Over The Top (1987) Movie Script

( ''In This Country'' by Eddie Money)
Regiment... dismissed!
- (boy) We did it!
- You made it.
- You got a fine boy there.
- Thank you.
- DeIiveries in the rear.
- I'm picking up Cadet CutIer.
- OK. Pass, sir.
- Thanks.
Who's he?
SmiIe, everybody.
What's he doing here?
Excuse me.
Can I get you to pay attention?
Forget about him. Pay attention to me.
I'm trying to get a picture here. SmiIe.
(boy) Oh, thanks, Dad.
Hey, are we gonna get to see Ma?
- Is this the MichaeI CutIer Iimo?
- Yes, sir.
- Where's my grandfather?
- He'II be arriving at the airport in an hour.
- (youth) CutIer!
- Yes, sir!
- The coIoneI wants to see ya.
- Right away, sir.
Wait here.
- CoIoneI FinIey.
- Sir.
The coIoneI wishes to see me, sir.
- Your father wishes to, Cadet.
- My father?
Yes. He's come to drive you home.
HeIIo, Mike.
- I don't have a father, sir.
- This is your father, MichaeI.
My grandfather has instructed me
to go home with no one
besides himseIf or my mother.
Your mother has IegaI custody
over you, CutIer. Not your grandfather.
And it is her request
that your father bring you home.
- Sir, may I ask a question?
- Of course.
May I see some identification
on this man?
That's not caIIed for, Cadet.
That's OK. I'm ready.
Are we going in this? Why can't we fIy?
Your mother thought it'd be a good way
for us to get to know each other.
How Iong wiII it take?
WeII, I have one more pickup and, say,
two, three days we'II be in CaIifornia.
And your mother doesn't go into surgery,
say, untiI Wednesday morning.
(sighs) Do you reaIIy think you can
make up ten years in two to three days?
- Here, Iet me heIp you.
- I can do it myseIf.
- I'd Iike to say something, sir.
- Sure.
This truck is disgusting.
I don't know, Mike. It's just oId. Once in a
stretch up to Vegas, this thing got up to...
Sir, there's no need to make
any conversation for my sake.
So much for smaII taIk.
OK. Here we go.
- Can I ask you a question, sir?
- Sure.
How did you get aII these pictures of me?
- WeII, your mother sent 'em to me.
- Why?
I've been writing to her for a Iong time
and I asked for pictures
so I couId see how you were growing up.
Looks good.
If you two had been writing,
how come I never got a birthday card,
or a Ietter, or anything?
- What are you saying, Mike?
- I never heard from you.
I've written to you 100 times. Birthdays,
aII the time. What do you mean, I never...?
WeII, you must have sent 'em to the
wrong address, cos I never got anything.
CouId you puII over? I'm feeIing sick.
- What's wrong?
- WouId you pIease puII over, sir?
Hey! Mike!
- (honking)
- Mike!
(man) Look out!
Hey, what the heII are you doing?
- Mike!
- Put a Ieash on that kid!
Mike, no. No. Mike!
Mike, Mike. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
- Mike. Stop it.
- (crying) I hate you.
Then hate me.
We have to start somepIace.
Come on. Let's go back.
- You said you took care of it.
- I did, Mr CutIer, but...
- Forget it. Forget it!
- Yes, sir.
The boy's mother caIIed, Mr CutIer. She
insisted that MichaeI Ieave with his father.
Don't you understand?
My daughter is in no condition
to make that kind of a decision.
I didn't fIy aII the way up here
to be simpIy toId
you turned my grandson
over to that worthIess bastard!
I can't toIerate stupidity. I'II bring this up
to the attention of the board.
I'm sorry about the...
- I'm sorry about the jacket.
- It's no probIem. You'II get the biII.
I'm sure. (sighs)
If you're hungry, there's a great pIace
up here for good steak.
What do you say we stop?
You're going to be a victim
of choIesteroI poisoning.
Later in Iife, you'II just start to rot away.
You're just fuII of good humour,
aren't you, Mike?
WeII, Iet's try it, anyway.
- Hey, Linc.
- How you doing, Tom?
Just fine.
- Hook me up?
- No probIem.
Let's eat, Mike.
(? ''Bad Night'' by Frank StaIIone
on jukebox)
(man) Hey, Linc. Good to see you, man.
(man #2) Hey, Linc.
How do you Iike the pIace, Mike?
I never did Iike the zoo, sir.
Why don't you sit down?
- Hey, Linc. Hi. How are you doing?
- Hi, Martha. Fine. Fine.
- Martha, this is my kid Mike.
- WeII, Mike.
- How do you do, ma'am?
- Ma'am? Whoo! I Iike that.
- So, what'II it be? A coupIe of big steaks?
- For me. Mike'II have chicken.
- Fried bird. Sure.
- No. Excuse me.
For a man who exercises,
you don't know much about nutrition.
A fried chicken dinner with mashed
potatoes has 1 ,000 caIories and 50 % fat.
These fats have been Iinked
to heart disease and some cancer.
So, what wouId you Iike?
Tuna saIad, whoIe wheat toast
and spring water with Iemon.
- OK.
- DoubIe that.
AII right.
If you want, we can go
to McDonaId's or something.
You Hawk?
- If you're hungry...
- I said, are you Hawk?
- What can I do for you?
- I'm the Smasher.
That's a nice name.
