Pa-Thirsty (2022) Movie Script

--== McEphie ==--
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Are you ready for me?
Are you ready for me?
Too flirty.
Raaar! Raaar!
Oops. Sorry.
You know the rules.
Are you ready for me?
What are you doing to me?
I'm loving it!
Change is the only thing
that's constant.
And a lot of changes
can happen in a year
Thank you, my love!
Goodbye, Manila!
Time to hibernate.
- How are you, dear?
- I'm okay.
When are you coming home?
I have to stay in Singapore longer.
Business is taking too much time.
Okay, dad. Stay safe.
I miss you.
I miss you, mom.
Please reply.
- Are you okay?
- I'll be fine.
- I'm just here.
- Thank you. I love you Achi!
Love you too.
Things will get better.
I know it will.
Guilty pleasure: The Bachelor.
How about I play The Bachelorette?
Single and ready to mingle!
I know you're looking at me.
Is it hot? I'm sorry
Just kidding hahaha.
Wow rebranding?
Call me Ms. XXX.
Shit, shit, shit!
What a waste!
So annoying!
What the heck is this, anyway?
These shoes are perfect!
Perfect to slap on the
faces of clout chasers!
Effin' users!
You might think it's you, Maynard...
Well, fuck you!
And don't assume it's you, Jeremy!
You know what, I forced myself to be a top
even though I'm a power bottom!
Power bottom!
And then you'd just cheat on me, asshole!
Harsh! I'm living for the name-dropping!
Girl, you're drunk! I'm sure
you'll regret this tomorrow!
What a disappointment!
Oh, really, Sharmaine?
Then go ahead and unsubscribe!
Why do you have to announce it?
Do you want a trophy for it?
Should I give you a crown?
Admit it! You're all poor!
Y'all don't have money!
Poor bastards!
You can't buy anything!
You're all miserable!
I feel so lonely right now.
You know,
I'm really trying my best
not to feel this way but...
It hurts so bad!
Achilles, I also know what you feel.
It's hard to deal with loneliness.
Fuck this pandemic! When will this end?!
It's insane!
You're not lonely like me.
You've been getting some.
You look good even if
you just had a heartbreak.
This is your moment.
Don't make this about me!
I'll just tell you about my mind-blowing
sexcapade some other time.
- Legit!
- For real?
- Yeah!
- No shit?
But I wasn't able to see his face
because we had our masks on.
I didn't get his real name either
because I told him not to disclose it.
And I accidentally deleted his number too!
It was so annoying!
I thought I won't hear any of that.
You just can't shut your mouth.
But Achilles! You know what
happened to me recently, right?
I waited for Karleen
to be ready and then what?
She dated another girl!
I thought I had a chance with Alex...
But there she is, back in the US!
I've gone through that as well!
I thought that sex
just complicates things for me.
And then I realized...
I wish I just had sex with them!
Girl, you're crazy! You really
went on and on!
But you asked for it!
My point is...
we're both searching
and waiting for the one.
But we have different ways
of dealing with it.
You're not taking risks.
For me,
it's easier to find The One
if we're sexually compatible.
Never mind if I get my heart broken.
I just don't wanna be lonely!
My beauty might fade!
And look,
the R.O.I. is worth it!
I wish the same for myself!
I wish I had more suitors!
I wish I was more attractive!
I wish I was as gorgeous as you!
It's your fault!
First of all,
you make poor choices.
you fall too fast.
And third,
when you wake up and the
guy is no longer by your side,
it only means he was just in it for sex.
It's just a hookup and nothing else.
So why go on dating if you don't
end up with each other?
That's why I have a
self-imposed golden rule.
No sex until we're official.
How about you play hard to get for once?
A lot of people enjoy the chase.
The more you ignore them,
the more they will crave for you.
Whatever. That's a lot of nonsense!
I won't be able to use
those things, anyway,
because girl,
I'm ugly as fuck!
I have an idea!
You're lucky you have me as your friend!
I will help you find
the man of your dreams!
Seems like a catch!
What do you think?
Hell to the no!
He sounds like a troll.
Oh no! Sorry,
I missed that one!
Fine. Wait.
He seems like
a hardworking guy.
And he's also looking
for the man of his dreams!
And he's a bottom too. It won't work.
How did you know that?
You haven't had sex with him!
Noted with thanks.
I'm giving up if
you pass up on this one.
Hi. I'm Ali.
I guess this is my first vlog.
I know some of you may know me
because I come from a prominent family
of business people and politicians.
I'm also aware that I've built a
perception of myself on social media.
But this time,
I want you guys
to know me.
The real me.
From me.
I'm bisexual.
Have you seen the video?
Yes, girl!
In fairness to him...
I admire his bravery.
So do I. He looks gorgeous, too.
And he's such a hunk!
You like him, don't you?
Hi, Achilles. Ali here!
What did you do?
Why did Ali send me a message?
Because he's your match!
I already did a background check!
He's perfect for you.
He's inviting us to their resort.
And the Vlog Squad is going.
Be ready!
Wait, what? When?
Oh my god, Pearl!
What happened?
- Nothing. A mosquito bit me.
- What?
- Are you okay?
- Yes!
Welcome to Sebastian's Paradise!
My name is Ali Sebastian.
It's so good to have you guys here.
I'm actually so stoked to finally
meet you guys in the flesh!
