Out of Control (2009) Movie Script

- All right?
Come on.
No, no, no.
Don't lay that on me, OK?
I'll get there
when I'll get there.
No, look!
I'm doing you
a favour, OK?
I got a demand list
the size of--
I gotta go.
[ Phone beeps ]
You know, you could
really hurt yourself
sneaking up on
a guy like that.
but I guess you
already know that, right?
So, uh, lay it on me.
I--I got your money.
Come on.
You're the last guy
that I'd mess with!
Uh, so how about a little
s-s-sample of the stuff
while you count it up?
[ Groaning ]
[ Whimpering ]
[ Car starting ]
- [Man]: Pencils down, please.
[ Car beeps ]
- Come on! Come on!
- [Man on TV]:
And he's gonna let it go
on a bounce here...
- Hey, Dad!
- Hey, darling.
- What's this?
- Last Friday's game.
- You can see where
he's aimed it
right out of bounds...
[ Television stops ]
- Hey! What?
- They won.
I thought you were supposed
to be doing your stretches.
- Oh, I'm sick of stretches.
- Well, I'm sick of
harping on you.
- Aw, all right, all right.
Easy, easy, easy, easy.
Take it from me, Marcie...
don't get old.
- You're not old, Dad.
You're delusional.
No sane person over 35
tries rollerblading.
I mean, if I did
what you did
you'd say I went looking
for trouble and I found it.
- Oh, I don't need you
to remind me I'm a jerk.
Heh! Heh! Your mother did that
till the day she died.
Sometimes I just wish--
When are you
gonna grow up?
- Dad--
- You know what
I'm talking about.
You're still on
that detective fantasy.
- Dad, I didn't come here
to argue!
- Who's arguing?
I just hoped by now
you would've gotten over that.
- And what, hmm?
Be married with kids?
[ Sighing ]
Dad, I just-- I haven't found
Mr. Right yet, OK?
What do you
want me to do?
Go off and get married
to some guy,
so you can become a grandfather?
- Oh, Marcie!
- Let's just get back to work.
- Ah.
- Fabio, I'm home!
So, did you miss me?
Oh, I thought you did.
Well, I didn't even
think about you.
[ Answering machine beeping ]
- [Man]:
Hi, you've been selected
for a romantic weekend for two.
take advantage
of this unique oppor--
[ Beeping ]
What do you think, Fabio?
You and me
on a romantic weekend for two?
You know, if you had feet
or I had fins,
you and I might have a life.
[ Phone ringing ]
[ Clock ticking ]
[ Ringing ]
[ Sighing ]
[ Phone beeps ]
I'm on my way.
[ Phone rings ]
[ Sirens ]
[ Woman on CB, indistinct ]
[ Man on CB indistinct ]
- [Man]: Jesse! Jesse! Yeah.
- A little nose candy, anyone?
- That's where
the smart money is,
but the best bet's on
a renegade pastry chef.
- Here comes Sutton.
Ever since he transferred
in from San Francisco
he's developed
quite a rep for himself.
The poor man's Sherlock Holmes.
- Well, there's
a ray of sunshine!
- That's me. Susie Sunshine!
- So what have
we got, Marcie?
- Four bullets.
Three to the chest,
one to the back.
- The phone's a nice touch.
- I guess he used up
all his minutes.
- I see you got your happy
goggles on again, Stanley.
I love a man who loves his job.
Give me the SIM, please.
- Owner said everybody left
by 6:00 p.m. Saturday night.
Hi, Lisa.
- Good morning, Marcie.
[ Sighing ]
- Looks like a 9mm.
Maybe a Glock.
- Glock-9.
Practically every cop
in the city has one.
- And half
the gang bangers.
- Stone wasn't
a gang banger, Lisa.
- Yeah, I'm aware of that, Gus.
- Why don't you bring forensics
up to speed on our victim?
- He's Ray Stone,
a small-time drug dealer.
- And Lisa's snitch.
- Busted him 5 years ago
for possession.
Would've been his third strike.
- The guy was gonna
wind up like this.
That's where guys
like this wind up.
Don't blame yourself.
- What is this?
- You got something
on your...
May I?
I don't wanna wipe
away evidence.
- I think it's called dust.
- It's gone, Stanley.
- All right,
tag and bag, guys!
- Dead informants
are bad for business.
- How do you think I feel?
- Frankly, my dear,
I don't give a damn.
This is the Chicago PD.
More specifically, my district.
- You were the one
who told me to squeeze him!
- "Squeeze" is not
synonymous with "whack".
The SOB was pumped
with 4 bullets.
- You're suggesting
it's my fault?
- Nobody's accusing anybody
of anything.
We haven't even had an
investigation yet.
- Det. Sutton,
the voice of reason.
Any theories on
who or why?
- He had 400$ in cash,
which rules out robbery.
We're testing the powder.
It's probably coke.
The lab test will
tell the grade,
then we'll know how far up in
the food chain is his supplier.
- Stone wasn't a user.
- A character witness?
- With all due respect,
wouldn't your district
be better served
if we were out doing our job?
- I think what Lisa means is
we've got a lot of work to do.
- Do it.
- Thank you, Lieutenant.
- Grant, I'm not done with you.
Gus, close the door.
I hear you're off the wagon.
[ Chuckles ]
- Good news travels fast.
- Look, I'm not here
to judge you.
I never buried a husband,
but I can imagine what
that hell must have been like.
I've seen good cops get lost
to the bottle for less.
- I can handle it.
- You did handle it,
when you got sober
and put yourself in a program.
You wanna tell me why
you're drinking again?
- It's no a big deal,
- I'm putting you on warning.
Get back into AA
and take care of your business,
and it won't be a big deal.
You've got a promising
career ahead of you.
You wanna go down the tubes,
that's your choice,
but you're not doing it in
this station under my watch.
Are we clear?
There really is
a heart beating in here
and I feel for you, Lisa.
Just know that what's said
in this office,
stays in this office.
- Thank you.
- Now...
go find out why your informant
is lying in the morgue.
