Our Meal for Tomorrow (2017) Movie Script

Hey you
Sorry to interrupt your melancholy thoughts but I need to check if you're alright with something
With what?
Hayama-kun it looks like you'll have to do the rice sack jump. That's alright with you right?
Rice sack jump?
There's the Miracle Relay right?
It means you'll be doing the 3rd leg
All the other categories have already been decided too
So you'll agree?
OK! Hayama-kun it is!
Eh? Hayama?
Come on get in
Eh? Why are we...
Why you ask? No offense but you have this gloomy air around you
So nobody really wants to be paired up with you
Since I'm in charge of sports the only option was to pair myself with you
Right let's try this for a bit
Alright let's do this
One two
Hey we're not gonna move forward if we don't jump at the same time
So we're gonna have to be in sync
Right here we go
Properly jump forward this time OK?
Three GO!
Eh ah! Uwa!
That hurts..
Hey hey....what do you think you're doing?
I wasn't ready yet...
So it's MY fault?
~Our Meal for Tomorrow~
You're always reading books with dead people in them aren't you?
Yea I guess you're right. I do
Ah this is the second time right? Reading 'Kaze Tachinu'?
You're right
You like it?
No it's not like that
You say it's not like that even though you're reading it for the second time?
I've been reading the library books in order and I've just come back to where I started
One two!
Ah sorry
Get ready...
Hey I've got an idea
What is it?
Well I was wondering if we should switch positions
I mean I've got more strength than you do
And look
The person in the front contributes most to how far they jump forward
You're right!
That's amazing!
I never thought you'd be so hyped for the rice sack jump Hayama-kun
One two!
This is great!
We're really going forward!
Somehow it felt like our breathing were kinda in sync just now right?
Yea take it
You know I always pick POCARI
Don't you feel like just by seeing this blue label you're rehydrated and your ion gets replenished? Like instantly re-energized?
Yea I get what you mean
It was on a day like this...
What was?
The day my brother died
Oh right
Wait you knew?
Of course! We live in the same area and we went to the same junior high
Right we did
I never thought..
I never even imagined I'd be losing someone so close to me
And to think...
My brother was only in his second year of high school
Even though he said he wanted to become a firefighter in the future with so much spark
Even at the hospital he
Hey is this gonna take long?
You see..
This seems like a topic I need to be fully attentive to listen to...
Sorry. I'll listen next time
I'm also participating in the Senbatsu Relay so I gotta go practice
No matter when it'd be a waste if you don't eat
Tomorrow it might be your turn
Death will arrive at everyone's doorstep
Sad aren't I?
What do you mean sad?
I mean I'm only 17
You know I still have a lot of things I wanted to do
I tried looking and it turns out there were a lot at home
So I brought like 30 of them
Like I said what is this?
This? Novels with stories where people die
Ah don't hold back. I meant to bring them to Book Off at first
My grandpa liked them
People die in each of them
Is that so...
Furthermore Asami Mitsuhiko isn't even a detective but she keeps encountering murders
Unfortunate don't you think?
Regardless she always gets back up and lives strong
Actually she seems to intentionally poke her head into places where people are likely to die
We could learn a thing or two from her
If you think about it there seems to be a lot of people with integrity in this world
[T/N:Couldn't quite catch this; I improvised LOL]
I mean look at Detective Conan
Even though he comes across so much death he's never daunted by it
And he is but a grade schooler
But Conan's actually a high schooler inside...
Ah teacher's here
Oh crap crap crap
Good morning
Good morning
Up next the 3rd years' Miracle Relay on the track field
Putting all their thoughts of the 3 years they spent in high school they've practiced to this day
Everyone please cheer them on with all you've got!
On your mark!
Get set!
Piggyback on beams. Green in 1st place Blue in 2nd Red in 3rd Yellow FIGHT!
