Over Drive (2018) Movie Script

Front bumper okay!
Will now place the tire.
Okay, the rear rotations are good!
Junpei, the under guard.
Yes, Sir!
Okay. We're rolling it out!
Right side is okay!
Just a bit more!
Rear down!
Right side okay!
- Did you change the damper to over?
- No, go with under.
The data said that the water temperature is high. It rose up to 50 levels.
You gotta be kidding me.
It's to protect the engine.
Also, don't use the third gear where the shift feel is bad.
- Then there's no way I could race...
- It's time.
Please make way! The car is moving out!
Becase motor sports have many sponsors,
as a sports agent,
from now on, you're going to firmly stick to Spica Racing.
Yes, Sir.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- The one just now is Naozumi Hiyama.
- Huh?
Naozumi Hiyama from Spica Racing!
7 Left 30.
Pedal caution. Kinks 80.
8 Left. Over.
3 Right. Don't cut.
6 right. Very long.
Now removing the rear bumper.
Mr Tsuzuki. Ah, hello.
She is Endo, the newly assigned agent for Naozumi Hiyama.
He is the president and director of Spica Racing, Mr Tsuzuki.
I'm the agent from Wonder Sports, Hikaru Endo.
Pleased to meet you.
Even though I'm a beginner at rallies, I'll do my very best.
You pass!
Kagawa, you finally brought her.
Wonder Sports' specialty grilled ribs.
No way!
Come here, come here for a sec. Yuki, Hiro.
Specialty grilled ribs...
Cut it out!
You made the same mistake before, right?
I'm sorry.
Never touch the engine anymore.
I told you to don't touch the third gear.
It doesn't matter now. I got a good time record.
What would you do if you have to retire because of trouble in the mission...
We won't win if I don't attack!
The moment I thought of being scared, I'll lose.
Congratulatory champagne!
Spica Racing's Mr Naozumi Hiyama and Mr Rei Kataoka,
congratulations for the first win of the season!
Naozumi Hiyama may have the ability.
But he seems like a handful driver.
Huh? Haven't I told you?
Ota, who was previously in charge,
had become mentally like this because of him.
Why did you tell me now?!
Well, you'll be alright.
Why me anyway?
Well, Naozumi Hiyama's young and somewhat popular.
I just think you hit the bill.
What do you mean by that?
But I thought rally is a sport for old men.
Motor sports
have three S's that young people want.
First, speed. Second, thrill. Yeah!
Third, sex!
I see!
Kagawa, do you know who said that famous saying?
- I don't.
- It's me!
Of course.
I've learned something today.
Every time we are champions,
I was thinking that by five centimeters...
...the zippers will be moved down like that!
Thrill's first letter is not S but T.
Next, please adjust it to 4000 RPM.
- Okay.
- Got it.
It surpassed 270 horsepower!
At last, power is coming out at 4000.
We're finally going to enter the next round, huh?
Strengthen the spring of the actuator
and then we need to test it again.
Got it!
Why do you look glum?
I'm just thinking how long will we continue with the testing.
We'll be doing it until Atsuhiro said it's okay.
Then will you let
Atsuhiro let us test a million times more?
We will!
But isn't that weird? It's a waste of work and time.
- Why?!
- Cold!
You're so cheeky! There! There! There!
I'm now done with the pace notary file for the next Fuji Round.
Since the road surface is worse than last year,
I think it would be better to harden the suspension.
We'll adjust it.
More or less, in the weekly forecast...
Excuse me, Mr Hiyama.
Is Mr Naozumi Hiyama here?
He already left.
Um, we should have a meeting at 5PM
to discuss future promotions...
had some disagreements with the settings by Atsuhiro awhile ago.
And he got angry and left.
It seems like they also had a fight last Eastern Rounds, right?
Are the brothers in bad terms?
The driver and mechanic having disputes regarding the machine happens a lot.
Besides, here.
Naozumi is bit tense.
He's aiming for the series champion.
He also needs to step up in the WRC.
It's the highest series in the world rally championships.
The ones who can reach it
are a handful of athletes who have advanced all over the world.
In order to go there, becoming this year's series champion is absolutely necessary.
Then let's make a toast again!
Congratulations on being the champion!
This will come out tomorrow.
Kagawa got angry at me about it.
He said I should properly educate him so that this won't make a mess.
[ Popular Charismatic Model - Mika Midosuji
Naozumi Hiyama
Night that awaited the up and coming hottie rally driver ]
Oh well. It sure is suffocating society.
[ Popular Charismatic Model - Mika Midosuji
Naozumi Hiyama
Night that awaited the up and coming hottie rally driver ]
Oh well. It sure is suffocating society.
So that's why...
I'm going to assign you to educate him.
Don't give me that. You're Naozumi's older brother after all.
It's none of my business.
Our relationship is just a mechanic and driver.
- But Naozumi...
- My job is maintenance.
I just have to make a machine that will run faster even for 0.1 seconds toward the goal.
But Spica Racing is also a team
where your big brother is, right?
So you get along well.
I could be in any team as long as they're a team that could win.
There you go again.
You're just not being honest.
Besides, next year,
I'll be working together with Europe's Works and go to WRC.
Really?! Wow!
He said he'll go to WRC!
