Ozzy (2016) Movie Script

Run, Ozzy, run!
What's going on?
What did you do?
It's a long story.
You, you mangy mutt.
You again!
- Ouch!
- Ummmm!
Look out!
Stop right there, Ozzy!
Hold on, hold on there.
Hurry, nature calls.
And she's not waiting much longer.
Okay, I've got it partner.
Good morning, Ozzy.
Good morning, Mattie.
How's the big collar, Tex?
Don't get me started.
I know it's for my own good.
But I wanna scratch.
I wanna scratch so bad.
You think you've got it rough?
My family won't even let me
drink out of the toilet.
You leave out a fresh bowl of
water that big and don't expect
someone to take a few slurps?
I mean, that's torture.
Strike two, yes!
Every day it's the same thing.
It's a disgrace.
Someone should stand
up to those bullies.
Yeah, right, we'll go out together.
I'll distract them and
you give those two the...
Another day.
Okay mutt, get ready for my best pitch.
Oh, the paper, great.
Thanks Ozzy.
Hold on, save some room, there's toast.
I don't want toast.
You always burn it.
What do you mean, I always burn it?
- Ouch!
- You've had enough bacon.
Eat some cereal.
Is this the special sawdust flavor?
It's got 10 essential
vitamins and minerals.
It tastes better than
sawdust, I'm guessing.
Hmmm, not so bad after all.
Want some more?
No thank you sweetheart, I'm full.
Me too.
Let's go Ozzy.
Oh, yeah.
The fence.
And the tiles.
And the lawnmower.
Come and visit Blue Creek.
A different concept in boarding dogs.
We can't help it, we just love
these four legged creatures.
She's been grounded
for two days now, Mattie.
Two days.
Yesterday, we missed the hot dog truck.
The day before, the ice cream truck.
If I miss the Korean burrito truck.
I don't think I can live anymore.
Patience Oz, it won't last forever.
Two days, Mattie.
Do you even know how much
that is in dog time?
I can't Ozzy, I'm still grounded.
Mmm mmh.
Okay, helmet, check.
Daisies, Mom's favorite.
To make up with her later, check.
Tailwind, check.
How about you Ozzy?
Are you ready?
Can you two tell me where you've been?
Thanks Ozzy, I'm getting the mail.
No way!
We're going to Japan.
Yay, a four star hotel.
All expenses paid.
So, we're going on vacation?
They're sending us to the
International Comic Salon in Osaka.
And if Star Dog wins, a lot more people
will want to read his adventures.
Are you green with envy, pickle?
Are you chilled to the bone, flame?
Ozzy, we're going to Japan.
To Japan.
Ozzy can't come to Japan.
I was just at the embassy,
to pick up the visas.
They told me that if you travel
to Japan with a dog.
He has to go through quarantine.
They'd lock him up in
a cage for two weeks.
Well, we could leave
him here with someone.
Come on Marc, he's great with kids.
He never messes in the house.
He even knows Powerpoint.
Well, not really.
But he's a quick learner.
Hello, Marc.
Hmmm, nothing.
What about Aunt Mildred?
We barely see her, but
she's part of the family.
Yes, the scary part.
When I come back,
I wanna find him alive.
Has ended, and the risk
premium has increased.
A strong reversal in banking.
Got a business trip coming up?
Have a dog and don't
know where to leave him?
Afraid he won't be in the best hands?
Wait, turn that up.
I said, "Turn it up, not off Ozzy."
Come and visit Blue Creek.
A different concept in boarding kennels.
We can't help it.
We adore these four legged creatures.
If you have a female dog,
bring her to Golden Meadows,
our residence for young ladies.
Come here you! Ugh!
Hey, gotcha!
- Get over here.
- I'm coming honey!
Stop it!
Cut him off.
I've got him.
Run Ozzy, run!
What's going on?
What did you do?
It's a long story.
You, you mangy mutt.
You again.
Look out.
Don't worry honey.
A month is gonna go by in no time.
Welcome to Blue Creek.
The Martins, I presume?
Nathaniel Robbins, pleased
to make your acquaintance.
And who do we have here?
So, the king of the house is named Ozzy.
He seems shy, well there'll
be time to break the ice.
