Out in the Dark (2012) Movie Script

Excuse me.
Excuse me.
It's tough getting a drink here.
Allow me
Hold on.
One sec.
you can have some of mine.
What is it?
Try it.
It's strong.
Are you trying to get me drunk?
Am I that obvious?
Quiet, everybody.
DJ, a little lower.
What's up?
Are you girls having fun?
It's almost eleven,
so if anyone needs to go home
before their family
suspects anything,
I know you don't wanna
get in trouble.
Go right ahead.
And don't forget next month,
the gorgeous Iman will be back.
By the way,
I'm Roy.
I'm Nimr.
You made it.
I missed you.
Me too.
They almost caught me at the fence.
Who do you think?
I'm not risking it again.
We'll see how long that lasts.
What's up with you?
Did you find a place to stay?
I found this great place,
you have to come check it out.
Where is it?
Around here.
Aren't you afraid
they're going to catch you?
Who? Israeli security?
Those bitches bark a lot,
but they don't bite.
Anyway, that roof I found
is really, really safe.
Here you go.
Oh wow,
Who's the hottie?
Roy, this is Mustafa.
My pleasure.
So what do you do, Roy,
when you don't go out to party?
I'm a lawyer.
Oh my God, a lawyer.
Forget Nimr,
he's leaving to the States,
you need a good woman like me.
Hi, honey.
You were amazing.
Thank you, sweetheart.
How are you?
Good, you?
Can we take a picture?
Came out great!
Do you guys want to go dance?
Maybe later.
See you later, boys.
So what kind of lawyer are you?
A little bit of everything.
Truth is, I work for my dad.
That's adorable.
Are you making fun of me?
No, I really do think it's sweet.
Let me guess,
you work for your dad too?
No, no.
Actually my dad passed away
when I was 12,
so I think it's cool that
you get to work with your dad.
I guess it is.
I didn't mean to kill the mood.
Let's start over,
My name's Nimr,
I'm a psychology student.
Check out
those two faggots over there.
Did you hear that?
Let's get 'em.
Are you serious?
Just to fuck with them.
Sure, let's go.
Fucking pussies!
I'm so outta shape.
I don't think
we really scared them anyway.
Maybe I should've shouted at them
in Arabic.
That would've been awesome.
you're going to study in the U.S.?
Not sure if in the U.S.,
but that's the plan.
Just to get the hell out of here.
Sometimes I wish
I could just go somewhere
and start over on my own.
And leave Daddy's office?
Give it all up?
In a heartbeat.
What's stopping you?
I don't know.
Excuse me, coming through.
Sorry for breaking up
the wedding plans.
Hamada is leaving soon
if you need a ride.
Tell him I'm coming.
What's going on?
I've got to go,
I have a ride.
I can give you a ride.
To Ramallah?
Is that a problem?
No, not at all.
I'm serious, I'll give you a ride.
Maybe next time.
Okay, but
there better be a next time.
"Roy Schaffer, JD"
We should start her on medication.
There is no need to hospitalize her,
her depression is treatable.
What should we do with the children?
We can get social services involved.
I think it would be a mistake
to take the children away.
I know I'm just the student here,
but her depression
is clearly situational.
Her husband died, her son is in
an Israeli prison, and she's all alone.
Instead of digging in the past,
we should give her a future, hope.
Taking away her children
would crush her.
We should consider
what's best for the children.
She's not dangerous.
You said it yourself.
She doesn't require hospitalization.
She's in no state
to take care of the children.
They have grandparents.
They can take the children
until she achieves clinical balance.
She has a strong desire
to get through this.
Okay, we'll put her on medication
and start bi-weekly visits
with the children
until a healthy relationship
is re-established.
Tomorrow is my last interview.
What does it mean?
One last step and I'm in.
And then you'll go to Tel Aviv?
Only once or twice a week.
With God's help,
you're going to make it.
Why are you being so quiet?
You know what I have to say.
Everybody's calling for
an academic boycott of Israel,
yet, he decides to go study there.
It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
He's a great professor--
Yeah, yeah, from London.
I heard it already.
His recommendation gets you
into Princeton, Cambridge or Stanford.
