Our Kind of Traitor (2016) Movie Script

It's just not...
I'm sorry.
Well, there's a Chilean Cabernet
or an Aussie Shiraz.
Everything else
costs an arm and a leg.
I want whatever they're having.
Stop staring.
He's the one
who's staring. Look.
No, that's fine.
I might be a couple
of minutes late, though.
Or there's
a Chteau Ptrus
for 16,000 euro we might try.
Great, thank you. Bye.
They moved my call forward.
All right. See you later.
I did tell you that
I'd have to do some work.
Come have a drink with us.
- I'm okay, thanks.
- It's not okay.
Your woman just left you.
Come on. Don't be a sourpussy.
Sourpuss, actually.
Sourpuss. Okay,
don't be a sourpuss.
Come on, have a drink with us.
What the fuck? Come on.
That is Niki, Andrei.
You don't need
to know those people.
- I'm Dima.
- Perry.
Sit down, Perry.
Do you want some wine?
- Sure.
- Chteau Ptrus.
There you go.
Why did your woman
leave you, Perry?
- She had to make a call.
- Call the kids?
No, we don't have any kids.
You don't have time for kids?
You a banker?
No, I teach at a university.
A teacher. Then how the fuck can
you afford this restaurant?
My wife is a successful lawyer.
How long are you in Morocco for?
We leave in a couple of days.
Why don't you come to
a party with us tonight?
It's a Russian party.
Maybe another time.
What other time? I'll never
fucking see you again.
- I can't tonight.
- What?
Your lawyer wife
pussy-whip you?
You have to ask her permission?
Let's play a game.
Show me your credit card.
Show me your credit card.
Hold it up to me.
It's a game.
Now put it away.
If I remember the number on that
card, you come with me to the party,
and if I fuck up,
I'll give you $5,000, okay?
All right.
Call your wife, Professor.
Hey, it's me again.
Look, you must
still be on your call.
I popped out for a drink with
those guys from the restaurant
and I just
didn't want you to worry.
So I'll see you later, okay?
No, no.
- Dima.
- Maria.
Meet my friend, Perry.
This is Maria.
Nice to meet...
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
You will look after him tonight?
Of course. No problem.
- Perry, come with me.
- Okay, yeah, yeah.
You want some?
So, what do you teach?
It's so boring.
Tell me.
Poetry isn't boring.
It is when you study it
under a microscope.
Then why do you do it?
I don't know.
Lack of imagination.
I don't believe you.
You're very pretty.
So are you.
Let me get you another drink.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
My God.
What am I doing here?
Watch Movies and Series!
Help! Stop!
- No!
- Hey, hey! Get off her!
Fucking prick. Come on, then!
Hey, he's my guest.
50, go, go. Go, go.
Okay, Professor?
What the fuck is going on?
You're a crazy motherfucker,
Did you see that guy's tattoos?
The knife on the neck
means he kills people.
The stars on the shoulders
means he's a big mafia guy.
I wish I'd known that
at the time.
It wouldn't have made
any difference.
You're a gentleman.
Man of honour.
You know what this is?
Virgin Mary?
It's my mother.
When I was a kid in Russia,
we had no money,
so my mother fucked this
Kagbeshnik, KGB guy,
so we could eat, you know.
He was like that guy.
He liked to hurt women.
One day, I come home
and he's there
and he's fucking her
like an animal
and slapping her.
I'm just standing there.
And my mother looks at me.
She doesn't say anything.
So I take his gun
and I kill him.
What the fuck?
It was my mother.
You get sentimental.
You play tennis, Professor?
Yes, a little.
We'll play today.
I have to spend the day
with my wife.
We'll play early.
Good return, Viktor.
it's yours, Viktor.
Take it, take it!
Game Russia.
It's okay.
Just hit it to my dad.
What the fuck?
We'll get them
next time. Come on.
Okay, we've got this.
Come on.
Here we go.
You got my note, then?
Yeah, I did.
- Out!
- Fault. Second service.
Hello. I'm Gail.
What are your names?
I'm Irina and this is Katya.
That's very pretty-
Are those Russian bears?
No, they are Swiss bears.
Our mummy and daddy bought them
at the bear garden in Bern.
