Owning Mahowny (2003) Movie Script

- You know, some folks believe | everyone has a public life,
a private life | and a secret life.
What do you think about that?
- See, the thing is, I guess...
my secret life | is a bit less secret
than anyone else's right now.
- Hey, Mahowny,
you got a promotion, eh? | - Yup.
- So, when are you gonna | junk that heap?
- Why? It runs.
- Good morning.
- Hey, wild man.
You been hanging out | where the action is?
- I'm always where the action is.
- We still hanging | out this weekend?
- You bet. We're moving the stuff | into the apartment, right?
- We should celebrate | right after.
How about dinner | at Vivante's?
- Vivante's?
Are you sure we can get outta | there for under 30 bucks?
- No? | - No.
- You just got a raise.
- Hey, let's not get crazy.
All right? | Talk to you at lunch.
Good morning.
- Good morning. | - Miss Selkirk.
- Congratulations.
- Mr. Mahowny has just become
the branch's youngest | assistant manager.
- I see.
- He's been handling
Miss Selkirk's accounts and | trading interests for some time.
- Well,
perhaps we could... | get started, then.
- Are you telling me that | the bank would be happy
to lend the money to my father,
but has reservations | about lending it to me?
- We'd just be happier if Selkirk | International was involved
as security. | - I thought security was...
- The building itself, with | Miss Selkirk's bond holdings
making up the balance.
- In addition to which you have | my client's personal guarantee.
- Even so, with such | a large line of credit...
- Sir.
- I'm sorry you had to | go through that, Miss Selkirk.
- What was on that sheet?
- I thought he should know | how much we're making off you.
- Dan!
- You actually make banking fun.
- It's all about procedure.
Just have to know | your way around it.
- Well, I am very grateful.
One of these days, | I'm gonna take you out
and get you a decent suit. | Bye-bye.
- Bye.
- See ya. | - Bye.
- Are you sure he can handle | a loan of this size at his age?
- Oh absolutely.
He has an impeccable record
and excellent judgement.
- What are you doing here?
- We got a little concerned | when you didn't show.
We thought maybe you were sick | or something...
- This is not the race track. | - How much you got for us?
- I told you, I need a day or two.
- That was on Monday, Dan, | this is Friday.
- Look, guys, I'm having | a bad run, so what?
Just give me 5,000 more...
- Five thousand more?! | - Yes.
- Look after yourself or I'm | gonna have to do it for you.
- What are you saying?
- That we're gonna have to come up | with a payment plan
where you give me a certain | amount of money on a certain day
and until you're paid up, | you do not play!
- You can't do that.
- I can do it, I'm doing it now.
- I thought we had | a relationship here.
- We have a relationship.
And that is why | I'm shutting you down.
- For a few grand? | - It's 10,300.
- So what am I supposed to do?
- Go to the racetrack and watch?
- Do I make you do business | with me?
- Okay. Okay.
Give me an hour.
Yeah, give me an hour.
I'll see ya in the garage | in an hour.
- Couple of bozos | looking for a loan.
And Martin...
I don't see anyone | without an appointment.
- Yeah.
- What the fuck is this?
- A bank draft.
- This is made out to him.
- Hey, you want it | made out to you?
- No, but, uh...
- What do I do with this?
- You take it to your branch. | - My what?
- It is where I come from. | - That is not normal.
- I don't like my name on it. | - You will when you cash it.
What are tonight's lines?
- No, no, no. | I'm not gonna let you bet.
- What? | - You're not betting.
- I just paid off.
- I know, but I can't | do business like this.
- Take it to your branch.
- Yeah right, fuckin' guy.
- Come on, Dan. | Bank draft...
- Teri, that bridge loan we did | a draft on for Mr. Quinson?
- Uh-huh.
- We're gonna do another 15 | for a cash pickup.
- Okay.
- Thanks, Teri.
- You want this draft cashed?
- Yeah, it's already signed. | Mr. Quinson's waiting in my office.
- Okay.
- Thank you. | Hi.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
- Hi, folks, we'll be landing | in Philadelphia very shortly.
And you know what that means, | don't you?
Here comes the weekend!
- Just wait here a moment, please.
Just for a moment, please. | Thank you.
- Mr. N. An honour, as always.
An honour and a pleasure.
- Fifteen thousand dollars.
- Thank you. | - You're welcome.
- Here you go, Shooter.
Here we go.
Yo! Eleven! For 900.
Nine hundred.
Here we go.
- No, thank you.
- Blackjack 17.
He's making some pretty big | bets on impulse.
No consistent pattern.
- My kind of guy.
Let's take a closer look.
Is that a Rolex?
They just drive them to me.
- That's that, sir?
- What?
- Six a.m. We gotta end it.
- You're kidding.
- We'll be rolling again at ten.
I got kind of tied up, you know.
Guess you're gonna be mad at me.
- Well, where are you?
- Just out messing around.
I, uh...
I'm gonna make it up to ya, | Blin.
- You better.
- I promise.
- You have a good weekend, okay? | You know you work too hard.
- Yeah, yeah, that's all I...
need, Blin, is one good weekend.