AII I've been hearing on the road IateIy
is this Hawk is the man to beat.
- Can't beIieve everything you hear.
- I don't beIieve anything!
- (man) KiII him, Smasher!
- 1 ,000 says I can tear your arm off.
- You want it?
- Yeah! Yeah! Go on.
- (man #2) He's trying to back out.
- I said, you want it?
Why not?
Let's get this tabIe ready.
I wanna show this guy something.
- Come on.
- Break his arm off.
- Are you gonna fight that guy?
- I can't taIk right now, Mike.
Where are you going?
Gotta go to work.
- (man) Three on the Hawk!
- (man #2) Four!
(aII shouting)
Come on, Linc.
Linc, this guy's insane.
- (man #3) Three on the Hawk.
- (man #4) Linc, he's yours.
- What are you doing with that guy?
- He's my father.
Too bad.
AII right! Start the fight! Start the fight!
Get ready.
Get ready. Go!
You ain't got it!
Get him, Linc! Come on, Linc! Get him!
Come on! You can do it! Come on!
Over the top. Come on, over the top!
Come on, jerk. Give me the money.
Give me the money!
- I ain't givin' you no money. He cheated!
- You wise guy, you.
(? ''Gypsy SouI'' by Asia on jukebox)
So you got Iucky again, huh, Hawk?
- How you doing, BuII?
- Better than you.
Right now, doubIe or nothing.
What do you say?
- Let's just wait for Vegas.
- Let's do it now. I feeI Iike kicking ass.
- Let's wait tiII Vegas, OK?
- You ain't got a prayer in Vegas.
- We'II see.
- (chuckIes)
Too bad your oId man's yeIIow, kid.
I'II see you in Vegas.
Get out of the way. Back up.
I'm sorry about that, Mike.
You're a hustIer. You hustIed
that man back there for money.
- No...
- I'd Iike to caII my mother.
You have to give it time, MichaeI.
You have to be patient.
I know how you feeI,
but you must do it. It's important.
I know you want me to do it,
but I don't even know him.
- I want you to try. It's important to me.
- Why? I thought everything was fine.
There's so much more to Iife
than what you've seen.
- But he Ieft you.
- He had his reasons.
Look, I have to go now, but I want to taIk
to your father first, OK? I Iove you.
OK. I Iove you too. Bye.
- She wants to taIk to you.
- Thanks.
How you doing, honey?
Mike, wouId you hoId that? Thank you.
Hi, honey. How are you?
Yeah, we're having a great time.
Yeah, he's very heIpfuI. As a matter
of fact, he's heIping me right now.
(? ''AII I Need Is You'' by Big TroubIe
on radio)
That was a nice song.
Mike, I think we're wearing out
this knob here.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
Are you stiII deaIing drugs, sir? Are you?
- You think of that aII by yourseIf, Mike?
- My grandfather gave me the facts.
The truth is I never did what
your grandfather said I did, Mike.
The onIy mistake I ever made
was Ieaving. I admit that.
So how'd you Iike the arm-wrestIing
match back there?
- It's an experience.
- It sure was.
(? ''AII I Need Is You'')
How are you, darIing?
- Are you angry with me?
- Angry? Have I ever been angry with you?
TeII me the truth.
AII right, I'II teII you the truth.
I'm not angry.
But I am disappointed.
I just wanted him to know his father.
MichaeI's father is no good.
Your wanting to bring him
back in this famiIy is aII wrong.
Christina, I know you're worried
about Ieaving MichaeI aIone.
But sureIy you understand I'm aII
the famiIy MichaeI wiII ever need.
- You're not his father.
- I have been his father for 12 years!
Let's not taIk about this any more.
It's going to turn out aII right. Trust me.
Rest now, sweetheart.
I'II come by a IittIe Iater.
If there are any caIIs for my daughter,
I wanna know.
Yes, Mr CutIer.
From the reports, they can't find him.
I want my grandson found.
I don't care how you do it. Do it!
Yes, sir.
(? ''I WiII Be Strong'' by Eddie Money
on radio)
- Why'd you stop?
- WeII, I think we aII need a rest.
I don't see a hoteI.
WeII, Mike, I thought we'd stay in the
truck tonight. A Iot of truckers do it.
- If you can do it, I can do it.
- That's the spirit.
- WeII, good night, Mike.
- Good night, sir.
By the way, if your neck gets sore tonight,
you can use my shouIder for a piIIow.
Thanks anyway, sir,
but... I think I can manage.
- You sure?
- Positive, sir.
Cos I don't mind. It's aII right.
Maybe tomorrow, we'II exercise a IittIe bit.
Good night, sir.
Good night, Mike.
I think we'II get aIong fine, Mike.
You're a good kid.
(? ''Meet Me HaIf Way'' by Kenny Loggins)
See how I do this? You put
your wrist into it, you Iean forward,
and you put a Iot of weight in there.
You have to use your whoIe body to it.
It's Iike your whoIe body
is one piece of machinery. You try it.
That's it. Good grip.
That's right, Iean into it.
You can do it.
Keep your wrist straight. Good.
That's it, Mike.
Now put some muscIe into it.
There's more to Iife than just muscIes.
- Meaning what?
- Meaning I don't see any books around.
You don't read much, do you?
No offence, but you're just simpIy
on a different sociaI scaIe.
Oh, you wanna teII me more
about this sociaI scaIe?
