Outlawed (2018) Movie Script

I've been on this
case for several months now.
The mayor himself's got me
working day and night on this.
I could have just
stayed in the military
if I wanted to be cold
and tired all the time.
Can't say I blame the
mayor for his concern.
I've met some pretty
dangerous men in my time,
but this guy, Harry Archibald,
he really gives me the creeps.
I've got a bad feeling,
you know that thing in
your gut that tells you
when something bad's
about to go down,
and I'm already in too deep.
Nottingham's most
powerful men meeting
in the shadows at night.
I don't know, maybe I'm
just being paranoid.
Harry, I'd appreciate it
if you didn't call my home
in the middle of the night.
What's going on, Harry?
What in God's name
are we doing here?
What's so bloody urgent?
What is all this?
A new position in
office has just opened up.
What position?
What was that?
Listen in, we
have assets on the ground,
call sign Charlie One.
You will RV with them 10
clicks southeast from the DZ.
To confirm, target's
name is Abdul Ali,
MI6 have had eyes on him
since he left Heathrow
and tracked him to
his current location.
We believe he has information
on a high profile target
and we need to bring him in.
So try not to brass him up.
Hey Scotland!
Whats happening?
Oi, you do know it's
part of your initiation.
You gotta clean our boots
when we get back to cover.
I'll make you eat
your fucking boots.
Hey, easy tiger!
I will walk in so
much shit, mate,
you're gonna clean these
boots for a week, bro.
Fuckin' new guy!
Right stop fucking about,
I was in Baghdad while you
were in your dad's bag,
you'll all be cleaning
my fucking boots.
Time to switch on, fellas.
FLIR has detected multiple
heat signatures in the AO.
Intel suggests the compound
is heavily guarded,
so it pays to be a winner.
Remember, stay
low and move fast.
Let's do it!
Good luck, gents.
Guns at war!
Get down, get down!
Choppers are ready
for a hot extraction.
Lay down some top
cover for Green Eye.
In my time as defense secretary,
I have come across countless
examples of bravery and courage
all over the world
from the men and women
serving in our special forces,
but none continue
to astound more
than the results and
success of this unit alone.
This operation
lead to the capture
of one of the world's
most prolific and high-profile
targets and, and no doubt saved
incredible amounts of lives.
Although it is your duty to
fight and serve in secrecy
without public recognition,
it is my honor and
most humble privilege
to be invited here today to
present this symbol of gratitude
for your courage
and great service
to your Queen and country.
I'd rather her let me take
her panties down.
Sergeant Jake O'Neil.
Good work, Sergeant.
Thank you.
Whats with all the armed guards?
Jakey boy!
You wouldn't tell me you're
trying the backdoor?
Party's just getting started.
Don't you look nice?
Here's a tenner, right?
Will you, will you get
yourself a wee drink.
'Cause us boys, we
need to have a chat.
I can look after
myself, thanks, Smudge.
All right.
Go on.
Look mate, there's someone
I want you to meet.
Sergeant O'Neil, please come in.
Corporal Smith, can you
give us a minute, please?
Shut the door on your way out.
Drink. Scotch, Brandy?
Do you want to just tell
me what this is all about?
Take a seat, please.
That's what I like about
men like you, Jake.
Straight to the
point, no nonsense.
You see it's that, that's
what I'm looking for.
I've got an offer for you, but
I'm only gonna offer it once.
I need someone to head
up a private operation,
someone with some balls
who's not afraid to take action.
You seem to have earned
quite a name for yourself
with all your
operational success.
Now, I have a sideline project
that could make
you a very rich man
and make your life very
comfortable indeed.
Unless of course, you enjoy
spending your life away
getting shot at for
next to nothing?
You think I do
what I do for money?
I fight for a purpose,
not like these mercenaries
you got stood around here.
Now, you might be impressin'
everyone with all of this,
but I know exactly what
kind of man you are.
I wonder what it
is you fight for?
None of your fucking business.
Careful, Jake.
There you are.
I don't think
we've been introduced.
Come on, we're going.
Jake, you're
making a big mistake.
The money's in your account.
Look, I've got a lot riding
on this, do we have a deal?
You fuck me on this,
I'll kill your family.
What is it?
No Jade, wait!
Get through!
Are you okay?
That was scary.
Please, don't
ever do that again.
Come on.