Contestants seem to be rather frantic passing on to the 2nd leg
Red in last place
Green has a huge lead on the three-legged jumping rope
Blue in 2nd place followed by Yellow
Hayama-kun you're being too nervous
The only person who is this tense about Miracle Relay is you you know?
Red in last place! Do they have a chance to turn the tables around on the rice sack jump?
In junior high
"If I work hard my brother can be saved"
I really held on to that rather childish thought
If I hadn't done that it felt like it would be too much
We leave it to you!
We're jumping so hold on tight!
One two!
[Sync Breathing]
Hayama over here!
Two teams neck to neck for the finish line after that 3rd leg now
Alright! One two!
Red Team catching up! And they did it!
Hey we got 1st place!
You're right
We did it
CongratulationsIt's Red Team's victory!
You were cool back there you know
Somehow I got rather desperate back there
You said to hold on tight
I thought the only people who says something like that were people with sunglasses on their motorcycles
But it turns out people wearing rice sacks say it too don't they
Oh right! I'd decided!
On what?
That if we come in first place on the Miracle Relay
I would confess
To whom?
"To whom"? You of course!
With this flow of conversation wouldn't it be weird if I were to confess to someone else?
Does it bother you?
No it's not that
But why me?
Because Hayama-kun you always do things properly
Me? Proper?
When you're being melancholic
When you're jumping with the rice sack
Hayama-kun you always do things properly
That's why I like you
So will you go out with me?
I read them
Um all of them
Hayama-kun this is the first time you've said my name
Eh? Really?
You seem surprised
By the way I gave those to you
I see
But still
If you've got no use for them you can take them to Book Off
Didn't I tell you?
Now that you say that you did
This must be unpleasant for you Hayama-kun
Having to talk to me
It must be troubling you to have to talk to the person whose confession you rejected
No it's nothing like that
Sure it is!
To start with you were never exactly good at conversations so doing something like this is odd
See ya!
[Distant chatter and laughter]
happenened and
In 1920 the New Japan Women's Association was formed
With that women demanded suffrage
In other words they asked for the right to vote and participate in elections
As well as for the abolition of the Public Order and Police Law of 1900
Putting together this flow of things....
I was wondering why you didn't show up
Hayama-kun you're way too out of it
I've caught the flu
And aren't there a lot of people who were absent in our class?
Now that you say that...
Not paying attention as always
Even though it's getting close to the end of the school year
For spacing out like that
It's fine
You're always like that anyway Hayama-kun
So what's up? Did you bring me notes?
Didn't you come here to give me notes you've taken for the classes I've missed?
Ah....I haven't got any note for you but
Thanks for taking the time to come visit me today
See ya. Take care Hayama-kun
Um actually!
How do I put this...
It's that
I'm afraid of falling in love
Welcome back
I'm home
Sorry for the intrusion
Ah it's alright
Don't mind it
You should've invited him inside
It's alright grandma
Are you sure?
More importantly I heard it right didn't I?
Hayama-kun just now
You said that you were "afraid of falling in love" right?
I can't quite put it into words but
In exchange for receiving something good in your life
I can't help but think that some sort of emptiness awaits
And that scares me
Emptiness awaits?
How do I put this...
Look for example
You watch an amazing movie and it moves you but when it's done don't you feel kind of empty?
At times like that wouldn't you think that it would've been better if you never saw it in the first place and spare you from that empty feeling?
I don't know...
I wonder...
I haven't watched any movies lately so I can't really say
After all entrance exams are coming up right for both of us?
Alright then for example doesn't it happen after you've finished eating a delicious steak?
You're happy that it's delicious but after you eat it it disappears
That's how it's supposed to be!
If a steak doesn't disappear no matter how much you eat it now that's lifetime harassment!
How did we get from talking about how you're afraid of falling in love
To talking about the shock of a steak disappearing when you eat it? Kinda far off don't you think?
Yes! Exactly!
But no matter whether it's steak a movie
or someone you like...it's all the same!