And who's going to pay for Stanford?
They have scholarships.
And I know you'll get one.
You know why?
Because you're smart.
And because God put a good head
on your shoulders.
Not because of any favors from the Jews
Nabil, enough already.
You just don't get
how these things work.
I know enough.
Well, I'm off to the store.
Are you coming?
Bye, Mom.
God be with you.
I'll keep my fingers crossed.
For you to fail,
'cause I don't want you to go.
Try this one
and tell me what you think.
It's better.
It needs salt?
What a surprise!
I can't believe it.
What do you think?
Avi, the owner, let's us stay here.
For free?
Nothing in this life is free, honey.
Hold on, I brought you something.
I don't believe it.
It's been years
since I've had these.
You hold on to these
and I'll go make us some tea.
How many guys live here?
Two others.
One from Bethlehem, the other
from Ramallah. You just missed them.
What is it?
You know I can't read Hebrew.
A permit to cross back and forth.
Are you fucking with me?
I want one too!
Who did you have to suck to get it?
You wish it were that easy.
Does that mean you got in?
Oh honey, congratulations.
What great news.
This calls for a toast.
Shit, we're out of vodka.
I promise we'll go celebrate later.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
Before I forget,
guess who I ran into Saturday night?
Remember that cute lawyer?
He was asking about you.
For real?
Look at you, turning all red.
Why haven't you called him?
What am I gonna call him for?
What's your problem?
It's only a date.
I can't really afford
any distractions right now.
You're too serious,
you don't meet hotties
like him everyday.
I can tell you liked him.
And with that new class,
you'll be here every week.
We're down the hall.
Right here
and another.
Come in, we're almost done.
thank you very much, Roy.
Don't mention it.
Anything you need, you come to me.
We're just doing our job, Roman.
I'm serious.
Roman, really.
Look at him trying to be all modest,
I owe him my brother's life.
Let me walk you to the elevator.
I'll be right back.
So sweet of you to come by.
What was that all about?
One of our big clients.
Not somebody I would wanna
get involved with.
But he's good business.
We got his brother
out of some serious trouble.
I feel that every day I'm in this job,
I compromise who I am.
I don't think
it's necessarily your job.
It's part of life.
It happens to everybody.
I don't see you compromising.
Do you think?
What are you up to?
Why don't you go back to your books.
Hi, Nimr.
I hear you're studying in Tel Aviv?
Leave him alone.
Okay, I'm outta here.
Bringing guns home?
Aren't you going too far?
Let it go, okay?
So this is getting serious?
I know you're busy with school,
but you forget where we live.
You forget you used to fight
for education and human rights.
Are you preaching about values?
You only care about yourself.
Violence is not a value.
What's going on?
You guys found something new
to fight about?
It's nothing, dear.
What is this good for?
Good night.
I don't understand what you're doing.
I'm going to bed.
why are you getting yourself
in trouble?
I didn't do anything, I swear.
They just decided to pick on me.
Are you fucking with me?
No, I swear.
I was gonna call you,
but I lost your number.
Lost my number?
Yes, I'm not lying.
Oh really?
I did.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
I don't need this guy, he's burnt.
Wait, what do you mean "burnt"?
I'm not "burnt," I swear.
I'll do anything you ask me to.
Give me your number
and I'll do whatever you want.
Just please,
His family knows, take him back.
No, Gil.
Gil, please don't send me back.
Arrest me,
but please don't send me back.
Gil, I'm begging you,
they're gonna kill me!
You know they're gonna kill me.
Arrest me. Don't send me back!
When I tell you to shut the fuck up,
you shut the fuck up.
I'm fed up with the lot of you.
You hear me? Fed up!
I offered you my help. You didn't
want it. Now shut the fuck up.
I'm sick and tired of you.
Don't you get it?
You piece of shit faggot.
Gil, please.
Where are you going?
I have to make a quick stop.
Just drop me off at home first.
This can't wait.
Stay here, I won't be long.
Just leave the car on.
Good evening.
What's the point
of beating him up like that?
You need to make an example.
You don't really think they told him
any state secrets, do you?
What are you guys up to?
We're taking care of a collaborator.
Didn't I tell you to stay in the car?
