Outlaw King (2018) Movie Script

I promise to be faithful
and loyalto Edward, King of England,
to never again bear arms
against him or his... heirs.
So help me God.
Stay there.
Sir Robert, your father
is an oldand valued friend,
a great warrior who saved
my life in the Holy Land.
You fought well for eight years,
but not always on the right side.
I welcome your renewed fealty,
and accept your submission.
- Is that all?
- Yes, Sire.
My lords of Scotland,
today you have each pledged fealty to me
as your rightful overlord.
Any lands confiscated during this conflict
will now be returned to you.
- See? That wasn't so bad.
- I hope you see the futility
of your years of opposition,
and accept responsibility
for the bloodshed
that could have been avoided.
Lord John Comyn, Lord Robert Bruce...
Step forward.
I understand both your families
have a strong claim on the Scottish crown.
However, neither can be favored.
England will continue to governyour
province and receive its due in taxes.
- Our viceroy, Sir Aymer de Valence...
- Sire.
...will lead a new council
of Scottish administration.
You both will be proud to serve under him,
and you will take that opportunity,
if you are wise,
to heal the differences between you.
Offer your hands.
Now let us be what we once were...
Music! Drink! Feast!
- Rob!
- Your Majesty...
a memorable day, Sire.
That must have been painful for you.
I'm sure
I've had worse, Your Highness.
Do you rememberour summers
at Westminster, when I was a little boy?
Our footraces,
dueling with wooden swords.
You were always so good at everything.
That was just because
I was older than you.
What would you say to a duel right now?
Like old times?
And break my oath already?
The order was to come unarmed,
Your Highness.
Let's say five pounds
to whomever wins leverage.
Let's make it ten.
I heard you'd developed
a taste for wagering.
Piers, fetch him a sword.
It's unfortunate
you hadsome sentimental notion
of fighting for the people.
It's understandable.
- Not a good start, Bruce.
- Watch yourself, brother.
Endearing, even.
I just wanted to win.
William Wallace...
the last rebel standing.
Well done!
- Prick.
- How much have you had to drink?
Not nearly enough.
Keep the head, Robert.
They say he lives in Selkirk Forest.
Some consider him a martyr...
others, a madman.
What do you think?
I think he is a man
who loves his country more than his life.
Diplomatically put.
All right, fortunately,
you Scottish nobles
dont sharethat passion.
Or wed have to kill you all.
James Douglas, stop!
Your Majesty!
"Your Majesty!" What is it?
Your father,
he wishes to see you at once.
Shut up,
you sniveling fool!
- You're late.
- You know how much this means to me.
Please, for once use your brain.
Stay there.
- Thank you, Bishop.
- I'll see what I can do.
You're the one who was up all night,
clutching your chamber pot!
What the hell are you doing?
You have responsibilities.
We've had petitioners.
Sit down!
When are you gonna grow up?
Robert insisted we wager on swords.
And I have grown up.
You just dont like me very much.
Pardon me, Sire.
There is one last petitioner.
James Douglas.
Your Majesty,
I am the son of Sir William Douglas,
who died a prisoner
in the Tower of London.
Your father was a treacherous rebel.
Our lands were seized
and giftedto Sir Richard de Clifford.
- Traitors forfeit their lands.
- That land, Sire, is my birthright.
- You heard my father. Get out.
- You have balls, I'llgive you that.
Get out of here,
before I have them removed.
I never want to hear
the name Douglas again.
I know this young man. I baptized him.
Pardon me, Sire, for his insolence.
- Do not push your luck today!
- He can't do that!
He slandered my name.
That's how you pass a camel
through the eye of a needle.
Sire, ready.
Come! Rob, I have something to show you.
Friends, join us.
We have a spectacle.
Has there not been enough humiliation?
Lord Oliphant tried to surrender
two days ago.
Edward refused to accept.
Wants to be certain we get the message.
Everyone needs to understand
that this surrender is final.
Light the Greek fire.
Also, it took three months to build,
so I don't want to waste it.
My lords...
and ladies...
I give you...
the War Wolf.
Now you can accept the surrender.
Yes, Sire.
Congratulations, my lords.
Today, you're on the winning side.
