Our Daily Bread (1934) Movie Script

Oh, he said he would come back today.
Give us more time.
My husband has left because
of a personal matter.
We are waiting for a
relative who can help us.
Everything will be fixed
in a couple of days.
Godske is very angry with you.
I'll try to calm him down
until the day after tomorrow.
But after that limit.
If they do not get the money...
prepare the suitcases.
Thank you, Mr. Crum.
We will get the money.
Well bye.
Who was? The landlord?
It gives us two days of deadline.
How did it go?
As usual:
A hundred guys for a job.
I feel like I'm never
going to get it.
Uncle Anthony is here.
He called this morning
and I invited him.
It can give you a job.
Why do you say that?
We can fix ourselves
without him.
A job is a job.
Two days left...
I will find something.
Come on, let's get
a chicken to eat.
And why a chicken?
Can not your uncle
eat burgers like me?
I could, but not tonight.
And how will we get chicken?
Like the hamburgers.
Run. I have a lot to do.
Whatever it is for
peace at home.
For me it's worth...
Hello! How are you, old friend?
The chicken the other
day was very good.
Like the one I gave
you two months ago.
Not one more bean...
Not without the
money on the table.
But, what has...?!
What do you think this is?
Do you think this is a pawnshop?
- Thank you.
- Yes...
And what do you do lately John?
I'm trying to find a job.
It's the only thing I do.
Well, I'm glad you
try to settle down.
Get in line for three
hours with a hundred guys
to get a miserable job.
What's wrong with this boy?
Have you become an
entrepreneur boy at once?
It's the harsh reality, huh?!
But he did what he could!
That's very good.
Could not you do something for him, Uncle?
Let me think...
I am like any other person.
I have received many blows...
and charity has
never been my strength,
and I'm not going to
change my mind now.
I'm not asking you any favors, Uncle.
All I want is to work.
Have you heard that?
Have not you read the newspapers?
"Back to the field"
and all those things.
- Here?
- Is the only way...
Look, I have a letter
from the bank here...
about the mortgage
of a farm that I have.
But at the moment it is not worth anything.
The bank does not want
it, and neither do I.
I thought to leave her.
But it can be useful
at least for a while.
And of course you could always
get by, sell to the bank if you can.
How about?
- Oh, Uncle!
- Great idea, very kind!
I have no idea of agriculture.
But on a gift horse...
When can I start?
It depends on you.
What do you say, Mary?
I prefer that to having to
fight with bill collectors.
If it seems good, then agree.
Do you have a map?
Write the address.
It is very far? When can we go?
Well, it's about 290
kilometers to the south.
There is a city called Arcadia.
You cross the main street,
you turn to the right
and you continue almost
ten kilometers more...
Not bad, huh?
The collectors will have a
hard time finding this site.
Thank God.
Look at a windmill!
Do you know what they are for?
- To know the direction of the wind.
- Yes...
Do not! What are you talking about?
Do you think it's a mule?
Your father is an ass, right?
Or is his mother...
Or both.
I do not know.
And a house, too.
I thought the house was
a joke from your uncle.
And one...
A chimney.
In a tool shed
there were shovels,
hoes and old rakes.
I found another room with
seeds on the ground.
It's great, tomorrow I'll start.
This farm will never produce.
The potatoes are already there.
Oh, John! The toast...
Have you ever slept on branches?
It tickles.
I learned it in Boy Scouts.
Now the blanket.
Smells good.
What do you think of my pillow?
A great idea.
Put this on.
And we are!
You're so far away!
Can not you get close a little?
I'm well clothed...
You know...
You know I'm very afraid
of homeless people.
What annoying!
Why do not you put the
axle over the hole and
put the cat underneath?
Thanks, good idea.
It has been fun.
I'm fixing the wheel.
I have little gas.
I would like to help you but,
I do not have gasoline here.
Are you going far?
To california.
Maybe to wash gold.
But I do not think it will come.
Well, he has a problem.
Where does it come from?
He was a farmer in Minnesota.
They took the land.
