Outlaw Johnny Black (2023) Movie Script

[theme music]
[dramatic music]
[insects chirping]
[birds cawing]
[wild west music]
[horse snorting]
[intense rattling tone]
[watch clinks]
[watch clinks]
[suspenseful music]
[horse snorting continues]
[quirky beat]
[suspenseful music continues]
[whimsical tone]
[loud bang]
You don't choose. I choose.
[gun loads]
[watch clinks]
-[watch clinks]
[man 1] You goin' down
to Texas? Yeah, well,
it's gonna be a long one. Mm.
-[man 1 murmurs]
-[man 2] Come on. Get him
over here! Get him over here!
[woman 1 shouts]
[man 3 grunts]
-[man 2 grunts]
-[man 2 grunting]
-[man 3 groaning]
Stay down, you dang fool
little Indian.
[blows landing continue]
and groaning continues]
-[man 2] ...you and me.
-[woman 1] No!
[intense music]
-[man 4] Oooh.
Y'all leave them be.
Who's askin'?
I ain't askin'. I'm telllin'.
If y'all don't haul tail
outta here,
you'll be sorry you didn't.
Only one's gonna be sorry
around here is you.
That so? Now don't make me
wop you this foot
upside your head.
Go ahead and try,
you dumb nigg--
I was gonna say nincompoop.
[grunting and groaning]
[dramatic music]
[man 5 screams]
-[man 6
speaking in Indian dialect]
-[in English] No, no, no.
No, no, no, no!
Y'all go git. Git!
-Oh my God. Say something!
-Go on.
He killed the sheriff!
-[woman 2 exclaims]
-[guns click]
[horse neighs]
Been lookin' for you
for quite a while, Johnny.
Now that we can add murder
to the sentence,
you're gonna be
well worth the wait.
-[horse snorts]
[intense music]
[fuse sparking]
-[wild west music]
[horse neighs]
[gun shooting, reloading]
[eagle screeches]
[gun reloads, shoots]
-[horse neighs]
[train whistling]
[wild west music continues]
[fuse sparking]
[gun shooting, reloading]
Well, I was buying
some feed when there he was.
Outlaw Johnny Black,
plain as day,
heading into the bar
lookin' just like his
wanted poster!
-Hat wasn't quite right though.
-[Bill] Then what'd you do?
Well, that's when I went
and fetched the sheriff.
Lotta good that did.
He shot the sheriff
dead before he could draw.
Poor Cecil!
I reckon his hat
must be named Cecil.
Cause that's
the only damn thing I shot!
And these wrist irons
are too tight!
Serves you right for bustin' out
of those shackles
back in Amarillo.
Good luck tryin' to
bust out of those!
I been tryin' to tell y'all,
Brett Clayton's coming
to rob your bank.
And I came to put
a bullet in him.
Not a damn hat
which is what I done.
-Shut up, goddamn outlaw!
Well, you must be talking
about the goddamned sheriff
'cause he's the only one
that God damned
with a bad ticker.
Seems like y'all blaming me
for doing his work.
You using
the Lord's name in vein
is only gonna make it worse
for yourself, Outlaw!
Worse? How could it be worse?
Y'all fixin' to hang me
for killin' a damn hat.
You're right.
I am a goddamn outlaw.
Goddamn, goddamnit!
I warned you
about slippin' those off again.
Don't make me use
your fancy-ass pistols on you.
If these ain't the slickest
colt six shooters
I've ever seen.
Get a pretty penny for 'em.
-He ain't gonna need 'em
where he's going. Eh?
-[door opens]
-[town crier] Come quick!
Brett Clayton robbed the bank!
-[Bill] What?
Damnit! There's a $5,000 bounty
on Clayton's head,
dead or alive.
Let's get 'em!
Come on. Come on, let's go!
Let's go!
[dramatic music]
Sorry, pa.
And now what
we been waiting for.
Bullseye Black and his family!
Yeah! Yeah! Whoo!
Here they come!
-[horses approaching]
-Bullseye Black
coming right here!
[audience cheering]
-[plates shatters]
[cheering and applause]
Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!
Most of you know me
as Reverend Black!
I'd like to introduce you
to my beautiful wife Vern.
And our handsome son Johnny.
[cheering and applause]
Before this evening is over,
you're gonna know
why they call us
the first family
of trick shooting!
-[audience cheering]
-[Bullseye] Are
you ready, Johnny?
-[plates shatters]
[cheering and applause]
[woman 3]
That's my boy!
Here we go.
Oh, boy.
[gun clicks]
[audience exclaims]
Gets 'em every time.
-[bottles shatters]
[cheering and applause]
As you see here,
I've got a normal,
average deck of cards.
-[woman 4] Oh!
when you ready, darling,
give 'em a toss.
-[woman 5] Whooo!
You. Yeah, you. Come on up here.
See if you can find any damage
done to these cards.
What you got there?
Well, I'll be doggone.
It's the Jack
and the Ace of spades.
-[cheering and applause]
-[chanting] Blackjack!
Alright, ladies and gentlemen,
thank you so much.
And don't forget. We're looking
to see you at the church revival
this evening.
[laughs] I told ya.
Now ain't that the dang crack
shootingest thing
ya'ever did see?
If I didn't see it,
I wouldn't believe it.
That Nigra could
out shoot even you Brett.
-I think it was trickery!
-Trickery or not,
that's some dang fine shootin'.
Goose grease quick!
-Hey, Jed?
-[gun clicks]
If I hear you
praise that Nigra again
in my presence,
I'm gonna blow that pea brain
of yours out the back
of your skull,
do you understand me?
-Yes, boss.
That goes for the rest of you.
Nigras shouldn't be
on White Man's land anyhow.
That's right!
And this here is
"Cherokee Flats"
nestled in the Chippewa valley,
just west
of the Choctawhatchee River.
I mean, that's White man's land
if ever I heard it.
We got us a job to do.
We're not here to stand around
and watch a bunch of
Nigra card tricks. Let's go.
[door slams]
Listen, everybody, shut up!
[shouting and clamoring]
[tense music]
Alright. Shut up!
Will you people
please shut the hell up?
Ladies, those screams,
they ain't helping.
-That's all of it Brett.
Let's go.
Thank you very much.
[gun clicks]
Wait a minute. You.
-[gun clicks]
-You a card dealer, ain't you?
You got your cards on ya?
Come over here a minute.
I want you to
do something for me.
[suspenseful music]
About there.
Take your cards out.
Keep going. Take 'em out.
Make me up a full house.
Aces high.
Calm down. You're alright.
I ain't gonna hurt you.
[laughing hysterically]
You got it. Good. Good.
Show you how it's done.
Now, when I count three,
you're gonna
toss 'em up in the air.
[gun clicks]
[hostages screaming]
You see what you made me do?
Did you see that?
I told you to toss 'em.
Not hurl them all over hell,
-you stupid shit!
Now I got to waste
nine more bullets.
[woman 6 whispers]
No, no!
Alright. Let's git.
-[hostages scream]
[soft suspenseful music]
Do you have any final words
or prayers?
Me and the Lord
ain't on the best of terms.
Besides, I wouldn't waste
my breath on a town
that would hang a man
for killing a hat.
[crowd murmuring]
Father, give him his last rites.
God didn't save Jesus
from the likes of fools
like you.
Don't reckon
he's gonna help me none,
but I do think he's got
one hell of a sense of humor.
Johnny Black,
this is a partial list
of the crimes you're accused of.
"Train robbery, horse thievery,
-White women eye contact..."
please tell me y'all caught
Brett Clayton
and put a bullet in him.
No luck. He had too much
of a head start on us.
Cleaned out the vault
and killed four
of the bank tellers
-One hell of a sense of humor!
[scoffs, laughs]
-[Mayor] "Kung Fu treachery.
-Bilking the Bishop."
It's okay. Go on.
Come on.
[gallows' door opens]
[horse whinnies]
[western dramatic music]
[man 6 speaking
in Indian dialect]
[in English]
He said he stole from jailhouse.
He didn't happen
to steal this money
out of the saddlebag, did he?
[speaking in Indian dialect]
[horse snorting]
[in English]
I think he stole it, too.
Well, no matter.
You didn't have to save
my wretched hide no way.
Besides, I get to live
to kill Brett Clayton
another day.
[man 6 speaking
in Indian dialect]
[in English]
[woman 7]
[clicks tongue]
[soft music]
[music intensifies]
-[bullet clinks]
-[action music]
-[horse neighs]
[horse neighs]
-What kind of rocks
are these here?
