Pacemaker (2011) Movie Script

You kept me waiting forever.
Do you always deliver on foot?
My scooter broke down on the way.
I'm still faster on foot
than most scooters.
Here's your complementary coke.
That'll be 15 dollars.
What the fuck!
I didn't forget on purpose
to leave some food for you.
I love instant noodles
over anything in the world.
Did you hear back
about the coaching job?
I haven't heard from them.
Listen, man.
Eat up.
Maybe you can drive a taxi?
Staying here must be uncomfortable.
Remember the training camp
from back in the day?
It was a make-shift building
you can hardly call a dormitory.
Compared to that,
this is a palace.
Besides, I have no driver's license.
What's this?
I'm only slightly
behind on repayment
and they won't get off
my back.
You were late
with payment again?
What if they take
your organs for it?
Didn't sign anything dubious,
did you?
That's real nice thing
to say to a friend.
Just keep it switched off.
It's not like anyone calls you.
What are you talking about?
I'm expecting a call
from my brother.
It must be him.
You see?
Hey, what's up?
So you can make it.
But you can't stay long?
I know how busy you are.
Don't prepare anything.
I got it all covered.
Great! I'll see you then.
Look at you smirk
like an idiot
as if talking to a secret lover.
Don't you dare compare him
to a mistress.
As soon as he graduated,
he got into the foreign affairs agency
and made the youngest-ever secretary.
There is no one in this neighborhood
with an achievement to outshine him.
Talk to his brother
about his situation.
You know Man-ho hates
to be a burden on his brother.
Damned scooter always breaks down.
Love the breeze!
Let's walk home tonight.
Come on.
Do you know
what this month's sales was?
Alright, alright.
How can he not have
a driver's license at his age?
You're 'confident'?
As if you own the world?
Because you have national record
under your belt?
You're not the only
marathon runner in the country!
Why don't you
just get to the point?
We all heard the rumors.
Just get it out.
You've been hunting for
a new coach to replace me.
Who is that?
What can be done to improve
Yun-gi's record?
You should have shown results
when you had the chance.
Korea lost its hunger
for victory.
They talk about sports science
and cutting-edge technology
but it all comes down
to mental strength.
What brings you here anyway?
Wait a minute...
You're my replacement?
After being forced to step down
when your team filed complaints
I thought you would
never set foot back here.
We established that
we got no chance
at the Olympics
at this rate.
We need new strategies and
new runners on the team.
Yun-gi, you have a temper problem.
A marathon runner
who can't keep a steady pace
in the first half.
What this boy needs
right now
is a professional pacemaker
who will pace him to the Olympics.
You have no idea
who you're dealing with.
This little prince went through
all the pacemakers in the country
plus three we brought in
from Kenya.
If he won't listen to me
he shouldn't stay on the team.
Besides, you can't have designated
pacesetters in the Olympics.
That's why we must
appoint a pacemaker
who can also qualify
for the Olympics.
You can't be talking about him.
Not after what you have done.
He won't gladly
offer himself again.
Shit! It's burning.
No one visits the ancestral graves
at this time of the year.
It'a a tradition
from since we were kids
and, an excuse for him
to see us twice a year.
Wow, I could smell this
from a mile away.
It smells delicious.
- You made all this?
- I prepared plenty
for you to take home.
Not sure about the taste though.
- Thank you!
- Please, try some.
Aren't you a happy man?
I'm so excited
that I could die.
I haven't seen my brother
for almost 6 months.
That must be him.
He arrived early.
You left the middle school coaching job
that I hooked you up with.
I didn't leave voluntarily.
The school shut down
the track team.
And the electric blanket venture
went under.
Something about harmful
electromagnetic fields...
You suck at everything
except running.
You should have called me.
Didn't think you'll want to
hear from me.
Since you were forced to leave
because of us.
Let me cut to the chase.
I want you to work for me
as a pacemaker again.
Pardon me?
There is an Olympic hopeful
called Yun-gi
but his first 30km is a mess.
I'm too old to wipe
some kid's ass.
Besides I can't run like before.
I've been retired for years now.
You could go to the Olympics.
If only you would trust me.
I'm paying him 500 bucks a month
but the business has been bad.
And every month...
- He...
- Talking about me?
Long time! I missed you.
I've been cooking
all morning...
Every month what?
That I'm working hard and
saving up every month.
You should look for
a real job.
I can help you
with the money until...
Don't be silly!
I'm doing fine here.
Please, don't pay attention to
what he says.
Shall we get going then?
Long time, Seong-ho.
- Jong-su?
- Yes, sir.
Will you keep pretending
that I'm not here?
Good bye, sir.
- Keep in touch.
- Yes, sir.
What does he want?
We're late. Let's go.
Mom, dad and grandma!
We all came to see you.
Seong-ho, pour them a drink.
Shit! The rain.
Out of the blue!
It's been long, hasn't it?