It must have been hard.
Clear! Surely he knows
everything about agriculture.
I thought so until a couple of years ago.
Would you like to stay
and work with me?
I just arrived and...
and I do not know
much about agriculture.
Hey friend,
- Are you kidding?
- Not seriously.
I'll open the gate for him.
Look how it runs.
The water leaves the earth spongy.
It is wonderful.
I'll eat sardines for a change.
I have not seen them since yesterday.
Hilda, my wife asks,
that maybe they would
like to eat rabbit stew.
Of course, of course we will go.
Thank you very much.
Perfect, you will be welcome.
Tell me, what did you think of that?
Well, when they want to eat rabbit,
you have to place the wire like that.
When the rabbit arrives,
Pum!, and is trapped.
- Yes...
- Yes...
In the case where the wire fails...
I catch it.
Who'd say!
These carrots were with herbs
that started yesterday.
- Oh, John!
- You mean that I...?
Yeah right.
Who'd say!
Herbs that give carrots!
Do not!
What that Swede has
done in a day.
There must be many people
in these circumstances.
Ir from one place to
another to spend gasoline.
Listen out,
If one can only do
what he did in a day.
Ten men can do ten times more.
A plumber, a carpenter,
a bricklayer...
A kind of cooperative...
where money does not matter.
You help me, I help you.
Good idea, right?
If you believe it,
then I agree.
Are needed.
Ten Men.
Who wish to work.
In this beautiful farm.
And share work and benefits.
Why pay rent?
And they keep coming. Look.
Come on, old mule.
Get in line!
- What is your trade?
- Barber.
It does not work for me.
And you?
Cigar seller.
What do you know how to do?
Iron pants...
This is a farm, not a hotel.
That's better!
- Carpenter.
- Seriously?
I'm the first violin.
- I heard...
- Excuse me, I think...
Now I return with you,
stay in your places.
Do not rush me.
Do you know how to do other things?
Fix machines?
To till the earth?
Can you use your hands?
I only know how to use
my hands to play music.
We are going to build, eh...
Give me a chance.
I'm strong. Very strong.
I will learn, I will work.
I will do anything.
- Do not leave mate.
- Thank you.
I am a bricklayer.
- Great!
- Thank you...
Lord, Lord!
I will till the earth, I will sow,
what you want.
What do you know how to do?
What is there to do?
Did not read the signs?
We look for men with trades.
Carpenters, mechanics...
Do you have a tractor?
Do you have a tractor?
Well, yes, you can call it that.
I will drive the tractor.
Do you know anything about the field?
I said I will drive the tractor.
You have to listen to me.
I'm going to have a
child, one of these days.
You alone?
Not me, my wife, the
one in the car.
And why did not he tell me?
Mary! She's going to have a child.
- I congratulate.
- Thanks thanks.
I'm an undertaker.
When Captain Smith came
to this continent,
What did you do?
Be quiet and complain
about the situation and
of the value of the dollar?
Do not!
They went to work.
To build their houses and
to cultivate the land.
In Mayflower there
was a settler...
a painter, a doctor,
an accountant...
Like us.
If they could do it, we can too.
Help others and
they will help you.
We have the earth and the energy.
And we do not have Indians that.
They will tear off our hair.
They are not obligated to stay.
They can leave when they want.
But if they stay...
they should work
hard to make this...
never die.
I have two bags of
potatoes in my car.
I propose to do with what we have
a common fund.
Money, food, everything.
I give three chickens.
I a gold coin of 20 dollars.
Me, two sacks of flour.
I give my goat.
Me, three dollars with sixty.
And I can deliver a young girl!
Wonderful, perfect!
Very good. You, the man
with the potatoes,
as it is called?
Hannibal, George
Washington Hannibal.
Very well, you will be
the commission sergeant.
With pleasure.
Who had that gold coin?
It's me.
You will be the treasurer.
Mr. President, friends...
What government are we going to have?
Well, what the majority decides.
Friends, I propose
establish a sacred covenant
and create an immortal democracy.
