Our Wild Hearts (2013) Movie Script

Have you ever felt the bond,
an instant connection?
Once upon a time, there
was a brave wild stallion.
He was as free as the wind
and as strong as the granite peaks
he was born in the shadows of.
His bravery earned him the name Bravo.
He was magnificent in every way.
We didn't know each other yet,
but we were destined
to change one another,
to set each other free.
It all began one summer day in Malibu.
Hey, Zoe, hottie alert.
Ooh, hello.
I love summer, no school, no schedule.
Time to get caught up on
celeb gossip and fashion.
Who wore it best?
I think she rocked it.
I love how full her skirt is.
She always looks so cute.
Her boots are amazing.
Totally want those boots and that dress.
Her outfit is disgusting.
She looks like an 80-year-old granny.
Hey, get over here!
You throw that ball.
Okay, if you had to wear one of these,
which one would you choose?
Okay, definitely not that one.
It looks like she's wearing a garbage bag.
What about you?
Hmm, this one, for sure.
I love how it flows.
You know, it's girly yet edgy.
Yeah, I'm sure Chase would
love to see you in that.
Oh, my gosh, Chase!
He's so hot!
But he doesn't even know I'm alive.
Who is it?
It's my dad.
He is so annoying.
You know, he always
asks the same questions.
"Where are you? What are you doing?
"Are there any boys around?"
However, he is giving me my
own credit card next week,
so I tolerate him.
Well, just see what he wants.
Hi, daddy.
I'm at the beach with Willow.
He's literally almost here.
Way to give me five seconds' notice.
I can't wait, daddy.
I'm sorry, Willow, but my dad
wants to take me to lunch.
I know your dad can
be annoying and everything,
but I can't relate, 'cause I
don't even know who my dad is.
I don't even know his name.
I know nothing about him.
Well, what does your mom say?
She says she'll explain
more when I'm older.
How old?
It's starting to drive me insane.
I suddenly just want to know who he is.
But what if it's bad?
What do you mean?
Like, what if he's, like,
a loser and a really bad guy,
and that's why she
doesn't want you to know?
Well, look at it this way,
at least you don't have
an overprotective dad
who tells you what you can
and can't do all the time.
That's true.
Well, love you.
Mean it.
Well, bank's reducing our credit limit.
We're slowly drowning.
Can't buy it with
cash, we don't need it.
What do you think about
starting the dude ranch up again?
Lord help us.
Them city folk drive me crazy.
Oh, most of 'em are all right.
Oh, a horsefly's got more sense.
You talking about that guy from Boston?
Yeah, I must have told
that fella at least 10 times,
"Don't go behind the horse
unless you let her know you're there."
I think he did two
cartwheels before he landed.
Well, we did meet some nice
people that way, though.
You just catch Bravo.
We'll make them bills.
Remember that girl Katie from Malibu?
Every time you get
lonesome, you mention her.
I should've held on to her.
Too different, you, her.
I guess.
Make sure the white candles
are lining the carpet.
Susan from the Malibu
Times is going to be there.
Well, figure it out.
You're late.
The PCH traffic was crazy.
You're always late.
You're gonna be 10 minutes
late to dance class, honey.
I'm sorry, but I'm only one person.
You're the one who chose to
be a single parent, not me.
Where did this come from?
Why don't I know
anything about my father?
Why can't you even tell me his name?
Really, Willow?
This is the exact wrong
day to talk about this.
Will there ever be a good day?
It's really hard for
me to go there, Willow.
Yeah, and it's hard for me not to know
who my father is, if I even have one.
Mom, we're so close in so many ways,
but then there's this
huge barrier between us.
Willow, I really can't
deal with this right now.
I have a huge event tomorrow
night, a gazillion emails,
and our maid's been sick for a week.
You're comparing me wanting
to know about the person
who makes a path of who I
am to our sick housekeeper?
Really, mom?
I'm sorry.
It's just bad timing.
Bad timing for who, you?
You tell me to stand up for myself,
but what you mean to say
is stand up for myself
when the time's convenient,
stand up for myself when
it won't rock the boat!
Stop it, Willow, right now.
Calm down.
No, you calm down.
Look, I promise we will
talk about this soon.
Yeah, it will be soon.
Hey, Grizz, it's Jack.
You got time to visit?
I don't remember
inviting you over, Jack.
But since you made an
effort to come see me,
what's on your mind?
Grizz, I got a buyer for Bravo.
It's a good one.
Let me have him.
What makes you think
I'm gonna give you something for nothing?
Grizz, Top and I, we're not making it.
You got a big, successful
operation going here,
and Bravo won't affect your bottom line.
We're catching Bravo, Jack.
And there ain't a thing
you can do about it.
Shut up, boys!
Here, Jack look here.
Now, I own every acre within 10 miles,
and there's your little ranch.
Well, it's kind of an annoying fly to me.
Sell it to me, and I'll
give you the stallion.
It's all I got, Grizz.
It's all I want.
I'll pay you more than it's worth.
I might even let you
still live in the house.
Maybe I'll even give you a job.
It's my family's homestead, Grizz.
