Overdrive (2017) Movie Script

And so, ladies and gentlemen,
we come to our final item,
a 1937 Bugatti type 57sc Atlantic,
one of only two in the world.
I could take the time to further
describe this absolute gem,
but you wouldn't be here today
if you hadn't been dreaming about
this car your entire life.
Bidding starts at $30 million.
$30 million, anybody?
Thank you, madam. $30 million.
Do I hear 32?
$32 million. Thank you, sir.
Thirty-four, anyone?
Thirty-four, on the telephone.
Thirty-six, anybody? Thirty-six.
Thirty-six over there. Thirty-eight.
Do I have 38?
Thirty-seven, if you like.
What do you think?
This is the one?
Thirty-seven. Thank you, sir.
Thirty-seven over there.
Here. $38 million,
on the telephone.
Thirty-nine, in the room.
Thank you, sir.
$40 million. $40 million.
Going once, going twice...
Final call at $40 million...
$41 million.
$41 million, I have a bid.
Going once, going twice...
Sold for $41 million.
Congratulations. The
car is yours, sir.
Come on.
Come on, Gabriela. Call me.
That phone's not gonna ring.
You don't know that.
I'm on a bridge in
the south of France
instead of on a beach in
Brazil, counting our money,
because you fell for the mark.
I didn't fall, okay?
If you look around, and you
don't know who the mark is,
then it's you.
That Ferrari is not coming back.
You were played by
a very bad girl.
She'll call.
She'll call.
Can we focus, please?
I do love the bad girls, though.
All right, i heard
you the first time.
I bet you did, with
those big-ass ears.
There's nothing wrong with my ears.
I've got dad's ears.
That's us. You got this?
Yeah. Do you?
You might need more of a running start.
You're gonna tell me how to do my job, now?
I'm just saying, one more step
might make all the difference.
Just drive.
Hey, brother.
I should be driving.
You're flooding it, man.
Cutting the brakes? Really?
That was your decision? I
saved your ass back there.
You should learn to be kinder to
your brother. Half-brother. Yeah.
We were trying not to draw
attention to ourselves.
You know, i usually take
your general shit
attitude towards me
as a thinly-veiled cry for
help, but not today, brother,
because this beauty is our
first step to getting flush.
Look, I'm sorry. I didn't...
Hi, Garrett.
You climbed out of our bed,
tip-toed over the floor,
and left me there
to steal that car.
We are a team.
You can't sideline
me on this one.
Well, I... I tried
to convince him,
but he wasn't having any of it.
I'll give you a minute.
Yeah. Steph...
You've got to let me in, Andrew.
All the way in.
Just tell me, "you got it."
You got it.
Come on.
Let's toast to Marseille.
Damn right, baby.
Yeah, if jackass over here can
learn how to follow a plan.
Come on! Your plan was to
hang off the side of a truck.
If only your dad could see you right now.
Here we go.
Did I ever tell you
about the time
I changed the oil on
that '62 Ferrari?
Terrible impression of dad.
Greatest goddamn day a grease
jockey like me ever had.
See, I heard the Ferrari
before I saw it.
Felt it shake the
floor of the garage.
He's not gonna stop.
The body was like that
of a... Elegant woman.
The paint, a perfect red.
The oil...
We've really got
to get him a girl.
For a few hours, everything
felt right in the world.
And then, like a
vision, it was gone.
Okay. Time for bed, old man.
- Get some sleep. I'm serious.
- Yeah.
We've got a car to
fence in the morning.
Yeah, you're right. We
should call it a night.
So, what was that you were
saying about "all the way in"?
You have delivered the dream.
That's the foster guarantee.
When I told you i
wanted this car,
I didn't say i wanted it
stolen from a madman.
Let's be clear about that.
Well, we don't ask you
where you get your money.
Don't ask us where
we get our cars.
But sometimes, you upset the
wrong guy and you find trouble.
Well, then don't upset us.
Look. Come on, now, all right?