I'm proud of you, Robert.
You had the courage to stand up to me,
and the wisdom to stand down.
Well done for bringing
your son round, Rob.
Sir Roger de Mowbray,
fierce steward of the north,
vanquisher of Stirling!
Our thanks!
Finally, Sir Richard de Burgh,
valiant marshal,
loyal servant of the Crown.
Your Grace.
We give the hand
of your daughter, Elizabeth,
my god-daughter,
to Sir Robert de Brus.
And may this pairing symbolize
the harmonious union of our two countries.
The fathers may kiss.
Youve mourned her long enough, Robert.
Edwards intentions were well-meant.
The important thing is we are favored.
This council with Valence...
is a mere formality.
Edward will offer us the crown.
He all but promised me.
Youd be a lackey.
if it meant me being king.
And after me, you.
King Robert.
Sadly, the choice was to submit
or be hounded to death. It's that simple.
- And you trust Edward's peace, Angus?
- I didn't say I trusted him.
What is peace with a sword
to the throat?I say we fight...
We swore an oath, Alexander, to God.
If we break it, we'll have no honor left.
So we do nothing, Euan?
And live like cowards?
- That's not what I meant...
- Enough!
made the decision.
It is ours to bear.
His family has
vast lands northand south to the border.
You could do a lot worse.
What happened to his first wife?
She died giving birth to his daughter.
Do I have to call her Mother?
I wonder if shell like Jessie.
Well, shed better!
Are you ready?
I hear this one's got
two legs for a change.
- Heard she smells like Jessie, too.
- Quiet!
Hairy old thing.
- Robert.
- Your Highness.
My father sends his best.
And you know Bishop Lamberton, of course.
- Bishop.
- Congratulations, Lord Bruce.
My lord.
My lord,
my daughter Elizabeth.
My lady.
My lord.
And you must be Marjorie?
And whos this handsome fellow?
Our dog, Jessie, my lady.
Call me Elizabeth.
- Elizabeth?
- Mm-hmm.
My lord, your new estates in Ireland,
from which you will now gather rents.
Most kind, my lord.
- What do you think you're doing?
- Lord Bruce bid us celebrate in here.
Get back in the kitchen.
Are you enjoying yourself?
Trying to.
Are you?
appreciating your honesty.
My lord.
It's about time
to retire to your bedchamber.
Please, follow me.
Yes, that's it, Bruce!Off to bed!
Time to rut!
- Amen.
- Amen.
Was this her room?
Thank you for enduring
what you had to tonight.
I'm sure it was difficult.
Sleep well.
That was... quick.
Aye, well, you'd know
plenty about that,Seamus.
What song is that?
"Bonny at Morn."
That's pretty.
Thank you.
Taxes for wool!
Taxes for honey!
- This way, please.
- My lord,
you promised our taxes would be reduced
once the wars with Edward were over.
Aye, I know, Iain.
Sadly, we're still paying Edward
compensation for the rebellion.
- How are you?
- My lady.
Livestock over there,
by the horses.Everything else over here.
All baskets over that side.
- Get out the way!
- In the name of the King!
Move aside there!
- Move yourselves!
- I'll handle this, Father.
Round them up! Yes! Come on!
It is our feudal duty to provide fighting
men for our overlord, King Edward.
You assured us
these obligations would be over!
- I'd hoped they were.
- Hes not yet 14!
My father is Richard de Burgh,
a senior marshal in your army.
I presume you have heard of him?
I know for a fact he prefers
to command men, not children.
Let him go.
Let him go.
Do it. We have enough.
What you did today was...
Anything else?
Good night, then.
I'll see Lord Valence
gets theseconscription papers
straight away, my lord.
Did I ever tell you of the time,
Robert, when I...
went to the Holy Land to fight?
I bought a small monkey on a chain.
Moses, we christened him.
All the hours me and King Edward
spent training Moses...
In the end,he could ride a horse.
He could even fire a tiny bow and arrow
that Edward himself had fashioned.
was my friend, Robert.
He was my brother in arms.
But I fear I've made a...
a grave mistake in trusting him.
Robert, you just buried your father.
Im still obliged
to pay my taxes to our king.
Fresh pies!
