Over the Hill (1931) Movie Script

Good morning, kitty!
Come in here, baby!
No, Pa.
Children, children!
Time to get up!
Johnny! Johnny!
Johnny, wake up!
Alright, Ma.
Thomas! Thomas!
- Yes, Ma.
- Come on, get up.
Isaac! Isaac!
Ma, just another minute.
No, I don't want you to
be late for school.
- Just one more wink.
- Now, no, get up!
Thomas! Johnny!
Wake up!
- Isaac!
- Ma, that hurt!
But not half as much as
if I have to call your father.
Now get up!
Susan, mama's little child.
I told you not to suck your thumb.
Come on, sweetheart.
Wake up!
Suzie, darling.
Susan, wake up.
There a sweetie.
Come on now, you must get up,
'cos breakfast's ready.
Come along.
- Yes, you will.
- Yes, I will.
Yes, you won't.
Now, boys, come on,
breakfast is all ready.
Where are my pants?
Johnny, where are my pants?
How should I know?
You had them last.
- Somebody's hidden my pants.
- There are your pants.
- Get my pants away from that mutt!
- Get them yourself!
I'll break his back!
Give me that! Give me that!
Give me the bat!
- You're hurting my hand!
- Give me that! Give me it!
Don't you hit my dog!
You'll get my pants away
from that mutt!
Here are your old pants!
Pa, it wasn't me!
It wasn't me!
It wasn't me, Pa!
It wasn't!
Pa, it wasn't me!
I don't care which of the which of you
it was, if you wake me up again...
Now, I don't want to hear
another sound out of you.
- "It wasn't me, Pa! It wasn't me!".
- Shut up!
Why don't you go and tell him
where the pants were for?
Leave me alone!
Tattletale, tattletale,
hanging on a bull's tail.
When the bull...
Come here! Come here!
Mommy, tell Johnny
to leave me alone.
Johnny, you wild Indian,
you let Thomas alone.
- Just wait til I get him alone.
- Go and get washed.
Thomas, breakfast is ready, go.
And tuck this shirt tail
in your pants.
Give me that, I was here first.
Turn loose or I'll tell Ma.
Tattletale, tattletale,
mother's little baby.
"Ma, Ma!".
But Ma, the Johnson's twins wear
the bow on this side.
But Susan, you're not a twin,
and mother like it
on this side.
- Good morning, Ma.
- Good morning, Isaac.
- Breakfast is ready.
- I won't be a minute, Ma.
Did you ever learn to throw
your water out after you're through?
See your teeth, that's it.
Tie the shoes.
Johnny, look at your neck and ears.
Ma, I'm clean!
I told you, Ma,
he never half washes himself.
- That hurts, Ma!
- Hold still.
- You're getting the soap in my eyes!
- Close them.
- There's soap in my nose
- Close it.
Now, Johnny,
you can rinse it off yourself.
- Thomas!
- Isaac, go ahead!
Go on, Isaac.
I'm hungry!
Children, here you are,
nice and hot.
Why haven't you eaten your meal?
Ma, Isaac won't say grace
and I'm hungry.
- I was just waiting on you, Ma.
- Don't wait on me, son.
I've got to fix your lunch baskets
and I don't want you to be late for school.
- Are you gonna give me that egg?
- I won it fair and square, didn't I?
- Are you gonna give me that egg?
- Give it to him, Johnny.
Give him his old egg, I'm hungry.
Here's your old egg!
Heavenly father,
bless and sanctify this food
to the nourishment of our body...
Careful, Ma.
Be careful!
Johnny, will you hold still?
Get up here.
- Ma?
- Yes, dear?
- Where are my books?
- Hanging in the kitchen.
Come on, Johnny.
Please, hold still.
- Ma, where is my cap?
- Where you last left it, Thomas.
If I knew where I'd left it, I'd get it.
That's just where are
you going to find it.
- Johnny!
- You're sticking me, Ma?
I can't be sticking you, dear.
Johnny, I'm waiting for you!
- Johnny, Isabelle is waiting for you.
- I've got to go, mommy!
Hold still, Johnny. Now you
hold still here? Just a minute.
- I've got to go!
- Alright, just a minute. Go on.
Thomas and Susan are ready?
Be good boy at school, dear.
Thomas! Susan!
- Wait there.
- Oh, you, that's not fair. Wait for me!
Phil, throw me a catch!
Ma, make her hurry.
It's the first bell already.
We're coming right away.
Isaac, wait for Susan!
Come here, let me see you.
Bye, bye.
Come along.
Thomas, don't you eat any
more green aples!
