Oxygen (2021) Movie Script

System failure. Oxygen level: 35%.
Where am I?
I am your
Medical Interface Liaison Operator,
MILO, programmed
to answer all your medical needs.
Someone Who did
What's going on? Why can't I remember?
You're highly agitated.
- Would you like a sedative?
- No.
Let me out.
I cannot satisfy that request for now.
What's going on?
Did you drug me? Did someone Who?
MILO, what's going on?
- Would you like a progress report?
- Yes.
Fault detected.
The heat level in processor 3-54
has depleted oxygen reserves.
Suspension of medical cryogenics.
I'm in the hospital.
Okay, I'm in the hospital.
Help! Help me!
I'm awake! Anybody there?
Please. I'm awake!
Can you hear me?
Anybody there? Can you hear me? I'm awake!
Anybody there? Can you hear me?
Help! Help me!
Oxygen level: 34%.
Pod, cryogenic pod.
I'm sick. I have to be sick.
I'm terminal. I'm gonna die.
Okay. Normally,
medical units are monitored
but here, there's a problem.
Someone will come.
If there's a problem, someone will come.
MILO? Has anyone
been informed of my pod's failure?
Failure diagnostic
transmitted at 04:32 GMT.
Received at 04:33 GMT.
- Is someone coming?
- No response yet.
It'll be okay. They know I'm awake.
I'm in a hospital.
I'm safe. It'll be okay.
Not in a box.
Not in a box.
Focus. Focus on breathing.
On breathing. The wind.
Breathe. That's it.
I'm not in a box.
Not in a box.
Who am I?
What's my name?
MILO, patient identification.
Patient identity: Omicron 267.
You are bio-form Omicron 267.
Display bio-form image.
MILO, under what name
is patient Omicron 267 registered?
Omicron 267 is registered as Omicron 267.
That helps. Thanks.
Close image.
Oxygen level: 33%.
I suggest reducing consumption
to delay asphyxiation.
What's my problem? Why am I here?
Would you like to access
the medical diagnosis for patient 267?
Searching medical diagnosis.
I'm here to get well.
Medical report unavailable.
What? Why? You offered it to me.
Cryogenic reanimation procedure
How long will it take?
Seven minutes and 53 seconds.
MILO, please, I'm begging you, open it.
Let me out, please.
Please. Let me out.
MILO? MILO, unlock.
Unlocking is currently not recommended.
Proceed with unlocking.
Procedure initiated.
Awaiting authorization code.
Please provide
the administrator password to continue.
I don't have it. I don't have it!
Awaiting authorization code.
I don't have the code!
Procedure interrupted.
The system.
The system may have transmitted.
MILO, I want to call the outside.
External communications
are currently unavailable.
How was the diagnosis transmitted?
All data is transmitted
via the central data line.
Okay. Can you use the central data line
to send an audio transmission?
- Affirmative.
- Okay.
Do you wish
to launch the transmission now?
Yes. Call the operations center.
The operations center
does not feature in the data.
Call the police, MILO.
There are 247 contact numbers
for the police.
- Which one should I call?
- The first on the list.
- Hello!
- Hello. Can you hear me?
You have reached the police department.
All calls are recorded.
To report a crime
or prevent a crime, please...
- Go ahead.
- Hello? Hello.
- Ma'am, I
- Can you hear me?
Okay. I'm locked in.
- Hello? Can you hear me?
- I'm having trouble hearing you.
I'm in a cryogenic pod,
and I'll soon run out of oxygen.
A medical cryogenic pod?
Yes. It's sealed,
I can't get out. You must help me.
- Okay. Which hospital are you in?
- I don't know. I woke up in the pod.
I can't remember anything.
It's sealed. I can't get out.
Can't you knock to alert someone?
I tried. I knocked.
I tried, but no one came.
- Okay. Give me your name and address.
- I don't know it.
You know that a false report is a crime?
No, you must believe me. Help me. Please.
- Are you serious?
- Yes. Can you track my call?
All right.
Try to remember. A place
Anything that could help us.
- I don't know...
- The last thing you remember.
A hospital, I think.
The emergency room.
I don't know, it's all a blur.
- I'm scared.
- Calm down, ma'am.
Don't worry, we'll get you out.
The computer
The computer has to know.
