Our Son (2023) Movie Script

[indistinct chatter]
All right, shh. Everybody, shh.
You guys ready?
1, 2, 3, 4!
Excuse me. Sorry I'm late.
You were so good.
O, we're very proud of you.
Yeah. I was nervous at first,
but then I just had fun.
Good! That's the whole point.
What's with the plant?
I'm supposed to take care of it.
By "I," I hope
that doesn't mean papa or me.
[slow piano music in background]
-You like?
-OWEN: Thanks, papa!
Let's play with it after
dinner, okay?
But I wanna play with it now.
After dinner.
Go wash your hands, please.
[slow piano music in background]
Why did he get a present?
Because he worked hard
on that performance.
Well, it's part of school.
He should work hard.
Okay, Nurse Ratched.
[clears throat]
We got Judy Klein.
Judy Klein, the author I've been
trying to sign for months.
Oh, that was today?
I told you this morning.
We'll speak to her agent.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Anyway, we'll do the latest book
in her series, which means
we can go somewhere special
for Christmas.
Disney World?
We'll see.
"'Thank you, Pooh,'
answered Eeyore.
'You're a real friend,' said he.
'Not like some," he said.
So, Winnie the Pooh
went off to find Eeyore's tail."
Night, kiddo.
Night, daddy.
Why do some animals have tails?
[clicks tongue]
Hmm, that's a good question.
[grunts softly]
Sometimes, I feel like
you don't appreciate my work.
I mean, I know his recital
was a big deal,
but landing this author
is huge for me, for us.
You know what? You're right.
I'm sorry.
I was just busy
getting him ready.
I'm proud of you.
You are?
Of course, I am.
I'm always proud of you.
Their dance was really good.
Well, they were happy with it.
-So, that's all that matters.
-GABRIEL: Night, baby.
-NICKY: Goodnight.
[thunder rumbling]
[Owen sniffles]
Hey, sweetie. What's the matter?
You have a bad dream?
Come on.
We talked about this.
It's okay.
[indistinct chatter]
What do you do
while I'm at school?
Well, today, I'm going to yoga.
And then I have to go
grocery shopping.
You're always shopping.
Well, that's because you
and daddy are always eating.
All right. Now, remember,
Isabella's coming today.
-Isabella's coming?
-Have a good day at school.
I'll see you later, sweetie.
-Morning, Owen.
-OWEN: Sup?
Morning, Hazel. Morning, Luca.
Have a great day.
[party music]
That was the guy who fell down
on the steps at the Eagle.
So, did you make breakfast
in bed for him this morning?
God, no.
I made him breakfast,
like always.
What can I say?
He does a better breakfast.
Matthew. Is it love?
[guests chuckle]
Let's not interrogate
our guests.
Matthew will gush
when he's ready.
Matthew told us nothing.
How'd you two meet?
Uh, Housing Works benefits.
Nicky was supposed to go
with me, but he canceled.
And aren't you glad I did?
-NICKY: Mm-hmm
[guests chuckle]
I couldn't take my eyes
off of him.
I was borderline creepy.
[guests laugh]
Well, one man's creepy stalker
is another man's future husband.
-IAN: Mm-hmm.
-That's so beautiful.
[guests laugh]
I think it's really beautiful.
Well, I still remember
the night we first met.
Don't look at me.
That was the night I discovered
the gin martini.
[guests laugh]
-Best night of my life.
-CLAIRE: Happy birthday.
-IAN: Thank you.
Oh, I told you, "No gift."
I know. Hi.
-CLAIRE: Sorry, sorry, hi.
Someone lost track of time
at the studio again.
-CLAIRE: Oh, yes.
It's just a portrait,
but it is money.
All right, let's eat.
I'm starving.
Okay, we were just waiting
for everyone to get here,
Sorry, I'm cranky.
I haven't been sleeping
very well.
Owen's coming
into our bed again.
Oh. Is he anxious?
Uh, he gets scared sometimes.
All the books say that happens.
Poor little guy.
He's not gonna learn to sleep
on his own if you just keep
letting him into our bed.
He needs our comfort right now.
He's 8!
I mean, don't you guys think
he's a little old
to be sleeping with his parents?
Well, I mean I--
So, I hate to steal
your thunder.
We're pregnant.
-JASON: What?
-Oh, my God.
That's amazing!
I knew it. I knew it.
It's a girl.
But please no reaction to that.
We're trying to keep it
gender neutral for--
-JASON: Okay.
-MATTHEW: Of course.
Brava, brava.
Well, forget
that it's my birthday.
[mimics crying] Old man.
We'll never forget about you.
Hey. How did your night go?
Oh, he was great. Very excited.
So, I only got him to close
his eyes like 20 minutes ago.
-It's okay.
He was very excited to see you.
-Thank you, Isabella.
-ISABELLA: Of course.
-I'll see you soon, okay?
-GABRIEL: All right.
-[clears throat]
All right, your car is booked.
It's five minutes away.
Oh, thank you.
How was your date
the other night?
Uh, did I have a date?
Oh, my God.
It was that bad?
He's just--
Um, he's just not for me.
But maybe no one is right now.
I'm focusing on school, so...
Good for you.
Men can wait.
-NICKY: Right? Yeah.
[clicks tongue]
Um, why are you awake, mister?
It's inappropriate, right?
Yes, it is.
Did you have fun with Isabella?
Yeah. We watched Toy Story 2
and made popcorn
with candy in it.
Candy in it?
Isabella has the eating habits
of your dad.
So, guess what?
Claire and Judith
are having a baby.
-It's super cool.
-I know.
I'm really happy for them.
You brushed and pottied
before bed, right?
