Overheard 3 (2014) Movie Script

The Chinese colloquial term for a male heir.
The Ding Grant.
The Hong Kong British government began to
develop the New Territories (NT) in 1972
Facing strong opposition
from the NT indigenous.
...residents the government
granted them a privilege.
Each NT Ding was permitted to
build Ding a house on premium-free land.
Up to 3 stories high, each
storey under 700 square feet.
You created a miracle, Uncle To.
The villagers were united.
I was just their spokesman.
No false modesty, Uncle To!
You accomplished a lot!
The Ding House Policy...
...has kept things stable for decades.
But things are different now
The number of Dings in the N has grown to more than 200,000 Dings.
Hong Kong (HK) is short of land.
If every Ding builds a house... Ding.
...it'd be a waste of land.
And it's unfair to other HK people.
So the Ding House Policy...
...has run its course.
You met with officials yesterday.
...and treat me to a drink today.
You must have good news.
The government will stop...
...authorizing Ding Houses...
...from next year onwards.
And in exchange?
We're allowed to...
...pool our rights...
...and put up 30-storey buildings...
...in the form of co-ops.
With each Ding Grant...
...you can build...
...one 1600-square-feet apartment.
In other words...
...a 1600-square-feet luxury flat.
So, over 100,000 Ding Grants...
...means over 100,000 luxury flats.
Welcome to big-time property development.
But building a high-rise is harder than
putting up a Ding House.
Without financial support from you...
...a bumpkin like me...
would be helpless.
You're too kind!
What about the Legislative Council?
We'll return any surplus land...
...to the government...
without charge.
what about the local property tycoons?
What would they say?
With you in the picture, Wan...
...they'll understand.
HK is happy.
We're happy.
Harmony prevails!
Right, harmony is paramount.
We've pooled more than 500 grants already.
With an official green
light, we can start works.
Mr Wan will have to.
...invest $720 million in our company.
We'll need the extra $200 million...
...because there'll be bribes to pay.
when we sell the flats.
...is a sensitive issue Ding high-rise.
No-one would agree to it,
if it isn't worth their while.
Whatever your ways may be...
I don't know...
...and I don't care.
Uncle To and I are talking billions.
$200 million is chicken feed.
Mr Wan.
Is something else worrying you?
Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, cheers!
That brother of yours, Yuen.
Where is he tonight?
Well, he's been quite busy.
On the recently approved site
for Ding high-rise...
Yuen own the biggest piece of land.
He's been close with Szeto from
the Developers Association.
And Szeto represents
the 4 major property tycoons.
The Ding high-rises will devalue.
...the lands... Ding high-rises.
...they've been hoarding for years.
Their only hope of scuppering
the plan lies with Yuen.
We'll talk to him, don't worry!
You're welcome to eat here...
...but not talk here.
Come on, Yuen, we need to talk!
There's nothing to talk about!
I've heard that...
...he can be a bit difficult.
What's there to say?
We're brothers!
Calm down.
Let's talk...
Uncle To.
If Yuen's land goes to Szeto's hands...
If Szeto gets that land...
...not wanting trouble, the government...
will ask us to handle it peacefully.
In that case...
I'd be in no position to say anything.
We'd have to give the tycoons...
...parts of our Ding high-rise
project Ding high-rise.
That would take our company
back to square one...
working for the interests
of real estate tycoons!
As for you...
You'll be a nobody in HK
We didn't team up just to
return to the old ways.
Did we?
Let's put all that aside for now
...it's the Mid-Autumn Festival!
We should watch the fireworks!
Aren't fireworks illegal in HK?
Out here...
we make our own law!
You can only see this in the N It's more beautiful than
the display on Victoria Harbour.
Bringing eco-friendly
planning to the countryside!
HK's largest real-estate development.
Harmony, development, heritage.
NT Land Group will hold its IPO soon.
Apply now!
What is this NT Land IPO bullshit?
How come I've never heard of it?
Where did you find this shit?
That doesn't matter.
Press the button.
See how many shares we get!
Which button?
Don't bother.
None of us here...
will get a single share!
What? We're getting nothing?
What does that mean?
Now they're kicking down the ladder?
That's right.
Hang on.
It was the Luk clan who pitched us
the Ding high-rises.
If we haven't handed our Ding Grants
and land to you... Ding Grants.
...you wouldn't have this project!
Now you're listed on the stock market...
without consulting us.
And we don't even get one share?
You think we're stupid?
Not exactly.
We've given up the right
to build a Ding House.
What will my kids live on?
What about their kids?
Listen to me!
As Chuck just said...
...no one here gets a share...
...including us, the 4 Luk brothers!
You're kidding!
Shut your traps!
All of you!
We're fucked anyway.
When we...
...sold our Ding Grants and land to
NT Land last year... Ding Grants.
we got paid, didn't we?
So what if they're listed now?
It has nothing to do with us.
And there's not a damn
thing we can do about it!
Anyone can buy those shares.
The NT will be overrun with outsiders!
That's right.
Calm down!
You're Uncle To's right-hand man!
Say something!
I heard someone urging a rebellion.
Was it you?
Or you?
You want to rebel?
Let's fight!
Are we really going to rebel?
You'll back us if we take NT Land on?
That's good!
And that guy Wan is behind this!
I say we go for him first!
"Which is the demon?
Which is the angel?"