MILO, location of the unit.
Unit location impossible to determine.
Have you found me?
It takes time. We're struggling
to locate your transmitter.
- What do you mean?
- We're trying to zero in.
Maybe I'm buried, underground.
- Try to stay calm.
- Maybe I've been buried alive.
- Calm down, ma'am.
- Stop telling me to calm down!
Listen, tell me everything
you can about the pod.
The manufacturer,
serial number, whatever you can find.
- Okay.
- Look.
- Are you still there?
- Yes.
Made by Cryosalide.
Serial number: 74 85 94 53 75 - 267.
Have you located me?
We're still having some problems.
I'm underground, right?
If I'm underground, you'll never find me.
Listen to me, ma'am. We'll find you.
I have to pass you to my superior.
What? No, you can't leave me.
- I won't leave you. The line stays open.
- No, you can't go.
It'll only take a second. That's all.
Don't go, please.
We're transferring your call.
I should have accepted that sedative.
- Would you like a sedative?
- No.
Connection failure.
Cryogenics units
Cryogenics units are medical labs.
MILO, can you do
a DNA search for Omicron 267?
DNA analysis complete.
- Look for a genetic match.
- One match found.
"Elizabeth Hansen."
Is someone there?
Help! Can you hear me? Anyone there?
Can you hear me?
Help! Can you hear me?
- Incoming call.
- Hello?
- Ma'am?
- Yes.
Can you hear me?
My name's Elizabeth Hansen.
But I think people call me Liz.
Good. That's good. It'll help us.
I'm Captain Moreau.
Science and Technology.
Can you make out
Hello? No.
- Amplifying network.
- Elizabeth, are you there?
- Yes, can you hear me?
- Hello, can you hear me?
- Yes. Don't go again.
- No, I'm not going anywhere.
I'll stay with you. Promise.
How's your oxygen?
What's going on? Have you found me?
Liz? No, Liz, focus.
It's important. What's your oxygen level?
I'm at 31%.
- So, how long do we have?
- How long to do what?
Yes, Liz, listen to me.
I need to know how much time we have.
Elizabeth? Liz? Are you there?
MILO. How long before the oxygen runs out?
Maximum estimated time
with moderate consumption: 72 minutes.
With current level
of consumption: 43 minutes.
Forty-three minutes?
I need you to tell me
everything you remember.
Anything at all. Suspect behavior,
someone who might want to hurt you.
Hurt me? I don't think so. I don't.
- Or maybe, I suppose, but I don't know.
- I need you to think.
What are you hiding from me?
What's going on?
Try to focus, please.
You're not telling me the truth.
Tell me.
You know where I am
and won't tell me, is that it?
No, we haven't managed to locate you.
According to the manufacturer,
that unit was destroyed three years ago.
Three years ago?
I'm sorry, Liz.
MILO, full medical check-up
for Omicron 267.
All parameters are normal.
No illness or abnormality detected.
- I'm not sick.
- Liz
- I'm not sick.
- I need you to stay strong.
I'm not sick.
Life expectancy
for Omicron 267 patient: 82 years.
I shouldn't be here.
Someone put me in here!
I'm not sick!
Blood pressure: 210/130. Pulse: 142 bpm.
Liz, are you there?
Stay with me, okay?
We'll get you out. Listen to me.
Focus on my voice. Can you do that?
There, that's it. Calm down.
I know it's tough, but you must stay calm.
Save your breath. Liz, we'll find you.
We're doing all we can.
Really? And what exactly
are you doing right now?
I have men going over
all the information we have about you.
And my team is on its way
to meet the manufacturer.
Cryosalide. I need
the admin codes to open the unit.
- The codes?
- Yes.
I'll see if we can find them for you.
- How long will it take?
- I don't know.
It's 2:00 in the morning,
and they're not very cooperative.
We need a subpoena. My guys are on it.
We'll soon get you the codes.
- It's just longer than exp
- Hello?
- Don't tell me
- No
- Network amplification underway.
- No, no, no.
- Network amplification underway.
- Hello?
MILO, reconnect.
- Connection lost.
- Try again.
Connection failure.
- Try again.
- Connection lost.
- Try again!
- Connection failure.
- But I need the codes.
- This number is unassigned.
- Please check the number.
- Try again.
- Connection failure.