- Would you like a pie, sir?
- What do you have, my dear?
We have game pie, sir.
Bless you.
Clear the way!
This yours, little fellow? Eh?
Did you lose something?
- Taxes from Carrick.
- Thank you, Lord Bruce.
What's happened?
Wallace! William Wallace!
- No!
- Bastards!
- Go home!
- Soldiers! Form a line!
- Disperse by order of the King!
- You murderers!
- You murdering bastards!
- They've killed Wallace.
Get back!
- Move back!
- Bastards!
Make way in the name of the King!
Get back, you bastards!
Get back!
You bastards!
- Get back, Robert!
- Robert!
- Beat them back!
- Disperse!
Get back!
You can't do this!
This is for Wallace!
Kill the bastards!
We have to do something here!
They're too strong.
There's too many!
We have to do something!
Robert, we have to fight back!
Now is not the time. Robert!
- Wallace!
- Come on! Robert!
Let's go!
- More wine, my lord?
- Thank you, Seamus.
Elizabeth, I have to speak to my brothers.
That's fine.
I can hear what you have to say.
Seamus, Gayle, Drew.
My Lord.
Good night.
We swore vows on King Edwards Bible...
that we will need to break.
- Why? What happened?
- Wallace is dead.
The people are up in arms.
There can be no peace.
What would Father say?
Father is gone. This is my decision.
But you are my blood.
My family.
I cannot do this without you.
We need to raise an army.
It's crucial we get as many Lords
on our side as possible,
including John Comyn.
I'm sorry if I was rude earlier,
but I...
I know you have no need for my counsel.
Its true,I have seen
very little of the world.
However, a young lady of my standing
is afforded a great deal of time to read,
to form distinct opinions, and...
to draw her own conclusions
about the nature of power.
- All right.
- Power is making decisions.
Power is not allowing yourself
to bebuffeted on the tides of history.
Instead, it is choosing a boat,
climbing aboard, and hoisting the sail.
I choose you.
And whatever course you are charting,
I choose you.
My husband.
Good night.
Good night.
I don't like it.
We can't trust Comyn.
It's sacred ground, Angus.
I still don't like it.
Well, he insisted.
I confess,
I was surprised to receive your letter.
I do urgently desire to discuss with you
a matter most delicate.
It's a bit cryptic, wouldnt you say?
It was intentional.
I see.
And if I were to infer that your aim
was in fact to reignite a rebellion...
We already tried it.
For eight bloody years.
And we failed.
Because we didnt unite.
No, because your family
were too busy trying to claim
a crown that wasnt theirs.
Are you saying you wish
to relinquish that claim?
Im saying we need to set aside
our rivalry and win back our country.
Then we can decide
who wears the crown. Us.
Not Edward.
John, between us,
we couldraise 20,000 men.
- We could have a fighting chance.
- Itll never work.
The people are tired of war and suffering.
Wallace was tortured and slaughtered.
The people aren't tired,
they are desperate for justice.
Wallace got what he deserved.
He wasnt a man, he was an idea.
A destructive and dangerous idea.
Almost as dangerous
as the idea youre proposing.
You Bruces are all the same.
- John...
- Youre not worthy of our country.
And I swear Ill do whatever it takes
to keep you from being its king.
And once I explain to Edward
the meaningof your furtive letter to me,
hell place a noose over your head...
and Scotlands crown upon mine.
He was going to betray you.
You had no other choice, Robert.
We have to tell Lamberton.
I'm a damned man now.
With Robert,
at least we stand a chance.
He needs to be excommunicated,
as the Pope will surely demand.
Where would that leave us?
If we disown him now,
we remain at the mercy of Edward.
The survival
of the Scottish church is at stake.
No one is arguing that,
but you are asking us
to support a murderer.
The answer is clear, is it not?
You will confess.
And I will absolve you
for the murder of John Comyn.
If you vow to support the Church,
we will support
your inauguration as our king.
It must be done quickly. In Scone.
Scone may be dangerous.
Its next to the English garrison
at Perth.
For the people, it must be Scone.
We need legitimacy,
particularly now.
Scone it is.
I am so sick of Scotland!
Slaying his rival on sacred ground.
Its lunacy!