Isaac, be sure you hold Susan's hand
over the railroad crossing!
- Good morning, teacher.
- Good morning, Susan.
- How are you this morning?
- Fine.
- Good morning, Miss Mary.
- Good morning, Isaac.
Come here, get a load of this.
Isaac is sweet on teacher.
- It's time to ring the bell.
- May I ring it for you, Miss Mary?
Here he comes!
Get in line, boys!
- Good morning, Mrs. Shelby.
- Good morning, Mr. Nelson.
It must have been quite an accident!
I hope no one was hurt.
I was just judging by the big
wash out on the line.
Oh, Mr. Nelson!
I have it already for you this time.
I'll get it right away.
- Who are you talking to?
- The sewing machine man.
Hello, Nelson.
Hello, Shelby.
How goes it?
- Alright. What's new?
- Nothing to speak of.
I see they're hiring men
down at the tannery this morning.
Yes, I'm just reading about it
in the paper.
They only pay 2'5 a day.
Wear more than that out in shoe leather
walking that far to work.
You must wear pretty
expensive shoes.
I don't pay any more for my shoes
than anybody else,
but I'm gonna work for nobody
unless they pay me what I'm worth.
Pa's got a weak back
and he just won't admit it.
Besides, he's sort of waiting
on a government job
that's been promised to him.
- I didn't know that.
Let's see, that's one dollar.
25, 50, 70.
80, 85, 90.
95, 96, 97, 98, 99...
- Two dollars, that's right, isn't it?
- There's your receipt.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- What's the matter, Ma?
- I'm short of 25 cents.
Did you count the two bits
you gave me for tobacco?
- Yes, I've counted that.
- I don't know what's become of it.
Therefore, in any proportion,
the product of the means
divided by either extreme,
is equal to the other extreme.
The product of the extreme
divided by either mean,
is equal to the other mean.
Numbers that are in... proportion
are said to be proportional.
Figures that have exactly
the same shape
are... called similar figures.
Distance around the circle is
called a circumference.
The line drawn
in the centre of the circle,
deteminated by the circumference,
is called the diameter.
Half a diameter is the radius.
By drawing...
measuring several circles,
dividing the circumference
by the diameter,
the circumference will be found to be
about 3 and one seventh times the diameter.
Isaac, will you step to the blackboard
and give the class a demonstration
of the theorem?
Children, children!
Go ahead, Isaac.
- Children, what is the matter?
- Oh, Isaac!
Who did this terrible thing?
Take your seats.
I'm going to find out
who did this.
I would hate to think that one of
my little girls would do such a thing.
Don't look at me, teacher.
I can't draw that good.
No, I don't believe you did it, Susan.
- Who did it?
- It was Thomas.
- Don't tell on him.
- No, I'm not.
I know who did it, Miss Mary.
- It was my brother Johnny.
- I thought so.
Johnny, you'll remain after school.
- Teacher.
- Yes, Susan.
If you whip Johnny, Pa will
whip him again after he gets home.
Yes, Pa always says,
when we get a whipping in school,
we'll get another when we get home.
Isaac, go to the kitchen.
Go to the kitchen where you belong.
Don't drop that jam on the floor.
Go on.
Stop it!
You've whipped him enough!
He didn't mean to be bad.
Did you, Johnny?
- He's not gonna get off as easy as that.
- You're not gonna whip him again.
You see, that's the way
you spoil them.
- This hurts me as much as it does him.
- Yes, but not the same place.
Why, you!
There you are,
sassing his own father.
Just for that, he'll go to bed
without his supper.
I'll see about that.
Thou shalt have no other gods
before me.
Thou shalt not make or to be
any graven memory.
Thou shalt not take the name
of the Lord thy God in vain.
Remember the Sabbath Day
to keep it holy.
Honour thy father and thy mother
that thy days may be long
upon the land that the Lord
thy God gives thee.
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not bear false witness.
Thou shalt not covet thy
neighbor's wife.
Did you hear that, Ma? Isaac knows
the ten commandments by heart.
Yes, he just learned them
to win a prize.
At Sunday school.
I'm gonna be rich some day.
Sure I am!
Of course you will!
- And you know the first thing I'm gonna do?
- Tell me.
I'm gonna buy you something nice,
something you like.
That's sweet!
Can I guess what it is.
- I don't think you can guess it.
- A new Sunday dress, maybe?
Bigger than that.
Horses and a carriage!
- I'd love to ride in a carriage.
- If you owned it, eh?
- Would you ride with me?
- Would I?
- Go to bed, Johnny.
- Yes.
- We'll do that some fine day.
- Of course we will.
Good night.