Hey, do you remember the sports day
back when we were kids?
It was pouring down
like today.
Invite him to eat with us.
The poor kid lost his parents
and is living with his grandma.
Boys, come and eat with us!
We're fine.
It's okay. Come on.
Grandma packed lunch
for us too.
What packed lunch?
I'm starving.
I'll get you
something yummy.
I promise.
What if you come in
first or third place?
You have to finish second.
We'll come up with a special sign.
If you furl your umbrella,
it means I have to go slower.
If you unfurl it, it means
I gotta run full blast. Got that?
Slow down.
Run, bro!
Faster! Come on.
Faster! Faster!
Yes! We won the noodles!
I might go back
to the training camp.
- As a coach?
- No... Like before.
Aren't you tired of running
for someone else's victory?
It's meaningful work.
How else will I be able
to run for Korea?
- It's thanks to that job that we got...
- Fine!
Just don't make me
worry about you.
Work is stressing me out enough.
It is, isn't it?
You're under a lot of pressure.
Hey, when are you going
to show me a nephew?
Can't wait to see a beautiful baby...
I'm stressing you out again.
You should get going.
What does Seong-ho say?
That he has faith in me.
It's not because he has faith.
Because he doesn't give a damn.
- That little son of a...
- Watch it!
You want to work for him again
after what he put you through?
It's obvious he needs you
to wipe someone's ass for him.
You'd rather that I stay here?
I'm more than happy to.
I stand by your decision.
I'm just worried about you.
I'm doing my bit
to serve the country.
- I'm going.
- Good luck.
- Will you welcome me back?
- Of course, silly!
I'll pray for you.
Thanks for everthing.
See you again.
Korea Athletics Federation
Training Center
Can I see your pass?
I'll be training here from today.
On the marathon team.
Didn't hear anything
about that.
No one's picking up
the marathon team.
I'm telling the truth.
- Have a good day, sir.
- Hold it!
Stop! I'm not gonna lose my job
for letting you through.
Don't you recognize me?
From all the races
that I ran.
Ever won any of them?
How am I supposed
to recognize you?
Unless the marathon team clears you,
I'm not letting you pass.
What the heck?
Over here.
Are you trying to get in here?
Are you on staff?
Therapist or catering?
I'm an athlete.
No kidding! You look
old enough to be a coach.
Hey, you got smoke?
Excuse me?
What kind of athlete smokes?
I'm an athlete
and I smoke.
My event doesn't rely on
lung capacity.
What's your event?
That's all about lung capacity!
See that shop over there?
Can you get me
some cigarettes?
I can't go because
they know my face.
Get me my smokes and
I'll get you inside.
Do I look like someone
who'll run errands for you?
Only because
you look troubled.
Are you sure
you can get me inside?
This way, oldster.
You may feel honored
about getting me cigarettes.
You can tell your friends
if you want to.
Who are you?
You don't know
who I am?
Don't you watch news
or read papers?
I read horoscopes
and TV guide.
And weather forecast sometimes.
And you don't surf
the net either?
No wonder
you don't know me.
So, who are you?
Weren't you joining us
from tomorrow?
You told me
to come in today.
Did l?
You must be Yun-gi.
I saw you run on TV.
- Hi.
- Good to meet you.
You know Lee,
my second-in-command.
This is Gyeong-sun,
most senior on the team.
And Wu-jin who recently
joined us.
Good to see you, man.
He got potentials.
And there is another one.
But he has stomach flu.
I didn't know we recruited
foreigners on national team.
Actually, I moved back
to Korea two years ago.
I was born in Korea
into a reputable family
in Chungnam.
Only, my mother is
a former Miss Kenya.
Are you feeling better?
You said you couldn't
hold it in.
I'll run with a diaper
if I have to.
until the final selection.
Look after each other.
That'll be all for today.
Hi, I'm your roommate.
- I'll do it.
- Please let me.
- Really, I'm fine.
- Come on, follow me.
For energy. Cheers.
Anything I can help you with?
It's okay.
Don't talk to me
like I'm a stranger.
Besides I'm only 22.
Ha... I see.
Ou la la! 8.8!
Who is that stunning bird, huh?
Did you finish your laps?
Yo, bro! Come here.
She's awesome, isn't she?
A ten out of ten.
Who is she?
What does she do?
Haven't you heard of
Beauty Bird?
Korea's pole vaulting
pride and joy.
She's on TV commercials
and there are rumors
about acting debut.
Pole vault suddenly gained
popularity among young people.
Yo! Sis!
How is she your sister?
She is Yun-gi bro's GF.
That's why.
That was good.
Let's try again with a half step back.
- Man-ho, take over the lead.
- Sir?
Let's eat here.
Hey, sis.
It's tough training with
younger people, isn't it?
Well, what can you do?
Someone's having
a time of his life.
Happy to be a Third Leg
at that age.
Aren't you being too blatant?
