Oxygen (2017) Movie Script

Its your brother speaking
How come you called at this hour?
Where are you?
I'm in Gajuwaka godown.
Listen to me carefully.
Tell me brother. - I found the killer of our son
and son-in-law.
I'll mail you their video clippings.
Show it to our family
and ask them to be careful
Okay. Its not safe for you to be alone.
Shall I send Chalapathi?
- Its all right. I will take care.
Where are you, Srinu?
Someone cut the fencing here.
Who must have cut it?
- Hey.
Where the hell are you guys?
Nothing but ashes is left.
We confirmed its your brothers body
after examining the teeth.
It was a very cruel person
that killed him.
He was killed quite brutally for his age.
I am very sorry, sir.
Veerabhadram must have done this
for sure.
We are in pain and
he is celebrating there
He is not human,
He is a monster.
[ Fire crackers bursting ]
- [ Drums sound ]
Come on boys!
What is this noise?
Stop it. Stop it I say.
- Yes.
Brother-in-law, have this sweet.
- Is it your birthday today?
Its our enemys death day.
That is why we are celebrating.
Someone killed Sripathi
in his factory only
Damn! He slapped me.
How is our enmity satisfied
when someone else kills him
Can someone else get married
on your behalf?
Is your hunger fulfilled
when someone else eats?
We should only kill our enemy
- Yes, we should kill him.
I planned everything to kill Sripathi.
But someone else killed before us.
We should only kill anyone related
to Raghupathis family.
That is when our revenge is sought.
That becomes a celebration for us.
Sir, Mr. Raghupathi is here.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
I would have come if you informed.
It is not respectful of me to call
a Government officer to me
Take a seat, sir.
I heard about your brother.
I am very sorry, sir
Did you find anything
about the murderer?
We are working on it, sir.
Are you suspicious about anyone?
We have many businesses.
Business is common in competetion.
We dont realize who is our enemy
and who is our friend.
We already lost three lives in our family.
We are not ready to lose another one.
Ask Chalapathi for any
further information.
We'll leave.
Good sir.
Auditor has called from Bangalore.
There is a meeting with the foreign clients.
He is asking you to come urgently
- Ok.
How far is he?
According to his mobile signals,
he will enter the highway in 10 minutes.
- Did you find anything?
You have guessed it right.
Veerabhadram is not connected to the murder
Who must have done it then?
Only two pairs of shoe marks
were found outside the burnt godown.
There are no other clues.
So, two people
Who are they?
Ganapathi just went out.
Ask him to come back
Get ready.
Ok. - He will be in range
in a minute
Tell me, Chinna.
- Uncle Dad is calling you home immediately.
Stop the vehicle.
What happened?
He was in our range.
He took a U-turn just before
we were pressing the trigger
No problem. His death is written
somewhere other than the highway.
Let's go.
What is it? I said I had some work
with the auditor.
Why did you call me midway?
I'll speak with the auditor.
Bangalore is not our head office
from now on.
It's our place.
How will we manage
such huge businesses from home?
We have to.
Reduce the volume.
- Dad,
Do you want us to stay home
afraid of someone?
Pandavas didnt go on exile being afraid.
Situations demanded that
I am not afraid like you all assume.
It's my responsibility.
We have a second enemy
we are not aware of.
But he knows us.
So, let us all stay together
and find out about him.
When will you find out?
You couldnt find out despite being so rich
How long can we protect
our women at home?
Brother-in-laws wife is a widower already.
Get our daughter married to someone
far away from us.
She would be safe there.
Brother looked for an American alliance
before dying.
I liked it too.
The guy is arriving in two days.
He said he would get married
right away if everything goes well
Ok brother.
We will get her married
and send her to America.
Are you happy now?
I'm very happy.
Quickly Give it.
What? Masala smells great.
What are you preparing??
- Eggplant curry.
You have done enough.
Let us do it now.
If anything goes wrong,
uncle would yell at us.
Not possible. I will be cooking today
and you will be eating it
Let her do it. She would have to cook
from tomorrow anyways
Are you going to your moms house?
- No...
We are sending you
to your in-laws house
Like thats going to happen.
Your dad said a guy is coming to see you
from America in four days
What? Marriage with a guy
from America?
Thats not happening.
I will only marry a guy
who stays here with us.
Tell that to your dad not us.
I will. I am not scared of him.
- Aunt... please... don't do it.
Thats right.
How is it, dad? Did I put
too much of anything?
Yes, dear.
What is it, dad?
I measured everything
You put too much of taste, dear.
Look mom, she already started cooking well
as we spoke about wedding.
I just learnt to cook and
you are already sending me to America
You should get married someday, right?
But when you are in pain here,
how can I lead a happy life there?
Its not even the neighboring town.
Its America.
We dont even know about
the guys nature
Oh, Is that your worry?
He is Krishna Prasad.
He is working at Microsoft.
Good salary. But as you would
have to marry him
let us know if you fault him anywhere.
We can cancel the alliance.
I will get to know him and tell you. Okay?
You will definitely say
that he is a good guy
Sister, to cancel the alliance
like uncle said,
You should find flaws in the guy
Guys from our town are only flawed
in many ways.
He is coming from America.
He must be greatly flawed.
He might be. But how will you find out?
Savitri uncle will handle it.
Bloody clothes I feel irritated.
I might die of suffocation
before the plane arrives.
I will go change and come
Dont you dare!
You cant change until the groom arrives.
When will he come? When will
I be out of these clothes?
Sorry, sir.
Swachch Bharat doesnt mean apologizing
after committing the mistake.
You have to implement it.
Thats when our country will flourish
Ok, sure.
You're Mr. Raghupathis son Mahendra, right?
Yes. And you?
Krishna Prasad.
You're Prasad?
Didnt I tell you
he looked like Prasad?
We expected you to land in a suit.
Your attire confused us a bit.
Shake hands with him everyone.
- Thanks.
Greetings everyone.
Why are you all in suits?
- We wanted to impress you.
Isnt it making us all uncomfortable?
Mr. Prasad, give us two minutes.
We will change on our way
Let's go.
Brother He is great.
He could sense our discomfort right away.
All right, get in.
- Ok, brother.
Halt at some hotel on the way.
We will get changed
Ok brother.
Go and follow that car
Have you finished the Ragupathi
Son-in-law and Son?
No Sir, Only his team was there
in the vehicle!!
Then, where are they?
Our driver isnt picking up my call.
- He will not.
What do you mean?
This rail journey is due to that.
Give me that suitcase.
I will hold it
Its all right. I will carry it.
- Your hands might hurt.
Even my leg hurts.
Will you carry me in your arms?
How is that possible?
That is why you should stick
to your work.
What is it now?
You want to carry something heavy, right?
- What, son?
Give it to me. Here
Why do you strain yourself?
Lift it. Happy now? Come
Are they coming?
- Yes. They are
Hey, where's your seat?
Put the bag under our seats.
Isnt he handsome?
- Thats not enough.
He should be more than that.
- What else?
He has the discipline
to mind his own business.
He has all the traditional values
of a family man.
He respects elders.
Looks like he cant be faulted.
You cant say that.
Savitri uncle will decide.
That is why uncle told us to come here.
Train is moving. Where is Savitri uncle?
Dear, come fast...
Come fast
Train is moving.
I'm coming.
- Come. come.
Come fast.
Train is leaving.
Give me your hands.
Thanks aunty.
- He is my husband.
Is it? Hello.
You left your husband for me, right?
- Damn! you..
He is your husband at the end of the day.
Get down at the next station
and come together. Thanks
Uncle, you are right on time.
The moment I arrive at is the right time.
Where is he?
- He is the one in the dhoti.
Oh... He looks quite innocent.
I will expose the wild angle in him.
Switch on your camera.
I will show it to everyone at home
and get the wedding cancelled
Move. Move.
[ Chuckles ]
What are you doing here, uncle?
Are you just coming casually?
- No. I have some work.
Savitri uncle is a great ad filmmaker.
He stays in Hyderabad.
Come on, sir.
You will not have this offer again.
Buy one Get four free.
Hello I am Savitri Sarkoji,
the famous ad film director
Hello, Mr. Krishna Prasad
He came to meet our Sruthi
from America
I can make it out from his look.
So You're from America
- Which part of America?
New York.
You're a software engineer, right?
He is speaking fluent Telugu
though he is from America.
You were born and brought up here
but you are speaking in English
When will our country develop
with these ideologies?
This country wont develop as long as you are alive
Have some fruit and go to sleep
Do you smoke?
Its okay. Try once.
Smoke one.
If I start smoking,
I dont stop with one.
Hey American boy Come on
Take it.
Light it.
Why did you throw it away?
You wasted 150 rupees.
This serves you right, idiot.
You old fellow...
I've added 30 minutes
to your life span
Thank you.
You look so handsome.
Do you have any lovers in America?
Come on.
- You are blushing.
So, there is someone for sure.
Everyone here is young except that fool.
Tell us.
Two girlfriends or three?
Two girlfriends.
One being my job
and two being the girl in my life
What kind of a girl are you looking for?
Nothing much
I need a girl who loves her husband
like her father
What are the qualities in you?
