Out of Inferno (2013) Movie Script

Ok? Are you ok?
Ok, ok
Where are the people?
All here
You saved one but lost two
Which is more important?
Our teammates or the dummies?
In a fire scene
We don't get to choose.
Discipline is everything
Next team!
Nowadays there're all high-rise buildings
Fire protection systems become more important
If unluckily that
Upper levels are on fire
It's difficult to carry out rescue
As firefighters...
the most important thing is to save people
Enough talking
You two must come and help me
People now have a strong sense of fire prevention
This business must take off
I can give you suggestions...
on the design of your
fire protection systems
What do you mean, suggestions?
I want is you two to work for me
Sure. I'll file my transfer
request and join you
How about you?
I'm sorry, uncle
But I just got a promotion
Tai Kwan, think about it
Isn't it good to spend your energy
for a worthier cause...
to help more people?
Every year much farmland
is turned into skyscrapers
Farmers keep moving to the city
Sometimes I think...
not until we run out
of rice in supermarkets
do we know how important farmers are
Today foggy weather
prevails over Guangzhou
According to the Observatory
(Four Years Later)
affected by rainstorms over the past three days,
the weather is humid
Today the temperature increases sharply
dueto the bright sunshine
and it brings radiation fog
The temperature is 34 degrees
relative humidity is 99%
Weather is very humid
Hi friend...
You had chocolate again?
No I didn't
You didn't?
It's never bothered me before
you'll be a father soon.
Cut down on junk food.
You see...
it melted like hell.
It's been there forever uneaten.
I just didn't throw it away
Did you drink the vitamin shake...
I bought you!
What's in it?
Meaning you never tried it
Of course, I did
You told me to drink it after meals every day.
And I did
After going to the doctor with me,
when is your meeting?
I can't go to the doctor with you
I'll leave after dropping you off
Haven't I told you?
When did you tell me?
I don't remember.
But I did anyway
No you didn't
Did too...
Did not.
Maybe I didn't...
They moved the meeting up
Just call me when you're done, ok?
Do you have problem
accepting my pregnancy?
Of course not.
I told you I want a baby
And now you're pregnant,
how perfect
You want it because I forced you to...
do you really want it?
How about resignation?
Shall we discuss it tonight?
We've talked about it so many times.
I just want you to know...
it's all for our child
Yes, I know
Just chute it for me.
I'm not eating it anyway
Remember to call me
after seeing the doctor
Take care
Si Lok
Long time no see
Yes, it's been a while
How are you?
Pretty good. My company opens today,
on the 40th floor
My business card
Fire Protection Company?
We take careof the
fire protection systems in this building
Director Mak, huh?
Drop by to see me some time
Of course
I think your brother
should be available tonight
Maybe we come together
Firefighters don't have plans
Ask him to come only
if he truly wants to
Which floor?
14th. Over here
You haven't seen your brother
for four years, right?
I got to go
That's it.
Wait for the next car please
I'll pay you next month..
Will I run away?
What do you want?
Excuse us...
I'm hanging UP
What's with the rush?
Wow, we paid $9.7 more
I told you to walk one block further
They take an extra 5% off
You keep your hands on the
calculatorall the day
Just stop pinching every penny
We don't even have time
for a family photo
Fine that you're not helping.
Stop making light of my problem
Mom, can I have one more?
No, you can't. You've had two.
We will test the fire alarm today.
The bells on each floor will ring.
Don't panic
Director Mak
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
I apologize for being a bit late
I propose a toast
Feel free to check out our products
What takes you so long?
At this hour,
the whole Guangzhou is gridlocked
I've just confirmed contract terms with
Director Tsang and Director Wong
Don't drink too much
You have a cooperative agreement to sign
with the Fire Department at 4pm
Ok. You'll take care of it
Don't drink too much, ok?
No problem with the goods, right?
But it looks like the balance is not settled yet
It's the same
How could they be the same?
Have you got your eyes checked?
I told you to get some new paint
What's up honey?
Get her some new paint
What are you laughing at?
It's sophisticated
Very innovative
This is a fire extinguishing
grenadewe developed for home use
it's smaller and more effective
than the old one
Keung, let me introduce
Excuse me
Mandy, Get two drinks for the directors
Director Tsang. Hello.
Director Wong. Hi.
There couple who made it
this big in just four years
Keung, very well done.
She hasn't said yes.
