Outpost Earth (2019) Movie Script

(gong reverberating)
(dramatic music)
- [Newscaster] If you happened to look up
in the skies over the weekend.
Many of our viewers did.
- [Newscaster] Thousands of
people saw these in the sky.
- [Newscaster] You were not the only one.
- Another strange sighting.
- We received
a number of emails
today asking about them.
- [Newscaster] This is
the weird unsettling sight
captured on tape.
- [Newscaster] Spotted in
London, Mexico, Canada.
- [Newscaster] The United States Air Force
said it could not identify.
- [Newscaster] People
do not know what it is.
- [Newscaster] Just that they look like,
very like--
- [Newscaster] A benevolent entity.
- [Newscaster] They are peaceful.
(weapons pulsing)
(explosion booming)
(communication crackling)
(weapons pulsing)
(explosion booming)
(communication crackling)
(gong reverberating)
(ship engines roaring)
(explosion booming)
(communication crackling)
(fire sizzling)
(weapons pulsing)
(explosion roaring)
(ominous humming)
(communication crackling)
(birds chirping)
(rabbit squeals)
(men groaning)
- Hey.
(Blake gasps)
(thug yells)
- Rotten bitch.
(she yells)
(she screams)
I'm gonna gut you like a deer.
(blaster pulsing)
(ominous music)
(footsteps crunching)
(creature growling)
(device humming)
(birds chirping)
(Blake moans)
(creature growling)
(Blake gasps)
(air hissing)
(weapon firing)
(blaster pulsing)
(blaster pulsing)
(heavily breathing)
(metallic whining)
(blaster pulsing)
- Wake up.
Wake up, wake up.
Oh, god.
(she groans)
(metal scrapping)
You've gotta get up.
(she gasps)
(metallic scrapping)
(gong reverberating)
(metal scrapping)
(metal rapping)
- What are you doing?
- [Kay] Come on, come on.
Come on!
- Geez, quick, get him inside.
Come on.
- [Kagen] What the hell did
you bring him in here for?
- [Kay] He'd have died if I hadn't.
- So.
What's that got to do with us?
- She ran into one of those goons
and he saved her or something.
I don't know.
- You're too soft, this
isn't the old days.
We can't be bringing in strays.
It's all we can do to
keep ourselves alive.
- He might be useful.
He could have skills.
- Remember the last guy
you said that about?
If we we hadn't come back
from foraging in time,
think what he would have done to Penny.
- I couldn't just leave him there.
I'd have died if he hadn't come.
I just couldn't.
- Well, he doesn't look hurt too bad.
Blow to the head and
something chewed his arm up.
- One of the Stexies got
him and he killed it.
He killed the Stexie and one of the goons.
I got the other one.
I put an arrow right in his back.
- Huh, well, aren't you the one?
I guess he can stay til he's better
then he goes.
In the meantime, we keep a
close eye on him, agreed?
- Whatever you say Kagen.
- I lost my bow.
- Damn it, Kay.
We're short of weapons as it is.
- But I got one of these.
- [Hugo] Oh, that's one of the blasters.
- Fair trade for a bow.
- Take it to Zayden right now.
- All right, but I'm keeping it.
It's mine.
I'm gonna figure out how to use it
'cause I was good with a bow and arrow,
but with one of these things.
- Be careful, you might
blow your face off.
- I wish we had an army of her.
- She's too soft.
Now, help me get this guy bandaged up.
- [Hugo] Okay.
(ominous music)
- [Kay] Bam, bam, bam.
(Penny screams)
Sorry, sorry.
- Oh, my god, you scared me to death.
Is that an alien blaster?
- [Kay] It is.
- Where did you find this?
- Off a dead alien.
- [Penny] You killed him?
- I sure did.
- Wow, you're not the only
one that's been doing things.
Look at this.
- Where did you find all this?
- There's a store in town that
hasn't been cleaned out yet.
- You went into town on your own?
- There's more, too.
I hid it before I left.
We can go back for it.
- Penn, you can't be going
in to town on your own.
They look for us there,
not to mention the gangs.
- We hadn't seen anyone around in months.
- It's still too dangerous.
- I can take care of myself.
- You can (she groans) come on.
I gotta go see Zayden.
(equipment blipping)
(electrical sizzling)
- Miles, that didn't work.
- Have you tried inverting
the chapel streams in
the singularity path--
(static crackling).
- No, no, no.
I'm afraid that's gonna cause
a flux in the plasma converters.
I don't wanna do that.
- I hadn't thought of that.
Let me recalculate and
I'll get back to you.
(monitor screeches)
- All right, thanks Miles.
- [Penny] Hey, Uncle Zayden.
- Are we interrupting?
- No, no, no-no-no, it's
a critical sensor battery.
It's being very touchy.
But I'll figure it out.
So what have you been up to?
- Look what I have.
- Huh-ho, where on earth?
(he inhales)
Spinach, kidney beans?
