Outlier (2021) Movie Script

[Waves crashing and ship creaking]
[Ominous music]
[Heavy thud]
[Ax splitting logs]
[Computer noises]
[Ominous music starts]
Your dumbass brother is here.
Did you let him in?
I'm gonna have a smoke.
What the hell did he want?
Nothing... He just
wanted to say goodbye.
Good. He needs to
mind his own business.
He's not in our business James.
That's a lie!
It's not!
I know it is.
I'm here trying
to provide for you
and you don't
appreciate a damn thing!
Damnit Olivia, let's go!
[Gas flowing]
Gonna be a legendary fire huh?
Yes sir, it would be.
I'm looking for some firewood.
My nephew normally gets it for
me but he hasn't been around.
Yeah, there were some trees up by
Wildwood I thought I'd clean up.
But I don't have a use
for all this though.
I can give you
some if you'd like.
Oh I'll pay for it.
No, really, it's okay.
No really. I insist.
Here give me your number
and I'll give you a call.
You live close by?
Yeah, I have a house
a few miles away but
This is going straight
up to my cabin.
Alright, I'll be in touch.
Take care.
[Car approaching in distance]
Listen to me!
Listen Olivia!
Get back in the car!
(James and Olivia argue)
Listen, listen! You're not
listening! Listen.
to me.
Is everything okay miss?
Everything is fine.
Is that true?
Everything is fine.
If you don't mind, I'd
like to talk with her.
Do you need help?
What the hell do you
think you're doing?
I don't like the way
you're talking with her.
I don't give a rats ass on how
you think im talking to her.
This is none of your business!
Hey! Whats going on?
This asshole is getting in
business he should stay out of!
He's helping me.
Do you know him?
She's my girlfriend!
Can you please
take me somewhere?
Where do you need to go?
No! Olivia please!
I don't care just
anywhere but here...
Everything is gonna be alright!
You're insane!
She loves me!
She's my responsibility!
Call the cops?
You got it.
Good luck with her! She's crazy!
Don't start with me.
[Diesel engine approaches]
[Car shuts off]
You're safe now. It's okay.
Where should I take you?
I'm not sure yet...
Is there someone we can
call? Something I can do?
I just want to run away...
What's holding you back?
I've tried leaving before and
he just sucks me right back in.
What if you just went someplace
that he couldn't find you?
A hotel?
I don't have any money all I have
are the clothes on my back...
I live close by...
Why don't we stop there
and figure things out?
I loved him before...
I mean I did.
What do you think I should do?
Do whats best for you.
The offer still stands.
I'm sorry. I don't
even know your name.
Nice to meet you Thomas.
[keys jingle]
[car starts]
[tea pours into mug]
[spoon taps mug]
He wasn't always
like that you know.
He used to be really sweet.
I understand.
He would just get so mean...
He'd hit me and choke
me... and spit on me...
Nobody deserves
that type of abuse.
He just...
He had this temper.
I know he felt bad afterwords.
I know he did.
I can't believe my
life got to this point.
I always thought I was
stronger than this.
Can I tell you a story?
When I was growing up, my
dad was a lot like your ex.
He was a great guy
around most people.
A lot of people
liked him. But...
When he was alone with me...
That's horrible.
It's okay.
I learned a valuable lesson.
One that most people
don't get in their life.
You know those movies where
Liam Neeson or Denzel Washington
saves a girl that's in trouble?
I wanted to be that for my mom.
and one day
I waited for my dad to come home
he was upset about something.
I watched him push her down.
That was the last time he
ever hit her, or I again.
What happened?
That was actually the
last time I ever saw him.
You know you really
did save your mom.
I bet she really loves you.
She did.
she had too many demons
left over from that.
I'm so sorry.
The point is, heroes can exist.
[water moving]
It's really beautiful here.
Thanks. I had it built for
my mom and I to live here.
What do you do for a living
if you don't mind me asking?
I wrote and sold an online
educational program.
I always wanted
to live on a lake.
A few years back I bought a cabin
up north on a more secluded lake.
I always wanted to
live on a lake too.
Maybe someday you can.
I don't know, I... Just want
to make it through this first.
Well if you need anything
I'm here for you.
Let's eat.
[water moving]
Thank you.
I hope I'm not a burden.
You're welcome. You're not.
