Outrage (2023) Movie Script

For justice.
For revenge.
For my country.
- Breaking news!
- Breaking news!
Breaking news!
Tonight, the world reacts
to a deadly shooting in France.
The shooter, 21-year-old Max Moreau,
was killed at the scene.
The media here is reporting
that this individual is part of the
far-right group, perhaps a neo Nazi.
The French authorities
have charged Gaspar Franois,
the leader of France's ultra-right
youth movement
with incitement of violence.
Max Moreau was a member of his group.
As a movement, what it tends to do
is it gives his supporters
and his followers a narrative
that would justify violence
under certain conditions.
Last year's shooting
was not an isolated event,
but part of a rise
in white racial violence.
Victoire Murat continues to use
hateful rhetoric.
Targeting minority groups
to galvanize political supporters.
She's now the frontrunner
in France's presidential elections.
They're doing this quite consciously,
pushing at the limits of free speech.
Right-wing provocateurs are making
millions, spreading these hateful ideas.
They are responsible for a climate
in which people who have those
particularly extreme views
are more likely to act upon them.
I'm Ivy Brand. And you're watching
Nationalist News International.
Joining me in the studio today,
we have a legendary Italian writer,
a long-time supporter
of patriotic movements,
and a personal hero of mine,
Professor Piero Deluca.
- Thank you for joining us, Professor.
- Piacere, Ivy. And please, Piero.
Tell me, Piero,
who do you think is responsible for the
Max Moreau shooting?
- Max Moreau, of course.
- Right. He pulled the trigger.
No, no, no. This action
is of one sick individual.
A boy with a history of mental problems.
But we live in a culture of excuses.
People try to blame politics,
blame society,
to make themselves into victims.
And what do you think
that does to your mind?
I'll tell you what it does, my dear girl.
This victimhood mentality made Max Moreau.
Stripped him of his pride
and turned him into a killer.
Simple as that.
But is it that simple?
Aren't there other factors to consider?
No, no, no, no, cara mia.
You don't understand the situation.
They are using this tragedy
to cause a rift within the movement.
But that doesn't explain
the manifesto, does it?
Excuse me?
Max Moreau's manifesto.
In it, he directly quotes your work.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The boy who wrote the manifesto.
- So, what? All of these maniacs do.
- Exactly.
But as a part of the movement,
don't we have to reckon with that?
No, no, no, cut! Ivy!
- You've got a wild one here, Frank.
- Ivy!
- Is she going to do this every time?
- Yeah, give us a minute, Piero.
Ah, certo.
When we got here, you told me
I could run my own interviews.
Sure. But to go after Piero
for the manifesto like that?
- Come on, kid! You're killing me.
- It's a real question!
No, I mean, we both know
how the donuts are made.
And I taught you better than that.
You know who you remind me of
when you get like that?
- Mom?
- Me! Not my fucking sister.
Me! You remind me of me.
You're smart. You're authentic.
You could be huge if you really wanted.
- I do, I do!
- Then stick to the fucking script.
Why do we even have Piero on anyway?
Well, we wanna give Piero
a little air time before the Italy launch.
- Now that things are in motion.
- What things?
- Tell me.
- Uncle Frank, what things?
Yeah, I'm waiting.
I'm waiting. Saving what?
- Alice.
- Excuse me, misses.
- Did you want something to eat?
- My favorite. Thank you.
We've got three more guests for tonight.
Victoire Murat and her entourage.
Coming all the way from Paris
just to see us.
So, are we doing an interview?
You see? What did I tell you?
It's all coming together.
And what about uh, Gaspar?
He went out hunting,
but he will be back for dinner.
- Right.
- Wait.
Gaspar and Victoire
at the same table, together?
I've got it all under control.
And send the staff home before lunch.
Everyone but you.
I don't want anyone here
who doesn't need to be.
Can you handle the dinner by yourself?
There's no problem, monsieur.
You see?
That's how you do it.
Don't complain.
Don't ask questions.
You just get the job done.
- All right, come on, everybody.
- It's about time.
Let's reset, and go again.
- Plug those to the generator.
- Yes, ma'am.
- The power's out again.
- Yes, I know.
Fuck you!
No, I don't need that fucking...