Why don't you call it a day, Ma, and go
to bed? You've been up since daylight.
I'm not tired, it won't take me
any time at all to finish, dear.
- Just look at that grey hair.
- Where?
Right there.
I guess I'm getting to be
an old lady, Pa.
you'll never be old to me, Ma.
That's all that I care about.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I guess I'll drop in to tannery tomorrow
and see about that job.
- Is your back strong enough?
- There's nothing wrong with my back.
That creak don't amount to nothing.
You know when you sent me to
the grocery this morning.
Wheeler spoke to me again about that bill,
16 dollars and 83 cents.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
Pa, don't let that worry you. Mrs. Howard
sent over a big bundle of sowing.
That will help some.
Well, if it's clear in the morning,
call me early.
Yes, Pa.
Pa! Pa! Pa!
Pa, get off of your back!
16 dollars and 83 cents.
My mother was grey at 35.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
16 dollars...
Pa is sweet.
"You'll never be old to me, Ma".
Pa is sweet.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
Another quarter missing.
I'll have to count it all over.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
16 dollars...
Johnny doesn't mean
to be a bad boy.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
16 dollars and 83 cents.
16 dollars...
I must have slept an hour!
All this ironing!
16 dollars and 83 cents.
- Pa! Pa!
- Coming, Ma.
Hurry, the children will be here
in almost any moment.
Gee, Ma, that's pretty.
Didn't I always say
you was an artist at heart?
Pa Shelby, stop you talking nonsense
and hand me those gadgets.
Reach for them.
Are you gonna be sentimental
all your life?
As far as you're concerned, I am.
This is what I'be been looking for.
The star of Bethlehem.
Do you know when we got that?
That was the first prize that
Isaac ever won in Sunday school.
- Who's that now?
- Only Johnny.
Only Johnny?
Isn't Isabelle with him?
Isabelle is always with him.
I'll take that in, you go.
Hello, Isabelle!
Why, Isabelle...
Are you crying?
Johnny, what happened?
- Ma, look.
- What?
I want to see that.
Where are my glasses?
Here they are, Ma.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
Isn't this beautiful?
- You're taking the last of my children.
- And the best.
Don't be so modest, Johnny.
Congratulations, Isabelle.
Of course, this is a tremendous
surprise for everybody.
We've only been expecting this
since you were about that high.
Isabelle, I wish you both...
the best of everything.
Isabelle, you're getting
a mighty fine boy.
I know it.
When do you and Isabelle
intend to get married?
We'd like to get married
as soon as we could.
- But probably not until spring anyway.
- No, don't you put it off on my account.
Don't worry about Ma and me,
we'll get along alright.
About time anyway we stop
living off of you.
You know that... government job
that was promised to me?
Well, I got tired of waiting for it.
I've lined up something else.
Gonna pay me plenty of money too.
That's great!
What is it, Pa?
I don't want to talk about it yet.
I always say: deliver the goods first,
talk afterwards. Right?
The happiest moment in a woman's life
is when she feels for the first time
her baby's arms around her neck.
No word's fine enough to describe it!
And the pride and happiness
to see him grow up.
Whatever you do,
don't let anyone rob you
of the happiness of children.
- It's the greatest consolation...
- Here they are, Ma!
Who seeks entrance here?
Three weary travelers seeking shelter
to the old Shelby inn.
The old Shelby inn bids you welcome!
Food and shelter,
and a couple of Christmas carols.
Sis, you son of a gun.
Get in there and see Ma.
Hello, Ben! Hello, Thomas!
- Susan, my baby!
- I'm so glad to see you!
- Ma!
- Ben!
How are you?
Ben, you ain't met Isabelle.
- Isabelle, don't you know my hubby?
- No.
- Mr. Adams, Miss Potter.
- How do you do, Mr. Adams?
I feel as I've known you long time
because they talk about you all the time.
- So you are that girl?
- What girl?
Ben, don't!
Don't pay any attention to him, Isabelle.
Ben, behave!
Yes, you'll do.
And how you'll do!
- So you are the girl?
- What girl?
That Johnny is in love with.
Had you then.
Folks, the winner!
Yes, sir, I'm here to state that when it
comes to pick husbands and sweethearts,
this family certainly uses nifty judgement.
- Stop taking bows.
Nobody needs to tell me these boxes
are from New York.
How is that, Les?
How can you tell?
So easy to take their mind of a tip.
No effort at all.
Les, would you like to have
a little Tom and Jerry?
If it ain't too little.
Now children, I know you're cold
after you arrived.
And if you come in here with me,
we may find something to warm me up.
Of course it ain't New York,
but it's good.
