Our Season (2023) Movie Script

(Kim Hae-sook)
(Shin Min-a)
(Kang Ki-young Hwang Bo-ra)
(Our Season)
They said I'd be assigned
to a nice working environment.
How is this nice?
Hello. I'm your vacation
guide. Nice to meet you.
Like your vacation robes?
Do you like it, ma'am?
You look great.
Let's begin.
(Next Door's Stir-fried Pepper
Is Awesome)
"Next Door's Stir-fried Pepper
Is Awful."
No, "Awesome".
You won 4th
in the writing contest?
It'd be great if you'd reply.
As luck would have it,
the 3rd place winner wanted a trip
to visit his wife,
but unfortunately,
she passed away and came here.
- So Ms. Park Bok-ja, you're...
- Enough!
I got it. I'm dying to go already!
Since you're so anxious,
I'll speed up.
Meet loved ones on your vacation
and make new memories.
All that you see and hear
will all be saved here.
If you want to see
any past memories,
I can play them all here, ma'am.
Think of me as
your digital genius guide.
Who did you want to see?
My daughter.
Where is she?
She's at... Ucla or Ukraine.
It's in America.
California, you know?
She's a professor at that college.
She's a genius.
There's no college named Ucla
in California.
There is a UCLA, though.
Ah, we'll just call it Ucla.
Shall we go then?
We're going west to L.A.
You can't see it. It's top secret.
(Home-cooked Meals)
Hey, guide? Why are we here?
Something's wrong!
Can't you tech folks get it right?
This is where
I lived before I died!
Ms. Park Bok-ja?
Your daughter isn't a professor
in the States, is she?
A diner is far from UCLA.
Please listen to me, ma'am.
What is all this?
Nice weather.
What the...
She just walked past?
Right. I'm a ghost.
I forgot.
Yes, you are. You've passed away.
Why is a UCLA professor
washing rags in Gimcheon?
It's a very unusual scene...
She must be here on vacation.
We are too!
I'll go through the rules.
Touching is not allowed.
Your daughter can't
see or hear you.
Just watch and bring back
happy memories of her.
Understand, ma'am?
I hope you do.
Also, please know
that I'll return after 3 nights.
Please answer, ma'am.
Something's wrong.
She's not supposed to be here.
Hey, guide? What the...
You really can't see me?
Can't you see your mama?
You can't see me?
She can't.
What's all this?
I don't get it at all. Jeez.
Oh, no.
What happened?
What is she doing here?
I don't get it at all.
It's been 3 years,
but nothing has changed.
I missed you darlings.
Let's see.
I saved money.
Did she become
a carpenter or what?
I'm doing fine.
It's been so long, huh?
Happy in love?
Being an owner of a diner
suits me too.
Let's just say I got fired.
You got fired?
I bragged so much about you
being a professor,
but you got fired?
Are you crazy!
I guess.
- What?
- You're right.
You're coming tomorrow?
It's really far here.
Of course, you're welcomed.
Bring some flour.
Let's make dumplings.
Are you seriously making
damn dumplings at this moment?
Great idea, huh?
- Great?
- Yup.
Text me your bus time.
Who's that?
Come safely.
- Are you open?
- Yes.
You're stressing me out!
You'll cook for them?
Is there a menu?
No, there isn't.
I just serve the meal of the day.
What is it today?
Kimchi stew with Spam.
Make it spicy, please.
I'll be right back.
She never cooked once in life.
How will she make stew?
It's perfect.
An old man who used to live
there made a little cave.
They say he made it as a bunker.
Even when it's scorching hot
in the summer,
it's miraculously cool down there.
Things don't freeze there
in the winter either.
If you store kimchi down there,
it'll stay fresh and crisp
over a year.
If you wrap radish and cabbage
in newspaper
and store 'em there,
they'll stay fresh.
Amazing, huh?
My stew is way better than
this made
with Chinese kimchi.
Do you want to order
something else?