You got to be a fool
not to take my offer.
No deal.
Then I'm gonna keep the stallion.
And I'm gonna buy your ranch at half price
from the bank once you lose it.
Is that what you're
teaching these boys, greed?
Boys, today's the day we catch Bravo.
Now, Jack, why don't you
go on back to your ranch?
Enjoy it while you still can.
We'll see you, Jack.
I'm home.
Okay, Raphael, calm down.
Take a deep breath and just
go to the flower market
and get all the white
roses that they have.
I got to go.
What's going on?
Is this my dad?
My other half?
His name's Jack.
Who is he?
He's just a guy that
I knew a long time ago.
Like, did you know him 15 years ago?
Yes, honey.
Jack's your father, Willow.
I'm sorry, honey.
I didn't want you to find out like this.
Dude get over here!
It's Bravo's last day of freedom, pa.
Don't embarrass me today.
All right, boys, listen up!
I got $1,500 on the table in Reno
for the first man who
lays his rope on Bravo.
- Yeah!
- All right!
But I don't need him crippled up.
So, if you hurt him, pick up
your check in the morning.
That's you, Petey!
Let's roll.
Keep in a straight line!
He's trying to save his mares!
Get a rope on him!
Turn 'em around! Here! Here! Here! Here!
I don't know what I pay you guys for!
Come on!
Get the chopper in front
of 'em, in front of 'em!
Duke, plug that gap!
Come on, earn your keep, boy!
I got you now, stud.
Head him off!
Stop him over there!
Circle round!
On the left, on the left!
You are pathetic.
That horse makes a fool of
you every time he sees you.
Damn demon.
We got our work cut out
for us, catching Bravo.
Willow, I was so young.
I had no idea what love was.
So I flew away, and I never went back.
I blocked that whole summer at the ranch
and your father out of my mind.
I did what I thought was best.
Best for who?
For all of us.
I wasn't prepared to give up
my life to live in the country.
And Jack, I mean, he hated the city.
What about me?
You've had a good life.
I've given you everything.
Everything but a father.
It's not that
unusual to be raised
by a single parent these days.
You didn't give me or Jack a choice.
Did you love him?
I've never met anybody like him.
I want to meet him.
How's it going, Top?
Not bad.
I'm gonna fire up the grill.
You in a rush or something?
It's suppertime, same time every night.
The whole world's in a rush.
What's your hurry?
I ain't in a hurry.
I'm hungry.
It used to be people
waved at each other.
Nobody stayed a stranger long,
because you took the time to say hello.
Well, then be glad it's
not you that changed.
It used to be neighbors
looked out for each other.
There's still good
people in the world, Top.
A couple.
How's Ziggy?
Ziggy, you want some food?
Come on.
Yeah, I saw Bravo today.
Whew, he's a slippery one.
I thought for sure Grizz
and his boys had him.
Might have found his weakness.
He's got a heart.
I mean, any other stallion,
he would have just
let his mares go.
But not Bravo.
No, he fought for his.
I mean, I thought for
sure they were caught,
lined up, head right to the corral,
when, from out of nowhere,
whew, like the wind,
he runs right through, breaks
a hole open in that fence.
And out come all his mares...
And he with 'em.
I think we found a weakness.
Come on, Ziggy.
Yep, we just might catch Bravo.
So, what about this for the dance?
Hunter and I are gonna
have the perfect night.
Francesca's gonna be so jealous.
Hey, hey, check out this photo.
Who is that cute cowboy?
- Guess.
- No clue.
I can't believe I'm gonna say this.
Willow, spit it out.
He's my dad!
Your dad's, like, our age?
Zoe, it's him!
I have a dad!
He's not a bad guy!
He lives on a ranch in Nevada.
He's a cowboy.
Slow down, Willow.
Start from the beginning.
Okay, so my mom and I
got in this huge fight.
I went in her room, snooped
around, found this photo.
She came in, froze, and I busted her.
But the best part is...
I'm gonna meet him.
That's crazy.
I know, right?
Does he even know about you?
I'm gonna surprise him.
Shut up.
I can't believe
I'm gonna do this.
So I'm trying to figure
out what I should wear.
Is this too much?
Oh, yes, honey.
I would go with some jeans,
a cute top, and some boots.
You know, it's the wild west.
You're the best.
I really want to make a
good first impression.
Zoe, get off your computer.
It's time for dinner.
Coming, dad!
This is what you have to look forward to.
Are you sure this is what you want?
I'm sure.
Are you Jack Thomas?
I am.
My name is Willow Johnson.
My mother is Katie.
Katie from Malibu?
She was here 15 years ago.
I am her 15-year-old daughter.
Uh, isn't that a surprise?
Would you like to come in and visit?
Yeah, thank you.
You're free to go.
Please add a $100 tip.
Whoa, hold on a second.
Where's he going?
He's leaving.
I thought we should
get to know one another,
since you are my father.
That's a great notion.
Let me get that for you.
Thank you.
Come on in.
This is my home.
Top, uh, this is Willow Johnson.
Willow's, um, Katie...
Malibu Katie's daughter and, um, my, um...
