Out of Liberty (2019) Movie Script

Tillery's on his way back.
- He's got the basket?
- As usual.
We're doing this.
Lyman. Are you good?
What about Doniphan?
- He'll leave.
- And if he doesn't?
You think
he wants to eat with us?
Tonight is the night.
We all agreed on it.
Even Joseph.
We all prayed about it.
Not all of us.
I don't need to pray
to know that I should leave
this wretched jail.
You can do this, Lyman.
We need you
to petition the state
for another court of inquiry.
They won't hear it.
We need to find a judge
who will hear our case.
One that isn't biased
against our people.
Joseph, that's not likely.
General Doniphan,
the Saints are being driven
from their homes.
Governor Boggs'
extermination order
is being seen by many
as justification
for the increased hostility
towards our people.
They're ransoming their property
to the state
in exchange for their lives.
They have nothing left.
Not a lot of people
are for you right now.
Emma will be leaving
for Quincy soon.
We need to be with them.
You have to convince
the state to release us.
That's unlikely.
This was printed last week
in the "Missouri Republican".
What is taking so long?
Joseph knows we're ready.
Another minute won't kill you.
If we could be so lucky.
"The situation with the Saints
grows increasingly difficult."
Being forced from their homes,
they are generally poor,
facing starvation, destitute.
As leaders push
their writ of habeas corpus,
questions arise
about the legality
"of their imprisonment
in Liberty."
That's enough.
This type of awareness
has the potential
to change opinions.
Opinions are not truth.
I need you down.
You're not gonna let them up?
After I have a word
with your attorney.
- Are we not...
- Shh, shh.
General, these men
are being held for treason.
I can't tolerate plotting
against the leaders and laws
of this state.
Nobody's plotting
against the state.
My clients have been here
for two months.
It's okay to help them
out a little.
Doniphan's filing the petition.
- What's the timeline?
- Nothing yet.
So we wait?
No, it's not worth it.
We will never get
anything fair here.
Not in northern Missouri
at least.
I will not spend another night
in this wretched pit.
There's been
no ruling on the charges.
Don't be quick to judge.
The state's not holding them
for no reason.
Treason and murder.
I've heard the accusations.
These ain't light charges.
- You been studying law, Sam?
- Some.
And if half the charges
against these men are true,
they are the most scurrilous,
degenerate men
in all of Missouri.
And if half are untrue?
If half of them are lies?
What does that say about the men
who falsely accused them
or rushed to judgment?
Are you well enough
to make it to the brush?
I don't know.
We're not gonna
leave you behind.
Since you brought it up,
you've got a commission
from the state
to take care of these men.
I treat 'em right.
What's that you're feeding them?
They get what they need.
They get visitors,
they get letters.
Sheriff Hadley
knows I keep a good watch.
Sheriff Hadley knows the stories
like the one in the Republican
are gonna stir things up
for you here.
He trusts me.
Is that who you're trying
to impress?
Sheriff Hadley?
Trying to become deputy?
A lot of people
want to see my clients dead.
Seems keeping them safe inside
is a good thing
till things settle down.
You've got the most hated men
in Missouri in there,
a governor who wants
to wash his hands of them,
and a press that's happy
to confuse the issue
as long as they keep
selling papers.
And you think things
will settle down?
Just get them better food, Sam.
Lyman, you follow me up.
Alexander, you come up next.
Be sure to block
Tillery's sightline.
We quietly make our way
out the door.
You come last.
Then we lock him in.
Be sure to get the keys.
- They'll be by his books.
- How do you know that?
Because that's where he puts them.
Come up. Stay together.
Just get to the door.
I'll take it from there.
Block Tillery.
You stick with me.
I'll get us out of here.
Help... Help me.
I can't. I can't do this.
Food not good enough for you?
Has it ever been?
I can't make it.
You take one more step,
you'll make
a Missouri hero out of me.
We just need you
to listen to us.
You listen to me.
That's it.
We'll force our way out
the next time we're up there.
And if that doesn't work?
Then we'll try every day
after that until we're free.
If you really want to know
how we got here,
start back from the beginning.
You best pull yourself together.
Before we all die in here.
Independence, Missouri.
Leaving late tonight, Sam?
Tell your friends to stop
pestering these men, Neil.
I don't control
what everyone does.
There's a lot
of angry men about.
I'll be sure
to keep the door locked.
How long you gonna keep
protecting them, Sam?
It's four feet of rock and
timber that's protecting them.
Has nothing to do with me.
I don't got a key.
- You got a key, Neil?
- Comes with the job, Parker.
You want yours back?
I hear the state's hiring.
Listen, we want justice
just like you.
There comes a time when you can't
just sit there and do nothing.
People got to pay
for their crimes,
and them turning
the legal system against itself,
that only hurts
the good people of Missouri.
You're letting the Mormons
make a fool of you.
You're sitting in there
with them,
reading from your book.
Bringing them food
in your little bucket.
Your time here...
it ain't gonna make up
for what you've done.
Stop pestering these men, Neil.