Of course,
I'm a big fan of
the Vlog Squad.
Bunny, with your amazing
makeup tutorials.
Faith, with your funny travel vlogs.
I love those!
Sean, with your hilarious skits.
Oh, it's See-yuhn.
- See-yuhn. I see.
- Such a diva!
Mr. Achilles, with your
lifestyle fashion vlog.
And who could forget,
Kween Pearl, with your unfiltered,
personal vlogs.
Thank you!
It's an honor...
to meet all of you.
This weekend, you guys
can sit back and relax.
You have nothing to worry about.
Let's go!
Hi, Pearl!
Hey. Hello, Ali.
Wow, you're stunning.
Well, I get that a lot!
Ali, here is Achilles.
Hey, Achilles!
You look good in photos.
But you look better in person.
- Oh my god!
- How was your ride?
Girl, he's asking you.
Answer him!
- Let's go in? It's kinda hot already.
- No, it's not. It's actually cloudy.
You know what, he's right. Let's get in.
Welcome and let's eat.
Can I help you with your things?
I can manage. Thanks.
Since when did you
become a manager?
Hold on one second.
Please, go ahead. My staff will assist you.
- I'll just take this call.
- Okay, okay.
- Thank you so much! See you in a bit!
- Thank you!
- Hey!
- Hey, Achi. Why are you rude to him?
What's wrong with your girl?
I don't know about him.
Monthly period, perhaps?
But it's brown.
I think so, too!
Note to self: Enjoy!
Girl! Always lock your door!
Right, I forgot.
Your room looks nice.
Silly! We're in a resort.
All rooms look the same.
Right, I forgot.
I love the interior.
Actually, the whole resort!
Ali has good taste.
I wish he could taste me soon.
- Hey!
- Yes?
Are you okay?
- Yes, I am.
- I'm not used to you being quiet.
No, this is just food coma.
I ate a lot a while ago.
How about you?
Why were you so rude towards Ali?
- You've already forgotten? Hold up.
- What?
- This...
- What?
Exactly a week ago, at 11:11 AM,
you said that I should
play hard to get first.
A lot of people enjoy the chase.
The more you ignore them,
the more they will crave for you.
So here I am, playing hard to get.
No one will chase you
if you're that rude!
Playing hard to get
is different from being rude.
No one will like you if
you have a bad attitude!
How should I approach it then?
Still be charming.
Try a little tenderness.
When you and Ali become a couple,
this resort will be yours.
You get my point?
- What do you think of me?
- Why?
- A material girl?
- Why, are you not?
What's the occasion?
So well prepared.
And well budgeted.
- Achilles!
- Motherfu!
- What the heck, Ali!
- Sorry, sorry.
You rocked my world!
Now I feel dizzy. Kidding!
Wait, what's going on?
I was about to ask you.
This looks beautiful.
What the hell?!
Surprised much?
Phones, please.
What's going on, Pearl?
Just enjoy each other's company.
No distractions allowed
so give me your phones.
Stop it, Pearl!
Stop setting me up! No!
Girl, enough!
You're bad at acting!
Okay, enjoy!
Let's go?
Let's go?
Let's go.
Good job!
Pass me the bowl of soup, please.
I'm starving.
Am I not allowed to eat?
You just ordered from room
service a while ago, right?
I know.
You're always hungry.
- It's free.
- Okay, fine.
I'm sorry, Ali.
I swear, I didn't know about this.
- I swear, promise.
- Hey, why are you apologizing?
It's cool.
I haven't been
on a date in years, so...
Isn't this a date?
I think this is more of...
two friends hanging out.
That's a date.
Our girl is nervous.
For real?
No, he's not.
He's being flirty with Ali.
Look, they're flirting with each other.
- Look at their body language.
- Right. My god!
Mosquito bite?
Yes. Again.
Wow! Seems like
you're a favorite.
Of course.
What can I do?
I have royal blood in my veins.
Oh, shit!
Nothing. Twice has uploaded a new video.
- Why do you have to shout?!
- Sean! Focus please!
I hope you don't mind me asking.
Go, shoot!
I just want to know how
you've been after coming out.
You know what,
nobody has ever asked me that.
And thank you, Achi.
I never really thought about it, I guess.
If you need help with anything,
don't hesitate to ask for my help. Okay?
Hey, Ali!
You're being obvious.
I spent an hour
doing my hair!
I'm sorry.
- You still look handsome.
- Kidding!
- Pearl.
- Yes?
If you need someone to slap you,
don't hesitate to call me, okay?
Come on, mother.
Don't be so hard on me.
You're crazy.
I wish I was like you. You have this
confidence to be unapologetically yourself.
Ali, it took me a while to be comfortable
in my own skin and accepted myself.
What do you mean?
When you're effeminate, you get
discriminated even within the community.
That's why I can't help but wonder
if being effeminate is a curse.
No, don't say that. Don't.
Being feminine or effeminate
is not a curse or a flaw.
being soft is never a weakness.
I know that.
And you know what, quite frankly, I...
I think you're beautiful.
I think your softness is beautiful.
And I find you sexy.
It's good, isn't it?
Wow, you must really...
It's delicious, right?
Are you okay?
Achi, are you okay?
He's choking?
What? Who's choking?
He's choking!
He's choking!
He's choking!
Bunny! Somebody, help! He's choking.