Cream chipped beef?
- I know you don't eat meat, but.
- That's all right I never proselytize.
If you girls wanna eat
your fellow creatures
like primitive savages.
It's all right.
German potato salad.
We eat like a king for a week at least.
- Oh, there's more.
There's lots more.
I'm gonna go back for it.
- Not going alone you're not.
- What about you?
What's new and exciting in your world?
(metal vibrating)
Where did you find that?
- I took it off a dead goon.
- You found a dead goon.
- I shot him dead.
- It's so hard to believe
that you are the same sweet little girl
who cried for a week once
when her father ran over a squirrel.
- That's back when I had a father.
- Well, that's a whole world ago.
You know if I can figure out
the principles behind this,
this could make quite a difference.
- When can I have it back?
- Back, what for?
- So I don't have to arm myself
like a 13th century peasant.
- Look, the physics behind
this are entirely alien to me.
I may never figure it out.
So in the meantime, you're
gonna have to make do
with a crossbow and a sling.
- I'd settle for a decent shotgun.
- That's not my department.
I'm a theoretical
physicist not a gunsmith.
- All right.
I'll let you get back to work.
- Uh-uh-uh oh, what about you?
All right.
- Zayden?
- [Zayden] Hm?
- I saw him again.
- Saw who?
- That stranger.
The one that's been hiding from us.
- What did he do?
I saw him in the distance,
but he watched me for awhile
and then he disappeared again.
- It's not him.
It can't be him.
He's dead.
- Nobody saw him die.
- He was outside in the blast.
He caught the full force of the radiation.
- I know, but.
(equipment blipping)
Good night.
- Good night.
(he groans)
(water dripping)
(ominous music)
- I knew he'd be nothing
but trouble I just knew it.
(metallic scrapping)
Kay, Penny, get out here.
(gong reverberating)
- Take it easy, lady.
I don't want any trouble.
- Liar, thief.
- I'm not a liar.
(suspenseful music)
(he groans)
I don't wanna hurt anybody.
But I am getting the hell out of here.
And none of you bitches
better try to stop me again.
(creature roaring)
(creature chirping)
- Ha, ha.
(creature growls)
(creature squeals)
(ominous music)
(body chirping)
- It's all in the wrists.
You give it a little twist and
pop the head comes right off.
We better go hide the body,
before they come looking for it.
- The goons?
Why would they do that?
- Trust me.
- You seem to know a lot about them.
- I've been around.
- I'd like to talk you.
Very unusual that we meet anybody
who isn't trying to rob us or kill us.
- How do we know he's not?
- This is the second
time I've saved her life.
- Hey, I shot that goon that
was gonna kill you back there
and I dragged your ass back here.
I could have left you for dead.
We're even.
- We're about to eat something.
Why don't you join us?
- All right, I never turn down food.
- Smart man.
- Looks like you eat
pretty good around here.
- Not always this good.
- I found a new stash of food.
- Oh, yeah?
Hm, I don't blame ya, I
wouldn't tell me either.
- You got a name?
- Blake.
- Oh, this is Kagen and
Kay and Hugo and Penny
and I'm Zayden.
- Zayden, you look familiar.
Like I've seen your face somewhere.
- Uncle Zayden was a famous scientist.
- Zayden Heisenberg?
Nobel prize, physics.
- That was a long time ago.
- Huh, you never know who
you'll run into these days.
- What did you do before
the invasion, Mr. Blake?
- Just Blake.
I was a crook.
- What kind of crook?
- I wasn't fussy.
I preferred mostly small
stuff, watches, jewelry.
But I'd take whatever came along.
- You don't seem very
embarrassed about it.
- I never carried a gun.
I never hurt anybody and
I hardly ever got caught.
Besides, I figure we're all
in the same boat anyway.
We all grab what we can get.
I was just ahead of the game.
- I have to agree with him on that.
Now, what were you saying
about the aliens were gonna come back
looking for the Clicket?
- Clicket?
Oh, the big bug.
Yeah, they keep an eye on them.
If they find one dead they get suspicious
and start nosing around.
That's one of the reasons
they put them there.
- Put them here?
- [Blake] Um-hm.
- But I always assumed that the clickets
were some sort of random mutation
because of the radiation bombardment.
Do you mean to say that the aliens
deliberately placed them here?
- [Blake] Sure.
- What for?
- You know those little snails
they used to put in aquariums
to clean up all the leftover debris,
well the clickets are the
snails and we're the debris.
- After we finish eating, Mr. Blake.
- [Blake] Just Blake.
- Perhaps you'd like to take
a look at my laboratory?
- Laboratory?
Sure, why not.
Quite a display you've got here.
- Oh, I know it all looks
like a pile of junk.
I've had to scrounge it
wherever I could find.
However, I have had some
pretty impressive results.
- What's the point?
- I'm trying to learn as much
as I can about our conquerors.