No, it's fine.
We're paying for this.
I'll eat it.
Why are you so out of breath?
Are you sick?
Of course not.
Who doesn't have shortness
of breath at my old age?
The village chief said
bellflower extract works wonders,
so I said
I'll order it in the fall.
Waitress! The gas is low.
Please change it.
That's it.
You're good!
Enjoy your meal.
I wish I could eat.
I worked hard for your schooling,
so you wouldn't live like me.
And this is what I get?
What a waste...
Are you happy?
It's good.
It does look good.
How much is it?
It's $10, please.
- For 2 servings?
- Yes.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Thanks. It was great.
Thank you.
If Bok-ja saw that from heaven,
she'd be fuming mad.
She was so happy
and bragged about her daughter
being a Ucla professor.
Does she make any money?
Probably not.
She'll starve to death soon.
Damn you, old-timer.
Mind your own business!
Sesame oil, please.
I'm not selling to you.
Come on. Not again.
I told you to buy elsewhere.
Seeing you like this makes me mad.
I left the diner open.
Give it to me, please?
How long will you live like this?
Thank you.
Why you...
Come by to eat.
What are we going to do with her?
See you next time.
Oh, Bok-ja.
Are you seeing this?
Yes, I am, my friend.
What is she thinking?
You never listened,
but learned well.
(My daughter)
- Hi.
- Jin-ju! It's me.
It's nothing special.
I laid some bricks, mudded them,
and made a pretty, little furnace.
I also bought a caldron.
Grilling some pork on the lid
will drip off the fat.
It'd be amazing!
Do you want to come down?
Let's grill some pork.
I have a class soon.
Right. You're busy.
Wait, Jin-ju!
Make it quick.
When are you going to the States?
Are you coming home before you go?
If you're busy, should I come up?
I'll call you later.
Hi, sister-in-law.
- Hi.
- Is everything all right?
Of course.
How did my brother's operation go?
Great. He's fine.
What a relief.
I just called about Jin-ju.
When is she going to America?
Next week, she said.
She's all packed to go already.
Right. I remember now.
She told me but I forgot.
I'll give her a call later.
Take care.
Bye now.
That cold brat!
Are you happy?
You went all the way to America
without seeing me.
Even if you got fired,
after all this time,
you chose to come here?
It's burning!
Is it burnt?
You burned it
while lost in thought!
Are you singing now?
You're not even good at it!
Why is it so itchy?
Is someone talking about me?
What if I am!
Can you hear me?
Silly brat!
Solved it!
Silly brat...
What's wrong?
What's the matter?
I'm losing it.
I'm losing my mind, Mom!
I can't live because of you!
Help me, Mom!
(Geochang Daedeok
Daegu Seongju)
(Depression & Panic Disorder)
Ms. Bang Jin-ju?
Please come in.
I heard from Dr. Han in Seoul.
I was worried you wouldn't come.
You moved to Gimcheon
from the States?
I went to Dr. Han
whenever in Seoul,
but it's too far now.
I meant to come sooner.
How are you these days?
I was okay,
but I can't sleep again.
I wake up at nights.
When I do,
the memories flood in.
More than I can bear.
In a way,
memory is like the fuel
for people to live.
Good memories will keep
you going like a car filled
with high-grade gasoline.
Bad memories make life bumpy
and rattle like bad gasoline.
What memories come to mind?
About Mom.
What about your mom?
Why did she abandon me?
Thoughts like that.
If you give up your kid,
think you can live?
I can.
This is better.
It'd be better for Jin-ju too.
It's better!
I'm not going far away.
I'll come once a month.
I'll come every two weeks.
Stay here with your uncle's family
and study hard.
Got it?
Bang Jin-ju!
I missed you, girl!
(Gimcheon Bus Terminal)
Who's that?
Her friend?
How've you been?
- Brought the flour?
- Of course!
Also, bought some hamburgers!
I don't like McDonald's.
No way.
You always ate McDonald's
back in school.