"The two can look so much alike"
Nobody's seen Uncle To for months!
No one would believe...
...he has nothing to do with this.
Right, let's find out how
many shares he holds!
Jau, you brat...
You brat...
Come over.
We miss you.
5 years...
...tough for you.
Not that tough!
Just 5 years for drunk-driving
and manslaughter...
...plus a million dollar pay-off.
That's worth it!
The sun's out, the future looks bright.
Come over here.
You know what world this is?
Our world!
And this is just Phase One.
We've bought over 1,000 Ding Grants.
We'll keep buying and building.
Phase 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
We'll have the biggest development.
In time, we can even bring back...
...the Chinatown Nightclub!
Yes, with call girl service too!
The 4 of us...
...owe all this to you.
Accept our gratitude!
Here's $1 million payoff.
Uncle To doesn't want an outsider to do it.
Yuen may not be a kin...
...but we grew up with him.
But I'm running for district council.
What are you saying, Paul?
We'll have nothing if we
don't kill Yuen, you idiot!
If we hire an outsider...
Uncle To can do nothing about it.
What happens to me if you go to jail?
Shut up! Men are talking!
You want a beating?
Why not kill her and do the
job while you're at it?
I wouldn't stop you!
Let's draw lots!
I'm not a Luk.
I'll do it.
Don't worry, Jau.
You didn't go to jail in vain!
Tell us if there's any
way we can repay you!
Give me back my leg.
Left or right?
The middle one.
OK, it's yours!
Help yourself!
Ms Luk!
Everyone's here for the inspection?
Ms Luk!
You've come out.
Yes, I was just released.
And this is?...
Our brother, Jau.
Good to see you, Mr Luk.
My surname is Law... Law Wing-Jau.
Mr Law
Jau's mother was a Luk.
He may not share our family name.
...but he's as close as a real brother!
Never say I didn't warn you...
Jau is our enforcer! A real fighter!
Good thing you're here.
The building materials I ordered
will be delivered tomorrow
Have you alerted the villagers?
Yes, Sir! Everything's under control.
Then I'll tell them to deliver at 9am.
Let me have a drag.
What was that position called?
You guess.
You're so naughty!
You guys... Finished already?
Premature ejaculators, are you?
Did you take good care of him?
He's been dry for 5 years!
I gave him full service, Chuck!
Show me.
Piss off.
Looks dry to me.
Not enough?
Let's go...
...for another round.
Go after him instead.
...he looks famished.
You know me.
I've had 2 rounds already!
I ain't like you!
You're full just looking at Yu!
What a wimp!
Everyone around knew...
Miss Luk was...
Jau's first and only true love.
You looking for a spanking?
Listen, my dear sex workers...
The brothers have things to do.
You can go now
- Have fun next time.
- This way.
- This way.
- Bye Bye.
So naughty.
How naughty?
Huge boobs!
You can have her next time.
We've bought...
2 Ding Grants for you Ding Grants.
Construction fees included...
...you don't have to pay a cent.
You get 2 flats...
worth $20 million each.
Small change.
We can discuss later.
I want to work with you guys again.
I want you to take a break.
Because I'm crippled?
I want you to take a break.
Come on, cheers.
Paul, we need more booze.
You hear that?
"My life once stretched before me...
...like a plain under the white clouds"
"My heart pounded joyfully
like the blue sea"
"Those were my childhood years,
caressed by the wind"
"That was when we vowed...
...our love would never change"
"But the world is ever-changing...
...and we took different paths"
"Who had the power...
...to uproot the plain?"
"Who had the power to turn the sea...
...into a raging torrent?"
"The wind still caresses us...
...our vow withstands the storm"
"Even if the sea dries up...
...and the hills crumble to dust... "
"Our vow will never change"?
"Who had the power...
...to uproot the plain?"
"Who had the power to turn the sea...
...into a raging torrent?"
The wind...
We've got 4 hours before the drugs wear out.
Insert their SIM-cards here.
Counter-surveillance alarm.
They probably each have one.
Check them all.
Put these on the alarms.
Moon! Forget it.
Call a tow truck!
We'll chip in for the truck fee.
We've been waiting for 3 hours!
I'm starving to death.
Hey, pal.
Help me out!
Say what?
Help me out!
It's night soil.
You'll get used to the smell.
Spare tire?
I don't have one.
So what do I use?
We drive the same truck.
I've been waiting all night for this.
You have a spare tire, right?
Hey, hey...
I'll pay you back for sure.
I always repay my debts.
...you can ask anyone.
I don't have the money for a tow truck.
Can you really fix this, pal?
Screw it tight, pal.
If this falls off and hits someone...
...there will be hell to pay.
Give me your number...
I'll return the tire tomorrow
You don't want to?
That's fine!
I'm Moon, I live in the next village.
Here's my number.
Remember to call me.
Protect our home!
Return our land!
Protect our home!
Return our land!
Sir, we don't care who owns the land?
We have a big shipment to unload.
what do we do about...
...the dispute at the village?
The entrance is blocked with villagers.
All the villages around here know...
...that I own this road.
I even have the land deed.
I decide who passes and who doesn't.
No one can change that!
Come closer...
...and we'll douse you in shit!
Uncle Nine, it's all ready.
So expensive?
$100 per bucket of night soil.
$500 per person.
5 persons, 12 buckets.
