Paap Ki Aandhi (1991) Movie Script

'Keeping in mind the testimony
of the witnesses...'
'the court has concluded...'
'that Dharma has murdered Jaggu.'
'The court believes
Dharma is guilty...'
'and sentences him
to life imprisonment.'
- Hello.
How are you, Kamala?
- I am fine.
Hello, aunt.
- Are you okay?
Hey, girl, aren't you
Dharma's sister? - Yes. Why?
Where is Dharma?
- I don't know.
Tell me the truth or else I will
spoil your face in such a way...
that your brother won't be
able to recognise you. - Rascal.
I will spoil your face
in such a way...
that your boss won't be
able to recognise you.
Dharma, you?
stop dreaming about eliminating
my name from my area...
or else I will eliminate
all of you.
we don't want to eliminate you.
We want to help you become someone.
But you neither heed nor listen
to our suggestion.
I don't listen to anybody.
I just know how to speak my mind.
Listen carefully.
Henceforth if any of your men steps
into my area...
only his dead body
will return to you.
Jaggu, what happened?
What happened to your bravery?
What happened to your strength?
Before you left
you were proudly declaring...
that you know how to hunt a tiger.
What happened now?
Didn't you have to hang your head?
- Yes, brother.
How will this coward hunt a lion?
Not at all. - Go, mister.
Go and look for rats in some place.
Eliminating Dharma
is not possible for you.
Sir, I will show you
what is or isn't possible for me.
Dharma has shamed me
in his area and in front of you.
I too vow to shame him
in front of the whole world...
or else I won't claim
to be my father's son.
After all how long
will all this go on, brother?
I am asking you. How long will
you live this life of violence?
Haven't you seen the consequence
of malicious mischief?
Today Jaggu dared to pull
your sister's hair in public.
Tomorrow another Jaggu
can also try to molest her.
A person who can molest my sister
hasn't been born in the world.
If anyone dares to do
so I will kill him.
Still, won't the consequence
will be the same?
Bloodshed and violence.
Evil always has a bad end.
Just think about it, brother.
When you pass through
the neighbourhood...
not just people,
but even birds feel terrified.
And I don't like this at all.
Because wherever a person is,
he should live
with love and respect.
Do you think the people
of the neighbourhood...
don't respect your brother?
Brother, they respect you...
because they are scared of you.
In this world, he who is
not scared, doesn't respect anyone.
People in this neighbourhood
don't do smuggling...
in this area because they fear me.
Due to my fear there
is no drug trade in here.
There is no flesh trade.
The rascal whom I taught
a lesson today...
had also come
this neighbourhood to do that only.
But no one can dare
to do wrong things here...
while I am still alive.
'After all how long
will all this go on, brother?.'
'How long will you live this life
of violence?.'
'Haven't you seen the consequence
of malicious mischief?.'
'Today Jaggu dared to pull
your sister's hair in public.'
'Tomorrow another Jaggu
can also try to molest her.'
Jaggu is an evil man.
I swear there won't be
another Jaggu.
These people are always happy.
They are drinking cannabis.
"I give up alcohol right now."
Give me a glass of it.
"Cannabis brings joy.
Cannabis brings joy."
"Cannabis brings joy.
Cannabis brings joy."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"What have I become?
I have become like this."
"What have I become?
I have become like this."
"The world has done this to me."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"With the very first sip..."
"look at the effect."
"With the very first sip,
look at the effect."
"All the sorrows
vanished immediately."
"All the sorrows vanished."
"I forgot everything."
"I couldn't remember even my name."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"The earth rose up."
"The sky fell down."
"The earth rose up.
The sky fell down."
"I reached directly to heaven
with my eyes closed."
"With my eyes closed."
"But how did I come back
from the fairyland?"
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"I drank a little
and opened the third eye.
"I drank a little
and opened the third eye.
"The world told me to ask
for whatever I wanted."
"The world told me."
"I don't actually remember
what I demanded."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"What have I become?
I have become like this."
"What have I become?
I have become like this."
"The world has done this to me."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"Cannabis brought joy."
"On drinking it
I understood everything."
"O world,
don't think I am a drunkard."
We have reached your house.
Here we are.
Thank you.
I love you too.
Brother Dharma?
Do you know that Kammo
is my sister?
Why did you take her out
for a joyride?
Speak up or I will kill...
Brother Dharma. Please try
to listen to me for a minute.
I took Kammo for joyride without
your permission so I apologise.
Vijay and Kammo love each other.
Yes, brother Dharma,
sister is telling the truth.
Fine. I will talk to her.
If she says that it is true
then it is okay.
Otherwise I will break your bones.
Hey, Kammo!
Brother, what is the matter?
What is your relation with Vijay?
your silence will force me
to do anything.
Tell me honestly
before my anger strikes him
like a lightning.
He says that he will marry you.
Brother, he is telling the truth.
I know very well the spoilt
rich brats living in tall mansions.
They make false promises of love
but do not keep them.
It is not so, brother.
Vijay and his sister are
the kind of rich people...
who have inherited values along
with riches.
I still can't believe it.
I knew you won't believe it.
That is why I didn't tell you
anything about it till now.
Sister Lakshmi said that
she will personally come
with a proposal.
How will she come?
In my anger I abused her a lot.
Do one thing.
Apologise to Vijay on my behalf.
Tell him that
I am feeling very ashamed.
Kammo, there is no need
to feel ashamed for this.
Brother Dharma did
what a brother is supposed to do.
Well, it would have displeased me
if he had not agreed
to our marriage.
Why wouldn't he agree?
I have full confidence
in my brother.
Now he is dreaming of getting us
married at the earliest.
And Dharma's dream will never be
fulfilled while I am there.
- Yes, me.
Dharma's ruination.
Dharma made a mistake
by raising his hand on me.
Now I will destroy his prestige.
And it can never happen
while I am still alive.
That is why...
I have brought along
the weapon of your death.
Let him go!
Let him go!
Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go, you rascal!
Vijay! Vijay!
Vijay. Vijay!
Vijay! Let me go!
Vijay! Help!
Brother dharma.
- Vijay.
Where is Kammo?
Brother, I tried very hard
to save Kammo...
but I could not protect
her modesty.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
Who was he?