- Eleven! Frontline winner!
- Oh hi!
- Hi.
- You still here?
That was a really great run | we had going there.
- Oh yeah. Yeah.
- Say... um.
Stake me 200, and I'll share | my winnings with you.
What do you say?
- No, thank you.
- Okay, uh... 100.
A hundred!
- Oh...
I can't believe | this place is ours.
- Oh, it's not.
- It could be.
We've got an option to buy.
You didn't get a lot of sleep | this weekend, eh?
- Mmm...
- I'll bet you were out | at the track.
Did you tell Doug | about coming over?
- Mm-hm.
- Oh, God! | I hope Maggie likes him.
Wouldn't it be great | if they started dating?
We could do things together, | the four of us...
- Uh-huh.
- Go out, have fun, hm?
Did you win anything?
- Sort of.
- How much?
- I came home with 500.
- Wow.
Ending with | a bench-clearing brawl,
and the puck crossing | the goal line.
The standings: Minnesota | leads Winnipeg by six points,
the Leafs by 15.
Yeah, I want 30 | on North Carolina.
- Thirty? Hey, Dan, | you're scaring me.
- Take it or leave it.
- What, are you trying | to clean me out?
- I really need this one, Frank.
- You got 30 grand?
- You're gonna take | my action or not?
- I wanna take it, | but I'm gonna need
a little something | from you every Monday.
And I don't mean Tuesday, | I don't mean Wednesday.
I mean Monday.
- Fine, 30 on North Carolina.
- Well, she's a nice girl.
Belinda's known her as long | as I've known you.
- Is she like Belinda?
- Uh, no. But, hey, | if you don't like her,
you know, | we'll just watch the game.
- Why, you got money on it?
- North Carolina.
One-and-a-half-point pick.
- Right. So, uh, | how's that work again?
- Thing is, I win if North Carolina
wins by two points | or more.
- Wow, Dan, you really | go for it, eh?
You know, we should get some | serious play in some time.
- Like what?
- Well, we've never been down | to Atlantic City.
- Right. We should do | that some time.
- It's Clubs, Dan.
North Carolina | hanging on...
This game is over, folks!
No, it's not! Plankton has | committed a foul at the buzzer!
Oh boy, what a game!
Will you look at | the North Carolina bench?!
Have North Carolina won | by one, two,
or three points?
- Dan, what's your problem? | North Carolina have won anyways.
- Give me one.
Just one.
- Ah, shit. This is not good.
- Yes!
- Give me one.
Just one.
North Carolina have won | this game by just one point.
- Damn.
And that's all it takes.
Unfortunately, a solid team,
too many injuries | so far this season.
- Who's for coffee?
- Bill Gooden wants to see you.
Sounded kind of urgent.
- 'Morning.
- 'Morning.
- Alex Reismer called | about the Selkirk loan?
- Oh, right.
- He's coming down to sign out | the operating funds.
- I'll get the paperwork ready.
What's the number?
- They need 200,000. Cash.
- Hey, Dan! Your cash is here; | the Selkirk account, 300,000.
Uh, is it gonna be collected | today or not?
- Uh, it'll be here in an hour.
- Pardon?
- An hour?
- Oh, I have to wait an hour?
- What, you got a hot date?
- Something like that.
- Want me to sign for it?
- Would you mind?
- My pleasure. | - Oh, great!
- Thanks.
- How are you?
- Anything to declare?
- No, sir.
- $100,000.
- Thank you very much.
- Excuse me, sir, there's been | a mistake in the accommodations.
My apologies, Mr...?
- Uh, Doug.
- Mr. Mahowny.
Victor Foss.
I just want you to know | that my casino is your casino.
I set aside a table | at La Gioconde
so you can sample | our excellent European cuisine.
- Thank you.
- Perhaps you'd prefer | the Hyakida Steakhouse?
- Uh, barbecued ribs | would be good,
with no sauce | and a Coke.
- Mr. Mahowny would like | barbecued ribs,
no sauce and a Coke.
- Thank you.
- Mr. Mahowny, your new room key.
- Hey, Dan. Danny, | listen man,
forget the tables; | you won't want
to keep playing when | you see our room!
- Yeah, it's courtesy | of the casino.
- Really?
- Take these and hold | onto them for me.
Don't give 'em back | no matter what I say.
- Jesus! That's gotta | be at least...
- Forty grand.
- Forty grand!
- Yes... It's a new | system I'm working.
You gonna take 'em or not?
- Yeah.
- Come back in an hour or two and | I'll have some more for you.
- Yeah, sure.
- All right, I'll see you later.
- Is that ribs, no sauce?
- Mm-hm.
- He's still playing.
- I don't want him interrupted, | take them back.
And tell them to make some more.
I want 'em on permanent standby, | is that understood?
- Doug, give me my money.
- What?
- Give me my money.
- Dan, you told me not to, remember? | - I've changed my mind.
- You brought a curse to | that table, you know that?
Give me my money | and stay away from me.
- Come on, man, | I can't let you do this.
We're talking 40 grand!
- Forty grand of my money.
- You gotta calm down, walk outta | here now and think this through.