Let the law handle it.
It's not for you or for me
to interfere.
Sam Tillery.
The traitorous captain
of Liberty Jail.
Running from a fight
like he done in the war.
Don't you worry!
We'll keep an eye
on Liberty for you.
Liberty will be fine
without you.
The Mormons showed up
on our side of the river,
well, maybe seven years ago.
Refugees from a war
they got themselves into
down in Jackson County.
The leaders, they were
transferred here a month ago
from the jail in Richmond.
And y'all are here to help
with the attention
that they're bringing.
Joe Smith,
the leader of the Mormons,
in Clay County Jail
right here in Liberty.
You get to talk to him?
He tell you
about that gold Bible he got?
I haven't asked him to.
You reckon it's true
how he got it?
None of my concern.
Joe Smith.
Oh, hold up.
Who is it?
I don't know.
What do we got here?
- Cyrus, get back.
- What is it?
There ain't nothing
for you here!
Hold up.
Porter? That you?
He's a friend of theirs.
Porter, put it down.
They still got friends?
Pretty quick on the draw, Sam.
Just protecting my jail.
Who were you jumping
to shoot so bad?
Just a couple of locals
making threats, that's all.
Say they're gonna kill
my prisoners
before the lawyers
can set 'em free.
That sounds more than a threat.
I haven't seen you two before.
Old Porter and I, we've been
here quite a few times,
getting letters
from the prisoners,
taking them to the Saints.
They stirring up trouble
for you?
Protecting the prophet?
My job is to keep the prisoners
till justice can run its course.
Ain't got nothing to do
with religion.
Course it's hard to find the
Saints to give them their letters
because they're all
so displaced, you know.
We caught up
with Brother McRae's kids
just the other day,
and his wife.
They were all there.
Fact, there was 11 of 'em.
You know he has ten daughters?
They were taken
from their homes... not fair.
They ain't got no place to go.
And now here we are,
here in this,
you know, whatever
we want to call this place.
- Thick walls.
- It's a jail.
Yeah, this a jail
if I ever saw one.
I'm gonna need your weapon.
once these men are released,
we're gonna take them
to the Mississippi
to meet up with the Saints.
It's gonna be a reunition
like ain't nobody ever seen.
Maybe you'll be there.
I don't know.
Time to change the bucket.
Smells a lot like you, Porter.
I ain't touching it.
Now bring it up with you.
That one got them.
Okay, okay, listen.
This is it.
Just look to me.
As soon as he leaves the door,
we make our move.
Lyman, you good?
I'll make it work.
Attack at the door.
As soon as you're through,
head for cover.
Alexander, make sure...
He's got it. He's got it.
- Sidney.
- Hyrum.
Just don't make
any sudden moves.
For God and Liberty.
For God and Liberty.
Thank you.
Brother Cyrus.
Brother Joseph.
We almost brought you
some supplies, but we...
Brother Porter.
Be ready.
Gentlemen, Joseph Smith.
Figured you'd be taller.
There's a lot
of stories out there.
That's typical for a con man.
Friends of yours, Sam?
John Brassfield. James Ford.
State sent some help. Ugh.
Take it out.
I'll do it.
Go on.
That's far enough.
Please, Lord.
Let this be right.
I hear y'all are trying
for a new trial.
I think that's a great idea.
The more people this case
can get in front of the better.
- If you guys can...
- Cyrus. Just...
Mind if we sit?
One of you
gonna be here at night?
Take care of the degenerates
yelling in the window all night?
That not your job?
They say they're gonna kill us
before the hearing.
Any of you bring
any kind of food, something?
- No.
- No?
How about you?
Good thing the state
sent in more help.
- Mm-hmm.
- Treating us like animals.
You have an hour.
Don't hurry back.
Go, go, go, go!
Push! Push!
- Push!
- Push, Caleb!
- Don't let him close the door!
- Push! Push!
Come on! Come on!
Cyrus, push!
Get the keys!
My keys!
- Get the gun!
- I got it! I got it!
Get the gun! Get the gun!
Aah! Aah, my hand!
Get the Gun!
They shot him! They shot him!
They're gonna kill us!
They're gonna kill us!
All prisoners
down in the hole! Now!
Anyone still up,
I'll put you in irons.
Is Porter's gun put away?
It is!
We're good!
I see you breathing.
Roll over.
No, please. Don't.
You ain't so talkative now, huh?
Cyrus is up.
He's okay.
He's okay.
Open up in there!
Let the sheriff know
we're holding two more.
It's pointless and wasteful
to chain anyone else.
We're not going anywhere.
And if we were to try,
we certainly wouldn't leave
anyone behind.
Since when would the state
make any logical decisions?
That's enough about the state.
What company were you in?
I can always tell
when a man has seen battle.
It don't matter.
You a Marine?
You want out of here,
you get out by the law.
And I will stop any man,
veteran or not,
who tries otherwise.
You plan on keeping us
here all night?
They'll come for you
when they can.
Well, we got to eat something.
No, you don't.
That's unlawful.