After all,
he's our senior.
Senior, my ass!
Did you treat the Kenyan Third Legs
as your colleagues?
We didn't.
No need to get heated up.
What's a Third Leg?
Your roommate.
Because he can only
run up to 30km.
Do you know what the world's
first pacemaker was?
A dog.
They found out that running after
a dog helped improve the records.
What the heck?
Hey, oldster.
They're talking about you.
Are you gonna put up with that?
You know what's good
about getting older?
You learn to block out
the crap you don't want to hear.
Even his feet get
a royal treatment.
Looks like we're going to fight
to death for one ticket to London.
Supposing one is reserved for Yun-gi,
there are still two tickets.
Federation is prepared to do anything
to secure gold in marathon.
So, the second ticket will be given
to a pacemaker to assist Yun-gi.
I never expected a Third Leg
to jeopardize my chances.
Looks like you have
a bumpy ride ahead of you.
Come to me if you need
a smoke to blow off steam.
As you may be aware, Ju Man-ho is
well past his prime as a marathon runner.
Although he has good lung capacity
and fast recovery for his age,
due to the spinal curvature
and stress fractures in his right leg...
His target distant is 30km.
I'll be training him to
get the accurate lap time.
But he must make
the qualifying time
in order to gain entry
in the Olympics.
- Lee.
- Yes, sir.
What's Man-ho's finish record?
His last official record is
at Chuncheon Marathon
in 1996.
How are we going to qualify him?
Regulation is a regulation.
I'll train him to make the entry.
Doctor, I rely on you to make sure
his state doesn't deteorate
until that time.
20km, sir.
That's it for you, Man-ho.
I'd like to run a little more.
Yun-gi's picked up the pace.
Your job's done.
Take it easy, will you?
Forget 40.
Let's focus on 35.
I almost went over
until I got a head wind.
If you overwork yourself
you'll end up with an injury.
You're pushing for something
out of your ability...
There was a head wind,
goddamn it!
Blame it on the wind.
Hey, are you in?
Are you in the bathroom?
Oh, you were here.
I came to borrow some muscle band
and the door was open.
I was curious how they're different...
I don't have athlete's foot or anything.
But, obviously you're displeased...
I would feel the same
if l...
What is it?
Your shoe size.
270mm. Why?
They were made to measure
but if they fit,
you can keep them.
Oh no. I couldn't.
They must be really expensive, too.
They're training shoes
so it's okay.
You're right.
After all, they're only
a pair of trainers.
Only about 1,000 bucks a pop.
I can't use them all anyway.
I have too many.
Then... may l?
Thanks a lot, man.
I really appreciate it.
I didn't know Beauty Bird
could run as well as fly.
That's what they call you, right?
Why run in the middle of night?
So, is this bird an ostrich
or a penguin?
Race me and
find out for yourself.
I may be old but
I'm still a marathoner.
Do you know that many pole vaulters
come from sprinting background?
Converting horizontal energy
into vertical energy.
That's the basic principle
of flying high.
Don't know about long distance but
I bet I can beat you in a sprint.
Come on!
I'm not gonna compete with you.
Afraid you might lose?
Then back out, oldster.
Wow, you're fast!
Not bad at all.
How about this?
You're an ostrich. Yes.
No. Like this.
What are you doing?
It feels more comfortable
without the right insole.
You're a freak.
Not as much as an athlete
who smokes.
It's none of your business.
You got your own problems to deal with.
They may have problems with me.
But I got no problems.
This is perfect.
Try that for real races.
You were fantastic today, Man-ho.
No. I almost had a heart attack
trying to catch up to you.
Haha, you're pulling my leg.
Let's go.
Go ahead.
I'll take the next one.
I wired this month's interest
in the morning.
Hey, I was only late
a couple of times.
Since I'm back
in the training center,
there's no late payment.
So, don't call me again.
All right?
We'll go over the final strategy
for tomorrow's race.
- Gyeong-sun.
- Sir.
Put on a spurt at 15km and
lead the pack to 30km mark.
I've been training
for negative split.
Are you telling me to be
Yun-gi's pacemaker?
Just do it this time.
I'll just do it...
No, run on your pace this time
and make the entry time.
Do not overpace.
You don't care if I overpace
and fuck up my race?
This is a qualifying race
for the Olympic entry.
Are you telling me
to give up this race?
Federation and I put a lot of
thought into this decision.
This isn't going to be
your last marathon.
We need to survive as a whole
for individuals to survive.
Just do as you're told.
- How about now?
- That's better.
You're not feeling
comfortable some place?
Must be a temporary cramp.
But the tape won't hold.
I'll get you a fresh tape.
Don't worry about it.
Tell me if you need anything.
You're a national team member, too.
100 out of 100!
He has a bad fever.
It could be pyelitis.
- What?
- Take him to the hospital.
No! I'll die running
if I have to.
Coach! Bro! Man-ho!