Am I looking middle-aged?
Okay, don't answer.
What do you want me to say?
I want you to lie.
You know,
whenever we come home,
I go right in to check on him.
You never do.
Yes, I do.
No, you don't.
You look very,
very Butterfield standing there.
I really hate it when you argue
with me in front of our friends.
It made everybody
so uncomfortable.
Is that what this is about?
I have work in the morning.
I met somebody.
Someone I think
I have feelings for.
What? Who?
You don't know him.
Are you kidding? Is this a joke?
We decided that we weren't
gonna be open for a while,
that we would focus
on each other.
We decided that with Bruce.
I know.
And when we did decide
to be open,
we would discuss before we act.
Nothing impulsive.
And that we would make
each other a part of it.
I know.
When did you meet him?
A few weeks ago.
Who is he?
His name is Will.
-What does he look like?
-I'm not giving you my phone.
What does it matter?
Where'd you meet him?
That club. Whatever it's called.
You know, the night
we all went out dancing.
Was I there?
You had Owen's strep.
[scoffs softly]
That was like six weeks ago.
I wanted to tell you.
I didn't know how.
I'm confused.
Confused about what?
[scoffs softly]
I'm sorry.
[gasps, moans]
[water running]
[light music in background]
I told Nicky about you.
Told him what?
That I have a little crush
on you.
You know, we've never even
had a drink or anything, right?
So, let's have a drink.
I thought we were cool
just hanging out.
Well, yeah. Yeah, we are.
We are.
You're great.
And sexy, and everything.
And I love the sex.
But I never forget
that you're married.
So I can't go to any kind
of emotional place with you,
because you're not free.
Okay, yes.
I'm not free-free, but...
[Will sighs]
I'm not happy in my marriage.
I haven't been happy in a while.
Okay, let's...
[grunts softly]
Let's just forget
I said anything, okay?
Yeah. But you did say something.
And you can't unsay
that kind of shit.
[birds chirping in distance]
[keyboard clicking]
[door opens]
[Gabriel grunts softly]
Where were you?
Hey, I was just out.
I went to yoga.
Hey, dear.
Didn't know
it was gonna be so hot today.
You should have asked daddy.
He always knows the weather.
Yes, he does.
I'm gonna go take a shower.
Where have you been?
I've been texting you.
I called Claire.
I'm gonna stay with them
for a couple of days.
What? Why?
I don't know.
I just-- I need time to think.
Think about what?
You're the one that's been
cheating on our marriage.
Not anymore. That's over.
He ended it.
So, you want me to console
you now?
I wish you'd go stay
at Matthew's.
I don't wanna leave Owen.
-But you'd never do that for me.
-Why would I do that?
This is your temper tantrum.
'Cause you're being dismissive,
like you always are.
Like you are with Owen
whenever he has a feeling!
I have been alone with Owen
all afternoon!
Good for you, Nick!
You're father of the year.
You're my husband.
You can't just leave.
[slow sad music]
[foot falling]
[Owen sniffling]
Hey, boo-boo.
Are you hiding?
I'm sorry you had to hear that.
Why do you do that?
I hate it when you fight.
I know.
When you live with somebody
for a long time,
they get on your nerves.
So, I'm gonna go stay
at Claire and Judith's tonight.
Can I come with you?
You have school tomorrow.
Daddy's gonna take you
to school.
And then I'll pick you up
as usual. Okay?
I love you so much.
[kisses, sighs]
[sniffles, smooches]
[sobs softly]
[alaram beeping]
Owen, it's time to get up.
Come on. It's-- it's past 7:00.
Come on.
What do you wanna wear?
It's gonna be chilly.
This is cute.
I hate that shirt.
I saw you wear this shirt
the other day.
All right.
Get dressed. I mean it.
What do you want for breakfast?
Uh, Pop-Tarts.
Papa lets me.
No, he doesn't.
And if he did,
there'd be Pop-Tarts here.
Oh. You're being mean.
I want papa.
Yeah. Well, he's not here,
is he?
[birds chirping in distance]
River? Rylan?
Ooh, what about Shiloh?
What is that like,
Gaelic or something?
Uh, I think so.
What's wrong
with a traditional name?
Like Sheila.
[Claire scoffs]
Sheila? Yeah, Sheila.
I like Ara.
[indistinct chatter]
Morning, Eli.
Love the tie. Love the tie.
Come here.
Can you not pout all day?
This is not my fault, you know?
Have a good day.
Morning, Owen. Everything okay?
Morning. Good morning.
[sighs softly]
That's great, Flora.
[indistinct chatter]
Bye, Owen!
Hey, O! How was your day?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Well, I missed you, buddy.
What about this one, honey?
It's too hard.
You haven't even tried it.
Come on, let's do it.
You got it.
Daddy, I'm starving.
Really? Well, me, too.
[grunts softly]
Well, I got dinner.
Food's still hot.
So, let's eat.
Go wash your hands.
Go wash your hands, baby.
Are you staying?
Got your favorite.
Um, I say a lion. No, tiger.
A great white shark?
No. Do you give up?
-OWEN: Mosquito.
are the most dangerous animal
in the world.
-They kill the most people.
They're the most dangerous
because they carry around
so many diseases
that will kill you right away.
After that,
there's the box jellyfish.
If you're swimming,
and it stings you,
you'll be paralyzed and drown.
Where did you learn all of this?
Sit up, and move closer.
Sometimes, when I play with Eli,
he wants to be the princess
and I'm the prince.
Oh, that's okay.
Your daddy always
wanted to be the princess, too.
Who doesn't wanna be Cinderella?
She has all the fun.
[water running]
So, he's totally out.