Did you see, Mr. Gorakh?
Didn't I do what I had said?
Dharma was being very arrogant.
I too made him see the consequence
of his arrogance.
Mr. Paras, now there
is no need to kill Dharma.
Because now he will die of shame.
if someone can die of shame...
both of us would have died
even before we were born.
We don't want him to die of shame,
but want to actually kill him.
Absolutely right.
We won't gain until Dharma dies.
Mr. Paras, consider that
we have already gained.
this I not the time for jokes.
I know Dharma very well.
Before he can touch us...
Kill him.
Boss, don't worry.
Dharma will be dead by the time
the sun rises tomorrow.
What if that doesn't happen?
- What then?
Then you will be dead by the time
the moon rises tomorrow night.
Boss, it will never happen.
Where are you?
Come out, you rascals!
Come out, you rascals!
no one can escape from Dilawar.
Your game is over now.
It will be better for you
to surrender to the law.
Your desire to kill us remained
unfulfilled, right, brother?
Yes, brother.
And our desire to hand him
over to the law...
and get him sentenced
to death has been fulfilled.
Betel leaf.
It is a blatant lie, Your Honour.
And to prove this lie,
I will ask a few questions...
to Mr. Vijay in the witness box,
who is an eyewitness...
at the scene of the crime
according to accused Dharma.
Permission granted.
So Mr. Vijay,
is it true that Miss Kamala
who was supposed to marry you...
was raped by Jaggu
in front of your eyes?
Jaggu raped?
- Yes.
In front of my eyes?
- Yes.
Who told you that?
- What has happened to you?
Have you gone crazy?
You had come to me
and told me all this.
speak only what you had told me.
Your Honour, he is lying.
He is lying!
Brother Dharma,
you are lying to avoid punishment.
This is the first time I have
come across a brother like you...
who is making an excuse
of his sister getting raped.
Vijay! You rascal!
Order. Order.
Arrest Dharma.
Catch him.
- Let go of him! Let go of him!
Let go of him!
- You have ruined my sister.
This lie will cost you dearly.
You will have to pay heavily
for this lie.
What happened, Pandu? - Sir,
looks like it needs to be pushed.
Constable, push it.
Driver, stop the van.
Look for him. Look all around.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
It is so late in the night.
Why haven't they returned?
Looks like they have come.
'Brother Dharma,
you are lying to avoid punishment.'
'This is the first time I have
come across a brother like you...'
'who is making an excuse
of his sister getting raped.'
What has happened to you?
After all what do you want?
Let go of me.
Let go of me.
Let go of me.
Let go of me.
For God's sake, let go of me.
Let go of me.
I am begging to you. Let go of me.
Let go of me. No.
'Lakshmi, open the door.'
Dharma, what have you done?
What have you done?
I have raped your sister.
Now go to the court and shout
at the top of your voice...
that Dharma has raped your sister.
Now you will realise
that no brother gives false excuse
that his sister was raped.
I will kill you!
You raped my sister?
I won't spare your life!
Kammo, you are alive?
My sister.
- Don't address me as sister.
A rapist cannot be
a brother of a sister.
Kammo, you don't know how he
testified against me in the court.
I know everything.
Whatever he did
and said in the court
was to save my modesty.
To save the life of your sister
who was very dear to you.
- Yes.
And I didn't want
to live after being raped.
Vijay supported me.
He restored my honour
by marrying me.
But you raped his sister?
Oh, God.
I feel shame in addressing you
as brother.
You are such a vile
and immoral person.
Yes, Kammo,
you are right, my sister.
Had someone else been
in my place...
he too would have
committed the same mistake.
I have sinned.
Forgive your brother, Kammo.
Forgive him.
I can never forgive you.
Henceforth I am dead to you.
And you are dead to me.
- No, no.
I hate you.
You are not a brother.
You are a beast.
You are a savage beast.
Get out of my sight. Go away.
Go away. Go away.
Go away.
I will surrender myself to the law.
Maybe even then
my repentance won't be enough.
Your Honour, he is Dharma,
a dangerous criminal...
who needs no introduction
in the court.
Because the court is very well
aware of him and his vile deeds.
Your Honour,
he is the dangerous criminal...
who had fiercely attacked
Lakshmi's brother Vijay...
a few days ago in your court.
And the same day he escaped
from police custody...
while being taken to the jail
and went to Vijay's house.
And then he raped
his innocent sister Lakshmi.
No, Your Honour, no.
the lawyer is telling lies.
Order. Order.
Your Honour,
I am telling the truth.
He has not raped me.
He is innocent.
He is innocent,
Your Honour, he is innocent.
Lakshmi, have you gone crazy?
Your Honour, she is lying.
Don't listen to her.
The court will decide
about truth and lies.
You may sit down.
Keeping Lakshmi's testimony
in mind...
the court has reached
the conclusion...
that the accusation made
against Dharma is not true.
He had been arrested
based on suspicion.
The court declares Dharma
to be innocent of this crime.
But long with that,
the court gives him
life imprisonment
for the murder of Jaggu
and for escaping
from police custody.
Why did you do this?
Because my mother
always used to tell me...
that apart from the husband,
no one else has the right
to touch a woman's body.
You did touch me by force,
but behind that...
there was the feeling
of misunderstanding and revenge.
Thinking that,
I forgave you
and accepted you as well.
Lakshmi, let us go. Come, Kammo.
Let us go.
- Yes?
Come with me, Vijay.
- Come, Doctor.
Doctor, what happened?
Lakshmi is pregnant.
- Yes.
She is pregnant?
What happened?
What did the doctor say?
Ask her.
She proved me a liar
in the court...
saying that she was not raped.
She humiliated me
in front of everybody...
and became a pious woman
in Dharma's eyes.
What will you answer if people ask
whose child you are carrying?
Do you have any answer?
The world will brand you
as a characterless woman.
How will you answer that?
you have ruined your life...
and you have ruined mine as well.
What are you saying?
Does a brother talk to his sister
in this manner?
Keep quiet, Kammo.
She is not a sister.
She is a witch.
She has ruined my prestige
along with hers.
I hate her face.
As long as she remains
before my eyes...
I will feel embarrassed and
will die with shame every moment.
Lakshmi, where are you going?