He refreshes my soul,
even though I walk through
the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
for he is beside me.
Lord, please take care of
young Jake in this dark hour.
We ask you, Lord, to
welcome Martha and Scott
into your lights,
allow them to dwell
in the house of the Lord
forever in eternity.
You got to take care of Jake.
And what the hell
do you expect me to do
with an eight-year-old boy.
Both his parents
just got wiped out.
We're the only
two he's got left.
Some of us are still out
there fighting real wars,
while you're pissin'
about playing dress up.
You know I can't take him.
I'm deep undercover on
this Archibald thing.
Something big's going
down, I can feel it.
Anyway, I've got me hands full
looking after Jade
on my own since,
since Mary passed.
I'm not cut out to
play happy families.
My missus gives me
enough shit as it is.
Finally, she'll have
someone in the house
she can have a mature
conversation with.
I dunno mate.
It's one big responsibility.
Remember Bosnia?
How could I forget?
One dirty fucking war.
Then remember how
O'Neil saved your life.
You owe it to him to
look after his boy.
You know, it was the that way,
they'd do the same for us.
After all the shit us three
have been through together,
Stupid bastard gets
wiped out by a truck.
I'll do it for Scotty,
but you can break the
news to my missus.
I have to go away.
I know.
They said it would be far away.
I hope I'll see you again.
I made this for you.
That way, we'll always
remember each other
and we'll always be close.
I will see you again, I promise.
Where's the bracelet?
I took it off.
Jade, we need to talk.
So, you bring me
here of all places?
How is she?
She's good.
She struggles with
me going away a lot.
She makes me happy.
I'm pleased for you.
No, I am, I, I'm
really happy for you.
Just as long as
she's good to you.
You know, just as
long as one day,
one day we can be together,
like we promised that we would.
I'm gonna ask her to marry me.
Welcome to the party.
Fuck me, you big lad.
You expecting some
trouble or what?
Where's the case?
Man of few words?
No bother.
Bring me the case.
Think you're gonna
love this, pal.
Archibald sends his regards.
Fucking get him!
Please, it was Archibald.
Come on mate, it
was just business.
Where are my drugs?
We were told to bring you
here and kill you and your crew
and then we were
gonna split the cash.
It's just business.
All right.
Come on, mate, you all right?
Joey, Joey, get a medic!
Take a seat mate,
you'll be all right.
Hey, are you okay?
Come on, son!
Fucking cheap shot.
Never had you down as
a dirty fighter, Mac.
There's no school like the
old school, kid.
Fuck off.
It was your folks
anniversary last week.
Yeah, I know.
I knew your old man
a long time, Jake.
He'd be proud of you, son.
Thanks, Mac.
This is Mac.
Go ahead.
Roger that.
We're on our way.
I'll round up the lads.
A state of sheer panic
looms over the streets of
New Basford this evening
as armed gunmen have taken
four hostages captive
in a dramatic and
harrowing incident.
Please, just let my family go.
They had nothing to do with
this, they're so young!
Please, just let them go!
Mr. Archibald,
Independent Times News,
has there been
indications the motives
behind specifically
targeting your family?
I have no idea why
they picked on us, no.
Right now, we are using
every resource we have
to find a peaceful resolution
and to bring the children
home safely, thank you.
Police have surrounded
the building behind me,
and negotiations are
currently underway.
The place has been cornered off.
Will the police be able
to find a calm resolution?
At present, it is
difficult to say.
Yesterday at 1600 hours,
four hostages were
taken at gunpoint
from their home in Nottingham.
Run the video.
What're you doing?
The terrorists had executed
a further two family members
before taking the hostages
to this abandoned factory.
We believe the
factory is being used
for the manufacturing of PBIED's
and the distribution
of narcotics.
So, be aware of any booby traps
or any other little surprises.
Now, the hostages are the
family MP Harry Archibald,
meaning the whole
world's eyes are on us,
making this a
high-profile target.
So, no fuck up gents.
Let's do this one by the book.
I can't fucking believe that.
I was fucking well in there.
Those two slags were
fucking well up for it.
Yeah man, proper on it.
I was a bit smashed
fucking both of them
and my attitude could fuck...
Would you give it a
rest, would you, Smudge?
You're fucking boring me.
What the fuck has
crawled up your ass?
You need to chill
the fuck out, mate.
Maybe get yourself
fucking laid or something.
Just give me a fucking reason.