This is just business.
You ordered a classic, Mr. panahi,
and we delivered on time.
If you just pay us,
we'll be on our way.
I swear,
I had no idea who the
car belonged to.
I would never have... Shh...
Do you know who I am?
Nope, but I'm pretty sure
the last time a guy
wearing an ascot got laid
was 1972.
So you're brothers?
Yeah, he's my brother
from another mother.
Literally. Look.
Never mind.
Would you like to know who I am?
If you look to the west, just
where the lake meets the shore...
Right at the tip, you see?
About 200 meters from there
is where I was born.
The house I lived in was no
bigger than a storage shed.
My mother worked
for a fishmonger,
cleaning up scales and blood and
gills until her fingers went raw.
She was stooped over as
long as I ever knew her.
I didn't want to hug her,
the way she smelled.
Can you imagine not wanting
to hug your own mother?
My father worked for a man who
restored antique hunting rifles
until the day he died.
I learned all about underlever,
exposed hammers, whelen barrels,
express sights
before I could walk.
When he died, i started stealing
wallets from the sailors in Marseille.
Made quite a living.
Kept expanding my operation.
And now, I'm the biggest black-tar
importer in Southern Europe.
And a collector of
all that is rare.
And beautiful.
Untie them.
I wanna show you more beauties.
Is that the alfa Romeo 158?
Yes, it was driven by
Juan Manuel fangio.
This car finished first in the
1950 monte Carlo grand prix?
Dodge 6 with
right-handed steering?
It was altered for
al Capone himself.
Very convenient for a drive-by.
Corvette c1.
'64 Shelby cobra.
You got an Austin-healey,
a Jaguar type-e, and, a BMW 327,
and an Aston Martin!
'70? '69.
'67 mustang.
Porsche 356.
Jaguar xk120.
Exactly right.
You're... Jacomo morier.
Entirety of my life has been
invested in these cars.
They're a constant reminder
of how far I've come
and how far i intend to go.
That motherless freak
panahi thieved from me,
which means you thieved from me.
Mr. morier, we had no
idea this was your car.
We just thought it was purchased at
auction and passing through Marseille.
Ignorance of a crime against a man
is no excuse for the crime itself.
Whoa! Wait, wait, wait.
Look, Mr. morier, maybe there's
something we can do for you, you know?
Garrett... Make things square.
He's gonna shoot us.
You're not helping.
Max klemp. Max klemp? Max klemp.
Look, either we cut him in,
or there's nothing to cut.
Cut me into what?
Okay. Max klemp.
Max klemp was a third-generation
heavy out of west Berlin.
Born with a silver
spoon in his mouth.
Turns out he was the
smart one in the family
because at age 15, he started his
mba at the university of Munich,
seven years younger
than any other student.
At age 20, he proved himself not
only brilliant with numbers
but capable of taking
over the family business
in his own unique way.
At age 30, his father handed
him the reins to the empire,
and to celebrate the
event, he gave him a gift.
A 1962 Ferrari 250 gto,
today worth roughly $38 million.
We were gonna steal it from
them here in Marseille.
It's our plan.
You know him?
I know the bastard better
than he knows himself.
He crossed me on an important
real estate deal in Berlin,
which cost me dearly.
He took Torino, Naples, Monaco,
and then he decided to take
something else from me,
something priceless.
Marseille. But
Marseille is mine.
Well, sounds as if you
don't like him very much.
So, you say you're going
to steal that '62 Ferrari
right out of his compound.
That is impossible.
You let us go,
and we can bring you Max klemp's
most prized possession.
Look, it's not just a car, Mr.
It's his legacy.
What do you say?
You have one week.
A week? We're gonna
need longer than that.
Drop them back in Marseille.
We've never planned a job
inside a week before.
We're in Marseille. We
can't crew up that fast.
Shit. What?
What's that?
I'm gonna ask Steph to marry me.
Yeah. Really?
That's great. I'm happy for you.
