Outrage Coda (2017) Movie Script

Don't flatfish come out at night?
Some swim up to shore in daytime.
Big ones.
Try them, bro.
They're great for kimchi stew.
I tried it in a diner.
You really don't get it.
They don't serve the good
ones at some lousy diner.
You ate that fake stuff.
What do you mean fake?
I didn't mean to offend.
Something wrong with your bait?
Could be.
Maybe I should use your pinky.
Don't fuck with me!
Just kidding.
What the hell?
Someone left it in the office,
so I took it.
Don't bring it here, dumb-ass.
Damned dangerous!
You slut!
Turn around.
What are these?
You have money, asshole.
You're next, Yoo Hee.
Business is slow, huh?
He's complaining about our girls.
Come over.
Okay, in a second.
A Japanese yakuza is complaining.
He's asking for the boss.
Taehang Resort Hotel.
This way.
You useless bitches!
He'll take it out on me.
You alright?
He wanted sick stuff.
We said no, so he hit us.
What's the problem?
Your bitches are pathetic.
Our boss is angry.
He says he won't pay.
Where's your boss?
In the bedroom.
What's your problem
with our girls?
My problem? You idiot.
Your bitches are lame.
They need training!
They're no fun at all.
Looks like you had fun.
Don't fuck with me!
I'm not fucking with you!
I'm demanding compensation
for hurting our girls.
You know who I am?
I'm Hanada of the Hanabishi family.
You want trouble
with the Hanabishi?
I even got a sworn brother in Seoul.
You're not in Seoul.
This is Jeju Island.
Drop the Hanabishi crap.
Bring it on!
I just came to have some fun.
No need to quarrel.
You're the one asking for it.
How will you settle up, asshole?
I don't have cash on me right now.
You can come tomorrow at noon.
How much can you pay?
Two million.
You can't mean Korean won.
Not two million yen!
That's outrageous!
Think about what you did
before blurting out a sum.
I'll mince your face
and use it as bait!
Okay, Okay.
You'll get your Japanese yen.
What's your name, buddy?
You Japanese?
My name is Fuck Off.
Got that?
Pay up!
To that guy.
Useless bodyguards!
They humiliated me.
And you two?
You stood there and watched!
Sorry, sir.
I'm leaving in the morning.
Take care of this.
With what money?
We won't pay that bastard.
If he makes a fuss,
kill him!
Yes, sir.
Where's Hanada?
Is he late?
Underboss Nishino,
he's in Korea on urgent business.
He's due back
for the regular meeting.
His business
is to get his butt here!
I told him.
He said the offer was too good.
He left this for Chairman Nomura.
Don't go over my head
to gain Mr. Nomura's favors.
You must report first to me
on these matters.
My apologies.
That's not what we meant.
Forget it.
I'll explain it to him later.
I appreciate it.
Good afternoon, sir.
What's with Mr. Nomura?
And his constant meetings?
How many this month?
He was a trader.
He's uncomfortable without meetings.
Why should he be successor?
So what if he's the ex-boss' son-in-law!
He says spending is the only way
to make more money.
He's causing huge losses!
Brother, you're talking too loud.
I don't give a shit.
I won't allow what's-his-name
to act like he owns this place!
One more thing, Nakata.
You receive a lot of money
from Hanada every month,
isn't that right?
No, I'm not getting any.
Without your recommendation
to Mr. Nomura,
Hanada would never have
his own family.
Couldn't he have
appealed to him in person?
With money?
His business is thriving.
Loansharking to meth dealing,
he does whatever makes money.
He recruits biker gangs
to avoid mob busts.
He uses police connections
at his convenience.
He's quite impressive.
He gets the meth in Korea, right?
The ex-boss prohibited meth.
And Mr. Nomura?
He wouldn't interfere...
if the price was right!
Excuse me.
Everyone's here.
Remain seated.
Anything happen this month?
Nothing unusual.
Sawamura will remain hospitalized
for another couple months.
We have an executive named Kono...
He'll be released from prison soon.
Fine. I expect each family
to prepare a cash gift.
An exec's release calls
for significant contributions.
Don't embarrass yourselves.
Yes, sir.
You think you're big yakuza?
Bragging won't boost your income.
Who dealt with the Security Police
and the government
to rebuild this family?