- For the last time,
give me my money
and stay away from me.
- Okay. Fine. Fine.
Come on, Dan.
- What?
- What are you doing?! | - What?!
- You lost your way, or something?
- Yeah. Yup, yup.
- Hey, hey, take it easy, man.
Uh, you want a rib?
We got plenty,
but, uh, no sauce.
- I'm putting you on the floor.
- You're kiddin'!
- I wish I was.
Bernie, isn't it?
- Um, yes sir.
- That guy you found | in the stairwell,
Mr. Ribs,
he likes you.
And you're gonna stick to him.
- Uh, sir, I... | I didn't do nothing.
- Well, then, don't do | nothing again.
Now get out
of my office before | I change my mind!
- Yes sir! | And thank you very much, sir.
I won't let you down. | I won't let you down. Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay?
- Where's the washroom?
- Uh, there, there and there.
- Okay.
- So where's Danny boy?
- He's busy.
- What, he doesn't eat lunch?
- Work always comes | first with Dan.
Except when he's | at the track.
He doesn't go that often.
- Belinda, you told | me yourself!
You've got no idea | how hard he works.
Anyone who works | as hard as he does
has a right to do what he wants | with his disposable income.
- You got that bank draft | for me, Teri?
- Bank draft?
- From the Selkirk loan account. | - Selkirk...
Um, there is so much activity
on that account, I can't keep up. | - I know the feeling.
- Oh, yeah, here we are.
I'm acting for investors | looking for short-term security.
- You've come to the right place.
- I was thinking of bearer bonds?
- That's not a bad idea. | Bonds are secure.
Great way of moving money | around fast.
Okay, so would you like me
to open up an account | for you right now?
- Yeah, uh, 200,000 in the name | of Roger Oskaner.
- Okay.
you see those Bluejays | on Monday night?
- Seven to five? | - Those guys are hot.
- Oh boy, here comes trouble. | - Big trouble.
- Let me guess, Selkirk? | - Nope, Oskaner.
- Oh, Oskaner.
- He wants to sell bonds | at market rate.
- Mahowny.
- Banker!
- Yeah, uh... where... | where have you been?
I called four times already.
- So you wanna hear the lines?
- Hold on.
- Hey, banker, you there? | What the fuck?!
- Uh... I can't do this now.
- You're not playing today?
- Give me all the home teams | in the National,
and all the away teams | in the American.
- You're kidding?
- Uh, every game | for the $1,000 max.
- You're the man.
- The Selkirk account seems to be | moving at incredible speed.
Perhaps we should find out | what their schedule is,
and advise regional office.
- Uh, you know,
a higher line of credit
would be a lot simpler.
- Okay, good idea.
Keep her sweet, Dan.
- Right.
- You've opened a loan account | for Pembro Trading?
- Finally, yes.
- I thought they'd run into | partnership problems.
- I guess things are rolling.
Uh, the documentation was all in | place; you approved it yourself.
- Okay.
And... Jake Arnold.
- Jake Arnold, same thing.
- How long ago did we | authorize credit?
- Two years.
- And he's never borrowed | against it until now?
- No, but he could have.
- It's strange; you know, I think | he set the whole thing up
just so he could | tell his friends
he had a million-dollar | credit line.
- Maybe business got bad.
Maybe he won't be handing out | jars of peanuts this Christmas.
- He really does that? | - Sure.
- Even his, uh... desk | is peanut-shaped.
- You're kidding?
- No.
- What a guy.
- Yeah, what a nut.
- Good work, Dan.
- Thank you, Bill.
- Dan, there's a problem: | Roger Oskaner.
- What's the problem?
- An interest payment overdue.
- No problem, | he's selling bonds today.
He stopped by to sign the order | and pick up his cash.
- He did? I missed him again?
Jeez. I'm gonna have | to start bagging lunch,
see if I can lay eyes | on this guy.
He's a goddamn phantom.
Oskaner The Phantom.
- Dan!
You picked one hell of a night.
The Pointer Sisters are in town.
Wanna see the show, | just let me know.
- Thank you.
- Anything you need right now?
- Well, uh...
maybe later I might | have some ribs.
- Oh, of course.
And Bernie's right here | to take care of you.
'Evening, Mr. M.
Ready when you are.
- Ribs, the man wants ribs.
- Hello?
- Hi, Dan.
- Hi. Uh...
I think there's been a mistake.
- Dan, I am no mistake.
Now why don't you slide right on | over here and keep me company.
- He told her that he was only
interested in Lady Luck.
- No sex, no booze, no drugs...
our little roller is a purist.
He's a goddamn thoroughbred.
All he cares about | is the next hand.
He's a beauty. He's a beauty!
I love him. I love him!
- The iceman.
- You know, I was thinking...
You know, we could get away.
Go away for a weekend, | or something.
Just you and me.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, jump on a plane.
Go anywhere.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
- 'Cause I'd really like that.
And there are some | really great deals
going this time of year.
- Great, I'll look into it, | all right?
I promise.
- Maybe somewhere hot?
- Somewhere hot.
- Okay.
- Give me all the home teams, | every game,
both Saturday and Sunday.