Don't feel hurt by your
brother's... - Her brother is dead.
And for me she was already dead
in the court.
Kammo, let her go.
But Vijay...
- Kammo, you are under my oath.
Let her go.
I don't want to see her face
as long as I live.
Vijay, what have you done?
Stop her.
For God' sake, please stop her.
God knows what she will do.
That is what she should do.
If she doesn't do that, then
I will have to do so. - Vijay.
Yes, Kammo,
it will be better
for Lakshmi to die.
'She proved me a liar
in the court...'
'saying that she was not raped.'
'She humiliated me
in front of everybody...'
'and became a pious woman
in Dharma's eyes.'
'What will you answer if people ask
whose child you are carrying?.'
'Do you have any answer?.'
'The world will brand you
as a characterless woman.'
'How will you answer that?.'
'Lakshmi, you have ruined
your life...'
'and you have ruined mine as well.'
'I must die.
I have no right to live.'
'I must die.'
What? - Yes, Dharma,
I am telling the truth.
Lakshmi has committed suicide...
because she was pregnant
with your child.
Really, my child,
your tale is very unusual.
No, dear, don't cry.
What is your fault in this?
Why do you want to end your life?
Look, dear,
life is the promise made to God...
which everyone has to fulfil.
And what is the fault
of the unborn child?
But uncle...
- No, no.
I won't let you commit
such a serious offence.
Have you ever seen
a gardener uprooting his garden?
God gave me the opportunity
to save your life.
Dear, now this is not your life.
It is my gift to you
for safekeeping.
You have to live.
Henceforth you will live
as my daughter.
- Yes, dear.
Hey, Lakshmi, wait.
Surprising that you are alive.
And over there, your family,
your neighbours...
even the people of the city believe
that you are dead.
There was a rumour that you were
pregnant with Dharma's child...
so you committed suicide.
Oh, dear,
but I was sure that you cannot die.
But when a woman who was raped,
testifies in court...
that she wasn't raped,
how can she die?
Hey, dear,
isn't it good that you didn't die?
How would I have met you
if you had died?
Well, tell me, where do you live?
- What do you mean?
I will tell you clearly.
First you had pleased Dharma.
Now do some favour to me also.
I live behind the police station.
Come there after dark.
Look, you won't lose anything.
And I will stop wandering here
and there every day.
Got it?
when a woman keeps quiet...'
'know that she is willing.'
'It seems that luck has smiled
on you this night.'
'I will find out where she lives.'
- Yes.
I waited for you for a long time.
You didn't come so I came over.
Didn't I do the right thing?
Is anybody at home?
Let me live my life.
Go away.
I beg to you.
I beg to... - I will be pleased
if you hold my hand...
instead of begging to me.
What is the use
of living a dull life?
Life should be full of pleasure.
Today I will make you experience
so much pleasure...
that you won't forget it
for the rest of your life.
Come on.
- You rascal!
You dirty man! Who are you?
How did you dare
to enter this house?
Old man, I will show you who I am.
I am Dilawar.
Ramu! Sheru! Lakhan!
Come fast! Save my daughter!
What happened, uncle?
What is the matter?
For God's sake,
please save my daughter.
The beastly man is violating
my daughter's modesty.
Please save her. - Old man,
only a virtuous woman's modesty...
- would get violated.
- Yes, I am inspector Dilawar.
Perhaps you all don't know.
- Uncle.
She lives in a decent
neighbourhood. - Uncle.
And she is resorting
to prostitution.
She was caught red-handed
so she is screaming.
Beware. I won't spare your life
if you dare to raise
your hand on my mother.
Very good, you bastard.
Your tongue is more stinging
than your mother.
You dare to argue with me?
You rascal, ask your mother
who your father is.
Whose illegitimate child you are?
Ask this pious woman
how many fathers you have. Ask her!
Inspector, have fear of God.
Don't harass my daughter.
She is virtuous.
Old man,
she may be virtuous in your eyes...
but in the eyes of law
she is a prostitute.
Such an activity cannot go on
while I am in this area.
Explain to her that if she is
seen here till tomorrow morning...
I will throw both of you in jail.
Got it?
Ramu, Sheru,
you know that my daughter...
Kankubai, surely you believe me?
Let it be, uncle.
Forget it.
Who all you will fight
in this big bad world?
I will leave this place
along with Mangal.
- Mangal?
Mangal? Where is Mangal?
Uncle, where did Mangal go?
'Ask your mother
who your father is.'
'Whose illegitimate child you are?'
'Ask this pious woman
how many fathers you have.'
'Ask her
how many fathers you have.'
'Yes, I have no father.'
'My father has no name.'
Sir, who would fight against
that tough man?
Your proposal will prove
so expensive...
that my pocket as well as
the cash box will be emptied out.
Or, I will lose my teeth.
But what is the meaning of
shutting the shop like this?
I don't know the meaning,
but all I know is that...
there is an order of shutting
the shop twice a week.
The government orders
to keep it closed on Sundays...
and Mangal forces to close it
if we don't pay protection money.
That is what I have been
trying to explain to you, Lala.
Now there is no need
to fear Mangal.
Keep the shop open.
From now on the police is with you.
Oh, no, you have opened
my shop's shutter.
Mangal will kill me.
Why are you determined
to harm my life and my shop.
Even the police shut their shop
on hearing Mangal's name.
So why are you...
- Look, Lala.
The rest of the shops have
also opened.
And one CBI officer is
on duty at each shop.
Forget Mangal, even
Mangal's shadow won't be seen...
in this market from now on.
Did you see?
His shadow can be seen.
Now even my shadow will leave me.
To which God should
I pray to save my life?
"Troubles of devotees."
"Troubles of devotees,
he removes in a moment."
"Hail Jagdish Hari."
The shadow. The shadow.
It is coming closer.
It is coming closer.
It is coming closer.
are you closing shop and leaving
without paying protection money
to Mangal?
What are you saying, Mangal?
Would I want to die
by not paying you?
Please remove my troubles.
No, Mangal. Henceforth no one
will pay you protection money.
Arrest him.
While I am there,
while DCP Dilawar Singh is there
goons are thriving in the area
and I don't even know about it?
If I wish I can erase Tuesday
from the week.
It would be Wednesday
directly after Monday.
