Out of the Fog (1941) Movie Script

It's your turn. You take a card.
- This is not cards. This is torture.
I could do better sitting in a
rocking-chair and knitting.
Am I giving you an argument?
Bourbon, straight.
- One bourbon, coming up.
Here's a Jack. I hope you don't need it.
A Jack I need? A doctor I need.
Why don't you give me decent cards?
My luck. My cards are
just like my business.
Look at them. Like cheapskates
playing the chamber of commerce.
Merchants of the community.
Like clockwork, they come in every
day and order the same food.
They place the same game of cards.
They even play the same records.
And I got to listen to the same
bellyaching about their business.
And when they leave .. I get
the same crummy nickel tip.
I ask you mister, is there
any percentage in that?
I ask you.
- Another bourbon.
Another bourbon coming up.
Good evening Mr Propotkin.
Hello, Sam.
- Good evening.
Hi, Eddie.
- Fine thanks, Mac. Nice weather, eh?
Hey, Olaf .. a hot plate for the law.
What's new on the beat,
Lieutenant? Anything exciting?
I'll take my coffee now, Eddie.
- Yes, sir.
Ask the Lieutenant what
else he'll have to drink.
Thanks .. I can buy my own.
How much do I owe you?
- Four bits.
A fifty out of five .. two bourbons.
If she feels that way about it, why don't
she sit here and take the cash herself?
Instead of staying out in the
kitchen making passes at the chef.
By the way, that chef that works
here .. what's his name again?
Olaf. Olaf Johnson.
Don't he own a little fishing-boat
around here? - That's right.
Eddie .. I want to eat
tonight, not tomorrow.
How about it back there?
On my, be careful, Eddie.
The plates are hot.
This is for Igor. They made
it just he way he wants.
Olaf! All day, all day! You have
everything on your mind but your work.
You didn't clean up the kitchen.
- The kitchen is clean.
The floor is going to be washed.
- The floor is washed.
That clock .. always that clock.
Counting the minutes, counting the
seconds. Can't you at least talk to me?
I am a simple man. I can only keep
my mind on one thing at a time.
Tomorrow, I think I put a little
more garlic in the sauce.
- Yes?
Olaf, what is a man without a woman?
- Nothing.
Exactly .. I'm a lonely woman.
And growing older.
I need the strong arms of a
dependable man to lean on.
It's getting hot here.
I could make out in a fish
tavern three times this size.
If I only had some help.
- Size isn't everything.
I'm growing no younger, Olaf.
I need ..
I need to take out the garbage.
Please excuse me.
Meatballs, sauce and spaghetti.
- Oh, I'll do it.
Yes Olaf, yes? Something wrong?
She's still in the kitchen.
I can't leave yet.
You're off .. it's past eight o'clock.
Don't worry. It will only be minutes.
I will call you as soon as she leaves.
Hey Magruder .. there
is a fire on the pier.
What, a fire?
- A fire? Where?
It ain't a big one. Just Carny's boat.
- Another fishing boat?
Is it still burning?
- Whatever is left of it.
The fog's so thick, nobody
noticed the smoke.
I'll have a look. Eddie,
keep my plate hot, will you.
Wait a minute, Mac.
I want to go with you.
Oh no you don't! You are
going to stay right here.
I'm going upstairs, and
remember .. no watching fires.
Okay .. okay.
It's like living in a jail around her.
It's a wonder she even lets me breathe.
Hey mister. Would you watch
the place for me for a minute?
You see, I'm just a sucker for fires.
- Sure. Sure, go right ahead.
Thanks. Thanks a lot. I'll be right back.
Good evening, sir.
- My name is Goff.
I'm glad to meet you, Mr Goff.
- You the chef here?
- Nice, homey little place you got here.
Well, I'm glad you like it. Excuse
me just one minute please.
Jonah .. Jonah.
It's alright. She's gone.
Is there anything I can ..?
Oh, you shouldn't be eating
them shrimp dry like that.
They give you heartburn.
Here, try them with just a little bit
of sauce and just a spray of lemon.
Taste better, don't it?
- Hmm. Much better.
I saw your boat tied up at
the pier. I was admiring it.
Oh well, it ain't much of a boat. Just
an old tub made with wood and spit.
You own the boat?
- I own half the boat.
My friend Jonah Goodwin, he's the
tailor next door. He owns the other half.
You do a lot of fishing, don't you?
- Uhuh. - You like it?
Ask me if I like to breathe.
Ten hours a day I work in this place.
Only the nights when I
go fishing do I feel free.
Then I am a different man.
I live in a different world.
Out there on the bay
with my friend Jonah.
We get peace. We can get away
from things. You see what I mean?
Sure. I see what you mean.
Supposing someone were to come round and
tell you you couldn't go fishing anymore?
Well that's silly. Why should anyone
want to say a thing like that?
Olaf .. aren't you ready yet?
Oh, I'm sorry. I was
talking to my friend.
This is Jonah Goodwin.
He owns the other half of the boat.
This is mister ..
- My name is "Goff".
Mr Goff. He's a nice fellow. He takes a
personal interest in what we're doing.
I'm glad you're both here. I want
to have a little talk with you.
A little business talk regarding
your boat. - Our boat?
You want to talk to us about our boat?
What is there to say about our boat?
I'm ready, Jonah.
Maybe you put it off until another time?
Tomorrow? You see, we're in a hurry now.
Fire engines?
It's nothing, just a little fishing-boat
caught fire at the end of the pier.
Jonah, maybe it is ours?
- Don't worry, sport, it's not your boat.
Mister ..
What makes you so sure it's not our boat?
- You can take my word for it.
You are here.
The fire is down at the pier.
How do you know?
I just know.
Come along, Olaf.
- Yeah, I'm ready.
Wait a minute, Jonah. It's cold out.
Let me button your coat.
Well, goodbye Mr Goff. I hope I have
the pleasure of seeing you again.
Don't worry, sport. You will.
Hurry Jonah, you know Caroline.
- Yeah?
Here .. and don't forget. The next time
you run off to a fire, I'll fire you.
I'll fire you! You understand?
Always hollering.
I wish you would fire me.
"Don't ring up the cash register",
"don't do this", "don't do that".
You don't holler at Olaf like that.
The pushing around I got
to take for the dough I get.
What did you say, Eddie?
- Nothing. I didn't say nothing.
By the way, George called. He'll be down
in a few minutes. He ordered the usual.
Hi everybody.
How's business, Mr Propotkin?
Terrible. Even the people who
never pay, stopped buying.
There you are. Gee, I'm glad you finally
got here. I was getting worried about you.
How do you feel? You look good.
But then you always look good to me.
Boy, did I have a swell day today.
Sold off a lot of junk that had been
laying around the shop for years.
Boy, was I in good form.
I don't know why. I never had
such bad luck in all my life.
But then it's a pleasure to
lose to a good sport like you.
Put that back, Sam.
- Put what back? - That ace.
What ace?
That ace you are trying to deal
yourself, you old gyp-artist you.
You want to gyp, do it slick. Here, I'll
show you. Put that ace back in the deck.
Back in the deck?
- That's right.
Alright, now where's the ace?
- In the pack. - You sure?
- Alright.
Keep your eye on the deck.
I'll show you something.
Now, keep your eye on the deck.
Excuse me lady, I was just
showing the boys a little trick.
I was proving the hand
is quicker than the eye.
Go on eating. You don't mind if I use your
boyfriend? It will only take a second.
Now, where did you say the ace was?
- In the deck .. wasn't it?
In the deck. In the middle where I put it.
- Oh no it ain't.
It's in the inside pocket
of this gentleman.
Say, that's wonderful.
I know how you did that.
Could I have the deck a minute?
I'll show it to you.
- Go ahead. - George.
Leave him alone, lady. Don't let
him suppress his natural talent.
Take a card. Any card at all.
Makes no difference to me.
Alright, put it back in the deck.
Remember now.
- Yeah, we remember, don't we.
Is that it?
- Uhuh.
I guess I got that part
of the trick wrong.
Try it again. Take another card.
Why don't you do something you can do
rather than making a fool of yourself.
- There's lots of things he can do.
You know, don't you Mr Propotkin. He was
the best football player at Boy's High.
First in his class.
"All-round George" they used to call him.
Now George is the best
auctioneer on the pier.
He's really a talented man, though it
only comes out when he's making a spiel.
Come on, George, show them.
Show them with feelings.
Stella, people are watching.
Do you mind mister, if
my friend makes a speech?
No, go ahead. It'll be a pleasure.
- Come on, George.
Make the echoes ring on the pier.
You know "what am I bid, what am I bid?"
Stella, stop it.
I'll never talk you again
unless you do this.
Stella, please ..
