Pacte des loups, Le (2001) Movie Script

My Lord, it's time. You must leave.
They will have you arrested if you stay.
Bring me some candles,
I'm working late tonight.
But, my Lord...
- And a glass of wine, as usual.
The world changes...
...but the revolution has turned into a whirlwind
...and I will be taken away with it.
Uncertainties sometimes makes people loose
sight of right and wrong, driving them mad.
They can tear their hearts apart
and turn into animals.
In the year 1764...
...a beast appeared on our lands.
It made its home there.
One year later it was known
throughout the entire region...
...word spread of its conceived immortality.
People began to think no one could hope to defeat it.
Attack after attack, Gevaudan sunk
deeper and deeper into the darkness.
What do you want?
What did he do?
What did he do?
- He's a thief.
And the women?
His daughter. A witch.
I healed their horses and they
refuse to pay.
Don't listen to him.
He's a mongrel. His word means nothing.
Are the horses healed?
- Yes.
Go on.
Welcome to "The Land of the Beast".
Watch out for wolf traps...
Knight Gregoire de Fronsac...
...accompanied by a man simply called
Mani weren't hunters nor soldiers.
The Kings very own naturalist...
...the Knight, in Paris, had a
reputation for being freeminded and
...a person of intellect.
The one who followed him... if his shadow, was a stranger,
unknown to anyone.
When evening fell...
...they approached the castle of marquis d'Apcher...
...who gave them shelter as long
as they had business in Gevaudan.
Our people are not afraid of an
ordinary wolf. This animal is something else.
It fears men like all animals do...
...but it spares no one. Be it women or children.
Have you seen it?
- No.
Pardon me, but how are you so sure it's an animal?
Those who survived
have all given the same description.
It's much bigger then a mere wolf.
It has no fear of bullets either.
I understand your scepticism Mr. Fronsac.
I don't believe in fairy tale creatures either...
...I had documents put together for you...
...consisting of the Beast's crimes.
You can draw your own conclusion.
My grandfather said you were
fighting the English in Canada...
Yes. I went there to study
the local animals and their surroundings.
...but I came back wounded
along with the rank of Captain.
I arranged a hospital for the
victims of the Beast.
In an old abbey.
A women from Lorciere...
...was heading back from a party...
...when the Beast attacked her.
Help came and the Beast fled, vanished... a result her face
was left horribly deformed...
Tell me, Knight,
how is Mr. Buffon?
...and how are things in Paris?
...and The Innocent One?
Have you read it yet?
It is late for philosophy.
You're right. How about the theater?
Do you know any comedians?
What are they performing this winter?
Put it right there.
People say they are enchanting, the women.
Rumor is, they shall bewitch you
with their charms.
Tell me.
This should satisfy your curiosity.
Mercurius of France.
We only have the Post of Avignon.
I will show you your sleeping quarters.
He will be sleeping here.
- Very good.
Goodnight, Knight.
It's not Versailles,
but at least the wine is good.
Fat as a pig...
Jacques has seen many wolves.
What attacked him, was no mere wolf.
The snout was longer and
the teeth were like knifes.
If it's not a wolf, what is it then?
The Devil.
- Knight.
The Beast has killed again.
A women in Saint-Alban.
Don't worry Knight, we are alone.
Stop right there!
What are they doing here?
Sons of whores.
Good day, Captain.
Sir Marquis?
My respects. Please, be careful.
Traps are everywhere.
This is Gregoire de Fronsac,
from the King's Garden.
He would like to see the body
of this poor soul.
With your permission of course.
It was you who attacked my men.
I did not know they were acting
on your command.
They weren't...
I apologize for their behavior.
My soldiers are trained for war,
they are not hunters.
The intestines were emptied and
now some form of poison remains.
What sort of gardener are you?
When the Beast is caught and killed,
the King wants an autopsy performed...
...and have it preserved in Paris.
That's why I'm here.
Now I am simply trying to
familiarize myself with it.
My God, according to this, this creature
contains more then 60 kilos of jaw crushing power...
I will catch it Mr. Marquis.
Before the first snow, I will have it.
With help, it won't escape.
Have laid eyes on it?
- Just once.
Some thirteen months ago, I shot it head on.
It collapsed but sprung to its feet, unharmed.
We lost it south of the Mouchet.
