Outlaw: The Saga of Gisli (1981) Movie Script

Here each affirms his faith
with each for himself
and his heirs,
born and unborn,
begotten and unbegotten,
named and unnamed,
proffering in return loyalty
and everlasting loyalty
to be maintained forever
whilst man and earth endure.
For Njord, Frey and
the almighty gods.
He is nothing to me.
I'll have my hands full
enough avenging you two
without the responsibility for
men who are nothing to me.
Two can play at that game.
I'm not binding myself
to anyone who won't
stand by Vestein.
No, not like that.
Not that one yet.
in never get it right.
Of course you will.
It's almost the same as
the plain weave.
You're so much better at
everything than I am.
Couldn't you cut me out
a shirt for Thorkell?
So now you want me to cut
out shirts for your husband?
It's a shame to let the poor
thing be seen in what I make.
But he is always asking
for clothes.
If it were a shirt for
my brother
you wouldn't ask me to do it,
would you?
For him I'd do anything.
I always suspected you felt
that way about my brother.
And always will.
Well, least said about that,
soonest mended.
I've no objection to being
accused of liking Vestein.
It's nothing new, anyway.
All right, enough said.
I've heard that you and
Thorgrim were very friendly
before you were
married to Gisli.
Since I've been married, I've
never looked at another man.
No, you wouldn't compromise
But your brother and l...
A good gossip may end badly.
Hey, look!
We've passed them.
On claw of wolf.
On eagle's beak.
On wings of blood.
At causewayside.
Gisli sent this.
He wants you to stay
away for the moment.
There's danger in the wind.
I might have turned back,
if you'd caught me sooner.
But from here all the streams
run onwards into the fjord.
Sliced away
the incised characters
And stirred with the
hallowed liqueur
Scattered far
on the wide ways
To gods, to elves,
to wise immortals
Some to humankind.
He's come!
Well, what did you expect?
So he's come.
Look, what's all this about?
You ought to know, if anyone.
I've always been on good
terms with Thorkell.
And his wife?
Her as well.
What are you suggesting?
Ask Gisli. He tells a better
story than me.
He's gone.
Well, what did you expect?
So he's gone.
That's him.
He's got here quicker
than I expected.
What are we waiting for?
Nothing. Except perhaps
a change in the weather.
I brought these for the three
of you, you two and Thorkell.
They're magnificent.
Since he isn't in the mood
to accept anything from me
it would be best
if you kept them all.
My brother's moods
are changeable.
I don't want anything
to do with his moods.
I know my brother.
He appreciates good things.
Do offer them to him.
I'd gladly give up my share.
You're not sleeping here
Never again.
What do you mean?
We both know what I mean.
Though you've kept it quiet
long enough.
And it won't help your reputation
if I go into details.
There's nothing I can do
about the ideas
you get into your head.
I'm certainly not going to
wrangle over this bed.
Take your choice.
Either move over
and we'll behave as though
nothing had happened,
or I'll declare myself
divorced from you.
Then you won't have to worry
about not having room in bed.
Have it your own way.
You know very well
what my way is.
Gisli is my brother,
I intended one of these
for you.
Your brother and sister-in-law
want you to choose first.
I'm hardly the right man to
offer presents to.
Look first, then decide if
you're the right man.
What have I done to deserve
presents? Nothing.
You are my brother.
So that's my achievement.
Do I get presents for that?
This veil is 30 feet long
With three gold threads
running the whole length.
These bowls are edged
with gold.
You have them.
This hanging is 30 yards long,
would go right round the room.
Well, there you are.
It's up to you to choose.
No, I should be the last in
line, if even that.
I'm not his brother,
not even his brother-in-law.
By rights you should have
Please, take something,
for my sake.
Shall I decide for you?
My decision is that
you take it all.
My decision is that we
leave now.
It's easy to see which way
the wind is blowing.
I didn't come here
to buy myself off.
