excited to take
a couple weeks off work
and have a nice,
relaxing Christmas.
Parker, you can have
one more cookie, okay, bud?
Then it's time for bed.
Okay, mom. Coming!
-Morning, everyone.
-Hey, morning!
-Hey, bud.
Have you brushed
your teeth yet?
Perfect timing, kiddo.
Just made a fresh pot.
You sleep okay?
It's always a little weird
sleeping in there.
It's like a time capsule to
my awkward teenage years.
I think the only thing
that's different
is seeing my painting
on the wall.
Well, it's only right
that the painting hangs
in the artist's room.
We're hanging on to it to sell,
when you make it big.
So hurry up.
Uh, so, are you
painting anything new?
Trying. I'm just, um...
I guess you could say
inspiration's been
a little dry
the past couple years.
Oh, give it time, honey.
You'll feel that spark again.
I know it.
Yeah, actually, I was thinking
maybe I'll use my time
while here to give it a go.
Does this town have
a proper art store yet?
Sure. Aisles eight through ten
at the Wellington Hardware.
Thanks, man. Appreciate it.
We need all the entries
we can get.
Yeah, of course.
Happy to help.
So, uh, we still
on for tonight?
Tribune night is literally
the only social event
in my calendar.
See you there.
You in town
for the Winter Walk?
-Saw you eyeing the poster.
It's a big deal around here,
people come from all over
to walk Wellington Drive.
Taking the decorations.
Oh, yeah. I-I know.
I grew up here, so I used to
go every year with my parents.
Well, shoot. Look at me blabbing
on like you're a tourist.
No, it's okay.
I haven't been back for the
past couple of Christmases.
It looks like things have
changed, though.
I don't remember a mural
being part of the celebration.
That's a new addition,
thanks to yours truly.
This will be the first year
we try it.
I wish there had been something
like it when I was a kid.
I might have stuck around
a little longer
rather than hopping on
the first train to New York.
New York?
You're Mack
and Betty's daughter.
That's right.
I forgot how small
this town is.
Cody, nice to meet you.
You're an artist, right?
Your mom talked my ear off about
you when she saw the poster.
Of course, she did.
Never misses an opportunity.
But, um, yeah. I paint.
Though not as much lately.
Any interest in entering?
Application's easy.
Just submit a piece.
We're choosing
an artist tomorrow.
You can make it
just under the wire.
Oh. Um...
I'm okay, thanks.
I've been trying just to
paint more for me lately.
No-no need to explain.
I just had to ask.
But if you change your mind,
I'll be here, okay?
Sounds good. Thanks, Cody.
See you around.
You okay over there?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-Here, let me help.
Thank you.
Did I just see you
outside town hall?
Oh, yeah. You might have.
I was admiring the view.
Of the Christmas trees.
Trees. Yeah.
-I'm Will, by the way.
-I'm Olivia.
Nice to meet you.
-Oh, yeah.
-Oh, no, you don't...
-That's okay.
-You don't have to help me.
-That's all right.
I was coming back
to this section anyway.
I was hoping to find.
Oh, there it is.
-There it is.
-Oh. Um...
Actually, I was hoping
to snag that one.
It's-it's the last
Mistletoe Green.
I know. I realized
I was one short.
The good news for you
is you've still got some
Chartreuse and some Shamrock
to choose from.
I don't want Shamrock.
I'm not painting a leprechaun.
I'm pretty particular
about my colors.
I think I have a solution.
Now, I'm gonna let you in
on a little secret.
Something pretty magical happens
when you mix these two together.
You're serious?
You're not gonna give me
one of your tubes?
-You've got like a dozen.
-I have ten.
And ten is
exactly how many I need.
Believe me, if I could
spare one, I would, but...
Tell you what. I'm just gonna
leave these here with you.
And I'm gonna be on my way.
You have a great day.
This is crazy.
You're crazy!
That man is hoarding paint!
Merry Christmas.
I think you're gonna need
a clean-up in aisle eight.
She's an old friend.
I'm still mad about it.
Well, maybe he really
did need all that paint.
Some kind of art emergency.
I would really love for you
to be on my side,
instead of some anecdotal man
you've never met.
Well, if it helps,
sweetheart, I don't like him.
Thank you, dad.
Maybe you should channel
that rage into your art.
You know, paint a really
mean tree or something.
Yeah, I tried,
but nothing came to me.
Just another blank canvas.
Hey, did you guys hear about
this Christmas mural contest
they're doing for
the Winter Walk?
This guy Cody said that he
talked to you about it, mom.
Oh, he was so nice.
And of course,
we texted you about it.
-No, you didn't.
Trust me, I remember.
It was about a week ago.
And I told your father
to take a picture
of the poster and to send it to
you. Tell her, honey.
That's true,
she did, yeah.
Here, I'll,
I'll prove it to you.
I got it right here.
Here we are.
I-I may have texted our
DoorDash delivery guy instead.
Would appreciate
any response, Greg.
You see why I wanted
grandma to text Santa?
Regardless, now you know.
And I'll tell you now what I
would have told you then.
You should enter.
Yes, yes, I know
you've hit a dry spell
but maybe this is the nudge you
need to start painting again.
You know, light a fire
under you.
Only one way to find out,
Well, even if I
did want to enter,
I'd have to submit a piece
just to be considered.
And there's no way
that I could paint something
decent by tomorrow.
Even at my best.
It's just not in the cards
right now.
It has been way too long.
-New York is not that far away.
-I know.
I'm sorry we haven't been back
for Christmas
the past couple years.
It's just with Tom
and everything.
Anyway, I really appreciate
you staying in touch
through it all.
Of course, I am always
here for you,
even though you abandoned me
for your cool friends in NYC.