Come here! Hurry up!
He's chocking!
Faith, that's CPR!
What should we do? He can't breathe!
Squeeze him! Squeeze him!
Okay, go!
Girl, you're about to die!
Let me do it, Ali. I've got
more force than you.
Oh, he's picky!
He doesn't like your force.
Come on, squeeze!
Clever, I see.
Okay, here we go.
Three, two, one... squeeze!
Three, two, one... squeeze!
Three, two, one... squeeze!
Are you okay?
You saved me.
You scared the shit out of me.
I was so worried.
Well, at least we know that Achilles
would rather spit than swallow.
- We're here. Room 216.
- Yes.
Ali, thank you again for saving me.
No worries, Anybody would've
done the exact same thing.
Okay, so...
Good night?
Good night.
Good night!
I have a self-imposed golden rule:
No sex until we're official.
Let's do it!
- Ready?
- Ready.
Oh, fuck.
Thank you, Lord!
When you wake up and your
guy is no longer by your side,
it only means he was just in it for sex.
It's just a hookup and nothing else.
It was just sex, Achi.
I don't get why you have
high expectations from me.
We're not a couple.
What's with the exclamation points?!
Stop the matchmaking!
I don't want this anymore!
We need to stop it.
Ali and I are better off
as friends.
What's wrong with you?
You were having a great time last night.
He even walked you to your room.
He's no different from the
other guys that I've dated.
Are you sure?
I have a lot of plans for you both.
Come on, Achilles.
You're doubting yourself again.
Fine, if you won't take him, then I will.
I'm serious.
By all means, he's yours!
Good luck to you!
You always fall for people who
have commitment issues, anyway.
What does commitment have to do with this?
Here you go again, Achilles!
You just met Ali and you expected
him to commit right away?
Not my type.
Okay, thanks, bye.
Why did you chat me then?
Where are you?
Just getting some fresh air.
Thinking about my struggles in life.
Enough of your drama!
If you don't like Ali, then fine!
But let's just have fun here, okay?
Come on, let's party!
Yuck! You're so gross!
Hey, watch your mouth!
- Look, someone doesn't want to get wet!
- Faith, Faith!
Good morning.
Good morning.
There are a lot of
beautiful islands here.
Let's go island-hopping?
- Let's go?
- I'm fine with whatever they want to do.
I'm game for anything.
Have you eaten yet?
I mean, if you want I
can get you some food.
I'm good. I'm on a diet. Thank you.
are we okay?
Of course.
I don't think I have a
reason to be mad at you.
Seems like you're avoiding me.
Of course not! You're just overthinking.
I'm fine.
I'm perfectly fine.
I'm so happy!
Excuse me, excuse me.
Who was moaning loudly last night?
Oh my god!
I also heard that sound!
I thought someone was having a nightmare!
Admit it, mother.
We know it was you.
Maybe the stray cats
were having sex.
Maybe. But I also heard:
"Come to me, baby! Come to me!"
I don't think cats can say that,
except Hello Kitty.
Actually, it went something like...
Like that!
More, more!
You want more? And they
reached the climax, they went...
Stop me!
Stop me!
why are you here?
I came to see you.
Of course. Remember the online creators
I was telling you about?
- There's Bunny, Faith,
- Hi, Sir.
Sean, Achilles, and Pearl.
- Good afternoon, Sir.
- It's nice to finally meet you.
I've been hearing a lot of nice
words about you from my son.
I hope you enjoy your stay
here in Sebastian's.
- Thank you, sir.
- It's an honor.
By the way,
I'm sorry to disturb your fun.
No worries, I won't stay long.
I'll just talk to my son.
Right, if you'll excuse us.
And please go ahead.
Continue with your fun.
Enjoy your stay here and thank you
for helping my son.
- I'll see you guys later.
- Excuse us, okay?
- Bye! See you later!
- Thank you!
Escape from reality
But it follows me
Drunk post
Might delete this later
- Hey!
- Hey.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Why are you alone?
Where are the others?
Why are you asking me?
It was you who didn't
show up anymore.
Too bad, you missed the fun.
Yeah, my bad.
It's because of my dad.
I think he just wanted to make
sure that everything's perfect
for the grand opening of the resort.
We understand.
Well, apparently, not all of us.
Did you have a
fight with Achilles?
I don't know.
Why, did he tell you anything?
I don't know about you, guys.
You're grown-ups already.
How about you?
You haven't answered my question.
What are you doing, sitting here
all by yourself, still drinking?
Because they're weak!
Weak! Weak!
Can I be honest with you?
I was playing matchmaker with you and
Achilles that's why I sent you a message.
I think you're going to be perfect for him.
What a waste.
Can I be honest with you?
It's obvious that you're setting us up.
What went wrong?
I don't know about him.
He said that you're
better off as friends.
Well, tell him that
I'm already taken.
What? You're already taken?!
I wouldn't be here if I was.
How about you, Pearl Gatdula?
Are you looking...
looking for love?
Well, let's just say that I'm single
and so ready to mingle!
No offense, but that's what
brokenhearted people say.
They make it seem like being single
is just a magical thing to be celebrated.
Only the heartbroken
can relate to that feeling.
I guess you're heartbroken.
I am...
not sure.
I do know what it feels like to
lose someone you love.
You're not sure? Why?
Who did you lose?
I've only had two ex-girlfriends.