Is that your mummy over there?
Our mummy and daddy are dead.
I'm sorry.
- Fuck!
- Yes!
Watch your language.
Game, set and match
Great Britain.
Next time you get Dad.
You're a lousy tennis player,
Yes, and so are you.
- Your wife.
- Hey.
What is a beautiful woman
like you
doing with a lousy
tennis player like this?
- I've no idea.
- I'm Dima.
I'm Gail.
Meet my beautiful wife Tamara.
It's lovely to meet you.
Perry says that
you are a famous lawyer.
I'm definitely not famous.
- What kind of law?
- I'm a barrister.
Looks like you had
quite a bash last night.
Yeah, I walked into a door.
You should have
seen the door.
It's my daughter Natasha's
birthday today.
Why don't you come to the villa
for a small party tonight?
Well, that's very sweet,
but it's our last night.
So we're gonna do something...
Just a drink. Just a drink.
I'll have a car pick you up
and take you back.
It would make us very happy.
This is a small party?
We'll just stay
half an hour and leave, okay?
Natasha, look.
- My God.
- Happy birthday.
Isn't he beautiful?
He's bought her a camel. Look.
Look at the harness.
What's she gonna do
with a camel?
It was made in New York.
Tanya! When did you come in?
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
You can meet Andrei.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
So how old are you today?
but my father still thinks
I'm a little girl.
- Girls.
- Hey, hello.
You look amazing.
I'll get a drink.
Do you want one?
I'll have a glass of champagne.
It's a great party.
No, no, no, it's fine.
Okay. One...
Two, three...
- Four...
- Do we just help ourselves?
Five, six, seven...
- Eight, nine...
- Hi, Perry. How are you?
Hello. I'm good.
Nice to see you.
it's a lovely party.
- Let me press it.
- No, no, no.
{fireworks exploding)
You know what the Vory is,
It's like mafia but with honour.
I control accounts for the Vory
because I'm good with money,
I'm very good.
I had a friend, Misha,
who worked for me.
When the Vory
became international,
they sent us to Europe.
We washed money,
make everyone rich.
But that was
under the old prince.
He was a man of honour.
He was like Misha, like me.
But now his son, the new prince,
he's a traitor of traitors.
He sold out the Vory
to the state,
made a deal with the Kremlin.
When the mafia
cleans up its act,
it becomes legitimate
and everybody makes money
with each other.
I'm not sure why
you're telling me this, Dima.
Do you like
these two little girls,
Katya and Irina?
- The twins.
- Yeah, of course.
Do you want to know
how their parents died?
The new prince invited Misha,
his wife and their eldest daughter
to Moscow, made him sign over
the accounts that he controlled
and then had them killed.
I'm like Misha.
I'm a threat to the Prince.
I'm a threat to Kremlin.
I know where the money
comes from.
They will kill me.
They will kill my family too
if you don't help me,
Help you? What can I do?
When you go back to London,
give this to your MIG.
At the airport
you tell them you have a gift
from the number one
money launderer
from the Russian mafia.
Tell who? Dima,
you've gut the wrong guy.
I have no one else.
All these fuckers, the lawyers,
the bankers and bodyguards,
they all work for the Prince.
They watch me all the time.
They listen to my phone calls.
I have no one else.
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You have
good time tonight?
Look, we can walk from here.
Thanks for the lift.
Go on, then.
Where did you disappear
with that girl?
I saw you going into
the villa with her.
- I was talking with Dima.
- What about?
He was showing me
round his house.
I'm not an idiot, Perry.
Come on, Gail.
Nothing happened.
You were the one who wanted
to come on this trip.
Yeah, 'cause I want things
to be like they were before.
I want things to be better.
Well, then why did
we spend our last night
with a bunch of strangers?
Well, you haven't exactly
been available yourself.
Fuck off.
Next, please.
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Hello.
Welcome back.
Next, please.
There's some problem
with my passport.
You should go on.
- You all right?
- I'll catch up.
Excuse me. Can you tell me
how much longer
this is going to take?
Because I've been waiting
for two hours.
I'm afraid that's my fault,
Mrs McKendrick.
If you'd like to follow me.
I said I didn't want
my wife involved.
I'm sorry. Would you like her
to wait outside?