Cat got your tongue, Jack?
Jack's my biological father.
That's right.
I'm your biological father.
That phrase escaped my mind.
Life just gets stranger and stranger.
Hi, I'm Top.
Please tell me you
have cell service here.
Are you serious?
How do you communicate with people?
I talk to them.
Oh, boy.
Here you go.
Top's kind of old school.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt your dinner.
Well, we got plenty for three.
Come on.
So it's just the two of you here?
Well, and Ziggy.
No wife?
No kids?
Um, just you.
As far as you know, anyway.
Well, how about some frank and beans?
No, thanks.
So, Willow, uh, tell us about you.
- Well, I'm an Honorary U.N.
- Ambassador to Sierra Leone.
I've raised $25,000 to help
stop the blood-diamond industry.
I dance ballet at the
Academy of Performing Arts
in Los Angeles.
My mom's my best friend.
She says hi, by the way.
Well, I really look forward
to catching up with your mom.
It's been a long time.
So do you ride?
Oh, yes, English, and
I just started dressage.
We got a sorrel mare
here you'll sit real nice.
Well, tomorrow if you'd like,
we could show you some of the country.
Excuse me, sorry.
Oh, you tired?
We can show you the guest room.
It was a long trip to get here.
Well, we got plenty of
time to visit tomorrow, then.
Come on.
Good night.
Good night.
Um, guest room...
Down there on the right.
This is so Ralph Lauren.
Um, Ralph who?
Lauren. Polo?
Um, the stick-and-ball
thing on horseback?
He's only the best designer
for classic Americana in the world.
Well, this is our guest room,
and this is where your mom stayed.
You don't have guests anymore?
Uh, no.
When the economy changed,
uh, people stopped coming.
So tell me something about you.
Well, I grew up on a
ranch here in this valley.
This is my family.
I lost them in a forest
fire when I was 10.
They were in a cabin up on Pine Pass.
I'm so sorry.
That was a long time ago.
Well, Top's the closest
thing I have to family.
We raise some cows and
catch some wild horses
to make a living.
You catch wild horses?
Then we break 'em and adopt 'em out.
It works well for
everyone most of the time.
What happens to the
ones people don't adopt?
You ask a lot of questions.
My turn.
So how long have you known about me?
Three days.
I wanted to know who my father was.
I was searching and
found a picture of you.
I just knew.
Well, when I saw you
out front, I just knew.
How is your mom?
She's okay.
She wrote these letters to
you, but didn't mail them.
She decided to keep me to herself.
Darn, Katie.
She did what she thought
was best for everyone.
Well, whatever's kept in the dark
eventually comes to light.
Well, we got lots of
time to visit tomorrow,
and you need your rest.
So, if you need anything, just holler.
Willow, um...
Thanks for finding me.
In case you want to call Katie...
Good night, Willow.
Good night.
Where you at, Bravo?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Want some breakfast?
I'll take a nonfat latte
with two pumps of vanilla,
hint of cinnamon, and a pinch of sugar.
Want some O.J.?
So where's Jack?
He went out on the range.
He'll be back.
You know, you'd best call your mom
before she starts to worrying.
A phone?
So you do have a way to
communicate with the outside world.
What's that long thing connected to it?
You're pulling my leg, right?
This is a phone.
And this is a phone cord.
I knew that.
I'm just kidding.
Everything okay?
Couldn't be better.
Uh, Willow?
It is a bit old school.
It must be nice to be you, Bravo.
What are you up to?
We ain't letting that
stallion get away this time.
Well, he slipped out of your last trap,
even with all of you.
Yeah, well, today he ain't.
Jack, pack it in.
Look at our team.
We got this one.
May the best man win, Duke.
Yeah, you can count on that, old man.
How's it going?
Tell me.
Tell me everything.
Top made me something
really good for breakfast.
What was that called, Top?
Spam and eggs.
Hey, Top!
Hey, Top!
Go, Jack.
Get the horses ready.
Grizz is about to make a play for Bravo.
Where is he?
Well, he's at the bottom of clear creek,
almost to Lonesome Valley.
I'm headed back.
Got ya.
Mom, hold on.
What's happening, Top?
Well, the stallion and
his herd are real close.
Jack wants to see if he can catch 'em.
What stallion?
There's a beautiful
stallion named Bravo.
He's the cagiest horse I've ever seen.
They say he's descended from Zephyrus.
That's the god of the west wind.
And as a horse, he pulled
the chariot of Zeus.
And Jack's gonna try to catch him?
Well, if anybody can, it's Jack.
What's happening over there?
Mom, I've got to go.
We're gonna go try and
catch a wild stallion.
I'll call you later.
Love you, bye.
Wait, wait.
So what's the plan?
Got any riding clothes?
Of course.
I'll just be a minute.
Ryan, did you get clay shod?
Yes, sir, all four.
Hey, we got to get a move-on.
Grizz is way ahead of us.
Waiting on me?
The horses is ready.
This is gonna be our
last chance to catch Bravo.
Grizz won't lose him again.
I know that.
Hey, that's a fancy getup.
Thank you.