That's $3,300
It's a hell of a deal!
I'll pay $3,000
There's already a discount!
Then you can go!
I'll keep the shit.
$1,000 for 12 buckets?
Fine, $3,000
I'll take it.
Thanks a lot!
Here, $400 each.
Thank you!
Take the buckets over there.
If reporters show up...
...to burst into tears.
Don't worry.
We know what to do.
You're so trustworthy.
Kuen says Hung gave her only $300!
You think there'll be a fight?
Hung offered $100 extra for a fight.
Come on, Auntie Gil.
Will you pay $100 extra for a fight?
Fine... $100 extra.
OK, all clear!
Got it, Ms Luk.
Jau wants to work with us again.
Working together is OK...
...but how much does he want?
We've already spent...
...loads on him in these 5 years.
How much more does he want?
But he can see you flaunting your money.
He can buy half a flat with
what you spent on that watch!
Who knows what he's thinking?
We're at war.
We can use an extra man.
For what?
Get him to rat on Uncle To?
Disclose that...
Uncle To ordered Yuen's hit?
What are you saying?
If he admitted what he did...
we'd be dragged down with him!
How about this?
What if we turn Jau over to the cops?
Yeah, we could do that.
Over these few years...
...everyone's changed a lot.
Is that so?
They haven't changed at all.
I thought things would change...
...once the Ding Grants are repealed...
Ding Grants.
...and the high-rise project
takes off, but...
Don't worry.
It'll be fine...
...once we take care of them.
I've bought something for you.
This looks exactly like...
...the pair you gave me before.
I got it at the same shop.
The owner remembers you.
He asked what happened to...
...that bully with the curly hair?
I should grow my hair and perm it.
Then go ask him for protection fee.
Don't do that.
He gave me a discount!
Don't come here again...
...unless it's essential.
There are some things...
...you should stay away from.
Thank you.
Wan wants to see you.
Meet us here tonight.
What's up, Jau?
Can we start?
I was waiting for you, Joe.
This is the Control Programme.
For the past six months...
I've followed every step of your plan.
There's a camera in their
offices, cars and homes.
One for each place.
They all transmit via 3G
Without the telecom support
arranged by Ms Luk...
we couldn't have done this.
It's my job.
Try it.
1 is Keung.
2 is Fu.
3 is Chuck.
...and 4 is Paul.
If the audio isn't clear...
...you can activate their phones.
She says white flowers are for graves.
Need anything else, Mr Luk?
I love you.
He's still chasing pussy.
He doesn't have to chase.
That pussy's already his.
L booked a room at the Gold Coast tonight.
Go there after work.
Take a long bath and wait for me.
Sure thing.
How did you end up in jail?
What were you in for?
...illegal use of a computer.
They should've kept you locked up.
Who uses a computer legally nowadays?
There aren't enough prison cells.
What else have you done...
...since you got out?
Ms Luk asked me...
...to spy on a stockbroker.
The guy was selling NT Land's
I PO documents to Keung.
Then I heard that the broker
was involved in insider trading.
It was all about getting
his son into a good school.
Miss Luk leaked it to a newspaper.
They strung out the revelations...
...over a 20-part report.
He got daily visits from the cops.
His license was revoked.
He couldn't stand it and
jumped off a building.
Hand me the remote.
This is the database.
You have access to 500 hours of recording.
We'd be dragged down with him!
How about this?
What if we turn Jau over to the cops?
We could do that!
What the fuck are you saying?
Jau is our brother!
Remember that!
I'm just kidding.
Don't take it so seriously!
No family conflicts.
Remember that, Paul!
If it wasn't for Jau...
...that dog would've bitten off...
...your dick...
when you were 7
So he can have my dick in return!
We've both been in jail.
We know how bad people can be.
Ms Luk is no exception.
I know
I say this because I respect you a lot.
A woman is either a blessing...
...or a curse.
I said...
I know!
Go on.
This phone is? Linked with...
...the control program.
You can watch from anywhere.
This is for you.
Remember to set a password.
...this is a counter-surveillance alarm.
If there's a surveillance device...
...anywhere within 10 metres...
...this thing will vibrate.
They all carry one.
An expert may be working for them.
What are you up to, Fu?
You call this controlled?
It's under control, Wan.
You called the cops.
I didn't call the cops.
The delivery men just played it by the book.
In legal terms...
Uncle Nine's great-great-grandfather
really did buy that road.
I'll talk to Uncle Nine for you.
Can you make your call outside?
Hello, Uncle Nine?
It's Fu... Can you hear me?
Don't curse my mother...
...she's your sister!
Listen, pull the villagers out.
We can talk it through man-to-man.
How long would you last...
when the cops turn rough.
You'll bring a chopper?
Uncle Nine.
That's not Uncle Nine on the phone.
Can you see who he's talking to?
We can use GPS to triangulate the position.
It's someone at the village entrance.
We can use the village office's
surveillance system.
You can see the village entrance from it.
It's him!
Uncle Nine!
Go to hell.
Hey! Get away!
Oh, goodness!
That's our shit!
Moon, this way!
It's a mess!
Uncle Nine fights with the truckers!
Can we access his computer screen?
He's also watching the live feed.
Don't move it!
I didn't.
His computer controls the camera.
We can see when he's moving it.
And he can see when we're moving it.