You won't be able to experience something great if it never came to you
But you won't have to go through the sad feeling of losing it either
I can't help but think that it would be better that way
I know it's not right but
If you compare the good and the bad
I'm sure the bad overwhelms the good
And one more thing. I'm not taking exams
It's not uncommon to just get a job after high school but
I can't picture someone like you working
The world is harsh you know?
If people were always so melancholic like you they'll get sacked right away
You may be right
It's true!
University huh?
I imagine university as a paradise
If you get in you'll say "I'm going to find myself" get a backpack and travel to Thailand
Say "I'll save the Earth!"
And pick up empty cans on the beach
Say "Freedom is everything!"
And make independent movies
I don't know maybe produce organic vegetables
Painful things seem to fade when you're busy doing all sorts of things
and other things will come into your life
Like Hayama-kun you might receive enlightenment
Is university really a place to do all that?
I don't intend to do any of those
At least I'd wanted you to at least notice me before school ends
[T/N: I don't think I caught the meaning of this line properly sorry ]
Alright this is as far as I'll go
I don't plan on dying anytime soon
I was just careless so I caught the flu. I'm actually really healthy
Whew I sure said a lot
I've decided to enroll to a university
Eh? You're kidding!
Yea I decided just now
Hayama-kun you're really quick at making decisions huh?
So where are you planning to go?
This might sound like a really lame reason
And really stupid but
Like choosing depending whether there's a beautiful professor or not?
Or maybe deciding based on how many dishes are on the menu of the cafetaria?
No nothing like that
I was thinking of going to the same place as you are
Same as me?
I want to go to the university you're going to
What?! You're joking!
Say cheese!
Thank you
Heisei 24 Entrance Ceremony Nishimine Women's Junior College
Here I go!
Heisei 24 Meiou Institute Entrance Ceremony
Over here!
Jesus Christ!
Could you stop calling someone using their full name in the middle of the road?
My name's not even Jesus
I called your name a couple of times but you didn't seem to notice
Um shall we go?
OK let's go to the newly established KFC today
You farted just now?
[T/N: not sure I caught this right]
What? No!
Did you know that
KFC was built upon the business that the Colonel started in his 40's called Sander's Cafe?
There were only 6 seats for customers!
Then things happened and when Colonel turned 65 his business finally became a franchise
And it spread worldwide
When he was 65?
When you've got the will it really doesn't matter how old you are huh?
What are you doing?
If you shake Colonel's hand
Don't you just feel like it gives you courage?
I see
Hayama-kun you should do it too
Please take care of me
Surprisingly you don't really have likes or dislikes do you Hayama-kun?
I guess I'll eat anything
In high school people wondered whether you ate or not. It was quite the topic.
But I'm much more surprised about your likes and dislikes Uemura
If it isn't Jesus!
Here thanks for this
Sure thing
You guys should hang out with us sometime
Yea sure
Alright see you tomorrow
Yep see ya
Should we sit over there?
Hey can we?
No way!
Friend? Well it's more like he asked whether he could borrow the notes for today's lecture
That's so like you
Until recently you isolated yourself from others
Yet nowadays you don't mind doing people favors
And you'll even wave your hand to someone whose name you don't even know
People might come to think I'm a really generous person
Jesus Christ right?
But that happened just by not being so depressed looking...
Even though not much has changed
The me in high school was gloomy and rather cold
But that was only because I was feeling down after my brother's death
And it's not like I'm a very serious person either
In the end I'm still not sure what kind of person I really am
Just "Hmm"?
Any thoughts?
Just like Hayama-kun I also think about those things from time to time
Who is the real me?
That's a lifelong running theme in life no?
I guess...you're right
Even though I can't stand chicken meat I can eat KFC's just fine...
Mysteriously yea
Actually it's either I'm just unaware that I like chicken meat
Or that the Colonel's spices are just miraculously that great
So it just becomes inevitable (that I like it)
Even after thinking about it this whole time I still can't find the answer
Sidetracked again
What was?
You used to come here?