Spica is just a connection.
That's right! That's really really amazing!
Good work for today.
Is that from Australia?
That's Naozumi from last year.
Don't you think it's painful to watch Naozumi's driving?
I can tell by riding beside him.
He's putting his life on the line to run faster than anybody.
Isn't it the same with every driver?
But in his case, it seems like he's chipping his soul while driving.
I can feel that he's desperately chasing something he cannot see.
And in that fight with something he cannot see,
that it looks like he's being cornered alone.
Yeah, um,
I kind of messed up on the landing from the jump,
that slowed me down a bit.
I was pushing to the limit.
Seiko Cup Rally Series Game 4.
Fuji Highland Masters.
13 times a year, comprised of two games in Asia and different games all throughout Japan,
the series champion will be determined at the total number of points,
it's the domestic top category, Seiko Cup Rally Series.
The drivers will run for three days in 18 special stages.
They will compete with their total times.
This Fuji Round is
a mountain road that's like a snake crawling in the ground and doesn't have curves.
The intense special stage features highlands of ups and downs.
Most of the special stages are set in highlands
that it has a tradition competition of a pseudonym called "The Rally of the Heavens".
This is the service park.
This is where the rally cars are being repaired after attacking the special stage and returned.
They are even permitted to change the settings.
The mechanics have a short limited time
that a quick and accurate work is required.
In order run through the harsh rally, excellent maintenance skills are necessary.
The team's coordinating strength is the key to the game.
The one to watch out for the is the notable Sigma Racing.
The driver who was largely chosen for the empty champion seat
is a new star who came from the Sigma Academy,
Akira Shinkai!
Holding the second game victory in the Shimanto Round,
Standing in the victory podium for three consecutive matches,
he is currently placed the first in the point rankings.
7 Right. Very long.
50. 8 Right. Hundred.
Caution. 3 Right into 7 Right Long.
We'll change the suspension and tire next.
Prepare A-08B.
We have to watch out for this Naozumi Hiyama.
Naozumi Hiyama who stepped up from this year's Australia Junior Category.
Knowing no fear and having dauntless courage...
7 Right. Very long.
- Added the left!
- Added the right!
Rear down.
- Junpei! Rear bumper!
- Yes, Sir!
You cut too much going through innings.
I have no choice! The power of the machine is weak!
What would you do if you get off course?
I'll drive just how I would like to drive.
- Junpei!
- Yes, Sir.
I'm sorry.
But we'll get disqualified if the ones who aren't wearing armbands touch the machine.
But you don't have to shove me away.
It was a splendid special stage.
But the machine lacks a bit of power...
Excuse me!
What the hell?!
- Just what do you think you're wearing?!
- Huh?
Whenever you're going to be in front of the cameras, please make the sponsor logo visible.
That's common sense!
But everyone's looking at me.
Nobody's looking at the logo. Stop this nonsense.
- That's not nonsense...
- Out of my way.
Even though for this year's point rankings,
you are behind the absolute champions, Sigma,
do you have any confidence to pass through them?
Of course.
But it definitely won't be easy since your opponent is Akira Shinkai.
Shinkai doesn't drink or smoke.
And it seems like he even stays up late with
the mechanic to understand the machine.
Don't you think that the difference in that sense
is related to the difference of the current points?
Come on, there's also that fable.
A hare who think he's a genius and just played around. But in the end, the tortoise...
Hey! What kind of reporter are you?!
Have you ever thought how the mechanics felt?!
Mr Naozumi, stop!
Hey, wait... Stop taking photos!
What's going on?
I tried to stop him but...
Isn't this your job to prevent something like this?
I'm sorry. But...
Oh well.
The sponsor logo is also perfectly seen.
Excuse me, Chief. We need urgent confirmation regarding Sho Ishihara's case.
- Did something happen?
- I'll be right there.
If anything happened, please tell me any time.
I don't think Sho Ishihara's case won't move if I'm not there.
Sure, I'll keep that in mind.
Please don't let him eat tara mayo potato in front of the camera.
He really loves them but they're products of the rival of the sponsors.
I get it already.
Anyway for now, get the newly assigned job right.
Um, I need to confirm something.
Until next year's Asia Pro Golf Championships,
I can go back being Sho Ishihara's agent, right?
Of course.
What we'll we do if you're not there in his very important pro debut?
That's why for this year,
You should concentrate on rally races rather than golf. I'll be counting on you.
- I'll put it here then.
- Okay, thanks.
Good afternoon.
Do you need anything?
I'm looking for Mr Naozumi.
Ah, I haven't seen him though.
Are those car designs?
Yeah, kinda.
Wow, to even think you can draw something lik that.
- Thanks.
- Do you wish to design?
The actually want to...
But I don't know why...
that I was assigned as a rally mechanic.
That's really tough, huh?
I honestly can't keep up with such rallies.
We have to make numerous tests just to make it more fast.
We have to be frantic to do service repairs with a time limit.
Why do I have load and unload tires which has gotten to do with designing?
I have to do this countless times each day.
I'm always thinking those things everyday.
But you know,
you have no choice but to be patient about it for now.
If you are doing a good job given to you,
I think you will be able to do what you want.
So let's do our best.
That's true.
Ah! So that's where you were!