- This number is unassigned.
- Again.
- Please check the number.
Oxygen level: 29%.
Probability of survival: 0%.
- What's that?
- Palliative care directive launched.
Obligatory sedation protocol.
What? No palliative care.
I still have 40 minutes. No.
Any deliberate damage to a Cryosalide unit
is a European federal offense
punishable by ten years imprisonment.
Any deliberate damage to a Cryosalide unit
is a European federal offense
punishable by ten years imprisonment.
Oxygen level: 23%.
Twenty-three? Why 23?
Oxygen level: 22%.
- Time elapsed since connection failure?
- Seventeen minutes and 12 seconds.
What? Seventeen minutes?
No, that's impossible.
Someone who could help me.
Someone who knows me.
MILO, find everything
you can on Elizabeth Hansen.
There are 1,292 academic articles
that she has written and/or that cite her,
427 references in the press,
17 social network profiles,
and two listed websites...
The press. Show me all the press articles.
I'm a doctor in cryogenics.
I did this to myself.
Show me social media.
My husband.
I'm married?
MILO, find the number
for Dr. Lo Ferguson.
Two numbers found.
Call the first one.
Go on. Connection
Connection, please.
This number is unassigned.
- Please check the number.
- Call the second number.
- Hello?
- Hello.
I need to speak to Lo. Is he there?
- No.
- Please, I beg you, it's urgent.
Please, let me speak to him.
I'm his wife.
It's urgent that I speak to him.
Let me speak to him, please.
Call interrupted at source.
MILO, call back.
Call back.
- Who are you?
- Excuse me.
You have to putLo on.
Please, it's urgent.
- Please, trust me, I have to speak to him.
- Never call this number again.
Call interrupted at source.
Call back.
Call back.
Call back.
Oxygen level: 21%.
Okay, how does it open?
No, it's not real.
There's no rat.
Your pulse is high.
A sedative is recommended.
Would you like a sedative?
Alert. Damage detected.
Warning. Any deliberate damage
to a Cryosalide unit
is a European federal offense
punishable by ten years imprisonment.
Yeah, so is kidnapping.
Attempted breach
controlled by electric shock.
Bio-form preserved.
Would you like a sedative?
I'm gonna die.
I'm gonna die.
I'm gonna die.
Incoming call.
MILO, accept.
- Elizabeth, are you there?
- Yes, hello.
- Yes.
- And you
MILO, boost the network.
Network amplification underway.
Can you hear me?
Got her.
Liz, listen. We have the subpoena.
My men are at Cryosalide.
You have the codes?
Yes, we'll get them shortly.
It's nearly over, Liz.
- You've got me?
- We've got you.
Captain Moreau?
- Moreau?
- It's going to be okay.
There's a problem, right?
Tell me what's going on.
Oxygen level: 17%.
What? Seventeen percent?
Seventeen percent? But I was at 20%.
What's happening, Liz? Talk to me.
I don't know. I'm losing track of time.
I see images. I see things.
No, Liz. Listen to me carefully.
You're experiencing a psychotic episode
induced by isolation.
Liz, prisoners of war go through that too.
Your number that wasn't assigned,
was that real or not?
What? No, we were cut off. I didn't move.
I kept trying to reach you.
Liz, pull yourself together.
Focus on what you know is real.
Focus on your body,
on what you know is real.
Find a way to focus on your body.
Elizabeth, are you there?
- Are you still there?
- Injury detected on bio-form.
- Hello? Liz
- Status: no threat to life.
Liz, talk to me.
Are you sure you want to do it?
Hello, Liz?
Liz, please.
Intravenous antibiotic administered
to prevent infection.
Antibiotics? Why, Liz? What did you do?
I focused on what's real.
How long have I been missing?
You were active on social media
a few days ago.
And no one has reported you missing.
I have a husband. Lo.
And I think we were trying to have kids.
- Lo?
- Yes.
What? Who are you talking to?
- No one.
- Is it about Lo?
Is he well?
Find Lo. He'll know what happened.
Listen to me.
According to our information,
you were never married.
No, no, no.
We were trying to have kids.
MILO, search for Dr. Lo Ferguson.
No result.
That's not possible. It's not.
He was there. No, that's not possible.
That's not possible.
MILO, search for Dr. Elizabeth Hansen
at the Science and Technology Awards.