Grandma would take me here
We would eat Neapolitan at the top floor restaurant
Then play here after
From here people are only the size of peas
But you can use this to look through
Bye bye
See you
Was it like that at your place as well Hayama-kun?
It's a memory from when I was a kid so it's rather hazy
But I think we got along pretty well
I see
Uemura you sure like kids huh?
Of course!
Seeing that in 2 years I'm going to be a nursery school teacher
My maternal instinct is like 85 times the average person's
About your family...
Is your mom also a nursery school teacher?
No I don't think so
Then how about your dad? What does he do?
Let's see...
How about yours Hayama-kun?
My dad works at some sort of research facility that's related to the food industry
If you think about it
You don't really know the details about what your parents do do you?
That's it?
What do your parents do Uemura?
There aren't any parents at home
I see...
Wait what does that even mean?
I don't have parents
My grandpa passed away 3 years ago
And now it's just me and grandma
Wait how is it like that?
I never had a mom or a dad
I never knew that
Yea cause I don't talk about it
I really didn't know..
Like I said I don't talk about it
Does dating you require me to report family related things?
I wan't trying to say that
But shouldn't it be okay to share it?
I don't like talking about how things were "bad" for me
Or declare that I was "unfortunate"
But I would like to know!
No matter how small I still would like to know
Especially things like
How do I put it..
Showing a side of you that you wouldn't normally show others
It would put me at ease
I've never seen you cry Uemura
You're right
IF I do cry I must be feeling very vulnerable
So Hayama-kun...promise me you'll come save me then OK?
You're still wondering about who you really are
Yet you concern yourself with others' matters
Don't you think that's rather arrogant?
Alright then
I'm going to Thailand
Uemura you said it before
So I'm going to Thailand
The sub for this video is free and for personal use only. It is not for sale or distribution etc. If you paid for it you were cheated.
Hurry get on board
Hey young man
I don't care that you want to get all melancholic
But please don't disrupt group activity
Let's not do that
I apologize
Next we're gonna have the long-awaited lunch!
It's delicious
Why are you alone on this tour anyway young man?
Don't tell me your girl cancelled at the last minute!
Boy you're an idiot
Why would you say something like that?
You see..
When you like someone
Don't you think it's natural to want to know everything about them?
'Course not!
There are a lot of things you're better off not knowing in this world!
For me
Almost everyday I wait until last minute discount before shop closes to buy the side dishes at the supermarket
and I would serve them at home only re-arranging it on a plate for dinner
I don't say anything to my husband
And he'd think that I cooked it and eat it with such gusto
Do you think it'd be better if I told him the truth?
You're right he's better off not knowing
At my place it's only my husband's clothes that I wash separately
But I'd never tell him that
If I did I'd only end up hurting the man
So it's a secret I'll take to my grave!
I have been keeping a secret saving of more that 100 thousand Yen
If my husband knew he'd probably be shocked!
Wanting your partner to be open about everything that's a childish thought
[T/N:Again not sure I caught this right]
It's foolish
Even though you're open to say anything right now?
When we old ladies do that everything just comes out like an explosion doesn't it?
So did you find yourself?
I didn't....
But there are a few things I've discovered
What's that?
That I've got a weak stomach
That if you fry things they become easier to eat
And that wives keep secrets from their husbands
Their secret savings or maybe about laundry
So what've you been up to Uemura?
Since it was boring without you around
I went to Australia
Eh? Australia?
To find yourself?
No no!
I didn't travel to find myself
But I did look for gemstones
So you traveled completely by yourself and not with a tour group?
Yep. I went alone
Well traveling abroad alone...
There were a few moments where I wanted to say the same thing to myself as well
But more importantly while digging
I found myself wanting to share moments where I thought "It's lovely" or "How big!" with someone
I had moments like that as well
Becoming comfortable with someone..