Don't be ridiculous.
Shut up.
What's wrong with him?
At every major race?
Stomach flu, pyelitis...
What next? Appendicitis?
No way.
I'll follow from here.
It's the first day of April.
We have clear sky with sunny spells.
Temperature 10.9C, 42% humidity,
it's an ideal condition for a marathon.
The runners are passing Jungmun
which is the 10km mark.
They are running
at a pretty fast pace
and are about to enter
an uphill section.
The slope is gentle here
so it's not too bad.
Gyeong-sun, you're at 15km.
Man, we're at 15km.
I' m not gonna be
a Third Leg.
You can take the job
if you want.
What's wrong with you, man?
You gotta take the lead now.
Shit... I'm moving up front.
Follow me, Yun-gi.
Korean runners have started
coming to the front.
Park Gyeong-sun!
To the front! Now!
It's a good strategy
to push forward like this.
Gyeong-sun! Do you hear me?
Put on a spurt!
Spurt! Now!
Min Yun-gi looks calm
and in control.
His strength is the speed.
His style can be described
as final spurt.
Ju Man-ho has lead a good race so far
providing a perfect assistant
for Yun-gi.
You still need to make
the qualifying time.
You gotta make it
no matter what.
Show me what you got!
Pose for the camera.
Look here, please.
Over here!
Have you gone nuts?
Why didn't you do
as you were told?
I really wasn't feeling well.
What am I supposed to do?
Ju dropped out at 38km.
He had a problem in his right leg
so I sent him to hospital
and contacted Dr. Choi.
I'm sorry, sir.
Gyeong-sun, you are not to do anything
until a decision is made on you.
Do not come to trainings.
Do not leave the camp.
And do not show your face to me.
Lie down on your back.
Now keep still.
Got it.
- Dismissed.
- Thank you, Coach Lee.
Man-ho is released from the hospital
and you made the entry time.
Go to coach and
ask for forgiveness.
You missed training for 10 days.
Are you gonna end
your career like this?
He's right you don't want to leave
the wrong impression on the coach.
Man-ho's medical examination
showed a severe spinal curvature.
But the real problem is
a prolonged strain on the right leg
which resulted in bowing of the tibia.
How long does it take to rehab?
Rehabilitation can only take place
after the problem is corrected.
In Man-ho's case, the cause is
his left tibia being shorter.
Even if he goes through an extensive rehab
following corrective surgery,
it is highly unlikely that
he'll run as an athlete again.
I thought you were well
aware of his condition.
I guess not.
It's not important whether
anyone knew about his state.
As long as his muscles can
hold out to the Olympics,
he may be able to run 30km
needed for Yun-gi.
But, if he runs more than that,
the damage may be irreversible.
In the worst case, he may
never be able to run again.
Sacrifice is inevitable
to get what you want.
Director, if you want that gold medal
put Man-ho on the final entry.
From there on it's my responsibility.
One more thing.
Records don't count
in the Olympics,
only the color of the medals matter.
Please take care of any media play
on Yun-gi.
From today on,
all my tactics and trainings
will be tailored for the Olympic victory.
Why did you want to see me?
You got something
to talk to me about?
You want to apologize.
Is that it?
There is no need for that.
We're teammates.
- Man-ho...
- Yeah.
- Quit marathon.
- What?
Get lost! Don't get in my way
and blow my chances, damn it!
You take me for a piece of shit
because I've been nice to you?
I've been a runner
long before you were
and have run in a lot more
races than you.
You little piece of shit!
What's wrong?
It's not me.
It's your leg.
My leg?
An athlete's body is like
a walking general hospital.
It could get damaged
beyond recovery.
I've been horrible to you
because I was scared.
Running is the only thing
I can do.
New young runners keep
threatening my position.
I was scared that
I would end up like...
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, bro.
Seong-ho, it's me.
Nothing's happened.
I just wanted to hear your voice.
I wanted to have a drink
with my little brother.
If you have the time...
I could come to you.
Just you and me...
If it's not urgent, call me later.
I gotta go.
Playing a sorry ass?
I want it back, washed and dried.
You got a cigarette?
You're confusing me.
You can't even finish it.
What a waste!
Pay me back with a whole packet.
What's the matter?
Are you enjoying your life?
Where did that come from?
The pole vaulting...
What changes after you
accomplish your goal?
It doesn't change anything.
I just like it.
Just want to do it.
If you had to choose between
what you love and what you're good at
What's it going to be?
I never thought about that.
What I can do well, I guess.
Which is...?
Being the center of attention.
Being called a beauty.
Getting my private life pried into.
Ignoring terrible things
people write about me.
Considering a life
in entertainment.
It's more fun than you'd think.
People love you and you can
easily get what you want.
It's so simple for you, isn't it?
What about you?
Which would you choose?
What the...?
That's enough, Man-ho.
Are you alright?
- Let me see.
- Don't touch me.