See if someone touched the
camera at the village.
Let me have a check.
Let go!
No, It's fine...
...it's only my sons playing.
It's alright.
Alright, that's it.
The NT had always been peaceful...
...till you started building high-rise.
Digging everywhere...
...filling in ponds...
...ruining the feng shui!
We swallowed our anger.
But now you beat people up!
You know what?
More than fifty men in hospital!
And they have families!
You're destroying families!
What's the price for that?
I do unto others...
...as they do unto me.
From now on, if those contractors...
...set foot in our village again...
I'll teach them a lesson!
You can call the cops!
See what'll happen to your high-rises.
Uncle Nine...
we need to resolve this quickly.
We've signed a contract with those people?
Uncle Nine...
what do I tell my father?
So you realize you have
to answer to your father?
Get him back here!
You shouldn't even talk to me!
You're only a woman.
You can't even enter the Ancestral Hall.
Don't talk to me.
Let's go!
Uncle Nine!
On with the meeting.
I have a solution.
Let's cancel the contract with
the building material suppliers.
We'll reassign the work...
...to the villagers.
A smile means you agree, right?
U've invested $2 billion in the company.
You can't just walk out!
We're still talking.
It's a meeting...
...do you understand?
Come on, sit down.
Sit down!
Fine, let's have a meeting.
The contract...
...can be changed...
...it can be cancelled too.
But the penalty will be $500 million.
Who will pay?
You or me?
We'll revise the contract.
We'll still buy the materials.
But we'll make Uncle Nine and
the villagers as subcontractors.
The supplier is a listed company!
You can't change the terms as you like.
How overbearing!
You're overbearing as you want to
put the NT on the stock market!
...dad wants a word.
Uncle To.
I'm in Huangshan.
Back in two days, let's talk then.
Activate his phone.
This is the front camera.
This is the back camera.
Can I access his screen?
They say Uncle Nine was beaten up hard.
He made so much money.
He should bear it!
How can you say that?
We're from the same village!
Same village, my ass!
They won't share a cent with me.
We all know he's an asshole.
But if they didn't build the high-rises...
we'd all be broke.
...the check!
Here's $50, keep the change.
Thanks, Hung!
...any work for me today?
I got something for you.
We'll pave a road this afternoon.
We need 4 people for traffic control.
You want to do it?
Thanks Hung!
I need to shit.
Be ready at the top of the hour.
Don't be late!
- Check!
- Thanks!
Who ordered BBQ pork rice?
Who ordered...
Who do you work for?
Those damn telecom companies...
...no one answer the hotline.
When they do, they just say "reset"
Then they charge a fortune for house calls.
Fiddle things around a
bit and say it's fixed.
Same old shit every time.
Yay! It's fixed!
See? I told you!
Go clean up outside.
Then you can play your games.
This kid of mine...
...all he does is playing games.
Spends all day on the computer...
...playing his games.
Where's the future in that?
This thing is all rusted.
How come?
Must be crappy quality.
When they made this...
...they wouldn't expect...
...buckets of water in the house!
Don't mock me!
This is how I make a living!
What exactly do you do?
Lots of things...
...errands at the building site...
...takeout lunches...
I even rent out my land for farming.
I sell tofu, soya milk and corn juice.
All homemade!
Do you want to buy some?
Why don't you just sell the land?
You'd make a fortune.
...is for farming...
...not for trading.
Don't you know that?
I'm off.
Call me...
...if you need some takeout.
No takeout surcharge for you.
Shall I give you my number?
I remember it.
Bye bye.
Are you here for the rent?
It's working now
Call our hotline if the problem comes back.
Excuse me, please.
No, I know you were...
...at the village entrance this morning.
I wanna check if you're OK
I am fine!
If you need money, ask me.
You don't have to wear yourself out.
Look, your place is like a garbage dump.
Can't even see Yuen's memorial altar.
Look at this mess.
I'll have my maid come clean this up.
Watch over Moon and Sunny!
Protect them from strangers
who want to bring trouble.
Take this.
I know you have backbone.
But remember...
I'll always be here for you.
Do you understand?
I know
Call me if you need anything.
Do you have my number?
It's saved in my phone.
What if you drop your phone?
Memorize it!
Remember it.
I remember.
Remember to call me.
I am leaving.
Call me!
Thanks for all your hard work.
Don't mention it.
I'm just working for the company.
This is Szeto.
Jau, right?
Hello, Szeto.
Without your telecom companies...
I couldn't have tapped Keung's lines!
No effort at all!
...are you happy with the office?
It's nice.
Have a glass of red.
Have you brought what I need?
Data on all the officials
responsible for the Ding high-rises.
A month ago...
Keung asked Yu for $50 million?
It's for bribing government officials.
Watch him closely in these few days...
...capture the evidence.
We've been watching Keung for years...
...but we don't even know
who's in touch with him.
Keung works for our company.
If he screws up...
...it will affect all of us.
After the show the
villagers put on today...
...the business world knows that...
Keung and NT Land aren't getting along.
No one...
will suspect the company.
Wan, you put on...
...one hell of a performance.
Szeto, You've done a lot...
...for the company.
I'm just a glorified errand boy!
Your tycoons aren't altruists.
What's in this for them?
Not much.
They just hope...
...to trade their farm lands...
...for the land you don't need.
With the high-rises and...