Coming from the fool
who tried to attack me today.
You know, those men
you got down there?
The ones you say
is breaking the law?
You know
they're innocent, right?
People saying things
about them just to get a rise.
Before you know it,
you don't know what to believe.
What's truth, what's lies.
What's in between.
Enough confusion
surrounds a man,
he becomes a threat.
Pretty soon,
you begin to hate him
without really even knowing why.
And then you're blinded
by that hate.
And the truth don't matter none.
You know that man down there,
Joseph Smith?
Why do people hate him so bad?
What'd he do to earn the disdain
of men from here to New York?
Where they curse his name
just at the sound of it.
What'd he do, hmm?
Print a book?
Form a church?
Build a city?
No, I'll tell you what he did.
That man you got chained up
down there like an animal...
so everybody in Missouri
can let their hate fester?
That man saw God.
He communed
with the almighty Jehovah,
just like Moses and Isaiah
before him.
What, you think
he's the first prophet of God
to be locked up? Hmm?
Falsely accused?
It's a pattern.
People don't like
being told what to do,
especially from men of God.
So you cast him out.
You beat him.
You stone him.
You curse him, you strip him,
you starve him, you spit on him,
you do every unthinkable thing.
And that fuels your hate.
That fuels your hate.
No matter.
God proves his prophets.
He'll prove this one...
and he'll make sure
you know about it.
In this life or the next.
Tillery, you in there?!
Come on, Sam! You want a trial?!
Well, we've got a jury!
We're ready, Sam!
Get away from there,
they'll see you!
Tonight's the night!
You make me sick!
Bring 'em out!
Come on, Sam!
Bring 'em out.
Or this place goes up.
What are you doing, Neil?
Your deputy said they tried
to make an escape.
Get out of the way, Sam!
Go on home
to your wife and kids.
My family knows where I am.
Does yours, Ben Miller?
We told you
things would get worse for you.
Hold up there.
Sam, Missouri has served us up
an opportunity
to punish these men
for what they've done.
They broke the law.
New order.
Says to get rid of them.
What are you saying to do, Neil?
Joe Smith killed my brother
at Crooked River.
I'm sorry, Sam.
But justice got
to be served today.
Let's go!
The right to punishing crime,
like murder,
is, in a state of nature,
vested in each individual.
But, in a state of society,
that right is transferred
from the individuals
to the sovereign power.
As such, preventing men
from being judges
in their own causes.
You learn that from your book?
I did.
Yeah. Well...
that's the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.
Listen, Sam, I don't want you
to get hurt in this.
But I'm not going
to let these men escape.
That's close enough.
These men are
an infection in the state!
It's time to burn 'em out!
I don't want them over here!
Here you go!
Bring a gun down here!
- Hey, where you going?!
- I don't know.
Are we gonna die tonight?
They got a guard
with a gun in their dungeon.
Just let 'em out, Sam.
Now, I don't have
a whole lot of say
on what you raise out here.
But if you or any of your men
interfere with my job
to keep these men jailed,
I'll put a bullet in your head.
Now get your foot
off my jail.
Got some fight in you after all.
It's up to you, Neil.
How do you want this to end?
Evening, gentlemen.
Are we having a meeting
I don't know about?
Sheriff, we were just coming
to check up on Sam.
Heard something about
the prisoners trying to escape.
These men were just leaving.
Ah. Leaving now, huh?
Gentlemen, Sam Tillery here
may like it
when his friends stop by
and visit him each night,
but as Justice of the Peace,
I'm afraid I can't have that.
Man has a job to do.
And you're interfering.
So, uh, why don't you go on home
and give my jailer a break,
or I'll throw you in there
and let the Mormons
preach at you.
You just holler
if you need anything.
- Sheriff.
- Huh?
Things getting tough
for you, Sam?
I was handling it.
They know that?
Hear you got yourself
a couple of stowaways in there.
Tried to help them escape.
We stopped it, though.
Well, good work, son.
Tell you what. Why don't you
bring 'em out to me,
and I'll, uh, be happy to
take 'em off your hands for you.
They never want to stay
and play.
What's he doing with your gun?
- Give me that.
- Hey.
Slow down. And oil that hammer.
Hey, you need
to shut your mouth.
Is that your grandma's rifle?
I won't tell anyone.
- Is it? Is it?
- That ain't funny.
- Shut your mouth.
- That ain't funny!
That ain't funny.
We'd like to see our husbands.
No one here except for me
and the prisoners.
Joseph Smith. Hyrum Smith.
We are told
they are being kept here.
Visiting rights
have been suspended.
On whose orders?
A father should be able
to see his newborn son.
You shouldn't
have brought him here.
This isn't a safe place to be.
Safer in there
than standing out here.
Most visitors want
to break them out or kill them.
And of which do you suspect us?
I thought Joseph was persuasive.
What is it?
- It's a date for the hearing.
- Hmm?
Two weeks,
Clay County Courthouse,
Judge Turnham.
What do we know of Turnham?
Not much.
Judge King had grievances
with your people.