- Alright, I'll start for you.
What am I bid? What am I bid?
Who will say 5 dollars, 3 dollars, a dollar?
Fifty cents, ten cents, Who will
say a dime? A genuine antique ..?
Hey Stella, what's wrong?
Anything I've done? Anything I've said?
No, it's not you George.
Please believe that.
It's just that I'm so fed up with things.
Every day just like the other. Get up
at seven, rush to the phone company.
"Wrong number? Just a minute,
please. I'll try them again."
Come home at night,
listen to mother nagging.
Meet you at the grotto, eat the same
food, listen to the same corny jokes.
I just can't take it any more George.
I just can't take it.
Don't you understand that?
- Well, sure I do, but ..
But I also know you'll feel
different after we're married.
I'll make you feel different.
I swear that.
You're such a good guy, George.
But why do you pick on me?
Because .. you're the girl for me.
You're my kind of girl.
But I'm not, George. Honest I'm not.
- You are.
I know from the bottom
of my heart you are.
You're a good, solid man, George.
I'm not like that.
You know what you
want out of life. I don't.
All you'll ever get from
me is pushing around.
I know what I'm talking about George.
Please believe that.
If you know what's good
for you, leave me alone.
I can't Stella, I can't.
- Why not?
Because I love you.
Hey, George .. how do you like that?
Here I am looking all over for you, and
you're making sweet words with your girl.
A half-hour the boss gives you
for supper. No more and no less.
Alright, I'll be right there.
Alright. I said I'd be right there.
- Okay.
I got to get back to the place.
I'll be through in about an hour. Will
you come by for me like you always do?
Yes, George.
I'll come by for you like I always do.
That isn't such a bad fish, Jonah.
A mosquito .. go home to your
mother. Come back in two years.
Off the coast of Cuba
in the Gulf-Stream ..
They catch fish that weigh
from 700 to 1,000 pounds.
Fish with spears in their noses.
And it is warm there.
The sun shines eleven
months out of the year.
Oh, it sounds like music.
Like music from a band.
You and me, we could be sitting in the
middle of the Gulf-Stream right now.
Wearing Panama hats and fishing
for fish with spears in their noses.
You and me and the Gulf-Stream.
- Yes, Jonah.
Look, we could be on that boat, Olaf.
Please Jonah, it is torture.
Jonah, Swenson wants $500 for that boat.
Well, in the coffee-pot in your room
we have $190. Am I right or wrong?
Right. But is $190 the same as $500?
Haven't you ever heard of the
instalment plan? - No thanks.
In America Olaf, every man can
be a King on the instalment plan.
I heard of it, you heard of it.
But has Swenson heard
of the instalment plan?
Tomorrow he'll hear of it. Look, Olaf.
Someday I'll die, God forbid.
And they'll put on my grave:
"Here lies Jonah Goodwin. A good son,
a good husband, a good citizen."
"All his life he worked like a horse and
never did the thing he wanted to do."
A little later, you'll die.
They'll change some particulars, but
they'll put the same thing on your grave.
- Yes?
Caroline wants to marry me.
- So?
I ain't crazy to marry her.
She reminds me of a woman in vaudeville
that used to sing all promises.
Then there's no problem.
No Caroline, you say: you don't
click with me. You're not my type.
I like chorus girls with sweaters.
- Yeah. Then she'll fire me.
Or worse yet, she'll put on a sweater.
You never had to work for a
boss that wanted to marry you.
You've sure got a problem. Look, Olaf.
Now it's December .. January, February,
March, April. Only four months.
And Spring-time, Olaf! For once
in our lives, a real Spring.
No Tailor Shop, no Fish grotto.
No Caroline.
Let's buy it, Jonah.
Let's buy it tomorrow.
Stella! Hello, Stella.
Hello, Pop.
- What are you doing on the pier alone?
Nothing, nothing. How
was the fishing, Pop?
Not good, not bad. Medium.
Come on down here. I want to talk to you.
- Okay, Pop.
Remember, not a word about our new boat.
That's strictly a private secret until
we have the bill of sale. - Yeah.
Good evening Stella. How are you tonight?
- Fine, Mr Johnson.
And how is George tonight?
- That's right. Where's George?
Well, he had to work late.
I'm going to meet him later.
Say Pop, you'd better hurry home.
Mom's got another one of her attacks.
Around this boat, Stella darling,
we don't talk about your mother.
Or about jobs or about money or
about what we read in the newspapers.
Here we just come four nights
a week to fish and to be happy.
Gee, Pop .. I wish I had a
boat four nights in a week.
All I've got is .. George.
That's no way to talk about a
nice young man like George.
I know Pop. Did you
bring home a swordfish?
"Swordfish"! That's what they're called!
With spears in their noses.
700 pounds.
Oh, the ocean is a wonderful place.
Swordfishes, octopuses. Wonderful.
Anyone got a cigarette?
You know, it's not nice for young ladies
to smoke outside of their own homes.
- Look, Pop.
Nine hours a day I'm a nice young lady.
The smiling, cheerful voice
of the Telephone Company.
Friendly but virtuous.
Never a wrong number.
At night let me relax, Pop.
Got a match?
- It's okay, I'll get one down the pier.
See you later, Pop.
Anything wrong with Stella, Jonah?
Oh no. She's just high-strung and
nervous like all the other young girls.
If you are looking for a light ..
Thank you very much.
I'll get a light down the pier.
- That's alright girl. Here you are.
That's a nice perfume you use. Violet?
- Well?
Well, violet is a first-class smell.
I like it.
Well, I'm glad you like it.
Thank you so much for the light.
My name is "Goff".
- I beg your pardon?
I repeat: my name is "Goff".
Sorry. I never heard of you.
You will soon. From coast
to coast, they'll hear of me.
I can wait.
- Just a minute.
Excuse me.
But I really shouldn't be talking to a man
I've never been formally introduced to.
Look baby, you only live
seventy years if you're lucky.
We haven't got time to wait for
formal introductions. Especially women.
How long do you think a woman
has got anyway? Say, fifteen years?
You can rot in Brooklyn
for the rest of your life ..
Without meeting anybody but that
boyfriend of yours. What's his name?
And you're not the type to rot, sister.
You must be a very successful man.
You've got a successful attitude.
You're alright. I could tell
when I first laid eyes on you.
You've got class. You don't
find that much in Brooklyn.
Well, it doesn't do you
much good in Brooklyn.
Who would have thought, on a pier
in the middle of Winter? A girl like you.
How do you know what kind of girl I am?
Oh I can tell. There's a look in
your eye. It sticks out all over you.
Say, I have business to attend to. Say I
meet you on the pier in 15 minutes?
It's been very pleasant to talk with
you, but I have a date for tonight.
With Mr Whatsisname?
- I beg your pardon, mister.
But I said I have a previous engagement.
Talk English, will you. What do think
you are doing? Writing a business letter?
Well, I think I'll be going now.
Come on, I'll take you where you
want. The moon if you say the word.
This is a holiday evening. It's Saturday
night in a mining town. Where to, sister?
Good night.
- I'll see you in 15 minutes.
Don't bet on it.
- I'll bet on it.
Good evening, gentlemen.
So that's your little tub, huh?
Millions of gallons of water and
he has to throw it in our boat.
- I'll make it short, boys.
I'm the Admiral Dewey of Brooklyn.
I protect Sheepshead Bay from pirates.
We're not interested.
We don't believe in pirates.
I get $5 a week to protect boats from
pirates if you believe in them or not.
Go away Mr Goff.
You see Mr Goff ..
We've been leaving our boat here for three
years and nothing's ever happened to it.
My fee is $5 a week. You're
getting my special Winter rate.
Because you have a very pretty daughter.
What do you know about my daughter?
That's a nice boat you got there.
Pretty name, too: "Enterprise The 3rd".
I'd hate to see the Enterprise The 3rd
at the bottom of the bay.
Being used by the fish
for their Rotary lunches.
Go away bluffer, go away.
Well, let's think it over.
- Sure, sure. Take plenty of time.
I'll see you here tomorrow night.
Nice to make your acquaintance, boys.
We don't have to think about
anything. Goodbye, chiseller.
Look Pop, I ain't kidding. If you know
what's good for you won't be so stubborn.
I'll call Magruder.
You do and you won't see
that boat tomorrow night.
Please Jonah, don't be a hero.
Alright Mr Goff, come back tomorrow.
I'll have you put in jail.
Why are you calling that Cop?
I told you not to do that.
If you open your mouth to that flatfoot,
tomorrow there's no Enterprise The 3rd.
Listen, Jonah. Every place you go,
you got to pay to be allowed to live.
Who are we that we should
fight with a man like that?