So how are things
at Wellington Elementary?
Are you over teaching yet?
Hmm, no, not yet. Still love it.
Except I have to
look into their sweet,
youthful faces every day
and reflect
on my own mortality.
Other than that, it's peachy.
Mm. How about you?
How's life as a fancy New York
art curator?
It's a little shaky.
We just found out
that we lost our funding.
And so I'm not sure how long
my position is gonna last.
I'm so sorry Olivia.
You know, we're feeling
that at school, too.
I have a friend in
administration who thinks
our art programs are
going to be axed next.
But you're a rockstar
over there.
I'm sure your job's fine.
And in the meantime, you can
focus on your painting.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
Still no luck on that front?
Man, I am batting a 1,000 here.
I'm trying, but I don't know.
Nothing's coming to me.
It's like I'm paralyzed every
time I pick up a paintbrush.
It's a really fun,
creative space to live in.
I should probably get going.
I'm meeting Parker
and my parents at town hall
for the announcement
about who won the contest.
The least I can do is
support the cause.
Thank you.
I'll catch you later.
Thank you to all the artists
who presented
their best winter art.
As you know, the winner
will design
our town's new Christmas mural
in his or her own style
of choice.
The Community Services
reviewed all of the
incredible pieces of art
that have been submitted
over the past week.
And even though
we had some late entries
to account for even one
being dropped off this morning,
we're pleased to announce
we've selected a winner.
But first...
I'd like to congratulate
our runner up
who'll receive
a gift certificate
to Wellington Hardware.
Let's hear it for
Will Campbell!
Thank you.
Is that my painting?
- Tell me you did not do this.
- Ladies and gentlemen...
- I don't know what you mean.
- I give to you...
the first winner of the
Wellington Winter Walk's
inaugural Christmas mural
Oh! Oh!
And here's the artist now.
Fashionably late, but she's
living in New York these days,
so we forgive her.
Please welcome Olivia Carver.
- You won.
- Come on up.
Congratulations, Olivia.
How about a few words?
Thank you so much
for selecting me.
Go mom!
Aww, how cute.
Everyone, please join us
for the official
mural unveiling on our
block party in two weeks.
I think I speak for
Wellington when I say
we're very excited to see where
your imagination leads you.
So the space itself hasn't been
used for about a year,
but the wall you'll be painting
is in a prime spot.
Come on.
A lot of traffic is gonna
pass this way.
We're right at the end
of the Winter Walk.
Anybody driving through town
or strolling the shops
is gonna see your work.
Wouldn't that be something?
I still have to show you
the best part.
Come on.
So technically, the Community
Services Department
still owns this space
but ever since we renovated the
community room at town hall,
we haven't really had
a use for it.
Figured you could
use it to work.
She's all yours.
If you need anything,
give me a ring at town hall.
And one last thing.
Good luck.
Thanks, Cody.
Pretty big canvas to work with.
What are you doing here?
Have you come to
steal some more paint?
Well, I hate to break it to you,
but I have not bought any yet.
No, no, nothing like that.
I just came to see
what could have been.
Don't get me wrong, I'm,
I'm very proud
to be runner up,
but I was this close to
getting my first real gig.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, yeah, there goes
my big shot down the drain,
which I guess makes us rivals.
Well, don't worry,
I am not a 100% sure
that I'm even doing it yet.
So you still have some hope.
That paint that you stole,
it didn't go to waste.
Your piece was really good
as much as I hate to admit it.
I've always been a fan
of impressionism.
Thank you.
I went through a big
Monet phase in college.
-Hm. Didn't we all?
-I mean, we're only human.
Um, congratulations.
And I really am looking forward
to seeing what you paint.
But-but just so you know,
if you do chicken out,
I will be there to swoop in
and do what you couldn't.
Wow, you know,
we were so close
to actually having
a nice moment there.
-Honestly, it's a gift.
Well, goodbye.
Try not to freeze out here.
I hope your mural doesn't need
any Mistletoe Green.
Wow, everyone is quite
industrious this evening.
Well, you know what they say
about idle hands.
-Thank you.
Parker, I'm so glad you're
doing this with grandpa.
He's been itching
for some new projects
now that he's home
all the time.
-I'll keep him busy.
Good work.
Is this art I see
unfolding around me?
I'm just trying to jot down
some design ideas
for the mural.
And how's that going?
Well, even though
it is an uphill battle,
I'm glad to see you giving it
some serious thought.
Well, the least I can do is
go down swinging,
especially with Will on standby
waiting for me to fail.
The paint thief from
the hardware store.
-He was the runner up.
And he ambushed me
at the mural today.
-He's so frustrating.
I've never met someone
who can bounce from sweet
to obnoxious so gracefully.
That's interesting.
No, it is not like that.
So you can just get
that thought out of your head.
I-I didn't say anything.
Hey, I heard you had
coffee with Ivy today.
You guys haven't palled around
in a while.
Yeah, it was really great
catching up.
I'm actually taking Parker
to visit her at the school
Apparently, there's this great
after school art class
that one of her colleagues runs.
Mom, do I haveto go?
Come on, bud.
I bet it'll be fun.
Trust me, you are both
gonna like the art teacher.
It is so weird being back here.
I know. I have to remind myself
that I'm the adult here.
Oh, we're walking, please.
All right, Parker,
you are going to love
our art project today.
And you're gonna love our new
art teacher. Ready? Okay.
And remember everyone,
we wanna paint
all the sides
of our ornament, right?
We don't want any bad angles.
Oh, hey.
So listen up, everybody.
We have a special guest today.
What's your name, bud?
His name's Parker.
Parker, welcome.
Let's get you set up. Okay?
