Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs (2014) Movie Script

Hello? What?
What is it?
- What's going on?
- Katie, wake up.
- Yes, Uncle Warren?
- Get dressed. You're coming with me.
Get dressed.
Janine? Janine!
Get Isaac up right now.
I have to leave in two minutes.
We're leaving the Crick?
I'll pack a bag.
To hell with the bag,
tell Isaac to get the truck, now.
I'm taking Katie with me.
I want you to stay here.
But I'm your first wife. I have to come.
What's happening?
Where's Uncle Warren going?
- What do we tell the cops?
- Isaac, now. Go.
You can't leave me here, Warren.
I need you to stay and mind things here,
and, Janine, keep sweet for the Lord.
- Uncle Warren?
- Just drive. Drive normal.
- We thank thee, oh, God for a prophet
- We thank thee, oh, God for a prophet
- To guide us in these latter days
- To guide us in these latter days
- We thank thee for sending the gospel
- We thank thee for sending the gospel
- To lighten our minds with its rays
- To lighten our minds with its rays
- We thank thee for every blessing
- We thank thee for every blessing
- Bestowed by thy bounteous hand
- Bestowed by thy bounteous hand
- We feel it a pleasure to serve thee
- We feel it a pleasure to serve thee
- And love to obey thy command
- And love to obey thy command
- Hello, Warren.
- Oh, thanks.
- Is he in there?
- Yes, Uncle Warren, with Richard Alvey.
And now, Richard, you know
what we have to do with your boy.
Jesse was such a good kid
up until last year.
Obedience to God through his prophets
is first and most important.
Yes, sir. That's all
I've ever taught him,
but then he got obsessed
with that girl.
Richard, let's pray together
for his swift return to your house.
We'll give him one more chance.
Thank you for your kindness, sir.
- What do you want?
- Is everything okay?
If I needed you, Warren,
I would have called.
Now, why don't you go and entertain
the guests with your little guitar?
Sorry to interrupt, Uncle Rulon.
They're waiting to cut the cake.
Well, come.
Help this old man to his feet.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, everyone.
God bless you.
- How many wives is this, now?
- Fifty-six, I believe.
All the wives smile, please.
Eyes open. Right here.
God told Joseph Smith:
"If he have 10 virgins given unto him
by this law, he cannot commit adultery."
Thank you, Margaret.
And what is the highest honor
for a woman?
- Are we boring you, Elissa?
- No, Uncle Warren.
Let's see.
Why don't you tell the class
what the highest honor is for a woman?
- To be a mother?
- That's right! To be a heavenly mother.
Too bad she doesn't have a father.
Mind your tongue, Margaret.
- Sorry, Elissa.
- Okay.
Now, tonight,
I want you all to write an essay...
about the importance of putting
ourselves in each other's shoes.
Three pages, single-spaced.
- Are we understood?
- Yes, Uncle Warren.
Class dismissed.
Hey, Lamont.
- Let me walk you home?
- Yes, sure.
- Elissa?
- Hey, let's go!
- I need to see you a minute.
- See you, Emily.
How long has this been going on?
I'm sorry. What, Uncle Warren?
The other kids. How long
have they been treating you like that?
Well, your dad runs off,
you're not much around here after that.
How are things in your new home?
Honestly? Not great.
Doesn't feel like we're
part of his family.
I had 25 brothers and sisters
when I was your age.
It took me a long while
to figure out my place in this world.
Any of those kids give you trouble again,
you let me know. All right?
- Thanks, Uncle Warren.
- Okay.
And, Elissa,
mind the company you keep.
- Yes, Uncle Warren.
- That's all.
There's a he, there's a she
The moon is right above
Here am I, the reason why
They should fall in love
- Hello, ladies.
- Hello, Uncle Warren.
Mother Janet, Mother Carol.
Gentlemen, I hope you don't mind
but I need a word with my boy here.
- That's fine.
- Thank you.
- Hello, Warren.
- Hey.
Hi, George.
Sit down.
I had another dream last night.
We were raided.
The police came
and dragged me out of bed.
Dad, the raid was a long time ago.
You know, Warren,
you've never lived anywhere else.
You've never lived anywhere
but this community.
You don't see it. They hate us.
They think we're freaks and perverts.