- Elizabeth.
- No, no, no
That's impossible.
We were both in the photo.
We were together. He was there.
I called him. Someone answered.
A woman. She knew him.
- What woman?
- A woman
- What did you say to her?
- Nothing. She hung up.
She knew him.
She knew him. She knew Lo.
No, she wasn't real.
What's going on?
Liz, listen to me. Lo isn't real either.
- He was real.
- Yes, I know.
I know you're convinced of it.
Your mind's playing tricks on you,
that's all.
To help you to keep going.
You have to trust me. I'll get you out.
You're lying to me.
You played basketball.
At college. You were gifted.
I thought you'd like
to hear something about yourself,
and during my search, that struck me.
It stood out from the rest.
Doctorate in bioengineering,
grants, awards
You are impressive.
Does it ring a bell?
You were born in Stockholm.
Your mother was single
and raised you alone.
She brought you here
when you were six years old.
Alice. Her name's Alice.
Her name isn't Alice?
No, no, no. I can see her.
- No, Liz
- I can see her.
Liz, never mind. Stay with me.
You went to Oxford
after medical school in Paris.
I remember Oxford. That's where I met Lo.
That's where I met him.
He's real. I know he is.
Look for Lo. I swear he exists.
Oxygen level: 15%.
- Alert. Blood pressure at 210/130.
- Where are you? You should have found me.
Stay strong. Just a few more minutes.
I need the codes.
I have guys at Cryosalide
getting the codes.
But why? What? It's taking too long.
Who are you talking to?
What? Hello?
Who are you talking to?
I hear you talking to someone.
- You're hearing things.
- You're talking. No, no.
Liz. We're on it. We're close.
We're really close.
- You're lying.
- We're 20 minutes away.
- Are you doing this to me?
- We're nearly there.
I was in the army.
I spent months underground.
You're doing this to me.
I've been in that situation.
I know what you're going through.
- I'm with you...
- MILO, hang up.
- No, Liz...
- MILO, hang up.
- Wait.
- Disconnected.
Incoming call.
Incoming call.
Reject call.
Call rejected.
MILO, play the last 30 seconds
of the last transmission again.
I need the codes.
I have guys at Cryosalide
getting the codes.
But why?
Who are you talking to?
Play the last five seconds again.
Turn up the volume and play it back.
Tell her she's hearing things.
That it's the stress.
Tell her she's hearing things.
That it's the stress.
Who are you talking to?
Incoming call.
Reject call.
Call rejected.
Can you see me? Can you hear me?
What do you want from me?
Incoming call.
Are you assholes messing with me?
MILO, accept the call.
Who are you?
Why are you doing this to me?
Don't hang up.
Answer me, please.
You're in a cryogenic unit, is that right?
You called me, looking for Lo.
Listen, we don't have much time.
It wasn't supposed to happen like this.
Something must have gone wrong.
- I want to talk to Lo.
- Impossible.
You must listen to me. I can help you.
I won't listen until I speak to Lo.
That's impossible.
I want to talk to him now. Put him on now.
Lo is dead.
I don't believe you.
You really need to listen to me.
- Liz No.
- Go to hell.
- MILO, end the call.
- No, wait...
Call ended. Oxygen level: 14%.
Incoming call.
Incoming call.
MILO, accept call.
Listen to me.
I can help you.
No one else can help you
at this point, Liz.
How do you know my name? I never told you.
No need. I knew who you were
the moment I heard your voice,
even though I couldn't believe it.
Tell me who you are and the others.
I don't know who you spoke to,
but I know what's going on.
- MILO, end...
- I know the codes.
Give them to me.
- I'll do that, but you have to listen...
- Give them to me.
You can't use them to open the unit.
- MILO, end the...
- Okay, okay.
Uppercase N-M-347.
Lowercase C-D-A.
Transfer of administrator control.
Administrator control transfer launched.
Enter the password.
Uppercase N-M-347. Lowercase C-D-A.
Liz, don't open it. Please.
Administrator control transfer complete.
Administrator privileges granted.
MILO, unlock.
Unlocking activated.
Please, no. You'll die.
I can prove it.
If you open the unit, you'll die.
MILO, pause unlocking.
You have ten seconds.
Thank you. Just let me explain.
