Pa.Va (2016) Movie Script

This a well known
place named 'Murikkal'
This church with thousands
of believers-
- and festival over
here is very famous
This beautiful cemetery is the
historical record of Murikkal church
Gained everything after
toiling with earth
By handing over to
ones beloved ones-
there are several blessed souls
over here, who had demised
Over here, they are waiting for their
children and daughter in laws
Those who had left us,
they are keeping fine here
With the happiness of waiting
Always and forever..
Mother, so for whom is this requiem?
For Varkeychan's father's
father Perianthanam George
Wasn't he the one who-
- firstly introduced machine for
rubber sheet making at Murikkal?
Let him make the sheet sitting
there that is not what I asked
Being a big family, there should be
someone present for the requiem, no?
See, only mother is there
That is why asked for whom
is this requiem conducted?
Mother, that is done for the
people who are alive, is it not?
By the way father, this requiem is
done for the people who are dead, no?
Man, all though the requiem is for
dead people, who gets its result?
Did you understand anything?
Who is he?
He is from high range
A distant relative of Varkeychan
Makes a visit sometimes
Yeah, understood
Okay leave that, over here there are
two ripe jack fruits in the enclosure
I'll send that along with Saxon
Father don't ridicule him like that,
like before he isn't fond of Jack fruit
This is Perianthanam Valkeychan
Varkeychan is the main
character in this story
Without Varkeychan,
this story will not go ahead
The crux of life was served for
the nation by Varkeychan
At present he is on retirement life
Varkeychan had an
unique taste towards antiques
This isn't a mere concrete
piece during 1961
On August 13th
German Democratic Republic had
divided Berlin into two-
-and constructed a wall
Later when that wall
was demolished-
-has got this piece of concrete
For us, this is only a
block to throw at a dog
But for Varkeychan its not
like that, a historical treasure-
- which has to safeguarded for years
Every year for Christmas
Grand children who comes to
native from America
As per their likes
This figure like a Santa Claus
Presently Varkeychan
is maintaining it
What a nice song
Ammachi (Mother) seems like
Varkeychan is sleeping well
We'll come there through
the other side -Okay Ammachi
Come, lady
Varkeychan is interested not only
to antiques, okay
My goodness'.!
Hey lady!
What is it? -Come here, now
What is it?
There was a ripe Jackfruit at the
east, no? Crow has peeked on it
So, it was jackfruit, no? Got scared
Why? Doesn't it worry you?
A Jackfru it covetous person
You remain here itself
Hey George
What is it?
This was here, was it?
How many Jackfruits do you want?
Look Kunjumol's enclosure
is full of Jackfruits, no?
By afternoon there is
aAdimali bus, shall we...?
Don't go empty handed, go to
kitchen and collect from Am machi
We know that Varkeychayan
won't leave us empty handed
Varkeychayan has got a good heart
Will live up to hundred years
Okay, let it be
Jose, you may leave
Hey Pappi, take that rope
Jackfru it!
Hey fellow, tie it and bring it down
or else it will fall and get smashed
See, whether it suits you
Thanks a lot Ammachi
Jose, now don't you have
work related to Vinegar'?
Why not? -The hooch for Vinegar
is not enough for him to drink
Shut up lady!
You take that one
Take the coconut also
Fellow, throw it and give
Fellow, rope is coming okay
Tight n, tight.
Slowly, slowly..
Valkeychayan, has got a good heart
Will live up to hundred years
What is it?
What is it?
Before introducing Varkeychan
prapeyuBeiare that"
He left us
Death is a clown who had got no
know how of scene, how true it is
Without Varkeychan, how
can this story move ahead?
"Fellows, what is this thing coming
What is this stuff?"
"Fellows, what is this thing coming
What is this stuff?"
"Is it gold or is it some sort of hex?"
"Came from that shore to
this shore, what's this stuff?"
"Is it some sort of stone don't
know to explain what it is"
"Fellows, what is this thing coming
What is this stuff?"
"Fellows, what is this thing coming
What is this stuff?"
"Got astonished, eyes got glued"
"Is it true or is it a
magic, getting mad"
"People seeing this stare each other
and ask between them, what is this?"
"Is it gold or is it some sort of hex?"
"Came from that shore to
this shore, what's this stuff?"
This is Pulimoottil family
Devasi Pappan, is the male
head of the Pulimoottil family
What is seen here, everything
is planted by Pappan
What Pappan had was six sisters
Pappan had lived for
them, only for them
This is Pappan's fourth
sister Elam ma
Elam ma's husband is doctor Mathew
Elam ma has two children
Pulimoottil hospital is run by them
This is Pappan's
third sister Thaiyam ma
Thaiyamma's husband
is brother Paile
Thaiyamma also has two children
Owns a retreat centre at
San Francisco and Konayi
They are big believers
This is Lillykutty, Pappan's fifth sister
Lillykutty was a nurse in Italy
Right now she is there at the
native place along with the family
Actually the person behind
this container is Lillykutty
This is, sister just after
Pappan, sister Agnus
Who is seen beside, is
second one Annama
She plays the role of
the mother here
This is Pappan's youngest
sister Kunjumol
She is a studious person, does
research in various subjects
You call and say to everyone
Okay I'll
Hey fellow Girgory, where is
Pappan? -We are looking for Pappan
Pappan will be there at
our estate, go and call him
You go, I'll call and tell to everyone
Manoj, take the vehicle
Where is Pappan?
He has gone there
Kunjetta, where is Pappan?
This is Pulimoottil Devasi Pappan,
whom we were looking for all this time
Years back
After the demise of their parents
On leaving the own native
Murikkal, had emigrated to Konnayi
Pappan and sisters
Anyhow even today Pappan has
a special liking towards Murikkal
Because, that is where Pappan's
close friend Varkeychan is
Once upon a time-
- it was thick jungle on
the mountain ranges at Konnayi
Devasi Pappan, is a hero
who reaped gold
All these mountain ranges what is
seen, today belongs to Pappan
(about Pappan and Varkeychan)
Lillykutty, you have done
what is promised, smart girl
Look father has come
Father, here - Fellow, no need
of this bouquet and all
Let it be father, this is only a
starting, going to re-write-
- the history of Pulimoottil family
Annam mo, what was
the expense for all this?
My goodness, this is done by
Lillykutty and her husband Josekutty
Father, let them do it after all
its for Pulimoottil family isn't it?
"What is this stuff?"
Here comes the male
head of the Pulimoottil family
Look Pappan has come
Pappan let compatriots know it
By the by, that person who was the
descendant of Michelangelo
Husband what was his name?
He is a moody guy even after
paying money he won't create it
Later on saying the history of
our Pappan and his family
He agreed, isn't it husband?
Lady enough of it
Father, let the ceremony
of purification commence
Here father -Pappan for that
box should be opened
That's true
Man open the box
What is inside that?
Can see after opening
Must be bottle
"Is it gold or is it some sort of hex?"
"Came from that shore to
this shore, what's this stuff?"