- They want us gone.
- I'll talk to the marshals...
- see if Bill Brady's heard anything.
- Forget Bill Brady.
God spoke to me. He will save us.
He will lift us up to heaven
before they destroy us.
The end is almost here, Warren.
Dad, this isn't the first time
you've seen the end in a dream.
- What?
- I'm just trying to be practical.
I just...
Do you dare question
what God has said to me?
No, Father.
- Do I need to doubt your faith?
- No, Father.
When is the day of reckoning?
Gather everyone in the field, June 12th.
Yes, sir.
It's past midnight, Dad.
It's not the 12th anymore.
I don't feel well.
Here. Talk to them.
What do I say?
- Go.
- Dad. Dad!
Good people?
Good people.
The Lord has spoken.
Just a moment ago, he told his servant,
our Prophet Rulon...
that he has granted us a reprieve...
so that we may pray
that we'll be ready when he next calls.
This is God's word given to me
by our prophet, and you're not listening?
Obedience to him is as to God...
and only those pure in heart
with absolute faith will be lifted up.
We know that the end
is almost upon us...
and this may be our last chance
to show we're worthy.
All of the signs are out there,
just beyond the gates of this town...
wickedness and evil, the forces
of Satan that want to destroy us...
but God is coming for us,
and not for anybody else.
I know that...
and I feel intense joy and pride
to be among the chosen...
and that's what you all
should feel tonight.
Oh, Lord, how we should praise him.
- Praise to you, Warren.
- Amen.
Save your strength, Father.
I need you to do something for me.
- Anything.
- Go see Noah Fielding.
I want him ordained an apostle now.
When I pass...
Noah Fielding...
will be the next prophet.
I don't understand.
- Mother always said that...
- Go tell Noah Fielding.
That's who God has chosen.
Have you told the priesthood council?
Take a seat, Warren. We're just dividing
areas of responsibility for the council.
Father's asked me to handle all his
day-to-day decisions for the time being.
We've all agreed
we should go see him together...
to discuss the appointment
of his successor.
You all agreed?
When, exactly, did you have time
to agree on anything?
Look, we're just trying
to be practical here.
Of course.
You all just wanna relieve...
a little of my family's burden
in our time of need.
That is exactly right, Warren.
Well, then, how could I be anything
but grateful?
- When dark uprisings threaten...
- Excuse me?
I have to tell our prophet
you've been convening in secret...
to make decisions without him.
That is what you just
told me, isn't it?
Oh, come on, Warren.
You're overreacting.
While I was at my father's bedside...
while the prophet you all claim to love
and honor was lying in his sickbed...
you guys met behind closed doors...
to determine the fate of this community,
didn't you?
He's 92, Warren. It's a concern.
We need to be ready.
You're right. We do.
And at the appointed time, the Lord
will choose an appropriate successor.
We are the priesthood council.
- We should all submit candidates, and...
- It's in the hands of God.
All we can do is submit to his mercy.
What's wrong?
I was hoping I could maybe have a word
with Uncle Rulon.
Our prophet's real sick, Elissa.
Is there something I can help you with?
Who did this to you?
- It's my step-cousin, Allen.
- Allen Steed?
He's just mean to me.
It's because you're different.
You're quiet and you draw. You think.
And you've suffered enough.
I'll talk to Fred Jessop, make sure Allen
never lays another finger on you.
I will always protect you.
Thanks, Uncle Warren.
And, Elissa...
What happened?
I'm coming right now.
Are you gonna be our next prophet,
Uncle Warren?
Thank you.
Thank you.
You know how much he loves you.
The voice of God.
I will be the voice of God on Earth.
Anyone who won't hear it,
I will cast them out.
Who is that?
He's not even in his grave.
Look at them.
- When is the meeting?
- This evening in my father's office.
There's gonna be trouble.
As he lay dying...
my father, Rulon,
asked me to make a solemn promise.
He said, "Warren...
promise me that you will protect
the people of Short Creek.
Save them from the apostates...
because they will come here
and try to take our children...
destroy everything we have built...
that's why they're sending their spies."
They are out there even now,
planning their next incursion.
And that's why
we have to be closer now to God...
and to each other, than ever before.
Losing Uncle Rulon...
has caused us all
such deep sadness and pain.