Getting to the point where you can do things together
I know it makes things more fun
But I don't have the patience for it
Since I tend to find things bothersome I'd end up doing things by myself
I get that when you share things about you
It would make your partner feel at ease
And I also think that you would become closer if you show them even your most complex self
After sharing that side of me
I wouldn't know how to act
Did you just open up yourself to me?
You could say that
I'm definitely going to make it taste the same
If you like it so much why not just work part-time at KFC?
If I see it everyday I'd get sick and bored of it
You sure they'll turn out OK?
That hurts!
Of course they will
Now go wait over there
Ouch that really hurts
Thanks for the food
Hayama-kun you eat really neatly
You think so?
Even in junior high you were good at eating the school meals
You know I've liked you since back then
And hey you were popular in junior high!
I was wasn't I?
Well when we got into high school you became super unpopular though
But I was secretly glad
Because that meant I had no rivals
You didn't come to hate me Uemura?
Since I'd already fallen for you once
And being desperate for someone or closing your heart because of someone was the same for me
I like the Hayama-kun that doesn't run away from what's in front of him
I don't think I'm that good (of a person)
I didn't lie when I said that I wished from the bottom of my heart for my brother to be saved but....
Although I knew that it wasn't right...
There were times where I thought that my brother was such a burden
And the worst is
When he passed away
"It's finally over"....I thought
There was a part of me that felt relieved
And I really hate that
You poor thing
No no no
I don't think that's what you would say
I know!
That word...
It doesn't really express how I feel about all this
But our bodies really are handy
If I hug you like this
I'm sure that you'd at least understand that I care about you Hayama-kun
You're right
When my mom was still young
She had me in an affair with some married guy
At first she'd planned to secretly birth and raise me but
Without taking me....
She forced me unto her own parents and left
Even though that's all there is
Just to know this truth
It took more than 10 years
Like something out of an afternoon drama right?
I don't see it that way
Yea definitely not
But that's why
When I become a parent one day
I want to have the picture-perfect family
I mean we basically have 2 chances to have a family right?
The first is when we were kids
And the second when we become adults
I'm betting on my second chance
What else...
In our 2nd year of high school
I was confessed to by Yamashiro-kun
And I'm really bad with static electricity
I don't think anyone's good with it
'Bzzt' Ow!
What was that?
Hayama-kun why did you buy milk even though it's Tuesday?
Was I mistaken?
Milk should be bought on Thursdays!
I told you that on Thursdays it's only 148 Yen
Oh come on! There's only a 50 Yen difference!
I'm telling you that 50 Yen might become useful in the future
Around the time Natsuo goes to college
We might come to say "If only we had consistently bought milk on Thursdays back then"
Uemura how many kids do you want?
Three. Natsuo Ikuo and Yuriko
Looks like you've even decided on their names
Not only will Yuriko have 2 loving older brothers
She'd also be youngest so I'm worried we might unintentionally spoil her
Hayama-kun you have to be careful
A daughter is most definitely gonna be cute too...
3 Years Later
Nope nope nope
I made it
That's great!
What? What?
I've made up my mind!
No matter what you say
I'm gonna go meet your grandma
You're quick on deciding as always Hayama-kun
I'm sure she'll be happy
Somehow things felt awkward
Mmm...I guess you could say that
It felt like your grandma was giving off an air that she didn't want to become close with me
Maybe it was the nerves
And anyway parents are always rather strict with their daughter's boyfriend
I'm telling you it's the same with her
I wonder if that's the case
You say that even though you were fine with everyone in class being so distant during high school
That's true...but still
Don't overthink it
See ya
So what's up with today?
It's rare for us to go out on a weekday
You're right
Let's break up
Like I said we should stop seeing each other
No no no
I don't get it
What? It's simple
It means we won't be a couple anymore in 5 minutes
I don't get the reasoning behind that
There won't be any end to it if I were to state the reason
Then there's no way I could understand. Explain please
Well first of all you're younger than me Hayama-kun
Also you're a student
And that bothers me
We were classmates!
We were
But I was born in April
And you were in August
That's 4 months of a difference!