Nakata, where's Hanada?
As I told Underboss,
he's in Korea on urgent business.
He travelled, knowing I was here?
You all report to me, your Chairman,
at these regular meetings!
He surely would have been here
for the former boss.
What do you mean?
I mean exactly what I said.
Don't fuck with me, Nishino.
Your lot spends money like water
and knows nothing about making it.
I sweat blood for this family!
Use your fucking brain!
That arrogant Nishino defies me
every chance he gets.
He can be a pain in the ass.
Any possibility to demote him?
Nishino could be replaced
by Nakata or Hanada.
But Nishino's loyal supporters
won't take it lying down.
Then we choose Nakata as a new boss.
Let him fight Nishino.
We'll get rid of two old farts
with one blow.
won't you do anything?
He's fucking dead.
What will you do?
I'm busy thinking, dumb-ass!
What's that about?
Some Korean star?
Sorry. I just dyed my hair.
There was trouble with a Japanese yakuza.
We lost a man.
Mr. Otomo wants to return.
Work it out amongst yourselves.
Solve it peacefully.
Tell Otomo to spare us any trouble.
Our soldiers stabbed the guy
to death with an ice pick.
They dumped him on the beach.
What if this turns into war?
I don't know any yakuza in Jeju.
Hey, Gun.
What the hell are you doing?
I'm eating barbecue.
Are you stupid?
I told you to wait outside!
Sorry, sir.
I recruited him from a biker gang.
But he's a butthead.
For you, compliments of the house.
Thanks a lot as always.
You're welcome.
We owe you so much, sir.
Please drop by our bar.
It's open during the day.
Say, aren't you from Jeju Island?
Who controls the hotels and casinos
in Jeju?
That's the turf of Chairman Chang.
His sworn brother Yoon is also there.
Chairman Chang?
Of Tokyo?
Yes. He's originally from Jeju.
Something happen there?
Nothing. You're excused.
You messed up.
You picked the wrong fight.
Chang is an influential figure
in both Japan and Korea.
Your argument in the hotel...
Was the guy named Otomo?
Well... I really don't know.
He killed that cop Kataoka.
Right by the funeral site, they say.
I think Chang gave him shelter.
So what do you think I should do?
Say one word
to cross Nomura and Nishino,
you'll be dead.
I'll go to Tokyo
and visit Chang's office
to apologize.
Prepare some money.
How much should I prepare?
20 to 30 million yen,
as condolences.
You did kill a guy.
That much?
Chang's got shitloads of money.
Respond in a sincere manner,
he'll understand.
All they lost is one lousy punk.
The Hanabishi?
Is something going on?
Kind of.
Nakata and Hanada are talking...
about apologizing to Mr. Chang.
Really? Thanks for the tip, Gun.
Is Mrs. Yoon alright?
She passed away two days ago.
I sent flowers for the funeral.
I see...
Only those close to Mr. Yoon
were contacted.
I'll inform Mr. Chang.
Mr. Lee?
The Hanabishi will visit us
to apologize.
What do we do?
It depends on what they offer.
Excuse me.
This is from Gun.
Interest on a debt.
Tell him I don't need it.
Guys, I'm leaving.
Yes, sir.
Thank you so much.
Mr. Chang arranged everything.
It's officially death by accident.
Money solves everything.
Ko is dead. How can you fish?
I'm not having much fun.
I want to run to Japan,
and kill that motherfucker!
You think you're angry?
I feel the same!
Let's go.
It sucks being a chauffeur
for the head family.
Sure does.
You can't say that, dickhead!
Thanks for coming
all the way from Osaka.
We took the Shinkansen Express
to Tokyo.
So who's Hanada?
I'm Hanada of the Hanabishi.
Hanabishi... So fucking what?
Nomura or Nishino should be here,
if they had any respect for the code!
Deputy Underboss?
Is that a consolation prize?
Mr. Nomura just took over the post.
Mr. Nishino has screw-ups to resolve.
You saying this isn't a screw-up?
I didn't mean that at all.
What the hell did you mean?
A real Japanese yakuza
would chop off a finger.
This money's just chicken feed.
It won't settle everything!
We could go to war.
No need to get angry, fellows.
I'm sorry.
Did you take good care
of Ko's bereaved family?
