Outside the Law (2010) Movie Script

Yes, Messaoud?
-The gendarmes!
Oh, my God...
Said, stay close to me.
Good morning.
I have a court order.
This land belongs to Mr.
Guerini, your neighbor.
-Mr Caid,
this earth, I inherited
it from my ancestors.
-Do you have a document of ownership?
-What document?
We've never had one.
-Without a document, there's nothing I can do.
You have to leave.
I was born on this land.
My father was born here.
My grandfather, my ancestors...
My children have grown up here!
-You have three days to leave.
-If I leave my land,
how should I feed my children?
-It's the law, I can't
do anything about it.
-Have they gone mad?
We're chasing a
piece of paper.
I will die and be buried here!
It's not fair!
It's a sin, what you're doing.
God damn you!
-Do not cry Mama,
we will return.
It's nothing.
Go help your father, Said. Go.
-School is over.
Leave school?
I am among the best students.
This is not fair.
-How should I pay for it?
Remember that this land is ours.
It saw you being born and grow up.
we hunt.
May God punish them.
Free Algeria!
Equal rights!
Free Algeria!
Equal rights!
-Come on forward.
-I have my match.
-Germany has lost.
We will win our freedom.
-Me, I earn my living.
the djellaba.
Come here, you.
Take good care,
and don't be afraid.
Listen carefully.
If you lose, you shall
not eat tonight.
-Halim! Halim!
-Equal Rights!
-Give this to me!
-Let go!
Take off your hand!
Don't do that! Stop!
-Open, open!
The door!
Let me in.
Hide this.
-Now, go back home.
And most importantly,
Is that clear?
Don't go out.
Save yourself!
Save yourself!
-Hands up!
-Get out. Go.
Come on!
Dad? Dad?
Get up, Dad.
No, Dad, don't die.
-They're dead.
May God rest their souls.
May he give me strength
and patience.
May he welcome them into
his vast paradise.
My dear Messaoud
I hope my letter
finds you alive.
I hope that this war in Indochina
will end soon.
Your brother Abdelkader
is in prison in France.
It has now been 8 years that
I haven't seen you.
Fortunately your brother,
Said, is always by my side.
This morning, we prayed
at the tomb of your father
and your sisters.
-What is it?
-My mother.
May God bless you,
my very dear son.
-Mr. Caid?
Mr. Caid.
-What are you doing here?
-I just came to say hello.
-How did you get in?
-I have a gift for you.
-What's this gift?
I've come to avenge my father
and my entire family.
Filthy dog.
Die, you filthy dog.
For everything you did.
Pack your things.
-We're going to France.
-I don't want to.
-We're at war.
They will kill us.
-If you think I am alive,
you're wrong.
I'm already dead.
They've killed us.
Listen carefully.
Abdelkader is in jail.
He's alone in France.
He needs help.
-And Messaoud?
-He will join us,
he's a soldier.
-In France?
God willing, we will
all return here
to our land,
in our country.
But not to this foxhole.
-I'll tell you...
when I'm sure to find my children,
I'll follow you anywhere.
-God will hear you.
-My brothers,
I bid you farewell.
They're taking me.
Greet Algeria.
Greet my country.
Long live Algeria!
-Come on.
In the name of the
French Republic,
I command the execution.
- The Vietnamese people
broke the chains
that had weighed on them
for a century
for their country to
be independent.
Don't fall asleep.
Don't sleep.
-Colonial France
is not invincible.
Don't give in to any illusions.
It's over, for your friend.
- The members of the
oppressed nations
must mobilise all their forces,
and be willing to sacrifice their
lives and their property
to wrest from the
colonial forces
their right to be
You, from African colonies,
take for example the
successful fight
of the Vietnamese people.
Your brothers,
your wives, your children
deserve justice
and freedom!
Fighters, don't be slaves
sacrificed by the colonisers
See our victory and
break your chain.
-Here it is.
Come in.
-Come on, Mom. Go in.
Thank you.
Listen, I have no
money for now...
As soon as I find work...
I'll pay you.
Take this watch as security.
It is expensive.
-It's good, it'll do.
-Don't worry, mom,
it's temporary.
Thank God.
It's better than nothing.
At least we have a roof.
My brother...
Where are you going?
To work for Renault.
They're hiring.
What do you say?