Sorry, it's the first time
we've left Ozzy anywhere, and...
Oh, you don't have to explain it to me.
But I think she'll feel a lot
better in a short while.
Let me show you the facilities.
Monsieur Melville chooses
the produce himself.
All organic, of course.
Have a taste.
Bon Appetit!
It's got broccoli, I bet he'll hate it.
Let me present the sauna.
Shall we go to the massage room?
We offer Shi Tzu Shiatsu, magical mud
baths, and of course, full paw-decures.
And all of this for dogs?
To us, these aren't just dogs.
They're our best friends.
And we believe in treating
our best friends a little special.
Can't I stay here for three weeks, while
you go to Japan with Ozzy and Paula?
Sorry, no humans allowed.
Susan, did you see the price?
Of course, if it's a matter of
haggling over your pet's well being.
I can recommend some
places that are cheaper.
Well, he's comfortable.
Where do I sign?
That's it, say goodbye to your family.
You won't be seeing them
again for a long time.
Dominic, get this mutt out of my sight.
Call everyone, you know the drill.
Spa day's over.
Start marching.
Wait a minute!
What's going on guys?
Can someone explain what
the muzzle is happening?
Shut up and go to your place rookie.
Ahhhh, Dominic!
Everybody out, the day trip is over.
Move those paws, back to your block.
What... what is this?
Is it a prison?
We got a genius here.
Welcome to Blue Creek.
The real Blue Creek.
That's it, let's go.
Hurry up, get them in the truck.
Wait for me.
Hey Killer, check this out.
Hmm, so, did you stretch your legs?
You just love to run
and run, for nothing.
The key is the center of gravity.
The axis must be slanted,
but just enough to...
Welcome, my name is Grunt, Warden Grunt.
Behave like a good dog and
you'll be treated like a good dog.
If you have any doubts,
any questions, now is the time.
So, may I speak?
Finally, mind if I sit down?
You see, I've been
brought here by mistake.
My family left me in a
luxury health resort and...
Is that so?
Oh yeah, pools, saunas, the works.
I don't know how I ended up
in this dump.
No offense, I mean, I do have
a soft spot for minimalism.
No offense taken.
Well, well, Decker, we have to
do something with this poor boy.
Thank you, that's very nice of you.
I can see from your face,
that you can be trusted.
Well, we're here to help.
If you'd be kind enough
to contact my family, the Martins.
Their phone number is
on the back of this tag.
By the way, my name is Ozzy.
Good, now that I know your name,
I hope I never have to hear it again.
From now on, your number
" four-six-three."
Process him.
Hey! Fresh little bones.
Fresh little bones.
Hello rookie, are you gonna cry?
Come on, tell me, are you gonna cry?
I'll bet you three scraps, he'll be
calling for his master by lights out.
Silence, you pack of losers.
I don't wanna hear
a bark out of any of you.
One thing, four-six-three,
in here I am God.
I see all, I hear all,
I smell all, I know all.
So if you don't want trouble,
don't rub me the wrong way.
Get comfortable.
You're home now rookie.
Hey, that's my bed, kid.
Aha, now I can see ya better.
Now I can see you, period.
With my eye problems
I'm not so good at heights.
You don't mind taking
the top bunk, do you?
Thanks, hey what's your name?
I mean, Ozzy.
My name is Ozzy.
Pleased to meet you.
I hope you like talking.
I need someone to yap with.
I haven't had a cellmate in six months.
So, what's your story?
Tell me everything.
Pedigree or cross?
Favorite human food?
Favorite furniture to scratch up?
Silence in the cells!
Silence in the cells.
So where you from?
Okay, I'll tell you, but
don't get your hopes up.
I won't be here for long.
My family's back in a month
and they'll come and get me.
Sure, they're coming for me too.
When was your family going
to come for you, Remy?
In a month.
And how long ago was that?
A year.
And you, Ross?
The same.
Look, I'm sorry for you guys.
But I assure you, my family
will come and get me.
Tell yourself whatever you want.
But for your information,
I'm gonna escape.
If you want, you can come too.
10:00, lights out!
Sorry buddy, I didn't mean to do that.
I'm a sleep kicker.