- Where's my gun?
[ breathing unevenly ]
[ Panting ]
[ Both breathing rapidly ]
- Wow, you got
a great touch, Cutler.
I mean, the way you swab
is like pure poetry.
- Wait until you see me
dust for fingerprints.
- Ooh!
[ Laughing ]
[ Door closing ]
- I've got the pathology report.
- Thanks, Gus.
- Yeah, thanks for
thinking about us, Augustus,
but, uh, we already read it.
- Hmm.
- So how's the
investigation going?
- Tech is lifting
the numbers off the SIM.
We'll find out everybody who
talked to Stone last night
and see what shakes out.
- Any theories?
- I'm guessing
"drug deal gone bad."
- I'm guessing
"staged to look that way."
- Everybody's a cop.
- Not Stanley. He's strictly
forensics, right?
- Well...
- Call me when
you turn up something.
We'll sit down and
go over the evidence.
- Sounds good.
- So you're not, uh, falling for
that "just going over
the evidence," bull, are you?
- Reality check, OK?
He's the police detective
in charge of the case
and I am the criminologist
assigned to the case.
The fact that he happens
to be drop-dead gorgeous
can't negate the necessity
of our collaboration.
- [Man 1]:
Hang on! First of all...
- [Man 2]:
Be careful out there.
- You wanted to see me?
- Come in, Marcie.
Have a seat.
I've got a problem,
and I'm hoping
you can help me with it.
- I'll see what I can do.
- I need someone I can trust.
Someone outside
of my department.
I think I've got a dirty cop.
- Who?
- I don't know.
I've got confiscated cocaine
being looted
from the evidence room
and winding back on the street.
If it is one of ours,
I gotta clean house before
the commissioner finds out.
- Lieutenant,
I'm not a detective.
- Top of your
class at the Academy.
Mike Cutler's daughter.
You're my best shot, Marcie.
- Lieutenant,
look, don't get me wrong,
I mean, this is
a great opportunity, but...
snooping on other cops isn't
exactly what I'd envisioned.
Would you snoop
to bring down a drug dealer?
Because at the end of the day,
that's what
we're talking about here.
- OK.
I'll see what I can find out.
Marcie, whatever you find,
whatever happens,
this is an unofficial
Do you understand?
- Yeah.
- So how do you want
to go about this?
OK, I say we start with
the last call Stone made
and work our way back.
That means Johnny Tucci.
With his priors--
extortion, drugs,
money laundering,
blackmail, racketeering--
murder's the next step.
Is that his home address?
I don't remember
any residences on that street.
- It's a pool hall.
- What do you mean?
He lives there?
- For all practical purposes.
[ Beeping ]
- Would you even know
who Tucci was
if you saw him?
- Would you?
[ Beeping ]
Here's his picture.
Study it.
[ Pool balls crashing ]
- Johnny Tucci around?
- Over there.
- Oh!
- Grant, take the front!
You're making this harder
than it has to be, Tucci.
- Drop it.
Come on, drop it!
Do it!
- This is only about
a few questions.
- Yeah, right, I know
what this is about.
- Why don't you
tell me about it?
Drop the gun, Tucci.
- Good work, Lisa.
Where's your gun, Lisa?
- Where's your
warning shot, Gus?
[ Exhales ]
- Tucci didn't kill Stone.
- And you know this how?
- Because I know this
town and the people in it.
You've been here, what? A year?
I've been here my whole life.
- You can be a character witness
for this two-bit gangster.
He'll need one.
- What makes you think
you're running this
- I'm trying to do my job, Lisa.
No more, no less.
I'm happy to take
this up with Sinclair.
- Lead the way.
- Fine.
- You're too
good-looking to be a cop.
- And you're too old
to be a bad boy.
[ Chuckling ]
- Look, sweetheart,
in recessionary times,
we all got to cut corners
wherever we can,
and I don't want
to get my lawyers involved.
So let's you and me
just talk it out, hmm?
- I'd like that. I always
think total candour works best.
- So, you're the city's "go to"
guy when it comes to extortion?
Must be your charm that
gets them, right, sweetheart?
[ Chuckling ]
- You dragged me in here
to charge me with extortion?
- Why would I do that, if I can
charge you with murder?
[ Sighing ]
- That's funny.
- I assure you Ray Stone's
mother is not laughing.
- I didn't kill Stone,
even though he owned me
a lot of money.
- And I didn't say
he was dead.
I know you were the last
person that talked to him.
- Don't be so sure.
- You've got a suspect
to interview.
If you two can't figure out
how to handle that,
you're in the wrong profession.
- [Tucci]:
There's lots of people
who wanted to talk to Ray.
- [Marcie]: What kind of people?
- The kind he owed money to...
- What the hell's going on?
- That's a damn
good question.
Sit tight, Grant.
- Wait. Whatever she did,
she got his attention.
- Well, maybe she flashed him.
- That's enough.
At least she's acting
like a professional.
- She's a forensic scientist
pretending to be a cop!
- Looks like she's a natural.
- You and Stone had
5 conversations that night
and 2 the night before.
18 calls this month alone.
The shortest lasting 26 seconds
and the longest 4 minutes.
[ Sighing ]
Short and to the point.
A lot of people get carried away
on the phone these days.
- Hmm.
- I've got a lot of reasons to
think that you killed Stone.
How many do you have
to prove otherwise?
[ Sighing ]
- You're running this
department, Lt. Sinclair.
You can't let the criminologist
conduct an interrogation!
- Don't you have
some work to do, Grant?
Because if not, I'd be happy
to give you an assignment.
- There's evidence in the case
suggesting otherwise.
- What am I supposed to do?
- Help me out...
- Sorry about that.
- Why? What did you do?
- [Tucci]: I don't know.
- You can't be responsible
for her behaviour.
- Ray Stone was shot
to death last night.
Any ideas who might've
pulled the trigger?
- Look, I really can't help you.
I know a lot of people
who thought
Stone was worthy
of a bullet, but--
- Four, actually. They thought
he was worthy of four.