We are two old men,
so we pay the $5 a week.
Tell him, sport.
- I beg you, what's $5 a week?
What's up Jonah? What's the trouble?
I have ..
I have a sandwich left over, Magruder.
A ham sandwich with rye bread.
- Why thanks, Jonah.
You know, there is nothing
better for a late snack.
Now I have to pay for this fishing-rod.
Good evening, Florence dear.
Well, it's twelve midnight.
How do you do Mrs Goodwin.
I hope you are feeling good tonight.
I feel terrible Mr Johnson.
Hang it up, Jonah.
Yes, dear.
Maybe you'll be better soon, Mrs Goodwin.
- I doubt it.
Are those fish, Mr Johnson?
- Yes.
Four of them, Florence.
Well, please do not place the fish in the
middle of the living room, Mr Johnson.
Oh, please forgive me.
In the kitchen, please.
- Yes, excuse me please.
Is there anything wrong, Mrs Goodwin?
Nothing. No, take it.
- Thank you.
Well .. I'm going to bed.
Oh, I won't sleep.
But I might as well lie down.
Goodnight, Florence dear.
Don't sound so happy
to get rid of me. Please.
Are you retiring for the
night, Mrs Goodwin?
Yes ..
- Then, sleep well.
How can I Mr Johnson? When you bring half
the Atlantic ocean into my living room.
Florence, remember Mr Johnson
is a guest in our house.
The coffee is ready, Jonah.
In the kitchen, Olaf.
Yes, Pop?
- Stella.
You weren't going to bed without
saying goodnight, were you?
I thought you were asleep.
Why, you've got colour in your
cheeks and your eyes are dancing.
Hey Olaf, look. Look at
how excited she looks.
You must have had a wonderful
time. You did, didn't you?
Yes, Pop. I had a swell time.
- Where is George?
- Why didn't you bring him in?
Well, he has to work for a living.
He has to get up early .. like me.
Goodnight, Pop.
Pleasant dreams.
Goodnight Stella. Pleasant dreams.
Well, I guess I'd better be going too.
Alright Olaf. I'll walk
to the door with you.
Goodnight Jonah. And don't worry about
Goff. Everything is going to be alright.
Oh yes .. everything
is going to be alright.
Olaf, we're getting old.
We must take a stand some place.
Let's take a stand in the little boat
before we're pushed right off the earth.
Not a cent! We won't give
that hoodlum a cent.
Alright Olaf. I'll meet you tomorrow
night at Caroline's as always.
But remember Olaf.
Not a cent, not one cent.
Good evening Mr Goodwin.
I'm sorry to bother you, but Stella
promised to meet me at the store.
I waited and waited but she never showed
up. I thought something might be wrong.
No. No, nothing wrong.
Stella wasn't feeling very well.
She went to bed early.
You sure it's nothing serious?
- No, it's nothing at all.
She'll be alright in the morning.
Goodnight, George.
Wait a minute George. I'll walk
down the street a ways with you.
Goodnight Jonah. You will pick me
up tomorrow night at Caroline's?
Yes, at Caroline's.
[ off. Jonah's wife ]
"Jonah .. Jonah, come to bed."
Stella, I want to talk to you.
[ off. Jonah's wife ]
"Are you coming or aren't you?"
Yes dear. I'm coming.
I said I'm coming. I'm coming.
Good evening Mr Goodwin.
- Good evening.
You know, Jonah.
I've been thinking about Goff.
If he wants $5 a week for
such a little boat like ours.
How much would he charge for
an ocean liner like the Leif Ericson?
Well Olaf, we'll worry about a
big boat when we get a big boat.
I enquired this afternoon about
putting the boat in Gravesend bay.
It would take us thirty more minutes to
get to it, but Mr Goff wouldn't be there.
Let's put it in Gravesend Bay then.
Why didn't you say that sooner?
What are we worrying about?
Well, in Gravesend Bay there operates
a man that charges $7.50 a week.
Goff won't come, Olaf.
Wait and you'll see. It was all a bluff.
He'll come .. he'll come.
A man that collects money always comes.
Good evening, sports.
I'm glad to be dealing with a
couple of punctual gentlemen.
I told you Jonah. The man that
collects money always comes.
What's the matter? Don't you recognize
the Admiral of the Sheepshead Bay Navy?
As a matter of fact,
I should get a 17-gun salute.
I'd be glad to give it to you
point blank. - Jonah.
Come on, Olaf.
- Please, Jonah. Be nice to him.
Now look boys, we're here to conduct
business. Let's conduct it friendly.
Remember, we all got to live.
- Get away from our boat!
Come on, Pop, come on. Stop horsing
around. You'd better talk to your friend.
Jonah, make believe he's a new tax.
Who is he that we must pay
him for space in God's ocean?
Just a petty little grafter
taking $5 bills from small people.
But not from me.
For an old guy, you've got
some cock-eyed notions.
He's joking. He's joking,
ain't you, Jonah?
No, I'm not joking.
- Listen, you broken-down old jerk.
Don't you hit my friend.
Olaf .. Olaf.
Are you hurt?
I've been hit harder, Jonah.
I talk .. and you get hit.
I regret to do business this way. I'd
rather keep things on a friendly basis.
What do you want?
- I've prepared a little paper.
Just to keep everything legal.
On this paper it says:
"Olaf Johnson and Jonah Goodwin."
"Have received a loan of
$1,000 at 6% interest."
"And jointly pledge to pay the sum of
$5 a week until the debt is paid off."
This is .. just for my file.
But you didn't lend us anything.
This note says I did .. you sign here.
But I'm a man who makes about $30 a week.
And I support a wife who
is always running to doctors.
Doctor Goff is prescribing
now. My fee is $5.
Pay him, Jonah.
- I'll make a deal with you.
A deal? This is my deal.
Clauses A, B, C and D.
You'll never live to be an old man.
Anyway, I won't starve to death.
I'm in a hurry boys. I got a date.
Come on. Sign.
Right here.
Now let's see how nice you can write.
That's fine. Now, money boys?
- Oh, here.
Now lend me fifty cents.
Have a cigar. It's been a fine week.
Twelve new customers.
There is no telling where this
corporation is going to go.
Thank you very much.
That don't worry me, Pop. Dime cigars.
Well, see you next week. Keep dry and
I'll give your regards to your daughter.
- Yeah?
What was that he said about my daughter?
Is there anyone in here looking for me?
- No, Miss Goodwin. Not that I know of.
I'll have a chocolate soda.
- Yes, ma'am. Right away.
Here you are. Anything else?
- No, thank you.
You shouldn't be drinking that. It will
spoil your taste for better things.
Now, that's twice in a row I win my bet.
How would you like to make
another bet? This time I'll lay odds.
Now, don't get sore. I'm glad you came.
I was hoping you'd come.
Now where do we go tonight, huh?
How about the moon?
- Sure. Fine.
Only we'll stop off at a couple
of other places first, huh?
I hit it! I hit it! For once in
my life I beat the machine!
48,000. Pay me nine nickels.
Keep your shirt on, you'll get paid off.
Hello Stella.
- Hello Buddy.
Let's get out of here.
- Cheque. - Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
- Wait a minute. What's your hurry?
Oh violet perfume. Here, baby.
Like the ads say .. my favourite
smell. How much do I owe you?
That will be $4.68 with the tax.
There is exactly five dollars here.
Keep the change. Let's go.
Stella, must you play that radio again?
Do you hear me? Shut it off.
Alright Mom.
- What did you say?
I said "alright" Mom.
[ door knocks ]
Who is it?
- It's me. Can I come in?
Sure Pop, sure. Come in.
I don't like to disturb you, Stella.
- Pop, will you unbutton me down the back?
Oh sure, sure.
Remember the other night when you came
home? You said you'd been out with George.
Yes, Pop.
- You lied to me, didn't you.
Yes I did.
And all those other nights,
you lied. Didn't you?
Yes, I've been lying to you.
You've been going out
with Goff .. haven't you?
Yes, I've been going out with Goff.
Stella .. have I ever
interfered with your life?
Oh no, Pop .. you've been swell.
Just a second.
- But no. This Goff.
Now I have to speak up. Stay away from
him, Stella. Please stay away from him.
He's a bad man.
- He's an exciting man, Pop.
Why, he's been all over the country.
New York, Chicago, Atlantic City.
He's been in jail maybe. Those
other places he's seen in the movies.
He's a disease.
- Well, he's a disease I want to catch.
A disease that makes me able to
sit in the subway in the morning ..
And look at all the people around,
and say to myself "I'm not like them".
I'm not like the people in
the subway. I'm different.
I've got something they haven't got.
- What?
Something, Pop. I don't
know just what, but something.
Look Stella, you're my own daughter.
