Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2013) Movie Script

Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2013)
They who have been, will
never be forgotten.
This is this the place?
Dolokhov, this road
doesn't go anywhere.
Just because it isn't here,
doesn't mean it isn't out there.
But these are
German field plans.
If the Wehrmacht had positions in this
forest, they would be marked there.
No. Trust me, Arkadi.
Marked or not, somewhere
down there is a German camp.
Next time someone
comes down here...
We bury them...
We wait for the signal.
Blitz 1. Five
kilometers from base.
Nothing to report.
Velk units receiving.
Perimeter secure.
Nothing to report.
Three light vehicles. 15 men.
Kill them all.
We are under attack!
We're under attack!
Run for cover!
You lying Russian dog.
So, you had friends after all.
We hunt.
Voronin! On lookout.
A little German fledgling.
You know, it doesn't matter
how I fuck you Nazi bitches.
Asshole or bullet hole.
In the end, you all
scream just the same.
You're colder than Mother Russia's love.
You know that, Osakin?
That bitch, she wouldn't know
the meaning of the word.
Listen to you all, like poets. Too
bad Stalin made you soldiers.
These bastard's boots are
tied to the kwagos cunt.
Give it here. I'll treat you.
Please. Do you know how many
gold rings I already have?
It's not just a ring
I'm offering you.
There's a wife to go with it.
I thought it was ammo,
weapons maybe, but...
These men were not pallbearers.
I don't know...
But if all this came from a place
that doesn't even exist on the map...
These are cards the Nazis
wanted to keep very close.
We have an escort.
Fyodor! Osakin! To the trees!
Fucking Fritz. Go! Go!
Kostya, go!
This is important. These... This
must arrive at High Command!
Yeah? You know what to look for?
Remember that,
Osakin! Then go!
So, this is one of the
infamous Red Guard.
Your existence is
almost as a mythic.
But your skill is undeniable.
All these special operations...
Your unit has been making
quite the nuisance of itself!
Assassinating our officers
with virtual impunity.
If you're afraid of wolves...
Don't go into the woods.
I'm sorry, do you
mind if I smoke?
Your comrades...
They split up.
They are gone somewhere?
To rape your wives.
And cut your children's throats.
There are two ways that you will
tell me what it is you know.
Either way, you will tell me.
Always the hard way...
You heard the man!
Cry havoc! Let loose the dogs!
Not so tough now? You
Bolshevik bastard!
- Where'd you think you are going, aye?
- We'll figure it out together.
This one we keep for Strasser.
Hell is a cold place after all.
No use. That glass
is reinforced.
I checked it.
- Anything else?
- Not much.
We're underground.
Who knows how deep.
One thing...
For a place who stinks
so badly of death
There's no sign of vermin.
No droppings, no scent.
And you know you're in trouble
when the rats have abandoned ship.
And then there's this guy.
A Yankee.
Hey, easy man, easy!
I'm a friend.
- Rogers.
- Call me Captain.
Nobody else does.
Do you know how to get
out of here, Captain?
Yes, sure.
- I can get through that door anytime I want.
- Let us worry about the door.
So what is it then, all of this?
This... son...
This is a goddamn
Lazarus Project.
They got plans here...
To make dead men stand and raise
their right hand to Hitler too.
Whole place is purpose built.
One giant machine.
Which is why it has
a cooling system.
Air ducts, service shafts,
all interconnected.
- And you can navigate them?
- I got in here, didn't I?
- You a spy?
- Fuck an A.... O.S.S.
Arkadi, what about this?
I swear, boys,
I ain't seen crap this bad since I
crawled through a sewer in Paris.
Might we give your jaw a rest
and put your back into this?
Sure thing...
Though you really want to lift
from the knees, that's the trick.
And then... there was light.
Subject 9 prepared for release.
Let the games begin.
We're in trouble now.
- What the hell is that?
- I told you, they got plans.
They're testing this chemical, see.
This serum.
And this here, it's
a killing jar.
Their own small Coliseum.
And right now, we're
the Christians.
- Kostya.
- And here come the fucking lions.
Those dogs won't hunt, we will!
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
Now that is what I call
teamwork, gentlemen. High five!
If you're going to use
my men as bait...
try showing yours how to fight!