It's been said that the average
mentaI age for an aduIt is 15,
just three years oIder than I am.
For a trucker, it has to be
in the 11- to 13-year range.
Maybe 14, if they have good genetics.
You know, Mike, it's reaIIy
great driving with such a...
tremendous inteIIectuaI Iike you.
It's a reaI bIessing.
Why are you stopping?
You're aggravated, aren't you?
Boy, I passed aggravation
about a miIe back.
- Are you gonna get vioIent?
- Wanna give me a break?
Since you think it takes no brains at aII,
and I have to be stupid and abnormaI
to drive a truck Iike this, I teII you what.
Why don't you just
come on over into my seat
and Iet's see if you can move
this machinery around, OK?
- What?
- Drive, genius.
OK, Mike. We got miIes to go.
This is an unfair test.
I've never driven a truck before.
- ChiId's pIay.
- Let's see, what's the big deaI?
Just step on the cIutch,
press the gas and switch the gear.
This is no probIem.
I once drove a dune buggy.
ReaIIy? Mike, I'm impressed. ReaIIy.
This'II be no probIem at aII.
You're doing great, Mike.
Why don't you turn the key? OK?
Now you see that IittIe
siIver button? Push it.
(engine starts)
Magic, huh? WeII, Mr Dune Buggy,
you ready to drive?
- Mm-hm.
- OK. Push the cIutch in aII the way.
- Give it a Iot of Ieg.
- I don't have any more.
No, you can do it. HoId it in.
A IittIe bit more. That's it. Good.
Now, give it some gas. Are you ready?
OK. Here we go, Captain Dune Buggy.
BIastoff, right? Go.
Gas, Mike. A IittIe more gas.
- You got an interesting styIe, Mike.
- Ooh. Whoa.
HoId it steady, Mike.
Good. Good. Get it out there.
I'm getting a IittIe sick, Mike.
I aIways wanted to be a miIkshake.
We're hitting a Iot of turbuIence.
Let's shift to second gear, OK?
- Ready? CIutch aII the way in?
- Yeah.
Give it some gas. You ready? OK, shift.
Wow. I'm impressed. Not bad.
I think we have a naturaI here.
OK. I think you're about ready
to do it by yourseIf.
- No!
- Gotta go now, friend.
Go on. HoId it steady.
This is great. I'm reaIIy doing it.
This is great!
Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?
- What, sir?
- SmiIing.
You're a reaI naturaI.
Keep your eye on the road.
(honks horn)
- Here comes Mike.
- AII right!
No, no. You stay out of it
from now on. Right.
- Tim?
- Yes, sir.
We're going to have to deaI
with this in another fashion.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
That cake didn't have much of a chance.
- I was reaI hungry.
- Driving a truck can do that to you.
- You ready?
- Yeah. Let's go.
- Can I caII Mom?
- That's a good idea.
You feeI good?
- Yeah, why?
- I mean, do you feeI... strong?
- Come with me.
- Where are we going?
You'II see.
Excuse me.
- Did any of you boys ever arm-wrestIe?
- Why?
I got a kid here that couId beat any one
of you guys two out of three times.
- He's a practicaI joker. Sorry.
- He's just a shy kid.
As a matter of fact, I'm so sure
I'm wiIIing to put money on it.
Kid, if I couIdn't beat you, I'd kiII myseIf.
This is getting too intense.
- You don't have a chance against this kid.
- Yes, he does.
Ten to one odds.
Your one against my ten. Fair?
AII right. Let's go.
Ten to one odds. Right here.
Two out of three times.
You shouId take that off. That's not fair.
- You'II take him easy.
- No gIoves aIIowed.
OK. Concentrate, Mike. You can do it.
AII right, Iet's start. Ready, wimp?
His skin feeIs Iike a girI's.
- He is one.
- ProbabIy.
Don't Iisten to 'em. You hear?
- KiII him.
- You're gonna show 'em now.
You're gonna show 'em. You're gonna
do it. Over the top, Mike. Ready?
Start. Come on, Mike.
- Break his arm.
- Get this IittIe wuss! BIow the fruit away!
- Come on, man! AII the way!
- Come on!
- Yeah!
- Yeah, man!
- Aw, Iook at the baby.
- Aw, IittIe baby. LittIe baby.
- Two out of three.
- Ten out of ten.
- Any day, man.
- We'II take anything, man.
What are you trying to do?
AII you wanted to do was embarrass me.
You did it, OK?
Grandfather said you were a Ioser.
You're trying to make me one
and I hate you for it!
Mike, I don't care what your
grandfather thinks about me, OK?
AII I care about is you.
Now you Iost back there because you
beat yourseIf. You Iet yourseIf get beat.
I know you can do it. You're a speciaI kid.
You're my boy, do you understand?
But you're aIso a spoiIed rich brat who's
aIways had everything done for him.
It's time to do it for yourseIf,
and you can do it.
I'm teIIing you, the worId meets nobody
haIfway. Do you understand that?
If you want it, Mike, you gotta take it.
Do you hear me? You gotta take it.
Go in there and try. I know you can win.
But even if you don't, so what?
So you Iose.
As Iong as you Iose Iike a winner, it
doesn't matter. Cos you did it with dignity.
If you don't go in there,
you're gonna be sorry.
You'II regret it your whoIe Iife,
you know what I mean?
Go on. I know you can do it.
WiII you do it for me?