If I wish I can eliminate Mangal.
But sir...
- No ifs and buts.
I have heard a lot about him,
but I haven't seen him as yet.
Who is Mangal, whose valour
you have been praising?
Once I see him,
I will throw him in jail for...
Where is he?
'Who is your father?'
'Who is your father?'
'Whose illegitimate child you are?'
'Ask her how many fathers you have.
Ask her.'
'Ask her. Ask her.'
Didn't you get scared?
Anyone trying to act bravely
before me does get scared.
You rascal!
Dilawar, start counting your days.
You are not going to live long.
Very good.
Such brave words in front of me?
I will throw you in jail.
No, I won't throw you in jail.
Whatever I do I will do it outside.
You have dared to attack me
in my police station.
If I wish I can cut off your hands.
But no.
I will beat you in your own area.
And I will make those weak
and coward people...
hear the sound of
your bones being shattered.
You have become a don
by breaking their bones.
I will thrash you in that place.
watch the bravery of your goon.
So that the fear
he has instilled in your hearts...
can be removed forever.
Henceforth no one
will pay him protection money...
and no one will feel scared
of his threats.
Officer, you have taken help
of law and humiliated me...
in front of my people
in my own area.
Now I will kill you like a dog
in front of my people in my area
without taking anyone's help.
You rascal, before
that day comes...
I will throw you in jail
to rot behind bars.
This is your last game.
Till date no one
has survived against me,
and no one will survive.
Officer, use all your power now,
but you won't survive.
You won't survive.
Let him remain hungry and thirsty.
Don't give him anything
until I give permission.
Just keep beating him a little.
That's all.
You dare to confront me?
I won't be known as Dilawar if
I don't make you beg for your life!
someone has come to bail him out.
I will throw him in jail!
Who is he?
Sir, my name is MacMohan.
I have come to bail out Mangal.
This is my lawyer Devilal.
Here are the documents for bail.
Do you know the meaning of
bailing out such a dangerous goon?
Bailing out such
a dangerous goon means...
releasing poisonous and
intoxicating gas in the society.
It will only harm the society.
There will be no benefit.
I think it would have been better
if you had asked this question...
to the judge
who has approved the bail.
Well, what do you think?
I am thinking in the right way,
but your mind...
- Yes, sir.
Release Mangal.
Who has bailed me out?
We befriend the enemies of the law.
You must have heard the name
of Parekh Sheth.
Who is Parekh Sheth?
- Parekh Sheth.
The whole of Mumbai knows him.
The diamond merchant.
Parekh Sheth has sent me
to bail you out.
He wants you to work with him.
I do not take up other work
until I finish my own work.
Listen, Mangal.
It's okay. You can come
when you finish your work.
Here is Parekh Sheth's card.
He will wait for you.
"Keeps you awake in night..."
I drank a bit more whisky, still...
would you like to have betel leaf?
Shut up!
I will meet you tomorrow night
at 8 o'clock. - Okay.
- Bye.
"Keeps you awake in night.
Torments you."
"Eat it and sleep peacefully."
Hadn't I told you
that I will kill you like a dog
in this very square...
and in front of the same people?
How are you going to kill me?
Today Mangal is going to beat
the DSP black and blue.
Oh, God.
How did my dream turn bad today?
What has happened
to the police officer?
He did not eat food
or did not drink alcohol?
No! No!
"You are so amazing."
"You are so amazing."
"My darling, keep on singing
and dancing with me."
"You are so amazing."
"You are so amazing."
"My darling, keep on singing
and dancing with me."
"You are so amazing."
"You are so amazing."
"This is a gathering of strangers."
"My heart is crazy."
"This is a gathering of strangers."
"My heart is crazy."
"So don't spill out secrets.
Don't spill them out."
"Don't spil them out."
"Keep your mouth shut.
Do not talk to anybody."
"You are so amazing."
"You are so amazing."
"We are birds from foreign land."
"It is difficult to escape."
"We are birds from foreign land."
"It is difficult to escape."
"Don't worry, my darling,
we will fly away."
"We will fly away."
"We are nomads of jungle."
"We are lovebirds."
"You are so amazing."
"You are so amazing."
"You are so amazing."
"You are so amazing."
Welcome, handsome, welcome.
The praises KK had heard
about you are absolutely true.
One should learn from you
how to deliver goods...
in the guise of a dancer
and a singer.
Who is she?
Oh. She is Reshma.
My business partner, life partner,
etcetera, etcetera.
I think we should stop chatting
and get to the point.
Right. Smart girl.
This contains 10 kilo brown sugar.
No, no, we first open
the bag containing cash.
- Yes.
This... what kind of joke is this?
This is not a joke. It is reality.
Mr. KK, your game is over.
You all are under arrest.
Hands up. Hands up!
But you are... - We are
neither singers, nor dancers.
Both your singer and dancer
are in jail right now.
I am CBI officer Vikrant.
And I am inspector Kiran Gupta.
There is no use of running.
You are surrounded from all sides.
KK, it will be better for you
to surrender to the law.
Congratulations, Vikrant.
Please sit down.
Both of you have caught
the main dealer of brown sugar...
and have made CBI's efforts
successful. - Thank you, sir.
It's our duty, sir.
Our department is pleased
with your work...
and has decided to entrust you
with the responsibility...
of handling DCP Dilawar's
murder case.
And I am confident that you will
find witnesses and evidence...
to get punishment
for murderer Mangal...
who is roaming free.
And this is his file.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Sir, I will risk my life
to justify your trust.
Wish you all the best.
And you too.
- Thank you, sir.
Father, did you see?
Your blessings are bringing me
success at every step.
Vikrant, you have returned?
Did you find time to spare
to meet your mother?
My dear, dear mother.
You know that until your son
doesn't complete his duty,
- Enough. Enough.
You are praising yourself.
You could not handcuff
one criminal in four years...
and still you are boasting.
- Mother, who is the criminal?
What is his crime?
The criminal is
police inspector Miss Kiran Gupta.
And her crime is
that she is delays becoming
my daughter-in-law...
which I want to happen
at the earliest.
Mother, I know, but please give me
a few more days.
Just a few more days.
Today I have been given the case
of a ferocious goon Mangal.