I'm sure you have
a terrific alibi for last night,
so I'd like the names,
addresses and phone numbers
of anyone
that can vouch for you.
- Whatever rocks your boat,
I'll be out before
that ink dries.
- In my office, now.
[ Sighing ]
- Good work.
- Yeah.
- What the hell
do you think you're doing
pulling a stunt
like that?
- You told me
to investigate.
- Investigate,
not interrogate.
You put me in a hell
of a spot back there.
- That was the idea, OK?
Look, Stone was found
with cocaine.
- It was too obvious.
You're undercover, remember?
A forensic officer conducting
a criminal interrogation
without permission?
What were you thinking?
- That I'd look like
a wannabe detective.
That maybe you'd call me
on the carpet for it,
and maybe you'd get
a reaction from a nervous cop.
- Did you see anything
weird with Lisa or Gus?
- I'm not sure.
Lisa went ballistic,
but she had good reason.
- Look one thing I saw
is that Tucci knows something.
I mean, he's scared,
but not because
he killed someone.
- All right.
[ Chuckling ]
You got good instincts, Marcie.
You do your old man proud.
Stay on it.
[ Man on CB, indistinct ]
- Hey, if Sinclair brings
you up on charges,
I'll testify
on your behalf.
- Hmm!
- What happened?
What did you do?
- Nothing, Stanley.
Don't worry about it.
See you tomorrow.
- Take care.
[ Man on CB, indistinct ]
- So, you two an item?
- No, of course not!
He's my associate.
- I just asked.
He seems like
a decent enough guy.
So, do I need a debriefing
on Tucci or what?
- What do you mean?
- Hmm.
Maybe he said
something to you
that he didn't say to me.
- No, he didn't say
anything to me.
- No?
Well, you look like you
had something going with him.
What prompted you to do it?
- I don't know.
Um, I just saw him there
and I thought I could help.
Look, it was stupid
and I owe you an apology.
A big one. Lisa too.
I mean, I was way out of line.
You're the detective
on this case
and I'm just
the forensic scientist.
- I had no idea you were
Is it a right lobe,
left lobe kind of thing?
[ Laughing ]
I just want the murder solved.
I don't care who solves it.
I just wish Lisa
felt the same way.
She went nuts over you
questioning Tucci.
- She did?
- Oh yeah.
[ Both sighing ]
I tried to tell her
it was no big deal,
but she didn't want
to hear it.
- Maybe I should find her
and apologize.
- Give her a little time.
She'll come around.
Look, I know she's been moody
lately, but Lisa is a rock.
She's the kind of partner
you can always depend on.
- Yeah, my dad thinks
she's a fantastic cop.
He taught her at the Academy.
I mean, I've always
looked up to her myself.
- She'll get it together.
She always does.
- She's lucky to have
a partner like you.
- Ah!
I'm no saint.
- Good, 'cause being
a saint must be boring.
[ Chuckling ]
- You, uh, you wanna
grab a beer?
- I've got to go by my dad's.
He had some back surgery
and refused physical therapy,
so now physical therapy
comes to him in the form of me.
- Wow!
You are a woman
of many talents.
See you tomorrow?
- Tomorrow.
[ Laughing ]
All right, thanks, Jessica.
Just remind me I owe you dinner.
[ Gus laughing ]
Oh yeah?
Your place or mine?
OK, bye.
[ Sighing ]
I got an address
on Stone's mother.
You want to bring her
in for questioning?
- Well, you know, I'm busy.
Why don't you get
Cutler to do it?
[ Phone ringing ]
Grant? Yeah.
Yeah, I got it.
- You, uh, you want me
to apply for a new partner?
- I think that bill's
already been filled.
[ Car beeps ]
Woman singing on stereo,
- What do you want?
- Look, I thought
you might like a chance
to talk outside
of the station.
- I got nothing
to say to you.
- Look, I'm not a detective, OK?
- Well, then that explains
why you're so stupid.
Go home.
- You were gonna tell
me something at the station.
I could see it in your eyes.
I can help you.
- You got a license to kill!
All cops have
a license to kill.
What planet are you from, hmm?
How can you help me?
Go home.
[ Sighing ]
I didn't say a word.
Nobody knows anything.
Look, I'm not an idiot, OK?
Even a yellow dog
knows when he's sinned.
I'll disappear.
Look, I don't even
like this town anyway.
I'll leave tomorrow, OK?
- It's not good enough.
- What do you want me to do?
What do you want me to do?
- Die.
- Aw! Aw!
- Yeah!
- Oy! Det. Cutler!
I passed Biology.
Can I work in forensics?
[ Marcie sighing ]
- Hey, Charlie.
- Hey! Ignore 'em.
They don't know the first thing
about how to treat a lady.
What'll it be?
- You know, I think
I'm gonna live dangerously.
Light beer.
- You've got me scared now!
[ Lisa laughing ]
- Oh!
- Is Gus Sutton around?
- Yeah, he's in the back.
- Charlie!
Give me another vodka!
- Just what she needs, huh?
- Thanks.
- It's the multi-talented
Marcie Cutler.
- Evening, detective.
- I don't remember
seeing you in here before.
- It's been a busy year or so.
- Boyfriend?
- Night school.
- Ah!
[ Cheering ]
- Well, look who it is!
It's Nancy Drew.
- Let it go, Lisa.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Was I talking to you?
Who the hell do you think you
are interrogating my suspect?
- Lisa, just sit down, please.
- Oh! Are we gonna
be friends, now Cutler?
After you stabbed me
in the back?
- You know,
that wasn't my intention.
- Like hell! No, you knew
exactly what you were doing.
- This isn't the place, Grant.
- Stay out of it, Sutton!
It's got nothin' to do with you.
- You know, when
I joined the force,
your father looked out for me.
He was my mentor.
That's the kind
of cop he was.
But you...
No, you're just waiting
for me to take a fall
so you can grab my job...
and my partner!
- Lisa, I know we have to
talk about this, but not here.
- I like it here.
- I'm sorry, but you're drunk.