I've been working with a
number of other scientists
by means of a primitive
sort of radio hookup.
- Aren't you worried about eavesdroppers?
- Well at first, yes, but not anymore.
I don't think they have radio.
- Are you kidding me?
They destroyed our entire
civilization in less than a week.
We're talking about pretty
advanced technology here.
- A totally alien technology.
I don't even think they have
the same senses as we do.
They might see in infrared or hear color.
I don't know.
- Huh, so, where do
you think they're from?
Some other galaxy or?
- Oh, I don't think so.
I suspect another dimension maybe.
I don't know.
I mean it would help if I had
a live specimen to examine,
but so far all I have
to work with is this.
(gong reverberating)
(Blake gasps)
- Holy crap.
Where did you get it?
- Oh, Kay brought it back from
one of her little excursions.
- Aren't you full of surprises?
- Now, you'll notice it has no ears.
It has no auditory organs at all
that I've been able to find.
I don't even think they
communicate by sound.
And the eyes are interesting as well.
But I don't think they see
in the same spectrum as ours.
It would help if I had
better junk to work with.
But I did manage to rig this up.
- Where do you get your power?
- Batteries charged by generator
used sparingly, of course.
The sound brings unwanted attention.
- I thought you said they were deaf?
- People aren't.
We've had some unwelcome company.
Present company excluded, maybe.
- And look at this.
(machine humming)
(static crackling)
- What a mess.
No heart, no lungs, no nothing.
- Yes, it's interesting isn't it?
- I saw her kill him with an arrow.
How could she do that if
there's no vital organs?
- I don't know.
- You can sleep here tonight.
- [Blake] No handcuffs?
- [Kay] You're off probation.
- Hm, so what, you guys family or?
- We are now.
- You call Heisenberg, Uncle Zayden.
- Penny and I are the
only blood relations.
We had a brother, Alex, but.
- Dead?
- Nobody knows.
He disappeared during
the second bombardment.
- Hm, then he's as good as dead.
- You know I was hoping you were not
as big an asshole as I thought you were.
The more of us that band together,
the better chance we
have against the goons.
- Hm, so that'd make me your big brother?
- I'll see you in the morning.
- What are your feelings on incest?
- You do not want to mess with me.
- Oh, you got me so scared.
(he yells)
Ow, uncle!
All right, you win.
(he groans)
(Kay yells)
- You didn't think you had me did you?
- Go ahead.
- [Blake] What do you mean?
- Go ahead and do
whatever you're gonna do.
But afterwards no matter
what, I will kill you.
- What's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with me?
You attacked me.
- Like hell I did.
I was standing by the door
and you twisted my arm off.
- I was defending myself.
- Not from me you weren't.
I've never tried anything
like that in my life
and sure wouldn't start with you.
- What the hell is that supposed to mean?
- Hey, you've heard the expression
I wouldn't sleep with you
if you were the last woman on earth?
Well, here we are and I'm
still not that desperate.
- You son of a bitch.
- [Blake] Thank you.
(metal clanging)
(Kay gasps)
- Are you all right?
What the hell did you
hit him in the head for?
He already has a concussion?
- What the hell's going on?
- Nothing we were just.
Nothing, I, are you all right?
- I'm gonna sleep outside.
It's too dangerous in here.
- What was he doing to you?
- [Kay] Nothing.
- Just getting acquainted, you know.
(Blake groans)
- You go to bed, go on.
- You know I'm not a child.
- That's what worries me.
Get moving.
- Are you sure you're all right?
- [Blake] Yes, go away.
(she exhales)
(Blake moans)
- [Kay] What are you doing?
- I'm locking him in.
- It won't do any good.
- Then I'll lock you in, too.
- [Kay] Ha.
(Kay laughs)
(lips smacking)
(ominous humming)
(ominous music)
(equipment blipping)
(suspenseful music)
(bolt crashing)
(wind whistling)
(footsteps echoing)
(Penny screams)
(metallic scrapping)
(electrical hissing)
- No-no, please, please don't.
(electrical hissing)
(Penny moans)
(gong reverberating)
(air swooshing)
- Penny?
(she sighs)
Hey, wake up.
Wake up.
Penny is gone and I cannot
find that son of a bitch Blake.
- What?
- We gotta go.
- I'll kill him.
(crickets chirping)
- We should split up.
- Wouldn't it be safer
if we stayed together.
- Sure, but we can cover
more ground if we split up.
Look we have no idea
what could be happening to her right now.
We have no time to lose, agreed?
- Agreed.
- Agreed.
(jazzy music)
- This music sucks.
(radio crashing)
- Then find something else.
- [Woman] How many?
- [Thug] I'm good.
- Ah, crap.
Dealer takes three.
(jazzy music)
- You're overthinking this, pal.
- Call.
- Full house.
Queens high.
- Son of a bitch.
Okay, cutie.
Off with your shirt.
- No.
- Zack.
(electric crackling)
(Penny yells)
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Where's Penny?