Involved in what?
I brought something over
for Dima.
I don't know.
Perhaps you'd like to sit down.
I have some questions.
Not tough. Medium soft.
Is this all he gave you?
- Yeah.
- Didn't offer you any money?
He did, but I refused.
Then why did you bring it?
I thought
it was the right thing to do.
He said that his children
would be killed if I didn't.
You believed him?
He seemed scared.
He told you he was a member
of the Russian mafia.
And you still agreed
to help him.
You haven't checked the contents
of the memory stick?
No, no, I thought I could just hand it over
and be done with it.
I thought that would be it,
you know.
Why do you think he chose you?
I think he just took a punt.
We may need to
speak to you again
after we've checked
the memory stick.
In the meantime,
we'll need all your details.
And we'll need you to sign this.
I couldn't say no to him.
And why not?
I thought I could
keep you out of it.
Everything has consequences,
You fuck one of your students,
there are consequences.
You run errands for
a Russian mobster, same thing.
Look, I'm sorry
about everything.
No sign
of anyone following them.
Did you have time
to wade through
the material
we bunged at you, Billy,
or did it interfere
with your golf'?
I can't stand fucking football.
We're not going to the match.
- Who authorised this?
- You did.
Target headed
for the Diamond Suite.
Why am I here?
We've had some intelligence
from a potential source,
the principal money launderer
for the Russian mafia.
Why didn't you
mention this before?
Because you wouldn't have come.
- Champagne?
- No, thank you.
The man
in the dark suit
is Nicolas Petrov, the Prince,
a highly successful
and legitimate businessman,
as far as the world's concerned.
He's taken over
the Russian crime syndicate
since his father died.
Man next to him
is his consigliere,
Emilio Del Oro.
The Russian mafia
has nothing to do with us.
Patience, Billy.
Bushmaster's here.
Thanks, Ollie.
Our source wants
to prove his worth.
He's told us
that the Prince is in London
to meet a prominent
British politician.
Who the hell's Bushmaster?
A bushmaster
is a breed of snake, Billy.
Evening, sir.
Our former boss.
Current MP for lslington North
and head of
the parliamentary subcommittee
for trade and finance,
Aubrey Longrigg-
I can see who it is.
- Aubrey.
- Hello.
- What a pleasure.
- How are you?
Nice to see you again, Emilio.
My colleague, Mr Petrov.
Mr Petrov, at last.
- Are you a Tvarat fan?
- An Arsenal fan.
An Arsenal fan'?
You can't condemn a man for
going to a football match.
Not even if he's here to meet
the head of the Russian mafia?
So far it's nothing more
than a coincidence.
Well, according to our source,
the Prince is offering Longrigg
a substantial sum of money.
For what?
Two days ago
the Arena Bank of Cyprus,
a subsidiary of Petrov's empire,
filed an application
to establish
a trading bank in the city.
The purpose of this bank?
To launder billions of dollars
of Russian mafia money
here in London.
What does that have to do
with Longrigg?
The application was backed
by a distinguished list
of British politicians,
lawyers and bankers,
all recruited
by our friend Aubrey.
The game's
about to start. We should find our seats.
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Is that it?
For now.
I'm not getting involved
in your personal vendetta
with Longrigg.
It's more than my job's worth.
There's nothing personal
about it.
The man's a traitor.
He was corrupt
when he was in the service
and he's corrupt now.
He's working for
the Russian mafia,
and so are dozens
of the most powerful bankers
and politicians in this country.
You've no proof.
Let me make the source an offer
and I'll get you the proof.
Never before
have we had an informant
this high up
in Russian organised crime.
You won't get another
opportunity like this, Billy.
What does he want?
Asylum for himself
and his family.
That's out of the question.
The last thing
the Foreign Office needs
is another row with Russia,
and the Home Office doesn't
offer asylum to criminals.
These men are betraying
their country, Billy.
I'm sorry, Hector,
I'm not going after Longrigg
or anybody else
based on some
Russian mobsters word.
I don't like the cunt
any more than you do.
But I'm protecting you
from yourself.
This stops now.
What did Matlock say?
He said we're on.