Not anymore.
You've changed.
Sure you don't want it?
Here she comes!
(Don't kill the village!
Stop holding out and leave!)
What's going on?
Stop holding ground here!
Leave at once!
Leave at once!
- Stop killing the village!
- What is it?
Stop it! Stop it!
Annoy not the local elderly!
Annoy! Annoy?
Come back to
where you come from!
Come! Come?
It's 'go back', silly.
Go, go...
Go away! Bok-ja's daughter!
- Let's make noodles.
- What on earth...
Go on your way!
Go! Go!
Excuse us.
They're telling you to leave?
Can you make egg garnish?
I don't know how to cook.
Don't burn it.
Coming through!
Step back, please.
You need energy to protest.
Have some food first.
Who asked you to make this?
Just leave!
The golf course can't be made
because of you!
Don't feed them!
Why make all this food
for those folks?
You can't even play golf.
Why do you want it
to be made here?
If a golf course is made,
they said it'll be easier
to mow the lawn than farming.
Right! We don't have
the strength to farm anymore.
It'd be nice to work part-time
trimming the lawn there.
Are you going to feed and save us?
How can I feed and save you?
I couldn't even do that for Mom.
At least she knows...
Eat up, please.
It'll taste bad soggy.
Let's just eat first,
then protest.
She made all this for us.
It looks good.
She takes after her mom
and did a great job.
Looks yummy.
It's delicious.
Want some? Then eat.
I'm not eating.
Just eat! Why hold back?
I'm not eating.
It's so good!
Just eat!
Then don't eat!
Come and sit here, please.
Please eat before it gets cold.
Sit here, please.
Your daughter makes good noodles.
Even better than you.
Like mother, like daughter.
She must really miss you too.
That's why she's here like this.
I don't think so.
She's like that
because she resents me.
I wish I can resolve things
while here on vacation.
Do you worry about your daughter
up there too?
Isn't it obvious?
It must break your heart
to see her like that.
Hi, son.
Why talk to yourself like that?
It could look like
you have dementia, Mama.
When you get as old as me,
you ramble on by yourself.
Went to Jin-ju's diner?
Why do you folks keep going there
to bother her like that?
I heard she made
noodles for you guys.
It was good.
She must take after her mom
in cooking.
Of course.
The day she died,
Bok-ja called me over for lunch.
She had the food all set...
We didn't know
she had a bad heart.
Heart attacks are scary.
You'd better be careful too, Mama!
I'm fine.
Can't you move in with us now?
Why live apart
in the same village?
My wife always worries
about you too.
When it gets warmer.
When it gets warmer,
you'll say, 'When it gets colder!'
You're so funny!
Since when did I
go back and forth like that?
You're so lucky.
I came on vacation
to see my pretty daughter,
but I'm miserable again.
Wait! A bug just went in!
What bug?
That's cold! Stop!
Silly girls.
That's why friends are the best
in life or death.
(Prescribed Medicine
You're seeing a shrink?
Come on.
No wonder you're depressed here.
I'm punishing myself.
Punishing yourself?
If I was here when Mom died,
I wouldn't be here like this.
I died because it was my time!
What are you saying?
Her funeral got delayed
because of me.
She was in the cold freezer
for 2 more days.
Who cares? I was dead!
you were in the States.
When I could've worked in Seoul,
why'd I run away to the States?
This is absolutely insane.
You didn't run away.
You went to be a professor.
This is so frustrating.
Hey, guide! Where are you?
Don't just stand there!
Play Jin-ju's memories, fool!
- You dropped this.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
- See you.
SGB to X is homeomorphism.
That's our marking.
- I like that. That's easy.
- I understand so much better
- than the last time.
- This is awesome.
Hi, Auntie.
How could it be?
This morning... Your mother...
I had no idea
she'd pass away like this.
This is killing me!
For good dumplings,
you have to squeeze hard.
My wrists are breaking off!
There are lots of dumpling shops.