We do not need speeches here!
We need a cooperative!
We must control everything,
even the benefits.
Wait a moment. Let me talk.
I do not know what all those
words they speak of mean.
I only know that we have a lot of work
and we need a boss.
And John Sims is the right guy!
A hurray for our boss! Hip-Hip!
- Hurrah!
- Hurrah!
- Hurrah!
- Hurrah!
Ok guys, hands on!
We start here.
Let's do it.
- Come on!
- Yeah come on!
Good friends.
Let's plow a little.
- Come on!
- Let's go!
Come on guys!
Hey, carpenter...
I am a builder.
I'll make the fireplace for you
if you make the frame for me.
It's too much for me.
Wood is not my fort.
How's that violin going?
It is going well. And my shoe?
Very good!
This is my land.
Your land?
I arrived here first...
I took it yesterday.
It's not my problem if you
have not heard before.
Come on, get out.
I do not want, you have no right.
Do not!?
Very good... Now, go away.
Build your house.
It will not bother you again.
Let me know if you're
upset by guys like this.
I've watched you, bandit.
Listen to me.
On this farm, there is no
room for guys like you.
So play fair or go.
Here there will be law and order.
Although we have to throw many.
Cover your nose and behave yourself...
Sell or change whatever.
Open to business.
The oldest and most serious
store in the city.
"I OFFER: Top quality
material for ironing pants."
"NECESLTO: Stroller, pins, cigars.
Make your offers."
Good morning, do you want to
take a look at the newspaper?
Of course.
Come on, do not cry,
little boy, do not cry...
You have left the
lamp on all night.
For real?
Good morning, Frank.
Good Morning. Here you have...
What happen?
It seems to work, right?
Clear. Why not?
It makes one feel safe...
As if someone were
watching over you.
No need to worry.
Now we have the earth.
It's... it's like...
a mother...
It is wonderful!
It grows!
Come on!
It seems that it will work.
We thank you,
for this test of your love
and generosity.
Praise your Name,
for making the land fertile
and our fruitful work.
We appreciate that surveillance test.
With hope and faith.
We trust that you will give us.
Our daily bread.
Yours is the Kingdom, the power
and Glory for ever and ever.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Run, dad. It's a boy.
Child! It's a boy!
They have never treated me so well.
You deserve it.
Does the noise bother you?
Are you going to leave the
party because I had the child?
No way.
He is a beautiful boy.
Looks like me.
I hope I can do so
much for you someday.
Take it, grab it.
Take, you too.
"A.COHEN. Ironing pants."
As soon as I can offer it to you."
It is not here?
Is not the farm your?
No, it is not.
It's a shame.
Take a look at all this honey.
Probably our last chance.
Chris says that corn,
tall, is more beautiful.
Stems swaying in the wind,
Yes, he says they are
even taller than me.
John, I never want to leave.
John, the Sheriff has arrived!
C'mon darling.
I have the court order
to put on public auction
the property located
in Center County,
called Mr.Godwin's Farm,
which comprises about 69 hectares.
In the Municipality of Ottaway,
with real estate and equipment,
to satisfy the debt
of $ 4,882.60,
and expenses in favor
of the Central Bank.
Offers are accepted.
Who is going to start the bidding?
I offer a thousand...
Hey! What happen?
You do not want to bid, sir...
Who will start?
Come, start the bidding.
I offer a dollar seventy-five.
What did you say?
One dollar sixty.
What is this joke?
The mortgage is $ 4,000.
And the farm is worth $ 16,000.
I offer $ 1.85.
This is ridiculous!
An offer of $ 1.85
for this farm?
We better go.
Let's move on.
You know the law.
With two offers, the
sale must be closed.
Who told you that?
Is the law. Article 46, Section 3
Check it...
All right, they offer $ 1.85,
for this farm.
Who offers more?
The ridiculous offer of $ 1.85
for this wonderful farm.
Let's go friends!
Give something more for this farm!
We decided to offer you the farm
since you are the founder.
I had given up. Thank you.
