Outer Darkness (2023) Movie Script

- Warning. Warning.
- Rimcor Control, this is
transport vessel Speculo
switching to lunar
approach, 699 by 50.
- My
sister gets home
and she is drunk as a skunk.
She can't come in
through the front
door like that, you know?
So I get this bright idea
to lower this rope down
to her like I'm
Rapunzel or something.
- Are you gonna play?
- Don't interrupt me
while I'm telling my lies.
One card.
Ooh, straight.
So she's climbing
up this rope, right?
And she's way too drunk.
She ends up slipping and
hitting the side of the house.
Sounds like a horse
kicking the wall.
Um, a little more.
- Two for me.
Two cards.
- So, I reach out and I
grab her and she's dangling
there in my hand, like
we're in some sort
of cheesy action flick
and I can't quite hold
onto her, you know?
And she ends up slipping and
falling down onto the porch.
Crashes into the porch swing,
and there she is, laying
in a pile of twisted canvas
and two-by-fours.
Two cards, raise you $1.
- I'll see you,
and raise you one.
- Foster dad comes
running in at that point,
sees me hanging out the window
and he goes totally ballistic.
Sprints down the stairs,
finds my sister crawling
around on the porch
like a drunken lizard.
- Speculo, this
is Rimcor Control, over.
- Go ahead, Rimcor.
- Standby to reset
your session clock, over.
- Here we go.
- Roger that, Rimcor.
Session clock ready for reset.
- Roger.
Reset in five, four,
three, two, one.
- Session
clock has reset.
- Reset confirmed.
We read 0001.
- Just in time.
Imagine the universe managing
without a session clock.
- Alex, we're reading
a drop in cabin pressure.
We're cross checking
for integrity now.
- Cabin pressure's normal.
- Roger that, Rimcor.
Standing by.
- You're going to die.
- What?
- What was what?
- You said something.
- No, I didn't say a thing.
- Rimcor, our session clock
is not responding, over.
Rimcor, this is a
Speculo. Do you copy?
Rimcor, this is Speculo.
Our session clock is not
correct. Do you copy?
- Speculo,
sorry about that.
We have an uplink
delay. Stand by.
- Standing by.
- On-hold music.
Are you serious?
It's one card for me.
That's appropriate.
- What?
- Nothing.
What was it like growing
up with birth parents?
The other clones want to know.
I could care less.
- Grew up in a small
town, Nowhere, USA.
- Two parents,
white picket fence.
- No fence.
- Well what were they
like, your parents?
- Parents?
- Held you in their laps?
Bedtime stories, birthday
parties, swimming lessons?
- Your foster parents
were okay, right?
I mean, most people aren't
looking for clone kids,
but they must have
taken an interest.
- Yeah, they only
wanted my sister,
and she pitched a fit
so they had to take me.
The love of a parent is
a very wonderful thing.
- Three for me.
- Speculo,
this is Rimcor,
cabin pressure has
normalized at 10.5.
Verify your session
clock for us, Alex.
- Session clock is
running 0015, over.
- Roger that.
We'll check back in 12 hours.
- Speculo out.
- Three jacks.
- You cheated.
- Nah, I don't have to
cheat, you suck at poker.
- Well, I was never
good at bluffing.
- Warning, warning.
- There's a problem
with the number
four ignition controller.
Take a meter and
check the circuit.
Check the conduit as well.
- Anything else,
oh mighty gestated one?
- Check the sensor and
don't touch the connectors,
they'll shock the
crap outta you.
Rimcor didn't-
- Rimcor didn't cover them.
Yeah, I know.
And because I'm a clone,
you think you gotta tell me
how to check a sensor.
- When you plug up the
toilet twice in one week,
um, yes, I do have to tell you.
- That's a bad design,
that's not my fault.
- Don't take it
personally, Gunderson.
Toilets are very
complicated instruments.
- Shove it, Peller.
- Babcock, do you copy?
Babcock, do you copy?
Babcock, do you copy?
Babcock, do you copy?
Babcock, turn off the music
or come down there
and rip it out.
- Oh hey, what's up, Peller?
- Meet Gunderson
in the engine bay
and give him a hand.
- I'm working on soil samples.
I have to have this done
before I reach Reno.
- Take a break and be a
second set of eyes for him.
- I thought super clone
didn't like my help.
Got his panties in the
twist last time I tried.
- I don't wanna
discuss it, Chuck.
Just be there if needs to help.
- All right.
If the honchos in Reno
bite a hunk off my butt,
you know who I'm
coming after, right?
I don't wanna
discuss this Chuck.
God, what a waste
the good looks.
Might actually ask her out
if she wasn't such a hag.
- Your mic's still on, Chuck.
- Sorry, Peller.
- Reese, do you copy?
- Go ahead, Peller.
- Just a heads up, Mark-
- I see you.
- Go ahead, Peller.
- We...
We're having a problem
with the number four
ignition controller.
I might need you up
here on navigation
if Gunderson has
detected the problem.
- Copy that.
How is Gunderson doing?
- Why do you ask?
- He seems
a little on edge.
I can check his
medical file for you,
but I will need
your access code.
- I'll handle it.
Check the flight recorder
for ignition data
in the last 24 hours.
- Copy that.
Babcock, this is Reese.
Do you copy? Over.
This is Reese.
Do you copy? Over.
- Go ahead, Reese.
- I'm gonna be on
navigation if you
need my help while
teching with Gunderson.
- Copy that.
- By the way, have you
spoken with Peller recently?