-Salaam aleikoum.
-May I sit down?
-What can one buy with this?
-With that?
You can buy a house...
and get married.
It can even buy you money.
You're new here?
-I'm from Setif.
-From Setif?
Welcome, my brother.
Watch your things.
Think about marriage.
Hey, sir!
What's it like to live here?
-You can be a slave for Renault.
-What do you do?
I'm different.
-Teach me.
-For a guy like you
that's a long way.
Forget it.
-Excuse me...
Nothing is too hard for me.
I can surprise you.
-Surprise me?
Come on.
-Are you okay?
-I thank God.
-Did you eat well?
Looks like you got thinner.
Don't worry about me.
-Listen closely
to what I have to say.
You didn't steal.
You didn't kill.
You're not a criminal.
You're in jail for your ideas.
You are a man.
-Everything has an end.
Soon, I will get out.
We'll be together.
-If God wills it
before you die
and be buried by your side.
Fear not, my son.
Be a man.
-Your son is a fighter.
-Here comes the warden.
I'll leave you.
Remember what I said.
Be a man.
By taking care of you,
you are taking care of me.
May God be with you.
May God bless you.
-God bless you.
-That's her?
-Yes. That's her.
-Have you talked to her?
-What did you tell her?
We're there.
-Is that right, Bigalle?
Not with a B. With a P.
Otherwise, they'll laugh at you.
Come with me.
Sit down over there.
It will be your place.
And tomorrow, we
share the money.
Go. Thank you.
-Wait. Listen carefully.
One whore, not bad.
Two whores...
You're doing.
-I'm hungry.
-Yes, come on.
-Good morning.
-How did you do?
I will return the rest tonight.
-Take it, buy yourself some clothes.
-Even if I had to stay
naked all my life
I wouldn't want your money.
God is my witness.
It's for my mother.
Don't tell her it's from me.
My brother?
Messaoud, my brother!
Where have you been,
where were you?
-You have become a man.
-What else?
-Come and see!
-My son,
my treasure!
-I missed you.
-And you, my son!
-You've become a man.
-You've lost weight.
-He's a commander! Fantastic!
-Your eyes...
-What's happened to them?
-That's war.
-Soon, Abdelkader will be
out of jail.
You are the eldest.
You have to take care
of the family.
I would have liked you to see
your Dad before he died.
There's a girl right here,
pleasant, intelligent.
If you like her, it relies on God.
-Where's she from?
-From our corner, just like us.
-If God wills it.
-If God wills it.
I have to talk to you.
You know, Ho Chi Minh...
won the war against France
thanks to two principles.
The first principle
is that oppression
always has its benefits
to the cause of the people who
want to liberate themselves.
The second principle,
is to never, ever abandon
a mission.
Nothing is insurmountable.
All Algerians, all of them
must pay their toll for revolution.
Within two days, you
will be free.
You must lead all
Algerians from the suburbs
and also here in Paris.
You convince anyone.
One convinces 3 who each convince 6.
Each of the six convinces ten.
I'll give you an address.
And remember it well.
You'll deliver your
reports there
and receive orders.
-Count on me.
I will not betray the Algerians.
Let me, ma'am.
My life, my treasure,
you're finally here!
I thank God.
Come my heart, let's go home.
-How are you, Mom?
-There it is.
-Enjoy your meal.
And welcome.
This is the 1st time I'm
eating meat.
I swear.
-He's kidding.
Said, I'm your brothers witness.
The neighbours show me the finger.
They say you're a villain.
-Mom was right.
If you're a villain,
nobody respects you.
Who's the villain? Me?
In this country, either you have money,
or you are worth nothing.
Your brother is free.
-I'll be free when my
country will be.
We need to be free.
And everything needs to change.
-What are you talking about?
With these workers?
-Listen, now we're three.
Tomorrow we will rally
the entire slum.
-He's right.
Think of the victory of
the Vietnamese.
They were more armed than them,
it was useless.
They could have stayed
15 or 20 years.
They would have won.
-The revolution is on.
Nothing will stop it.
I have thought it through.
I know how to make money.
It's easy. Listen to me.
You've been to Indochina.
You know the weapons.
You were in prison,
you have become tough.
Three of us, we will
scare anyone.
We will not stay in
this misery
for all our lives.
We will make our law.
Our laws.
-He must choose.