I knew he detested John Comyn,
but I never thought he'd go this far.
He'll have himself crowned king
before the Pope can excommunicate him.
King? Robert? You think he would dare?
Put me in charge of this.
I know you think me incompetent, Father,
- but I am to be king...
- Hm.
...one day. Let this be a test.
What would you do, son?
I would raise the dragon, Father.
Get word to Valence.
Robert the Bruce to be declared an outlaw.
Any man or woman who would give shelter
to him or any of his ranks
to be executed without trial.
My son will raise the dragon banner.
The codes of chivalry are ended.
There will be no quarter.
Your recklessness
is going to getus all killed!
- Not if we stand side by side.
- The bishops absolved him.
- Surely you can do the same.
- Its not as simple as that.
- Why is it not as simple as that?
- Because we promised our people peace!
We should never have surrendered.
We had no choice because we had
no one to lead us.
Perhaps now we do.
The Comyns
and the Balliols will never swallow that.
The Balliols have had their chance.
- Think about what you're doing here.
- It's time for change.
He will not be forgiven.
Robert... I'm with you.
As am I.
Hurry yourself. Come on!
We must be careful on the road to Scone.
We have enemies on all sides now.
I am sorry...
for bringing you into this.
I understand.
And I know my duty.
Thank you.
I'll be with you the whole time.
Can we?
- Please, can we take him?
- We can't. I'm sorry.
- Seamus here will take good care of him.
- Please.
Let's move out.
Halt! Rider ahead.
Just be ready.
What is your business?
I said halt!
My Lord,
I am James, son of William Douglas
of Douglasdale.
I recognize your father in you.
I've come to pledge myself
to you as your defender.
He could be a spy,
loyal to Comyn, perhaps,
or even Edward.
What is it you actually want?
I want what Edward stole
from my father and me.
I want my land back.
I want my name back.
Now, you give me that,
I will be loyal to you forever.
I killed John Comyn at the altar.
You should knowthe man
to whom youre offering loyalty.
Are you a good man?
Im trying to be.
Thats good enough for me.
Oh, arent we fortunate.
You can bring up the rear.
Let this blow be
the last you receive unanswered.
The crown worn
by every Scottish king
has been stolen by the English King.
So, too, our ancient coronation stone
and yet remains in Scotland a little gold
and good men to work it.
We have a crown.
We have a king to wear it.
Praise be to God.
I inaugurate you,
Robert Bruce, son of Robert Bruce,
son of Robert Bruce,
son of Isabella Huntingdon,
daughter of David, Earl of Huntingdon,
son of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon,
son of David, King of Scots.
God bless the King of Scots.
God bless the King of Scots.
Your Majesty.
I wear this crown
as a symbol of my duty
to serve the Scottish people.
My title is King of Scots.
Not of the land, but of the people.
By these swans,
I vow to avenge
this murderous insult to God!
I hereby pledge my undying fealty
to Robert Bruce, King of Scots.
Thank you, my lord.
Scrymgeour, you have hands like rocks.
These are paws. My father was a bear.
I, too, pledge my undying fealty.
Valence's men are assembling in Perth.
And now the real test begins.
Your Majesty.
You were wise to join us.
That murderer is no king of mine.
Nor anyones much longer.
The Prince and his envoy are on their way,
unbound by the shackles of chivalry.
Theyre flying the dragon banner.
As King of Scots,
I speak for our sovereign nation.
I demand that you return
our castle at Perth.
I demand that you return to your homeland.
King of Scots.
You murdered my brother-in-law
and made my sister a widow.
I look forward to this fight.
We can resolve this conflict
by fighting one-on-one.
I accept.
But today is a Sunday.
I know you dont much respect
holy matters, but I do.
Tomorrow then.
Tomorrow then.
That wasn't the plan, Robert.
The man's a bloody beast.
Are you sure this is a good idea?
I can handle myself.
And what happens if he kills you?
Shouldnt you wait for the Prince?
The Prince has served his purpose
by raising the dragon banner.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
The King has made it clear
that we must do whatever it takes.
We are dealing with outlaws, man.
They have no rights.
Trying to take
everyone's money again,Archibald?