Does she seem all right to you?
- She seems fine. What's up?
- She seems a little on edge.
I was wondering if
you'd heard anything,
Anything between
her and Gunderson.
Something that we might
all need to worry about.
- No, I haven't heard anything,
but I don't have access to
the comm system like you do
so I can't eavesdrop in on
everyone's conversations.
- Aye, Babcock, you make me
sound absolutely Machiavellian.
That means devious, by the
way, in case you didn't know.
- Yeah, I know what
it means, you weasel.
And a weasel is a
grubby little varmint
that crawls around
underneath people's porches,
in case you didn't know.
- Yes, and they also
have very sharp teeth.
Have a nice day.
- Rimcor, this is Speculo
Communications Engineer Reese.
Do you copy? Over.
- Gunderson, you copy?
- Go ahead, Peller.
- Switching on
rocket pre-stage one.
- All
right, copy that.
- Pre-stage is set.
Ignition control shows
green, pyro buses one
through four are go.
- Roger that.
Testing pyro bus, stand by.
Pyro bus one is online.
Pyro bus two is online.
Pyro bus three is online.
Pyro bus four is...
Oh wait.
- Say again?
Gunderson, say again.
- Peller, we got a problem here.
- Someone write a joke
about you on the wall?
- These conduits
are fitted with pre-heaters.
They should all be warm,
but number four is cold.
- Freezing or just cold?
- Cold, like room temperature.
I can touch it.
This doesn't make sense.
If the pre-heater was dead, the
entire thing would ice over.
- Condensation, maybe?
- Negative.
Condensation would
indicate a change
in atmospheric pressure.
All the conduits would ice over.
Room temperature
in here is normal.
- A break in the line somewhere?
- The
line shows continuity.
There's not a single
blip in the signal.
- Well, a burn is the
only way to know for sure.
A few seconds should do it.
- Roger
that. Fire on four.
- Roger, make your way on
back up to the flight cabin.
- All right, copy that.
- What was that?
- Uh, uh, nothing.
- You touched the
connectors, didn't you?
- No, no I didn't.
- I see you.
- Speculo,
this is Rimcor. Over.
Speculo, this is
Rimcor, do you copy?
- We need to initiate a burn
test on all four engines.
- Standby, Speculo.
- Standing by.
Rimcor is on it.
- I
feel better already.
- Say again, Rimcor?
Repeat last transmission.
- Speculo, this
is Rimcor. Do you copy?
- Radio check, Rimcor?
- Copy
that, X-band is 10-7,
and your DSN is five-by-five.
Your transmission
is clear, over.
- Roger that,
Rimcor. Standing by.
- What was that all about?
- Nothing.
- You okay?
- Yes.
- All right.
- Are you sure?
- What?
- You said something.
- I
didn't say a thing.
- Quit playing
around, Gunderson.
- I'm
not playing around.
- You've been messing
with me all day,
and now it's pissing me off.
- Peller, I don't mess around
with people, all right?
And I certainly don't
like being messed with,
if that's what's going on here.
- No.
Sorry, I...
I must be getting
an ear infection.
- Yeah, between your ears maybe.
- Speculo,
this is Rimcor, over.
- Uh, go ahead, Rimcor.
I'm putting you on speaker.
- We're not seeing any
variants in bus four.
Can you confirm? Over.
- We did a physical check.
Conduit four is cold.
We, we suspect a break
in the line somewhere.
- There is no break.
- Speculo,
we register a failure
in control module four, over.
- Roger that, Rimcor.
- Speculo, we
recommend you reroute
pyro bus four to the main
engine control module.
Do you copy that?
- The sensor is fine.
It's passing data.
- Copy that, Rimcor.
Standing by.
- Peller, there's nothing
wrong with the sensor,
the firing module or the bus.
- We follow protocol.
We work the steps and let
the gear heads figure it out,
so in the meantime, we
reroute the controller
like they said.
- Tell me, is even a basic
understanding of physics
a requirement for your job?
- You'd think so, wouldn't you?
- All right.
All right, Reese.
It is time.
Time for a little stinkypoo.
- Hey, how's it going?
- Why, hello, Babcock.
What do you want?
- Just passing by, thought
I'd check in on you.
- How reassuring.
Don't you have some low IQ
task to perform somewhere?
- Yeah, I believe I do.
- Oh.
I'll get you Babcock!
Who's got the
stink bomb, yeah
Got the stink bomb, uh
Yeah, Reese
- What's that?
- A hole flexing from
temperature change?
- No, it's never
done that before.
You think a breach?
- No, I think it's just flexing.
Speculo's an old
gal, but she's sound.
Rimcor, do you copy?
- Go ahead, Speculo.
- We're ready for
that burn test, over.
- Roger, Speculo.
That's a go.
- Roger.
Pyros primed and armed.
Initiating burn in five,
four, three, two, one.
- Speculo,
your burn is confirmed.
Speed is now 5300 knots,
trajectory is unchanged.
- Rimcor, our burn failed.
I repeat: our burn failed.
- Say again, Speculo.
- Our burn failed. Over.
- Negative on that.
Your speed has increased
by 193 knots. Over.
- Standby.
- Obviously the
rockets didn't fire.
- Rimcor, this is
Speculo, you copy?
- Go ahead, Speculo.
- We're going to initiate
another burn test.
- Speculo, be
advised you're a long way
from moon base Reno.
We recommend you
conserve your fuel, over.
- We'll keep the burn under
three seconds, Rimcor.
Initiating now.