I mean, she deserves
better, but still.
I'm taking the piss, all right?
I want the best
for you, brother.
So you're okay with this?
Of course.
It's just... Here we go.
It's a genuine concern.
You get married. You have a kid.
The whole thing goes tits-up.
And I'm left holding the bag.
We can't do this forever.
But we can't stop in our prime.
I'm sure Stephanie
would agree with me.
What did dad say to us when
he brought us together?
"You missed the first 15 years of being
friends. Don't miss the next 50."
So let's get back on our feet
and do what we do best.
Garrett, after this
job, I'm done.
You're joking.
When were you thinking
of telling me?
Just did.
Where have you been?
Honey, just...
You scared the hell out of me.
Could really get used to this.
I called you all day. You
didn't answer the phone.
Why are you wet?
We had a slight problem.
What kind of problem?
The kind where people
are shot off roofs.
Shot off roofs? I'm fine.
But this is why i don't
want you in on this one.
There's always a risk
involved, Andrew.
That's part of the job.
There's a place for her, Andrew.
Out of the question.
Not with these guys.
Sweet. It's like my own
private telenovela.
You didn't tell her we've only got
one week. This is why you need me.
Plus, we're gonna need a crew if we're
gonna pull off a job like this.
Exactly what I thought.
I got a friend
here in Marseille.
She can help us get
the people we need.
What? Relax.
She's great. She taught me lot.
She's a fisherman.
No, I said "crew," Steph.
I'm not sure a fisherman is
exactly what we're looking for.
That's 'cause i haven't told you what she fishes
for. And how do you know this friend, exactly?
Let's just say that neither of
us are welcome in any casino
this side of Amsterdam.
Yeah, we don't speak French.
Okay. You can pole me.
I don't want...
Then come... hey!
Check your valuables, sir.
This woman is a known thief.
No, I'm okay.
Here she comes.
She's single.
She's a thief.
We're thieves, smart guy.
So good to see you.
So, this is Andrew. Hi.
And this is Garrett. Hello.
You having a little
trouble with the police?
No trouble.
Merde! Call me.
Get back here!
Stop! Get back here!
It's not bad.
She's in.
So the bump is important,
but the misdirection of
the target is the key.
And now you can rob
poor tourists together.
Get them thinking about one
thing before you bump them.
Like, say, "excuse me, do you
have the time?" No, you don't.
Would another good example
of a misdirect be
to get someone to fall
in love with you,
steal their stuff, and then
leave while they're asleep?
Brazil, Brazil.
Yeah, that would
work really well.
What did you bring me, you thief?
C'est un croissant.
Your favorite.
First, you have to
prove to my friends
how good you are at
blowing things up.
Open the safe without
harming the pastries,
and they're yours.
All right, get out of the way.
Should we...
I promise, he's good. I just got
him a little excited. It was...
He's in.
He's in? Yup. We don't
have time to be picky.
Not this time. No.
I wanna focus on the job.
You sure about that? Yes.
Anyway, I think we
should be more concerned
about how we're gonna work
this from the inside.
I wanna do that.
I'm the last one
anyone would expect.
Can I talk to you for a sec?
What's the matter with you?
How many times are we gonna
have the same fight?
I'm just trying
to keep you safe.
So let me get this straight.
You've risked my life in the
past, but now you won't.
Yeah. Is that it?
Yes, that's right. Why?
Because we're together now?
I haven't changed. I have.
You know i can handle it.
Andrew, shutting me out
and trying to protect me like one
of those cars, it won't work.
I know you're afraid to lose me,
but this is the life we chose.
Don't you see that?
So, tell me, what
happened in Brazil?
It doesn't matter.
I'd like to know.
No. No, please. Allow me.
You see, we were
finishing a job.
Don't. '61 California spider.
It was beautiful.
We had the car, and the night we
negotiate the deal with the buyers,
Gabriela lets little
Garrett hit it.
The next morning, Gabriela's
gone, and so is the Ferrari.
