Overcomer (2019) Movie Script

This one's coming down
to the wire, folks.
The Cougars trail by 4
with 35 seconds left.
Knights with the basketball.
- Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!
- Pressure! Pressure!
Stay on him, Ty!
Pick him up, Ethan!
Come here! Come here! Come here!
Knights call
their final time-out.
They're gonna try
to hold the ball
and run out the clock.
You gotta keep the pressure up.
Get in their face!
When we get the ball back,
run a double flex,
look for Ethan or Jeff for
a three, then crash the boards.
Stay at full court press
till it's over.
Cougars on three.
One, two, three!
Whoo! Come on, move!
Knights to inbound,
25 seconds remaining.
Ty, get him!
Get him, Ty!
Jeff! Jeff!
Press! Press!
Pick him up, Ty!
Ethan! Ethan!
Shoot it! Shoot it!
Shoot it!
Good game.
- Good game.
- Good game.
Good game, coach.
Your final score, Knights, 86,
Brookshire Cougars, 83.
We want to thank you all
for your support this season.
Please, drive home safely.
Hey, I know.
I know.
Come on.
All right,
everybody look at me.
I wanted this one too.
I am proud of you.
And here's the good news.
That team is the biggest hurdle
we'll face next year.
They're graduating
four of their starters
while all of you
are coming back.
We'll also be
that much stronger.
Which means next season,
we take everything.
See, right there.
That is eight calls they missed.
And he just walked!
You gonna show the refs
your video?
Oh, I'm thinking about it.
I think it would do
a lot of good.
Hey, John? Amy?
You might wanna come see this.
You go. I gotta finish
this up for fifth period.
All right. I'll be back.
All right.
We have just confirmed
that Tarsus Steel,
the town's oldest
manufacturing plant,
is closing its doors,
moving its local operations
to facilities elsewhere
in the state.
We've been told that
local employees will have
the option of transferring
to another location.
News 3's Ashley Graham
joins us live from downtown
with more
on this developing story.
Phil, I'm outside
of the plant,
where a company
representative tells me
the transition will be
finished by July 1st.
In a city of 24,000,
estimates are that this will
directly impact
6000 jobs in Franklin.
There goes the football program.
You don't know that.
Most of my players have parents
that work at the plant.
The board voted to close
our plant in Franklin.
This ain't gonna be pretty.
We're moving production
to Sharpsville and Fairview
but we are gonna give
employees the opportunity
to transfer
to one of those locations.
Local businesses are
learning the news
and bracing for what lies ahead.
I got you one.
Watch down low, watch down low!
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, I got it, I got it.
Back out, back out.
You gotta play D.
I got him, I got him.
Come on.
Yo, man,
this is it right here.
That's all you!
Best out of five.
Where you at?
Best out of five.
Nah, not no "best out of five."
You funny, man!
You're always complaining.
All y'all always complaining.
Hey, where are my headphones?
Hey, y'all see my headphones?
I had them right here.
No, you don't.
Hey, come on!
Bring it back or you're dead!
Do you see her?
I bet she ran into those
Who was she?
I don't know.
Baby, where have you been?
I thought the camp
dismissed at 4:00.
I walked by Webb Park.
Webb Park? Why?
Where'd this come from?
I found it in your jean pocket.
I found it.
Hannah Scott, do not lie to me.
I already bought you
one of these.
giving you a chance.
You're not gonna get
thrown out of there too.
Take it back.
I'm already late for work.
Your food is on the stove.
I'll be back at 10.
I mean it, Hannah.
Take it back.
Yes, Grandma.
Hey, be careful.
They're hot.
Hey, Will. Did you
wash your hands?
Yes, ma'am.
Did you hear Coach Wright
is moving to Fairview?
Well, he went
from 32 players to 13,
so I think he saw
the writing on the wall.
So no football on Friday nights?
Wash your hands
before you sit down.
Most of those boys
will play soccer
or baseball in the spring,
so they'll be fine.
They could run cross-country.
Gary would love that.
Hey, what about our team?
We're in good shape.
We still got your brother,
Ty and the twins, so we still
got our best players.
So how was work?
It was fine.
We had two groups come in,
but neither escaped.
Because the rooms
are too hard.
Do you know
how many students we'll have?
I think about 240.
We had 550 last year.
Don't say that.
That makes me so sad.
Well, I think we'll be fine
as long as no one else leaves.
Gary is leaving.
Why is Gary leaving?
He took a job in Texas.
Now I'm down three coaches
and two teachers,
and school starts next week.
At this point, I don't think
I could save football,
but I do think I have a solution
for cross-country.
I believe you could do it.
Olivia, I'm not
a cross-country coach.
I don't even like running.
Amy bought me a treadmill
three years ago. I never use it.
I don't want to have to cancel
another program.
You are my best option.
Cross-country's not even
a real sport.
That's not fair.
Come on, now.
I have never seen
your basketball players
throwing up after a game.
Exactly. I don't want
to see that.
No one wants to see that.
And it overlaps with basketball.
Not by much.
John, I have heard you give
very inspirational speeches
to your players
about stepping up under pressure
and going the extra mile.
That is exactly what I need
from our staff right now.
Hey, guys.
Y'all here for tryouts?
- Tryouts?
- Cross-country.
No, sir.
We're just hanging out.
None of you are here to try out?
No, sir. Sorry.
Hey, you here for cross-country?
Yes, sir.
Do you know anybody else
coming to try out?
No, sir.
Okay. Tell me your name.
Hannah Scott.
Hey, Hannah.
I'm Coach Harrison.
There's a form.
Okay, you're a sophomore.
Oh, you ran
at Franklin High last year.
Yes, sir.
Born on Valentine's Day.
I'm sorry, Hannah.
Is that...?
It's for my asthma.
You have asthma?
Yes, sir.
There is no
cross-country program.
What do you mean
there's no program?
I had one girl show up,
and she's got asthma.
Oh, you mean Hannah Scott.
Does she want to run?
Yes, but we can't allow that.
How could she compete?
Her grandmother gave me
a doctor's note.
She ran at Franklin last year.
She just has to
keep her inhaler with her.
We still don't have a team,
so does it matter?
I thought that one runner
could still medal
without a team.
Technically, but why have
a season with one runner?
Because one runner matters.
John, you are a good coach,
and you're a good teacher.
If she wants to try out,
then let her.
- Come on. What you got?
- Where your handles at?
Trying to dig into me like that?
Don't let him push you around.
Take it to the hole.
Okay, I see you.
That's new.
Hey! There it is.
Ho, ho!
I may have two boys playing
in college.
Ethan's a good big brother.
He is a good big brother.
So how was tryouts?