I've been with men, but they
were mostly sexual encounters.
I never really had a serious boyfriend.
who did you lose? Who
is your biggest heartbreak?
Come on, tell me!
Tell me!
My mom.
No, please, don't be.
I was 15 years old when she was
diagnosed with breast cancer.
five short years later, she passed away.
So she's gone, right?
But it seems like I never recovered.
I always used to say that
when we lost her,
it's like a piece of my heart has always
been just a little bit broken.
I get you.
You know, my mom is in rehab.
She's an alcoholic.
My dad is in Singapore.
He said he is busy
with our family business,
but I know why he's there.
New girlfriend.
My sister is in New York.
We're not close.
I'm just alone at home.
So thank you for inviting us.
Somehow it helped me...
Prisoner 456?
Miss XXX?
Why don't you have to choose
between sex and chocolates...
when you can have both?
Wait, you're not hitting it.
You're not hitting it.
Wait, I know what to do.
Okay, go in.
Okay, turn right.
Turn right.
Now do the Beyonce.
To the left, to the left!
There you go.
Go deeper!
There, can you feel it?
Push upward!
Go for it!
Let's go back to sleep.
Come on.
Stay with me.
Pearl, do you have an extra sunblo.
What happened here?!
You should've locked your door!
What the fuck, Pearl?
Did you shit on the bed?!
You should've knocked first, mother!
And that's not shit, okay?
That's chocolate!
Who is that?
The one under the sheets.
Who is that?
No one. These are just pillows.
Oh my god!
Is he one of the resort staff?
I've been eyeing one of their staff.
You bitch! How dare you!
It's not him.
Leave now! Go! Hurry!
May I borrow your vibrator?
- What about the tampon?
- And a tampon, too.
- Oh my god!
- Oh my god!
What the fucking hell happened here, Pearl?
You should've locked your door!
Call the police! We need to report this!
Pearl was invaded!
Indeed she was.
Who shat in here?
- Call the poop suckers!
- Call the sceptic tank people!
You should've knocked first!
That's not poop!
I said that's not poop!
Oh my god.
You whore!
Who did you have sex with?
The handsome resort staff?
Or the sexy front desk girl?
Fuck, Pearl! Why didn't you invite me?
Oh my god, it's a dead person!
Call the morgue!
Really? Morgue?
Yo, not a dead person.
Ali, can you please leave?
Just leave, please.
Before you speak,
let me pee first.
Will you marry me?
You're hot.
Thank you!
You're welcome, sir.
So hot!
Good morning.
Achi, are we okay?
I have a question.
Go, shoot.
The other night,
Did you like it?
Achi, of course I did.
Then where were you when I woke up?
I was starving then.
You were deep asleep so
I decided not to wake you up.
- You were hungry?
- Yes, and besides...
I didn't know what to do. I mean,
should I stay or not?
I actually don't know either.
And then Pearl told me...
that you already put me
on the friendzone.
It's Pearl and her
big mouth once again.
Hey, you're sweating.
Hey, Bunny, Sean.
It's See-yuhn.
See-yuhn. Nice, nice.
Don't be an animal! Sorry.
I'm so sorry. Take your seat.
Patrick, bring some food here!
Excuse me.
This hotdog is huge!
Let's talk outside.
But we're already outside.
- Just come with me!
- What? Wait!
- Come over here!
- Ouch!
Come here!
Why did we have to go here?!
I'm taking it back.
Taking back what?
your mom's tupperware?
Yes, it's still with me.
- It's with you?
- Yes!
- I thought I already lost it!
- No.
But it's not about that!
please help me.
Set me up with Ali again.
- What?
- I know, I know! I've been unsure,
we already had sex.
That's why I've been avoiding him. You know
what happens when I have sex with a guy.
And you're right. I need to take risks,
so let me say it now.
I like Ali.
Pearl, I really like him! Confirmed!
Achilles, Ali is Prisoner 456!
We had sex before and
then we had sex last night!
Hold up,
you had sex with him
last night, or before?
We had sex last night but we
also had sex before.
So before last night,
you already had sex?
Last night and before, we had sex.
Wait, when did you have sex?
We had sex with Ali?
It seems like it.
- Bestie!
- Dumbass!
Past is past!
For sure what you had was just sex.
I can deal with that.
So Pearl,
are you going to help me?
Because I always mess things up.
It wasn't just sex for me.
It wasn't just sex for me.
- What do you mean?!
- I like Ali, too!
That's not what you said.
You said that it wasn't just sex for you.
Yes, I said that, too.
So what do you mean?
I believe I have a chance with Ali.
I believe I have a chance with Ali.
Well, you told me
you're not interested.
But I never realized you're
gonna dive into it soon.
Don't blame me for your
flaky decision making.
So, are you telling me it's my fault?
Well, I think it's not my fault.
You "think"?
Yes. Do you?
Did I say I don't?
Girl, I can't believe you!
You always tell me I flip too quickly.
I didn't know you're far worse than me!
Can you please stop fighting?!
I couldn't eat in peace
because of you!
- Cat fight! Cat fight!
- Place your bets!
- Game! I'll go for Pearl.
- My bias is Achi.
Aren't you going to face each other?
How are we going to resolve this?
Better stop seeing Ali if you don't
want to ruin your friendship.
It's not healthy for you both.
None of them wants to.