I gave my first salary to mom.
I wish to give my first kiss
to my wife
Well said, son!
Only when embody Lord Rama, we can hope
to get a girl like Goddess Sita
Wow! Well said!
He is smarter than me.
He cant be fooling Savitri Sarkoji.
I will block his mind with this
Michael Jackson beat.
Lets listen to music.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Song playing on speaker ]
What is this?
We listen to Rihanna, Pitbull, Akon,
JLo, Justin Bieber and Shakira
Who are they?
- They are pop singers.
I was fed up with their music.
I wanted to listen to some Telugu melodies
But its the same here.
- What? Telugu melodies, huh?
They dont exist anymore.
He knows nothing about greatness.
You tell him, son
"Keep the beat roaring"
"No matter what the melody is"
"Telugu is sweeter than honey"
"Sing it with all your heart
and it is joy"
"In the anklet of Mother India"
"Telugu is the most precious pearl'
"In the land where Lord Shiva
is worshipped"
"Telugu is the ever flowing
Ganga on his head"
"Being our very essence,
Telugu fills every breath of ours"
"Reflecting in our lifestyle,
Telugu is our pleasant path of life"
"Telugu reminds us of home"
"Lets not get carried away
by the westerners"
"Telugu comes to us by birth"
"It is an everlasting relation"
"Telugu is the melody of
Annamayyas words"
"Telugu is the sparkle
in the grace of Kuchipudi"
"Telugu is the colorful art
of Bapu and Kunche"
"Telugu is Lord Ramas adoration
by Tyagayya"
"Telugu is Viswanaths
portrayal of beauty"
"Telugu is the breathtaking lady
of the Nanduris"
"Telugu is Seshendras agony"
"Telugu is the shadow of Chalam,
Joshua and Sri Sri"
"Even the outsiders,
Praise Telugu to be great"
"Though there are many languages
Telugu exceeds them all"
"It must be a foreign scent,
It must be spilling fragrances"
"Its no greater than motherland."
"And the petrichor it presents."
"It must be a foreign scent,
It must be spilling fragrances"
"Its no greater than motherland"
"No matter what the worldly attires are"
"Traditional Telugu clothing always
stands out."
"No matter what liquids
world has to offer"
"The taste of coconut water beats it all"
"Standing high above everyone,
Is the intelligence of gultis"
"There is no hint of doubt in saying,
This land has some luster about it"
"It must be a foreign scent,
It must be spilling fragrances"
"Its no greater than motherland,
And the petrichor it presents"
Hey Stop the vehicle
Stop it, stop it.
What happened?
- Someone bashed him and left.
Hold him, Hold him.
- Ok.
Open that door.
- Sir, Sir...
Sir, we cant get all these bodies
into the car.
My owner will sue me if theres blood
on the covers
We should take him to the hospital
urgently to save him
Get the vehicle cleaned
and covers changed.
Learn some humanity if possible.
Save him.
Hey You guys go along with him.
Take care of him.
- Ok brother.
Let's go.
Sruthi, he looks like
an embodiment of humility.
You're going to America for sure.
I have many ads to shoot in Hyderabad.
I'll leave.
I will add 50K to what you asked.
- Then I'll come with you.
Move. I will give you 100 bucks.
Hey Come here.
Put the suitcase inside.
- Greetings.
Whats all this blood?
What happened?
Dad Actually
Why are you questioning him
at the door?
Invite him in to the house.
Mr. Prasad
My dad...
- Greetings. - Greetings.
My mom.
- Greetings.
Please come inside.
- Greetings, come in.
- Greetings, come in.
What happened?
Let's go.
- Please come inside.
Hey, come here.
What happened?
Oh no...
- I'm very tired.
You have travelled for a long time.
Do you want to rest for a while?
Its all right, uncle. Lets be done
with the alliance
What? Right now?
He is right on his part.
Sit, dear. I will bring the girl
Please sit.
Move aside...
Savitri, you came right on time.
Hello, brother-in-law
[ Chuckles ]
Come on, Savitri. We cant be missing you.
- Right.
You wait, dear. Give me that tray.
Take the bag.
I will take care of Sruthis alliance.
Burger, pizza, sandwich, coke, French fries
What would you like, dear?
I dont want any of that.
- Then what do you want?
I want all the Indian delicacies.
Have you come from Amalapuram or America?
Hey Savitri He always talks crap
- Savitri.
Sruthi is coming. Calm down.
- Come, I have some work with you.
Dear My daughter, Sruthi
I know, uncle.
I saw her in the train.
He scored a 100 in brilliance too.
A little girl was sitting in a traditional attire
in the train.
Your daughter reminds me
of that little girl.
Well said!
She seems like a little girl to us too.
So, does this come under child marriage?
Court wouldnt approve it, right?
My son spoke very high of you,
Your words, habits and principles.
We liked it a lot.
If you like our daughter.
- Come on.
I feel fortunate to become your son-in-law
Thats great.
Thats really great.
The auspicious timing is
at 8 am on Thursday.
It brings great fortune to the couple.
Wedding in two days?
- We want you to be safe.
But I will not be happy.
Son, the wedding will be in 2 days.
Are you fine with it?
- I'm fine with it.
But I have to ask my parents once.
He doesn't have parents, right?
Mom, are you happy with me
marrying this girl?
Dad, do you agree?
Remove your hand.
You shouldnt complain about
the little time available.
Tell me properly.
Are you both fine with it?
My parents are fine with it.
Its madness.
This is called social physical disorder.
What is this?
You are getting her married
to a crazy fellow.
What the hell are you saying, Savitri?
Its not his fault to say that.
You all know I dont have parents.
But I think of my parents every time
I do something important.
I imagine them being right with me
and tell me whats in my heart.
They might not be with me
But I believe their blessings
are always with me.
If I caused you any discomfort.
Not at all.
- Dont ever think that.
When people dont even bother
about parents these days.
After seeing a guy like you
it makes me really happy.
My daughter is really lucky
to be your wife. Isnt it?
I didnt know he was a parents lover.
You know it now.
Apologize to him.
Sorry He asked me to apologize
and I did it.
No... I didn't feel bad.
But my parents were hurt
When you called me crazy.
Just apologize to them.
How do I apologize to people
I cant see?
Though you cant see them,
they can hear you.
They will receive your apology.
- Receive?
They will receive it?
Which side is your mom?
I am sorry, mom.
Dad? Sir, Sorry.
Theres hardly two days left
for the wedding.
Wedding arrangements have to be grand.
Get going everyone.
Wedding has been fixed with the American,
Wedding is in two days.
I thought no one would dare to be her groom
after killing the previous one
Seems he will go to America immediately
after the wedding
Raghupathi should not have any celebrations
except death in his house.
We have to stop that wedding.
What will you do, sir?
How will you stop the wedding?
The wedding arrangements are going on
like a country fair
What did you say?
Wedding arrangements?
- Are going like a country fair
That means...
If there is fair in town,
wedding wouldnt happen.
Pray to the Goddess and announce
this all over the town
[ Priests chanting ]
Isnt the religious fair supposed
to be in next month?
Thats what we did last time.
Tell them brother.
Mr. Veerabhadram will be performing
all the duties this time
He has tied the holy thread
to the Goddess without informing us.
Why do we have to stop
our sisters marriage for that?
Once the holy knot has been tied,
the religious fair cannot be halted.
Thats our village custom.
It doesnt stop at that.
No auspicious occasions can take place
in the village until the fair comes to an end
You can have the wedding
after three weeks
I have no objection to postpone
the wedding
I am worried about
son-in-laws reaction. - Uncle.
when I become a member of your family,
I become a part of this village too.
We need to honor our customs.
And its been long since I visited a fair.
Its all right, uncle. I will wait.
- Thats good, son.
We are leaving.
Three weeks time.
- Anything might happen.
We can prove that he is a bad guy.
- Or he might be exposed as a bad guy
Anything is good for us.
But he has to go back to America alone.
If that happens, I will offer 100 coconuts
in the name of Goddess
Do what ever you want,
but give me some money first.
Give him.
Full cash.
I'll speak with Modi about GST.
[ Priest chanting prayers ]
The specialty of this years religious fair
is offering their lives to the Goddess.
Go and work on that.
Veerbhadram is trying to stop
this marriage at any cost.
Take care of son-in-law.
He shouldnt get to know this.
Brother, shall we click a selfie with them?
- Yes sure.
You're taking selfies with their pictures,
But I directly took a picture with them.
Hello, come here.
- My dad is standing there.
Who? This guy?
- Don't overact. I'll beat you.
Uncle, it looks great.
Shall we click another one?
- Selfie looks amazing. Lets go.
Do you know what adds beauty to women?
- What else? Makeup
Not at all. you tell us.
Vermillion on the forehead
and bangles on the hands
I really like bangles.
- Is it?
Then you wear them.
Show me some good bangles.
- I dont like bangles.
Sruthi, he wants you to wear them.
Do it
Why are you supporting him?
Sruthi, your brother really
likes you a lot.
He takes good care of me
as I should look after you really well.
It's my fortune to find such a brother.
All right. Give me.
Are we done here?
Do they look good?
- Yes, really good.