...the government's new development areas...
...the tycoons can't build on...
...those lands for 20 years.
It's just wasteland.
They only want a fair trade.
You'll have land to
return to the government.
And we can do business.
That's only fair!
Your friends in the Commission...
...stopped NT Land from being listed!
How is that fair?
There's always...
...some sparring in business.
The key is harmony.
That's right.
The IPO has to look good.
You know that we NT people...
...don't respond well to bullshit.
If you screw it up...
...you won't get an inch of land.
You're lucky, Ms Luk!
You have a fighter and a
scholar on your side!
I guarantee you that NT Land Group...
will be a blue-chip stock...
6 months after listing!
Come on!
Come on!
I've been stupid!
I didn't realize until today that...
Jau didn't kill Yuen for the money.
You said you two were fooling.
...around at that time.
I don't think that's how he saw it!
I was pregnant with his child.
But I had an abortion.
Asshole! Why'd you hit so hard?
Sorry, Uncle Nine.
I overdid it.
What did the doctor say?
Forget it, it had to look convincing.
The lawyer said...
...you'll do 2 months at most...
with a year's probation.
It's OK if I'm jailed.
I'll come visit you...
...and bring anything you'd need.
Don't be stupid!
You two aren't supposed to know each other!
You got paid...
...you've eaten...
...do you plan to move in too?
You and Pong are now the agents.
Take Wan's building materials and...
...switch them with Ping's
counterfeit stuff.
Flooring and windows for you...
...plumbing and electrics for Pong.
The real stuff goes to the container port,
gate 9B, warehouse 4
The buyers will be waiting.
Make the deal on the spot.
The cash goes into
the Kuen Fat and Yee Fat accounts.
Did you get all that?
Repeat it!
Take Wan's building materials and...
...switch them with Ping's counterfeits.
Flooring and windows for me.
What's with all the people?
Signing over their Ding Grants.
How much do they get?
Around $300,000 each.
So little?
A flat will be $20,000 per sq ft!
Lots of poor folks in the N Most of those with grants...
...are poor.
They can't afford
a Ding high-rise flat Ding high-rise.
It'd be better to sell their rights.
Make some money...
...maybe gamble for more.
The really bad ones...
...end up taking drugs.
They get addicted young.
For them...
...that $300,000 is a lifeline.
That's all?
Don't complain!
You snorted a kilo in less than a month!
Dragon Boy!
...sign here.
How much did you say you'd pay per grant?
I gave you $100,000 advance last night.
It says $600,000 here.
No way!
Look here.
I can read English, man.
You calling me a liar?
So what if you know English?
Sign it!
You can't hit me!
How dare you touch me, you little prick!
Shut the fuck up!
Calm down.
I won't sign for less than $600,000
Will you sign?
If no one's signing, then we're done.
Let's get out of here!
You know English, huh?
I speak a little English too!
What's the point of knowing English...
when you're broke?
I'm in charge here!
You know English?
Anyone else knows English?
Sign it!
So life is cheap here?
Without money or power...
...life is cheap everywhere!
"Shall we have tea?"
He's messaging Paul.
"Manchester United wants Messi"
"See you at Old Trafford"
That means Fat Ford's place.
He's a drug dealer.
Paul is picking up a shipment.
Follow him.
Where were we?
You stole my potates...
when you were a kid.
My dog almost got your wee-wee.
Yup, it almost bit it off!
Let's talk about your land.
It's zoned "green belt"
You can't build on it.
It's worthless.
Then why do you want it?
Aunt Gil!
Our families are close.
That's why I managed to
get you $200 per sq ft for this land.
I'm not selling.
You want my land...
...to build luxury flats.
Selling at over $10,000 per sq ft.
With that chicken feed...
I can't even buy a 400-sq-ft flat.
Don't assume that this old hag is ignorant.
I use the internet!
I know you do.
Let me tell you the truth.
There's a lot you won't find online.
Uncle To told me to buy your land.
We know the government plans...
...to build a landfill next to it.
They want to dump trash here.
...feng shui It will destroy the village's.
That's why...
we wanna put up a temple...
...for the Goddess of Mercy.
The government won't dare...
That land will be developed...
...if he drags the Goddess into this.
The 4 of them...
Ding Grants are snatching and land.
If they're fighting NT Land...
why put in all this effort?
Who are you calling?
Hello? Yes.
I was just about to sign.
I see... All right.
What is it?
I won't sell.
Why not?
A developer just offered me...
$1,000 per sq ft.
How is that possible?
That won't help.
When the development starts...
...she still has to sell it cheap.
That's later.
At least she has a place to live now
I'm going to follow Paul.
Uncle To is back.
We'll meet him tomorrow
Try this on!
Didn't you want me to rest?
Didn't you want to work?
You changed your glasses?
I got it in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday.
No, they look like the pair...
Yu gave you years ago.
Similar style, I guess.
It's been over 10 years.
When Uncle To ordered me...
...to take Yu for an abortion...
...that was the end for you and her.
Do you understand?
How can I forget?
When you...
...took Yu to the car...
...the two of us...
...got in a big fight.
I know
If you hadn't thrashed me...
I'd have got killed.
I'm glad you understand.
Don't think too much.
We'll get rich!
Men should make their marks.
So how can I help you?
I'll tell you later.
Something's up, I need to go!
What'd you find about those numbers?