"Is it some sort of stone don't
know to explain what it is"
"What is this stuff?"
What a tomb?
Father, what kind of a tomb is this?
Fellow, this is a foreign made
How is it? Did you like it?
My dear Lillykutty, when you said it
Never thought it'll be so nice
Marvelous, feels like to
lie inside that one
So true
Father! -Come on tell
Why fellows, peeping from there?
Come and see the tom b
of Pulimoottil people
See this and go
Go fellows, go -A tomb!
Father, you should
inaugurate this one
'Inaugurated by Fr. Michel Kalayi',
we should write that also
Should I inaugurate that one?
Someone from your family can do it, no?
'Three months before'..
We can start the flash back of
Pappan and Valkey, 3 months back
What is the use of
having own hospital-
- doesn't have time to treat Pappan
Mathewchayan and Roychayan,
they are on the rounds
They will reach here now itself
Is there any problem?
Even other wise they are ones
who look after Pappan
Just a while before only they had
checked Pappan and left
After all Kunjumol, Baby and
Roy they fear Pappan okay
How many times did they
piss on this chest
Ladies, just shut up
Yeah Philommachi, come
Why sisters murmur?
Just a con, its a fake sleep last time
left after conflicting with Vaikeychayan
He is not at all well
Looks like this time
Varkeychayan will be admitted
Yeah, was it Philo?
What had happened
to him that you said?
What to say Devasichaya?
He is standing there
Last time, on meeting him
he was in good health
He is prefectly all right, he is
waiting outside like an Abaft tree!
This is a good one
What is it old man?
Nothing, bit old isn't it?
How is it? Will I get on asking?
Over there, that old bottle
That bottle, that belongs
to Pappan out here
Does it belong to him?
Then I'll snatch that one
What a shame it was?
Hey you fellow Jackfruit
I have told you several times-
- all the things in here
aren't for you to fix a price
There will be several things like
that, over here did you hear'?
Last time, he had come asking
for the piece of Berlin wall
Hey fellow,one who
survived by breaking rocks-
- at Kanjirapalli and Konnayi
Won't know the value of Berlin wall
To possess certain
things you should be lucky
Mathukutty you gained
weight and became like a hoax
Pappan, there is a cut
in your beef eating
Cholostrol, has gone
up like anything
Yeah, very good being like that
Valkeychaya applicable to you also
Go man, a big doctor has come
Child, you go and try to make
money with the available time
See you okay
Hey man, Valkey
Come here
What is it?
I need to discuss something, come
Devasi, don't I know you?
What is the problem?
Fear of death
What a shame!
Look Devasi, why do
you want to get scared?
When the moment
arrives, we all like a.. a thistledown
Will fly off like this
Won't allow to nap after
a booze in the afternoon
Pappan, just get up
What is it for'? -Get up
Change this dress fast
What happened fellow?
Get up and change the dress,
we have to go to Murikkal
What is there at Murikkal?
It is needed to go
Pappan change the dress
Thaiyamma, Baby
Fellow, what has happened?
Just get up and come
Here words bear no meaning
Perianthanam Varkeychan who
has attained a brave death
As we all know, he was a
blessed soul
What a funeral it was
What is it?
Did you drop Justin at the convent?
Girgory, has taken him
That is not the point Thaiyammachi,
how elegantly did Varkeychan rest?
Won't say he is lying dead
Pappan, has great amount of
grief, not talking to anyone
Both was send together for the
church festival at Mu rikkapali
By father when both were young
Whatever that was united by
father, didn't go without a result
Till this date had the
both part each other?
Varkeychyan has left, my Jesus
give longevity to Pappan
Whatever it is we'll go
and meet Pappan
Look, all have gone inside,
Baby, go and call them
Pappan will be saddened more
My Pappan...!
Pappan are you sad?
Don't cry ladies
Won't he be sad,
what are you saying?
He has not gone
anywhere, he is here itself
Is it not An nama?
My Christ!
Look, tears falling from
the eyes of Pappan
I can't bear this
Pappan, don't cry
Don't cry - What are you doing?
Ammachi, come here
Boy, let us sit near the
Pappan at least
Let Pappan get some relief
if you cry like this, peace of mind
will be lost once and for all
Look, let Pappan sit
for some time, come here
Poor Pappan
All of you go that side
All may go, why putting
Pappan into grief?
Why this crying and all?
Who knows?
Even otherwise all the
mothers are like this
A matter about Pappan
will worry them the most
Fear is will anything
happen to Pappan?
Best,he is a person who
has come to console
Baby, you get up and go
Baby, Baby there is nothing for me
You go to that side
Go fellow
Fellow I say you go
Today is it required to
cook rice-gruel?
All are sad, doesn't think
anyone will eat anything
Who has expired, Valkeychan
What is the relationship of
Varkeychan with this family?
What relationship?
No relationship at all
Friend of Pappachayan,
only that much
Not that girl, Vaikeychayan
hails from a big family
The elder son has become a MLA
in America -A MLA in America?
Yeah, is there a native
without MLA?
What do you know?
How many times
had this Valkeychan-
-come to build a relationship
with Pappan?
With second son of
Valkeychan, Fernandus
Had proposed Lillykutty of here
It was Pappan who said no to it
When friends become relatives,
friendship will be destroyed
Being Pappan's friend
means, friend of everyone
When Pappan is hurt, all will
cry that is what is seen
Uncle, is this lollypop soft or mild?
I say its mild
He says its soft
Uncle, you say
Uncle, you say what it is
Say whether it is soft or mild?
Get lost!
Come man, we'll ask Kunjumol aunty
Echayan, (brother) did you see this?
This is the family tomb
of Varkeychayan
Look brothers, a family tomb in the
name of Perianthanam family
Did you notice that one?
Come on tell - Don't we want a
tomb in ourfamily name?
Correct, I was about to say that
For an aristocratic Christian,
saying there is no family tomb
Its really a bad mark
That is true Achaya, we also
need one excellent family tomb
That's it
"What is this?"
What is it any discomfort?
Not that man, when we all die
Where do they go?
Some go to heaven some go to hell
Pappan, will definitely go
to heaven, its sure
Then our Valkey
will be there isn't it?
Where else will Varkeychan go?
Isn't he a blessed soul?
Time to sleep is it?
"The marriage..The marriage"
"This is a marriage"
"A unique family which
is blessed with a marriage"
"Bells of prayers have
echoed, now happiness will prevail"
"On the alter which is
filled with angels of the sky"
"At the alter, both souls
unites..The marriage"
"Which is blessed
by holy communion"
"A unique family which
is blessed with a marriage"
"Bells of prayers have
echoed, now happiness will prevail"
All tough your mother has delivered
six to seven, only she has got that grace
Yeah, that is true
The rope with which
Tipu's chariot is tied
But Tipu had a hoarse, no?
That is history, what is not there in
the history, that's what I keep here
What man?
Go man
Anyway this Varkeychan is great
When Kunjumol said
never expected this much
You don't coat the entire sugar
here, keep some for her, okay
Both of you go and have
the sweet brooth of milk
Aren't you coming?