Got a little spot for you
right over here.
Yeah, lucky for you,
one of our regulars
couldn't make it in today.
Which means
you don't have to share.
That's for you.
You good to get started
while I go talk to your mom
for a sec?
Great. I'll be right back.
You know,
if you wanted to see me,
you didn't have to hire a child
to pretend to be your son.
You are really something.
Hm, that's what they tell me.
She told you we've met already?
This is the guy
I was telling you about
from the paint store.
Oh, wow, you're the paint thief.
Okay, that nickname's
really taking off.
Well, at least Parker and the
other children can benefit
from the spoils
of my criminal enterprise.
You could have told me
that you were buying supplies
for a children's after school
art program.
Yeah, but I'm not
the bragging type.
I'm just your average,
humble, down to earth,
handsome, talented,
selfless public educator
who is changing children's
lives one at a time.
Well, it's nice of you
to drop by.
Um, you're welcome to hang out,
but if you two have plans,
I'll be with the kids
for another hour or so.
Looking good, Parker.
Still up for coffee?
I don't know.
Um, maybe I should
stick around for a while
and make sure Parker's okay.
So let me guess.
This is Santa's dirty socks,
-They're stockings.
-Oh, stockings.
Yeah, I knew that.
I knew that.
Why don't you wait here
a minute?
I'll go get my jacket
and if you're still feeling
uneasy when I get back, we can
rain check, okay. Sound good?
Yeah. Okay.
Hey, uh, would it be okay if I
pulled up a chair
and painted next to you?
It's kind of lonely
up at my desk.
Yeah. Thanks.
I'll be right back.
All right, all set.
How are we feeling?
You know what?
Let's go get that coffee.
Do you think we need
one more or...?
What are you, stalking me now?
No. I found you
via legitimate means.
I interrogated Ivy.
Sorry, I hope I'm not
interrupting. I'm Will.
Will, Mack. Nice to meet you.
Uh, I just wanted to talk
to you about something
before but I didn't want to
bring it up in front of Parker.
Um, but if now is not
a good time.
You know, actually, I was
just gonna head inside
and scope out
the base of operations.
Why don't you two, uh,
chat while she works?
Okay. Thanks, Mack.
-Nice meeting you.
-You too.
So? What's up?
Yeah, I just wanted to
ask you--
I wanted to ask you something
about Parker, actually.
It's okay. Nothing's wrong.
He did great in class.
I just noticed that he's, uh,
I guess a little apprehensive
around other kids.
Oh. Um...
He's been having some trouble
the past couple of years.
He used to be such
an outgoing kid and then...
when his dad died
he just sort of...
That's gotta be really tough
for both of you.
Have you tried
art therapy for Parker?
Yes. Once. In New York.
-But it didn't really take.
I kinda know what
Parker's going through
and I thought I might help him
the way that it helped me.
My dad passed
when I was thirteen.
Oh, wow.
-I'm so sorry, Will.
I really didn't know
how to process it at the time.
And art therapy just worked.
So I'm actually
a certified art therapist.
Anyway, all that to say,
if you want
I would be happy to
sit down with Parker.
That's really generous.
But we're heading home
in a couple weeks. So...
Yeah. Right. I get it.
If you change your mind though,
I'll be around.
Winter break just started
so I've got plenty of time
on my hands.
Thank you.
I'll-I'll think about it.
You're staying in town
for the holidays?
You know, if you're looking
for something to do...
Oh. Okay.
Yeah. Yeah, let's do it.
So I guess it's kinda like I am
working on the mural after all.
Oh, texting with Will.
It was right there. Sorry.
And you're welcome for the
freshly baked cookies
by the way.
I'll go get you some milk.
Mom, I'm an adult woman.
I don't need a glass of milk.
Oh, don't be silly. You love
milk with your cookies.
I'll be right back.
As an artist,
I need you to level with me.
Do either of these ideas work?
I think there are
elements of each that work.
I knew it. They're terrible.
U-un, that's not what I said.
Look, there's good stuff
in here.
I think you just need to...
distill it down into
a unifying theme.
You know?
Okay, uh, what do you
like about this one?
I like the colors
and the composition.
It feels almost dreamlike.
Which is kinda how I remember
Wellington as a kid.
That's great.
And how about this one?
Well, obviously I love it
because it reminds me of Parker.
It feels like that special kind
of Christmas magic.
Warm and cozy and... comforting.
Can't argue with that.
Is it crazy to try to do both?
To come up with a design
that showcases the Winter Walk
but is also more...
personal and-and intimate?
I think that's a great idea.
So all I have to do is
finalize a design,
buy supplies, prep the wall...
overcome my creative block
and flawlessly execute
a public art project
in a week and a half
by Christmas Eve.
Okay, but the good news is
you're not alone.
You've got your parents, you've
got Parker, you've got me.
I bet we could rope
Cody and Ivy into it also.
Actually, yeah, I've been
looking for an excuse
to get those two
in a room together.
I set them up on a date
a while ago
and apparently
it did not go well.
Ivy's been holding a grudge
against Cody ever since.
Maybe this could help them
bury the hatchet.
I'm making a mental note
to get the details
about that from Ivy ASAP.
Are you sure
that you wanna help?
You're not just... being nice?
Um, well actually
I am being nice
because I'm nice.
I think I need to just
bite the bullet and get started.
All right.
Let's get started.
Hey, perfect timing.
We were just about to
get started.
-You have your lists?
-Oh, yeah.
Olivia, did you see
the sales section?
Well, I wasn't expecting
to see you here.
Hey, Ivy, um, how are you?
I've been fine ever since
you stood me up.
Come on, I didn't stand you up.
I left in the middle
of the date.