Whose side are you on?
Your brothers' or
their enemy's?
-My brothers?
That's you. Them, I don't know.
I'm not supporting the enemy.
Are you with me?
Good luck.
-I left the army.
I'm with you.
I'm with you.
-Zohra, bring the cake.
-Now, block them.
-Stop, wait.
-My brothers. Listen.
Between the fighting and
dying in this country.
You must join the FLN.
The FLN is for an armed struggle.
The FLN controls everything.
It hides in the underground.
The revolution, it's it.
The dialogue leads nowhere.
The French fake the elections.
-No politics here.
-Wake up.
Wake up, my brothers!
Remember! FLN!
The French fake the elections.
-That's enough.
-This morning, we were two.
And like this, we will always stay two.
Look at these pages,
they are empty.
-We will get there.
-What are you looking at?
-Why did you switch it off?
I'm talking to you!
-All of you
Listen to me.
We must bring the war here.
Join the party that promotes
armed struggle.
-Listen, you.
The only legitimate party
is the MNA.
Got it?
-You're mistaken, my friend.
THE MNA will go nowhere.
The MNA has confidence
in elections.
The French give us one vote
against 10 for the settlers.
They tamper with elections.
It is through armed struggle
that we will win.
Put him there.
Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go!
-So, you're FLN?
I want to hear you say:
Long live the MNA.
So, you're going to say:
Long live the MNA.
I want to hear it.
Teach him some manners.
Are you gonna say it or not?
That way, you make the devil
I'll show you.
Look at me carefully.
Are you ready to die?
Nobody will help you.
Get up!
I'll tell you one thing.
Don't ever set your foot in
here again.
As long as I'm alive,
there will be no FLN.
The boss, that's me.
You're lucky.
Next time you're dead.
Shut the door.
-You have nothing?
-No, okay. And you?
They tapped you.
-It's okay.
It's nothing.
-What are we gonna do?
-Hey, brothers?
-What do you want?
-I'm on your side.
The FLN is right.
I received a letter from
the government.
The FLN has gone underground.
I'm with you.
-You know him?
But we won one.
You'll kill yourself with this.
Get out. Get out, sir.
You too, get out.
Quickly. You too.
Just like that,
you're back.
You're not scared, you.
-"The accused denies the
authority of the FLN,
-he publicly denies the necessity
for armed struggle.
-On behalf
-of the revolution,
-the accused is sentenced
to death."
-Sit down!
-You've come in a great number.
Only, you wouldn't dare.
-Go ahead.
Give me a and hold him.
Long live the MNA!
Son of a...
- "The sentence was executed
today at 3 pm."
-Who are you?
What are you doing here?
-Colonel Faivre, DST.
-This is my home here.
I make decisions.
The gooks will pay.
We'll go to the slum.
-It's a battle
You will get killed.
It should calm things down!
-Congratulations, my brother.
Come on, you too.
I embrace you.
-All my wishes of happiness.
-Police, open up!
-Get everyone out.
-Police! Come here!
-Outside, go!
-My brother...
It's the police!
I have to go, sorry.
The police. We must go.
-Don't move! Stop!
-Go, police.
-Go, turn around.
-Lift your arms.
-This is marriage.
-Go, go!
Turn around.
-Hurry! ??It drags it!
-I want ten.
-Turn around.
-Take them.
-Come here!
-Go ahead!
-Where are you going, you?
Catch him!
Follow me! Come!
He must go! Hurry!
Where did you learn to fight?
-A gift from God.
-You want to work?
It's your lucky day. Run.
-Did you know they would come?
You knew. The leader of the MNA.
You had everything planned?
-Come on.
-For how long will you
support this?
What do you expect?
That they'll burn your homes?
They don't respect anyone.
Neither your wives,
nor your children.
You can change that.
It's your move.
You must prepare against
these humiliations.
Do you understand?
Tobacco and alcohol
are prohibited.
Paying taxes to France,
that's collaborating.
You, advance. Your name?
-Ali Benjbour.
I swear to devote my
life to my country
from this moment and
until my death.
-I congratulate you.
I swear to devote my life to my
country until my death.
-We helped you.
You got your place with Pigalle.
-That is true.
-You are associated
in a cabaret.
Everything has to
fund our cause.
You've given your word.
-I know.
I have not forgotten.