- Eight seconds.
- Okay, okay!
Go to "system preferences."
Find the centrifuge controls.
- System preferences.
- Please. Just let me explain.
Centrifuge controls.
Got them.
It's set at one. Switch to
Switch to what?
- This isn't how you should find out.
- Switch to what?
Zero. Switch to zero.
Switch to zero.
Please, Liz. Don't do it.
Turning off microthrusters.
I'm sorry, Liz. I really am.
Alert. Lengthy exposure to weightlessness
can be harmful to the bio-form.
Where am I?
Around 40,389 miles from Earth.
No, no, no.
MILO, distance from Earth?
Forty two thousand, seven hundred
and thirty-five miles.
That's not possible.
Sorry, Liz. But time is limited.
You'll soon be beyond the range
of our communication satellites.
Centrifuge rotation launched.
G-1 launched.
Oxygen level: 13%.
Liz, please.
You were placed in hypersleep
to allow you to carry out your mission.
But something went wrong.
I can't bring you home.
But I designed the system,
and maybe we could
put you back into hypersleep.
It would give you a chance. Please.
What mission?
If we can locate the damage,
divert the affected systems
What mission?
Colonizing a planet
orbiting around Wolf 10-61,
14 light-years from Earth.
But you only just left.
Your HIVE transporter hasn't yet engaged
its nuclear-powered thrust.
No, no, no.
Liz, we have to act fast.
This isn't real.
Was it a military operation?
Do I work for the Ministry of Defense?
Yes. Do you remember?
Why the army?
The human race will die out
in two generations.
That can't be made public.
Did he know?
That guy. Moreau.
When I asked for help, he was kind,
- but he was lying to me, right?
- Liz.
He had no choice.
As soon as the police
looked for information about you,
the Ministry got involved.
Everything said after that
was only what they wanted you to hear.
But why?
If I was a key part of the project,
why not just tell me the truth?
The fog of memory.
It was impossible to foresee your reaction
or the memories that would return first.
You're a threat.
Speak to the wrong person,
and it all goes public.
General panic, chaos.
They couldn't take that risk.
I thought he was doing this to me,
that he was holding me.
He didn't tell me Lo was dead.
He said he wasn't real.
Liz, everything I mean everything
Everything was done
from the moment they realized
you'd regained consciousness
to prevent you
from recovering your memory.
So he was playing for time.
He was waiting
He was waiting
for me to run out of oxygen.
Lo was real
and he's dead.
Twelve percent.
We're running out of time.
What happened to him?
He was sick.
Lo got sick,
like millions of others
who were killed by the virus.
No, no, no. That doesn't add up.
They said I went missing three days ago.
You've been in hypersleep
much longer than that.
How long?
How long?
Twelve years.
I'm really sorry, Liz.
You're wasting your time and your oxygen.
In ten minutes, you'll be out of range,
and we won't be able to communicate.
Either you die alone,
or you help me to solve the problem
- and give yourself a chance.
- No.
- I know what I'd choose.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Where do we begin?
Okay, first we need to figure out
what woke you up.
MILO, why was the bio-form awakened?
Processor 3-54 overheating
due to loss of oxygen reserves.
What is processor 3-54 used for?
Processor 3-54 monitors and stimulates
the subject's cerebral activity
to avoid cellular atrophy.
Brain atrophy. You hear that?
I could do without that, personally.
I agree.
We must divert
the cerebral activity monitor
to another processor
assigned to non-essential functions.
MILO, list all the processors
linked to non-essential functions.
All functions assigned to processor 694.
Is there any danger to the bio-form
if all functions of processor 694
are deactivated?
Zero danger for the bio-form.
So, go on. Go on, deactivate them.
Deactivation underway.
transfer all functions
of processor 3-54 to 694.
The data exceeds processor capacity.
What do we do now?
We have to make
some difficult choices now.
Deactivate systems
that don't have priority.
Too late. They're here!
- Find a way to install a shunt
- What do you mean, they're here?
Return to hypersleep.
But do it
before the oxygen hits two percent,
or you won't have enough
for resuscitation.
But I won't know how to do it.
You do know. You have all the answers.
Figure out what triggers your memories,
then you'll find those you need.
You designed it. I won't know how.
On the ground!
- Hello?
- Right now!
- No.