Sometimes I think
that sadness will swallow me up...
but then I think about the promise
I made to my father, and to you all.
I will honor that promise.
I will grab his hand.
I will take all of your hands in mine,
and we will rise up together in glory.
Until God sees fit
to take me from this Earth...
I will be the prophet you deserve.
Hey. Is your daddy home?
He's taken one of my moms
to the dentist.
Then he's gonna make us pancakes.
Do you know who I am?
Don't worry, you will.
Can I help you, Warren?
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Before he died,
Rulon asked me to come to you.
Come on. Let's talk inside.
What is it?
The Lord revealed your sins
to Uncle Rulon.
You're no longer welcome
in this community.
You have 48 hours to leave Hildale.
Noah! Come quick!
- Emma?
- Look what he's done! It's horrible.
Oh, God.
Help me sweep over here.
- Girls, I need you inside, please.
- Yes, ma'am.
Let me know if you need help.
- Coming!
- All right, I'm almost done.
Lamont, careful.
We're gonna get caught.
No, we're not.
Simon, come here.
Hey, Mom.
- Are you mad at me? Because...
- Take a seat, Elissa.
Uncle Warren.
We have a place for you.
It's a great honor to be chosen.
I don't understand.
Your mother tells me that
you've been getting your monthly visitor.
That means you're ready.
God has spoken to Uncle Warren...
and he's asked us to prepare you
to be placed.
Who am I to be placed with?
God will reveal that tonight.
- Tonight?
- Make sure she's ready.
Yes, Uncle Warren.
Come on, Elissa. Open the door, now!
No. Please, no.
I beg you, Mom.
I don't wanna get married.
I'll do anything.
I love you. Open the door.
- No.
- Come on, Lissie darling.
I want what's best for you.
You know that.
- No!
- Do as your mother says, right now.
Get in, Elissa.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
It's in God's hands now.
Uncle Warren,
she's as ready as she's gonna be.
Do you, Allen Glade Steed,
take sister, Elissa Wall Jessop...
to be your wife,
for time and all eternity?
- I do.
- This is the way.
There is no other way.
No name given under God.
Do you, brother Allen...
I'm going to ask you once again.
Do you, sister Elissa Wall Jessop...
take brother Allen Glade Steed...
to be your husband,
for time and all eternity?
I do.
You may kiss the bride.
Elissa, kiss your husband.
Now go forth,
multiply and replenish the Earth.
I need you, Janine, more than ever.
I need you.
I need your strength...
and your kindness and your decency.
I need you to show these girls the way.
You can do that for me, can't you?
Whatever you think is best.
Good. Next.
You will all have the honor
of becoming the wife of our new prophet.
Clean and orderly is not enough.
You must be immaculate.
This braid is not tight enough.
Your eyes are bloodshot, Rebecca.
You've been crying. What's wrong?
- I can't do this.
- It's Warren's bidding.
But it's against our faith.
Cursed is anyone
who sleeps with his father's wife...
for he dishonors his father's bed.
It's wrong.
Leave us.
I'm sorry.
Janine, you're his first wife.
You can't want this any more than I do.
Ours is not to want,
or to question right or wrong...
ours is to obey.
You look beautiful, ladies.
Please come
and stand in front of the prophet.
Now, let's see.
It's Katie Christianson, and Elsa...
- Alma, sir. Alma Mackert.
- Alma, right. Call me Uncle.
And, of course, the lovely Rebecca.
Rebecca, are you ready
to be placed in marriage?
I would not choose any of this, sir.
Are you refusing me?
I was married to your father, sir.
I honor that contract.
Please don't make me do this.
You've had too much freedom.
You need to learn
to be an obedient wife.
I'm going to ask you again.
Are you ready to be placed in marriage?
I won't do it.
- Brent, lock her in her room.
- Yes, sir.
Only God decides
who you're placed with, not you.
Only God.
Where were we?
- Lamont.
- Uncle Warren?
You're coming with me, son.
When I was 12 years old,
I went to my father...
and I told him my
brother Lyle was
stealing quarters from
his dresser drawer.
You know what my father said?
He told me not to snitch on my brother.
Said I needed to learn what loyalty was.
Threw me out of the house
with just the clothes on my back.