- Uh, you want the CFL too?
- All the underdogs. | - Every game?
- Yeah. I won't be around | this weekend,
tell Frank I want the one horse | in every race, both tracks.
- Every race? You don't even | know who's running!
- For the maximum. | I'll see you Monday.
- I don't know if Frank'll cover | you on this one.
- I'm sure he will.
- Have a nice weekend, | Mrs. Quinson.
- And when are you | gonna get married?
- Ma, don't bother my friends!
- I hate it when he makes stupid bets. | - Why not?
- It's disrespectful | to my business and to me.
- Yeah, but Frank, it's easy money.
- I'll take his action | if he'll play for real.
That way I feel better | about taking his money.
- Yeah! Ha! Ha! Ha!
He's probably mad at me. | They all get mad at you.
They lose, and it's | your fault, you know.
Very fucked up.
- Maybe we should get mad at them.
- Yeah, maybe we should. | Maybe we should.
Maybe we should.
You know...
you know why he wants to win?
- Why?
- So he has the money | to keep losing.
Now how fucked up is that? Huh!
So you wanna get heavy?
- Nah, let's leave it | the way it is.
He enjoys it, you know. He | enjoys seeing me every Monday.
It's important to him.
Anyway, so there's something | I want you to get...
- You got enough to shut him down?
- Yeah, maybe. But Frank Perlin's | nothing, Jim.
I wanna... I wanna tap | into his whole network.
- You got authorization for a tail yet? | - Yeah.
- So how much more do | you need from me?
- You know how much Bell charges | for this stuff here?
That's 50 bucks a line.
You got this whole sweet | operation going on here.
What do you give me? | Uh, nothing relevant.
Nothing relevant. Oh, look! | Nothing relevant!
I want names, Jim.
- Hey, girl.
- Hey. Hey, you. You.
- I'll be right back.
Hey guys,
is there a problem here?
- No problem. | You taking a trip?
- Now look, our deal is | I see you on Monday.
- Yeah. With 40.
- You said 20.
- I know, but now, it's gotta be 40.
- Okay, 40. I'll see you Monday.
- Is that your girlfriend? | - You leave her out of this.
- She's pretty.
- You kids take care | of yourselves.
- All right. | - We should go to the gate.
- Who were they?
- Just some friends of mine | from the track.
- I don't think you should be seen | with people like that, Dan.
You work in a bank, they might | damage your prospects.
- Just forget about it.
It's not gonna | spoil our weekend.
- Steve, I got a name here for you. | An associate at Perlin's:
Dan Mahowny. | Have that checked out for me?
- Yeah, I will.
- Mmm! Honey-dipped.
- Honey-glazed.
- You like it?
- Oh, I love it! | It's stunning.
But how much is it gonna cost?
- A friend of mine | comes here a lot.
- Yeah?
- Swung me a deal. | - Oh...!
- I want this to be | a special time.
- Okay. Me too.
- Can you believe that?
- Yeah.
- It's very pornographic.
- Dan!
- Honey?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna go for a walk, | take a look around.
- Oh... Okay.
- I got nothing against | Atlantic City, Dan.
Victor Foss runs a hell | of an organization for us.
But hey, Vegas is Vegas. Vegas | is where you come to play.
I guess so.
- Anything you need right now? | - I wanna be low-key.
No fuss, no one | following me around.
- He's at our casino in Vegas,
in the region of 500,000.
- Fuck.
Fuck Nevada.
Fucking headhunters!
- So what the hell did you do | to Mahowny?
- I... I didn't do nothin'.
- Oh, you didn't do nothin'?
- How come he's in Vegas | and not here?
- I... I don't... I don't know.
- You're fired, you piece of shit.
- Wh...?
- Good feel.
All coming to four.
- Ten on four.
- Come on, shooter.
- Come on, baby, | you've been good so far.
- Yeah! All right! Yeah!
- I thought this guy was a chump.
- So what do you | want to know?
- Everything Vegas doesn't.
His mother's birthday, | how he likes his steaks...
Uh, if he wears boxer shorts | or butt-huggers, you got me?
- Loud and clear.
- Come back at dawn and tell me | who the hell this Mahowny is.
- I just heard
that Mahowny is up
over a million.
- What?
- Yes.
- He's beating Vegas?
Mahowny is beating Vegas!
Get your man in Vegas | onto the floor,
tell him to shoot him.
- Sir? | - Chloroform him!
Break his legs! Get him outta | there before he loses it all!
- Bring it home to papa.
All right. He's hot, he's hot. | He's burning up.
- I've been looking | for you everywhere.
You know how long I was | waiting for you in the room?
- Honey, just give me | a couple more minutes?
I'm on a roll here.
- Ma'am, could you step away | from the table, please?
- What?
- I must insist; the players | can't be disturbed right now.
- Dan?
- Just a few more minutes.
- All right? That's all.
- But what about our weekend?
- Ju-just...
a few more minutes.
All right?
- Roll the dice, please, sir.
- Come on, Dan, stay hot now.
- Come on, this is your call. | Let's do it.
- You can do it, man.
- Looking for a seven or eleven. | Seven!
- Beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful.
- Everybody loses in Vegas.
- What do you mean, no record?
- I mean, like nothing.
Not even... a jaywalking ticket?
The only unusual thing | about him is how many.
- How many what?
- Well, if you move the letters | of his name around,
it spells how many.
Mahowny - how many.
- Uh, you don't say. | I'll file a report.
- He works in a bank. Maybe | Perlin's got plans for him.
Laundering money and stuff?
- You know anything about | the banking business, Steve?
- I guess not.
- I got a brother-in-law used | to work in that bank...
that's ten years ago, but...
you gotta ask permission | to get married.
- No way.
- You think we got a lot | of regulations?
- Yes, I do, as a matter of fact.
- He makes 22,000 a year Canadian.
- So he's some trust-fund punk?
- No.
- Where the hell does he get | all the money?
- I don't know.
The usual?
- Drugs?!
No way.
You have to see this guy.
- Well, I got a little theory going.
It's kind of what you might call | a long shot, but I think that...
- Yeah?
- Excuse me, sir, but I thought | you might like to know...
that Mr. Mahowny has left Vegas.
- What?
- He's transferred 250,000 | to our cage...
He's taken the rest back | with him
to Toronto. | - He won?
- Yes. You could definitely
call this a win.
- So... he's gonna come back.
And he's loaded.
- What's this man doing | in my office?
Who is this man? Pay him,
and get him outta here.
And find that kid I fired.
- Bernie?
- Yeah.
- Tell him he's got his job back.
- Dan?
- Oh, I'm really sorry.
- For what, exactly?
- I...
I never meant to leave | you alone. I...
I tried to find you | but you'd left and I...
And I guess I just | missed you. I...
- It's okay, I understand.
- You do?
- You gotta do what you gotta do.
I know you can't
help yourself, Dan. | You got a gambling problem
and we are gonna deal | with this together.
- No, Blin, you | don't understand.
- No, I've been reading up | about this,
and the first thing | you gotta do
is admit it to yourself.
- Blin, you got things wrong.
- Just say it, Dan. | If you just say it!
- I don't have a gambling problem.
- Do you think I'm an idiot?!
- I have a...
a financial problem.
- You owe money?
- Yes.
- To the men at the airport?
- Yes. And I know what I'm doing.
All right? You gotta trust me. | Please.
- I have $2,000 | in my savings account.
If I cash in my retirement plan,
it's another 3,000. | Will that help?
Will that make us | into a normal couple?
How much do you owe, | for chrissakes?
Twenty thousand?
- Where did you get that number?
- I made it up!
- Look, Blin, I...
I know I've not been here | for you lately,
but things are different now.
I had a great run last night, | and that guy at the airport,
I can pay him back in full.
- And then what?
- Things will be different.
- Did we go to Vegas so you could | clear a gambling debt?
'Cause you know why | I thought we went there?
I mean, when I saw the room | and everything...
I mean, what was I supposed | to think?
Why do people go to Vegas?
I thought we were | gonna get married!
I mean, that's what normal | people do in Vegas.
It's not how | I'd have planned it,
but if you'd asked, | I'd have said... yes.
- I'm sorry.
Do you want me to leave?
- How ya doin', banker?
So you have a good time | In Vegas?
- Not bad. | - Yeah? You don't look good.
- Maybe the little lady | didn't let him sleep.
- Something like that.
- Thank you.
- Is it still snowing out there?
- Yeah.
- What kind of snow?
- I don't know. Big snow?
- Big?
I'm gonna take a hint from you. | I'm going to Vegas.
- You going to Vegas? When?
- When's my suede jacket ready?
- Tuesday. | - Wednesday.
- Will you place some bets for me?
- Yeah. | - All right, I'll call you Tuesday.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Good morning, Dan.
- Good morning.
- 'Morning.
Dan Mahowny.
- These audits can be a pain; we | will try staying out of the way.
- Uh, I was in audits myself.
- So you know the drill?
- Yeah. How long do | you think it'll take?
- Ten days. Maybe eight.
- So, ten days of this?
- Maybe eight.
- It's late this year, isn't it?
- The blizzard?
- No, the audit.
Everyone's so jumpy.
- Well, it has to be done, Blin.
- There's something missing here.
The Oskaner file.
I only have a statement | and one memo.
- Dan tends to handle | that one himself.
- Hmm.
- No manager's approval,
no details of security.
This... client doesn't even | seem to have an address.
- Ah, the phantom.
- Excuse me?
- I can't help you.
You're gonna have to ask Dan | about Oskaner.
- There's one audit I heard about, | out west.
The bank's only security system | was an alarm that rang
in the hotel next door. | - Did they test it?
- Uh, of course.
- What happened?
- The waiter showed up | with a tray of beer.
Ah, well.
- About the uh, Oskaner account.
- What do you need to know?
- There's no way I can pass this.
- For what reason?
- For a start, he's way over
his credit limit. | No authorization...
- It was paid off. | - It was?
In full. He sold bonds today.
- Well, fine.
That's that one done.
I'm really trying to motor, | here, you know?
We're two branches behind.
- Whatever I can do to help.