I got you some sweats.
Can I get you anything else?
No. You've done enough.
Thank you.
Holler if you need anything.
[lock clicks]
Good morning.
I made you some breakfast.
Thought I'd bring
some up for you.
I'm not sure if you've come
up with any plans yet but
I was thinking and
You're welcome to stay here a
while, as long as you want or need.
I couldn't imagine what Jame's
would do if he ever saw you again.
As you said.
You said you always wanted to
live on a lake. Stay a while.
I don't know... I just woke up.
Well just think about it.
I've been in your situation
before. I found my way out.
Thank you for breakfast.
You're welcome.
Make yourself at home.
(Thomas speaking inaudibly)
(Thomas continues
speaking inaudibly)
How was breakfast?
Is there someone here?
I thought I heard talking...
It wasn't about James... was it?
Oh. No. No.
I was uh...
Just going over some home
improvements in my head.
I can get pretty passionate.
Sorry if I disturbed you.
Well I've given it a
lot of thought and...
I think you're right.
I'm not in a good enough
place to leave quite yet.
I thought my cooking
might convince you.
I mean as long as I'm
not bothering you.
No you're not.
A few more of my amazing meals
and you might never leave.
I like helping you Olivia.
Maybe I'll repay you by making
some of my famous burnt toast.
Hey! If you ever get bored
and want something to do
I've got all these paint supplies
that used to be my mom's.
How'd you know I
always wanted to paint?
I mean
I've explored it
I just never know what to do.
Give it a try.
I've gotta run some errands
I'll be back in a few hours.
Okay. Paint a flower.
[inspiring music]
[waves crashing]
Hey! Nice to see your
face when I get home.
How was it? Quiet?
Yeah, it was really good.
So how'd the painting go?
Not well.
What? I thought you were
going to be painting a flower?
I started a flower.
Oh, I've been thinking
I wanna let my mom
know that I'm safe.
Okay. Do you want to call her?
No. I mean James has my phone and I'm afraid if I
call her on your phone he'll find a way to track me.
I actually wrote her a letter.
Yeah, want me to mail it?
Do you have an envelope?
Of course!
(Thomas talking inaudibly)
(Thomas reading her letter) But it's actually
good to be away from James right now.
I want you to know, I don't
think I'll go back with James.
Before you get upset,
let me explain mom...
I want a new life.
I've tried to tell you this before
and you've never taken it well.
I feel I finally have the
courage to make this step.
We're making some progress.
Sleep well?
You're quiet.
I was about to head out but I
have breakfast here for you.
I'll be back later? For dinner?
And I'll mail that letter.
I think you're really brave. I know how
hard that must be to stand up to your mom.
I'm proud of you.
[paper rustle]
I don't know. Maybe it's a
step in the right direction.
I'm just worried about her attachment
to people from her old life.
Maybe I'm overreacting.
[computer noises]
Hey, do you like music?
Yeah, James never really
liked my taste though.
How'd you know that?
Just a guess.
[classical music begins playing]
I miss the live orchestra.
Used to go to a
lot of shows huh?
My brother used to take me.
What was your
favorite instrument?
I love the flute. It's
just so airy and free.
How about you?
Did you ever just
watch the conductor?
He orchestrates all of
those instruments at once.
That's where the real beauty is.
That's where the music is made.
I never really thought
about it that way.
I just wish my brother would
take me again. I miss it.
You aren't one to
make plans, are you?
I just don't like
being a bother.
You're no bother.
You say that but I've been here two days and
I... I don't know, I just, I need to get home.
You are welcome here Olivia.
I don't know. James is probably
out there looking for me
and if I go home before he finds me
he might just forgive me this time.
Are you saying you
want to go back to him?
I don't know. He's home.
Let's talk about this tomorrow.
You don't think I should?
Let's talk about it tomorrow.
I told you. She's
talking about leaving.
I've gotta step in here. We
gotta get back to a clean slate.
Sorry about that...
All finished?
Oh. Sorry.
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
Is that really how you
want to live your life?
In a world where
everything is your fault?
I know you wanna go back to him but, I
just don't think you're ready for that yet.
I have good memories
with him you know.
James. From the beginning.
You need to stop
romanticizing him.
Those memories are a virus.
When a computer has a
virus, you just delete it.