Mother, I promise that
on the very day
I get him punished...
I will marry and bring home
your daughter-in-law.
Mother, just bless me
that I succeed in this job
at the earliest.
Son, a mother's blessings
are always with her son.
May you succeed with God's grace.
I never tell lies.
Yes, Dilawar was killed
on Tuesday night.
But on Tuesday,
both my mouth
and my shop were shut.
I can't understand
why all of you are so scared.
After all, who are you scared of?
What do you do?
- I run a betel leaf shop.
Where were you on the night
when Dilawar Singh was murdered?
I was admitted to the hospital
on that night.
What do you know about this murder?
Sir, I don't know anything.
Tell me the truth.
- Sir, I am telling the truth.
You are lying. You are lying!
Why are you asking him, boy?
I will tell you.
I am Mangal.
And I have killed Dilawar.
You won't get any testimony
against me in this area.
If you want to live,
get yourself transferred
by next Tuesday.
Mangal, some other officer
might get himself transferred...
due to threat and fear of someone.
I rest only after I finish the job
I have come to do in an area.
I won't be known as Vikrant
unless I handcuff you
by next Tuesday.
Officer, it looks like
you don't love your life.
Come here next Tuesday.
I won't be known as Mangal
if I don't kill you...
in this very square
on next Tuesday.
"Eat betel leaf from Banaras
and your mind will brighten..."
Listen. Where can I find Mangal?
Are you looking for Mangal?
If I tell you his address,
you will disappear from this world.
The idiot is
seeking Mangal's address.
Mister, can I get Mangal's address?
- I don't know.
Where can I find Mangal?
Are you looking for Mangal?
In this area no one
will tell you Mangal's address.
Everybody is scared of him.
I will tell you where Mangal is.
Go straight to the liquor bar.
You will find him
drinking alcohol over there.
- Cheers.
ever since you killed Dilawar,
we are minting money.
People are so scared of us
as if your ferocious soul
has entered our body.
You are flattering me.
Not flattering. Not flattering.
what Pakya says is absolutely true.
We are really minting money.
Come here.
Mangal, take this.
come and meet me immediately.'
'Meeting me will benefit you.'
'Or else you
will regret very much.'
'The address is on the back
of the card. Chinai.'
'Who is this rascal?'
'Chinai & Company.'
Wait for me for 15 minutes.
- Okay.
If I don't return...
- Got it.
Come, Mangal. Come.
We had hoped that
you will surely come.
- Yes.
Come to the point.
The point is, Mangal,
that from now on
you will work for me...
because I like
to employ ferocious people.
I know only how to rule,
not how to be someone's slave.
We will leave the decision
to these photographs.
Have a look.
my man has clicked these photos...
which can send you
to jail for life.
You are trying to blackmail me,
you rascal.
Kalu! Jaggu!
- You rascal.
Look at him, Mangal.
He too wanted to rule
just like you.
He too didn't like slavery.
He too dared to assault me
in my home.
Look at the consequence.
Ever since he has been my slave.
And today one more slave
will be added.
No one will move from his place
or else I will shoot him.
My name is Pakya, okay?
Kill both of them.
Let him go.
By deceptively attacking,
you have proved
that you are a bastard.
I am giving you a chance.
Run away if you can!
Run, you rascal!
I have done full inquiry
as per your instructions.
Look at this.
He is Pravinbhai Parekh.
He is a diamond merchant
but his business is of supplying
brown sugar all over Gujarat.
This is Mac,
who handles all of
Pravinbhai's illegal business.
This is Chinai.
He too was
running illegal business...
but two days ago he and
all his accomplices were murdered.
Among the dead bodies
if Chinai's accomplices police
found the dead bodies of two men...
who were Mangal's accomplices.
Kiran, these two dead bodies
are enough for me to arrest Mangal.
Welcome, Mangal. Welcome, welcome.
My name is Parekh.
Parekh, think well
and long before shaking hands.
I cut off the hands of those
who shake hands and deceive.
Wow, Mangal. Wonderful words.
But I too am a diamond merchant.
Dealing in diamonds.
I can judge the worth
of a diamond at first glance.
Mangal, are you convinced now
that I like only unique diamonds?
Reshma darling, come here.
I will introduce you
to my new accomplice.
You can enjoy the company
of your new accomplice.
I am not used
to changing my accomplices.
Oh, don't be silly, Reshma.
You won't give up the habit
of making fun.
Come. Mangal, this is Reshma.
And Reshma, this is Mangal.
You seem to be as tough
from inside as soft you are
on the outside.
Don't you dare to try
to see the toughness of inside,
or else...
- Oh, Reshma,
do have good mood
at least sometimes.
Mangal, don't mind her...
Everything about
a beautiful woman is beautiful.
And I don't take offence
at beautiful women's words.
Wow, Mangal,
you are even more romantic than me.
So Mangal, shall we presume
that you are ready...
to work with Parekh Sheth?
Not me,
but Parekh wants to work with me.
So shall we celebrate on that note?
Well, Reshma?
- Cheers.
Good luck, Mangal. Good luck.
The first toast is
to our friendship.
Did you see, Mangal?
Parekh Sheth is so happy
to work with you.
I have never seen him
so happy in the past.
Mac, in my opinion you should
give up trading in diamonds...
and start trading in butter.
What do you mean?
Parekh Sheth,
I understand the meaning.
Looks like you are very smart.
Oh, come on Reshma darling.
Don't use such
scathing words today.
Excuse me.
How did a beautiful girl end up
with these beasts?
Someone like you showed sympathy...
and lured me with sweet words
and brought me here.
Now don't ask me whether
I want to get out of this muck...
because every new man
who joined this group...
has asked me the same question.
In this place,
love lasts for only one night.
And I am not interested
in one-night stands.
You are absolutely right.
I want to say something.
I don't want to hear anything
from you.
I have been hearing
these words since years...
and I have no interest
in them anymore.
What happened, Reshma darling?
She is very sharp.
Well, forget about it.
Let us talk about business.
I am going to meet aunt
after many days.
I am sure I will be scolded.
No. - Brother, he is no longer
at an age when I can scold him.
Now it is not in my power
to explain to him.
Sister, those who do not listen
need to be explained by force.
Kiran is my daughter,
but she is very stubborn.