- No pressure, Dan.
We are looking for a strike.
Straight down the middle.
Oh, Dan! Oh, Dan! Oh, Dan, no!
- Not so bad!
- Okay, folks, uh...
I gotta go.
- No! We were gonna | treat you both
at Swiss Chalet!
- Swiss Chalet? Oh, I love | Swiss Chalet. I'm sorry.
- Oh, it's okay.
- All right.
Can I count on you, sir, | to make sure the little lady
gets home safe?
- I think we can manage that.
You go off and do | what you have to do.
- Thank you, sir. | See you at home.
- Don't you even want | to know the scores?
- Sir, check your pockets?
- Wow.
- Sir, step over here, please.
Arms up to the side.
Okay, go ahead.
- We're landing in Philadelphia | very shortly.
Might have left the snow | in Toronto,
but you don't wanna know
what the weather's like | down there right now.
- Hey, man. You looking | for a ride?
- I can take care of you.
- No, thank you.
- Come on, man. You wait | all night for a cab?
I'm ready to roll, man.
- Why are we on the highway?
- I need to make a stop. | - No stops!
- It's kind of an emergency.
- I... I don't care if it's | an emergency, no stops!
- Open the door.
Hey, come on! Come on!
What are you doing, man? | What are doing? Hey!
Hey! Gimme my car back, man!
- Let me take care | of your travel.
Starting tonight.
- Too many people around | here know I carry cash.
I don't like it.
I don't like people | knowing my business.
I don't like it.
- We can solve this | problem very easily.
All you have to do is take | the funds to your bank,
and they'll wire it | through to our bank
into an American account.
- There'd be personal | I.D. Requirements,
tax stuff. No.
- I'll look into alternatives.
- Excuse me, Mr. Foss.
- Oh boy. Lock up the money.
- Hey, where's he going?
- Hey, you're not playing tonight, | Mr. M?
- Sure, I'm gonna play, Bernie.
I, uh, just needed some air.
- Yeah.
- I've never been out | here before, so...
- Well, uh, you know, that's | on account of the windows.
See, the glass is tinted, | so it always looks dull outside.
- Hmm.
- You know, some dude told me | they pump in oxygen.
Keep you guys high.
- Huh. That makes sense.
- Yeah.
- Right?
- He's on the boardwalk.
- It so happens
that Vegas maintains | an account in Canada.
Name of Sunshine | Clearing Corporation.
- Sunshine Clearing Corporation?
- Has a nice ring to it, | don't you think?
- All right, the deposit | has to be in my name.
- Or an associate's.
Just let us know, | bring him down,
he signs the money
over to you at the cage.
- All right, what if... | what if my associate's in Vegas?
Could he sign for it | at the cage in Vegas?
- Yeah, of course, Dan.
No problem.
- I'll be making a transfer
to your Sunshine Clearing | Corporation account
this afternoon.
- Okay.
- It's for my own use,
but I need to release 40,000 | to an associate in Vegas
by the name of Frank Perlin.
- Frank Perlin. | Okay, that'll be fine.
Uh, Mr. Perlin will have to sign | for the whole amount
and we'll credit the rest to you | here in sunny Atlantic City.
- Are there any other - ahem - | details we should cover?
- No, we'll take care | of everything, Mr. Mahowny.
Thank you for calling.
- Thank you.
- We have a problem | with the Selkirk account.
- What's the... | what's the problem?
- I don't know.
Briggs has called a meeting | with Dana and her father
at Selkirk International, | he wants you to be there.
- Why are they doing this, Alex?
I mean, no one except Dan | has seemed
even remotely interested | in this project.
We go slightly over our loan,
and they're calling | my goddamn father in!
- It is highly irregular.
We're barely half a million over.
- She's, uh...
how far over, exactly?
- Just under five million.
- Five million.
- Mm-hm.
- Already.
- So you want to give her | a tighter line of credit?
- Absolutely not.
- The Inspection | Department wants
to classify the loan as risky?
- No, we are here, gentlemen,
to try and force her father | to guarantee the loan.
If he does,
I want her to borrow every cent | we can lay our hands on.
It's a bit of a gamble, but...
let's not talk numbers.
A few million won't mean much
to a man like Selkirk.
I'm afraid we now consider | the projections to be rather...
- In what way?
- Mr. Briggs is referring | to the, uh... failure
of the original membership plan... | - Failure...
- Which was based on tax benefits, | which have now been withdrawn.
- But our new marketing strategy's | becoming very successful.
As you know.
- I appreciate the fact
that the bank has a big stake | in this project.
I'm surprised it hasn't voiced
it's concerns earlier.
But I am willing to provide | additional security
for Dana's project,
if it'll get the damn thing | up and running.
- Well done, Mahowny.
Get the paperwork ready before | he changes his mind, would you?
- Yeah?
Mahowny's coming down | with, uh...
1.4 million.
They just got the transfer.
Only, it's, uh...
it's made out to an associate, | name of, uh, Perlin?
He's meant to sign | the money over in Vegas.
- So?
- Uh, well, apparently, | there's, uh...
there's no Perlin in Vegas to sign.