Women and children first!
Ben, he's just got
a natural sense of humour.
- I'm so disappointed Phyllis couldn't come.
- She sends you her love, Ma.
I'll tell you all about it later.
- I have a secret.
- What?
Susan, what do you think?
Johnny and Isabelle are engaged
to be married.
Bring in the eight, Pa.
I'll show you the trick.
Ben, hear that? Johnny and Isabelle
are gonna be married.
Going to be married?
Come to your big brother!
- Johnny.
- Well, you old son of a...
Say, what did I hear
about you taking the fatal plunge?
Haven't you seen this?
That tells the story.
- You old...
- Thanks for the booze.
- They don't call in that.
- You mean you find it out soon enough.
Can't something be done about this
before it's too late.
Everybody makes mistakes,
that's why the train stops at Reno.
Don't say that.
It may turn out alright.
Pa should have had a circus.
His family is full of clowns.
You're wrong, darling,
clowns are funny.
Hello, everybody!
Hello, Isaac!
- My boy!
- Hello, Ma.
- Are we late?
- My Isaac is never late.
- Hello, Isaac.
- Hello, Susan.
- How is the little sis from the big city?
- Fine.
Hello, Tommy.
You're the greatest artist in the world.
Ain't that something.
Merry Christmas, Pa Shelby.
Same to you, Les.
- How is the butcher business?
- Fine.
- Still the same old man for baloney.
- Hello, Isaac.
- Where are you going, Pa?
- Well, I...
You see, I'm just going
down the street a bit.
You see, I... haven't finished
my Christmas shopping yet.
- How are you fixed for money?
- I'm alright, I got plenty of it.
Now, don't say anything about it.
I'll keep your secret.
Everything is set.
Adams will meet us at the grove.
- But is it safe?
- Is it safe?
That Acme paint company sign on the side
is the best camouflage you can get.
Yes, but this ain't my car. It belongs
to the people that Johnny works for.
It'll be terrible if anything happens.
He'll lose his job.
Nothing's gonna happen,
you'll be covered all the way.
You'll have it back here
in a couple of hours.
Come on, get in.
Start it up, let's get going.
No, we'll push it out.
I don't want the people...
- Good night, Ben.
- Good night, Mrs. Shelby.
Look out, Minnie.
You'll break your neck.
Johnny, look at that beautiful moon.
- Isabelle, look out for that wind!
- Ben!
Isaac, be sure you and Minnie come
early and bring the children.
I want them to see the Christmas tree.
We will, Ma!
Ma was happy tonight.
I wish she wouldn't try
to do so much.
When you love someone,
you can never do enough.
That's the way I feel about you.
That diamond ring is only the beginning,
you wait and see.
A little house... and a car.
- I've got them both picked out.
- Have you, Johnny?
If all my plans work out,
we'll both be sitting on top of the world.
Imagine you and me,
sitting on top of the world.
Star light, star bright.
First star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might.
Have this wish I wish tonight.
- What are you wishing?
- If I tell you, it won't come true.
On the level, do you like the ring?
Like it?
I'm as proud as I can be.
How about the receipt?
Keep your eyes open
and your trap shut.
Make it snappy.
Listen, Shelby.
You turn off the road at Angus' place,
take the short cut to Cedars.
And when you get to the garage,
go in the back way,
Mac will be waiting there for you.
- Did you get that?
- Yes.
I'll be in in just a minute,
mother dear.
I'll be over for you
the first thing in the morning.
If anybody tries to stop you,
step on it.
Johnny, you go on and get out of here.
Go on home, go on!
Pa, what are you doing
with the truck?
Johnny, I want you
to get away from here.
I don't want you to get in any trouble.
Now, go on, go on home!
So that's the job
you were talking about, eh?
Are you going to get out of here?
You mind your own business. Go on!
Pa, you can't get away with a thing
like this. You must be crazy!
Pa, I'm ashamed of you.
This will kill Ma.
Now, come on, Pa.
Let's leave the car here and go home.
Johnny, we couldn't do that.
The stuff is here and they'll trace
the car to the house. Now go on.
Alright, Pa, I'll unload the stuff.
You go on home, I'll bring the car.
- I don't want anything to happen to you.
- That's alright, go on home.
- I didn't want to do this.
- Go on!
- Did you find anything?
- No.
Those shots came from the big car.
That big car was a decoy,
it let the little car get away.
- What's that?
- Wait a minute.
Merry Christmas, Ma!
Merry Christmas, children.
Did you sleep well?
That smells good.
No, you needn't bother at all.
Everything's all ready.
Where's a fellow wash his face
around here?