How did it happen to you?
In Iowa they sold an estate for $ 0.95.
We were annoyed having to pay $ 1.85.
You are completely crazy.
United, we will make this work.
Now let's solve the problem of food.
We'll go to Table Mountain
to look for apples.
I know one who raises pigs.
Maybe he'll give us some faith.
We will pay for it!
Good idea.
My rabbits will be a help.
We will start tomorrow morning.
I saw the light and... Did it bother you?
What is this?
A band of gangsters?
No. We are workers, farmers.
Where we are?
I've been spinning in the
rain for five hours.
I made a mistake on the road.
My old man got a drunken stupor.
- Seriously?
- It's meaningless in the car.
He will have drowned.
- It's his car?
- Yes.
Can I bring you here to recover?
Of course!
Come on guys, a couple of sturdy guys.
- Voucher.
- Louie.
Where is Louie?
I went to have a drink.
- Come on.
- What are we waiting for?
- Come on guys.
- Let's help this pretty girl.
- Yes, go ahead.
- Come on, let's help her.
- Still raining.
- It's good for corn.
- Go there and dry off.
- Thank you.
Go find the doctor, Pipes.
The old man was drunk...
But now he's dead...
Dead? Are you sure?
I know well when
someone is stiff.
Hey, Pipes! Wait a second!
You better tell
the funeral home.
The funeral home?
God blessed!
Spike, give me a hand with this.
- Let's take him to the barn.
- Agree.
He is being very brave.
Dad likes to be outside.
He would like to live on a hill.
If I could stay...
I'm going to unpack.
You should go with her.
I think she wants to be alone.
Yesterday there was almost another funeral.
Louie caught Jake Wilder
stealing the commons.
- Seriously?
- Yes!
Can you believe it?
I wanted to sell everything I could.
His wife wanted a radio.
At that rate we would be lost.
And what did you do?
Well, I warned him.
But next time I put it on the street.
Trust me!
It seems that it is better.
Well, better
I'll see you at lunchtime.
Today I have to cook.
Very good.
You will not feel lonely.
Today it can not be repeated.
I'm not on a diet.
If they do not bring me provisions...
And that's all?
Shut up.
- Taking.
- Thank you.
How is it going?
Come on, I'm hungry.
Leave me room.
Very little stew.
- This place is fine.
- Yes...
Beautiful views.
Great idea, this town.
Good opportunity to prosper.
I will open a beauty salon.
With a special invitation
for the boss...
Has the cat eaten his tongue?
I do not know if he plans
to stay here, or not...
but that boy is
married, leave him alone.
What a way to anticipate things!
Half a barrel of potatoes.
A dozen onions.
Almost a sack of beans.
This is stimulating!
A bag of apples.
I hope that today they bring fruits.
I like to be active.
Hi, Louie.
Three cans of tomato.
Three cans... of... tomato.
How are things going?
Regular, but with encouragement.
Five kilos of sugar.
Why? Do you have any idea?
No I was only asking.
Well, stop going around
here with that face.
I guess it takes
some money, right?
Yes, it would not hurt.
Six pumpkins,
two sacks of corn.
He is a good boy.
I do not doubt it, but,
it makes me nervous.
I'm done.
I want to ask you something.
What is it about?
How is the matter of the food?
Well, nothing good. The truth...
Do not we have any alternative?
Men go hunting every day.
Men go hunting every day.
There are no more rabbits
and there is not a single
deer left in the country.
If you're right.
Read this.
$ 500 reward
for information
I suppose you had already
suspected something of me.
And what does food
have to do with this?
You can do many
things with $ 500.
- How?
- Let's go to the city.
You will return with $ 500...
and without me.
You will earn the reward for everyone.
Who do you think I am?
You need food.
We will prefer to die of hunger,
before doing something like that.
Sooner or later they will grab me.
I have not seen anything.
That is the whole truth.
The Cohen child is sick.
- See you later.
- Voucher.
I hate being scared like that!
Does your car work?
I think so. Why?
You and I are going to the city.