Instead of sleep walking,
I kick in my sleep.
But hey, it could be worse.
I could snore.
Up now, come on you
gang of tortoises, get up!
And I mean now!
189, move your haunches
or I'll send you to the hole.
Stop yawning 92, your breath
smells like two week old garbage.
Got something to say?
Come on, I'm dying to hear it.
Hey Chester, this is Ozzy.
My new cellmate.
Come on, give him a break.
It's his first day.
Exactly, you guys are trouble, Fronky.
You should know that.
Silence in the line, obey!
Everybody move, it's time to play back.
Well, four-six-three, you seem to have
all sorts of energy to burn,
here's the perfect place to burn it.
Here, everyone has to put
their paw to the wheel
because we have a quota to meet.
And if we don't meet it,
there's trouble.
And we don't want trouble,
do we, four-six-three?
No, no sir.
Here's your post.
The line doesn't stop.
If you're tired, too bad.
If you're thirsty,
stick out your tongue.
If you gotta urinate, lift your leg.
But the line doesn't stop.
Any questions?
Then start!
What are you doing rookie?
You're gonna get us all skinned alive.
Just figuring out the system.
I've got it now.
Don't worry, it's under control.
What is this?
- It looks like...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, cat food.
Cat food?
But this is disgusting...
You got a problem with
the food, four-six-three?
Oh no, I love it.
You're a bigger pain in the neck
than an electric collar.
Kid, where you going?
Thank you, I appreciate that.
My name's Ozzy.
And you?
Now you know buddy, with Doc,
words aren't necessary.
So eat up and enjoy the silence.
There's no mystery to this job.
Every morning we go to Grant's office.
We fill the cart with books.
And we distribute them.
And that's it?
Thanks for helping me out.
It's just the job I needed.
Finally, a bit of peace and quiet.
Hey, is that a Star Dog special?
Gus, I didn't think
you were into comics.
No way, I just want something
with a soft cover to snack on.
Oy, that face.
Let me guess, still
thinking of your home?
Look, if I were you I wouldn't put
my paw in the fire for some humans.
They're not some humans?
They're my family, they love me.
Sure, sure, they all love us.
Until the day comes when the love ends.
And then.
You don't know them.
They wouldn't abandon me.
They'll come and get me.
What's going on?
Who's that?
They call him Radar.
Careful, he's always got his
antennas raised to catch chatter.
Hey, Radar, what's up?
What's up?
What's up?
Have you been on the moon?
It's day six, pal.
That's what's up.
Day six.
Vito gets out today.
Vito rules the roost.
He calls the shots.
He's the dog.
Vito's trouble.
Just try to keep out of his way.
Hey chief, today's the day, right?
It's day six.
Shut your trap, Radar.
You're giving me a headache.
And all of you scram.
Go chase your tails somewhere else.
Come on Vito, let's go.
No way.
Is that?
I said, "Is that Vito?"
But he's just a Chihuahua...
You wanna go back to the hole, Vito?
You and I are gonna see
each other again, real soon.
That's it, good dog.
Somebody tell me who that clown is.
The latest rookie.
A greenhorn, he arrived the other day.
Look at you.
A week here and you're
already making friends.
Fronky, I don't mean to whine,
but is there anything we can do
about this ladder thing?
Maybe we can tie it to the...
Did you hear, Doc?
Fronky, he did it, he got out of here.
I got up this morning and...
Make a note, Red.
This makes 15.
Which way this time?
Hiding in the garbage in the pantry.
Doggone it guys,
I almost did it this time.
Just one small, technical mistake.
One of your typical, technical mistakes.
Decker, come to the
Warden's office please.
Decker, come to the
Warden's office please.
Yah, hoohoohooohoo!
Decker, come to the
Warden's office please.
Ay, Fronky, why don't you just give up?
This situation's
humiliating for all of us.
Give up? Never.
I'd rather stop breathing.
I know you don't understand it,
but there's
someone waiting for me out there.
A blind man who needs me.
You hear?
I'm his eyes.
His eyes!
His eyes?
Fronky was a guide dog?
What's up losers!
I got a message for you, from Vito.
He wants to talk to you, uh-oh!
To me?
Yeah, to you.
Don't you bark my language?