I've searched...
...but got nothing.
I'll hack into the game...
...to try to find the phone.
How long will it take?
2 days.
I've hacked into over 1,000 computers.
I'm using it...
...to help me find the phone.
Since we have time, watch this!
Just making a connection,
what's special about it?
Stay tuned.
Why's he gone to Fu's place?
For Fu's wife!
How's my editing?
You deserve an Oscar!
Don't watch so much porn.
Get to work.
What's his name?
Luk Jing-Hing.
Eldest son Luk Jing-Hing.
Light the lantern!
First bow!
Second bow!
Third bow!
Live long.
Be smart.
This is yours.
Uncle To.
Jau comes to see you.
Why bring him?
To threaten me?
You want him to rat on me...
...because you didn't get shares?
Will you tell I ordered Yuen's murder?
If I upset you, I'll leave.
You've helped the company a lot!
You need not go!
So you worked for the company.
Haven't I paid you already?
Look at you.
In just a few years...
...you're already decked up in bling.
You're prosperous.
Isn't that enough?
In your heart, you know damn well...
...if I've had my fair share.
Whatever you won't give...
I'll take them myself.
You want to take me on?
With what weapon?
664DD233, 652DD889, 57RP58RP
003DD11, 739B738CDD8...
Hold on...
...those are lands held by my company.
What the fuck do you mean?
What the fuck do I mean?
All of your land has been...
...exchanged by Wan and Szeto.
Soon, the 4 major developers...
will own half the N You're getting senile!
Now you know what I've got.
Are you ready to talk?
A toast to Uncle To!
Bottoms up!
Please sit down.
Uncle To.
What conditions did Keung propose?
will exchange his wasteland...
...for my surplus land.
What were their conditions for you?
That we have to work with them...
...if we want NT Land listed.
You'd rather work with them...
...than with me?
It's not just you and me...
...the boss have decided.
The boss?
You use them to threaten me?
Tell them that...
we won't listen anymore!
Tell them...
...to go fuck themselves!
That goes for you too!
Uncle To.
In the NT...
...only males can be heirs.
If NT Land doesn't get listed...
...can never be your heir.
...my family business.
It has nothing to do with you!
It was me who decided...
...to cooperate with Szeto, not Wan.
Back then...
I was just a small-time village chief.
The tycoons came to snatch our land.
They all but bullied us.
Your mother.
It's your mother...
who asked me to stand up...
...for those powerless villagers.
I told them...
I would fight for them to the end.
You know what happened?
They had someone run a
car over your mother!
And now you want me...
...to work with those murderers?
Don't, dad!
How can I work with them?
Dad, are you all right?
Get the medicine!
Are you OK? Get the medicine!
It's OK, dad.
Dad... Are you OK?
It'll be fine.
You're all right now
No, something's going to happen...
...for sure.
My dear.
You can't beat them.
It's impossible.
I know
Let's go home.
Go home.
Give me that.
Uncle To just gives us 5% of the shares?
That's only $2 billion!
Do we look like beggars?
What does he want in return?
Handle the chiefs of 20 odd villages.
Are they getting a cut from our shares too?
No way!
You don't even have the shares yet!
Even if you do...
...there won't be enough to go around.
Wan is backed by...
...some American banks.
With a few tricks...
...he can dilute our holdings to nothing!
You're only looking at this bottle.
If it's too diluted...
...add more liquor!
Wan holds the bottle!
No, look again.
The bottle's in our hands.
we've collected over 900 grants lately.
We haven't transferred
all of them to NT Land.
And the land?
Over 600,000 sq ft in our village
are still in our hands.
There's more land in nearby villages.
Hang on.
Where do we get the money?
If each village chief
chips in $100 million...
we'll be in business!
Once we start building...
...investment will flood in!
Our own company?
Yes, the 4 of us!
We can get listed!
So the fortune teller was right!
"The man in charge is too
obsessed with power"
"It's time for new blood to take over"
We can keep what we earn!
OK, loudmouth.
How about a company name?
There're 4 of us, how about
Four Aces Corporation?
We're gonna kick some asses!
...you think the government will approve?
We decide, not them.
Four Aces Corporation will prevail!
Nothing tops a hand with four aces!
Come on!
This sounds nice...
...but they're all misers...
...they won't bring cash to the table.
And if they join, won't
our shares be diluted?
A month ago...
...the lands Keung talked about...
were still under NT Land.
But recently they were
transferred to shell companies.
And it looks like...
Szeto holds shares of all of them.
These are government documents.
The one who tipped off Keung...
...must be very high up.
As Four Aces Corp...
...of course we'll run the show!
Why bother?
Those morons won't even understand!
Are these plot numbers?
I booked plane tickets for you and Sunny.
A study tour to Europe tomorrow
I am busy...
...can't go on a trip.
Who's that woman?
Yuen's widow
...but I can't just go tomorrow
He's on holiday.
It'll be good for him.
Are you eating here?
I came to eat with you!
Just half a bowl.
I'm on a diet.
You're not eating?
Sunny's doing his homework.
Don't wait, you go ahead.
...a family...
...should eat together, I'll wait for him.
About Sunny's tuition...
...don't pay for me anymore.
I didn't pay...
...the principal wouldn't take my money.
Boarding costs money too.
You'd rather not be reliant...
...but I love helping people.