Let me see your leg.
Here? Or here?
Don't you know why you are here?
I don't.
You're a pacemaker.
Without Yun-gi, there is no pacemaker
and there is no you!
I am me.
I'm not here for anyone else.
Nor because of anyone.
Bro, don't leave.
Please. I beg you.
What do you think you're doing?
I'm walking out.
- Then what?
- I'm a marathon runner.
I'm gonna run marathon.
And what you're doing here
isn't a marathon?
Everyone has their place
in the world.
Is that why you didn't tell me?
That this may be my last race.
If I complete it, I may never
be able to run again?
You are coming to an end
of your career as a runner.
You gotta think about
the life beyond.
I know what running means to you.
- That's why...
- You know...
All my life, I've run
for somebody else.
But the last race of my life,
I'm gonna have to run for me.
Over here.
This way.
Hello! Your order from
Success Fried Chicken.
I thought you serve the country.
Sometimes, the country's gotta
serve its people, too.
Are you serious?
You haven't run on a normal pace
in over 10 years.
You remember? I used to be
really good back in high school.
Of course.
You were way better
than that Yun-gi face.
Unless we determine the cause
of the strain on right tibia,
this injury will keep recurring.
Don 't worry about me.
I can go to college later.
I want you to only think about running.
That's what I want for you.
I want to see you in the Olympics.
I can run. Let me run.
I can take the pain.
I gotta continue running.
You know how much
I want this.
I'll be a pacemaker.
I' ll work as a pacemaker.
That way I get to run 30km.
Ever since I became a pacemaker,
I lost 12.195km forever.
Do you regret?
No. I did it for my brother.
I have no regrets.
But for once, I want to do
something that I love.
30km being the starting point
not the end.
If I don't do this,
then I'll really regret it.
Damn you.
I always felt sorry
running behind you.
You get to run behind me
this time.
Have you lost your mind?!
Business is hitting rock bottom
and you want to run a marathon?
You promised, never again!
- This really is the last time.
- Last time, my ass!
I owe it to Man-ho.
I gotta help him.
It's not his fault.
I asked him to.
I'll work really hard.
Marathon? Great!
You love marathon, don't you?
I have a better chance at
going back to shot put.
We'll hand out more flyers.
If he doesn't go, I'll go.
- Hyang-yi!
- Honey, no!
Beautiful! Loving it!
Yun-gi, you're great.
Like a professional.
That's good. Smile.
It's a beauty!
Show me a smile.
Loving it.
Love your faces.
Now, with more energy!
Yes! Yes! Ji-won, let me see
your pearly whites.
We have a month and 12 days
to Gyeonggi Marathon.
You gotta get rid of all the senses
you became accustomed to.
Because you're running your own race.
Not as a pacemaker.
Let me ask you for the last time.
This race could end your career.
You still want to do it?
Let's pour all we got on this.
Go, Success Chicken track team!
You got a delivery.
Man-ho, too fast!
Too slow. Pick up your pace.
Come on.
Pull me up.
Gyeong-sun, to the front.
You gotta fill in for Man-ho.
If you go rogue
like the last time,
you'll never run
for the country again.
Spit out! Shit!
I got the license plate number.
First splits are pathetic.
You must cut 30km in 1:27:00,
if you want a chance at gold.
But both Gyeong-sun and
Wu-jin's best time is 1:30:00.
At this rate, Yun-gi may
not get any medal.
It's the result that counts.
I'll run by myself...
Shut up and
listen to me carefully.
If you screw up this race,
your popularity will disappear
like thin air.
I'm fucked because
the damn rabbit ran off.
This is so frustrating.
The old man that
walked out on me.
- Yun-gi.
- Yeah.
I want to break
the 4m 40cm wall.
Break it then.
I really really want it.
So what?
- Hey!
- Hmm?
From what you love and
what you're good at,
what would you choose?
I'm good at what I love doing.
Honey, Man-ho's here.
She came to see you.
Hey, oldster!
What business does Beauty Bird
have with Man-ho?
Beats me...
- Honey?
- Yeah?
Hand me a marker.
How did you know I was here?
I'm good at digging up
other's personal life.
I asked around people
at the camp.
Can I have your autograph?
- What's your name?
- It's...
Success Chicken will do.
I am utterly inspired
by your flight.
Thank you.
The honor is mine.
Thank you so much.
What brings you here?
I came to get what I'm owed.
I ran out of smokes.
You owe me a packet.
You have no lighter?
I'm trying to quit.
This is a souvenir.
You're confusing me.
You enjoy doing
what you love?
Yeah, it's fun.
Are you happy?
Yes, I'm happy.
Man-ho. I take back
what I said the other day.
I want to do what I love, too.
What I really really want.
And that is...
Breaking your current record?
How did you know?
It's written all over your face
when you train.
I'll come and watch you run.
It's next week, right?
It'll be great
if Seong-ho comes, too.