Under the brown fog
of a winter dawn,
"a crowd flowed
over London Bridge,
"I had not thought death
had undone so many,
"sighs, short and infrequent,
were exhaled,
"and each man fixed his eyes
before his feet."
You see, Eliot is borrowing
from Dante's Inferno,
drawing a parallel
between his century
and the Florentine poet's
vision of hell.
Both writers, their societies
had become corrupt,
and more than that, listless.
And Eliot felt
that 20th-century Britain
was full of lost souls.
There's nothing that links him
to the house on Tuesday
and all of the forensic evidence
we can explain away
because of their past...
Um, can I speak to you later
about this, please, Dolly?
- Yes, of course.
- Great. Thank you.
Well, this is a coincidence.
Not exactly.
I don't even know your name.
I'm gonna bet
that's not your real name.
Shall we?
I'm sorry
to call you back like this,
but we've had a chance
to examine the contents
of the memory stick.
Did Dima
ever mention your involvement
in any future negotiations?
What negotiations?
He's asked to meet us in Paris.
He wants you there when
we make contact with him.
- Why?
- He doesn't trust us.
Probably worried we'll get
the information
we need out of him
and feed him back to the wolves.
- But he hardly knows me.
- He knew you well enough
to know you'd pass on
his message.
Obviously thinks
you're a man of principle.
I can't get involved.
Well, I'm afraid
you are involved.
Trouble is, from the moment
you accepted the memory stick,
he put his life and the lives
of his children in your hands.
If his children are in danger,
ifs his own fault.
We have no obligation
whatsoever to this man.
These are the parents
of the twins that you met.
And this is
the older sister, Anna.
She was 17.
You're a prick.
Well, that's as may be.
Believe me, I would rather not
have you mixed up
in this either.
Dima has a meeting
in Bern next week
where he'll sign over
the accounts he controls
to the prince, just like
his old friend Misha did.
After that, he and his family
will most likely be executed.
Trouble is,
he'll only deal with us
if you and Gail are there.
He refuses to negotiate
with us otherwise.
He'll be working on
the assumption
that if we betray him,
you good people will stand up
for him and his family.
He's making
a lot of assumptions.
What choice does he have?
He's trying to protect
the people he loves.
They're using you.
Just like Dima.
Well, it doesn't make it
any easier to say no.
You don't even know
these people.
You don't know the people
that you defend.
And you do
everything you can for them,
whether they're innocent or not.
I can't stop thinking about him.
His family, those kids.
If something should
happen to them...
May I ask you a question?
Does Bill Matlock know
we're using civilians?
What are you working on?
I'm reading about the Vory.
That's what Dima is, isn't he?
It describes how they recruit
people in jail.
They look for people
who are disillusioned
with their lives,
people who've lost their way,
and they give them back
their sense of purpose.
Dima's attending
a fashion show with the prince
a1 {he Pam Palais.
Your cover is you're there
to see an exhibition
on a romantic weekend.
Assuming he shows up,
let him approach you.
When he does, look surprised,
then listen carefully
to every word he says.
Just be yourselves.
I! his companions
question you,
stick to the truth
as much as you can.
It's always more convincing.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
First I kiss your wife.
Lovely to see you.
Don't tell me
he's taking you
to a fucking museum.
Yeah, I'm afraid so.
Dante iliusire.
When you're in Paris,
you should take your wife
shopping, you know?
- What kind of man are you?
- What are you doing here?
Well, I'm on my way to Bern,
but my boss wants to see
the fashion show.
And how are
your gorgeous family?
They're all good.
Natasha is here. Natasha.
All the rest are in Switzerland.
It's nice to see you again.
Hey. How are you doing?
Aren't you going to introduce
us to your friends, Dima?
I'm Gail and this is
my husband Perry.
- Hey.
- Emilio Del Oro.
How do you know Dima?
We met on holiday.
How do you feel about Paris?
How long are you gonna stay?
How long are you in town for?
We leave
the day after tomorrow.
Okay, so tomorrow
we play tennis.
I'll beat the shit out of you.
Anything else that stood out?
Just the tennis.
12:00 at the Club des Rois.
Well, he also said,
"I'll buy you a massage
after I beat you."
You okay to go?
Do we have a choice?
We'll make contact tomorrow
and it'll be over, I promise.