Okay, I know that isn't better.
You left me with the bill
at a fancy restaurant
so you could go play bingo.
I venmoed you
and I didn't play bingo.
I hosted bingo at town hall.
Our normal guy flaked.
I couldn't just abandon
the senior group.
No, so you just abandoned me.
I can see that there are
still some fresh wounds here.
How about we split up
tackle our lists separately
and maybe cool off a little bit?
That is a great idea.
So, Ivy, you will come
and grab some paint with me
and, um, Cody and Will, you're
on, uh, tools and equipment.
Let me just remind everyone,
we're dealing with
a limited budget.
Until projects like this gain
traction, the Community
Services Department
has tight purse strings.
That's fine,
I'm sure you'll just
stick us with the bill anyway.
Okay, enough reminiscing.
You couldn't have warned me
I was walking into an ambush?
Oh, no, I could have.
Wow, if I had known
it was that bad,
I would have had
Will tell Cody to stay home.
I'm fine. I'm over it.
I just wanted to see him squirm.
you and Will are
getting pretty chummy?
Yeah, well, turns out when he's
not being obnoxious,
he's actually kind of nice
and helpful.
Nice and helpful and hot.
Okay, pump the brakes.
My mom already
jumped to that conclusion.
Oh, come on. Stop acting
like it's a crazy thought.
Nothing wrong with
thinking someone's cute.
Cute has nothing to do with it.
We're just collaborating.
You don't have to
look too far into it.
Yeah, we actually have another
session booked for tonight.
See? And you really still think
there's nothing more going on?
Look, until she gives me
reason to believe otherwise,
there's nothing romantic
happening, okay?
Olivia, I see you've been busy.
My dad mentioned
that he was going to
stop by and clean today.
Said I needed a proper studio
to work with.
Huh, so despite Cody
abandoning this place,
it's thriving, too.
-Sounds familiar.
-Ha ha.
Okay, enough lollygagging.
There's still plenty of supplies
to bring in from outside.
Thank you.
All right, have a look.
You can choose
whatever you'd like, Parker.
Want to paint for an hour?
We can do that.
Want to pound some clay
and make a sculpture?
That's cool, too.
Oh, I think he has
his eye on something.
What do you see?
The pastels.
Excellent choice.
Very expressive.
What should I draw?
Honestly, anything you want.
This is all about you.
How you're feeling right now.
I'm just here to guide you
as much
or as little as you need.
Would it be okay if your mom
and I joined you?
Yeah? Nice.
Okay, you've got a pad.
Let's give one to your mom.
And I get one, too.
So... I'll tell you
how I'm feeling.
I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.
I think I'm gonna draw one of
my favorite Christmas memories.
One year, my parents
got me a hockey set
and me and my family
spent all day
shooting goals on
a frozen pond near our house.
That's what I'm gonna draw.
You already know
what you wanna draw?
I wanna draw my favorite
Christmas present, too.
Let me guess,
it was a helicopter.
-I'm drawing my train set.
You're telling me Santa got
a whole train down the chimney?
It's a toy train.
Santa brought it, but my dad
helped me set it up.
Dad sounds pretty cool.
Yeah. He's in heaven now.
I'm sorry, Parker.
I know that's not easy.
Actually, I was only a couple
years older than you are
when my dad went to heaven.
You know... I miss him a lot.
He was the best.
But I know he's looking
down on me, even right now.
If you want, I can tell you
all about him
while we do our drawing.
- Your stuff?
- Yeah.
Whew. I feel that cold wind.
Well, Parker, I think you did
a great job today.
And this turned out so well.
Good job.
Olivia, you have some homework.
Hey, bud.
Can you make sure that your mom
has at least something drawn
before our next session?
-I got you covered.
That's my guy.
-Our next session?
I figured if you're both
up for it
before you head back
to the city.
I want to thank you, Will.
I know this means a lot
to Parker and...
it means a lot to me, too.
Mom, can you start the car?
I'm freezing.
Yeah, bud. I'll-I'll
be right there.
-I should probably--
Um, are you sure
that you're-you're okay
to-to lock up?
Yeah, yeah. I've got to
clean up anyway, so...
-It's all good.
-Um, thanks again, Will.
-You got it.
It's absolutely beautiful.
Parker's first Christmas.
He was the best gift anyone
could have asked for.
I don't know what happened.
I was thinking about Parker,
and how easily
he started his drawing.
Something just clicked.
My hand started
moving on its own.
Well, it must have been tough,
putting this down on paper.
I'm proud of you.
At any rate, it should
help with the mural, right?
Have the creative floodgates
been opened?
Drawing this was one thing.
Painting a huge mural
for everyone to see?
That's a whole
different animal.
But I'm ready to try.
Ah, good.
What do you mean by a moment?
We were standing out front,
saying goodnight, and...
I don't know. It felt like
something could have happened.
-Did it?
-No, of course not.
Don't say it
like its ridiculous.
You're both young,
single, attractive...
Aww, thanks, man.
I'm just saying,
what's the holdup?
Don't get me wrong, okay?
I wanted to kiss her.
But, you know,
Parker was there...
And I guess I feel like
it's not my place to
make a move like that.
Olivia needs to decide
when it's right.
For her, and for Parker.
Sure, I get that.
But don't you think last night
might have been
some kind of indication
she's into you?
It was basically a date.
Me doing art therapy
with her son? That was a date?
Wouldn't even
breach the top five
of the weirdest first dates
I've been on.
I don't know.
You really think she might have
considered last night a date?
If I were her,
I'd date you before
letting you give
my kid therapy.
Was that a wreath?
Yes, but I was aiming at Cody.
Oh, well, now I see why
you became an artist.