All through dinner,
I just kept wanting him
to go to bed,
so we could be alone.
This little guessing game
was torture.
I know I've gotten lazy
with our marriage.
I rely on you
to look after Owen,
and I know that it makes you
feel like a single parent.
But I have been listening.
I'm gonna do better.
I'm gonna be better.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
I'll do whatever
you want me to do.
Let's go to London
for a long weekend
if it's just the two of us--
It's not just the two of us,
Gabriel, I love you.
I know. I love you, too, baby.
[sobs softly]
I don't think
that's good enough anymore.
[clicks tongue]
I just... [sighs]
I feel like this thing
with Will...
...forced me to deal with me
and to deal with what's going on
between us.
What do you mean?
I've spoken
to a divorce attorney.
You want a divorce?
We go back to Bruce, right?
You're not listening.
I don't wanna go back
to therapy. I can't.
Therapy is not working.
We both know that.
So, you wanna throw away
13 years together?
Think about Owen.
I am thinking about Owen.
He's all I think about.
Then why are you doing this?
You don't get it.
You don't get how lonely
I've been.
I wanted a family.
I got Owen.
But I didn't get a family.
You two are the most important
people in my life.
I don't feel
like we're partners in this.
I haven't for a long time
since Owen was born.
I just can't wait for you
to catch up anymore.
[Gabriel sniffles]
I'm sorry.
He's gonna freak out
if he wakes up
and you're not here again.
[slow sad music]
[thunder rumbling]
Hey, baby. Wake up.
[Owen groans softly]
Time to go to school.
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[indistinct chatter]
[door closes]
Were you excited
when I was born?
Of course, I was.
It was the best day of my life.
Tell me the story.
Oh. Well, you've heard
this story a hundred times.
Yeah, but I like it.
Then Auntie Adele
gave us her egg,
and the doctor
put it inside of Penny.
And Penny ate
all your favorite foods,
like chocolate chunk cookies
and celery, and chicken.
Pretty soon, you were you.
And then we got a telephone call
saying it was time.
We left our hotel
in Philadelphia,
and hopped in a cab,
and went to the hospital.
And that's when you were born.
And then they brought you
into the room with us.
And I watched you sleep.
And the nurse put a little
yellow blanket over your legs.
And I watched you...
kick it off.
[indistinct chatter
in background]
[water splashing]
Do you remember how cute
he was when we first met?
Yeah. I remember you called me
right away
to say you'd met
a very handsome actor.
And I managed to say, "Great"
and "Uh-oh" at the same time.
Does this look okay?
I wanna look nice
for Kevin's sister.
That's sweet.
She's in town for work.
It's not like an official
meet-the-family thing.
He's just really easy
to spend time with.
I really like him a lot.
Good. I'm happy for you.
I'll probably fuck it up.
Thank you.
[chuckles softly]
Why am I so shit
at relationships?
You're not shit
at relationships.
You and I didn't work out.
Well, you and I were 23
and newly out
living in the city.
We were like kids
in a candy store.
When Owen was born,
Gabriel fell in love with him.
And you fell by the wayside.
If it hadn't been so sweet,
it would have been tragic.
And now, it is tragic.
Oh, my God.
Why do you always do that?
What? I thought you wanted me
to be honest.
No. Actually, I don't.
[birds chirping in distance]
Arms, please.
Go wait by the door.
Nicky, listen.
I know you haven't found
an attorney.
Or my attorney would have heard
from them by now.
I've been busy.
Yeah. Well, he's a smart kid,
and he knows something's up.
It's not fair to him.
[keys clinging]
[gym music]
I'm curious, is either of you
Owen's biological father?
Yeah, I am.
My friend from college, Adele,
she's the egg donor.
And is she a part
of Owen's life?
Owen loves Adele.
But we've always been clear.
She's his egg donor.
She lives in London.
We see her a few times a year.
So, you used a surrogate?
Yes, through an agency.
Her name's Penny,
and she lives in Philadelphia.
And were you married
at the time of Owen's birth?
We got married as soon
as it became legal in New York.
So, Gabriel was spared
the hassle
of second-parent adoption.
My wife and I had to jump
through so many hoops. God.
How long have you and your wife
been together?
Almost 20 years.
Does it show?
[Nicky laughs]
And where'd you meet?
We met in a poetry class
in college.
-PAM: Yeah.
Oh, it was just, ugh,
this professor.
And then we didn't see
each other for years.
And one day, I just bumped
into her at the Angelika.
I'd watched this movie
that was truly, deeply awful.
You know, the kind of movie
where when the credits
are rolling,
you're just staring at her
-as she's thinking about death?
-Oh, yeah.
So, there I was, I was deep in,
and I looked up,
and she was just standing
in the aisle,
looking at me,
shaking her head and laughing.
And that's kind of been
our dynamic ever since, so...
Have you given any thought
to custody?
I've actively been trying
not to think about it.
Most judges these days
favor a 50-50 split.
-PAM: Uh, before you say that,
let me point out that 50 percent
is more time than you think.
If you work,
it's probably a lot more time
than you usually spend with him
during the week.
Uh, well, I guess
the truth is...
[clears throat]
...I didn't want this at all.
And uh, I'm just wondering
if there's anything I can do.
I mean, he filed for divorce,
so we have to respond.
[scoffs softly]
[indistinct chatter
in background]
Come on!
Ah, ah, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!
Ooh, look at that!
You're doing good, buddy.
When are we having ice cream?
I'm tired.
Don't be such a drama queen.
You said I could have ice cream!
Ugh! Come on!
We're having such a nice day
We're done? That's it?
That's all I get?
What's the matter?
Are you leaving again?