You must know how I feel about you...
I know you're good to me.
You take care of me and my son.
But I still remember...
...how my husband died.
I have nothing to do with Jau killing Yuen!
Ignore all that crazy gossip!
I know it wasn't you...
...but I only love Yuen.
So I'm waiting!
No need!
I wanna wait, that's my business.
Time to eat, Sunny!
Jau's back.
I saw him with Uncle Keung.
Why didn't you tell me?
Jau has served his time...
...repaid all his debts.
Forget it.
How can I?
My husband should be the one sitting there.
Yuen trusted me.
I told him I'd jump ship with him.
He was waiting for me that night...
...not knowing I drove there to kill him.
Get jilted?
Uncle To asks you to kick me out?
I'm hungry.
Late-night snack.
Come on!
Where are we going?
...to a great crab congee place.
It's a VIP flight.
Get in!
You're out so late.
...it's my night shift.
I happened to pass by...
...so I'd thought I'd buy some...
My car's broken again.
Since my hubby died...
...this car's had a grudge against me.
It's not grudge...
...the car's just gotten old.
It's only 6 years old.
When my husband was alive...
...he kept his car going for 10 years.
He hated wasting...
...so he was always fixing things.
Take a seat.
Come on.
Have a beer.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You've done so much for me.
I should buy you dinner.
BBQ pork rice.
No way.
It should be something nicer.
Call me when you're free.
You remember my number?
I do.
You really do remember it!
It's easy, it sounds like...
"Be there or be square" in Chinese.
Mom! Auntie Gil is in trouble!
I refuse to sell you my land.
Now you dump debris on it.
You want to ruin my land?
You people are shameless!
Uncle Nine, how could you?
How could I?
I'm standing on Keung's land.
I can do what I like here.
I'll call him.
Ignore her.
Keep dumping!
You've gone too far!
Auntie Gil's old...
...you want to give her a heart attack?
She's one of us!
Beat it!
He's only got a few guys!
There are more of us.
Let's fight him!
You 2 assholes, don't you wanna work?
You wanna starve?
Calm down.
More of you?
Don't like it?
Come on, hit me!
Fucking useless!
Keep going!
Stop dumping!
Boss! Are you OK?
Well, well, well...
...you're screwed, kid.
What are you doing?
Wanna fight me?
Get me right here!
Come on!
Right on the artery!
Come on!
The aorta!
Where's your aorta?
Is that your aorta?
Is that it?
Come on!
Come get some!
Get up!
Hit me if you've got the balls!
I said, stop it!
Let's go.
Uncle To!
I'll fetch it for you.
why are you up so late?
Today, I had my lawyer establish a trust.
I put all my NT land shares...
...into it.
No more IPO!
Uncle To...
...the Commission is about
to approve the IPO
We can't stop just because you say so.
The Commission won't approve...
...as I won't exchange land
with the tycoons.
The land is held by the company.
The exchange...
...is up to the board.
The land does indeed belong to the company.
But here in the NT...
...the top guy has final say on land trade.
Now in the NT...
...that top guy is me!
As for the board...
...the majority shareholder...
...also happens to be me.
...our shares together...
...outnumber yours.
You ungrateful brat...
what are you saying?
Together, we got more shares...
...than you.
I'm the one...
who ordered Yuen's assassination.
I'll turn myself in tomorrow!
Every dirty secret this company has...
I'll spill them all out!
Let me do it.
What are you doing?
Are you nuts?
Get out of the way!
Step aside.
No, please.
What are you doing? This is murder!
Dad won't last long anyway...
...he's only got two months left.
I beg you!
I thought...
I could turn over a new leaf...
with you in Hong Kong.
It turns out I can't.
I'm sorry.
It's daylight already...
what happened to that snack?
This car will take you to a hotel.
Take this to room 12049
Someone will come pick it up.
Afterwards... Get back in the car.
Keung asked Yu for $50 million...
...to bribe officials.
We've been watching Keung for years...
...not knowing who's in touch with him.
Who's that?
Mark, the government official...
...in charge of the N He grants permission for
the Ding high-rises.
From now on, you'll liaise with him.
He'll never call you...
...or meet you for coffee.
Any transaction would...
...take place outside HK
He's got many officials...
...to help us.
If this goes belly-up...
...heads will roll.
The Ding Grants...
...the land...
...the officials...
we have it all wrapped up.
The future's bright for Four Aces!
We'll be a match for NT Land now
A match?
We'll hammer them!
Mark will contact you...
...in the game.
Call me when he contacts you.
I've got it.
What's going on?
We're moving out.
A woman and kid alone, where will you go?
She won't wait around...
...for your men to come for revenge.
That's crazy...
...no one will do that while I'm here.
Ignore him!
It's not up to you!
...it's up to me.
You can't just go.
Keung's looked after you two...
...for years.
He's spent lots of money.
You did give me money...
...but I haven't spent a cent.
All the rent I owe you is in there.
Count it yourself!
Count my ass!
The boy's schooling costs a fortune.
Does the tin hold that much?
Stay right there!
I'll call accountants to check.
If there's a cent missing...
...you'll be sued, bitch!
I'll cover for her.
Be serious, Auntie Gil.
I'll chip in too.
Me too!
Is this enough?
Here's my share!
That's for you.
You nosy pricks!
Do we look like beggars?
He's dead?