I heard about Bravo.
It's so exciting.
Did you say she...
Hey, Willow...
You can't come.
Why not?
I just can't be worried about you.
I can ride.
I won't get in the way.
Well, I know you can,
but if it was any other
stallion but Bravo...
He's dangerous.
Jack, don't be ridiculous.
You'll protect me.
I'm sorry.
You're serious?
Did you say she could come?
Kind of.
Well, thanks a lot.
Now I'm the bad guy.
If the hat fits...
Ryan, what are you looking at?
Hey, Willow, we'll be back.
Ryan, keep an eye on her.
She took it pretty hard
when you told her she couldn't come.
Maybe you ought to rethink this one.
Aw, it's for her own good.
Well, I think she's used
to getting what she wants.
You think?
The stallion went back
for his herd last time.
So this time, Grizz is gonna
try to keep 'em together.
Well, then he's only as
fast as his slowest mare.
That's right.
So we're gonna catch Bravo this time
by catching his girlfriend first.
She is used to getting her way.
You won't even know I'm here.
Is that the stallion?
That's Bravo.
How are you gonna catch him?
Well, hopefully he'll come to us.
Top and I got to outsmart him.
Are you sure I can't help?
I am sure.
Stay here.
Well, you best be going.
You ain't getting any younger.
I see why they call you Bravo.
I'm gonna go look.
Okay, you go on up.
I'm gonna hide, keep quiet, wait here.
Run away, Bravo.
Hurry up, boy!
Keep up the pressure!
I can't just sit here and wait.
Run back to Bravo.
He'll protect you.
That's it, I'm going.
Here they come!
Thank you.
She's got no fight.
She's been run hard.
I can hear your boyfriend coming.
Oh, this is gonna hurt.
Top, that isn't the stallion!
Willow, get out of here!
Behind you! Look out!
Willow, stay down!
Don't freak him out!
Jack, Get over here!
Get a rope on him!
Stay there!
Jack, come on!
Willow, run!
- Come up and run, Willow!
- Whoa, hold him down!
No, Bravo, don't you hurt her!
Pull it!
Willow, run!
Back off, Bravo!
Pull it! Whoa!
Take her away!
Whoa, he's tired.
Okay, okay!
He's tired.
Easy, easy, easy.
Slow down.
Easy, Bravo.
He's tired.
That was too close.
She could've been hurt bad.
You okay?
I'm fine.
What were you thinking?
He could have hurt me
if he wanted to, Jack,
but he didn't.
What did I tell you, Willow?
To not leave.
But he didn't hurt me.
We'll talk more about this at home.
Go find your horse.
Remind you of somebody?
I know, I know.
It's Grizz.
That stallion belongs to us!
How do you figure?
We've been setting the trap all morning.
You used our trap to catch him.
Well, that's the breaks, kid.
There's got to be more
than one way to settle this.
What do you propose, Grizz?
Well, we could beat the piss
out of you and just take him.
Who's first?
You don't
want to go there, Jack.
But this ain't over.
Let's go, boys.
That's my horse.
Says who?
And who are you?
I mean, besides a little girl
that's got a long walk home?
Come on.
This isn't the end of this.
We'll get him back.
Who was that guy?
His name's Duke...
Grizz's boy.
I'm ready for a nap.
Come on.
Come on, come on, boy.
You're magnificent.
Jack hasn't spoken to me since yesterday.
He will.
Why is he so mad?
'Cause he cares.
I guess.
So what happens to Bravo now?
Jack's gonna try him.
What do you mean?
Well, a horse is just a poop machine
unless he's broke to ride.
I've seen YouTube videos
where they gentle horses.
The term break isn't popular anymore.
In fact, it's not good
for the horse's spirit
or the bond between the
rider and the animal.
Is that so?
Haven't you heard of
the Horse Whisperer?
I'll tell you what.
After you've seen Jack and Bravo together,
we'll talk some more
about horse whispering.
Willow, can I speak with you outside?
What do I say?
Don't talk.
Just listen.
Willow, I've never been to Los Angeles,
but I imagine that if I went
into the wrong part of town,
I could get mugged, right?
For sure.
And if I, uh, drove too
slow on them freeways,
I imagine them drivers would get hot at me
and probably even lean on the horn, right?
They might even flip you the bird.
Well, you see, I understand the country
like you understand the city.
If you mess with the hens too much,
they're gonna quit laying.
If you want to walk out
there without water,
you could die of thirst.
I understand.
When I saw Bravo standing over you,
I have never been so
afraid in my entire life.
I know it sounds crazy, Jack.
He could have hurt me,
but he chose not to.
People put all sorts of
human emotions on the horses,
but those go one way.
A horse is a tool.
You don't believe that.
Everything a horse does can
be traced back to instincts,
food, or shelter, not trying
to please a human being.
You're wrong.
Well, everyone's
entitled to their opinion.
If you want to stay here, Willow,
you're gonna have to listen to me.
You got a dad now.
Let me protect you.
Hey, Ryan, what are you doing?
I didn't see anything
that could be done, Jack.
He's one of a kind, isn't he?