-Well, these are
flint rocks, sure as day.
-That's what I thought.
-[gun clicks]
-[fuse sparking]
Haul ass!
[lively action music]
[soft dramatic music]
You don't choose. I choose.
I choose.
Now how many of you
is still holding on...
-...to wrongdoings
done unto you?
-[man 7] Yeah?
How many want to get even? Huh?
How many don't have
any forgiveness in your heart?
-[woman 8] Yes, Lord!
-I'm talking about forgiveness
in your heart.
What is forgiveness?
Forgiveness is a choice.
-[man 8] Yes.
-[woman 8] Oh, yes.
It's a decision.
A decision to release a person
of their obligations,
of their bondage,
of their wrongdoing to you.
-[woman 8] Oh, yes!
is to set a prisoner free.
[man 9]
Yeah. Preach it.
Only to discover...
...that prisoner was you.
-[congregation agreeing]
-[woman 9] Amen.
[woman 10]
Thank you for staying
into the wee hours
of the evening.
Got a little carried away,
I guess.
See you next week.
That was some
mighty fine preaching, pa.
Oh, well, thank you, Johnny.
Put those down for a minute.
I want to ask you something.
Tell me, son.
Tell me what you got
from the sermon
in your own words.
I reckon that forgiveness
suits the forgiver.
-But... what about justice?
If'n we keep
forgivin' the wicked,
won't they just
keep being wicked?
That's a good question, son.
But some things we just
have to leave to the lord.
You know, I, I wasn't always
a righteous man,
but thank God he left me
with one good eye.
[both chuckle]
So that, so that I could see
the good in others.
See that he had a plan
for all of us.
Just like he's got
a plan for you, Johnny.
Oh, yeah, he's got a plan
for you, but you
just can't see it yet.
I want you to always trust
what's in your heart, son.
No matter how tough things get,
no matter how rough it seems...
you follow your heart,
and it won't steer you wrong.
-You understand?
-I think so.
[Brett] Make room,
we're coming through
to find that preacher.
-Where is he?
-You stay here.
Bring him out.
[horse neighs]
[tense music]
Well, ain't you just
full of tricks?
First, you're a gunslinger,
now you're a Bible thumper?
Well, I assure you, sir,
I'm just a child
of the lord like yourself.
A child of God,
-you hear that?
He don't know me at all.
But I know you.
You might can fool these folks,
but you can't fool me.
Uh... you, you, you look
a bit parched.
How about some water, huh?
Gen, Gen... [stutters]
bring some water for these men.
You can keep
your Nigra water...
and tell me
how you tricked these folks
into thinking you can shoot
the spade out of an ace
and a jack.
Oh, I assure you
that's no trick, sir.
Just, just a lot of time
from practicing,
shooting, you know, junk
that ain't fit for nobody.
Well, good, then you won't mind
obliging me
with a personal demonstration.
Well, sir...
I'm sorry, the show is over.
You missed it!
Besides, I'm not in the habit
of bringing cards
and pistols to church.
Well, it's a good thing... I am.
[muffled bang]
Took the liberty of fetching 'em
from your ranch.
Colt 44 Whitneyvilles!
Fancy guns.
Might wanna lock up sometimes
'case folks happen by
and are not as civilized as us.
On your count, preacher man.
Sir, in the name of Jesus,
-let us be.
-[Brett] I don't answer
to no Jesus.
And I damn sure
don't answer to no nigra.
So strap those on,
or start digging some graves.
-[guns click]
-Al-- Alright, alright, alright.
[stutters] Sure.
There you go.
I love you.
Johnny, you mind your mom,
and don't waiver from your faith
no matter what happens here.
-Daddy, no, just--
Do as you're told.
The rest of you folks,
go on home now.
What's the point of a show,
preacher, without an audience?
Ain't gonna be much of a show.
It's pitch black out here.
I couldn't do that
on my best day.
You're probably right.
Well, here,
let me make it easy on you.
Let's see
if you can shoot something...
...that shoots back.
Oh, no, sir.
Had enough of that in the war.
Promised the Lord never again.
Oh, that's real sweet.
So you're saying
you're choosin' to spare me,
is that it?
Listen here.
You don't choose. I choose.
[dramatic beat tone]
Though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil.
[dramatic beat tone]
[dramatic beat tone]
-[woman 11 gasps]
-[Bullseye] My God.
[crowd clamoring]
-[body thuds]
-James. [gasps]
[somber music]
[music intensifies]
[horse neighs]
Hang in there, boy.
We better find some water.
[clicks tongue]
[eagle screeches]
[somber music]
You don't choose. I choose.
Water. You stay right there.
[bright music]
Fill up this bucket, and then
we gonna be on our way.
-[horse neighs and thuds]
[somber music]
Brett Clayton... I'm gonna...
I'm gonna kill you.
You don't choose.
You don't choose.
I choose.
[Johnny breathing heavily]
[birds cawing]
You don't choose. I choose.
I'm gonna kill you.
Well, I guess the Lord
didn't see fit to take you home
just yet.
-[grunts softly]
-The Lord forgot about me
a long time ago.
Then why did he save you?
[soft music]
Where's my manners?
Name is Percy.
Reverend Percy Fairman, Jr.,
to be exact.
And yours?
Well, Johnny, seems
a might strange you out here
on foot without a horse.
If I didn't know any better,
I'd think you were on the run.
That's nothing to be ashamed of.
We've all had our past,
but as long
as your path is directed
and anointed
in the direction of God,
your salvation is assured.
I was on my way
to Hope Springs, Oklahoma.
Gonna pastor
a little church there.
The pastor up and died, and uh,
I was happening through
when I saw you.
And it's a good thing too,
because you were
babbling on about some man
named Clayton.
Seemed like you were living
just to spite the man.
You know, John 2:11 says,
"If a man hate in darkness,
he doesn't know where he goes
because the darkness
has blinded his eyes."
-You know,
the bible teaches that--
-Listen, listen, preacher man,
now I don't care what you,
John 2:11, or the bible says.
Now you can save all that
snake oil talk for your sheep.
Well, then I guess
you're a wolf.
'Cause only a wolf would
bite the hand that saves it.
Well, I ain't ask you to.
A minute ago, you said it was
the "Lord" saved me
according to you, right?
See, the problem
with you preachers is
you seem to use God
as you see fit.
I'll leave you be.
Bessie Lee Price.
Give me that!
"My dearest, dearest Percival.
These years of longing for you
are worth the joy
that it brings.
'Cause I know
we'll both be happy
here in Hope Springs."
And, and it rhymes too!
Well, I might be a, a wolf,
but pastor, you a dirty dog!
Uh, "I feel
we are destined to be--"
You know, for a preacher man,
you, uh, you pack
a pretty mean wallop.
Wasn't always a preacher.
Back in my secular days
I was a prize fighter.
Kinda convenient, you taking up
with a woman from Hope Springs
right after
the Pastor dies, huh?
So you're just gonna go in there
and take his place, huh?
Bessie and me been writing
for two years.
She is supposed to meet me
in Leesville, Georgia.
When the Pastor died,
it seemed only right
I'd... help out the congregation
in Hope Springs.
-Uh, now you know,
Bessie is a fat woman name.
-[laughs] Is that right?
-Well, here is Bessie.
Take a look here.
Ooh! Well, color me corrected.
-Ain't you the lucky man.
Yes, sir!
Gonna ask her to marry me
as soon as I get there.
So, uh, you send her
a picture of yourself?
Well, no, not rightfully so.
It figures.
If I was ugly as you,
I wouldn't send her one either.
[both laughs]
-Something's wrong.
We gotta git.
-What are you talking about?
It's too quiet.
Animals don't lie.
-I don't see anything.
-[arrow whooshes]
How about now?
-Percy! Move, fool!
-[natives yelling]
-No! We come in peace!
We come in peace! [groans]
-[natives' yelling continues]
[horse neighs]
[yelling in Indian dialect]
[suspenseful music]
[horse neighs]
[soft tribal music]
[birds chirping]
[whimsical music]
-[yelling in Indian dialect]
Huh? Huh?
[yelling continues]
Oh, hell no!
[tense music]
[natives yelling]
[singing in Indian dialect]
[soft music]
[Maw Belle, in English]
Drink up, fellas.
You ain't no good if you sober,
and you still ain't no good
if you drunk!
Maw Belle, you just too much!
Ah, sugar, I ain't too much.
You just ain't enough!
You sure know
how to hurt a fellow.
Oh! And I know
where to hurt 'em too!
-[piano playing]
You ain't shit!