- What?! | - They've been holding a room
for him, but he hasn't shown.
Mahowny's going apeshit.
- Who is this Perlin? | His business partner?
- I don't know. | I don't know anything
about Mahowny, | except if we don't get
his money to him tonight, | then we may not get it tomorrow.
- This is the guy from Toronto | who plays flat out
and you don't know his story? | - I don't want to know his story.
- Are you saying we could be | facing a serious judgement call?
- Only if we know what we don't.
- Where is this Perlin?
- Toronto.
- So fly him down; | he can sign off here.
- Mahowny's already run that | by him.
He says it's out of | the question tonight.
- If the transfer's in his name,
Perlin's got to sign off | at the cage.
- That's the bottom line?
- That's the bottom line.
I'm sorry, gentlemen.
- How about this?
What about we just take the cage
- not the actual cage, but the | personnel and the paperwork -
and fly it to Toronto?
- What are you trying to say?
- Perlin signs off at the cage, | at the airport,
in Toronto.
I told you, | I'm not flying anywhere
till my new | suede jacket's ready.
- You don't have to fly anywhere.
- You can collect tonight | at the airport.
- But it's not Monday.
- I know.
Meet me at the executive | terminal at six.
- Executive terminal?
- By the rental-car place, okay?
At six?
- I'll think about it.
- The call came from | 500 Temperance Street.
- Mahowny?
- Yeah. They're in deep, | him and Perlin.
- How deep you figure?
- I don't know, but deep.
- What about this airport drop-off?
You heard anything | like that before?
- No, but ten bucks says | were onto a drug deal.
- No bet.
- Wimp.
- Hi.
- Hi?
- Hi.
- I didn't know if you were | on the phone or...
- Come in.
- Where'd you sleep last night?
- In the car.
- I didn't want to disturb you.
- But I thought we had | an agreement.
I thought it was... | it was going to be different.
That's what you said, right?
- You think we got problems, Blin?
Take a look at Mexico's | foreign debt.
- We do have a problem, Dan!
And you are not giving | yourself a chance!
- Blin, please.
- Or me!
- Keep your voice down.
- What would you do | if you were me, Dan?
Just tell me that.
You expect me to just...
to sit back and watch you throw | your career down the drain,
not to mention our relationship?
- All right, we'll talk | about this tonight.
- We both know I'm not | gonna see you tonight.
I got you this.
I mean, I figured | if you were gonna...
if you're gonna stay out | all night, you know,
you might as well keep warm.
- A winter coat.
- I won't see you tonight?
- Honey, this is great.
- Will I?
- Blin, listen...
- No. No, I'll listen when you | have something to say, Dan.
- Hey!
- New car?
- You like?
It's got a TV, in the back.
- It's got a TV?
- Yeah, in the back. | What the fuck we doing out here?
- I'm heading down to Atlantic City.
- So what do you want, a kiss | goodbye? Give me the money.
- It's in the terminal.
- You got it | in one of those lockers?
Hey, you got a new coat.
- Yeah, it's from my girlfriend.
- Yeah, it's nice. | Why do you walk around
looking like a douche bag | all the time for?
- Some girls go for that, Frank.
- Not where I come from. | Where you going?
- I forgot a bag.
Better to have one | to go through customs.
- Where you going? | - It's all right!
- How much for the bags?
- They're free to customers.
- Great. Can I have one?
- You're not a customer, sir.
- Okay. How much for the bags?
- Five bucks?
- Five bucks...
Man, that's nuts, | you give them away for free.
- Five bucks.
- What are these two clowns up to, | you figure?
- What are you trying | to do to me, Dan?
- Getting you your 40 grand.
- "I hereby release all funds | under the name Frank Perlin
to be paid to Dan Mahowny?"
- Hey, just... trust me.
- There's no amount here.
You want me to sign it?
- Yes, you sign it and then,
you get the 40 grand.
- All done?
- Okay, uh... just a second.
- The dame, she looks | like Tina Turner!
- Good night, ladies.
- Good night.
- Have a good trip.
- I never gamble myself, personally.
Well, I just don't see | the attraction in it.
Well, winning, I guess.
But there isn't much | of that, is there?
If there was,
I'd be out of a job.
If you... if you don't mind | me saying.
- Hey, you win and lose.
Every time
you play, | there's plus and minus.
- Is that a fact?
- That's a fact.
- Well, Toronto sure looks | like a nice place.
We... we saw
Niagara falls on the way over. | It was just fantastic.
- I've never been.
- You've never been? | How come you've never been?
- I guess I don't want to use up | all of Canada too soon.
- Seven, nine, five, six...
I wanna know who chartered that | flight and where he's going.
- Dan! An honour, as always.
An honour and a pleasure.
- Okay.
- Detective Murdoch, New Jersey | State Police Department.
We want to see a patron | reference card
for a Frank Perlin.
- Perlin?
We don't have one.
- How about Dan Mahowny?
- This means the deposit | was 360,000,
and this is a deposit | of 620,000.
- $620,000 cash?
- That's correct.
- And 1.4 million today?
- By transfer.
- Will you look at this?
The iceman's playing | 70,000 a hand.