Turnham doesn't,
that we know of.
A judge should
withhold any personal bias
in order to offer
a fair judgment based on law.
Even those appointed to judge
are subject to the persuasive
leanings of the masses.
Not the way I see it.
Well, Mr. Tillery,
were there a way
to have you hear our case,
we'd gladly appoint you.
That's real dark burnt meat.
- That's Mormon meat.
- That's right.
You really want to know how
we got here, start...
Start... start back
from the beginning.
So it was agreed
to build fortifications
throughout the night and...
If we must fight, we would
save our lives
as dearly we could.
The cattle and pigs, they...
They wandered in. They...
They wandered in. The...
Children of Israel.
It's all we could do.
Mr. Don... I... I won't allow
Mr. Doniphan to represent us.
Did you hear me, Joseph?
Uh-huh, okay.
I'm not a lawyer,
but I can do a better job
of getting us out of here
than... than he can.
That's a dumb fool idea.
Likely to get us all convicted.
The hearing, Caleb,
isn't to get a conviction.
It's a court of inquiry
to determine the need
for a jury at an actual trial.
Still, our lawyer
should handle it.
Not somebody in your condition.
My condition?
You criticize me
while we sit
in this cesspool for months?
We're all sick.
And our lawyer is incapable
of coming to our defense.
At the last hearing,
all that he proved
is that he was ill-prepared
and that he spoke
without a plan.
You weren't even there, Sidney.
Turning jail into sick bay
while we endured a mock trial.
There was not one fact
that was not misrepresented.
And not one witness that did
not swear falsely against us.
Because they'd have been killed
if they'd spoke.
They had to protect
the witnesses.
He should have protected us,
not the witnesses.
He acted in fear.
General Doniphan stood up for us
against an execution order.
And look where that got us.
The truth will protect us.
Not if it's unable to be heard!
And a mumbling fool
is going to make them hear it?
No. I am not going
to let your childish tantrums
ruin the one chance that I have
of seeing my wife and daughters.
- You're not the only one with a family, Alexander!
- That's enough!
Sidney's right.
It was a mock investigation.
A farce.
Judge King's brother-in-law
got killed in Jackson County,
and he held us accountable.
Sidney's a skilled orator.
He's at liberty of choosing
his own representation.
His pride
has clouded his judgment.
They'll think he's a mumbling
wretch who lost his mind.
Have no fear. Huh?
If you go without fear,
not a hair of your heads
will be harmed.
And in time,
we will be released.
Oh, stop it. You don't know.
I do!
And if you knew,
this would be
an easier time for you.
For all of us.
It started...
It started in DeWitt.
Ah... with...
Four months ago.
With winter coming.
We... We went down there.
Because they had no houses.
We had no sustenance.
God is with us.
We were abandoned.
He is our friend.
Everything was lost.
He will save our souls.
Our wives and children
are out there
being harassed by the mobs.
And those who fight against us
will reap the fruits
of their labor.
There is no justice
for the wicked.
Walls and irons.
Walls and irons.
Doors and creaking hinges.
Half scared to death guards
stopping innocent men
from escaping
are calculated
in their very nature
to make the soul
of honest men stronger.
Walls and irons.
Stronger than
the powers of hell.
- So how was your day?
- Fine, I guess.
Little early for the liquor.
Now, now, it's rude to stare.
Are you still here?
- Hey, Smith brothers.
- Hey.
- Lyman.
- Porter.
You and Cyrus made it out?
They charged us with aiding
in you escaping jail.
An act for which
you're clearly innocent.
Well, we'll try harder
next time.
Uh, any news
from our families or...?
No. Not from yours.
Most everybody's gone from here.
Sidney in there?
Nerves have got him.
Hey, Sidney!
- How are you doing?
- Come on, come on.
You hold on, okay?
I saw your wife and daughters.
How are they?
Are they... Are they safe?
They're fine.
I told them you were fine, too.
Then you lied to them.
Hey, I brought you something.
Here. Go on take it.
Here, here. Careful.
You take it.
I have not had clean water
for days.
Are you still looking to escape?
It is our obligation to escape.
The men here,
they don't care about justice.
They only care
about our destruction.
I know. So you told us.
Here, I got
something else for you.
I think you're gonna like it.
Here, take it.
What in the world?
I got another one for you. Here.
Got it.
- How did you...
- Don't ask.
Got a lot of funny looks,
More than usual?
Now, what you're gonna do,
these walls are four feet thick.
So if you cut through three,
four inches a day,
you can get... get out
in less than two weeks.
But you got to... you got to use
'em both together
so you can make a hole.
Porter, we... we got it.
Right. Okay, sorry.
Here, just another sip.
I got it. Here it comes.
Here it comes.
Okay, okay, okay.
Careful, careful.
You take care now.
And remember,
you got to use your shoulders.
Your arms will get dead tired
if you just use your arms.
Thank you, fellow wanderer.
For everything.
You just get yourself out,
We miss you.
Godspeed, friend.
Yeah, okay.
Well, I got to go.