Wow, what happened in here?
It looks great.
Well, I figured we're gonna be
spending a lot of time here.
Might as well make it festive.
How'd he rope you into this?
I honestly don't know.
I should be at town hall.
And now that you're here,
I feel less guilty
about leaving.
Ornaments exchange tonight,
you guys.
And I noticed that wall
is still alarmingly blank.
Don't worry, that is
going to change very soon.
Good luck.
Thanks, man. See you later.
So are we actually
gonna go paint,
or were you just
trying to get rid of Cody?
A little bit of both.
I figured we could start
by finishing up
the actual mural frame.
And I'll tell you all about my
new design idea.
New design idea?
Now you're talking.
Well, lead the way.
So yeah, most of the design
would be more traditional,
kind of like
the Norman Rockwell idea,
but with some
different styles thrown in.
So the trees and the mountains
could be more
classical landscape style.
And then throw in some lights
and Christmas decorations
for the holidays.
Maybe some surrealism.
Couple of nutcrackers melting.
Seriously, I think
that sounds great.
It's ambitious, but it's great.
I wanted to thank you again,
for last night.
It was really wonderful.
And not just
because I'm feeling inspired.
Parker is so proud
of his drawing.
He would not stop talking
about you at breakfast.
Well, I'm glad I could help.
Oh, that reminds me.
My homework, as requested.
Oh. Okay.
Oh, wow.
-Is that...?
-It's Tom with Parker.
It's my favorite
Christmas memory.
It's beautiful.
Like I said, if, um, if Parker
wants to do
another session with me
while you're still here,
I'd be happy to.
I've still got all
the supplies in there.
Thank you.
You really love this, don't you?
Art therapy, teaching...
I couldn't imagine doing
anything else.
I mean, no offense, but if it
weren't for the severe lack
of teaching opportunities
in Boston,
I probably wouldn't
have ended up in Wellington.
But turned out for the best.
I think it looks pretty good.
Yeah, now all you've got
to do is paint.
Well, this place is packed!
When you said ornament exchange,
I was picturing like ten people.
Well, that's 'cause
Cody's been killing it lately.
You know, it's only the second
year that we've done this
and it's already
a Wellington staple.
Hey, Parker...
Are you sure
you wanna hang that one?
You worked so hard on it.
Yeah, I'm sure.
I think it's cool someone else
is gonna get to put it
on their own tree.
Can you help me hang it?
I need someone tall to lift me.
What? You think I'm tall?
That's amazing.
-Can I?
All right.
Let's go pick the best spot.
-Just be careful, please.
Mm-hmm. Whoa.
Okay. Okay.
Parker seems to be
really taking to Will.
I mean, it probably helps
that Will is basically
a big kid himself.
- yeah.
- But...
Yeah, I know what you mean.
It's like Parker's
starting to come out...
-...of his shell a little bit.
And boy, is he ever
responding to Will's art
You two are joined
at the hip lately.
Yeah, well,
as much as I hate to admit it,
Will has been
a huge help so far.
I don't think I'd be able
to finish in time on my own.
I'm not talking about
the painting, Olivia.
I'm talking about this.
Wait, h-hold up.
One, two, three, jump!
- Cookies.
- Cookies!
- Just one.
- Yeah.
Just a single... Thank you.
Just a single one.
Of course, you can.
Now that is what
I'm talking about.
I'm telling you, buddy,
it feels great.
You're not gonna get
in trouble. I promise.
Ho-oh, see?
Good, right?
Go crazy.
Yeah, there's a whole stack.
What is going on in here?
Oh. That?
That's therapy. Mm-hmm.
Umm, since you're already here,
do you want to?
Oh, yeah.
Doesn't that feel great?
Okay, yes, I will admit
that feels pretty amazing.
Kind of like a weight
has been lifted.
Parker, you did so well
at this first part
of the process.
Now what we get
to do is choose
the pieces that you wanna
use in your mosaic.
I can hear the bells
The bells are ringing
I can hear the children
playing, singing
I've been going back
to that old feeling
Time to turn it back
to that old feeling
Take me home take me home
To Christmas
I'll be home I'll be home
For Christmas
New memories waiting for me
There's no place
where I'd rather be
Home, take me home
To Christmas, to Christmas
Hello. Anyone home?
I'm glad I didn't miss you.
Um, I come bearing gifts.
Is that takeout?
There's a great Thai place
just around the corner.
I-I felt bad that I couldn't
help out earlier,
so I came to bribe you.
Hope you like pad see ew.
There's enough for two.
That sounds perfect.
Four brothers?
I cannot imagine five kids.
Yeah, I don't think my parents
could either.
I am the youngest
by nine years.
Aw, you're a little
accident baby.
Well, you know,
I prefer "surprise."
So what's your brothers' deal?
They all married with kids?
Oh, yeah.
I have ten nieces and nephews.
Wow! Christmas
at your mom's must be wild.
Yeah, it is, of course.
Still doesn't stop my mom
from asking
when I will be giving her
more grandchildren.
But, uh, I just
don't think
I'm really cut out for that.
For... being a parent?
Will, come on,
I've seen you teach.
And with Parker,
obviously you'd be great at it.
Sorry, um... you did not ask
my opinion on that.
You're okay.
I know that it's stupid, but...
When my dad died,
it hit me so hard as a kid.
I was sad and angry
and confused
and I think,
I think one day I'll be gone.
And when that happens,
I don't want
my kid to have to live
through what I did.
That is not stupid.
Losing someone you love
is... really hard.
But you can't let the fear
of losing someone
outweigh the joy
of loving them.
There's not a day that goes by
that I don't... miss Tom.
But that...
pain and that grief...
it's worth it.