Did it look like this?
More the size and shape of a black bear
...with large quills on its back.
Friends, let me introduce you
to the author of these paintings.
Knight Gregoire de Fronsac...
...the man comes from Paris.
To catch the Beast.
His Eminence, the Bishop of Mende.
His Eminence, the Duke of Moncan
His Eminence, the Count of Morangias...
...The Countess of Morangias and
their son Jean-Francois...
...who has, himself, traveled extensively...
Very nice.
Thank you.
Mr. Laffond, our Intendant...
...and The Priest of Saint-Alban, Henri Sardis.
Tell us...
Are people spreading
many tales about the Beast in Paris?
Even written songs.
- They should pray.
Would captain Duhamel need God's help?
Who can't without God's help?
Duhamel has his soldiers dress as women... lure the Beast. What a strategy.
- Duhamel does all he can.
I think you humor him.
Duhamel is simply incapable.
They cause much destruction.
But the Beast remains uncaptured.
Funds are set aside from Paris
to fund Duhamel in his mission...
...It would serve a greater use
giving it to my servants.
What do you think?
No need to answer that, Knight.
He will do what he can and is a good Christian.
Before you arrived,
I was being bored to death...
...with the good God and all that holy talk.
It would not surprise me
if the Pope sent spies... see if the Beast was
a manifestation of the Devil himself.
Excuse me.
Marianne de Morangias.
Hard to get, very hard to get.
Everyone is after her and none the closer.
Who is he?
- Maxime des Forets. An actor.
Piece of cake.
- Careful. He's a Morangias...
- Hello. Pardon me, we are busy...
Maxime des Forets?
What a pleasure.
Good actors are so rare.
The Marquis was talking about you.
- The Marquis?
He's considering having memoires
written about him and his family.
He's thinking about you.
- He is?
He is in a good mood.
It's now or never.
Don't let on you are aware of his desire.
Let him bring forth he's request on his own accord.
Madame, excuse me...
You should be ashamed
- My God. No.
So Mr. Naturalist...
what do you think of our countryside?
Until now I have not yet seen the pretty things.
Save one.
Is this how you speak to a lady in the courts?
No... something like this,
you should save for innocent farm girls.
I would go to the courts if
there were beautiful ladies such as yourself.
Food is being served.
Let us dine.
After you my Lady.
We were in Saint-Laurence for merely
twelve days before when we found the...
...strangest animal.
Caught in a local fisherman's net.
The Indians recounted tales of a "Holy Fish".
I was convinced it was nothing but mere legend.
A fairy tale.
This fish was the size and shape of a trout...
...however, it's body was completely
covered with a fur as black as poison.
A furry trout? You're joking.
- No, my Lord.
The species called, Salmo Truta Dermopilla,
is found in Canada.
This is most bizarre.
- The fur is so soft.
Nature is extraordinary.
The water is cold in the North...
This proves the impossible
sometimes becomes possible.
This discovery must have brought you
a lot of fame.
I doubt he merits it.
But I admit, Knight,
you do have a nack as a comedian.
If I had both my hands,
I would applaud you.
Please excuse him.
Your son is right, Sir Earl,
that animal doesn't exist.
My embalmer in the Kings Garden is very skilled.
Pardon me for the deception.
So you say the Beast does not truly exist,
save in our imaginations?
...are we then imbeciles?
I am merely saying Madame...
...people have never seen dragons
or a unicorns, simply in fairy tales.
Lies sometimes become truth
when told with a silver tongue.
Careful, Knight.
We do not know of such talk...
By the way, are you
a naturalist or philosopher?
Or worse... a comedian?
I think our Knight is for certain, a Parisian.
Enough talk about beasts and furry fish.
Perhaps charades?
I would like to perform a love poem.
If the Countess has no objections...
If it's not immoral.
- Immoral? No, no.
It's very chaste and pure.
Nothing elaborate and far fetched.
It just came to me in fact.
I call it "The Wolf"... The Wolf.
"I let down my guard, just a little.
Not knowing of evil, My eyes fall upon you.
Yours upon me, they strike my heart.
The wolf, the wolf, the wolf"
Will I see you again soon?
Do you have other mystical creatures to show me?
- You have already rushed to a conclusion about me.
Allow me to change your mind.
- You can try.
Will you be attending Duhamel's great hunt?