Pyros primed and armed.
Burn in five, four,
three, two, one.
- This is crazy.
This is crazy.
- Rimcor, our
second burn failed.
I repeat, engines
did not ignite.
There is no change in our speed.
- Negative, Speculo.
We confirm your burn was
successful at five plus three,
seven plus four, one.
Your speed has increased
to 15530 knots.
- Their instruments are haywire.
There's interference in
the downlink or something.
- Could all their instruments
verify the same wrong data?
A downlink malfunction
would mean inconsistencies,
scrambled output, even
a broken voice signal.
- Oh. Well, I guess the
rocket's fired then.
Tell me, Peller, did
you feel the vibrations?
'Cause I didn't.
- Maybe...
Maybe our transmissions are
ghosting off another ship.
One of those new
government rigs.
- Right, yeah.
And maybe our signal
turned into ice cream
and got swallowed
up by a black hole.
Come on.
- Speculo,
this is Rimcor. Over.
Speculo, this is Rimcor.
Do you copy?
- Tell them
that their
instruments are wrong.
That your speed, I
mean, check your speed.
It hasn't changed in 48 hours.
- Okay!
- Speculo,
this is Rimcor. Over.
- Just let me think.
Just check the air in here,
it's hard to breathe.
- This is Rimcor,
do you copy?
- Rimcor, this is
Speculo. Do you copy?
- Go ahead, Speculo.
- Go ahead,
go ahead, go ahead.
- Speculo, do you copy?
Speculo, this is
Rimcor. Do you copy?
- Uh, yeah, we copy.
We need to run diagnostics
on our speed indicator.
It may take a few minutes.
Rimcor, do you copy?
- Roger that, Speculo.
- Speculo out.
- What are you doing?
- Raising safety priority.
All the hatches will
lock automatically.
- Great, you don't
trust this thing either.
- It's protocol, Gunderson.
Just making sure the
speed indicator isn't
the only failure.
- The speed indicator
is working fine
unless somehow dead
rockets made us go faster.
- Obviously something
weird is going on here
and we have to
think this through.
- What is there to
think through, Peller?
You flip[ed the switch,
nothing happened.
Inanimate objects don't
generate complete sets of data.
Now, get Rimcor on the horn
and tell them that
there's something wrong.
Don't get us all killed
because you don't want a
bad mark on your review.
- You don't know when
to shut up, do you?
You're a good site manager,
not a bad engineer,
but you can be a massive
pain in the neck.
So, shut your mouth
and let me do my job.
- Maybe that's where
the problem is.
- Maybe you should
say what you mean.
- I think maybe you
missed something in
the firing sequence.
- I didn't miss something.
- All right, let
me go through it.
Let me double check everything.
No, but you're not
gonna do that are you?
Because you're afraid
that I can do your job
better than you can.
- You have less than 20
hours in the flight seat.
Not letting you try anything
until you're qualified.
- You know Rimcor is trying
to get rid of you, right?
You've seen the new pilots
that come outta the university,
they're just kids,
and Rimcor won't see
a pay increase for years.
So don't be shocked
when you show up one day
and you find that pink
slip in your locker.
Maybe then you can explain
to your ex-husband why you
defaulted on your mortgage.
- The company can
replace anyone,
especially a neurotic clone
who thinks he can
pilot a transport.
Now, we are two
hours from drifting
outta communication range.
So unless you wanna be
a floating popsicle,
I suggest you find some answers.
- Where would you
like me to start?
- We check the pyros again.
Only this time we log
the exact temperatures.
We run continuity tests
and measure the
resistance on each one.
Run diags in the
entire computer system.
Babcock, do you copy?
- Go ahead, Peller.
- Gunderson-
Gunderson is headed your way,
stop him and have him call in.
- I just passed
through the deck hatch.
I didn't see anyone.
- What is that jerk clone up to?
- Come again, Peller?
- Nothing, disregard.
Babcock, you listening?
Reese, you hear me?
You clowns better
stop your head games
or you can kiss your
contracts goodbye.
- You found out it doesn't?
- Peller thinks you're
playing head games.
What's up with that?
- Knock it off.
Hey, knock it off.
- What?
You're the closest thing we got
to a pet monkey around here.
- Yeah, well we're all
pet monkeys to Rimcor.
- Oh, well, now is the
winter of our discontent.
How come you don't
introduce me to your sister?
- Why don't I feed her
to a pack of wild hyenas?
- You didn't answer Peller.
What's going on?
- Headset malfunction.
- Yeah, right.
- You know, I don't know why
Piller thinks I need you here.
- Yeah, it's not like
you sit around smoking
instead of doing your job.
So what are we looking at here?
- We had a burn fail.
Rimcor says
everything's hunky dory.
Peller knows it's not.
But she won't stand
up to her masters.
So, here we are.
Like a broken down
garbage truck 10,000 miles
from the nearest gas station.
All because birth baby
wants to keep her job.
- Well, we all want
to keep our jobs,
birthers and clones alike.
- Sick of the way they treat
us, like we don't even exist.
- You graduate from engineering
school like the birthers?
- I graduated with honors.
- You make rank and get hired
at Rimcor like the birthers?
- Yeah.
- You get paid
like the birthers?
- What's your point?
- I think you know my point.
- Rimcor treats us differently.
- Oh yeah. And how's that?
- Come on, you know how it goes.
They act differently
when we're not around.
- If you're not around, how do
you know they act different?
- I knew
you'd be clueless.
- Circuit is good,
conduit is clear.