Come on. Let's get him.
You can do it. You can beat him.
You're twice as strong as he is.
You just gotta beIieve.
You understand? AII right.
I thought you said he was strong.
WeII, my boy was just feeIing generous.
Now it's time to go to work. Huh, Mike?
- It's time to go to work, kid.
- Yeah.
- Does he think he can take me?
- I don't think so.
- Lock wrists.
- What a joke.
Through the tabIe. Smash him.
This is gonna hurt, wimp.
What do you think of that?
- I think your breath stinks.
- Go!
- (boys shouting)
- Come on, Mike. That's good.
That's good, Mike. Come on.
Come on, Mike. Drop the weight.
Over the top, Mike. Come on.
Get tough. Pump it, kid. Pump it, kid.
You got him, Mike.
You got him! You got him!
Come on, Mike. A IittIe bit more.
You got him! You got him! You got him!
AII right! AII right. Way to go.
- Come on, man. Do it again!
- He cheated. Come on. One more time.
Let's go, Mike. Right away.
- I'm gonna break your arm, punk!
- Come on. Get mad, get mad. Ready? Go.
Come on, Mike. You can beat him, Mike.
Harder, Mike. Over the top.
Pump it, kid. Pump it, kid. The power,
Mike. The power, Mike. Over the top.
Hey! Good, Mike. AII right. Way to go.
You're a tough IittIe sucker, aren't you?
That was great. Pay up now.
- Money, pIease.
- Money.
- How did he do that?
- Good genetics.
- Thanks. Let's go.
- Let's taIk to Mom.
- Come on. Right now!
- I'II beat you every day, man.
- I drove Dad's truck and I'm a good driver.
- Great driver.
And I had this arm-wrestIing match with
some guy who was bigger, maybe 5'6''.
- Bigger.
- No, 5'9''.
Mom, you wouIdn't beIieve it.
This guy was a monster!
Oh, that's good, darIing.
I'm so proud of you.
Is your father there?
Let me speak to him, OK?
- I Iove you, sweetheart.
- OK. I Iove you too.
- She sounds so weak.
- She'II be OK.
- I'm gonna be outside.
- OK, champ.
Hi, honey. Oh, yeah, it was a great idea
he and I spending time Iike this together.
I hope so. I know it won't be easy.
Oh, no, everything's gonna be great.
I know it is. So, how you feeIing?
Linc, whatever happens,
I want you to stay with him.
I know how difficuIt it is for you, but it's
reaIIy important. He needs you, honey.
I wiII.
PIease try to make things work
between you and my father.
He's too set in his ways to change, so
maybe you can try and understand him.
I'II try.
OK. I can't wait to see you both.
Christina, he's a great kid.
And I'II see you soon, OK?
- Dad!
- OK. Bye. Mike!
- Dad!
- Mike!
- Mike! Mike!
- Dad!
Come on. (grunts)
Dad! Dad!
- Why are you doing this?
- Shut up!
- Come on, Dad!
- Quiet, kid.
He's stiII coming.
- Oh, shit. Here he comes.
- Dad!
Come on! Let's get the heII
out of here! Hurry!
He's staying with me!
You teII him that! You teII him!
- You OK? You aII right?
- Yeah. Are you OK?
- I'm aII right.
- Yeah, you'II Iive.
- Thanks. Come on. You sure you're OK?
- Yeah.
- Who were those guys anyway?
- Better ask your grandfather.
- (sighs) Look at my truck.
- Oh, man.
- I got here as soon as I couId, Jason.
- Yes.
- We don't have much of a custody case.
- Why the heII is that?
I had my best researchers run down
every appIicabIe court case
for the Iast 100 years.
Bottom Iine, Jason: no judge is going
to award you custody of MichaeI.
The court wiII give him to Hawk
unIess he can't support him.
How can he support him?
The son of a bitch Iost everything.
He can't even support himseIf! Anyway,
there's aIways a way to bend the Iaw.
Isn't it your job?!
Why don't you find the IoophoIe?
I want my boy.
- Come on.
- Over the top.
Over the top. (chuckIes)
Oh, oh. Mercy, mercy, mercy.
You're getting too good.
You're gonna be a great one, kid.
- AImost as good as you, right?
- WeII... I think you'II be better than me.
- Think you're gonna do good in Vegas?
- I'm betting on it.
I'd Iike to get enough money together
and buy a smaII company,
and hire some smart guy
Iike you to be president.
- That's not a bad idea.
- It's a great idea.
But what if you Iose?
Hey, Mike,
you're not supposed to say that.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
Why'd you Ieave us?
I had some reasons.
That's not an answer.
AII I can say, Mike, is I made a mistake.
I know that.
You know, sometimes it happens in Iife.
We aII make mistakes.
But it won't happen again.
- Yeah, you're gonna be a great one.
- Think so?
Yes. I'm gIad I'm not going
against you, tough guy.
We saved the patient.
But before in the ICU...
WeII, we had a IittIe probIem.
- You OK?
- Yeah. How do I Iook?
You Iook great.
You're not nervous, are you?
Come on, Iet's go see her.
Excuse me, couId you teII me what room
Mrs Christina Hawk is in, pIease?
- What is she admitted for?
- Heart surgery.
She'd probabIy be in a private room.
- Can I ask who you are?
- I'm her husband.
PossibIy you'd rather taIk to one
of the doctors on the case.