No, you go
Finished seeing everything?
Only this much has ended over here
Don't ridicule in front of kids
Fellow, I wanted to show you
another thing? -What is it?
After seeing it don't beat me okay
What is that trick?
Do you realize what this one is?
What is it?
Man shall I take this?
If I could take care of this
all these years
Still again it will remain safe here
Fellow, of lately I have a feeling
What is it?
That is not a merely a feeling
Its a strong feeling
That I'll be seeing her shortly
But she is gone, isn't it?
There itself
I will go and meet her
Devasi, don't I tell you I'm will
be expiring first among us?
Now what has happened?
You sit here
Kunju -Yeah
Will leave after sometime
Let me sit here for sometime
Thought of cleaning the cemetery
Mothers from 'Mathirvedhi'
I also joined with them
Everything is a blessing is it?
Father, should also
have some work, no?
Yeah, father has got
plenty of work here
Now all of you don't irritate me
Father isn't it a church with
historical reference
Why not make it a retreat center?
Have tried all that but there is no
saint or anointed ones from here
That's the problem
Why can't father be a saint?
Then there is no need
to search from outside
Annointed father lttiparaban's
services on his memory
Creates goose bumps
Its a good thing to hear and all, okay
Hey what is this
mother scaring people
Keeps on sweeping,
now pulls my leg too
From where did she come
from now? -From the tomd
By the way, Pappan's parents
and all hail from here is it?
Till father and mother, they are
here but doesn't have the tomb
No idea in which area it is situated
Father, we had migrated
to Konnayi long back
Know that but that is good is it?
Today how much is the asset?
But everything is with Konnayi is it?
If Pappan was from this doicese
Something would
have happened here
By the way, that can
be done even now
Grand father and grand
mother is here, is it not?
Father, no use
It has been 10 to 20 years
Pappan has dealt with the money
For everything there is sisters, their
husbands and their children
But until and unless Pappan
says no money will be diverted
I'll say after discussing with them
Okay then, mothers
what are you doing?
Varkey, we are leaving man
Who is this fellow?
He is the younger one
Told about his wedding only
He was never seen
in the church and all
Do you know this route?
Now I should grant the
wedding permission is it?
Let me think over
it, boy you come next week
Okay- By the way father the fixation
is scheduled next week only
Bride is a nurse, at London
has got only two weeks leave
Should leave soon
after the marriage
And he has to learn I.L.T.S
Only then he can go along with her
You may go but the marriage
won't take place in this church
My god, why is that father?
Do you know the commandments?
Our Lord..
He can learn I.L.T.S but on asking
commandments, he just beat about bush
First of all you study about
God later we'll think of marriage
Isn't itAmmini?
Father'? That's"
Then Ammini you may
go call this boy also
Okay then father
He is really stone
hearted, father Kalayi -Mother
You will have to learn it fully
Father, our Pappan had
gone to Murikkal
Seems he had told
father Ittiparamban-
- to sanctify the cemetery over there
Who has told all this man?
Tale hearer Thommi
If he has said, then
it must be correct
But still will Pappan do,like that?
Since many years I have been
telling should renovate Konnayi church
Whatever it is they
are expatriates here
Pappan has got inclination
to Murikkal church
Pappan has got nothing of that sort
How much had he suffered
to make the family wealthy?
In the mist of that, church
right now Pappan is free is it?
From now on we shouldn't
keep the mouth shut
That's right
Anyway while going to convent
should say Emmili sister-
- to have a detailed enquiry
When did the sister daughter reach?
Came now only
I'll just go inside and come
Okay, okay
Daughter are you fine?
Fine, where is Pappan, Am machi?
He is upstairs
Lilly aunty!
Emmili Kutty
Carry on with your job
I'll go fast and meet
Pappan and come
Don't you want anything to eat?
Will eat, let me see Pappan
Will be inside this one
Who is here?
Sister daughter
You aren't seen here of lately?
Pappan is getting old
Has brought this for Pappan
Child, you may put it on me
Child, why did Kalayi father
send you here, to know what?
You often visits to get some news
No other job for father, he can
directly ask all these matters
If it is any financial help, you
ask your sisters or their husbands
No, Pappan that is not the matter
Without doing anything
to Konnayi church
Pappan has told that will pay a
huge donation to church at Murikkal
Father Kalayi has told like that
If Kalayi father has told like that,
you go and ask to father Kalayi
Child, does the church belong to
natives its not built by Pappan, is it?
Child, Pappan is not reluctant to do
If at all Pappan intends, can't he
convert church at Konnayi-
- similar to a Basilica at Rome?
If Pappan does it all by himself-
-com patriots will not have
any responsibility
That is what he has got in his
mind now if at all sisters decide..
...Pappan won't say no to it
But for sisters to decide, first
of all Pappan should decide
My Jose Achaya, I have no
reason to interfere in all these
Don't you know the
character of Kalayi father?
If at all disobeying what father has
told, superior mother keeps nagging me
I'm leaving
Child, drink the tea and go
Now there is no time
Pappa, now I'm leaving
take care of your health okay
Emmili, drink the tea and go
No time the bus will leave now
Girl stop there
Don't call her from behind
Drink this and go, here
Come on drink it
Relax and drink
Here drink some more
No need Echaya, the bus
will come now, I'll go like that
Okay fine dear
My daughter should have
married and lived with a family
Now she is in hardships
She doesn't get time to sit
On receiving a God's call,
can't she not become a nun?
Lady we should be proud of her
From Pulimoottil, there are two
people who are wedded to God
Lady its the prayers of those people
which is the grace of this family
Mother has also said, the life of this
Pappan was ruined due to a God's call
Our Mary at Perumali, how
much Pappan loved her'?
At last as she was expecting
the God's call, Lord took her
Shut up lady
Know it is hard for
Pappan but still it burps up!
Go inside you lady -My god
Go, go -When kids are
standing her love story
Look how Ellamachi runs, how
much she is scared of Pappan
What is it fellow?
What was it Pappan? With that Mary?
Hey man Devasi, what
an absent-minded is this?
Take the umbrella and go, man
Fellow, come straight and tell
Pappa..Shall we go?
Pappan is ready, God
has done the wonders
Pappan has taken the umbrella
Kunju, do don't have to strain much,
there is a person to take care of me
Who is that?
Did Pappan marry?
Yes fellow -Who
Your mother's sister!
Come on walk fellow
Walk I say
Saying has married"
All can easily preach
Now, the Rubber has no price here
When Vanilla came
Planted Vanilla, chopping Rubber
Now where is the Vanilla?
You chop the rubber and take
it either in a van or in a lorry
That is not the current problem here
Here the problem is
on church expansion
Pulimoottil is a big family
no? Let them say -Yes
Until and unless Pappan says,
we can't do anything, father
If Pappan intends, what father has
thought in mind can be easily done
What is that?
Don't carry out the expansion only
with what is given by Pappan
There are other
500 families is it not?