Not yet, sorry. I'll do that now.
Good afternoon.
Mr. Nakata and Mr. Hanada
of the Hanabishi in Osaka.
Our man seems to have misbehaved
on your turf.
We're truly sorry about it.
Please forgive him with this.
What's this for?
An apology for Ko Seong-Jin's death.
With this measly 30 million cash,
they ask for our forgiveness.
Bring another 30 million cash.
Just get the money.
Those bastards have no respect.
What is he babbling in Korean?
They're disrespecting us.
Give them the money and split.
You're the one who told me to act
before Nomura or Nishino found out.
They're messing with us, stupid.
Why let them humiliate us
when we are paying 30 million?
5 million is really enough
for a fucking soldier.
What did you say?
My precious man's life
is worth only 5 million?
Your attitude determines
if we're your poison or your antidote.
Get out!
All yours.
I guess Chang understands Japanese.
That's not the damn point.
What do we do with the money?
It's doubled to 60 million.
Congratulatory cash gift
for the new chairman?
You're such a stupid ass.
They are pushing the Hanabishi
to fight.
Pay 100 million each to Nomura
and Nishino, and cut your finger.
Really that much?
"Really that much"?
How much did you earn
in the last couple years?
A couple billion by meth dealing
and loan-sharking alone.
We have no fucking choice!
Brother, I beg you to resolve this.
It won't be cheap though.
I got that.
You're saying
you went behind our backs
to visit Chang.
Chang didn't only refuse our money.
He gave us an additional 30 million.
How stupid are you?
His message was:
Bring at least 60 million.
Yes, sir.
You didn't only lie
to Mr. Nomura and I...
You went to Korea for pleasure.
What luxury!
Not really.
I completed my work
before stopping briefly on Jeju Island.
While we were rushing around
for Mr. Nomura,
you were buying women in Jeju.
Now you want us to clean up
your shitty mess?
I didn't mean to cause trouble
for you, nor Mr. Nomura.
The trouble is you have shit for brains!
Forget it.
I'll convince Chang and settle things.
you come with me.
Mr. Nomura is a very busy man.
Mr. Chairman!
I'll go over to Chang's office
and settle this.
Come with me.
Underboss? May I?
You keep Mr. Nomura company.
Nishino could secretly conspire
with Chang
to mooch money off Hanada.
He wants to squeeze Hanada.
Chang will be convinced of that
if Mr. Nishino shows up.
But Nishino shows up
for all important occasions.
It's hard to see who the boss is.
For sure!
He works hard for Mr. Nomura
and the Hanabishi.
Haven't you noticed
while you're with him?
Are you one of them?
He hates that Mr. Nomura
became chairman ahead of him.
Doesn't he want Mr. Nomura to retire
so he can take over the role?
He doesn't think like that.
Do you agree with Nishino?
You hate that I became chairman?
Because I was a stock trader?
You think the Hanabishi
haven't flourished with me?
I have not chosen Nishino
as my successor.
Your commitment to me,
to the Hanabishi...
that's the determining factor.
Is that clear?
So what do you think?
About what?
I'm asking if you are willing
to take over my role.
Not ahead of a brother.
Don't you see?
How much longer
can you be so loyal?
You would be his biggest obstacle
if he becomes chairman.
He would crush your family,
drag Hanada out,
and go after my assets.
Listen, Nakata.
I want you to succeed me
as chairman of the Hanabishi.
As you say behind my back,
I'm not an up-from-the-ranks yakuza.
I know when to quit.
Think it over.
You guys agree?
He is very considerate
to think ahead for you.
We totally agree with him, brother.
prepare another 200 million.
100 million each
for Chang and myself.
I already ordered 100 million each
to be delivered
to Mr. Nomura and yourself.
Hanada, listen...
You can get your money back
anytime you want.
One day,
when I rule the Hanabishi family,
I would handpick you
to be my underboss.
Then everything will be mighty fine.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Let's go to Chang's office
first thing tomorrow morning.
With me, it will be quick.
Quick as a flash.
I'll show you the finesse
that Nakata lacks.
Thank you, sir.
I was...
I was...
wondering if you could spare me
the finger-chopping?
Are you dreaming?
Who the fuck needs your pinky?
Thank you so much.
Take good care of your pinky.