- Hello?
Find what triggers your memories.
Get on the floor!
- Two percent. Find Lo.
- On the floor, I said!
Find Lo.
Connection lost.
Shit, shit, shit. MILO, reconnect.
This number is unassigned.
Please check the number.
Don't leave me alone, please.
Okay, okay, okay. I worked on this thing.
I worked on it.
MILO, who authorized Omicron 267's
participation in this mission?
Participation of Omicron 267
authorized by Hansen, Elizabeth, Dr.
Yeah, of course.
So that's me. That's me.
It's me.
A thing only I know. Only I know.
"Find Lo." What does "find Lo" mean?
What does it mean?
What does it mean, damn it, "find Lo"?
What does it mean?
How do I do it?
Oxygen level: 11%.
Okay. Think.
MILO, show me all low-priority processors.
Okay, okay, okay.
Too many. There are too many.
Explain kinetic regulation.
Kinetic regulation delivers
weak electric impulses to muscle groups
to prevent atrophy.
Okay. And if we deactivate it,
what happens?
Degeneration of muscular tissue.
And that's considered low priority, right?
Yes, because the bio-form
would survive the journey.
To die on being resuscitated.
The bio-form would survive
between three hours and ten days.
MILO, limit results to only processes
that can be interrupted
without reducing life expectancy.
No non-priority processes
can be interrupted
without reducing life expectancy.
Difficult choices.
Find what triggers the memories.
Come on.
If you have something to say,
now's the time.
I'm out of my mind.
Warning. Any deliberate damage
to a Cryosalide unit
is a European federal offense
punishable by ten years imprisonment.
So go on, electrocute me.
Don't you worry.
We'll meet again.
And that's our entry system.
MILO, search for Alice Hansen in Paris.
One result.
Call that contact.
No network detected.
Amplify transmission.
Transmission amplified.
Attempted connection.
Sweetheart? Is that you?
What's wrong?
I think
What? I can't hear you
I just wanted to hear your voice.
Liz, my love, what's going on?
I don't think anyone will come.
Who won't come? Is everything all
I tried to find him.
I don't know where else to look.
I'm supposed to know, but I don't.
Why didn't you come to see me on Sunday?
It's not good for you,
being alone in that house.
I'll come to see you.
No, even better, you come here.
Spend a little time with me.
He won't tell me what to do.
Are you in a car? I can hardly hear you.
No, I'm in
What? You shouldn't call while driving.
I'm in
Are you there? Liz
I love you, Mom.
I can't hear what saying
I was saying I love you.
No network detected.
Alert. Oxygen level: 6%.
MILO, how long will Omicron 267 live
once the oxygen runs out?
Omicron 267 will live
for approximately three minutes
once the oxygen runs out.
And how long will Omicron 267 live
during decompression in outer space?
It is estimated
that the subject should remain conscious
for between nine and 11 seconds,
during which extreme pain will be felt.
Oxygen level: 5%.
MILO, unlock.
Unlocking is not recommended at this time.
Transfer control and unlock.
Control transfer sequence initiated.
Enter the code.
Uppercase N-M-347.
Lowercase C-D-A.
See you soon, Lo.
Unlocking procedure initiated.
Decompression in five
- Abort. Abort unlocking.
- Unlocking aborted.
Find Lo.
MILO, how many Omicron units are there?
There are 10,000 Omicron units.
Where are they located?
Impossible to determine
the units' location.
Specify variables.
In relation to Omicron 267
Can you turn off that alarm?
All units are located within a radius
of 173 feet of Omicron 267.
Can I get a visual?
Visual already created.
No. I want a visual of the other units.
Visual of the cryogenic units
already established.
MILO, I cant see a thing.
Human visualization capacity
hampered by photochromic UV filtration.
Deactivate filtration.
Prolonged exposure to UV rays
could harm the bio-form.
Filtration activated.
How many units are still operational?
Nine thousand, five hundred
and sixty seven are fully operational.
Four hundred and thirty three
have been lost.
Is this unit considered lost?
Omicron 267 status: lost.
How many woke up in lost units?
I don't understand the question.
How many woke up, you bastard?
How many are waiting to die?
I don't understand the question.
How many have you trapped?
I don't understand the question.
MILO, how many bio-forms
have revived in lost units?