And you ain't shit!
And you ain't shit at all
Winter, summertime
Spring and the fall
You ain't shit!
And you ain't shit
Ain't no doubt
about none of it
-You ain't shit!
And he ain't shit
And you ain't shit
[door opens]
[music stops]
I'll have a--
Believe me, I am no...
...stranger to the Lord,
Jesus and whatnot.
What's your name, Preacher man?
[mimicking Percy]
Percy Freeman. I mean,
Reverend Percival Fairman, Jr.
Where you from?
Leesville, Georgia.
Where I was a pastor.
Why you keep
changing your voice?
[in own voice] A question
we must all ask ourselves
from time to time.
You didn't happen to see
an outlaw by the name
of Johnny Black
in your traveling, did you?
That do look like him.
Hat's different.
What kind of preacher carries
two Colt Whitneyvilles?
Well, we got snakes,
wolves and Indians out there.
Six shooter's
a little more effective
than a bible.
You know,
being a God-fearing man myself,
I know my share
of the good book.
Why don't you give me
one of your favorite psalms
or... passages then.
Bessie Price!
Looking exactly
like the picture that
you sent me in that letter.
Percival Fairman Junior!
Why on earth would you choose
this God-forsaken place
as your first stop in town?
We've been waiting for you
to show up
at the church all day.
Well, I wanted to see
where the sinners were,
so I know how many souls
to pray for and... whatnot.
Well, I must say you are
far more rugged than I imagined.
My word,
you're as hard as a horse!
-Well, now.
Shall we go to the... church?
Hold on a second. I ain't done
with the good Reverend yet.
Bessie, do you know this man?
Never seen him in person,
but we've been writing
each other for two years.
How you know it's him?
-Well, I-- He-- Um...
Bessie, your, your words
in your letter,
are etched in my heart.
And it goes,
"My dearest, dearest Percival.
These years of longing
for you are worth the joy
that it brings...
[both] ...because I know
we'll both be happy
here in Hope Springs!"
-[customers] Aww!
-So now, shall we
then go to the church?
You don't mind
if I tag along, do you?
Be my guest, Marshall.
I was beginning to think
I lost you to another woman.
[natives yelling]
If I could just have
a little food and water.
I, I'll be on my way.
Listen. It, it's a mistake.
Look-- I--
You're very lovely,
but I'm supposed to marry
someone else.
Anybody understand English?
It's been a mistake!
Put me down!
I said it's been a mistake!
-[gentle music]
-He's here, he's here!
He's here! He's here!
Here! Here!
Get it up.
It was a...
[guns click]
Now, if we would only raise
our hands that fast
unto the Lord...
-...we would be...
Delivered is good.
And led unto him with...
-[Fry] An anointed...
An anointed what?
With an anointed heart
which will lead us unto him.
-Preach! Preach!
-[Fry] Yes!
-And also, we would...
-[Fry] We would
-praise his holy name with...
-[members] Amen!
With? Everybody,
say it together.
With music to him
with timbrel and harp.
Okay, how come you didn't know
the tremble part?
-[Fry] Timbrel. Timbrel.
-[Bessie] Timbrel.
-It's a verse.
-It's a verse.
And it is a verse, a verse--
-No, it isn't.
-It's not what it is.
-It's... it's a psalm.
-It's... it's a psalm.
Which is music...
It's a psalm.
-Psalm 149:3.
-Which is music to my ears!
And it goes...
Let them praise
his name with dancing
and make music to him
with timbrel
-and harp!
Praise him! Let him use you!
Let him use the preacher!
-[Betty] He's just tired.
-[tense music]
-[owl hooting]
Lord, I know you work
in mysterious ways,
your wonders to perform.
But what gives?
Maybe I did something
I don't remember,
but whatever it was,
I promise never to do it again
if you just get me outta here.
Lord, just send me a sign.
-[man 10 groans]
[suspenseful music]
Thank you, Jesus!
[soft music]
Alright. Packed you
some extra blankets.
You can stay here
for the time being
until we get matters sorted
with the late
Reverend Tharrington's home.
God rest his soul.
Well, how did he die?
Killed by that evil land baron
Tom Shealy's men.
Now Clancy,
we don't know that for sure.
Everybody in here
who got a good set of eyes
and common sense knows
that he killed the Reverend
and stole his property.
Every time a Black man
builds up a town of value,
White folks come in,
take it from us,
and paint the town white.
That's what it's called.
That's right.
Now the Reverend
bought that house
and willed it to the church,
okay? And you'd be there
right now
if it wasn't for Tom Shealy
trying to steal it.
If it wasn't for Jessie Lee,
it would've gone already.
Well, who's Jessie Lee?
Ah. Town Counsil president.
Knows the law too. Mm-hmm.
Jessie Lee has been saving us
from Tom Shealy's trickery
for the past three years.
Ought to become Mayor.
Well, as Jessie Lee's sister,
you are preaching to the choir.
Tell you what we need to do,
we need to pull that turd
out of office
and make Jessie Lee the Mayor--
Alright, Clancy.
That's enough of that.
The Reverend
doesn't need to hear all that.
He needs to get settled in
and prepare for Sunday.
Well, we got five congregations
coming to hear you preach
your inaugural sermon on Sunday.
We got folks coming
from as far as Cook County!
-Yes, indeed!
Give you all of tomorrow
to prepare for Sunday.
Been a long time
since I've heard
some good old fashioned,
down home preachin'.
-Come on, boys.
-[Clancy] Can't wait
to hear some word
-from the good book now.
Let Him use you!
Pretty stout fella, ain't he?
You know,
I could stay here a piece.
Make sure you get settled
in alright.
Nah, nah, you, you go on.
I'll be fine.
Well, it was nice
to finally meet you.
I'm getting the hell outta here!
Reverend, I forgot to give you
the key to the--
What are you doing?
I'm hanging my feet
out the window like Jesus.
If you wanna go to heaven,
you wanna go feet first, right?
Yeah. Yeah, okay, I guess so.
I know Jesus had Mary
wash his feet,
I just never done it
by the window.
This is... Ooh, Lord.
[groans] Get my feet up here.
Um... Here's your key.
-What's the key to?
-Safe deposit box.
Safe deposit box?
Yeah. The one at the bank.
-How much is in there?
roughly $5,000
of the church's money
which you're now in control of.
Is it still open?
It's not open till Monday.
Hmm. Well, I guess
I can wait that long.
[stutters] You-- Okay.
how long we supposed to
keep our feet out this window?
When the time is right,
we'll know.
We'll know.
I wanna know now.
My feet's cold.
-[western suspenseful music]
-You know,
there's something not right
about this new preacher.
I'm gonna find out what.
[gentle trumpet music]
[earth crunches]
-[dramatic music]
-[eagle screeches]
[soft wild west music]
Damn, that Jessie Lee!
I offered twice
what this whole town is worth!
Yeah, you, you certainly did.
May, may I call you Tom?
I'll, I'll take your cold stare
as a no.
-Do not call him Tom.
Uh, Mr. Shealy, uh,
Jessie Lee
and the rest of the townfolk
feel that since they cultivated
the land
long before you ever
showed up here,
they feel like
this is their rightful home,
and, uh, hmm,
well, I got to agree--
You got to agree what?
It's so refreshing
to have somebody
to ask me how I feel.
Well, sir, I have to agree that
they should take your offer!
I mean, you
and those pretty blue eyes,
you, you offered them
twice what that land is worth!
And I keep telling them--
Then why are they listening
to Jessie?
You're the goddamned mayor!
Well, see, Jessie's
got that book learnin'
and that intangible quality
where you just know...
I don't know why
I have you two around.
You're about as useful to me
as Reverend Tharrington.
Well, he, he's dead.
That's right.
Oh. Oh, he's saying that
we as useless as a dead man.
-[door slam opens]
-[intriguing music]
-What, uh, what time is it?
Oh! It's time to be
anywhere else except here.
-Well, how about that.
-Good day.
How about that. Alright.
Let me just cut--
I'm gonna cut in. Yeah.
-Read that.
-[Yarbrough] Excuse me.
[door closes]
Out loud! Here. Let me help you.
See, "We,
the federal litigation bureau
have come to a ruling
as to the authenticity
of Reverend Tharrington's
signature, stop.
It is our assessment
that the signature
Mr. Shealy obtained
is a forgery, stop.
We advise those responsible
to be brought to justice
and for the forgery
to stop." Stop.
Well, I don't know
how this happened.
Now did he or did he not
sign that signature
in front of you?
Oh, no. I believe one of my men
went and collected it
from Reverend Tharrington.