I'm jumping bail.
Don't tell anyone I was here.
Right here.
Through these walls? With those?
He is an innocent and noble man.
And was an innocent
and noble child.
It won't work.
It'll never work.
It'll never work.
No, my soul loves him.
I think it could work.
Got it.
It's an exercise in futility.
Adding insult to injury.
I... I won't watch.
You know what
is an exercise in futility?
Turning water into wine.
And telling a lame man to walk.
Or healing even one blind beggar
when there's hundreds
of others suffering.
Or raising the dead
for that matter.
I'm familiar with the miracles
in the New Testament.
At this moment,
they bring me no hope.
Perhaps you prefer the miracles
of the Old Testament.
Or the Book of Mormon.
Jesus still suffered,
despite the miracles
that he performed.
We'll be dead by the time
those things dig us out of here.
Then don't watch.
Here bring
the other one over here.
Let's go, at the same time.
Joseph, here.
Let's get them both going.
Oh! Two of them!
Walls that are four feet thick.
Why have you forsaken us?!
There's no escape.
- We will never survive this!
- Get a hold of yourself!
- You're hopeless.
- We're hopeless!
Not even Jesus has suffered
as much as I have!
We... We all went to DeWitt.
We all went on to DeWitt.
- Sidney.
- They...
They told us that we couldn't.
That we shouldn't.
- Sidney.
- They retaliated.
They... They attacked us.
They attacked us.
They attacked us
for trying to help our people.
Joseph, I don't know what to do.
Shh shh shh shh.
Sidney is a...
is a very great and good man.
He is, though, selfish.
I'm sure it destroys
your confidence in him.
We can suffer him, though,
for a while longer.
He is a man whom God will uphold
if he will continue faithful.
Here, let me have a go.
It's me.
Your guardian angel.
- Stop it!
- What are y'all doing in there?
Stop it! Stop it!
- Hurry. Hurry.
- Hurry!
Good morning!
I bring warm regards
from your wives and your people.
God and Liberty.
Sound familiar?
It's what your people shouted
when you attacked us
at Crooked River.
We were ordered
to protect Ray County,
and you come fire on our camp.
You killed my brother, and you
got nothing to say about it?
A man was shot
after a group of vigilantes
raided the homes of our people.
No. He was a member
of the state militia,
and he was murdered
by a mob of Mormons!
He was a wolf, who hid
his hair, teeth, and tail
in a militia's sheepskin
made of wool!
That's who your brother was!
Come here!
Hold his arm! Hold it!
Kill him!
- You attack unarmed men!
- Come on!
You think you're the only one
to ever fight in a battle?
- Hold his arm!
- Get it!
How does it feel now?!
I'll kill every one of you!
You think you're safe in there?!
Show your face!
I'll kill you right now!
- Aah!
- Shoot them!
This is my jail!
That-a-boy, Neil!
Hold him! Hold him!
This has gone on long enough!
Neil! The hearing is in a week!
Then they're out of my watch!
You hear that?!
Only one more week in there!
No more walls to hide you!
We're going to court!
Let the law handle this.
Go inside, Sam.
Getting too rough
for you out here.
What's the point anymore?
We're gonna be out of here
before you can dig that hole.
We won't need a hearing
if I can just get to...
- Hey, need me to spot you?
- No!
I think you're stuck.
It's no use.
Caleb. Caleb, hold on.
Wait, Caleb.
- Caleb!
- Aah!
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You hit something.
This could go quickly.
- Ha ha!
- This is it!
Here. Here. Here's another one.
We'll keep trying.
Thank you.
You think Sidney's going
to argue his way out tomorrow?
Sidney was the first man
that taught me my religion.
Or taught me to care about it.
Me and Caleb both.
I forget that sometimes.
I went to a revival
that he was preaching at.
Harriet and I went
out of curiosity.
And Sidney preaches
this magnificent sermon,
like he always does.
It was intelligent,
And at the end of it,
he asked people
to come up and be baptized,
and I just felt something
pull me up there.
He spoke in a way
that brought a Holy Spirit
to stir hearts
that could change
their very beliefs.
So when he joined
Joseph in the church,
it was impossible
not to want to join as well.
I don't think that's
the same Sidney anymore.
Listen up! This ends today!
No one gets in that courthouse,
There will be no court today.
Get him. Get him.
You really ought
to reconsider this, huh?
Let me govern myself, Joseph.
Yeah, yeah, come on.
You think you guys
are getting out today?
One way or another.
But I need a favor.
- What's that?
- Shh.
Take it. Fix it. Bring it back.
Hope we're not being judged
on appearances.
- Where are you going?
- I'm a visitor.
Don't shoot at me.
We'll need to move quickly
before more men gather
at the courthouse.
The state's
gonna protect my men?
The state doesn't have
the resources
to escort you to the courthouse.
A couple of deputies on horses?
What are we supposed to do?
- We go!
- No, we wait.
We cannot let a gathering mob
impede our justice.
We should go once we are
assured they have disbanded.