One. Omicron 267.
And the others?
They expired
in the collision with asteroid X375.
Is Lo on board?
I don't understand the term "Lo."
Can you show me the interior of the units?
- Affirmative.
- Go on.
Limit the search to the men.
There are too many.
Alert. Oxygen level: 4%.
No, I don't have time.
I don't have time for this.
No, that's not it.
MILO, is unit 42 still operational?
Unit 42 is fully operational.
Can you show me the bio-form?
Can you uncover his face?
Omicron 42 is enveloped
in the organic cocoon
for reasons of preservation.
Can you remove it
without damaging the bio-form?
The cocoon is self-regenerating.
So open it and show me his face.
Can you uncover his face?
You're alive.
You're alive.
All liars.
Where's his scar? Why doesn't he have his
Why is it gone?
It's not possible.
MILO, do another search
for Elizabeth Hansen.
There are
1,292 academic articles including...
Videos. Show me videos.
"Memory transfer."
Play the video.
Numerous attempts
at memory transfer have taken place.
But the scientific community
has given up pursuing this goal,
the general consensus
being that memory transfer is impossible.
That didn't stop me.
I developed
an offensive personality transfer in rats.
This fresh approach provided
the necessary framework for success.
As emotions are chemical surges
taking place in the body
in reaction to experiences,
they are coded
in the form of muscular memory.
A little like water recording the size,
shape, and speed of a stone that falls
in the form of undulations.
By stimulating the original muscles
to kindle the memories,
the undulations were recorded
with a liquid polymer, then archived.
We thus transform the data into experience
and make the reproduction identical
to the original.
Down to the smallest memory.
And our rat, despite
never having explored this maze
- That's not possible.
- Already knows the way out.
MILO, how old is Omicron 267?
Omicron 267 is 12 years, 42 days,
17 hours and 56 minutes old.
Can you play back the last transmission?
- Hello?
- No.
Not that one.
The one before that.
I can help you. No one else
can help you at this point, Liz.
How do you know my name? I never told you.
No need. I knew who you were
the moment I heard your voice,
even though I couldn't believe it.
Stop. Can you do voice recognition
of the person who called me?
Voice recognition underway.
Call made by Hansen, Elizabeth, Dr.,
born January 3, 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden.
I'm you.
I'm you in a box.
What is Omicron 267?
Omicrons are non-contaminated
genetic human reproductions
designed to propagate
the human race on Wolf 10-61c.
I'm a clone.
I'm a fucking clone.
I'm a fucking clone!
I've never been outside this box!
I'm disposable!
I'm space waste!
I don't wanna die!
Why did you do this to me?
Oxygen level
approaching critical threshold.
MILO, record a message for Omicron 42.
Recording activated.
if you get this message,
it means you made it, and I
I ran out of time.
I have the memory
of a whole life with you.
I feel I know your laugh, your smell
I remember that
we were trying to have children
that we didn't have any
because it wasn't reasonable.
But it's crazy because I feel that
like a gap inside of me.
It's absurd.
Because we don't know each other.
I've never touched you. I've never
smelled you
I know our life by heart
although I've never lived it.
Well, this life
This life of
- MILO, how long have I been awake?
- 102 minutes.
Yes, this life of 102 minutes
Well, I'm on my way out and
Be happy.
I just want to
I just want to
I want to live.
MILO, show me
those low-priority processors again.
Sorry, but
I may be genetically designed to love you,
but, in fact, I don't know you.
We'll have a drink together
when I get over all of this.
Alert. Oxygen level: 3%.
- What's going on?
- Interruption.
What does that mean?
What does that mean?
Chance of survival
below acceptable parameters.
CEP launched.
- One minute to administration.
- What's CEP?
Charitable Euthanasia Protocol.
- What?
- Fifty-eight.
- Ignore it.
- Fifty-seven.
The CEP order can't be ignored.
54, 53, 52
- Administered how?
- Intravenously administered. 49, 48
But it's disconnected!
Secondary unit in functioning condition.
45, 44, 43
- Release the abdominal belt.
- 42, 41, 40, 39 Instruction unknown.
- Release the harness.
- Instruction unknown. 37
Release the safety belt.
Instruction unknown. 35, 34
- Remove the umbilical ring.