I gathered everyone together,
and I said to her,
"Thanks for coming out."
One person?
Hannah Scott.
She's a sophomore.
She's got asthma.
Hannah Scott.
I have her in science.
I caught Olivia afterwards.
Still wants me to coach her.
Hey, I think that
Neil Hatcher just pulled up.
What was that about?
Twins are moving
to Sharpsville.
What's happening to my team?
This is supposed to be our year.
Okay, Hannah.
Looks like to medal
in this division,
you'll need a time
under 22 minutes.
To medal in state,
it's under 21 minutes,
and for what it's worth,
the current state champion,
Gina Mimms,
runs a 5K pretty consistently
in less than 20.
She's a senior.
Have you been timed lately?
No, sir.
Maybe we start there.
You've already walked
the course?
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna get the golf cart
while you stretch.
Do you have your inhaler?
I'll just run with it.
Can I run too?
It's three miles, buddy.
You need to finish
your homework.
Please? I promise
I'll get it done.
At least she wouldn't
be running alone.
All right. Okay.
I'll time you guys.
Come on.
Hannah, I bet you can run this
in 24 minutes.
I can do it in 24.
I doubt that.
Oh, please.
All right, Hannah!
Come on, bring it in!
Come on.
You're almost done.
Great job. All right.
Nice job.
Twenty-three fifteen.
Not bad.
Make sure you walk around
a little bit
before you sit down, okay?
Look at you, Will!
You've got this.
Great job, great job.
Twenty-four ten.
That was amazing, Will.
That was terrible.
Why would anybody
want to do this?
Let me get you both
some water, okay?
The problem with this sport
is that there's no ball.
There's no dunking
or goals or anything.
I think this sport's
about endurance, sweetie.
I was about ready
to take the golf cart out there.
He looks like he's dying.
Don't die. Don't die.
Wow, Dad. You did it.
All right.
See, if he was carrying a ball,
this would be like a touchdown.
Are you okay?
Oh! That was terrible.
Why would anyone want
to do this?
That's what I said.
You're supposed
to walk around a little bit.
No. Leave me alone.
Oh, I feel like death.
Need me to call you
an ambulance?
What was my time?
Thirty-two oh-two.
What? I didn't even break 30?
I'm just impressed that
you finished.
Oh, go away.
Hey, Hannah?
Do you have a ride home?
It's just a mile.
I can walk.
No, no.
We can take you home.
We'd love to meet your parents.
It's just me and my grandma.
My parents have passed.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Well, we'd be happy
to take you home.
I can call your grandmother
and let her know.
I'm okay. I don't mind walking.
Thanks anyway.
Hey, didn't I take my watch
off out here?
Or did I leave it at home?
John, she did better
than I expected.
Did you know her parents
passed away?
Ethan could do it
if he wanted to, you know.
He sure could. You know, John,
I just... I don't understand.
I don't understand
why he won't run.
He's your son,
and he's so athletic.
He would do really well
out there.
You know, and then...
Then we could all
be out there together.
You know, I could
go talk to him.
Okay. Yeah, that's good.
I could go now.
Can I appeal to you
to think about something?
What's that?
I know you don't want
to do cross-country,
but there are advantages to it.
Just hear me out.
I'm not gonna twist your arm.
Running will help you
stay in shape.
You make the team run
as punishment.
That's true,
but it'll help
you stay disciplined.
And it'll show a lot
of school spirit.
And I think
you'd be really good at it.
You know how you've always
practiced basketball with me?
Well, even though
I would hate it...
if you'll run with me
to train...
I'll do it.
He's not running.
Oh, John. Why not?
You know, Amy, it's okay.
He doesn't want to, and we just
need to be supportive.
Okay. I'm gonna go
talk to him.
Oh, no, no, no.
You know what? Let's...
We just need
to give him space, you know?
And love him, and we don't have
to bring it up anymore.
It's Mark.
Hey, pastor.
Oh, hey, I forgot
to tell you that I told him
you would do visitation
at the hospital tonight.
Yes. Yes. I will be there
in an hour.
Thanks for volunteering.
Hospital lobby. See you there.
I'll see you
in a bit. Bye-bye.
You know what?
Sorry, I forgot to tell you.
- Need to grab a shower.
- Okay.
You're a good man,
John Harrison.
Ben is one
of our founding members.
Oh, I didn't know that.
Here we go.
Excuse me.
May we see Mr. Hutchins?
There's several family members
there already.
Maybe just one at a time
while the room's full?
Oh, no, that's fine.
You go on.
Give me a few minutes,
then go in.
Yeah, I'll be right out here.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Sorry, sir. I didn't mean
to disturb you.
Who's there?
Um, I'm just waiting to visit
a church member next door.
Are you a minister?
No, sir. I'm just here visiting
a few people with my pastor.
Well, if you're just waiting,
maybe you can visit me too.
Sure. Um...
My name's John.
John Harrison.
Thomas Hill.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Thomas.
Um, have you been here
very long?
About three weeks.
Been trying to keep diabetes
from getting too greedy.
Took my sight a few years ago.
Now it wants my legs
and my kidneys.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you have family here?
I'm more or less on my own.
I grew up in Franklin though.
They brought me back here
from, uh, Fairview.
Get dialysis here.
You might be the only one
coming from Fairview.
I think everybody else
is heading that way.
That's what I hear.
So tell me about yourself, John.
Well, um...
So I'm the basketball coach
at Brookshire Christian.
I hope, anyway.
You don't sound too sure.
Well, there's a lot of things
I'm not too sure about
right now.
Um, I also teach history,
and I've been assigned
the cross-country program.
Ah, cross-country.
That was my sport.
Oh, yeah.
I was third in the state
in my day.
Uh, then I might need
some advice,
because I don't really know
what I'm doing.
So how do you train to have
that big kick
at the end of the race?
Oh, that kick.
John, I'm sorry to interrupt.
Visiting hours are almost over.
Oh, are they?
Sure. Um...
Thomas, I should probably
say hello next door.
No problem. Hey, John?
I don't get many visitors
that I can talk shop with.
Feel free to come back anytime.
It's good to meet you, Thomas.
I'll be praying for you.
I'll take it.
You guys get to class.
You get...
Ladies. Let's go.
John. You're not teaching
next hour, right?
I need you to judge
drama monologues.
Drama monologues?
I got history papers to grade.
History's already happened,
and I really need three judges.
Come to drama class.
History has already happened.
This is drama, people.
This moment
is why we're here, okay?
Hope you're ready.
Here we go.
Oh, no, no, no. I need to sit
in the middle. That's my seat.
Is there a third judge?
Oh, yes. Um...
Here she is.
I am so sorry that I am late.