And what are we going to do?
Get married?
Do not...
He will tell the sheriff that she is Mrs.
John Sims.
But can you know
what happens...?
I'll explain later.
Go for your car.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What are you thinking about?
You know Sally, this
place makes me dust.
Do not say that honey...
We're going for a walk.
With the light of the moon
you will forget everything.
Come on...
Come on.
That violinist must
feel romantic.
The moon always portends something
that never happens...
It's funny, I've ever
had that feeling!
He was very kind to me.
- Do not.
- Yes, it seems so different.
Someone very special.
You are great.
I'm not different from the rest.
No, I think you're a great guy.
Yes, I also believed it,
but you can not get food
by being just a great guy.
That's why money is needed.
You want this issue to
be a success, right?
What are you thinking about?
Would you like to get a
lot of money tonight?
It is a joke?
Five hundred dollars!
Where did he get them!?
"The five hundred dollars are for the
farm, until the corn is ready to sell it,"
you can buy cows, chickens, pigs...
You will have great support
from the rest while I can not
"contribute my grain of sand."
"PS: Chris will explain everything to you."
It's amazing, the
money is for us!
Five hundred turkeys!
Is incredible!
Mary will be surprised! Come on!
We could take a
picture for Louie.
Good idea.
"I came from Oregon With
my banjo under my arm."
Oh, Susana, do not
cry more for me.
Have you been cutting
herbs, John?
Go to hell!
The corn grows healthy.
Yes, it's beautiful, green.
And it flutters in the sun...
But he is thirsty. Very thirsty.
It would not hurt
a little water.
It needs a little rain.
I bet you something
it rains this week.
I hope so, Chief.
Do you know anything about Louie?
The lawyer told him why
he had turned himself in
and the judge promised
to be lenient.
Then everything is fine, right?
Sure, it's fine.
"I came from Oregon With
my banjo under my arm."
Oh, Susana, do not
cry more for me.
"I came from Oregon With
my banjo under my arm."
what do you think?
If you keep doing this sun for
three or four more days, it's over.
The corn is drying up.
What are we going to do?
- No water in the well?
- Do not.
Could not we bring
it from somewhere?
The Electricity Company? Is far?
About six kilometers.
You can not bring enough
water with buckets or tanks.
We are a lot.
And we have cars.
The people are discouraged.
The money ends and...
without rain there
will be no harvest.
I heard some men say,
They thought to leave.
Come here.
Sit down.
What's happening to you?
Nothing happens to me.
Something must be.
It has to be.
You are not yourself.
I tell you, nothing happens.
John, we have worked hard,
We have been hungry, we
have overcome everything.
And now you refuse...
What's wrong, John?
What do everyone expect me to do?
Let the rain rise and
start the clouds?
They trust you.
They need advice and help.
They chose you as their boss.
And who told them to choose me?
I can also be wrong,
I'm human.
Is it my fault that it does not rain?
Nobody demands anything from you.
Continue in your boss position.
Tell them not to worry.
Make them believe that
you know more than them.
This place makes me bad.
There is no future for
an enterprising man.
It's useless.
I have better plans
than to rot here.
Great plans
It is not you who speaks.
You speak like a...
It's me.
I speak like a sensible man.
I'm desperate.
I'm arto of this site.
It's over. Abandonment.
I'm fed up.
Thanks, I was starting
to get tired.
Do not you feel?
I do not know what's between you and John,
but it's not the same
since you arrived.
Leave him alone.
It's not my fault...
If he likes me.
For the first time in his life,
John has achieved something.
And you are going to destroy it.
And destroy the happiness of these people.
Happiness? Do not make me laugh!
This landfill will
never be anything.
And for John...
I mean more than you and
the whole camp together.
Sally... once I told
you you could stay.
Today I tell you to leave!
Is he now the boss?
This is not your site. Go away!
Very good,
I will go.
You will leave?
You will do it?
Clear. Of course I will go.
- Thank you...
- Yes...
But John will come with me.
John would not leave with you.
Do not?