- He's bust the table!
- What?
- Holy shit.
- Ben, are you there?
- Yeah, go.
- They got nothing on Perlin, | but Mahowny's in Atlantic City
betting tens of thousands | of dollars a hand.
He's known there.
He lost millions there, Ben.
- He's, uh, he's gambling?
- Big time! The guy says it's | like the Super Bowl in there.
Ben, you still there?
- Yeah, I'm still here.
- So what do you wanna do?
- What do I wanna do?
I think I wanna get a couple | of cars out here
and catch me a bank thief, | is what I wanna do.
- We're looking for an eight. | Shake an eight. Shoot out.
Eight! Frontline winner!
- Crap returns.
Okay, we're looking | for an eight.
Shoot out.
- Mr. M?
- Yeah.
- I gotta say something.
- What's that?
- Listen, you gotta pick up | right now and just walk out.
- Oh, I can't do that, Bernie.
- Sure you can! | - No, I can't do that.
- Look, you did it. | You've got 'em by the balls.
I'm telling you, man.
Please, just pick up and walk.
Right now.
- Bernie, I just got here.
- Eight. Mark it. Nine...
- Same good shooter, coming out. | Come on, come on.
- Eight! Frontline winner!
- Why is he stopping?
- He never stops.
- He's not playing.
Victor, I swear, if this guy | walks with nine million...
- You wanna know how we're doing?
Talk to me at 4 a.m.
- Your dice, Mr. M.
- Three. Craps, finally.
- Okay, Eddie craps returns.
We're looking for an eight. | Shake an eight, shoot up.
Three. Craps, finally.
Mr. M... Mr. M!
- They're gonna love you in Vegas.
- Uh, Bernie, I've | never tipped you.
- Uh, no, you're money's no good | here, Mr. M. You know that.
- No, take it.
- Thank you, sir, but, uh... | no thank you.
- You're not the casino, Bernie.
This is for you.
- I appreciate it, but...
I mean, I can't, sir.
You know, I'm real sorry | you lost all that money, Mr. M.
- Thanks, Bernie.
- Sure is a real nice coat | you got there.
Is it from the missus?
- You take care of yourself, Dan.
- You too, Mr. Foss.
- I know you didn't get to eat,
so... ribs, no sauce | and a Coke, right?
- Yeah. Thank you.
- Goodbye, Dan.
God bless.
- See you soon.
- Oh, Mr. M., your bag.
- Thank you, Bernie.
- Yes, Mr. Foss?
- This time, you really are fired.
- I wanna find out where he's | going before we move in on him.
Aw, Jesus Christ!
I thought I said a couple of cars.
- It's kind of been a slow night.
- What do you think we're waiting | for, Butch Cassidy?
- Hello.
Dan, you okay?
- Oh, I'm fine.
I was just thinking, you know,
you wanna go see Niagara Falls | some time?
I guess you've been | before, but...
- All right, take him.
- Put your hands | out of the window.
Get out of the car, please.
- Is there a problem?
- Turn around and put | your hands on your head.
Put your hands behind you.
You're being charged with | suspicion of theft of over $200.
- You got a gambling problem, | right?
- No. No, sir.
- Come on!
You didn't get a buzz out of it?
- I have a...
financial problem, a shortfall.
- Ten-point-two?
Million dollars?
- Approximately.
- Who else was in on it, huh?
- No one.
- You expect us to believe that?
- I had a lot of luck.
A whole lot of luck.
- At the bank, | but not at the tables.
- Dan Mahowny?
Oh, no. It's quite impossible.
- How do you know him?
- From the track.
- You do business with him?
- Do I do business with him? | Um...
do you ever sign bank drafts | presented to you by Mahowny?
- What are you asking | about him for?
What about me?
- I wonder if his diet | had anything to do with it?
- Dana!
Well, I guess you've got
the perfect excuse | to change banks now.
- Are you kidding? I finally got | something out of those assholes.
In fact, let's go down | and put up bail.
- Dana, I don't think that's | such a good idea.
- Get away from the car.
There's nothing to see here.
- I'm sorry
they suspended, you, Blin. | They shouldn't have done that.
How many others?
- Thirteen.
- Thirteen?
Including Bill Gooden?
- No, not Bill.
- Oh, good.
- But he is taking early retirement.
- What have I done?
To all those people.
- You want me to pull over?
It's all right.
You need to just relax.
You wanna turn on the radio?
The victory | again last night:
26-18 against the Eskimos.
Tiger Cats won a squeaker | against Ottawa
in 23 to 22 by a field goal | with three seconds
on the clock. The Argonauts | steamrolled the Allouettes
46 to 7 in a game Montreal | would really like to have back.
Listen, you can't go through | the rest of your life...
not being able to listen | to sport scores.
- You're right.
- And you know...
I really love you.
- I love you too.
- How would you rate the thrill | you got from gambling
on a scale of one to 100?
- Um...
A hundred.
- What about the biggest thrill
you've ever had | outside of gambling?
- Twenty.
- Twenty?
How do feel about living | the rest of your life
with a max of 20?
- Okay.
Twenty's okay.