We had to put
the potato salad leftovers
in the refrigerator.
Hey, John.
Thank you for coming.
What do I do?
Just follow my lead.
Wesley Ford.
You're first.
Oh, sing, oh, heart
of great desire
where passion glows
like burning flame.
My bride doth set my love afire
the first night
when she calls my name.
That's pretty much it.
Uh, Bonnie?
Your thoughts?
I thought it was real nice.
Okay. John?
No, we don't like it, Wesley.
We just don't believe you.
Okay, let's keep
the ball rolling.
Um, Mindy Smith.
Coach Harrison, got a minute?
Hey, Ken. How are you?
Fine, thank you.
Hey, coach.
Um, we wanted to come tell you
that we decided
to move Ty to Cornerstone.
He's got a good chance
of getting a scholarship there,
and after we've lost
so many players here, well...
I understand.
Look, you're an excellent coach.
And none of this is your fault.
We just have to do
what's best for his future.
You're a great player, Ty.
I'll watch you on TV one day.
Thanks, coach.
I enjoyed playing for you.
Thanks again.
Good luck.
Hey, buddy?
Will. Homework, 10 minutes.
Yes, ma'am.
Ethan, it's your turn
to clean the kitchen tonight.
Dad, did Ty come see you today?
Of course.
Brookshire School Board letter.
Ten-percent pay cut.
Does this surprise you?
- Hey, John?
- Your plate's getting cold.
Why are you doing that now?
Is it bothering you?
What's the urgency?
Those bricks have been
laying there for months.
And they've needed
to be cleaned up for months.
So you have to do it now?
Do you need me
to be doing something?
Actually, I do.
I have papers to grade
and laundry to take care of,
and Will needs
help with his homework.
So can this wait, or do you
still need more time to pout?
Excuse me?
Okay, John.
You know what?
I get it.
You're a basketball coach
without a team.
And now you have
to coach cross-country.
But it's not
the end of the world.
Oh, is it that simple?
I'm glad it's so clear to you.
But you forgot
the 10-percent pay cut,
no scholarship option
for our son,
no possibility of winning
with one runner with asthma.
So while I'm left with a job
that's totally pointless,
I'm glad I have
your understanding.
Stop it.
No one asked for this.
But this is what we've got.
Are you trying to help me?
Because you're not!
Are you okay?
You and Ethan,
you guys need to come
and clean up the kitchen, okay?
Yes, ma'am.
I have this problem
that pops up sometimes.
And I see things
about my husband
that I don't really like,
and so I just, you know,
I want to try and fix 'em.
But I'm not very good at it.
And maybe, you know,
I'm not supposed to be.
Because he gets
really angry with me.
But the thing is...
The thing is, is that, um...
I really, really love him.
He's a very good husband.
And he's a great dad.
And I know
I don't tell him enough.
So when he's discouraged
and he's hurting,
you know I just...
I want to try and help,
you know, and it's...
It's not always easy
to know how.
You know?
So maybe... Maybe if I just...
If I tell him...
and remind him...
that I love him.
And that I'm praying for him.
And that I'm here for him.
I am... I am right here for him.
Can I do that?
I love you.
I love you too.
I love you, John Harrison.
I'm sorry I've been a jerk.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Hey. Come here.
They're okay.
Hey, Hannah.
Can I sit with you?
I hear you're running
in your first
cross-country race tomorrow.
Are you excited?
A little.
We don't really have a team.
Girl, that makes me
admire you even more.
You still represent our school.
Do you enjoy running?
It's really the only thing
I'm good at.
Hey, good morning.
Hey, Miss Scott.
Good morning.
Thanks for giving Hannah a ride.
Of course.
We should have her back by 3.
Sounds good. Take care.
Hey, Hannah.
Feeling good
Like it's summertime
Shining like
The Fourth of July
In every city
And every town
We're on a mission
For the lost to be found
Here we go
We're burning like a disco
Come on come on
Believe it in your soul...
John Harrison.
Hey, Mitch.
How are you?
You coaching cross-country?
I'm trying.
You're not gonna beat me
in another sport now, are you?
So, uh, where's your team?
She's right there.
Well, basketball season's
just around the corner.
Runners, take your mark.
Let's go!
Come on!
She's fast.
That's Gina Mimms. She's
last year's state champion.
- All right! There she is!
- Go, Hannah! Woo!
Go, Hannah!
I think she's 34th.
Not bad
for her first race, huh?
It's not that great either.
So, what's your plan, coach?
Hey, it's John Harrison.
Oh. Heh.
It's the maybe-maybe-not
basketball coach.
Yeah. It's, uh... It's
looking more like maybe not.
You got time for a visit?
Well, let me check my calendar.
Yeah. I guess
I could squeeze you in.
Interval training is good too.
Run one minute fast,
then one minute slow.
Then increase to
two minutes fast, one slow.
Three fast...
Well, you get the idea.
Oh, this is good.
Oh, it should go without saying
that them eating healthy
and getting good sleep
is crucial for your team.
Well, I only have one runner,
and she's got asthma.
So I have to figure...
Wait a minute. Hold up.
You lost your ball team.
You changed sports.
And you still got no team?
Oh, that's sad even for me.
Well, you see why
I'm so frustrated?
Yeah, actually, I do.
This year, I had the players,
I had the schedule.
I mean,
this was gonna be our year.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to dump on you.
If I asked you...
who you are,
what's the first thing
that comes to mind?
I'm a basketball coach.
And if that's stripped away?
Well, I'm also
a history teacher.
We take that away, who are you?
Well, I'm a husband,
I'm a father.
And God forbid
that should ever change.
But if it does,
who are you?
I don't understand this game.
It's not a game, man.
Who are you?
I'm... I'm
a white American male.
Yeah, that's for sure.
Is there anything else?
Well, I'm a Christian.
And what's that mean?
It means
"follower of Christ."
And how important is that?
It's very important.
how it's so far down your list.
Okay, wait a minute.
I could've easily said
Christian first.
Yeah, but you didn't.
Look, John.
Your identity...
will be tied to whatever
you give your heart to.
Doesn't sound like
the Lord has first place.
You're calling me
a bad Christian?
Let me be a little direct.
Last time you were here...
you said you'd pray for me.
Did you?
For someone
who knows the Lord...
you're acting like
somebody who doesn't.
Which makes me wonder.
What have you allowed
to define you?
When you lost your team...
it didn't just disappoint you.
It devastated you.
or someone...
will have first place
in your heart.
But when you
find your identity...
in the One who created you...
it'll change
your whole perspective.
You know, you could still be
a walk-on somewhere.
That won't pay for college.
So earn it.