Or are you a mute, like the big guy?
Where are you going?
The invitation is for one.
He's clean boss.
He ain't packing.
Hey kid, you know this place?
You like sports?
Well, not much.
I see, well you seem
to be in good shape.
What's your thing, boxing?
No, not boxing, not me.
I see.
I hear you like running.
And that you ain't half bad at it.
Well, I wouldn't say that exactly.
You saying my dog is lying?
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, so then you're lying to me?
To you?
That's the last thing I'd do.
I know, so don't waste
any more of my time.
Can you run?
Or can you not?
Yes, no, oh I don't know.
Take it easy kid.
Breathe, slowly.
Be mindful of the breath.
I just wanna ask you a favor.
Will you do me one favor, Ozzy?
Sure, one, two, all you need.
Well, it depends.
As long as it won't get me into trouble.
Into trouble, you hear him?
The guy's in the slammer.
He's worried about getting into trouble.
You kill me kid.
No, no, no, no.
No killing.
Not you or anyone.
Is that it?
Are you going to ask me to kill someone?
No, I'm gonna ask you to kill yourself.
To kill yourself running.
I was kidding you.
I love this guy.
He's so easy.
Wow, what is this?
Races, kid.
Prisoners against guards.
Their best against our best.
This is our re-ining champ, Flash.
He's a double print, but he'd been
so hard the last few races.
He's lost his motivation.
And you can help him.
I want you twos to race.
Oh, that wasn't a joke.
A race, two, three laps.
Make him sweat.
Something between friends.
As a favor to me.
All right.
What'd I tell ya?
I love this guy.
Ozzy, I can call you Ozzy, right?
Well you've been doing it for a while.
Can I call you Vito?
Come on, everyone in position.
On your marks.
Get set.
And around the turn, Flash is ahead,
but Ozzy is holding on.
The new power tries to muzzle in.
And there's Flash,
the undefeated champion.
Come on champ, you're better than him.
If he keeps on like this,
in the next race
those guards will be sticking
their tail between their legs.
This pooch has dynamite in his paws.
We're on the last stretch,
wait, what's happening?
You literally, have been
closed by a muscle.
The champion, defeated, humiliated.
Harassed on his own ground.
That's all, goodbye Flash.
Tomorrow, do we train at the same time?
I didn't say, "See you soon Flash."
I didn't say, "See you tomorrow Flash."
I said, "Goodbye Flash."
Ozzy, it seems like a vacancy has
just come up, amongst my runners.
What do you say?
You want the position?
You wanna run for me?
What do you mean?
Are you asking me for another favor?
No, I'll tell you how this works.
I asked you for one
favor and you did it.
So I owe you one.
This is an offer.
I want you to be my partner, my protege.
I think that with you,
we can beat those sons of cats.
And in exchange, I can make
your life here much easier.
Can I have time to think about it?
Sure, think all you want.
What do we got here but time?
You got 24 hours to answer.
24 hours?
Yes, 24 hours.
That is a favor.
Because I owed you one.
Now we're even.
Don't have to think, no!
Those cursed races will get you
trouble, trouble, and more trouble.
But if I run, instead of cat food,
there'll be steaks for everyone.
Right, and maybe
a light sorbet for dessert.
Get your head out of
your tail, you lunkhead.
You can't trust Vito.
Look where his last protege is.
He's right.
Better to be independent, like me.
By the way, my new escape
plan is almost ready.
Tick tock, tick tock.
Time is flying, kid.
I've got your answer now, Vito.
Mr. Vito, sir.
I'm afraid I have to refuse your offer.
But I really appreciate...
Wait, the kid and I are talking.
You see, the world
of racing isn't for me.
The spotlights, the media attention,
the corporate sponsorships.
Are you sure about this?
I told you yesterday, I can
make your life here very easy.
Or I can make it hard.
Oops, got away from me.
What the heck are you
doing, four-six-three?
I was looking for you because
I wanted to talk to you.
About what?
The shower heads.
The massage setting doesn't work.
Are you kidding me, four-six-three?
Do you want something?
Or are you, once again, wasting my time?
Well, well, so you bested Flash and
now Vito wants to make you his dog?