By the way we are taken
here as outsiders, is it?
Then who aren't outsiders
let them do it
Yeah, there is sense in
what Babychan has told
What our church need is , this
parish hall should be made bigger
Poonthanam Joppan is a big
trader in rubber, no?
Joppan can also do it if needed
Joppan will do nuts!
How many rubber plantains
are there for you to tap?
You can also contribute
a sum for church renovation
Father, earlier didn't I say rubber
won't fetch price, didn't you hear?
Father aren't you living in this world?
Church has got a plan for'
cemetery renovation also
Here comes again!
Who is here from Muttumel family?
Yeah , there is -Yeah Philip
If needed Philip can also do it
Will try father but not sure
Look Philip is not sure
Then fund for philanthropy
Like before no donations are coming
Look what father plans here
is worth of crores
Will all these happen swiftly?
If required shall pay twenty five
thousand for festival at church
Father, really in a bad shape the
believers should have money, is it?
George, how come without
money there is a new Benz car?
My father, that is all on credit
Now there is no time shall meet
during the next church meeting
Let me re-think whether you should
be included in church committee
Without Thommi, George
committee can't be held by father
Will see
Thommi kunju, Goerge
We are also coming
Come Joppa
Look, how insolent they are?
Father did you see such kind of
people are there in church committee
Now did you realize why Pappan
didn't do anything all these years?
Now without these people's help let
us see what Pulimoottil family can do
Father we are deciding
certain things
Happy on hearing that
All this is infected with pests
Yeah, that's correct
No one is responsible
if I don't check
Pappan you wait here,
I will go and call that worker
Call that Maniyan here
Hey felllow Maniyan
What man Devasi will
father Kalayi bottle you?
What is it to you, if I do anything?
What will you do?
You won't allow your sisters and
their husbands to do anything
What is it to you? It doesn't
bother you not even as a fart
You Jackfruit if you
have the guts come directly
Come fellow, Devasi
Are you scaring me by hidding?
You Jackfru it
Why seems you are really happy
How not to be happy?
Fellow, what did you think?
Slowly, don't be afraid
Look, like you think the cemetery
at Murikkal is not hell, its heaven
With lot of flowers,
with lot of blessed souls
And there are lot of 'thistledown'
The smell of flowers will
give a scent to tombs
Over there I met your
father and mother
Saw father and mother?
Yeah saw man
did they say?
None of them liked your migration
to Konnayi leaving Murikkal
After all Murikkal is the land
of your fore fathers is it not?
They didn't like it
They didn't like..
Can hear the conversation there
Walked up to the end of the
farm, can't find anyone there
You talk
Who is that Pappan?
Its our Varkeychan you may come
My god, Varkeychan!
My goodness
You Jackfruit
Go man
What is going on Devasi?
Is it a quarrel?
Should be friends okay
What is it?
Should be friends
Like this
Over there, I saw your
father and mother
Pappan's 80th birthday
is approaching
Pulimoottil family members have
decided to conduct a big family union
Informing to father for the first time
If we have got something to
do, that's for our Pappan only
That should be done when
Pappan is alive
In the coming family meeting
all will inform their decision
That is really good
Not only that Pulimoottil family
should have a family tomb
That is also good
For the Konnayi cemetery
that's very important
So father should come
for the family meeting
Come on man
Thank you father
Okay then
On standing here after owning all
these properties what is seen
Man, my mind tells me
What is possessed in this world or
built on this eath, nothing at all
In the end can be
taken along with you
The only possession is, my fore
fathers who are dead at Murikkal
What is wrong in that?
For Pappan even the grand
children in family are ready for anything
That's how the sisters grew them up
Man, on standing here
I can see myself
I can the Murikkal down there
Can see father and mother
What they created and what they
left behind, can see everything
This is not something
of a new vision
Where is Pappan?
Pappan will be there in our estate
Just go and call him
Kunjetta, where is Pappan?
Like you think the cemetery at
Murikkal is not hell, its haven
With full of flowers, blessed souls
and with lots of 'thistledown'
Smell of flowers covers the tomb
Hey Kunju, those ladies will
say something and this fool will obey
I'm all right fellow
A knot
Not bad fellow
Was it you? -Can we expect?
By the way it seems
you will reach there soon
There is nothing in this
fellow, its just a knot
There is nothing to be afraid of,
over there, over there its really fine
That is not because there
are angels and saints
Over there one thing is not there
What is that which is not there?
Fear of death
Over there, there is no need to
wait for one more death
That's true - I'll tell one thing
which makes you really happy
Our Mary
Is it so man?
During the festival at Murikkal
While seen behind the idol
of Mother, the same beauty
At present she is ruling
in the mist of angels
Over there..
Like a blessed soul
"During the time when
tender whiskers sprout"
"During the time when
heart throbs like a band.."
"During the time when
tender whiskers sprout"
"During the time when
heart throbs like a band.."
"What was the wish while reaching
the church during festival?"
"On that day came by that route
because of her black eyes"
"She is a Christian girl"
"During the time when
tender whiskers sprout"
"During the time when
heart throbs like a band.."
"As the tale was unknown
in the native"
"Even it was unknown to breeze,
even she didn't know it"
"Rushed into the Manson,
what was the wish behind?"
"Out of the wish, only
to see her once"
"Whose girl is she?"
"During the time when
tender whiskers sprout"
"During the time when
heart throbs like a band.."
"Without out saying..Without
uttering a single word"
"As the distances doesn't vanish
without conveying the likes"
"When she vanished like this,
why such a grief like this?"
"Whose name was hidden
in that virtuous soul?"
"What is the answer for that?"
"During the time when
tender whiskers sprout"
"During the time when
heart throbs like a band.."
"What was the wish while reaching
the church during festival?"
"On that day came by that route
because of her black eyes"
"She is a Christian girl"
"During the time when
tender whiskers sprout"
"During the time when
heart throbs like a band.."
What did she say and go?
She is going to join monastrey
Annamachi, of lately Pappan
has got some problems
What sort?
Nothing to worry about
But still come on tell the matter
Pappan used to babble at night
Now the same is
followed at day time
Anyway call a father
and conduct prayers
Will Pappan agree to that?
Thaiyamma, you call
our sister and ask
What is to be done?
Tell Pappan to come
here once in a while
Tell Pailee to counsel him
Take care of Pappan well
Should that be mentioned
You listen attentively
Book of testament, 47th
chapter from verses 27 to 31
Teacher, bless
Yacoba, lived in the
Goshal region of Egypt
They assumed lot of wealth over
there, they bore several children
Yacob, lived in Egypt for 17 years
The life extend of
Yacob was 147 years
When the time of death
Yacob called Joseph and said
When I die don't
cremate me in Egypt
Egypt is only a place where I stay
To remain with my fore fathers
Take me from Egypt and
burry me in their grave
Devasi"! Then why not?
Aren't you coming?