What makes you think
he's a collaborator?
He's been living in Tel Aviv
working as a prostitute.
Do you think the Jews
let him stay there
out of the kindness
of their hearts?
That's no proof.
Let him go.
Are you trying to save him?
He's been living over there
taking Jewish dick.
But who told you
he was a collaborator?
I did!
You're gonna get yourself in trouble.
So do something.
There's nothing you can do.
He's a faggot
and he's been living in Tel Aviv.
Israeli security gave him
a ride all the way home.
If you won't do something, I will!
get a grip.
Enough. Finish it already.
But why so far?
Who's gonna be there?
Who else is coming?
Whose friends?
Well, can I call you back
a little later?
Okay, cool. Bye.
What a surprise!
I'm so happy, what are you doing here?
Is everything okay?
Mustafa's dead.
What happened?
He was caught hiding here illegally
and was deported.
He was killed back in his village.
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
Can I spend the night here?
Yes. Yes, of course.
Put your backpack down.
Have a seat.
Do you want something to drink?
Water's fine.
Good morning.
How are you feeling?
You know you're welcome
to stay here as long as you want.
Thank you.
It's not because I'm nice,
it's just that...
I don't really want you to leave.
I don't feel like leaving either.
When am I gonna see you again?
"Youm El Ahad?" ("Sunday" in Arabic)
Yum Al Ahad.
To Mustafa.
How did you and Mustafa meet?
The first time I came to Tel Aviv
to check things out,
I went to a club,
but I was too scared to go in.
I walked around the block
like 10 times.
There were a bunch of guys
standing outside
and it felt like
they were all staring at me.
Then, I guess Mustafa noticed me.
He was covered in make up,
and he said,
"Ta'al shu chayef."
It means,
"Come over, don't be afraid."
He got me in,
he was performing that night
and we stayed friends ever since.
How are you doing?
What the hell is your problem?
What's my problem?
What are you getting
this family into?
You ungrateful little brat.
I bust my ass for this family.
So you can study in Tel Aviv.
Do you know what people are saying?
Let them talk.
People forget that you need
more than an army to build a state.
You and your friends don't have
a monopoly on patriotism.
Look at you, little bro,
starting to talk politics.
You're absolutely right...
I don't care about the Jews,
the Palestinians, Fatah, or Hamas.
I'm talking about a person,
and you killed him.
Why do you keep protecting that faggot?
He brought it on himself.
I can't believe you just said that.
grow up.
Sure, "Dad."
You know what?
Maybe you should go
to your room and study.
Get out of here.
Aren't you getting tired
of studying all the time?
Not really, why?
Just asking,
we hardly see you at home anymore.
I actually miss the days
I wasn't so busy.
Mom asked me today if I want her
to introduce me to Saeed.
The grocer?
Are you serious?
The guy with all the freckles?
Keep it down, you're waking
the whole neighborhood up.
What are you doing up?
Ironing your shirt for tomorrow,
like you asked.
What's happening tomorrow?
Just a school thing.
You got school stuff
on the weekends too now?
Go to bed. It's late.
- Yes?
Do you really want grandkids
with a bunch of freckles?
Do you think
this is something to make fun of?
Go to bed already.
I used to swim here
when I was a kid.
It's where I fell in love
for the very first time.
With whom?
His name was Ofer,
we were 13,
he was the fastest swimmer
in our class.
One time, we used a stop-watch
to see how long
we could kiss underwater.
How long?
36 seconds.
So did you always know you were...
Yeah, pretty much.
And you?
When I first started going out
in Tel Aviv,
I thought people were gonna have
a hard time accepting me
because of where I'm from,
but then I realized
gay guys don't really mind.
Well, you know, a dick's a dick.
Did you ever come out to anybody?
Back home, nobody really knows.
Did you tell them about me?
If I were you, I'd be more worried
about my mom's cooking.
I'm joking.
They're gonna love you. Don't worry.
Hold on.
What's up?
What's that?
Open it.
Roy, this is beautiful.
Check the back.
"Love Finds Its Way" (Arabic)
I asked somebody to translate for me.
Thank you.
Do I look okay?
You look amazing.