Well, we can't allow that
kind of behavior here.
I knew you'd understand.
I'll tell you what you're gonna do.
I'm all ears.
You're going to run.
Perfect, I knew...
Wait, what?
You'll run.
You'll agree to be his runner.
But really, you'll be running for me.
No, wait, I don't understand.
Look rookie, you don't
stand a chance against Jock.
But why take the risk?
We haven't lost a single
race against the inmates.
And we're not gonna start now.
Wait, wait, I...
You'll run for Vito.
And you'll lose.
What are you saying?
If I throw the race, Vito will
turn me into dog biscuits.
Look, I appreciate the offer
but I can't accept.
You won't even consider it?
You should really think about it.
Sleep on it.
I'm not going to run.
You wanna reconsider the offer?
Perfect, it's just the right size.
Now fill it in again.
Now that I think about it,
I'm a little hungry.
And I feel like a bone.
What are you two doing here?
If you want a hole dug, and filled,
and re-dug for no obvious reason,
that's our specialty.
So you wanna dig?
Well, you're not gonna stop until
you find brontosaurus bones.
Thanks Fronky, goodnight pal.
You're welcome, goodnight.
Did you think your day was over?
Welcome to the night shift.
And when you finish with this.
I think I want another hole in the yard.
Guys, I'm sorry you're
in this mess because of me.
I know what you're thinking.
But I promise, when my
family comes for me.
Oh yes, your family, four-six-three,
the ones who are coming
to get you in how long?
A month?
Well guess what?
Your precious month has
flown by, hasn't it?
And no one has come to get you.
Well that's impossible.
That number's wrong,
there must be a mistake.
My family would never abandon me.
Such a young dog.
In the prime of his life.
We'll never, ever be able
to forget Oscar.
That's what I said, "Ozzy."
He fought so hard against the dog flu.
Always so composed with the vets.
The very best, by the way.
You'll see the medical
costs in your bill.
Really, he wasn't just a dog.
He was an example for everyone.
But how did he get it?
All the doctors could establish
is he had it before he got here.
And thankfully, none of
the other dogs caught it,
or it could have been
an even bigger tragedy.
You have my deepest sympathy.
This is all very odd.
I can't leave my healthy dog here
and have you give me back...
This... without any further explanation.
- It's absurd.
- Dad.
But perfectly legal, according
to the release forms you signed.
We are exempt from any responsibility.
You win, I'll run.
I knew you'd come to your senses.
Yes, I'm sorry.
It's in my breed.
I'm a bit stubborn.
That's okay kid, no hard feelings.
What's past, is past.
Give me a high five, buddy.
Come here.
So you'd better not
let me down, partner.
And remember, we're partners now.
You know what you have to do.
You're going to run?
Have you lost your mind?
And which one will you double-cross?
If you trick Grunt, the next thing
Decker buries won't be a bone.
I'm not going to trick Grunt.
If you trick Vito, he'll make a
shower mat out of your hide.
I'm not going to trick Vito.
Then what the muzzle
are you going to do?
I'm going to trick both of them.
Oh, both of them.
I'm not hanging around to see this.
It's official.
I'm moving up my escape.
Last chance Ozzy.
Come with me.
Don't you see that, wait.
Did you say okay?
You're right, there's no
way I can get out of it alive.
No matter which one I double cross,
I'm a dead dog.
So guys, we're going to escape.
Yay, now you're barking!
Okay, down to business.
Wait until you hear
my new plan because...
I've got a plan too.
Who prefers my plan to Fronky's?
But you haven't seen this one.
It's got a catapult
and a dry ice machine.
Two to one, Chester?
Forget Chester.
Chester doesn't even want to know.
Are you crazy?
What part of, stay out of trouble,
didn't you understand?
Doc's right, it's useless.
I've tried for years to convince him.
He's too used to the inside.
He doesn't want to leave.
But, all right.
Listen, here's what we'll do.
Come on champ, go!
One, two.
Hey Ozzy, can I have
your autograph, champ?
Right, at 12 on the dot.
Ah, 12:10.
They arrive on the hour.
10 minutes to load.
What's going on here?
102, 103, come on champ.
Come on, one more.
That's the way, champ.
Now, lunges.