Let's go.
Brother-in-law, Will you get me ice cream?
- Yes.
Will you have some too?
- Yes. - Do you want it on a cone
or a stick?
All this is new to you guys.
All this seems rubbish to me.
You guys go ahead
Give me three ice cream sticks.
So, it's two.
My target missed.
What about yours?
My target is right on him.
- Then finish him.
Tastes good. You want to try one more?
- Brother-in-law.
Its lunch time. They would be waiting
for us at home. Lets go
- Ok.
- Let's go.
I'm ready.
I missed him.
These clowns ruined our entire plan.
- God saved him this time.
I will send him directly to God
the next time.
How did the fair go?
- It went well.
Come. Lets eat.
- Come on, son.
- One minute.
What is it?
Find out if they saw any we faces. Go.
[Footsteps approaching]
He is coming. Do it.
Is this fair, uncle?
How long will you blackmail like this?
- I will do it
However long I please.
You will get married and settle in America.
Its a single time settlement
I cant pay you the amount
you are demanding.
I gave you a lot of money already
I agree I made some mistakes
in my childhood
You did huge mistakes in your childhood.
You must have forgotten them.
Romance with Needles Sudhakar
in the coconut field in the tenth grade
He gifted me a mobile back then, uncle.
If he gifts you a mobile,
you should shake hands and thank him
But not kiss him and provoke him.
In the engineering college,
You worked out your chemistry
with Manthena Diwakar in the physics lab
I wanted to cover two subjects
in one class.
Oh... recently you were kissing Rahul
like they do it in english movies.
That day I was drunk, uncle.
You committed mistakes in a flow.
- And I started blackmailing slowly.
What have you paid me after all?
Just 3 million rupees.
Isnt that enough?
It's not enough.
Being such a flawed person,
if you marry him and flee to America,
Who will pay me?
So, lets go for one time settlement.
5 million rupees.
- 5 million rupees?
I dont have so much money.
- You don't have the money?
I will immediately tell him then.
Any guy with a conscience
would never marry you.
Oh no... uncle, I'm begging you
Please dont ruin this marriage.
Please uncle.
What the hell is this?
Have you heard everything?
- Yes.
I see.
First guy in the coconut field,
Second guy in the chemistry lab
And third guy in the pub
Am I the fourth guy?
Very good. You're good at math.
Dont shout and expose her image
and ruin my earnings
Pack your bags silently
and fly off to America.
Dont book a flight ticket
in a hurry and leave
One minute.
My house number in America is four.
My car number is four.
My date of birth is four.
Its a coincidence that my number
in your life is also four.
The mistakes made at a tender age
How can you misunderstand her?
With those mistakes...
Let's us differentiate
between good and bad people.
Thats not my worry.
All these years he's been
blackmailing you,
Has been mentally torturing you
for money.
Your Savitri uncle.
He committed a very big crime.
If this was America, he would be
in prison for 600 years
But he cant threaten you anymore.
I recorded everything in my mobile.
- What? recording?
I will play this to your dad, uncle
and brother in a home theatre
Home theatre?
- Why?
Shall I play it in Alankar theatre?
The entire village can watch it.
Bro, I am pleading you.
Please forgive me. I didnt know
your lucky number was four.
Not possible. - They kill me
if you show them the video.
This should be a lesson to every uncle
teasing his nephew
This family will rip my skin off.
- They should.
Have you looked at her innocent face?
- Her face?
She was begging you.
Did I ask you to cry? Did I?
She over acted, sir.
Prasad, you're a true gentleman.
But family members would feel bad
if they know about it.
Let him go. He will face his fate.
All right.
For safety purpose
I am keeping the video with me
What about you?
- I will shut everything.
- That's right.
- Thank you bro.
Thank god.
Pack your bags. You're definitely
going to America
- I dont want him.
- He wont leave you.
This is commissioner speaking.
- Tell me.
While we were investigating
at the fair earlier, we found a bullet.
It was shot from a high precision rifle.
The accuracy range is 900 to 1200 meters.
It means, we can shoot our target
from a distance of one kilometer.
This is definitely a professional killers work.
There is no one in our State
who could handle such rifle.
If I guessed it right,
murderer is definitely a foreigner
Are you giving me information?
Or warning me to be alert?
Murderer is making sure
he doesnt leave any clue behind
They won't get caught.
We would have to plan and catch them.
You have to show me further
development in this case
Otherwise, I would have to meet
your higher authorities
Ok sir.
Whom do you have to meet?
- Sir.
Which sir?
I dont know his name.
But I can recognize him.
He saved my life.
Tell me properly.
- Whom do you have to meet?
That guy talking on the phone
It's him.
Hey! Hey!
Some stranger is here.
catch him.
Don't leave him.
hold him.
Stop him right there.
Do you know him?
- Who is he?
I am Naresh, sir.
Research student from Chennai IIT.
Why did you come here?
I was lying on the road dieing
and sir saved my life
Yes, brother. Son-in-law saved this guy.
I'm forever in his debt.
That is why I want to name
my thesis after him
I just came to find out his name.
Thats all.
He would have been almost dead.
Do you even know
the value of life?
Abdul Kalam's life is dedicated
to respect the country.
NTR's life was about self respect.
Mother Teresa's life
is the respect of motherhood.
Even the driver who takes us home safe
also has a life
How could you end a life
so easily?
It's our mistake.
I'm so sorry.
He is a scientist.
Apologize to him everyone
[ Goons ] Sorry brother.
Sorry brother.
Drop our scientist broher in the car.
- Ok bro.
One minute, son.
You are naming your thesis
after my son-in-law, right?
He is Krishna Prasad.
Ok sir.
If you dont mind, you are free
to work in our research lab
Ok sir.
Thanks, uncle.
He is doing a bit much.
No. He is preceding everyone.
I will end this in the coconut fields
- What will you do?
- You will see.
We should empty the coconut
and pour some vodka in it.
- What are you doing, uncle?
- This is wine.
This Jin and then some Rum.
Whats happening now?
If you drink one of these,
the inner person comes out.
If he drinks this cocktail.
He will dance.
From today, he will be scared to touch
even a glass of water
- What's this for?
- It covers up the smell.
- You are great, uncle.
- I am always great.
Do you want to try? No?
Did you like this coconut field?
Whats so special here?
I planted all these trees
when I was a kid.
- Really?
- Yes.
I should definitely drink
few coconuts then
You should drink, spill the truth
and run from the village.
Lets go.
They reached.
- Savitri uncle.
Is everything ready?
- Alcohol is ready.
I meant everything is ready to drink.
Switch on the camera.
Here, take this.
It's good have it.
They are here on time.
Video isnt necessary.
We can catch him LIVE
Looks like you guys are enjoying.
Have you been around the field?
Your sister has shown me
the entire field
You look really tired.
Have this coconut first
Drink it.
I'm fine. We drink every day.
You have it.
So you won't drink
if I offer you a coconut.
That's a big word,
give it to me.
Uncle, please dont drink it.
Sruthi, I get it.
You want to drink as he is offering it.
All right. You offer her, son
Drink it.
Drink dear.
- If you are behaving like this now.
Looks like you will totally forget us
after your wedding
Take it.
What are you looking at?
Have it.
Drink dear.
Don't be shy, have it.
Its a body coolant. Have it.
They are talking to you.
Coconuts up.
Coconuts up it seems Have it.
Do you want one more?
- No.
Brother, there is no fault
in our hospitality, right?
Not at all. Everything is fine.
Let us know if there is any.
We will try correcting it
Come on sir.
- Mr. America.
Talk about anything
but not the video.
Which video?
The video you shot on your mobile
while Savitri uncle was blackmailing me.
She asked us not to reveal it
but she is only spilling everything
What happened?
Nothing. Its nothing.
Why do you say that?
The video has it all.
- Give me.
Looks like tomorrow is going
to be death cremation along with the wedding.
What is this?
- Nothing.
She is drunk, don't mind her words.
Inspite of blackmailing my sister,
You are accusing her of getting drunk.
- Oh no.
- Oh no.
Why did you hit him like that?
- What do you expect?
You should hit like this.
Oh no.
Stop it.
I'm begging you.
What happened?
Enough. he will die.
let him go.
Oh no...
Savitri uncle
I helped you
and you got me beaten up.
We are no way related
to each other now.
I will get you married.
Do whatever you want can.
Sister, do you realize
what you are doing?
No one can stop your wedding now.
I need to talk to you.
I dont like this marriage.
What happened?
I wanted to fault you at something
and have the wedding cancelled.
But I couldnt do it.
I agree You are a very good guy.
But a good guy shouldnt
just have good habits.
He should also understand
the heart of the opposite.
You're really selfish in my opinion.
You dont have parents.
I have a large family
along with my parents.
How can I be happy with you,
leaving my entire family behind?
If you really know the value of parents,
Pack your bags and leave by morning.
Sister, wake up.
We are going to the city for marriage shopping
Everyone is ready,
You're late.
- Damn! I need to sleep.
Brother-in-law was in your dreams?
In my dreams? He must have escaped
with his bags by now.
Come, let's check on him.
Subbayya, black coffee.
- Ok madam.
- I want white milk.