Must we make them?
Your wrists won't break.
What are you doing?
You're full of weird surprises.
You're adding radish?
Mom made it like this.
She knows?
Is that Gimcheon style?
Probably not.
She probably learned it
from a house she worked at.
She said she was so poor,
she never tried dumplings before.
You forgot to add soy sauce.
Did you add soy sauce?
How would I know that?
You wouldn't eat kimchi.
If you ate anything spicy,
you'd drink a pitcher of water.
With your princess tastes,
I had to make up that recipe.
- You waited up for me?
- Yup!
Look at this.
I bought you a new pencil case.
Wow! It's a magnetic case!
You didn't touch the food?
I wanted to eat with you.
My puppy.
I'll make it round
like your face, Jin-ju.
This is Jin-ju's little bum.
This is Jin-ju's little nose!
Isn't it fun making this?
What's wrong?
Then are you going to eat me,
Right. Why not!
To get Mom's recipe right,
I ate over a hundred dumplings.
Why didn't you just ask her?
You said it, girl!
The radish is sweet.
I don't know why your mama
put this in her dumplings.
How sweet it was.
It's delicious.
Good, huh?
Damn good.
Want a beer?
I never thought you'd ask!
You girls are the same.
Others your age
are happily married with kids.
You're solving math here too?
Holy cow!
Is math fun?
Yup. And I get answers.
What? You get no answers in life?
Is that why a UCLA...
professor is here going crazy
solving math problems?
professor is here going crazy
solving math problems?
Good! You tell her, girl!
Why run a diner
with your smart brain?
They emailed me to return soon.
You weren't fired?
If I don't go back soon,
I will be.
If you're not fired,
why are you here in the boonies!
All good then.
Just go back when you can.
This is damn frustrating!
I was amazed
when you became a professor.
Until grade nine,
you and I were about the same
in school.
Mid-lower class.
I wasn't that bad.
How dare you
compare yourself to her!
I studied because I was mad.
Back in grade nine,
Mom made me mad, so I studied.
- I'm at the store.
- Really?
Where do I go?
Just stay there. I'll come out.
- I'll be there soon!
- Mom?
Let's eat. Come and sit.
I have to go to tutoring.
I know but eat before you go.
I heard you like egg rolls.
Try it.
Ji-yeon likes them.
I just eat whatever.
All set.
Eat up.
How's school going?
I should go sometime.
Auntie came by instead.
I see.
Are you studying well?
Don't worry about anything
and just study hard.
Don't worry about tuition.
Study hard and become a doctor.
You have to study hard
to be respected in life.
Try some noodles too.
- Is someone here?
- Ah...
I thought you were coming back
Dae-sik had an upset stomach,
so we took the first flight back.
Who's this?
Your daughter?
School ended early today,
so I told her to come and eat.
I'm hungry too.
Make me ramyun, please?
You two, go to your rooms.
Anything else besides ramyun?
Of course. I made a lot of food.
Go inside!
It's been a while, Jin-ju.
Studying well?
You'd better study hard.
Your mom works hard here
to pay
for your schooling.
Study while you can.
Eat lots.
Who will eat all this?
If it's not eaten, it's garbage.
Why'd you cook so much?
Take this with you.
Forget it.
I made it all night. Take it.
Why didn't you go
on the family trip?
I don't like taking flights.
You've never been on one!
I said I'd stay, so I can see you.
Oh, please!
Jin-ju, come by again.
If I don't go to college and work,
we can live together.
You have to...
study to go to college.
When I graduate,
I'll get a job right away.
I'll support you,
so come out of there.
I eat and live well here.
When you become successful later,
then we can live together again.
Jin-ju. Wait.
- Hey!
- What?
Get away from my desk!
- Why?
- Move! I'm going to study.
Mom! Jin-ju says she's studying!
This is your mom?
Then they must be
your uncle and aunt.
You're so young here.
We weren't so bad in our 20s, huh?