Oof! Screwed two times.
Not quite.
Actually, while I
was recovering,
Andrew saw the car leave at dawn. He could have
chased it. I know I would have. The road was blocked.
Which is why you should have done
the riviera run. What? Yeah.
What, did you just make that up?
It's catchy.
What's that? Riviera run?
So you're holding the throttle while
mashing the brake at the same time.
It's not as easy as it sounds, okay? Too
much pressure, and the engine stalls.
Too little, and you lose speed.
And then, when you let it go...
Riviera run.
That doesn't actually work.
Yes, it does. You didn't try it.
You weren't there.
So that's it?
You don't get involved with
girls on jobs anymore?
I think you should
dance with me.
Yeah? Only if you give
me my phone back first.
It's not gonna ring.
They're good.
Really good.
You have friends that
can drive like that?
So what's your plan?
Don't need one.
Got to be able to adapt.
Just start low. Yeah,
I know what to do.
Garrett, let me help you with this.
These people... No, thanks.
Fair, but firm. That's
what I always do.
I don't steal from people
who don't have it coming.
Fine. Be my guest.
Who wants bouillabaisse?
I'm buying.
We're prepared to pay you each 1,000
Euros for your driving services.
All right, then.
You know the way out.
Look, you guys need to counter.
That's how this works.
Otherwise, I don't know
where your heads are, so...
Okay, then. Just a little
bit of help, please.
Five grand. It's my final offer.
They don't speak English?
I tried to tell you, but...
You knew about this, didn't you?
You're a wanker.
Five grand. We're good, then.
Of course. Always.
That's women for you!
Who's that?
Hey, who are you?
You're gonna swing that thing?
Go ahead.
Except I understand you wanna
get in with Max klemp.
I can help with that.
Hey, I asked you a question.
My name is Laurent.
Well, this was lovely, Laurent.
Laurent morier.
I'm jacomo morier's
first cousin.
I believe you had a nice day
of skeet shooting with him.
He asked me to join up with you.
Help you with whatever
you have planned.
So, you mean, spy on us
and report back to him.
Let me ask you, who
is your contact
inside Max klemp's organization?
I'll tell you.
It's me.
I know a guy who knows a guy.
The guy I know is kuhn.
Does dirty work for klemp
but he cannot ignore
an easy score.
Mr. kuhn.
What the hell do you
want, Laurent morier?
I have a business proposition
you might be interested in.
And what's your cousin
think of you being here?
What my cousin doesn't know is
what my cousin doesn't know.
What are your names? Foster.
I'm Garrett, and this
is my brother, Andrew.
That's cute. Who's in charge?
I am.
I got this one, boys.
Okay, here's the deal.
These guys are the two best
drivers in the business.
We can steal anything
with an engine.
Armored trucks, high-end
delivery vans...
Why don't we just show you?
If we pull a job for you,
we get an introduction.
To whom? Max klemp.
I don't know Max klemp.
Come on.
Well, that's too bad.
Here. Hold that.
Now he's just showing off.
Get back in here.
Are you done yet?
But enough games. Take
a look out there.
See that cargo plane?
It's a vehicle with
an engine, right?
I want you to stop it.
Listen, that's not
what we meant.
If that plane takes off, then
you can forget about Max klemp.
Garrett? Yeah.
You see that plane about
to take off? Yeah.
Don't let it.
Where are you going?
To watch you.
What the hell are you doing?
We've got a plane to catch.
You can watch from right here.
Stop! Stop!
Garrett, get out in front of it.
Yeah, I'm on it.
What the hell?
You just robbed one of Max
klemp's private planes.
He owns this airstrip
and everything in it.
I'm quite sure he'll be looking
for an introduction to you now.
You've got some balls.
Good for you.
My pilot, on the other
hand, was weak.
I can't stand the weak.
So you two took kuhn for a bit of a ride?
Something like that.
Do you know how much a
new propeller costs?
We're worth it, though, if I may, Mr.