Add some washing powder to it,
everything will come out white.
Hey, aren't you ready yet?
We are going for shopping
freshen up quickly.
Why are we shopping for a marriage
that's never going to happen?
Why does a useless fellow
need to drink milk?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Cancelling a wedding isn't
as easy as cancelling milk.
I'll leave only after seeing your wedding.
First of all, where's the groom?
Did he run away?
Put those bags in the car.
- Ok madam.
[ Women chattering ]
This saree?
- Which saree?
You're awesome, brother-in-law ran away.
This wedding is cancelled.
What's happening?
Where won't leave this place.
Time is almost 9'o clock
we should be starting by now.
Son, we are still getting ready.
Just think, this is wedding shopping
and six of you.
6 mutiiplied by 5, you need atleast 30 sarees.
It takes at least fifteen minutes
It will take 8 hours for our selection.
- And we need an hour break for lunch.
Let's order food to the shopping mall
or we're going to waste an hour.
In this one hour, we can review our sarees.
And change the saree if we don't like it.
Or we could order customized designs
from their branches.
We can't compromise on our favorite sarees.
It's not some school or temple
that we finish work as soon as possible.
It's a clothing store.
Isn't it true?
- Yes, Yes.
Then, let's start.
- Let's go.
Very good.
- Sruthi, you're very lucky.
I've never seen a lucky girl like you.
Our husbands don't have so much patience.
Is this some school or temple?
It's a clothing store, make it quick.
Sister, are you ready?
He is making me very angry
You didn't leave inspite of me
telling you so much?
I thought of leaving...
I packed my bags too.
My dad told me to leave immediately,
While I was putting my charger in the bag,
My mom spoke a few words.
It's the matter of a girl life,
if you leave all of a sudden from wedding.
What will happen to her father's prestige?
Will she ever find an alliance?
What about her sister?
Will she get married?
She told me to think about your sister too.
- Yes, that's true.
Isn't it?
That's the reason I stayed back.
Mom told everything will settle
once we have children,
I was convinced and put the charger back.
I got ready for shopping,
I'll see you.
[ Screams in anger ]
Let's finish our jewellery shopping too.
- Ok aunt.
Son, I can't see Mahindra's vehicle
We are trapped madam.
Who are they?
They are Veerabhadram's goons,
they won't leave without killing us.
Tell me.
Sir, we found all his ladies
and son-in-law at one place.
Good job, Doctors should be terrorized
while looking at their corpse.
I'm going to finish them.
You can start celebrating.
Why do they want to kill us?
Veerabhadram's father did business with us
We split up because of some
After a while, Veerabhadram's father
died in a car accident.
He thinks we did it
Since then he's been trying to kill us.
I hope atleast by now
you understand our situation
At least you run away,
we are going to die anyways.
Do you have Veerabhadram's number?
Do you have it?
What happened? did you kill everyone
including the son-in-law?
It's the son-in-law speaking,
are you shocked?
I know that there is a person like you
in every village.
But you never knew a person like me
would be coming to this village.
It's good if you change,
you will we alive if you forget.
If you still keep doing this.
you will die.
Hey American! are you threatening me
on my turf?
Did you think I would sitting
with a tie on playing games in a room?
Once I shut down the system
and start my game.
You would be simply watching,
there will be nothing left for you to play.
If a cheap guy like you is so arrogant,
I drink water from the river Godavari,
think about the arrogance I should carry.
You just drank godavari water
Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri,
Ganga, Yamuna,
Saraswati, Thungabhadra, Narmada,
I drank water from all 126 rivers.
Just imagine the force, if all the water
from these rivers pound on you at once.
Hey! I won't spare anyone,
I'm going to kill everyone!
Hey, listen to me now.
I'm going to message you
my day schedule.
It's upto you, try killing us.
But remember one thing,
this is my family.
They our my relatives.
Forget about putting your hands
on our men,
You can't touch our ladies hair.
Prasad! Krishna Prasad!
Care of Raghupathy and family.
They say we get good if you do good.
You are the result of our good deeds.
Come on.
"A lion like man has become
our family"
"He is our one man army from now on,
He is the skys shelter"
"A lion like man has become
our family"
"He is our one man army
from now on"
"He is our army"
"He is the skys shelter,
He is our shadow"
"He is always with us"
"Just like the earth is around
He stands by us'
"He becomes our strength"
"He is innocent at heart"
"He can also get destructive"
"He has a heart filled of love"
"He comes to your rescue in danger"
"He is the skys shelter,
He is our shadow"
"He is always with us"
"Just like the earth is around,
He stands by us"
"He becomes our strength"
"He has a heart of chivalry,
He is smooth as a jasmine"
"He is soon going to be our savior"
"He is the blazing ball of fire"
"He is the one I am looking for'
"He stands tall, guarding the borders"
"He is my lifes shield"
"He is my breaths celebration"
He is strength
He is my courage...
"He is family He is our fortune"
"He is the skys shelter,
He is our shadow"
"He is always with us"
"Just like the earth is around,
He stands by us"
"He becomes our strength"
Make the arrangements quick.
- Uncle
Sister needs to speak with brother-in-law.
Let her speak.
- But not here.
How can she talk with so many people around
and in so much nuisance.
Then don't talk.
She wants to speak alone.
You want to take him out.
is that it?
See, brother wouldn't accept it.
- He will refuse if we tell him.
If we don't tell him?
- He will kill us.
The situation is very dangerous,
listen to me don't do it.
Uncle please we'll return back
in 30 minutes.
Did you take his permission?
- We'll take care of it.
I'll go along with them
and bring them back.
Is that good enough?
- Ok.
Make it quick,
you should return in 30 minutes.
Thanks uncle.
Sruthi, come here once.
Don't confuse brother-in-law,
with all your crazy thoughts,
Are you still testing me?
- Why?
I'm still not interested in this marriage,
but it's going to happen.
You didn't like me?
You have a lot of patience
and unbearable anger.
It's my luck getting married to you.
'- Then what's your problem?
I don't want to go America
in the name of marriage.
But I can't leave you.
You're the reason that
we are still alive.
I shouldn't ask but still I will ask you.
You've settled in America
But if you stay here for me and my family
leaving everything behind.
We'll be in debt to you forever.
Please don't refuse me,
I'm begging you.
Don't cry. Stop crying.
Wipe your tears off.
What's your problem?
You want me to quit my job in America,
marry you and stay here
Take care of your father's business
and stay here in this village, that's it?
- Let's do it your way.
- Yes.
Oh! you guys are here.
I've been trying to call you
since a long time.
Where's Mahendra?
Uncle, run away he's a murderer.
What are you staring at?
You thought I came here to marry you?
I came to your home...
To kill your family.
I was kill your people till now,
I will kill further.
Mom, did I do the right thing?
Father, did I do the right thing?
My parents said it's the right thing.
So, Sanju is correct.
[ Voice echoes ]
Brother-in-law, all the waste candidates
are in this house.
Where are the key people?
- Who?
- Who else? The bride and the groom.
Dont yell. Brother might listen.
- What? did they elope?
Oh my niece.
I thought I will get a part of the dowry
if my niece gets married.
But she has eloped now.
- Whats the nuisance?
Nothing, bro.
Sruthi eloped with the guy
It's not that brother.
Sruthi wanted to talk with him
in private.
So, Mahendar took them.
As its been long since they left.
Ganapathi went to bring them
They will be coming, brother.
How many times have I asked you
not to go out?
Sir, this is SI Ramesh,
there are some corpses outside the city.
Would you come and identify
if you know any one of them?
They were killed someplace else
and dumped here
Open it up.
Sruthi and the groom are missing.
Go and search in the neighboring
villages and check posts
Oh my god! He came home directly.
Where are my daughter and son-in-law?
Where did you hide them?
- Hey!
I am not such a coward.
I would kill them right away.
I am not used to hiding them.
This guy is killing everyone
with no clues left behind.
He must have killed your daughter
and son-in-law by now. - Hey!
I will not let that happen.
Brother, why didnt you just kill him?
- Hey...
I could have cut his head off
and hanged it at our entrance.
But, this is the first time he came to our place.
That is why I let him go
You will not kill not let others do it.
I am finding it tough to manage
the rowdies accounts
Hey What are you blabbering?
- You can hear this well.
- Who is he?
He comes like a flood and kills everyone.
Who is he?
[ Sounds from Television ]
Virat Kohli will be out in this over.
What do you want?
Are you some psycho?
You are killing my family members
right in front of my eyes.
Who are you?
Our family never hurt anyone.
Please leave us.
What did you say?
Your family never hurt anyone?
Your family hurt everyone.
Jai Hind sir.
- Jai Hind.
Last night, our Major General Chandra Prakash
has kidnapped by the terrorists
We found it out from the GPS co-ordinates
of the terrorists.
We have to save our General.
Theres only one guy
to carry this operation.
Major Sanjeev.
I will send Captain Amit and Satyaveer
along with him
Tell me. Where is your base camp
at the border?
I want the entire information,
along with the route map
To save lives,
Indian Army isnt so cheap
to sell its country
Every soldier that dies in the war
has the enemys bullets in their heart
Do you know why?