What's wrong with us now?
Back then, I had awesome skin
without doing facials like this.
Still, this is
your graduation picture.
Why didn't you stand
beside your mom?
Still it's the only picture
I took with mom.
Who's here at this hour?
Hi, Mi-jin.
I saw the sign and pulled in.
Is this right?
Hi, Min-wook.
Is someone here?
Ah, I don't know anything.
I don't hate you.
Forget everything and get married.
Right. Let's get married.
Good! Get her to marry you!
Not me. Marry someone else.
But I want to marry you!
You want to marry me,
but you don't want
my mom to come.
You want my uncle,
the vice principal,
and his wife to act as my parents?
I'm really sorry about that.
I should've stopped my mom.
It's okay.
I get why your mom said that.
I understand.
But I couldn't do it.
All she had was me.
If she can't host my wedding,
how sad is that for my mom?
No matter what,
I'm her daughter.
I just couldn't do it.
I wish you the best.
Forget me.
It's late.
I have to wake up early
to open shop tomorrow.
This time, I will...
Did you come
because Mom passed away?
Drive safely. It's dark out.
I have no right to host
your wedding anyway.
Why'd a smart girl like you
break the engagement?
It's a blessing
to marry a nice man
and have kids!
What the hell is this!
What? I kicked that?
I can touch thing?
Can you hear me?
I can touch thing!
- How could you?
- Jin-ju!
Why ruin your chance?
- Can you hear me?
- Min-wook was devastated!
- Can you see me?
- It's over between us.
- Can you see?
- Can you do the same to your mom?
- Jin-ju! Concentrate!
- Don't change the subject.
- Why'd you break your engagement?
- Why bring up my mom?
- I didn't live for this!
- I choose to be single!
- Can you hear me?
- I'm not getting married!
- Can you see me?
- Forget it! I'm sleeping!
Just sleep!
- Can you see me?
- How can you sleep?
Jin-ju! Can you hear me?
Ms. Park Bok-ja?
You startled me.
Why are you here?
I came to escort you back.
You said you'd come
after 3 nights.
Then why didn't you keep good pace
and mess up the calendar?
Pace? Calendar?
What are you saying?
While I was in Jeju Island,
you made a big mistake.
You're under
special management now.
They want you to return now.
Let's go.
Hey! Why cut a day short?
I couldn't talk to her
or touch her!
What mistake?
I'm not going!
Ms. Park Bok-ja!
You touched!
- Touched what?
- Correction.
You kicked.
You kicked a bucket!
They're upset up there!
So what if I kicked it!
What's wrong with that?
Please keep your distance.
You're too close.
You got too worked up and angry,
so your vitals exceeded capacity
for the anomaly.
Do you understand?
No, I don't!
it's a dangerous situation.
It's deadly to my work evaluation!
This is my first case
on my new post.
It's upsetting.
You're pissed off? So am I!
I'm not sure what you mean,
but I feel something.
Just go away!
This will make it harder for you!
It's obstruction of justice!
Think you can scare me?
Get lost!
Ms. Park?
I'm not joking here.
Granny! Please!
Where are you going?
I'm running away from you
with some soju. Why?
Let's run away together!
I love soju!
Ms. Park?
Where are we going
to drink this early?
Wait up.
Did you bring snacks?
Guide! Where are they going?
I don't know.
Is it your strategy
to keep acting clueless?
- If so, as your guide I...
- Hey!
I can hit you, right?
If you do, I can strike back.
What the hell!
We don't use the 'h' word, ma'am.
Please don't say that
to a heavenly guide like me.
It's upsetting.
I will let the two times
you said it slide.
If you say that one more time,
I'll have to report you.
Oh, really?
The hell with you!
I'll let it go this last time.
Where are we?
Hello, ma'am.
What a great view!
So this is where I am.
You're buried in
a nice, sunny place.
- I hope you like it, ma'am.
- Thanks.
Is today
the anniversary of her passing?