I have a really successful brother.
When he was little,
he used to be so proud of me.
It made me feel proud
running in front of him.
Since I became a pacemaker,
he stopped coming to see me run.
He'll be there this time.
Probably not. He's really busy.
I hardly see him anymore.
Then, call him. Tell him
you want him to watch you run.
He'll be there.
You're right.
He will.
If you complete the race,
I'll call you oppa as a reward.
Forget it. I'm much too old
for you to call me that.
You don't want it? Fine.
Just do as you please.
If you want to call me that,
I can't stop you.
I mean, later... If I finish.
Bus is here.
Best of luck!
Hey! Yu Ji-won!
Where have you been all day?
I'm not reporting to you.
You're not my coach.
You got a man?
Stop wondering about me.
I lost interest in you.
Hey, it's me...
It's not a good time, is it?
It's just... you know the marathon
I told you about earlier.
Can you come?
Oh... Only if you have the time.
Because I'll be running
for real this time.
Between you and Hwan Yeong-jo,
who wins?
Fuck off.
It's been such a long time.
I remember you chasing me around
asking questions about running.
Love marathon, don't you?
Me, too.
This is a huge honor to be
on the track with you, Ms Ji-won.
Can we take a picture together?
My cellphone's in the pocket.
Sure. Why not?
One two three!
Thank you so much!
Come anytime you feel like chicken.
This is a huge honor.
I'm the happiest man alive.
I can't put a price on this feeling but
the chicken is on the house
You need to put up the speed.
Of course.
Go, Man-ho!
He's on a good pace.
We can hope for good results.
Hey, Man-ho!
Hey, Man-ho!
- Oldster!
- Man-ho!
- You okay?
- Oldster!
Are the results in?
Yes, sir. Man-ho dropped out
due to a leg injury.
But his record...
Check this out.
Hey, Mr. Chicken!
Are you hiding in there?
Looks like they're after Man-ho.
Go find out.
Yes, sir.
He seemed to keep up with
his payments on time for a while...
Then recently,
he started avoiding
my calls again.
How much does he
owe you in total?
- Gently. Be careful!
- Slowly.
Try to stand up.
Are you all right?
Don't make a fuss.
It's much better now.
At our age, you can never
look lightly on any injuries.
You need to recover quickly
so we can prepare for the next race.
You're right.
And you'll be there for me again?
If you can't do without me.
Promise you'll finish next time.
Come in within top 3.
Don't you worry about that.
Looks like you won't be
getting your reward this time.
What reward?
There is something going on here.
I would like a reward
from her, too.
Let's have a celebratory dinner
for getting out of hospital.
What a good idea!
What do you feel like?
- Over there.
- Out of bird, animal, fish.
- I don't want birds, so sushi or meat?
When did you get here?
I paid off your loan.
You use the rest of the money,
until you find a new job.
Why did do that?
It's my business.
I'll take care of it.
I'll get your money back.
I don't need that money.
Just take it.
I'm paying you back for
everything you gave me.
You don't owe me anything.
Don't you ever say that again...
It's not for you
but for myself, okay?
I just want to get you
off my back, okay?
Off your back?
I may not be an ideal brother.
Still, how can you say that?
After all I've done.
All my life, I ran for you.
Even if for just 30km...
When did I ever ask you
to run for me?
If it's been all for me,
then stop.
Do you know how I felt,
every time I saw you run?
What am I supposed to do?
Because of your expectations,
I had to study, study and study
before I could think about what I like.
Now what!
I had no idea, man.
Because of me...
I understand now.
So please just take this back.
Stop it!
Every time you do this,
I feel as if a piece of rock
is hanging from me.
As if my heart will burst
under its weight.
As if chewing on gravels.
Whose brother is so handsome...
Every time you do this,
I feel as if a piece of rock
is hanging from me.
As if my heart will burst
under its weight.
I've been so stupid and didn't
realize what I put you through.
Because l'm so stupid...
Because of me...
Because I'm so stupid.
Because of me...
Are you still sleeping?
Thanks for lending me your back.
I'II see you again.
Running in the Olympics will
certainly help with your career.
I had everything arranged
with the federation.
50 grand upon completion of training
before leaving for London.
And another 50, if I hit 30km
within 1:28:00.
Hold up your end of the bargain,
I'll hold up mine.
What's this?
You came all the way to see me?
What are you wearing?
What happened?
You said you were having fun.
You said you were happy.
Why are you doing this?
I've done everything I wanted.
It changes nothing.
You have the choice of
doing what you want
and if it doesn't work out
go back to what you're good at.
But I don't have the luxury.
Don't you owe it to them?
To everyone who wanted to
see you run for yourself.
To me!
You owe it to me.
Owe you what?
I don't owe anything to anyone!
Coach, the running shoes
you ordered.
Did you sleep with her?
Is it your hobby?
Picking up what others throw out.
Running shoes... Girls.