And I'd like it better than anyone if
you were extraordinary. But you're not.
I don't love you any less for that, baby.
There is nothing so terrible about
being an ordinary person, Stella.
Alright, so I am ordinary .. okay.
Well, ordinary or not, I'm going to take
a fling with Harold Goff. Why shouldn't I?
Listen Stella, do you .. do you
know how Goff makes a living?
He's a cheap racketeer. He takes
money from poor people.
Five dollars, three dollars.
Anything he can get.
If they don't pay, he beats them.
How do you know?
- I know.
I don't believe it .. and
even if it's true, so what?
That's the way world is made, Pop.
The strong take from the weak.
If it wasn't Goff,
it would be somebody else.
I'm afraid he's done you damage already.
Say, Stella.
Maybe .. maybe you need a vacation.
A trip. You work too hard.
- Pop, I've got to get dressed.
Yes .. I'm sure that's what you need.
Where would you like to go?
What's the use of talking about it now?
- Will it hurt to tell me?
Alright .. I'd like to go to Cuba.
I'd like to see the blue Caribbean and
palm trees and natives dancing the rumba.
I'd also like to fly like a bird, and
live in a penthouse with 25 servants.
Oh please, Pop. I've got to get dressed.
Stella, listen to me.
What do you say you take the next
boat for Cuba, and stay three weeks?
What do you say?
Don't they use money in Cuba anymore?
- You'll have the money.
From where?
- From me.
A gift to my daughter
who needs a vacation.
Enough for a State Room
without bath. I'll fix it.
Wait a minute, Pop.
This will cost about $200.
That's what I figured.
Where would you get that kind of money?
- I have $190 saved for a special reason.
You can have it .. what's the matter?
I've worked long enough to save
that kind of money, haven't I?
And you want to give it to me?
- Sure. Sure .. why not?
Well? Are you going?
It will be nice in the Gulf-Stream with
the water blue and warm like a bath.
The sun like butter.
Oh Pop, Pop.
What are you crying about?
A little travel information you get
from any booklet. And you cry.
Oh Pop. Pop, I love you so much.
But not enough to listen to me.
Jonah .. Jon ..
Well, what's going on here?
What's being kept from me?
Why am I treated like a
stranger in my own house?
Pop, that's the Store-bell.
- Yes, I'll see.
Other daughters come to their mothers.
Not once since you've been grown
up have you ever come to me.
Jonah! Jonah, who came in?
Good evening partner .. this is
what I'd call a real cheerful dump.
Like a mummy exhibit
at the Brooklyn Museum.
Well, each to his own taste. That's what
makes the world go round. Where's Stella?
Who'd have thought out of a hole like
this you'd get a juicy girl like Stella?
Where you going Pop, fishing?
I'm going for a walk.
- Why? Because I'm here?
That's right .. listen Goff.
If you do anything to Stella ..
Ow. This couch is hard enough
to make a nice handball court.
I mean it, Goff .. five dollars a week
is one thing. My daughter is another.
Good evening Mr Goodwin.
Oh, hello kid. Welcome
to our little castle.
Stella upstairs?
- Yes George, go right ahead.
Just a minute. Sit down. Relax.
What's your hurry? Take it easy.
Excuse me.
- Do you like these?
Orchids. Three bucks a
piece for your girl, Stella.
Imagine, three bucks apiece
for flowers that don't smell.
Why not leave her alone?
She's free, white, 21 and
makes her own choice.
You're turning her head.
You make her think she's important.
You make her think you're important.
You don't think so, do you?
I asked you a question.
You seem to be awful worried
about my opinion, Mr Goff.
Mr Goff .. I'm sorry.
Look what comes out of the
Brooklyn Telephone Company.
You're lucky she came down, kid.
I never hit anybody with ladies present.
Pop, didn't you tell George
I had a date tonight?
Stella baby, what's come over you?
I got something for you, Stella.
- Orchids!
Three orchids.
- I'm a fast man with a dollar.
Stella, I've got to talk to you.
- Tomorrow George. I've got to go now.
Goodnight Pop. Goodnight George.
Goodnight Pop. So long kid.
Practice up on your card tricks.
Table, Mr Goff?
- We'll sit at the bar.
Hiya Joe.
- What will you drink, Mr Goff?
Don't sit there. I've got two good
seats for you right over here.
Follow me.
- Let's go, baby.
Alright boys, on your way.
- Okay.
What will you have Mr Goff?
- Two Zombies. - Right.
Good evening Mr Goff. How about it?
- What have you got?
Anything you want. Take your choice.
- I'll take the Cuban doll tonight.
Thanks. Thanks very much.
- Oh, that's perfectly okay.
Here you are. Keep the change.
Thank you.
Say, Joe. Who is the dame?
She just started a couple
of days ago, Mr Goff.
A tasty dish right from Cuba.
If you look real close you can
still see the baggage tags on her.
Hiya beautiful.
Say, what's eating you, baby?
- Nothing.
Good looking girl, ain't she?
- Yeah, everyone to their own taste.
Sure, that's why I'm here
with you. Nice place, huh?
Uhuh. Very nice.
A funny thing, you taking me to
the Cuban room. - Why?
Well, as a matter of fact ..
- Yeah?
Just a few hours ago, I
was offered a trip to Cuba.
By who? Your boyfriend?
- No. - Who?
A man I know.
- I said "who"?
Would you like to know?
Listen, when I ask a question,
I want an answer. Who?
You're hurting my arm.
- Well?
You don't have to get sore.
It was my father.
Your father? So, your old man
offered you a trip to Cuba?
Say .. where would he
get that kind of dough?
Well he told me he had it saved up for
a long time. $190. That's all he's got.
Can you imagine? He wanted to give it to
me because he thought I needed a change.
Pretty wonderful.
- You bet. You going?
Of course not. You see, I couldn't take
money he worked so hard to save, could I?
So your old man's got $190
and he's going to give it to you?
Yeah, wasn't that swell of him?
- Very swell. He's a great guy alright.
Let's drink to your old man.
- There's a kick in those Zombies Mr Goff.
Better take it slow and easy.
I like the music. Shall we?
- Sure. You want to dance?
Like Joe says baby, slow and easy.
Goodnight .. I had a wonderful time.
Come on .. one last cigarette.
- It's almost daylight.
Turn around and wait for me on the
corner will you. - Yes, sir.
[ ship's horn. loud ]
Sounds like a big one. An ocean liner.
I wonder where it's going.
- You do, huh?
Nothing .. I just wondered.
You ever been away from Brooklyn?
Yeah, once. I went to Buffalo
to a funeral of an uncle.
Listen .. about that trip
you were talking about.
You want to go with me?
- How can I?
Mr Goff, what would I tell my mother?
You can tell her we'll be
married on that boat.
Married .. by the Captain?
- Yeah, with a brass band and flowers.
How about it?
- I don't know.
I don't even know if
I'm in love with you.
It's a five day trip to Cuba.
You'll have plenty of time to find out.
I've got to think this
thing over carefully.
Listen, if I did things carefully, I'd be
working a machine for 13 bucks a week.
You get chances, you grab them!
I turned from factory worker
to bootlegger in eight minutes.
But this will cost a lot of money.
- That's my department.
You know .. I heard that ..
That is .. they say you're a racketeer.
That you make your living
taking money from poor people.
That you beat them up.
- Who told you that? Your father?
What else did he say?
- That's all.
Well .. it's true.
I may as well tell you the rest
so we can start from scratch.
You know who one of my customers is?
Your father.
Goodbye, Mr Goff.
Goodbye, Miss Goodwin.
How can you be so hard?
What have you got inside of you?
- I've got education inside of me, baby.
The education I got on the breadlines,
pool-rooms, and bar-rooms of big cities.
I got rocks inside me, baby.
It would have been a nice trip. Well ..
Maybe another uncle of
yours will die in Jersey City.
George .. what are you doing here?
I've been outside .. waiting
for you to come home.
I don't want you spying on me.
- I have to talk to you.
There's nothing to talk about, George.
- There's our whole life to talk about.
Yours, not mine.
- Yours too.
Look George, it's five
o'clock in the morning.
I've got to be up at seven to go
to work. I've got to get some sleep.
Do you say that to Goff, too?
- George ..
Or to me before you met him?
Shall I remind you how many times we
stayed out to all hours of the morning?
How many times I took
you straight to work?
You weren't worried about
sleep then, were you?
George, you're waking
everyone up in the house.
Tonight .. we'll talk about it tonight.
I'll see you tonight, George.
I promise I will.
Oh no. No.
It's got to be now.
- Look George.
I know what you're going to say.
You want me to marry you. - Yes.
You want me to live in a 3-room
flat with you? - Yes.