Your parents gave it to you.
They asked for money again?
We must give a cash gift to a Hanabishi
being released from prison.
We're Sanno. Why should we?
Because Nishino is our guardian.
I doubt he makes deposits
to the Hanabishi account.
Man, they should give us back
the Kimura turf.
It's in Tokyo.
Hey, I'm the chairman!
Don't speak as my equal.
Sorry, sir. I'll be careful.
Courtesy of Mr. Yoshioka
of the Kimura family.
Yoshioka of the Kimura?
That man drinking over there, sir.
Hey, lost yakuza!
Asshole. I'll crush him one clay.
Are you prepared
to take over my position?
Move fast if you are ready.
What should I do?
Do something about Nishino.
Kill the Underboss?
He went with Hanada
to apologize to Chang.
It should be easy
to make it look like a conflict.
Strike him at night when he returns.
Everyone will accuse Chang.
You see, Nakata?
There are hurdles to overcome
if you want to be a leader.
Your do-or-die moment.
But Hanada must live
because we can use him.
While you're at it,
eliminate Chang too.
They will only get in our way.
Whoever wins, it will look like
a Nishino vs. Chang conflict.
Use your brain.
Look at their stupid faces!
What the hell are we doing here?
We don't belong to the Hanabishi.
They practically treat us
like their servants.
Anyway, it appears
Otomo had a part in this.
I hope the Hanabishi-Chang fight
won't end in a truce.
Then we can restore the Sanno
to equal them as in the past.
You're right.
I think he's still in Jeju.
Should I contact him?
This is Mr. Wang's proposal
on the Hong Kong project.
Should I continue, Mr. Chairman?
Mr. Chang!
Please look at this.
This asshole caused you
a serious inconvenience.
I'm sorry about that.
Is this the Hong Kong figure?
We're aware of your reputation.
It spread to the Kansai region, too.
on behalf of the Chairman
of the Hanabishi...
I, Underboss Nishino,
come to greet you in person today.
Not so different from Korean hotels.
Yes, and what about Taiwan?
Will you forgive him?
We are proceeding acquisitions
with this developer.
As a sign of our apology...
I brought 100 million cash.
Say we won't sell
for less than 8 billion.
Yes, I'll inform them.
That's English.
Thank you for traveling.
We'll accept 30 million.
It's only the amount you had arranged.
You've made a friendly gesture.
We're not yakuza.
I must ask you to leave.
Aren't we dining out in Kyoto?
Where the hell is he taking me?
Aren't there many restaurants
near the station?
How far are we going?
Mr. Nakata told me to follow his car.
I don't know where.
Mr. Nakata and I ate once
in a Ryotei restaurant on this road.
It's the best season for sweetfish.
Freshwater fish tastes too fishy for me.
I'd rather have sushi.
Why stop at a place like this?
I'm sorry.
We took the wrong path.
We'll turn around here.
Hurry up, moron!
What the fuck!
Whose side are you on?
What's going on?
Who is he?
You still don't understand?
Chairman Nomura.
That motherfucker
tried to instigate Nakata.
He tried to rub me out.
And take you down with me.
No way!
You know how much I did for him?
You know that, don't you?
Stop squirming.
You're not getting out.
Whose side are you on?
Answer before you get out.
How could I possibly take his side
in this situation?
Please let me get out the car!
Fine, go.
Tell them someone attacked us both
near Chang's office.
Only you got out alive.
Tell that to Nomura.
Go ahead and move the car.
Dump him in the lake, too.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
What are you doing?
Don't forget: You're the only survivor!
Why are you dressed like that?
I'm sorry.
I came directly from the site.
I borrowed these from one of my men.
What happened to Nishino?
One of my men was shot to death.
I almost drowned in the lake
with Mr. Nishino.
I managed to escape from the car
on my own.
I don't know what happened to Nishino.
He must be dead.
Motherfucker Chang!
What do we do about Chang?
That's the problem.
No backing down quietly
after Nishino's death.
Up to it, Hanada?
Get some guys together.
You can do it.
What are you doing about Chang?
I got a man tailing him.
He frequents his favorite coffee shop.
Your refill.
Nishino was attacked after
the meeting with Mr. Chang.
Hanada's men are on the way.
Please tell him to watch out.