He would never leave with you.
I'm sure.
Want something?
No. I do not want anything.
Always busy...
Knitting, or things like that...
You break many socks.
I suppose.
You need a lot of care.
Sometimes you should get tired...
It's my job.
Where are you going?
Well I do not know.
Are you going to see the men?
For what?
Everything is going well...
You know... You know this camp
would be lost without you.
Yes. Good, see you.
Do you remember when the
outbreaks came out?
Yes, of course I remember. Why?
It was wonderful!
Remember? Remember your joy.
Yes, it was great...
What do you do?
Do you want to kill us?
John, you scared me to death.
You better drive yourself.
Listen to that.
The power plant works again.
Know that means?
Very good, so what?
That the water runs three
kilometers from the camp.
And that?
A little watering would
save the harvest.
Let's go honey.
It's getting late.
With a little water
it would be solved...
Forget it, do not
think about the past.
You and I will do great things.
In four days we could
dig a ditch so that
the water will arrive at the camp.
Stop digging ditches.
With me you will do better things.
Stay with me.
I will return.
If you go back there, we're finished!
You will not see me again!
Listen to me all:
The old central is in operation.
There is water three
kilometers from here.
We will bring it to our crops.
We will do it in five days.
I have an idea that could work.
We will have to work
hard and without pause.
And you, what are you going to do?
Working with you.
Are you going to follow
me or run like cowards?
Yes... You are the only
one to give speeches!
Yes. For you we are
in this quagmire.
Forget everything you think of me.
Think of yourselves,
of your houses,
in your women and children,
think about all the work done.
All lost for not trying again.
Chris, you said that irrigation
would save the crops.
And this very night we could start
a ditch and bring the water here.
We would save our harvest.
Guys, this means everything
to us in the world.
Come on, let's try.
Chris, what do you say?
I'm going to find my shovel.
- Do you think it will work out, Chris?
- Go find your shovel.
- Okay.
- If you go, me too.
- I'm going too.
- I go with you.
And I also!
We are on time and
we will achieve it.
- We will fight!
- We'll do it, John!
- Come on!
- Let's go everyone!
Enough talk. Let us begin!
The measurements will be
half a meter by one meter.
Start a meter and a half from the tree.
We will point the way.
All right, you start here.
Let us begin. Straight
through the bushes.
- Come on, let's go!
- Ahead!
- Alright guys.
- Right here.
Then let's continue there.
Put a stake there and here another one.
- Keep going so.
- Cavad, dig.
Go ahead, keep digging.
Let no one stop, let's
continue at this pace.
We have a long way to go.
Come on, give a hand here.
Come, all together.
Up, get up! Come on!
All at the same time.
Let's separate them all.
Take that. One by one.
Come on guys!
Keep going, here you have a road.
Where, Plarks?
- Right here?
- Yes.
Right there.
We will go out to the right of that tree.
Very good.
Boys! We will twist here!
Come on, let's go!
It is too thick.
There are many here too.
We could go here.
Okay, take care of the
tree, let's move on.
See you.
Remove that tree
from the middle.
Very good guys stay tuned.
Attention, the tree will fall!
Around here, guys.
Do you see well?
Yes, Miss.
Do any of you have duct tape?
If we had ham, we would
make sandwiches.
I have more thirst than the field.
I'm hungry since this morning.
Do you want more?
No thanks, I have
to go back to work.
Yes thanks.
Thank you.
Here you have.
Thank you.
The diggers are
going to reach us.
Go ahead, hurry up.
Come on, let's go.
Boys, put that table there.
Right there, now the
corrugated sheet.
There it goes.
Give me that.
That piece goes there.
Give me that piece of sedan.
Come on, guys, we
have to finish.
Cross and follow the other side.
Keep up with that pace.
Go ahead, boys.
Let's go back to the
source of the stream.
Come on!
Come on, do not stay behind.
You need a drink.
Come on, do not stop now.
This is the last stake.
The ditch is finished.
It is done!
Let her run!
Let the water pass!
Come on guys!