But you didn't speak
to the Corsicans.
They've given me only 5 %.
What can I do?
-Hadn't you said 15 %?
it's not very complicated.
I give you a part
of the cabaret.
-I want half.
-Which half?
-Are you really serious?
And how am I supposed to live?
There's no discussion.
I said half.
You, advance.
-Mom, do me a favour.
Agree to see Said, he needs it.
-I don't want that.
-Don't be stubborn.
It's your son. He's changed.
-Take care of your wife instead.
She will give birth soon.
-It's Omar who stole
the contributions.
-He has children.
A warning...
No, no and no!
No warning!
-When i was a prisoner,
I thought
that if I got out,
I would never kill again.
-It only takes one disobedience
or betrayal
-I'm with you.
-I stole to buy a
It's not for me.
It's for children.
I'll sell it.
It's yours, take it.
-It was me who wanted the fridge.
Forgive him.
I'm begging you.
-Don't be afraid.
-I won't do it again.
Give me a second chance.
I have 3 children.
I won't do it again, I promise you.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Is everything okay?
-Are you alone?
-Come in.
Factories will explode
all over France
at the same time.
Without killing or injuring
a civilian.
Do you understand?
-We will fight France
on its territory.
-He must find weapons
and teach your men to use them.
The French want control.
We have to be ready.
-Organising a zone,
that I can do.
But I don't know anything
about weapons.
-The factory, to you, is over.
And the slums too.
You go into hiding.
I will make you false papers.
-You can go.
-Who's there?
-The white Algerian.
-Come in.
Give me that.
That's 25 million.
Be careful.
There. Hold.
I'll accompany you.
-It that a French serving
the revolution?
-Go ahead.
-That she drinks anything.
-Close the door.
Go ahead.
-It could be something else...
-It's a matter of Algerians.
It's their revolution.
-I want to be involved more.
-We do what they ask us to do.
That was fast.
The money goes to
Switzerland tonight.
-Messaoud, my brother!
So, are you all right?
-Yes, all right.
-Come on.
Make yourself comfortable.
-Request the envelope from Vincent.
So what do you say?
I've called it "The Casbah".
-It's not a place for you.
-You want to see my real place?
It's through there.
You'll see.
You have gained weight.
I don't recognise you anymore.
I took it out of the street.
this is my future.
I found him in the slum.
One day this guy ..
He will be champion. You'll see!
-What's his name?
-I don't know yet.
I haven't found out.
He's the first Algerian who will knock out
the whites and blacks.
If God wills it.
If God wills it. What do you think?
-It's Said.
I'm proud of you.
Forget the war.
Come work with me.
-I must go.
No Smoking.
You know it's
Where are you going with this war?
What did you watch me? Boxing!
And you want my picture?
Boxing or leaving!
-I leave you all l.
Here, the key.
You can come to the show
tonight or tomorrow.
-All my time is taken.
You can leave.
I'll come back.
- Returning to France and Paris
where there have been reported
a series of attacks.
- These events are irrefutable
the FLN was able to create in France
an organization to carry
out terrorist acts.
The FLN, with raging despair,
attempts to halt the
peace in Algeria.
The government must take
the measure of risk
that the fanatics pose
to the French territory.
For Algiers, these attacks
are related to the referendum.
The spokesman Gal Salan
declared yesterday:
-We can't hope
for one thing.
-That the police have sufficient
resources to cope.-
And this, Mr. Papon
will report in
-Paris is talking
about-, 19 h 15,
and the log 20 h.
-What do you know about
the attacks?
Nothing, of course.
The FLN, you know?
The poor workers like you
know anything.
Where's Mustapha?
I want to speak with both of them.
Can you swim?
Can you swim?
-The repression prevents
our operation.
The police will end up
in the organization.
We must react quickly.
Eliminate the cops who torture.
Maintain the initiative, strike
up what the enemy
is on the nerves.
For every blow received,
we will deliver ten.
Your men are ready?
If you kill police officers, the
repression will be terrible.
-Our violence will
be profitable.
We must infiltrate the police.
Of Algerians with important
Look, here's a list of names.
I will travel.
Cairo, Tunis, Morocco.
You'll replace me.
You shall take
your orders in Germany.
You'll be the height.
-I will, inch'alla.
I know I will not see the
Independent Appraisal.