To have children .. to spend all day
cooking and washing diapers.
- Well, why should I?
Why should I?
Because I know you can be happy,
living that kind of life with me.
Look, Stella. I'm not
just talking off the cuff.
George, please go home, will you.
I can't see a guy like
Goff break your heart.
What for? It's so easy
for you to be happy.
Yeah, even in a 3-room flat.
We could live a beautiful lifestyle.
George, go home will you.
- Just doing the simple things.
Taking a walk on a boardwalk
on a Sunday afternoon.
Watching the people in the ocean.
I could get a real kick out of just
watching you just put on a new dress.
It's inside of you, Stella.
With your heart spilling over
with love for the things you've got.
That you can hold on to forever. That's
where you'll find what youre looking for.
Not with Goff and that
phoney kind of life.
Inside of you, Stella .. with me.
That's the way I feel about things.
- Why did you have to come here?
Why did you have to spoil everything now?
Eddie .. Eddie, Eddie.
- Yeah? - Where's Olaf?
Can't you hear me? Where's Olaf?
- Where do you expect him to be?
Well did you tell him?
- Certainly. I told him in plain English.
Tonight is Caroline's birthday party.
Tonight she don't want you to go fishing.
Tonight she wants you to be here.
- What did he say?
He said he'd be here.
You stay here. If anybody
comes, I'll be right back.
Olaf .. Olaf!
That's funny. The boat is here.
Olaf! Where are you?
She must be a very athletic woman to
run so fast with all those corsets on.
All she needs is a letter on
the sweater she is wearing.
She is 37 today. She wants
me to go to her birthday party.
Her thirty-seventh birthday.
So she says.
Thirty-seven? She's fifteen minutes
younger than the Roman Empire. Let's go.
Oh I forgot to ask you.
What happened with Swenson?
Good news.
He'll take the $190 and allow
us $100 on the Enterprise The 3rd.
And the rest we pay
in instalments .. Olaf.
I can feel that Gulf-Stream
sun right now.
Like warm butter.
Oh, Jonah .. look.
Men of the Enterprise The 3rd,
I salute you.
We are pleased to see you.
- I am pleased to see you.
We've got some business to transact.
I've come for the small sum of
one hundred and ninety bucks.
What did you say?
- I repeat.
I came for the small sum of
one hundred and ninety dollars.
Somebody's been
telling your fairy-stories.
Where would two old men like us get $190?
- I want that money tomorrow night.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'll sink the Enterprise the 3rd to the
bottom of the bay and then you'll know.
Please Mr Goff, ain't you
got any feelings inside you?
Don't talk foolish.
I got rocks inside me.
What's the use, Jonah?
Why should we fight any more?
Let's sell the Enterprise The 3rd, forget
the Leif Ericsson, forget fishing and ..
Forget Mr Goff.
You can't sell your hide, brother.
Tomorrow night at nine o'clock.
One hundred and ninety smackers.
- Magruder .. Magruder!
Don't call him. I tell you,
leave the Cops out of this!
Police .. Police!
One thing I'm serious about.
I don't like to appear in court.
Help! Magruder!
Jonah, he'll kill us.
- Magruder! Police!
Jonah, not so loud or Magruder will come.
- Magruder!
Okay, okay. Don't say I didn't warn you.
- Jonah, maybe we can make a deal?
No. No more deals.
First it's $5, now it's $190.
Next it will be the food we eat
and then the roof over our heads.
Magruder .. Magruder!
What's the matter?
What's going on down here?
Magruder .. this man here .. a racketeer.
He's extorting money from us.
- Two crazy old men.
A gangster. He wants a
hundred and ninety dollars.
He'll get a hundred and ninety years.
- We want him arrested.
You too, Olaf?
- Well ..
- Yes.
I wanted him arrested too.
Boys, I've been waiting
for this for a long time.
Come on, you tin-horn Dillinger.
You boys will have to come
along and press the charge.
Yes, yes. That's it, Magruder.
We'll be right along.
Olaf .. we should have
done that a long time ago.
Too simple. There must
be something wrong.
Come on.
I accuse Goff of being a racketeer
and I want him put on trial.
Very well.
What do you say for yourself, Mr Goff?
I'm afraid these two old boys are
trying to pull a fast one, your honour.
Tell the truth, you crook!
Order! Preserve the dignity of
the court .. continue Mr Goff.
In the course of my business on the
evening of December 7th this year.
I had the occasion to advance as a
loan to Mr Goodwin and Mr Johnson.
The sum of $1,000.
You liar! You will be struck dead by God.
Order! All decisions in this
court will be made by me.
Continue Mr Goff.
This $1,000 loan at 6% interest per
annum, payable at the rate of $5 a week.
Was secured by a personal note
signed by these two old men.
Here is the note .. notarised.
Yes, notarised.
December 7th. $1,000 payable ..
Why, this seems perfectly regular to me.
But we signed it at the point of a gun.
He didn't lend us a penny.
The note is a lie, Judge. I swear it.
One at a time, please!
Now, did you sign this paper?
Yes, but ..
- And you?
Yes, I signed it.
- Notarised.
These two gentlemen have invented their
little plan to avoid paying their debt.
That's the whole story.
I am surprised that two men of your age
should attempt an adventure like this.
But you are wrong. You're so wrong.
The court rules that there are
no grounds for further litigation.
If you Mr Goff wish to bring
charges for false arrest ..
You are at liberty to do so.
But Your Honour, you can't do this.
I know these men. I'll vouch for ..
And next time, don't make arrests
on such ridiculous evidence.
And take up the time of the court.
Get back to your beat .. case dismissed!
Next case, Tony Badiccio .. wife beating.
Alright. Let's go.
Yes .. yes ..
Now, I have to go to
Caroline's birthday party.
- Yeah?
Maybe you ought to marry her.
She can't be any worse than Goff.
Yeah? Well .. I'll get a
good night's rest, Jonah.
Tomorrow we go fishing. Goodnight Jonah.
Tomorrow we go fishing. Goodnight Olaf.
Hello, Pop.
It took you a long time to get home.
What do you want now?
I'm going to teach you a lesson, Pop.
Purely for business reasons .. understand?
You see that? That's rubber hose.
You can beat a man to
death with rubber hose.
And it hardly leaves a mark on them
for their wives to complain about.
I see.
I got nothing against you personally.
But the next time any of my clients
decide they might want to kick up a fuss.
They'll remember what happened to you.
Purely a business measure.
- I'm glad you see it that way.
One yell out of you and it will
be your last. Remember that.
Go ahead .. go ahead.
That will be enough.
Because you're an old man.
Now, no more funny business about
the hundred and ninety bucks.
Look at me when I talk to you! I'll be
here tomorrow night at nine to collect.
Well ..
Why don't you say something, Pop?
Go ahead, say it .. tell me
what you'd like to do to me.
Go on, talk. Talk it out.
You're all alike. Scared.
Scared of your own shadow.
That's why I get away with things
like this, Pop. Because I know that.
If you did to me what I'm doing
to you, do you know what I'd do?
I'd kill you .. yeah, I'd kill you.
You'd never have the nerve to do that.
Here. It's easy .. go on, take it.
Take it!
All you got to do is pull that little
trigger and there is no more Goff.
Go ahead, Pop. Go ahead.
What's the matter? Can't you do it?
Remember, Pop.
Tomorrow night. Nine o'clock.
One hundred and ninety smackers.
The door was open.
I thought I'd come in.
What's the matter with you, Pop?
You don't look well.
I don't look well? Oh, I'm fine. Fine.
You're up late, aren't you?
Yeah. I've got some things to do.
- Oh.
You have got some things to do.
What are you doing?
Going away? Where?
I'm .. I'm going to Cuba, Pop.
- Yes, I'm going with Harold Goff.
The day after tomorrow at midnight.
Stella, is there anything I
can do .. or say to stop you?
No, nothing, Pop. It's all been said.
I can't help it, Pop.
To get what you're
after in this world ..
You've got to be hard and
tough inside, like Goff.
Yes. Not caring what happens to
anyone else or what you do to them.
Like Goff.
I'm sorry, Pop.
That's the best you'll ever get
out of anything, his talking.
"You're all alike. Scared.
Scared of your own shadows."
"That's how I get away with things."
Pop .. what are you saying?
What are you talking about?
- Yes, Stella.
Maybe you're right. Maybe
that's the way to be. Like Goff.
Take a man like me, like Olaf.
All our lives we're peaceful men.
We don't want to hurt anyone.
We don't want anyone to hurt us.
But they keep pushing us, pushing.
Pop, I've never heard
you talk this way before.
I've never felt this way before.
Stella, dear.
For the last time, I beg you.
Don't go with him.