Let us do this.
We will fix their wedding date.
And we will shackle them
in the bond of marriage.
"I am yours. You are mine."
"The moment to unite has come."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
"I am yours. You are mine."
"The moment to unite has come."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
"There is no fear.
There is no sorrow."
"There is no fear.
There is no sorrow."
"Whatever happens today
is not enough."
"I am happy today."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
"My heart yearned for many years.
Then there was shower of love."
"My heart yearned for many years.
Then there was shower of love."
"It was like monsoon showers."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
"How will this calamity stop now?"
"How will this calamity stop now?"
"How will the yearning
of heart be satisfied?"
"How will the yearning
of heart be satisfied?"
"This fire is raging."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
"I am yours. You are mine."
"The moment to unite has come."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
Do come and hold me in your arms."
What is the matter, son?
- What?
Who are you handcuffing?
Mother, it...
the thing is that these handcuffs
are of the latest model.
The government has just made them.
I was showing a sample to Kiran.
Kiran, tell mother that...
- Yes, aunt.
Dear, we too have
invented new handcuffs...
to put them on the two of you.
New handcuffs, father?
- Yes, dear.
Those who handcuff others...
are forced to be handcuffed by
others some time or the other.
Uncle, I don't understand.
Your mother will explain it to you.
First listen carefully to me.
Tomorrow is Rakshabandhan.'
We have organised a programme
in the jail...
for tying 'rakhi' to the prisoners.
Come there tomorrow along
with your mother.
Uncle, how can we both refuse
your request?
We will definitely come tomorrow.
'Kammo? Here?'
'No, Dharma.'
'Do not go to get 'rakhi' tied
to your hand.'
'If Kammo spots you,
her hatred will singe you.'
what is the matter? Won't you get
'rakhi' tied to your hand?
No, jailor, my evil hands...
won't be able to bear the weight
of the sacred thread of 'rakhi'.
They won't be able to bear it.
if you keep thinking like this...
how will you be able to live
after getting out of jail?
Forget all those things.
In a few days you
will be released...
and after that you have
to live in the world.
Mangal, remember you are
going to make a deal...
with a very big party.
By the way,
Mac will also be with you...
but you will negotiate the deal.
If this deal gets finalised,
all of us will...
What is the matter?
For the first time police have come
to a respectable man's house?
Why have you come here?
By the way,
I don't know your name, Mr...
Mangal knows it very well,
Mr. Parekh.
Right, Mangal?
Do you remember I had told you...
that if I don't arrest you
by nest Tuesday,
I will not be known as Vikrant?
I have brought a warrant
in your name for murdering Chinai.
You are under arrest.
Let me see how strong you are
to put handcuffs on my hands.
No, Mangal, no.
Sensible people never raise hands
on people in khaki uniform.
Learn the moves of chess
if you want to fight them.
Parekh, I don't know moves.
I just know
that till date
I have never been arrested...
nor will I ever be arrested.
The time to get arrested
will never come.
Quietly get into the jeep
with the inspector...
and try me also today.
My name is not Parekh Sheth if
I let you enter the police station.
Inspector Ranjit,
take Mangal inside.
Mr. Vikrant,
you cannot take Mangal inside.
I have come to bail him out.
Advocate, under no circumstances
can Mangal be bailed out.
Inspector Vikrant, it is not
in your hands to decide that.
It was decided by the judge.
These are the documents
for Mangal's bail...
which I have brought
from the judge's house.
Inspector Ranjit.
- Yes, sir?
Let Mangal go.
Did you see, Mangal?
Once I extend
a hand of friendship...
I never let that person
enter a police station.
Well, officer, have you come
to answer my challenge?
Or have you come
with a new legal gimmick?
Mangal, you have escaped
from the hands of the law...
but today you won't be
able to escape from me.
the revolver lying on the ground
will decide our matter.
Whoever picks up
the revolver first, will fire it.
So you have brought
along the means to die.
Officer, this is called turning
the situation suddenly changing.
the revolver is lying before you.
Pick it up.
Pick it up!
Pick it up.
Pick up the revolver.
Well? Have you lost your arrogance?
I had said that
whoever picks up the pistol first
will fire it.
you will have to take
another birth to kill Mangal.
No, Mangal. No.
You are under your mother's oath
if you shoot him.
Throw down the pistol.
I say throw down the pistol.
Dear, what are you thinking?
- Nothing.
Go. Go home.
Your mother must be
waiting for you.
Lakshmi is alive?
- Yes, mother.
I have seen aunt with my eyes.
Come with me
if you too want to see her.
Let us go.
Yes, Lakshmi.
Kamala, what has happened?
What am I seeing?
Lakshmi, fate has snatched
your brother from us.
It snatched him.
What is this?
Is this the way to meet?
Mother and aunt.
You should not shed tears...
but should feel elated on meeting
after so many years.
Sometimes too much joy
makes you cry.
Lakshmi, this is my son Vikrant.
Greetings, aunt.
- Bless you, dear.
Bless you.
It means a kin was thirsting
for his kin's blood?
Oh, God, what a terrible thing
would have happened...
if I had not reached there
at the right time?
How can a terrible thing happen
when you are my aunt?
But the two of us
are being treated unfairly...
because you are not asking us
to be seated.
Oh, I forgot to ask you
to sit while talking.
Come, Kammo. Come, dear.
Today I will tell you the
complicated tale of my misfortune.
May God bless Karim Miya
who saved you.
Your tale is so heart rending.
Lakshmi, you suffered a lot
and didn't even inform us?
What could I have done?
I didn't have the courage
to live with brother...
and become a blemish
on his prestige.
And then, brother is also no more.
The sorrow
because of me killed him.
Oh, aunt,
ever since you two have met...
you have been talking and weeping.
I feel as if I am watching
a tragic movie.
You heard that?
He is right.
- What else?
Well, Lakshmi,
tell me how Mangal looks?
He looks exactly like your brother.
There is no difference.
- Yes.
Not only that,
but he is following
in his footsteps.
Good morning, Gorakh Sheth.
- Good morning.
Gorakh Sheth,
what are you thinking?
I am wondering,
in our business sometimes
new people also look so old.
Right, brother?
Yes, brother.