Was the sex that good?
It's not just about the sex.
When you have a bit of chance,
you'll hold on to it.
Okay, fine.
I'll do it. To avoid this mess.
As a sacrifice, let me offer myself to Ali.
Hold up, why you?
Because I'm the oldest.
It should be me.
No offense, but Ali is not into...
Hey, watch it.
Do you kiss your mother
with that mouth?
But guys, we all can, right?
Like an orgy!
And then what?
No one wants to give way.
And definitely,
they don't want an orgy.
I have an idea.
Why don't you just
play rock, paper, scissors?
The loser gives up Ali.
That's actually not a bad idea.
Doesn't it worry you?
You'd go through all this
trouble only to realize...
that you and Ali are a mismatch.
That's sad isn't it?
Why don't we have a compatibility test?
With your help, of course.
It's like...
The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, right?
Achi and I are on equal footing.
That way, we'll know who's
more compatible with Ali.
And whatever the result is,
we'll respect that.
I agree.
Fun play.
It's like Squid Game
minus the killings.
Are you sure no one will get killed?
Of course! It won't ruin my friendship.
In the process, we'll know
who's more compatible with Ali.
All in one good,
very friendly competition.
Why don't we just ask Ali so
we can all move on?
- Ali!
- Stop it!
But where is the fun in that?
I mean,
if we ask Ali now,
I'm sure he'll pick no one.
Girl, that's why we're setting it up,
so we'll know who he
will end up falling for.
But how do we know if we
made a compatible match?
The matchmakers will decide based on
the results of the games.
- I'm sure it's going to be fun.
- True.
May the best LGBTQQIP2SAA member win.
Long live, players!
Welcome to your first challenge!
Since you asked for it,
then let's have some fun!
You've all seen Squid Game, right?
We're doing our own version!
It's Filipino Games with a twist!
- Game!
- Let's go!
We are about to find out
if you're athletic,
adventurous, and gracious
while playing this game!
- Hi, Ali!
- Hi, Ali!
Ali, come join us.
What's going on?
We're doing a vlog for your resort.
We're now here
at Sebastian's Paradise,
and for today's video,
we're going to play a game!
Our players are...
- Pearl from Pearl Next Door and Achilles!
- Hi!
For today's challenge,
you'll pick a game that we'll play.
Our first game is Chinese garter!
I like it! Easy peasy, mother!
But wait,
Filipino games but Chinese?
Is Chinese Garter a Chinese game?
I've never seen a Chinese play it.
It's a local game. The garter's only
called Chinese garter.
- Because it's made in China.
- So that explains why.
Are we going to play or we're just
going to talk about China?
- Game!
- Game!
But we have a twist, okay?
We'll make you turn a few times...
If you fail, we'll make you
turn a few more times.
- Alright!
- Lovely!
Achilles, are you ready?
I was born ready!
- Alright, Achi! Let's go!
- Go, Achi!
- Good job, good job!
- Thank you.
So extra!
- Game?
- Go, go, go!
Go, Pearl!
Good job!
Good job!
Can you still do it?
- Yes, I can!
- Yes, I can!
- Fight!
- Fight!
Are you backing down?
- No!
- No!
Over here, you dumbass!
It's stinky.
So, can you still play?
I'll get you a bottle of water.
And the winner is...
Sorry, Pearl.
No worries.
Good game, Pearl.
That was death-defying!
you'll jump into a massive
fire pit in the next round.
She'll do it.
You can do it, girl.
You can do it, okay?
Thank you.
- It spilled.
- Yeah, a little bit.
- I'm still dizzy.
- Are you okay?
Yes, Pearl?
- Oh we're doing that.
- Someone's ahead of the game.
Hey, Bunny.
- You're here.
- Yeah, nice to see you here, too.
- Are you going for a little jog or
- Can you stop?
I knew you slept with
Pearl and Achilles.
And you're probably thinking,
"What's wrong with that?"
You're single and so are they.
Both with consent.
But sooner or later,
somebody's going to get hurt.
So it's either...
you choose one...
or no one.
No rush, Ali.
You'll be surprised,
we'll even help you out.
But please, you have
to decide soon.
Because if you don't,
then you're an asshole.
See you later.
See you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
- and non-binaries!
- Yes!
I am Bunny and I will be
your host for tonight.
And our category is...
Eleganza Extravaganza!
Let's start with Candidate Number 1!
Achilles De Dios!
- Go, Achi!
- Go, Achilles!
I'm Achilles De Dios, 23 years old
from Makati City, Philippines!
I believe in the saying that if it
was a mistake to be gorgeous,
then I am very sorry.
And now let's welcome
Candidate Number 2!
Hi, It's your girl, Pearl! 23 years old
from Cavite City, Philippines!
And my idea of a perfect date is April 25th
because it's not too hot,
it's not too cold,
and all you need is a light jacket.
And I thank you!
She's amazing.
Thank you.
That will do.
And now, are you ready for what's next?
Buckle up because you're about to see
something explosive from our candidates!
Without further ado,
let's all welcome,
Candidate Number 1,
Achilles De Dios!
Go, Achi!
You're so hot!
- Go, Achi!
- You're so good!
He's not done yet!
And there's more?
What the hell is this?
Oh my god! Go, Achi!
Thank you!
He's not done!
Bullshit! When are you going to finish?!