- Certainly.
I forbid you.
It's far too dangerous.
Obedience is the first virtue
of young women.
This young man speaks the truth.
It was on that day, in Gevaudan,
the biggest hunt to ever take place in France.
The King promised six thousand pounds,
to any man that could capture the Beast.
Thousands of peasants, soldiers and hunters,
spanning from across the entire region, made an appearance.
Within a few hours, we had forgotten
our primary reason for coming... capture the fabled Beast that hunted us.
You have all been given a map.
We assemble at 07:00 tomorrow.
Now, please you are dismissed.
My people have other things to concern themselves with.
Your generosity is only matched
by your courage Sir Duke...
Enough. I hope for your sake we catch it this time.
That's a certainty, Sir Duke.
What's going on down there, what is the commotion?
A beautiful weapon, no?
Specially made by a famous
blacksmith in Mende.
Custom made and one of a kind.
...even in Paris you can't find
such bullets. I mold them myself.
Silver? You fear werewolves?
No, but I do like a well made fire arm.
I'm a hunter Fronsac.
Its a passion that is not without its price.
What happened?
I've learnt that some predators
need more then a silver bullet...
...and that gangrene cannot be cured by prayer.
A wolf that wounded you?
- A lion.
Yes, two years in the Royal Marines,
you tend to travel quite frequently.
You don't know Africa, Fronsac.
Gentlemen... my daughter is to blame for the fight.
I bring her here.
Punish her accordingly.
A witch.
The daughter of the Devil.
Look at her, a demon.
She's sick! She's sick! She's not possessed!
She's not possessed.
The Evil. The sign of the Devil.
Make sure she doesn't swallow here tongue.
She will suffocate.
She's not possessed.
She's not possessed
- I know
Naturalist, philosopher... even a doctor.
Well done.
She's not coming Fronsac.
And the people?
Superstitious. There is nothing new here.
The Indians hunters devour the
hearts of their prey, it gives them strength.
That is why they are called savages...
In Africa, it's the heart
of their enemies they feast on.
Sir Duke, Jean-Francois,
move your people to the east.
So there you are.
- Your mother won't approve of this.
Thank you for worrying about me,
alas I am already in a convent.
I know you don't approve,
you're a freethinker.
Not when one is in love.
- Are you in love?
Ridiculous. We hardly know each other.
You think I was talking about you?
She has to learn to ride like a lady...
A little ride never hurt anyone...
My father evil in no one.
- My son sees evil in everything.
Many people died here.
How do you know that?
I hear their screams.
- Mani, stop.
He's right. An army had set up camp here.
When it was torched, more
then two dozen heretics died.
Is he psychic?
You don't need to be psychic.
You simply need to observe one's environment.
When I was but a child,
I would come here with my brother... and play.
Weren't you afraid?
He said would protect me from the ghosts.
Do you not like the hunt?
- Is that a crime around here?
According to Indian legend,
you steal someone's soul if you draw them.
Does my soul interest you?
Why are you on foot?
Do you want to get killed?
It's my fault.
- I didn't ask you.
What was that?
- Only a wolf.
...and if it was the Beast?
- I don't think so... Marianne.
Thank you.
I hope for you sake Captain,
one of these wolves is the Beast.
They won't be eating anyone anymore...
What a strange person.
Where did you find him?
- In Canada.
It's a... how do you pronounce them, Canadian?
An Indian. An Iroquois,
from the tribe called The Mohawks.
An Indian? A real one?
He doesn't look like an Indian.
Stay with us tonight at Saint-Alban.
We'll entertain ourselves with your servant.
He's not my servant.
What is he then?
- My brother.
How can you mix your
blood with that of a savage?
He who shares my discomfort, is no savage.
It was thanks to Mani, I was able
to escape from the English.
I thought such people were animals,
cannibals even.
As you can see, Mr. Intendant,
Mani is no animal.
Would you be able to procreate
with a woman of our race?
All women are of the same race
when the candles are extinguished.
Yes my father, they all share the same spirit.
Indian women have had white babies.
Proof we are all from the same species.
Do not speak in haste.
It's no difference then with the negros...
What do you think Sardis?
Your blood-brother must be a child of God.
Have you had him baptized?
- He's never asked.
Very good. You are of your time.
- Mani has his own beliefs.