I've already called you countless times.
I took an afternoon nap.
This is the schedule of future promotions.
Please check...
Wait... Hey!
You're fired.
You don't have any interest in rally races anyway, right?
People like you will just get in the way if you're just hanging around.
Seiko Cup Rally Series Game 5!
Prospex Rally, Tokyo-Odaiba!
In this water front area where you can feel the sea breeze of the Tokyo Bay,
the urban area and the high metropolis are blocked.
A high speed battle with a speed of over 200kph will unfold!
In this metropolitan Tokyo concrete jungle as the battle stage,
what kind of drama will be born?!
Um, excuse me...
- Two minutes left!
- Excuse me!
Could you not cover that?
The sponsor logo would not be seen!
- Right side, okay! Let's go!
- Left side, okay!
Excuse me!
Why're you here?
Car will be rolled out! Please get out of the way!
Out of the way!
You got something on you.
Did it come off?
Thank you very much.
We didn't have time.
Sorry about the logo.
Finally, we are now in this
Odaiba round's final day three!
Just which team will the crown of victory be enlightened to?!
I'll smash you.
It's finally the most watched out for,
Sigma Racing's Akira Shinkai will start!
...1, go!
He now starts!
Up next is someone one point behind and in the second ranking,
Spica Racing's Naozumi Hiyama!
He's now warming up as he heats up the tires and breaks!
He prepares for his start as he increases the grip strength.
His only difference to Sigma who's on top is only 0.4 seconds!
Would he be able to surpass it?!
3, 2, 1!
Naozumi Hiyama is strongly fighting,
and showing a risky way of driving!
7 Right, Keep Out. 7 Left, 200.
Japan Rally World Thoroughbred, Akira Shinkai!
He begun to receive his gifted education of rally races thoroughly when he was only five years old!
And he graduated the top of the class in Sigma Academy!
7 Right, very long.
3 Left, long. Tighten, 2 Left.
107 Left, very long.
6 Right. 300.
Caution, Junction.
Just now is a flying finish!
9 minutes, 48.3 seconds!
Just what was that?!
He surpassed Sigma's Akira Shinkai's time!
Replacing the rankings, Spica's Naozumi Hiyama stands at the top!
Wow, he really showed it.
Why are you here?
We have a meeting for the next round.
But Naozumi already left after he finished checking the settings.
Will you be alright?
I'll do my best that he would acknowledge me sooner.
What are you making?
A turbo charger.
Utilizing the pressure of the exhaust gas,
it forcibly sends air in the cylinder of the engine.
It's an auxiliary device for obtaining higher combustion energy.
If we increase the boost pressure,
there would be more air being sent to the engine,
then we can get higher output power.
But we need supercharging without turbo lag.
Though if we just strengthen the anti-lag system too much,
the acceleration sense when shifted from acceleration off to breaking will...
To put it simply,
it's a device to increase horsepower.
How much faster will the machine be if you equip it?
About 0.1 kph to 0.15 kph.
There are over 20 kilometers in a long special stage.
So if it would be three days, the time would reduce to 10-15 seconds.
15 seconds...
Around when do you expect that you'll be finished making it?
Around next year or the year after that...
Maybe five years later.
Why rally races?
Why are you working on rally races, Mr Atsuhiro?
I'm sorry...
When I was a kid,
Me and Naozumi used to go a lot to mountains...
Ready, go!
From the summit to the bottom of the mountains...
We would always race who would descend faster.
If you drive faster than that, it would be dangerous!
I'm gonna be okay!
He always feared nothing then...
That he thrust into bushes often with reckless speed
and ended up falling off the cliff.
I'm gonna borrow the tools, okay?
I'll fix it right up.
So you're here again.
It was really fun to fix his broken bicycle.
And it really made me happy to restore a machine that stopped working.
When I realized it, it became my line of job.
You two brothers didn't change at all.
No, we've changed,
him and me.
didn't have courage.
Seiko Cup Rally Series.
The sixth game is the current season's first overseas match.
Rally Johor Bahru in Malaysia!
Many roads they have to cross over rivers and jumping spots.
Not just the drivers, even the fans are
extremely fascinated by this rally.
The one who was victorious and topped the ranking last time
Spica Racing's Naozumi Hiyama!
Can Sigma Racing's Akira Shinkai's avoid
running away with the hot pursuit?!
In this Malaysia Round,
is a race where the attraction and difficulty of the gravel rally is condensed.
In the tropical rain forest of Malaysia,
the heat and the humidity above 95% will be the biggest enemies.
- Left, okay!
- Right, okay!
Rear down!
There isn't enough power at all!
The time isn't bad at all. Keep driving in control like this.
Also, take care of the brakes.
- You know...
- It's time.
8 right. Very long, hundred.
Caution, 6 right, hundred, Over Crest.
Restrain a little.
Double caution. 4 Left, Rocks.
Keep In.
He hit the rocks!
And he spinned!
He rushed too much.
By entering a corner, over speeding,
that he made a big gap.
He has bumped into a rock during the course.
This time loss would be painful...
Congratulations on your victory, Mr Shinkai.
Thank you very much.
Now that you have returned at the top in this year's ranking,
how do you feel?
Well, I'll still be more focused until the last game.