Ben! I'll show you where
it is, come on.
- Have a heart, have a heart!
- You, baby!
There are strawberries for dessert,
you'll find them in the closet.
- Good morning, Susan.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, Thomas.
- Did you sleep well?
- Like a top.
When I woke up this morning
I felt like jumping out of bed,
grabbing my books
and being off for school.
And I wish you were just that little,
so I can bundle you all off, give you
your lunch pails and send you to school.
- What would you think about that?
- That wouldn't be hard to take.
Hurry and wash your face and hands,
now breakfast is almost ready.
Alright, Ma.
What a delightful performance!
That old oaken bucket,
that iron-bound bucket,
that moss-covered bucket,
that hangs, that hangs...
- Merry Christmas, Pa!
- The same to you, Susan.
Hurry and get yourself ready
for breakfast.
Alright, Ma.
Isaac and Minnie are coming
and bringing the children,
so we're all having breakfast together.
Ma, there weren't any more strowberries,
so I got raspberries. Is that alright?
- That's perfectly alright, dear.
- It's cold out here!
Good morning, Pa,
and a great big Merry Christmas!
Ben, close that door!
I don't want anyone in there until
Minnie and Isaac come with the children.
I was just trying to see
what Santa Claus put in my stocking.
Ma, I wish they'd hurry.
Poor Ben is just starving to death.
Well, I guess we won't wait
any longer then.
Ma, where's Johnny?
He was out late last night
and he isn't up yet.
Johnny, breakfast is ready.
We can't wait any longer.
Now hurry along, son!
Come right along!
Well, Ben, you sit there and...
Susan sits there and...
Thomas! Thomas!
- Alright, Ma.
- Come, sit right here next to me.
Come on, Pa!
Pa, will you please say grace?
Our Lord, we give thee...
Just in time, Isaac.
- Good morning, Isaac.
- Good morning.
Pa, I want to speak to you.
- What's Isaac so serious about?
- Something's happened.
I hope it isn't the children.
- What are we going to do?
- Pa, what is it?
- It's Johnny.
- Johnny?
What's happened to him?
- He isn't hurt!
- He's in jail.
- Isaac, you're fooling!
- What for? What did he do?
The police caught him
with his car full of liquor.
I don't believe you! I can't believe you!
My Johnny is in his room!
- I'll show you.
- I'll go, Ma.
In the attic bedroom.
He's brought disgrace upon us.
Having liquor in your car
is no disgrace.
It's only a small fine.
It isn't even serious.
An officer was shot!
That's serious, isn't it?
Isaac, no!
My Johnny wouldn't hurt anyone.
- Ma! Ma!
- Yes?
Ma, he's not upstairs!
And his bed hasn't been slept in.
Pa! Pa!
Did you hear?
Johnny's been arrested!
He's in jail!
Why don't you do something?
- Why don't you do something?
- Ma! Ma!
- You've got to take it easy.
- Johnny!
- Tommy, how much money you've got?
- None, to speak of.
It's gonna take a lot of money
to bail him out of a charge like that.
- How about you, Isaac?
- Be sure, your sins will find you out.
Now, you let us help.
Listen, everything's going to be alright.
- She's fainted.
- Give her a glass of water.
Are you alright, Ma?
Are you alright?
Can't you see?
There isn't anything I can do about it.
But Johnny, you're not trying
to do a thing.
Why don't you talk to the lawyer?
- I haven't anything to say to him.
- Johnny, you're shielding someone.
- You're crazy.
- I can't understand it.
Did you do it to pay for this?
Well, it didn't pay for it, did it?
I'll take it back.
- I'm sorry about that.
- It doesn't matter.
Sitting on top of the world...
It sounds sort of foolish now,
doesn't it?
Johnny, I don't believe you did it!
I won't believe it!
They caught me with the goods.
There's no doubt about that.
Of course, it wouldn't have been
so bad, only they took the car
and don't belong to me.
Fine chance I'd have with that company now.
Or any other company.
Don't you gamble your future on me.
Don't wait.
There're plenty of other boys
in this town with good jobs.
They could be crazy about you.
I don't want you to come here again.
I don't want to see you.
Good morning, Pa.
Well, they've done it.
They've convicted him.
Three years, Isaac.
Three years!
Come inside, Pa.
We've got to do something.
We've got to!
We can't do anything now.
Johnny should have thought of that
before he comitted the crime.
- We've got to help him.
- He never listened to me.
I couldn't tell him anything.
I always say:
"As ye sow, so shall ye reap".
You can keep them old bars.
I don't want them where I'm going.
You keep them old dice too.
You all ain't got
enough juice around here.