We can have this conversation
when you're sober.
- I'll wipe that attitude
right off your face.
- [Girl]: Whoa!
- [Man]: Hey, hey! Whoa!
[ Grunting ]
- Don't do this, Lisa.
- Get your hands off me!
[ Grunting ]
- Hmm!
Remind me not to piss you off.
[ Giggling ]
And I was afraid that
she might hurt you.
- Well, in her condition,
there wasn't much chance
of her hurting anybody.
- Her condition includes a gun.
She's a cop, Marcie.
She's got a license to kill.
What's wrong?
- No, it's just, uh,
that's what Tucci said.
"All cops have
a license to kill".
- Did he?
Looks like
you need another one.
This one's on me, champ.
Ah! Boom.
[ Gus laughing ]
- This is silly.
I can get home on my own.
- Do it for me.
- You know, I hate
that Lisa's so mad at me.
- She'll get over it.
- Well, I mean,
you're with her every day.
What do you think is going on?
[ Inhales deeply ]
- Can this be between us?
Let's just say it wouldn't
advance our careers
if Sinclair found out.
- Well, I'm in forensics.
I don't answer to Sinclair.
- We were lovers.
I know, career suicide.
- How recently?
- I broke it off
a few weeks ago.
At first it was a casual thing,
but Lisa got more and more
intense and possessive and...
- What?
[ Sighing ]
- Well, then she
started drinking.
She told me
about her husband dying.
Her drinking got out of control
and I think it started affecting
her decisions as a cop.
- How?
- We'd bust a dealer
with a trunk full of money
and think: "This slime
bag's driving his Benz
"with a million in cash and my
ass is on the line for peanuts."
- Well, cops say that sort of
thing that all the time.
It's understandable.
- Yeah, well...
when we were about
to turn in our last stash,
Lisa would say "who'd miss it."
Then her informant
turns up dead.
- So you think
Lisa killed Stone?
- I don't want to,
but I overheard her
threatening him.
- Have you told Sinclair?
- No! She's my partner,
he's a snitch,
and I didn't hear the other
end of the conversation.
Look, I shouldn't
be saying this.
[ Both sighing ]
Ignore me.
- You're a guy who's
not easy to ignore.
- I'm not sure
if that's a compliment,
but I'm gonna take it as one.
Make sure she
gets home safe.
- Thanks.
- You're lucky I don't throw you
off the force!
- I had too much to drink.
I'm not proud of my behaviour.
- You ought to be ashamed!
You made a fool of yourself
and the department.
You're on desk duty
until further notice.
And desk duty means
I want your gun.
- I don't have it on me.
- You what?
- It's at home.
I'll bring it in tomorrow.
- I mean,
I just can't believe it!
Lisa was always
such a great cop!
Smart. Gutsy.
She reminded me of you.
- Maybe, but last night
was a different Lisa Grant.
- OK. OK, so she hit
a rough patch.
She's not the first cop
to look for comfort in a bottle.
- Gus heard her threaten
her informant.
- "Heard?"
- He's not accusing her
of anything, Dad.
- Good. I may be an ex-cop,
but I still believe in evidence.
That kind of talk
can ruin a career.
- What, boozing and looking
for fights isn't bad enough?
[ Sighing ]
- Look, I don't know this Gus.
But if he was a good partner,
he'd be helping Lisa,
not bad-mouthing her.
- You're right, Dad.
You don't know the guy.
I have to go.
- Marcie!
Marcie, wait up, wait up!
You haven't forgotten
the rule
against involvement with
fellow officers have you?
- I'm not involved
with him, Dad.
- Yet.
- You know what?
I'm not even a cop,
so we're not "fellow" officers.
The truth is you don't
want me talking to some man
without the Mike Cutler
seal of approval.
- That's crap
and you know it!
- No, I don't know it.
Look, you think
you know what's best for me.
You don't think
I can figure it on my own.
That's gonna change.
- The button came off
an outdoor garment.
The amount of wear as
it relates to climate conditions
relative to molecule
and moisture absorption
tells us it hasn't
been worn much.
- So basically
you're saying it's new.
- Yeah.
- Do you know the type
of garment? Jacket or blazer?
- Aren't they the same thing?
- No, not really.
I mean, they could be.
I don't really know.
I'm not a fashionista.
- I'm thinking
something like a trench coat.
- Oh, OK.
Men's or women's?
- Definitely a woman's, due
to the strength of the thread
and the density
of the button.
A comparable man's
trench would be stitched
with a higher quality thread.
It has to be tougher...
- Hmm.
- Theoretically.
- Right.
- All right. Now this
is the fun part.
[ Beeping ]
See the break in the button?
That teeny crack?
- That crack held
a sample of ethyl acetate,
which is contained
in clear nail polish.
- Men get manicures.
- But I tested the button.
It couldn't have
been stepped on
by anyone who weighed
more then a 120 pounds.
So it could have
been a guy who gets manicures
and is, uh, anorexic.
[ Chuckles ]
- Good work.
I'm glad you're on my team.
- Where you going?
- Give this to Sutton.
- Be still my heart.
- Hmm, sounds like arrhythmia.
You might wanna
get that checked out.
- Yeah.
[ Ringing ]
[ Ringing ]
- I'm still waiting
or that gun, Grant.
- Tomorrow.
- What about today,
the day it was promised?
- It's still at home.
My neighbour's kid came over.
I put it away.
- Tomorrow morning, on my desk,
or I'm sending Sutton to get it.
[ Ringing ]
- Hello?
Det. Sutton isn't here.
Can I take a message?
- The prime suspect
in a murder investigation
has slipped through our fingers!
- Don't shoot
the messenger!
- Got a better suggestion?
- You could ask my partner.
- Come in.
- I have the ballistics
report if you'd like to see it.
- [Sinclair]:
Anything on the button?
[ Door closing ]
Sutton, you check out
every women's store
that carried that coat,
then I want you get a list of
all the customers
who purchased it.
- I'm not much
on women's fashion.
How about if I bring Cutler?
- All right.
- Thank you.