I'm still courting her
Looking forward to working with you
Same here
You used to be a firefighter
It's the perfect job for you
I used to think I'd be a firefighter for life
We did training drills
and wiped down the tools
every daY
Accidents don't wait
We can only be prepared
in the best possible ways
But whenever I see...
someone died in a fire
I asked myself
Was there more I could've done?
In the past...
I saved one person at a time
But now...
I want our fire protection systems
to protect more people
(Air Conditioning System Control Room)
Hey guys. It's so humid.
Without electricity and air conditioning
mm Us QIJI]
We'll fix it before sunset
I'm not pushing you, but...
can you get it done any sooner?
Equipment in the electrical roomneeds
constant temperature
Blame it on the weather...
for being so abnormal
it's July already but still humid
and fOQQY
Do your best. Thanks.
(Physician Cheung Kin Lok)
Lam Si Lok, please come with me
Was there a notice ordering the occupant
on 32/F to remove the bottled water?
They haven't removed it?
Not yet...
Looks like they've stacked more
Ok, I come to take a look,
you continue your work
Got it
Sir, I decide to quit
Since six years ago...
you've got married
I have expected you'd leave one day
I hope you would understand
Tai Kwan, to be honest with you...
the department has
confirmed your promotion
It's a pity that you decide to
quit at this point
but I've made up my mind
Day 89. 3 months already
How do you feel?
I start having morning sickness
I don't feel like eating all day
That's normal.
It's strange that your husband
never comes with you
for check up.
(To Si Lok. How's it?)
he must find time to stop by
no matter how busy he is
I'll give him a lecture on being a father
Ok. You take a break.
I'll get some film.
Dinner time
Let's go
Your flight for Hangzhou departs at 9pm tonight.
You have a contract to sign
I'll drive you to the airport
I'll drive you to the airport
Tonight I've booked a table... go change it
No way.
We scheduled the meeting last week
Call them to change the appointment
Call them
Come on
That's it?
Not trying hard enough
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
Opening surprise?
I need you...
with or without this company
Marry me?
Why didn't you notify me
before you test the alarms?
Boss, I haven't started testing.
Then what happened?
How come the panel lights up on every floor?
Is it a fire or false alarm?
Just got a call from the main mechanical room
The system server hangs because the extreme humidity today
Temperature in that room is supposed
to be constant always. How can it be humid?
Security office sent us a memo
saying the air-conditioning room
is under repair today
Part of the basement
may not have air-conditioning
We didn't expect it to be so foggy
as soon as the air-conditioning is off...
and walls are sweating like in spring
When I was a firefighter...
false alarms on a humid day were quite normal
But I've never seen a whole building
without air conditioning as a result
Boss, We're working on it.
Go find out what's wrong.
Of course
Now what?
I've called engineering department
They are sending someone over
Air conditioning will resume in an hour
I'll get someone to dehumidify the room
But the fire system will be down for 5 minutes.
Things will be back to normal after that
I give you 3 minutes
Ok. Got it. I'll try my best!
Boss, The short circuit problem is fixed
Has the signal resumed normal?
Hang on
Check the air conditioning room
See if it's just a false alarm
Ok, got it
Leave it for now
Check the air conditioning room first
Move it...
Keung, what happened?
There's a fire in the basement
air conditioning room
affecting the voltage and causing a outage
But please don't worry
Our backup power source is on...
enough for 8 hours
The alarm system reported to fire to the police
Firefighters will be here any minute
For your safety...
I'll arrange an emergency evacuation
But please don't panic, Ok?
That way please
Escort the guests out via staircase #1
Take the surviving kits
Fire... run...
Trigger the alarm
One-alarm fire
Jiangxi team to lift
Major pump, tower ladder,
light rescue unit
Commander car
Guangzhou International Commercial Centre,
Jiangxi Road
Watch out.
We have a pregnant woman here...
Are you ok?
Can you walk?
Tai Kwan!
Where are you?
There's a fire here
Your husband the firefighter?
Don't worry.
I'm on my way
Where exactly you are in the building?
What do you see?
We've left the clinic.
I'm with the doctor
But the hallway is full of smoke
Let's go now!
I told you to come with me
but you didn't
People are bumping on
each other now
Get the doctor on the line
Leave the building with Si Lok now
We can't! The fire is too big
for us to go down
Come save us now
The fire is getting bigger.