Because our soldiers are not cowards
like yours
Sanjeev, north east position clear.
Sanjeev on your right.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Stop your speech or I will shoot you down.
Kill me.
The faster you kill me,
the better for you.
Every second you delay it,
Your death comes looking for you
Come on.
How? How?
I knew Indian Army was sharp.
But I didnt know it was this sharp.
Hey says, you guys aren't afraid of death.
Is it true?
Is it true?
It's true.
Amite execut.
- Ok.
[ Soldiers humming song ]
Relax. Relax.
- Sir. Sir.
Thanks for saving my life.
Its my duty, sir.
Sit down.
Sir tea.
Oh thank you.
- Welcome sir.
- Sir?
I wish to give 10 days off
to someone on your team.
Give it to Sanjeev, sir. Its been 3 years
since he went home
By the way, you loved a girl
for a really long time
But hid it from her.
Tell her at least now.
How does sir know?
You must be wondering
how I know.
You told everyone about
your love except her.
You are going on a leave this time.
You are expressing your love
and marrying her.
- Ok sir.
- Good.
Whats that smoke?
Car is burning. Call the fire engine.
- Ok sir.
Car is burning. Get down.
Car isnt burning.
We are smoking cigarettes inside
If we smoke at home,
parents sue us
When we come out,
people like you do
What happened to this city?
- There is smoke
- and dust everywhere.
No one says a word
- They are beating us up.
Doesnt your dad question
about chain smoking?
They will ask.
- We won't give them.
Do what you want.
- Thats what we do.
It's put off.
Brothers flight must have landed.
Take chewing gums
Forget landing, Flight must
have returned also.
How are you?
- I'm good brother.
Whats the cigarette smell?
Dad took the car this morning
and went to the pension office.
He still didn't change.
Let's go.
Give him.
- You give him.
- No. you give him.
Whats the discussion?
We got orders from Delhi.
- Orders from Delhi?
What does it read?
You were granted leave
to succeed your love
Not to waste your time brother.
No. Listen to me...
- What's your problem?
Even hundreds of enemies
dont scare you.
Why are you scared of Gita?
War is easier than love.
Brother, you have to propose her today
You have to get married on this trip.
- Shut up.
What now?
You want me to propose, right?
Ok, I'll do it.
Bro, wear these clothes.
- Spray this.
- Hide this.
Give this to her.
Dont return alone.
- Come as a couple, bro.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
I would like to meet Dr. Gita, Microbiologist
- Who are you?
Tell her Akash is here to meet her urgently.
- Please wait.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
I would like to meet Dr. Gita.
Tell her Sanjeev is here.
dont mind to wait.
Please wait, sir. I will call you.
- Advocate?
- Sorry.
Sorry bro.
I'm Akash.
- Sanjeev.
Nice to meet you.
If you dont mind,
choose amongst the fingers
- Do it bro.
- Wow, yes.
My love is successful.
- Yes bro.
Basically, I am from California.
Operation Manager at Microsoft.
Annual salary would be one million dollars.
Dollar is equal to 68 rupees now, bro.
- So great.
Anyways, I came to India a week before.
Six days back...
I saw a girl.
Five days back, I've decided
that she is my wife.
- Interesting.
- Since four days back
I am having continuous dreams
And three days back...
My hard disk crashed.
And two days back
I took my parents
and proposed to her
When I called her one day back,
I mean yesterday,
today she would take a decision.
It will be okay, right?
That girl must be crazy to reject you.
Thank you, bro. You should definitely
attend my wedding. I insist
I'll come for sure.
Sir, madam is calling you.
- Ok.
Sir, she is calling you too.
- Ok.
Come bro.
- Gita.
- Gita.
Hi Gita.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
- I like your shirt.
Its not a shirt. Its a jacket.
- Thanks bro.
Mom selected it.
- How is you mom?
- Waiting for your response.
Sorry, Sanjeev
I totally forgot you
in the joy of seeing Akash.
He is my best friend, Sanjeev.
I dont make any decision
without asking Sanjeev.
Thank god he came at the right time.
Sanjeev, he is Mr. Akash.
Though he knows that I don't have anyone.
He came along with his parents
and proposed for a marriage.
He is a gentleman, isnt it?
Very good I am really happy.
See you.
Wait, Sanjeev I feel strong
if you are with me right now.
The reason I asked
for two days time
Because I love a guy sincerely
No issues.
Quite common actually
He didnt love you back, right?
- That idiot didnt even get it.
- Whos that idiot?
- Why should I tell you?
Would you tell me
if you loved someone?
I didnt even tell the girl.
Why would I tell you?
Bro, one minute.
Bro, why are you fighting?
Its quite common
Bro, I'm talking on your behalf.
Ok. Ok.
Whom do you guys love?
at least give me a clue.
My lovers height 6.2
He is very shy.
My lover has a big mouth,
she keeps talking.
Ok, ok, one minute.
The height you were talking about
it's not him right?
No, not him.
- Ok, super.
The girl you were talking about
is obviously not her
No chance.
Super Quite interesting
My lover likes Timex watch.
My lover really like white color.
Wait, wait,
one minute.
This isnt the white dress
you' re talking about, right?
The Timex watch you were talking about
is obviously not his.
No, no.
Thank you.
I'm relaxed.
Continue Continue
Tell me his name
if your love is true
Thats the spirit.
Come on Tell me.
His name is Sanjeev
Girls name?
- Girl's name?
I understood when you came here
with a bouquet.
It took you three years to say this.
Will you give it at least now?
Hey bro.
Where are you going?
- I understood clearly, bro.
I'm going to Hollywood.
And settle with a porn star
though it gets costly
You carry on.
You've wasted three years already.
I cant even wait for another
three minutes.
Hold my hand and take me home
right now.
What must have happened?
What did she say, bro?
yes or no?
Oh, she rejected.
Mother, bless me.
Who are you dear?
- My name is Gita.
Sanjeev and I have been in love
since three years.
You adore Sai Baba.
You are crazy about your family.
You drink coffee four times in a day.
You really love the show
Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu.
You never get angry
but are extremely sensitive.
But one thing is true.
Accept me and I will look after you
like a mother.
She is the ideal girl.
You found the perfect daughter-in-law
- Greetings, uncle.
- Greetings.
Sanju, I really like this girl.
Come in, dear.
- Come in.
Gita bought me new glasses.
How are they?
They are good.
You said you will look after me
like my daughter
But she would take care of me
like her mom.
Examination results are in February.
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Institute
of Hyderabad
B. Tech Aeronautical Engineering
Topper of the university
Superb bro.
Superb bro.
- Thanks brother.
I knew you will achieve it.
Bro... what about the bike?
I will buy it right now. Come on.
- Does he really need a bike?
Dad, he studied better
than we expected.
When else would he enjoy riding?
Come with me.
Please select your model.
I want a pulsar in red color. 220 CC.
Four stroke DTS oil cool engine
With alloy wheels
Registration number 1510.
Why 1510?
Its Abdul Kalams birthday date.
Sir, a guy just got a bike
with the same specifications delivered.
Its over there. check it out.
Why did you buy it?
Why shouldnt I buy for Ajay?
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Thank you.
- Drive safe.
I dont need thanks.
This is enough.
"The moment eyes meet
The moment lips meet"
"This moment with you is forever"
"The moment eyes blink
The moment sweet tears are shed"
"This moment with you is forever"
"This moment is to be visited
again and again"
"Every moment is to be
cherished with you"
"Do you know it, my heart?
The moment we take a step together"
"Do you know it, my heart?
Every second passes like a century"
"Do you know it, my heart?
Every moment that I am with you"
"Do you know it, my heart?
The world is at my feet"
"Any minute spent with you"
"Every moment is a sweet memory"
"Tears tend to be pleasant,
As your presence becomes my temple"
"There is anxiety as
I read our names together"
"Every second unites
to make it our time"
"To the body diverted by youth,
These moments are mesmerizing"
"Do you know it, my heart?
The moment we take a step together"
"Do you know it, my heart?
Every second passes like a century"
"Do you know it, my heart?
Every moment that I am with you"
"Do you know it, my heart?
The world is at my feet"
"Before this sweet moment turns sour"
"I will save you with all my life"
"Before this magical moment disappear"
"Shall I hide you in my heart forever?"
"Are these seconds or sweet poems?
Are these seconds or centuries of love?"
"I wait in this bewilderment for you"
"I cant manage to catch my breath"
"I can never get enough of this high"
"Do you know it, my heart?
The moment we take a step together"
"Do you know it, my heart?
Every second passes like a century"
"Do you know it, my heart?
Every moment that I am with you"
"Do you know it, my heart?
The world is at my feet"
Hey Ajay Come fast.
We have many invitations to distribute.
Why are you still coughing?
Didnt you recover yet?
Lets go to the hospital.
What happened?
Hey. Hey.
- What happened?
- Look at him.
Ajay, what happened dear?
Oh no. Blood.
Sanju, come fast.
- What happened?
What happened?
- Look whats wrong with him.
What happened, Ajay?
- He is sacring me.
Why so many tests for cough, doctor?
He is not even getting
enough sleep recently.
It must be body heat.
Sir Reports.