- 33, 32, 31
29, 28, 27, 26, 25
- Why isn't it stopping?
- 24, 23,
22, 21, 20,
19, 18, 17, 16,
15, 14, 13,
12, 11, 10, 9, 8,
7, 6, 5, 4,
3, 2, 1.
CEP administered.
Heart rate elevated.
Would you like a sedative?
You need my authorization for a sedative,
but not for a lethal injection?
Are you still recording the message?
Yes. I am still recording
a message for Omicron 42.
Lo, can you hear what I'm forced
to put up with? I mean, seriously
MILO, which processor controls
the euthanasia protocols?
Processor 67-526
is assigned to all disaster scenarios.
All scenarios
where you're supposed to kill me?
- Yes.
- Deactivate it.
Deactivation of disaster scenarios
is contrary to the United Nations ruling
concerning the Ethics of Medical Practice.
In other words, if we deactivate,
you won't be able to kill me,
even if I beg you to?
Okay. Deactivate them.
And redirect
all remaining functions of processor 3-54.
Deactivation of disaster scenarios.
All functions
of processor 3-54 are now reassigned.
Okay. Launch the return
to hypersleep protocol for the bio-form.
Implementation impossible.
Bio-form disconnected.
Intravenous assistance unhooked.
Medical umbilical ring unhooked.
Cerebral activity unhooked.
Okay. Think.
Think of the easiest thing.
Does the bio-form need two IVs?
Affirmative. P1 for nutriments,
P2 for hypersleep management.
Oxygen level critical.
It's going to go away.
It's not real.
Not real, it's not real.
It wasn't me!
I didn't clone you.
Oxygen level: 2%.
Intravenous P2 connected.
Medical umbilical ring connected.
Come on.
Intravenous P1 connected.
Two electrodes inactive.
Cerebral activity monitor connected.
Oxygen level: 1%.
MILO, do I stand a chance
of surviving resuscitation?
No. An oxygen level of two percent
is the strict minimum for resuscitation.
I imagine the promise was that
we'd wake together,
but I won't be there.
I've tried everything.
I'm not the only one lost
I'm not the only one lost.
There are others.
There are others.
MILO, end of recording.
Recording ended.
Goodbye, Lo.
Oxygen level: 0,6%
The others!
MILO, how much oxygen
is left in the lost units?
One hundred eighty-seven lost units
are at full capacity.
Divert the oxygen
from the lost units to unit 267.
Diversion impossible to carry out now.
Access to individual oxygen reserves
is limited for security reasons.
It will require
approximately 14,227 minutes
to ignore the security restriction.
It is recommended
placing the bio-form in hypersleep
for reasons
of preservation during the maneuver.
Can you do that, MILO?
Do you want to begin
the return to hypersleep protocol
while I carry out the maneuver?
I could kiss you right now. Yes.
Launch the hypersleep protocol.
Return to hypersleep protocol launched.
Would you like a sedative?
Administration underway.
Initialization of cryoprotector
transfusion for vitrification.
Security lock bypass launched.
Body temperature: 98,7F.
MILO, I'm sorry for hitting you.
Apology accepted.
MILO, tell me about the planet.
What's it like?
Wolf 10-61c
has an orbital cycle of 18 days.
Its mass
is around four times that of Earth.
Its lack of rotation makes life impossible
on its sun-facing side, which is too hot,
and on its dark side, which is too cold.
The inhabitable area is therefore
on the border of day and night.
Tell me about the journey.
Once nuclear-powered thrust is engaged,
it will take 34 years
to cover the 14 light-years
between us and Wolf 10-61c.
On arrival, the HIVE sowing vessel
will break up to free the 9,568 units
that will enter
the atmosphere of Wolf 10-61c.
Thanks to their individual
helix-shaped device...
MILO, tell me about the beach in Maui.
Kapalua Bay is a white-sand beach
in the shape of a crescent moon
situated in the northwest of the island.
It is protected by two coral reefs.
The aquatic bio-forms include
butterflyfish, parrotfish,
damselfish, blue surgeonfish,
Moorish idols, Achilles tangs,
wrasses, yellow boxfish,
bluefish, triggerfish, yellowfin goatfish,
crevalle jacks, trumpetfish
Rename Omicron 267
Omicron 267 renamed Liz.
Thank you.
Good night, Liz.