Let's go.
Nimr, what a pretty name.
Thank you.
Does it have a meaning?
It means "a tiger."
I'm named after
a family friend who died.
I had no idea.
You never asked.
Roy mentioned you're doing
your Masters here in Tel Aviv.
It's a great school.
I'm actually studying
at Bir Zeit University (in Ramallah),
and I'm only here for one class.
It's taught by the top expert
on psychology in areas of conflict.
Very impressive.
Very impressive indeed.
It's a lot of work,
but it's very satisfying.
Roy sweetie, will you give me a hand
in the kitchen?
Excuse me.
Haven't you had enough to drink?
Nimr can drive.
Didn't you want
to meet my boyfriend?
You could have told us ahead of time.
Would it have made a difference?
I don't know.
You know,
I was in Ramallah,
as an army reservist,
on September 13th, 1993.
That was the day
Rabin, Arafat and Clinton
shook hands on the White House lawn.
Exciting times!
It was amazing.
Children came out of their houses
to hand us olive branches.
How old were you then?
In '93?
I was 5.
Then you probably still remember.
You could've been one of those kids
with the olive branches.
What are you trying to prove
with these games?
What games?
Don't play dumb.
Ever since you came out,
you find every opportunity
to shove it in my face.
By bringing my boyfriend over
for Shabbat dinner?
It's got nothing to do
with your boyfriend.
You may find it hard to believe,
but I've learned to live
with your choices.
Mom, it's not a choice.
When is this flag waving business
going to end?
It won't.
I'm sorry.
I didn't think
it was gonna be like that.
Tell me,
does this make any sense to you?
Do you mean us?
Does it need to make sense?
Do you think we're making a mistake?
I don't know.
It doesn't feel like a mistake.
I asked around,
and there's this guy
who specializes in cases like ours.
What kind of "cases" exactly?
Gay Palestinians.
What happens when
you're done with school?
Off to Princeton for my PhD.
what if you don't get in?
It's not an option.
Let's at least meet with him,
hear what he has to say.
For a lawyer,
you're not that convincing.
How's your father?
He's fine, busy.
Is he still working
on the Goldman case?
Yes, we're wrapping things up.
That's great.
about your situation,
Roy told me on the phone
that you have a permit.
a temporary academic permit.
And does anybody back home
know about you?
No, no way.
I see.
We know it's a complicated situation,
but we wanted to find out
what our options were.
I mostly deal with runaways.
Guys who got kicked out of their homes
and are hiding here.
So you basically handle their cases
with the authorities.
For political asylum?
Refugee status is out of the question.
Why's that?
It will create a legal precedent
for "the right of return."
I understand you knew
Mustafa Na'amna.
I was sorry to hear the news.
Thank you.
I was working on getting him
a temporary stay permit,
but it's a long process
that usually involves house arrest.
Basically, it's a mess.
Nimr's set for now,
and down the line
we can explore other options.
What do you mean "down the line"?
Let's start the process today.
Do you think they just
hand out these permits?
That's not what I mean.
Until a few years ago
things were easier.
Academically as well.
It's hard to tell,
these things change all the time.
What's up?
He just wasted our time.
What did you expect?
That he'd give us some options.
You gotta be realistic.
If we don't do something soon,
we won't have any options left.
Don't you think I know that?
I deal with this shit everyday
If there was something to do,
I would've done it myself.
But I'm Israeli,
my dad's connected.
Even if we buy more time,
we're not gonna change
the inevitable.
So you're just giving up on us?
No, I'm not.
Then what do you want?
I didn't plan
to fall in love with you.
All I know is that
I want to be with you.
Nimr Mashrawi?
Come, Nimr.
Thank you for coming.
Are you hungry?
I'll get straight to the point then.
Your academic permit
is hereby expired.
What does that mean?
No more permits as of now.
What do you want from me?
I need your help with something.
My help?
Bir Zeit is a big university.
Lots of students,
lots of activities.
It shouldn't be too hard.
What do you say?
That you came to the wrong guy.
Let's not forget Nabil Mashrawi.
What do you want with my brother?
do you like being here in Tel Aviv?
What would your family say,
if they knew
what you do here at night?