Look at this report.
Bronchogenic Carcinoma.
What does it mean?
Lung cancer.
Don't we have a treatment doctor?
Its in an advanced stage.
Its already late.
It has spread to the brain and liver.
As he was young,
symptoms didnt appear until now.
As far as I know,
we cant help him in anyway
I'm so sorry.
Since when are you used to this?
This is the reason behind it.
Quit it. Quit it right away.
Hey Ajay...
Sorry bother...
Sorry I hit you in pain.
Please quit it.
I am unable to quit
I am telling you as a brother.
Quit it.
Everything will be back to normal.
I'll die in a month
How will I ever be normal?
I cheated everyone.
Abdul Kalam.
I dreamt to serve the country
and earn good name.
You can do everything.
This shattered all my dreams, bro.
Please dont say that.
I'm here for you.
That's my strength brother.
You can take good care
of mom and dad.
I cant show my face to anyone now.
Sorry brother.
Please forgive me.
Ajay get up.
Ajay get up.
You had a lot of dreams.
I didnt expect to see you like this.
Gita, ask him to look at me once.
Have you seen Ajays
post mortem reports?
We thought only the lungs
were damaged.
Even the brain and liver were affected.
Its called distance spread.
Only the people with this habit
for over 20 years get affected.
But Ajay is 20 years old.
He must be into some other drugs.
Everyone in our gang is used
to this tiger brand.
We are smoking since a year, bro.
We started smoking it to boost
our concentration during exams
Now we are addicted to it.
We have to test you immediately.
Even these two will have to face
the consequences like Ajay
Test these smokes too.
Sanjeev, come with me.
Why have we come here?
There is a lot more
we need to know.
Hello Gita.
They are from the Anti Tobacco organization
you wanted to meet
Sir, please go through this report.
Very good.
This report exposes
how dangerous Tiger brand is.
Come with me once.
They are all people subjected to cancer
due to contaminated cigarettes
And other forms of tobacco.
Its all a dark business. These brands
dont have Government approval
Many organizations like us
are fighting against this in India
It's increasing day by day
but not reducing.
Everyone fights to lead a great life
They are fighting to die peacefully.
Passive smoking case, sir.
Do you smoke?
No dear.
Dont smoke near kids, uncle.
It affects us.
Even your kids will get
cancer like me.
I pray to God every day, uncle.
What do you pray?
I pray that no one gets cancer
like me.
No one else will be affected.
Medical report suggests these
contaminated cigarettes lead to cancer.
This is the post mortem report
of my brother who died smoking it.
These two filed a complaint
saying they were affected by it
Please take an immediate action
on the Tiger brand.
All the reports are fine.
But who does the Tiger brand belong to?
Where is this product being manufactured?
We dont even know if an Indian
or a foreigner owns it.
Whom do we take an action on?
On this box?
These habits are quite common
in people these days.
We need a committed system to stop it.
We need a committed system to stop it.
I will forward it to the
Commissioners office.
Sanjeev, he is right.
We need a team to stop it.
We are that team.
You are on duty even on off days.
Problem isnt just in the border.
It's in the country too
I am proud of you.
Tell me what I can do for you.
All the army and retired officers
who are on leave
Immediately send me their phone numbers,
Skype IDs and email IDs
I will ask everyone to report to you.
But remember one thing.
- Sir.
You shouldnt directly involve
in such civil matters.
Be careful. - Yes sir.
Whats the name of this
operation anyway
All the best.
Take it.
Thank you.
Thank you. It's okay.
Sir Tiger brand agent
Dealers go down
We found the details.
But the owner
- No one has his details.
We cant find out
who the owner is
If you are fine with it - We can raid
- All the go downs - At once.
No The owner might escape
if we do so.
I will talk to you later
- Okay, sir.
How do we catch him them?
When our enemy knows
he has another enemy,
He will come searching for us.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
Come on Who is it?
- What happened?
Someone created a Facebook page
on our Tiger brand
Within one hour of uploading,
there have been 1000 likes.
Immediately blocked that IP
and the page, sir.
It would have spread
in the whole of India
Who uploaded it?
They uploaded from a mobile number.
Trace out his location
if you have the mobile number.
Sir, this shows Kompally area.
Lets go.
- Move Move
Where in Kompally?
Near St. Josephs college
Call that number once.
[ Mobile ringing ]
[ Distant whistle ]
That's my phone.
Who uploaded about the Tiger brand
on Facebook?
That's me.
Hey Who are you?
Who are you by the way?
- We are its owners.
You came running once business
went into losses
I understood that you are the owners.
Do the owners have to wear suits?
Dont worry.
Its just a quarter alcohol.
Listen to me now.
I uploaded it.
But another guy made me do it.
You guys got trapped like a Rat.
What do you mean?
- [ Chuckles ]
You guys didnt come here.
He got you here.
Who is he?
He is inside.
You guys are dead.
[ Doors open ]
Who are you?
Indian Army.
Adult role model of youth.
Why did you poke our business
instead of securing the borders?
You arent into some service
for me to stay calm.
Its a mistake.
I will not spare anyone
that does a mistake
Come on Get in
Get in
You can do anything to us.
But you cant do anything
to our cigarettes.
I will do it.
I will get all the details
by 11 tomorrow morning.
First case in Mumbai Abdul Khader
Prakash Nagre in Nagpur
Maheswar in Madhya Pradesh
Manjunath in Karnataka
Mukundan in Kerala
2600 people will file a case
on your company in India
Your company will be seized
and your cigarette will be in history.
I will bail out the next minute
you send me to prison.
Tiger brand is manufactured
against the rules of government.
Court has passed orders to award lethal
punishment to those who manufacture or sell
The brand has been banned.
Dont think of anything.
Take care of your health.
I am fine.
I will think that your brother
died for the country.
His death has stopped
the deaths of many.
My son is very much alive in them.
Mr. Military, you take care
of the country.
I will take care of your parents.
They will stay home with me. Okay?
Look, doctor You will anyway
have to stay with us after the wedding.
Pack your bags and come now.
I have no problem. Ok.
There is coffee in the flask.
There are snacks in this.
Brush, paste and soap are
in the side bag.
Ok. Leave now.
There is five minutes time.
Why are you in a hurry?
if you stand here any longer
I will start crying.
You have waited for three years.
Cant you wait for 6 months more?
I was strong because
you would come back.
Now, I am scared that
you are leaving.
Don't cry. I will come home
if I have a days leave.
[ Train Horn ]
It's time.
I'll see you soon.
Take care.
Mom see you. Bye Dad.
- Take care, son - Take care.
[ Mobile ringing ]
Hello. - Sir. This is SI Mahesh speaking.
Tell me sir.
Someone enquired about who informed us
about the Tiger brand
I want you to be careful.
Taxi We need to go
to Hyderabad urgently
Sir, sit.
I would have done it, uncle.
- It's ok dear, lock the door.
Aunty and I will be waiting downstairs.
- Ok.
[ Mobile ringing ]
Hi, Sanjeev.
- Hello Gita.
Take mom and dad
and start immediately.
Someone is enquiring about
the case we filed.
They might be there any minute now.
[ Doorbell ringing ]
- Start immediately.
Hello Gita.
GIta. Hello.
Someone is here.
- Who are they?
Don't open the door, Gita.
Was Sanjeev talking about them?
We are from an NGO
Did you file a case against
Tiger brand? - Yes.
You did a great job.
We have come to appreciate you.
They shouldnt know about Sanjeev
at any cost
GIta talk to me.
How are you doing?
- I'm good.
We are taking Gita home.
- All right.
They shouldnt see uncle.
Come inside and sit.
[ Doorbell rings ]
Whats the delay?
I got a call from the lab.
it's urgent I have to go.
You guys start. I'll be right behind you.
Ok, Make it fast.
- Ok.
Leave This is the right time.
Leave now.
Do you have to go someplace urgently?
Neighbor uncle asked me if I would
go to temple with them.
I said I am busy.
Would you like some coffee or tea?
No, dear. You know, I cant believe
you did all this by yourself.
Is there someone helping you?
I'm an orphan. I have no one.
I only did all this.
[ Doorbell ringing ]
I forgot my glasses.
Aunty is waiting downstairs.
Go fast.
Who are they?
Forgot your glasses?
Who are you anyways?
This is my house
and your asking who am I?
Who are you people?
- You say its your house.
What about the girl?
My daughter-in-law.
- Uncle.
Wait You tell me
What about your son?
- He is out of town.
He isnt coming anytime soon.
Even if something happens to you
He won't come?
Who are these people?
How do we look, huh?
He will come now, right?
Dear Dear
Leave me.
I filed the case on you.
They are innocent.
Please let them go.
Do we believe that you did all this?
Tell me. Who all are behind you?
Just like we found your address,
we will find his and kill him.
But if you tell us where he is,
we will leave you.
Tell me. who is he?
Sentiment, huh?
Say my name.
Mom, Say my name.
You killed my son.
You made my daughter a widow.
You are talking about sentiments, huh?
Dear... let go...
Tell me. Who is he?
He did it for the country.
I will not tell you.
Gita. Run away.
You will die unnecessarily.