Pass the phone to Si Lok
What do we do now?
The smoke is too dense downstairs.
Go upstairs instead
There's a refuge floor upstairs
It's the safest place.
You know what I'm saying?
Your brother is in the building too!
Don't worry. I'll be right there.
See you in a bit
He told us to go upstairs
Upstairs, this way...
This way, upstairs...
Captain, Everything is ready
Get on the commander car
Copy that
Here, 2nd floor here
he fire started in the basement
The alarm system in the whole
building broke down
A trading company
on 1/F caught fire
Bring a team into the building and
start the search and rescue
Yes, Sir
051 calling control team
Request raising it to a two-alarm fire
Send in the second squad
Water truck, tower ladder straight
to the scene
Are you ok?
I'm fine
(Tai Kwan)
I arrived.
How're things over there?
I'm leading the people down the stairs.
The basement is on fire
If you can contain it,
you don't have to raise it to two-alarm
it's two-alarm already.
There was an explosion on 1st floor
Are you sure about
the situation right now?
Are you ok?
It's clear of smoke or flame over here
My fire system can handle it
The lower floors are all on fire
Don't bring people down any more
I'm in staircase #1 on the 18/F
ls it okay to get on the tower
ladder from 15/F?
Tower ladder has arrived.
Start loading victims in 5 minutes
Listen... Wait...
Firefighters will wait for us on the 15/F
Let's go
Go. May May.
There's a fire.Get out of here.
Quick... Get water!
Ho, help me. Ho...
Stay here. Don't go anywhere...
and wait for papa to come back
Seriously, don't go anywhere
Ho, no!
Listen to me...
He owes us wages anyway
We just get what we deserve.
Don't stop me.
May may, what are you doing?
My shQp...
Stop it...
Give them back...
Give them back...
Give them back...
Give them back...
Where is Lam-lam?
Where is Lam-lam?
Were you with her?
Dong, come with me
Captain, fire is too big
Go this way
Team 1 leader, bring them to the window
over there and stand by
Firefighter 2, bring them to
this window and stand by
Yank it!
Exit there
The smoke is so dense
Boss, There is a tower ladder
by the window
Help... anyone...
You go down first
Are you insane?
Let's go together!
I'll be fine
Take her down
Anyone here?
The tower ladder
is one floor down...
Did you say there is a
tower ladder?
We're on the back of the building
It takes too long to drive
the tower ladder here
Come here...
What are you doing?
I'll climb one floor up
and pull you guys UP
What shall I do?
Watch carefully.
Do the same later on.
Put your legs in here
Did you understand?
I'll go up first.
If the fire comes close
throw this grenade to the base of the fire.
It makes the fire weaker for a while
Be quick...
Be quick...
This way
That little girl...
Go save her now...
No way...
We can't even save ourselves...
we will both die
Are you insane?
Are you saving them...
or yourself?
Si Lok, Come out now
Be careful
Relax. Stay still.
I'll pull you up
Are you ok?
Go save the doctor. Quick
Just like what I did just now...
tie the rope around your waist
Got it?
Make sure your legs are tightly secured.
Got it?
Start pulling...
Stay still
Thank you...
Two-alarm fire
Yuexiu team to foam pod
Tower ladder, major pump
Major rescue unit
Guangzhou International Commercial Centre
Two-alarm fire
Baiyun team to hose Layer
Bring ring blower
Breathing apparatus pod, light ambulance
Guangzhou International Commercial Centre
The commander car is over there
It's in a critical state now
Let me in...
She's just sent me a video... Look...
Captain, The hose can't reach any further
Tell people down there
to bring the hose and air tanks to 10/F
Si Lok, Where are you now?
I don't know...
But I'm with Keung now
Pass him the phone
Your brother...
Where are you?
We're coming up from 10/F.
How's the situation over there?
We are heading to the refuge floor
Will be right there.
Don't worry
When will you arrive?
I'm on duty
Don't take risk with Si Lok.
Someone over there!
I have to hang up.
Many are injured here
Take care of Si Lok for me
You have equipment and
a team of firefighters
I have nothing
Your wife is waiting for you!
He said he won't be here soon
Calm down, everyone.
We'll get you out very soon
Calling control team...
I'm in a clinic on 10/F
we found around 20 injured victims
Arrange tower ladder
to get them out immediately
Calm down
We will get you out via tower ladder
Help us...