Even though you said you wanted to go the same university as me you didn't
But that's because
You went to a women's university
And it was also a 2 year course
Why even bring this up now
Is there someone else you like?
Sure let's just make it that
Anyway we dated for more than 3 years
Don't you think that's enough?
Enough? That's not the problem here!
There's no way I can agree to this
Then think of it as mutual asessment
What do you even mean by that?
Sorry but I won't change my mind
This isn't a discussion. It's an announcement
This isn't something you can decide by yourself Uemura
You think so?
But you can't be in a relationship if it's just you right?
I'm sorry this came out of the blue
But it's becoming annoying so stop complaining
Aw man!
I haven't finished my meal
I messed up the timing
Excuse me!
I would like to take this home please
Ah yes! Right away!
What do you do to erase all the heartache?
You find new love of course!
I'm not hurting
From what I've seen you certainly are
Jesus it's been more than two weeks ever since the breakup and you've still got this dead look in your eyes you know?
This is actually how I am
I don't mind either way but you're bringing everyone down
I don't care
I'm used to being hated by people
Come on don't say that!
Sorry sorry
You OK?
Sorry for the wait
Suzuhara Emiri
I'm a sophomore and major in English Literature
Hayama san!
I thought it'd be easy to find you since we go to the same campus
But since we're neither in the same year nor major it actually took 2 days
You were looking for me?
On free periods on the way back in the morning
I kept looking for you all around campus
I only moped around for 3 weeks
Jesus are you having a competition with someone about how long you're depressed or something?
No that's not it
It's just that in the past I was depressed for quite a while
Being like that all the time does more harm than good man
I get that
She's basically your girlfriend already huh?
You don't have work today Suzuhara-san?
Yeah I only have work on Wednesdays and Saturdays
I see
Suzuhara-san you're in the mountain-climbing club aren't you?
What is it?
It's not Suzuhara-san
Don't you think it's about time you called me by my first name?
I mean doesn't using a family name seem too distant?
I see
I guees you're right
Try saying it
Did your ex use to cook Ryota?
We didn't really eat here much so....
Ah! There was that time
Once she made me KFC's chicken
KFC's Chicken?
But it didn't exactly turn out like KFC's
It was more like eating a lot of textures and spices that were randomly thrown in together
You'll eat anything won't you Ryota?
But you don't exactly have likes or dislikes either do you?
But if I don't want something I won't touch it
Thanks for the food
And it's not just that
Ryota you don't have likes or dislikes on things that aren't food either
Makes me uneasy
I mean
Even though I can declare with confidence that I'm the person who loves Ryota the most in the universe...
[Awkward silence since she implied that he can't do the same for her]
It's so simple it's driving me nuts
You really think so?
Ah by the way
My girlfriend told me she met Uemura-san the other day
Oo..she did?
When she told her that you've got yourself a new girl
Apparently she showed polite interest and said that she's glad to hear that
I'm sure she did
You guys are weird
I still don't get why you guys broke up
I only come once a month
'Cause it felt like I would be punished if I stopped visiting just because I broke up with Hayama-kun
I see
I placed some flowers should I take it?
I could place it somewhere else
No it's fine
OK then
See ya
Hey wait
What is it?
Let's see...
Um...how've you been?
Alright I guess
How's work?
Same as always
I guess that's great
There's more?
Hayama-kun you're being kinda annoying
Tell me
Tell you what?
Why you decided we should break up
After all this time?
We're not together anymore
So it should be ok to tell me the truth right?
Alright why not
Grandma told me
That I should be with someone who's like the sun
What does that mean?
This is like calling the kettle black but
To face the hardships of marriage together...