Are you done?
For real?
Yes, mother.
Thank you.
And now,
let's welcome Candidate Number 2.
- Go, Pearl!
- Go, Pearl!
Do your job properly!
Such a prankster, Pearl!
Pearl is so good!
And now we're in the
final part of our showcase.
Our candidates will do their final walk
and will proceed to our
question and answer portion.
Let's start with Candidate
Number 1, Achilles.
Go, Achilles!
And now let's call on Candidate
Number 2, Pearl.
You're so handsome!
We kinda look a like,
don't you think?
And now, let's proceed
to our question and answer.
Let's start with Candidate
Number 1, Achilles.
Hi, Achilles.
How are you?
I feel so confident right now.
Very good.
Are you ready?
I'm so ready.
Pick a question.
Okay, here is your question.
When is it okay not to be okay?
If you're not okay,
then why pretend you're okay?
are you okay?
- Pass. Next question, please.
- Dumbass! You're not allowed to pass!
Answer it!
Thank you for that
nonsensical question.
But I will answer that in
the most sensible way.
Being okay isn't bound by time.
If you are okay now,
then good for you.
If you're not,
then don't be ashamed.
Pain needs to be felt.
Take all the time you need
because one day,
you'll be surprised,
you are already okay.
Is that okay?
Yes, very much okay.
Thank you so much!
Great answer, Achilles!
And now let's have Candidate
Number 2, Pearl.
Pearl, how are you?
I'm good.
Are you ready?
I'm ready anytime.
Okay, she's ready.
Since you're ready,
pick a question.
Thank you so much.
And here's your question.
would you choose,
your lover...
or your best friend?
Wow, that's too personal.
Of course not!
We Googled it.
give me the mic.
Thank you for that
challenging question.
If I could choose both,
I would.
After all,
I believe we can have it all.
But just for the sake of
answering your question,
this may not be the popular opinion,
but it's an honest one,
I would choose...
my lover.
My girlfriend or boyfriend.
Because the truth is...
you can make your
lover your best friend, too.
It would be the best feeling in the world
to come home every night
knowing that there's someone
special waiting for you.
My lover and I can build
a life together.
And I'm pretty sure that my
best friend will understand,
because he will also find
the love of his life...
and they can also build
a life together.
At the end of the day,
we just really wanna have
that person to go home to...
and grow old with.
And I thank you!
Go, Pearl!
- Why are you crying, girl?
- Go, Pearl!
She gave a heartfelt answer!
The winner of this contest...
will win a crown...
and a chance to dance with
the CEO of Sebastian's Paradise.
And the winner is...
Candidate Number 2, Pearl!
Congratulations, Pearl!
Thank you!
Congratulations, Pearl.
Thank you, Patrick!
And you may now dance.
Hey, loser!
Come with me.
I really thought you died!
I was so scared, my heart stopped.
Oh, come on!
You guys were awesome.
I didn't expect you'd do that
just to promote Sebastian's Paradise.
You guys had such a
big production. My god!
Don't mention it!
That's just how we roll.
But yeah, you were...
you were something else.
And your answer in the Q and A was so...
fucking brave.
People always go for
the obvious answer,
but you, Pearl, you were
raw and honest.
But don't get me wrong, okay?
I'd kill for my friends.
I'll never leave them despite
our misunderstandings.
But you see,
I also have some personal needs
that they cannot provide.
I think it's just human nature.
The desire to search for The One.
To be...
in love...
and to give love.
What's the plan after
the resort opens?
Tokyo or Nagasaki.
Anywhere in Japan.
and find the world's best ramen.
How about you?
I have no idea.
I mean, no pressure, right?
Sometimes, it's good to let
life surprise you, right?
I love surprises and...
life happens to be full of it.
Pearl, you're the biggest surprise
that life has given me this year.
I'm grateful to have met you, Pearl.
Stop it!
I feel the same way too.
I'm grateful to have known you.
Ali, look!
The stars look like a dick!
Oh, it is!
Choose: Day or night?
What is it this time, mother?
I prefer day.
Or night.
Shit, that's tough.
Just choose!
You want a final challenge,
right? Then choose!
- Day!
- Night!
For your final challenge, date
Ali the way you want to date him!
It's up to you how you'll do it.
At the end of the day,
it's your connection with Ali
that's more important
so he can make a choice.
No games. No contest.
No gimmicks. Just date him.
Since you picked Day, Achilles,
you have to date Ali today!
And Pearl will date Ali tonight.
Wait, impromptu date?
But I don't have time
to prepare, like Pearl!
Exactly what kind of
preparation do you need?
It's 8 AM Achilles.
Make sure to return
Ali by 8 PM.
And respect each other's sched, okay?
This is unfair!
It was you who
chose Day, not me.
Do you know what my
ultimate dream is?
Do you know Drew Binsky?
He's the famous travel vlogger, right?
He is Faith's idol!
Just this year, he was able
to travel around the world.
- Oh my god.
- As in every single country.
Wow. That's what I wanna do.
Then why don't you do it?
I'm sure you can afford it.
Can I?
Can I really?
Don't be silly, Ali!
- You're a Sebastian!
- Wow!
You're filthy rich!
You can book a flight
right now if you want to.
And hey,
a first class flight at that.
I mean, that's the thing,
I'm a Sebastian.