Where's Penny?
(Kay gasps)
- Will you be quiet?
They got her in there.
Now if I take my hand away
are you gonna be quiet?
- What did you do to her?
- I haven't been within
50 feet of her all night.
I saw her sneaking
away, so I followed her.
She ran into those guys
and they snatched her.
- Why didn't you stop them?
- Because there were three
of them and one of me.
They had weapons, I had nothing.
You see how that works?
- What have they done?
Did they?
- No, not as far as I can tell.
They're having a little
fun with her first.
(electric crackling)
(Penny screaming)
(Kay gasps)
Hold on.
We need a plan or at
least a weapon anyway.
- He has got a weapon.
- Yeah, all right.
Give me two minutes and then distract him.
Without getting yourself killed.
- [Thug] This is it.
Whoever wins this hand once
she's butt naked, gets her.
(all laugh)
- Hey, what about me?
- Relax, Who ever wins
this hand gets her first.
We'll all get a shot.
(all laugh)
(jazzy music)
(steps echoing)
- Hey, guys.
- Shut up.
This is a big hand.
- Uh, but guys, guys.
- Shut up.
(fire crackling)
(thug groans)
(electrical crackling)
(Penny yelling)
(Zack groans)
- Get, Penny.
(electric crackling)
(Penny gasps)
(electrical hissing)
(woman groans)
(thug groans)
- Come on.
Don't be such a baby.
No more mister nice guy.
(gong reverberating)
- [Kay] Can't you go any faster?
- Your sister's holding us up.
- I don't have any shoes.
It hurts.
(gun firing)
- Son of a bitch has a gun.
- How many shells you got left?
- Two.
- Don't waste them all.
- Oh, you are a freaking genius.
You two go around and try to cut them off.
I'm gonna come up behind.
Drop it.
(gong reverberating)
I said put the crossbow down.
(thug whimpering)
See that guys.
We had one chick to play
with, now we got two.
That's what we get for being good boys.
Tie the girls up.
- What about him?
- He won't be any
problem once I shoot him.
(gong reverberating)
- Holy shit!
- What are you trying to pull?
(thug moans)
(Kay yells)
(creature growls)
(metallic scrapping)
- No.
(gun fires)
(creature moans)
(wound gurgling)
(creature growls)
- No, don't.
Please don't.
(ominous music)
- What the--
- [Kay] I can't believe
you would be so stupid.
What the hell do you think you were doing?
- I was looking for more supplies.
- [Kagen] In the middle of the night?
You could have been killed.
- Worse.
- There's nothing worse.
- Shut up.
What the hell's wrong with you.
- I'm sorry, okay.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to help.
And if I went in daytime
you would have stopped me.
- You're damn right we would have.
(Penny crying)
Do you have any idea how
awful it would have been
for us if we had lost you?
- Come on now.
Go to bed, scoot.
- I'm sorry.
- For what?
- For what I was thinking about you.
- Anyone would have
thought the same thing.
- Maybe you're not such a bad guy.
- Are you kidding?
I'm a prince.
What the hell was that creature we saw?
- The one who saved us?
- I guess.
- I have no idea.
- It seemed to recognize you.
- Well, I've never seen him before.
- Him?
You know a kiss on the
cheek won't hold me forever.
- [Kay] It'll have to do.
(Blake chuckles)
(weapon firing)
- What was that?
- Nothing, go back to sleep.
(electricity crackling)
What the hell's going on in here?
- I think I figured this device out.
- [Blake] What gives?
- Remember how I told
you I thought the aliens
were from another dimension?
- [Blake] Um-hm.
- Now I'm sure of it.
(monitor crackling)
- Zayden?
Zayden, are you there?
I lost signal for a minute.
- I'm here, Miles.
You were right about the
auxiliary vortex field.
- I told you it was dangerous
and not to mess with it.
- I know that's what you were right about.
I think we're on to something here, Miles.
- All right, I'll recheck
those calculations
and get back to you.
- My fellow scientists
and I have been analyzing
the physical principles behind this device
and it seems that the
way this device functions
indicates an underlying quantum principle
that does not exist in our universe.
What I'm trying to say is this gun here
that I am holding shouldn't
exist in our universe either.
- You mean like antimatter.
- No, no, no-no, well yes.
But completely different.
- Gotcha.
- So you don't understand
how the gun works?
- No-no, I understand how it works,
I just don't understand why it works?
- Well, just try not to blow
anything else up tonight.
- So, you figured this out
using all this rubbish?
- No, Mr. Blake.
- Just Blake.
- I figured it out using this.
(gong reverberating)
(footsteps crunching)
(door creaking)
(creature breathing)
(creature growls)
(Penny screams)
- [Blake] Oh, hell, now what?
(gong reverberating)
(ominous music)
(creature growls)
(suspenseful music)
(creature growls)
- Put her down!
(creature growls)
Everybody out of the corridor, now.