Tell me who he is
No, No, No.
Hey Go after her.
- Go kill her. Go.
You guys also go.
Gas bro.
- Stop her.
- Catch her.
- Stop her.
Stop her.
Hey that's gas.
The guy you are looking for
is coming.
Once he is here,
none of you would live.
I want to see you once, Sanjeev.
Come on.
They said people trade lives for love.
But my Gita really gave her life.
We took your peoples car number
from Gitas apartment security
Your uncle got to know
we are inquiring at the RTO office.
That is why we killed him.
His death caused fear in all your family.
So, they stopped going out of the place.
But to kill them,
I sent all the details to your dad
through uncles mobile
And entered your house
as the groom.
Now tell me.
My brother, who dreamt of succeeding
like Abdul Kalam?
Is it wrong to kill your people,
who took lives of many
It's not your mistake.
its my mistake to be born
in this home.
But my dad is a nice man.
We will tell him everything
and seek his support.
Your dad cannot solve this problem.
Our eyes are only on the target
during war.
My target isnt the formula
Or someones support.
I need the cigarettes formula that is making
the coming generations its slave
If I kill your family
and leave the formula,
it will go into someone elses hands
If I go the legal way, they will produce
another brand illegally.
I am not a common man to seek revenge
for my familys death.
I'm a commander.
The entire country is my family.
This explains the war.
Account details related to our business
are kept safe by uncle in a go down.
You might find details regarding
that formula there.
Where is the go-down?
20 kilometers away from our town.
Your suspicion was right.
He is the watchman here.
Four people came and left.
- Tell me.
Three men and one woman came.
- Where are they?
They just left in a black car.
- Let's go.
Stop. stop.
Have you seen a black car
pass this way?
It just went this way.
Stop here. Stop here.
Use helmet.
- Ok sir. - Thanks.
Bring big vehicle next time.
What is it?
Do you know the places
I've looking for you?
- Why?
Dont you know how to treat
your guest?
He is tensed over there.
You have been roaming jobless
in the car.
Sruthi is also not around
to give me pocket money
My wallet is empty.
Its been four days since I drank
Its been 10 hours
since I posted on Facebook.
Balance in the mobile
is only one rupee.
Do you get it?
- If you give me 10,000 rupees.
I will come back for the wedding.
Damn you!
- Drive over him.
Go I will see
how far you will go.
Both your car tires will blow up.
Lift. Lift.
Oh no! what's going on?
They are play hide and seek
without each other's notice.
We cannot post this on Facebook.
Let me post it to our guys at least.
I just have one rupee balance.
- Let me give a missed call.
[ Mobile ring ]
Bro Savitri gave a missed call
on your number
Kill him if he calls again.
Idiot doesnt have the common sense
to call back.
I just have one rupee.
Its okay. I will only call.
[ Mobile ringing ]
Bro, Savitri is calling again.
This guy...
Dont worry, bro. I will take care
- Hello, bro
You idiot
Listen to me.
- What do you think, huh?
Brother Sruthi
- You just saw brothers anger.
You know nothing about my anger.
I will cut you into pieces, idiot.
Hey big belly
- Whos big belly, huh
I just have a rupee balance.
Listen to me.
Call will cut.
I will pluck your eye balls out, idiot.
Sruthi and son-in-law in a car...
He will not call anyone again.
Rupee has no value.
This wont work out.
I would have to follow Sruthi
Brothers cycle
This is better.
Thats my cycle.
- Yours?
I thought it belongs to my brother.
Go to Amaravati.
Chandrababu Naidu will give it to you
Sanjeev, this looks like
some filmy cave.
What do you think is inside?
- Come on. Lets go.
Use your brains. Look there.
Its a thumb impression door lock.
It doesnt open without
my uncles finger print
Not necessarily
We can scan the finger print
on this and open it
Ok Sanju.
Sanjeev, the formula file would
definitely be in this locker
Sanjeev, it will take at least
three hours to override this password
We dont have much time.
I will try manually
Wait, Sanjeev.
If we enter the wrong password thrice,
the door closes automatically.
We will be locked here.
That's the car. move.
Go. Go.
Stop that vehicle.
- Stop. Stop.
Hey! get down.
Priests you guys?
Forgive us.
How many digits password?
Everyone at home loves me.
Even my name has 6 digits.
Try it.
Brother, there is a alaram on phone.
Looks like they already know we are here.
They might come anytime now
He is the one fooling us
in the name of groom.
Brother. Brother.
Bro Savitri was saying something about
the groom and the girl on the phone.
Call him urgently.
Call him.
[ Mobile ringing ]
Why did he call now?
Lets see.
What is it?
- Where are you now?
It didnt work out with you.
I came to take money from son-in-law
at the godown.
Hey He is not the son-in-law.
He is a murderer.
- Murderer?
Oh no!
- Hello. Hello.
I don't need this.
I'll go back to my village.
- Call got cut.
No. I hung up.
Thanks for saving my life.
I am hanging up.
Stop. Stop.
Don't cut my call.
Tell me.
Go inside and do as I say.
Why would I do that? I will not go.
I will give anything you want
I want all your company ads then.
Not just an ad film
I will make an action film
with you
Oh my goodness! Action film!
Shall we make it bi-lingual?
- Ok.
What can I do for you?
Sanjeev, they might be here anytime.
We have to find the password
at the earliest
Don't move.
Hands up.
The gun in your room
is now in my hands.
Three of them are at my gun point.
My finger is on the trigger.
Lord Arjuna might have
missed the target.
But Savitri never missed a bullet.
You come soon.
I am waiting.
Sruthi Dont be afraid.
I'm here. Come here.
Sruthi? What are you doing?
He is the villain.
Its all right. I like him.
Theres nothing I can do then.
Your fate.
Open your mouth.
What is this, sir? Its nice.
Tablet bomb.
- Yes, bomb.
If you get too emotional or talk louder,
this bomb blasts
What if I escape silently?
I will press the remote button
and the bomb will blast.
You better shut up.
Does your family have some common favorite?
Like an important fruit, game, place or a date
This reminds me.
All the men in our family
were born in July.
That is why we have grand celebrations
in July.
July? Its just four letters.
One minute.
July.. They must be having
the same zodiac sign
According to english calendar.
People born in July,
Six digits... yes.
Oh my god! So much money
If I stay with them and steal one lot,
I can mix Baahubali part one
and Robo part two
I can go to Bollywood
and become ' Shankarmouli '
Locker has money but no formula.
What to do now?
- Get this money into the car.
Formula will come running to us.
Hey Come
I am fed up with your remote.
He has to cross the check post
with the money.
My men are at the check post.
They wont let them through
Even if they do, I am there.
I will not leave him alive.
Brother in on the phone.
Brother shouldn't know about this.
Hello brother.
- Where is my daughter and son-in-law?
We found them, brother.
What is it?
All this while staying with us
and he gained our trust
And killed all our people.
Is the guy from America.
He kidnapped our Sruthi
"Its amazing when you
show your collar off"
"Your style is amazing"
"Its amazing to watch your courage"
"My hearts been shaken"
"As you spray some perfume
and put dhoti on"
"The entire place goes crazy
while you walk"
"Deceiving my mascara eyes
with your mischief"
"Your risk factor is amazing"
"You are golden by touch"
"This beauty wishes to be
married to you'
"This is a blooming flower
This is an exciting quarrel"
"This is just amazing
Lets keep rocking"
"As I challenge you
As I get tough with you"
"I will show you
what I am made of"
"You are hot and kind at the same time"
"I want you to go wild over me"
"You are a fighter. Keep going for it"
"You have to spread
your kindness to all"
"The skies are frightened
by the thunder"
"As your speed comes on attack,
current catches shock"
"As you spray some perfume
and put dhoti on"
"The entire place goes crazy
while you walk"
"Deceiving my mascara eyes
with your mischief"
"Your risk factor is amazing"
"Its amazing when
you show your collar off"
"Your style is amazing"
"Its amazing to watch your courage"
"My hearts been shaken"
You got lucky, Savitri. The container
ended up in your hands
Get down Get down I say
I'm getting down.
- Savitri.
I am coming to you.
I got our money from him.
- Our money?
Isnt my brother-in-laws money my money?
What do you say?
Savitri, you are really superb.
- I'm always superb.
Just hand shake or do I get
a share too? - Share?
I brought every single penny of it carefully.
My brother-in-law promised
to make an action film with me.
What do you say, brother?
Wont you give me my share?
Your share, right? I will give it.
Brother-in-law, Ask him to fall at my feet
and apologize first
Sorry? Me?
Fatso! He said some really bad things
on the phone to me
- Ok.
Go and open the door.
Wheres the money?
Bro, you wait. Come here.
Why? My God!
Bro, this looks like a remote.
Dont press it. The bomb in my stomach
will blast
- Hey... hey...
Why would I put a time bomb
in your mouth, idiot?
Its a motion tablet.
Motion tablet? So, isnt any bomb
in my stomach?
My money is also not here.
- Brother-in-law.
He did it all.
I was right by him and
he didnt give me a single penny.
Looks like he distributed
the money already
Where are the 50 billion rupees?
Ticket... ticket...