Did you call Choi?
He was unreachable,
so I called you.
Got it.
Get the car ready.
Put it back, stupid.
Let's recap.
We shoot the bodyguards first.
We can do this.
Let's move!
Are you alright, Mr. Chang?
I'll take care of this.
Please go on ahead.
They screwed up.
Let's go.
Those punks were never going to succeed.
A screw-up?
It's pointless to kill his henchmen
and let Chang live!
Hanada only works with cheap punks.
You counted on him to do the job.
"The Kimura family is working on it."
Now what?
It's time to get your shit together!
Things are going from bad to worse.
They don't know we're behind this?
Not the dead ones.
They didn't drink to sworn brotherhood.
It's my ass if they find out!
You want to be underboss?
Pull it together and resolve this!
Mr. Chang says he's alright.
How could he be alright?
They went after him
and killed your henchmen.
If you see it that way.
We should let them do whatever?
Who the hell is behind this?
They blame us
for the attack on Nishino.
It might be someone
inside the Hanabishi.
Brother, can I go with you?
I'm not your boss
nor your brother.
You're asking the wrong person.
If I ask Mr. Lee,
he'll say no.
He already told me no.
What now?
What would you do?
Go after the Hanabishi.
You'll die.
So be it.
Chang is the fixer and mastermind
of Korean politics and industry.
We have yet to identify
the punks who attacked him.
We only know they are connected
to the Hanabishi.
Osaka Police is on it.
It's either vengeance against Hanada
or retaliation for Nishino,
but he's still missing.
Korean fixer vs. Hanabishi.
First we go to Chang.
You'd better watch out.
He's influential. One wrong move
could lead to a diplomatic issue.
I went there once with Mr. Kataoka,
when we tailed Otomo
after his release from prison.
We're from the Metropolitan Police.
We have some questions for you.
Is he telling us to walk?
Pompous ass!
Something happen with the Hanabishi?
I already told another officer:
We know nothing.
So no clue why you were attacked
in the coffee house?
I worked on some cases
during the Sanno-Hanabishi conflict.
There was a yakuza named Otomo
who was associated with you.
I think he settled in Jeju
after the conflict.
What's his connection to this?
He paid a visit to the Hanabishi.
He was eventually banished.
Would you admit it's somehow
related to this case, Mr. Chang?
These days,
Japanese police have no manners.
Mr. Chang is busy.
I must ask you to leave.
Come on, let's go.
Leave it.
They'll start killing each other.
But we can't leave empty-handed
without a clue.
Isn't that Otomo?
It's him.
What's he up to?
Let's detain him.
How did you get your passport?
Gun arranged it for me.
Mr. Lee.
Please keep it secret from Mr. Chang.
About Gun too.
Pull over your vehicle.
Plate number S300A5573.
Silver Mercedes.
They're tailing me already.
I know you just landed,
but take a ride to the station with us.
Move over.
Mr. Chairman!
It's not bulletproof!
I could have been shot!
Clean up this mess now!
Yes, sir!
Move it!
Don't use that dialect.
I hate the Kansai accent!
You move it!
Out of my way!
Which family is he from?
Anybody know?
Excuse me.
Nakata! Hanada!
Oh, you must be Kono.
Honored to finally meet you.
Get out of prison today?
Sorry I can't be as hospitable to you
as the former boss.
Bear with me.
I don't mind at all.
You're looking well.
Although, I was almost killed
a few minutes ago!
Mobilize all your men
and the Kimura family in Tokyo.
Destroy Chang now.
I'm already on their hit list.
Hold on a second.
It was Hanada who caused this conflict.
We made it look like Nishino vs. Chang.
And I told you it was a pretext
for you to mastermind perfectly,
then I'd make you my successor.
Now I'm on their hit list.
To both the police and Chang,
you're obviously behind this.
Fix this
or we'll be ridiculed by everyone.
Is Mr. Shiroyama here?
He's inside.
Excuse me.
Not now.
Yes, sir.
This is really a conflict between
the Hanabishi and Chang.
They murdered brother Nishino,
who was your guardian.
You should be first in line
to attack Chang.
Cut your bullshit
or I'll destroy the Sanno.
What's so funny?
Shut your mouth.
At least try!
You're just a deputy
acting like our guardian.