(glass shattering)
(gas hissing)
(creature moans)
I didn't know if the gas would work.
You know if the biology was too different.
- It looks half human.
- I think he was human, once.
- Penny's fine.
- It was a harmless soporific.
Blake tells me you've seen this creature?
- Yeah, he saved us from the thugs.
He must've followed us back here.
- I sure hope those chains hold.
- They will, if I keep him tranquilized.
Is this the creature you
were telling me about?
Poor bastard.
- You haven't seen him
rip a man's arm off.
(low humming)
- What is that?
- They're running a scan.
(explosion thundering)
- Are they coming this way?
- It's hard to tell.
(scan beam humming)
(scanner vibrating)
(equipment sputtering)
(scanner's whining)
(creature screeching)
(scanners whining)
(he screams)
(equipment sputtering)
(creature moans)
(creature yells)
(electrical crackling)
(Penny screams)
- It's okay, it's okay.
We're safe.
(scanners whining)
(creature howling)
(Kagen gasps)
(alien creature chirps)
(creature yells)
(scan rays pulsating)
(alien creature gurgling)
(bones cracking)
(weapons pulsing)
(creature yells)
(explosion booming)
(ship engine revving)
(ship engine sputtering)
(electronic humming)
(scanner humming)
(weapons pulsing)
(explosion roaring)
(creature growls)
- No, please don't kill him.
We need one alive.
We need one alive.
It's very important, please.
- It is him.
(creature growls)
- Come, help me get the specimen inside.
(lab equipment blipping)
- You know you're really
taking your chances
being out in broad daylight.
- I can't find the door.
- Well we watched the goon
climb out of this thing
and the door was right about here.
- Yeah, not there is it?
- It has to be, I saw it.
- Well, it's not there now.
I've looked over every inch
of this thing a dozen times.
There's no catch or anything anywhere.
- There has to be.
- How's the professor
coming with his specimen?
- Like a kid on Christmas morning.
- I can't believe you don't
have the thing tied down.
- It's too weak to cause any trouble.
- Screw that.
He outta be buried in concrete.
- I couldn't examine him then could I?
- Yeah, but what if he gets up?
- I was right about the eyes.
Purely vestigial organs.
His primary means of perception
seems to be through his skin.
- It sees through its skin?
- Sort of.
It's not that unusual.
I mean certain earthly
creatures can detect vibration,
ultraviolet radiation,
with pulses through their skin.
- [Blake] What's this?
- It's some sort of helmet he was wearing.
(helmet whining)
- [Blake] Ow.
(Blake gasps)
- It's horrifying isn't it?
I tried it on myself earlier.
- Then why did you let him do it?
- To see how he'd react.
- Thanks a lot.
- It seems to be some
sort of adaptive device
that allows the aliens to use their senses
to perceive things in our universe.
- So when I tried it on
it made my senses work more like theirs?
- Possibly.
(helmet whining)
- Kay, I can see you, but
I can see past you, too.
Like I can see in the walls.
It's not really seeing, but
it's like I know it's there.
- You all right?
- I think so.
Oh, yeah.
(he exhales)
Oh, yeah, that helps.
- There's one more thing.
Look at this.
(device humming)
- What is that?
- I don't know.
But I'd love to get a better look at it.
- Well, what's stopping you?
- It would require surgery.
I don't have the skills or the equipment.
- [Blake] Here you go.
- Don't be ridiculous.
I know nothing about its anatomy.
I could kill it.
- Isn't that kind of the point?
- You're talking like a barbarian.
- Am I?
These things invaded our world.
Destroyed our civilization.
Killed how many innocent people.
If cutting one of them
up will help us learn
a way to defeat them,
I don't think we can
afford to be squeamish.
- Even in war, there are limits.
- This isn't war.
Wars end, life goes on.
This is something entirely different.
If we don't find a way
to stop these things,
there won't be anything left.
- [Kay] Blake!
(metallic vibrating)
- All right, professor.
You wanna closer look at this what's it,
it's right about here wasn't it.
(creature screams)
(organs squishing)
(Blake sighs)
There you go.
(body whirring)
- How's that?
- Not the first time I've been stabbed,
probably won't be the last.
- Does that hurt much?
(he scoffs)
- Got my painkiller right here.
(he exhales)
- What is that?
- It's either very new
moonshine or very old kerosene.
So, guess you probably think
I'm a barbarian now, too?
- You did what you thought had
to do in a really tough spot.
Who knows, maybe this
will be the turning point.
Maybe future generations
will think of you as a hero.
- Yeah?
If there are any future generations.
- Don't you think you
should go easy on that?
- Are you kidding?
If there's one thing I can
do it's handle my liquor.
- Can you see it all right, Miles?
- I can, I can but the picture's--
(monitor crackling)
cutting out.
You got that implanted in the alien?
- Yes, when it was surgically removed,
the alien dissolved.
Almost as if the molecular
bonds had broken down.