I'll obey as you say Joseph
made the promise
At that time Yacob bowed
Look Philip and all has come
Beeran Ekka, give 3 strong tea
Natives think, doing a big thing
Yes its a big thing Janna
All unitedly, Pappan's sisters,
brother in laws and their children
At the time when Pappan is
alive, the main agenda is-
-should do something for Pappan
Look, father is going
Look how father goes, thinks
he'll get some thing now
When this is for Pappan,
Pulimoottil family members will-
- convert Konnayi church to heaven
What is the amount of
wealth they possess?
The current amount of
wealth of Pulimoottil family is
This so called Joppan
and all can't even dream that
Beeran Ekka, no need of tea
Your tea is not required
Come Eppa -lets see tea can be
obtained from some where else
The godfather of
Pulimoottil family, Pappachayan
We all wish that he should
live for hundred years
For PappachayamBy wishing
him birthday wishes
MLA -To participate in another
function, I'm leaving thank you
Okay fine
Happy on coming
Elder brother in law Francis,
will give a short description
On what all things we are going
to do in this diocese for Pappan
Hey fellow, you should
remember your father
Should think of mother also
Should think of Mary also
The Pulimoottil family that was the
members of Murikkal church diocese
Today, they are the
part of Konnayi church
Along will construction
of tomb at Konnayi church
We wish certain humble things
should be done for the church
I'll read out some of the projects
Everything should be known in the
name of Devasi Pappan, we wish that
Firstly an orphanage for the church
For that we'll give one acre
of land, by Francis Annam ma
Secondly, by Thaiyamma Paile
New alc parish hall
and catering facility
Thirdly by Mathews Elam ma
At the junction a new cupola
Fourthly, by Edwin Kunjumol a
study center for self- employment
Along with that by our
Lillykutty and Jose
This family tomb and
cemetery renovation
Father is the face
of diocese changed?
Father don't fly more, should
be decided by Pappan
Just shut up man, the
tomb is in our church, no?
Then what is there to worry about?
Without asking Pappan
nothing is decided
This is a big cheating
If your tomb is at Konnayi, then
why should I wait for you, here?
I'm leaving
Varkey, then you may
leave after hearing this one
This function is very good
A farewell before death
Children, have all reached?
Can Pappan say?
Till this day"
Till this very moment.
Your Pappan, Devasi lived..
That was how his
father and mother wished was not on the soil
where they lived and died
My generation shouldn't be
cremated in this soil here
What is saying?
This earth is no ones
place of residence
Is it not?
We should do, what is..
Fellow, don't you
hear my preaching?
Pappan listens to it
very well, learn from him
Right now what can I do for them?
For them will construct
a souvenir over here
Father not a souvenir
should construct an adobe
Not here in their native
Where my fore fathers were born
lived, died and finally cremated
Where it was, over there
This is only a place where I live
What is Pappan trying to say?
The family tomb of Pulimoottil family
should not be erected at Konnayi
Its at Murikkal
Pappan what are you saying?
When Pappan dies where should
you be cremated? At Pappan's diocese
Which means over here
Here at this Konnayi,
in the Konnayi church cemetery
So the tomb should be
constructed here, no?
That is how it should be
Pappachaya, if every diocese
member is born and expires
The rituals should be done
in that particular diocese
That is the rule
If the diocese is against my desire
Father, then I should
change the diocese
My Lord
My heavens!
My goodness, father!
Should change the diocese, a
demand of an ordinary diocese member
But for these people, at Konnayi
Pappan and family is like that
Will anyone allow the goose
who lays golden eggs-
- to lay eggs in neighbors cage?
Really great!
What an act of insolence?
Father, why are you silent?
What is this? How to change
the diocese just like that?
Fellow, when Pappan says a
thing, we can't desist from doing it
This is not a small thing
Yeah -Actually to change the
diocese, father needs to sign only
But a family like Pulimoottil, for
the church at Konnayi to lose
This is simply like cheating
Ask like that
Its like ridiculing father
That is what is done
Simply on saying will do this and that
for church, we compatriots won't allow
Today's meeting is dispersed,
then go and tell to Pappan
Can't change the diocese
Members of diocese won't allow that
Father, why saying like that?
Baby, stop it
This is a parish hall of the church
if you want to oppose me-
- speak outside this com pound wall
Now, what father told is correct
This is applicable to you also, this is
not a market to speak out what you like
This is a committee of the church
If Pappan wants to change
the diocese, let him do it
For that why is George so irritated?
If you have taken Pappan's favors
you also change the diocese
Look George don't talk rubbish
Your father was the cook
of Pappan don't forget that
To change the diocese, father won't
allow, fellows speak after father agrees
Yeah, that's it
Sit, we'll talk
As a memeber I'll form
an action committee
No chance
I'll speak to Pappan chettan
Not workable
You and your action committee
Get lost you cheap fellow
Come on guys, enough of it
Get lost you fellow
They won't get right
Its Ittiparam ban
Praise the Lord, father
Let there be praises, father
After all wish of a soul that is going
to die is more important, no?
That letter of Devasi Pappan
The letter on changing the diocese
if father could sign that, will
sent a person and collect it
Will that be a burden
father'? I'll come and give it
Okay fine, that is enough
Okay then
Then what? Am I going to give that?
Certain wishes of some fathers?
Can't agree when a good
family is present here
Daughter, no need of that
white sari keep that black sari
What is this mother'? Now
itself leaving to Murikkal?
Fellow, did you forget
about tomorrow's retreat?
I forgot that in the mist of this rush
Now mother"
Mother sister had called now
Told about special care to Pappan
I'll reach here when Paile
chettan's retreat is over
Where is Annamachi?
Hasn't woken up?
Without deciding on Pappan's
matter, all are going different paths
That is what Annam achi, says
What are you saying?
Now, I'm not going
Annamachi, what are you saying?
Then I have decided
that I'm not going
I have not told, that
no one should leave
One person is lying at the
other side simply babbling
How many times Pappan had told
he wants to go to Murikkal?
Where is Edwin,
Kunjumol and Elamma?
Ammachi, Edwin and Kunjumol
had gone to house at Punnapara
Elam ma aunty to
Mathewchayan's house
Yeah, that is what I said
Each one went
after their businesses
Look, the family tomb is kept
outside if you all start in this manner
First you all burry me there
and you all close me in that tomb
Am machi, its not that
we have not tried
The father won't agree to it
Insists that the tomb
should be at Konnayi
My Lord, what all ordeals
After the death of
Varkeychayan only-
- Pappan began to
have such thoughts
No, after the death of
father and mother
After losing our house
and property at Murikkal
Pappan has lot of grief on that
Even other wise now Pappan
always says about death
Now if I'm not about to die,
then why is this tomb kept here?
Pappan, will speak to
Bishop and transfer the vicar
Don't speak against God's
will its not Pulimoottil people-
- who decided which vicar
should serve which church
To go back we should get that
property at Murikkal, no?
Pappan needs that
exact property is it?
When money power increases,
on giving that can fetch anything
Fellow, who is there
who doesn't forget oneself?
Pappan, what are you saying, don't
be exposed to mist come inside
Get lost fellow
What's he..