You fancy a game of knucklebone, Sire?
Perhaps later. Go easy on them.
You arsehole.
Did you get them, Drew?
Yes, Sire.
Good man.
I couldn't find any decent goblets.
- Nor any decent wine.
- No.
Alas, we are but King
and Queen of the May.
And tomorrow will come
to strip us of our crowns.
We have too much work to do
to let that happen now.
- If I die tomorrow...
- No. I wont speak of it...
If I die tomorrow...
you are Marjories and she is yours.
Do whatever you must.
Do you understand?
What is it? Robert?
Get down!
- Now, come!
- Marjorie, up.
- What's happening?
- Up. Go.
Go! Get down!
- Marjorie, hold on.
- Down!
- Neil! Now, go!
- I'm with you, Robert.
Take them to the horses, go!
Marjorie, run!
Come on, I need you to run!
Horses! Prepare the horses!
Foot soldiers.
Atholl men, on me!
Come on, you bastards!
Take them to Kildrummy.
Lord Fraser's a friend.
Dont worry, brother.
Theyll be safe with me.
- Come on.
- Lord Fraser will take you to France.
I want you to take me. No.
I'll meet you there, okay?
- You take us. Daddy, please.
- Be brave. I love you.
- Come on, Marjorie, let's go.
- Look after each other.
- No! You can come!
- Marjorie.
- Come. Quickly.
- I'll come find you.
Bruce! Ahhh!
Remember the name Douglas!
Retreat! Pull back!
Go! Go!
- Move! Get him out of here!
- Go! Run!
Bruce isn't here!
Kill all the prisoners.
Let the Scots see what comes of pledging
fealty to their new "king."
- On your knees!
- What about Atholl? He is an earl.
Take him to London.
You bastard, Valence.
The king will hang him for treason.
And, Percy, spread word.
Gold to those who lead us
to Robert the Bruce.
Perhaps you should say
a few words to the men.
And say what?
Let's get these men on the horses.
John, you're hurt.
Here, Duncan. Come here.
Thank you.
We can go to Islay, to my home.
Its so remote, no one will think
to look for you there.
We can enlist the islanders.
Replenish our ranks.
What do you think?
We don't have a choice, do we?
Fifty men to fight
the strongest army in the world.
Lord MacDougall.
Have you come to join us?
And why would we be wanting to do that?
No more taxes for Edward's pocket.
No more good men
dying in wars not of their making.
We can unite Scotland.
We could win her back.
Youve got nerve, Bruce,
Ill give you that.
Comyn was my cousin.
Youre no king of ours.
Lord Fraser, we bring the Queen.
Your Majesty.
Follow me.
Welcome to Kildrummy.
You know, Marjorie,
your mother grew up here.
You can have her bedroom.
My lady.
Hang the bastards!
This is what you get
for supporting Robert the Bruce!
We go south,
we run into Valence's men.
And north,
we go back into MacDougall land.
If we take the boats across this loch,
the other side of that hill
is the coast to Islay.
Ah, it's a wonderful idea
in theory,Douglas,
but there's more hole than boat.
This boat's good.
We can't leave the horses.
We don't need horses, we need men.
Euan, gather provisionsas you can.
James, put the horses in the forest.
Alexander, you come with me.
We need as many men
on that boat as we can.
- Hamish, John.
- Horses in the forest now!
Let's go.
Well be back for you.
Lead the horses
and follow me into the woods.
Good man, Alex. See you soon.
Not worth it, Your Majesty.
It's too small.
Look! MacDougalls!
- Into the boats!
- MacDougall!
Bruce's men!
Hold the line!
Die, you Bruce bastard!
- To the boat!
- Quickly!
Go! Into the boat!
Get on the boat!
Take my hand.
Come here. I've got you.
Thanks, brother.
No! No!
Euan, we need the space, boy!
We need the space!
I'm sorry, boy.
Come on board!
Douglas! Come here!
Get on!
- Row!
- Row!
Come on! Row!
You failed to wait for me.
You attacked by night,
you had the upper hand,
you had the element of surprise,
and yet you lost him.
The battle was a success.
We crushed them mercilessly.
A few managed to escape.
Including the Bruce!