- That's impossible.
The resulting energy released--
- Yes, yes I know.
I was making an analogy.
(monitor crackling)
- It almost looks like
some type of receiver.
- Yes, but for what?
- [Miles] Luther and his
team have been investigating
an anomalous energy source in this sector.
- What kind of energy?
- Not sure, it seems to be
some sort of sub-quantum plasma vibration.
- Do you think there
could be some connection?
- I think, who the hell knows?
But, it's possible?
- Don't think you've had enough of that?
- I guess so, since there ain't anymore.
- How're you feeling?
- Pretty damn good.
This is weird.
Really weird, like when I
had that thing on my head,
only backwards.
Does that make any sense?
- No.
- Oh, I guess it doesn't.
- What?
Are you feeling all right?
- I'm feeling brilliant.
Hi, you cutie.
- You're drunk.
- You're right.
- Send me the coordinates, Miles.
This is important.
This could be the key we're looking for.
- Jayden, Jayden.
- Not now, I'm busy.
I'll break them down and
send you the technical specs
as soon as possible.
- If this device is what I think it is,
it's gonna answer a lot of questions.
- Sometimes when I'm drunk, I'm brilliant.
No, it's okay, it's okay.
(gong reverberating)
Oh, it's messed up.
It's so messed up.
Oh, it's so messed up.
But I get it now.
Watch this.
(gong reverberating)
Don't be scared, babe.
(metallic scrapping)
- What are you doing?
- I think I can fly this thing.
(she scoffs)
- How?
There aren't any controls.
Anyway this ship is wrecked.
- Self repair function.
Somewhere around here.
(energy pulsing)
- What's that?
- Ship's all better.
You gotta drink?
- No.
- Ah, too bad, if I
sober up, we're screwed.
Okay, here goes.
(instruments pulsing)
- What are you doing?
- Shh, I gotta concentrate.
Quiet, I gotta think.
(energy whining)
(ship engines roaring)
- Zayden, Zayden.
(ship engines revving)
- Don't be scared, babe.
I feel great.
- Yeah, that's what scares me.
(ship engines roaring)
- What are those idiots doing?
- I don't know.
Making a miracle maybe.
- Blake, this is scary.
I can't see anything.
- So what, you're not driving.
- I know, but still.
- Relax, babe.
I know where I'm going.
- Oh, but 're gonna get us killed.
- No way kid.
I got the hang of this thing.
- But you can't see anything.
- I don't need to see.
The ship sees.
I know everything that's out there.
(wood splintering)
- What the hell was that?
- I think it used to be a barn.
- Blake you've made your point.
You're wonderful, I get it.
Just take us back.
- Okay.
Anything for you, baby.
(Kay sighs)
- Woo-wee.
(ship beam humming)
(controls vibrating)
- Uh-oh?
- We got company, Auntie Em.
- What kind of company?
- Another one of these ships.
- Hell.
- Don't worry about it.
They'll think we're friends, right?
What else could they think?
(ship weapons pulsing)
- Whew, this isn't friendly.
- Oh, you wanna play, huh?
Okay, let's play.
(ship weapons pulsing)
(ship engines revving)
(explosion booming)
That was awesome.
Oh man, this isn't good.
- What, what isn't good.
- Oh, crap, I'm losing it.
What's going on?
- Adrenaline rush, you're sobering up.
- I think I'm gonna puke.
- No, no.
- [Blake] I'm gonna puke.
- Set us down.
Set us down.
(ship engines whining)
- Duck.
(ship engine sputtering)
- No, no.
(Blake gasps)
Thanks, man, I owe ya.
- It was nothing.
- Not to me it wasn't.
I almost left the fun parts in there.
- [Kay] How's your head?
- [Blake] Oh, no need to shout.
- [Kay] Serves you right.
- What happened?
- I was hoping you could tell us.
- I don't know.
My shoulder was aching from the stab wound
and I took a few drinks to deaden the pain
and I guess I got a little tipsy.
- A little tipsy.
- And then, and then
suddenly something clicked
and all those weird scary images
when I was wearing the
helmet seemed to make sense.
Like I knew that if I got it,
I could fly the ship and
we'd understand each other.
- A symbiotic relationship with the ship.
That fits with everything
we've learned about the aliens.
They're mindless.
Essentially drones.
Once the alcohol began to
affect the neurotransmitters
in your brain.
- I became a drone?
- But you still retained
your human instincts.
- Let me tell you something, Professor.
Those guys can't fight for squat.
All the destruction they rained down.
It was like crop dusters.
Just spraying a cornfield.
Against an experienced fighter pilot
those guys are hopeless.
- Since when are you an experienced pilot?
- Since you shut up.
Let me tell you something.
A handful of guys with ships like that,
could take this planet back.
- There might be a better way.
- [Kay] What's that?
- If the aliens are from another dimension
as we've suspected, it
should be impossible
for them to exist in ours.