Or you think
you already took over the family?
What's with you?
The minute Mr. Nishino was gone,
you had a complete change of attitude.
Stupid ass.
Out of my way!
Don't just stand there!
Coming in!
It's not nice to bully the weak.
What are you looking at?
Don't look at me
like I'm a fucking ghost.
The Hanabishi is in danger
of disintegration.
We must work together amicably
when necessary.
No one ever taught you that?
You punks!
Mr. Chang warns that
detaining Otomo longer
might put the police into
an overwhelming situation.
I wasn't aware of this inconvenience.
I will settle it quietly.
I advise that.
I've had enough of this.
It's been two days.
Boss Kato of the Sanno betrayed you.
Kimura got his family.
Kataoka used you
to break up the Sanno.
You got rid of three of them!
Fuck if I know!
I'll make sure you never talk again.
Do it, motherfucker!
You two are total dumbasses.
Didn't Kataoka tell you anything?
What is it?
The higher-ups said not to dig deeper.
Chang probably pressured
to release Otomo.
You can go.
Thanks so much.
After all that bossing around,
now what?
An order from your boss
and it's over.
I'm free to go!
He's a material witness.
How can you let him go?
That intimidating bastard!
We should detain him
for another 10 or 20 days!
Whatever Chang says,
why must the police obey him so easily?
The police are the dirtiest!
Look who's talking!
Calm down!
Shut up!
Everything alright?
Your car is here.
Mr. Chang told you to pick me up?
Mr. Lee,
I have to go somewhere.
Can you drive back alone?
Are you up to something?
You asked Ichikawa and others
to join you.
I did no such thing.
Mr. Chang doesn't want any more trouble.
Kindly take Ichikawa back to Korea.
Mr. Chang's request.
Please tell him I went back to Jeju.
I will cause him no trouble.
It had to be a remote place.
They have eyes on me.
This is Gun.
He arranged passports and everything.
Sorry about the random passport names.
I'm fine with Goro Yamada.
I loaded the firearms in the back.
Take your pick, although some are old.
So, what now?
First thing...
we take down the Hanabishi in Tokyo.
Boss, are we safe drinking
in this kind of place?
Can you excuse us?
Come on, girls.
What do you mean by that?
What's wrong with drinking on my turf?
My thoughts exactly.
The Kansai guys chose
to quarrel with Chang.
We in Tokyo should get along.
About the attack on Hanada...
No one suspects our involvement yet,
so stop worrying.
I arranged Yoshioka to meet us
and told you where he is.
Don't think it's over,
simply because you paid.
Where's Yamazaki?
He's upstairs.
Can I help?
The police are here.
Leave us.
I rather you not show up here.
I'm square now.
Bear with me.
I have some questions
about the late Kimura.
You were an aide of Kato,
the former Sanno chairman.
Are you implying I'm a suspect?
Give me a break.
Didn't Kataoka give you guns
and tell you to make a raid on Kimura?
I don't give a damn
if a yakuza like Kimura was killed.
you haven't arrested the perp
that killed Kato.
Damned if I know where he's at.
Shigeta speaking.
Nightclub shootout?
Is it Otomo?
Canvassing the area.
I'm heading back.
Is Otomo back in Japan?
Mind your own business.
We'll talk later.
The 2nd Division is short-handed.
Tell him to lay low for a while.
All contact with Chang
must go through me from now on.
Yes, sir.
What did he say?
To stay away from Chang?
Something like that.
It doesn't matter.
Let's arrest Otomo on this.
We should, Shigeta.
For now, you're transferred
to the 2nd Division.
Why am I off the case?
The order came from above.
Letting Otomo kill Yoshioka was perfect.
Surveillance cameras off.
We are now officially victims
who happened to be there.
They will eventually conclude
Otomo did it.
I think so, but...
what happens to the Kimura family?
I wish the Hanabishi would withdraw
and return the turf.
That wouldn't be in our favor.
Besides, is the timing right
for us to get it back?
They will suspect us.
Think harder!
It's the Hanabishi.
Hello. Has something happened?
He's always sucking up
to the Hanabishi!
Take action like Otomo!
Stupid asshole!
I was wondering if we could discuss
what to do with Otomo.
I see.
Give me a call
if you find anything.
It seems Otomo did it.