Jake, that's enough.
That's enough.
You people like guns.
Don't you?
I don't like using guns.
I like a knife.
I can see the reflection,
you see the pretty light?
The cold steel.
To cut you!
Like a little fish,
and you can't do
anything about it.
And then what
we'll try and do...
I'm looking for
the person in charge.
You're looking at him.
Right, my men have
cleared the area.
I have some information
that may be of use to you.
Go on.
We've identified one of
the terrorists as Abdul Ali.
Abdul Ali?
We put him away years back.
Sir, I have something for you.
Don't call me sir,
darling, I work for a living.
Intelligence report
from SRR and MI6,
apparently they've been
tracking their movements
over the last two years.
They've discovered a
network of drug smuggling,
human trafficking across the
UK borders to the mainland.
The French cut a deal in
2010 to have Abdul released
in exchange for one
of their journalists,
who was captured by GARSI.
We've had surveillance
on them ever since.
We have an electronic log
from Dalmar's phone and his PDA.
And what did we get?
Not a lot, but we do know
he's been in communication
with Harry Archibald.
We believe the kidnapping
had something to do with a deal
that went south between
Dalmar and Archibald.
These were taken by
reconnaissance operatives
in Daybrook.
Right, let's get Archibald
in for questioning,
let's see what he knows.
Media's gonna have
a field day with this.
I don't give a
fuck about the media.
Get him in.
Whoever we find inside, I
want him covered or killed.
Roger that.
Okay gents, eight hours at 0630.
Sniper in position.
No one moves before my go.
I've got eyes on
lads, ready when you are.
Robber One, you
are clear to engage.
Hustle, gents.
Daddy hasn't paid up.
Time has run out for you.
No, don't take
her, don't take her!
Robber One, this is Zero.
What the fuck is
going on in there?
Delta One Zero,
this is Bravo One.
Keep your eyes on.
What's going on?
We out.
Fuck this.
Smudge, no!
Cover me!
Tango down.
Trig, rope up.
Man down!
Cover me!
Stop fucking whining.
Fuckin' hell!
It's just a flesh
wound, you pussy.
Mac, we need a
medic in here now!
Tell him to hang tight.
As soon as it's clear,
I'll send them in
and get him patched up.
Take this, we need
to go after the hostages.
Fuck off then!
Watch your six.
They're in there.
Smudge, this is
your time to shine.
Don't fucking move!
Put your hands up!
They kidnapped us!
- Calm down.
- He's got...
Calm down!
My sister's dead,
she's dead, she's...
Don't worry, it's all over.
They killed her, they
killed her.
What happened to the boy?
Where are the others?
They took him.
Trig, get in here.
You all right?
It's, okay, you're
safe now, yeah?
Come on, let's get
you out of here.
Mac, get medics on standby.
Roger that.
The MC heading to the exo point.
Easy now, easy, come
on, come on, come on.
Do you want to shoot me then?
Do you want to shoot me?
Where'd you learn that from?
Fucking, color me done up then!
If you're
gonna shoot me, shoot me!
Fuckin' telling me that?
You sick bastard!
Go on shoot me.
Is that what you want?
- Yeah, come on.
- Why not?
This is for Archibald.
Hostages are secure.
Jake's on his own, Mac,
permission to go back in.
Bravo One, send SITREP, over.
I'm pinned down.
Let me go, please.
Now, shut the fuck up.
Alfie, is that you buddy?
- You go away!
- Please help me!
Go away!
Listen, I'm lowering my
weapon, and I'm coming in.
Get away!
I'm coming in.
Throw the gun down,
just throw that gun down!
Throw the gun down!
Throw the gun away!
You'll be all right,
I'm gonna make
sure you get home.
Let the kid go!
Listen to me, drop the weapon!
Assad has been taken away,
there is no way out for you.
Let him go!
Believe me, I will shoot him.
Alfie, look at me,
I promise you, mate,
you're not gonna get hurt, okay?
Throw the gun down.
Throw the gun down.
Honestly, we're
getting out okay, okay?
It's all over.
- Jake!
- No!
Look what you've done!
I had him, I fucking had him!
Come in!
My discharge papers.
This is the job,
sometimes things go south.
We can't win 'em all.
The report showed that
it wasn't your fault.
You did everything you could
to save that little boy,
so take some time out and
get your head together.