Their physical essence would vibrate
at a different frequency so to speak,
unless some device were
compensating for this discrepancy.
- So this is the device
that allows them to
exist in our dimension?
- No, I believe that's just a receiver.
They're all controlled from
these central locations
scattered around the planet.
Command posts, if you will.
- So we need to find the
command posts and destroy them.
- The problem is we're
crippled by a lack of weaponry.
- I've got a weapon.
- Yeah, but you have to be
stinking drunk to use it.
- Sounds like a win-win to me.
- [Kay] We got this.
- Oh, that's cooking wine.
Bad cooking wine.
- It smells like vinegar.
You wouldn't even get a buzz off of that.
You gotta have something else.
- We don't do much drinking around here.
We need sober heads on our shoulders.
- Well right now you need a
drunken head on your pilot.
- I know where there's booze.
- [Kay] You do?
- Back where those guys had me.
There was a lot of booze there.
- [Blake] Yeah, that's right.
Well, no time like the present.
- Wait, better to go at night.
Less likely to be spotted.
- [Blake] Yeah, you might be right.
- And I'll go with you.
- Why?
- In case there's trouble.
- If you come along, I
know there'll be trouble.
(gong reverberating)
- [Kay] It looks empty.
- [Blake] Yeah, well it would be.
They're all dead.
- It doesn't mean someone
else hasn't moved in.
- Yeah, I'll reconnoiter, you wait here.
- Oh, sure.
- You are one stubborn little cupcake.
- Mm, here we go.
- [Kay] There's more over here.
- Bring it here and start packing.
(bottles clanging)
(ominous music)
(Blake moans)
- I don't like people
messing with my stuff.
- Ah, damn you got booze, you got guns.
Looks like I signed up
with the wrong side.
- [Thug] Too late to switch sides now.
- Are you sure?
- Oh, yeah.
Get up, have a seat.
Take those chains.
Tie him up nice and tight.
I don't want him messing with my plans.
- [Kay] What if I don't?
- Then I'll kill you both.
Nice and slow.
An elbow, a kneecap.
(chains rattling)
Glad you didn't try anything stupid.
Come here.
Take your clothes off.
Don't do what I tell you,
then I'm gonna kill him.
Nice and slow, til he can't walk anymore.
Whoa, whoa.
Make it slow.
Make it sexy.
I wanna get warmed up first.
(he chuckles)
Oh, yeah.
No fricking golem's
gonna save you this time.
(wood splintering)
Oh, come on.
(creature roars)
(thug screams)
(blood dripping)
- Alex, wait, Alex.
I always knew that it was you.
You don't have to hide from us.
- No better way.
- We can help you.
You know how brilliant Zayden is.
He and his colleagues will find a way
to help make you better.
(Alex laughs)
- [Alex] Better?
I can see things and hear
things you can't imagine
I am strongest creature on the planet.
Nothing can hurt me now.
How can you make me better?
Just a waste.
I want this.
I have a purpose.
When you need me, I'll be there.
(Alex's footsteps thudding)
- To Alex.
- [All] To Alex.
- Now, that's enough.
We have to conserve the alcohol.
We're gonna need it for tomorrow morning.
- So soon?
- We found the closest of
the alien control centers.
It's only about 50 miles from here.
I'll give you the exact
coordinates in the morning.
- Wouldn't it be safer to go at night?
- No, it's better guarded at night.
They have some kind of sentries on there.
I don't know what they are exactly,
but from what I can gather
they're quite formidable.
(Zayden sighs)
Well, I have one of my
miraculous gadgets to finish
and I think you all should get some rest.
Tomorrow could be one of
the most important days
in the history of the world.
- Good night, everyone.
(door clicking)
- Good night, Penny.
(door clicking)
- Well, I guess I outta get to bed, too.
I got me some serious
drinking to do in the morning.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- You want some company?
- Why Miss, Miss.
Say, do you have a last name?
- Flanagan.
- Do you have a first one?
- Michael.
- [Kay] Hm.
(crow cawing)
- Come on you lazy bastard, get up.
(she sighs)
Oh, I don't believe you two.
- I'm a victim of circumstance.
(both giggle)
- Kay, get out of there.
And you get to work.
(camera whirring)
- Is he ready?
- If he were any looser,
we'd have to pour him into
the ship with a funnel.
- How many fingers am I holding up?
- Eleventeen?
- God help us.
- This is a camera.
It'll feed a signal into the ship
and display on your screen
so you'll have an idea
of what's going outside.
- What, me?
What makes you think I'm going with him?
- I'm a Nobel prize winning
theoretical physicist.
Won the Kernditz Prize and the Precolone
and named world's smartest dude
in the last ever issue of "Rolling Stone".
I'm not entirely stupid.
Here, good luck to you both.
- Here, here's some backup
in case you feel yourself sobering up.
- Thanks, bro.
Come on, kid, let's go save the world.