I'll call Chang.
A phone call from Mr. Nakata
of the Hanabishi.
Tell him the secretary is unavailable
to take messages.
Yes, understood.
His secretary is unavailable.
Please call back later.
That bastard Nakata.
He only made calls and complained.
A useless prick!
Who the hell is this Otomo anyway?
He's just a punk.
Get rid of him.
I've arranged that.
Take care of business.
Mr. Yoon sent us.
Thanks so much.
We are ready and at your service.
And Mr. Otomo?
In the car.
Good evening.
Get in.
Ask him how Mrs. Yoon is doing.
How is Mrs. Yoon?
She's fine.
She sends her regards to Mr. Otomo.
He said she's fine.
She sends her regards.
Kill them, Ichikawa!
I shot my own man.
Where did they come from?
He said Mr. Yoon sent them to help us.
It must be the Hanabishi.
They even prepared these.
Only two of us left.
You got some mean weapons!
No surprise.
Got attacked?
So I've heard.
Put down your weapons.
We're unarmed.
Let's have a chat.
You ordered them to do it?
Why would we do that?
Hey, Otomo!
It was that bastard Nomura.
Long time no see.
I thought you were dead.
No more than you.
Nomura almost got me killed.
But some of us don't die easily.
It all started
with Hanada's stupid actions.
Show some fucking respect!
I didn't realize you were Mr. Otomo.
I apologize for my behavior in Jeju.
Please forgive me.
Things would have been different
if you had told me who you were.
Your boss and I reached an agreement
concerning Hanada.
But Nomura put his nose
in other people's business again.
There's nothing left to do.
He must retire!
Your boss prefers that.
Doesn't he?
Can you put all that behind us?
Maybe give us a helping hand?
We're throwing a welcome home party
for an executive named Kono.
That bastard Nomura will be there.
I want you...
to dispose of him.
I will give you
the Kimura family
if you can pull it off.
I don't want it.
So you won't go?
The party's for him,
but his soldier did the killing.
He served five years.
Why should I give him
exorbitant gift money?
I promoted him to executive.
Fine. I'll inform them.
Welcome Home, Mr. Naoki Kono.
Way to go, Kono!
What's going on?
Mr. Nomura is not coming.
Typical of that greedy bastard!
All the better.
In his absence,
I'll announce a thing or two
and show off some guns.
Everyone will jump to my side.
By the way, Otomo will have my back.
Send him a message.
Tell him we call off the plan
to shoot Nomura.
He wasn't there
the last time I checked.
He's useless.
Thank you for such a great party.
I am greatly humbled
to be in the presence
of so many of my superiors.
The honor is more than I deserve.
Chairman Nomura, Underboss Nishino,
and ranking deputy underbosses,
I shall honor your confidence in me.
I am dedicated
to Hanabishi prosperity...
Sorry to crash your party.
Listen up.
A few days ago,
I, Underboss Nishino,
was nearly killed
by Chairman Nomura.
If Nakata had not told me beforehand,
I would have been wiped from existence.
You should know,
you who work your asses off
to serve the family...
Nomura doesn't care shit about you.
All this to now say,
I must sever my loyal ties to him.
I ask you this:
Side with Nomura
or side with me.
Choose now.
Good evening.
Sign in, please.
Who told you to shoot?
Mad motherfucker!
You're out of your fucking mind.
Mad motherfucker!
Are you sure Nomura is at home?
Yes. I had them check.
That fiend Otomo
shot everything that moved.
He might have killed every Hanabishi.
I would have crushed Otomo
in any other situation.
Forget it.
That fucker Nomura,
Otomo can have him!
He killed all of them?
Nakata, you're banished.
What would happen to us
if all our guys got killed?
I'll tell you.
It was your plan.
You're banished.
Is that you?
Nishino, you're still alive!
Still? That's not nice.
You were plotting with Nakata
to rub me out.
Nice guy Mr. Nakata
kindly informed me of everything.
That's no way to speak
to your sworn father.
Screw your father-son bullshit!
How dare you betray your boss?
Who's more important?
Sworn father or brother?
We never ever thought of you
as a yakuza nor a father.
You don't have tattoos.
You've never been to prison.
You're a fucking amateur!
A fucking amateur who calls himself
chairman of the Hanabishi.