- You know what--
- There you go, detective.
- Thank you...
- My pleasure.
If there's anything else
I can do, just let me know.
- So have we got everything
that we came for?
- Ellen?
- This is the jacket.
All the buttons are specifically
made to suit the cut.
- Great. Thanks.
- I work most days
and, um, I get off at 7:00.
- Oh...
- She gets off at 7:00.
Well, I get off now.
If you wanna stay around here,
that's cool with me.
- You got anything
in mind for dinner?
- Oh, the usual.
Cheese burrito.
- How about
I make you dinner?
- Now?
- Your place or mine?
- No one's ever really made me
a meal in my own apartment.
- I get to be first one?
- Yeah.
- All right.
[ Sighing ]
- So why did you
leave San Francisco?
- Ah!
Well I had gone
through a nasty break-up
and I wanted to start over.
There was an opening.
- A girl in every port, huh?
- Oh, you got the wrong guy.
Nora and I were
together 4 years.
- Is, uh, Nora a cop?
- No, she was
a teacher in High school.
I was devastated
when she broke it off.
Look, can we just
talk about something else?
Maybe one of your dirty little
secrets no one knows about?
[ Giggles ]
- My secrets aren't dirty.
- I think I'll be
the judge of that.
Come on, lay it on me.
- OK. Um...
Well, I lost
my virginity on prom night.
- Right!
Let's get back to me.
[ Giggling ]
No, I'm serious.
I mean, my secrets aren't dirty,
they're big.
- Oh, I'm sure they are.
[ Sighing ]
- There's another one, but...
- But what?
You can't trust me?
[ Sighing ]
- I'd get in
a lot of trouble for it.
- Now, that's my kind of secret!
Come on, give it up!
- Sinclair...
asked me to, um...
- Asked you to what?
- Sinclair asked me to, um...
ask around about Tucci.
You know, apparently
he turned up missing
and she didn't want
to upset you and Lisa
about the whole
interrogation thing, so...
- Well, I have a secret for you.
Your secrets stink.
- Gus?
[ Chuckling ]
What are you doing?
- I was gonna make you
breakfast in bed.
Come on, get back in there.
Hope you like eggs.
[ Honking ]
- Good morning, sir.
- Como esta, Rosa?
- Bien, gracias.
[ Tapping and beeping ]
- You're testing
cocaine with bleach!
- Somebody's gotta do it.
- Household bleach might work
for dealers testing product,
but it does not
cut it for scientists.
- Neither does
showing up an hour late.
- It's none of your business.
- It is my business!
I have a job to do,
and my "I" includes you,
which makes it "we."
- Thank you, Stanley.
We don't know the original
source of the blow.
- OK, Dr. Frankenstein,
what do you recommend?
- Well...
2% cobalt thiocyanate
with a second solution
of stannous chloride.
- Hmm, sounds good.
- Your, uh, friend
was here looking for you.
- Yeah, what friend?
- Come on!
The one who makes you blush.
- The tricky part is
that it can interact
with other compounds
in the coke,
producing a false positive.
Excuse me.
- And, uh,
how do you avoid that?
- Experience.
So, what did he say?
- He wanted to know
if you were here "yet,"
which was an
interesting choice of words,
'cause it told me he knew
that you weren't here,
which also told me--
- Don't play detective, OK?
- Yeah.
Only you get to do that.
- Yep.
- Hmm! Wow!
I've never seen anything turn
that color before.
- Yeah.
Me neither.
- Grant, in my office.
- Well?
- Well, what?
- Do you know
where this came from?
- Your desk?
- Very funny.
- I'm not being funny.
- It came from
your wastebasket!
[ Sighing ]
- I didn't put it there.
- I'm gonna to do you a favour.
I'm gonna suspend you.
And I'll recommend
that you get help.
and I want you in
an alcohol-treatment program.
The department
has a good one, AA.
- I think I'm being set-up.
- For what?
- For starters, Stone's murder.
The gun is part of it,
so is that bottle.
You've gotta let me
figure this out.
- You've got 24 hours.
Then I am going
to start an investigation.
- What's going on, Grant?
- I'm on to you, Gus.
I'd be careful,
if I were you.
- It just kills me, you know?
I mean, she's a good cop.
Sometimes I think
I should talk to Sinclair.
Tell her-- tell her
that I'm partly to blame.
- You're not doing either
of you any favours
by telling her about the affair.
- I know, but watching her
come unglued like this...
- I know.
- Let's get out of here.
- OK.
[ Buzzing ]
[ Buzzing ]
- Hey!
- What do you want?
- To talk.
Listen, I'm sorry about
the other night.
I had too much to drink.
- Hang on.
- That's a nice fish.
Got a name?
- You didn't come here to make
friends with my fish, Lisa.
- No, I came here to tell you
that your new boyfriend
isn't who you think he is.
- He's not my boyfriend.
- Your sex buddy then.
- OK, that's it!
- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- Look, I'm just as
uncomfortable as you are.
If you were anyone other
than Mike's daughter,
I wouldn't be here.
Did Gus tell you about us?
You know, Gus plays
to your weakness.
For me it was Bill.
When Gus came into my life,
it had been so long
since I had been around a man.
Just the smell of him reminded
me of everything I missed.
- This has nothing
to do with me.
- It has everything
to do with you!
I was supposed to meet Stone
the night he was killed.
Someone is setting me up...
to take the fall.
- Forgive me, I'm a scientist,
and I don't understand
how you make that leap.
- Did Gus tell you about Nora?
The love of his life
who broke his heart?
Nora Phelps didn't dump Gus.
He dumped her.
- How does that matter?
- Why would he lie and paint
himself as the jilted lover?
There had to be another reason
he left San Francisco.
I was just about
to figure it out,
when I got the boot.
I need your help, Marcie.
- A few nights ago, you were
ready to rearrange my face!
- I had too much to drink.
- Lisa, I don't know
what's going on with you, OK?
But I know I can't give you
the kind of help that you need.
- I thought you were so eager
to be a detective!
Well, here's your chance!