Lots of guys get a scholarship
when they're already on a team.
Or make the grades.
What if I can't do it?
I'll help you where I can.
But you may have to get a job
and work your way through
like most people.
If you never play
in college at all...
I'll love you and I'm already
proud of you.
But, ahem, to keep you humble,
I'm about to tear you up
in one-on-one.
Come on, Dad.
Don't do this to yourself.
Give me the ball.
You're going down.
Dad, you can't beat me.
Oh. You're gonna let me
do that in front of you?
It is on. Okay!
No! It's make it, take it.
Give me the ball.
Make it, take it.
Here we go. Ready?
Are you kidding?
Come on, young man.
Foul. Foul. Foul.
Foul? No. No foul.
Come on. Are you kidding?
So I have the answer.
For what?
A plan to fix cross-country.
I call it "The Plan
to Fix Cross-Country."
Nice title.
every runner
is dribbling a ball.
For three miles?
And before they cross
the finish line,
they have to dunk it
on an eight-foot goal
unless they get tackled.
So there's tackling?
Oh, yeah.
And if you take someone's ball,
it's double the points.
So, what if I tackle them
under the goal,
take their ball
and double dunk on them?
And what did you say?
I told him I liked it,
but I couldn't make
any changes this year.
He calls it
"Tackle Ball Extreme."
Well, they do change the rules
from time to time.
Oh, there's a few schools
trying to get earbuds allowed
for runners right now.
During races?
Yeah. It won't happen.
So I've started implementing
your running tips.
She's running intervals now.
Well, you should see
some improvement.
I also, uh...
wanna thank you
for what you said.
I think I'm more of a hypocrite
than I'd like to admit.
that's true of me too.
Three years ago...
God had to let me lose my sight
so I could see.
When I was... much younger...
I found myself in athletics.
Then my job, then friends...
Then it turned to...
Into drugs and women.
I hurt a lot of people, John.
But it all caught up
to me, and...
that's when I turned to God.
Sick and broken.
Now He's all I got.
He's everything to me.
You said you grew up here.
I did.
I left Franklin 15 years ago,
running from
all my responsibilities.
I had a child
with my girlfriend.
Then we got hooked on meth
and it took her life.
I left the child
with her grandmother...
then I ran.
I just ran.
Was it a boy or a girl?
Little girl.
She was born on Valentine's Day.
John, are you sure?
She said that
her father passed away.
Maybe that's what she was told.
So you don't think that he did?
And you think Barbara told her
that he was dead on purpose?
That's what I'm wondering.
If his influence led
to her daughter's death,
then he abandoned Hannah,
it makes sense
that she wouldn't want anything
to do with him.
Well, I'd say that
your assessment is correct.
Why do you say that?
Because I knew her daughter.
You knew Hannah's mother?
We were friends
up until a year before she died.
When this charming older guy
came around,
we warned her to be careful.
She didn't listen.
The next thing we knew,
she was pregnant.
And she cut off all contact
with all of us.
Then after she gave birth,
she became an addict.
I didn't even know she was dead
until after the funeral.
I went to go see Barbara,
but I just saw bitterness.
I reconnected with her this year
and saw more of the same.
We wondered how Hannah
was able to come here.
You're paying for it.
Thomas Hill is not the same man,
but he is sick.
If he and Hannah were to meet,
it needs to happen sooner
rather than later.
Yeah. Barbara may not be
telling Hannah the truth,
but she still is her guardian.
And how can we go around her?
In my official capacity
as the principal of this school,
I can't advise you
to go around Barbara.
But I can tell you
that if you include her,
Hannah may never meet
her father.
If it was you...
would you want to meet your dad?
We need to pray.
I'm not giving...
How are you?
Put me in, coach.
Tired of sitting on the bench.
First, I need to introduce you
to my number one teammate.
I brought Amy with me.
Oh, my goodness.
I can honestly say
I did not see that coming.
Heh, heh. Hi, Thomas.
It's nice to meet you.
The honor is all mine.
Well, coach brought his wife.
This must be an important day.
It is an important day.
We have something
that we'd like
to talk to you about.
Okay, shoot.
You know that I have one runner
that I'm coaching.
Well, that runner
is 15 years old.
She lives with her grandmother.
She was born on Valentine's Day.
Her name is Hannah Scott.
Are you okay?
Your runner...
is my daughter?
Tell me about her.
She's beautiful.
She's quiet.
She's observant.
She's athletic.
We wondered
if you would want to meet.
Does she know about me?
No. We haven't told her
anything yet.
We don't even know
how she would respond,
but, um, we wanted
to talk to you first.
I've had a conversation
in my mind
with her a thousand times.
I wanted to talk to her.
What daughter would want
a dad like me?
Thomas, she needs a father.
You still have so much
to offer her.
She'd be disappointed.
No. That's not true.
Thomas, would you be willing
to pray about it?
If she's willing to meet...
would you want to?
We can pray about it.
Hannah, you've been doing
intervals for a while.
Wanna see if you can break
21 minutes?
I can break 21 minutes.
What are you doing here?
I went to work
and they're closed.
Roger told me he's moving
Race to Escape to Fairview.
So who am I racing?
You wanna run?
I want to see
if Hannah can catch me.
Oh, I wanna see this.
You haven't been running.
You think you can handle
three miles?
Oh, please.
He is your son.
Throw my hands up high
Shooby, doobee, doobee
Feels so good I gotta
Shooby, doobee, doobee
You okay?
That was crazy hard.
You said this wasn't a sport.
Yeah, I was wrong.
Mom, Will and Hannah wanted
to see you finish,
but they got tired of waiting,
so they went home.
I need to get a ride with you.
If you'll drive.
All right.
I'm tired.
Hannah Scott!
You got this!
Come on, Hannah!
You can do it!
This is all you!
Did you know Ethan was coming?
I didn't.
Now that is my son.
Oh, okay.
Runners, take your marks!
Come on, Hannah!
Hannah, you got this!
Hold your spot, hold your spot.
She's 10th. She's 10th.
Come on, fight, Hannah!
Come on, Hannah. You got it!
Come on, Hannah.
All right, finish strong.
Go, go, go!
Let's go see her.
You did so good.
That was amazing.
Nice job. Did you
even need your inhaler?
What place did I come in?
Uh, you were 11th.
Hey. No, no, no.
Don't you be upset.
You just ran your best race.
Yeah, that's right.
That's nothing to be ashamed of.
It was fantastic.
I thought
I at least made top 10.
Keep running like that,
you will.
You got friends
who want to say hello.
Hannah! That was awesome!
That was your fastest time
you've made yet.
Hannah, can you tell
before a race
whether you might have
an attack?
But today, I felt good.