He's so powerful.
No kidding.
Uh, Ryan works here part-time.
Willow's visiting.
I'm from Malibu.
So you surf?
Not really, but I dance.
Let the fun begin!
Here goes nothing.
Just be careful.
He's younger than you are.
All right, Bravo, let's
get to know one another.
Come on, move.
Looking good.
Go, Bravo, go.
Come on, get up!
Get up!
Pick it up, pick it up!
- Whoa, hoa.
- Watch him, Jack.
Whoa, look at that look.
Ain't got no fear.
Got to teach him a little respect.
Whoa, Bravo!
Easy, easy!
Head up.
Oh, he's strong.
- I got him.
- I got him.
Come on.
Come on.
Easy, boy.
And slow down.
You're pushing too hard.
Easy, easy.
Sooner he's broke his soul,
sooner we can pay our bills.
He ain't even breathing hard.
You got him, Jack.
Come on, Bravo.
Move, Bravo, move.
Come on.
Get up, get up.
He is a good-looking horse!
Ha! Hep! Hup! Oh!
Back. Back. Back. Back!
Back, Bravo!
Gonna get a saddle on him now?
I need a break.
Hey, what's up?
Just exploring.
Um, there's this party
here tonight at the, uh...
The Johnson Barn.
I was wondering if you
wanted to maybe go with me.
Yeah, I'll go with you.
I should ask Jack, though.
I'm his guest, so it's polite to ask.
What, is he your dad or something?
Why do you say that?
I was kidding.
Wait, is he?
He is.
Jack's got a daughter.
How come I've never seen you before?
'Cause I didn't know he
existed till a week ago.
That's a mindbender.
You have no idea.
So what do you think of him?
I like him.
He's kind.
Yeah, mostly.
What do you mean?
I like Jack...
Except for when it comes to wild horses.
Wild horses should stay free.
They belong to the mountains, not men.
All right, let's see
what you got, Bravo.
Now, you be careful.
Next thing you know could
be the last thing you know.
All right, let him loose!
So these are my friends.
What are they celebrating?
Being young and alive.
What do your friends do on Saturdays?
Go on Facebook.
Okay, you got it.
So you have fun?
Yeah, it's pretty cool.
We just go up there
every weekend, normally,
and just kind of chill and...
It's all right, you know?
We have fun times.
Oh, great.
It's Duke.
Hey, come on, let's get out of here.
- Hey, Malibu.
- Hey, Malibu.
- Let's go.
- No.
You're a little far
from home, ain't you?
My horse better be back
at Jack's place by morning.
Or what?
Or we'll call the police
and have you arrested.
Ooh, so scary.
How was your walk back
home to Jack's house?
Or should I say Daddy?
You think you're tough
taking a girl's horse?
You're pathetic.
Pathetic is you showing up around here
thinking anybody cares.
Nobody cares about you,
Willow, not even your daddy.
Hey, get your hands off her.
You guys, chill!
Come on, Ryan, let's
settle this old school.
How's that for old school?
I had a great time tonight.
I still can't believe you slapped Duke.
That was awesome.
If my friends at home
could have seen me...
When are you going home?
Probably a week or so.
I could come back to visit.
So have you ever traveled?
Just around here.
Maybe you could come
visit me in Malibu sometime.
It'd be so
cool to see the ocean.
You haven't seen the ocean?
I've seen it on TV.
It's magical.
There's seals and dolphins and birds
and sand between your toes.
The sound at night puts you to sleep.
I had a really great
time with you tonight.
Me too.
So are you gonna work tomorrow?
I can.
I mean...
I will.
I guess I'll see you then.
Good night.
Good night.
Hi, again.
You ever milked a cow before?
Oh, yeah, every morning
before school in Malibu.
What's so funny?
You're just funny.
Well, I'm glad I can entertain you.
Come here.
I'll show you how to milk a cow.
Take a seat.
This is as organic as it gets.
All right, so, first, what you want to do
is you want to rub the udder,
get the milk flowing down.
Then you're gonna take your
thumb and your index finger,
and you just wrap around
it and then squeeze,
and then you try and alternate pulling
between the different teats, like this.
Want to try?
Come here.
Yeah, here, try like this.
Fresh milk!
And then
once you get really good,
you can do stuff like this.
I can't believe you just did that.
Oh, relax.
Milk is good for your skin.
Oh, my gosh, and it's
also good for your hair!
I deserve that.
I can't believe we got him down.
Well, I think we'd best leave
him like he is for a while.
Doesn't he ever tire?
I haven't seen it.
What are you doing to him?
Willow, go easy.
There has to be a better way, Jack.
Listen to me.
I know it's unpleasant,
but there's no other way to
make a stallion like Bravo safe.
Sometimes it's better
to let things be done
the way they always been done.
Why does he have to be
anything than what he already is?
There are thousands of riding
horses, but only one like him.
Willow, if I can make
him safe and rideable,
he's worth a lot of money.
He can father 100 foals in his life.
He can sire them in the wild too, Jack.
He's not the last wild stallion, Willow.
This is how we pay our bills around here.
How much will you be paid for him?