I keep saying it...
In this process, all the
components must be right.
That man was a cake
decorator from Bavaria.
Send in the child killer.
- I think you just pissed him off.
- [????]
No! Whatever happens,
Fyodor, you stay down.
- Welcome to the war.
- Okay.
This cooling system leads
to the surface, right?
Yeah, eventually.
Then you're no more use to us.
Forget the subject.
Let us see what this Russian
is truly capable of.
Stalin's dogs live up to
their reputation yet again.
Oh, I'll kill you.
I must say...
I expected better from
our American guest.
He did after all...
look more Aryan than
the rest of us...
put together.
Apologies for your friend,
but steel sharpens steel.
And in the end...
I'm afraid his peasant stock
didn't meet our requirements.
This man is talking.
Look at him: calm, controlled...
And yet ferocious.
The wolf indeed.
This. You see this!
This is the kind of aggression
we need to harness!
Some men are too
weak for the war.
Others simply aren't
But a few...
They are made for it.
What we couldn't do with
a thousand men like you?
Men who stare down bullets.
Who know...
the war...
is not so bad.
And that...
the best we can do...
is embrace death.
Fall out!
Aw, come on, look on
the bright side...
At least now you get to die
for something worthwhile:
The glory of the Reich.
That's a very dark look.
What are you thinking?
That you should all surrender.
Oh, I think not.
I've seen your Russian mercy and
your demand for total surrender.
We must stand and fight.
We must make monsters.
We know your countrymen tried to make
the perfect soldier themselves once.
To splice human and ape genes.
And create a
stronger individual.
Unfortunately for you...
Stalin is as scared of science
as he is of religion.
He didn't appreciate that...
one must confront ones fears...
in order to conquer them.
To harness nature we
must first break it...
to pieces and rebuild
them in our own design.
As with all things,
where Russia fails,
we shall triumph.
Some would call it a
blasphemous kind of alchemy.
All I can say is...
that it's messy work...
with lots of mistakes.
Are you ready with
the injections?
Those samples you
stole the other day.
They were of little consequence.
The whole convoy, in fact, was
more a housekeeping measure.
If they are to continue
our finance, Berlin...
must see regular progress.
The serum is purely medicinal.
It conditions, prepares the body,
stimulates certain nerve centers.
But the Chamber...
that is a work of
Promethean fire!
Herr Klausner, subject
EK-8 is in the Chamber.
Initiate sequence on my signal.
- Powersidence stabilized to ready.
- Running.
Multiple trials.
Many different combinations
and calibrations.
I'm afraid we're still burning
out too many neural pathways.
Which is depressing...
As we all know...
A good soldier must
always obey his orders.
Core temperature at
25 percent power.
Core temperature at 50 percent.
Core temperature at 55 percent.
Core temperature at
90 percent power.
Uber powers optimization.
Of course...
The are a few other kinks we
need to iron out as well.
But luckily...
we have fresh meat
for the grinder.
You want monsters?
I'll show you fucking monsters.
I admire your courage.
But you're too valuable to us.
After all, we need to see if that
serum mixes with your pig's blood.
The delinquents,
penal conscripts, I
understand that.
But you...
I wonder...
What brings a man like you here?
Your superiors,
they saw something in you.
A soldier. A man who
loves to fight.
- To win.
- The most dangerous kind.
But this war...
It doesn't need knights,
it needs revolutionaries.
Because, make no mistake.
is a revolution.
A machine...
that could make men immortal...
And move armies in
the blink of an eye.
Just think of the lives
that we will save.
Is there any price
too high for that?
That our generation...
might be the last to die
on the battlefield?
So all the rest can live
under your tyranny.
The cynic! Of course.
After all, what would a man
like you do with eternal peace?
And yet,
I've seen how you
care of your men.
How you love them, as
you would your sons.
How you would you do anything...
to reverse their fates
and spare their lives.
Not anything.
Don't you see?
With this technology...
Mankind could rival
God, Himself.
Man is bad enough as an animal.
I said...
I don't know what cursed thing your
mother fucked under a full moon, but...
She owes us all an apology.
A better man would have
flayed you for less.
Or he would have died trying.
Damn you! Guards,
bring the other one!
Maybe you haven't noticed, but
dying isn't what it used to be!