It's her birthday.
What a good daughter!
Not me. No way.
If I cooked for my mom's birthday
just once,
I'd have no regrets.
Stop dwelling on dead son's balls.
Dead son's what?
She'd always call on my birthdays
and said to eat noodles.
Happy birthday, my daughter
and said to eat noodles.
She always made some.
She said you live longer
by eating noodles on birthdays.
You remembered that?
Then we should've brought
some noodles.
For what? She's gone.
It's too late.
Ma'am! I'll take a drink.
I never wanted that anyway.
Stop thinking about that
and go back to the States.
It's so damn frustrating!
- Let's go.
- I'm about to blow!
Don't blow. Let's go.
What the?
Whose dog is that?
Isn't she cute?
It's my mom's friend's dog.
It's cute.
Don't bark at me.
It's okay! She's my friend. Stop.
She's smart.
Where is she going?
What? You recognize me?
Cho-rong! You're still alive!
How've you been?
Ma'am! What's wrong with it?
Let go of me!
Why? You don't like him?
You want to bite him?
Good girl!
She's excited.
I broke it.
Then how are we going to eat?
I know it's not broken.
Dang dog.
This is my final warning.
Let's go now.
Why are you covering your behind?
That's not important.
If you don't go back now,
they'll send someone and drag you
by the head, ma'am.
What's with you?
- Let's see.
- Why?
- Let me see.
- Why! No!
- Did you poo in your pants?
- That's crazy!
Let me see!
Let go!
Why are you so strong?
Let's go now.
I can't!
I don't believe this!
If you were me, can you go?
When your kid is barely alive
on depression pills?
What if her depression gets worse
and she jumps off a bridge?
That's called accessory to murder!
You know?
How is that
an accessory to murder?
Is that an accessory to murder?
Why ask?
I have to pull out
the peg of pains
stuck in her heart!
Don't you have any sense?
I'm not going even if I die!
Ma'am, you're already dead.
You saw your tomb
at a nice, sunny spot.
Oh, really?
Cho-rong! Where are you?
The underwear man misses you!
Come quickly!
There's lots to eat here.
- Cho-rong!
- Don't.
- Cho-rong! Where are you?
- Please!
Come quickly, Cho-rong!
Okay, okay!
I don't have the manual on that.
I'll have to go and ask,
so please!
Stay here quietly
and don't make trouble.
Don't kick buckets!
Don't call Cho-rong!
Be good.
Get going.
This is mine.
Where is she?
Where is your daughter?
Over there.
Why? Do you want to play cupid?
Worry about yourself!
Where'd he go this time?
I could've taken a cab.
Give me the cab fare.
I was just being polite.
Aren't you coming to Seoul?
I have no reason to go.
What about me?
You came here. Why would I go?
You're so cold.
That's what my mom would say.
Glad you know.
It was fun, Mi-jin.
See you.
Take care.
Go home safely.
It's your favorite song.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
Looks delicious.
The person you have called
can't be reached...
Why the hell are you doing this?
Can't I bring some food
for my daughter?
Do we have a natural relationship?
You think?
Then what relationship do we have?
Damn it!
Why'd you bring all this
to my tiny studio?
We're not close enough
to sleep under one blanket!
Can't a mother and daughter
have a meal together?
Can't we just chit-chat
and sleep beside each other?
Then you should've raised me
like other mothers.
Where is she going?
(Open 24 hour)
Thank you.
May I take your order?
That one, please.
(Ice Cream Cone)
(I'm on the bus back home)
(Hope you eat and sleep tight
- Mom)
You saw me?
You were watching me?
I forgot the whole thing.
Why keep remembering
such useless things?
Moms forget all
the upsetting and sad stuff.
We forget it all.
We only remember the good stuff
about our children.
So let it all go, my dear.
Jin-ju. Do you understand?
You made tofu?
It looks good.
I was just packing some
to take to you.
I knew, so I came.
You read my mind.