So I walked 30 miles across the desert,
nearly died of thirst.
I saw the outside world,
and I was disgusted by the perversity:
The blacks, the homosexuals...
the fallen women,
all the warped priorities.
Get out.
Uncle Warren, where...
You're no longer welcome
in our community.
Go on. Get out.
You lost?
You think you know something about me,
don't you?
You think you can judge me.
You think you're the good guy
and I'm the bad guy.
- Is that what you think?
- Come on.
Take your hands off of me.
You're the one who's lost. You hear me?
You're the one who's lost.
Evening, sheriff.
- How do you feel?
- I feel good.
You feel good, Uncle Warren.
- Yes. Do you feel the same?
- Yes.
- Can you feel the presence of the Lord?
- Yes.
- What do you feel?
- Happy. I feel God.
- What do you feel?
- Yes.
- What do you feel?
- I feel God!
- Do you feel the presence of the Lord?
- Yes.
- Tell me. You do.
- I feel God in you, Uncle Warren.
- I feel good. Yes.
- Do you feel good? What do you feel?
- Say it.
- It feels good.
Look in my eyes and tell me.
What do you feel?
I feel God in you.
Do you feel it?
Yes, yes, say it! I need to hear it!
Yes, I feel it, I feel it!
- Who is it?
- Me, Uncle Warren.
What do you want?
Losing Rulon's been so hard
on all of us.
And now you're grieving...
just the same as me,
but you need to know something.
Rulon's not dead.
He's been restored. He's alive in me.
He wants you to feel him through me.
Please, Uncle Warren,
just leave me alone.
Come and pray with me.
- I want to help.
- No, no, don't do this.
- God wants me to place you in marriage.
- No.
I won't do it, Warren. I won't.
I am going to break you.
I am going to teach you
to be an obedient wife.
You have got to stop fighting this,
I can't.
I was bound in marriage to Rulon,
just like you are to Warren.
You know it's wrong, Janine.
If you wanna leave,
you have to come now.
There's no one guarding
the other side of the house.
- Where's Warren?
- He's asleep.
Come with me.
You have to hurry.
Hey, Isaac. You're not sleeping?
Warren's got me keeping watch from 4,
so I figured it ain't hardly worth it.
How about I make you some coffee?
Come on down to the kitchen.
Where's Rebecca?
Where the hell is she?
One of you bitches let her out,
didn't you?
Sorry, Isaac told me to wait
for you right...
What? What is it?
- Can we talk in private?
- Allen, spit it out.
My wife, Elissa,
she won't fulfill her wifely duties.
- You haven't had intercourse yet?
- She won't allow it.
It's not her place to allow you anything.
But what can I do? She won't touch...
Women respond to authority, Allen.
- You're the man. Be forceful.
- Thank you, Uncle Warren. Thank you.
Now you're a woman.
So, what do you say?
Thank you, Allen.
- Morning, Gary.
- Hey, Kim.
You moving in or what?
Well, my motel room
got broken into last night.
God, Gary. I'm sorry.
- They take much?
- Nothing as far as I can tell.
What were they looking for?
Oh, I reckon they were just trying
to make me feel welcome.
Not really trying to steal anything...
so I figured
I didn't need to call Sheriff Brady.
We've got to get him decertified...
him and his other polygamist buddies
in the police department.
Well, it's not just the marshals,
you know that.
It's everybody.
Judges, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs.
All with multiple wives,
all living the FLDS dream.
Doing what the prophet
tells them to do.
But this one,
this one's pissing some people off.
He's a lot more controlling
than his dad was, and he's not stable.
I think he's gonna screw up.
Yes, sir. On the way.
Now, Miss Musser,
you know if you go through with this...
they will do everything they can
to ruin you.
They'll discredit you,
drag your name through the mud.
I know.
And you're okay with all that?
I left my little sister behind.
Elissa Wall.
- She's still at the Crick.
- Is she married?
Warren placed her
with her cousin Allen.
How old is she?
Gary Engels is the lead investigator
in the Warren Jeffs case...
and, Gary, I've got to ask you:
Have you seen any signs...
that Mr. Jeffs
is a danger to the public?
What we have is an individual
who's using religion as an excuse...
to rape young girls, like the Taliban,
right here on American soil.