Or are you afraid to find out
you're being taken for a ride.
- Goodbye, Lisa.
I hope you deal with
your drinking and paranoia.
- Watch your back.
- This was all happening
right under your nose.
- I wouldn't go that far.
[ Knocking ]
- Yes?
- I've got the lab results.
It's cocaine with
a PH above 5.5.
- What does that mean
in layman's terms?
- It means there's
no degradation,
stored in optimal conditions.
- And where is that?
- The most likely place
is the police lockup.
The good news is we just
found the missing coke.
The bad news is
it was stolen by one of our own.
Let's go pay a visit
to your partner.
- She doesn't trust me.
What about taking Marcie?
- It's not the worst idea.
Grant came by to see me.
- You talked to her?
- When?
- This morning.
She thinks that
Gus is setting her up.
[ Scoffs ]
- Come on, Cutler.
Let's go.
Lisa, open up.
Don't screw with me, Grant.
Open the damn door!
- Wow!
- It's not that exciting.
- That's easy for you to say.
You don't spend every day
looking at saliva.
[ Sirens ]
- Beretta, 32.
Light, concealable,
and it still packs plenty
of stopping power.
- Yeah, I'll take it.
- Excellent choice.
Anybody ever tell you
look like that actress...
what's her name?
- Probably not.
- Step over here; we can
fill out the necessary forms.
- No, no forms.
- No forms,
no Beretta 32.
- I'll double the list price.
- You wouldn't
be considering engaging
in any illegal
activities, would you?
- No! No, strictly self-defence.
I just hate paperwork, you know.
Everybody's paranoid these days,
checking each other out.
- I hear you. Nobody's read
the damn Constitution.
- Exactly.
Come on!
Would somebody who looks like
that actress "what's her
name" be a criminal?
- Cutler?
- One second.
- Man, Grant!
What were you thinking?
[ Sighing ]
- I'll get it into the lab.
- No, leave it.
We're gonna do it by the book
and get a warrant.
- Look, why can't you
accept the possibility
that Lisa cracked
under the pressure?
People do that.
- People, not Lisa.
- You believe the best in Lisa
but the worst in me, huh?
- I know Lisa.
- I'm your daughter!
- If crimes were solved
by taking evidence
at face value,
there wouldn't be
a need for detectives.
[ Microwave beeping ]
You know, when I went
to the Police Academy
they taught us about
a little thing like motive.
Have you and your buddy Sutton
come up with one of those?
- Yeah.
[ Door slams ]
Working on it.
[Whispering]: Ah! Hot.
- I suppose you've
asked yourself
what Sutton has to gain
if Lisa goes down?
- Be careful.
- So that would be "no."
You want to be a detective,
but you don't want to consider
that your suspect
might be under your nose...
[ Scoffs ]
...or in your bed.
- You know what, Dad?
- I'm retired, not dead.
- With all due respect,
this is none of your business.
- If Lisa is the best suspect
you can come up with,
you've wasted
the last year training.
- I was gonna tell you.
- About the romance
or going to the Police Academy?
- You would've disapproved
of either one.
[ Phone ringing ]
[ Ringing ]
[ Sighing ]
Just one second.
I have to take this.
- I thought you were
smarter than this.
- No, Dad, you got all
the brains in the family...
and all the answers too.
[ Sighing ]
[ Sighing ]
- Oh, Marcie, Marcie, Marcie.
[ Phone beeping ]
[ Phone ringing ]
- Cutler.
- It's Gus.
- Gus! Hey!
Um, I was just half asleep.
- Your light's on.
Coming up.
You're here?
- Yeah.
I thought I'd surprise you.
- Um, that's sweet.
But I'm not, uh,
I'm not feeling very good.
- Well, I do have
the magic touch.
- Sorry.
Um, you know,
how about a rain check?
- You're not sending me home
after coming all this way.
- As tempting as it sounds,
I'm gonna have
to send you home, Gus.
Good night.
- Oh, man! Am I glad
to see you guys!
I forgot my keys.
- Gus.
- Change our mind?
- I just wanted to make sure
I can collect my rain-check
tomorrow night.
- You're on.
- Good night.
- Thank you.
- Nora Phelps?
Hi, my name is Marcie Cutler.
I'm a detective with
the Chicago Police Department.
I'd like to ask you
a few questions
about your former acquaintance
and San Francisco
police officer.
[ Car beeps ]
- You sure you got clearance?
- Call Sinclair.
- Whatever.
Who am I to question?
- Precisely.
- Name?
- Augustus Sutton.
- Augustus Sutton.
[ Beeping ]
- Why?
- Let me try something.
[ Beeping ]
No. We're shut out.
- You said you could
access records on anyone.
- Yeah, anyone who's normal.
- Normal?
- I'm supposed
to be able to get into
the full database
of every cop in this country.
But when an 8760
security code comes up,
it means:
"don't even think about it."
[ Sighing ]
- Ralph! How you doing, big guy?
- Hey, Gus.
How you doing?
- How are the kids?
- Growing.
- Say hi to the wife.
- I will.
Are you staying late?
- I'll be quick.
- All right.
[ Panting ]
[ Rattling ]
[ Men speaking, indistinct ]
[ Man 1 on CB, indistinct ]
- [Man 2]: Behind the line.
- [Woman]: Can we go in now?
- All right.
Check out the garbage.
- Down here?
- [Man 3]: OK, OK.
- I understand, sir.
[ Knocking ]
You'll have to excuse me,
There's somebody at my door.
Not another gram
will leave lockup
or you can have my badge.
[ Sighing ]
Come in.
- We found Lisa's gun.
- Where?
The bottom of the trash
outside her building.
The trucks were just pulling up
as we nabbed it.
Doesn't look good
for your partner, does it?
[ Knocking ]
- Um, I can come back.
- Sutton located Lisa's gun.
- You'll need
to run some prints.
Somebody could have stolen it.
- Nobody could accuse you
of being disloyal.
Blind or naive, possibly.
Excuse me, but why would
Lisa kill her own informant?