My brother and i have pulled
jobs on all five continents.
Your car collection is legendary.
We can help you add to it.
Any car, any time.
We're not rookies.
I think our work
speaks for itself.
You can easily hire the gutter
punks down in Marseille
to steal what needs stealing,
but if you want it done right...
we have a reputation.
No, the one without the mouth,
the big guy. Come here.
Come on, big guy.
Hold this nail for me.
You know, my brother really
handles the negotiation.
There's nothing to negotiate.
You see, i don't care about reputation
or how good you think you are.
I care about one thing.
There are not many people
in this town you can trust.
What makes you think
you're one of them?
We're not from this town.
Neither am I.
You can buy trust, Mr. klemp.
Respect, on the other hand,
you can't put a price on that.
I'll be in touch.
Thank you.
You know what?
Something wrong?
I'm a car enthusiast.
You wanna see my garage.
Don't you think i know that
you're jacomo morier's cousin?
Second cousin. Second cousin.
I think.
I never get those things right.
First cousin once
removed, second cousin...
Why are you here?
Look, Mr. klemp...
Let him answer.
Two years ago, i went to
my cousin to ask for work.
In front of all his
men, he spun me around,
kicked me in the ass.
Told me to go beg for scraps
in someone else's junkyard.
Said our blood meant
nothing to him.
Let me tell you something, Mr.
When an opportunity comes along
where he's standing
on a cliff's edge,
I'll be the one to push.
Is that so?
Gto 250.
I haven't seen one of these
outside a car magazine.
She's gorgeous.
It's not a car.
It's a masterpiece.
Trumps them all, right?
All right, enough.
Get out of here.
Here, keep this safe.
He's a liability.
What did you say?
I said you're a goddamn liability, and the
last thing I need is an amateur in my crew.
You wouldn't even have looked in
the garage if it weren't for me.
I clocked that garage in
the first five seconds.
What I didn't do is
draw attention to it.
I found out what
needed finding out.
You got the code, didn't you?
No, you overplayed your hand.
Having you around was a mistake.
You think my cousin is going
to let you go on without me?
I wouldn't bet on it.
You know, what you said earlier
about throwing morier off a cliff,
was that true?
I love my cousin.
All right.
Really? What now?
They forced their way in and
said they would wait for you.
Officer depaul with interpol,
and this is officer closson.
You are Garrett and
Andrew foster?
Yeah, that's right.
And who's this?
Simon dardin. Sorry. What?
Simon dardin.
What is this about?
Well, you tell me.
Why would we be here
standing in your apartment?
Well, I don't know.
Seems illegal, though.
Do you have to have a
warrant in France?
I think you have
to have a warrant.
Funny guy.
We are investigating a stolen
car ring all over Europe,
and the names that we
hear again and again
are two brothers named foster.
Yeah. Are you sure that it's "foster"
coming up and not "fosterre"?
I see. You are smart guys.
I love smart guys.
I love to watch them crack.
I love that moment in their eyes
when they realize
they're not so smart.
You must see that every morning
when you're brushing your teeth.
See you soon, foster brothers.
We'll be there when
you're not so smart.
Seems like I need to be more worried about the
two of you than you need to worry about me.
We need to get the
hell out of here.
Yeah, good luck with that.
Listen, you say one word
of this to your cousin,
and I'll be the person
throwing somebody off a cliff.
Tell me your "drop this"
radar isn't going off.
I'm ignoring it.
You shouldn't.
Well, that's why i have you.
We're just relying on way too
many people we don't know
for this not to go sideways.
We're a team. Remember?
The sooner you start to realize that,
the sooner we can just get on with it.
You really think i wanna steal
cars for the rest of my life?
There are other ways
to make dad proud.
Stubborn old dog, wasn't he?
Never thought I'd forgive
him when he left.
Then seeing him in
that hospital bed,
chasing dreams
till the very end.
He wasn't the best dad.
He brought us together,
though, didn't he?