That was not a wise decision.
We'll have to fasten down
the hay.
I'll come out with you.
There's no need.
We can manage all right.
I hope that'll hold
till morning.
You'd better come and sleep
over here.
That side is hopelessly wet.
Tell me about you and Asgerd.
It's all too long ago. So long,
we almost forgotten.
Well, she hasn't.
It's beginning to look like it.
Anyway, it was always mostly
in her imagination.
Well, then, it still is.
We were only children.
I'm married now,
I have two sons.
The past is passed long ago.
Pull out that spear.
l'd rather not.
If you don't, Gisli will
do it.
Then he'll be responsible
for avenging the killing.
You're not a free man, not
responsible for anything.
He'll come back and haunt me!
Pull out that spear or
I'll strike you.
He wouldn't haunt you,
not his own sister.
Gisli or me, Gisli'd be
responsible for vengeance.
Get ready to go to Sabol.
You're out early this
fine morning.
Vestein has been attacked.
Is he dead?
Who did it?
No-one knows.
Would have been news, once,
Tell Gisli that I offer to
undertake Vestein's burial.
He merited respect
from us all.
Who killed our father?
Do you know?
It's stupid not even knowing
where vengeance should fall.
Have you any suspicions?
None. Unless you
count dreams.
Who was it?
How much faith can we put
in our dreams?
Cattle perish
Kinsfolk perish
A man himself must die.
Only fame endures.
A dead man needs good shoes
to get him to Valhalla.
If those come undone, never
trust me to fasten shoe-laces.
cattie perish
Kinsfolk perish
Alone one thing survives:
A man's renown.
Your side is losing.
Even though your best man
is out.
And hardly in a state
to come back in.
You won't catch me grieving.
Out of the way, you!
This hanging is positively
antique. What are the spots?
All over it. Everywhere you
look it's stained.
A bit or damp in the chest,
I suppose.
Haven't we got
anything better?
I haven't, anyway.
What about the one
Vestein brought?
I certainly haven't got that.
It was offered to you.
You have a right to it.
You could say that formal
acceptance got overlooked.
I'm having no part in
that tapestry.
Is that final?
Absolutely final.
You could always borrow it.
Oh no, I couldn't.
Geirmund, I want you to go
to Gisli's.
Ask Gisli to lend met that
wall-hanging Vestein brought.
l'd rather not.
Do you dare...
I'm on my way.
Very civil of you.
I'd rather decide who
strikes my bondmen.
I'll strike whoever I like
whenever I like.
There, stretch it out a bit
on your side. That's it.
We weren't expecting any
visitors from Sabol.
Is that the hanging Vestein
It is. What do you think
of it?
Thorgrim wants to borrow it.
He does, does he?
He does.
How interesting. Did he talk
to Thorkell?
He did.
Didn't Thorkell like the idea?
He didn't seem to want to
discuss the matter with you.
I quite understand. So the
bondman got sent.
He did. Paid in advance, too.
With an open hand,
in the face.
How did you like your wages?
Do bondmen have likes
and dislikes?
What do you say? Do you want
to lend him the hanging?
Do you need to ask? I have no
desire to do them any favors.
But my brother was party
to this?
He didn't object to my going.
Take it down. It'll feast other
eyes than ours this Yuletide.
Shouldn't I carry that?
You'll soon have quite
enough to carry.
I've done my best to make
things easy for you.
Would you do the same for me?
In what way?
I'm not asking much.
Just that tonight two of the house
doors be left unfastened.
Meanwhile, think over your
day's wages.
Your brother, no harm will
come to him?
Then I expect l'll manage.
What do you think
of the hanging?
lt would have looked
better at Gisli's.
Nonsense. Gisli hasn't got
the space to do it justice.
He's got plenty of
patience though.
Here you have at least got
good-sized walls.
But Gisli knows best
how to be grand.
He'd never even fit it
all into his place.