Our cities are unrecognizable,
laden with insecurity and violence.
It is time to stand up
and resist the invasion.
Donate to the movement
to defend our borders.
Donate to protect
our European civilization.
Donate to the movement fund,
and help the future.
Start today.
So, what about this month's donations?
Those funds aren't liquid yet.
Have to call somebody in Geneva.
Somebody? Who's somebody?
You don't wanna know.
All we need is a few million for her.
That's all. Just enough
to get her on the hook.
I'll make it happen.
Just sign this.
- I'm signing the second one?
- Yeah, right there.
- Well, is that it?
- For now.
Then we got her, Gaspar.
- We're all set.
- Great.
They are drug dealers,
they are murders, they are rapists.
Could you be any more shameless?
You know, if I could, I would.
You know why?
'Cause it works.
It works!
I'm Ivy Brand.
And remember, think for yourself.
I'm Ivy Brand.
And remember, stay to the right.
Stay to the right...
No, no, stupid.
I'm Ivy Brand.
And remember,
don't give up the fight.
That one.
That one is the best.
People like a good fight.
I... I was just working on like
a catchphrase.
You know, all of the big anchors have one.
A piece of advice, though.
Make yourself the victim.
Then you can be angry,
you can be righteous,
and people still listen to you.
But I thought you hated that.
I do. I do.
But it's better to use it against them
before they use it against you, yeah?
I'm sorry I ambushed you today.
All is fair in love and television.
Madame Murat,
I have so many questions.
As a woman who has risen
to power and you... Fuck.
How was the hunting?
This place is too good for you, Frank.
It was made for a hunter.
You don't even know how to shoot, right?
Hey, Ivy. Ivy? Come here.
I have a present for you.
Even if you are always
mean to me on your show.
You asshole!
It looks like you, huh?
Maybe we cook him tomorrow.
If you think Victoire likes boar.
Told you I'd get her.
There she is.
The next president of France.
I can't believe she's here.
How did Uncle Frank do it?
Leave it to him.
He knows how to do these things.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
Welcome to the headquarters of NNI.
I wouldn't spendmy vacation here.
It's rustic.
It's certainly better
than an American jail.
Enough, Jean.
Are you sure you want
to get involved with them?
I know what I'm doing.
Alice, did she like it?
- What?
- The basket!
You gave it to Victoire from me, right?
- I mean, how was she in person?
- The same.
What? Did you introduce yourself?
I'm sure Uncle Frank wouldn't mind.
I have things to do for the dinner.
Sorry, sir.
I didn't know you were here.
Will you be joining the others?
Don't just stand there.
Bugger off.
Yes, sir.
You look good.
Thanks. You don't think it looks
like I'm trying too hard?
Relax. Have some champagne.
Alice, I don't drink.
You know that.
Yeah, but today's special.
- No, no, thank you. I'm fine.
- Give it time. Give it time.
Madame Murat, my name is Ivy Brand.
I am Frank's niece.
Frank's spokesmodel.
A pleasure to meet you.
Madame Murat knows who you are,
and she's very pleased to meet you.
Madame Murat,
I have so many questions for you.
As a woman who's risen so high
in the service of politics...
You've met Ivy.
Isn't she fantastic?
Yeah, we really think it's something great
we've created here.
Something important, special, right?
Do you mind if I borrow her
for just a minute?
- Oh, no. Sure, sure.
- Sure.
Excuse me.
I need you to keep an eye on Piero.
What? Why?
Why? Because look at him, that's why.
You know how he gets.
I was hoping to talk to
Victoire before the interview.
Forget the interview.
This meeting is not public knowledge,
and I wanna keep it that way.
So, you lied to me.
We're not having this conversation now.
Just do your job.
Wait a minute.
Got a light?
Ladies and gentlemen,
if I have your attention...
To France. Cheers.
To the party.
To the people.
And if you'd all come over
this way just one moment.
A little something to mark the occasion.
Yeah, you see?
How about that?
And in here we have,
as you can see, the red room.
These are all original, by the way.
And that's the beauty
of this whole operation.
Is I'm in 27 different countries
and basically, my entire overhead is
a Wi-Fi bill. You see what I'm saying?