If you're a Sebastian,
you can't just...
walk out from the things that
were already laid out for you.
I'm sure your dad will understand if
you tell him what you really want.
Have you told him about it?
Forget it. You don't
know my dad, Achi.
He seems warm and
kind when I met him.
And besides,
he's your father. I'm sure
he wants you to be happy.
do you want to stay the night?
Are you sure?
We didn't bring a tent.
You planned!
- It was in the boat so I grabbed it.
- Oh, okay.
Sir, go back
to the mainland.
I'll just call you.
Has Ali arrived yet?
I need to retouch.
It's already 2 AM.
Let's go back to your room.
They haven't gone back yet?
Wait, something bad might
have happened to them.
We talked to the boat driver.
He said that Ali and Achi are
going to spend the night in the island.
I should've joined them.
I wanted to see a UFO.
Friends break hearts too.
It's time to settle a score.
I'm sorry if I changed my mind.
I realized that I have other things to do.
I understand. There are
a lot of mosquitoes there.
- Yeah.
- It's good that we went back.
What's going on here?
I don't know.
Let's go in and ask them.
I'll just get some seashells.
But it's 4 AM.
It's for my collection.
- I'll put them by the window.
- Oh, I see.
I'll just ask them.
Join us later, okay?
- Go.
- Alright. Give me your bag.
- Thank you, Ali.
- Join us, okay?
Thank you again.
So, did it feel good?!
Did it feel good to make love
with my husband?!
How did you lure him?
What did you remove first?
Your bras?
Your panties?
Or your conscience?
- Yes!
- You nailed it, girl!
Where have you been?!
- So, you really like Ali.
- Duh! Isn't it obvious?
How could you do this
to me, Achilles?
Of all people?
I didn't expect that from you!
Well, you told me to take risks.
I feel guilty for what I did
but I don't regret it!
Well, I just hope you're
happy with your decision.
- I didn't expect that you would cheat.
- Wow! The audacity!
Coming from you?
You're the one who said that you'd choose
your lover over your best friend!
Why are you getting in my way?
You know that I like Ali.
You even played
matchmaker for us.
But it turns out you're the one
who has the hots for him!
Excuse me?!
We wouldn't be here if you
made up your mind right away!
You agreed to do this!
And you decided to cheat.
Well then, own up to it!
I hope your conscience kills you!
- That is if you have conscience at all.
- Enough with your empty threats!
- What?!
- What?!
- What?!
- What?!
Let's rumble!
I'm too lazy for it.
- You don't want to?
- Nope.
Well then,
I want to!
- Bitch!
- Achilles!
Hey! What's happening?!
- You're a super duper bitch!
- And you're a bitch for all seasons!
Guys, what is happening?!
Relax, relax!
You're going to take that
away from me, too?
I cooked this one, you idiot!
That's it!
I've had enough of this madness!
you'll get these freak friends
of yours out of my resort!
- But dad, I can
- Get them out now!
- Hello, sir!
- Hello, sir!
You smell like ramen, sir.
You people have no
business in my resort.
You're a bad influence to my son.
You gays and lesbians,
get out of here or else,
I'll call the security!
Did you kiss your mother
with that mouth?!
Why are you mad?
And for your information, sir,
I'm the only gay among us.
And FYI, I'm a pansexual.
I'm not a lesbian.
And I'm not straight,
gay, or a lesbian.
I'm a non-binary.
My pronouns are them and they.
I don't care!
The hell I care with
your pronouns!
Don't mind him.
Not worth it.
Leave! All of you!
Get the fuck out
of my resort!
We're leaving.
I wish you have a shitty meal tonight.
'Cause you're full of shit!
Good luck with karma,
karma, karma, chameleon.
Mother, that's kinda dated.
This is going to be nice.
Red, gold, and green...
- Red, gold, and green...
- Enough, mother!
Don't kiss your mother
with that mouth!
- Guys, I'm sorry
- Don't you dare, Alejandro!
I'm so sorry
for what happened.
All of you didn't deserve that.
My dad and I are just...
are going through some rough patch.
And you all got dragged into it.
I am truly sorry.
Can I talk to you?
I'm so sorry.
What about you?
I'll follow.
See you in Manila.
Thank you for staying.
And you know what,
I'm so sorry.
You went here to have fun but
you ended up with a lot of stress.
Are you okay?
I guess.
I mean,
I'm thinking about Achilles.
I'm happy that you wanted
me to stay but of course,
I can't help but worry.
Yeah, of course...
I'm sorry.
Your friends probably hate me.
No. No, they don't.
They understand.
We've all been in your
shoes one way or the other.
I like you.
Achi likes you, too.
I know that you're aware of it,
and I'm not blaming you.
But I just want to be
honest with you.
Can I be honest with you, too?
I mean, if it isn't obvious yet.
Pearl, I...
I like you, too.
I like Achilles a lot.
I think he's a great person.
But with you,
I've felt things that I haven't
felt yet for anybody else.
When it comes to you,
everything feels so right.
It's like I don't have
to force anything.
- Dad!
- Oh my god! Here he comes again!
Ali! Oh my god!
That's too much, sir!
What the hell is your problem?
You, Pearl! You're my problem!
You're taking advantage of my son
when I know that you're a lesbian!
I just want you to stay
away from my son.
I'm not a lesbian.
I'm a bisexual.
I just want you to
stay away from my son.