You can always count on me.
The ways of fate are uncertain.
You can count on me too.
Your need may be greater
than mine.
You gray-beards are such
prophets of doom.
Some prophesy doom in old age.
Others take precautions.
It comes to the same thing
in the end.
Just to see that our friend's
horse has been fed properly.
Will you fasten the latch
after me?
You'll wait up and let me in
when I've finished?
I will.
Be sure and give him his fill.
The horse. Make sure he gets
his fill.
You're freezing.
Why have you got such cold hands?
My hands are perfectly warm.
They're frozen.
Feel them, then.
-Ah, no... not there.
Would you like me to...
- What, again.
Yes, and again and again...
What do you think you are?
Don't tease me.
Wake up! Wake up!
My husband has been killed!
Get the lamps lit!
Eyjolf, make sure the outside
doors are fastened.
Helgi, you go and check the
door to the cowshed.
Have your weapons ready.
The killer may still be here.
The outside door was fastened
from the inside.
Then he's still here. Is some-
one on guard at the door?
Two men.
- He wont get away.
Be prepared for anything.
Keep an eye on Thorkell.
The door into the cowshed
is locked from the outside.
Then that's how he got away.
Outside, everyone!
Out of the way!
Our orders are that no one
is to leave the house!
I gave the orders, fool!
Hurry, he can't have
gone far.
It's me.
You made sure he got his fill?
He had enough, and to spare.
Don't spoil the tracks!
- What tracks?
There must be footprints
in the snow. - Here!
Those are my footprints.
We're under attack!
They're bristling with
weapons and look desperate.
There must be at least
thirty of them.
Your heart is whiter than
that milk you're pouring.
You crawl into your bed
and curl up tight.
Try not to let them hear
your teeth chattering.
Here's a fine-feathered
company, up good and early.
My brother Thorgrim was
killed in the night.
One deed of darkness follows
hard on the heels of another.
Who did it?
The murderer got away
without being recognized.
Any marks there were got
confused with our own.
That was a pity.
Did anyone here notice
anything unusual?
Nothing more unusual
than our dreams.
Anyone hear people going by?
Well, at least I can offer
to take care of his funeral.
I can't do less for Thorgrim
than he did for Vestein.
I'll make sure it's done with
all becoming solemnity.
Well, Thorkell?
Of course.
In that case...
If this one goes adrift, never
trust me to fasten a boat.
Same old Gisli.
How do you mean?
Throwing stones.
It was him.
We can't be certain. There
isn't enough evidence.
My brother killed
your brother.
What are you going to do
about it?
I'll do my duty when
I'm sure of the facts.
Take revenge?
- Yes, take revenge.
I'll get the sorcerer to put
a curse on the murderer.
Then the guilt will come to light.
No. There's something else
you must do first.
You can get yourself a wife.
I see. First, I must get myself
a wife.
Hey look!
What is it?
Isn't that where they burnt
the boat? - What boat?
The one with Thorgrim in it.
Thorgrim's ghost is walking!
The ice melted. Where
the boat was burnt.
Of course it melted.
No, now! The water is all
bubbling and boiling!
So, the sorcerer is
at his tricks.
Isn't it obvious now
who was responsible?
It's a strange sort of proof.
But incontrovertible. The
guilty man gave himself away.
It does look like it.
Exactly. That's the way
it looks like.
Where are you going?
Out to get together some men.
Do you need others just
to bring the accusation?
We won't make it stick otherwise.
Aren't there enough men here?
- Not against Gisli.
I want to speak to you.
Bork is gone to get more men.
To formally accuse you
of Thorgrim's murder.
He thinks the sorcerer has
proved his point.
So does our sister.
And what's your opinion?
I thought it was time
to warn you.
And to stand by me?
It's not my way to act
against the law.
I see.
l'll warn you if they decide
to come after you.
But I won't do anything
Killing Thorgrim was
acting against me.