Are you?
So, how's London?
I'm not in London. I'm in Rome.
[Nicky chuckles]
I wanted to work in finance.
So, this is my life.
When are you moving back here?
I miss you.
I miss you, too. So much.
When things die down here,
and I'm not traveling
I will come and give you a hug
in person.
[Adele sighs]
I'm so sorry, sweetie.
I thought he and I
were gonna grow old
and die together.
Is it crazy?
No, it's not crazy.
You're a romantic.
I'm so proud of you.
You're one of the best people
I know
among a lot of little shits.
Speaking of, how's Joaquim?
Are you still seeing him?
[Adele sighs]
I travel too much.
He never sees me.
I thought
that was the positive part
of the relationship.
Apparently, I was wrong.
Well, you know,
one day, you'll meet
your Prince Charming,
and then he will divorce you.
Oh, my God.
You did this amazing thing
for us.
I'm sorry I fucked it up.
Sweetie, we have Owen.
You give him a big kiss for me?
I absolutely will.
Love you. Come home, please.
I love you, too.
[door opens]
[car dings]
[door opens and close]
[foot falling]
[grunts softly, sighs]
Hey, you hungry?
There's uh, some pasta left.
When I proposed to you,
remember that?
I got down on one knee.
You looked at me,
and I could see the love
in your eyes.
Nick. Please.
I want you to look at me
the same way again.
I told Owen.
He knew something was up.
So, I had to tell him.
We were supposed to tell him
When? You're never here.
He asked. I do not lie to him.
You don't lie to him
when it's convenient,
but when you wanna go fuck Will,
you tell him you went for a run.
Okay. I tell him the truth
about appropriate things.
I treat him like a person.
-And I don't?
You don't have a relationship
with him.
Because you don't give me
the space.
That's bullshit!
You don't have
to be given space.
You just take it!
He's your son! Oh, God!
Oh, God.
We have got to talk
about custody.
Why are you doing this?
You're destroying everything
that we built together.
I don't love you anymore.
You're so fucking selfish.
You've been using me
this whole time.
-Using you?
-NICKY: Yeah. For this home.
For stability.
I am the one
that made this place a home.
And I'm the one who worked
my ass off to buy this home.
And I'll probably have to sell
it to pay for this divorce.
I've wasted 13 years
of my life on you.
We have a son together!
I ruined your perfect life.
I messed up your perfect house,
your perfect job.
It's all a distraction, Nicky.
Your life
is a fucking distraction.
-I need you to go.
-GABRIEL: Oh, yeah.
You can trust
I will be out of here
as soon as I can find
an apartment.
No. You go now.
Get the fuck out.
Are you serious?
You heard me.
I paid for this place.
I don't want you here anymore.
[breathes shakily]
[birds chirping in distance]
[indistinct chatter
in background]
[typing on keyboard]
[telephone ringing in distance]
-How are you?
-MATTHEW: I'm good.
Thank you for seeing me.
Well, of course, of course.
It's great to see you.
Every time I come to this place,
it just breaks my heart.
These kids.
I've been working with
homeless youth for 10 years now.
It's the reason I scream
into my pillow every night.
Well, maybe not every night,
but most of 'em.
So, how are you?
I'm looking for a job.
Um, and since you're you...
-MATTHEW: Uh-huh.
-...I figured you might know
of some opening somewhere,
or maybe even something here.
So, there's a gap there, um,
since I stopped acting
in the studio to take care
of Owen.
But I'm-- I'm more
than a stay-at-home dad.
-You know that.
I-- I-- I'm really active
at Owen's school,
and I'm a part of the PTA.
[chuckles awkwardly]
I need to do something
that I believe in.
And I believe in this place
and the work you do here.
It isn't easy work.
People become embittered
pretty quickly.
I really understand these kids.
I would really be good for them.
Let me talk to Nicky first.
I love you both, obviously.
I just-- I don't wanna get
caught in the middle.
Of course. Of course.
Thank you.
[indistinct chatter
in background]
Our task here is twofold.
Equitable distribution
of your finances
and a workable, mutually agreed
upon custody arrangement
that puts as little strain
on Owen as possible.
It's my understanding
that as to legal custody,
you both agree to jointly make
all medical, educational,
and religious decisions.
Is that right?
Okay. Good.
So, then physical custody.
The court often prefers
that a child
have one primary residence.
They think it's more stable,
and um, we agree.
That is not always the case.
Well, still we want to work
to avoid, you know,
"Where's my backpack?"
You know, "Where's my homework
for tomorrow?
Oh, it's at papa's house,
but I'm at daddy's."
I'm a little taken aback,
Are you saying Gabriel
wants primary physical?
Nicky and I came here assuming
we'd be talking about something
closer to a 50-50 arrangement,
like a 5-2-2-5.
Gabriel has been Owen's primary
stay-at-home caregiver
for the past eight years.
Now, we believe that Owen
will feel more secure
if Gabriel continues
to pick him up from school
and take care of him
in the evenings.
Now, we have some ideas
about visitation plans
for Nicky.
No fucking way.
Are you crazy?
I thought you'd be okay
with this,
I already take care of Owen,
like, 90 percent of the time.
You mean I don't love Owen
as much as you love him.
That is not...
You think
that I'll just give him to you.
Why haven't you mentioned
this before?
I tried.
I asked you like a hundred times
to talk about custody
and you wouldn't.
I found an apartment.
It's close to school,
and the rent is reasonable.
And how are you gonna pay
for that?
I'm gonna get a job
while Owen's in school.
While Owen is in school.
So, a part-time job.
I don't know yet, Nicky.
If I have physical custody,
this will be a lot easier.