- What's the temperature?
- 63 degrees.
Hey, can I get a hit of that?
- What happened to Mr. Health?
- Yeah, well I'd rather
die of lung cancer
than listen to you complain.
- So where were you hatched?
- Century Tech.
Great state of Georgia.
- Morris Lab. Dayton.
- Yeah?
Go Buckeyes.
- You ever think of what
it's like to have a family?
You know, someone to
pass something down to?
- Yeah, what clone hasn't?
But we all go the same,
birthers and clones alike.
- Yeah, but we don't pass
anything down, do we?
No legacy, no
stories handed down.
Just the next iteration
manufactured, barcoded,
serialized and sent off to work.
And when we die, it's like
we never existed at all.
You ever date of birther chick?
You haven't have you?
- I don't remember.
- Listen to you.
All your talk of equality
and how we're all the same,
but you know as well as I do,
that some birther chick finds
out that you're a clone,
she'll drop you
like a bad habit.
Where is your dignity?
- Dignity.
You want to talk about dignity?
How dignified is
it to sit around
and mope like a little kid?
Yeah, my love life
sucks. So what?
All clones are limited in
their own way, you know?
At least I do something
about it instead
of wallowing in
my own self pity.
- I want respect.
That's not self pity.
- Yeah, well the funny
thing about self pity is
it's kind of like peanut butter;
you can spread it on anything.
I wouldn't mind dating
a birther chick, though.
That is, until she
kicks me to the curb.
- Heard that.
Pretty good about
the peanut butter.
- Saw it on a
bumper sticker once.
- Wow.
One more and we would
have a bridge game.
- Well, that's assuming anyone
would wanna be your partner.
- What do you want, Reese?
- Well, hello to
you too, Gunderson.
Babcock, Rimcor wants those
soil samples at 1600 hours.
That's three hours from now,
in case you didn't know.
- Thank you.
I lose track of time in
the presence of your glow.
- Well, I trust that
everything is going well
in the grubby little
world of engineering.
- Don't pretend like you're not
eavesdropping in
on the comm units.
- Gunderson, I am
a tier two officer.
I'm responsible for all
communications here on the ship.
- Eavesdropping is just
one of his hobbies.
- All right, you delivered
your message from Rimcor
like a good little lackey.
Now beat it.
- You know, you ought to think
about your future, Gunderson.
- What? You mean when you're
living in mommy's basement?
- Like when I'm site manager,
and you're an
unemployed alcoholic
crying about how
you're dying alone.
- If you want to keep
all of your teeth, Reese,
I suggest that you
get outta here.
- Well, I'd hate to
miss out on that,
but I've got some
real work to do.
- Oh, really?
Well I brought gifts.
- Oh, Reese, maybe
we can be friends.
- Yeah, we can. Can't we?
- No.
- I don't want any part
of your little bribe.
- I'll take his.
- A forthright man.
I like that about you.
- Kiss off.
- I will have you know
that I have decided to
forgive that little childish
prank that you pulled.
- Oh really?
I was worried
about that all day.
- Yeah, I bet you did.
I'm glad that we have a moment
alone to talk, Gunderson.
- I mean it, Reese. Back off.
- Once again, you
have completely
misunderstood my intentions.
- And once again, you
mistake my interest.
- Hear me out.
I believe that you are ready
for a command of your own.
No, I'm serious.
You have the experience,
you have the know-how,
your record is
clean as a whistle.
You should be
piloting this ship.
- Gimme a break.
- We all know that
Peller's losing it, right?
I think she's hiding something.
And I, for one, would
like to find out what
that something is before
she turns this ship
into a floating meat locker.
Peller has privileges
that we don't,
that's what's holding us back.
- If you have a problem
with the command structure,
I suggest that you send another
little coded message to Rimcor.
- So you listen in as well.
- No, just a hunch.
But you confirmed it.
- Gunderson, wait.
Wait, would you just,
would you just listen to me
for one second?
Peller can be relieved of
her command due to sickness
if we submit a form 32.
Now, I can do that for us,
but I will need consensus.
We all sign off on it and boom.
You're the new pilot.
I just need your access code.
- Why don't you
just use your own?
- I am like six months
until I get Rimcor's
little certification.
But what do you say, right?
You give me your access
code for like 30 seconds,
you're the new stick jockey.
Right? Picture it.
You're gonna be in the club,
guy's buying you drinks,
girls flocking around.
Girls love pilots.
I just need your access
code for 30 seconds,
and holy Toledo, as they say
in your little mud patch,
you're the new pilot.
What do you say?
- You done?
I got work to do.
So do you.
- Yes, I believe I do.
- Reese, I'm gonna
beat your face in.
- I see you.
- What?
- I said "What do you want?"
You called me up here.
- Yeah. Right.
What do you know about
confinement sickness?
- Mm, you mean like
- No, more like psychosis.
- You having some
sort of trouble, Alex?
- No.
It's Gunderson, there's, there's
something wrong with him.
- Yeah, no kidding.
- No, I mean, he laughed
like this, this little kid,
and then he ran off.
- Yeah, we are talking
about Gunderson, right?
- I, I think there's
something wrong with him.
I think he's suffering
from some kind
of confinement disorder.
And he was acting all skittish
after we tested the pyro buses.
I, I think he's hiding
somewhere on the flight deck.
We gotta find him.
- Well, there's nothing up
here except old relay boxes.
Where, where, where do
you think he's hiding?
- I don't know.
I, I don't know.
He must have slipped through
the hatch before you got here.