Hey fellow Devasi..
You are adamant that
you'll take me, aren't you?
Man, I have been there and
I'm coming from there, no?
See, I need to discuss a matter
How much I try, can't
be with our Mary
Get lost man, he and his Mary
I'm getting mad here
When one dies should
remain in his grave
Shouldn't come after
people who are alive
Don't stare at me, fellow
What's wrong with you, man?
What is that which
father has to say?
Whatever you say, it is the freedom
of a believer to remain in which diocese
Why, does father have any doubts?
All though the church
is under Archdiocese
The church is run by com patriots
When such a big
family leaves this diocese
Bishop, compatriots won't allow that
Look, father you do whatever you
want I have told people who are to come
Father what you want to
say, tell to them
What to do, if the rubber prices
keeps falling down? I don't know
No one attends to matters of
church nor will pay some donations
Father, who is this denier'?
Darfiyau knew'! Thamburan Janney
Atycoon with petrol, real estate,
hooch all kinds of businesses
Jonney didn't say anything
Dear Bishop kindly pardon
Look don't we have sentiments?
Our father and mother goes through
that way for evening strolls
Jonney its not like that
Look this Devasi Pappan
and his parents
Right from the days of their fore
fathers had lived in that soil
Then what is wrong in Pappan's
wish to regain it back?
Aren't they from a good family,
they will give a resonable price
Bishop will say the matter bluntly
Thamburan Jonney
plans for a villa project
Has received the papers
from the panchayat also
Let the family members of Pappan
chettan buy 10 or 15 villas
Can come and settle down
with all family members
Bishop, you say it will
give a good price also
Jonney you tell the price,
we'll take the property
Jonney doen't have to construct
villa or flat can save time also
That's not possible
Bishop you may pardon
Jonneychan says he
is not interested to sell it
What a ruckus is this? If not to sell
why has Jonney purchased the land?
Pay the money what I say, Jonney is
not interested on a deal which is a loss
Negotiations and sale should be
done outside the Mansion
Like what is said let Jonney
declare what he demands-
- if its okay to Pappan let him do it
Father Micheal its applicable
to you also
Again don't trouble me on this matter
Father greetings
Praise the Lord
Don't go in a hurry the
meeting is over -Is it over?
Why was that? And what
was the final outcome?
Told a final price for Jonneychan's
flat and villa that is about to start
How much is it?
50 crores
My Christ for 5 acres, 50 crores?
Jonney was opposing it-
- othenlvise church would have
purchased it long back
Among us whom did Mary
really love? -Get lost man
Why is he so angry?
Hot tempered to the core
Hey fellow
What is it?
You just think cool head
without getting angry
What is it?
Its about our Mary
I saw another person, at the top?
Our old Rosily sister is there, no?
She was the one
Then she says, Mary
used to write a dairy
That will be present in that convent
Fellow, if you intend
can lift that thing
Fellow, wasn't it a problem which
worried us through out the life?
Was it you or me
whom she had loved?
What if, if it is exposed
through that dairy?
Mad, really mad
Melted a bit, no?
Usually no one is allowed inside
the monastrey from outside
Now this is the brother
of Mother Agn us, no?
By the way how is Rosily sister
known to Pappan?
Is a distant aunt of our Varkeychan
Here, in this room has kept the books
and dairies of people who are dead
Everything will be present here, is it?
Why not?
Doesn't know who and when
they will become anointed
At that time all this can't be
searched and found out
Pappan, you may check
I'll sent some workers here
What is it man? -Will check
Move back fellow
Yeah, come, come
Why is it like this? When you
come there is this light and smoke
That is all just felt by
you, its because of age
What are you searching for'?
Look here is the box of Rosily sister
By the way Devasi, in
which year is it?
At that time, we were
25 or 26 years of age
Yeah, the year in which
you went to Kashmir for training
That was the time, when we
saw Mary for the last time
That is..During '54
No, it was in '62
But will there be that much old
ones? - Sir, how old is it?
How old is it?
Child, will be somewhat during 1962
Yeah, just show that one
This is a thing of wonder, this
cross might be 100 years old, no?
Hey fellow, Devasi keep this
in my house at Perianthanam
Shucks! Has not come here to steal
To enquire about Mary only
That is correct
Didn't I say its '62?
Insect has spoiled this
"The cloud which
appears on the sky.."
"Will it pour as rain on earth...?"
"The cloud which appears
on the sky"
"Wish which is her, smoulders
in the heart as it doesn't depart"
"..still now memories brings
tear drops in the eyes"
I'm in love with you,
I wish to be with you
That is not in this birth,
after a thousand birth
"My heart leaps in search of words
angel where have you gone?"
"The cloud which
appears on the sky.."
"Will it pour as rain on earth?"
I prayed deeply to Lord
He shouldn't inflict
wounds on my heart
Heard that this year Mary is
going to join Monastery
A good thing
Not because, there isn't
money to marry her off
It is a great wish of mine
that she should be a nun
What is Mary's decision?
Everything as per the likes of father
Whatever may be
the wish of Ittichan
Mary should get the God's call
"Doesn't matter how long
it takes to be with you"
"I'll wait for several years,
without forgetting"
I really like to be a nun
"The love which I had
known, till you come.."
But once during the
Murikkal festival-
-those two eyes which searches me
Stop it, stop"
What, two eyes both of
us has got four eyes, no?
Which is the other new two eyes?
That's what I can't understand
Will it be someone else?
You don't read more..New eyes..
Lord, I can't bear this
Fellow, lets read further
"..will it pour as rain on earth?"
I'm in love with you,
I wish to be with you
That is not only in this birth,
after a thousand birth
"Wish which is her, smoulders
in the heart as it doesn't depart."
"..still now memories brings
tear drops in the eyes"
In the ministry of god this humble
being should get a position of a grass
Allow me to become a flower that
gives fragrance to this world
"Doesn't matter how long it
takes to be with you"
"I'll wait for several
years, without forgetting"
"The love which I had
searched, till you come.."
"My entire breath will
be along with you"
"Wish which is her, smoulders in
the heart as it doesn't depart.
"..Still now memories brings
tear drops in the eyes"
"My heart leaps in search of words,
angel where have you gone?"
Father is not here, doesn't
know where he has gone
Pappan you may go
and come back later
Why man? It sounds like
prompted to say
My goodness, will I tell a lie?
Aren't you the son of
that preacher Kunjachan?
What else will be born?
For that should take the initiative
Shucks! This is church premises
No foul talks and lies, over here
Let father hide in the kitchen itself
We'll think of some other means
You come
There is something true
in what Pappan has told
Told father is in the kitchen, no?
My specs..
Was it father'?
Father, praise the Lord
Always there shall be
Shucks! I'll just.
Fellow, who is there along with him?
Look, did you see he
is talking to himself
Father, but Pappan is not
alone this is between them
Simply don't scare
me, say who is this?
Perianthanam Varkey
My God, Varkey is dead,
is it Pappan's friend?