What do you mean?
Well sometimes you just
need to wipe the hard drive.
Start over fresh.
Program it just
the way you want.
Sometimes there's just
stuff in there that
does no one any good.
That's enough about that.
Let's go relax.
How are you so good at this?
Eh, practice.
You're doing good.
Yeah. It's the plural
form of the letter "Z".
And based on that logic, it
would appear I'm going to win.
No I'm...
It's late and I think
that's enough game for me.
You sure?
Yeah you're clearly
better at this than I am.
I was talking about the wine but I
guess that answers that question.
Do you mind if I ask you
some more questions Olivia?
[Intense music]
What happened?
I guess I had a nightmare...
About what?
He was running after me
and I couldn't get away.
Okay. It's okay...
Tomorrow's gonna be a
better day. I promise.
Try to get some sleep.
Just a dream.
[spoon clanks bowl]
I don't think she remembers.
It's fine.
She still hasnt
made one decision.
I rushed things a little last night.
But she won't remember it.
She thinks it was a dream.
Good morning.
Did you get back to sleep?
I'm making omelets.
You want one?
Why don't you cut
up some onions?
Here. Hold it like this.
[chopping noise]
You okay?
That wine was a big hit last night.
You really guzzled that down.
Might have to break out
another bottle tonight.
I feel really grimy.
Onions will do that to you.
Do you mind if I
go take a shower?
You know you don't have to ask
me to do things around here.
I'm going to help
you through this.
I've been through all of this.
I know what's going
through your head.
I'm here to help.
Shower takes a
minute to warm up.
[shower turns on]
[heavy breathing]
The knife isn't a big enough decision.
She's still too passive.
She'd never actually use it.
She's just irrational.
We have a lot more work to do.
Plus I haven't even taken out the threat.
You said it yourself.
Authoritative action required.
We need more time.
From burnt toast to delicious
omelet onions! I'm impressed.
Why did you read my letter?
I heard you.
Reading it out loud.
Who were you talking to?
No, no. You don't understand.
I don't get what's
going on anymore.
You were helping me.
Why are you always on the phone and who are
you talking to? Why are you talking about me?
You don't understand. I'm
trying to protect you.
I told I talk to myself and I'm just trying
to figure out the best way to help you.
I have a lot of stationary paper around the
house and it has my address at the bottom.
Very light, subtle
grey, in the footer.
The envelope was sealed.
I had to open the envelope to confirm
and verify that it had my address on it
and it did.
But then why were you
reading it out loud?
You said that you didn't want your mom to know
where you were so, I thought I would try to help.
I had to dictate it into an
email so I could send it...
I'm sorry. I should
have told you.
I'm trying to protect you okay?
I've gotta go.
Have you re-run
the probabilities?
Good. I'll push
her more tonight.
Sorry. Didn't make it home
for lunch. Did you eat?
Of course.
You must be hungry then.
[sink turns on]
All we did was go backwards.
She's co-dependent on me now.
She won't even eat
unless I make her food.
We need to reprogram without
the safety protocols.
I'll do it tomorrow.
You said you were
hungry. Foods still out.
Cook something.
[door slams]
Oh hey! Good morning.
Good morning.
I see you didn't clean up the
kitchen last night. Or even eat.
I lost my appetite.
What are you doing down there?
Thomas, I think I'm
ready to go home now.
You're gonna leave
your hero already?
I'll be back.
[door slams]
[footsteps above]
Who is this?
Authoritative action...
Who are you talking to?
No one, I thought
I heard a noise.
Thomas I don't know what's going on but
I think I'm really ready to go home now.
It's fine. I'm sure James
would love to have you back.
I did my best to save you but I guess when people want
something and they finally get it, they don't want it anymore.
I'm really grateful and I promise
I won't get back with James. I just
I need to go and
live my own life.
(Distorted Voice)
Well in that case, I guess it's
time we celebrate your independence.
I'll grab the wine.
[chains rattle]
[chains rattle louder]
Oh good, you're awake.
Come sit.
[chains jingle]
Should be long enough.
Sorry I had to do that.
I was worried about you.
This might be a little jarring to you,
but you were starting to scare me.
You took a knife to your room, and you were trying
to contact people who have hurt you before.
You're safer here.
You can't keep me here.
People will notice I'm missing.