Mondays, the resident masseurs
at the Club des Rois
have the day off.
They only come in
by appointment.
Clever bastard.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Too early for a glass
of champagne?
Never too early for me.
Good to see you.
Gail, you beautiful woman.
- Everything okay?
- Yes.
I've got clothes for you.
Gail, you look after
my Natasha?
Yeah, of course.
- I'll bring it over.
- Thanks.
Nice to see you again.
There you go.
- Right.
- This way.
- I've never been here before.
- Really?
- Shall we have a seat?
- Yeah.
Did you have a good night,
Great. And yours?
After you.
It's good to meet you.
I need some of your famous
fucking British fair play.
First of all we have to decide
if what you have to offer
is worthwhile.
My information is good.
My papa
just told me about it.
But you've been
to Paris before?
- And you?
- Yeah.
- I've been to Paris before.
- Time's up.
Gotta go.
Hello, boys.
Names, addresses.
Bankers, politicians.
Names and addresses.
No account numbers.
Nothing we can't find
in the phone book.
An extraordinary
list of names, though.
It's no good
to us so far.
Are you all right?
You've stopped breathing,
You'll have a heart attack.
A list of names and personal
information isn't enough.
I need proof
that all these people
are being paid by the Prince.
You get my family to England,
I'll tell you everything.
You cooperate
or there'll be no deal.
You give that list
to your bosses
and see what they say.
I know what it's worth.
I want UK passports.
I want 24-hour protection
for my family.
How much are these people
being guaranteed
if the Arena Bank
gets its license in London?
5 million each.
And Aubrey Longrigg?
10 million on signature.
Another 10 million
on first day of trading.
All paid to a secret account
in Switzerland.
I need their account numbers.
Bankers, politicians,
all of them.
I don't have them
until after Bern.
I make the payments to them
at the same time I sign over
the accounts that I control
to the Arena Bank.
Well, then, I'm afraid
I can't do anything
for you or your family
until then.
Why can't you get them out now?
This doesn't concern you.
It's okay, Professor.
When does the signing
take place?
Wednesday at 10:00
at the Allied Bank in Bern.
After that, the prince will have a
reception at the Bellevue Hotel.
You get me their account numbers,
we'll find a way to smuggle you out.
I don't give a fuck
what happens to me.
I want my family safe.
We will try
to take care of them, too.
I give you my word.
I don't trust your fucking word.
Well, then, it's the end
of the conversation.
Okay. I'll go with the prince
to Bern.
I'll get the fucking numbers.
- Where do you live in London?
- Chelsea.
- Are you happy?
- In Chelsea?
With your husband?
That's a very direct question.
I'm curious why a couple
who've been married 10 years
would take two romantic holidays
in the space of a month.
Where is he taking us?
Why are we going
on the motorway?
I have to drop something
for a friend.
It's okay, it's on the way.
We need to get to our hotel.
Just a few minutes.
What happened in there?
He gave him
another memory stick,
but it didn't seem to be enough.
They used his children's lives
to bargain with him.
I just stood there
and said nothing.
Well, what could you say?
I have to wait for her.
I'm sorry, Professor.
Well, how long is she gonna be?
15 minutes.
Get us a taxi.
No, taxi take longer.
Come inside. We'll leave
as soon as she comes.
It's not safe here.
My friend comes soon.
Have some tea.
Come, come, come.
Sit, sit, sit.
No, thanks.
Thank you.
It's funny you here in Paris.
Why is it funny?
You, me, Dima.
It's like Morocco.
It was sunnier in Morocco.
No, merci.
No, thanks.
Who you work for, Professor?
I teach at
a London university.
Maybe I come visit you
in London,
visit your house, we go
to football match together.
Stop! Fucking prick.
- You fucking prick!
- It's okay. It's okay.
It's not okay.
What kind of guy does that?
You feel like a big man?
Feel like a big guy now, do you?
A big fucking strong guy?
Fucking idiot.
- She needs a doctor.
- We'll look after her.
What are you doing?
Calling an ambulance
is what I'm doing.
It's okay.
- It's okay. I call doctor.
- Yeah?
- It's all right.
- Do it, then. Do it now.
You lied to Dima,
you lied to them
and you lied to me.