The Taliban? Lies. Nothing but lies.
We are privileged to live and pray
on this hallowed ground, Zion...
even though the whole wicked world
wants to destroy us.
But it seems that for some of us...
Zion is not enough.
God has revealed to me a conspiracy...
between the apostates
and a few lost souls...
right here
in our very own community.
This conspiracy
involves branding us as criminals...
for performing celestial marriages,
and so-called underage marriages.
I will not let this happen.
God has delivered to me
a new set of laws to protect us...
from the evil forces...
that fester and propagate
in the outside world.
And by these laws, we shall live...
and find happiness
in the kingdom of heaven.
First, the color red.
The color of Satan shall be banished
from within the community.
Swimming, basketball, baseball,
sports will no longer be allowed.
Instead, this time should be used
in study of prayer.
All media, except radios,
will be expunged from the community.
This includes TVs, movies...
satellite dishes, computers,
the Internet...
newspapers, books and magazines.
There will be no dancing or music,
except for approved religious hymns.
And finally, there have been a number
of incendiary incidents involving dogs.
The canine is a direct descendant
of the wolf, the devil's mascot.
Colorado City
will no longer tolerate the presence...
of these hellhounds
within its borders.
All dogs must be surrendered...
and will be delivered to agencies
outside Colorado City.
Our community is sacred.
If it is to remain sacred,
God's words must be heeded.
I do this out of love for our God.
I do this because I love you all.
The Lord has instructed me
to take another wife.
Let us proceed to the altar...
where we will celebrate the sacred rite
of celestial marriage.
What's he doing here?
Somebody let him into the compound.
Get Bill Brady over here right away.
He was trying to serve this subpoena.
- That legally compels you to testify.
- About what?
Child brides, statutory
rape, you name it.
Who's accusing me?
No way to know.
- Could be anyone.
- This is serious, Warren.
No kidding.
It's because of what you're doing.
It's because they've heard
you're marrying off younger girls.
What are we gonna do?
Follow the word of God.
He will speak to me and I will listen.
Jesse Brewer, stand up.
Nate Carter, stand up.
Joseph Alvey, Isaac Mathers,
up, all of you.
Roy Hodges, on your feet.
Look at these men.
Remember their faces,
for they are all master deceivers.
From this moment on, you are
excommunicated from Colorado City.
You are hereby divorced
from your wives.
Your children will be placed
in the care of more faithful men.
Let us pray for these unfaithful...
that they may one day
return to their families...
and be accepted back
into God's church.
Daddy, what the prophet said about us
being given to other families...
that's not true, is it?
Get out!
- Please, just leave us alone.
- You heard the prophet.
- You'll be reassigned to Edson Hodges.
- Get out of my house.
Roy. What are you doing, Roy?
I'm so sorry about your baby.
God's plan
isn't always easy to understand.
I believe in you, Elissa. Always have.
But the thing is...
I need to know
that you believe in me too.
Your sister, Rebecca...
she disappointed me.
She's been disloyal.
And disloyalty is something
that I just can't tolerate.
I have to put a stop to it.
I do believe in you, Uncle Warren.
I do.
Well, I'm really glad to hear that,
because your faith is the only thing
that truly protects you.
What is it?
Warren, there's a real investigation
going on here.
- They're talking to Rebecca.
- It's all hearsay.
Mohave County
doesn't have any evidence.
It's more than just the subpoena.
That investigator, Engels, he's gathering
evidence about child brides.
- Oh, God, no.
- What do you want me to do?
For God's sakes, Bill, you need to
run those rabble-rousers out on a rail.
This guy's appointed by the county
attorney. I can't make him disappear.
- You got a badge too.
- Damn it, Bill.
- You must be able to do some...
- Enough!
God has spoken to me.
Greater glory awaits us
in the new Zion.
It's time to leave the Crick.
How much land is available?
Tract R17 has 1700 acres.
- Neighbors?
- Not for miles.
- What's the asking price?
- It's cheap.
Just under a million
for the whole parcel...
but they wanna know
who they're selling to.
Offer them $700,000.
Do it through Allred's company...
and tell the sellers that the land will
be used as a corporate hunting retreat.
Can we do that?
This is the new Zion, Joe.