He was some sort of priest in his tribe.
Ah, Indians have priests?
You just lost me...
What are their beliefs?
Every person has their own totem.
An animal that represents their spirit.
Sounds amusing but I don't understand.
Mani... Would you mind?
Don't be afraid. No harm will come to you.
caribou... its a kind of deer.
Yes, a deer. What do you think my wife?
Am I a deer by my own
horns or by someone else's?
And my dear Thomas? What is his...
- Worm.
A book-worm.
- Snake?
According to the Indians,
Snakes stand for wisdom.
Wise snake.
And you, Mr. Intendant?
A pig.
Away with that frown.
With those barbarians,
the pig may represent nobility.
Who is next? Sardis?
- No! No.
I am.
What am I? Half lion... and... half eagle?
Change me into a lizard so my arm will grow back...
That's enough.
What's the matter? Have I gone too far?
Let go of me, let go of me... let go of me!
Madame, what about you?
Excuse me, but your tricks bore me.
I choose to call it a night,
before you start dancing on a ball.
Good evening.
This should relax you.
It's not Paris, but it's
the best Mende has to offer.
It is more comfortable then an inn.
They are all for you, gentlemen.
And we also have a new one...
My dear Marquis, come.
I don't come cheap, Gregoire de Fronsac.
- Have we met before?
- From here, Gevaudan looks tiny.
Yes, I have passage in this beautiful country.
I have money.
Money is not the only issue.
What did this?
An Iroquois arrow.
So close to your heart...
Maybe... I am a lucky man.
And this?
A bear.
The price of love.
You haven't seen anything yet.
I have a dangerous job.
Not all men have manners like you.
A scar to remember me by.
A Scandal in my house! A scandal.
Valentine! What is it!?!
- I won't sleep with this sorcerer.
What does it mean?
- He snakes all over his body.
Our reputation will be finished.
It's nothing, it is an Indian.
Not a sorcerer.
I won't sleep with an Indian.
- You hookers are so delicate...
Who's going to sleep with the red skin?
I will double the price.
I like his sketches...
- Voila, Everything's under control...
So... like that you are a wizard?
Would you do my portrait?
If you need passage.
The weeks passed...
...yet no sign of the Beast.
It was the third winter
under his lordship's rule...
...we knew the snow and the cold...
...much like our weapons,
would not make it stop.
Think about the threats God had spoken
through the mouth of Moses...
"I will come to you like a bear
who has lost her young...
...I shall tear your children apart like a lion.
Poison shall replace intestines...
...I shall send the Beast to
consume your mortal life, your soul...
... and your precious cattle...
...leaving your crops but barren fields of dust."
How long will you stay angry, Lord?
Each victim receives a candle.
Do you really think we live in a rational time?
I ask forgiveness.
Bless me.
What is it, my son?
God punished me.
My children are gone.
I'm doomed.
We're all doomed.
Assemble your men,
we leave at once.
Alert Mani, I will meet up with you soon.
Good evening, friend of the wolves.
I've got something for you.
I would like to see you, Marianne.
In ten days my mother and father will be away.
Ten days?
I am not as free as you are.
Hand me a torch.
Bring me the torch.
A storm is on its way and my men are tired.
We'd better head back.
No. Let's find the girl.
I found the child.
Captain, those traps you set,
catch more peasants than wolves.
Your men misuse their power
over the population.
And since your little hunt,
the Beast has killed twelve times.
I don't understand.
No way it could have escaped.
What's that?
- way it could have escaped.
And you, Knight, do you know
what kind of wolf this is?
I am certain it's not a wolf...
Wolves do not attack people.
I observed them in Canada.
Perhaps you observe different kinds of wolves.
One that is enraged, would attack anyone.
One that has become ravenous,
would die in under two weeks.
Still it's alive and loose.
For more then two years now...
...I have also seen wounds a wolf
could never have made, on the victims' bodies.
And I found, in a body of a victim,
a piece of metal.
No animal has metal teeth.
Well, the Beast is not an animal then.
Tell me Knight, how do we catch it?
As we speak now, people are being killed.
I think we should listen carefully to Fronsac.
So, Knight, according to your statements,
The Beast is no ordinary animal.
I'm glad you admit it's something extraordinary.
I won't admit anything.
I only have my doubts.
Knight, do you have something else to add?