You're a good runner, Hannah.
Ethan said he'd pick up Will,
so we've got time.
So I want to ask you a question.
I want you to think
about it, okay?
Who is Hannah Scott?
I don't know.
Do you believe God loves you?
He does.
More than you know.
Why did He take my parents?
I think it's easy sometimes
to blame God
for decisions that we make
or other people make.
What do you know about your dad?
He was a runner.
He got into drugs,
and it killed him.
Your grandmother told you that?
Do you know his name?
Thomas Hill.
Hannah, I went
to the hospital recently,
and I met a man there.
He's not doing very well.
Diabetes has taken his eyesight,
but we've gotten to know
each other.
He used to be
a runner years ago...
and, um...
and got on drugs.
He had a daughter,
a baby girl,
and he left her
with her relative
when he left town 15 years ago.
His name is Thomas Hill.
Hannah, I believe you were told
your father died to protect you.
I don't want to go around
your grandmother,
but I don't know
how much time you have.
My father's alive?
He wants to meet you,
but only if you want to.
you don't have to do anything
that you don't want to do.
Why did he leave?
He regrets it.
He regrets it
with his whole heart.
In here.
Hey, baby girl.
How'd your race go today?
I finished 11th.
Oh, well, you're improving.
I wish I could have been there.
I thought about you all day
at work.
Did you ever see my father run?
Uh, one time at the city race.
He was in his 30s.
And how did he die?
Baby, I already told you this.
The drugs got ahold of him.
You don't need to be worrying
about that.
The best thing you can do
is to get on with your life.
He would want that.
So have you eaten? Because
I can whip us up something.
I'm starved.
So I'll call you
in a few minutes, okay?
- All right, come on.
- Finish strong. You got it.
Good, good, good.
Twenty forty-five.
Hannah, you're getting faster.
How's your breathing?
Let me get you some water.
I wanna go.
I wanna go see him.
What about your grandmother?
She said he's dead.
He's right here.
I'll tell you what.
Let me step in there
for just a second, okay?
Hannah, are you okay?
I'm okay. I'm okay.
Listen, if you want more time,
we don't have to do this now.
I want to.
I'm okay.
Okay, guys. You ready?
Well, Thomas, uh, we're here.
Um, you've met Amy.
Hello, Amy.
- Hi, Thomas.
- It's nice to see you again.
I tried to pick out
a better outfit,
but I couldn't tell
if anything matched.
Well, you look just fine.
And Hannah is here.
Hello, Hannah.
Coach tells me that
you're his number one runner.
I guess.
She gets better every day.
That's good.
I hope you keep at it.
Thomas, I understand
that you were third in state.
Yes, I was, back in the day.
So, Hannah,
how's coach doing?
He's doing okay.
Oh, just okay.
Excuse me.
I need to get his vitals
if I could, please.
Hello, Rose.
You come to join the party?
I'd love to, but I think
I'll have to take a rain check.
- How are you feeling today?
- Good.
I need to leave.
If it was good, yes,
that was me.
I'm gonna go after her.
There we go. I'm gonna try
and get you outside.
Hannah? Hannah.
Are you okay?
Okay, listen.
Let's go sit down in the car,
okay? John will be out,
and he'll be down
in a few minutes.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. All right.
Hannah, would you like me
to stay with you
until your grandma gets home?
It's okay. I just...
I need some time to think.
Well, you have our number.
So if you need anything,
please give us a call.
Thank you.
Please tell me
we did the right thing.
How are we doing today?
I don't really feel
like running.
So maybe we take the day off.
Hannah, I'm sorry
that taking you to the hospital
caused you pain.
I know that must have
been difficult.
I wanna go see him again.
Are you sure?
But this time...
could we talk alone?
Of course.
I didn't say anything
I wanted to say.
Neither did he.
Thank you...
for coming back.
I was worried
I said the wrong thing.
You didn't.
I know you must have
a lot of questions.
You can say anything...
ask anything you want.
I promise to be honest.
What happened?
You know how...
people think that
they're a good person?
I thought I was.
But I wasn't, Hannah.
I lived selfish all my life.
I lived it for me.
I hurt so many people.
Your mother.
Your grandmother.
And so many others.
I left because I was a fool.
And I wouldn't listen to anyone.
Especially God.
I ran from everything
that mattered.
Because God loves me...
He let me be broken.
And I needed to be broken.
He finally got my attention.
And I gave Him my heart...
because that's the only thing
I got left.
So I'm sorry, Hannah.
I'm sorry
I wasn't there for you.
If I could take it all back,
I would.
I know I don't deserve it...
but I pray one day...
that you will forgive me.
It's hard.
I understand.
I understand.
- Let's go. Two minutes.
- Get to class.
Come on, Dennis.
No more tardies.
Don't move in slow motion.
John! I need you tomorrow
for midterm monologues.
Troy, you don't need me.
No, no, no. I do.
It's important.
You're a judge.
I've got a part for you
in the spring play.
You don't have to audition.
Good, I'm not doing it.
I've already given you the part.
We'll talk details soon.
No, we won't.
Hey, Hannah.
How far do you run in practice?
Three miles.
Sometimes five.
Are the Harrisons coming?
No, ma'am.
They have tutoring.
But I can still run.
I know you've had a lot
to think about lately.
I've just been wondering
how you're doing.
I met my dad.
That's a big deal.
How'd that go?
He said he was sorry he left.
How did that make you feel?
I still wonder.
I wonder why he didn't want me.
Do you believe he's sorry?
I guess.
You know
you have another Father,
who has always loved you.
You mean God?
Yeah, I do.
And listen,
He's not like your dad.
He's a perfect Father,
and He wants you to know Him.
How do you know God?
God went to great lengths
to express His love for you.
You've heard in Bible class
how Jesus died on the cross.
But do you understand why?
No. Not really.
You were created to know Him...
and to worship Him.
But we reject Him
when we do wrong.
When we sin, that's the thing
that separates us from Him.
So He sent His Son
to pay the price
to get you back.
And it was a painful price.
But then He rose from the dead,
and He made a way for you
to get right with God...
if you trust Him,
if you believe.
That's faith.
But He doesn't force it on you.
He just offers it to you
because He loves you.
We've all sinned, Hannah.
We've all lied
or stolen or hated...
But when we give our heart
to Jesus,
He starts cleaning it.
He takes better care of it
than we ever could.
If we'll trust Him.
Is that something
that you'd like to do?
Yes, but...
I don't know what to pray.
Would it be okay
if I led you through it?
Lord Jesus...
Lord Jesus...
I am a sinner.
I am a sinner.
And I need a Savior.
And I need a Savior.
I believe that
You are that Savior.