I too am thinking
what you are thinking.
Who is he?
Paras Sheth, he is Mangal.
And Mangal, this is Gorakh Sheth.
And this is
his younger brother Paras.
Mangal, let me tell you upfront
that we are bulk traders.
We don't do petty business and
have no interest in petty traders.
We prepare 50 kilo brown sugar
every week.
Well, if you have the capacity
to buy it... - Hey, mister.
What is your name?
- Paras.
Mr. Paras,
even if you supply 50 tons...
I will leave only
after striking the deal.
Oh, good. Very good. Fantastic.
- I see.
Sir. A phone call for you.
- Yes?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Mangal, what have you done?
We had come to talk about kilos,
but you are talking about tons?
Mac, I have come to make a deal...
and I will do
what I think is right.
It is not a question of
what you like or dislike.
The question is about business...
and you are completely new
in this business.
Do you know Paras Sheth...
Okay, Mangal, we accept your deal.
Mac, if you have no objection,
I would like to talk to Mangal
in solitude.
In solitude?
- Yes.
Why would I object?
No problem.
- Thank you.
Okay. Okay, Mangal.
What did you want
to specifically talk about?
Keep watching, Mr. Mangal.
You killed my accomplice Mac
in front of my eyes.
I won't spare you!
Relax, relax, Mangal. Relax.
If I had wished I could have
killed you too along with Mac.
But I would give my life...
rather than take life
for the sake of friendship.
Parekh had told me on phone
to kill Mac.
"Now love has become
the pleasure for one night."
"Now love has become
the pleasure for one night."
"Now lovers' love lasts only
for one night."
"Now lovers' love lasts only
for one night."
"Now love has become
the pleasure for one night."
"Now lovers' love lasts only
for one night."
"Now lovers' love lasts only
for one night."
"These days who yearns
for someone?"
"These days who yearns
for someone now?"
"Who makes promises for life?"
"Now friends' friendship lasts
for one night."
"Now lovers' love lasts only
for one night."
"Now lovers' love lasts only
for one night."
"People used to accept hundreds
of blames."
"People used to accept hundreds
of blames."
"People used to sacrifice life
if they fell in love."
"Now people don't sacrifice
even sleep for one night."
"Now lovers' love lasts only
for one night."
"Now love has become the pleasure
for one night."
"Now lovers' love lasts only
for one night."
"Now lovers' love lasts only
for one night."
Yes, yes, I only got Mac killed.
In our business if someone
spit venom about me...
I don't drink even water
before I crush him.
Mac had begun to spit venom.
He was conspiring to steal
my goods on the way itself.
I don't know who was conspiring...
but you conspired to kill Mac
because you found me.
In future if someone else comes
whom you trust...
you can get me also killed.
Mac was an idiot,
but I am smarter than you.
Mangal, I have absolutely no time
for such useless talk.
Talk about business.
I have agreed to all the terms
and conditions of Gorakh.
He is not interested
in business worth a million.
What do you mean?
Every week
they pack 50 kilo brown sugar...
and he wants to do business
with only that person...
who will buy his entire stuff.
It means you agreed to it
without consulting me.
Hadn't you sent me
to strike the deal?
Gorakh doesn't want to deal
with petty traders.
And I don't want
to become a petty trader.
I am not
one of the stupid traders...
who can buy so much stuff
at one go and then can sell it off.
Listen to one thing, Parekh.
I am not used to counting
the steps before climbing.
I prefer to use the lift.
You can keep your lift
and your deal.
I cannot take risk for myself...
or my business
because of your word.
You have given
your word to Gorakh...
so you will do the business, not I.
I know that. I know.
What is the matter, Mangal?
Looks like you are
in a bad mood today.
You can have a good mood in
the company of a liar like Parekh.
Not me.
I have parted ways with him.
Listen to me and part ways
with him.
Mangal, do you remember
I had told you
in our first meeting...
that I am not used
to changing companions?
don't compare me with Parekh.
I liked you
when I saw you for the first time.
If you wish you can become
my wife for the rest of your life.
Think over my words.
I will wait for you.
Mother, where are you?
Why have you come here?
How many times have I told you...
that I don't want
your ill-gotten money?
Still you come here
to rub salt into my wounds.
I come here because I am crazy.
I come here thinking
that it is my mother's house...
despite knowing
that my mother doesn't love me.
God knows why you treat me
like this.
I don't want you to seek help
from people.
To beg in front of them.
That you would waste your life
cleaning their dirty utensils.
That is why I come.
Here, keep this.
Instead of this,
if you had provided me...
two square meals
with your hard earned money,
I would have felt proud...
that I am the mother
of an honest son.
But my eyes are lowered with shame
and regret when I see you.
Do you regret
that you are my mother?
But I regret even more that
I am the son of that cruel man...
who has oppressed you.
The oppressor was constrained
to oppress.
What was his constraint...
which forced you to live a life
of poverty?
And I?
I was called a bastard and forced
to live the life of a dog.
He might be helpless
in your opinion...
but in my opinion
he is a very big criminal.
You are a criminal
who knowingly oppresses
helpless people.
You are shedding their blood.
Yes, I have shed blood.
I will shed even more.
What has the world given to me?
Kicks? Hatred? Humiliation?
I am returning to the world
what it has given to me.
Look, mother, I haven't come
to argue with you.
I have come to give you money.
Keep it.
I don't want your money.
From now on there is no relation
between you and me. Go away.
I say go away.
Go away!
I am leaving.
Mother Goddess,
I don't know
when he will mend his ways.
Mother Goddess, what do I do?
What do I do?
Mother Goddess, what do I do?
You only tell me.
- Lakshmi.
Do you recognise me?
I am Dharma.
For my crime you have been
undergoing punishment till date.
I had heard in jail that you...
Millions of thanks to God
that you are alive.
You didn't even give me
a chance to apologise.
Since past 30 years
I have been feeling regret.
I don't deserve forgiveness.
But if possible,
please forgive me, Lakshmi.
Please forgive me.
No, no, what are you saying?
Please don't make incur
a big sin by apologising to me.
Lakshmi, how will you incur sin?
I had committed a sin.
But now God has given me
a chance to atone for my sin.
Do you know that we have a son?
Yes, I know.