- I don't see how
that's possible.
- Just look for him, Chuck.
- All right, copy.
- Chuck, something is
really wrong with him.
I'm worried he's
gonna hurt himself.
- Yeah, or us.
- Rimcor, this is Speculo. Over.
- I can hear you.
- Rimcor, this is
Speculo. Do you copy?
- Go ahead, Speculo.
- We have a medical situation.
An engineer, Gunderson,
is suffering from some,
some kind of psychosis, over.
- Roger that.
Can you be more specific? Over.
- I think he's
suffering from some kind
of confinement sickness.
- He sees you.
- His behavior is erratic.
- The others
want to kill you.
- He, he's hiding
somewhere on the ship.
Please advise. Over.
- We copy you, Speculo.
- Surprise!
- Speculo, we
have a medical protocol
for you, over.
- Go ahead.
- Make sure the
subject is calm and lying down.
Give them two aspirin,
no more than four.
Take their temperature
twice daily.
- You're, you're not listening.
He's completely psychotic
and he's hiding
somewhere on the ship.
He's whispering crazy things.
Rimcor, do you copy?
- We copy, Speculo.
We're trying to ascertain
the situation, Alex,
but we have a problem.
If Gunderson is hiding,
how can you hear him? Over.
- You don't understand.
He's, he's, he's hiding,
he's sneaking around.
- They
all want you dead.
- Say
again, Speculo. Over.
Do you copy, Speculo? Over.
- We copy, Rimcor.
Medical protocol received,
implementing now.
Rimcor, the situation is
under control, five-by-five.
We'll contact you in one hour.
Speculo out.
- Well, have you found
our lost little clone,
or has our happy home
in the stars become
"Alice in Wonderland?"
- What character are you?
The White Rabbit
or the Mad Hatter?
- Mm.
You know, I've always been
partial to the Knave of Hearts.
- Huh.
You strike me as a Jabberwocky.
- Trailer trash.
Rimcor, this is Speculo.
Do you copy? Over.
- Speculo,
what is your access code
from the secure channel, over.
- Access code 042892, over.
- Go ahead, Speculo.
- Communication
Specialist Reese speaking.
Our pilot is suffering
from equilibrium issues.
I am requesting a temporary
access to the flight log, over.
- Stand by, Speculo.
- Standing by.
- Speculo,
your request for access
to the flight log
has been denied.
Is there another request
on this channel? Over.
- No other requests.
- Roger that.
- Well, he
was right for once.
It doesn't make
any sense. Why...
Conduit's not there.
Phantom conduit?
- Warning, warning.
- Gunderson, get to the
engine bay. We're losing fuel.
Babcock, do you copy?
Reese, do you copy?
- Warning, warning.
- Gunderson, we are
losing fuel. Do you copy?
All of it's there.
False alarm.
How could that...
No more games. I'm
not playing anymore.
The conduits were
fine, weren't they?
You sabotaged the engine boat.
You know, maybe I was a little
hasty about your flight skills.
I'm sorry for calling
you a knockoff.
You know, we're all knockoffs
in some way, aren't we?
It's Trillium, isn't it?
You know, I found
their little conduit.
It doesn't show on the
schematics, I checked.
Why would they hide it from us?
I know why they hid the conduit.
- What conduit?
- Trillium wants to
sabotage the mining project.
Dump all the gas into
space, cause a shortage,
jack up prices.
It won't work, you know.
- What won't work, Peller?
- You want to kill me
and take my command,
but you can't pilot
the ship on your own.
- You're insane.
I don't want to kill anyone.
- How's this?
We land at Moon Base Reno.
Tell them we have
technical difficulties.
We gas up, go back to Earth,
and then no more transports
until your friends
at Trillium say the word.
How's that?
- Put the gun down, Alex.
- What are you doing?
- I said put the
gun down out, Alex.
- Stay back.
Why didn't you stop?
Why didn't you stop?
- Peller, this
is Babcock. Do you copy?
- Gonna get you.
You're going to die.
- Peller, this
is Babcock. Do you copy?
- Babcock!
Babcock, I...
I'm on my way to
the flight cabin.
Stop it! Stop it!
- Meet me in the flight
cabin in 10 minutes.
- Speculo, this
is Rimcor. Do you copy?
- No.
- He knows.
- Reese, this is
Babcock. Do you copy?
- Why, hello, Babcock. Go ahead.
- Have you spoken
with Peller recently?
- Can't say she has.
What about you?
Has she graced you with
her correspondence?
- Look, cut the crap man.
I'm really worried about her.
She seems like she's losing
her grip or something.
- Yeah, and what's brought you
to this alarming conclusion?
- Because I just spoke
with her, you moron.
- Speculo,
this is Rimcor. Over.
Speculo, this is Rimcor. Over.
Speculo, this is Rimcor. Over.
- Go ahead, Rimcor.
- Stand by to reset
your session clock, over.
- Roger that.
Session clock ready for reset.
- Roger.
Reset in five, four,
three, two, one.
- Session clock is reset.
- Reset
confirmed, reading 0001.
- Roger that.
- Reese, you scared
the crap out of me.
- Hey, go easy on the
sugar there, dirt man.
- What do you want? I'm busy.
- Poor Babcock,
always failing to see
the grand opportunities
that are right
in front of that broken
working class nose of yours.
- Yeah, I got my nose
broken in a street fight,
and I could break yours if
you don't get on with it.
- You know, you and I,
we have a lot in common.
Not socially, of course, but
we both control analytics
that are vital to Rimcor, right?