For your sake, for my sake.
- Oh Pop, it's no use.
You must love him very much.
All I know is, Pop is that when
he talks, I feel like I'm burning.
When he takes my arm as we
go past a Cop in the street.
I know that someday that Cop
might shoot him. He knows it, too.
And even so, he laughs.
And then I get hot and cold
all over and I feel like yelling.
Nothing that ever happened to
me before made me feel like this.
What's the matter with you?
Goodnight baby.
- Goodnight, Pop.
Pop .. aren't you going to bed?
- Bed?
No, I'm not going to bed.
- Well, where are you going?
Well, I ..
I have a headache and
I need a little fresh air.
I'm going for a walk.
You lose again, Bublitchki.
Hello Mr Goodwin.
- Hello Jonah. What brings you here?
I've got a pain in my back.
- You've come to the right place.
Steam is good for everything.
I'll see you alright Mr Goodwin.
Bublitchki .. Bublitchki!
Come back soon, Bublitchki.
I'm going to miss you.
[ singing ]
[ singing ]
Bublitchki, Bublitchki.
- What do you want?
Hit me on the neck, but hard.
Ah, that's good. Thank you Bublitchki.
What is more peaceful than a Russian
bath at 2 o'clock in the morning?
Tomorrow the creditors come and hold
an auction front of my Dry-Goods Store.
On Pitkin Avenue for sixteen years.
A bankrupt.
I Propotkin, a bankrupt.
A man that once had $12,000 in the bank.
The more I sweat, the more I forget.
Sweat is my only happiness.
Here is your towel Mr Goodwin.
- Thank you.
Are you sure you haven't
seen Mr Johnson? A little man.
Speaks with kind of an accent.
Young, more or less.
I'm sorry, I not see him.
- Thank you.
Well .. the bankrupt becomes one.
I sweat and the profit system
comes right out of my pores.
They push you. They push you. They take
everything from you. They strip you naked.
Naked as a mule. And what do you do?
Yes, yes. What do you do.
- Did I ask you?
- Then don't answer.
Oh, it's you. I didn't recognise you.
Bublitchki .. Bublitchki!
Alright, alright. What do you want now?
Give me a rub, but first hit me on the
neck again. And this time make it hard.
Okay, don't you worry. It will be hard.
Okay, okay. That's enough. That's enough.
Thank you very much, Bublitchki.
How is business at
the store, Mr Propotkin?
Business at the store? I am no longer the
owner of Propotkin's Dry Goods Store.
They tell me that my books don't balance.
For me they balance, but for them
they don't. So I am a bankrupt.
Always, they thought I was joking when
I told them that I didn't make any money.
Finally, it turns out
that I am losing money.
Even I am a surprised.
- I am sorry .. I am very sorry.
16 years I did my own, and then I pay.
- Yes.
Yes, come and go.
I am the victim of people who
don't understand my accounts.
Just because I kept them in my own way.
Everyone has different taste in clothes.
Why not a different taste in bookkeeping?
16 years it takes them to find
out I can't add or subtract.
A situation like this could make
a man like me an anarchist.
Please don't repeat that.
- Around now.
What a life.
Oh .. Olaf.
Over here.
- Yes, Jonah.
Sit down.
- I came as soon as you called.
Caroline is ready to fire me.
Why the rush, Jonah?
We have a decision
to make tonight, Olaf.
A great decision.
All night long, I've been
faced with great decisions.
First Caroline,
then the yacht, then this.
It's too bad it all had
to happen in one night.
Misery grows like a boil.
At first, a little red spot.
Then, all at once, tragedy.
Pardon me, this is
a private conversation.
I'm not listening to you. I've
got enough troubles of my own.
Rub Bublitchki, rub.
Why the Russian Bath
all of a sudden, Jonah?
After you left me tonight Olaf,
Goff caught me.
He hit me with a rubber hose.
It's a little hard to move now.
Harder, harder, I said!
Shake the brains well!
That's terrible. But what can we do?
If you lived in the jungle.
And a tiger stole your food,
and ran off with your children.
What would you do?
- I don't know.
You would kill him.
The modern man is a
size 12 foot with a size 8 shoe.
Massage the spine, please.
Did I .. did I hear right
what you said, Jonah?
Yes, Olaf .. you did.
Did I understand you?
- I think you did, Olaf.
But we ain't living any younger, Jonah.
- Yes Olaf, we are.
We're two old men.
- Yes, two old men. You and me.
Listen .. I have a plan.
Oh, you have a plan already?
All men are created free and equal,
so it says in the books.
Who am I equal to? Nobody.
Throw away the books.
All my life I wanted
peace and gentleness.
Leave it to men like Goff.
All my life I too Olaf, have
wanted peace and gentleness.
But can you convince airplanes with bombs
and men with guns in their pockets?
What is your plan?
You will go through with it?
- I will.
I will go through with it.
It's a little bit hot in here, isn't it.
Naked I came into the world.
Naked I will go out of the world.
The Pitkin Company will have my clothes.
Rub hard Bublitchki,
rub harder. Harder!
Tomorrow night he'll come for his money.
We'll pay him .. we'll pay him.
He'll be in good spirits. We'll make
believe we're in good spirits too.
We'll take the cigars he gives us.
I always take them anyway.
Cigars don't grow on trees.
We'll talk to him friendly-like. We'll
tell him Stella wants him to call on her.
We'll say she's at a friend's house over
at Manhattan Beach. At a linen shower.
Then, one of us will say:
"Come in our boat Mr Goff. We'll
take you over to Sheepshead Bay".
"Where we dock is only five blocks
away from where Stella is tonight."
"It's a nice night, Mr Goff.
The air will do you good."
"Your complexion is .."
Ah .. naked. Naked as a mule. A bankrupt.
So .. he has to get in the boat?
- That's right.
And what happens after
he gets in the boat?
We start across the bay.
- Yes .. and ..
We go far out .. when we're in
the middle, all of a sudden ..
The motor will break down.
Excuse me, I'm thirsty again.
Say, he's a fine looking man. He has
kept his figure. We all eat too much.
Teeth. If we didn't have teeth,
we would be better off.
I'm surprised the Pitkin
Company left me my teeth.
Olaf .. Olaf.
You said "the motor has broken down".
Look. Somebody says:
"The boat's stopped. It's the motor".
"Mr Goff .. would you please hold
the rudder down while I inspect it."
So he goes to the back of
the boat and he leans over ..
And one of us will say:
"I think it's the carburettor float."
That's the signal:
"I think it's the carburettor float".
The other will come from the
back of the boat .. - And?
Hit him over the head.
- What?
I said: hit him over the head.
Oh .. oh ..
That is the sweat. You drink and it
comes out. It is an endless circle.
Jonah, he is a very
powerful-looking man.
Yes .. he has arms like
a circus strong-man.
You know, it would be nice if we could
give him fifty cents and let him do it.
Yes, it would be nice, but it can't
be arranged. One of us has to do it.
One of us. Yes.
Well, which one? You or me?
Well, are you all finished
with your private conversation?
I'm in the mood for talking now,
if you have no objections.
In a little while, thank you.
In a little while.
Sweat and discussion.
It is like champagne to me.
That is all the Pitkin Company has
left to me: sweat and discussion.
Alright .. let's .. let's toss a coin.
Yes, Bublitchki .. give me a coin please.
What do you want a coin for?
Come on. How far could we
run with it dressed like this?
Here .. a quarter.
Look .. somebody still has a quarter.
A quarter. Most people would
think that a quarter is nothing.
For a quarter the Pitkin Company
would dump you in the ocean.
Right in front of your wife and children.
For another quarter they'd push them in.
No. You toss the coin.
- Olaf, please .. let me do it.
You are a grown man, but somehow
you've kept the soul of a baby.
I'm different .. I'm old, Olaf.
Old through and through,
and this is an old-man's job.
Toss the coin, please.
It's nine o'clock.
- Yes, I know. I know.
Maybe he won't come.
Maybe he changed his mind.
He'll come.
You haven't changed your mind, have you?
Who me? No.
I think it is the carburettor float.
Evening boys.
- Hello Mr Magruder.
Glad to see you.
- How's the world treating you?
We have no complaints.
Well, you can consider
yourselves lucky men, then.
We do.
The night of the new moon.
A fit night for sin and corruption.
Or fishing.
Well, what is so funny about that?
- Nothing.
You know Olaf. Sometimes he laughs.
Say I must be getting on. Got a long
beat to cover. Goodnight boys.
Goodnight Mr Magruder.
- Goodnight.
Good evening Captain.
See, I've promoted you, Magruder. If you
are nice, I'll make an Inspector of you.
Oh boys, boys ..
- Yes?