Bill Matlock has no idea
we're here, does he?
If you're concerned
about your career,
you can always go back
to counterterrorism.
Fuck you.
Once we have
those account numbers,
London may listen to us.
Until then, they won't.
You okay?
No, we're not okay.
A car will come to meet you
off the Eurostar at St Pancras
and take you home.
When will the family
arrive in England?
Well, Dima's signing in Bern
is next Wednesday morning.
What's the matter?
We don't know when we can
get the family out.
Why not?
Because the operation
hasn't been sanctioned.
What does that mean?
It means that once we get Dima
back to the UK,
I'll be able to make a case
for the family.
They'll kill them.
We don't have the people
or the resources
to smuggle them all out.
Getting his family out
is all he wants.
That's all that matters to him.
Dima hasn't given me enough
to bargain with.
Our own authorities
won't accept them...
- They're children.
- They're his children.
How many people do you have?
Just the three of us.
And how many would you need?
If you leave his family behind,
do you think he's gonna give
you those account numbers?
Watch Movies and Series!
May I sit down?
Have you ever read
any Kolakowski?
He's a Polish philosopher.
Very stern views on good
and evil, which I share.
Evil is evil, not rooted
in a social circumstance.
Not about being deprived.
Not even controlled by God.
It's an entirely separate
human force.
I have a son.
He's in jail for selling drugs.
I believe Aubrey Longrigg,
who was my boss
before he went into politics,
tipped off the police
to discredit me
when I was making trouble
for him at MI6.
It's not the reason
I'm doing this, but, um...
I want you to know
that I have children, too.
I'll do everything I can
for the family.
Papa, museums are boring.
Especially Einstein and maths.
Do you know
what Einstein himself said?
You think you've got problems
with arithmetic?
I've got more fucking problems.
Your mother and your sister
want to go. End of story.
Come on, let's go, assholes.
You have to sign twice
for each numbered account.
and here.
Ladies and gentlemen,
you each need to countersign
for your individual accounts.
The funds
will then be transferred.
This is the Bern
telephone conferencing center.
Please enter
your four-digit passcode.
Morning, boys and girls.
H! cue you
when I see Dima's party
on the way
to the Bellevue Hoiel.
No one to move until men.
This... Pen doesn't work.
Thank you.
One last signature here
transferring all remaining
funds to the Arena Bank.
The only time
my father ever hit me...
I remember that story.
I also remember when you were
a little child, Kolya,
and your father and I
took you hunting.
You were 12, maybe 13 years old
and you were so excited.
You couldn't wait
to kill something.
And then we saw this buck
and you raised the rifle,
but the buck just looked at you,
kept on grazing.
It wasn't afraid.
You tried and tried
to pull that trigger,
but you couldn't.
So you started crying
like a little girl.
Sol had to take the rifle
and kill it for you.
Papa's on the move.
They'll be with you shortly
at the Bellevue.
Luke, make sure he sees you
in the lobby.
Perry, wait for them in the car.
If Dima asks how his family are,
tell him they're safe
even if they're not.
You're there to reassure him.
Ollie, Gail, you're good to go.
to link acoustically
or otherwise commutable signs
to sense-impressions.
Most likely,
all sociable animals
have arrived at this
primitive kind of communication,
at least to a certain degree.
Green to go.
By the end of the week,
we will have our license
and begin trading in London.
To the future of the Arena Bank.
Arena Bank.
To all my friends who have
made this possible...
I say thank you.
We Russians have had
a mixed reputation
in Europe recently.
But for all the disagreements
and suspicions of recent times,
I believe
Russia's economic strength...
the equation E is equal
MC squared,
shows that a very small
amount of mass. ..
may be converted
into a very large
amount of energy.
Quickly. Come on.
Come on,
quick as you can.
Where's your mother?
That's it, get up there.
In you get.
There's no new Cold War.
You have welcomed us
with open arms...
And you will find us
committed partners.
Family secure.
What the fuck do you want,
you shit ants?
I'm going for a pee. Fuck off!
Dima's heading for the kitchen,
but I can't follow him.
Too many bodyguards.
It's impossible for me
to lead him to Perry.
We need to get him out
before they realise
his family is missing.