Because of all of the wonderful
memories that I have of him.
And yeah, I wish that...
I could spare Parker the pain
of having lost his dad.
But that would mean
losing the good parts too.
And I know he wouldn't trade
those memories for anything.
Sounds like it was
kind of awkward.
It was, at first,
but then we started painting
and everything
went back to normal.
Well, you guys did kind of bare
your souls to each other
last night.
That's a heavy conversation
to come back from.
Especially when it's with
someone he likes so much.
Okay, you have to stop saying
that he likesme.
I refuse.
I will die on this hill.
I guess I did see
another side of him last night.
It was nice having
a real conversation.
He must make you
feel comfortable.
Yeah, he does.
I think it's great.
And you should too.
How's it going over there?
That's great. Is that us?
Yeah. I think I need
to make your head bigger.
Excuse me.
Ear. Ear. Eyes.
That's better.
Excuse me.
Hey, bud. I wanted
to talk to you about something.
So I know...Christmas here
so far has been a lot of fun...
Yeah, I like getting to see
Grandma and Grandpa
all the time.
I like Mr. Campbell, too.
He's funny.
Yeah, he's kind of a goofball,
Yeah, he helped me make friends
at the Christmas Craft Club.
That's great.
I'm so glad.
I guess... we're really
gonna miss all this
when we head home
after Christmas.
But the good news
is that Wellington is not that
far from New York.
So we don't have to wait
until Christmas to visit again.
-When can we come back?
-Whenever you want.
I mean within reason.
-It is a five hour drive.
It's dad.
He will always be with us.
No matter what.
You know that, right?
-Hey, mom.
-What's going on?
-Oh, not much.
Should be ready soon.
This all looks great,
but I thought
you said we were having
a quick family dinner.
I-I have to keep working
on the mural after this.
Oh, I know that, sweetheart.
We won't keep you too long.
Yeah. Anyway, I just felt
like making something special.
Hey, Park,
look who's here.
Mr. Campbell!
Hey, Parker.
- Nice to see you.
- Have a seat, Will.
- Oh, thanks.
- We are...
Did you invite Will to dinner
and forget to tell me about it?
No, I didn't forget.
I told you this morning.
No, you didn't.
Well, I meant to.
Must have just slipped my mind.
Well, anyway, I don't know
what all the fuss is.
He's a very nice man. He's been
helping you with your mural.
I... Actually...
it's appalling
that we didn't do this sooner.
Well, if you had
talked to me about it,
I might have mentioned
that tonight
isn't really the best night.
-Why not?
We had kind of an intense
conversation yesterday
and now having him over,
I just...
I don't want him
to get the wrong idea.
What wrong idea?
It's a pot roast.
You're doing that thing
where you act all innocent,
but secretly you are plotting.
And you are looking
too far into this.
Now, I want you to march over
to that stove
and make sure those veggies
don't burn
while I go greet our guest.
Will, I'm so glad
you could make it.
Thank you.
Good to see you.
You did
that self-portrait.
It looked exactly like you.
It didn't look
anything like me.
Seriously though,
the mural is looking great.
I could see why Olivia's been
able to make it
as an artist in New York City.
That's not easy.
That must feel good
having another artist
talk about your work
with such high esteem.
Well, it may be infrequent,
but yes, it is appreciated.
I try telling her all the time
how great she is and she
doesn't like hearing it.
Her own mother.
Now granted,
I'm not an art critic,
but I do know good art
when I see it.
I mean, I-I get that.
My mom's a bit like that
and, um...
I admit it can be
a bit embarrassing.
It's not that we
don't believe you,
it's just...
Artists are pretty hard
on themselves.
And when you have a good mother,
you know that
she is going to support you
no matter what, right?
I could draw
a stick figure dog
with five legs and my mother
would think it was wonderful.
So, Betty, I would just
take it as a compliment.
It means Olivia knows
that you love her
and you want
what's best for her.
Mr. Campbell, do you
ever visit New York?
You know, not as much
as I would like to.
But now that I have
some friends there,
maybe I should come
more often.
If that's okay, of course.
Yeah. You are welcome anytime.
You'd eat a bag of sugar
if we allowed you.
Just like this guy.
I hate to cut
a lovely evening short,
but I think Parker
is all S'mored out.
-So I better get him to bed.
Oh, don't be silly,
your father and I'll
put him to bed.
You can stay and have
fun. Come on, sweetheart.
Sweetie, I-I haven't finished
roasting that m--
Come on, sweetheart.
Uh, yeah, I probably
should lay off the sugar.
Will, great to have you over.
Thank you so much.
-All right, load me up.
-Oh, it's okay, buddy.
-I got you, little buddy.
Okay. You okay, dad?
-Yeah. Here we go.
Goodnight, guys.
Yeah. Goodnight.
-Goodnight, mom.
-Goodnight, sweetheart.
New York does not
have stars like this.
Well, score one
for Wellington.
I mean sure, we might not have
the city's culture
or food or incredible art scene
or bountiful career
but we got stars.
Speaking of
career opportunities...
I've been so busy
with the mural
that I haven't even thought
about work.
What's up?
I, uh...
Found out my job
is having to downsize
and... I'm not sure where
I land on the chopping block.
Really? That's awful.
So... if your job
is up in the air,
is there any reason that you're
rushing back
right after Christmas?
I mean, I don't know what people
get up to in New York City,
but I will tell you that things
are pretty wild
here on New Year's Eve.
Some of the stores
even stay open till 9:00.
Well, for all I know,
my job could be safe.
Plus... I have
to head home sometime.
Get back to real life.
Sure. There's probably nothing
here worth sticking around for.
I'm sorry. I-I-I can't.
I can't do this.