Should I go and buy makgeolli
to have this with kimchi?
You really read my mind!
Have a seat.
I'll be right back.
You made it nice and firm.
You're better than your mama.
The pupil excels her master, Bok-ja!
Of course my daughter
is better than me.
Your mama...
She used to love reading books.
She borrowed books
and read them whenever she could.
You know the schoolyard statue
of siblings reading books?
She said it's like her
and her brother.
She said she had too many chores
and didn't have time to read books.
She hated that.
When we were told we couldn't go
to middle school and on,
I was okay,
but your mama got so mad.
After elementary school graduation,
she picked up a rock,
went up to that statue,
and chucked it hard!
One of the fingers on the girl
broke off.
Then Bok-ja left the village.
She worked at a city factory
and sent money home.
Your mama paid for
your uncle's schooling.
She never came back
until she got old.
Your mama had strong pride like that.
I couldn't find a babysitter.
Good girl.
Here. Buy some cookies.
It's okay, ma'am. You don't have to.
It's okay.
It's because she's cute.
It's okay. Take it.
Say, "Thank you, ma'am."
Thank you, ma'am.
Listen well to your mom.
Thank you.
- Please wipe off the kimchi stain.
- Yes.
Ms. Park!
Why'd you wash this together!
It's all stained!
I don't believe this!
You've worked hard today.
Please finish off
and lock the door behind you.
This is probably not enough,
but please use it
to buy a new shirt.
It's okay.
That's not nearly enough.
Just take it and go.
I insist.
Though I'm poor and unschooled,
I don't rip people off.
I'll work for a few more days.
I'm sorry about today.
Ms. Park.
I get how you feel.
But showing strong pride
while working at someone else's house
makes things awkward.
Just take it.
No, ma'am.
Still, I will pay for what I must
before my child.
Let's go, Jin-ju.
Bid her goodbye.
Mom? Wait.
Does this mean we can't pay rent?
I'll make money again.
But the homeowner came
and yelled
this morning again.
If you raise his kids well,
he promised to pay for
Jin-ju's schooling all she wants.
Will you move in with Jin-ju?
He asked about that.
He seemed worried
he has two kids and they're younger.
It's your choice to take her.
But if she'd be uncomfortable,
have her stay somewhere else.
He promised to pay for her college
and studying abroad if needed.
Since you're pretty and work well,
he really wants this to work.
Don't lose this opportunity.
As she got remarried,
she thought you'd be way better off
with her brother, the teacher.
Leaving her daughter like that,
Bok-ja was lonely her whole life.
If your mom didn't send money,
think your uncle's family
would've taken good care of you?
I know.
I questioned why she made
that decision.
I thought she was so stupid.
But after she passed away
and was gone, I understood.
I realized she had no choice.
She had no other choice.
It's because
I didn't know any better.
Why'd you go to America
without even seeing your mama?
You should've seen her face then.
It turned dark as night.
She told me to stay and sleep,
but she had a million things to do.
Of course.
She's so busy getting ready to go
to America.
I didn't want her to worry about
taking care of me too,
so I came back.
- Good thinking.
- See?
Jin-ju bought this bread for me
to share with you.
Oh, really! She thought of me too?
Of course you should let her be.
You saw her, so it's fine.
Here! A toast to a professor's mama!
She's not just any professor!
She's a professor at Ucla, America!
It snowed!
Oh my.
What's that?
(Bellflower extract)
You left it there?
Why didn't you see me
before you go?
There's so much I want to say.
But I have no way of telling you.
I guess...
I'll have to die to meet you, Mom.
What! Are you insane!
One more drink...
One more drink...
Thank you very much.
She drank a lot.
Looks like it.
Mama? You drank a lot, huh?
Had a good time?
(Park Bok-ja)
"I can't reach her. Is she busy?"
"It snowed a lot.
Everything is white."
"Jin-ju would've loved seeing it."
"I gave birth and raised you."
"I love you."