Who's dead?
Uncle To is dead!
These animals.
Bullying people everywhere.
They'll get their due!
When did Uncle To die?
We don't know exactly.
He was like this when we came home.
Uncle To's health was failing.
He didn't want people to know
That's great!
Those 2 are the last ones standing!
Get them while they're down!
Good timing!
Don't be so sad.
What's the emergency?
Tell me...
...how did Uncle To die?
His diabetes acted up...
...and he didn't get his shot in time.
That brought on a heart attack.
I found the official that Keung bribed.
I'll deal with him.
From now on...
...you stay out of this.
Sorry, I lied.
When Dad's illness acted up...
I didn't give him the shot.
You won't see me again...
when this is over.
He killed our baby.
You should go...
...take care!
You too.
Joe, pack up!
Action tomorrow!
Find the home you dreamed of...
...in Four Aces City.
Four Aces Corporation.
...the NT people's real estate group.
What is that Four Aces shit?
Didn't you get us shares in NT Land?
All of us here...
...gave you land and grants...
...so as to fight Uncle To.
What the hell...
...is Four Aces City?
Uncle To croaked.
You think his daughter
will give you shares?
Think again!
We have grants and land...
...so why not do it ourselves?
Am I right?
Four Aces will be...
...the second Ding high-rise developer!
Ding high-rise.
How will you pay for it?
Good question!
The infrastructure is in place.
We're just putting up buildings...
...not much money is needed.
The 4 of us will put in a billion.
How much are you willing to invest?
Decide for yourselves.
A billion? I can manage that...
...in sperm count.
Listen to me.
Come on.
Look outside.
What world do you see?
That's our world!
We've more than a thousand rights.
We'll keep buying and building.
Phase 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
We'll have the biggest development.
We're talking billions.
If I can get a share of that...
I'll bring back Chinatown Night Club.
Great minds think alike!
Count me in!
Let's discuss this.
This is how Uncle To started.
A bunch of morons.
We'll find a broker...
...to play a few tricks...
...to dilute their shares.
We'll fork out $100 million...
...but call it 1 billion.
We'll be in charge anyway.
As Four Aces Corp...
...of course we'll run the show!
Why bother?
Those morons won't even understand!
So you think we're morons?
You are son of a moron!
Calm down, it's a misunderstanding.
Calm down.
You morons.
Leave my dad alone!
Don't fight!
Hey, look at this!
Bunch of fucking hicks.
I'm helping you to make money!
What the fuck do you know?
Get out!
Come on!
We're fucked!
Fu is on his way to you...
Who are you calling?
Wrong number.
We found drug in the house.
Keep searching.
Yes, sir!
Only Keung is left now
Lend me your car.
Where are you going?
To take care of Keung.
You're really fucked.
What do you want?
Find who did it!
Where are you going, boss?
To Central.
Your alarm and phone are tapped.
Bugs have been installed.
This one runs on 3G...
...it has GPS
I'll scramble the feed...
...so he won't find you.
Give me some time...
I'll ferret him out.
Got it!
He's in your neighborhood.
Keung, someone's here for you.
Thanks for bringing it.
Here's what you asked for.
Here, a little something.
No need.
Just a small token.
Why are you here?
I told you to stay away!
Keung got away!
Did you let him go?
So we've wasted our time.
You let Keung get away...
...how can we work together?
...give me a hand.
...it's over.
Get out of here.
What about you?
A few loose ends to tie up.
I ran into Moon...
...she took me for you.
Get going!
What is this?
Who is he?
Mark and I will turn ourselves in.
Mark'll testify that...
Keung and I bribed him.
Who's that?
Mark, the government official...
...in charge of the N He grants permission for
the Ding high-rises.
From now on you'll liaise with him.
He'll never call you...
...or meet you for coffee.
Any transaction would...
...take place outside HK
He's got many officials to help us.
will you cooperate?
...you've got vision.
Sacrifice yourself for the common good.
Don't worry.
I'll get you the best lawyer.
No need.
I'm paid to do this.
How can you weigh our relation in cash?
How else should it weigh?
What do you want?
Sit down!
Calm down.
I have something for you.
Are you nuts? Get out of the way!
Step aside.
What are you doing? This is murder!
Dad won't last long anyway...
...he's only got 2 months left.
Step aside.
...how much do you want?
You'll pay whatever I ask, right?
I've nothing to do with this.
Neither do the bosses I work for.
You know that.
We're businessmen, just want profits.
If you want to cooperate...
...call me.
What a fucking couple!
Come on!
Everything's under control.
Fu! Get out!
I couldn't finish the job.
I'm not going anywhere.
Moon! Let me do it!
Uncle Keung.
It will be fine.
Trust me, it's OK
Hey, pal!
When did you get out?
About a month ago.
Why didn't you call me?
I've been busy!
Who are you spying on now?
Auntie Gil sold me this land...
...for $1,000 per sq ft.
It's in a "green belt"
It's worth much less than that...
...only $200 at most.
Auntie Gil fooled you!
Didn't you say...
...land wasn't for trading?
I wanna find out what it's for.
I'll teach you.
Are you all right, Paul?
Keung, my wee wee's gone!
It got scared and shrank.
You're gross, Fu!
Run, Yu, that dog is coming!
"God'll never let the kind be bullied"
Shut up, Chuck, it's catching up!