I will do my best and aim to be the champion.
Are you considering stepping up
to WRC after all?
Well, I would be lying if I haven't thought about it.
But I would like to concentrate for my current team and the matches before me.
Well, if I show results,
I think the door will open natural for the next stage.
Please get up and hurry back inside.
It's also your job to present yourself in the party.
It's stupid.
I don't have to lick the shoes of the sponsors!
Hey, why are you shouting about it?
Well, well. If it isn't Sigma's Mr Shinkai.
I went to dinner with a very cute model awhile back.
But she said this...
Your driving is really fast but it's crappy boring!
She added you must be also boring in bed.
Hey, know your place.
Huh? Who the hell are you?
If you're going to cry, do it outside.
That hurt, you bastard!
Excuse me! No pictures!
No pictures!
Please get back! Get back! Get back!
Mr Naozumi!
With how you look now,
you'll lose fans you know.
Sorry, Hina...
I might not be able to keep my promise.
Let go!
What was that all of a sudden?!
Sorry, mistook you.
Ah, I feel sick. I drank too much.
Just who is this "Hina"?
Is she your girlfriend?
Ah, could it be a glamour idol Hinako Oka?!
You might get caught in pictures together with her.
Please behave already.
Hina Nagase.
My childhood friend.
went to study abroad in Boston right after graduating high school.
And you haven't seen her since then?
I will never see her again.
I've been dumped a long time ago.
I've already known it a long time ago anyway.
But she said I don't have any space between her and my brother.
I see... So Mr Atsuhiro has someone like that.
He doesn't look like that at all.
Could it be that they were about to get married?
I'm sure it was supposed to be like that.
I destroyed...
Make sure that there won't be any pictures that will be published.
[ Hina Nagase Boston ]
Atsu sure is taking his time.
Say, Hina.
Here he is!
I'm going to be a racer!
I'm going to be faster than anyone!
[ A Japanese exchange student got shot and died in the suburb of Boston
December 24, 2010, 8:17PM ]
The Seiko Cup Rally Series
has finally come to its final game!
The ninth rally, Okhotsk, Hokkaido!
Spica is showing a tremendous display of driving.
They want to take back the annual point ranking's first position taken by Sigma
no matter what!
That kind of vigor is being shown!
6 Left, long. Kinks 150.
Over jump.
Oh no! Spica slows down!
The lower arms have been broken.
The kamui crest wrecked the front part!
He somehow continues driving but...
- How far left?
- One more kilometer.
7 Right. 6 Left. 200.
Prepare for the spare of the lower arms.
We'll replace the tie rod, suspension, and drive shaft!
Yes, Sir!
Bring the sliding hammer too!
Also the upright and hub!
- I'll go!
- Okay! I'll leave it to you!
I apologize for not being in contact.
Come in.
Huh? Weren't you in Hokkaido?
Is it true that Sho Ishihara's
pro debut match was moved to November this year?
News sure get around fast.
It got ahead of schedule due to the request of the sponsors.
But Sho Ishihara said that he only wants to be a pro after he graduated high school.
Did he really said okay for this?
Of course.
I was the one in charge of him but why wasn't I informed?
Ah, the one in charge now is Kudo.
You know, you're now busy with rally racing, right?
Then let Kudo handle the rally racing.
I'm the one who understands Sho Ishihara the best.
I was the one that persuaded his parents for him to become a pro, and taught him English...
Aren't you misunderstanding?
The one who convinced him to become a pro this year
was Kudo.
You never was able to convince him no matter how much you tried.
There's no need to worry.
Sho Ishihara will be alright since Kudo is there.
I have no more reason to be part of this company
if I would be discharged from being appointed to Sho Ishihara.
Then why don't you quit?
Hello? Ah, good evening, good evening.
So you're here.
You've fixed the machine, right?
The entire suspension was changed to spares.
Okay. Good work.
The crossmember took quite a lot of damage.
We can only make temporary repairs with the time limit.
Then how about tomorrow's day 3?
It's impossible to get back to its best condition.
Give up becoming the winner and just scrape some points.
You've gotta be kidding me.
There's no point if I don't win!
That's why I'm telling you to calm down to win!
Even if you don't win this time, you can still aim to be the series champion, right?
I should've not joined this third rate team.
If the machine is a piece of junk, then the mechanic is a piece of junk too!
Listen well - that machine
is soaked with blood and sweat of all the mechanics!
The reason you will be able to drive even 0.1 seconds faster,
is because everyone put their lives on the line and thought up to make those settings!
Then someone who doesn't understand that have no right to ride that machine!
Blood and sweat, you say?
While you're at it, why don't you include tears too?
I don't give a damn how mechanics feel.
For me, the machine is just a chunk of iron.
It's just a tool to acquire money and prestige.
You've really changed, huh?
Don't just ran away!
It's just like that time...
You didn't even tried to stop Hina from going to Boston.
- Same goes with you...
- I'm different from you.
I was clearly dumped.
I conveyed what I feel for her.
You ran away even if you win or lose.
I'm different from you!
You may be right.
Hikaru, do you like ice cream?
Wel, it was broken.
I wanted to get it fixed but it looks like they're busy.
Come on. Go on and eat them before they melt.
Then, I'll be helping myself.