Where they're gonna take me, they're gonna
make some electricity experiments on me.
Hi, young fellow, let's go.
I'll stay with Ma Shelby.
Can I talk to my boy?
Just for a minute.
Make it snappy.
Pa, pull yourself together.
You can't go on like this.
I've got to, it's killing me.
I can't eat, I can't sleep.
I'm not going to let you take
the blame for me.
- I'm gonna tell the truth.
- Pa, you promised!
You've got to think of Ma,
and the other kids.
Come on, Pa.
Cheer up!
This little time I'll be away
won't mean a thing.
I'll be back before you know it.
Pa, does the noise
of the machine bother you?
No, Ma... no.
Here I am.
You had a nice, long sleep.
Where is Ma?
She's gone to visit Johnny.
She should be back soon.
I've heard the train coming
just a little while ago.
Isabelle, you don't believe
Johnny is guilty, do you?
I know he isn't.
You'll always love him,
stand by him, won't you?
Isabelle, tell Ma...
When she comes... I want to see her.
Something I've... got to tell her.
Yes, dear.
I'll have to fix Ma Shelby some lunch.
She'll be hungry.
You're alright.
Ma Shelby, you must have walked
very fast.
Isabelle, I have so much to tell you.
- How is Johnny?
- Honestly,
that boy gets better looking
everytime I see him.
Did he ask you about me?
Well, now, let me see...
- I think he said something...
- Ma Shelby, tell me.
He sends you...
- How is Pa?
- He had a long rest.
He's asked about you several times.
He wants to see you.
And I have so much to tell him
all about Johnny.
I manage to keep busy.
Sometimes it's awfully hard
to realize that Pa's gone.
Poor Pa.
The only luck he ever had... was bad.
He was so good and kind.
If I had my life to live over,
I'd marry the same dear man.
Of course you would.
why don't you go and live with some
of the other kids till I get back?
I couldn't bring myself
to give up the old home.
I don't mind working, I like it.
Besides, it's good for me.
You're swell.
How is Isabelle?
That girl is prettier everyday I see her.
Do you know she and her Ma beg me
to come to live with them
till you come home?
Why don't you?
I couldn't do that.
As much as I love them...
- Johnny?
- The kid himself.
- How did you get out so soon?
- Good behaviour.
Why didn't you let me know?
I'd have waited at jail all night.
That's just why I didn't let you know.
Besides, I thought it would be
kind of nice to surprise you.
Where are you going, Ma?
I must tell Isabelle,
she'd never forgive me.
Come here! I telephoned her,
she knows I'm home.
Let me set this pillow for you.
Ma, this is all the pillow
I'll ever need.
- Can I get you another cup of coffee?
- I'm full right up to here.
I've never eaten so much in my life.
I was so hungry I thought
I had hollow legs.
Johnny, I haven't laughed so since...
That sounds sort of encouraging.
Wait a minute, sweetheart.
Here, take it easy.
What's the matter, honey?
Did I say something?
- Of course not, Johnny.
- But you're crying.
I can't help it.
I don't know what's the matter with me.
Johnny, you haven't changed a bit.
- No fooling?
- No fooling.
You know,
now stop me if I'm wrong,
but I've got a hunch that you two
are sort of glad to see me.
Now once more.
I must fix your room.
Wait a minute, Ma. You can't run out
on us like that. Can she, Isabelle?
- I should say not.
- I'll be right down in a moment.
And you two must have a lot
to talk about.
Johnny, I left the rest of that
apple pie in the cupboard. In case!
Really I ought to be going home.
Isabelle, can't you stay all night?
Would your Ma care?
- I told her that I might.
- Why don't you say that in the first place?
- Don't ask so many questions.
- Come here.
Now that's all settled.
I want you to listen
to a little straight talk.
Johnny, you home!
Listen, honey, I've got
some great plans.
I've been promised a job out in Seattle,
and my railroad fare too.
Looks like a great chance.
It won't be any time at all before
I'll be able to send for you and Ma.
- Johnny, why your mother...
- I know.
That's the tough part of it.
I don't know how to tell her.
- Why can't you stay here?
- I've got to go.
Somewhere else, start over.
When I got off the train
and walked up the street,
everybody looked the other way.
Fellows I used to go to school with
ducked in the stores,
so they wouldn't have to meet me.
And when I came to the gate,
some kids hollered "Jailbird".
Johnny, you mustn't go.
Don't you see?
I can't stay here.
I'm no millionaire.
And my own family, think about.
Ma's getting old, Isaac.
That's the tough part of it.
Of course, I haven't made things
any too easy for her.