Gentlemen, I received this from Paris.
Captain Duhamel, His Majesty was informed
about your inability to capture the Beast...
... and I was asked to remove you from this case.
You and your men may leave at once
and rejoin your regiment in Langogne.
Sir Beauterne is already on his way to Langogne...
...with orders from his Majesty
to kill this ferocious wolf.
He is the only one who shall have
the authority to hunt in the district.
Have you forgiven me?
I would like to know my totem?
Do I say that properly?
I would say...
...a mermaid.
You are ever serious.
I will ask your red skinned man.
And the Beast? Are you going to pursue it?
- You don't want to talk about it?
I could only draw an absurd conclusion,
labeled a buffoon in front of the King.
If I said the Beast is made of flesh and iron...
...that it can think like a human
and disappear at will...
What would you think?
- That the country air has made you mad.
People think that it hides from me...
You haven't been here long.
Have you given up so easily?
Did you think the Beast would give up easily?
Maybe it's scared of you.
- Am I so scary?
The more difficult the victory,
the greater the satisfaction.
Jean-Francois said you wanted to go to Africa.
It's a dream of a Naturalist...
...who is fed up with the winter.
And you? Ever want to discover new lands?
Women have more responsibilities,
than desires.
Do you see Sardis on the far wall?
Does he keep an eye on you?
- No
He watches me.
Alone with you in the park,
that is were he might be of help.
Let us go inside,
the priest will catch a cold.
Goodnight, Knight.
Goodnight, Knight.
Is it love?
- I don't know.
I know.
The maps?
I didn't need them for you my friend.
Let us drink.
To Mademoiselle de Morangias.
Her brother was here too that night.
Did you sleep with him?
With him?
He is not to be touched.
He looks, he drinks...
...and when he's drunk, he talks
in his sleep. Like all men.
Do I talk in my sleep?
What do I say then?
Again, again
Do you know how Florentine women
keep their men from straying?
They give their husbands slowly
working poison each morning.
...and each night, an antidote.
Men who sleep elsewhere will have
terrible nightmares as a result of the poison.
A women like you doesn't need that...
We are also not married.
A women from Lorciere.
Heading back from a party...
We lost it south of the Mouchet.
It just vanished.
Knight, The Beast has killed again.
A women in Saint-Alban.
God punished me,
my children are gone.
No more than you, do I believe in monsters.
The snout was longer and
the teeth were like knifes.
I am certain it's not a wolf...
It's not an animal?
- One that is enraged, would attack anyone.
How do we catch it?
No animal has metal teeth.
Knight, you have to come at once.
I saw it.
He filled her with poison and
began speaking in tongue... satanic words.
He is a heretic. Satanist!
Let him be.
It's an ancient Indian remedy.
Only our prayers can save her now...
But... she wasn't...
It's a miracle.
Tell me.
What happened to your brother?
A man along side the Beast?
- She doesn't know what she is saying.
You saw nothing.
You are no longer welcome
at the castle, sir!
Tell Mademoiselle de Morangias
that I am here!
- I've already told you--
- Speak of the devil!
My son and I were just
talking about you, sir.
It is your daughter I have come to visit.
- I'm afraid that is impossible.
- I insist.
Let him come in, Mother.
Be careful, Jean-Franois,
you know how these matters end.
Leave us.
Sir, Marianne is suffering.
I don't understand.
However, Fronsac,
you are not a stranger to what ails her.
Where is she?
Follow me.
So kind of you to visit.
Mademoiselle, what ails you?
I am to return to Paris,
but that depends on you.
Have a safe journey.
I warned you, Fronsac.
You have offered me only one present,
and here I give you two
for your collection.
I've been warned about men of your kind.
Men of my kind, mademoiselle,
never condemn people
without having listened to them.
I don't know how this happened,
but let me explain.
You needn't bother.
Please, sir, don't make this
more difficult than it already is.
Admit that you were not
the man for my sister,
and leave it at that, no regrets.
Do you believe that she will remain
your nursemaid all her life?
Are you not happy
to leave our province in one piece?
In other times, I would have you flogged
for looking at her.
Times change.
Not everywhere, Fronsac.
In any case, not here.
I'm sorry!
Will you hit me too
if I tell you to leave?
Have no regrets. He didn't deserve you.
Marianne de Morangias?