When they were kids,
they sure were eating ice cream happily.
When they were kids?
Yeah. They used to come here a lot to fix their bikes.
Those rally racing nerd brothers.
Even if adults wanted to help, they won't let them touch the bikes no matter what.
"We are the only ones who can do it."
Cockily saying that and fix them.
It never crossed my mind that time
that they would be able to make something like that.
It was developed seven years ago.
It's the ultimate weapon to aim for the series champion.
It's our best seller even now.
It's equipped in family cars everywhere.
We probably couldn't have built it if not for them.
So you're still here.
Is it alright if you don't get back to your office?
You're right.
I'm leaving then.
Something happened?
There was a job that I thought I was the only one who can do.
Everything is okay even if I would not do it.
It was really me being conceited...
Even though I don't want to just lose to the way things are...
I don't know what I should do...
I lost everything.
Come with me.
Are they suspensions?
The director told me about it awhile ago.
He said it was everyone's fruit of hard work.
To be more accurate, they are failed suspensions.
This many?
We remade it countless times and we finally was able to commercialize it two years ago.
We started developing it seven years ago.
That year was Spica's first
chance to win the series champion.
Even though it was incomplete, we decided to put it on the last round.
As we approached day three and had 15 second...
But in the end, we retired.
Because of the break down in the suspension...
The career of the driver ended because of that crash.
It was my fault to equip it with something incomplete.
Everything I was holding, scattered in the palm of my hands.
This was born.
Even if you lost everything,
as long you have these hands and...
I guess it also depends upon yourself.
Here are the upcoming promotion schedule.
Please verify them.
It's true that I have no interest in rally racing.
I originally wanted to quickly get back to being in charge of a golf player.
But I decided to thoroughly go through what's ahead of me.
you become the best driver in the world.
That's why, let me continue...
being your agent.
Seiko Cup Rally Series 10th Game!
Grand Rally Hokuriku!
Gokayama, known for its historical architectural structure and wide scenic landscape!
A hot battle will unfold in this world heritage setting!
But Sigma is making little progress with cutting time.
It seems like new parts were equipped in this Hokuriku Round.
The parts that were equipped this time
is probably for data collection of heat build up.
With the cooperation of the parent company of Sigma,
the Sigma Aero Engineering, that are developing rocket engines,
are making advanced developments of a new valve system for a long time.
Here is the interview video of
Akira Shinkai's courtesy visit to their parent company the other day.
Since it is still under development and its reliability is low,
I would like to take points without overdoing it so as not to put a strain
on the machine in this Hokiriku Round.
As expected, Akira Shinkai steadily drives
within the point range without being impatient.
The secret of his strength may be his calmness and collectedness.
The winner is the team who continued to have bad conditions, Spica!
Now they have the chance to
shorten the difference with Sigma!
Wouldn't it better if we equipped with the original valve system instead of the new one?
Thank you for waiting. These are the pace notes.
Written here are information on the course read aloud during attacking.
Like distances of straight lines, or situations of roads.
Because rally races run in special stages
for more than 180 kilometers for three days,
unlike circuits, the driver cannot
remember all the characteristics of the course.
I see.
He imagines ahead the corner he cannot see yet,
steps on the accelerator ahead on time or cuts the steering wheel.
So that's how he is able to run in that speed in that kind of road.
He won't be able to get good time if he only
maneuvers onces he sees them.
What are these numbers?
These numbers are called bend numbers.
They tell the corner's tightness.
11th Game, India Round, Day 3.
We are now heading for the final Special Stage 21!
Sigma's machine has no chance of running sharply now!
They are currently running eighth!
Under hot weather,
the valve system is not in a normal condition yet.
To avoid overheating,
it seems to be running at slow speed.
In contrast, Spica ultimately demonstrates their ability.
And they showcase incredible runnings!
Ah, that's good.
Just look a bit over there.
This way?
Nice, nice, nice!
Okay, then get back again.
Then look over there...
I think the biggest characteristics to your driving
are the fearless bold cornerning.
But how can you attack with such courage?
Let's see...
Okay, let's go.
One, two!
Atsuhiro, move a little to the right.
- Yes, Sir.
- Okay.
"I'll fix it right up."
When we were children, we would pass through
the mountain trail everyday.
Ready, go!
I often gain too much speed
that I bust my bicycle.
But there was always someone who will surely fix it for me...
No matter how battered it would be,
I had faith that he will be able to fix it no matter what.
I'll fix it right up.
What you told awhile ago was a very wonderful story.
The person you mentioned who would surely would fix it
was Mr Atsuhiro, right?
The hell are you talking about? There's nobody like that.
Why would you say that?
You've recently always gaze at him, huh?
What? No, no, no...
Everyone sure starts to like him.
Even Hina.
She always gazed at him.
Ms Hina has already passed away, huh?
The day before Christmas Eve.
That year was a White Christmas.
My present from Santa was
somehow a Christmas Card from her who was supposed to be dead.
That's what we received.
Sent for me and my brother.
She mostly wrote about him in the card.
She didn't wrote anything about me.
Mr Hiyama, we are ready. If you please.
Seiko Cup Rally Series Game 12!
Tsumagoi Round in Gunma!
Many courses are covered with highly aggressive rocky road surfaces.