I watched a nine-year-old boy
get his fucking brains blown out
by someone that we
put away years back.
That's above our pay grade.
You know the game.
When are you going
to wake up, Mac?
I mean, I know most politicians
are lying fucking snakes,
but Harry Archibald, I mean,
he takes the fucking prize.
Doing deals with drug
dealers and terrorists
and we know that two of
his children were shot dead
because of some fucked up
operation that he was running.
Yet he's walking around
free, you tell me why?
Me and your dad had
to get our hands dirty
from time to time for the
sake of Queen and country,
but we never questioned it.
That's how wars are won kid.
The day your parents died,
I vowed to always
take care of you.
I've looked after you
like you were my own son.
I trained you to be
the best you can be.
Your dad was the
toughest son of a bitch
and the best soldier
that I ever knew.
He'd be fucking ashamed
of you right now.
Yeah, well he's not
fucking here now, is he?
And I'm out.
I expected more from you, Jake.
Sergeant Jake O'Neil,
you're dismissed.
Give me another one.
You need to pay your tab, mate.
You've been sat there
all fucking day.
Fucking prick.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
You weren't supposed
to be home yet!
Jake, just say something,
don't get upset!
Fuck it.
All right, baby,
let's get lucky tonight.
No more bets, please.
13 black.
All right.
Come on, I can't believe it.
Fuck it, all in.
This is insane.
Final bets, please.
Give me.
Five red.
The odds seem not to be
in your favor mate, sorry.
Final bets, please.
What can I get you?
A cosmopolitan, please.
Having a rough night, are we?
Yeah, you could say that.
Do you wanna get out of here?
I'm promise, I'm gonna
get you out of here, okay?
He'd be fucking
ashamed of you right now.
Are you ready now?
Stop fuckin' around!
Come on.
I'm not that kind of girl.
No, Jack, what are you doing?
Get off, not here.
It's so fun, come on, girl.
No, get off, Jack, I said no.
Come on, just enjoy it.
Jack, fuck off!
What the fuck is your problem?
Jack, fuck off, please.
- Come on.
- Fuck off.
Get off me!
What the fuck are you doing?
Leave her alone.
Who the fuck are you?
Fucking get him,
get him, go on, get him!
Fucking get him, now.
- Come on then.
- All right, mate.
Here, you take this.
Take care, mate.
Hi there, I'm Ralph,
I'm the manager.
Nice to meet you. Come this way.
Yeah, sure.
Jade, if you're hearing this,
then I am already dead.
I have left this tape
in a safety deposit box
that only you will
be able to access
when you're old
enough to understand.
Be careful with what you do
with it and who you trust.
Archibald is a very dangerous
man with eyes everywhere
and he will stop at nothing.
I'm sorry I can't be
there for you now,
but know I will always love you
no matter what, my sweet girl.
Jake, wake up.
It's okay.
What's happened to you?
What are you doing here?
Who the fuck do
you think you are?
Leave me alone.
Please Jake, I need your help.
Look at me.
What can I help with?
You're the only one
that I can turn to.
What else do I have to give?
What do you expect from me?
I don't care about any of this.
And I don't care about you.
Leave me alone.
You said you would
always be there for me.
I'm sorry.
What is it?
It's about my dad, Jake.
I told you he was murdered.
And now, I have proof.
We were on the run, living
in the middle of nowhere.
Dad knew we were in too deep.
The night he was murdered
is something that
will always haunt me.
Dad, what's wrong,
what's going on?
You need to take
this key and hide it.
Whatever happens, you
do not let anybody
know you got it, okay?
Dad, you're scaring me
Jade listen to me, promise me!
I promise.
I need you to get under
the bed and not make a sound.
Now, can you do that for me?
I love you!
I love you too.
Under the bed now,
go, go, go, quick!
They broke into our house
looking for that tape.
Nothing would've stopped them
until they got
what they came for.
No one believed me, no
matter who I turned to.
Not the police, not
the social workers,
not even you.
What's going on, Harry?
What in God's name
are we doing here?
What's so bloody urgent?
What is all this?
A new position in
office has just opened up.
What position?
Jade, whats wrong?
What is it?
Jake, I don't think
this is a good idea,
I don't think we should
go through with it.
What if something
happens to you,
I'll never forgive myself.
Jade, listen...
No, you listen to me, Jake.
You're all I've got left.
I can't lose you as well.