You wanted your own training team?
You got it.
You wanted your own locker room.
And here it is.
Massage tables, showers, clean towels.
And that other item I asked for?
It's useless.
It's a maze down here.
Somehow, we gotta get ahold of
the blueprints for this place.
I know where they are.
This'll be puppies play.
In Grunt's office?
How are we gonna get in?
And how will we find them?
Well, there is someone who can help us.
We just have to convince him.
But don't worry.
Leave it to me, I got it.
No, no, no.
A thousand times, no.
Don't you get it?
I don't want anything to do with it.
What is it?
You want me to beg?
Please, please, pretty please.
Here you are Gus.
A bit of action.
The Odyssey, some lunatics try to get
home and half of them die along the way.
One hour, we just need
that key for one hour.
We go into Grunt's office.
We take the blueprints.
We come out.
We give you back the key.
No one will be the wiser.
Oh no?
Grunt has the best nose in the prison.
One stray hair.
A single pop and the wrong smell,
if he finds out, I'm a dead dog.
You miserable old cur.
I have had it up to my fangs with you.
I am sick of this.
Stop, you'll get me into trouble.
If you think you'll get anything
this way, you're very mistaken.
I don't care.
Everything that gets wet, dries.
Then maybe option number two
will get your attention.
Okay, okay, all right.
I'll help you.
If I see one speck on that window
when I get back, my next
model will be your skeleton.
For dog's sake be careful.
Grunt is fanatical about order.
He knows by heart, where each model is.
Each piece of paper, each...
Doc, why are you just standing there?
Move, they're gonna catch us.
And I'm too old for the hole.
So that's how you ended up here, huh?
Well you're gonna see
that ocean again buddy.
Here they are.
I've got them.
I've got the blueprints.
Let's go.
What do you mean, "Let's go."
Look at this mess.
We have to tidy up.
Hmmm, hmmm.
Well boss, it's spotless, eh?
I wasn't pulling your leg.
Get out of here.
What's he doing?
He's coming.
Stay calm.
He's coming.
What are we gonna do?
He's coming.
Do you mind?
A bit of privacy.
We're training in here.
Doc, Doc, Doc, he's gone.
Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
To the right.
To the right.
Yes, of course I'm completely sure.
Who do you take me for?
Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
Okay, it wasn't to the right.
What do you expect, with 20/80
vision in each eye, and this light.
Give me an O!
Give me a Z!
Give me another Z!
Give me a Y!
Ozzy, Ozzy!
Hey you!
What was that?
I didn't do anything.
The pooch slipped.
You're gonna choke on that lie.
It there a problem?
Your mongrel just injured my champion.
Is that true, four-six-three?
Did he try to injure you?
Ah, no, I slipped.
Hey Vito, it's understandable, maybe
you wouldn't see things clearly
from all the way down there.
Oh Vito, Vito.
You know you're gonna
lose, just like last time.
And you'll make a fuss, like last time.
And you'll end up
in the hole, like last time.
My boy will make yours bite the dust.
I'm so sure about that, I'll be bull
eye to make this more interesting.
How interesting?
If we win, real food,
like the guards eat.
You put "Dancing with the Dog Stars"
back on in the TV lounge.
And no one's sent to
the hole for a month.
No, no, wait.
Okay, but if you lose, double shifts.
You'll work nights too.
It'll be cat food again.
And the TV is permanently off.
Wait a minute.
Calm down, calm down.
And I'm sick of hearing you.
You'll all wear muzzles
until next spring.
Is it a deal?
Good evening guards and dogs.
Welcome to an unforgettable evening.
D-day, H-Hour, our date with destiny.
Race of the century.
How are you, Ches?
Have you come to say goodbye?
Give me a hug pal.
So long.
Get off.
So, you're determined to go
ahead with this madness?
Yes Chester, and if you don't want
any trouble, it's best
if you're not seen here.
What do you think's gonna happen
once you've escaped?
Shhh, not so loud.
While you guys are out there,
marking every tree you walk past...
What do you think
they'll be doing to us?
They'll make this place a nightmare.
But it's a nightmare already.
Listen to that.
Think of what those dogs
out there are risking.
Those dogs?
When did you start
caring about anyone else?