-Uh, Olivia, I--
-Please, um...
I need to go.
Oh, hey, Dad.
Well, nice to see you too.
Sorry, I-I thought
you were Will.
We had a weird thing
last night,
and we haven't had a chance
to talk about it yet.
Well, look,
if you need an ear to bend,
I'm right here.
What have you got there?
Oh, uh, just some tools
and hardware.
You know, I thought
I'd reinforce those shelves.
You know, make sure
they don't collapse on us.
Dad, you are working so hard.
You should give yourself
the day off.
You just retired.
You should relax and enjoy it.
Sweetie, I-I tried relaxing.
It didn't really take.
But I-I am enjoying it.
I get to hang out with you.
Now come on, let-let me pick up
some of Will's slack
and give you a hand.
Thanks. That would be nice.
All right, folks,
do not forget the nose.
Remember, if it ain't red,
it ain't Rudolph, right?
It's just some boring, average,
nameless reindeer.
Okay, so you got shut down.
What happened next?
Nothing. I went home.
-Great, Doug.
-Thanks, Will.
Love your imagination.
Oh, purple's cool, too.
Way to go against
the grain, Mona.
Born rebel over here.
Very nice,
Very nice, everybody.
Have you guys,
like...talked about it?
Not a peep.
I'm not an idiot, Cody.
I could take a hint.
She needs space.
Or she was just
caught off guard.
Probably felt like one of these
in the headlights.
Well, suffice it to say I am not
gonna make that mistake again.
I'm just gonna keep
my distance.
It was a dumb move anyway.
She's leaving in a couple days.
All right, looks like everybody
is putting the finishing
touches on their work.
Oh, and that's a good thing
because we've
just run out of time.
Thanks for a fun class,
You've done
some great work today.
Let's all give a hand to Will
for so graciously hosting
class on such short notice.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thanks.
Great stuff. Nice.
Seriously, man. Thank you.
I'm gonna kill Randy for
bailing on bingo day again.
Honestly, I enjoy it.
You find yourself short staffed
again, you let me know.
Well, if the mural goes well,
maybe I could convince the city
to allocate more funds
for our projects.
Get you paid
for stuff like this.
I wouldn't say no to that.
So long as Olivia finishes
in time.
You think she's gonna
get it done?
Oh, no doubt in my mind.
At this point,
I would just slow her down
anyway, so it's probably
for the best.
Unless she
wants you there, of course.
That wouldn't be so bad.
Hey, you worked late.
I was getting worried.
Finishing up is taking longer
than I thought.
Oh, I thought about
pulling an all-nighter,
but I don't think I could lift
a paintbrush right now.
Oh. You close?
Just one last section I
haven't been able to nail down.
A scene with a family
on Christmas.
I've painted their faces
a dozen times,
but it's just
never looked right.
Hoping to knock it out tomorrow
morning before the unveiling.
You know,
your father told me
he had a really nice time
working with you today.
It was quite the conversation
from what I understand.
You know, if you have
anything you wanna talk about,
I'm always here.
I appreciate that
you wanna help,
but sometimes
your way of helping
just kind of complicates things.
I'm sure I don't even know
what you're talking about.
Mom, come on.
You knew that I was having
trouble painting,
so you secretly entered me
in a contest
to try to motivate me.
You saw that Will and I were
getting along, so you invited
him over for dinner
and left us stargazing.
And now you almost finished
painting a mural
and you kissed a man you liked.
If it took a little nudging
for me to get you there,
so be it.
What about what I want?
Doesn't that matter?
Of course it does.
So tell me, Olivia,
what do you want?
I just need you to listen,
that's all.
All right. Well...
I guess I'm having trouble
figuring out
what I'm supposed to do.
Being back home.
Painting again.
Meeting Will.
It's all stirring up
a lot of emotions.
And they're all good.
Which... shouldn't be a problem.
But then... I think about
what that means.
And the guilt that I feel
for falling for another man,
for picturing a life
outside of New York.
-And that can't happen.
-Why not?
Because it's the life that
Tom and I built together.
Parker was born there.
And I moved to New York
to pursue my career.
So if I leave all that behind,
then I've failed as an artist.
And... if I abandoned the life
that Tom and I
were building together, then
I have failed as a wife
and as a mother.
You are not a failure.
I need you to hear that.
And you do know
art exists
outside of New York, right?
And you are good enough
to make it anywhere.
And as far as being
a failure of a mother?
Well, that's nonsense too.
You and I both know no matter
where you are, you will give
Parker everything you've got.
You will never fail that boy.
But what about Tom?
Tom loved you
more than anything.
And he'll always
be a part of you.
And he'll always want
what's best for you.
And yes, I know you planned
a life with him.
And as painful as it is,
that plan has changed
and you can't keep holding on
to it at the expense of building
a life for you and Parker.
So what am I supposed to do?
Listen to this.
Sometimes it's the only guide
you've got.
And you're not the only one
going through a new life change,
trying to figure things out.
I mean, look at your father.
The man's retired and doesn't
know what to do with himself.
And As for me...
I found myself
in unfamiliar waters, too.
I had to watch my daughter
go through something terrible,
and see this bright flame
in her start to fade.
I don't wanna keep
growing apart, Olivia.
I wanna be here for you,
if you'll let me.
It is very unfair of you
to spring this
conversation on me
when I am physically
incapable of escaping.
Come here, sweetheart.
You'll be fine. Yeah.
You'll get past this.
Hey, mom.
Merry Christmas Eve.
Mom, it's Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas Eve, bud.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I wanted to talk to you
about something.
You have a second?
I know the plan was to
head home in a couple days,
but I was wondering
how you would feel
about staying a little longer.