I've got money.
This conversation's over.
I'm so sorry.
What have they done to you?
You're safe with me.
Somehow, I'll set you free.
I'm going to help you.
You're free.
See, isn't that better?
It's okay.
I'm here to help you.
May I sit on you?
See, it's not so bad.
I understand you.
I'm new here too.
Let's walk.
Willow, what are you doing?
Jack, it's okay.
He won't hurt me.
Get off him!
He's dangerous!
He doesn't want to hurt anybody, Jack!
Willow, you can't trust him.
Jack, don't come in.
Jack, help!
Ho, Willow!
Willow, I'm here.
Damn you, Bravo!
Hey Jack, how's my stallion?
Oh, he's powerful.
I've worked him a few times now.
Well, when is he gonna
be ready for me to pick up?
Well, Barbara, to be honest,
I doubt he'll ever be rideable.
Some stallions would
rather die than break.
Oh, that's okay.
I just want him to be the
stud he was meant to be.
Hey, how does $50,000 sound for him?
That'd be fine.
I'll, uh, call you in a few days.
See you soon.
What were you thinking?
It's only bruised.
You left him tied and
hobbled all night, Jack.
He won't be tamed like that.
He'll only become more dangerous!
How many horses have you broke, Willow?
Do you realize the risk you took
with a 1,200-pound wild animal?
He let me ride him!
Yeah, this time!
Maybe next time, he
stomps you in the dirt.
But he didn't.
Does anything I say get through to you?
Jack, please.
Bravo will die before he's tamed.
Please let him go.
Well, that's Bravo's choice.
Hey, Willow.
How are you?
Hey, mom.
I miss you so much.
What's wrong, baby?
Jack's mean.
He's nothing like I thought he would be.
I don't think I should have come here.
Honey, slow down.
Take a deep breath and
tell me what happened.
He's trying to break
this amazing wild stallion
named Bravo who belongs in the wild.
Honey, he's a cowboy.
That's what he does.
But he doesn't have to.
Is there anything
positive about your trip?
Well, Top's cool, and I met a cute boy.
Willow, don't go
falling for a country boy.
I love you, mom.
So, uh, how's Jack look?
Katie, don't fall for a country boy.
I miss you.
Willow, can I come in?
What do you want?
Just to talk for a minute.
Hey, Willow, uh...
I don't want Bravo to
come between us anymore.
It's kind of late for that.
Bravo's headed to Texas,
where he's gonna be a
stud on a big horse ranch.
And he's gonna be treated like a king.
Bravo deserves to be free.
We need the money, bad.
Is that all that matters?
Willow, if you think I enjoy
taking a wild horse from his herd,
then you don't know me very well.
Then why do you do it?
There you are.
You're coming with me, Bravo.
How many mares and a stallion
do you think that a good
acre pasture could support?
Maybe a stallion and six mares?
Okay, so, in 10 months' time,
those mares are gonna foal, right?
And then in another year,
they're gonna foal again.
And that first set of foals,
they're about breeding age.
So, in the course of three years, Willow,
you got 25 horses on a pasture
that can support seven.
You understand that?
Except who says they can
only have one acre of land?
I see lots of land for them to live on.
Well, there's others that use the land
besides the wild horses.
Good ranching families make
their livings from that land.
Don't forget the oil and gas industry.
Willow, my points is,
how many wild mustangs is enough?
Because unless they're managed,
eventually they'll destroy themselves.
City girl don't need you.
You're gonna buy us a new truck, Bravo.
Top of the line.
Taking Bravo from his home and family
isn't the right thing to do.
I know you know that deep down.
If I let him go, Grizz
is gonna catch him.
Not if we take him some place far away.
Tomorrow we're gonna set Bravo free.
Thank you.
That's Bravo!
Bravo, I'm taking you to a real ranch.
Quit, Bravo.
It's Duke.
What's he doing here?
Duke, Duke.
Hey, Top!
He's hurt pretty bad.
I'll get the truck.
What do you think he was doing in here?
I think he was trying to steal Bravo.
My ribs.
Hey, Duke, just be still.
You'll be all right, okay?
Don't call my pa.
Please don't call my pa.
You just rest easy, Duke.
How bad's Duke hurt?
He's got a concussion
and a couple broken ribs.
They said he'll make a full recovery.
It's lucky you and Jack were there.
Who's that?
It's Grizz, Duke's dad.
Hurry, go find Jack.
Aw, Sheriff, there's
nothing to investigate.
Duke showed up last night
looking to steal Bravo.
Grizz just pulled up.
Look out, girl.
You're not gonna hurt him.
He tried to kill my son.
You sent your son here to steal him.
If anyone should get hurt, it's you.
I said move it.
What are you doing, Grizz?
I'm sending that devil
back to where he belongs.
Not today you're not.
I already talked to
the Sheriff and the BLM.
Well, until they come
and tell me different,
Bravo's under my protection.
You standing up for
that horse over my son?
You sent your son here
to steal him, Grizz.
No, I didn't.
He did that by himself.
He's a damn fool.
He did it so he could earn your respect
for the first time in his life.