I control data and
and you control
soil and moon gas.
But together we control the
very lifeblood for Rimcor.
Those other two are
basically glorified janitors.
- Hurray for us.
- Now, focus that short
attention span that you have
for me for just one second,
and think about the
incredible position
of power that we are in.
- Look, Reese, I think I know
where you're going with this.
I gotta tell you, I
wouldn't join forces
with you if you were
my Siamese twin.
- Would you quit
playing with your toys
for just a moment and...
You lost a sneeze or something?
- No, I just wanted you
to shut up for a second.
- Look, if we go to the union
and we enter into
a joint contract,
because stem jobs are a
separate bargaining group,
Rimcor would be
forced to renegotiate.
- Um, no, I'm pretty sure
that it would be easier
and cheaper to just
fire us and replace us.
You really think you're
that good at boot licking?
- They can't just
fire us, you moron.
It's called a union, that
would be against the law.
- Pretty sure it would
be easier to just fire us
and replace us.
- And millions would
pour from their pockets
in the two days that
it took to do that.
- Uh, more like six days for me.
Half an hour for you, maybe.
- You'd be surprised, you-
You'd be surprised how long
it would take to replace us.
We are the very
lifeblood of Rimcor.
Those other two are one screw
up away from being axed.
But how could Rimcor say no
when we have them boxed in?
All of their profits are
jammed up in arbitration.
- Hold that for me.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah, that's hot.
- Yeah, you could
have said something!
- Uh, well, where would
the fun in that be?
Now, are you going
to get out of my lab
or am I gonna have
to motivate you?
- Just think about
what I said, okay?
- Weasel.
- Undergraduate.
- You want to tell
me what's going on?
- Okay.
Gunderson killed himself,
committed suicide.
- Wow, uh...
- He must have gone
out the airlock.
- No, that doesn't make sense.
He's gotta be around
here somewhere,
that little drama queen.
- He's dead!
He didn't go out the air lock.
I shot him.
He tried to kill me.
He came at me.
I wanted him to stop,
but he kept coming.
- Wow.
Did he have a
weapon or something?
- He was whispering.
- You shot him for whispering?
- You don't get it.
You don't get it.
He was trying to drive me crazy.
- Gunderson drove
me crazy every day,
I never killed him for it.
- Gunderson was sneaking
around, playing tricks,
making noises to make me crack.
He wanted my job.
- So you shot him?
- He's working for a
company called Trillium.
I found their label on
one of the conduits,
a conduit that doesn't
show in the schematics.
- Alex.
Trillium is a tech
company, okay?
They make flight simulators.
What do they want with Moon Gas?
- I'm telling you.
I'm telling you
that they want it
and they're causing the
malfunctions on this ship.
They don't care if
they kill all of us.
- How did you find
out about this?
- It's complicated.
- Okay, try dating a
schizophrenic chick.
I know complicated.
What, did you find spy equipment
in Gunderson's
locker from Trillium?
- No, no, no.
He, he lied about
the engine failure.
He said the conduit
was freezing.
And I mean, the
conduit's supposed
to be freezing, but it's not,
and the sensor is passing data
but that data is wrong
and Rimcor, of course,
says it's right and
the igniter is good,
but it's not because...
Because the burn failed.
- Okay.
But if the sensor's passing
data, then Rimcor is right.
- The sensor's passing
data, except it's not,
don't you get it?
- No, but I don't
get any of this stuff.
- Someone is making it seem
like the system is working.
- Is it possible
that it is working?
- Those rockets didn't fire.
- Speculo, this
is Rimcor Control, over.
Stand by to reset your
session clock, over.
- Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!
We are 10,000 miles from
the moon with no rocket,
so you can take your
session clock and shove it!
Sorry about that, Rimcor.
We're experiencing
some difficulties.
Can we delay that reset?
- Roger that, Speculo.
Leaving for now.
- Look, Rimcor said
the burn was good.
Those rockets didn't fire.
Gunderson verified it.
None of it makes
sense, unless...
- Unless what?
- Gunderson damaged the sensor.
- I thought you said
the sensor was working.
- It's like a distraction
or a diversion.
- A diversion
from what Alex?
- The burn fail!
He's working for Trillium.
- Trillium, the tech company
that makes flight simulators.
- Yes.
Gunderson wanted my command.
I wouldn't let him have
it, he became hostile,
he threatened me.
- Gunderson threatened
you by whispering.
- He tried to kill me!
He got all crazy in the
eyes and he came at me.
- Okay.
Calm down.
I believe you, okay?
- No, you don't.
- Yes I do.
I just needed to get
all the information.
This is a lot to take in.
- You're just saying
that because you
think I murdered him.
- No, I don't think you
murdered anyone, Alex.
Yeah, Gunderson and Trillium.
You know, he's, he's always
been after our jobs, you know?
He probably wanted my
job too, that jerk.
It's a cool job, right?
Look, you stay here.
I'm gonna go and
I'm gonna make sure
there's no more sabotage
from Gunderson, okay?
You should have seen it, Reese.
I think that she's
completely lost it.
- I told you this would
happen two days ago.
Did you record it?
- No, I didn't
record it, you moron.
She was standing right there.
You should have seen
the look in her eye.
I'm pretty sure that
she killed Gunderson.
- Turn off your headset, Chuck.
- I was just talking to Reese
about how Gunderson went crazy.
Couldn't find any
sabotage from Trillium.
- No.
No, I'm sure you didn't.