Your aim, our aim,
was to capture him, and you failed!
My scouts are searching for him,
Your Highness.
And a reward has been offered.
It will be your head if he's not found.
- Lord Buchan.
- Your Highness.
You bring news of the Bruce?
No, Your Highness,
his wife and child.
Marjorie, we've been riding
horses for days. Are you not tired yet?
English soldiers approaching,
we have to go now.
Get to the trees,
I'll send horses and men. Go.
Lord Fraser!
We know you have
the Bruces wife and child.
Hand them over and I spare the castle!
They are not here, Your Royal Highness.
Theres no need to burn us down.
I will open the gate.
Neil, where's Robert?
Your Highness, I dont know.
Where are his wife and daughter?
They left for Turnberry on Tuesday.
They left for Turnberry on Tuesday?
Where is your brother?
I swear I don't know.
I swear I don't know!
- Uncle Neil!
- I swear!
- You forced my hand, Neil.
- Elizabeth!
- I swear!
- Let him go!
- I swear I don't know!
- What are they doing?
- No, please. I swear.
- Uncle Neil!
No! No!
Look at me!
No, no! No!
No! Stop!
No, Neil!
Where is your husband?
We dont know.
We dont know.
Please, have mercy.
Your father is a tyrant, you are not.
You think me weak?
Compassion is not weakness.
I have all the traits my father has,
save one:
You seem like a...
reasonable man.
Where's the Bruce?
I truly dont know.
Hang them both up
for all to see what becomesof those
who support the outlaw Bruce.
Take the women to England,
seize all his lands.
Leave him with nothing.
See you later.
Come on.
Lord Mackinnon.
I heard a rumor you made yourself king,
and the Prince is tearing Scotland
apart looking for you.
I've come to ask for your support.
My men and I
stood with Wallace at Falkirk.
Where were you then?
There was no winning Falkirk.
You know that.
How can I follow a man
who's never won an open battle?
From what I've been told,
you barely escaped Methven alive.
We were ambushed in the dead of night.
How many men have you?
I'm still rounding people up.
I wish you luck. I truly do.
Come on, Lachlan!
I've known you for over 25 years.
- Now just please, give us some people...
- Angus!
- We've come here for your help.
- Are you done?
I believe, in time,
you'll change your mind.
And I'll be waiting.
Good to see you all again!
Hamish, how you doing?
How you doing, boy?
My darling!
Where the fuck have you been?
You said three weeks,
its been four months!
Much has happened, my love.
Oh, Angus.
- Maybe I'll see you later, then.
- Sure.
Is that Robert?
Our new king.
Welcome, Your Majesty.
It's good to see you again, Aine.
Come! Lets get you warm and fed.
One man to down the horse.
And one man to remove the knight.
And then to kill him.
Weak spots under the arm,
the neck... On your feet.
And in the groin.
You go near my daughter again,
I'll cut them off and use them as bait.
Are we clear?
What you doing, you bastard?
- I'll kick your bloody arse, Douglas, eh?
- You taste sweeter!
You think that's bloody funny?
Right. Who's next?
Thank goodness.
I'm to take the girl
to our convent for religious training.
Only the girl.
Isn't that wonderful?
The sisters want to look after you.
And they are gonna take
such good care of you.
Come, child.
Are you coming?
No, but...
we'll all be home again soon.
I'm certain of it.
And Father?
Come on. Come here.
- No.
- Come on, Marjorie.
Please, don't make this hard.
No, I don't want to go! No!
Marjorie, I'll see you soon. I promise.
I love you.
- No, I want to go back!
- I love you.
- You'll be fine.
- Let go!
No. Elizabeth!
Let go of me! Elizabeth!
Your Grace.
Angus's other daughter.
Oh, here he comes.
This could get interesting.
Kildrummys fallen.
Every man massacred.
Your brother was hanged,
drawn and quartered.
My wife? My daughter?
Theyre both alive.
Taken by the Prince.
We have to go back.
You wanted to be king.
Well, you're king now.
This is the price you pay.
We only win if you survive.
Thinking about revenge?
I know the feeling.
It tears at the soul.
But it can also be a weapon.
No more chivalry.
Now we fight like wolves.
Open the gate.