But I would sacrifice my life.
-There he is.
That's the commissioner, he kills
and tortures our activists.
It's impossible to kill
him in the street.
It's risky for civilians.
Must enter the office. How?
The Algerians.
Those who did the
war in Indochina.
Him, I knew well.
Otmani Yasser.
We were prisoners
He owes me life.
We'll contact him.
-Look Daddy, look.
Your name's Otmani-Yasser,
not Alain.
You are Algerian.
You're a police officer.
-Where are you from?
What do you want?
If the French arrest you, they'll
put you in jail.
They will kill you maybe.
But not your wife
or your children.
The revolution needs you.
You have always been a traitor.
Today, I have come to
give you a chance.
Think carefully.
-Go on, push.
-Courage, pray to God.
-Go on, push.
Courage, fear not.
-What is it?
A boy.
-I'm not going home.
I cannot see my wife.
I have no life.
I'm lost.
-I warned you: no family.
-You, you feel nothing.
You have no feeling.
Where is our conscience?
Our soul?
Abdelkader... Our soul.
Today is Said's fight.
We gotta go.
-I have to work.
-You're coming.
Why doesn't he leave the left side?
You're the champion.
Scrap his mouth!
Who's the champion?
-It is the greatest
champion of all!
-That's when your next game?
-The next fight, the
championship of France!
The championship of France!
Your boxer
he will not make the
-Is that a joke?
-He will not box
for the enemy.
-Are you crazy?
He lost his head or what?
First, we take care
of our revolution.
Boxing, afterwards.
-The revolution, I serve too.
If he wins, then Algeria wins.
Imagine, an Algerian
France champion!
This will be a great day. -No!
When an Algerian will be champion
it shall be for Algeria.
-Your boxer should
fight for Algeria.
-Let the sport out of it!
-No personal passions!
The whole person must
be devoted to the party!
The cause is just!
Get it?
Why are you yelling?
This fight, I will.
Tell your party.
You've taken everything.
Boxing is my pride.
-That is treason!
I will no longer be the shame
of my mother.
Nobody can stop me.
Messaoud, nobody can stop me.
Said, it's an order.
If he fights for the
enemy, he's a traitor.
-I do my fighting.
Do as you want.
Said, what is he worth, the kid from Algier
if he has no hands?
Or eyes.
You understand that?
-Go ahead, kill your brother.
Kill me if you're a man.
I will make my fight.
-As you wish.
You're crazy.
You're crazy!
-If it continues, I can not
do anything for him.
The revolution is a bulldozer.
It destroys everything
-How are you going to condemn?
-He disobeyed orders.
Brother or not
-I'll come home.
-You don't stop.
You shall not kill my brother.
Nobody shall!
shoot, my brother. Shoot!
What happened to you?
You lost the head.
-Thank you for all this.
This evening, you'll
invite me to dinner.
-I'm sorry, I can't.
You have to.
Otherwise, I'll stop delivering
the bags of money.
Forget the revolution
for an evening.
My brother is coming.
Why are not you married?
-I have not met my soul mate.
-That's my brother.
You have to go.
Who's that? -Messaoud.
-A blonde?
What will others say?
-There's nothing between
her and me.
Otmani gave me the
plan of the office.
I also have invitations.
-That's good.
You should take this.
It is loaded.
There are 5 rounds.
Release the safety clutch.
Lift your arms.
First floor. Wait there.
Commissioner Picot?
-What do you want?
No, stop!
Give me that.
-Go! Go!
-They had false papers.
Those who make them, they are connate.
The network.
-What are you doing?
-I was worried.
-Worried about what?
Please don't come here anymore.
Don't come here!
It can be dangerous!
Don't come anymore!
- "Long live the union
for peace in Algeria."
French Communist Party.
You have not changed.
Paris without the Krauts.
-What are you doing, except
smashing doors
of honest citizens?
-I am still myself. For France.
Colonel! It has been found!
-Good job.
Thanks, you may remember.
-Bush! We have enough. Go.
We must identify with this man.
This time we take something.
We have a face. Need a name.
Souni-Abdelkader, arrested
8 May 1945 in Stif.
-It is indeed the same.
He received his education in prison.
Hideouts identified.
On surveillance.
I want people to get their
hands on this Abdelkader.
-He grew up.
He's a little man.
He walks.