You can't fool us!
Morishima, do something about him.
Why should I care?
You're just a retired office worker
without your henchmen.
You too?
You're betraying me?
Betray is too strong a word.
It gives the impression
that I was on your side.
Forgive me, Chairman.
You'll all regret this.
If you're a real yakuza,
then pumping you with bullets
is your end.
I can show you how gruesome
yakuza really are.
Take him out.
What are you doing?
Take your hands off me!
I'm your Chairman!
Get out!
Stop it!
Who are you?
Here he is.
Just as I promised.
Otomo, what are you doing?
I'm Chairman of the Hanabishi.
You don't have what it takes.
I'm going to take you
on a little excavation.
Anybody out there?
A man's stuck down here!
Oh, shit!
No, no. I'm here.
I'm stuck down here.
That was fucking close!
You could have killed me.
Down here!
Down here!
We have settled with the Hanabishi.
How do we avenge Ko's death?
I have some ideas.
There have been some complications.
Mr. Nomura has passed on.
We, survivors,
must work hard to restore the family.
As of today,
the Hanabishi
is under new administration.
I am appointing myself
as your new Chairman.
Nakata is your underboss.
Hanada is a deputy underboss.
I expect the new administration
to commit to achieving prosperity.
Yes, sir!
One moment.
Yes. What is it?
Really? How was it?
Too much!
My answer?
Of course, yes!
Why are you so wired?
Going out for women again?
Sort of.
Mr. Nishino and Mr. Nakata
arranged some girls for my celebration.
You don't even have proper henchmen.
They only treat you nicely
because you pay a lot.
Want to come along, brother?
I don't approve of your perversions.
Obeying bureaucracy is the only way
to get ahead on the police force.
Shigeta, don't be so cynical.
Give me an update.
I was thrown off an open case.
Nomura plotted to kill Nishino
and to promote Nakata in his place.
Nishino and Nakata corresponded secretly
to deceive Nomura.
The official story blames
another family.
No one knows the real truth.
Congratulations on your promotion.
No need for sarcasm.
Don't bother. It's my treat.
Letter of Resignation.
Mr. Nishino informed me.
The entrance is that way.
But you're coming.
Sit down.
What are you doing here?
Good look!
You two can go.
Your mouth will see fireworks.
What do you want to talk about?
I heard Hanada was attacked.
It may not be safe here.
Not safe at all.
Otomo made a raid on our office.
Give us a moment alone.
Excuse me.
Otomo was unexpectedly cooperative
about our requests.
I didn't expect him to eliminate Hanada.
But of course.
After all, Hanada was the source
of the problem.
Otomo is quite meticulous
when it comes to sense of duty.
As long as we don't touch Chang,
he'll do what we ask.
Thanks to him,
we got control
of Hanada's turf and revenue.
Your methods are increasingly
more intricate.
My blood froze when he went haywire
at the party.
What do you plan to do about Otomo?
He wreaked havoc on the Hanabishi.
That old-fashioned gangster
definitely served us well.
We go for him to the bitter end.
What will you do?
That guy Lee who works for Chang
said he would take on the task.
We are annoyed at Hanada's murder.
We want them to settle the score.
That's what we tell Lee.
Nishino called to inform me.
Hanada has been killed.
I explained we had no part in it.
Tell Otomo
if he did it for me,
then he's done enough.
Thank you.
Let me know if you come to Jeju.
I'll take you around.
We'll try that kimchi stew.
When will you be back?
I still have something to do.
Don't be too reckless.
I should get going.
We have no intention of making trouble
for the Japanese police.
Thank you.
Did Otomo leave?
Yes. Ichikawa called a minute ago.
Tell him...
I want Otomo to call me.
Yes, I'll do that.
This auto shop?
The two guys who killed Kimura
work here.
You should leave after this last job.
So, this is it.
Mr. Otomo,
forgive me.
I can't allow you to make anymore trouble
for Mr. Chang.
No need, Mr. Lee.
I can take care of myself.
My regards to Mr. Chang.
Mr. Otomo is dead.
He is?
He told me
to give you his regards.
Somethings pulling.
Did I catch one?
Got it, brother! We'll
have that kimchi stew.
Look at that, brother.
Naoyuki USUI & Richard LORMAND