I believe that
You are that Savior.
So today...
So today...
I place faith alone...
I place faith alone...
in Christ alone...
in Christ alone...
to forgive my sins.
To forgive my sins.
Come live in me.
Come live in me.
In Jesus' name.
In Jesus' name.
Hannah, that was beautiful.
You know, the Bible says
that when you place faith
in Jesus,
you are a brand-new creation.
You are brand-new.
I want you to do something
for me, okay?
There's a book of the Bible
in the New Testament,
it's called Ephesians.
I want you to look
at the first two chapters,
read it through,
and write down everything
that it says you are
as a believer in Christ.
Can you do that?
Yes, ma'am.
Who am I
That the highest King
Would welcome me?
I was lost
But He brought me in
Oh, His love for me
Oh, His love for me
Who the Son sets free
Oh, is free indeed
I'm a child of God
Yes, I am
Free at last
He has ransomed me
His grace runs deep
While I was a slave
To sin
Jesus died for me
Yes, He died for me
Who the Son sets free
Oh, is free indeed
I'm a child of God
Yes, I am
In my Father's house
There's a place for me
I'm a child of God
Yes, I am
In my Father's house
There's a place for me
I'm a child of God
Yes, I am
So I strive not to survive,
for I have the drive to thrive.
For this day,
while we're alive...
Truxston, did you write this?
Every word.
Completely original.
Pfft. Ay-yai-yai.
I'm gonna need more.
It was okay.
Thank you, Truxston.
You can sit down now.
While we're compiling our notes,
the rest of you can get
your things together.
The bell should ring
in about three minutes.
Hannah, you okay?
Ask me who I am.
Ask me who I am.
Who is Hannah Scott?
I am created by God.
He designed me...
so I'm not a mistake.
His Son died for me...
just so I could be forgiven.
He picked me to be His own...
so I'm chosen.
He redeemed me...
so I am wanted.
He showed me grace...
just so I could be saved.
He has a future for me...
because He loves me.
So I don't wonder anymore,
Coach Harrison.
I am a child of God.
I just wanted you to know.
Did you...?
Did you see that?
That's what I'm talking about.
That was fire!
Why is she not in my class?
What happened to you?
I talked to Miss Brooks
and prayed.
And then I read in,
um, Ephesians...
And it was like God
was talking directly to me.
This is amazing.
What you said in there
was amazing.
I wanna know more.
I wanna read more.
You can.
I want Amy to hear this.
Can we go see her?
What's your next class?
Who's your teacher?
Miss Leipzig.
Hold on, hold up.
I'm sorry.
Taking all I have
And now I'm laying it
At Your feet
You have every failure
You'll have
Every victory
Ooh, oh
You say I am loved
When I can't feel a thing
You say I am strong
When I think I am weak
You say I am held
When I am falling short
When I don't belong
Oh, You say I am Yours
And I believe
Oh, I believe
What You say of me
I believe
Oh, I believe
Yes, I believe
What You say of me
I believe
Hey, are you looking
for Thomas Hill?
Are you a relative?
I'm his daughter.
He's just been moved
to ICU, sweetie.
Do you want me to take you?
Is he okay?
His EKG showed signs
of a heart attack
during dialysis,
but he's stable now.
You can go in.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
They said you had signs
of a heart attack.
I just need a little excitement.
Sometimes I get a little bored,
and so I decided
to shake things up a bit.
maybe you shouldn't
do that again.
I admit, I don't want to.
So how are you doing?
I wanna tell you something.
Two things, really.
I made the decision...
to follow Jesus.
And I've been learning a lot...
and reading a lot.
And one thing I've learned...
if Jesus can forgive me
for all the things I've done...
then I can forgive other people.
I wanted you to know...
that I forgive you.
And I want to spend more time
with you...
if that's okay.
I'd love that so much.
Thank you, Hannah.
I wish I could be there for you.
It's okay.
I don't mind coming here.
Where have you been?
You scared me.
I wasn't feeling well,
so I came home early.
Miss Cole didn't know
where you were.
You wanna tell me?
I want the truth.
Miss Scott?
I need to speak to you.
Come on in.
I come home early from work,
expecting to find Hannah there.
And two hours later,
she walks in,
having ridden her bike
to the hospital,
where she has been visiting
the one person I vowed
she'd never meet.
Then I find out
you two connected them.
Mrs. Scott...
I am not finished!
She's been going there
while I'm at work
and not telling me.
I didn't know he was back
in Franklin.
And I don't care
what shape he's in.
He's caused me...
more pain
than anyone in my life.
You had no right to interfere.
It was not your place.
I am the one that raised her.
I am the one that
provided for her. Not him!
She will not see him anymore.
And if you take her there,
I have a right
to bring action
against the school
and against you.
Now I said what I came to say.
What did you say to them?
Are you worried
about their feelings?
How about worrying about the one
that has taken care of you
for the last 15 years?
do you think
I'm trying to hurt you?
I'm trying to protect you.
You don't know him like I do.
Having him in your life is pain.
And I've had enough of that.
You should've told me
instead of deceiving me.
You said he was dead!
I wanna know my father.
I don't know what to do.
Please forgive me
if I've jumped ahead of You.
You know I did not want
to hurt them.
Lord, we need You.
We need wisdom.
But show us
what You want us to do.
We want to honor You, Lord.
- Please help us.
- Yes.
Please, Lord, help us.
Your love is all
That binds me
You call me by my...
Is someone there?
I won't let you hurt her.
I wondered when you might come.
Oh, I didn't wanna come,
but Hannah is so determined
to learn more about you,
and I have told her
about what she might find.
You got every right to hate me.
I can't defend the wrongs
I've done.
And I know I don't deserve
your forgiveness.
But I'm not the man
that you knew.
I only want to love
and to help Hannah.
Help her?
You wanna help her?
It's been 15 years,
and now you want to help her?
How are you gonna help her?
You can't even help yourself.
You wanna help Hannah?
Leave her alone
and let her go.
You just gave her to me.
Give me the chance
to love her, Lord.
Don't You leave me here useless.
Don't You leave me here useless.
Hey, God.
It's me.
I'm not handling this very well.
I'm working two jobs.
I'm trying to do
everything I can do on my own,
and it's not working.
So look...
if You want me to do
this forgiveness thing,
You gotta help me.
I can't do it anymore.
I can't.
I need Your help, God.
Good afternoon.
We have three rule changes
for consideration this year.
A few of our schools
have requested
that runners be allowed
to wear earbuds during a race.
Now, while this association
can modify the rules
for our events, we have
two problems with this request.
One, we need runners to hear
any signals or warning sounds
during the race, and secondly,
any live communication
to the runner
would give them
an unfair advantage.