Captain, The tower ladder is here
You take the injured down
the tower ladder
The rest follow me
to the refuge floor
I can't walk any more...
I think I won't make it...
Without that shop...
it's okay...
I can't live without Lam-lam...
without our daughter...
If you have to go
Let's look for her together
don't scare me, brat...
You know this place well
You must know how to escape!
Open it
Go upstairs
You stay here and take a rest,
I'll take a look around
Excuse me.
Have you seen my daughter?
Excuse me.
Have you seen this little girl?
She is my daughter
I saw her
Really? Where is she? Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
I don't know where she is
Maybe someone took her out.
But I'm not sure
She said not sure...
But I believe she will be fine
Thank you...
She said not sure!
Why did you lie to them?
What if they find their daughter's body?
Why are you staring at me?
Why are you staring at me?
Yes. I am a doctor
But I'm just an Ob-gyn
I save people in an operating room.
Not in a fire scene!
Obviously you know
If we go in
we will both die
I am a doctor
But I'm only human
I get scared too
I get scared too
Dong, are you crazy?
We can't keep them.
We've killed...
Listen to me.
We didn't kill anyone
He was burnt to death.
As long as we keep our mouth shut
No one would ever know
I've arrived.
Where are you?
Two more floors
from the refuge floor
The steel reinforcements
inside the ceiling swelled
The fire must be rampant upstairs
There are more than 10 of us here
What if others know?
Ho... Ho...
Just listen to me once...
We can't keep them
Dong... Listen to me, listen to me...
Calm down
Think about...
how our boss bullied us
As long as we have these diamonds
We have everything
You think about it
These will get us in trouble
Why are you still here?
You don't know you should leave?
I came back for you!
Where are you?
Are you ok?
We all left the building via
the tower ladder
Keung... Keung...
so great that you're safe
Take good care of yourself
I'll wait for you! I'll wait for you!
(How's it?)
I've told firefighters the situation
They will be here in no time
I don't know what you've done
But if you leave,
you will be burnt to death
Captain, big trouble.
Much dangerous chemical inside
Don't worry
Take care of yourself
and your wife first
Has the chemical truck arrived?
Yes, it has
An occupant of the building
has turned himself in
He stored dangerous goods
on refuge floor
You guys have to leave now
and wait for backup support
There are many people waiting
in the refuge floor
t's disastrous if it explodes
Any way to stop it from exploding?
You can't use water
Any sand bags in the office
Use sand to cover it
Why did you pack the chemical
in bottled water cartons...
to make it through security's inspection?
You know no dangerous goods are allowed here
Go. Go
Don't touch...
Poisonous fumes... don't breathe in...
no... Go this way...
Go that way
Shun, are you ok?
Go find our daughter...
Leave now...
Get down!
Crawl over there!
Take a rest first
I'll check if there are other exits
051 calling control team
We are now in the last unit on 30th floor,
East Wing
Hoses and tower ladders don't reach this far
Requesting escape route.
You cut yourself...
Why didn't you save me
first just now?
That question again
I know you have your duty
But I'm your wife...
I tried my very best to protect myself
just to keep our baby
You don't care, do you?
You don't care, right?
Do you?
No you don't
This alarm goes off
if I stay stillfor 30 seconds...
to let others know I'm in danger
In a fire scene,
it only takes 30 seconds
to lose one's life
Saving life is my job
I can't choose to save some over others
I will take you out for sure
the tanks are out of air
Send officers 1 and 2 to do a survey,
I've found a spot
connected to the west wing if we climb up
Tell your team to take victims up there
On ropes
What else can we do?
The tower ladder can't reach that high
Your proposal doesn't work
Why not?
It's against your rules, right?
Listen to me.
I'll take everyone out my way
Listen to you?
I listened and
that's how our father died!
We split into two teams then
sent us to save the kids in a kindergarten
Another team...
to the elderly home to save our father
I'm not convinced...
he followed the rules on everything
We ended up losing our father...
No wonder...
you two haven't met since the funeral
He never mentioned it
and I dared not ask...
I'm ok with my father's death
being an accident
But if a firefighter
doesn't get to choose
I'd rather not be one
No choice...
051 calling control team
I see a tower crane in the
construction siteacross the road
We can use it to save people
Are you the person in charge in here?