On seeing his face
I have traced you to this place.
On coming here I also saw
that my own son is blaming me.
But what is his fault in this?
I am at fault.
I have sawn the seed of hatred.
Everybody hates me.
Even my sister Kammo also hates me.
Kammo doesn't hate you.
Kammo doesn't hate you.
She loves you.
She misses you very much.
What? What are you saying?
Yes. She lives nearby.
Who has come?
My sister.
Brother. Brother.
- Kammo.
My sister.
How are you?
It has been so many years
since we separated.
I was yearning to see you.
Brother, I too was thinking
of you every year.
I wanted to meet you,
but Vijay hated you
till his last breath.
And perhaps it was justified also.
That is why I never dared
to meet you.
All of you kept doing your duties,
but I...
I kept living in misunderstanding.
I feared that you all
will never forgive me.
Today you have forgiven me.
Mother, I had told you...
Come, I will introduce you
to meet your maternal uncle.
His name is Vikrant. My son.
Dear, bless you.
Make this night the last night
of Mangal's life.
He is sitting in Diamond Club
waiting for his death.
Kill him as soon as he comes out.
Whose accomplice you are?
Tell me.
Whose accomplice you are?
Who has sent you?
Who has...
I will tell you. I will tell you.
We... We were sent by Parekh Sheth.
Laugh. Laugh even more.
Let us drink on Mangal's death.
Parekh, my life is not so cheap...
that your goons can take it.
Whoever has tried to confront me,
has faced death.
Only death.
The rascal is dead.
Mangal, this garland and
the chair of the uncrowned king...
of the dark world is offered to you
from all of us.
Henceforth you will be known
as the king of the dark world.
Friends, I promise
that I will carry out
till my last breath...
the responsibility
you have entrusted me with.
Why have you come here?
Mangal, I have come here
to congratulate you.
But not for sitting on that chair.
For the death the law
will punish you with.
Because you have moved so ahead
in the world of crime...
that your destination
will be death only.
Look at these photos on the wall.
All these people had also
walked the same path as yours.
You know their end very well.
All these people
had untimely death.
Had you said these words outside
this house...
I would have rained bullets on you.
Vikrant, now you can carry the laws
of the whole world with you.
I will be more than a match
for you.
Mangal, never consider the law
to be weak.
It not only makes noises,
it takes action as well.
And the day is not far
when I will take action.
Gorakh Sheth, I don't understand...
why you anointed Mangal as the don.
Shakal, if you were smarter,
you would have been in my place...
and I would have been
in your place.
Right, brother?
- Of course, brother.
Till date no one
has understood that...
Whoever we establish
on that chair...
we also kill him with our hands.
Mangal wants to become a
millionaire in one night, isn't it?
He loves to go by lift.
In a few days
we will fulfil his wish.
But brother,
this time we will have to hatch
a very dangerous plan,
because we will be facing Mangal...
and we have to finish him off.
Brother, I have already
made the plan. Listen.
You are surrounded from all sides.
Surrender yourselves to the police.
- Surround them.
I will set on fire the law
and the law enforcers.
I will chop off the hands
which dared to touch my stuff.
Find out who he is.
there is no need to find out.
We have already found out.
Who is he?
CBI officer Vikrant.
Yes. Vikrant.
You only has provoked him to take
action instead of making noises.
He took action.
Right, brother?
- Yes, brother.
And I have heard that
today Vikrant is getting engaged.
Anyone taking on me
doesn't get engaged.
He marries death.
Wasn't it fun, brother?
Wasn't it fun? - Yes, brother.
Did you see, brother?
How was our move?
I sent my men in police uniform
and got Mangal's stuff captured.
Brother, it will be fun
when Dharma's son Mangal...
and his sister's son Vikrant will
fight each other and will die.
Let the rascals die.
Let us fix an auspicious day
and marry them off.
I will shoot
if anybody makes a move.
Mangal, you?
Tell me where the stuff is
if you love your life.
Mangal, have you gone crazy?
Do you know who he is?
I know only this.
He is my enemy.
No, he is not your enemy.
He is your brother.
He is my sister's son.
And crazy boy, you are my son.
I am nobody's son.
No one is my father.
Whatever I am today
is because of you.
Vikrant, make a phone call
and tell your men...
to return my stuff at the place
from where they had taken it.
what stuff are you talking about?
I haven't confiscated
any of your stuff.
Vikrant is right, Mangal.
- Yes.
I have come to remove the enmity...
Gorakh and Paras
have created in your mind.
What do you mean to say?
Vikrant has not taken your stuff.
In fact their men have donned
police uniform and taken it.
What? What are you saying?
Yes, I am saying
what I have seen with my eyes...
and heard with my ears.
They provoked you
and sent you here...
so that you would shed
your family's blood.
Son, this girl is right.
Paras and Gorakh have
started this nefarious activity.
Because of that our family
was separated.
Our entire family was trapped in
Paras and Gorakh's conspiracy.
My sister was raped.
Vikrant's father has
to tell lies in the court.
A terrible thing happened
with your mother...
and I...
I had to face your hatred.
Please forgive me, father.
I promise that I won't spare
those goons.
Yes, son.
They will be punished
for this conspiracy.
I will punish them.
- Yes, son. Yes.
Shakal, do you believe now
that we place that person
on don's chair,
whose life is about to end?
Right, brother?
- Yes, brother.
Today Mangal's life will be over.
He will die over there
and we will garland his photo.
What is this?
- Who has done this?
First you kill a person
and then garland his photo.
But I first garland a photo
and then kill him.
But what is our fault?
The tale of the devastation
of our family started with you...
and it will end with the deaths
of both of you.
Pull up. Up.
Swing. Swing.
Keep on swinging.
Keep on swinging, Mr. Mangal.
Turn it.
He is hanging.
Mangal, you too writhe
just like this shackled cock.
You too are going to end up
like this.
Right, brother?
- Yes, brother.
Show him.
Mangal will fall in this acid
just like this.
Hey, give me the gun.
His arms are very powerful.
Right, brother?
Yes, brother.
I will break his powerful arms.
Brother, Dharma?
- Dharma.
God knows
how many innocent people...
you have killed
in this boiling acid.
But today...
you bones will swim
in this boiling acid.
Arrest me.