- Sutton, you wanna
give her a motive?
- I checked out Lisa's computer.
It appears as if
she's been gambling.
- At her desk in the office?
With all of us here?
I can't keep up with you.
You seem to be channelling
a defence lawyer.
- Maybe we're not
asking the right questions.
- She cleaned out her bank
account at 6:00 this morning.
She's still in the city.
- Make sure every police
district receives
a bulletin with her
photo and description.
Alert all the local motels
to keep an eye out for her.
Cutler, you go run
the prints on the weapon.
I forgot to ask what
you came to see me about.
- My, uh, father
sends his regards.
- The button didn't fall off.
Look how the fibres
have been frayed,
as if it's been cut.
[ Scoffs ]
- OK.
- OK, what?
- What's my role here?
I mean, sounding board?
Detached observer, employee?
- You're not my employee, OK?
You're my friend.
[ Chuckles ]
- It not what I was
hoping for, but it's a start
- When things are
as they appear,
you need to look closer.
- OK, uh,
I'm a detached observer.
That's what
scientists do, right?
- I'm not talking about you!
- Are you talking to me?
- No, I'm thinking.
Something I haven't done
a lot of until now.
[ Sighing ]
What if it's not Lisa?
- You lost me.
Coat, Lisa's. Gun, Lisa's.
Informant, Lisa's.
- What if she's being set up?
- By who?
- I don't know.
The real killer.
- Why?
Because she has
something on him.
- Or her.
- Whatever.
- All right.
What's the "something"?
If I knew that, we wouldn't
be having this conversation!
[ Both sighing ]
- Lisa melted down.
Being a detective might seem
glamorous, but it's hell,
particularly for a woman.
You know, throw in
her husband's death
and you've got
a walking train wreck.
- You know how many train wrecks
are walking around out there?
Not all of them have put
4 bullets in a guy.
- People are time bombs, right?
Right time, right circumstances.
Look what happened with you
and Lisa at Charlie's.
- What? She was drunk!
You've never gotten aggressive
after a few too many?
- Maybe she was drunk
the night she killed Stone.
- Maybe, or maybe we're
barking up the wrong tree.
- I don't bark
or chirp or meow.
I do what I was hired to do,
which is analyze evidence.
[ Taps table ]
- Good.
- Where are you going?
- To work.
Danny, I need another favour.
A big one.
It's really important.
- Sounds serious.
- Yeah, very.
I need all the activity
and transactions
on this account number
and all the documentation
for the account owner.
Can you hack in?
- Piece of cake.
[ Beeping ]
- The online activity started
just about a year ago.
It was spotty back then
until May,
then it becomes
a whole new game.
- She was playing on what?
four or five different websites?
- My sources tell me
that's standard for gamblers.
- Spreading the wealth.
- Or debt, in her case.
I matched the coke withdrawals
with the dates of activity
on the gambling websites
she frequented.
There's a clear pattern.
- Grant was using
the lockup as her ATM.
- That's what it amounts to.
She's up to
her eyeballs in debt.
Her snitch smokes her out
and decides to blackmail her.
She snuffs him.
- That will do as motive unless
a better one comes long.
Nice work, Detective.
- Thanks.
Is your better half back?
- I'll, uh, tell Marcie you came
a-callin' when she gets here.
[ Beeping ]
- The prints on the gun
are Lisa's, right?
- The report's being typed.
When it's done, I'll deliver
it to the Lieutenant.
And you can play
20 questions with her.
- It's my case, Stanley.
- Huh. Oh, Congratulations.
I didn't realize you
had anything to do
except hang out here.
- Hmm. You're a real piece
of work, aren't you?
- Yes. Yes, I am.
- Gus.
- You might wanna have a little
chat with your underling here.
- What?
- I need to speak
with you in private.
- Loser.
- Later, I promise.
I'm just really behind on work.
- It'll be quick.
- OK, just give me a sec.
[ Chuckles ]
- I missed you last night.
- You did?
- Yeah.
- Um, do you know how
many people use this stairway?
- Lucky for them.
- You know what?
I'd like to keep my job.
- OK. Look, I'm sorry.
I just had this overwhelming
urge to be close to you.
- Don't worry about it.
- What about tonight?
- Um, I've got to go by
and see my dad.
- After. Charlie's.
- Yeah, we'll see
how long I'm there.
- What's going on, Marcie?
- Nothing.
- It's as if you're
trying to avoid me.
- Don't be ridiculous.
Um, how about
9:00 o'clock at Charlie's?
[ Beeping ]
[ Door slams ]
- You nearly caused
a premature death!
Don't sneak up on people.
- What are you
still doing here?
I thought you left,
like, 2 hours ago.
- Something naughty.
And if you tell anybody--
[ Beeping ]
Ah, that's more like it.
[ Phone ringing ]
What time is it?
- About 9:00.
- Hi. Yeah, I'll be there
in 10 minutes.
- Why do women always go for the
brooding, good-looking ones?
- Um, I think the smart,
funny ones do well too.
- Finally, I'm a prince!
[ Grunting ]
Come in. Come in.
- What the hell is going on?
- I'm being sought for murder.
- That's crazy!
- I murdered my snitch because
he found out that I was dirty.
See, I couldn't stay
out of the evidence room.
All that blow sitting there
while there was
a fortune to be made.
- I don't believe it.
- Then you're the only one.
I'm being set up, Mike.
I'm sure you heard
the story from Marcie,
but you have got to believe me
it is not the real story.
- Calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
You're safe here.
All right?
I'm gonna make you
a sandwich.
Sit down.
- Yeah, I'd love that.
Time for a cup of coffee too.
Strong, if you don't mind.
- Not in the least.
- So our worst fear is true.
It's Lisa.
- Appears so.
- Not "appears".
The evidence is clear.
She gambled away
everything online and more.
I've got the entire
history documented.
I took it off her computer.
She thought
she'd got rid of the trail,
but she'd left enough
to retrieve the entire thing.
- You must feel
great about that.
- What do you mean?
- Great police work,
even if she is your partner
and former lover.