That's not
what you stated earlier.
-Well, I think--
-You know what I think?
I think Jessie Lee was right
to bring me down here.
I believe you're trying
steal land from a dead man
and I'm beginning to believe
you may even had something
to do with his death.
And if you did, by God,
all the money you got
is not gonna keep me
from watching you hang for it.
Now, you listen here!
-[guns click]
-No. You look here.
I'm watching you, Shealy,
and if I find out
you got something
to do with this,
I'm gonna tie you to the back
of my horse
and parade
your ass through town.
Just before I throw
your long ass in jail.
Come on, boys.
Have a good day.
That Jessie Lee
is a thorn in my side,
and I need it removed.
You tell Crackshot
to earn his keep!
-We're on it, Boss.
-[dramatic music]
[paper rustles]
[insects chirping]
[goats bleating]
[quirky music]
-[adventurous music]
-[goat bleating]
[gentle music]
Good morning!
[Johnny] What the hell
are you doing in here?
Now that is no way to speak
to your future wife.
I am here because I thought
I would join you for break--
[exhales sharply]
I brought you something for you
to put in your mouth
on this morning.
Everybody loves my hot buns.
So I thought I'd come over here
and give you some.
Figured it's been a long time
since you had any.
I, uh-- I covered them up
to keep them hot, steamy,
firm, moist. Just the way
a man likes them.
I've also got warm honey,
and warm cream you can...
...pour on, lick off,
drench and splatter
all over everything.
If you'd like.
Believe me, I don't mind.
-[chuckles] Well--
I hope you don't mind, I just
feel obliged to bless
the food, I...
-Something just,
uh, come over me.
Just come over me too.
Let me sit these buns down,
and I'll get
right down on my knees.
No, no, no, Bessie.
You just stay on up
and, uh, you just go on
and start without me.
Well, you don't know
my appetite!
I'll have that
whole thing down my throat,
cream and all
before you can even--
Bessie, Bessie, Bessie,
could you just start without me
and, and stop talking?
-[gunshots in the distance]
-[glass shatters]
-[bottles shatter]
Bob, hold your fire.
It's Marshall Cove!
-What in the hell's going on?
-Crackshot Bob.
He demanded to see Jessie Lee
or he said
-he gonna keep target shooting.
-Where's the Marshall?
[whimsical music]
[gun clicks]
I'm gonna have to ask you
for your guns, Bob.
You're scaring the women
and children.
You're free to ask
as I'm free to keep shooting.
No town ordinance says
I can't shoot targets
as I please.
You as a lawdog
should know that.
I mean, I, I mean, come on, Bob.
What if, what if
you hit someone?
I only hit what I'm aiming at.
You wanna draw on me?
Go on, make a move.
Or turn tail and go and fetch me
Jessie Lee.
-[bottles shatter]
-Reverend, what the hell
are you doing?
-Target shooting.
And clearly you don't mind.
-[dramatic music]
-[Bob] That's far enough.
I said stop!
Stop me.
-[bullet clinks]
You just shot Crackshot Bob!
Well, he drew on me first.
Well, he tried to.
You do that shit again,
I'm gonna shoot your nuts off
But I'm Crackshot Bob.
Well, now you just shot.
Look, uh...
I'm sorry y'all had to see that.
I just can't stand
bullying sons of bitches.
I mean the Lord can't stand
bullying sons of bitches.
What the hell
kind of preacher are you?
Well, what kind
of lawman are you?
-Now you listen here--
-Hiding behind them--
-I'm here to enforce U.S. Law.
-You could've waited--
-And you're gonna tell me what?
Jessie Lee's coming!
[horse neighs]
[suspenseful wild west music]
A storm is a'comin!
Men... women... children...
All we have is our hands,
and our feet to walk.
Rain comes down,
and it ain't gonna go back up.
And all the while we know
that the bolwevil
don't change.
But we can.
Can you?
Are you... a bolwevil?
[crowd mutters]
That's right!
And it don't matter
what the book says.
It's not about what you have
in your pocket.
It's what your pocket
has in you!
It ain't the man
who milks the cow. Uh-uh!
But the cow that milks the man!
And what's that cow
gonna tell me?
-[man 11] Moo?
-That's right!
But we know that the answer
is deeper than that.
Oh I gotta pee.
Yep, yep, yep.
I gotta pee this very instant.
[woman 12] Margie,
Cheryl, would you tend
to my brother, please?
That's Jessie Lee?
Sure is. Best thing
that ever happened to this town.
Pretty and smart as a whip.
The Lord worked overtime
when he made her.
[soft intriguing music]
Thank you. Thank you.
Who-- Well, who's the--
Uh, that's her brother Elmer.
He got kicked in the head
by a mule.
Ain't been right ever since.
So Jessie Lee's a girl.
Jessica Lee Price
is more than a girl.
She's a woman,
and a whole lot of woman
at that! [giggles]
-You sure right about that.
Excuse me, Mr. Preacher.
Reverend, or whatever you call
yourselves. [exhales]
So, you're
the new Reverend, huh?
I guess.
Well, the old Reverend
never carried a gun.
Well, if he had
maybe there wouldn't be
any call for a new one.
I'm not sure what you think
you've done here,
but I can assure you
that you have set us back
a good two years.
Well, how so?
The last thing
we need is someone
starting a physical war
with the white man.
We must arm ourselves
with legal knowledge
and change our circumstances
through those means,
Mr. Fairman.
I'm not sure if you know,
but the pen is mightier
than the sword.
Not when you need
a sword, it ain't.
All that's gonna happen is
Shealy is going to send
more men in.
Well, until that happens,
we don't have to worry about
one of these children or women
catching one of that
jackass's stray bullets.
Then we all have to worry.
Didn't the Bible say
to turn the other cheek?
I don't know.
I mean, probably. Y-- Yeah.
But it also said you can hit
a bully with a slingshot.
And this here is mine.
[scoffs] White folks
have an army,
in case you haven't noticed.
Well, I'd rather die on my feet
than live on my knees.
But maybe that's me.
Well, y'all suit yourselves.
You know what I think?
I think
you ain't no preacher at all.
Bessie Lee, you sure this is
the man been courting you
through the mail?
He knew what I said
in my letters.
You know what the Bible says
about false prophets,
Mr. Fairman?
Peter 1, verses 1-22,
"But false Prophets..."
Please, continue.
I don't like to be put
on the spot.
I know it,
-[Percy] "But false prophets...
rose among the people.
Just as false teachers
secretly bring
destructive heresies
even denying
that the master brought 'em,
bringin' s... destruction
upon themselves."
[goat bleats]
I need some water!
Do you know this vile man,
Reverend Fairman?
Reverend Fairman?
Hurtest him not for he is
one of the Lord's children.
He smells more like one
of the Lord's dead possums!
You ain't no Reverend Fairman!
I'm Reverend Percy Fairman, Jr!
-Your name--
-Hush that man!
He knows not what he sayeth
or who he iseth.
Honey, I'm scared.
That man looks depraved.
-Bessie Lee.
Oh, Jesus.
You are my little sister,
and I love you,
but that-- man is not
what he portends to be.
And what is that?
He's a man, ain't he?
If he, if he's a lil' different.
Hell, if he even made up
being a preacher, he's a man,
and he is mine!
You are so damned rigid!
You say you don't need a man.
Well, I ain't you.
So you leave me be
to make my mistakes.
And I plan to make 'em over
and over with that man tonight
and every night after that!
[Percy gagging]
Let me go!
[crowd chattering]
I'm going to write a telegram.
To send to the authorities
to clear up this matter
before it festers into something
we can't close up.
Elmer, stop!
Come on, Elmer.
Mr. Fairman, I sincerely hope
that I'm wrong about you.
I look forward to hearing
your sermon tomorrow.
[somber music]
Me too.
Now if the savage
would just promise
to calm himself
we can get him some water,
and I can have
a private conversation with him
-to show him
the err of his ways.
Are you calm yet?
You took my name, my church,
and possibly my future bride,
and you expect me to be calm?
Well, the last time I saw you,
you had an arrow
sticking out of your chest.
I thought you was dead.
And robbing the dead
makes it that much better?
What took you so long anyway?
And why do you look all
like that?
I don't even want to
talk about it.
Right now,
I just want my life back.
And you can go on
with your heathenish way
-of robbing and stealing.
-Not just yet.
I've got to be you
for few more days.
I'll be Reverend Fairman,
and you'll be my Deacon
from back in Georgia,
come to follow me
to my new parish.