Dima. Dima.
Dima, stop. Fucking stop.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
We have to go.
I've got Dima.
Luke, get the car
to the side entrance.
Are my kids safe?
They're fine.
They're on their way.
Any news?
Well, if you can't give me
the answer,
get me the fucking minister.
"- Hello, boys!
- Papa!
We're going to London!
- You all right?
- Hey!
- Look at my girls. Wow!
- Yeah, yeah, Dima!
- We did good.
- Good. Well done.
- Thanks.
- Right, let's get going.
I can't hear you, Billy.
You'll have to speak up.
I chartered
the plane myself, Billy.
You owe me 6,000.
What is it? What's the matter?
There's been a hold-up,
but there's
nothing to worry about.
Don't you fucking lie to me.
Longrigg convinced
the Home Office
to deny you
and your family entry.
And what can you
do about it?
Go back to London
and change their minds.
I'll need those account numbers.
Fuck you.
It'll help me make a case.
You get my family to London,
I'll give you those numbers.
You should come back
on the plane with me.
No. We're staying with them.
I can't guarantee your safety.
They'll be coming after you.
Then you'd better hurry.
I knew
I couldn't trust this guy.
Change cars.
Get them across the border.
Head for Pralognan.
There's a safe house near there.
You went
behind my back.
- What do you expect?
- Your support.
Get off your fucking
high horse, Hector.
You're lucky
I'm even considering this.
If Longrigg has got
a scent of something,
we need to act quickly.
It isn't
just Longrigg.
You know how delicate
relations are with Russia.
If their Foreign Minister
picks up the phone about this,
we can't ignore him.
What, so we're still taking
orders from the Kremlin?
Where are you hiding them?
We have a meeting
with the secretary tomorrow.
You'd better convince him
what Dima has to offer
is worth the grief.
You look ravishing.
It's really noisy.
Time for bed, my sweet.
Come on. I'll read to you.
Don't worry. I won't be long.
I assume
this isn't a social visit.
No, actually.
You betrayed
the service, Aubrey,
and now you've betrayed
your country,
and I'm gonna hang you up
by your fucking balls
if ifs the last thing I do.
Have we not
had this conversation before?
It didn't tum out quite
as you expected
as far as I remember.
How is your son, by the way?
Not as well
as your beautiful family.
Keep swinging, Hector.
I'll leave that to the prince.
I'm going to make sure
that your plan to help
your Russian friends
doesn't go as smoothly
as they expect.
And then I'll watch them
fuck you up.
Thank you.
I tried to call you
so many times.
Are you okay?
No, I'm not.
Everything will be okay.
I'll look after you.
I don'! know what to do.
I can't bear this any longer.
Just tell me where you are.
I can't.
Then talk to me.
I love you.
If the committee
will allow me
to fly the asset and his family
here to the UK,
I can prove that Aubrey Longrigg
and these other traitors
are being paid between five
and 20 million pounds each
for their support.
Mr Secretary,
the Arena Bank is not Russian,
it's not subject to sanctions,
and on top of that
it's proposing to put billions
into the City of London.
If we investigate them
based on the testimony
of a self-confessed criminal,
they'll simply
take their money elsewhere.
A man launders a million pounds,
he's a crook,
but a few billion,
now you're talking.
Money has no smell as long
as there's enough of it.
Who cares what the Russians do
as long as they
spend their cash here?
There's really no need to be
quite so emotional.
You're right, Mr Secretary.
We've all seen
too much of the world.
Not wanking around?
And all the dirty money
that's sloshing around,
the profits of heartache
and pain,
we've seen that, too.
Heroin in Afghanistan, billions.
Arms in the Sudan, billions.
Female trafficking, billions.
An eighth of the world's
fucking economy black as black.
We all know that.
Blood money.
That's all it is.
It can be in a box
under a drug lord's bed
or in a city bank
next to the vintage port.
It doesn't change colour.
It's still blood money.
I'm a nice old bear!
Hey, don't tickle me!
Don't tickle me.
Don't tickle me.
Don't tickle me!
Don't tickle me!
We're fine. How did it go?
Just a sec.
It's Hector.
He wants a word.
They want me to go alone.
They want you to go ahead.