Thank God.
-For him, I did a lot.
Oh! Officers,
good evening.
How you doing?
-You recognise this?
Your name's Souni.
You got friends in FLN?
I don't know.
-You don't know.
No, Mr. Inspector.
I don't know the FLN.
I own a proper business.
-You'll close. Security problems.
-Son of a bitch.
-What are we gonna do?
-We'll close, my boy Vincent.
We'll close.
-Ladies and gentlemen, we shut
down for security reasons.
Drinks will be offered.
-If you change your
mind, alright.
-A cop called Faivre came
to close the cabaret.
Beware of him.
He has your picture, Abdelkader.
Don't come over to my home anymore.
Is that clear?
Neither one nor the other.
As they say here: I'm not playing anymore.
I know a Faivre.
Colonel Faivre.
From Dien Bien Phu.
Do you remember me?
2nd Class Souni,
Algerians sharpshooters,
Dien Bien Phu.
Camp 1 1 3, remember?
Get in the car.
-Tell me, Colonel,
are you ashamed of what you did?
-I've invited you here to give you
a chance to redeem yourself.
-I'm pleased to see you.
A man without reproach.
The assassinated cops
had no family?
-I serve a just cause.
-Me too.
I am fighting for France.
She has to stay an empire
in order to exist.
De Gaulle said that.
Me too, I'm a Gaullist.
How about if I told
you it were justified
that French are silenced
by Algerians?
Replace Algerians and French with
French and Germans
and it is 1941.
You're on the wrong side.
Unlike 10 years ago.
-You would have been a good resistance.
I wish I would've had you.
-You could give me information
on the minister's instructions.
The resistance fighters now have
all the honour.
-It's not the same war.
There is a history between
France and Algeria.
- Algerian workers were federated
because a whole nation is angry.
For nothing, you think?
-Give us a little time.
The Algerians will become citizens.
-Progress is a war.
You can again be a
hero, not a loser.
-We are the same.
Yes. We are sacrifices, Faivre.
But you, the past.
-One must fight terrorism
with its own weapons.
For this, we will create
a secret organization
which will take the appearance of
a criminal organization.
The Minister of Justice
and the prefect
guarantee us immunity
in our actions.
It will be called
The Red Hand.
Its objective:
terrorize supporters of the FLN
and kill its leaders.
-They want us to fit
into their game
We will respond.
We will respond.
-Don 't be afraid.
-It's an early stage tuberculosis.
-This disease will not kill me.
Not in this country.
Soon, I will get better.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Champion of the world. What?
-World Champion!
-The other one doesn't know boxing.
Let him come. Then hit.
How can I make one out of you?
Tell me!
Has he worked on his dodges?
He made you work on your dodging?
He's working on his dodges!
Yes, that's fine.
Very important.
I want to invest everything I have
in a high level match.
First, he wins in France,
then in Europe and
and then America.
He'll write history,
you'll see.
Hurry up.
-What is it?
-That's enough!
-A unit of Harkis
The apartments are being monitored?
-He's hosted somewhere.
We'll double the surveillance.
Him we will have, but we'll
lose the war.
They will win.
-Messaoud, my son,
here's my last will.
There is a bit of our land.
If we return to Algeria,
we'll plant a vineyard.
If I die before,
place it like this on my cheek.
You will not forget?
-Don't worry.
We're going home.
-I don't want to lie to you.
I killed people.
I killed many.
With these hands.
I've strangled...
Mom. I've strangled.
I was forced to do so.
God is my witness.
So my son can have a better life.
Everything I've done, I've done for him.
Everything for him.
For a long time, I've known
nothing but death.
I know nothing but death.
Forgive me, mom.
Good evening. Good evening.
-I'm going to Germany.
You must accompany me.
- What we wanted to prove by taking
on these young soldiers?
Heinous crimes
- Morvan.
An Algerian has entred the
theater of Helene Legendre.
It's Abdelkader.
-We have them.
Red Hand will take care of them.
-A policy of social democracy
wanted by the government.
That's what's worrying
the separatists.
Pressed to act,
they wanted their bloody night.
And yet
they have only managed to strengthen
our determination.
-Helene! Helene!
-That's good.
Pay him.
MP40-machine guns, 200 units.
Fully revised.
Don't sleep!
Look, take more.
Here. There you go, go!