It's just Stephanie. She...
she changes things.
No, Andrew. She doesn't.
The reason why you love her is because
she's more like us than you care to admit.
Surely, you see that.
So what are you saying?
We continue to work
together as a threesome?
I mean, I wouldn't
have used that word,
but now that you mentioned it...
Is there a moment
you can't ruin?
Don't you know this market
isn't safe for foreigners?
Come with me.
Get your hands off me. Move it.
Get out of my way!
Don't we know them?
Panahi's men.
Go left!
They took her. What?
Morier's men, they snatched
Stephanie at the market.
Hey, hold it right there!
Watch your manners, boy.
Where is she?
Try it.
You wanna see her?
Come on.
Steph! Andrew, stop!
No! Wait.
Calm down. Think about it.
Stop. Stop!
I understand you boys are thinking
of running away from France
without stealing the one car I want. No!
Wait! You're trying to make a fool of me.
She's not in this!
Everyone is in this.
If you don't bring me
that vintage Ferrari,
this pretty girl's face will
be nothing but a skid mark.
Then I'm gonna kill
everyone you know.
Everyone you ever
said bonjour to.
I'm gonna kill every
last one of them
in ways that would make
the devil hide his eyes.
Am I making myself
completely clear? Yes.
Well then, let's consider our
deal officially renegotiated.
I wanna hear your plan,
and I wanna meet your crew,
every last one of them.
Can I have a word with
my brother for a second?
Come on. Andrew!
This changes everything.
No, it doesn't, Andrew.
We can adapt.
I can't lose her. Neither can I.
Okay. You wanna know the plan?
Meet us and our team tomorrow
morning at the chapelle.
So, let's hear how
you're gonna do this.
The best way to
steal from a thief
is to lure him away
from the stash.
How are we gonna do that?
First, we're gonna get our
hands on a bulldozer.
Then we're gonna
steal some stuff.
Police cars, police vans,
and some riot gear.
So you're gonna
boost police cars.
Klemp has a lot of
policemen in his pocket.
We know, and we're
counting on that.
- Yes?
- Max klemp?
This is Corinne from the
police station in Marseille.
I was told to tip you that you
are being raided sometime today.
Come on. Let's go.
Alpha team left.
Bravo, right. Go, go, go!
If you back a rat into a corner,
he'll bare his teeth and
fight to the death.
But if you give that rat
an option, he'll take it.
And then you can steer him in
whichever direction you want.
And how are you sure he'll run?
Because all rats
desert a sinking ship.
It's instinct. Just remember, you're
dealing with a very smart rat.
We're smarter.
What the hell is this?
Just be cool.
Weapons down! Now!
How stupid do you think I am?
The minute your cousin
stepped foot on my property,
I knew you were up to something.
You learned nothing
from our history.
You have something
of value, I take it.
The drugs, the mule routes,
the ports, and now Marseille.
This is my town. I'll
never let you take it.
I tell you one thing.
I'm always 10 steps ahead of him,
so whatever you're gonna do,
I'd think twice.
Good to see you, old friend.
Take him tomorrow, and
I am coming with you.
That's not a good idea if
we're gonna do this. "If"?
I say tomorrow.
And I'll drive that car.
7:00 A.M. here.
Too bad we have to leave
your sexy girl behind?
I'm sure my cousin will
take good care of her.
Hey, I wanna talk to someone.
Listen, you bastards,
let me out!
So, the food is good?
I see you are still
getting along so well.
Although i should tell you,
we have discovered that
you are not Simon dardin.
You are the cousin of
monsieur jacomo morier
from right here in Marseille.
Good work, officers.
You should be proud of
your investigative skills.
You lied to us. We
know something is up.
And when we find out what it is,
we'll all be spending
much more time together.
I guarantee that.
You know, I'm going to enjoy this.
What are you talking about?
We can't have them follow us,
or none of this is gonna work.
So, we're gonna have interpol
think that we had a falling out.
Falling out? Yeah.