- Fyodor.
- [????]
Herr Klausner, subject
EK-9 is in the chamber.
Initiate sequence on my signal.
Powersidence stabilized to ready
You know, sometimes...
It almost sounds like music.
Core temperature at
25 percent power.
Core temperature at 50 percent.
Core temperature at 55 percent.
Secure him!
Don't shoot. Nurse,
tranquilize him!
- You can test him for endurance later.
- Yes, sir.
Go! Go, go, go!
Seems your subordinate has
quite the vicious streak.
At least his insides are
still on the inside.
I want him kept under
and him under lock and key.
[ German ]
Watch out!
Snell! Snell!
One of the Soviets
survived the chamber.
- The giant slayer?
- No, the other one.
You should see him.
That bullet wound is
practically healed.
- They must be close then.
- Let's hope not.
Because you know who's first in
line the minute they succeed.
Let's take a look.
[ German ]
This is "Thor's Hammer" calling
Konev command. Come in. Over.
"Thor's Hammer" calling Konev command.
Come in. Over.
Konev command, come in. Over.
[ German ]
My arm... you broke my arm!
I prefer even numbers.
You are...
[ Yelling in German ]
Fyodor, Fyodor,
can you hear me?
How do you feel?
- Like a sunrise.
- Good.
I've set men on fire that
look happier than you.
I tried to call command, but
I couldn't get through.
Not that they'd believe
me even if I could.
Looks like we're on
our own, Fyodor.
Same as always.
Please, no!
Time for a taste of
your own medicine.
Help me!
We wait.
Wait. Go back.
In there.
I can feel it,
growing inside me.
We cannot let this place,
these things die with us.
Tell me, Fyodor, how is it that
the Red Guards stays alive, huh?
By killing their enemies.
And how does a Russian
Guard kill his enemies?
Without mercy.
Bullet to bullet, bone to
bone, like soldiers, huh?
So let's go slaughter
some fucking Nazis.
I want them both crushed.
And would someone kindly...
shut off that fucking noise!
Let's tuck these bastards
in for the night.
Shoot him!
Always outnumbered,
always outgunned.
Just the way we like it, huh?
Come on Death, you fuck!
Fucking crazy Nazis.
Stupid fucks!
Well, I would be much more
useful if I could see.
Keep moving, I'll be
right behind you.
Here, kitty, kitty.
Please. Please!
You're not well!
I know,
and the gun is heavy.
Let me rest it.
I've checked it.
It only goes down.
Between a hammer and an anvil.
- At least they stopped shooting.
- Yeah, but trouble never comes alone.
- I think we need a diversion.
- No.
The American said that
there was another way out.
There must be air ducts
or ventilation shafts.
All we have to do is find them.
Move! Now!
Git me Klausner, now!
Let the subjects
at level 6 free.
Understand, Doctor,
these men are saboteurs.
They cannot escape. They would
destroy the whole place!
So, please, I'm asking,
open the fucking cells!
What's happening to you?
"War isn't meant
to be survived."
- Isn't that what he said?
- "Only at Yalta."
He got that right.
This place?
What are these things?
- I think we need that diversion after all.
- No, we go though this together.
Dolokhov, I would have followed
you through the Gates of Hell.
But now... you follow me.
Dolokhov, get out of here. Go!
Kill whatever comes out.
- Your kind will not win the war.
- No one will win this war.
And men like you can
play God all you like,
but it will always be a
peasant who digs your grave.
Now he's ours!
They who have been, will
never be forgotten.
Salekhard, RUSSIA - PRESEN - Do you mind if I take a seat?
- Not if you take it somewhere else.
Drink alone or drink for free.
Nothing is free.
And you're never alone
when you're surrounded...
by the ghosts of your comrades.
I'll take your word for it,
but the way we hear it, you
had a pretty good war.
Good wars exist only
as lies, my friend.
Still fighting,
aren't you, even now?
Bitter to the last.
- The Russian way.
- Maybe so.
Then again, maybe it's
true what they say.
That old soldiers never die.
I heard such a
rumor once before.
That sounds like a story I
would very much like to hear.
I am not drunk
enough for stories.
Allow me to remedy that.
Google German to English translation for timing.
Then a line by line English transcription by ear.