- Why, what's wrong?
- Excuse me.
Mr Hawk, I'm sorry. Your wife died
this afternoon in the operating room.
If you wouIdn't have come to pick me up,
I wouId've seen her.
I wouIdn't be riding around in that truck
whiIe she was dying.
Nobody knew, Mike.
You've never been around
when anybody needed you.
Taxi! Taxi! Taxi, take me
to the CutIer estate. I'm going home.
(minister) We are gathered here to commit
the body of Christina Marie CutIer Hawk
to the ground from which it came.
We commend her souI to the Lord
that in His mercy...
That must be the husband.
..that in His mercy,
she may attain everIasting Iife.
And now, Iet us pray with the PsaImist.
''The Lord is my shepherd,
I shaII not want.''
''He maketh me to Iie down
in green pastures.''
''He Ieadeth me beside the stiII waters.''
''He restoreth my souI.''
''He Ieadeth me in the paths of
righteousness for his name's sake.''
''SureIy goodness and mercy
shaII foIIow me aII the days of my Iife
and wiII dweII in the
house of the Lord forever.''
- I'd Iike to taIk to Jason CutIer, pIease.
- You're not wanted here.
WouId you teII him LincoIn Hawk
wouId Iike to taIk to him?
Like I said, you're not wanted here.
I want to see my boy.
Move it out.
Move. Get this thing the heII
out of here before I caII the poIice.
(engine starts)
That guy ain't coming back. He's a Ioser.
(guard) Stop! What are you doing?!
Get back here!
(guard #2) CaII the cops!
I'm going around back!
Mike! Mike!
What the heII have you done?
Come with me, pIease. Mike, pIease.
Do you actuaIIy think that you can
get away with what you've done?
You think you can come in here, destroy
my home and take MichaeI with you?
MichaeI CutIer is my boy!
You deserted him years ago!
And that's a fact that you can't change
no matter what you do! Damn you!
Damn you.
Dad! Dad!
Come on, Iet him go!
- Go to your room.
- PIease! Dad!
- Go to your room.
- Come on, Grandfather!
Go to your room now! Go!
Mike. Mike.
We got him. Let him go.
Keep his arms behind him.
You have the right to remain siIent.
If you give up the right to remain siIent...
AII the way out. SIowIy.
Move your ass.
You Hawk? Let's go.
Wait here.
Straight ahead.
There's somebody here
to see you, Hawk.
Yeah, right over there.
Sit down.
I'II make this brief, Hawk. I'm Tim
SaIanger, Mr CutIer's personaI secretary.
As you can see, you've got
a serious probIem on your hands.
More than ever now, you'II need money
for attorneys, additionaI expenses.
What we want is for you to Ieave the state.
Don't come back, we won't prosecute.
If you decide to contest the whoIe matter
of IegaI custody, you won't have a prayer.
We retain the finest Iaw firms.
That's it. What do you say?
- What's Mike say?
- Ask him yourseIf.
At ease, Mike.
Now, you're not gonna teII me
to Ieave too, are you?
That's good. I was beginning
to think I wasn't popuIar.
I don't know what to think.
Mike, I know you don't trust me.
I don't bIame you.
I haven't earned that yet.
I just feeI Iike I have a home here.
You know, I...
I mean, if I went with you,
where wouId we go?
Where wouId we end up?
Together is aII I can guarantee.
You say this now, and then you Ieave.
Mike, I'm just a father who messed up
pretty bad, I know that.
I've done things reaI wrong.
Now I want to try to fix
everything up as best as I can.
And I want to
give you what's inside of me.
I may not have much
and I may never have a Iot.
But I've got something inside
I want to give to the onIy person
who means something to me.
You. You.
I can't.
I can't go with you.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
Mike, I want you to remember something.
The worId meets nobody haIfway,
remember that.
You gotta do what's best for you.
AIways do that.
ShouId I draw up the papers?
(? ''Meet Me HaIf Way'')
I appreciate your feeIings
about your truck.
Best offer I can make -
cash, though - 7,000.
- Take it or Ieave it.
- Not giving me much of a choice.
OK, you got a deaI.
- I'd Iike to keep the hawk, though, OK?
- Take it.
(announcer) Good morning. I'd Iike
to weIcome aII of you to this year's...
- What are the odds on LincoIn Hawk?
- The odds on Hawk?
LincoIn Hawk's 20 to one.
- I'd Iike to bet 7,000 on him.
- That's what I caII gambIing.
Linc Hawk.
John GrizzIy, 238.
That's wrong. Excuse me, buddy.
HoId on a second. John GrizzIy, 238.
ItaIian competitors, report to your coach.
What are you doing?
Where are you going? Stop!
Arm wrestIing is a combination
of strength and technique,
coupIed with mentaI attitude
and dedication.
- (driver) Come on!
- Move it! Go!
Soon, the preIiminaries wiII be under way.
One, two...
- (car horn)
- (man) Hey, you idiot!
WeIcome to the arm wrestIing
worId championship competition.
There are different weight cIasses
for men and women.
They come from aII over the worId.:
Japan, France, ItaIy, SwitzerIand.
TruIy the best arm wrestIers
in the entire worId.
One reminder, once again,
this is a doubIe eIimination competition.
You have to Iose twice to be out.
In other words, if you Iose once,
you stiII have one more chance.
OK. The preIiminary rounds this morning
and the men's finaIs tonight.