So, come in here. The blue room.
Blue, blue.
Right there, get a drink.
- Thanks!
- Everybody, get a drink.
Stay with him. Stay with him.
Very nice, Frank.
Personal hero, you say?
In that interview, you said
I was your personal hero.
Yes. I loved your early work.
You know, those early books of mine,
they didn't make any money.
Couldn't even give the free copies away.
But then I started putting
the word "murder" in the title,
and saying that refugees
are stealing our children.
And now,
I own a villa in Amalfi.
Ever been fucked by an Italian?
Believe me, you never forget it.
Oh, shit!
Are you trying to embarrass me?
- Uncle Frank, he tried to...
- You are totally fucking useless.
You know that?
Oh, grow up.
There you go.
I got you.
I got you.
There we are.
All right. I got you.
Alice, can you...
It's not what it looks like.
Of course, not. Of course, not.
You're fine. You're fine.
This way, Monsieur Deluca.
I'm so sorry about that.
Some things never change.
Let's go to your room,
Mr. Deluca.
Thank you.
I have great respect for women.
- Yes, sir.
- Fantastic species.
Yes, sir.
I think I need to throw up.
Something is not right.
- Come here.
- No.
I know drug.
This isn't a drug.
No, monsieur, this is poison.
What the fuck?
It's for rats.
Let's see if it works on you.
You're leaving?
Yeah. I just...
Uncle Frank, he's a liar.
If I'm being honest with myself,
this was never the way
to get where I wanna go.
Why can't I just tell real stories
instead of Uncle Frank's clickbait?
So, yeah. I'm leaving.
I'm done with NNI.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said any of that.
- Please don't...
- No. You're right.
My mother always said
don't trust Uncle Frank.
She said he was using me.
But she was right.
I mean, Uncle Frank,
he gave me my first break.
No one else did that.
Nobody else is gonna hire me now.
I tried calling one of the other networks
a while ago, and they knew I was NNI.
And the woman, she laughed at me.
She laughed.
I just wanna do something big.
My son used to say that.
"Mom, I'm going to do something big."
You never told me you had a son.
He died.
I'm really sorry.
Maybe I should just have a drink,
like you said, and go up to my room just...
No, you should go. Leave now.
If you stay, you'll get hurt.
Is that blood?
That's just blood from the meat.
But please go now.
I need to serve dinner.
The gist of it is pretty much this.
You need money.
Victoire appreciates your ability
to get to the point, Mr. Frank.
And since your own movement
fund has been such a success...
We'd be happy to help.
How very kind of you, Frank.
You're welcome. You're welcome.
Now, I know there's probably
all sorts of nuances in particular,
so, Hesse, would you...
So, French finance campaign
laws don't allow donations.
But we can structure it as a loan
with terms that are favorable
to both sides, of course.
Not now.
We already helped Gaspar pay
for some of his recent legal troubles,
and we hope that this proves
that our real interest here
is the movement and not the money.
Well, that's that.
And hey, time comes,
when we need you to show your face
on our network
and support the cause,
we know we can count on you.
Of course.
And who is this, Frank?
Alice. She's the caretaker.
And she's a great patriot,
aren't you, Alice?
How long have you worked here,
Since the winter, madam.
And what do you do in a place like this?
A lot of things.
Alice won me over the first time we met.
She played a song on the piano,
an old army song, right?
Which one?
"La Strasbourgeoise".
Nothing beats a good old
revenge song, right, Victoire?
Play it for 'em.
Please, Alice.
Come on.
Snow if falling in the city
A child from Strasbourg is sitting
She sits despite the cold, crisp wind
She sits despite the cold of the day
She sits despite the cold of the day
A man walks by, gives alms to the girl
She recognizes the German uniform
And refuses
The aid he is giving
She tells the enemy with pride
She tells the enemy with pride
"Keep your gold
I'll keep my might
Prussian soldier, go on your way
Me, I am a child of France
I don't offer enemies an olive branch
I don't offer enemies an olive branch
My father died on your battlefield
I haven't seen the shadow of his casket
Shot dead by one of your rifles
That is why I wear my mourning dress"
"You've conquered
Alsace and Lorraine
You've conquered millions of foreigners
You've captured
Germania and Bohemia
But you'll never conquer my little heart
My little heart
will always belong to France"
You see that?