Mr. "Mind Your Own Business"
and "Keep Out of Trouble."
If you're not coming,
get out of the way.
No, you can't escape.
Keep your voice down.
You don't understand.
You can't escape.
Well done, Doc.
I'm sorry Chester.
But we're the ones
risking our necks here.
Nothing is gonna keep
us from escaping today.
Uh, just one thing Fronky.
About the escape.
I don't know if I can do it.
Remy, it's 10 to one on Ozzy.
Do I hear six ribs on the rookie.
No Sam, we're not taking bets on
Dancing with the Dog Stars today.
What is it, cold paws?
Is it the plan?
It can't be the plan, the plan's
perfect. It's your plan.
Forget the plan.
What if Chester is right.
Maybe I should try to
win the race for them.
Let me remind you that among them,
you have Vito, you have Lobo,
all those lovely dogs, who are
beating you up to make you run.
I know, but what about the others?
They trust me.
It's in my paws to get
them a better life.
I deserve a better life.
Doc deserves a better life, come on!
All right, what if we vote?
Whatever the majority decides.
The crowd is getting restless.
It's now 10 minutes
past official start time
and the stadium
is filled with the cry...
"Where's Ozzy?"
You lazy bums.
Keep your minds on the job.
Where is that fleabag?
Who did that?
Get that hookworm out on the track now.
Even if you have to drag him.
Here we have him, the challenger.
The rookie rocket.
The Blue Stream Beagle.
The Blue Creek's League,
24 pounds of pure speed.
Will the baby named
Ozzy ruin Jock's record?
The undefeated champion
doesn't seem very worried.
I've never seen such a close race.
That mastiff must be
thinking this is a nightmare.
Jock has a great stride.
But Ozzy, whooo, is really
putting his paws down.
Best thing about those pretty bangs
is you don't have to see
your pal lose, huh, Buttercup?
What happened?
Hey, who put out the lights?
Don't just stand there, you nimrods.
Fix it.
Huh, huh, huh.
Find him.
Him, his friends.
Search every inch of this dog pound.
They blocked the doors.
We can't get out.
Open those doors, now!
Can you explain it?
Because doggone, where is Ozzy?
Where's Ozzy?
Everyone stay where you are.
They're not here boss.
We'll keep looking.
Come on, hurry.
We're almost there.
Will you keep still?
Did you really think we were
going to leave you here, pal?
Relax, we'll have plenty
of time to talk later.
The diver will be attempting
a reverse, one and 1/2 tuck.
Nailed it.
All ready boss.
We can go.
Guys, everyone okay?
Yes Doc, we did it.
What's up?
Why are we stopping?
Calm down, they're
opening the main gate.
Oh, I'd give anything
to see Decker's face.
Chief, punish us.
But leave Chester alone.
He didn't want to come.
True, tell me old timer.
Where would you rather be.
In the hole?
Or out with the others?
Because I don't think rats
are too popular around here.
What's he talking about?
That's why I went to the locker room.
To try to warn you.
Why didn't you listen to me?
Grunt saw the oil stain in his office.
And he knew we'd gone in there.
Chester, how could you?
Well why'd ya think?
They threatened to break my front paws.
I just wanted to stay here, in peace.
Not get into any trouble.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
Why I'll take care of
those front paws for ya.
Hey, hey, not you.
The Warden's gonna deal
with you personally.
When the Warden's finished.
I want first go.
Hey, no way.
I'm first, eh?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Too bad about the kid.
You gotta admit he had guts.
Anything else, sir?
No thank you, Decker.
You may leave.
I need a bit of exercise.
When the old guy told me
I couldn't believe it.
I thought, "He hasn't got it in him."
He wouldn't dare.
And look.
We are all just full of surprises.
And this is the surprise part where
you say, "Bygones," and let me go?
Careful, you fool!
Let go of it, boy.
Don't make things worse for yourself.
Don't move.
The time you must have put into this.
I said, "Don't move!"
Let's try that again.
I prefer that he not come in.
Stay there Decker.
Don't do anything.
Look kid.
This could still end well.
We'll forget about the escape.
What else do you want?
You want me to get Vito off your back?
Want me to free your friends?