- Look, of course
it's a mixed bag.
I feel for Lisa.
But a cop's gotta do
what a cop's gotta, right?
- Pretty much.
- Kind of like you
in San Francisco.
- Excuse me?
- Who are you, Gus?
'Cause you are not the man
you've made yourself out to be.
- Let me guess.
You talked to Nora.
She's a real
drama queen, isn't she?
- You've been doing your song
and dance for so long,
you have no idea the audience
has already gone home!
- Marcie.
Marcie! Hey! Hey!
What's going on?
- I could ask you
the same question,
but I wouldn't
get the truth.
- You're acting kind of crazy!
Don't you think
you owe me an explanation, huh?
- I don't owe you anything!
- I don't think Gus
is framing me all on his own.
I hate to say this, Mike,
but I think Marcie
is helping him.
[ Sighing ]
She's not doing
it deliberately.
Gus is a pro. He knows
how to manipulate people.
- Well, that
excuses my daughter?
- Maybe it explains her.
She's just like
anybody else, Mike.
She's human.
[ Knocking ]
I gotta get out of here.
- You have nowhere to go.
- I'm not gonna get you
thrown in jail
for harbouring a fugitive.
- It's me. Open up!
- I'll handle it.
Upstairs. My bedroom.
Close the door.
- Dad, are you there?
- I was getting
ready for bed.
- Can I come in?
- You need an invitation?
- I know it's late.
- Yeah, very.
I did my workout.
I'm exhausted.
Can whatever it is
wait until tomorrow?
- No, it can't.
I--I just came
here to apologize.
- Oh! Fathers
and daughters fight.
Apology accepted.
- It's not just
about that, Dad.
It's about everything,
including Lisa.
- What about Lisa?
- This is Lisa's purse.
- Look, Marcie...
- You're hiding her?
- If you think you're
taking her out of this house,
it's gonna be over my dead body.
- You're showing your usual
confidence in my judgment.
- I didn't know you had any
when it came to Lisa.
- That's why I'm here!
Look, I woke up.
She's innocent.
Everything she said
to me was true...
and more.
I just want to
apologize to her.
Where is she?
- Grant!
It's OK.
The good guys have arrived.
- Lisa...
I'm so sorry.
- All right, all right.
Let's sit down.
- Well, well, well!
Isn't this cozy, huh?
The whole gang's here.
Nice work, Cutler.
Your daughter's
quite a detective.
You must be very proud of her.
I'm Gus.
We haven't met.
- I don't shake hands
with dirty cops.
- Oh.
Then you're not aware
that you have one standing
a few feet from you.
- Nice try, Gus,
but it's over, OK?
- She should be in cuffs.
I'll take care of it
seeing as I am the only one
with a pair... and a gun.
Back up!
You try anything stupid,
you will regret it.
- I have all the evidence.
All of it.
- Stick to what
you know, Marcie.
- I know that you've been
pilfering our evidence room.
I know that you killed Stone
and I know the real reason
you ended up in our fair city.
- You think you're gonna
scare me, Cutler?
- No, but I'll leave
that up to the judge.
- It's too late.
We already called the police.
- Good! I'm glad.
We're gonna need
Chicago's men in blue.
This place is gonna be
a gruesome crime scene
with the three of you
unfortunate victims.
- It won't matter
if you kill us, Gus.
Stanley knows everything.
- Stanley?
- Yeah.
- Stanley!
Now there's a guy who
strikes fear into my heart.
- Well, he should.
He's got the banking history
of your alter ego,
Martin Lakefield.
It seems Lakefield's been
making large cash deposits
that coincide with
the cocaine withdrawal
from our evidence room.
- Oh, you bastard!
- You didn't leave San Fran
because of a broken heart.
Seems Gus had another
brush with cocaine theft.
I had a nice chat with
your former Lieutenant.
You two were friends
since you were kids
and he got you into the force.
They had the same problem
with their evidence room.
But rather than bust Gus,
he thought he'd give him
the benefit of the doubt.
He said if he transferred Gus
away from his problems,
Gus' problem would go away.
- Game had to end sometime, Gus.
It just took
the right woman to do it.
- Get back! Stay back!
This is what's
gonna happens next.
I shoot each of you.
Then I put the gun
in Lisa's hand.
I arrive in time
to put a bullet in Lisa.
I had no choice!
She already killed 2 people.
She wouldn't hesitate
to kill me.
Who's gonna be first?
Head or heart?
It's your choice.
- This is your
last chance, Sutton.
You got 3 seconds.
Put down the gun down.
- Or what, Mike?
- Or you'll be subdued by force.
- Oh yeah?
And who's gonna do that?
[ Groaning ]
[ Groaning ]
- I am.
[ Woman on CB, indistinct ]
- How'd you know
you'd need that thing?
- I didn't,
but I saw what he did to Stone.
- What if he had
shot you in the head?
- We'd all be lying inside,
and Gus would have
given the lieutenant
a very different story
from the one she just heard.
- Well, they finally
woke up Gus.
You must pack
one hell of a punch.
- Runs in the family.
- I owe you an apology,
I owe a lot of apologies.
I've been a danger
to myself and others.
If you want my shield--
- I don't want your damn shield.
I just want you to be
the great cop I know you are.
- Deal.
- As for you,
once you've done your time
and moved up through the ranks,
I want you on my squad.
- I'd like that.
- You'll make a great detective.
- Yeah.
- Even better than
your old man.
Maybe I've been afraid of that.
- You're my Dad.
You're not afraid of anything.
- Except losing you.
[ Man on CB, indistinct ]
- Impossible, Dad.
- Remember not to
piss me off, huh?
At least I still
have Fabio.
- Who's Fabio?
- Pfft! Don't ask.
Come on, kid.
I'll drive you home.
- See you.
- So...
Who's Fabio?
- Why? You jealous, Stanley?
- No.
- You should be.
Oh, Fabio!
So sleek. So silent.
So orange.
- Orange?
[ Marcie giggling ]
Closed captions: Vision Globale