What do I "do here at night"?
you know I can expose your secret,
and even spread rumors
about you collaborating.
Nimr, you're not stupid.
You strike me as a stand-up guy.
Unlike the junkies and whores
that I normally deal with.
It's a good deal for both of us.
A little bit of information,
for quite a lot of freedom.
Go home and think about it.
I'll be in touch.
What's up, baby? Where are you?
My permit got revoked.
How is that possible?
Your piece of shit government
doesn't want me there.
Nimr, what happened?
Roy, I don't know what to do.
Everything's gonna be fine.
My class, my trips to Tel Aviv -
it's all gone.
Relax, there's gotta be a mistake.
Don't you get it? It's over.
Nothing is over!
I'm not gonna see you anymore.
Let me ask around.
I can't really talk right now.
Wait, don't hang up.
I'm gonna take care of this.
I promise.
I can't really think right now.
I'll call you later.
What the hell are you doing?
Get these guns out of here.
Keep it down.
It's not a game.
You're hysterical.
Don't you get it?
They know about you.
They can be here any day.
Should I worry?
If you said nothing,
they know nothing.
You're killing this family.
I'm saving this family!
You still doubt me after what
you've been through today?
You're ruining my life.
If you come down here again,
I'll break both your arms.
Now get the fuck out.
You'll never understand.
I've had enough of you.
I can't deal with him anymore.
He's your brother.
It's all for the best.
What do you mean?
You're better off not
going to that godless country.
You know how important this is to me.
I know.
And we'll get through this.
I have no one to talk to here.
Don't say that.
I'm going inside.
Roy: "Call me when you can.
I love you"
I spoke to Yossi, like you asked.
What did he say?
That there's nothing he can do,
because it's a security issue.
What does that mean?
That they took his permit
for security reasons.
Did you ask him why?
That's all he knew.
how well do you know the guy?
Dad, don't.
He could've gone
to some demonstration,
and they make it
a security issue.
So how did he manage to get
that permit in the first place?
Because they wanted him
for this course.
I don't know.
You have to admit
there's something fishy here.
Do you want some?
You can't forget where you live.
What are you trying to say?
You know the kind of cases
we handle at the firm.
Are you worried about the firm?
I'm worried about you, Roy.
Don't you think about
what you're doing?
About your future?
About your career?
No, I'm not thinking about my career.
With a security issue on your record,
you can't get very far.
Dad, I'm talking about my boyfriend.
If you don't wanna help,
that's fine.
Give me Yossi's number
and I'll call him.
You're acting like a child.
It's cool, Dad.
We'll handle it ourselves.
It's me.
What's up?
I miss you.
I miss you too.
What's gonna happen with us?
I don't know,
but I can't stop thinking about it.
Any news about the permit?
I don't think
they're gonna renew it.
How do you know?
I just know.
I want you to know
that no matter what happens,
I love you.
I love you too.
Good to see you.
Last night we got another kid
that was hiding in Tel Aviv.
Are you interrogating him?
He had this on him.
Let me see.
One second.
Recognize anybody?
That's that homo that we caught.
I'm talking about the guy
in the back.
I wanted you to see it
with your own eyes.
Does anyone else know about this?
Not yet, but you should take care
of this as soon as possible.
You never know what this guy
will spill under pressure.
Are you okay?
Take care of this.
I'm outta here.
What's up?
Why are you crying?
Why are you sitting like this?
Why don't you tell us
why we're sitting like this.
I've had enough
of your games and your lies.
What have you been doing
all this time in Tel Aviv?
I want to hear you say it.
Tell me.
What shame have you brought
on this family? Tell me.
You know what I've been doing
in Tel Aviv.
I've been studying.
Nabil, what's going on?
Answer your mother.
I did!
I've been doing this course
with Professor Stein.
Professor Stein?
More like professor bullshit.
Is he the one you talk with at night,
under the covers?
Answer me.
Let me explain,
it's really not what you think.
And who gave you
that expensive watch?
Tell me.
That watch that you hide
in your backpack,
the one that says "love" on it.
Who gave it to you?
Why don't you take it out
and show it to us?
A girl from class gave it to me.