Yeah. We'll say that
the long journey
got you all squirrely.
I know.
I will claim to have
lost my voice
from begging the Lord
into saving you
from being such a heathen,
and you, you can do
my sermon on Sunday.
Come Monday,
once the bank opens,
I can make my withdrawal,
and I'll be gone.
And leave you to the life
of your intention.
Now why in God's name
would I agree
to do something like that?
Because you're a survivor
and so am I.
And I got a purpose to achieve,
and if you hinder me
from that purpose,
I will shoot you deader
than beef jerky.
Nice to meet you,
Reverend Fairman.
-[flesh squelches]
Yup, that's a 44 slug
from a Colt
Whitneyville alright.
-[bullet clatters]
What kind of preacher carries
a goddamned Colt Whitneyville?
And how did you
let him outshoot you?
Hell, he don't know.
We had to explain it to him
11 times already
and he was the one
looking straight at him.
-What happened?
-[Eddie] You see?
He shot your gun out
before you could draw.
Then he plugged you in your leg
and left you laying in the dirt,
crying like a dang schoolgirl!
What'd you do?
What did any of you
half-assed idiots do? Huh?
I want you to find out who this
preacher man is
and send him to his maker.
Now remember everything I said.
It'd be sad to shoot you.
But I'd get over it faster
than you might imagine.
[whimsical music]
[members chatter]
Healing that man... [coughs]
...took a lot out of me.
But no matter
what the cost is to me,
-I think it's worth it
to save a man's soul.
That journey
sure put the devil in him,
but now he's back
and better than ever.
Y'all, get ready for
[woman 13]
Oh, praise the Lord!
Here he is.
What is his name?
We know.
What is his name?
That's his name too.
Uh... first or last?
It's his first
and his last name.
So he's Deacon Deacon.
He's actually Deacon
Deacon Deacon,
the third.
From a longline of Deacons...
...named Deacon... who were...
[members exclaiming softly]
-Deacons. [giggles]
-[member] Alright.
Oh. Oh!
Reverend Fairman said
that the Lord
has taken his voice
as a price for healing me,
and tomorrow, Sunday morning,
I, Deacon
Deacon Deacon
will preach in his place.
-[neighbor] Well,
who wants to hear
a Deacon who just stepped out
of the stone age an hour ago?
We have congregations coming
as far as Hogswaddle.
Now how we gonna explain
a cave man preacher?
-John 7:24.
-[gentle music]
"Judge not by appearance,
but judge a right judgment."
"For we walk by faith,
and not by sight,"
Corinthians 5:7.
Matthew 7:1.
"Judge not, lest the be judged.
For God has not brought
his son into the world
to condemn the world,
but that the world
might be saved through him."
John 3:17,
"And therefore
do not pass judgment
before the time,
before the Lord has come
who will shed light
on all things
that are in darkness
and expose the purposes
of the heart.
And everyone shall receive
their commendation."
Corinthians 4:5.
-Oh. That was beautiful,
Deacon Deacon Deacon.
-[man 12] Amen.
Why thank you.
Not as beautiful as--
You go on take the bed.
It's too soft for me.
Besides, it's gonna be yours
permanently after Monday.
You mean after you steal
the church's money
from the bank?
And where'd they
steal it from, huh?
Folks trying to buy "salvation?"
Tithing is not a purchase,
but of course,
you wouldn't know that.
They need a special outhouse
in Hell for you
for stealing from a church.
Ain't nothing sacred
about a damned
man-made building.
Then why are you whispering?
Shut up!
People donating
all this money for what?
So the, so the preacher
can have a,
a fancy chair like this?
Ain't nothing but a chair.
Keep my butt
from hitting the floor.
And what, this maple desk?
I guess the Lord need
a preacher to have a desk
like this to keep
the weight of a bible.
Or this fancy
jewel-crusted inkwell.
Now you gonna tell me
that the Lord--
[suspenseful music]
What is it?
It's from the late
Reverend Tharrington.
What does it say?
In the event of my demise,
please find this map
which leads
to the hidden treasure
that's on my property.
You get some rest.
You got a big day tomorrow.
[insects chirping]
[soft dramatic music]
[Percy snoring]
-[soft grunt]
I know you lost your voice,
so don't even bother
trying to speak.
Bessie's gonna do
all the speaking for us.
I know where I am,
and I know what I'm doing.
Last time, you wanted me.
And your friend here,
tells me you want me right now.
Am I right?
[both moaning softly]
[gun clicks]
Oh, it's you.
[soft music]
So, what brings you
out here at, uh, 12 midnight?
I see you got your voice back.
Comes and goes.
So, what brings you?
Mine is the next house over.
I saw some lights
and wanted to make sure
it wasn't Shealy's men out here
snooping around.
By yourself?
At least I'm hoping
you brought your pencil.
And my eraser.
[grunts softly]
And you?
What are you doing out here?
Well, since this is supposed
to be my property eventually,
I figured I'd come out here
and see the view.
What do you think?
It's beautiful.
the most beautiful thing
I ever did see.
The stars, the scenery,
it's amazing, isn't it?
I was beginning
to believe nothing like this
really existed.
[scoffs] Me too.
Life is full of surprises.
You never know what's in store.
Well, I sure am looking forward
to what comes next.
-[Elmer] Jessie!
No, Elmer, I'm fine!
I'm, I'm caught
in the bed trap again!
-[sighs] Look, I, um,
I have to...
It, it burns! Yeah. It hurts!
Trapped again.
It's, it's on the butt!
It's on the butt! Yeah.
[Percy snoring]
[quirky music]
-[bell tolling]
You sure woke up
on the right side of the bed
this morning.
Every day you wake up
is the right side.
Had a great night, Praise Jesus!
Me too.
[clears throat]
You know there's some things
I'm gonna be missing
about this town.
In time, you'll get over it.
Yeah. I suppose you're right.
Besides, I got to continue
on my road to vengeance.
Happy hunting.
Yep, and,
shame I'm gonna have to
leave with...
-...the church's
money like that.
-Lord will forgive you.
Church won't even know
it's gone.
Hey, what's gotten into you?
The holy spirit.
And the fruit of the spirit is,
love, joy, peace, patience,
Well, self-control
most of the time...
But come on. And faithfulness.
Against such things
there are no laws.
See you in the pulpit.
Good Sunday, Sister Jessie.
[whimsical music]
Oh. I understand.
Listen, uh,
last night, I really don't know
what came over me.
I haven't been
with anyone in a--
Well, honestly, I've just
never been with anyone.
And I might've been
out of my place. I,
I realize you've been
courting my sister, and...
[soft music]
[chuckles softly] Well...
Well, Bessie has agreed
to watch Elmer tonight,
so if you are so inclined...
I'd sure like to continue
where we left off last night.
Until tonight then.
[softly] Mm.
There's my friend. He misses me.
[laughs seductively]
Yeah. Yeah. Oh!
Oh, yes! You close that door,
sugar. And you help me
out of this dress.
We can get a quick one in
before the--
As we all know now,
the right Reverend Percival
Fairman, Jr.,
is suffering from laryngitis.
[members muttering]
Oh, and he won't
be able to perform his inaugural
sermon this morning.
-[members] Oh!
-[Betty] Oh,
can I get an amen?
Can I get an amen?
-[members] Amen.
-[Betty] Because
it is due to his exorcism
of the lost soul
of our newly beloved
Deacon Deacon Deacon.
-[members] Whoo!
Who is going to preach
in his place.
-[members cheer]
-[Betty] Alright, alright,
that's enough! That's enough!
Alright. Now the choir is
gonna give us a rendition
of "Lord my eyes."
Had a great night. Praise Jesus!
There's my friend. He misses me!
Self-control... Well,
self-control most of the time,
but come on.
Percy. What the hell did you do?
What do you mean?
Did you take liberties
with Miss Bessie
and have her thinking it was me?
It was more like she was takin'
-liberties with me.
The flesh is weak,
but that woman's love is strong!
Man, you should've been there.
Well, I guess you kinda were,
but I didn't mind
being you last night.
Well, I say,
maybe I didn't mind being me.
I guess I just couldn't
help myself,
-but to help myself.
-What the hell?
You're supposed to be
all Jesus Christ,
and you're gonna do
something like this?
[raising voice] Now you gonna
have me looking like I'm--
-It's a miracle!
-[members cheering]
The Lord has seen fit
to restore Reverend
Fairman's voice
just in time for him to preach
his inaugural sermon himself!
Praise the Lord!
Amen! Whoo!
-Thank you, Jesus!