Coursed out and forced to retire are appearing one after another
and it's highly known as the "Car Breaker Rally".
As the weather and conditions often change constantly,
that it is very difficult for the driver to determine the grip force of the tires.
Furthermore, flexible response to break downs is required.
In the last India Round,
Sigma wasn't able rise up from the eighth place.
We received info that
that new parts were equipped and compatible with their machine.
Before the final game,
would they be able to return to the top point rankings?!
Or can Spica defend the lead?!
Either team
will really have to reach an unbeatable crucial point
in order to be the series champion!
I'm going to be a racer!
I'm going to be faster than anyone!
I'm definitely going to be the best in the world someday!
When I do...
Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm in best shape.
The condition has become pretty muddy because of the rain.
Tsumagoi Round, Day 1, Special Stage 6.
Water stagnates in the tracks and it is very slippery.
If the grip weakens, the control for the machine will grow dull.
What will happen is unpredictable.
Spica's Naozumi Hiyama is currently in that unfavorable conditions!
He just passed the second sector in 9 minutes, 12 seconds, 8!
It's an amazing speed!
They probably made
the settings heavy weighted.
The choice is very well spot on.
However, even Sigma, which the new parts are functioning well,
is showing their best performance in driving!
They just passed through the second sector with split time 9 minutes, 11 seconds, 7!
They shorten the difference with Spica at a phenomenal speed to recapture the top spot!
50, 5 Right. Open Tighten 3.
How is it?!
It's under a tree so I don't really know!
For the time being, put down all the spare of the front side!
Yes, Sir!
It looks like suddenly lost control.
- Are you alright?
- Somehow. How about you?
I'm fine.
Let's retire.
Do some emergency measure and take it to the service repairs.
I can't just end it like this, dammit!
Hose and fan in the radiator.
The intercooler including the piping.
It spun without decelerating.
I think the break hose was torn when it got dragged to a rock.
Ready the power port and sliding hammer!
Radiator support!
The oil coolers of manual and power steering!
The lower arm's right front! Tie rod, drive shaft!
Spoiler. Right rear will be control arm's lower arm!
Switch the shock absorbers too!
Mr Hiyama, what's going on?!
Use cross member in the stabilizer link!
We won't make it if we replace it. Will it be okay to just emergency measures for the cross members?
- This is as far as we can go.
- Huh?
The oil broke and there's damage in the metal.
Let's give up. Let's retire this time.
Hold it right there.
What do you mean "give up"?!
Keep fixing it!
Even if you exceed the time limit, I can just take back the five second penalty!
The metal burned down!
We can't fix it if we don't open the engine.
But if we do that, we'll be disqualified for violation of regulations.
You know that at least.
Everyone did their best here.
That's the result of what we can do to our limits.
Who is the one that changed?
To think you said I was the one who changed.
You're the one who changed the most, dammit!
I can't fix it.
I can't fix...
...what can't be fixed.
Witnessed by bad weather,
the Seiko Cup Rally Series Game 12,
Tsumagoi Rally in Gunma.
Half of the participating teams have retired.
It has become a very troubling survival race.
Continuing from Spica's retirement from special stage 6, other teams consecutively crashed.
It shows how hard the thunderous rainstorms are in Tsumagoi.
The one who controlled the troubling Tsumagoi Round is Sigma Racing's Akira Shinkai.
The valve system that was once being worried about has finally matured.
It was a complete victory over the 2nd placer, YM Works, to pass through more than one minute.
In this Tsumagoi Round, Sigma passes through Spica.
They got back as the first placer in the point rankings.
Will Akira Shinkai continue to be the champion?
Or will Naozumi Hiyama take his place?
The close matched series champion
will be determined in the finals at Kitakyushu Round.
The start up is still bad.
No torque comes out until it exceeds 3000 rpm after all.
It would be really bad if this continues.
You saw the results from the Tsumagoi Round, right?
Even if we didn't retire and continued running,
there is still 30 second difference from Sigma.
That valve system is a monster.
Do you know how Naozumi is? I can't contact him at all.
It's the first time this happened.
It seems having to retire took a blow on him.
I don't know.
Ah, even if just a hunch where he is...
I don't know just what the hell he is thinking at all!
You forgot this.
Do you come here often?
So it has been that small. I thought it would be bigger.
I see it the same like those times.
This fence is the same.
You're the one who crashed and beat it down.
I was running too fast that the breaks didn't make it in time.
You even broke your arm and was sent to the hospital.
I was desperate.
I wanted to win against you no matter what.
During that time, if I became faster than anyone,
I believed that Hina will like me.
Would you stop chasing Hina's shadow already?
What you have to fight no matter what are
Sigma's Shinkai and the other teams.
And not something you cannot see.
What're you trying to say?
It's fine if you do it for money or prestige.
Anything is fine so...
Drive for your self.
Aren't you misunderstanding?
I'm driving for myself.
I'm fighting because I want to win.
It's the same for you, right?
You also did drag Hina so you're the same.
Then Hina died.
And everything got destroyed.
Then you gave up, right?
You even said that things won't be the way they are.
So what?
You're wrong.
...crushed them.
When Hina dumped me...
I lied to Hina.
I said that you liked someone else.