She said she can't agree to give me to someone who also has a shadow behind him
It should be the same for you Hayama-kun
You don't have to go out of your way to date someone who has no parents
"I wish he could be with someone who grew up in a better environment" [T/N:i.e.Someone with proper parents]
I'm sure both your mom and dad think that
But still
It's not right
I know my grandma's just looking out for me
That's why I think it wouldn't do to not listen to her
No matter how much it makes me hate myself
I get what you're saying
But we're not kids anymore
No matter how old I am I still have to listen to my grandma
That's how I am
For me her words matter more than the Japanese Constitution
If that's what you say
Yes that's how it is
Are you satisfied now?
I tried making KFC's chicken as well
This looks great
Thanks for the food
Yea this tastes almost like the original
Hey what should we do about the trip?
I've actually been working extra hard
And I've finally saved up more than 50000 Yen
Wow that's amazing
We should decide soon
I wonder where we should go...
Where did you go with your ex?
If you were to say where was the furthest place you went to?
Let me see...
For us the furthest we went to was probably Yamanashi
And it was only a day trip
I see
This'll be the first time where you stayed the night with someone?
Yea I think so
Where should we go....?
Yeah...I wonder where...?
I don't mind where to as long as it's with Ryota
Be it Okinawa
Or even a nearby park
As long as it's with Ryota
I'll be happy
I have to go to work
I'll wrap the chicken for you OK?
If you don't feel like it maybe you shouldn't go?
Go where?
The trip of course
Somehow Jesus ever since the trip got closer
You've been distracted
Even though it isn't
makes you heavy-hearted
[T/N:I'm very sorry. I can't - for the love of all that is good in this world - catch what Tsukahara is saying here T-T]
I see
That's true
You're amazing Tsukahara
You really get me
It's 'cause we're friends
Ah you're right
Don't tell me you've only just realized that?
We're friends. We're friends
We've known each other since about 4 years ago
So we've been friends for 4 years now
There's no need to be so detailed about it
Nevermind that move your hands man!
Instead of dealing with my half-heartedness
I just kept brooding over things
The answer has been there all along
I guess there's no helping it
I'm really sorry about this
No I knew
Whenever you talk about Uemura-san
You would always say "us/we"
Ryota's "us"
Isn't Ryota and me
But Ryota and Uemura-san
Hayama-kun what in the blazes are you doing?
I finally understand something
I love you Uemura
What I'm saying is...
If it's for you
I'll make sure to persuade your grandma
And I will also be able to
Raise a cute daughter with you
Are you kidding me? You were just dating someone else!
And even if we get back together
I'm sure the same thing will happen again no matter what
No I refuse to believe that
Don't give me that
What about you Uemura?
What I'm saying is
Nevermind what others think
Do you think you can keep loving me?
You might be used to being disliked by the people around you Hayama-kun
So you might not care what others think
But I can't!
I can't think they don't matter
It's not like I'm fine with being disliked
I know you're not!
Right of course
But you always find things to be bothersome
That they're complicated
But when you really want something
Those things are just part of the process
A person who seriously likes KFC would go ahead and work there!
They won't think about how it would make them feel sick and tired of being around it so much!
What are trying to say this time?
That I wish you would put more effort into things
You give up on things too easily Uemura
Whether its KFC
Or me
You should give things more of a shot from time to time!
Who gave you the right to analyze me like that?
At any rate I
I'm never getting back together with you Hayama-kun
No wait
I'm coming in 'kay?
Man you're being so careless leaving the door unlocked like that
Did you know that classes are done?
Right it's already March
Yea it's completely March now
Everyone's shocked
That you'd suddenly disappear like that
Taking leave on graduation like this
You show up to work 'kay?
You've made it in so don't waste that
When it comes to a tour
You're not just talking about how you should pick a certain theme
And make it an enjoyable trip for everyonne
But also about how you make sure to listen to customer's wishes
To be able to learn and experience things
Or maybe even gain health benefits from it
Over here!
Jesus Christ!
[Kids singing from a distance]
It's been a while
I heard from the people at the nursery
We're not together anymore
So you shouldn't just come here as you please
Shouldn't it be okay to just tell me what's going on?
What's wrong?