- You know him?
- Aye.
Come on, James.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Lord Bruce.
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
Youre late.
Where have you been?
Aye, sorry. Wheel came clean off.
Took an age to fix it.
Yeah, well, come on!
Lets unload this
before they gut the both of us.
By the gate!
What've you got in there?
- Porridge.
- Oh...
I'll have some of that, then.
Come on, get me a bowl.
Of course.
Come on!
Follow me!
Die, you bastard!
To the stairs! Follow me!
Arm yourselves!Arm yourselves!
Seamus. Are you all right?
Your Majesty! Its good to have you home.
We cant stay.
Theyll know where we are.
- Youre all to come with us.
- Aye.
We take what we can, and burn it down.
- Gayle!
- Leave nothing for the enemy.
Burn it! Burn it all!
This is how we do it.
We travel in stealth.
Strike without warning.
Take the land back castle by castle,
destroying them as we go.
Its not exactly chivalry, but I like it.
Burn it all and take what you can!
Let's move!
Robert, you know,
my fathers land is only a days ride.
It would mean so much to me
if I could take it myself.
You know, Id only need two or three men.
Take five.
And keep your wits about you.
I've already lost two brothers,
I can't bear to lose another.
Everyone out!
Good luck, boy.
Palm Sunday...
I watched once, from that very window,
my mother and father standing
in this courtyard.
And my father whispering
in my mothers ear.
I dont know what he said,
but it must have been funny because she...
she couldnt stop laughing.
I used to drink this water.
Poison it.
Throw the bastards down the well.
Wheres that cunt Clifford?
Hes gone to join Valence, my lord.
Well, then, Ill see him soon enough.
Friends, don't be afraid. Please join me.
Come, enjoy this Palm Sunday feast.
It was prepared for your enemies.
It is yours now.
As is everything in my familys castle.
I serve Robert Bruce, King of Scots!
Join us to free our land!
Sir Richard's castle
in Scotland has also fallen.
The man responsible may have been mad.
He was heard screaming
the same word over and over.
He claimed to be fighting
for Robert the Bruce.
The outlaws continue
to sack their own castles,
and as word of Bruce's exploits spreads,
so does his support amongst the people.
Of course, there are still nobles
who remain loyal to the Crown.
This morning...
I woke up...
performed my ablutions,
and then walked
from my bedchamber to the great hall.
And on the way, I stumbled.
No reason, just...
just lost my footing.
Well, I lose my footing sometimes.
Especially in the morning
when the body is still waking up.
It was my hope to grow old
and not die on the battlefield.
But I see now
that the great danger
in a deathfrom natural causes
is that one may
be lying in one's bedchamber,
thinking of all the things
that have been left undone.
Fear not, Father.
We will not fail you again.
Well, you managed to imprison a few women.
These gentlemen of France
were in the dungeon. They wish to join us.
Is it true?
Youre the King of Scots?
He certainly is, you cheeky wee shite.
Go tell all your friends
were going to win our country back.
Aye, Sire. Come on, Arthur.
Is that really the King?
Robert.I bring more men.
- Drew!
- Your Majesty.
- Good to have you back!
- We found them on the road.
We thought you were dead!
They tried to ambush us!
I have something for you, Sire.
I managed to take it from Methven.
You look after this for me.
Youve done a grand job so far.
I'll guard it with my life.
It's good to have you back.
It's all right.
All's well, Elizabeth.
You're here!
It's all right. We missed you.
Be calm.
Be strong. Look at me.Look at me.
Look at me.
I have known you all my life.
Now, my father is only
granting you this chance
because you are his goddaughter.
Is that understood?
- We are very grateful...
- Margaret.
Now, Elizabeth,
you are to renounce the title of Queen,
and the marriage will be annulled.
Your pitiful union is a charade.
It'll be all right.
You're doing the right thing.
Do not weep.
Come now.
Robert will soon be dead,
and you can go home to your family.
If he will soon be dead, then why...
why force me to forsake him?
He's continuing to evade you...
isn't he?
Why do you laugh at me?
I have been kind!
I have given you this opportunity
to redeem yourself!
Now sign it!
My lord, I pray.
- Elizabeth...