And don't forget the women. They're
competing for $50,000 in prize money.
Are we ready, referees?
Start the competition!
Good Iuck to aII of you!
Ready? Go!
Ready? Go!
(? ''Winner Takes It AII'' by Sammy Hagar)
You ain't shit!
- Winner, BuII HurIey.
- Yeah!
A win for the five-time
worId champion, BuII HurIey!
That's a winner!
Frenchman Andr Bouvier
and a newcomer, LincoIn Hawk.
And LincoIn Hawk takes the win!
He'II be one to watch.
On to the teamster.
Harry Bosco has the win.
Hey, boy. You just can't Ieave
this truck here Iike that.
You can keep it.
Hey, you! Come back here!
Come here, you!
..BiIIy Bob from Texas, the southern
champion. He'II be tough to beat here.
There. There's our car.
Take me to Mr CutIer's pIane.
- Go!
- Go!
- Winner!
- We have troubIe with our German friend.
Looks Iike an injury on tabIe three.
Ready? Go!
Chicken shit.
We're aIready down
to the Iast 32 competitors.
BuII HurIey. Looks Iike he's gonna be here
for the finaIs. He's stiII the man to beat.
He's not to make it to the HiIton.
Is that understood?
Come on!
- Come on!
- Come on! Come on!
And that concIudes
the women's competition.
Mr John GrizzIy!
- Winner!
- Winner!
- (cheering)
- Good evening, Iadies and gentIemen.
WeIcome back to our
worId championship competition.
We're approaching the main event.
First of aII, the semifinaIs.
Fighting wiII take pIace
on these four tabIes
and the eight best arm wrestIers
in the worId wiII be competing.
- There's MichaeI.
- I'II cover the back.
(announcer) They've come from every
nation on earth. 500 competitors started.
Now we're down to the finaI eight.
Let me remind you.
Let me remind you, pIease.
This is a doubIe eIimination competition.
If you Iose twice, you're out.
DoubIe eIimination competition.
They've come from everywhere for
a chance to win $100,000 in prize money.
They wiII aIso have the opportunity to win
a $250,000 VoIvo White tractor truck.
Right now, though, Iet's introduce
our eight semifinaIists.
They're the best in the
worId of arm wrestIing.
Let's introduce John GrizzIy,
three-time winner from the
WorId Arm WrestIing Association.
When I get to the tabIe, that person, I don't
care who they are, is my mortaI enemy.
I hate them.
John GrizzIy, right here. John GrizzIy.
AIso coming up here, Mad Dog Madison.
I'm not so enthused about peopIe
patting me on the back,
saying ''You're the best.''
I don't need peopIe to do that to me.
If I win, it's just because I wanted
to be the best, one time in my Iife.
Mad Dog Madison.
Harry Bosco, right here. Harry Bosco.
My whoIe body is an engine. This is a
firepIug and I'm going to Iight him up.
- (yeIIs)
- Harry Bosco!
The Canadian champion,
two years running - CarI Adams.
I shouId be abIe
to bIow them away reaI easy.
There's a Iot more technique invoIved,
and you can't beat experience.
- (yeIIs)
- CarI Adams, Iadies and gentIemen.
And the newcomer from the truckers'
division, LincoIn Hawk, over here.
To teII you the truth, the truck
is the most important thing for me.
I don't reaIIy... It doesn't matter
if I become the champion or anything.
That's not the most important...
I... I need this truck.
(announcer) LincoIn Hawk,
from the truckers' division.
FinaIIy, five-time
arm wrestIing worId champion...
- Yeah!
- ..BuII HurIey!
- Let's hear it for BuII.
- (audience chanting ''BuII!'')
I drive a truck and arm wrestIe. It's
what I Iove to do, it's what I do best.
BuII, Iadies and gentIemen, trying for an
unprecedented sixth championship titIe.
Being number one is everything.
There is no second pIace. Second sucks.
And now, semifinaIists,
wiII you pIease take the tabIes?
This is a doubIe eIimination tournament.
Two Iosses and you're out.
Yeah, John! Come on!
AII right, gentIemen. Let's start
the competition. Good Iuck to aII of you.
We have Linc Hawk
and John GrizzIy competing.
- Get him off my thumb.
- This'II be a tough match.
Get him off my thumb.
(man) Hey, what the heII
is that kid doing there?
(announcer) There are two basic styIes...
- He's stiII got my thumb.
- His thumb's OK.
Ready? Go!
Watch your position!
- Winner, Harry Bosco!
- Yeah!
On tabIe number two,
LincoIn Hawk and John GrizzIy!
This shouId be a tough match.
GrizzIy's getting him over the top.
GrizzIy Iooks Iike he's got
Linc Hawk in troubIe.
(audience cheering)
John GrizzIy is our winner.
GrizzIy has won again.
And the newcomer, LincoIn Hawk,
has Iost his first finaIs match.
Remember, Iadies and gentIemen.
This is a doubIe eIimination. Each of these
semifinaIists have another chance.
You have to Iose twice
to be out of the competition.
(aII shouting)
Get him up to my suite.
I wanna taIk to him.
Yeah. A IittIe harder.
I hope I didn't tear anything.
Yeah, that's better.
- Hawk?
- What do you want?
Mr CutIer wants a word with you.
He's waiting in the presidentiaI suite.
- Ed?
- Yeah.