So, now, you want
primary custody?
Yeah. Why not?
Because that means
you'll just push him off
onto Isabella.
And I would rather raise
my own son
than have the babysitter do it!
If I may, Gabriel sacrificed
his career as an actor
to raise Owen.
I think it's only fair.
Well, it is my understanding
that to sacrifice a career,
you need a career
to sacrifice in the first place.
He was doing summer stock
upstate. Come on.
And there you have it.
He's my child!
I mean,
he is my biological child.
He's just as much my child
as he is yours.
Gabriel is right.
The law in this state considers
both of you
to be Owen's parents.
It doesn't matter that Gabriel
isn't biologically related
to Owen.
We talked about that.
Look at me.
I was with Owen
when he was an idea.
When he was a seedling.
When he was born.
Every day.
Every step of the way.
I... I... I attended to him.
And now, suddenly,
you're ready to parent.
Well, it's too late.
And the reality is,
you just want him,
because you don't want me
to have him.
I am not visiting my son
for the rest of my life.
Maybe we table this
and move onto other matters.
Yeah. That's a very good idea.
You-- you always love
to imagine
it's you and Owen against me.
I won't give him to you.
I won't.
Owen wants to live with me.
And how do you know that?
It doesn't matter
how or if he knows it.
Owen is too young
to decide for himself.
He told me.
Give us a second.
[indistinct chatter
in background]
[door closes]
How do people do this?
He was sitting across from me
saying that shit?
Nicky, you have to remember,
everything is up
for negotiation.
They bring up a request,
and we discuss it.
-I'd rather go to court.
-PAM: No, no, no, no, no.
That custody offer
is a bit much.
But-- but we talked about this.
You don't wanna spend days
on the stand
testifying about all the bad
parenting Gabriel did.
And then listen
to Gabriel testify
about all the bad things
you did.
In the end, after all of that,
you don't even know
how the judge is gonna decide.
[soft music]
[water dropping]
[Owen grunts softly]
We're out of milk.
There's nothing here anymore.
You need to shop.
I'll make you some toast.
[indistinct chatter]
We've had several
of these sessions
with our attorneys.
It's costing me a fortune.
Gabriel's being stubborn.
He's not backing down.
It's not like
you would never see him.
It would just be less.
You'd have more time
for yourself.
I don't need any more time
to myself.
Having custody
will be a lot of work.
A lot of work.
And you're not used to it.
You have to feed him,
and do, I don't know,
parent-y things.
I'm a parent.
I do parent-y things
all the time.
We know.
We just wanna make sure
you know what you're doing.
But none of you are parents.
I may not be a parent,
but I had parents.
God bless those motherfuckers.
You blessing them
is maybe a little much.
Could you imagine
if we had been parents?
[scoffs softly]
Our lives
would be totally different.
I can't imagine being a father.
I mean,
I really have no interest.
Thank God.
I'm happy
we have the option now,
but it's never been for me.
Well, naturally.
And you learned that
from your own father,
who had no interest
in raising children.
-JASON: It's true.
-IAN: Mm-hmm.
My father stayed at the office
as late as he could.
My mother was sure
he was having an affair,
which would have been preferable
to his not wanting to be home
with his family.
When I came out,
my father didn't look me
in the eye for a year.
I never even came out
to my father.
Yes, but it was understood.
I didn't have to, I guess,
but that wall between us
never really came down.
My father, until the day
he died, called me "Matt".
He knew I hated it, but still.
I wish I never had to come out
to my dad.
It was so awkward.
We both knew
what I was gonna say,
and neither of us
wanted to talk about it.
[Nicky sighs]
Gabriel came to see me.
The other day.
He's looking for work.
You didn't help him, did you?
Well, I told him I needed
to check with you first.
Don't help him.
Nicky, he hasn't had a job
in eight years.
How is he supposed to get work?
That was his choice.
It was really hard for him
to come and see me.
Nobody wins if he's destitute.
[door sliding]
Sweetie, this is hard for us,
We love you.
And Gabriel. And Owen.
I know everybody thinks
that Gabriel
is the better parent.
Just because Gabriel cuts
the crusts off
Owen's peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches
and irons his underwear,
doesn't mean
he's a better parent.
Isn't that the definition
of one?
Oh, please.
Everyone looks ambivalent
compared to Gabriel.
This is a huge decision.
You have to be sure
this is what you wanna do.
So, I told my last client
I was coming here,
and she was all like,
"What's the race of the father?"
Girl, no. What did you say?
I'm a social worker.
I diffused the situation
with subtle, dry humor.
I said, "The first thing you do
is forget that I'm Black.
Second, you must never forget
that I'm Black.
Hey. This is gonna be
a little cold.
Did you make that up?
Hmm. Oh, no.
It's a quote from a poem.
You sure you want me
in the room?
I-- I can wait outside.
My wife is home
with a temperature of 101.
I may appear
to be handling things,
but I'm scared.
So, no, you're saying.
Okay. Okay, I got you.
[exhales deeply]
Hi there, Sheila or Kayla
or Tree Park
or whatever your name is.
[phone ringing]
Oh. Let me get this.
I'll be back.
[indistinct chatter
in background]
[phone vibrating]
Hey, Gabriel.
Hey, Lorenzo. What's up?
Nicky filed for a judge.
[indistinct chatter]
What the hell, Nicky?
-You're taking me to court?
Why are you doing this?
Because you're being
You think this is what it means
to be a father?
Acting all tough and fighting?
Owen, now!
What do you think
you're teaching him?
I'm teaching him
how to be an adult,
you don't have a clue about.
Go, get your backpack, buddy.
We're going home.