There's just one thing that
I want you to do for me.
Don't just lie there.
Get back up.
What's going on?
What's happening?
What are you doing you moron?
Last one and not a single dog.
Well close them up again and let's go.
One, two, can you hear me?
I'm, well, you all know who I am.
You were all at the track today.
I want to tell you something.
I don't regret what I did.
I'd do it again, 1001 times.
You hate me because
we didn't win the race.
We wouldn't have won the race anyway.
The race was fixed.
Hey, how come I didn't hear about that?
But even if Grunt didn't fix
the races, we'd never win.
Because they already won.
They got you to forget
that you were free once.
I haven't forgotten.
I'm not anyone's champion.
I'm not, four-six-three.
My name is Ozzy.
And you, have you already
forgotten who you are?
Where they brought you from?
Well let me help you remember.
That's my collar!
That's my collar!
For real?
Your name is Sugar?
You got a problem with that?
The kid's right.
It's time to shake off the leash.
You think you'll be
safe from me out here?
Let's get out of here.
Start up.
Well, where's the key?
Don't just sit there.
Do something.
Idiot, I have to do everything.
Ready, aim, fire!
Look at all the balls.
So many colors.
You idiots, don't chase the balls.
Forget about the stinking balls.
Hey, let us out!
Leave something for me.
Aha, ah!
Well done, boss!
You're a sire!
Nice doggies, good boy.
Let me in.
Thanks buddy.
Hey, how about this?
Finally a bit of action.
Don't just sit there.
Come out here.
Come on, I need your help.
Come, we haven't got all day.
Now, four-six-three,
where did we leave off?
No way, you'll have
to go through me first.
With your permission or without it.
Any last barks?
You missed.
Don't be so sure.
Okay, this is great and all.
But are we getting out of here or what?
Who are you?
And what did you do with Chester?
Better hurry, guys.
Our taxi's leaving.
Hey, Vito!
Aren't you guys coming?
Sure kid, as soon as I settle
some unfinished business in here.
Hey, and you can call me Sugar.
There's your ocean Doc.
You see that?
Handsome guy.
Looks kind of familiar.
Hmmm, maybe it's my dirty glasses.
But I don't see what's
so handsome about him.
Hey, Doc.
Look at that, pal.
Doc, where were you?
I went crazy looking for you.
Did you see that wave?
It swallowed me completely.
I washed up two beaches down, dude.
What a trip.
Look at this cut, I got 10 stitches.
It really hurt.
What about you?
You wouldn't believe
how much I missed you.
Now I know why he doesn't talk.
Well, there it is.
Your house.
What are you wait... Fronky!
What you doing?
You can't get scared now.
Not a dog like you.
But what if Bob's replaced me?
Of course he has, you idiot.
He's blind, he'll have another dog.
And I'll bet he doesn't
even remember me.
No way.
No one could forget you.
You're a bigger pain in the neck
than an electric collar.
We're gonna stretch our legs.
I bet you look beautiful.
What's wrong?
What is it?
Who is it?
Hang on, that walk.
That panting, it can't be.
Looks like someone isn't going to be
planning any more escapes for a while.
Well, that's the way to my house.
What about you?
Have you got a plan?
Nope, none.
But thank you for
getting me out of there.
I'd forgotten how good
the air is out here.
Are you sure?
Are you gonna be all right?
Of course partner.
I'm an old dog.
I always land on my paws.
Well, almost always.
Thanks Ozzy.
Bye, my friend.
Ted, here's your cereal.
Paula, your toast.
Ozzy, you're alive!
Hey, where are you going?
Wait, what, how? Who is...?
No way!
Another dog?
No, not a chance.
You tell her Susan.
- What?
- No, not an option.
Don't look at me like that.
It won't work.
He can't stay.
That's that.
Nathaniel Robbins has been
sentenced to 20 years behind bars.
After being convicted of over 100 counts
of fraud and animal cruelty.
On happy note, all the dogs have
been returned to their rightful owner.
That wasn't a bad breakfast.
The burnt toast was perfection.
What's happening?
What's that?
A couple of uninvited guests.
Well, well, it's been a while.
I bet he's waiting for
his paper, right Thor?
For you, I'll even include
the coupon section.