They found some tumors in my uterus
Some of them are rapidly growing
And doctors think things might turn out for the worst
That there won't just be benign ones but actual cancerous ones
After some discussion they said it would be best to remove the uterus
Since the uterus is an organ that has no other function other than to provide a place for a baby to grow
It won't effect my daily life even if they took it out
There's a chance that even if they remove it the growths were benign after all but....
On the other hand if they don't remove the uterus and the tumors turn cancerous there's no reversing that
Did you know?
These days it's popular to get a second opinion
So I thought why not try that? I even went so far as to get a third opinion
They all said the same thing
That's all!
Now go home
Go home?
Isn't there anything I could do?
At least let me be there for you
I want to be your strength Uemura...even just a little
Hayama-kun you're being really persistent
I told you we're over
You're just bothering me now
Thanks for everything
Why are you so formal all of a sudden?
I'm acting like a good person until tomorrow's operation
Then maybe God will save me. At least that's the plan
What are you saying silly
Come now eat
It's so bland you just don't feel like eating huh?
Yes I agree
The only good thing about the meal is the portion of the rice
What are you gonna do about it?
I want to stay with Uemura
Isn't it alright to...
Just be a little bit more immature?
We humans are already shameful the way we are
So it's only natural to be even more shameful when you're in love
If you're not afraid to show your partner more of that shameful side of yours
There might just be a wall that you can break through
Would you say
Breaking even something like the Japanese Constitution?
You sure go big kid
Just do it
Could it be that you're drinking sake?
I'm doing as I please
You want some?
I'm alright thanks
You know
There were two other people in here
But one was released
And the other passed away last week
I'm not trying to scare you
But she must be feeling anxious
She's putting up a face though
I'm an idiot
I finally get it
Uemura she
She doesn't want to trouble me
Or burden me
So she says things like not wanting to see me again
She said that
She was betting on her second chance to make her own family
"When I'm finally an adult"
"I want to have a family"
"That has a mother"
"A father"
"And children" she said
She said she's wanted to do that ever since she was a kid
Even though she must be the one suffering the most
She's still thinking about my feelings
When I become a parent one day
I want to have the picture-perfect family
I mean we basically have 2 chances to have a family right?
The first is when we were kids
And the second when we become adults
I'm betting on my second chance
IF I do cry I must be feeling very vulnerable
So Hayama-kun...promise me you'll come save me then OK?
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[More panting]
[Even more panting]
[More and more panting]
Not just Asami Mitsuhiko
Totsugawa Keibu
And of course Conan
I've read a lot of novels where people die
Even though I was depressed
There's no one else like you who came into my life!
I can't keep going without you Uemura!
I was saved by you
I'm begging you
Don't ever put me through something like that again!
I want you to be healthy & happy
Even if we can't have children; or anything else
I still want to be with you Uemura
Please take this
Thank you
My late brother once told me
No matter when
It'd be a waste if you don't eat
Tomorrow it might be your turn
Death will arrive at everyone's doorstep
That's why
At times like this I still eat a lot
Thanks for the food
I leave her in your care
The operation went on succesfully
Thank you very much
Please take care of her
I don't know what to say...
I will do my best!
Wow this looks great!
Carrots pumpkin spinach sesame seeds and iriko?
It's a special seasoning made with no additives
Thank you
I must do my best to get better
So that I can eat delicious food again
Ah I want to fall in love again just like you two
Eh don't you have a husband Yamazaki-san?
That's 'No Problem'
The people I want to meet
And the fun people around me
There are a lot of them
The only one who can make everything feel alright
Is you Hayama-kun
I'm hungry
What do you want to eat?
Hmmm let's see...
Oh this looks delicious
Thanks for the food
I wonder how many grains are in this bowl
I've never really counted but
I wonder how many grains would make this much
Rice grains support each other don't you think?
Yea I do
By the way...
From now on
Would it be okay if we call each other using our first names?
Alright let me go first
Come on
I told you I'm not Jesus Christ
You're right