So we have a solution
that we are presenting
to you coaches
to vote on for this race.
If a runner
wears only one small earbud
and the content
is prerecorded only,
we will allow it,
pending your vote.
Any questions?
This is ridiculous.
And the content is fair game,
as long as it's prerecorded?
That is right.
There is no live communication.
All right. Well,
we will just go around the room,
and get a yes or no vote
from each of you. Paul?
Cindy, I see problems with this.
I vote no.
Sounds good to me. I'm a yes.
I think it's a little late
in the year
for a change like that.
I'm a no.
I vote yes.
Say yes.
Say yes. Say yes.
Sure. Whatever.
Ethan, hey, I need a favor.
See if you can find a picture
of the Sherwood College
cross-country course.
Okay, Gina Mimms won
the state championship
on this course last year
with a time
of 19 minutes and 45 seconds.
I need to know
where she would be
at any given point
during the race.
Why do you need to know that?
We're gonna help Hannah.
Hold it as steady as you can.
Got it.
What's our time, Will?
Um, 2:15,
2:16, 2:17, 2:18...
What is this again?
The state championship race
is this Saturday.
You've wanted to be there
for Hannah.
Now you're going to.
I'm gonna walk you
through the course
and then you're gonna coach her.
Welcome to the Cross-Country
State Championship.
All runners please check in
at the starters table.
Hannah, how you doing?
I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
Yeah, I bet half the girls
out here feel that way.
Well, here's your chip.
You lace it up tight.
You're gonna do great today,
Hannah, okay?
Don't be nervous.
This is just another race, okay?
No, it's not. It's a huge race.
I'm nervous.
That's not helping, John.
I'm sorry.
You got your inhaler?
Okay, good.
Is your grandma
gonna be staying?
She has work soon. I don't
think she can stay for the race.
Hey, check out the stands. You
got a cheering section today.
- Looking good, girls.
- Stay loose.
Hey, see those four girls?
That's your only competition.
That's Anna Grant,
Catherine Austin,
Joy Taylor, and Julia Mitchell.
No one else is a threat.
Stay loose.
Hey, Hannah. I need you
to do something for me.
I'm gonna take your arm,
I'm gonna strap this on.
I want you to put
this earpiece on, okay?
What is this?
There's only one track on it.
As soon as the race starts,
I want you to hit play.
All runners
to the starting line.
Let me help you.
Is this music?
You hit play and start running.
I want you to trust me.
Okay, you can go
to the starting line.
Now I'm nervous.
Runners, take your mark.
Hannah, this is your dad.
I'm gonna coach you
through this race
and be with you
every step of the way.
We're gonna do this together.
Just stay with me.
Go, go, go!
Don't burn yourself out
too early.
Settle into an even pace.
About 70 percent
of your max speed.
But we're gonna need
to save some energy for the end.
You don't win races
with just your legs.
Victory or defeat happens
in your head first.
This is a mental competition.
So I want you to start thinking
like a winner.
I'm your biggest fan.
You're gonna do great today.
Now find a girl in front of you
and speed up
for a few seconds to pass her.
Then find your pace again.
We're going to take them out
one at a time.
When your body tells you
that you can't do it,
don't listen to it.
It'll tell you
that you should quit.
But you tell your body
that your mind
is in charge today.
Give God your best, Hannah,
and no matter what,
I love you.
Where is she?
She should be at the first hill.
Right now, you're coming
to your first hill.
A lot of girls are gonna
slow down, but not you.
You're going
to attack this hill.
I want you
to pump your arms hard.
Your legs
are gonna speed up too.
Pick out the next girl
in front of you and pass her.
You can do this, Hannah.
I know you can.
Get after it.
When you get to the other side,
let gravity do the work.
Take advantage
of that free speed,
then find your pace again.
You're doing great, Hannah.
Even if your legs start to hurt,
don't slow down.
That can make them hurt
even more.
Keep your pace and push through.
You'll find a second wind.
The first mile is done.
You're doing it, Hannah.
Don't look back
to see who's behind you.
Don't worry about them.
Focus on what's ahead.
It's just like in life.
You can't let the past
slow you down.
Press on to what's ahead.
When we give our life over
to God, He helps us.
He forgives us.
He can turn the bad to good
and carry us forward.
Hey, John. Are you not going
with the other coaches
to the midpoint?
Uh, I'm not coaching her today.
She's got a better coach.
Hannah, having you in my life
is an answer to prayer.
I asked God for it,
but I knew I didn't deserve it.
I begged Him to forgive me
for not being there for you.
One of the greatest blessings
in my life
has been getting to know
my daughter.
I praise God for you, Hannah.
You don't know
how proud I am of you.
I wake up every morning
with a smile on my face,
ready to pray for you.
I've been praying
that you would know
that I love you
and that God loves you.
He says, "I know the plans
that I have for you.
Plans to prosper you
and not to harm you.
Plans to give you hope
and a future."
I've been praying
for your grandmother too.
That He would help her
and draw her to Himself.
Hannah, the second mile
is behind you.
One more to go.
Find your breathing rhythm
because we have
one more hill coming up.
This is where you'll pass
another girl.
Remember, attack this hill.
If someone is in front of you,
fight past her.
You can shake her hand
after the race.
Big breath, Hannah.
Now take the hill.
We have another update.
With half a mile to go...
...it's Gina Mimms in first,
Anna Grant in second
and Joy Taylor in third.
Hannah, if you're like me,
this is where your body
hits a wall.
But we're gonna push through it.
This is where you think
like a winner.
Most runners will slow down,
but not you.
You have half a mile to go,
and it belongs to you.
If your legs are burning,
let them burn.
Your lungs may be tired,
but they're not done yet.
Other runners are feeling
the same thing.
You've got to get yourself
in position.
Your last kick is coming.
If anyone is in front of you,
you gotta get around them.
Don't let anyone block you.
Gina Mimms should be coming
out of the woods.
You're near the finish line,
and we're gonna finish strong.
You're about to come out
of the woods.
If Coach Harrison is right,
the lead runner is about
30 yards in front of you.
It's almost time to kick it in.
This is where you pull
all your reserves.
This is where you leave it all
on the course.
Now, my daughter, it's time.
track her down.
There's Gina.
There she is.
Is that...?
That's Hannah.
- Run, Hannah!
- You gotta go!
Come on, Hannah!
Gina! Go! Gina, now! Now!
You can do this.
Give it everything.
Catch her, Hannah.
Catch her, Hannah!
Extend your stride.
Pump your arms.
Fight it, Hannah!
Come on!
Catch her, Hannah!
Fight! Yeah! Right there!
Go, Hannah!