Bro, 5K was deposited in my account.
I dont know who did it.
- It must be a fake message.
Even I got 5K transferred
through PayPal
I got 5K from Western Union. Super!
Someone deposited 5K on Money gram.
It isnt unusual of Kohli to hit a six.
But someone transferring money is new.
Son, have a look at this message.
I dont get it.
Someone deposited 5K in your account.
My house owner warned
to throw my stuff out.
I will throw this money on his face.
My dad doesnt even give me
pocket money.
But some stranger deposited 5K for me.
It is yet unknown who deposited
the money and why.
To enquire about the money transfer,
Enforcement Department has handed over
the case to CBI
Sir, Enforcement has handed over
the case to you.
How are you going to deal it?
Will you catch the money
depositors or not?
We will catch them.
We will find out who deposited
the money and why
If it's illegal money or anything...
We'll find it out in two hours.
Two hours.
Have they gone crazy?
Instead of catching the ones
robbing money,
They are after people distributing money
They can't find them.
Tell me, Suresh.
Hello sir.
Sir. Like you said,
They have a warehouse in a private compound
behind the chemical factory.
No one is allowed there.
If you go, you might find
the formula.
Find out whats happening inside.
But be careful.
Ok sir.
Attention everybody.
- Good morning sir.
We got a call from Home Security.
5 million people all over India
were distributed 50 billion.
It has all been operated from our State.
How could they deposit money
to so many people?
- Sir.
I immediately need all the details.
- Ok sir.
The way we gather data
for marketing purposes
They must have done it in that way
How could they do it
without any ID proof?
They must have done it through
someones account.
Come on Check it.
- Yes sir.
2000 IDs have been used totally, sir.
- 2000 people?
Catch everyone. Dont spare anyone.
Show me your ID.
Is it original?
If you get any information,
tell me immediately.
Sir, we cant catch
a single one of them
Why is that?
- All of them are dead.
Due to cancer.
This transfer was made using
the dead peoples IDs
But how is that possible?
Sir, he gave the voter list copy
of everyone in the city
Sir, I would have done it for 1000 bucks.
They paid me 500k
I dont know him, sir.
He called and deposited 500K
in my account and I mailed him the list
Which number did he call from?
This number sir.
Satellite phone.
- Sir?
- Go through it.
- Ok sir.
Its hard, sir. This satellite number
is in the army network
- Sir.
Talk to the defense secretary
Take the permission immediately.
- Ok sir.
Thank you.
Sir, Permission granted.
Sir, it shows the Rajahmundry area.
Book flight tickets to Rajahmundry.
- Sir.
Alert the local team.
Keep that phone under
continuous monitoring.
I will catch him today. Move.
Sir, the location is shown at Devi Mall.
Suresh, found anything?
Sir, I came to repair the server
in that private compound.
Your doubt was correct, sir.
Computerized illegal cigarette production
is happening here.
Through a main server
Cigarette filling, packing and production
is automatically taking place
The whole system has to be crashed
to stop the production
Yes sir.
But the firewall protection
is really strong here.
Overriding is not possible, sir.
Share me your location.
I am coming right away.
Ok sir.
It shows 100 meters.
- Hello, sir. Come on
Sanju... cops are here.
Sir, even the satellite signal is cut.
Shit. He is smart.
He is somewhere around.
Round up every corner.
No one should go out.
Come on. Move...
- Move.
Cops are in the mall.
What to do now?
Sir, your phone is ringing.
Welcome to Rajahmundry.
- Who is this?
Who are you?
The common man you are looking for.
I know you are not a common man
but an army man.
To destroy Indian economy.
I also know you joined hands with
foreign countries and distributed the money
How much is your commission in that?
Tell me...
43.5k given by government on India.
Not to destroy the nation
but to protect it.
Why dont you tell us
if its such a good act?
Sorry, sir. Military secret.
You know it cant be leaked.
Whatever it is, I will catch you.
Whom will you catch, sir?
The one passing by in the red shirt?
Catch him.
What happened, sir?
Or the self executive walking
out of the shop?
Your brain speed and training isnt sufficient
to catch me.
I will only surrender in 4 hours.
Stop. stop.
If you dont surrender right away,
I would have to use my weapons.
What, sir? Encounter?
Will you use the guns
we use back on us?
You need permission to shoot.
I dont even need it.
I'm challenging you to get out of this mall.
I have left that place long back.
See you soon.
He is playing with us.
What the hell is going on here?
- Excuse me.
You said the formula would come running
if we take the money
Looks like we will be caught
before we find the formula.
Now we know the location of formula.
Send the second message.
'India in youths hands...'
'To know why I sent you the money,'
'Open this video link at 10 in the night.'
He sent money to all of us.
Get a big screen for the entire
hostel to watch
India in youths hands
Whats this video going to be?
Everyone is discussing the same.
Is that video going to shake India?
What do you say, sir?
- Nothing, dear.
Its a publicity stunt for money.
It must be some dirty video.
- No.
He is definitely trying to send a message
to the youth
Recharge for Internet on this phone.
Why do you need internet on phone?
- I want to see the person who sent me money.
Its not possible on your phone.
I will show in mine. - Ok.
Excuse me, sir.
Phone from Home Secratray.
Tell me sir.
He sent a video link in another message.
We have to stop that
at any cost.
Its hard, sir.
We cant remove it unless
the link is activated
What if his message translates
before we stop it?
We cant do anything, sir.
It will reach the public.
So, you want me to watch
the video too?
You have to, sir.
Will you help me?
What is it?
I will transmit live video
through this at 10pm.
You should upload the link.
No matter what happens inside,
the video shouldnt stop.
It must reach the public.
Will you do that for me?
Promise me.
Thank you.
I was string when you
were beside me
I am scared that you are leaving.
Back then, I was strong
that you would come.
Now, I am scared that you are leaving.
I have many friends like them
in military too.
A bullet suddenly hits you in the war.
One of us dies right in front.
That second, I am happy that I am saved
but not that I will live forever.
I know the next bullet is for me.
I know I will die.
But the reason for dying
is important.
Tell me, Sanjeev.
- Connect me to Suresh.
- Tell me sir.
I am at the north phase compound.
One second sir.
I'm switching off the power for 3 minutes.
You can come in, sir
Suresh, We are in.
I fixed all the cameras
like you said.
They will switch on right at 10pm.
- Ok good.
Ya Amith.
- All set.
Ready to go.
- OK, Carry on.
Come on the line.
Suresh, where are you?
What happened, Sanjeev?
- Suresh.
Do you think only you can kill?
You messed with us
by killing our people.
Shouldnt we repay you?
Jai Hind.
Jai Hind.
How many people will you kill?
How many?
You show off as big shots but is this tainted
cigarettes business what you do?
Court has banned it but you have released
a new brand with the same formula.
Tell me... where is the formula?
Tell me where the formula is.
Tell me
Tell me.
Tell me where the formula is.
Let's move. Move.
What are you staring at?
This is my original get up.
This is my original profession.
When everyone in your house is a rogue,
I cant expect you to be good.
But your daughter thinks
you are really great.
What makes me a rogue?
I'm a successful businessman.
Have I pleaded people to smoke cigarette?
They are smoking and dying.
What do you want me to do?
Every business has a strategy.
Every product is publicized
to the extremes to attract audience.
I didnt even do that.
These people follow the herd.
Their hope to enjoy life is more
than their hope to live.
They are spoiling their life
to get high for a minute.
I'm making cash from it.
Is it wrong?
Theres nothing wrong
in doing business.
But for your earnings,
you have mixed a formula in
your tainted cigarettes to make them addicts.
Thats wrong.
Thats resulting in cancer
and killing many innocents like my brother
Personal revenge, huh?
I thought you are serving the public.
You want the formula, right?
It isnt someplace else.
Its right here.
Even if the entire factory is on fire,
I'll make a cigar with the same combination
and introduce in the market again.
People would come running for it.
I would have killed you long back.
But if I kill you, there will be another.
If he dies and another.
I shouldnt just kill you people
But peoples weakness too.
That's why...
I've waited this long
You saw it, right?
His real character.
Change at least now.
We are dying at the border
for you people
Our sacrifice has a meaning.
Your death doesnt have a meaning.
Many of you are useful for the country.
But you are just looking
for that high.
You guys are dying
for one minute kick
Please come out of it.
If you dont want to change,
come to the border with me
Lets die together.
Your death will have a meaning then.
Who are you talking to?
You have told the people
everything yourself.
You told the people.
But your mistake here is...
Said the formula was in your head.
Dad, ok?
Are you ready?
Jai Hind
Ok sir.
Sir, Police Commissioners call
from Vizag
Sanjeevs dead body wasnt found
at the spot
You will not find it.
Search team assures to find it
within 24 hours
Even 24 years wouldnt be enough.
We are all working for the paycheck.
But he is working for the country.
And, disconnect the phone.
Look for another case.
Ok sir.
I didnt expect a call from a dead man.
According to the records, you are dead.
But this nation needs your service.
A person like you should live.
Any time Any day Call me
This Indian is there for you.
Thank you, sir.
There is a lot more I have to do.
Every step of mine is for my nation.
Jai Hind.