We can do anything we want.
Come on, come on, come on.
Please help me.
Please help me.
Ladies, you need to concentrate
on the bond of oneness.
I need you to assist each other.
No one just stands around.
I want you to learn the heavenly gentle
touch that, when you touch someone...
the fiery spirit of God
is felt by that person.
Now, look around.
Do you see the light
in each other's eyes?
That's it, like Sister Katie's doing.
That's right.
Now, Sister Amelia, come here.
Come here and revive me.
If you're not ready, you'll be sent out.
The work the Lord has for me to do
is too important...
to allow fearful wives
or doubting wives.
You must make sure...
that you're not holding
on to any of those
little particles of selfish emotion.
Katie, help her.
All of you, place your hands on us.
And thus sayeth the Lord:
"Forever sacrifice
all of your false traditions."
Thank you.
So, Elissa,
you know why we're here, right?
You understand
what we're talking about?
We're talking about accomplice
to rape...
conspiracy to commit sexual acts
with a minor.
These are very, very serious crimes.
They're crimes that we need to stop.
And I believe,
with your testimony, we can.
- There would be a trial?
- Eventually, yes.
Just think of all the young girls,
just like you, that you can save.
I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.
I understand, but see,
I figure with Warren behind bars...
this whole thing
could just come tumbling down...
and then you and your family,
well, you'd have some hope.
Will Uncle Warren know that it was me?
- Hello?
- Warren, they sprung this raid on us.
- They what?
- They're coming for you.
You got five minutes to get out, max.
We know there are approximately
80 adults on the compound.
The Intel says that Warren Jeffs
will most likely be sleeping...
in the master bedroom right here.
What is it?
Did that come from town?
It turned in from one of the side roads
back there.
Go, go, go.
- Watch out and clear the perimeter.
- All clear.
Mohave County
Sheriff's Department.
I have an arrest warrant
for Warren Jeffs.
Is Warren Jeffs here?
Identify yourself, ma'am.
My name is Janine Jeffs...
the wife of the one true prophet,
Warren Steed Jeffs.
One of the nation's
most notorious polygamists...
is now the focus of an all-out manhunt
by U.S. law enforcement.
Well, tonight Warren
Jeffs is a fugitive...
but to his followers,
he's still a prophet.
Leads are pouring in,
according to authorities...
but so far, no one can say
for sure where Warren Jeffs is.
So why is law enforcement
having such a tough time...
catching fugitive polygamist
sect leader Warren Jeffs?
Like Jesus, I am persecuted.
Like Jesus, I shall return.
For this, you will have no warning.
Prepare yourself to be worthy...
for I will bring the wrath of God down
upon those who come against me.
We do not know where he is right now.
However, there are several locations
where we know that he has followers...
and we believe that he travels
between those locations.
I didn't think you'd get here so quick.
You're not dressed appropriately.
She was out getting groceries and trying
not to attract attention, like you said.
While I'm here,
women will be dressed appropriately.
Yes, sir.
- What about the money?
- That's here.
It's 50,000.
I withdrew it from six different banks,
just like you asked.
- You're on TV.
- Turn it up.
Warren Steed Jeffs,
now on the list...
alongside the likes of Osama bin Laden
and James "Whitey" Bulger...
wanted on, among other things,
18 counts of murder.
Today we're announcing
the addition of Warren Steed Jeffs...
to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.
This designation carries
with it a $100,000 reward...
for information
leading to the arrest of Mr. Jeffs.
Ten Most Wanted list.
I'm gonna be bigger than bin Laden.
This is kind of out in public, isn't it?
It's called hiding in
plain sight, Brent,
and Isaac wanted to
pick up some supplies.
There's something you should know,
They got someone to testify
against you.
It's Elissa Wall.
They've got the marriage records,
Warren. Photos from the wedding.
If she testifies, it's over.
Elissa Wall has chosen the path
to perdition.
Blood atonement
is the only way for her now.
We know where she is.
What do you wanna do
about the special investigator?
Let all those
who are against us be damned.
I wish we could just
get something to eat.
So we'll stop at a gas station.
But someone might recognize you.
Aren't you afraid of getting arrested?
Why would I be afraid?
God is never going to let that happen.
Got it. Thanks.