You haven't made the things
too easy for any of us.
It's been like a black cloud
hanging over the whole family.
I know that.
As soon as I get out there,
I'll send money for her every month.
I'll send it to you, Isaac, so that you can
see that she gets the things she needs.
Will you do that?
Yes, if you send the money.
Answer the door for me,
will you, honey?
No, you answer it yourself.
My mother.
The great event,
it shall come to pass.
- How do you do?
- Phyllis.
Phyllis, darling, come here.
Mother, this is Phyllis.
How do you do?
- Isn't this a surprise?
- Yes.
- Mother, take off your things.
- You do.
Come in here.
Why didn't you let us know you were coming?
We'd have met you at the train.
Isaac thought it would be nice
to surprise you.
Isaac's been so worried about me,
he thought it's best
to close up the old home.
- He said it was so expensive.
- Did he say that?
Well, it was awfully lonesome
living there all alone.
But he took all our furniture
to his home to keep for us.
Gosh, it's good to see you, Ma.
And don't you worry.
You're gonna have a home here
with us just as long as you want it.
Then, you go upstairs, to my place.
All right. Goodbye.
This is gonna be a full page ad for
the world's greatest washing machine.
You know, the old method
in contrast with the new.
I never thought I'd stoop
to this kind of work.
It costs money to live in New York.
All right, you can rest now, Ma.
Answer the phone, will you, Ma?
Just a moment, I'll see.
- It's for Phyllis.
- Call her, will you, Ma?
She's up in the roof with some
girlfriends taking a sunbath.
I'll call her.
She wouldn't allow me up there.
She says I'm too young.
- What do you want?
- You're wanted on the telephone.
How did you know I was over there?
Thomas told me you were
up here with the girls.
You keep out of my affairs.
You don't fool me, not for a minute.
I'm on to you.
Why, Phyllis...
I wouldn't...
You think I've done something wrong.
Now, I suppose you think I've done
something I shouldn't do, don't you?
Well, I haven't.
I'll show you where you get off.
I won't be spied upon by you
or anybody else.
I won't stand for it.
- You're snooping, you're always snooping.
- No, Phyllis, I wasn't.
I know you want to cause trouble
for me when you came here.
- Well, you won't cause any more!
- Phyllis!
I don't care if you are his mother.
He'll have to choose between you and me.
If he wants you, all right,
but he can't have us both.
It's all right, Thomas,
I don't mind at all.
This is Phyllis's home
and she should do as she please.
I know when I was young
I felt just the same as she.
Relatives are a nuisance.
I feel terrible about this, Ma.
No, Thomas, don't you worry at all.
There's so much work for me
to do with Susan.
And I know Susan and Ben
are anxious for me to visit them.
- But are you sure you'll be all right?
- Of course I will, dear.
- But she's my mother, Ben.
- I know, but we can't do it.
Why do you think we moved to this
little apartment? 'Cos we had to.
We're losing money in the shop everyday.
People aren't eating meat like they used to.
Some of them go on a diet
and don't eat meat at all.
If this keeps up, I'll go broke.
I've already had to fire the delivery boy.
- She's willing to work.
- She's too old to deliver meat.
Where am I if something happens?
You know, anything can happen
to an old woman like her.
I like your Ma and I don't wanna be mean
about it, but we've got to be sensible.
Later on, if things break,
business picks up, OK, gladly.
- But... where can she go, Ben?
- To Isaac's.
He's got a big house,
no trouble for him.
Why should he pass the buck to us?
You let me handle it,
I won't hurt her feelings.
Give me that!
Pa, tell Isaac to give me the bike!
Now let her ride, let her ride.
Let's go of her hair, stop!
I'm gonna take that bicycle
away from both of you.
We're not gonna have
any more of that foolishness.
Get in there.
Get in there!
I'm tired and sick of it.
That's all!
The Lord said "Let there be peace"
and I want it.
Get thee behind me, Satan...
"Dear Ma,"...
"Your bad boy, Johnny".
Yes, Minnie?
Isaac, look out the window.
There she is.
I told you she'd be back.
- It's always nice to get home, dear.
- Yes, it is.
I tell you we haven't got room for her.
You know my sister Rose is coming on
to help me put up my pickles in preserve.
Ma can help you, she's willing to work.
But you promised Rose
she could come.
She'll have to wait, it can't be helped.
Besides, I like Ma's preserves better.
But she's in the way.
I won't have her, she makes me nervous.
She's going to stay,
that's all there is to it.
She's going to stay, is she?
Didn't hear of anything
from Johnny lately?
Shut up, you!
My back's against the wall,
I need every dollar I can get.