He's 8, you asshole.
I can't even talk to you
Good. There's nothing to say.
Come on, buddy. Let's go.
[door opens]
What's that?
Claire and Judith's baby.
Hey, you wanna come
play video game?
I'm not allowed to
until after homework.
That was papa's rule.
Come on.
I wanna show you something.
[foot falling]
You know how to play with it?
Yeah, everybody does.
[soft music]
This is your room.
You like it?
Clare and I are painting it
for you.
You guys painted this?
This is so cool!
"Christopher Robin was sitting
outside his door,
putting on his big boots.
As soon as he saw
the big boots,
he knew that an adventure
was going to happen,
and he brushed the honey
off his nose
with the back of his paw.
And spruced himself
up as well."
[speaking indistinctly]
[door opens]
-You're here!
What did you bring?
Oh, just some desserts
and things.
Yummy! Look at you!
You have grown a foot
since I've seen you. Oh!
Hey, you.
How was the drive?
Was there much traffic?
Yeah. It wasn't too bad.
-Hey, sis.
-NICKY: Hey, Max.
-MAX: How are you doing?
-NICKY: How you doing, buddy?
-MAX: Good.
-NICKY: Hey, Soph.
Dig in, everybody.
This looks great, mom.
Yeah, thanks, mom.
Where's Uncle Gabriel?
Uh, well, papa isn't here,
because daddy and him
are being divorced.
What'd you say?
I wanted to tell you all
in person,
and just say it all at once
and be done with it.
What happened?
Maybe not here.
Damn, Uncle Nicky.
I'm really sorry.
Thanks, Max.
It must be hard fighting
for the right to marry
and then just ending up
in a divorce court
like everyone else.
Max, shut up!
-NICKY: It's okay.
Do you have a lawyer?
[water running]
I want you to talk
to your father about church.
Oh. Don't start with me about
Oh, I'm not talking about you.
You're a lost cause.
But your father used to go
with me twice a week.
And now, he doesn't go at all.
He just stays at home
watching the news.
It's not healthy.
Mom, dad worked for 40 years.
Just let him relax
and enjoy his retirement.
But that's just the thing.
He doesn't seem to
be enjoying it.
You haven't said anything
about me and Gabriel.
I assume you both know
what you're doing.
I'm just worried about Owen.
Divorce is a terrible thing.
[Nicky sighs]
Forget I said anything.
Don't get snippy.
So, talk to us. What happened?
This is a complete shock.
You guys seemed perfect.
He doesn't love me anymore.
I was a major disappointment.
[Alexandra sighs]
Is he seeing somebody else?
Are you?
No. No, it's nothing like that.
Then what?
Somehow, having Owen shows up
all my flaws as a human being.
What flaws? What are you
even talking about?
Oh, God, men suck.
How long have you been together?
14 years?
He's moving into his own place
this weekend.
I just didn't want Owen
to be there.
Poor little guy. How's he doing?
I think he's confused.
Sad maybe. I don't know.
How are Sophie and Max?
Sophie's doing okay.
Um, Max is going through
a big resentment phase.
Well, that's the most
I've heard him say in a month.
Both of us are divorced.
What's wrong with us?
You know exactly
what's wrong with us.
[sighs, chuckles]
Poor mom.
Gay son, divorced daughter.
-Gay, divorced son.
-Oh, shut up.
this is supposed to be for you.
No hands! No hands!
Okay. Just the knees.
You used this hand.
That's not against the rules.
That's amazing.
Mom's worried about you.
She thinks you're depressed.
Don't listen to her.
She wants you to get out
of the house more.
We see our friends.
I miss working.
Yeah. I get that.
Do you have the money for this?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Because your mother's been
spending a lot lately.
Have you two really tried?
Yeah. Yeah, we tried.
Of course, we've tried.
[children screaming, giggling]
We're going to court over Owen.
You are?
Gabriel wants custody.
But he's yours.
He's both of ours.
You've got the resources.
You can get help.
Yeah, it's--
it's not about that.
Are you afraid
you're gonna lose him?
I don't see how you can.
I'm afraid I'm gonna win.
When you told me you were gay,
I know it sounds selfish,
but I thought that meant
you wouldn't give us
a grandchild.
That was really hard for me.
I had to mourn that.
But then you had Owen.
Oh! Score!
[Owen giggling]
You're always surprising me.
You're a good father.
You didn't take
your nighttimes.
[indistinct chatter
in background]
Nick says they're going to court
over custody.
But he's your son.
He's both of theirs.
We already see Owen
so infrequently.
You'll still see him,
no matter what happens.
We're so sorry, sweetheart.
[sobs softly]
There's more cake
if you want some.
[scoffs softly]
Can Max and Sophie sleep over?
-Go ask Aunt Alex.
-OWEN: Okay.
Aunt Alex,
can Max and Sophie sleep over?
Thank you for being here.
I couldn't do this without you.
Of course,
Dad didn't come with you.
You knew your father
didn't like to travel.
He loves you very much.
How is that being manifested?
[clears throat]
You remember the things
he used to say to me?
That was years ago.
You hold on to things too much.
He had the nerve to ask me
who was the mother
and who was the father.
I said, "Daddy,
it doesn't work like that."
Oh, I guess I should be happy
he didn't ask me
who was the man and who was the
woman during sex.
He asked me that.
What? No!
And what did you say?
I told him it depended
on the day of the week.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna kill you!
[both laugh]
What could I say to that?
Come on!
Thank you.
He was obsessed with Owen
not being breastfed.
Owen had breast milk.
Dad was at the house once
when it arrived.
You are the most nurturing,
attentive father I know.
Is this fighting
worth the trouble?