And the next order of business.
We need to call a truce between you two.
Well, it would be helpful if we were not
constantly fighting off attacks
from the right.
Wouldn't you like that?
It seems pretty cut and dry to me, Gaspar.
Do you wanna win the election or not?
Do I want her to win?
- No.
- Don't be melodramatic.
Thank you.
I did your dirty work for years
and you shut me out.
You expect me to help you
win the election?
Fuck you and this socialist
you call campaign manager.
What is he saying?
I said that this guy
is a fucking socialist faggot.
Anyway, you're going to lose
and it will be because of me.
Thanks to me.
What do you want?
Nothing for me.
To keep playing revolution
with a bunch of boys?
You're pathetic.
I'm ahead in the polls.
Of course, I shut you out.
Otherwise, voting for me
would be to endorse Moreau.
Of course, you would bring him up.
I'm sick and tired of hearing
about Max Moreau.
Max Moreau. You know who I think
is responsible for Max Moreau?
The parents.
Now, what kind of parenting
creates a monster like that?
Oh, thank you. Thank you, Alice.
Why does it have to be now?
We are right in the middle of...
Uncle Frank, you have to see this.
What is this? Why?
What do I have to see?
Alice is Max Moreau's mother.
I wish you had left.
Max is her son. She's been stealing
from you, Uncle Frank.
She's been taking these papers,
documents, bank statements,
all sorts of stuff.
It's all there.
Let me see that.
Put down the tray.
Madame, Murat!
Let her go.
Let her go!
Calm down.
Alice. Alice, calm down.
Calm down.
What do you want, Alice?
I want my son back, but you killed him.
So, I'm gonna kill you, all of you.
She's insane.
You're wrong, I had nothing to
do with it. Nobody deserves to die.
Liars and thieves, and I can prove it.
Whatever it is you think
you know, we can talk about it.
No more bullshit.
Put the rifle down.
- Why?
- Let's kill her and be done with it.
Alice, surrender
before this gets out of control.
Jeez! What the hell?
Hey! Don't... Don't shoot!
- Don't move.
- Don't shoot.
Where the hell did they go?
Ivy, Ivy!
Oh my God, Serge.
You killed him.
You don't know that.
It was dark.
Maybe the maid killed him
with his own gun.
It hasn't been fired.
You idiot.
What have you done?
This is precisely why
I don't want anything to do with you.
Alice, she took the envelope.
What do we do now?
- We call the police?
- Imagine the headlines.
Hold on, hold on.
Just stop, and think this through.
No, Frank, this is your fault.
She knows too much.
That's where they went.
Where does it go?
These corridors run all through the house.
She could be anywhere by now.
Have you dealt with situations
like this before?
What a nightmare.
I can't stay here. Come on, let's go.
I'll call the helo.
- We don't have time.
- What am I supposed to do?
No, no. Victoire, don't worry.
I... We have everything...
Madame Murat needs to leave now.
No. I don't think that's a good idea...
Actually, I think this
is a very good idea.
Give me the keys to your jeep.
Do it.
Get her out of here.
And no police.
Of course, not.
What are we waiting for?
Alice, I can explain.
- Alice, please, please don't.
- Shut up!
Come on.
What's that?
Stupid girl.
You have reached 911.
Don't move.
What have you done?
Come on.
Alice, please. Please don't.
Why not?
You're just like them.
No, I quit.
Remember, I was going to leave.
Oh, yeah.
And then you came back.
Come on.
- What are you doing?
- What do you think? Calling the cops.
Are you insane? If my name's linked
to this mess, it's over. Drive!
Fucking drive!
What the hell was that?
It keeps them away.
Away from what? What about us?
Gaspar, you didn't kill Serge.
Alice did, if she's not alive to argue.
Right. Right. Okay. Okay.
I wasn't sure it would work.
No. No! Oh, God!
It's a goddamn nightmare!
What the fuck are you so calm about?
- I'm thinking.
- Thinking, thinking?
You realize how screwed we are?
How many eyes are about to be on us?
That fucking barbecue used to be
the future president of France!
Is that what you're thinking about?