Fight! Come on!
Keep your eyes on the finish
line and fight for it.
I'm right here with you.
You can do this.
I can see you winning.
I can see you winning.
Do it, Hannah!
Do it, my daughter!
Do it, Hannah!
Gina! Go!
- Fight, Hannah!
- Whoo!
Go, Hannah!
- Go, Hannah!
- Go! Go!
Hannah. Hannah, come on.
- Hannah? Breathe.
- Hannah?
Got oxygen?
Sit her up. Breathe.
She needs oxygen.
Come on, Hannah.
Stay with me.
You got it, Hannah. Come on.
Take some deep breaths.
We gotta move her.
We've got runners coming.
Come on. Move her.
We need to move her.
What happened?
She just fell.
I think she just passed out.
Is she okay?
I don't know.
Did anybody see who won?
I feel bad for her.
Hey, sweetie.
Way to go.
Nice job.
Right here.
- I think you're gonna be okay.
- I hope you feel better.
Thanks, guys. Thank you.
Yeah. Thank you.
You doing okay?
I'm very proud of you.
You've never run better.
You were amazing.
You did amazing.
I gave everything I had.
I believe it.
Young lady, you doing okay?
I'm okay.
That was quite a finish.
A little scary too.
I understand you've never
won a race before.
No, sir.
Well, you have now.
We actually had to go back
and look at the video
because the computer had
the identical time.
It turns out
you were leaning forward
an inch more than she was.
Congratulations. You just won
the state championship.
You did it, Hannah.
Hannah, you did it.
Yeah! Yeah!
Yes! Yes!
Yes! Go, Hannah!
Oh, you did it. You did it,
you did it, you did it.
Come on.
Yeah! Go, Hannah!
Hannah! Hannah!
Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!
In first place,
and this year's
individual state champion,
from Brookshire
Christian School,
Hannah Scott.
Grandma, you stayed.
I'm late for work,
but it was worth it.
I am so...
I'm so proud of you.
I want to go see my father.
Just get her home safe.
Thank you.
For everything.
He's gonna be so excited.
I hear three sets
of footsteps coming.
Hey, Thomas.
How are you?
I've been on
pins and needles all day.
How is everybody?
We're good, Thomas.
Hey, Daddy.
And how is my daughter?
You won a medal.
Thomas, that's not
just any medal.
You mean to tell me...
my daughter won the race?
I had a really good coach.
Come here.
Thank You, Lord.
Thank You, Lord,
for all You've done.
Thomas Hill's life
is a testimony of redemption,
of the grace of God
and God's power
to change a man's heart.
So we take comfort today
that he no longer suffers,
and is now alive and well
in the presence of the Lord.
For Jesus said,
"I am the resurrection
and the life.
He who believes in Me
shall live,
even if he dies."
Hannah, are you okay?
I want you to know your dad
was a very good friend to me,
and I grew to love
and respect him very much.
Me too.
For six weeks...
I had the best dad in the world.
At some point,
you will ask yourself
who you really are.
I used to struggle with that.
I felt like I was a mistake...
and had no place in this world.
I felt unloved and unwanted.
I got so many mixed messages
from the world around me...
that I lived in confusion
most of the time.
But when I met the One
that created me,
I found my identity.
It doesn't come
from what the culture says,
or even how I feel
at any given time.
The Creator gets to define
His creation.
I still have good days
and bad days.
I still have struggles.
But through all of that,
I know that the One who loves me
and died for me is with me.
He overcame everything for me.
Sin, suffering and death.
So I walk with Him every day.
I trust in Him every day.
And since my identity
is found in Him,
I know exactly who I am.
Happy Valentine's Day, Hannah.
Today should be
your 21st birthday.
I want to tell you
that I love you
and that God loves you.
Here's what I've already prayed
for this year of your life...
You're an overcomer
Stay in the fight
Till the final round
You're not going under
You're not going under
'Cause God is holding you
Right now
You might be down
For a moment
Like it's hopeless
That's when he
Reminds you
That you're
An overcomer
An overcomer
You're an overcomer
An overcomer
Everybody's been down
Hit the bottom
Hit the ground
Ooh, you're not alone
Just take a breath
Don't forget
Hang on to his promises
He wants you to know
You're an overcomer
Stay in the fight
Till the final round
You're not going under
You're not going under
'Cause God is holding you
Right now
You might be down
For a moment
Like it's hopeless
That's when he
Reminds you
That you're
An overcomer
An overcomer
You're an overcomer
An overcomer
The same man
The great I am
The one
Who overcame death
He's living inside of you
So just hold tight
Fix your eyes
On the one
Who holds your life
There's nothing he can't do
He's telling you, ooh
Just take a breath
Don't forget
Hang on to his promises
You're an overcomer
Stay in the fight
Till the final round
You're not going under
You're not going under
'Cause God is holding you
Right now
You might be down
For a moment
Like it's hopeless
That's when he
Reminds you
That you're
An overcomer
An overcomer
You're an overcomer
An overcomer
You're an overcomer
An overcomer
You're an overcomer
An overcomer
See, don't quit
Don't give in
You're an overcomer
Don't quit
Don't give in
You're an overcomer
Don't quit
Don't give in
You're an overcomer
You're an overcomer
You're making me a fighter
You're taking me higher
You've given me the strength
I need to believe
Life is worth it
'Cause you love me
So many people
Up ahead of me
Feels like I'll never see
The finish line
I hear the voices
Of the enemy
Telling me I'll never see
The other side
But it's not what they say
It's not what I do
That defines who I am
I need your voice
I need your words
To remind me again
You're making me a fighter
You're taking me higher
You've given me the strength
I need to believe
Life is worth it
'Cause you love me
And that's enough
That's enough
That's enough
You love me
You're enough
You're enough
You're enough
Enough for me
If you'll take away
My abilities
I'll still know
Who I'm meant to be
I can overcome anything
'Cause your spirit
Is alive in me
Only your voice
Only your words
Can define who I am
I need your voice
I need your words
To remind me again
You're making me a fighter
You're taking me higher
You've me the strength I need
To believe
Love is worth it
'Cause you love me
And that's enough
That's enough
That's enough
You love me
You're enough
You're enough
You're enough
Enough for me
I am chosen and redeemed
Your love
Has set me free
You define my identity
I am seen
And I am known
You call me as your own
You define my identity
You're making me a fighter
You're taking me higher
You've given me the strength
I need to believe
Life is worth it
'Cause you love me
And that's enough
That's enough
That's enough
You love me
You're enough
You're enough
You're enough
Enough for me
And that's enough
That's enough
That's enough
Enough for me
You're enough
You're enough
You're enough
Enough for me