Madame, I don't believe I know you.
We both have a friend in common.
What are you doing here?
It's useless to hide behind that veil.
Your perfume is not that of a Lady.
Grgoire de Fronsac
has only loved one woman.
It is your name
he calls out in his sleep.
He will soon be leaving on a long journey.
Just perfect.
When you see Fronsac,
do not tell him anything of our meeting,
or you will lose him forever.
Who was that, my child?
No one.
That one, in the hold with the others.
These two, in my cabin.
Be careful, they're fragile!
Hello, Fronsac!
Hey, Marquis!
Good to see you!
Not as good as all that.
Two days after you left,
the crimes began again.
The King no longer sends soldiers.
I can't find volunteers for the hunt.
I can't do a thing.
I don't know how to catch it.
Frankly, it wasn't entirely
your talents I was thinking of.
Mani found the child.
Just one hunt, Fronsac!
You'll be back within the month.
Impossible! The King has forbidden us
from returning.
- The King will not know.
- So you think.
Is the King's peace of mind
worth all these sacrifices?
You won't change my mind.
- Do you want to bet?
- The last time we made a bet, you lost!
I would have preferred not to use this,
but, here, it's from Marianne.
And Mani?
My friend!
How are you?
- We're leaving for the hunt, Mani.
- This time, we'll do it your way.
So, my friend, any good news?
Best in the world, Marquis.
In Gevaudan, the crimes continued.
But officially, the Beast was dead.
It seems the truth will be
left out of the history books.
The truth will never be released,
this has been seen to.
- Does he welcome us?
- He wants to help us.
Go to the castle, I'll meet you there soon.
Fronsac left Mani to
make the preparations for the hunt.
He did not return to
Gevaudan solely for the Beast.
What do you want?
The house of Jeanne and Pierre Roulier?
Turn right.
It's the last house.
This is Jeanne, my nanny.
Gregoire de Fronsac.
Pierre, go get the wine.
If my mother checks up on me.
They'll know you're here.
To hell with your family.
I'm getting you out of here.
No longer can I put up with
my mother and Jean-Francois.
I want to leave this place.
In a week, we'll go to Paris.
- Why wait?
Because of the hunt.
A promise to the Marquis.
- I thought you came back for me?
Watch out.
Marianne, go out of here... don't run.
Come closer... Look at me.
Get over here you. Come here!
Get over here. Come on!
Save yourself, Marianne.
What's going on here?
Open up, Pierre.
Tell me, Knight,
will we really find the Beast?
I would have imagined there would be more of us.
Mani knows what he's doing.
It's a man I hunt.
A man?
The Beast is an instrument,
in the hands of a lunatic.
An assassin who works in the shadows.
- Correct, Marquis.
The first mystery of the Beast,
is it's truth.
It has but one power.
There has to be fear in our hearts.
What do you mean?
- This book was sold everywhere.
That author says the Beast
was sent to punish the King...
...for his condemnation of the philosophers.
- Outrageous. Who wrote that?
I don't know, but the Beast
has a master and I want him.
Your weapon might prove to be useful.
One condition, you must carry it.
And you, Mani, what is your weapon of choice?
- Mani doesn't like fire arms.
Too much noise, too much smoke.
Awful smell.
Everything will go as planned, grandfather.
Don't worry.
We prepared everything.
Tell me about the Americans, Knight.
- Americans?
Will you never go back?
- Too many bad memories...
- And doesn't Mani miss his tribe?
- His tribe is extinct.
When we attacked his village, the smallpox
had already wiped most of them out.
We killed the remaining survivors, the women... well as all the children.
Only Mani was spared.
- The captain needed a guide, a translator.
I taught him our language, our culture.
Three weeks later,
the Captain was slain. His throat cut.
Why didn't you report him?
Do you know how the
Captain won his battles?
He sent his scouts forth with infected
linen and clothing. Trades.
When the Iroquois bought them,
they fell ill and most of their men died.
Three weeks later we marched in
and finished off the survivors.
That's how you won the war?
- That's how we lost it.
Where did he go to?
Speaking to the trees.
- The trees?
The trees speak.
White men choose to ignore them.
What do they say, Mani?
Do you want to learn?
What's that?
- A mushroom.
At your own risk, Marquis.
What does it do?
Depends on the person.
The Indians claim
the invisible becomes visible.