Fine. Fine.
What do we do then?
We solve the first problem.
Then we deal with the rest.
We go room by room, floor by floor.
We'll find her.
She killed her.
She killed Victoire.
Now, let's kill the bitch.
Are they dead?
Not all of them.
Not yet.
Alice, please. Why me?
Because you're part of it.
It was your lies,
that's what killed Max. Lies.
The liars, they are the ones to be blamed.
The ones who created the lies.
The ones who financed the lies.
The ones who spread the lies.
You need to suffer and die
like the vermin you are.
That's the only solution.
She's not here.
Let's go.
Get it together.
Alice, I don't get to decide
what I say on my shows.
- Believe me, I wish I could.
- But you could said, "No."
But we both know
what this is really about.
That's what Max died for.
Just money.
- And you are helping them steal it.
- Me?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- And this?
These are your accounts.
What the fuck, Uncle Frank?
Wait here. Give me the light.
Frank, think about it.
A maid.
She couldn't do all this.
She's a sleeper agent.
Your network did a report about them.
They're infiltrating the movement.
Shut up, Gaspar.
He made that up.
How do we get up there?
Follow me. Follow me.
Give me the light.
Alice, I'm telling you, I don't know
anything about this. I swear!
- You're a liar.
- Stop saying that!
They're using my name.
I'm a victim here.
Like Max.
Don't say his name.
Max was a good boy.
They changed him.
If you knew Max, you would understand.
Actually, I met Max once.
No, you didn't.
I was doing a report on
Gaspar's youth group
for Uncle Frank.
So, I went to a meeting.
And Max was there.
He was very quiet.
Very respectful to me at least.
Not like the others.
He was very sensitive.
They were a really rough crowd,
those guys.
Gaspar liked them like that.
They would pick fights.
With strangers, with each other,
didn't matter.
And what else?
Then Max died.
And they all started saying that Gaspar
had kicked him out of the group.
And Uncle Frank told me not to mention
the meeting or Max to anyone.
They just wanted to pretend like Max
wasn't their problem and move on.
I'm really sorry, Alice.
No, no, no. No!
The attic has a second set
of stairs on the other side.
We trap her.
Gaspar, you go up here.
We go around.
Not yet.
Give us a minute to get there.
And don't fuck this up.
They need to pay.
They are responsible.
I understand.
But this is not the way.
I can help you.
You can't.
They destroyed him.
Don't let them do that to you, Ivy.
Don't let them...
- That idiot!
- Move!
Are you okay?
Uncle Frank!
Easy, easy!
Go find Alice.
Oh my God. Oh my God.
Jesus! What the hell did she do to you?
No, it wasn't Alice.
It was Gaspar.
That's my girl.
That's my girl.
- What the hell are you doing?
- What does it look like I'm doing?
This is not a fucking joke, Ivy.
Victoire is dead.
And all of us are gonna be under
a fucking microscope in no time.
And so, we have got to clean
all of this up.
Clean it up?
What does that mean?
- You're gonna be a murderer, too?
- No.
That maniac was trying to murder us.
What are we supposed to do?
- When were you gonna tell me?
- What?
That you were putting my name
on bank accounts.
No. It was better
that you didn't know that.
Have you been doing this the whole time?
Just taking money from the movement
fund and putting it in your own pocket?
No, in your pocket. I...
You should be thanking me.
You're rich! Congratulations!
Oh, you're welcome.
But just so you know,
if anything came of it,
you would be in as much trouble
as we would.
Because technically, you're an accomplice.
You've gotta be fucking kidding me.
Shut the fuck up,
and do exactly as I tell you.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit!
Hesse, we got a fucking situation here!
If they see the jeep...
I don't think they saw it.
They're driving up.
I don't what's wrong with me.
I'll do the talking.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Good evening.
- Is something wrong?
- We received an emergency call.
Are you the owner?
No, I'm not. My friend is.
Did you call us, sir?
He doesn't understand.
He's American.
It must have been a mistake.
All is fine.
See, I told you.
Is there anyone else in here?
Oh my God, Alice.
I'm fine.
I just need some fresh air.
What are you doing?
What is that?
It's the only thing of his
that they let me keep.
He tried to hide it from me, the smoking.