"But I'm heartbroken again
because of you."
"Why do you hate me, Jin-ju?"
It breaks my heart every time.
Oh, Ms. Park Bok-ja...
This is why you're stuck out here?
Why'd I write this
and torment you like this?
I'm totally useless to you.
Did you ask?
Yes. It won't be accessory to murder.
Right. It's not your fault.
It's all my fault.
Come on.
You must go now.
Can we go after tonight?
Guide? Please help me!
She'll die
if I leave her like this!
You saw everything.
I'll go back and take the punishment.
I don't care if I become dust!
I have to tell my daughter
it's okay.
That I'm fine.
Please let me tell her that.
There has to be a way.
I can't go like this.
I'm not leaving.
I wanted to help
so I discussed it
with my seniors.
They said humans have a lot of
and attachments.
Please, Mr. Angel!
I'm sorry I cursed at you.
I swear I'll never curse again!
Tell me how!
Tell me!
Please! I have to tell her.
If you talk to your daughter...
You'll lose your vacations here.
It's okay.
I can meet Jin-ju later
when she comes as a granny.
No, that's not it.
If you meet her now,
she'll be erased forever
from your memory.
Even if she comes to heaven later,
you won't recognize her.
You miss her so much even now...
If she's erased from your memory,
she becomes non-existent to you.
Human ties are sharing memories.
Are you okay?
Let's do it.
What's more important?
Jin-ju living a happy life
means more.
Let's do it. What do I do?
My seniors warned me
that parents' hearts
can't be controlled.
Where'd you go all this time?
Were you waiting for me?
Did you eat?
I'm not hungry.
You need to eat
your birthday soup.
I waited all day for you.
You'll make seaweed soup for me?
It's all ready to be made.
Hold on.
I'll make your birthday seaweed soup.
I also made noodles.
You're good!
It smells so good.
Like mother, like daughter.
Go on. Try it.
Good, huh?
It's great!
How'd you think of cooking
for me on my birthday?
I've always wanted to do this,
though you probably didn't know.
You probably didn't know,
but I've always wanted
you to cook a meal for my birthday.
I'm glad.
hold on, Mom.
I worked so hard to make this.
I hope you enjoy it.
Should I give it a go?
Give it a go.
Does it taste like yours?
Yes, exactly. It's delicious.
Try this.
Go on.
Is it good?
Well done.
That's it. Eat up!
You came to mind a lot
when I was in the States.
I didn't think about things
that made me angry or upset.
I only remembered the good stuff.
But I couldn't call you.
I thought I'd call you the next day,
then the next day...
But time just passed.
I never abandoned you
even in my dreams.
I just wanted you to study well
and live a different life from mine.
I know.
It's because I was childish.
I'm all grown up thanks to you.
I'm living a great life
that you sacrificed yours for, Mom.
I knew that,
but I made you lonely.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for saying that.
My baby girl, Jin-ju.
Thank you.
It's cold.
I'm fine.
It's so cold.
(Erasing memories of
Park Bok-ja's daughter)
Go to sleep, Jin-ju.
I'm not sleepy.
Your eyes are drooping.
I'm so happy.
Seeing you happy makes me happy.
Your eyes are the same
as before.
Your nose, too.
You too.
Sleep tight, my baby.
Don't go anywhere.
Let's travel...
to the sea...
and other places...
Take good care.
Don't be sorry.
Have a happy life.
I cried enough tears
for the both of us in life.
So Jin-ju,
smile and live happily.
I should go.
(Jin-ju's favorite song)
Hi, Mi-jin.
My flight?
It's next week.
I'll stop by Seoul before.
I'm sleeping over.
You told me to visit.
(Dear Jin-ju.
I loved seeing you on my vacation)
(Dear Jin-ju.
I loved seeing you on my vacation)
(Live a fun, happy life till 100)
(Thank you for being my daughter)
(Even if I forget you later,)
(please come and find me)
(Directed by Yook Sang-hyo)