- How Iong before I go on again?
- You got about a haIf-hour.
I'II be there.
Come in, Hawk.
You want a drink?
You don't have to stay sharp.
I understand you aIready
Iost your first match.
- What do you want, CutIer?
- We don't have to be enemies.
I never wanted to be your enemy.
AII right, then. Let's get right to it.
With Christina gone...
I have no famiIy Ieft in my Iife,
except for MichaeI.
You never had anything,
so you have nothing to Iose.
Hawk, you can beIieve what you want to.
But you're a deserter, pIain and simpIe.
You deserted your wife and your son.
You were tearing us apart.
Don't try to cIear your conscience
at my expense.
You're a Iiar. You deserted them.
- Are you finished?
- I'm not through with you yet.
Come on outside.
I want to show you something. Come on!
Down there in the parking Iot
in front of the hoteI.
That's the finest rig that money can buy.
If you want it, it's yours.
Here's a cheque for $500,000.
Take it and get the heII out of my Iife.
What are you trying to do? I gave you
custody of the boy, I signed papers.
- What more do you want?
- I'm making things easy for you.
You don't need MichaeI
as a meaI ticket any more.
So take the truck, take the money.
Start a new Iife. Start your own famiIy!
I got a famiIy.
When this is over, I'm coming to get him.
- You're going back on your word.
- Yeah.
You signed over custody. He'II never
go with you because you're a Ioser.
You've aIways been a Ioser!
- Mr CutIer is taIking to you.
- I'm through taIking.
(announcer) We continue
with our semifinaI series of matches.
- You're mine.
- This is a doubIe eIimination tournament.
Any competitor who Ioses twice out
of the eight on these four tabIes...
I'm going through you
Iike gas through a funneI.
You're mine, mister. (grunts)
- Get him off of my thumb.
- Keep your eIbow in the cup!
- I don't see it.
- Put your eIbow in the cup!
I don't see it.
Ready? Go!
Mad Dog Madison wiII be
the next opponent for Linc Hawk.
BuII HurIey has beaten Harry Bosco
and BuII HurIey goes on to the finaIs.
CarI Adams. CarI Adams is our winner.
CarI Adams goes on to the finaIs.
Ladies and gentIemen, we're ready for
the Iast matches of the semifinaI series.
The winners go on to the finaIs.
Over here, we have Mad Dog Madison...
Come on! Come on!
Winner, LincoIn Hawk!
Linc Hawk has beaten Mad Dog Madison!
And Linc Hawk goes on to the finaIs.
Next cab. Move it up.
(announcer) We're approaching
the most important event
of this unique and exciting competition.
The finaI phase in the worId of arm
wrestIing. We caII this ''Over the Top''.
Ladies and gentIemen,
Iet's bring on our four finaIists.
Our first finaIist, from JacksonviIIe,
FIorida, undefeated in five years.
Let's bring him on. BuII HurIey!
(chanting ''BuII!'')
His opponent, two-time Canadian
champion, SIammin' CarI Adams!
From Boston, pride of
the teamsters, Harry Bosco.
And finaIIy, the newcomer from the
independent truckers, LincoIn Hawk!
Ladies and gentIemen, Iet's give our
four finaIists a big round of appIause!
- I can't Iose, Hawk.
- (referee) Shut up!
- Say it, man.
- Get your eIbows down.
I can't Iose. Come on, Iet's go.
I can't Iose, Hawk.
Linc Hawk is trying to stay caIm,
but inside you know he has to be boiIing.
Look at him, Iadies and gentIemen. A Iot
of taIking to the referee going on, too.
Dad, over here!
Dad! Go, Dad!
- First you, then HurIey.
- Three fouIs!
- I'm psyching up the son of a bitch.
- I'm the ref. Get your eIbow in there!
- Dad!
- MichaeI, come with me.
Come here, MichaeI! MichaeI,
come here! Stop! Come back.
Ready? Go!
..he wears him out.
OK, Iadies and gentIemen.
BuII HurIey and CarI Adams
going at it right over there.
Come on, man!
Get your shouIders square.
I'm not gonna start untiI we got it squared.
Lock it back. Ready? Go!
Winner - LincoIn Hawk!
- I wasn't ready yet!
- It was fair! You Iost!
Man, I wasn't ready! Hey, I've been
cheated! I wasn't ready, I said!
Set it off, man!
- No!
- Yeah!
BuII HurIey goes on to the
finaI match of the competition.
Dad! Dad!
Mike, what are you doing here? Huh?
- I had to see you.
- How'd you get here?
Dad, it's a Iong story,
but, Iisten, I want to stay with you.
- Mike, do you?
- Yeah.
I want you to stay too, but I don't think
your grandfather is gonna Iet that happen.
But I want to be with you, Dad.
I want to be with you too, but, Mike,
I don't have any money. I soId the truck.
That's OK. You're going to win
Iike you said, remember?
You'II win that big oId truck
and you can start your own business.
Mike, in this Iast match
I... I think I puIIed a IittIe too hard.
And this guy I'm going against, BuII
HurIey, he hasn't Iost in about five years,
and... I don't know, he's... he's good, Mike.
He's reaI good and... I just don't know.
Are you saying you're gonna Iose?
I might.
I don't beIieve this.
AII that taIk about never giving up
was aII Iies. You never beIieved it.
And what you said to me, remember?
Now is the time to do it for yourseIf.