But I knew it, you know?
I could smell it on him.
I never made an argument of it.
I thought, "Why fight, you know?"
It was easier just
to let him have his secrets.
But I should have said something.
I should have...
Why didn't I say anything?
Your friend really likes France.
He loves it.
He always wanted to live here.
- If you like France...
- Yeah.
- Is he okay?
- Yeah. Too much wine.
the police are here.
We can stop this.
We can stop this right now.
It's too late.
Even if the poison is slower
than I thought.
What poison?
Alice, what have you done?
They're all gonna die.
- They deserve to die.
- Alice, where did you put it?
Max wouldn't have wanted this!
You don't know Max.
You never met him, did you?
I should have killed you.
I should have killed you.
I should have killed you!
- Goodnight.
- Again, sorry for the trouble.
Thank you.
Help! Help. Please,
we need some help in here!
Please. We need someone.
We need some help.
No! Stop!
You stupid child.
What are we supposed to do now?
Blame it on Alice.
And we keep our story straight
if we want to live to tell it.
Keep her under control, or I'll do it.
- Listen, Ivy.
- Stay back.
You killed them.
I didn't kill anybody.
Matter of fact, if you'd listened to me
and kept your mouth shut,
those two would still be alive.
Ivy, stop. Listen to me.
I understand.
You're just trying to do the right thing.
Tell the truth and all.
Good for you.
But in the real world, the right thing is
not always the right thing to do.
Life doesn't always turn out
the way you want it to.
What we expect
is the law of unintended consequences.
The best you can do
is do right for yourself.
For yourself you mean?
No, no, no. I mean for both of us.
I mean, Ivy.
I need to talk to you.
It's about Max.
I liked him, you know?
I really did.
When he did what he did...
I thought, "What a good fucking fuck boy!"
A few more like him
and we could save France.
We raised him well, you and I.
When you sang
"La Strasbourgeoise" earlier...
I was moved.
Fucking shit.
Where are you?
Want to join Max?
No! No!
We still need her.
What the fuck, Uncle Frank?
- Who the fuck are you?
- You don't wanna know.
I'll be right back.
Wait! Wait!
Listen! Listen!
Use your head.
If we do this this just right,
there is a version of this
in which we turn out okay.
There's an angle.
Look, we're the victims, right?
I mean, she attacked us, right?
Maybe we keep the scar on your face,
and make it a thing.
Gotta think about the long game, okay?
What long game, Uncle Frank?
You're poisoned.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Alice poisoned you.
Rat poison.
She put it in everything.
- We need to stick together.
- No, no.
- Where are you going?
- Let me go!
Oh, God!
Why are you making me do this?
I chose you!
I gave you everything!
I thought you had what it takes!
We're family, kid.
We gotta stick together.
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck.
My name is Max Moreau.
It's 10:30 a.m. on May 17.
Today, I'm going to war for France.
You are all cowards.
You people talk, but do nothing.
I'm going to do something big.
All of you will thank me.
You didn't believe in me.
It's time for revenge.
I'm a warrior.
Watch me. I'm going to show you.
Okay. Here I go.
For justice.
For revenge.
- Don't move!
- For my country.
He's dead.
What the fuck have you done to me?
The fuck...
I hate you.
Okay, come on. Come on.
It's a beautiful house.
Is it yours now?
I don't know.
You're free.
Go, and tell them all.
Tell them what?
The truth.
Breaking news.
Multiple victims reported
at a secluded French chteau.
The leaders of NNI and its controversial
founder Frank Brand...
Victoire Murat, the leader
of France's Tricolore Party
are reported to be among the victims.
That was the nightmare
seen one year ago today.
Ten dead, and a political movement
shaken to its core.
The lone attacker
Alice Moreau was also killed.
Leaving only one survivor.
As a victim of brutal violence myself,
I understand better than most
how we struggle to make sense
of these shocking events.
Alice Moreau, an unstable woman,
a mother mad with grief
over the death of her son
lashed out at those
she believed were responsible.
Was she driven to violence
by a corrupt media
that has villainized
the nationalist movement?
Or did she have other reasons?
The truth is,
we don't know
what Alice hoped to accomplish.
And we may never know.