If you need me, I'll be
right around the corner.
Thanks, thanks.
- Goodnight Mr Magruder.
Goodnight Captain .. and
don't pound that beat too hard.
Hello boys, I'm sorry I'm late.
Oh well, that's alright.
We didn't mind waiting.
I don't like to rush you, but I'm in a
hurry. One hundred and ninety smackers.
One hundred and ninety smackers
Jonah. Mr Goff is waiting for it.
Yes, that's right.
Here you are, Mr Goff.
It's all there.
- I'll count it.
We counted it many times.
One hundred and ninety, gentlemen.
We saved for three years.
Everybody should save for the future.
You can start all over again.
Just save your pennies.
Right in the old wallet.
It's a nice article, that wallet.
Ostrich. Genuine ostrich.
Cost me 23 dollars.
Imagine that. A bum off a
break-rods with an ostrich wallet.
How do you like that, huh? How do
you like it? Here, have a cigar.
Thank you very much.
Thank you Mr Goff.
I see you're smoking my cigars now, Pop?
You changed your mind. - Yeah.
I changed my mind about a lot of things.
Here, have a light.
That's the way I like to hear
you talk. Well, so long boys.
I'm off to meet your
dark-eyed willowy daughter.
Oh I forgot. Just a moment, Mr Goff.
I have a message for you from her.
- Well, what is it?
She's at a linen-shower
over at Manhattan Beach.
305 Exeter Street.
She wants you to call for
her there at ten o'clock.
Ten o'clock, huh?
- If you like ..
We could take you over in our boat.
- Say, thanks.
Now that's the kind of
business partners I like.
It's nice of you boys,
but I'll take a taxi.
It's a nice night Mr Goff.
It's a million-dollar night.
There is no doubt about it.
The breeze will be fine for your
complexion. Your colour ain't so good.
That's the truth. I look as if I
did come out of a jug, don't I?
How long will it take?
- Twenty minutes at the most.
Much less.
Okay .. Goff is in the
mood for a boat ride.
Lead the way, Admiral.
Well, well, well. Look who's here.
- George.
Mr Goodwin, I want to speak
to this fellow for a bit.
What's on your mind?
Not now George, We'll talk later.
We're in a hurry. Come on, Mr Goff.
We got to take Mr Goff some
place, don't we Mr Goff?
Just a second boys, this will
only take a couple of minutes.
What's eating you, kid?
I hear you're going to
take Stella to Cuba.
It's alright George, everything is
going to be alright. Now don't worry.
Yeah, why don't you see us tomorrow?
Same time, same place.
This can't wait until tomorrow.
- No, it can't.
You're right. I am taking Stella to Cuba.
What are you going to do about it?
I'm going to stop you.
- Yeah? How?
- He's hurt bad.
Nah, he'll be alright.
Next time he'll really check out if he
sticks his nose in other people's affairs.
Come on, Pop. It's getting late.
Get some water, Olaf.
- No, it's alright.
That's right George. That's good.
Please don't worry.
Come on boys, it's getting late.
Please Mr Goff. Can't you see he's hurt.
Okay, I'll take a taxi.
- No, no. No Mr Goff!
It's alright. Look, we'll take
you right now. On our boat.
Come on Mr Goff. It's right here.
It will take no time at all.
Yeah, we'll take you.
Ah, this is the life.
Like I always said, Pop.
There are superior people,
and there are inferior people.
No harm meant, Pop.
- No harm done.
Superior people make the inferior people
work for them. That's the law of nature.
If there's trouble, you beat them up a
few times and there is no more trouble.
Then you have peace.
- I see.
Ah, I can feel the colour
coming into my cheeks.
What's the matter? We're stopping.
The motor. There's something
wrong with the motor.
That happens once in a while.
- Listen, I got a date at 10 o'clock.
I must have had holes in my head getting
in this jalopy. I should have got a taxi.
Compose yourself Mr Goff.
Say, listen. I can't swim.
- That's alright. You won't have to swim.
Would you be so kind as to give
me some assistance Mr Goff?
Okay. These gloves cost six bucks.
I don't like to get them dirty.
You won't get them dirty.
Say, listen. This boat is rocking.
Is it alright for it to rock like this?
She's perfectly safe.
Steady, old jalopy. Come on, let's
get going. What do you want me to do?
Would you be kind to hold that, Mr Goff?
- This?
Yes .. I think. I think
it's the carburettor float.
Okay. Who you telling it to?
Someone on Staten Island?
Hold that Mr Goff, please.
- The light too? - Yes please.
An outboard motor. A man has to be crazy
to go sailing in an outboard motorboat.
Snap it up, Goodwin.
- I think, I think .. it's ..
The carburettor float.
- What do you expect me to do about it?
Nothing, I'm just telling you, Mr Goff.
Well hurry then. Don't expect
me to stay here all night.
I think it's the carburettor float!
Okay, it's the carburettor float. Fix it.
You know Goff, there's a lot in what
you say of being superior or inferior.
You bet. Can the gab. Now get
this cracker-box going will you.
I think it's the carburettor float!
What he devil are you doing?
Memorizing it?
You think it is the
carburettor float. Okay.
I think it's the carburettor float.
Okay. Now, do something about it.
It ain't safe to be standing in this
egg-crate. Look how it's rocking.
Here, let Johnson hold on to this thing.
Why you dirty, double-crossing ..
So you two old guys thought you
were going to pull a fast one.
And knock me off, huh?
Sorry, Jonah. I couldn't do it.
Alright Olaf. Neither could I.
- Well, I can.
In the book, it says a man
comes up three times.
Maybe Goff didn't read the book.
- Maybe.
Once Mr Goff said he
had rocks inside him.
I guess Goff was right when
he said Goff couldn't swim.
- Yes, Jonah?
We didn't have to do it.
That's right. We didn't have to do it.
"And The Lord shall cause thine
enemies that rise up against thee .."
"To be smitten before thy face."
That's from the bible, Olaf.
Thanks God, for stepping in.
Here's your bundle, Pop. I'll pick
up the returns on the way back.
Hi Mr Goodwin.
- Good evening.
Oh, good evening Mr Goodwin.
- Good evening, Joe.
Is that the latest edition?
- Yeah. Just hot off the press.
Could I have one please?
- Why sure, Mr Goodwin.
Hey, what happened to you? You rarely
bought a paper and now you take them all.
You haven't started playing
the horses, have you?
No. Here is your money.
Come on, Olaf.
Please Jonah, may I look
at it? Maybe I can find it.
No, never mind. I can look.
Well Jonah, anything in it?
- Not a thing. Not a word.
Well, maybe they wouldn't print it in a
paper. After all, he was only a gangster.
Who else's name do
you find in the papers?
You know, I am still worried. How long
can the ocean hide a man, Jonah?
It could hide him until
the last fish is caught.
But already it is three days,
and not a word from Mr Goff.
What do you want him to do?
Send you a telegram?
Why doesn't your father answer that bell?
Well, it's a few minutes past eight.
He's probably gone fishing with Olaf.
I'll answer it, Mom.
Are you Stella Goodwin?
Yes .. what do you want?
You'd better come along with us.
Here we are. We're there, folks.
What's the matter?
You saving on the lights?
Is it my fault they put the switch
at the other end of the room?
Well, maybe they are afraid
the light will hurt their eyes.
Come on Miss Goodwin.
- Where are you taking me?
So the young lady wants to see
her sweetheart, eh? Well that's easy.
We'll show him to her.
- Oh, please. - Come on.
Don't be scared. They can't bite you.
Here we are.
Right over here.
Oh no, don't. Please.
Try to pull yourself together.
You've got to help us.
Here he is. Right here
on the little shelf.
Is that him, Lady?
- I don't want to look.
Come on, lady. Is that him?
- Please, please. Don't make me look.
Come on, lady, speak up.
Is that him or isn't it?
Take a good look lady. This is where
they all wind up .. all of them.
Yes, that's him.
Lady, I can't hear you. Yes or no?
- Yes, yes! That's him.
How about a statement, lady?
Did you love him?
Are you mixed up in the racket, lady?
How old are you?
Miss Goodwin, did you know Goff was wanted
by the Police in five different cities?
No, I didn't.
I thought you were Goff's girlfriend.
Yes, I was his girlfriend.
When did you see him last?
Several days ago.
I had a date with him.
He didn't show up.
Wouldn't it have been better
if you'd notified the Police?
He wasn't the kind of man
you notified the Police about.
In here.
You know this man?
What are you holding him for?
What's he got to do with it?
Now take it easy Miss Goodwin.
Sit down young man.
I said, sit down.
When we found the body, there were two
tickets for Cuba in his inside pocket.
What do you know about that?