I can't be on my own again.
Nothing is going
to happen to us.
I said I'd protect you.
I'm not going anywhere.
You don't understand what
this man is capable of.
Jake, I told you, remember, he
shot and he killed my father
right in front of me
and no one believed me.
No one helped me.
He's untouchable.
No one's untouchable,
not now we have proof.
There's no hiding from that.
I'm sorry that I didn't
listen to you before.
So, what are you planning to do?
You know he's got the
police in his pocket.
They're not gonna touch him.
That's why I'm not
going to the police.
And so what?
You're just gonna go up there
and ask him to hand himself in?
That's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
We've got enough evidence to
put him away for a lifetime,
and I'm gonna give
him the chance
to finally do the right thing.
Otherwise we'll just
go to the media.
We can't let him get away with
what he did to your father.
And what if you get hurt?
Jake please, please,
let's just leave this now.
Let's go away, lets leave here.
He's too dangerous.
He doesn't know the
meaning of the word,
but if he tries to fuck
with us, then he will.
I told you I'll
take care of you.
So, what do you think?
Is this really something
you want to get into?
Look, I know we haven't
always seen eye to eye,
but I need your help on this.
Help with what,
what do you mean?
I'm gonna bring him down.
All right big man,
what's your plan?
I need to get
inside that building.
You're the only one close
enough to get me in.
I think you are fucking crazy.
Do you realize what
you're walking into?
You'll not get past
the front door.
Come on, can you help
me with this or not?
I'll see what I can do.
Good man.
I knew I could count on you.
We've got a problem.
I just wanted to apologize
for what happened before.
Mate, I'm sorry.
I've known you your whole life.
You never have to
say sorry to me.
What's going on?
It's Jade.
She's in trouble.
Why, what's happened?
Her dad left her
a surveillance tape
that proves that Archibald
shot the Mayor of Nottingham.
So, what's your plan?
You can't go to the authorities.
We all know how
that story will end.
That's why I need your help.
What do you need?
Are you really sure about this?
Kyle was your best friend.
And I can't let
anything happen to her.
Does that thing still work?
Could do with a bit of grease.
Where are you
thinking on taking it?
Straight through the front door.
Jake, Jake, please help me.
Now, do I have your attention?
I swear to god, if
you fucking touch her.
I think it's time we met.
I'm coming for you.
He's on his way.
Get the men ready.
I'm in position now.
There's a lotta people
down there, kid.
South side's all clear.
Keep an eye out, stay alert.
I have visual.
Wait for my go.
As soon as you're in the
building, you're on your own.
Let's move out!
Cover me!
Move out!
My leg!
Fuck you!
Jake, can you hear me, over.
Jake, Jake, over.
He's coming up!
He's on his way.
He's making his way
up to the first floor.
Does anyone have visual?
Robber Team, come in.
Robber Team, do you read me?
Hey, soldier boy.
Suck on that bitch.
Drop it.
Why am I hearing gunfire?
I said to bring him in alive.
Put it down.
We've got him pinned down.
He's not goin' anywhere.
Bring him to me.
God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
Jakey Boy!
You know your
fucking problem is?
You're all this Queen
and country shit.
Look at you now.
You're a fucking mess.
Face it, Jake, I'm
better than you.
I always have been.
And it's about time you found
out how weak you really are.
Oh, fuck it.
You motherfucker.
Looks like you've failed, again.
You lose, pretty boy.
You're fucking pathetic you
know that, a fucking disgrace.
You think you're so smart
with a fucking
hole in your head?
You know you've always
been a little rat.
How 'bout if I make that
wee girlfriend of yours
my bitch as well, yeah?
Go on then.
Are you gonna fuckin'
shoot me or what?
You haven't got
the balls, have you?
Look at me.
Look at me!
Looks like I always will be
better than you, motherfucker.
What's happening?
Where is he?
Smudge, answer me.
Jesus Christ, Jake.
Let her go.
Here we are, rather
fitting, don't you think?
Thank you for
finally joining us,
although I must say you're
a little worse for wear.
Let her go.
I've got the tape.
You don't need her anymore.
Jake, we could've
been so good together
if you'd just had some
sense of ambition.
You two just couldn't help
yourselves, could you?
You've got what you need.
Just take it.
And let her go.
Come on, just take
the fucking tape!
You've made your point.
Put the gun down.