Stop lying-
It's not his fault.
Did you ever stop and think
about your sister?
Tell me.
I'm sorry.
If this ever came out,
no one will want to get close to Abir.
I'm sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.
Please look at me...
Get up.
I want him out of this house.
I want you out of my house.
I didn't mean to.
Stop whining like a girl.
You brought dishonor to this family.
But this is my life.
You heard what Mom said,
I'm your brother,
what are you doing?
Now get out of this house.
Mom, I'm begging you,
Get the fuck out.
Keep it down.
I don't want people to hear.
Come on, get out.
You guys stay here.
Nabil, please.
What you did to our family
will never be forgotten.
It shouldn't have happened this way.
It shouldn't have happened, period!
This stain will never
wash off of us.
I'm sorry.
Nabil, I'm sorry.
Please don't!
I should've seen it coming,
I should've killed you at home!
Listen to what you're saying.
Do you see this ditch?
Do you?
It comes out
on the other side of the fence.
You're going to go down that ditch
and never come back here.
Do you understand?
If you ever come back,
you'll leave me no choice.
Do you understand me?
I need to hear you say
that you understand me.
I understand you.
Get down.
Please tell Mom...
What are you doing here?
When did you get here?
Have you been drinking?
A little bit.
What's going on?
My family found out.
Everything's going to be okay.
How are you holding up?
Not too good.
It's not easy.
Well, I brought the forms
for you to sign.
Based on the fact that
your family kicked you out,
and that you used to study here,
we'll try and get you a permit.
But chances are slim.
Hold on,
it's going to take months,
and even then the visa
is for 3, maybe 6 months tops.
What then?
But when your firm needed our help...
Hold on, I got another call.
a permit,
how long does it take?
Just call me back on my cell.
Everything will be okay.
I promise.
They're not gonna let me stay here.
They will,
don't worry.
It was the Security Services
that took my permits.
They wanted me to collaborate and
threatened to expose me to my family.
Why didn't you tell me?
It wouldn't have made a difference.
Yes it would have.
Not after my family
already found out.
Why you?
Because I had something to lose.
Why would you know anything?
I don't get it.
What do you want me to say?
I'm just telling you what happened.
They'll never let me stay here.
Sorry it took me so long.
Should we stop for a bite?
Let's just go home.
I shouldn't be outside.
How about tomorrow,
on my way home from work,
I'll pick up some food,
maybe a movie,
we'll have ourselves
a quiet evening at home?
Let's get outta this place.
Let's just pack our bags
and get the hell out of this place.
Where to?
Europe, the U.S.,
I don't know.
They have human rights organizations
that can help someone
in my situation.
Are you serious?
I don't see any other option.
I'm not giving up yet.
Enough, Roy.
It's just a matter of time
before they catch me
and I can't go home for awhile.
Let's run away together.
How are you gonna leave
without a passport?
I don't know, you keep talking
about your dad's connections.
That's not fair.
Well, what about
all those mobsters you know?
I can't just get up and leave.
I got nothing left here, but you.
I have to get the hell
out of here and you know it.
Please help me, Roy.
Help me.
What happened?
We got a tip they were gonna
move the stockpile.
Who do you have?
Mashrawi, and we arrested two others.
What about the other brother?
He's not here.
ls he somehow connected to this?
Where's Nabil?
Over there.
Where's Nimr?
Fuck you.
Where is your faggot brother?
Last I saw him,
he was on his way to you.
He's dead to me!
Search the area,
I want to find the brother.
What's up?
They know he's gay,
I can't risk it.
Do you think they sent him
to protect the family's honor?
Let me know when you find him.
Do you want a pita?
That's my house.
On TV. That's my house.
"Forces raided the house
to find a stockpile of weapons
"and proceeded to arrest
a number of suspected terrorists.
"A soldier was wounded while
re-entering Israeli territory."
Where's my phone?
They're not picking up.
What did he say about
a "stockpile of weapons?"
talk to me.
It's all my fault
It's not your fault.
You couldn't know about this.
Wait, did you know about this?
I can't believe you didn't tell me.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about this.
About your siblings.
They're terrorists.
They're not terrorists.
What would you call them?