They're gonna send
a helicopter to pick you up.
- When?
- Tomorrow morning.
And my family?
They'll follow in a few days.
You believe them?
Hector seems confident.
I've fucked up
your life, Professor.
Why are you still here?
I've no idea.
Why did you choose me?
There was
no one else in the restaurant.
I was lucky to pick
the only guy in the world
crazy enough to help me.
You're a good man,
A man with honour.
Will you and Gail look after
Tamara and the kids?
- Of course.
- She's a good woman, Gail.
Keep her. You're lucky.
It's the only thing
that matters, you know.
All the rest is...
The rest is bullshit.
We'll play tennis in London.
ls there room for two?
Lel me see what I can do.
What are you
thinking about?
I'm just thinking about Dima
and the family.
I really thought that
I could make a difference.
You have.
When he asked for your help,
I don't think he imagined
in his wildest dreams
how far you'd go for him.
You know, I'm almost jealous.
Maybe we're better
at looking after
other people than each other.
No, we're not.
What's the matter?
Don't lie to me.
What's wrong?
I love him.
Who do you love?
I want to be with him.
Don't fucking say that.
- But it's true.
- Don't fucking say that.
I am pregnant.
I'm gonna kill him!
I'm gonna fucking kill him!
You can't kill him.
You can't even protect us.
It's okay, Katya.
- You know how to use this?
- No.
There's no safety.
Easy. Poof, poof, poof.
And they're dead.
Danny, let him go,
see where he goes.
Shh. I've got you.
I've got you.
Attack, attack.
I'll lake the north side.
Three coming down the hill!
4min groans)
4min groans)
Stay here.
Perry? Perry!
'- Perry?
- Luke?
- Over here.
- Are you all right?
We got two of them.
Are you hurt?
I'll be fine.
Just my shoulder.
Where's Dima?
He followed the last guy
into the woods.
Perry, stay here.
I will not take that helicopter.
I'll go with the family.
Your family will be safe.
Ollie's moving them
to a secure location.
Ollie said this was secure.
Can't even protect yourself.
The best way to protect them
is to come with me to England.
This is your only chance.
Fuck you.
I could go with you.
See you
in a couple of days.
We'll talk later, okay?
I'll go alone.
I don't want you to come.
Stay with my family.
Are you sure?
See you in London.
We're ready.
It's just us.
The professor is staying.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Perry?
- They're just leaving now.
Didn't want me to go with him.
And how was he?
He seemed fine.
I'd better speak to Ollie
so that I know where he...
Perry, are you there?
And today's financial news.
The Arena Bank of Cyprus
started trading
in London this morning.
Among the guests a1 the launch
was the new Minister of Trade
and Industry, Aubrey Longrigg,
who welcomed {he new bank
to the city community.
- This a bad time?
- No. No, not at all. Come in.
- You're expecting people.
- No, no, it's just me.
I like to cook.
Wilfred bloody Owen,
Siegfried bloody Sassoon,
Robert bloody Graves et al.
What about them?
Your fabulous article in
the London Review of Books.
"The sacrifice of brave men
cannot be justified by
"the pursuit of
an unjust war."
It's bloody marvellous.
- Single malt?
- Yes, thanks.
Here, come through.
Have the family all settled?
Yes, yes, they're very grateful.
Well, it was
the least I could do.
I wanted to pay them
a visit, but, erm,
I wasn't sure
how they'd feel, so...
Here, have a seat.
- How's Gail?
- She's good.
- And you?
- Better.
Dima wanted you to have this.
Tamara gave it to me.
What did he want me to do,
shoot myself?
Was there
a message with it?
Not that I know of.
I'm sorry
things didn't work out.
His family are safe
and that's what he wanted.
I'm gonna leave you
to your cooking.
You're more than welcome
to stay if you'd like.
No, thanks.
Smells good.
Listed below are
the names and account numbers
of the people that have allowed
over 20 billion
of criminal money
10 find its way
into the City of London.
Aubrey Longrigg, MP,
account 37556890.
Jeremy Cross, MP,
account 18986301.
Lady Valerie Wendelssohn,
account 25590721 .
Matthew Vale, MP,
account 59764028.
Michael Hainswonh, MP,
account 6710...