Yes, I was going to Cuba
with him the next evening.
Did you know that?
Yes, I knew that.
- When did you find out about that?
Three days ago.
- What did you do about it?
I went down the pier
that night to meet Goff.
And what happened?
- We had a fight. - George.
What about?
I told him I didn't want him
to take her to Cuba with him.
He's no good for her.
I wanted him to leave her alone.
How did you feel about that?
Sit down young man.
I asked how you felt about that.
What's that got to do with it now?
- A lot.
A few days ago Mr Johnson and your father
tried to have him arrested for extortion.
Did you know about that?
Yes, I knew about it.
You must be crazy to want to go away with
him after he pulled that on your father.
You were pretty much impressed
with Goff, weren't you?
Answer me.
Yes, I was impressed.
You thought he was a pretty big
shot, didn't you. - Please.
I guess he didn't look like much of
a big-shot lying there in that morgue.
Please, don't.
Just a stiff with a number. No different
than any of the petty gangsters.
No, Don't. Please don't.
- Why does she have to go through this?
She doesn't, if you'll tell the truth.
I'm telling the truth.
Not all of it. I want the whole story
from the beginning to the end.
You were in love with her, weren't you?
I still am.
- Yet you knew she was crazy about Goff.
You admitted having a
fight with him on the pier.
What did you intend
doing about it after that?
I knew after that night,
that wasn't the way to stop her.
She'd just have to get
over him. That's all.
That might have taken a long time.
I was willing to wait.
It would be possible, wouldn't it
that you got a little impatient?
Met Goff at the wharf and ..
Would that be possible?
- No, it wouldn't be.
Not George. Well, you don't
know him the way I do.
If he said he was willing to wait until
I got over this, he'd wait because ..
Well .. that's the kind of guy he is.
I kind of think so, too.
Not a single fish tonight, Jonah.
No. I suppose it is because
our minds aren't on it.
I suppose so.
- How can you think of fish when ..
When what?
- Oh nothing. Only maybe ..
Maybe what?
Maybe the morning paper is out.
- Maybe.
I lost my pipe. I can't find it.
- Come on, Olaf.
Tie it fast.
- Jonah. - Yes?
I think Mr Goff left something behind.
Jonah, please. Throw it
in the ocean. Quick.
With all our money in it? Oh no.
Alright, take out our money,
but throw the wallet after Mr Goff.
Hold that light. I'll count it.
Uhuh .. it's all there.
One hundred and ninety.
Please Jonah, throw it overboard. Please.
- Wait.
We paid him five dollars a week
for five weeks didn't we?
Yes, five weeks.
- Alright.
Five, ten, fifteen, twenty.
It's just like saving money in the bank.
Jonah, overboard please.
Why should we throw all that money away?
Olaf, all over the world, little
children haven't got enough to eat.
Well, maybe it wouldn't be wrong to
keep the rest of Mr Goff's money and ..
Donate it to charity.
- Some worthwhile charity.
For children, say.
- Yeah, for children.
Alright, take all the money, Jonah.
But throw away the wallet.
It's a shame to throw a wallet like
that into the ocean, a $23 wallet.
No .. a small return for
all the misery he gave us.
[ Police siren ]
Jonah .. what was that?
A car ..
- Yes, sir?
Do you know Jonah Goodwin
and Olaf Johnson?
Sure I know them.
- Seen them around here?
Sure I have. They went fishing a couple of
hours ago. They ought to be back by now.
Oh, there they are.
Oh, Miss Goodwin .. is that your father?
Yes, that's my father.
- Alright, come on. Let's go.
Jonah .. the wallet.
The Police are coming after us.
They found out! I can see the
electric chair. I can feel it.
Olaf, Olaf. Calm yourself.
What are we standing here for? Let's go
some place. Maybe we can run away.
Hey you! Stay where you are.
It will be alright, Stella. Don't worry.
Not a word, Olaf. Not a word, do
you hear? Let me handle everything.
Which one of you is Jonah Goodwin?
- I am.
Hello Stella, George.
What is the meaning of this?
It's alright boys.
This is just a routine check.
I'll talk for myself.
But I can vouch for these two parties.
I've known them for years.
They don't need anybody to vouch
for them if they ain't done nothing.
Do you know anything about a Mr Goff?
- No.
- A little.
His body was found in the bay.
- Is that so?
There was a wallet missing from
the body. An ostrich-leather wallet.
Do you know anything about that?
What's the matter with him?
- Hit me on the back hard, Jonah.
It's my nose. You see, in the Winter it
runs, trickles down my throat. You know.
Yeah I know. I've got to search you men.
No .. I'll be first if you don't mind.
Alright, you can be first.
What are you laughing about?
- I'm ticklish. I'm sorry.
Oh alright .. now you .. turn around.
Wait a minute.
You don't have to do that.
Lady, will you please stand back
and allow me to do my duty?
It's alright, Stella.
- I'd suspect my own father first.
That's why you still pound the beat.
The Inspector is only doing
his duty. Go ahead, Inspector.
Jonah .. I feel kind of sick.
Well, what's this?
- Worms. Bait.
For crying out loud.
- Is that all?
Yes, that's all.
- What did I tell you? Public enemies?
Go back to your fish, boys.
The G-Man is through.
Button your lip. I'm your superior officer
and the law is the law. Come on, Jack.
If you're going home now Stella, and
don't mind if I can walk along with you.
Alright, George.
Oh Pop, I can't, I can't.
Well .. I guess I'd better
be getting back the shop.
Got a new ship of genuine antiques in.
You going my way Magruder?
I'll walk to the end of the pier
with you. I still have a job to do too.
That's swell .. Stella
is kind of a moody girl.
She'll be alright, won't she Mr Goodwin?
- Oh sure .. goodnight.
Goodnight, Stella .. goodnight.
Goodnight George. Goodnight Mr Magruder.
- Stella, baby.
Oh Pop, I've made such a mess
of things. Such a horrible mess.
That's it baby, cry. Cry.
It will do your heart good.
It will wash the hurt away.
- Pop, tell me it never happened.
Please tell me.
- It happened, Stella. It happened.
Oh no. It was a dream, I know
it was. And when I wake up ..
The dream will be over. There will be
nothing. Everything will be like before.
Before Goff.
- I don't know if it will be, Pop.
Without you to turn to,
I don't know what I'd do.
Don't talk that way, Stella.
You'll be alright without me too.
No I wouldn't.
You're the only one, Pop.
And I've hurt you so much, haven't I?
I'll never hurt you again, ever.
I'm so lucky to have you .. so grateful.
What is there so wonderful about me?
I'm just an ordinary person like ..
Like everybody else around her.
Like Olaf, like George, like Magruder.
Yes, Stella. Your father
is just an ordinary man.
And his daughter?
She's an ordinary woman.
But there's one thing ordinary people
can do just as good as anybody.
They can love each other like ..
Like millionaires or poets.
That's why it is not such a terrible
thing to be an ordinary person, Stella.
Here .. have a cigarette.
Gee Pop .. that's the first time
you've ever offered me a cigarette.
Well, we all make mistakes.
- Yes?
Will you take care of the boat tonight?
I'm walking home with my daughter.
Please Jonah, before you go there is
something I have to talk over with you.
Go ahead, say it.
- No, Jonah, alone.
I want to talk to you alone.
Excuse me Stella.
That's alright Mr Johnson.
I'll wait for you on pier, Pop.
I'll be right there, Stella.
Well, Olaf?
Jonah, before I die .. the wallet.
Where is the wallet?
In the water.
- The money?
In the wallet .. watch me.
Too good to be true.
The boat with the bunks in the galley,
the swordfishes in the Gulf-Stream.
We'll have it all now.
- Jonah.
Our safety deposit box.
- Our bank president.
A man with the brains
of a bank president.
That's what you are. Now, Jonah please,
will you throw away the wallet.
For your sake, Olaf.
Make a wish as you throw it, Jonah.
And why you're throwing that old
hunk of bait away, make a wish for me.
See you later, boys.
Too bad .. it was a
nice piece of leather.
Goodnight, Olaf.
- Goodnight, Jonah.
A man with the brains
of a bank president.
- Yes, Pop.
For a long time, Olaf and I have wanted
to buy a boat and go fishing off Cuba.
I think, now we can buy that boat.
And it would be nice if we
had somebody like you along.
Somebody to do the
cooking and help along.
Would you go on such
trip if I asked you?
Would I? Oh Pop,
just ask me and fid out.
You know Stella, off the coast of Cuba
the sun shines 11 months of the year.
And they catch fish that weigh
from 700 to a 1,000 pounds.
Fish with spears in their noses.
Swordfish, Pop.
They call them "swordfish".
That's it Stella .. swordfish.