So, Mani?
- The Beast is in the forest.
The wolves will help.
- I don't see anything.
Tonight we dance the "Blood Dance"...
...the Beast shall come to us,
before sunrise.
It's not working... not working...
That night, Mani spoke
to the spirits of the forest... a language even the
Knight de Fronsac couldn't understand...
...and wolves brought them the Beast,
just as perceived.
Don't worry, it'll be alright.
It'll be fine.
I shall tend to you.
I would do anything for you.
Thomas is sleeping.
It was a close call.
My condolences regarding the Indian.
What's that there? Tell me what's in this area.
Tell me what is this area...
Its a small region. Hunting grounds.
Knight... You need to rest.
Hurry. Fire.
There he is! Kill him!
The Knight returned to his friend.
His thirst for revenge
was far from quenched.
According to Indian tradition
he has to aid in his friends journey... nightfall. A journey
to meet with his ancestors.
What do you want?
There has been too much bloodshed.
You risk your life if you remain here.
I am not leaving yet,
I have unfinished business.
Is the risk worth it?
Since when does it concern you?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Come on, Sardis. Why?
Why did it ever come this far?
Who will believe you.
Go away, Sardis.
May God have mercy on your soul.
And may the Devil come for yours.
You're under arrest.
On the grounds of conspiring
against the Intendant...
...I order you to accompany us,
do not resist.
Chef. There's a lady who wishes to speak with you.
- Not now.
Come on, get up. You've got a visitor.
I am not in seclusion anymore?
- That depends.
Bring your guest something to eat.
- I have many obligations.
You have to help me. I must write the King.
You will be hanged before
your letter ever reaches him.
I haven't stood trial yet.
What do you know about the Beast?
- A trained animal...
Amour plated. I wounded it.
Since when does it interest you?
- Two years ago...
...a confidential letter from
Sardis was delivered to the Pope.
In it were reports of
the foundation of a secret society...
...with the sole purpose... defending the word of the Church:
'The Brotherhood'.
He used the Beast.
The Beast... a symbol for the King.
Take the Lord's power into account,
or you risk the Apocalypse.
The conspirators called themselves
the Brotherhood of the Wolf.
The Brotherhood works for the Church?
Sardis only works for himself.
Truth made him mad...
...Rome no longer has
control over his organization.
Who do you work for?
My employment entitles me
the luxury of not being employed.
And you? You know enough.
Mademoiselle de Morangias.
To what do I owe the honor?
How is the Countess?
Please, be seated.
And your father ? Still on a diet?
His love of fine cuisine will be his end.
My Lord de Intendant, you had
Knight de Fronsac arrested.
Yes. Who would ever think
that someone like him could fall so low.
He's neither a bandit, nor a murderer.
- I see.
Listen. I'm sure he had his reasons.
Those men might have killed that Indian.
That's not the point.
Even so...
...a savage is not avenged
with the blood of Christians.
I would like to see him.
We shall see what those in
Paris thinks regarding this matter.
Marianne, you don't understand.
Knight de Fronsac has deceased...
...this night.
He would have been hung regardless.
You could say he was almost fortunate.
This was your responsibility.
Maybe he choked to death.
Unless he caught a disease.
- Liar. You're all liars...
Be brave. It's God's will.
- Marianne...
...come, I'll bring you back to the castle.
- Mademoiselle de Morangias has to rest.
Come on...
- No.
Leave me.
- There's nothing more you can do.
He is already rotting.
Bury him quick.
And leave the grave unmarked.
She threatened to warn the king.
She proves to be dangerous.
Gregoire de Fronsac
was buried that night...
...even before the news of his death
reached Paris.
No one knew what secrets he
took to his grave.
A few days now, the Beast
has laid silent...
...but the sudden disappearing
of his most formidable opponent...
...was a bad omen.
Hurry up...
I admit my mistakes.
I have sinned.
Forgive me.
Marianne... and night I think of her.
I can feel her heart beat in my chest.
I want her to be on my side.
- The Lord is testing you.
You don't know what I'm going through.
There are images, those damned images
filling my head.
Free me, Reverend.
Free me. I beg you.
For the evil that eats away at you,
there is but one cure.
No, don't drink little sister.
They want to kill you,
but I won't let them.
Who, Jean-Francois?