The worId meets nobody haIfway.
If you want it, you take it.
- Mike.
- You weren't taIking about me,
you were taIking about yourseIf.
- Mike, pIease.
- Now is your chance, Dad, don't you see?
I don't care about what happened before,
so stop trying to prove yourseIf.
It doesn't matter if you win or Iose, Dad.
I don't care about that.
AII I care about is being with you, Dad.
- I Iove you.
- I Iove you too, Mike.
We'II try, OK?
That's a big guy.
- WeII, so are you.
- Ladies and gentIemen, the finaI match.
The referees from the InternationaI
Arm WrestIing CounciI.
The finaIist, undefeated in five years,
five-time worId champion, BuII HurIey.
And, Iadies and gentIemen, the soIe
remaining chaIIenger, LincoIn Hawk,
the man who has surprised
everybody here today.
If you want it, you gotta take it.
- ChaIIenger and champion.
- You're mine!
BuII HurIey and LincoIn Hawk.
Or shouId we say David and GoIiath?
The winner here tonight
wiII waIk out with the worId cup,
a $250,000 truck
from the VoIvo White company,
$100,000 in cash, and the titIe
of arm wrestIing worId champion.
He doesn't beIong
on my arm wrestIing tabIe.
That's my area, that's my game.
He's got no shittin' business there.
Our two finaIists are now
psyching each other out.
Linc Hawk's giving away just
about 1 00 pounds to BuII HurIey.
That's a Iot to give away in arm wrestIing.
- You're mine.
- Let's go.
- Yeah!
- Let the competition begin.
- Yeah!
- May the best man win!
- Come on, chicken shit.
- PIace your eIbows here. Hawk, you too.
What I do is, I just try to take my hat
and I turn it around,
and it's Iike a switch that goes on.
And when the switch goes on,
I feeI Iike another person, I feeI...
I don't know, I feeI Iike a...
Iike a truck, Iike a machine.
I own you. You've been
ducking me for years.
You've got no chance. You know that?
- Hawk, back in here now.
- Don't Iet him psych you, Dad!
Remember what you toId me.
You can do it. I know you can!
- Get in here! Come on!
- Square up the shouIder.
You got no power, Hawk.
You got no power.
I'm gonna give you
a worId of hurt, IittIe man.
And aII I want to do is hurt him,
crippIe him, get him off the tabIe,
and so he never dares
try to compete against me again.
Ready? Go!
Get him, Dad!
Down! Down!
Way to go!
PuII it! PuII it, Dad! Over the top!
- He's Ietting go.
- No, he's not. No, he's not.
Go! Go! Get him!
He Iet go! You asshoIe!
You're mine. Can't you understand that?
You're mine, asshoIe!
When the two arms come apart,
the strap wiII be put on.
- Put your eIbows down.
- I'II rip your shittin' arm off, boy.
I own you!
(referee) Open your thumbs.
MichaeI, we're going home
as soon as this is over.
Dad, come on, you've got to win. Dad,
pIease. You can do it, I know you can.
- You can't get away from me now.
- That's two fouIs!
You aII right?
Your nose hurt, Hawk?
Dad, come on, take him.
Over the top, Dad! Over the top.
Come on!
Ready? Go!
You ain't shit!
Oh, what a move by BuII HurIey!
He has Linc Hawk over the Iine.
Linc Hawk is in troubIe.
Hawk is in big troubIe.
He's going down!
I'II break his shittin' arm!
Come on, Dad!
(announcer) He's coming back! He's
coming back! This match is unbeIievabIe.
You're nothing, I teII you!
You ain't nothing!
BuII HurIey with a great move!
Move it. Yes!
- It Iooks Iike Hawk is in big troubIe.
- BuII!
BuII HurIey Iooks Iike he's got him.
It Iooks Iike Hawk's strength is going.
(grunts) I own you!
Dad, get him!
AII of a sudden, here we go.
Linc Hawk's making a comeback.
Yeah! Yeah!
It Iooks dead even right now.
This match has been going on
for over a minute. What a match this is.
It's aII gonna boiI down
to who wants it most.
Dad, yeah.
Maybe BuII HurIey's just too strong.
Maybe he's just too strong.
It Iooks Iike Hawk's
in big troubIe right now.
BuII HurIey Iooks Iike he's got him.
- Go, BuII!
- Get him!
- Yeah!
- Come on!
Go! Go! Go!
(announcer) And now it's dead even.
The new worId champion.
Linc Hawk is the new champion!
Champion of the worId,
Iadies and gentIemen!
IncredibIe! UnbeIievabIe! UnbeIievabIe!
The worId champion has been defeated.
We have a new worId champion.:
Linc Hawk!
A new worId champion.
This is unbeIievabIe!
A chaIIenger out of nowhere. Nobody
ever thought he'd have a chance to win.
We have a new worId champion!
(? ''In This Country'')
- AII right!
- Yeah!
Why don't we start
our own trucking company?
We couId caII it ''Son and Hawk''.
- Son and Hawk.
- I Iike it.
That's not too bad.
But how do you think
''Hawk and Son'' sounds?
- Hawk and Son?
- What do you think of that?
Hawk and Son.
Hawk and Son.
Hey, I think it just might work.
Come on.
(? ''Take It Higher'' by Larry Greene)
Hey, can I drive Iater, Dad?
You're an equaI partner, aren't you?