But I can't see, can you see?
I can't see
Only Pappan can see
Come inside
Come sit down
I'll go and call the madam
Thresia, where that Berlin stone that
Valkeychayan has kept on that wall?
That fell down and got broken
When I was cleaning
everything fell down
That stone I have kept it
as a support forAnthurium
Lady, what have you done?
Her support for Anthurium!
Yeah, Devasichayan
Lady, what is the
news regarding kids?
Younger one is telling
to come to America
Once on leaving difficult to return
After dying the cremation should
be done somewhere over there
How is that?
When Varkeychan is here - On
getting old children decides everything
If they feel like burrying inside family
tomb can lie with Varkeychan
But in this condition"
Do you want to leave
to America now itself?
What can I say on that?
Honestly since he left
there is a vacuum all over
Now again his calling me Philo..
But he is here itself
I'll take something for you to drink
Philo, I will just go and see his room
okay. 9
Poor Philouvalkey don't be sad
Leave it man
Gone man, gone
The rope with which Tippu's
chariot was tied, is missing
So, that's the main thing?
Man, you do remem berthat
was snatched from Mysore-
- in that Tanker lorry under cover
Then why not keep all this in
Pulimmottil? -No, no need of that
What is wrong in that? There are
donkies like that Baby and Girgory
No doubt fellow why
Jackfruit fell on your head
Isn't that rope which which your
Tippu's chariot was tied with?
My God!
Your maid has used it
for tying the Jackfru it
Yeah I'll return
Okay I'll return
What is this Devasichaya,
this silent self-talk?
That is a routine now
By the the way Philo..
Lady is there anyone here
to check all this?
Now look here itself, this is a stone
of Berlin wall which he valued a lot
What can I do? When I go to
America, I'll lock everything and go
Just hold this fellow
While locking up everything
just put this one also
This one, he has searched for
it a lot, okay Philo, I'm leaving
Okay then
Pappan, this is the place which we
have identified to set up Pulimoottil tomb
In the beginning of the church
it was a tomb of the foreigner
Now its free, foreignefs family
might have returned long back
Its an eye-catching place, we've
left it behind for some big families
Now Pappan has got that luck
But we can't do anything unless you
leave from the Konnayi diocese
Vicar of Konnayi, father Kalayi
should sign that is compulsory
Pappan this is not a minor thing
Birth and death indexes should
be maintained at the church
Later slight corrections
aren't possible-
- that is the rule of the Assemblage
Its Jonney's car is it?
Yeah father, what's up?
What to say?
My goodness, was
there Pappanchettan?
Had told will come with the money
now, later not even seen there
What happened? Won't be
having the cash is it?
Father, next week properties
set out will be commenced-
- after that don't say this and that
But still only for 5 acres
its bit high is it? - Is it so?
Father its an excellent land
Jonney will keep on constructing
the villas and keep selling it
Later won't get the property
for this price, okay
Why is Pappanchettan not
saying anything?
Wealth acquired by fraud
and pimping does it last?
Hey you, since father is
standing I'm not saying anything
Insulting decent men in the society?
Kunju, just open that door let father
see the decent person in society
I'll open it now
Don't touch on the car
But still let me see can see what it is
Don't open the door
You naughty guy!
Who is this?
Fellow, just move back
Yeah its true father
Father Muncipal secertary
is taking rest -Wearing a sari?
Move off fellow!
How did Pappan see this?
Did you peep your head out?
Look Pappan is becoming a wonder
give that property to him, fast
Or else there will be more to see
Yeah saw it -Yes, saw it
I'll just..
Take the car you fool
What father said is correct-
- not only will allow Pulimoottil
people to change the diocese
-they should execute the things
which they have promised
Shut up and go man
Trying to be smart -Father who
is he to tell me to leave?
Just keep quite, this is not a
school, this is a church committee
Just tell that to him
Whatever it is renovate the cemetery
We all know that Pulimoottil
family won't invest the money
Compatriots won't
shell out a single penny-
- then from where does fund come?
Will set up an auction
God auctioning the church?
Not the church the
cemetery of the church
At the main enterance
of the cemetery
Ten holes
Will be for ten well known
families in this native
Over there, they
can built family tombs
With that money we'll
renovate the church cemetery
Now you decide which is the
well known family in this native
See, how intelligent father is
That is good, all clap
hands and pass it
Look, I'll say what father
showed is a foolishness
Suppose Pulimoottil family doesn't
take up the auction, what can we do?
There is no chance that
they can't take up the auction
By investing any amount of money
they will book the first tomb itself
But they are going to change
the diocese to Murrikal, no?
That will take place only if I sign that
I won't do that before
10th of next month
There is no chance that they
won't participate on the auction
The first tomb will be taken by them
After that, Pulimmoottil family can
never leave Konnayi church and go
Father you are really intelligent
Lord, save this intelligent person
Look Mathukutty had called, told
everything is done from their side
Kunjumol will say by afternoon
They will do what they can do
Then we'll proceed with
next step of paying advance, no?
Do it boldly, its for our Pappan, no?
You ask Jonney and fix up a date
It should be done
in the coming days
Before the auction
everything should be done
Then don't we
have to inform Pappan?
This should be
informed to Pappan first
As per the wish of Pappan, we
are taking the tomb to Murikkal
Yeah, that's it
Hello, hello Kunjetta
where is Pappan?
He has left long
ago, saying its festival
We came early morning
Pappan won't allow
First of all let me find Pappan
and after half an hour I'll call
Where has this Pappan gone?
Yeah, Mary
Deity is inside the church
then who is ringing the bell?
Come fellows, will check
Go fast and check
Note the new medicine
Please wait outside
Hey fellow..Devasi..
Hey fellow..Devasi..
Come on fellow, get up
How is Pappan now?
There is no big improvement
Father will anything
happen to our Pappan?
Paile, only God knows who
should die at what time
We can pray for Pappan's life
Paile -What is it father?
Don't forget about the auction on 10th
Then what, auction? First
agree to change the diocese
Pappan's present
condition is very serious
Aged this much, the medicines
are not affecting in the body
Can we take somewhere else?
Jose has arranged everything in America
In the present condition its too
risky to shift Pappan from here
There is no surety on how
long the life can be sustained
Perhaps like a miracle
might open the eyes fast
May be not
Don't know what is going
to happen, what I think is..
Echayan, what are
you trying to say?
Can't refrain from saying also
What is it?
Should conduct the
last rituals for Pappan
My God Annamachi!
What happened?
Pappoo..You have arranged the
place where you wanted to go
But didn't say where
Kunju should go?
Pappa, open the eyes this
Kunju has to say lot of things
Was it for this you went to
Murikkal festival along with me?
This Kunju will be waiting outside
till Pappan opens the eyes
Pappan is all right, this Kunju won't
leave this Pappan alone any where
Pappan you may sleep
Today I'll depart, will be joyful to
see the other side of this wall
On discarding the soiled cloths
and old age, will take a new birth"
"Today I'll depart, will be joyful to
see the other side of this wall.."