Careful you don't get dirty.
I'll have to leave tonight.
They're getting a gang together.
- How do you know?
My brother told me.
Doubtless my sister put them
up to it.
Are we moving straight
to the fjord?
I'll go tonight with the bondman.
You come later.
Would you like this cloak?
- Who, me?
You've been faithful. This may
be my last reward to you.
Sit in my place on the sled,
I'll lead the horses.
There's Gisli. He's making
a run for it.
Try and give them the slip
across the lava.
It's his slave!
What happened to
the other man.
He ran into trouble
on the lava.
What about Gisli?
- We'll never find him now.
We'll give it one more try.
When will you get started?
Earliest opportunity.
Things should soon
start to move.
She's never going to tell you
where he is.
Where is he?
Up with her!
You didn't need this to charm
me here.
How far are you willing
to help me?
I'll do anything
that isn't illegal.
What is it you want?
Nothing beyond your
A boat to row myself off
into the sunset.
I might be able to arrange
l'd pay you back by never
asking another favor.
I doubt if we're likely
to meet again.
There's a dinghy coming in.
How many men in it?
- Only one, I think.
It's probably healthier for
me to disappear for a bit.
l was all right to start with.
Now I'm feeling really weak.
Come inside and have
something to eat.
You could stay overnight, if
you aren't pressed for time.
I'm never usually ill.
Might it do you good to come
fishing with me? - Oh, no.
What happened?
It's this pain. I can hardly
lie still for it.
Try to get some sleep,
that'll be the best cure.
You're up!
I'm feeling a lot better.
What about the pain?
Gone. Your cooking must have
cured me.
Thank your husband for me.
Looks like your new brother-
Any ideas? Is your wit as
quick as your friendship.
My wit may not be quick,
but I can suggest one plan.
We'll row ashore and fight
for as long as we can stand.
A fine way to pay you back
for your help.
I've got a better idea.
They're getting close.
Say I'm the half-wit.
I'll fool about like him.
They'll never believe me.
Have you any better
Is Gisli Sursson there?
I can't say. Someone is there,
a bit out of the ordinary.
- Like your friend there?
- That's the local half-wit.
Yes. The crofter's son.
Keep still, fool!
Where is the proud papa?
- He went back to the island.
- Alone?
There was one other man
in the boat.
Who was it?
How am I supposed to know?
it must have been Gisli.
Have a good time with
your half-wit.
Do you reckon he's any
use to a woman?
It's them all right.
They're expecting us.
Where's Gisli?
You rat! Give Gisli up or
tell us where he is.
I'd rather lose my own life.
You're shielding the man
who murdered my brother.
l've every right to kill you.
These clothes are well worn
It won't distress me not to
wear them anymore.
We'll search the island.
Just a moment.
This half-wit is in rather
more places than I thought.
Gisli was always a good mimic.
Shame on us all if he gets
away after this.
Take these rings to your master.
They'll buy your freedom
and the bondman's.
He won't get away this time.
After him!
More spears!
Aren't you ready for bed yet?
Do you intend to spend all night
locking up?
What are you dragging into
our house so late?
Gisli Sursson, injured by Bork
that fat windbag
who is outside with a pack
of sniveling curs.
But they're not going to
find him here.
A nice change for you to have
a man like that in your bed.
I'll bet you wish this had
happened a lot sooner.
That old hog won't lay his
trotters on a wounded man!
I'll use all my cunning, you
sharpen up your worst temper.
Lay it on as thick as you like.
You others act innocent.
Of course, you can go and
search elsewhere for him
when you've made sure
he's not here.
Who are these ruffians,
crashing in on us?
They've come to look for
a law-breaker.
What, in our house?
And you stand by and let
them do what they like.
Pry about as though there
were criminals lurking here.
You haven't the guts to drive
the swine out into the pigsty
where they belong!
- These men are our friends.