(ominous music)
- Okay, you need to fly
low to avoid detection.
- I don't wanna.
(bushes scraping)
- Not that low.
Pull up, pull up.
- You fly this thing?
Go ahead, take the wheel.
(ship engines screeching)
- All right, I'm sorry.
How are you feeling?
You're not sobering up are you?
- No.
- Good, good.
All right according to this
data that Zayden gave us,
right over the hill where the river bends
there should be this kind of open plain
and whatever it is we're looking
for should be right there.
- All right, Captain.
Warp factor one.
(Kay sighs)
(ship engines roaring)
(gong reverberating)
(gears whirring)
- All right, that must be it.
What the hell are those things?
- Sentries.
Remember what Zayden said,
they're the sentries.
(metallic scrapping)
- You need to slow down.
You're going too fast.
They don't fly these things so fast.
- That's 'cause they're pussies.
- Slow down, you're
attracting too much attention.
- All right.
(Blake chuckles)
(gears whirring)
- Oh, this isn't good.
Something's wrong.
(gears whirring)
- Relax, they'll think
we're one of the gang.
(gears whirring)
- No, no they don't.
We're getting too close.
- Everything's fine.
(weapons pulsing)
Holy shit!
- Get us out of here.
Get us out of here.
(weapons pulsing)
- Ah, damn, those babies mean business.
- Okay, stop firing.
I think we're out of range.
- Incoming.
(weapons pulsing)
(explosion booming)
He-he, piece of cake.
Those suckers are too easy.
Okay, round two.
- We need a plan.
(Blake sighs)
- I gotta a plan.
We're gonna book in there,
kick some alien ass,
then we're gonna get the hell out.
- That isn't a real plan.
- Oh, no?
Watch this.
(ship engines revving)
(gears whirring)
(weapons pulsing)
(explosion booming)
- Retreat, get us out of here.
(electrical crackling)
(weapons pulsing)
- We're going down.
- No, we can't.
Do something.
(debris crashing)
- I don't think I can do this anymore.
The images is fading.
I can't see.
I don't know what's out there.
- I can see.
I can for you.
- Oh, yes, the ship's
getting away from me.
(Blake sighs)
- Okay, listen.
I have a plan.
I know what we have to do.
- Let's hear it.
- We can't outfight them
and we can't outrun them.
But what we can do is
turn the ship around,
fly it right back to that tower
and put this piece of trash right into it.
- We'll be killed.
- I know, sweetie.
But it's what we have to do.
- You wanna play kamikaze.
I can be a freaking kamikaze.
Which way do I go?
- 180.
(Blake chuckles)
- [Blake] Yee-haw.
- Okay a little to the left.
A little more.
Oh, not so much.
Okay, stay, stay.
Okay, you're doing good.
You're doing great.
We're almost there.
Pull up a little.
Pull up.
(weapons pulsing)
Bank right, hard right, hard right!
(explosion booming)
(metal crunching)
(ominous music)
Hey, wake up, get up.
(Blake moans)
(image whining)
Hey, what'd you do?
What, what did you say?
(Blake whispering)
Self destruct, is that,
is that what you said?
Well, let's get the hell out of here.
Come on.
(she groans)
(metal scraping)
(Kay screams)
- Grab my hand.
(Blake yells)
(gong reverberating)
(weapons pulsing)
(gears whirring)
- Baby, I know what we should do.
- [Blake] What's that?
- On the count of three.
- Uh-huh.
- Let go.
- [Blake] What?
- We can't hold on.
Let's, let's go together, ready?
- [Blake] No.
- One.
- Kay!
- Two.
- Kay, don't!
- Three.
- [Blake] Kay!
(wind whistling)
(ground quaking)
(weapons pulsing)
(Alex growls)
(explosion booming)
(metal scraping)
(Blake yells)
- Blake!
- [Blake] No!
(electrical crackling)
- Alex, the tower's gonna blow.
You gotta get us out of here.
Like how much time do we have?
- I don't know.
Not much.
(electrical crackling)
(weapons pulsing)
(Alex howls)
(explosion roaring)
(wind howling)
(gong reverberating)
- Look.
(body fizzing)
I mean, Jayden was right.
We've won.
- God, that's one powerful son of a bitch.
(Alex roars)
Look like you got yourself a new king.
- Eh, I guess that makes
me the princess royal.
(both laugh)
- We won the battle but not the war.
And only a local battle, at that.
Things'll get harder
before they get easier.
We stung them.
But they'll be on their guard.
Still, it's a start.
- And what about him?
- I don't know.
He may be their biggest blunder.
From what you tell me they
may have created an enemy
so powerful even the aliens
are helpless against him.
- You think there are more like him?
- Could be.
It's possible.
My god, can you imagine
an army of those things.
They'd be undefeatable.
- That thing has a name.
- I know.
Let's go get something to eat.
We're all going to need our strength.
We have a war to plan.
(gentle music)
(ominous music)