We'll need
to postpone the hearing.
We'll file for another petition,
and then we'll... Joseph.
I will no longer abide this.
This is not the way
to handle this.
Now, James, wait.
Keep them here.
I will take you to Turnham.
Renegades, liars, and murderers
have poured down a flood
of filthiness and vomit
upon our heads,
and most men see and acknowledge
that it is incorrect.
Let Doniphan present that today.
Let the system function
as it is intended.
Turnham's moved the hearing,
but we got to go now.
All right, we will get started
with the court of inquiry
with Judge Turnham presiding.
It has been noted that we have
relocated to the schoolhouse
by request of the court.
This should be
in a proper courthouse.
Would your client prefer this
in a more hostile setting?
No, Your Honor,
this is a fine setting.
- He doesn't speak for me.
- Sidney, enough.
Move on.
In Daviess County,
under the jurisdiction
of Judge Austin A. King,
charges of treason were upheld
and supported by the laws
of the county.
The state has granted
this court of inquiry
by request of the defense.
Mr. Doniphan.
Are you ready to proceed?
Absolutely. Gentlemen.
Where they at, Neil?
They ain't coming!
There's a group of folks
gathered down
by the schoolhouse.
We best be on our way.
Sam Tillery.
Always running from a fight!
Your Honor,
in response to the charges
of treason against my clients,
charged only for the reason
that it is unbailable,
we request the court consider
the legality of such claims.
Halt! Stop!
Keep out of here!
You start without me, Sam?
Gentlemen, please!
Apologies, Your Honor.
Your Honor, as I was saying,
with regards to the
constitutionality of treason,
dating back to 18...
Speak up!
Let us hear why these men
shouldn't be held
to the same laws
as the people of Missouri.
Your Honor, may I approach?
Your Honor, my clients cannot have
a fair hearing in this setting.
For the safety
of everyone involved,
I request we reschedule
before someone gets shot.
It seems it's in
the best interest of the court
to return the defendants
to the protection
of the jail at Liberty.
That's right! Back to Liberty!
Let's go, boys, this is over.
No hearing today. No!
I will not allow it!
I have suffered to come today
to make my case
before an honorable court,
and so help me,
with or without God,
I will not allow
the intimidation of any man
to interfere
with my right to be heard.
Stand up if you want to speak.
Quiet. Let him speak.
All that has been required
to persecute a man or a woman
in the State of Missouri
as of late
is a suspicion that they are in
what the mob calls
the Mormon religion.
As leadership of the Restored
Church of Jesus Christ,
we chose to evacuate
one of the settlements
which was experiencing
extreme persecution.
However, thus protecting
our people,
only gave the mob more courage
to increase
its violence against us.
Can't you stand up, Mormon?
The State of Missouri,
seeing the increased persecution
to our people,
brought in a militia
to protect us.
But instead,
they abandoned their posts,
leaving us helpless.
Some of them even joined
the mobs against us.
Their job was to protect,
yet they fled.
After the state
had recalled its forces,
the mob began setting
the prairies on fire,
burning our homes
and destroying our farms.
Our people were forced
to live in tents and wagons.
One moment,
we heard of a planned attack,
so we built fortifications
throughout the night
to protect our lives
as dearly as we could.
When the morning came,
there was no attack.
Instead, there was a demand
set on our lives.
We were taken captive.
An order from our governor.
For the protection
of our people.
When our abandoned livestock
wandered into our camp,
it was thankfully used
as sustenance.
From that went out the cry
that the people of DeWitt
were thieves and plunderers,
stealing cattle and hogs.
It was all that they could do
to survive.
Our people are being torn
from their homes
and being subject
to every ungodly deed of man,
and it continues
as even we,
their appointed leaders,
are being held captive
in Liberty.
You attempt to prove us
guilty of treason
in consequence of a night
of building fortifications
for a people in desperate need.
You attempt to prove us
guilty of murder
for an act of defense
in which we were not even there.
Your charges
of theft, larceny, burglary,
arson, and stealing
are all based on accusations
for which I was
not even there at the time.
I am innocent!
And my fellow church leaders
are innocent!
And the State of Missouri
has forsaken justice
if we are
not to be released this day!
If this man does not go free,
that disgrace is on all of you!
If this man goes free,
they'll all be dead
by nightfall.
I will not have
your threats in this court!
Hey, Your Honor,
we have money for bail.
There's no bail for treason!
- He's buying you out, Judge!
- It's hush money!
What about
the extermination order?!
Clear this man's charges!
Give him immediate release!
Never have I had the fortune
of hearing a discourse
such as this.
You did it. You did it.
The rest of the men
are to be taken back to jail
to await their trials.
This is not the law.
You forget yourself, jailer.
It's enough, Neil.
Let them free.
- Your Honor...
- Hey! Hey!
A Missouri liar!
Order! Order!
Another time!
You're free.
You got what you wanted.
This is not
how I wanted it to be.
No. No. Please, please,
take me back!
Please! Please, Joseph! Please!
- He wants to go back.
- Then take him!