Son of a bitch!
If you're doing this for money,
just do what you're paid to do.
Take care of your shit.
Tie up any loose ends.
This Olympics will be your last race.
I don't want to be remembered
as a failed coach.
These running shoes
were made to your measure.
Now the only thing you think about
is the London Olympics.
I'll pay back the rest
when I return.
I'm so sorry for putting you
through this.
Miss Yu, how do you feel?
I feel great, thank you.
- Look at the camera, please?
- Give us a smile.
Let's go!
Look this way, too?
It's a gold. It's a gold.
That's the 20km water station point.
Gyeong-sun, come up to the front
and shake other runners to 25km.
This is the Lloyd's building,
the 30km mark.
You gotta pass it in 1:28:00.
The real race starts here.
Mr. Ju, aren't you going home?
Go ahead.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
The Olympics are coming to an end.
Nothing to look forward to on TV anymore.
The Beauty Bird's event
is on tonight.
Right, she looks awesome when...
We're reporting live from
Women's pole vault qualifying round.
This is Korea's first-ever entry
in the women's event.
That's right. Expectations are high
for Beauty Bird, Yu Ji-won.
She is taking a deep breath.
And, she starts.
It's her first attempt.
While Yu is preparing
her second attempt,
Canada's Rebecca is going
for her second run.
...and passes!
Yu shouldn't be pressured by others
nor be looking at them.
She should only follow her steps
as she trained.
Your jump was good.
So stick to it.
Yu picks up the pole
for her second attempt.
She goes for a heavier pole
this time.
Heavier pole can give her
greater power.
She's hoping to get
a greater lift.
Her coach seems to
be opposing the idea.
Miss Yu Ji-won at 4m 40cm,
she challenges her own best record.
And she runs.
Her steps look good so far.
And she is ready to jump...
Ohhhh... she fails.
Going over a few centimenter
can cause that.
Her ambition got the better of her.
But the speed was better
compared to her first run.
At this rate, we can hope for
a good result
in the third attempt.
Yu Ji-won, preparing her third attempt.
This is her third and last run.
She needs to maintain
the rhythm.
Everything must fall
into place perfectly.
Yu Ji-won challenges
her own best record.
Are you having fun with your life?
Where did that come from?
What changes if you pass
the height you want?
It doesn't change anything.
I just Iike it.
I just really want it.
Between what you Iove doing
and what you're good at
What would you choose?
She looks full of confidence.
She can not fail here.
The approach run, the speed...
And she takes the approach run.
Korea's Beauty Bird is taking the flight.
Speed is good. It's very good.
- Passes!
- She makes the jump.
She breaks her own best record.
At 4m 40cm! Yu Ji-won.
Her coach is ecstatic.
Who can possibly feel
what she is feeling right now?
A triumph for the future of Korean athletics.
Yu Ji-won from Korea!
It's as good as winning a medal.
We had a glimpse of hope for
Korean women's athletics.
She is jumping up and down
like a girl that she is.
What would you like?
A bowl of ramen, please.
After the tears and joy
it presented us,
2012 London Olympics are
coming to an end
with only 4 days
of events remaining.
On the last day, of course,
is the Men's marathon event.
It is another major event
to look out for.
3 runners from Korea
will be running in the race.
Min Yun-gi, Ju Man-ho
and Park Gyeong-sun.
Instant noodles must be
so great for you.
That woman won 3 gold medals
after only eating noodles.
You should run in the Asian Games
after we finish that box.
How many boxes will they give you
if you win gold in the Asian Games?
Is it good?
Eat some more.
Good evening, Korea.
We're broadcasting live from
London's Olympic stadium.
In a few minutes,
the final event of the game,
Men's marathon will start
from outside the famous Big Ben.
To help with commentary is
the former national
team coach, Mr. Han.
Good evening,
I'm Han Bong-chun.
The air is buzzing with
anticipation for today's event.
What are your thoughts
on today's race?
You should be looking out for
some of the medal hopefuls
from Korea, Japan and Kenya.
The most favorite contender
is Korea's Min Yun-gi.
Also, GB's Alex who is taking
the home advantage,
Uyuki from Japan, and Kenya's Matai is
also a strong contestant.
Including Yun-gi, there are 3 runners
representing Korea in this race,
It's Man-ho! He's my buddy.
He's a pacemaker who helps
other runners with pacing.
It's a clever stragety on
behalf of Coach Park.
Gyeong-sun is a dark horse
with underlying strength.
Today's course starts from Big Ben
and runs through southeast London
and continues over Tower Bridge
to the Lloyd's building,
in the heart of the financial district
and finish here at the main stadium,
covering a total distance of 42.1 95km.
Wind is strong in this section.
Man-ho should stick to the riverside
and Yun-gi on the roadside.
Being an experienced runner,
- Man-ho moves closer to the river,
- Bro!
Korean runners are now passing 10km
outside the Royal Albert Hall.