Of course, it is.
[soft music]
I love Owen more than anything.
When you went away to Carnegie,
you know it was hard on me.
I worried.
I knew life wouldn't be easy
for you.
But part of loving a child
is letting the child go.
This is about time, right?
The time that he and I
get to spend together.
And yet he's with Nicky
this weekend
and you're not on the floor,
I know you wanna control
But do you want to deprive Owen
of his other father,
so you can see him all the time?
[sobs, sniffles]
And when he blames you
for keeping him from his daddy?
I don't trust him.
I don't--
I don't trust that he knows
how to take care of Owen
in the way that he needs.
You barely talk
to your own father,
because you resent him.
He's not someone who wears
his feelings on his sleeve.
And what if you're recreating
the same scenario with Nicky?
It's like you want him
to be the way your father is.
We have an unemancipated child
Where do we stand in terms
of custody?
That's right, Your Honor.
We're in agreement
on decision-making.
However, with respect to access,
my client is seeking
primary physical custody
of the child, Owen.
How about you, Ms. Allen?
Your Honor, we believe
it would be better for Owen,
for my client,
to have primary
physical custody.
Mr. Thompson is able to provide
a more stable,
resource-rich home environment
for the child.
Ah, of course,
which means he has more money.
What do you do for work, sir?
I'm a book publisher.
And you believe you'll be able
to give your son
the time that he needs.
I have a babysitter
who will help me
take care of him.
They're very close.
She's been with us for years.
What type of work
do you do, sir?
I am a-- a stay-at-home father,
and I uh,
am looking for a job now.
Your Honor,
my client is seeking a job
with flexible hours
so he can spend
as much time with Owen
as possible without the need
for daycare.
In the meantime, we're asking
for alimony and child support.
Your Honor,
my client has a senior position.
He can be much more flexible
with his time.
I would like to hear
from the parties.
Sir, can you tell me
why you think it would be best
for little Owen to spend
most of his time with you?
I didn't want this divorce,
Your Honor.
My husband forced it upon me.
He chose to end our family
and put our son
at emotional
and psychological risk.
He says he's the perfect parent,
but he's had affairs
outside the marriage.
Ms. Allen, are there any issues
I need to be aware of
in terms of custody?
No, Your Honor.
So why can't you share custody
Nicky's right.
I did choose
to leave our marriage,
if choose is the right word.
It was the hardest decision
I've ever made.
When Owen was born,
I fell in love.
Being a father has changed me.
Nicky never changed.
I was focused
on supporting my family.
I'm not saying that Owen
doesn't need Nicky.
I'm just saying
he needs me more.
I know I'm not perfect,
but I love Owen.
I can provide for my son
in the manner
to which he has become
I can take care of him.
But with your work schedule,
even if you have some
you're kidding yourself to think
that you'll have enough time
to raise your son.
And your case is dependent
on the idea
that you'll get a job
with flexible hours.
You do have a claim to alimony,
but I'm telling you right now,
it won't be for very much
and it won't last long.
You're grown men.
I know you don't wanna mess up
your son.
You need to put his needs
above your own
and come to an agreement.
So, let's reconvene
in about a month.
And I'm really hoping
that by then,
you will have worked this out.
[sighs softly]
[soft music]
[Owen sobs, sniffles]
Hey, buddy.
I found your plant
in the garbage.
Isn't this a school project?
Why'd you throw it away?
It's dumb.
Well, I think
we should put it in your room.
You can keep an eye on it.
I'll help you take care of it.
You wanna sleep in my bed?
There we go.
[Nicky sighs]
I can't face work today.
What do you say we skip work...
and do something fun?
I don't go to work.
I go to school.
I'm serious.
Will I get in trouble?
I'll call 'em.
Can Isabella come?
[indistinct chatter]
[crowd screaming]
[joyful music]
Hey, thanks for coming.
I know it was last minute.
Oh, it's no problem.
I love Owen.
I think he has a little crush
on you.
Oh. [chuckles]
Really? [chuckles softly]
Did you ever think
about having another one?
The plan was always to have two.
One from me, one from Gabriel.
Gabriel lost his.
She miscarried.
I'm so sorry.
I can't imagine
going through that.
He was too afraid to try again.
So, we switched to me.
And when Owen was born,
he just--
he seemed like more than enough
for us.
What if you meet someone else?
Why? Do you have anyone in mind?
Oh, it's almost 3:00.
Isabella has to go to class.
[soft music]
[grunts softly]
What have you got?
-ISABELLA: What is that?
-Whoa, that one's so cool!
Okay, say goodbye to Isabella.
All right. This was fun.
Thank you for thinking of me.
Thanks, hon.
-I'll see you later.
-See you later.
Let's have a look.
Oh, this is nice.
Oh. That's a cool one.
Do you think mermaids
and mermen exist?
I don't know, buddy.
What do you think?
Papa says they're real.
And they're sad when people
don't believe in them.
[waves crashing in background]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, buddy. How was it?
Hey, papa.
I missed you.
I missed you, too. Bye, daddy.
Bye, buddy. Be good.
What's for dinner?
Your favorite.
[indistinct chatter]
I'm gonna get ya!
[exclaims, laughs]
[phone ringing]
Hey, Nicky.
Hey. Let me get this out.
Are-- are you all right?
What happened?
I... I can't.
The truth is,
Gabriel is the better parent.
What he's been saying is right.
He's been present, and patient,
and good with him,
and I haven't.
I think you should sleep
on this.
Don't make any rash decisions.
Owen needs Gabriel
as his home base.
You're sure?
I'm not sure
of anything anymore.
[Nicky sobs, sniffles]
It's brave, what you're doing.