Jack, are you
giving me fatherly advice?
At least I was around to raise my son.
It's time for you to go.
I'll be back with a judge's order.
And there won't be a damn
thing you can do about it.
Adios, Jack.
Thank you, Jack.
No, don't thank me.
Bravo ain't safe anymore here.
Oh, Ann, can you get that?
Can you see who it is?
It's Jack.
I'll take it.
Hello, Jack.
How's my stallion?
Well, that's why I'm calling.
How fast can you come here to get Bravo?
What are you doing?
Oh, I could be there tomorrow.
Well, you best come, then.
I'll explain why later.
Oh, that sounds dramatic.
I love it.
Has my stallion been a bad boy?
Oh, you could say that.
Well, you just tell
him mama's on the way.
What have you done?
I'm saving Bravo's life.
You said you would set him free.
And I would have, Willow,
but if I let him go now,
Grizz won't stop hunting him
till he kills him.
We can take him some place far away.
He'll find him.
You can't change your mind like that!
Look, he's going to a nice place.
She's a nice lady on a nice ranch.
That's worse than death for him.
It's like prison.
Look, that lady's coming tomorrow.
Just meet her, okay?
We'll talk some more about it then.
Your word is good for nothing.
Hi, Jack.
How are you?
Hello, Barbara.
It's so good to see you.
How was your drive?
It flew by.
I was thinking about
Bravo, and I was here.
Well, would you like to meet him?
You bet.
Hey, Willow, can you,
uh, bring a glass of tea
for Barbara to the pen?
It would thrill me.
Thank you.
She's no good for him.
He's just a trophy for her to brag about.
She seems like a nice lady.
He's magnificent.
If he was a man, I'd eat him up.
Ah, well, he's definitely
king of these mountains around here.
Would they really destroy him?
We're not waiting around
to find out, Barbara.
God, he was just protecting
himself and his territory.
Your tea.
Oh, well, thank you, dear.
Barbara, this is Willow.
She's visiting for a while.
Oh, it's nice to meet you.
So you're the lady who wants Bravo?
I am.
'Cause he's the finest
stallion I've ever seen.
Wouldn't you want to own him?
He can't be owned.
You can lock him in a corral,
but you can never own his spirit.
I can see you have
strong feelings for him.
Why don't you pick some other stallion
and leave him alone?
'Cause he's the one I want.
He'll breed 50 mares this year.
Just think of those genetics
he'll bring into the horse world.
I'll even give you one of
his foals, if you'd like.
No, thanks.
Um, Barbara and I need to talk
a little business, please.
I think
she's in love with him.
I know.
Look, it's better he's safe with her
than to have Grizz trying to kill him.
Bravo didn't do anything wrong!
Look, I know that.
But the fact is, in the
morning, he's going to Texas.
So just, try and forget about him.
Grizz can't kill him, and she
can't take him if he's gone.
What do you mean?
Will you please help me
take him some place far away?
Willow, don't do this.
It's not even worth it.
You said yourself that the
mustangs belong to the wild.
Jack would fire me.
That was your chance
to back up your words.
The only place he'll
be safe is Bear Canyon.
It's on the Reservation,
and Grizz can't go there.
Thank you.
Don't move.
I don't think he saw
us, but we better hurry.
All right, so it's a two-day
ride up to Bear Canyon.
We're gonna follow this drainage
and then try and go up over Eagle Pass
and then kind of drop down into it.
Thanks for doing this.
It's worth it.
Willow, what are you doing?
Bravo needs to be free!
Run, Willow, run!
Willow, don't!
He's dangerous!
It was my plan, Jack!
Ryan, where's she headed?
Sorry, Jack.
Ryan, this isn't a game!
She's on a wild stallion
in rugged country.
Bravo will take care of her, Jack.
She's gone.
We can't track her in the dark,
and there's about six hours before sunup.
Well, she's gonna have a big head start.
We have to be ready to
ride at first light.
All right.
They'll be coming for us,
but they won't catch us.
You know these mountains
better than they do.
How's everything going?
Willow's on the run.
What do you mean Willow's on the run?
She took off on a wild
stallion named Bravo
she means to set free.
Well, is she in danger?
I'm on my way.
Jack, I know the governor.
I can call him and get the National Guard
out here in the morning.
Oh, well, that's kind of you, Barbara,
but too many tracks will
just complicate things.
Barbara, are you sure,
you're up for this?
I can't just watch when
Willow needs our help.
You got a big heart, woman.
Well, ain't you a peach?
Katie's here.
I got here as fast as I could.
Katie, you look well.
Is there any news?
Uh, we think she's headed towards
the Indian Reservation to set Bravo free.
God, I feel so helpless.
Well, we got a mount for you ready,
and I packed you some supplies
if you want to come help search.
Yeah, let's ride.
Katie, why didn't you
tell me about Willow?
I didn't want you to change
or live a life you wouldn't be happy in.
I knew if I told you,
you'd feel responsible,
and city life isn't for you.
That's a decision that we
should have made together.
I did what I thought
was best for all of us.
We got time to talk ahead of us.
Come on.