Don't you dare come near me
with your filthy paws
and equally filthy minds.
So that's really your game:
to take advantage of decent
women in their beds at night.
Get away from me, you
nasty-minded little rat!
Keep your smutty fingers for
fiddling in your own crotch.
He's not here.
You're not likely to get near
anyone else's.
No-one is likely to offer,
woman or man,
though you might try a man.
That's she like when she says
good morning?
You shameless lecher,
any excuse to get into bed
with your friends' wives.
It's getting dangerous,
keeping you here.
I quite understand.
I'll be on my way tonight.
You've been very good to me.
We know you're in there!
We've got you surrounded!
Come out and face what's
coming to you like a man.
He's gone.
After all that climbing!
Shall we wait?
He's not likely to come
back here.
We'll go.
I've never seen a sword like
this. May I have a look?
I don't think there'd be
any harm in that.
And who may you lovely ladies be?
You could say we are our
father's daughters.
One can never be sure, these
Of course, we may be his sons.
I never said you could take it
out of the scabbard.
After them!
What are you doing here?
We've done a killing.
What sort of a joke is
that meant to be?
It's no joke.
We were getting vengeance
for our father.
Who are you supposed to have
We did kill Thorkell.
Children, children.
Killing is a man's work.
Vengeance has already
been taken for your father.
Not to the full.
Why are we in exile,
Gisli a hunted outlaw?
Because he avenged Vestein.
Thorkell was really to blame.
Thorkell and Gisli were
What possessed you to think
of coming here, of all places.
He was sworn brother to our
He is Thorkell's real brother
and will avenge him too.
He's coming back. Hide!
I'm sure I heard someone
It's all right, they've gone.
Who's gone?
- My nephews
Vestein's boys?
- Yes.
What did they want with us?
Hoping for my protection.
They're on the run.
They've killed a man.
Your brother, Thorkell.
How did they do it?
I didn't ask.
They haven't had much of a
start. Which way did they go?
Haven't you had enough
of this vengeance?
There's been no vengeance
taken for Thorkell.
Gisli, they're my nephews.
Which way did they go?
You're a changed man.
- Did they take the cliff path?
You're obsessed with killing.
I didn't see them.
I'm going to the cave.
Have something to eat
before you go.
Could it have been
your brother?
Eyjolf is at the farm. Your
wife is out of her senses.
He offered her a bribe.
She is counting the silver.
You don't have to be there
when we kill him.
I'll make sure you're
taken care of.
Thanks all the same.
I can do as I like with this?
Anything you fancy.
And now, where is Gisli?
It's all there, just as you
Where is our man?
Take that for your treachery,
and much good may it do you.
To believe I would sell my
husband to a wretch like you.
Get that bitch!
May you always remember
that a woman struck you.
KiII that yelping bitch!
We're not making ourselves
thoroughly infamous.
Are you always going to stand
in my way?
Think what you're doing.
I'm not leaving any more.
But they'll be coming.
Yes. They'll be coming.
Would you sleep better
up in the cave?
It's safer there.
We'll search by the river.
There he is!
It's time to stop running.
Only cowards die on the run.
Come on, then. Attack.
I'm not going anywhere.
This will be our last meeting.
You strike the first blow.
It's your score to settle.
I don't need advice from you.
Get 'round below there!
I always knew I had a
good wife.
Get up there and get hold of
the women.
So, the miserable coward
has run off again.
Very heroic!
There he is! He's up there.
The silver promised for my
head will be dearly bought.
Your final reward will be
infamy and lasting shame.
What do you think you're
He killed my brother.
It was your idea in the first
place, remember.
Is the wound serious?
A scratch.
Name your compensation.
I'll be happy to pay.
Give me your hand on that.
Are you really such a petty-
minded wretch as that.
I'll take compensation for
two killings.
I hereby declare: l divorce
myself from my husband.
Suits me if you'd like to
count out the silver now.