You just wrote a letter
explaining why you're missing.
Thomas you can't do this.
I'm saving you Olivia.
Spend a few days here and
you'll come to your senses.
I wanted to stay at the
house but we couldn't.
You tried to leave
your second day.
Those weren't dreams.
How do I not remember that?
I had to give you something
while we were at the house.
You drugged me...
Thomas you can't do
that this is kidnapping!
I would be hurt, but you don't understand
all the good things I've done for you.
You threatened me.
I never threatened you. I
thought you were helping me.
If you thought I was helping you,
why did you take a knife to your room?
I just left my
abusive boyfriend.
He's out looking
for me I know it.
It's my job to
make you feel safe.
You have no job
when it comes to me.
It's my job to help anyone
who's being mistreated.
You're lucky to have me. I had
to go through all of this alone.
No wonder your mother
killed herself.
I did what I had to do to save my mom. Now
I'm doing what I have to do to save you.
Please... Please
you have helped me.
Please let me go?
There's a bigger picture here.
It's more than just you getting
back to your normal life.
If you calm down, you won't
need to be restrained but
if you don't the
situation won't change.
Goodnight Olivia.
[chains hit floor]
[fire crackle]
[crackle intensifies]
[thud at the door]
Hey! Little help?
Guess not.
What do you want from me?
Right now?
Cut up this onion. I know you
like them in your omelets.
While you're doing that,
I'll set the table.
[chains drag along wood floor]
I thought I just taught
you how to hold a knife.
Come here.
You know you're gonna have to eat.
You have to make that decision yourself.
What? You're not going to
make that decision for me too?
You have to trust me. The
world works in mysterious ways.
You're awful.
Please stop saying that.
You are. You're
worse than James.
At least he loved me deep down.
I wouldn't be trying to help
you if I didn't care about you.
You don't even know me.
You graduated highschool in 2013
with the highest GPA in your class.
You were set for greatness until you
met James. He messed up your life.
Your mom's name is Nancy, your dad's name
is Jeff. He left her when you were young.
You have a brother 3 years older than you, Charlie.
Growing up he made most of the decisions.
You wanted to be a lawyer, and you're still looking into
it but you're not assertive enough to make that decision.
I do care Olivia.
I need to check on something.
[door slams]
[chains jingle]
[chains thud]
[metalic thud]
[lock breaks]
Thomas' Voice (I leanred
that I can be the hero)
(Saves the girl that's in
(You want to start over right?)
(When a computer has a virus...)
(You just delete it.)
Get washed up. I folded your
clothes, they're in the dresser.
[chains jingle]
When you're done I'll
put your restraints on.
You want me to play
your game? Okay.
This doesn't make any sense.
I trust the data... I just... It's never been wrong
before. Can you run it again with updated information?
Sorry you had to see
that out there today.
I understand.
I promise you... This is
all for your own good.
If you just wouldn't
have run away.
I know.
For real, now that James is gone
I see what you're doing. I am able to have
a future and relationships and a career.
I'm not going to run away again.
I understand why you want to keep me restrained, but
the chains are really uncomfortable when I sleep.
I'm glad you're
finally seeing it.
I can take them off tonight if
it will help you sleep better.
[chains and keys jingle]
Now that you know there's no point in
running. No where to go, no one around.
[lock unlocks]
Thank you Thomas.
I'm gonna go to bed.
Goodnight Thomas.
We'll get out.
We'll get out.
We'll get out.
We'll get out.
[door opens]
You're up early.
Sorry if I startled you,
I forgot I need to be more careful.
It's fine.
You sure there is nothing
I can get for you today?
No I'm good.
You know I don't
want to do this.
I understand. But you really don't have to I
promise. I have nothing left to go back to.
I'm gonna have to lock all
the doors to outside today.
I understand.
I'll be back.
[door shuts and locks]
What the hell is this?
Let me explain.
How do you know all of this? How
do you know everything about me?
Let me sit.
An educational program?
What do you actually do?
I wasn't lying. I wrote
an educational program.
Is that what this is?
After the events that
occured with my family
I knew I had to do
something about abuse.
So I wrote an algorithm for
artificial intelligence.
It identifies habits,
situations, needs.
Companies interested in big
data sets wanted my algorithm.
So I sold it to them
for a fairly low price.