Maybe living in Wellington
for a while.
Like, for good?
I don't know. Maybe.
What about school?
Yeah, you'd have
to change schools.
And I know that would be tough.
So hey, please, I need you
to be honest with me, okay?
Because we can just forget this
whole thing right now.
It'll be tough for me, too.
It's our home.
And it's where your dad...
His memory lives there.
Daddy doesn't live there.
He's here.
He's wherever we are.
You're right.
Of course you're right.
Your dad and I will
always love you.
You know that, right?
Are you sure you're okay
with all this?
Yeah. But I do have a question.
If I go to school here,
does that mean Mr. Campbell
will be my art teacher?
I think so.
If nothing else, I'm sure
he would love to teach you.
Grandma! Grandpa! Guess what!
Cody Miller,
Director of Recreation
and Community Services.
How can I help you?
Hey, Cody,
it's Olivia.
Olivia, great to hear from you.
-You got good news for me?
-Oh, uh, yeah.
I'm just on my way to the mural
to do some final touch ups,
but we should be all good
for the unveiling this evening.
Okay, good. Uh...
If you told me you weren't done,
I might have had a heart attack.
Forget I said that,
I have full faith in you.
I'm actually calling
because I wanted
to get your help with something.
Of course. Anything you need.
I'm sure by now
you have seen Will
and you've heard
what's going on.
And I was hoping...
Will and I haven't talked
since that night
and... I really want him
to be there tonight.
It's important.
So... do you think you could
make sure that he comes?
That's it?
I was gonna do that anyway.
He needs to support the
Community Services Department.
And me, frankly.
I did want to talk to you
about something else.
Do you have some time
right now?
Hey, Merry Christmas.
Hi guys. Hi.
He's so cute.
Good evening, everyone.
On behalf of the Community
Services Department
it gives me great joy
to welcome you
to the Wellington Winter Walks
Christmas Eve mural unveiling!
In our ongoing efforts
to engage the community
through the arts,
we hope this is the first
of many new initiatives
to bring our town together.
But enough from me.
We're here for the art,
and it only makes sense to
turn things over to the artist.
So let's all give a big hand
for Olivia.
Thank you so much, everyone.
Um, it really means the world
that you all came out tonight.
I have a lot of people in my
life that I want to thank.
My dad, Mack,
who worked tirelessly
to make sure that we had
a proper space to work.
My mom, Betty,
who is the reason
I entered this contest
and who is always
rooting for me.
My son Parker,
who is my everything.
And one more person...
It was with the help
of a fellow artist
that I was able to overcome
my creative block,
and finally open myself back up
to letting the world in again.
And he deserves
to be up here too.
would you like to come
and help me do the honors?
-Yeah, get up there.
-Come on, Will, get up there.
Will Campbell,
I want to thank you, Will,
for...being my partner
when I needed one.
I know that I made
things difficult,
but you helped me see
what was missing.
And you helped me
realize what I want.
I have just one more
announcement, um,
before we unveil the mural.
I am overjoyed
to tell you
that the canvas for this piece,
which has served
as a second home
since I've been here,
well, it's not going to
remain vacant any longer.
Working in tandem with the
Community Services Department...
I will be transforming
this space into a studio
and a gallery
to create and display
works of art from myself
and fellow Wellington artists,
as well as anyone else who
wants to engage with the arts.
without any further ado...
We present to you
"A Wellington Christmas."
I'm so sorry for pushing
you away the other night.
I just...
I panicked.
And then I felt guilty
and embarrassed.
But I-I really don't want that
to be the way
that we leave things.
Because I realized that...
I'm ready to fall in love again.
I am falling in love.
But if you don't feel the same
way, I-I completely understand.
I just... I wanted to make it
perfectly clear that, um...
Parker and I...
We want you in the picture.
I wanna be in the picture.
Now, these are
fun to decorate,
but I have to be honest,
I'm mostly excited
about eating them.
Wonderful speech tonight,
I'm really excited to see
what you do with the studio.
Thanks, Cody. Me too.
Ivy, um, this is long overdue,
but I owe you an apology for
how I left our date last year.
I can sometimes let work get in
the way of my personal life.
Apology accepted.
And also, Cody,
I just have to say,
I think it's pretty cool
how you're always supporting
the arts in this town.
Woah. Was that a compliment?
Don't let it get to your head.
Hey, can I buy you
hot chocolate?
To make up
for my past decisions.
They're free, you weirdo.
But sure.
I have to thank you, mom,
for giving me a nudge.
-You were right.
I needed it.
So, Cody says that he thinks he
might be able to get me a deal
on rent if I agree to host
community events at the studio.
But that means
I'm going to really need
some help getting it
into shape.
I think I can find some time
for a project like that.
But I am not going to
let you work too hard.
I know you're having trouble
with retirement,
but if there's one thing I've
learned since I've been home,
is that change is good.
But I'm not too worried
about it.
You know, with the studio and
having you and Parker
home again,
the future is looking
pretty bright, sweetheart.
I think you should
get over there.
Come on, mom.
You need to make a cookie, too.
I would love to.
I got to admit, I am
looking forward to doing
stuff like this more often.
Yeah, me too.
So... I was thinking.
Seeing as how the studio
has successfully
already hosted
some art therapy sessions,
it might be a good space
to host some more.
And it's a great place for any
after-school art programs
you were thinking of teaching.
If that's something
you would be interested in.
I would love to.
And I wanna share
this moment with you
Snow is falling
deep outside
The day is almost done
Come inside
and don't be shy
'Cause now it's time
to have some fun
Snow is falling
deep outside
The day is almost done
Come inside
and don't be shy
'Cause now it's time
to have some fun
And I wanna share
this Christmas with you