Then after a while..
Hina said that she's going to study in Boston.
She said that if she was with us...
She won't be able to forget about you.
That's why...
That's why it's my fault...
I was the one who killed Hina...
I will keep my promise.
I don't want to lie to Hina anymore.
Yeah, um.
I kind of messed up on the landing from the jump,
that slowed me down a bit.
I was pushing to the limit.
You can't avoid taking risks trying to win.
Naozumi Hiyama just recorded the top time coming out of the S bends.
There's no doubting who the champion will be this year.
[ Dear Naozumi,
Be the best in the world, okay?
- Hina ]
Samurai Naozumi Hiyama has the weight of expectations in Japan.
He is the fastest but can he show the full extent of his power today?
Oh, my goodness, what happened? Naozumi Hiyama...
The car veered suddenly and the machine is rolling...
Oh my god, is he alright?
Oh no! What a dramatic crash!
[ Dear Naozumi,
Be the best in world, okay?
- Hina ]
What do you want to discuss?
This engine...
I have equipped it with the turbo charger that's currently under development.
So that turn around and win in the championships. With this engine...
I would like to launch this in the final round.
Is it complete?
Honestly, it's still not in a level where you can use it without worries.
I want to try it, no matter what.
I can see that in the last test run,
there were knockings in the engine for two to three times.
Five times.
Air fill is 11.8, and the ignition timing is 20.
The exhaust temperature at the time of knocking is around 1000 degrees Celsius.
I didn't know anything at all.
Naozumi was always running at full throttle.
He was not afraid whatever speed he puts up.
Naozumi is like that.
But I...
If I had more courage that time...
Naozumi might have been able to finish without being cornered just like now.
It's my fault that his driving is pathetic.
It might get destroyed. We might be forced to retire.
But even if the possibility is small...
Please stop talking about foolish things.
Isn't the one that uses and trains incomplete parts
what rally racing is?
Here, okay!
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, stop!
Seiko Cup Rally Series
has finally reached its final game!
The stage decorated for the finale is the Zenrin Rally Kitakyushu!
It's finally the time of decision!
This is where the fierce battles that have been unfolded between Sigma and Spica
will finally strike the end!
Both teams have largely thrust their way in no more than the third place.
But the one leading in points is Sigma Racing.
However, if Sigma Racing
will be able to obtain its victory in this final game,
it would be a miraculous turn around!
Spica wants to win the series championship no matter what cost.
It seems they equipped their machine with a turbo charger that's still under development.
The decisive game to decide who will be the series champion
will finally start!
Mr Naozumi, to be able to enter WRC,
and these three days would be a battle where you definitely should not lose.
Do you feel any pressure?
Who do you think you are talking to?
Mr Shinkai.
You would be the champion if you make faster completed time than Spica, but...
Up till now, for 24 hours in a day, I've been driving even in my dreams.
I've only been living only thinking about rally races.
And that is...
...just not to become the second.
Right, okay.
You're working hard.
It's because I'm envious.
Everyone was really frustrated when we retired in Tsumagoi.
I wasn't that frustrated that much.
Even though I usually feel wrong seeing everyone being fired up,
I thought I should stop running away like that.
Everyone gather here!
To put into words, this turbo charger is like a powerful drug.
There would be in increase in speed, but the parts surrounding it will not endure and will break.
Check all parts for each attack.
Find the possibilities for troubles first.
And it's our job to crush it. Got it?
Yes, Sir!
Okay! Let's start the final check!
I'm getting excited!
I'll also hand them out.
The engine power is dropping.
The exhaust manifold might be changing because of the heat.
Check the flange of the exhaust manifold! If there's a leak, fix it by tightening!
Replacing the cross member with crack!
You should also replace the breaks. Hurry!
If you please.
Sigma just crossed the finish line!
They struck this stage with the best time!
Up next, Spica's Naozumi Hiyama also just crossed the finish line!
He doesn't know how to decline! He has great concentration!
3.8 second difference, huh?
I wonder if we would be able to turn that around tomorrow.
It's great that we equip the turbo charger but...
It's not like that.
We're the ones that let it be equipped with it!
Let's go get barbeque!
- Mizuno!
- Here!
Go call "Hanatare"!
Leave it to me!
Spica has reached the goal of special stage 10 with 12 minutes 23 seconds 6.
It's 1.4 seconds faster than us.
They might be able to pass us if this keeps on.
Make the spare tire hard. Also, the stabilizer as hard.
No, make it soft. Please.
It seems that Mr Naozumi's complexion is pretty bad today.
Yes. It's the driver's fate to fight against pressure.
Especially this final game where being a series champion is on the line.
I was also like that seven years ago.
Kitakyushu Round Day 2, Special Stage 15 Coastline Stage!
It's Sigma's Akira Shinkai in the starting line!
Aiming to be the series champion,
Will he be able to get away from Spica's hot pursuit?!
3, 2, 1, start!
8 Left, 50. 3 Right.
Tighten 4 Left.
Into 7 Right.
Open into 5 Left, very long.
Calm down!
If you drive as you used to, you won't lose to anyone.
I'm sorry.
That's a painful time loss!
It might be from the pressure to compete the title,
it's pretty rare to see Akira Shinkai make a mistake.