You, my friend, have caused
enough damage on your own.
- What are you talking about?
- You're working with Gunderson.
- What are
you talking about?
- You've all been
scheming against me.
- That's insane.
I mean, you're not
insane, I'm just,
I just mean that...
Peller, I am very confused.
- Are you confused, Babcock?
- Yes.
And look, I just wanna
mind my own business, okay?
I just want to go home.
I don't want anyone's job.
I barely want my job, you know?
- How are you planning to do it?
- Do what?
- That's right.
You're a chemical engineer.
You must know 100 ways
on how to poison someone.
- I don't want to
poison anyone, Alex.
- Just one drop from one
of your formulas and,
poof, heart failure.
- I've had enough of this.
Give me your gun.
- Sure.
- Name?
- Peller, Alex, A.
- Rank?
- Flight Officer, First Class.
- Do you feel
people are trustworthy?
- Generally, yes.
- Yes or no?
- No.
- Have you ever
killed an animal?
- Yes.
- What are you afraid of?
- I'm, I'm not really sure.
- Were you ever
locked in a dark room?
- Yes.
- Do you eat rare meat?
- No.
- Are you happy?
- Yes.
- Are you happy?
- No.
- What are you afraid of?
- I told you, I, I don't-
- Did he ever hurt you?
- What?
- What are you afraid of?
- I don't know.
- Why do people hate you?
- What are you talking about?
- What are you afraid of?
- I don't know.
- What are you afraid of?
- Suffocating!
Slow down.
Just slow down.
I can't let him free.
So, just breathe.
You know every inch
of this ship, Peller.
You know what came.
Here comes sector four.
Reese, this is Peller,
where do you...
Do, do, do, do you copy?
- Go ahead, Peller.
- I...
I wanna check the
bio tracking system,
what do you read as my location?
- Of course.
Is there a problem
I should know about?
- No, just a, a routine check.
Just want to... just wanna
verify it, keep Rimcor happy.
I'll, I'll put in
the logs later.
- Roger that.
You are in sector
three, corridor six,
right past the main
containment module.
- Roger that.
- What are you up to,
little birth baby?
- Containment module,
containment module.
Alert. Alert.
Alert. Alert. Alert.
- All right, Reese.
Let's play.
- Stop right there, Alex!
Yeah, that's right.
I've got a gun, too, and
unlike Gunderson and Babcock,
I won't hesitate to use it.
- But you did hesitate.
You would've shot me by now.
- Please, don't mistake
willingness for desire, Alex.
Now put the gun on the ground.
- I think you lack both.
- Oh yeah?
Well why don't you
take another step?
Put the gun down!
All right, get on your knees.
- So that's it, huh?
You're just gonna execute
me and be the great victor?
- Well, that's
entirely up to you.
Make one stupid move, and
I'm gonna put a bullet
in that blue collar
skull of yours.
Get on your feet.
Are you seriously surprised
that I outsmarted you?
- Yeah, actually I am.
You know, I always
thought you were just
some spoiled college brat.
- Well, this spoiled
college brat has your gun,
so there is that.
- There is that.
So, now what?
Gonna play Pokemon, show
me how fast you can solve
a Rubik's Cube?
- You know, the other
clones always talk about
how stupid you are,
but I actually think
you're quite funny.
- So are you gonna let me go?
- Let you go?
You're a psychotic, Alex.
You killed two of
your crew members,
and I had to kill
you in self-defense.
Then I'm gonna write a book
and I'm gonna sell
the movie rights.
"Massacre in Space,"
how does that sound?
- Then why don't
you do it already?
You and the others have
been plotting it all along.
- Poor Alex.
You really are a psychotic.
You see, I have a few things
to add to your medical file.
You know, the hallucinations,
the sleepless nights,
so on, so forth.
I need your access code.
- And why would I give
you my access code
when it's the only
thing keeping me alive?
- Because I recorded
your confession.
You know that little
conversation you had
with Babcock when you
murdered Gunderson?
So, it's up to you.
Spend your life in jail,
or I could kill you
right here, right now.
- You're so good at figuring
out the angles, weren't you?
- Might be vain of me to say,
but it does feel
right, doesn't it?
- Well, can I at least
have one last drink?
- We're two hours from Reno.
Knock yourself out.
Don't do anything stupid.
- So, the little voice.
That was you?
- The little voices?
No, it's a good idea though.
Who knows? Maybe you
really are going crazy.
It's better for the
book if you are.
By the way, I did read
your medical file.
What was it like being
born in a gutter snipe
of a mother like that?
- What was it like for you
looking outta that test tube
like frog larva?
Oh, would you look at that?
You see, I had to see if
you had a gun of your own,
and the only way to do
that was to give you mine.
In chess, it's called
a pawn sacrifice,
although you being
a pseudo intellect,
I'm sure you know plenty
about compromise, don't you?
- How does that feel, huh?
Yeah, that's right.
Your throat's closing up,
your eyes rolling over.
Yeah, you can feel your
life slipping away.
What do you have now, Alex?
I took everything.
What do you have now?
- A knife!
You're all out of toys!
You're all out of toys!
You want me?
Come and get me.
- I can see it.
Two, four, six, eight,
who do we appreciate?
Nobody appreciates fractions.
Why would they?
One times two is two.
Two times two is four.
Numbers and letters lie.
It's dancing to music.
Liars using the lie.
Make them dance, always
dancing, switch them around.
Duck, duck, duck.
Goose, goose.
Colors are the answer.
Liars can't change colors.
Colors can't change.