You don't even know them.
You couldn't understand.
How do you expect me to understand
when you don't tell me shit.
Please don't do this now.
You want me to just sit here
like nothing happened?
I don't even know you.
I can't do this.
I gotta get out of here.
Nobody's keeping you here.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Roy Schaffer?
Can I help you?
We're looking for Nimr Mashrawi,
we understand he lives here.
You're a little late.
He's not here anymore.
Not here?
They took his permits a while ago,
so he went back home.
Why are you looking for him?
How do you know he went home?
How do you guys know he lives here?
Do you mind if we come in
and take a look around?
Don't you need a warrant?
Not if it's a friendly visit.
if it's just a friendly visit.
When was the last time
you spoke with Nimr?
A few days ago, I guess.
Is it important?
Nice watch.
I got the exact same one.
Great fuckin' watch!
Okay, the place is clean,
we can go.
Let me know if you hear from Nimr.
Is everything okay?
Nothing to worry about.
Just let us know
if you hear from him.
He's not at the boyfriend's.
But the watch he had on
at the restaurant was there.
The boyfriend's hiding something.
I can't have a fucking Palestinian
roaming the streets of Tel Aviv.
Listen, Gil,
He couldn't have gotten far.
He must still be in the area.
Okay, let's put an end to this.
Send an APB out to the cops
and stay there in case he comes back.
Got it.
Hi, you reached Nimr,
please leave a message.
Hi, you reached--
What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
Sorry for calling this late,
it's Roy,
Schaffer, yes.
I need your help.
Unit 613, do you copy?
This is 613.
Possible sighting of suspect
in your area.
We'll keep our eyes open.
Sorry, bro.
Hey, isn't that our guy?
Follow him, quick.
Nimr Mashrawi?
Stop, police.
"We're in pursuit of a suspect
that fits Mahrawi's profile"
Alex, I lost you, do you copy?
I'm so glad you're here.
I tried calling you.
I drove around looking for you.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
I don't know what I was thinking
and I shouldn't have --
Roy, it's okay.
You know I didn't mean to.
I should've told you.
The Security Services
came looking for you.
I figured.
Don't worry,
I'm getting you outta here.
We're going to the marina,
there's a yacht there
waiting for you.
A yacht?
What are you talking about?
I did what you wanted.
I did it.
I called Roman
and he worked everything out.
You can leave tonight.
France is your best bet.
Are you fucking with me?
How is that possible?
They've smuggled out people before.
Trust me, I know their files.
Are you serious?
If you leave tonight,
you can be there in five or six days.
I'm gonna fly out and wait for you
when you get there.
You are serious.
I've never been this serious
about anything.
We'll contact those human fights groups
you were talking about.
I'm gonna wait for you there.
I won't let you
go through this alone.
But what about your life?
I don't want to lose you.
What is it?
Did they follow you?
I brought them right to you.
Is there another exit
to this building?
Give me your jacket,
I'll distract them.
No fuckin' way.
There's no other option.
Wait two minutes, then go.
I'm not letting you do this.
Don't worry, I can handle them.
You gotta get on that yacht.
I'm seeing you there in six days.
Okay, okay.
Look who's here.
Get in.
Do you think this is a joke?
Is this a new jacket?
Why don't you save us both some time
and tell me where
you're hiding your whore.
Tell me something, Roy Schaffer,
did you run out of gay Jews to fuck?
Son of a bitch.
You won't catch him,
he's far enough.
"Far enough?"
Daddy paid for a yacht?
Fuck you.
I can get the coast guard
on his ass in a minute.
And send him to die?
He's got nowhere to go.
Thank you.
Are you really gonna waste
all this time and money?
We both know
he's not a security threat.
Don't tell me how to do my job.
But he's not your problem anymore.
He's just an open case for you.
You got the brother you wanted.
I promise you
he's not your problem.
He's not running around Tel Aviv
planning a bombing.
He's not coming back here.
You can finally close
the Mashrawi case.
Close the case?
Do you expect me to say thank you?
You crossed the line tonight.
You had to choose sides,
and you did.
Now I'm gonna bury you.
And not even your dad
and his powerful friends could help you.
You have a good morning.