If you don't, I will make
things difficult for you.
How much?
Oh, I thought this is the part where
you'll offer me cash to make me leave Ali.
You think you're that lucky?
It was just a suggestion.
I already told you to choose
your girlfriends wisely!
A lot of women would die
just to be with you!
And yet,
you chose a freak?!
Did you know that I checked
her background?
And did you know...
that she dated two women
at the same time?
This woman will just use you!
Wake up, son!
Stop being a disappointment!
And now you're kissing a freak!
Let's go!
How dare you!
We're not done yet!
Alejandro, where do you
think you're going?
without you, dad.
And just so you know,
In case you forgot,
I'm bisexual too!
And just like what you
said, I'm a freak!
And I'm fucking proud of it!
I'm done.
'Til when are you staying there, girl?
I'm going home tomorrow.
How's Achi?
Still ignoring us.
Talk to him, please.
Yes, I will.
Okay, when I get back.
Is your dad still here?
He left already.
Do you still want to talk
about what happened?
I mean,
the first time we met your
dad we thought he was cool.
We thought he has accepted you.
I'm sorry if I was
rude towards him.
I know it was wrong,
but my first instinct was
to protect you.
Don't apologize.
You did something I've
always wanted to do.
You're amazing, Pearl.
What can I say?
Dad is a politician
and a businessman.
Deadly combination.
I'm sorry...
if I get scared whenever
I talk to him.
What? That's not true.
You're actually brave.
You came out publicly.
No. He forced me.
Some dude filmed me kissing
another guy at the bar.
They sent the video to
my dad to blackmail him.
He forced me to come out
to counter the video.
I'm taking back my apology.
I've been doing a lot of thinking.
I have a proposition.
What is it?
I told you that...
I've always wanted to
travel the world.
I'm finally doing it.
And I want to do it
with you, Pearl.
Are you serious?
Let's go!
Are you that spontaneous? I mean,
a world tour right away?
Why not, Pearl? I mean,
Let's go.
Come on.
I don't wanna give in to your dad's
demand to stay away from you.
I'm at a point in my life...
where I'll always choose peace of mind,
I don't need to go through hell
just to gain acceptance.
You see, Ali,
I have friends who love me for me.
My family accepts me.
That's why I have low tolerance
for people who can't accept me...
just because I'm a bisexual.
And no matter what we do,
we can never escape reality.
I understand.
I get it.
I'm proud of you.
I'm proud that you...
finally got up and have the courage
to tell your dad what you wanna say.
You're on the right path, Ali.
Carry on.
I'm serious. I'm proud of you.
You don't need anyone to
travel the whole world with.
I mean, are you sure you
don't wanna go with me?
I'm gonna miss you, Pearl.
I'll miss you, too.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Pearl. I'm sorry.
What the hell is this?!
Don't cry!
Drama much?
This is your fault!
Hey, are you okay?
I will be.
What's your plan now?
Get drunk again?
Of course not!
- I'm planning to go on a roadtrip alone.
- Wow.
I need to find a way to be
satisfied by being alone.
By going on a roadtrip.
What a miracle!
That's very mature of you!
No drowning in alcohol, huh?
How I wish!
But you know what,
when Ali chose you,
I felt a sense of relief.
I made some stupid moves.
But before,
I wasn't even trying.
Because I wasn't given a chance
by the guys that I like.
it was different with Ali.
We all gave it a try.
But I don't regret that I wasn't chosen
because I knew deep within me that I tried.
Girl, I'm proud of you.
I'm the first person who will celebrate
once you find your The One!
And whoever he may be,
he is so lucky.
You know why?
Because you love so deeply.
And that kind of love...
always has its own special place.
That's why we shall wait for that
guy who is deserving of your love.
- I love you, Pearl.
- I love you, girl.
All is well in the world again.
Thank you, Achi.
What is happening? Care to invite us?
Better be ready 'cause we're on our way!
I'm ready for my solo adventure!
Who is this?
What the fuck is
she doing here?
In the middle of nowhere? My god!
What took you so long, girl?
What do you mean?
And what are you doing here?
Excuse me?
Hey, Pearl!
Be careful! You might scratch my car!
No, I can do this!
You're insane!
Your luggage is so big!
Your luggage is so big!
Excuse me?
I've been sweating for hours!
What are you doing here?
And how did you know
that I'll pass by here?
Enough with your questions!
Achilles, I've known you
for like forever!
I even know the roads where
you love to pass by.
And this is your favorite
route because of the...
bougainvillea, right?
Stop judging me!
They're a thing of beauty!
They make me happy.
Oh, wow. Amazing!
Yes, ma'am?
Aren't you going to ask me
if you can join?
You speak too much!
Girl, you're unbelievable!
Which part of "roadtrip by myself"
don't you understand?
I also want to find myself.
We can shut up during the trip, you know.
At least we'll be able to save on gas.
Wow! So now it's my honor to have you here!
This is unfair!
You won't even chip in!
What now? This is taking too long!
Let's go! Find ourselves some more!
Seat belts on.
Thank you.
And shades on!
And most importantly,
cue music!
You're still not a premium subscriber?
But you're a platinum member of Pornhub?!
Bitch! That's how it works!
Hierarchy of needs!
- Oh my god!
- Oh my god!
That's our song!
So, girl, are you ready?
Wait, where are we going?