Keep your mouth closed.
How are you, grandma!
Where have you been?
- Isaac!
- Where have you been?
I've been to uncle Ben's and
aunt Susan's house.
How long are you going
to stay, grandma?
- How long are you going to stay?
- I think I'll stay a long, long time, dear.
- What did you get for us?
- What did I get for you?
Let's see if I bring something for you.
- What is it?
- They're drops.
The whole party is lost.
Even the firm he works for
have given up hope.
That's all there is to it.
That means she'll be on our hands
for the rest of her life.
Well, I won't stand it!
You promised my sister Rose she could
come. Where are we gonna put her?
You don't expect me to throw
my mother in the street, do you?
Well, there are places she can go.
- Yes, I'd like to know where.
- At Isabelle's and her mother.
Isabelle just begged her to come
to live with them.
Would she do it?
No, she has too much pride!
I might have been able
to talk to her into it.
Isabelle's aunt's died
and they've gone there.
Her and her pride!
Well, I'm sick of her!
There are a lot of old people
at the County Poor House.
You're a tax payer, you can get her in.
She'll be a lot better off there
than anywhere else.
I'm entitled to some consideration,
I work like a dog in this house.
Will you stop nagging!
Where's Ma?
Sitting up there by that window waiting
for her darling Johnny to come home.
Enjoying the sunshine, Ma?
Yes, it's a nice day, isn't it?
Fresh air.
Flowers, breeze.
The best things in life are free.
That's true.
You know, that thought flashed
through my mind on Sunday,
as I passed the poor farm.
I was surprised.
How attractive it is.
And how peaceful and contented
the old folks looked.
It's a blessing for those
alone in the world.
I was thinking... I bet you'd like it.
The change will do you good.
It'll only be a little time till
Johnny comes home.
- He's not coming home.
- How can you say that?
He's no good, that's what I say and...
Ma, I think you'd better go.
It's Minnie.
Ma, Minnie is funny.
She's funny, she's peculiar.
I'll... do whatever you think is best.
- Condition of health?
- Very well, thank you.
Cause of attendance?
I don't think I understand.
Why did you come here?
No one was really to blame,
but I didn't have
any other place to go.
I see.
All right.
You'll come with me and
I'll tell the nurse.
- I will fear no evil...
- Isaac!
Johnny! He's here!
He's coming down the street.
- Johnny?
- I tell you I saw him!
That's him.
- Johnny!
- Hello, Minnie.
- Isaac!
- Johnny, this is a surprise.
- Where is Ma? Isn't she here?
- Didn't you hear about it?
Hear about it?
Hear about what?
She is...
- You don't mean she's dead.
- It wasn't our fault.
We did our best for her,
but she insisted.
- Insisted? Insisted on what?
- On going to the poor house.
The poor house?
Ma in...
You don't mean you let Ma...
go to the poor house!
Come on, Isaac, what have you done
with that money I sent you for Ma?
- I'll stick you in the eye!
- What have you done with it?
Will somebody stop him!
What is it, Mrs. Shelby?
- What's happened Mr. Rawlins?
- I don't know.
Say, what's happening?
Somebody help me!
Somebody stop him!
Somebody stop him!
Stop him! Help me!
To the poor house,
and he's gonna go with me and get her
even if I have to drag him
every step of the way.
Kick him on down!
Kick him on down,
he's a nuisance, every lick of him.
Oh, Lord!
Please, Johnny, don't break
your mother's heart.
It would break your mother's heart.
Oh, Isabelle.
Johnny, I understand.
Ma, in the poor house!
Johnny, don't, please darling.
Darling, don't.
Get up, you baby.
They oughtta killed him.
I don't see anything to laugh at!
You're the...!
At my house.
That's the funniest thing I ever saw.
Here he is, Ma, Johnny!
Thank you!
I'm looking for my mother.
They told me she was up...
This is Johnny.
This is my boy Johnny.
A good boy.
My boy Johnny.
This is my boy Johnny.
I knew he'd come back.
Lordy, Master Johnny.
Sure happy now!
Let me see you strut,
come on now.
- Don't look.
- Don't you dare peek.
- Keep them closed now, Ma.
- Hold tight.
One, two, three... look!
- Do you really like it?
- Isabelle, it's beautiful.
Ma, turn around!
Johnny, isn't this beautiful?
Darling, I'm the luckiest man alive.
We're sitting on top of the world.
The other children will be surprised.
When they come
to the wedding tomorrow.
Thomas, Susan and Isaac.
Now, it's all right for Thomas
and Susan, but not that...
They'll all be here, Ma.
Isn't life wonderful?
My children...