"On discarding the soiled cloths
and old age, will take a new birth.."
"Holy virgin who resides inside
the shelter of clouds in purity"
"I leave without finding
you after searching"
"This humble being
always seeks for you"
"Kindly don't curb me by shedding
tears, kindly allow me to depart."
Fellows, are you all males?
Shame less ones
Look who is lying
there, about to die?
You have only started to create
from where Pappan has left behind
For that person, so far
what could you all do?
Thankless fellows with no
love towards family -Ammachi!
Pappan has not asked anything to
anyone has asked only one thing
Should go to Murikkal
We must do that -Fellow, should
do what Pappan has told, now!
Before he departs this world,
if his wish doesn't take place
Look, this Thaiyamma won't be alive
Echaya (brother)
Look Paulachan, has called Jonney
is at the godown at Athiranpuzha
Then go that place
We are on the way to that place
Where is your Jon ney?
I don't think this murder is that easy
They are CID's very strong CID's
Two intelligent CID's
You only have to show the person
From our rustic Malapuram knife
to ultra modern machine gun
Hey Jonney what are you doing?
How many times called you
had enough of calling you
Baby you tell the matter
We need Pappan's property at Murikkal
That is the last wish of Pappan,
Jonney don't you know that?
Here, it is one crore
cash as advance
The price of the property
as decided by Jonney-
-we Pulimmottil
people are ready for everything
So have you really
decided to purchase that?
When our Pappan is
on the verge of dying-
- do we have to play drama here?
We'll pay the money that
is agreed but the property
That should be for the Pulimmoottil
family -Here is the agreement
Write and sign and give to them
Come man
Look Baby
What is it?
That's a cliche dialogue in movies
But still saying, 25 only
that's enough for Jonney
50 wasn't a serious price told by me
Pappanchettas property-
- today Jonney will write it
in Pappanchettas name
But its not by seeing you
people but Pappanchettan
Very bold
That's correct
Othenlvise when I die and
go up will he spare me? -No
Chachan, the deal is through,
Jonney will write it now
Fixed it for 25
Fellows, had fixed it
Anyway the deal should be through
Fellows, shut up and keep quite
Be silent is this a market?
Saxon, start the auction
Shall I start?
Father tell to start, the first
place is for Makaliyel people
We'll buy that by investing
any amount of money
We from Muttummel family
aren't that weak either
Then are we weak?
Thommicha, start the auction
Wait until and unless a decision
is taken here on Pappan's matter
Auction won't take place here
Then will tell the decision the
church is not interested-
- on the diocese change
of Pulimmoottil family
If required can secure the
first place in this auction
Can erect the family tomb over here
But that should be decided today
when others snatch the tomb
Later don't blame the vicar
Father, that's not possible
that is father's trick
Then you pay the money
to renovate the church
Father's foul play is not possible here
You fellows go and sit there
What is this? -Go and sit
What is this?
Saxon -Yeah
Start the auction
Okay father
Father shall I start?
Come on start fellow
The auction is about to start
The first place"
Go to hell..
What is this..
Hands off from my loin cloth
Listen don't make an issue
Father, we'll escape all are rowdies
Is it so?
Yeah will show you
Let father take a decision
Look, this can't be ignored
What can you do? Go man
Hey fellow
Do you want to see
this father signing on this?
Man, I can also
mobilize some people
Go man
Why father this obstinacy?
The souls who love
our Devasi won't pardon all this
Did you see?
Who and all has come
Open the eyes and see
All are there, no?
Fatherfullfil the wish of Pappan
You idiot why are
you laughing like this?
Take a look!
What, father?
Come on take a look man
Has father also reached?
Hey fellow!
Didn't I say that?
Come why is church
bell ringing at midnight?
Without any reason
won't ring the bell
Come quickly -All come
running our father has left us
Tell what has happened to father?
While desending the steps,
fell down as legs slipped
Just move back, give the way
Let us have a glance
Move back
Move back from the way
Let us have a glance
Don't cry
Look, on the Pappan's matter
did father say anything as final?
My heavens, father
what happened?
My Lord!
To Pappam.
Tell to Pappan inside the Bible
For Pappan..
My God, father!
Annama, the wish is fullfiled
Father has agreed - Is it?
Father has agreed -The death is a
clown who has no stage presence
Proved once again
That's the reason why
Kalayi father who was so healthy
By shocking
everyone, had departed
The Devasi Pappan who was lying
like this, had returned back to life
When everything was over, Pappan
first went to Konnayi cemetery
There was a person
who was waiting for Pappan
Father haven't you left?
Father, if you also join with
me, natives will say I'm lunatic
Then why not isn't Pappan mad?
Madness out of love
Even if on saying don't desire
on anything which is momentary
Pappan, aren't we living for all that?
For the life there
should be a meaning
Right now, Pappan
had created that for me
Who is it?
Fellow, its father
Is it uncle?
Our father Kalayi
My Lord, is father also here?
You say bye and come here
Neverless, Pappan
didn't forget his compatriots
Like how Kalayi father wished
Konnayi church
also had developments
At last Pappan and family became
a part of Murikkal diocese
Time to end Pappan's story of life
'After few years.)
Due to old age ailments since 3
months Pappan is on the death-bed
What is this lady?
Today is 100th day
Since our Pappan is
lying in this condition
Sisters prayed in one
voice before the deity
Lord, without torturing our
Pappan, soon let him rest in peace
One day God heard the prayers
Like that, finally Pappan
also had a God's call
Va Ikey!
"Its always childhood
for 'Pava' on earth"
"For Pappan and Vakey its re-birth"
"Church bells, silver parasols,
do you know the past?"
"Its always childhood for
'Pava' on earth"
"For Pappan and Vakey its re-birth"
"Church bells, silver parasols,
do you know the past?"
Come, will go to that side
Come, I'll show you
a place over there
No, don't fall
Where is Mary man?
Look, over there"
Fellow, that's at the top, no?
How'll we reach there?
We can't reach there
She is a blessed soul, she is in
a height which we can't attain
My goodness, has Mary left?
So, you Jackfruit
were you fooling me?
Told you had talked with her
How can I be
here alone without you?
To bring you here I strained a lot
You worthless donkey!
Wait, wait
"During those times,
running with short pants"
"During those times,
both grew up together"
Aren't you the Devasi Pappan?
Who conquered
the mountain at Konnayi
Why "Of give a try?
Come on tell what
can be grown there?
From the slope, it looks
like hill is suitable for rubber
Its very evident that cardamom and
pepper only can be grown there
Go man, its a soil meant for rubber
Pepper and Cardamom
I'm more experienced
Rubber -Don't mess with me
"During those times,
smoked cigarette stumps"
"During those times,
smoked cigarette stumps"
"During those times,
tender whiskers sprouted"
"During those times, when
two souls were glued together"
"Its always childhood
for 'Pava' on earth"
"For Pappan and Vakey
its re-birth"
"Church bells, silver parasols,
do you know the past?"
"Do you know...?"