Yes, officer
We would need to use your tower crane
Get someone up there
to unlock the turntable
and swing it
to the building across the road
It's possible,
if it's on manually control
But the tower crane won't be
very stable on manual mode
Just do it
Go check out the situation
over there
Change to manual control
Yes, yes...
Move the crane to the south-west
Yes. Pointing to that building
across the road
We can try it
Just be careful
Copy. Everyone stand by
Reporting live from the scene...
a tower crane in the construction
sitenear the building on fire...
slowly swings towards the building...
We believe it's an emergency
measure instructed by...
the firefighter who went in
the construction site
He said...
he wanted us to travel together
He wanted us to spend more time together
Attention please
We crawl on the tower crane
and then go down
Just be careful
One after another
Try not to look down. Got it?
Got it
I'll go first
Be careful...
don't be afraid...
Now the firefighters are
on the crane already
We believe they make use
of the crane to rescue people...
Si Lok, Hold my hand. Come on
Be careful
Get out!
Be careful, don't...
Be careful
Buddy Ho, help me...
Don't jump!
Buddy Ho...
Don't jump!
Buddy Ho... Help me...
Buddy Ho... Help me...
Tai Kwan
Swing the crane back!
Can't move it
Catch it!
I'll throw you the rope...
You have to catch it...
Now tie the rope on your hand
I'll count to three and pull you up
1, 2, 3!
Hold the rope tightly!
Don't let go!
Pull the end!
it's ok... it's ok now...
Sorry... Sorry
Really sorry
Chief, Squadron #3 finished search
and rescue
How did it go?
Search and rescuefrom the 1/F
to 25/F basically a success
Most victims are evacuated
Well done
This way
Dad, are you okay?
Do you feel better that way?
It's trachea problem
He can't inhale any more
smoke given his situation
You are more familiar with this building.
How is it up there?
Come to my office
Our isolation system
should block the fire
Let's go together
Doctor, what do you need?
I must operate on him now
Do you have a knife? And bandage?
Si Lok, the dummy has a surviving kit on it.
There is bandage inside.
Hello there
Don't be afraid... come with me
Your daughter is here!
Run, Tai Kwan!
Hold her down...
You go on saving him...
save my daughter...
Save them first...
Come on out...
Come out quick!
Tai Kwan...
Thank you
Lam-lam, Mommy won't leave you behind
Move away...
Keung... Keung...
Keung, this is your brother.
Can you hear me?
Keung, can you hear me?
I'm fine! I'm fine!
How's it down there?
The water here is several floors deep
What do you want to do?
I want dive down...
and see if there is any way out
But the fire is big out there
The water's getting hot
If it boils
we may miss our last chance
Have you ever thought that...
if I didn't listen to you and...
went upstairs to save dad,
what would happen?
Actually I knew the answer...
Dad will die anyway...
But I really wanted to try at least
You did nothing wrong
And me neither
I don't want anything
bad happening to you
If you can open the elevator door
on the first floor
The water can put out the fire...
We may have a chance to go out
Not all of us are divers
There are breathing masks
and air tanks in my office
Think of a way to pump up
the water pressure
Pour water into the elevator shaft
Cut the cable and let the car fall
051 calling control team
Requesting all the hoses watering
the elevator shaft
We climb down this ladder
It's so deep...
How can we do it?
I'll go first
Si Lok
Don't look down.
Just look at the ladder
You try. I'll hold you
Don't worry
Come on. You try
Don't look down.
Just look at the stairs
Slowly... Careful
Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid
Your mom is over there...
Tai Kwan
Si Lok!
Jump everyone!
We're running out of time
Si Lok! Jump now
Come here!
The water is very deep!
Come down now
Everyone, listen.
We all dive into the water later on...
and open the elevator door together
And we will have a chance to go out
Keung, I'll cut the cable soon
Let's check the time.
Let me know when you're ready
Why don't you come down?
What does your brother want to do?
There is no choice
in a fire scene at all
One minute
We only have one chance
Take a deep breath and dive
Lam-lam... are you ok?
Si Lok...
Si Lok...
Are you ok?
ls everyone ok?
Are you ok? Let's go
What was it?
Our baby is gone...
Nothing is more important than you
so great that you're safe
From the moment I came in,
I knew I will take you out
Where's papa?
Why hasn't papa come out?
I resigned this morning
you may want to think again
I'm getting married.
Can you join our banquet?
Sure I will
Has mom known it yet?
Not yet
You got a phone on you?
Give me your phone
Mine's broken