It's not my job
to hold an innocent man.
I've done all I can.
How do you do it?
I've never seen anything
like that before.
It turned like that.
It was something
quite unexpected.
It's just a matter of taking
matters into one's own hands.
Not relying on someone else
to fix the injustice.
I meant turning your back
on your friends.
Do you have a... a wife, jailer?
Are you married?
Do you have a family?
While I sat in chains
in Richmond,
and was subject to listen
to every vile act
that was committed against women
by those despicable reprobates,
one thing became very clear.
That if I had a choice
to sit in jail
and wait for the state
to figure our innocence,
or if I could find any way out
so that I could be with my wife
and my daughters,
you can bet,
as sure as the day is long,
I'm gonna move heaven and hell
to get out of here.
There's not a man in that cell
that wouldn't do the same.
Sitting in a jail day after day
isn't a position
that any man should aspire to.
Listen to me,
you insufferable drivel!
You think I want to be here?!
Watching over the likes of you?!
I fought in Bladensburg.
Under command of General Winder.
We were outnumbered.
The enemy marching on us,
and we had nowhere to turn.
He commanded us to retreat.
We ran for our lives
while the British set fire
to Washington.
Ever since that moment, I have
been accused of being a traitor
and being the cause
of the loss of our capitol
and of the lives of the men
who fought beside me.
You can leave
your men here tonight,
but this will haunt you
the rest of your life.
You church people think you're
the only ones that know suffering.
Who have seen an injustice.
You go back to your wife,
to your daughters.
You take them out of Missouri.
You find yourself a nice piece
of land to settle.
The sooner you stop preaching
yourself above others,
the sooner we'll be closer
to living side by side in peace.
Who's there?
I'm here for my husband!
I missed you.
Look at what
they've done to you.
You came alone?
Cyrus drove right through.
He's with the wagon
about three miles down.
Your friend is leaving!
Thank you for coming.
Phoebe and I are off.
Tell our families
not to lose hope.
I'll do everything that I can
to look after the church.
Be well, Sidney.
Do you suppose there's somebody
waiting out there to attack?
It's none of my concern.
Suppose that we were
to wait in...
It just doesn't sit right
with me.
He complains himself into jail.
Complains the whole time
he's here.
And then complains
himself right out.
We just got to suffer it.
Right, Joseph?
I suppose.
We're coming down.
Everybody against the wall! Now!
Son of a...
You allow them
to do this to my jail.
How'd he get found out?
He was bragging
about needing a replacement.
Fool never could keep
his mouth shut.
Take care of this.
We got a wall to fix!
And bring the irons!
That's not necessary.
Neither was this.
You carry on for months
about how the law
is gonna set you free,
the whole time trying
to scratch your way out of here?
We are a target in here.
And you of all people know that.
You escape, I'm liable.
So we're protecting you now.
- Leg.
- No!
You're gonna have to kill me
to put those chains on me.
Don't make this worse.
Hey! Hey! Get back!
Lock 'em up.
Won't be but a minute.
Sidney gone?
The others?
Locked up.
You've done right, Sam.
Clay County is lucky
to have a man like you.
You handle this right,
we're gonna have
a new Justice of the Peace
on our hands.
Their lawyer's gotten
a change of venue
from Gallatin to Boone County.
Another trial's not gonna help
if he's afraid
to plead their case.
He's not one you should accuse
of being afraid.
He's risked his job,
his reputation,
even his life for these men
on more than one occasion.
Alexander Doniphan's got nothing
to prove to anyone.
Governor Boggs thinks
that Boone County
will be safer than Gallatin.
Or here.
Likely to change the ruling.
How does the state,
in a course of four months,
go from protecting the Mormons
with the militia
to signing an executive order
to have them killed?
Public opinion's
a funny thing, Sam.
You try to do what's right
for the people,
but you can never please
One side hates the other.
Each is convinced that the other
is driven by selfishness,
Anything but the truth.
But their voices
aren't the loudest.
The loudest voice is that
of public opinion.
It yells, shouts, threatens,
and acts out
like an unfettered child,
demanding whatever it feels,
regardless of logic.
What are you trying to say?
The state now thinks
they could be innocent.
I don't know if they are.
But I do know that you and I
should not be getting ourselves
killed for these men.
So you surrendered judgment
to the people.
Our lives were being threatened.
A mob becomes
the highest governing body?
- Careful, Sam.
- I have innocent men in chains.
You've done right, Sam.
Just get them to court
in Boone County,
and you're done with them.
They're someone else's problem.
You've done your job, Sam.
You've done all that was asked.
It's not enough.
Calm down!
O God, where art thou?
Hey! Get back!
I want everyone calm!
Calm down!
And where's the pavilion
that covereth thy hiding place?
You think I want to be here?!
God, how long
shall thy hand be stayed
and thine eye behold the wrongs
of thy people
and of thy servants
and thy ear be penetrated
with their cries?
I have been accused
of being a traitor...