-[members chattering]
[man 13]
Come on now, Reverend.
Y'all, uh...
...I never been much
on apologizing, and...
...y'all seem to be
very good folks,
and so I hope you...
...find it in your hearts...
...for a little forgiveness.
-What is forgiveness?
-What is forgiveness?
-Forgiveness is a choice.
-Forgiveness is a choice.
-[Bullseye] It's a decision.
-A decision...
...to release...
...someone of their obligation,
their bondage...
-[members] Yes.
-...to you.
Of their wrongdoing...
-[members] Yeah.
-[Bullseye] ...to you.
...to you.
-Matthew 6:14.
-Matthew 6:14.
If he forgive men
their trespasses,
your heavenly father
shall forgive you.
That's right.
-How many of us...
-[woman 14]
It's the Lord's word.
-[Bullseye] ...hold on...
-...hold on to the pain
others have inflicted upon us?
[soft wild west music]
To forgive is to set
a prisoner free.
[members chattering
in agreement]
Only to realize...
...that prisoner was you!
...that prisoner...
[cell door closes]
...was you!
[members exclaim]
Always trust
what's in your heart.
And it won't steer you wrong.
We must heal
from the hurt of our past.
It seems to me the only path
to that healing is love.
[murmur in agreement]
We must love ourselves enough
to forgive our enemies.
[murmur in agreement]
For us to move forward,
we must forgive
their transgressions,
so we can live
our righteous lives...
-[members] Yes!
-...without hate.
-[members] Amen! Yes!
-Say turn it loose!
-[members] Turn it loose!
-Turn it loose!
-[members] Turn it loose!
Forgive us our trespasses as...
[members] We forgive those
who trespass against us!
Blessed are the merciful for...
...they shall receive mercy!
Unforgiving people are...
Unforgiving people!
Let the church say,
turn it loose!
-[members] Turn it loose!
-Turn it loose!
Turn it loose!
if you would be so kind
as to shackle
my hands behind me.
[members mutters]
[somber music]
Lord, please give me
the strength...
-[woman 14] Yes.
-...to free myself
from the shackles
I wear of my own doing.
Free yourself!
Now folks, we've known shackles
better than anyone.
Yes, Lord. Amen!
If you have unforgiveness
in your heart,
then you are shackled
to your past.
Mm-mmm. Amen. Amen.
-To your history.
-[member] Yes! Mm-hmm.
And if you are shackled
to your history,
you are not free
to possess your future.
[members murmurs in agreement]
Your destiny.
-Say turn it loose.
-[members] Turn it loose!
-Turn it loose!
-Turn it loose!
-Now we can't change the past.
-[members murmur in agreement]
-[Fry] We can't change that.
-And our spirits ain't built
to carry it with us.
Mm-hmm. Talk to 'em about it.
Now forgiveness
doesn't change
your past neither.
Okay. Okay.
But it sure can change
your future.
That's right! Amen!
[murmurs in agreement]
What God has before us
-is much greater
than what's left behind us.
-[members] Yes!
Leave your shackles behind you!
-[members cheer]
And raise your hands
to see what God has
in store for you. Turn it loose!
-[members] Turn it loose!
-[Johnny] Turn it loose!
Turn it loose! Turn it loose!
Turn it loose!
[shouting in agreement
and praising]
[crowd chattering]
[woman 15]
Now how did he
get them shackles off?
[dramatic music]
-Yelling your own name
ain't gonna help you.
Deacon Deacon Deacon!
You have the nerve
to spend last night
doing what we were doing,
and then go after my sister?
I am surprised
you still had the strength.
Now that wasn't me.
It sure looks like you.
No. I, I mean with her.
I mean, that wasn't me.
I mean, it was,
it was dark, remember?
-Oh, so you do remember?
-No, no, no!
I wasn't with who--
I wasn't who you was with.
Are you saying I don't know
who I'm sleeping with
in the house of the Lord?
So who has been writing me
for the past two years?
Uh... me?
And last night, who was that
who met me under the stars
and made plans
to continue tonight?
-Well, that would be me,
but I can explain!
-[cries loudly]
-I can't even look at you!
-You just did.
Yes, I can, but not for long
'cause it hurts.
Do me a favor
and stay far away from me
and my sister from now on.
-You hear me?
-[crying continues]
Jessie, please, you-- Oh.
-[sobbing] Oh, my God...
-Don't you ever touch me
or my sister ever again
for as long as you live,
Mr. Preacher man.
[screaming and crying]
Bessie Lee!
I'm coming.
[sobbing and muttering]
-Bessie Lee!
-Don't even-- I don't know!
I do know! I do...
Percy, where are you?
-[crickets chirping]
-[soft music]
I don't care how much it costs.
I don't care how long it takes.
I just want those Ruff Riders
to come here
and burn this town to the ground
if they have to.
I will not be denied.
Get out!
[piano playing bright music]
[pub chatter]
-Oh, hello, Satan.
I bet you didn't think
I knew who you were, did you?
don't give him any water.
I gave him water
and he made my life
a living hell.
Percy. You got to tell Bessie
she was with you
the other night, or--
Or what? You're gonna shoot me.
I know you don't care.
Because come Monday,
you'll be gone
with the church's money.
No, no, no, listen.
I'm gonna stay on for longer.
Now this town is about to come
into a whole heap of money,
and I want to make sure
Tom Shealy
and his men
don't try to steal it.
So you can steal it yourself.
Percy, you got me wrong.
Thus sayeth Satan.
You know,
Satan was an angel too.
-That's why you knew the bible.
-No. No.
My daddy was a preacher,
and I just remembered some
of the mumbo jumbo.
Mumbo jumbo?
Oh, you really are Satan,
aren't you?
You know
there's a special outhouse
in hell
reserved just for you.
Now get out of my face,
and get thee behind me, Satan,
before I knock you
one more time.
You're drunk.
I'm drunk.
But not too drunk to do this!
-[blow lands]
[tense music]
[piano music stops]
[crowd murmurs]
[plays lively piano music]
[utensils shattering]
[customers grunting
and groaning]
[lively piano music playing
-[piano music stops]
Preacher, I need a word
with you outside.
[intriguing music]
You boys stay inside
and oversee the cleanup.
Wanna tell me about this?
I got this
off the press yesterday.
Johnny Black carries two custom
Colt 44 Whitneyvilles.
Sound like anybody you know?
Now what I need to tell you
is more important than me.
Now I'll surrender myself,
but I need you to listen.
I know why Tom Shealy
had the Reverend killed
and wants his property so bad.
I'm listening.
I need to show you something
that the late Reverend drew up
that'll answer everything.
But I want your word
that you'll uphold the law
as it pertains to the rights
of ownership.
By my oath to God!
I will say, after hearing
your sermon today...
...you got me.
I'll go get it
and be right back,
unless you wanna come with me.
No, I trust you,
Reverend Fairman.
It's Johnny.
You know that my authority
extends to granting pardons
as well.
Now you're a born-again man,
there's no doubt about that.
And in addition to the idea
of locking up that
scoundrel Shealy,
I'll see to it
that your past
stays in the past.
I'll be right back.
-[gun clicks]
-[Eddie] Evening Marshall.
[dramatic music]
Hand me those guns.
[gunshot in the distance]
We left him with the preacher!
[insects chirping]
[shotgun clicks]
How'd you get passed
my boobytraps?
I thought I told you never to
come near me again.
This ain't about me and you.
[Jessie] So this is what Shealy
was up to?
Oil on church property?
Do you know what this means?
Yeah, and so does Shealy,
which means he'll do anything
in his power to get it,
including killing everybody
in his path.
So, you gotta make sure
your government folks
protect this town
from what's coming.
Where are you going, Preacher?
Might as well tell ya.
You gonna find out anyway.
I'm meeting up with my gang
in Beaumont.
My name is Johnny Black.
I am no gentleman,
and I am no preacher.
I'm on the run from the law,
and they're probably gonna try
to pin the murder
of Marshall Cove
on my head as well...
...but I'm innocent.
So, everything you said
to me was a lie.
Not everything.
I swear
you're the most beautiful thing
I ever did see.
Great work, Eddie.
Two birds with one bullet!
No one in the way
to stop us now.
Except Jessie Lee.
Oh, I got plans for her.
Bring in those
two bottom feeders.
[door opens]
[intriguing music]
Mr. Shealy.
Tell Jessie I prepared
my final offer.
If she doesn't give me
the deed to that
Tharrington property
in the next 24 hours...
...I got the Ruff Riders coming
to burn this town to the ground.
The word'll be...