We'll leave, Marianne.
Just you and I.
What do you think of America?
- Jean-Francois...
You put me through much suffering,
but I have forgiven you.
Please, what are you doing?
What are you doing? Rest.
You think I would hurt you?
- Don't come any closer. Please.
Marianne, Marianne, I need you.
It was you who saved
me from my illness, no one else.
It was your face I saw after the nightmares.
Your hand chased away the demons.
You don't realize what I did to keep
you close to me. Please...
Don't reject me.
Do I disgust you?
You don't scare me. Go away...
It's because of this...
Don't worry,
I'll take care of you now.
Look, no one knows.
Only Sardis and I.
Leave. Get out of here!
- Why?
- You're not my brother.
He never returned from Africa.
Indeed, but it's because of you, I left.
Marianne, without you, none
of this would have ever happened.
It's your scent, your awful scent
the Beast perceived on me.
We have the same blood, Marianne.
The same blood...
When father returns, he will have you killed.
And if it is I who kill him?
Perhaps it's time.
Go ahead. Do it, do it.
Go on.
Why didn't you do it?
It's not that difficult. Look.
- Do you love me?
Cut it out.
Marianne, I love you.
The Lord has told me...
...the Beast shall return and
announce the rebirth of our values...
...a new France shall then be born.
We shall be the invisible princes.
The Wolves of God.
The people have not begun to see God's wrath.
The unjust reprimand of the King will
clash with the terror of the rabble.
Soon after the King will have little
choice but to enter into an agreement with us.
If he was unable to stop one Beast...
...what would he do if in every province...
...a Beast emerged?
The hour on which we will reap
what we have sown approaches.
Read the book of Maleachi:
"The lips of a preacher
must hold tight the knowledge...
...and from his mouth, he shall speak of the lore...
...for he is the messenger...
...sent from the army of Jahwe...
"The Beast is just a mere animal!
If you begin to idolize it...
...he will face the wrath of God,
and will burn in the fires of hell...
...engulfed in darkness,
an everlasting pain...
...will be let loose upon your soul, for all eternity."
I come to name you before God.
Pierre-Jean Laffond.
Genevieve de Morangias.
Maxime des Forets.
Gontrand de Moncan.
Henri Sardis.
Jean-Francois de Morangias.
You are all under arrest.
Ghost that you are,
I will cut you in half.
Hold nothing back.
- I don't intend to.
Too late, Fronsac.
Now the Beast is immortal.
Perhaps, but you're not.
Sardis trained you and you trained the Beast.
Your signature is a silver bullet.
Marianne, look.
Marianne isn't here, poor fool...
You've united us for eternity.
Line'm up, men!
Stay where you are.
Who do you think you are?
Sit over there, you.
- Well well.
Not so tough now, are we?
Where are you off to?
He's dead.
- Now it's certain.
And Sardis?
Wherever he goes, we shall find him.
Perhaps the mountains will take care of him.
Shall we celebrate our success?
You've killed me once before.
- Out of pure necessity.
I can introduce you to Rome.
Would you accompany me?
To late. I like you, Fronsac.
You make me forget my duties.
Leave, before I change my mind.
Marquis, what's going on?
Marianne... She's with us.
She's dying.
Leave. Get out. Everyone leave.
Marianne. Wake up.
Marianne. Forgive me.
I love you.
Years went by...
...but Gregoire de Fronsac
and Marianne de Morangias never left me.
The world that spawned
the Beast is disappearing...
...and I must hurry to reach my tale's end.
I can still see myself along side the Knight...
...making our way to
the secret refuge of Jean-Francois...
...where the Beast waited for its demise.
The old healer filled in what we had not known.
Jean-Francois brought a strange
kind of animal back from Africa.
The animal gave birth shortly thereafter.
He kept but one.
The strongest of the offspring.
Patiently and without remorse, he trained it
to be the a cold, ruthless and methodical killer.
And so the Beast of Gevaudan
came to its end.
And I, Thomas d'Apcher... without a doubt the last
who knows the entire truth.
The Knight asked me to
accompany him to Africa.
But this land had to be rebuilt.
...and I kept true to my
people and my country.
I frequently thought of Gregoire and Marianne...
...during the peaceful years
that lead me to my old age.
I never saw them again...
...but I rejoice at the thought of them being happy...
...far from here...