- Take the quill in your hand. Now sign.
- Sign.
- Sign.
I cannot.
- No, no, no. No, my lord...
- Elizabeth...
- Come on!
- No!
No! No!
Lower her down.
Wait, wait, wait!
Its time to come out in the open.
Their army. Our army.
Theyll destroy us.
We've no chance against their cavalry.
Angus is right.
If we try and face them head on,
in an open battlefield,
theyll be riding straight towards you.
Let them.
Well be ready.
We'll be like the spider and its web.
Best to wait, Robert,
- gather our strength.
- No.
I'm done with running,
and Im sick of hiding.
We'll provoke them
until they come after us.
A raid on the Earl of Herefords
castle at Lochmaben
by Robert the Bruce...
and 50 men.
Go ahead.
That's fine.
- The King!
- Halt!
If I die, you are to boil my body
and carry my bones
into every battle...
with the Scots,
until Robert the Bruceshead
is on an English spike.
You understand?
With pleasure, Father.
Promise me.
I promise.
Do you know...
I have never been able to imagine
you leading an army into battle...
...driving your horse forward
to the sound of the drum,
risking your life
for the honor of the English crown...
Do you remember, Father,
when I was a boy...
and you would beat me?
I never cried
because I knew it scared you.
The thought that I was stronger than you.
And the truth is...
I am.
I always have been.
And soon, the whole world will know that.
Ill make sure of it.
Bury him here.
Shouldn't we honor his wishes?
You should honor mine.
Onward to Scotland!
Looks like you've got your fight, Robert.
Go back to your home!
The English are coming!
They would take our land.
But they dont know our land.
Here. This is the place.
Good length.
Aye, that should do.
Take them over there. Sharpen them up.
My mother says you have to return it.
Oh, I promise I will.
I've a daughter your age.
I'm sure she'd like you.
Where is she?
I wish I knew.
Theyve come to fight for his Majesty.
Is he here?
Get down here. We could use the help.
Come on.
Welcome, everyone.
Wait until you try my black pudding, boys.
Out the way!
This gauntlet...
belongs to Robert the Bruce,
King of Scots.
Now, you see that hill over there?
It's Loudoun Hill.
Well fight you under it tomorrow.
These people.
Seems its better for us both
if this battle were to end swiftly.
It will.
With 3,000 mounted soldiers.
Yes. My portion of whom
are to have a single aim...
the man whom you failed to capture.
How many are we now?
Nearly 500, I'd say.
We cannot match their strength...
so we will not even try.
We leave the horses behind,
and use the land to our advantage.
At all costs, we hold the center ground,
and we force them to the flanks.
God willing, that will be enough.
Your Majesty.
Forgive me.
I should never have doubted you.
How many men have you?
We have 40.
You're here now.
That's all that matters.
Thank you.
Join us, please.
You heard King Edward
did not survivethe journey?
Aye. His sonmay be
the more dangerous enemy.
Here, eat.
Remember this!
The men that we fight today
have sworn fealty to a godless murderer!
Make no mistake,
his aim will be to take our England next!
I could talk about God,
but he has no place where we are going.
I could talk about honor,
but you are here.
You know enough about honor.
I know you all as men,
but today...
today, we are beasts.
If you fight for God, for honor,
for country, for family,
for yourselves, I do not care,
so long as you fight!
Take the day!
Wait on my word!
- Down!
- Pikes ready!
Ready! Now!
It's a trap!
- Archers!
- Loose!
Find another way through!
Forward! Forward!
They have the center ground!
Move right! Use the flanks!
Follow me!
Use the flanks!
What is he doing?
What is he doing?
Move downhill! Break through!
Any way you can!
Avoid the bog!
- It's too deep!
Come on!
Know who I am?
What's my fucking name?
Bruce! You bastard!
Find the Bruce!
Go around the bogs!
We're stuck!
Keep formation!
Solid ground here!
Keep going! Crush them!
Riders in the center!
Retreat! There's no winning here!
Get out! Save yourselves!
The battle is lost! Retreat!
Shall I kill him, Your Majesty?
Help me!
Where's Marjorie?
She's waiting for you.
Welcome home, Your Majesty.
I brought you something.
My Queen.