7 Right, open. 7 Left, very long.
50. 8 Right.
Spica's Naozumi Hiyama in the first sector:
split time - 3 minutes 42 seconds 8!
We're 17 seconds faster than Sigma that spun.
It looks like we can turn around with this special stage.
Come on, that's it! That's it!
Next, he will enter the second sector, the lakeside section!
8 Left, very long into...
Slow down! Slow down!
No way!
Course out!
The machine has fallen into the lake! An unexpected accident has...
- They're not floating up.
- This is bad.
This is dangerous. The driver is not emerging.
Could they safely escape from it?
Ah! There they are!
Thank goodness, they're alive!
They sure are swimming with all they got.
Ah, thank goodness.
But I felt a sudden chill.
Without waiting for tomorrow's day 3,
their championship battle
have to regrettably end!
- Are you alright?
- I'm fine somehow.
But please go check on Naozumi.
It seems he was sent to the medical center.
- I'll leave the rest to you.
- Got it.
The officials seems to have judged that the
subsequent time attacks would be impossible.
This special stage have been canceled.
The time records of special stage 15 have been erased.
Since Cusco Racing's machine have blocked the course,
special stage 15 is canceled.
Don't make that face.
You don't have to worry. The machine was perfect!
It was my fault that it fell.
This is my limit.
I wasn't able to keep it...
I'm a liar after all.
Excuse me! Are you okay?
Since we will be pulling the car tomorrow morning,
please prepare for its recovery before the day 3's special stage starts.
No, we'll do it now.
We'll pull it right up and service it.
Service it?
For real?
Just come with me.
Mr Naozumi, excuse me! A few words please!
Do you have any injuries?
Excuse us.
You want to keep your promise, right?
I'll fix it right up.
Jack up the front!
Got it!
Let's remove the parts until only the body shell is left!
Yes, Sir!
- Right, okay!
- Left, okay!
Removing them!
Hara, fix the frame!
Saka, switch the interiors and fix the manufactured parts!
Replace all the damaged parts with the spares!
Yes, Sir!
Even though we might make it with missing parts, let's revive the machine!
Yes, Sir!
No matter what it takes
we will bring this at tomorrow's starting gate!
Yes, Sir!
The mechanics of Spica Racing
haven't given up.
Even though it was submerged, they are cutting the engine.
It looks like the engine is safe.
However, maintenance that would be over the time limit
will have a penalty of five minutes.
Spica Racing's machines is...
The late night passionate repair work
has currently exceeded four hours.
[ The climax of Shinkai X Hiyama
Sigma departs at first place ]
It's no good after all.
Don't give up.
It started!
It surely is a historical dramatic revival!
Even if Spica Racing's Naozumi Hiyama
holds a five minute penalty,
there's a glimmer of hope for him to win as the series champion!
Let's go. We have a meeting.
Is the injury in your arm okay?
What do you "dunno"?
When my brother fixes it, I ride on it.
It has been like that ever since.
Mr Naozumi, excuse me. A word please!
What are your thoughts with the machine being fixed?
Please answer what you feel for the mechanics, Mr Naozumi!
Even though you have a five minute penalty, what are you prospects to turn things around?
Mr Naozumi.
Seiko Cup Rally Series.
Final game, Kitakyushu Round!
We are finally here at day 3 which would be the last!
Undeniably, the one to watch out for
is Spica's machine that was submerged in water, was fixed overnight,
and has been revived!
Wow, I'm really surprised.
We certainly thought that Spica Racing would retire...
Naozumi. The penalty is five minutes.
That's easy.
Will the goddess of victory smile upon Spica?
Or could it be Sigma?
You can't take your eyes off until the final special stage!
5, 4,
3, 2, 1, go!
You won't think it's a machine that got submerged yesterday!
It was submerged in the lake for three hours!
The mechanics' strong will and tenacity for victory
might have motivated Spica's Naozumi Hiyama.
The team have united and chases Sigma.
Naozumi Hiyama's utmost attack!
For the time being, the five minute advantage have lessened
and the outcome has become unpredictable!
Sigmaprotecting it! Spica getting on it!
He's soaring at an incredible speed.
His concentration is also magnificent!
He has finally, finally, recovered the five minute penalty
and has now caught up within Sigma's range!
Left, okay!
- Right, okay!
- Down!
Did you change the damper to over?
No, go with under.
Go at full throttle.
The car is moving out! Please make way!
Car is moving out! Make way!
...very very long.
The difference with the leading Sigma is only 0.5 seconds!
Will he be able to surpass them?!
Flying finish!
He has surpassed Akira Shinkai's time!
The series champion is a miraculous great turn around!
This is Naozumi Hiyama!
Naozumi Hiyama! Congratulations!
[ Champion Determined ]
[ Miraculous Revival from Submersion ]
[ Revival Champion Takes It Back
The Men who Wagered for the Newly Made Turbo Charger ]
[ To the World Stage
Participates to WRC!
Naozumi Hiyama ]
- Is it really okay?
- What is?
Because isn't this a breach of contract?
I even heard from your team that even skiing is prohibited.
Skiing, biking, drinking, and smoking are prohibited.
Then it's better if we don't do this...
It's alright.
Contract signing's tomorrow anyway.