Katie and I, we're
gonna head cross country
to try to cut their tracks.
All right.
And, Jack good luck.
Keep in touch on the radio.
Will do.
All right, get 'em loaded.
Come on, time is money!
Move that truck out, get the next one in.
Hold on, this foal's
mama is on that trailer!
Well, them's the breaks.
Now get this truck out of here!
Jack's daughter has taken Bravo
and means to set him free.
How do you know this?
Some Indian guy was talking
about it in the coffee shop.
My guess, she's headed to
Bear Canyon on the Res.
That girl's trying to set that
demon free in Bear Canyon.
Jack's daughter's as desperate as he is.
City girl has no common sense.
Now, I wouldn't be talking.
You made us all look like damn fools.
She's a fool if she
thinks she can take our horse.
Gonna get herself hurt.
Probably falling apart
without her mascara.
And her hairbrush.
Shut up, you two!
No horse is gonna make a fool out of me.
I'll get the horses ready.
No, just mine.
Duke, you get my gun.
This will end now.
Let me come with you.
Someone's got to babysit him.
I will do it!
I will do this myself.
I think we should make camp here.
Tomorrow, Bravo, you'll be free.
No one will ever bother you again.
Stay close, Bravo.
Are those wolves?
They've been recolonizing
the west for 20 years now.
Ah, don't worry.
Bravo can fight off a whole pack.
My baby's out there all alone.
Our baby.
She's an independent
gal, just like her mom.
So did you ever get married?
Did you become a veterinarian?
Being a single mom doesn't really leave
a lot of time for medical school.
How about you?
Did you ever take that trip to Alaska
to work on the fishing boats?
After I got seasick waterskiing
with you on that lake...
Put an end to that dream.
You got lakesick, not seasick.
Oh, I see you're still
a stickler for words.
I am not a stickler.
What is a stickler?
A stickler is someone
that has to be right.
I do not have to be right.
I think you're putting
your own baggage on me.
Katie, I never had baggage
until I found out I had
a 15-year-old daughter
with the only woman I
ever really cared about,
who never answered my letters
or returned a phone call.
You know how hard it was for me
to be living with a part of you in my home
for the last 15 years?
To see your face every day
and be reminded of the most
amazing man I'd ever known
and him not be able to hold me?
But I could have been.
Maybe you still can.
Oh, hey, Bravo.
Bear Canyon must be on the
other side of that mountain.
You're almost home, Bravo, almost free.
We're close behind 'em.
How do you know?
See Bravo's tracks?
They're kind of sharp on the edges.
They're not rounded off yet.
Bear Valley.
This is your new home.
What's that?
It's Grizz! Run!
Are those gunshots?
They were.
Do you think that's Grizz?
I know it is.
Let's go.
If Grizz catches us out in
the open, he won't miss again.
Look, there's a track right there.
Yeah, that's Bravo.
There's another one coming down.
That's Grizz.
Hey, Grizz!
You stay away from 'em!
Stay put, Willow!
Thanks, Jack.
Now I got him.
You hear me, Grizz!
Stay away from 'em!
Come on, Jack.
Please hurry.
Come on, go, Bravo.
What's wrong?
Get off him.
Leave Bravo alone, Grizz.
Now, you get off him
or I'm gonna shoot him
right from under you.
Well, you're gonna have to.
No, easy, Bravo!
Bravo, easy!
Easy, Bravo!
Okay, okay, I got it!
Keep that devil back!
That's enough, Bravo.
I think Grizz got the message.
Crazy horse.
Are you okay, honey?
I was worried sick.
Missed you, mom.
Don't you mess with Bravo again.
That devil is gonna
die of natural causes.
You aim for his rifle?
I'll be seeing you, Jack.
I'll be seeing you.
Thanks, Ryan.
You'd do the same for me, I think.
You know it.
Well, now you got a story
for your kids, Willow.
You mean your grandchildren.
Yeah, them too.
I love you, dad.
Did we miss all the fun?
Sounded like the Fourth of July over here.
Well, we just had to run Grizz off.
Is he still in one piece?
Too bad.
Come on.
Ah, so Bravo really is
the king of these mountains.
He is magnificent.
I can see why you risked so much for him.
Boy, just think of the foals
he's gonna father in his lifetime.
You know, I'd pay 10 times
what I'd offered y'all
in the first place.
He's got the best genetics
I've ever seen, Barbara.
Jack, please, don't let her do this.
Willow, is something wrong?
Bravo belongs to these mountains.
His soul is in these hills.
Well, I see that, honey.
If you take him away,
he's gonna die a slow and painful death.
Please don't take his freedom away.
I might have an idea.
I'm gonna create a wild-horse
preserve in honor of you both.
A place for Bravo and
his herd to run free.
How does Freedom Ranch sound?
That sounds great.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You hear that, Bravo?
You're free.
You're free.
Being free means we may
not see each other again.
I'll always be here if you need me.
Bravo and I changed each
others' lives that summer.
In setting Bravo free, I found freedom.
Bravo showed me that
freedom comes from bravery.
So what is freedom?
It's the ability to be you.
Freedom is everything.