You know? It is.
I'm sorry to call you.
See you in the morning.
[door closes]
[phone ringing]
Hey, Gabriel. Good news.
He's dropping the case.
[Gabriel sighs]
[indistinct chatter]
[sobs, sniffles]
[party music]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, vodka soda, please.
Taking it all in?
Yeah. I like your eye makeup.
Oh, thank you.
My friend did it.
He's some place around here.
I don't-- I haven't seen him.
It took him forever.
So, we got here a little late.
Better late than never.
Is that the best you got?
You're difficult.
Nothing with me is easy.
Do you usually have your nails
painted like that?
When I'm going out.
Yeah. [clears throat]
I wish I'd done things like that
when I was your age.
Oh, really?
What's my age?
I guess you've done this
a few times.
What's your name?
-NICKY: Solo.
Like Han Solo, sans the Han.
[both laugh]
What's yours?
-Uh, Nicky.
So, is Solo your real name?
Oh, okay.
-What do you think?
-Dig it.
Can I get you a beer
or something?
I love this photograph.
Is that the old
West Side Piers?
Yeah, it is.
My old boss gave it to me.
I would've love to have seen it
when it was like that.
I hear from friends
it was very cool.
But I wouldn't be too nostalgic.
There are other things
we're lucky we missed.
Do you live here alone?
I live here with my son.
He's with his other dad
I'm going through a divorce.
Oh. Well, that sucks.
Yeah, it does.
It's amazing
that you have a kid, though.
What's he like?
His name is Owen.
He's 8 years old.
And if it wasn't for him...
I wouldn't have survived
the divorce.
[soft music]
I... I haven't slept with anyone
but my ex-husband
in a long time.
Well, not much has changed
since then.
It's still just a couple
of penises.
[chuckles softly]
[breathes heavily]
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
You want some coffee?
Oh. I'll pick something out.
I've gotta get ready for work.
[chuckles softly]
Bye, handsome.
I'll see you on the dance floor.
[chuckles softly]
Okay. I think maybe we should
get up.
Maybe we should get up.
Okay, ready?
You're doing great, Judith.
-Hair down. Hair down.
-Oh, my God! It's hurts.
Oh, good job.
You got it. You got it.
You got it.
It's all right, sweetheart.
You have another contraction.
I want you give me a big push.
[breathes heavily, screams]
That's it.
You're so close. Okay.
Now, just keep going.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Okay, you're doing great. Great.
Oh, my God.
1, 2, 3.
Oh, come on now. Take it.
[indistinct chatter]
-Hey, daddy.
-NICKY: Hey, anything?
-No, nothing yet.
[soft music]
1, 2, 3.
[woman speaking indistinctly
over PA]
Mommy and beautiful,
healthy baby Sheila
are resting comfortably.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, I'm so happy for you.
So cute.
Oh, look.
[indistinct chatter]
Oh, she's so beautiful.
Oh, she'She is.autiful.
Look how pretty she is!
Oh! That's a baby.
[all chuckle]
Congratulations. We're uncles.
She's beautiful.
Yes, she is.
When I heard from Lorenzo,
I uh...
thought I should pick up
the phone,
and call you to thank you.
I'm sorry.
-I've been awful.
-[Gabriel chuckles]
I just wanted you back.
Oh. I'm sorry, too.
When I hung up with Lorenzo,
I just...
I just sat there crying.
And then I thought,
"Why am I crying?
I got everything I wanted."
And then it was like...
all the anger just fell away
in that moment.
And I just thought...
"Why aren't we sharing him?"
[soft music]
[Gabriel sobs]
All right.
What else do you need?
This is it.
Where's your homework
and the book we were reading?
It's in there.
Oh, yeah. Ready?
You need to go pee before we go?
All right. Come on.
[indistinct chatter]
[Gabriel sighs]
How was today?
It was good. Really good.
-I'm happy to hear that.
-[Gabriel chuckles]
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you.
Bye. Have a good night.
Daddy, can we get a dog?
And papa told me
you keep asking him.
Your divide and conquer strategy
isn't working.
Okay, but I want one.
We'll see.
Everything looks great, honey.
Oh. Thank you, baby.
[smooches, chuckles]
-NICKY: Hey.
-Oh, my goodness!
-Hey, papa.
-GABRIEL: How are you?
-What up?
-Hi, there.
-JACOB: Hey, squirt.
What you got? What you got?
-Hey, this looks cute!
-JACOB: Listen. Uh, stay.
We've-- we've got plenty.
Oh, no, I'm good.
You guys enjoy.
Okay. So, he's got a book
to finish and a reading log.
-It's all in there.
Okay, O. I'm going.
I'll see you in two days.
-OWEN: Okay.
-I love you, sweet son.
I love you, too.
-You sure you don't wanna stay?
-NICKY: Oh, no.
Jacob doesn't know how to cook
for less than 10 people.
I'm sure. Take care.
[Jacob laughs]
[indistinct chatter
in background]
Please believe me and you
there's always space
Even though sometimes
it feels we're worlds away
You got my heart
weld in your hands
Hold on to me,
'cause you'll always
be my man
Time, it will go drifting by
like galaxies in time
But in the moment that we met
the stars aligned
Like it was always
in His plan
It's destiny
You'll always be my man
Oh, and I know
God wouldn't make a love
that's wrong
And I know
love is a place we all belong
We made our plans,
we said our vows
Time is here,
this place is ours to grow
Love, for the time
in my life,
I know it's love
Knowing that we're two men
who dared to rise above
No matter
if they don't understand
For eternity,
you will always be my man
Ooh, yeah
For eternity
You will always be my man
[soft music]