You think you're being
here happened by mistake?
I could've had you
killed anytime I wanted.
Everything you touch
and everyone you care
about are now gone.
And Jade, my little Jade,
how beautiful you've become,
rather ironic you should meet
the same fate as your father
for sticking your
nose into my business.
Do you really think you're
gonna get away with this?
The police are on their way.
I know because I called them.
I can see tomorrow's headlines.
Special forces operative kills
everyone in the building,
shoots his beloved girlfriend
before turning the
gun on himself.
You're crazy.
You're fucking crazy.
You sick twisted fuck.
She's done nothing.
Just let her go.
Give it to me.
Pick it up!
Don't you fucking touch her.
You've got what you
need, now let her go!
I want you to look at her.
Look at her and tell
her it's gonna be okay,
Just like you told
my little boy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Jade, it's not your fault.
I love you.
Jade, move!
You okay?
He fucking shot me.
We need to get out of here.
Stop, Armed Police!
Put your hands
where I can see 'em!
Lower your weapons, he's
one of ours, you idiots.
Everybody move back!
Move back now.
You don't do things
in halves, do you, kid?
Nothing a lick
of paint won't fix.
Who the hell is
responsible for this?
Do yo know what you've done,
how much this is likely to cost?
Do you have any regard
for public safety?
For God's sake,
you've just blown up
the most iconic
building in the city.
Let alone my reputation and
the government's public image.
You special forces
are all the same.
You all think you're
above the law.
Who the hell do you think
you are, bloody Bruce Willis?
You might wanna
take a look at this.
This is not the last
you've heard from me.
That's one right hook
you got there, sweetheart.
You make sure you
look after him for me.
I will, don't worry.
And you, don't let her go again.
Cheers, Mac.
So, does this mean
it's finally over?
Well, maybe just one last thing.
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to no one
Fame don't want the looks
Snow Joe's out lots of blood
Hail Mary and
my guts are gone
X mark the spot,
crushin' 'em
My aim's dirty,
my quest to God
River's red, can't
stop the flood
Livin' it, head shot for fun
Ain't scare of death
till the monster come
Derelict buildings
abandoned, stranded
Bangin' off
handgun, standard
Man down, take out your
own fleet, hands down
Dual messengers
in these trenches
Explosive motives,
these shirts are soakin'
Good luck, these
stay focused
We're dealin' with
rats and roaches
Corrupt us thugs and
we need some closure
Get the men, ready
Robber One
You are clear to engage
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to no one
You're playin'
on my downfall
I'm a outlaw
But this rain is a downpour
And that's why they
call me a outlaw
I'm so unruly, I walk with
a head full of wild force
I can take a L by a
school bomb spotlight
Round ball
Happened before
ain't forgotten
And my mind on a mission
And body's are droppin'
Take out everyone,
no, I'm not stoppin'
I'm gonna tick off my
hit list until I got him
One way road damn beast
and the girl that I love
She's grievin'
Revenge, I believe in
No, I'm not leavin' till
everybody here stop breathin'
Poke the bear and I
switch like Ong Bak
Fatality or two,
combat, finish him
The weapons so advanced
So you think that
they come from Wakanda
Warrior we under
Manner I load, these
guys go bullet for bullet
And start fist fightin'
if I through a bomb back
There are fresh tracks on
your head with that contract
In our realm, pray for
peace that is in ourselves
We chase dreams that
can kill our health
So, I'm dying to live
for this thing I felt
If I died and I went to hell
That's murder for
hire, it's in ourself
Pray to God and
still sin ourselves
Don't wanna send for me
until I send out shells
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to no one
Head in my palms,
stressin' but calm
Nothin' but sweat
on these palms
Nothin' but blood
on this floor
Stay composed when I walk
I shouldn't be
having these thoughts
Ready for war, I'm reassured
But it's come to the door
Runnin' my ward and
I'm riskin' it all
Been there before
This is what you
call a total recall
Chick boom, warm bag of corn
Bodies on bodies
ain't watchin' no porn
Ate all 15 on the four-four
Rip through body parts,
rip through walls
You're playing
on my downfall
I'm a outlaw
But this rain is a downpour
And that's why they
call me a outlaw
I'm so unruly, I walk with
a head full of wild force
I can take a L by a
school bomb spotlight
Round ball
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to
no one, outlawed
Outlawed, outlawed
I don't answer to no one.