...White women raped
by Black men.
-M-- Mr. Shealy--
-No, no, no, no,
no one will care past that.
Not even the government.
So, if, uh, if, if we get
this deed signed then you can
turn them Ruff Riders around?
And then you two can enjoy
the prominence
of being the elected leaders
of this town.
But make sure
that deed is signed.
The fate of this town
rests in your hands.
-[door opens]
-Make sure phase two
goes off without a hitch.
[door closes]
Outlaw Johnny Black.
I mean,
it's in writing right there!
Wanted Dead or Alive!
Enough! Enough! Enough!
It's right here.
It says it on the poster.
The Outlaw Johnny Black!
Hush! Hush! Hush! Hush! Hush!
Everybody just hush
and let me explain.
That's right let
Deacon Deacon Deacon
have the floor.
My name is not Deac--
My name is Reverend Fairman.
But, it--
Johnny and me met in the desert
before we came here.
We got attacked by Injuns,
he thought I was killed,
and he took
my name to duck the law.
Ducked the law alright.
-[door opens]
-Put a bullet in his back!
Oh, ye of little faith!
Johnny may be a man
of questionable past
but a cold-blooded murderer
he is not.
He brought me this last night.
-It will clear up a whole lot.
-[Percy] Hey,
this the note he found
on Saturday
'fore he rode out at midnight.
So, who was here
at midnight?
I'm a whore.
Oh! Oh. Oh, no.
There's oil been found
on the property.
to keep this town
in prosperity for a century.
Ooh! Hallelujah!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
And enough reason for Tom Shealy
to kill the late Reverend
and to bury the facts with us.
And that is why we must
arm ourselves
and prepare for the worst!
Violence? Ain't you the one
-that said the pen was
mightier than the sword?
-[door opens]
Not when you need
a sword it ain't.
[door slams]
[dramatic music]
Here come Shealy's lap dogs now.
Hang your pitiful self,
Clancy. Skit!
-Scram! Skit! Scram!
-Skit! Scram!
I'm afraid that if you don't
get that deed signed,
Shealy's gonna level this town.
-Evoking the dreaded WWRBBM!
-[congregation gasps]
White woman raped by Black men?
I'm afraid so.
That is a flat out lie!
It doesn't have to be true.
It's unwritten, and it seems
to supersede
all constitutional laws.
Hell! It even works
when there are
no White women
living in the damn town.
Just the mention of it,
and it's...
That is why we must--
-[choking and groaning]
That is why we must--
Not in front of my kids!
[Jessie, raised voice]
That is why...
[in normal voice]
...we must decide
if we are going to live
on our knees
or die on our feet.
I say, a life worth living
is a life worth defending.
-[quirky music]
-Who's with me?
-[Mayor Williams clears throat]
-[Bessie] Who's with me?
I, I'm still trying
to find a man.
I ain't had no man in--
Now, when you say
who is with me...
-...does that refer to who?
Gotta milk a cow...
You probably don't know this,
but I have
brittle bones like a bird.
-If I throw a punch,
I could crack my spine.
-And my knees...
-I ain't had no children.
I still got good children
bearing years left.
-My knees is shot!
-They'll buckle.
They'll, they'll, they'll
bend backwards also like a bird.
Ever seen a bird
walk with backward knees?
I was thinking about
going to the saloon and...
I suggest the lighter
skinned ones of us...
...go first.
[faintly] Oh...
What happened?
You fainted.
Oh, Deacon, you must think
the worst of me.
-Me think the worst
of my Buttercup?
-[romantic music]
"The wind's of change
shall not heed
the path of my sail."
Percy? It is you!
-[door opens and closes]
Everyone! Everyone!
I think they found Johnny!
I think they found him. Come on!
Found Johnny? Come on!
[dramatic music]
Oh, my Jesus.
Almost made it to Beaumont,
didn't you?
Hope you like
your new home, Johnny.
Your bounty oughta triple
on account of killin'
the Marshall.
We'll work three man shifts
until the federal Marshall
gets here with our bounty money.
I'll take those cell keys.
Not that I don't trust you,
Sheriff, but I don't trust you.
[crowd murmuring]
Y'all best just go on home.
You can see him tomorrow
when he's on his way
to his hanging
after I get my money.
Go on! Get outta here.
As a man of God,
would I be permitted
to offer him some resolution?
Hello there, Reverend.
Well, I guess this is
the end of the line, I...
It's only right
I, I say I'm sorry.
Make sure these people
do right by this town now.
You know, you might be right...
there might just be
a special outhouse in hell
just waitin' on me.
Oh, I didn't mean that.
Look, uh, I'm sorry.
No, Percy, you stop.
The only person put me
in here is me.
Now this was my destiny
long before I met you.
My only regret is
I didn't get a chance
to do what I feel
I was meant to do.
Kill Brett Clayton?
No, Percy.
You see, these past few days
I had what you might call
a, a revelation.
See, uh, I been living
with all this hatred.
This hatred in my heart.
Hatred for my Daddy's killers,
hatred for my Daddy
for not shooting them down.
I... I've been livin'
with all this hatred because...
...it's the only thing I had.
And when I heard
my Daddy's words
coming out of my mouth,
I dunno, something...
...something stuck!
I finally understood why he did
what he did.
And... and it freed me.
I spent my whole life...
walking around
holding onto hot coals
that was burning nobody but me.
Once I turned them loose,
seemed kinda silly
to wanna pick 'em back up.
What was it that you thought
you were meant to do?
I reckon I wasn't meant
to live this life alone,
you know, just me and my hatred.
Least with Jessie Lee,
I, I got to feel something...
different before shipping off.
Well, it ain't over.
The Lord ain't through
with you yet.
Now who you fooling?
I'd be dead already
except they didn't
set the bounty
for Marshall Cove's death yet.
Look here...
This here is my first Bible.
Funny story about this thing.
Back in my fighting days,
a group of White fighters
came to town.
They said they wanted
to challenge the champion.
That was me at the time.
Now any dark fellow knows that
if a White man challenges you,
you better lay down
as soon as he hits you good.
That's if you don't want
any trouble.
Well, I did as expected,
and that cracker stood over me
laughing and waving his arms,
and right then
I got to thinkin'...
about all our people...
-...who had to sit there
and look at the same thing
but didn't have the strength
to do anything about it.
And right then and there
I made up my mind
enough was enough.
So I got up,
I dusted off my britches,
and I commenced to whippin tail!
[both laughs]
Boy, I turned that Toubab
every whicha way but loose.
White folks was sittin'
with their mouths wide open.
It was so quiet,
you could hear a boll weevil
peeing on cotton
five miles away.
[both laugh]
-Black folks just cheered!
-What'd them White folks do?
-Well, you know they did.
They hung my Black tail
from the highest tree.
I still have
the scar on my neck.
Well, they rode off
and left me hangin' there.
And I said to myself,
Lord, please don't
let me die like this.
I said, Lord, if you save me,
I'll serve you for the rest
of my life.
And right then,
that branch snapped.
-I hit the ground.
Who knows how long I laid there.
But I woke up and untied myself,
and, uh...
-...this here book
was right there next to me.
One of them men that hung me
must have left it behind.
Anyway, I picked it up
and began my journey.
And I been preaching freedom
in Christ ever since.
I don't think this branch
is going to break, Reverend.
Well, you never know.
[soft music]
Read John 8:31-32.
I think you might find
some comfort in it.
I gotta go.
Percy, where you going?
[tense music]
-[door opens]
-[Bessie] I'm here
to see Johnny Black.
Now I came here to see him,
and I mean to talk to him!
-Excuse me!
Y'all mind?
Where in blazes did Percy go?
He left yesterday
and hasn't been back all night.
Bessie, I don't know.
He didn't say
where he was going,
and I'm just...
I'm so worried about him.
Well, how are you?
How, how are they treatin' you
in here?
About as well as expected
I suppose.
How's Jessie?
She's alright.
You know, I never seen
my sister Jessie
look at anybody
the way she does you.
-When she comes to visit,
Now, I want you to promise me
you'll keep her away from here.
I don't want that woman
holding onto no ghost!
Now you know I'm right.
And did she, uh,
contact the authorities
about that piece of business?
She's sending
the telegram right now.
By herself?
No. Elmer's with her.
This is to be sent
immediately please.
-Not so fast.
You're coming with us.
-[gun clicks]
[suspenseful music]
[door opens]
[chuckles] Mr. Shealy.
Always a pleasure.
Always a pleasure.
-Uh-- Oh, right.
Right, right. Uh, sir, we, uh...