Blue is always blue,
and blue is true.
Yellow is mellow
and green is mean.
And red is...
What is red?
Red is dead.
Red is dead.
Rimcor, this is Speculo. Over.
Rimcor, this is
Speculo. Do you copy?
- Speculo,
we copy you. Over.
- We have an emergency.
I repeat, we have an emergency.
Three crew members were working
aboard the escape module
when the motor and couplers
malfunctioned and released.
The life support was damaged.
I repeat, escape module
adrift, life support damaged.
Three crew members aboard.
Rimcor, do you copy?
- Standby, Speculo.
Speculo, we confirm we see
a module just released.
We're tracking it now, but
we are reading no vital
signs from the code.
We're running a full diagnostic.
Alex, no sound bytes.
That's one of many hazards
we face in this line of work.
Their families will be
notified when you arrive.
We will contact you in one hour.
Hanging up.
Rimcor, out.
- They know about you.
They're coming for you.
- Let 'em come.
- You've been a
naughty girl, Alex.
- Well, what are you?
Some alien life form?
- I'm Alex Waterman,
the original Alex.
- Whoever or whatever you
are, I am not a clone.
I have the papers to prove it.
- Everyone has papers.
Have a seat, I
need a blood sample
before we process you out.
- You, uh, showed up
from Reno, didn't you?
Well, how'd you get in
through the airlock?
- Poor little guinea pig.
I hate to spring it
on you like this,
but I've been here
the whole time.
We've been watching you
through hidden cameras,
studying our little mice.
- That was you whispering.
- Whispering?
Oh, that's a new one.
Then again, they did
say something like
that might happen.
- What might happen?
Who are they? I want
answers and I want them now.
- You only make demands
when you're in charge, Alex.
- It's Trillium, isn't it?
They're paying you.
- Under the table.
Don't tell HR.
- Trillium really does want to
sabotage the mining project.
- You'd think a
clone of me would be smarter.
It was the conduit,
the label, I found it.
You know, I told
them to pay attention
to details or that lab
rats would find something.
- Yeah. Well, we
found something.
We've been breathing
in moon gas for days.
It's pumped straight from
the containment module
into life support.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a winner.
Thank you for playing
our newest game:
Will Your Head
Explode on Moon Gas?
- You can kill me, but you'll
still be a cheap reproduction.
A bargain basement knockoff.
- Ooh, the mouse that roared.
Aren't we just a
feisty little rodent?
Site is secure.
We got a runner.
Not bad, lab rat.
This'll be more
entertaining than I thought.
- You set us up and gassed us.
- Oh, come on, Alex.
We had to test the
long-term effects somehow.
Why use real people when
you have disposables?
That's how they came
up with it, Speculo.
Now, buckle up because
here comes the big news.
- I can handle it.
- Oh. Well, we're
about to find out.
You're not in a transport, Alex.
In fact, you're
not even in space.
- You've been huffing
your own moon gas.
- Alex.
The seizures are getting
worse, aren't they?
The blood vessels in your
brain will split open.
You know, it'll feel
like someone drove
a spike through your head.
Come on, let's do our
lab work for the boys
and you'll be on your way home.
- You're lying!
You get your blood work
and I get thrown
out like the others.
- You know, there's
nowhere to run, Alex.
You know I can chase
you down and shoot you.
- Not before I bust your
head in with this wrench.
- You found a wrench?
I somehow doubt that.
Alex, are you listening?
The testing is over.
- You're insane.
I've been transporting
personnel from the earth to moon
for over a year now.
- And in that time, when
did you leave the ship?
- I couldn't leave,
there were quarantines,
loading mandates.
- All manufactured,
just like your memories
of mommy and daddy.
- Sorry.
Nice try.
I have memories that are far
too complicated to manufacture.
- You mean like your
garden boogeyman?
Yeah, they threw that
one in for good measure.
A traumatic memory always
had to touch of realism,
don't you think?
- You're lying.
I had three clones
all working under me,
all sent from Rimcor.
- And what about the word
clone don't you understand?
They were genetically
engineered for this.
Their lives started when they
woke up in this dollhouse.
- Babcock wasn't just a
clone, he was my friend.
- And you killed him.
But hey, don't beat yourself up.
Clones are like toilet paper.
We buy 'em in bulk.
What I wouldn't give to see the
look on your face right now.
But seriously, did it
really not occur to you
that if you were
really in outer space,
you'd all be floating
around like soap bubbles?
- This ship has an
artificial gravity system.
- Artificial gravity.
There's no such thing as
artificial gravity, you retard!
Yeah, that's right.
Rimcor orchestrated all of it;
the problems, the failures,
the session clock.
It was all just stress
testing their new product.
See how long it took you
to crack like a walnut.
- So that's why
you are here, huh?
Clean up the mess,
get on with profits.
- Well, you wouldn't
die soon enough.
And as you know, time is money.
What were we supposed to do?
I mean, if you think about it,
you really do bear
some of the blame here.
There is no personal growth
when we blame others.
We must shoulder our
- Die, die!
You're gonna die!
- Stop it!
Stop it!
- Round and round we go,
back to where we started.
You couldn't have just
taken one for the team
and saved me the trouble?
- You're insane.
- Actually, in
this case, you are.
- You have been
brainwashed by a bunch
of corporate blood suckers.
Now, I am going
to those controls
and I'm gonna pilot this
ship back to Moon Base Reno.
- Only in that gas soaked
little mind of yours.
She's dead, we're good to go.
- Yes, we are.