Son of a bitch!
Morier's cousin?
Come on.
If you insist. Thanks.
Andrew! Wait. Where
are you going?
All alone again?
Story of my life.
Mind if I join you?
Look, I'm really
not in the mood.
It's not my flavor.
Yeah, you're right.
Ferrari has never made
a car like the 166.
What did you just say?
Well, my father spent
20 years restoring one.
The original red barchetta?
That's my favorite car. Really?
Did you ever get to drive it?
Every Sunday afternoon.
Look, I appreciate what
you're trying to do.
It's gonna be okay, Garrett.
We're gonna do this.
Come here.
What? What do you want?
I'm hungry.
Hey. Hey.
Come on. Please.
I thought we could eat together.
What do you think?
You think I'm stupid?
You think I'm gonna fall
for your little trick?
Well, you fell for
Andrew's, didn't you?
I bet you didn't
even fight back.
What did you say?
What did you say?
Come here.
Nice try.
Okay, this is it.
You know what to do.
Buckle up.
Okay. Let's roll.
Hello? Max klemp.
Monsieur morier? Oui?
Out of the car, please.
Get the car. We're leaving.
Everyone back up.
Merde. Forgive me for being
direct, monsieur morier,
but are you not here expecting to
meet two men by the name of foster?
I don't know what
you're speaking of.
I'm speaking of the two
men whom we witnessed
beating Mr. Laurent here.
I'm speaking of the two men who are
going to incite a crime war for you.
You are all under arrest.
You've got to be kidding me. It's okay.
I have more, yeah?
We don't have time. We've
got to get inside now.
The best way to
steal from a thief
is to lure him away
from the stash.
You work out of the
Brussels office, yes?
That's right.
Tell officer vanderberg
this is the second time he
sends his bees to sting me,
and it won't work
this time, either.
I will tell him.
There is no officer vanderberg.
I told you I could
be your inside girl.
Never doubted you for a second.
You're an idiot.
Tick-tock, turtledoves.
Fire in the hole.
Come on.
Hey. I hope you're out of there
because you've got trouble.
What kind of trouble?
Morier made us.
He's heading home.
Come on.
Come on.
You all in?
All right, guys, whatever you
do, don't wreck these cars.
Shit. What?
You looking for this?
Andrew, we don't have time.
Look at me. But... Steph.
Will you marry me?
You're crazy.
Yes, go. Go! Go now.
All right, proceed as planned.
We'll take the canyon.
Leon, get ready to blow
that bridge behind us.
Andrew, it's not worth it.
Andrew, no!
The riviera run.
Devin, hope you're
ready for plan b.
I'm ready.
Andrew, what are you doing?
Morier, this ends now.
What part of the plan is this?
Thought you didn't need a plan.
I will call you.
I promise.
Guys. Yeah, it's cool.
Officers. Glad to see you.
You okay? Yeah, I'll be fine.
Don't worry.
Next time, we want to drive.
You've got it.
Thanks for playing along.
By the way, the guy in the
barrel, was it too much?
No, it was a nice touch.
I have to hand it to
you, it was a bold plan.
Yeah? Well, you
know what they say.
Fortune favors the bold.
Why does this keep
happening to me?
I'm a good person. I
mean, I talk a lot,
but I don't deserve to
be blown off every time.
That phone's not gonna ring.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
What is that i hear?
Any trouble? Nope.
You are beautiful.
You know that?
That's my favorite
thing about her.
The ability to shut him up.
My god!
Did I ever tell you
about the time
I changed the oil on
that '62 Ferrari?
Greatest goddamn day a grease
jockey like me ever had.
It's all yours, old man.
So that's it, then?
We're done?
You know... What?
There is one more thing.
A '53 Sierra coupe.
There are only
nine in the world.
And one is in Barcelona.
You up for it?
I'm driving.
You think i bought that you
just came up with that plan?
A wise man once told me, "if you look
around and can't see who the mark is..."
"Then it's you."