[clears throat]
...we gave them townpeople
and, uh, Jessie 24 hours.
-Just like you said.
-Exactly like you said, sir.
Exactly. And I just don't think
that they ready to comply.
Why don't you just focus
on another piece of land,
Mr. Shealy?
Because that's the land I want.
-And it's the land I shall have.
-[horses approaching]
The man knows what he wants,
Mr. Shealy.
But these townpeople,
you don't understand.
I mean,
they just ain't gon budge.
-And Lord knows,
you know Jessie.
-[door opens]
She ain't gon budge neither.
Well, let's just see
if Jessie has budged.
-[muffled screams]
-Let's see if Jessie
-has budged at all.
Eh, struggle all you want.
You didn't get that deed signed
when you had the chance,
and you forced my hand.
So you tell the townsfolk
that if they don't give me
a signed deed
for the Tharrington property
by sunset today,
I'm gonna shoot ol' Jessie Lee
and feed her to the coyotes
for a nighttime snack.
-You get me?
-Yes, sir.
[stutters] And, and once
that deed is signed,
then the land is legally yours.
I mean, you'll stop them
Ruff Riders from destroying
the town, right?
Just get it signed.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry, Jessie.
I had no choice.
Clancy, let--
Let's go.
-[dramatic music]
-[horses neighing]
Lot of good that's gonna do
where you're going, Outlaw.
Couldn't agree more, Bill.
You gentlemen
watch ol' Johnny here a piece.
I'm gonna go
check out that wire and see
how much he's worth.
Don't you hurt
a hair on his head.
They may offer us more
for him alive
just so they can
have the pleasure.
-[muffled speech]
There we are.
You filthy bastard!
You'll never get away with this!
Ooh, I already have.
Have you seen yourself lately?
It's a shame.
I've always admired you, Jessie.
Really. For your,
for your courage,
your intelligence...
...among other assets.
Any chance I can get
some water back here?
[sighs] Shut up, boy,
I'd be quiet if I were you.
Ain't no boys here.
Now you heard what Bill said.
Now if I die of thirst,
y'all might not get
all your money.
[man 14]
I don't give a hot damn
what Bi--
[tense music]
[gun clicks]
[gun clicks]
[gun clicks]
Alright. All of you, get up!
Take off them gun belts.
-[gun clicks]
-Back up.
What the hell is goin on--
Kinda wish you would.
[cell door closes]
I would sooner bed Lucifer.
Oh, no, no.
You've got me wrong, dear.
In this whole town,
the two of us
have the most in common.
No. We, we are
the most educated, determined,
leaders of our various flocks.
[laughs mockingly] That
sounds like a flock alright!
Don't tempt me, woman!
I can strip you bare
and take you right here
if I so choose,
so you just watch
-how you address me.
-You could never take me.
I am a devout child
of the Lord, Mr. Shealy,
and I fear no evil.
What about the rest
of the townfolk?
You know, I have got the riders
coming here to level this town
along with your
precious little flock.
Now, you wanna save them?
Stop being so stubborn.
If you think I'd take the word
of a jackal like you,
you truly take me for a fool.
Eddie! Ride out
ahead of the Ruff Riders
and tell 'em
to go right to work.
Take her to the maid's closet.
I'm gonna give you
a little more time
to think about this.
Now, I'd use that time wisely
because your time left on Earth
may be measured in minutes.
Something tells me
I'll see you punished
well before that happens.
[birds chirping]
I see you saved me the trouble?
What the hell are
you talking about?
It's Shealy,
he's got Jessie Lee.
-You've got to go save her.
-If this is a trap,
you're gonna be my first target.
Who do you think slipped Percy
the jailhouse key?
And I got you these.
[gun clicks]
[intriguing wild west music]
Let's go.
Get Shealy out here!
What's with you, Sheriff?
Get your ass up here
with that deed!
If you wanna see this deed,
you're gonna have to
listen to me and do as I say.
The tables have turned now.
And when you turn the tables,
you get a whole new meal
out here.
The shoe is on the other foot.
See, I was your boots before.
-But now I'm not even
in your wardrobe closet, yeah.
-[floor creaking]
Johnny! Help me!
[Yarbrough speaking
inaudibly outside]
[light tense music]
Matter of fact, listen.
When I hand this over to you,
you will agree to stop
the marauding horde.
I mean, if you can't,
I understand, you know.
'Cause stopping marauding hordes
ain't that easy. You know?
But you know what?
All you cracker ass bastards
is under arrest!
I don't know if you
recognize my voice,
but if you don't drop your guns
by the end of this sentence--
That wasn't a complete sentence!
[dramatic music]
So you're the Outlaw
Johnny Black.
And you're the bastard
I'm gonna enjoy watching
dangle from a rope.
Guess who's house
I'm gonna wind up owning?
Well, you might be too late
'cause the Ruff Riders
will be here any moment.
-Ruff Riders?
-Yeah. He hired them to destroy
the town so he can get the oil.
White women raped
by a Black man accusation?
Every goddamn time.
And Brett Clayton's
their new leader.
You tie these men up
and take Tom Shealy into town.
I'm gonna ride ahead
and mount an offensive.
-Jessie, where you going?
-Where you think?
Where the hell you going?
[horse neighs]
-[dramatic music]
-[horses neigh]
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wow. Look at that, boys.
About the cutest thing
I ever saw.
I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna start by killing
the young'uns
-so you can see
how compassionate I am.
-[gun clicks]
Now, hold on.
Hold on.
This town is gonna be rich.
Whatever Shealy was paying you,
we'll pay double.
He gonna double it.
So what you're not getting,
is that sometimes,
it ain't about the money.
Sometimes it really is
just about the pure enjoyment
of it all.
[dramatic music]
-Yeah. Now see, I enjoyed that.
Seeing the look
on a Nigra's face
when you show him
his rightful place.
Brett Clayton!
[crowd murmuring]
-And who the hell are you?
-[Johnny] You know,
I've had a bullet
with your name on it
for over 20 years.
And I've been dreaming
of the day I'd give it to you.
But now, I know you ain't worth
the gun powder.
You see, I learned something
these past few days.
I know that killing you
will never bring back my daddy.
Or cleanse the hurt
that you caused.
The only way to cleanse that
is by forgiving you.
That way, I'm rid of you
for the rest of my life.
So on behalf of my father,
and in the name of Jesus,
I forgive you, Brett Clayton.
-[man 15] That's right.
if you and your men
will just turn and leave,
there won't be any bloodshed.
Won't be any bloodshed.
Look around.
We're 30 guns to your five.
Think again!
I brought some reinforcements.
How in the hell did he hear me?
-[Brett] A what?
What's a coustic?
Well, still ain't enough.
How about now?
Aw, come on.
Thanks to the Doc
for taking that slug out my back
that I can repay
the favor, Eddie.
I've absolved you
of your crimes.
You're a free man.
But you, Brett Clayton
are worth $10,000 dead or alive.
Don't matter.
We're still at about
a seven gun advantage.
Does it now?
Oh, son of a bitch!
Missed you up in Beaumont.
Heard you got rustled up
out here.
[guns clicking]
[horse neighs]
There's your big boss now.
Good luck getting your money.
You know, some things
ain't about the money.
Like I said.
-[gun clicks]
-[crowd gasps]
[dramatic wild west music]
[men grunting and groaning]
[gunshots continue]
[battle cry]
[empty gun click]
Hey, Eddie!
[music stops]
[man 16]
Here we go!
[slow dramatic wild west music]
Do the right thing now.
I fear no evil.
You don't choose. I choose.
-[Vern sobbing]
-[Percy] Johnny! Johnny!
You don't have to do this!
Vengeance is mine,
sayeth the Lord!
Well, justice is mine today.
[applause and cheering]
[triumphant music]
Take ol' Brett to Border Town
and split that bounty 60/40
favoring your end of course.
He's all yours, Bill.
I ain't going nowhere
I mean, I'll be right here
to collect my 60%,
just so we clear.
And there's a lot more money
coming to this town
that we'll know what to do with.
Well, I think
I know what we'll do.
This is gonna be a town
of the future.
A place where Black, White,
Mexican, Indian, Chinese,
and Chinese lookin'
can raise families
in a healthy environment
that celebrates
our cultural differences
and uses them to enhance
our overall community
and way of life.
To Hope Springs!
To Hope Springs!
And our new sheriff,
Johnny Black!
Johnny Black!
[upbeat western music]
Boy done good.
Sho did!
[upbeat western music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[gentle piano music]
[soft piano music stops]