Let's go!
Faster! Go!
Opration completed.
Go to France, each on your own.
Not in groups.
One by one.
Above all, do not talk about it to anyone,
Absolute silence. Discipline.
God bless you.
Good luck.
In Paris, watch the curfew.
-See you soon, Messaoud.
-God bless you.
This is an American song.
-It sucks.
They call that music?
How does one dance to that?
-That's good.
-It's really a shame.
I like that.
-I don't like it.
-What are you doing here?
The curfew.
-It's for Algerians.
Not for Moroccans.
Your papers.
Follow us.
-...greeted at the airport
by the members of Parliament of Algeria,
the General was present
the next day...
-You're Algerian.
And Germany?
What are you going to do?
We know that the FLN
is in Frankfurt.
- France could become an
exporter of petrol...
The president: "We are sure that some
of the energy from the ground
will ensure the industrial development
of Algeria."
-You want to tell me anything?
Well, you go back to the Harkis.
- In his speech, General de
Gaulle declared:
The page of the battle has been turned
and page of progress and
civilization, opened.
This goes beyond
the old partisan quarrels,
the attacks.
There is light for everyone.
-He has spoken. Valenciennes.
-Your brothers have been turned in.
-Who is this?
- Otmani. I was in Indochina
with your brother.
This isn't a trap.
Messaoud saved me.
Hereby, I pay my debt.
-Where are they?
In Valenciennes.
Salaam aleikoum.
Are you ready? Mount.
Take up arms.
Go, go!
Machine guns on one side,
ammunition on the other.
Quick, quick!
Go! Ho, there!
Shhh! Listen. Listen.
The police.
Long live Algeria!
-Abdelkader! Don't come out!
-Varin, with me!
Messaoud! Behind us!
Get up!
Behind me!
Messaoud! Hurry!
-Tell Mom,
my wife
my son...
Tell them to forgive me.
Don't forget, Abdelkader.
-Hush, Messaoud.
Don't talk.
My brother.
My brother!
-God rest your soul.
My brother.
-Explain to Mom
and his wife
that he didn't die for nothing
but for justice.
The men are motivated.
Continue the fight
against the police.
We need a demonstration.
A peaceful demonstration.
All Algerians.
Our weapon to arrange the
-It will be a massacre.
The police will take revenge.
There will be deaths.
It's certain.
-I agree.
But if the French government
uses repression against us,
it's in our interest.
Remember the international opinion.
The whole world will
be watching us.
Abdelkader, this will
serve our cause.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Come with me.
We need to organize this
demonstration in Paris,
At October 17th.
But you will not participate.
For your brother,
don't meddle.
There will be cops, at the match.
You can be recognized.
No recklessness.
Your brother, we'll take care.
The match should not take place.
You agree?
May God help us.
Be careful.
Good evening.
How's the kid from Algiers?
-Who's the best?
The champion?
I already congratulate you.
There. Concentrate!
Said, come on.
Ah, my brother...
You've come!
The FLN is here.
They want to kill you.
Cancel the match.
-What's that you're saying?
-They will kill you.
Stop the match.
-You're not serious?
This match, it's my life!
-We don't have time!
Cancel the match, understand?
Cancel it!
You're the only brother
I have left.
I don't want to lose you.
-All my life I've waited
for this moment.
And you ask me to cancel?
-But look, they are here.
-Here, great.
Get out.
I'm warmed up.
What's wrong with your head?
-I'm begging you!
-It's not possible.
Has he gone mad?
-Get out.
-Sit down.
Get dressed.
Get dressed? Why?
-Because there will be no match.
What, no match?
-Calm down.
-Calm down?
Why can't I box?
-Don't argue. There'll be no match.
-I'm not getting dressed!
-They will kill you.
-The FLN.
What FLN?
-They will kill you if you box.
-Listen to him.
-Stay here.
-I'll box.
-Get out.
They will kill you.
-What are you doing?
You'll be a champion!
Stay behind me.
Run, Said!
-Watch out!
-Move, move!
-Long live Algeria!
Pardon me.
Long live Algeria!
Long live Algeria!
-The Algerians out! Get out!
-Abdelkader! Abdelkader!
Go, my brothers!
Long live Algeria!
My brother!
Don't die!
My brother!
Don't die!
My brother!
-You have won.
Long live Algeria!