How long shall
they suffer these wrongs
and unlawful oppressions
before thine heart
shall be softened
towards them
and thy bowels
shall be moved
with compassion towards them?
Public opinion
is a funny thing, Sam.
Not a lot of people
are for you right now.
Before you know it,
you don't know what to believe.
Opinions are not truth.
Stretch forth thy hand.
And let thine anger
be kindled against our enemies.
There comes a time when you can't
just sit there and do nothing.
It's not my job
to hold an innocent man.
Remember thy suffering Saints,
O our God.
- I never meant for...
- Shh.
Is there any
mercy in the law?
Peace be unto thy soul.
Thine adversity
and thine afflictions
shall be but a small moment.
If thou art accused
with all manner
of false accusations,
if thine enemies fall upon thee,
and if thou shouldst be cast
into the pit
or into the hands of murderers,
know thou
that all these things
shall give thee experience
and shall be for thy good.
Walls and irons.
to make the honest soul
feel stronger
than the powers of hell.
Mr. Doniphan.
Mr. Tillery.
Wasn't planning
on seeing you today.
Is it true that you risked
your job for these men?
I took a stance. Nothing more.
It would be best
if you stayed here.
The job's not done
till we get them to court
in Boone County.
My men will handle it.
Do you mind?
Not at all.
Food looks better.
It's not funny!
You're going to miss that.
I will miss nothing
about this place.
Nor shall I.
You said that we'd get
out of here alive.
At the time,
I found it hard to believe.
No doubt that God has placed
you here for His purposes.
We all leave here changed men.
My men will be here any minute.
We'll take you to Boone County.
It's several days' journey.
As prisoners of the state,
you all need to be in irons.
All of you.
I've arranged for
a militia escort to go with us.
We will not require
any militia escort.
We will trust in God alone.
Joseph, they're
to ensure our protection.
Here we go.
If we rely on the guards,
we will be destroyed.
It's time.
There's a mob assembling.
We got to hurry.
Your men coming?
They'll be here within the hour.
We will go now.
Without 'em.
Sam, those men out there
want them dead.
Half-scared guards.
Don't be alarmed. Okay?
I know what I'm about.
Joseph Smith.
No more walls or bars
to protect you.
No sheriff to come and save you.
Just a bunch of guilty murderers
trying to escape justice.
If we are guilty,
we refuse not to be punished
by the law.
Oh, you are guilty.
You come into Missouri
with all your thoughts and ideas
about being a chosen people.
Thinking you're better
than all of us!
- That's enough!
- Oh, is it?
Is that enough?
We're done listening
to you, Joe Smith!
We're done listening
to all of you!
Leave these men alone, Neil!
These men aren't
under your protection anymore!
He's right, Sam.
You've done your duty.
Is it the law you want?
Is it justice you want?
A mob of anonymous cowards
gathering to attack the accused.
Is that justice?
Under the mandate
of the governor of this state,
these men will be taken
to Boone County!
Justice will be executed
in a proper court of law.
Any man who has
a problem with that
can take it up with me.
Well, I do.
This worth it to you?
Protecting these murderers?
They killed my brother.
Who murdered women and children.
You were there.
Killed by a farmer
who was protecting his family
and his property!
And you can switch things up,
make the events different.
But truth is unchangeable.
You watched over these men
for five months.
Making them suffer
for what they've done.
Now you want to die for them.
Nobody needs to die today.
We'll see about that.
Nobody needs to die today!
You're a traitor, Sam Tillery!
You always have been!
You watch out,
I'll be coming for you!
I'll be in Boone County!
That's a fine animal
you got there.
Her name's Medley.
I paid $100 for her at auction.
She's worth every bit of 125.
Medley, huh?
That's a good name.
Four days' journey
to the Mississippi from here.
Do you think
your friends are there?
God willing, yes.
Never took you for a man
who'd enjoy a drink
while on the job.
It's no longer my job.
It's my duty.
This is my duty.
You go to Boone County
for jury trial,
you're gonna be found innocent
and set free.
That's the idea.
That's what we want.
You know what kind of aftermath
that's gonna cause
in this state?
Across the country?
The people won't allow that.
No. I think the best thing
is for my men and I
to finish our drinks,
take a nice, long rest.
And then
you just be on your way.
The governor
knows you're innocent.
So does the sheriff and Turnham.
- How?
- Everything.
Sidney, the Saints,
the militias,
the extermination order.
So we flee,
and what comes of you?
Your job, your reputation?
It's better
that ten guilty escape
than one innocent suffer.
You read that in your book?
"Blackstone's Law."
That's what this is then,
an escape?
125, right?
Yes, sir.
Okay. How about 150
with all the supplies?
I'll make good on it
should you come see me.
You have my word.
Is that the word
of a prophet or a con man?
Come see me, you'll find out.
If I catch any of you
in Missouri again,
I'll shoot you dead.
You shoot any of us dead,
I'll kill you
with my bare hands.
Glad we're straight.
You're four days' journey
to Quincy.
Stay off the main roads.
You'll find your way.
Thank you, Sam.
May you find yours.
Let's go.