Matt, we got a possible sighting
of Warren in Texas...
just outside of Eldorado on the 190.
Gotta get a warning to the T.H.P.
Can you do that for me?
- Just ask for...
- Twenty on 10, please.
I have to go.
- Can I have some candy?
- Don't touch that.
Thirty-one fifty-five.
And one of those prepaid phone cards,
These they're so good.
- Look what I got.
- What is that?
You're famous, Uncle Warren.
State police.
Pull over. Act normal.
What's the problem, officer?
Your temp license is partially obscured
by the plate holder...
so I can't see the plate.
That's a violation.
- I'll get it fixed as...
- License and registration, sir.
- The vehicle does not belong to you?
- No. It's my boss's car.
He let us borrow it. We're on vacation.
We're just heading back to Denver.
- And what is your name?
- It doesn't matter.
You're making me nervous, mister.
- What's the name of your passenger?
- John Findley.
S.P. 17.
I have a 10-38, requesting backup.
- You carrying a firearm?
- I was about to say that's...
Hands up on your head!
- Out of the vehicle, now!
- It's registered...
On the ground. Get on the ground.
Put this one in the cruiser
and come back and search the vehicle.
- What do we do?
- Keep sweet.
Sarge, we got a lot of money here.
Two 9-millimeters
and a bunch of cassette tapes.
Now, I'm gonna ask you one more time.
What is your name?
Warren Steed Jeffs.
You're as wrong about this
as my father was about me.
You see, when I was born...
I was too weak to even cry...
and nothing I ever did, right from that
first breath, was ever good enough.
He took one look at me
and decided I'd never count for anything.
But he was wrong.
You think if I'm bound by iron bars,
that I am contained...
but you can't contain God.
You're not of God, Warren.
A man of God
would never harm a child.
We protect the children
from the evils of your apostate world.
I've got a sense about you.
I think that somewhere,
deep down inside you...
you still believe in God, the God
that we all believe in, not Warren Jeffs.
And I think
you know you're going to hell.
Well, see you in court, Warren.
Were you traumatized?
Are you traumatized?
Elissa. Elissa,
can you tell me in your own words...
what it was like to be
in the compound?
- Did he try to...?
- Did he marry you?
He married you at the age of 14?
Are there other girls that are there?
Watch your back! Sick bastard.
Bow down to the prophet!
No wives in here, Warren.
You the wife!
Where's God now?
See you in the yard, puto.
Close 18.
You got a lot of fans.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
So about the other prosecutions, do you
think we're looking at more arrests?
Maybe. Maybe.
Now that Jeffs is locked up,
there's a good chance...
that some other people will wanna talk
about those underage brides.
Tell the wives to leave.
Write this down.
I want to say farewell...
to all of you who were worthy of Zion...
for I will not be there.
Of course you will be.
The Lord came to my prison cell
two days ago...
and saw that I...
would rather deny than obey him...
because of the weakness of my flesh.
I have sinned, Isaac.
I have sinned.
Anyone who wants to...
may hear this message...
so that they may know
that I am a liar...
and that the truth is not in me.
- The truth was never in me.
- No.
This is something
that they're making you say.
Write this down.
Write it.
is not a test.
I am not the prophet.
I never was the prophet.
He told me that this was not a test.
That he is not the prophet,
and that he never was.
They're trying to kill him.
They're trying to kill our prophet.
That's why we must pray.
We must pray for the strength
of the prophet.
We can't let the apostates trick us.
That's what they want.
Yo, screw! Dumb-ass prophet
trying to off himself! Hey!
Let us pray for Uncle Warren.
We beseech God...
to return the prophet Warren Jeffs
to his flock...
for he is the one true prophet.
As Warren Jeffs
serves out his life sentence...
police are continuing
their investigation...
of the isolated
Colorado City community...
seeking out additional witnesses...
in hopes of making more arrests.
Police announced today...
Did we pass, Uncle Warren?
Anybody home?
I believe we did.
Because the faithful,
we all knew that this was a test...
even though you said it wasn't.
We decided that you've been taken
from us because we're not worthy.
How dare you come in here.
Get out of my house! Now! Get out!
You have passed this first test.
Now listen to the revelation...
about what you all must do
to become worthy...