They are keeping close
behind Kenya's Matai.
As we speak, GB's Alex
threw a glance at our runners
and is pushing forward to the lead.
Kenya's Matai shoots Man-ho
a vexing look expressing displeasure.
For runners with long legs like him
keeping a close distance behind
can distract his attention.
Ju Man-ho is leading a tactical race.
That's good. That's good.
Althetes are now approaching 20km
at Greenwich University.
Korean runners are
in the second group
about 10 meters
behind the lead pack.
As we move to the second half,
the final lead pack is shaping up.
That's the 20km water station.
Gyeong-sun, take over
the lead until 25km
and shake up other runners.
Yun-gi, remember to stick to
Man-ho's pace at all times.
If one of our runners
maintain the lead,
it helps Yun-gi maintain his pace
that he has been training on.
I see. If they keep up
this speed to 30km,
We could be looking at a gold medal.
The final lead pack should
shape up around this point.
Most tension break out
at this point.
GB's Alex.
No. Yun-gi must not
be stirred by him.
Other runners are aware
that he is easily provoked.
He shouldn't be swayed by them.
Man-ho is running a perfectly
controlled race for Yun-gi.
That's right. Because Man-ho
ran in so many races,
he is able to show such control.
Only a runner who has run more races
for other runners than himself
can do what he is doing.
I would like to applaud him
for his wonderful play.
Chinese runners are
putting on a spurt.
China's Yang Yang is
moving forward
to the lead position.
Park trips and falls to the ground.
No, no. This is bad.
The Chinese runner sped up
too aggressively.
Go, Third Leg!
Unforturnately for Gyeong-sun,
he is unable to get back
on his feet from the impact.
Now it's all on Man-ho's shoulders
to maintain the lead.
A tough situation for him.
Now the Lloyd's building is
coming into sight.
This is the most crucial point
in a marathon,
30km mark where
the winner is determined.
That's right. At 30km,
most pacesetters drop out
and the real leaders come to the front.
You can say that
real racing starts here.
You're watching Men's marathon,
the highlight event of the Olympics.
Now the remaining distance
is 12.1 95km.
Min Yun-gi starts picking up speed.
It's an admirable speed.
On the other hand, Ju Man-ho
is dramatically dropping speed.
You can say that he has
fulfilled his role in the race.
His time at 30km is 1:27:03.
At this rate, Yun-gi could set
a new Olympic record.
Run, bro!
I'm sorry, bro.
Min Yun-gi is leading with
Japan's Uyuki closely behind.
About 100m behind them,
we see the second group.
That can't be who I think he is.
Is that even possible?
Damned TV!
It's Ju Man-ho!
Korea's Ju Man-ho emerges.
It's quite an unbelievable sight.
He was believed to have
dropped out at 30km.
Good Gracious!
He appears to have
a problem in his leg.
He is dropping speed significantly.
Ju Man-ho, struggling to get
circulation back in the right leg.
It appears that it won't be possible
to continue the race.
He manifested an incredibly
smooth race to 30km
and instead of giving up,
he poured out all he had.
But he seems to have
finally run out of fuel.
He is stabbing his thigh to get
the circulation back in the leg.
He continues to run with blood
running down his leg.
It's a sight that is touching
the world's hearts.
Man-ho is not giving up.
That's the strength of Korean sports.
The spectators here in London
are cheering for him,
showing their unified support.
A nameless marathoner from Korea
is touching everyone around the globe.
I feel so proud to be a marathoner
at this very moment.
Thank you, Man-hol.
Man-ho continues his race
presenting us a race
that is hard to believe.
Go, Ju Man-ho!
We're almost there.
Show us what a marathon is.
Man-ho passes GB's Alex again.
That's power beyond human.
Passing 40km, now there is
70m distant to the leader.
I wish he would continue
giving his best.
We're almost there.
The last bit of effort from him.
The Olympic stadium is
emerging from the distance.
The first runner to enter stadium
is Korea's Min Yun-gi.
On second place is Japan's Uyuki.
And Ju Man-ho enters the stadium!
It's Korea's Ju Man-ho!
Will he be able to put on a last spurt?
No one knows
what will happen next.
Now only 400m remains to the finish line.
What's happening to Uyuki?
Overpacing backfired?
Run, run, run!
Yes! And he passes Uyuki!
Ju takes over Japan's Uyuki,
now running in second place.
Min is putting
on a last burst of speed.
And Ju Man-ho is pouring out
the last bit of energy to catch up.
With the runners
putting on their last spurts,
the remaining distance is about 300m.
Ju Man-ho is catching up.
200 meters.
Man-ho catches up!
He catches up!
Spurt! Spurt!
Yes, he catches up!
The final 100 meters.
They pass the finish line!
Gold medal for Korea!
It appears Min Yun-gi was
slightly ahead.
2 hours 8 mins and
11 seconds 01.
Boston, 2013