But in exchange I got access
to their database of people.
So I can better identify whose
being abused, so I can help them.
Help them? You kidnap them...
How many people have you done this to?
You were a special case.
Typically the A.I.
just handles it itself.
It contacts authorities, family members,
schedules appointments, therapy sessions...
What about me? It didn't make
my life magically better...
Like I said, you
were a special case.
What does that mean?
Nothing the algorithm did could
help you. You're too passive.
You need to be willing
and wanting to be helped.
I don't understand.
THIS is it's way of helping you.
You stalked me. You
stalked all those people...
I help those people! I came all
the way out here just to help you.
You stalked me.
Yes. I knew where you'd be.
And I knew James
would make a scene.
I knew I could rescue
you at that gas station.
That's all I was there
for. To rescue you, Olivia.
I don't want my life
decided by a computer.
You have to let me go. I am making
a decision right now, I opt out.
Take me off your list.
See? Progress.
I knew it would help.
I was right all along.
Would you like a s'more?
I'll assume that's a yes.
You're always changing.
You didn't have access to
technology when you were at my house
So I had to update
the A.I. myself.
Then the night you asked
to go back with James...
The night you drugged me, chased
me down and dragged me inside?
The odds were getting lower
of you surviving the abuse.
I had no other choice.
Then you took the knife... That
threw the algorithm out of wack.
You made a decision!
You were on the right track but
then you wrote the letter.
Reaching out to those
that have hurt you.
Like my mom?
She was identified as a threat.
What did you do to her?
I do what the algorithm
tells me will work.
Did you kill your father too?
Back then I didn't have
the A.I. but now I do.
It has data on almost
every human on the planet.
Web searches, browsing
history, habits.
It knows you.
It doesn't know me,
you don't know me.
You'll see. It will work.
I don't know when you'll realize that
this is what's best for you but you will.
The perfect golden s'more.
I trust I don't have to
restrain you anymore.
You know this is what's right...
[door shuts]
[car door slams]
Hope you don't mind I
showed up a little early.
Yeah no worries!
Crazy stuff at the gas station huh? That guy just
drove off, I bet we'll never hear from him again.
Yeah probably not...
Bring something to
load the wood into?
Yeah we can put it in
the back of my truck.
Perfect. Actually I'll take you out to the
wood pile. Let me grab my coat real quick.
Nice place you've got here.
You know, it's really hard to find.
All these dirt roads and woods.
But when I saw your truck,
I knew I'd found the place.
You know I knew there was a lake out here
but I had no idea there was houses on it.
This has to be really
nice and peaceful out here.
How about we go get that wood?
Yeah. I wonder if there are
any other houses for sale...-
[tools clatter]
Sorry about that.
What are we bringing an ax for?
You never know.
[door slams]
Help me please help me!!!
Please help me please!! Help!!!
I'll be right back.
I'm coming!
Help me please!!!
Help me!!!
[chains jingle]
Thomas please...
Is that the girl
from the gas station?
Yeah she uh.... Her boyfriend did a number on her. She's been
having bad nightmares and I'm just trying to help her out.
Should we, uh, get
you to the wood pile?
You know things about
me you shouldn't know.
Not until you can
comprehend all of this.
I've heard enough. You don't
know what's good for me.
The A.I. does.
Your little A.I. you
can't play God Thomas!
Can't you see it's working?
Would old Olivia have said any of that?
Come back with me. Let's wait it out. I don't fully
understand it's plan but this is what's best for you.
Maybe it was.
Thomas, you will let me go.
I can't do that.
I don't want to shoot you.
Olivia, this is not what
it's plan is for you.
I don't know, I don't feel
very passive right now.
[car approaching]
Thanks for coming
back to get me.
I knew there was something wrong
when I saw you at the cabin.
Should we go to the police?
No. It's taken care of.
[radio plays]
I'm so sorry I never did
anything about James.
I mean it's my fault, I should of told you.
I had never spoken up.
You know, now that
I think about it.
I think James was just lost.
He needed something, someone
to control and I let him.
What are you going to do now?
I guess that's up to me huh?
You should start looking
at law schools again.
I don't think so, I mean, I have a few
things I have to take care of here first.
Oh hey, I got us tickets to
the orchestra downtown tonight.
You did?
I did.